Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception

by The Joeker

First published

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

(Slight M rating warning: Sex. and a bunch of fucked up fetishes. Chapters will be marked with an [M] at the start, and the A/N of said chapters will contain a warning. There may be some chapters containing 'A Slice of Life'. Chapters will be marked with [SoL] at the start.)

So... Here we are. Again. My story ended on a cliffhanger last time, yes? Well, here I am to continue it. I'm not quite dead yet... Or am I? I could be for all I know. Maybe I'm here as my Heaven or Hell? Or purgatory? Am I in Purgatory? Ah, thinking thoughts like this doesn't help.

So... I left off with Erlking chanting a spell and me being thrown through a portal... Right? Yes, right. Ahem.

I think at that point, my life took a major u-turn straight to Tartarus. But me being me, I decided to sit back and enjoy the damn ride. No point fighting what you can't control, right? WRONG! I WILL PUNCH DEATH IN THE BALLS IF HE COMES ANYWHERE NEAR ME! Ok? Ok.

Just to be clear, I am not afraid of death. No far from it. Hell, I'll head right into it and I'll even pay the toll. I will even enjoy the ride there, but I will fight to prevent it.

Huh? Then, what am I afraid of you ask? Well, read on and find out what a God is scared of... Hmm? I'm not a God? Nope, you are correct. But I may as well be, right? I need my self-esteem or else I have nothing.

I know I am not a God. I am not perfect. I'm the farthest thing from it. But I strive to be good. To help the innocent and the helpless. I have been hailed as a God before for my deeds back in Aleroth.

If not a God, I strive to be a Saint. This isn't Rivellon. I'm no God. I'm just an alien. A foreigner in a hostile and unfamiliar place, right?

ANYWAY. Enough rambling, let's continue shall we?

Chapter 1, Pt 1: Winter Blunderland

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"Ah... Wha...? Where...?" I started... "Dripping cock king benders...." I mumbled... Last I remember I fell asleep in the Battle Tower after trying Maxos' last spell, right...? White light...? Makes sense that I'm here in the snow...

Snow?! I sat up and saw knee high snow as far as the eye could see... And for me, that's pretty damned far! I got up and looked around, I tried my Dragon Stone to get back... Nothing, my Stone just flashed a few times before returning to it's normal red hue.

'Well, that's not good...' I thought. There was a blizzard going on... I had to get indoors or I'd freeze, even with my well Conditioned Body...I felt strange... Oh shit! I had long golden hair, a clean shaven face and no scars... Strange... I looked like I was when I was 19...

I started to trudge through the snow, moving slow. Up ahead I saw someone! Or something...

"Hey! Hey! Where are am I!?" I yelled, the person turned and approached... Oh shitnuggets... Black Ring! I was about to draw my sword until I saw he wasn't attacking...

"Come on brother! We must go! The Damned One has found a way out of here! You must have been hiding, you need some of our armor, or they may attack on sight, I'll take you to camp!" Exclaimed the Black Ring, his armor was old, rusted, but he didn't seem like a General, it looked like it had been passed down... His spikes were few so he was a low rank... That is how you tell Black Ring ranks apart.

"What happened?" I asked, playing along.

"Don't you remember? The damned Divine sent the best of us here with Damien as punishment for our rebellion! But we have a way out, the Damned One just needs time. Come, to camp. What rank are you? We obviously don't have access to any forges or the like here so we have pass on our armor from father to son, rank to rank, so unless you are already a certain rank you cannot be promoted until a member of that rank dies and you take his armor. So we use the spare sets for anyone we encounter who previously held certain ranks." He said.

"Ah, I was a General, I fought the Divine's paladins head on!" I exclaimed, bluffing my way through.

"Really?! Awesome! I inherited this from my father, so the others don't think I deserve the rank of Sergeant because I haven't fought a battle yet." He said.

"I see." I nodded. We were approaching a fire, a campfire I imagine.

"Ho there! Who goes?" Asked the voice as they saw us approaching.

"I do! It's me guys." Said the guy next to me.

"Ah, OK, who goes with you?!" He asked, pointing his bow.

"Err... Who are you?" He asked.

"General... Visceral." I answered.

"I found one! A General, name's Visceral!" He called.

"Sounds good!" Called the guy and lowered his bow, walking back to the fire.

We approached and I was astounded. I'd never been so close to Black Ring before without them trying to kill me... Except once when two Black Ring didn't notice me enter a room until I'd listened to their entire conversation... And the two that surrendered to me in the Orobas Fjords, but never so many...

I sat down with them and saw them roasting a pig.

"Want some?" He asked, I nodded, he cut me a slice and I devoured it, I ate as sloppily as they did, with a ravenous hunger. Forgoing simple table etiquette to act like them.

"So, who's on watch tonight?" Asked the one that escorted me.

"I will. I'm the new guy, I should take watch to prove I can be trusted." I said.

"I agree, we all need our sleep tonight." Agreed another, he was a Captain. I geared up in my Scorpion suit, telling them I forgot I had a spare armor set, the reason I told them I was a General was my Scorpion Armor had a General's spikes and insignia on it.

Suddenly I looked up and saw weird things... Horses that were transparent, made out of some kind of light, they seemed to be causing the blizzard...

"What the-" I started.

"Windigos. The Damned One is using them to mask our presence to anyone who comes looking. Most who look freeze before they make it too far. Above the thick blizzard clouds, the Windigos roam, protecting and keeping hidden our Flying Fortresses, they love hatred and malice and feed off of it which is why the agreement with them was struck. They feed off our malice, create a blizzard and turn the inhabitants of the land against each other, leading to them being fed more until they encase every inhabitant in ice. Forever feeding from their permanent anger. It's a good arrangement. The Damned One is working on a plan on the other side, where it is not blizzarding. We use the camps of the inhabitants as they move around because we don't have the resources to make our own fires or tents, we use the stuff they leave behind." Explained the leader.

I just sat quietly the rest of the night, letting each of them, one by one go to their tents...

When they were all in their tents, I waited until they were all asleep... When they were I used magic and set fire to the tents. All of them except the kid that helped me, burned. He ran out and saw me standing there, aiming a bow at him...

"Wait, I surrender..." He said, holding up his hands.

"..." I sighed and lowered my bow, he backed up. "Wait... What's your name?" I asked.

"Stone." He said and ran.

"S- Stone?! Damn it!" I exclaimed, shooting the bow but because of the blizzard the arrow blew past him despite me firing a perfect shot... "How?! I killed him!" I exclaimed. No point running after him, he'd freeze. Plus, these Windigos were a threat... I had to figure out how to defeat them...

I started walking away from the fires and set off... I walked and walked through the snow for days, barely eating to conserve food, although I had plenty, I didn't want to run out prematurely because of carelessness, my Scorpion Armor was beginning to freeze in the joints...

I was aching and cold until I came across a village. I was beginning to shiver and if I spent much longer in the cold I might get Pneumonia. I saw all the-

Fuck off.


Go to hell.

I refuse.

Fuck you.

Ok... I just saw, what looked like Ponies enter a building. And some were talking. Talking. Shitmonkeys.

I headed to where they were going. They shut the door and I waited a second. So I opened the door, breathing heavily, snow following me inside and some frost was on my armor, I removed my mask, I still had my hand on the door as it hit the wall, I ducked to get inside.

"I-is there warmth here?" I stuttered, my voice deep from having a sore throat because of the cold, three Ponies at the table in the center of the room backed off and the door was shut, it was warmer, so that’s something... I shared some food with them as thanks.

"As a member of a tribe of your own, would you join our discussion? We need a mediator. Since you have no personal stake in this you seem suitable.." Said a... Unicorn? Yeah, let's go with that. She looked to be the leader, in fact the three ponies at this table seemed to be the leaders of each tribe. The winged one was black with grey hair slicked back like flame, on his ass was a tornado. The normal pony was light pink with a chocolate muffin on her ass and orange/red hair. The Unicorn was white, with a pink mane and had a silver crown on her ass. And head.

I agreed and knelt down at the table, placing my mask on the table with their hats/helmets. I saw three flags behind each leader and above the flags in podiums, their people, or in this case, ponies.

They all took a breath and began bickering...

"Silence! One at a time." I said, they agreed. The... Pegasus? Let's just agree yes, we can sort out proper names later. Anyway, he started.

"All I want to know is why the Earth Ponies are hogging all the food!" He said, his people agreed.

OK, no horn/wings= Earth Pony, got it! He had a gruff voice, commanding. But mine was better.

"Order! Earth Ponies, how do you answer these accusations?" I asked.

"US? We're not hogging all the food! You are!" She accused. She had a slight craze in her voice, as if she was high on sugar.

"Pegasi, how do-" I started.

"No, wait, you're right, it's us!" Exclaimed the Earth Pony leader.

I sighed.

"Ok, this-" I started again.

"Well, it's only cause you mean old pegasususus are making it snow like crazy!" She accused, her ponies also agreed.

"Order! Order! Pegasi, how do you answer-" I cut off... Did these ponies not know about the Windigos? Maybe I best not say anything... They might think I'm crazy... When I cut off, the Pegasi leader seemed to think that was all I was going to say.

"For the hundredth time, it's not us!" He argued, slamming his hoof down.

"I see..." I said.

"We're not making it snow! It must be the Unicorns! They're doing it with their freaky magic." Accused the Pegasi leader causing the Unicorn leader to gasp.

"Now, Unicorns, what is your defense to this?" I asked.

"How dare you! Unlike you Pegasi ruffians, we Unicorns would never stoop to such a thing! Hmm!" Argued the Unicorn leader she had an incredibly posh voice. Her ponies followed her example, looking down their noses at us.

"Well if you non-earths aren't going to use your weird powers to stop freezing us all, then I'm plum out of ideas!" Exclaimed the Earth Pony leader, putting her head in her hooves.

"What a shocker! An Earth Pony with no ideas!" Exclaimed the Pegasi leader.

"Oi! Stop with the racial slurs or I'll knock all your heads together!" The other ponies in the stands began shouting. "Order! I shall have order!" I exclaimed, they all stopped and I nodded for the leaders to carry on.

"Commander Hurricane!" Ok, got a name, and that thing on his ass is a hurricane, got it. "He is right! Please cease with the insults!" Exclaimed the Unicorn leader.

"Agreed... Ah!" I exclaimed putting a hand on Commander Hurricane's chest, stopping him from rushing the Unicorn leader. "No violence! Understood!?" I asked.

"Yes sir..." He reluctantly agreed. "But I don't take orders from a prissy Princess!" He exclaimed.

"I beg your pardon?! I am a Princess! I will not be spoken to that way!" Hmmph'd the Princess, putting her crown on and beginning to leave.

"Well I'm leaving first!" Exclaimed Hurricane.

"No I'm first!" Exclaimed the Earth Pony leader, they all tried to leave at once, opening the door, letting the cold in and trapping themselves. They all pushed forward and got out, running back to their respective land. I looked up and saw the Windigos. Not many things unnerve me, but those... things do...

"I hope Damien doesn't come any time soon..." I said. I caught up with Commander Hurricane. "Commander!" I exclaimed, he landed when he saw it was me.

"What?" He asked.

"May I stay with you? I have no shelter..." I said.

"Hmm... Sure, but you don't have wings." He pointed out.

"I do, I just hide them." I said.

"Then sure." He nodded. He flew up into the lower clouds, the upper clouds were too dense and cold to live in I guess. I turned into a Dragon and headed up, I saw a small cloud village, I landed on the clouds and I turned back Human before anyone saw me as a Dragon...

I approached the village. And was met by an orange Pegasus with two spears crossed on her ass. She also had a deep red/orange mane like the Earth Pony leader.

"Welcome to our humble village, my name is Private Pansy." She said. Ok, unexpected name considering her tattoo...

"Pansy huh...? Boo!" I said, the Pegasus stumbled, pulled out a spear and pointed it in all directions, shaking like hell, even though the sound clearly came from me.

"Oh sorry, I get scared sometimes..." She said, she had a strongish voice that seemed macho, but was hiding fear.

"It's Ok. Commander Hurricane said I could stay?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, the mediator, right? This way." She said, leading me to a cloudy hut. "It's not much but it's warm and will keep you dry." She smiled.

"Thank you Private. Dismissed." I said. She saluted and marched away. I spent a few hours using an ice pick I found to clear all my gear of frost and ice, I also made myself some soup with some food I had. Then I decided 'fuck it!' and made a huge pot, I was giving out bowls of soup for free to the Pegasi, they were happy to have some food and they all thanked me incessantly.

I saw Hurricane fly over, his gear looked clean as well, that must have been where he was after the summit or whatever it was. He was cleaning his gear to look presentable for his troops.

"Attention!" He yelled, Private Pansy stumbled a bit leaving the table and her unfinished soup but eventually stood before her Commander. "Well? Aren’t you curious as to how it went?" Asked Hurricane to Pansy.

"Oh! Commander Hurricane, sir! How did it go, sir?" Asked Pansy.

"It went horribly! Those other tribe leaders are so disrespectful! Don't they realise that we are a mighty tribe of warriors and are not to be crossed?! I've got to break bread with those weak foals!" Exclaimed Hurricane, accidentally sending Pansy down the steps.

"Break bread with the enemy, but no matter how many of them I break bread with, I'll break who they're sending to me." I said.

"Huh?" Asked Hurricane. I went to respond when suddenly I saw a black Unicorn about to strike Hurricane from behind with a knife... But they had a Black Ring mask on! I jumped at Hurricane, pushing him out of the way, I jammed my combat knife into the assassins stomach, he died.

I saw another was about to kill Private Pansy, but when he saw me kill his friend he leapt at me. He was an Earth Pony! The Black Ring member and I rolled down the steps, I was stopping the knife he had from hurting me with little effort but when we reached the bottom of the stairs we fell through the clouds.

I went into freefall and turned into a Dragon, flying downwards, I turned back Human and landed without injury. I looked over and saw the Black Ring Unicorn go splat on the ground, his armor would have absorbed about 10% of the damage... I ran over and saw him coughing blood. His spine, forearms and hind legs were broken...

"Hah... Maxos, you're too late... We're already moving on your precious Clover and Princess Platinum... 6 of us disguised, 4 completing their objectives will be enough..." He choked his final words, dying. He was blind from falling into shards of ice as they pierced his eyes but he must have saw me turn into a Dragon and assumed...

"Well, that was a convenient last breath to tell me his plan so I can thwart him." I chuckled. I looked around and lo and behold, Princess Platinum was walking in the cold with an assassin behind her-

ASSASSIN?! I rushed over to her and she saw me coming, she shut her eyes and charged a spell. But I didn't even go within a metre of her, I tackled the other black Pony trailing her, he was an Earth Pony... I thrust my knife into his neck.

"Maxos...? How-? No wait... You're..." He died, Maxos? He could see fine, he got me confused for a wizard that hasn't been seen for years, until his last moment...

"Hmm? Mediator? What are you doing here?" Shivered the Princess with chattering teeth. I realised this 'Clover' was in danger. I stepped away from the body.

"An assassin for you." I said. She looked at the body.

"The Earth Ponies are now trying to kill me?!" She exclaimed.

"No, it is-" She cut me off.

"Come, we must head inside, away from the cold." She concluded, she was too stubborn to listen... I followed her to her Castle and we went inside.

"Clover the Clever! I need you!" Exclaimed Platinum. I saw a dark green Pony adorned in brown cloth robes and short blue hair approach as Platinum collapsed.

"Yes Your Majesty? Did the other Pony tribes see reason as I predicted?" She asked. She had a clear voice and was clearly versed in magic, although not as powerful as me... But I saw some Maxos spells in there... Maybe she was more than she appeared.

"Predicted? What are you, a fortune teller?" I chuckled.

"And who is this?" Asked Clover.

"This may be the 'anomaly' you predicted, he tried to help... To no avail!" Said Platinum.

"I see. Greetings. I am Clover the Clever and for your information I am actually the royal advisor and apprentice to Star Swirl the Bearded!" Exclaimed Clover, Star Swirl?

"Hah... Sure." I said as the Princess lay on a cushion and Clover pulled up a basin of water.

"What you didn't predict was those lowly creatures tried to assassinate me! Assassinate! Me! We will no longer consort with these peasants." She said, splashing Clover and myself as she stomped her two front hooves into the basin.

"Oh! Let me help you dry off! Let's give the Princess some privacy!" Exclaimed Clover, I followed her to an empty corridor,

"Wow Clover, we should get to know each other first..." I laughed.

"Quiet! I'm certainly not adverse to a joke, but this is a serious matter! Is this true? Assassination!?" Asked Clover.

"Yes, but not by any tribe you know of, by the Black Ring, trying to disturb peace. One is after you." I informed.

"What?! OK... Star Swirl will want to know about this, I've seen him write the word 'Black Ring' in his journal before. He might know more." Said Clover, leading me through the Castle. We entered a dark place and ascended many stairs. We approached the door. Clover knocked three times in rapid succession.

"Enter, Clover." Came a voice. We entered the room and I saw potions bubbling, it was a brightly lit room, it looked similar to the Maxos Temple in many ways. "So, what brin-" He stopped when he saw me, he dropped a luckily empty vial from his magic when he laid eyes on me.

"...Zandalor?" I asked as he picked the glass up.

"No, this is my Master, Star Swirl. Master, this is... I didn't catch your name..." Said Clover. I decided to use code.

"Ego... Draconis." I said as we shook hands/hooves. Suddenly his eyes went wide.

"Clover... leave us. Wait outside." He said.

"Bu-" She started.

"Now!" Exclaimed Star Swirl and Clover instantly ran out, shutting the door. "I am not who you think I am. You may call me... Maxos." Said the Wizard.

"What? Impossible!" I exclaimed.

"Not quite. Zandalor and myself had a bet. I lost. I have to wear his clothes and match his identity as much as possible in this strange world, and give myself the name Star Swirl. It's demeaning really. But I lost and I honour my bets." He smiled.

"Wow." I chuckled.

"Indeed. Now then... 'Ego Draconis'... that is two things. An alias for you if you are in trouble to let other Dragon-Knights know that you are, and a callsign for other Dragon-Knights to recognise you as one of us. What's the trouble? And how did you get here?" He asked, we took a seat.

"Black Ring assassins. They are trying to disturb the peace. One is after your apprentice. I used your last spell, got dizzy, went to sleep and woke up here." I informed.

"Ah... I see.that spell, is a spell thats use is unknown. I got two words wrong and it brought me here by myself. While you must have..." He started.

"Made a single mistake." I nodded.

"Well, I cannot send you back. There is little I can do in this blizzard, something powerful is behind it that even I cannot combat..." He said.

"Windigos. Powered by Damien. They are ethereal and therefore are beyond our power. We need something else to defeat them. But I do not know what that is yet." I said.

"I see. I will investigate. So, you are from Rivellon? And you know Zandalor?" Asked Maxos.

"Yeah. He's doing fine last I checked. At the Divine's side as usual. Guiding me to defeat Damien." I told him.

"Divine? I'm afraid I know nothing about that. I've been gone for a few years and all this happens?" He chuckled.

"You've been gone for over 1000 years..." I said...

;Maxos' POV;

What?! Impossible... I cannot have been gone for that long! Sure time moves slightly faster here than in Rivellon but that's impossible...!



I scanned over the Dragon-Knight before me with magic... He was a jack of all trades! From sorcery, to summoning, to sword combat, to hand to hand, to archery... He was everything rolled into one... And he had been in the Battle Tower! He had the aura of the Stone about him...

Now for an explanation, It seems he was sent here from the future. By someone else from the looks of it, his memory was fragmented... In pieces, he only remembered Rivellon, but he has been here before, in the future, he just cannot remember!

Was he...?

I looked over him again, his Indomitable Will was incredibly strong, he's a Wizards worst nightmare! He must be the one... The one to defeat Damien! If he was a Pony he would be an Alicorn... Legends told of a Human turned Alicorn that would defeat Damien! This must be him! But he's far too early...

He was...

Sent here


Stop the assassinations! Yes! Fate intervenes again!

An enemy sent him here, thinking it would finish him off, when in actual fact it was meant to happen! I didn't know about the assassinations until he told me, so without him this place would be plunged into war and chaos! Damien would be able to use this reality as a Home Base for his Black Ring! I must not be able to stop Damien in my lifetime, but this Dragon-Knight can! I will still do what I can to help in the future...

He is also on the second stage of his training! But... He cannot know he is from the future or is in the past, he must find out himself, and piece his memory back together...

"I see." I said. "You must defeat the Damned One my friend! If you do not... I shudder for this world and ours. Take this book. It was given to me by the Dragons. It's part of what made me so powerful. DO NOT READ IT yet! You will know when you must!" I exclaimed.

;Tyrath's POV;

"Very well... What now?" I asked.

"You must leave and find these assassins! When you have helped Clover I will send you to the Earth Pony base to stop the assassins there." He said. Suddenly, Clover burst in, running from a Pegasus assassin and screaming.

"You're up." Said Maxos. I held my sword out, not even sparing the assassin a glance and he ran into the sword blade, decapitating him, killing him instantly. Lucky bastard.

"Thank you oh thank you!" Said Clover.

"Well, that was easy." I said.

"Indeed. I will see you later my friend. Keep in touch." He smiled and sent me away...


I was underneath snow... I was going to asphyxiate! I burst upwards into the blizzard...

"Fucking... Tele...portation!" I coughed, getting up from the foxhole I dug my way out of. I saw buildings all around us, I looked up and saw Puddinghead go down a chimney... I knocked on the door to the building.

"Yeah?" Asked a Pony, opening up the door. She was cream coloured, with dark and light green hair beneath a straw hat... He had a slight country tinge to her voice.

"Hey. Mediator, need somewhere to stay." I shortened my story.

"Sure, why not?" She said and let me in.

I entered and brushed the snow off me.

"Cheers." I said.

"No problem. Names Smart Cookie" She smiled.

"Tyrath. Tyrath Kyelinth." I said, shaking her hoof.

Suddenly Puddinghat came down the chimney...

"Wouldn't it've been easier to use the door Chancellor? Like Tyrath the Mediator here?" Asked Cookie.

"Maybe you for you and him Smart Cookie! But I am a Chancellor! I was elected because I know how to think outside the box! Which means..." Exclaimed Puddinghat putting her head back inside the chimney. "I can also think inside the chimney!" She exclaimed.

"Logic that’s unbeatable." I chuckled.

"I know! Can you think inside a chimney?!" She asked.

"Only because I'm 'smokin' hot!' hah!" I exclaimed with a laugh.

"Nice one! I'll write that down!" Exclaimed Puddinghat.

"Err..." Started Cookie.

"I didn't think so!" Exclaimed Puddinghat. Cookie groaned.

"So, got a plan?" I asked.

"No- Wait a second...! Hold on to your hooves! I am just about to be brilliant!" She exclaimed.

"That'd be a first..." Mumbled Cookie and I chuckled.

"I have decided that the Earth Ponies are going to go it alone!" Exclaimed Puddinghat.

"So you mean the other tribes didn't come around?" Asked Cookie.

"Unfortunately not." I said.

"Darn! I really hoped we could get through to them if w-" She was cut off.

"Don't worry about them! We're the ones with all the food right?" Asked Puddinghat.

"Err, to be honest, we're all out." Informed Cookie.

"Fine! Then we'll have to go somewhere new we we can grow more food! And with me as our fearless leader, nothing can go wrong." Exclaimed Puddinghat, opening the door and a wall of snow fell on her.

"Where should I start?" Asked Cookie, leading me to chuckle again.

"The point is... We need to find new land!" She resolved... She told us her plan of going to a new land to farm for food, away from the blizzard and by extension, unbeknownst to them, the Windigos. Suddenly a Black Ring Pegasus and Unicorn popped up in windows opposite each other in between me, the Chancellor and Cookie, aiming at us.

"Duck!" I said and me and Cookie got down.

"Swan! Ah!" Exclaimed Puddinghead before Cookie pulled her down, two arrows flew above us. I stood up and looked... Their own arrows had hit each other....

"Both of you go. Be careful." I warned.

I left the building, headed to my new hut that Puddinghat gave me until we were leaving and I contacted Maxos by magic.

"Yes Dragon-Knight? What have you to report?" He asked, writing in multiple books at once with his magic, glancing at me from the corner of his eyes in his communication magic.

"The assassins are dead, they killed each other by accident. The Earth Ponies are going to move land, is that a wise decision?" I asked.

"Ha! That's always a plus when your enemies do the work for you! To answer: No and yes, but the Unicorns, and from what I understand, the Pegasi, have the same idea." He said, I also saw him packing his things.

"Right... These Windigos will follow wherever conflict arises." I informed him.

"Indeed, the Black Ring will also attempt to disrupt the peace. It is up to you and me to stop them." He said, severing the connection.

"Count on me Maxos." I said even though he couldn't hear me...

Chapter 1, Pt 2: Peace & Friendship

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;Maxos' POV;

We all started our way to the new lands, Tyrath was following the Earth Ponies and I was following the Unicorns... The Pegasi were the only ones we couldn't keep tabs on with our own eyes so I watched them through magic. Ironic seeing as we're both Dragons, yes?

"Come on Private Pansy! Let's get a move on! Hut one, hut tw-" Exclaimed Hurricane stopping as lightning struck and Pansy jumped into the Commander's arms.

"Ahh! She screamed.

"Get a hold of yourself Private!" Exclaimed Hurricane, dropping her and looking flustered... Something tells me he wasn't completely averse to holding her... "We cannot let anything distract us from the mission at hand! To find and if necessary, to conquer a new land!" He exclaimed.

"Conquer, sir?" Asked Pansy.

"Yes! You never know where the enemy may be lurking..." He said.

"I don't see any enemies Commander... Just snow." Said Pansy.

"Ah ha! What's that?!" He said, flying into a cloud shaped like a beast, causing the cloud to dissipate. He started to actually attack it. A little piece of cloud floated by Pansy and she screamed and leapt back into the Commander's arms, he broke out into a blush and shook his head to snap himself out of it.

"This is getting old." He said, dropping her again... I deactivated the spell and we started on our way.


"Oh this is simply taking forever!" Exclaimed Princess Platinum. Usually I let my apprentice handle her and go with her while I stay behind with the other ponies, but with assassins on the loose it was too dangerous.

"Patience Your Majesty." I said.

"My hooves are killing me! How long have we been walking for?" She asked.

"For about 5 minutes your highness..." Said Clover. How she dealt with this on a daily basis was simply unknown to me.

"I never imagined finding a new land would be so hard!" She exclaimed.

"Me neither..." I mumbled.

"But it will all be worth it! Don't you agree?!" She asked us.

"Sure." I shrugged, not concentrating on the conversation, writing some stuff in books, working on a space & time spell to send Tyrath home if need be.

"Well, no offense Master, and Your Highness... But I think the three tribes could've tried harder." She said.

"Hmm? Yes, they could have, but something tells me they didn't want to." I said.

"STTTTOOOP!" Yelled the Princess in her usual posh voice. We both ran forward to make sure she was OK.

"What?" Asked Clover.

"That, is what's wrong!" She exclaimed, pointing at a small stream about 2 hoof wide... I hopped over and let Clover deal with it.

"Your Majesty it's just a stream, we can cross it easily." Said Clover, stepping over two stones.

"I refuse to get my gown wet. I will not arrive at my new land looking like a bedraggled Earth Pony! Or worse yet a rough and tumble Pegasus! I for one have no intention of stooping down to their level" She said. "On the other hand I have no trouble watching you stoop down." She said, I almost burnt my book in my magic in rage... Nopony talks to my student like that!

"... No, Master, it's OK..." Said Clover, letting Platinum ride her.

"And do watch the gown! It's worth more than all the petty books in your library!" Said Platinum, almost making me throw her into the stream...

"I hope you're having better luck Tyrath..." I said, looking up at the sky as if that would make him hear me...

;Tyrath's POV;

"I hope you're having better luck Maxos..." I said, looking up at the sky as if that would allow him to hear me. We were walking in the same damn spot because Puddinghat had her eyes and muzzle through holes in the map and was just walking in circles...

"Who put her in charge?" I asked Cookie.

"Her father." Answered Cookie with an unamused expression.

"This is definitely the right direction!" Exclaimed Puddinghat, pointing forwards.

"I think we're going in circles..." Said Cookie.

"Ditto." I said.

"But that's impossible! Are you two suggesting I'm reading the map wrong?!" She asked. Even though the hoofprints in the snow formed a perfect circle.

"Uh huh." I nodded.

"I'm not Madame Chancellor! I just- There's holes in the map..." Said Cookie.

"Of course! How how else could I see where I was going?" She asked.

"More undefeatable logic." I chuckled.

"Or talk? I need to be able to talk! I mean, how would we survive if I just suddenly shut up?" She asked.

"Heaven forbid that should happen, your chancellorship. Heh." Cookie said. I snorted in an attempt to hold in laughter. "It's just that... the map is also upside down." She said.

"I got a newsflash for you, Cookie. The Earth is round. There is no up or down." She said, walking away.

"Logic? Spot on." I said with a laugh.

"You're both right! It's such a relief to me that you're in charge of this map..." She said, causing Puddinghat to stop and turn.

"Yep, thrilled." I chuckled.

"Relief? Thrill?" She asked, backing up incredibly quickly... "You don't need relief or thrill! If anypony needs relief or a thrill around here, it's me! I'm a chancellor! I'm a bigshot! You're just my, um... my, uh..." She said, trying to find the words.

"Secretary." Stated Cookie.

"And you! You're... Eer..." She said.

"A bodyguard?" I asked.

"Whatever. Cookie, you take the map, while I enjoy some relief." She said, eating and spitting out the map in Cookie's face.

"Yes, Chancellor Puddinghead." She said.

"Well, that went well." I shrugged.

"You can say that again..." She said and walked on, I stayed back a little while following.

"Maxos?" I asked.

"What news?" He asked.

"Earth Ponies aren't doing so hot on the search for their new land... But I think they may find it yet." I said.

"Same over here. Platinum is kicking up a fuss about every little thing, I kept an eye on the Pegasi with observation magic, they're doing OK." He said.

"They'll be moving the fastest, us the second, Unicorns last." I said.

"Agreed. No Black Ring on my end, you?"

"Negatory, looks like they either don't know we've left, are biding their time or assume the Windigos froze us." I informed.

"I'd assume the second option." Said Maxos gravely.

"They need to find peace, otherwise we're buggered." I said.

"I know, if we can't kill the Windigos directly, at least we can deprive them of their sustenance so they may move on." He said.

"I agree... Gotta go! Later!" I said.

;Maxos' POV;

I observed the Pegasi once again... It looks like they found the land first that we were approaching now...


"This is the new land we've been searching for!" Exclaimed Hurricane, flying around the mountains.

"What a view... I can see my future house from here." Said Pansy.

"I proclaim this new land to be... Pegasopolis!" Announced Hurricane, planting a flag. I would have observed more but I bumped into Clover who stopped. I saw amazing gems all around us and my stomach rumbled...

"Tyrath, if you were here now..." I said... My mouth watering at the gems...

"I've never seen such jewels! This ruby is dazzling. This whole land is dazzling. I'm double dazzled! In the name of the unicorns, I hereby dub this land Unicornia!" Exclaimed Platinum, planting a flag...

;Tyrath's POV;

We were out of the cold! I was so happy!

"The air! The trees! The dirt! This dirt is the dirtiest dirt in the whole dirt world!" Exclaimed Puddinghat.

"Huh, nice place..." I said, warming myself up by rubbing my armored arms.

"It is! And fertile, too. Perfect for growing food." Said Cookie.

"In the name of the Earth ponies, I think I'm gonna call this new place... uh... Dirtville." Stated Puddinghat.

"Really?" I asked.

"How about "Earth"?" Suggested Cookie. Puddinghat froze for a second.

"Earth! Congratulations to me for thinking of it." Exclaimed the Chancellor.

"Whoopee." I said.

"We found our new home!" Exclaimed... All three leaders?

"Oh shitbuckets..." Said me and Maxos in synch...

They all looked at each other...

"I planted my flag first!" Argued Hurricane.

"Did not!" Argued Platinum.

"Did too!" Argued Hurricane...

"I planted mine earlier than first." Chimed Puddinghat.

"All of you riffraff are trespassing in Unicornia!" Exclaimed Platinum.

"The name is Pegasopolis!" Retorted Hurricane.

"Earth!" Chimed Puddinghat.



"I say we fight for the land. May the best pony win!" Challenged Hurricane. The wind started to blow and Maxos and I looked at each other.

"That's barbaric. Clover the Clever? Star Swirl the Bearded? Throw that brute into the dungeon!" Exclaimed Platinum floating Clover in front of her in defense.

"What dungeon? Look, perhaps if we all calmed down..." Suggested Clover.

"Seconded." I said.

"I agree. Let's all calm down." Said Cookie.

"Ditto." Said Maxos.

"I vote for calm." Said Pansy. It started to snow.

"I'll have you court-martialed for insubordination, Private! We settle this on the battlefield!" Exclaimed Hurricane

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Maxos and myself yelled, causing all the ponies to stop.

"I say, we just-" I started before a snowball hit me.

"That's it! I give up! Fuck you all!" I exclaimed, walking backwards, giving them the finger on both my hands. "I'm going to that cave." I said, still backing up with my fingers up and I went inside, making myself a fire...

;Maxos' POV;

"Agreed!" I exclaimed and went to follow before both Hurricane and Platinum were hit with snowballs.

"Who dares throw a snowball at royalty?!" Asked Platinum, I rolled my eyes before Puddinghat asked a very good question...

"Wait a minute, where'd all this snow come from anyway?"

"Oh no. Not again." Said Hurricane, I looked up and saw the creatures Tyrath was talking about... They had a blue hue to them more than is normal of ethereal beings, showing they were helped by Damien...

"Inside that cave!" I exclaimed, they tried looking for other shelters, but there was nothing... Suddenly my notes on the magic spell blew away! I had to chase them!

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw the blizzard starting up again outside...

"Enter, all of you. We share." I said, they did and they crowded around my fire. "Where is Star Swirl?" I asked.

"My Master directed us to this cave. After that he chased some important notes." Said Clover, I went to the cave entrance and put my hand on the side of the exit I started forward... but halted...

"He'll be fine." I decided and we sat sat around the fire.

"Please, Commander Hothead..." Started Platinum.

"It's Commander Hurricane." He corrected.

"Please, Commander, could you just stand back and give me my royal space?" Asked Platinum.

"You mean like this, your highness?" He asked, stepping forward.

"Indeed not! You see this invisible line?" She asked, pointing to the ground.

"Private? Outline our territory for everypony to see." He said, dragging the Private along the ground, over me and the fire so the fire and I was split down the middle.

"What the-" I asked with groan.

"See this real, non-invisible line? No Unicorns or Earth Ponies are allowed to cross it! This is the sovereign territory of Pegasopolis!" Exclaimed Hurricane

"Clover the Clever?" Exclaimed Platinum.

"Uh... Smart Cookie!" Said Puddinghoof.

"I know, I know." Said Smart Cookie.

"FUCK IT! If you won't get along I'm going over here! Fuck you all!" I said and went to a corner, sitting with my knees up to my chest I joined my hands in front of my knees, closing my eyes and mediating. Hurricane went to draw line near me but I opened my eyes and growled, causing him to back away.

Clover and Cookie bumped hooves but backed off before the leaders saw it... Pansy went around a rock...

"What are you doing? Don't go around the rock, go over it! I'm not giving up an inch of territory to the enemy!" Exclaimed Hurricane.

"That rock is clearly on the Unicornia side of the cave, and it belongs to us!" She exclaimed. "Who knows? there could be jewels inside." She whispered to Clover.

"I claim this rock for Pegasopolis!" Said Hurricane, bumping the rock over their line.

"Unhand that rock this instant, you scoundrel!" Exclaimed Platinum.

"Oh, look, you found my rock. I've been looking for it everywhere." Said Puddinghat, going over the line, picking up the rock in her mouth and darting back to her area.

"Hey! You invaded our territory!" Accused Hurricane.

"Finders keepers, losers weepers!" Sang Puddinghat.

"That's the last straw!" Exclaimed Hurricane, breaking her line and walking to Puddinghat.

"Give me my rock!" Exclaimed Platinum.

They started running after each other, shouting.

"Look, everypony! The entrance!" Exclaimed Clover, pointing. Suddenly the entrance and sides of the cave started to freeze over... The leaders stopped arguing to look.

"Great. Now there's no way out! We're trapped!" Exclaimed Hurricane.

"You two deserve this horrible fate. You've done nothing but argue and fight with each other!" Exclaimed Platinum.

"You've been fighting too, Your Highness." Countered Hurricane.

"Yeah! Worse! I haven't been fighting nearly as much as you!" Retorted Puddinghat.

"How ridiculous! A Unicorn never stoops to fighting!" Platinum denied.

"That's just 'cause you wimpy Unicorns know you'd never win! Earth Ponies are numbskulls!" Shot Hurricane. Icing over.

"Pegasi are brutes!" Insulted Platinum as she too, was encased.

"Unicorns are snobs!" Added Puddinghat. Going under.

Then the Windigos were in the cave, truth be told I was scared shitless of them, just the way they looked... But I kept calm and took breaths, the frost simply glazed over me, it was then I realised what was needed to kill these Windigos...

The three last remaining ponis bumped into each other and yelled.

"W-W-What is that... Thing?" Asked Pansy.

"They must be... Windigos!" Realised Clover.

"Windigos?" Asked Pansy and Cookie.

"My mentor Star Swirl the Bearded taught me about them on the way here! They're winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred. The more hate the spirit feels, the colder things become!" Realised Clover.

"Then... this is our fault. We three tribes... we brought this blizzard to our home by fightin' and not trustin' each other. Now it's destroyin' this land, too." Said Cookie sadly.

"And now our bodies will become as cold as our hearts... all because we were foolish enough to hate." Said Clover sadly.

"Not exactly..." I said. They looked over to me, but ignored what I said.

"Well, I don't hate you... I actually hate Commander Hurricane a lot more than I hate you guys." Admitted Pansy, causing giggles to break out... even I chuckled. "Actually, I don't really hate him, I just really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really dislike him." Corrected Pansy. We laughed...

"Well, I don't hate you guys either." Admitted Cookie.

"Nor do I." Said Clover. And the ice encasing us slowed...

"No matter what our differences, we're all ponies." Said Cookie, the ice encasing them... But Clovers horn burst and the Windigos were spirited away, but not gone... Not completely... A heart was above us, made by the magic...

"What was that?" Asked Pansy.

"I didn't know unicorns could do that." Said Cookie.

"I didn't either. Nothing like this has ever happened before. But I know it couldn't have been just me. Look at him! He's not encased in ice! Because he feels no hate! It came from all three of us, joined together, in friendship. Mediator! Come over here!" Said Clover I burst forth from the ice wall that was in front of me, not over me.

I joined my hand on top of their hooves as a friend. I relit the fire and we stayed there, joking, laughing, I regaled some funny highlights from my life to them and each of them did for the rest of us and so on... We did this until the leaders were thawed out and the exit became accessible again...

Suddenly the Windigos reappeared, powered by Damien and capable of freezing us even with friendship... Or so they thought... I drew from the friendship within my three friends and pointed my palm at the icy circle the Windigos formed above us. A pink bolt shot from my hand and disintegrated the Windigos... Star Swirl came in then.

"Good job Clover! You too Ty!" Complimented Maxos.

"Thanks." I said...

"No! You! Whoever you are! You are dead... I will kill you all and leave, but I will return for my army!" Laughed... No, Damien?! He looked younger... Weird. About 50 archers were outside the cave pointing their bows at us.

"Tyrath! You're up again!" Said Maxos, I couldn't of a powerful spell to cast... He was about to unleash his wrath on us until I saw his exit portal... On spur of the moment I created a gravity portal inside it, it pulled him, a majority of his minions and all his Flying Fortresses through it before he could do anything. Suddenly I noticed something...

"Damien was younger here... The Black Ring mentioned banishment... Damien was banished years ago to Damnation... was this Damnation?" I asked Maxos. Referring to it as was because it was now at peace.

"Right on the money young Dragon-Knight. You just witnessed Damnation's ending and Damien's return to Rivellon." Said Maxos.

"So I just doomed us..." I said.

"No, if he took over this land as a realm of his own he would be unstoppable. It is now up to you Dragon-Knight. Your memory will slowly piece back together, for now you will fade out and teleport back to your time. Good luck." He said.

"And you." I said and we shook before I faded away...

Chapter 2: Return of The Dragon-Knight

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;Third Pony POV;

"Twilight... What are those things?!" Asked Spike, seeing some floating islands above them! Twilight was running about the library, putting some satchels on her back with some books and other essentials in them.

"I don't know... But we need to find out! I'm going up there!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I'll come to! For backup!" He said, Twilight hesitated.

"... Fine. But be careful and do as I say, got it?" She asserted.

"Got it!" Nodded Spike, putting his thumb up.

"Good. Come on." Said Twilight. She exited Golden Oaks Library and saw her 5 friends standing there.

"Twilight, darling! We saw! We're here to help!" Exclaimed Rarity. Seeing her 5 best friends brought happiness to Twilight's heart.

"I got a bad feeling about this... We should let the Princesses know." Said Rainbow Dash.

"You're right! Spike, head to the Town Hall and send a message to Princess Celestia! Tell her and Luna about this attack and that we need backup!" Ordered Twilight

"Ok, Twilight! You can count on me!" He nodded, saluted and ran off.

"Ok, come on then." Said Twilight and levitated Applejack and herself up while Rarity levitated herself and Pinkie Pie and the two Pegasi flew up with them but stayed with them rather than rushing ahead. Unfortunately it was slow going... As they went up, some Black Ring came down...

;Tyrath's POV - 20 minutes later;

I was dreaming of having a race... Go...! I woke up with a start!

Sorry about the bad joke...


For realsies, I woke up on a couch in a... Where was I? A library by the looks of it. Made of... Wood? I got up and held my hand to my head...

"Huh...? Ah... All I remember is getting thrown through time a few times..." I grumbled, I sat up and called out. "Hey! Anyone here?!" No answer... I opened the door, ducking through it because it was way too small for me. I headed outside... "Oh holy maiming douchewaffle pipe wankers." I said.

The town I was in must have been attacked! Some buildings were half destroyed or charred, luckily there was no extensive damage...

I looked up and saw a Flying Fortress dominating the skyline... I saw Black Ring corpses in town so there must have been some kind of battle... The inhabitants just barely won it seems.

I still had my Scorpion Armor on... Time to blend in. I looked behind me and saw I just came from inside a tree... A tree house? Huh, cool...

I climbed one of the vines that the Black Ring used to rappel down from the platforms and to climb back up again. I climbed up, got to the top and peered over the ledge without raising my body, seeing...

"So, you come to me?" Said... Holy bum-banging cockstorm shit bastards! General Rayhun! But... Ponified? I climbed the rest of the way up, seems like they've only just arrived. I lifted myself up and stood there. There were 6 mares standing there, I saw 'guard ponies' behind them they had golden armor on and reminded me of the Champions of Aleroth.

"Who are you and what're you doin' here? Talk to me ugly!" Demanded a rainbow maned pony... A pony who could talk- No wait, I remember now, Star Swirl being Maxos... It's all fuzzy but it's coming back. The Black Ring looked amused at her insults.

"They attacked Ponyville! We fought them off! They're hostile!" Exclaimed the guard.

"We are the Ring. And we are here to conquer. Luckily for you, most of our men are not here at the moment, and are occupied elsewhere, so your town will not be completely destroyed. Yet." Chuckled Rayhun.

"Conquer?! We'll see-" Started Rainbow, was her name Rainbow? I seem to remember... But an orange pony stood on her tail, preventing her from going near the Black Ring... Suddenly a pink pony began bouncing around.

"Maybe we can be friends! I can bake you cupcakes, and the-" The pink one stopped as Rayhun shot her hind leg with an arrow. Just above her ass tattoo. "Ahhh!" She screamed as she fell to the floor. She started crying.

"Pinkie!" Exclaimed the purple one and started toward her friend with all the others but stopped as more arrows were pointed at the guards, her and her friends.

"As a warning." Smiled Rayhun, kicking the pink one to her friends. He may have had a mask on but I could tell he smiled.

"Hey!" Exclaimed Rainbow and punched one of them, breaking his nose.

"Ahh!" He exclaimed, holding his nose, one of them used a rebar pipe and hit her down, hitting her while she was on the ground a few times before throwing the bloody pipe to the side as she lay there, her breathing laboured. Bleeding from her nose and mouth.

"Don't do that again." Growled Rayhun.

"She won't!" Exclaimed the purple pony, pulling her injured friend toward her with magic.

"Good. Just to teach you a lesson we're going to kill your pink friend, she is too unpredictable. And it will show you we mean business" Said Rayhun and pointed his bow at her while the other Black Ring pointed their bows at the other ponies, preventing them from stopping him...

I approached, using a disguise spell on my mask to give myself some Black Ring tattoos. I tapped the General on the shoulder.

"I would like to have the final blow Rayhun." I smiled.

"Oh yeah? Fine, I don't fancy dirtying my armor this night anyhow. Have at her." Said Rayhun. Pointing his bow toward the other ponies instead. I walked up to the pink one and pointed my blade at her face.

"Please..." She said, passing out.

"Do it!" Exclaimed Rayhun. Noticing my hesitation...

"As you wish." I smiled and thrust my blade backward, shoving it through Rayhun's belly. "I'm back bitches." I whispered to him with a smile behind my own mask.

"Dragon... Knight." He whispered, blood poured from his mouth in between the words and he died. I yanked my blade from his stomach. The other Black Ring were too shocked to do anything... Until one of them screamed and swung his bow toward me. But because of the close proximity it was impossible to shoot me.

I used the momentum from pulling my blade from Rayhun to slice this Black Ring across the stomach, sending his guts spilling. I raised my hand to the remaining Ring as they fumbled for their swords and blasted them with electricity, frying them.

"What the hay..." Said the orange mare as I took my mask off and the disguise enchantment with it, revealing my slightly softer, no tattooed features. The guard ponies looked terrified but tried to stand their ground... Even so, they backed away from their two injured friends as I approached, but stayed reasonably close. I knelt down by them both.

"Blue one will be fine, just unconscious. Give her this when she wakes." I said and passed a Potion of Healing to the- Twilight! That's it! Twilight! How I know their names I don't know... "The pink one is more complicated, more often than not, Black Ring arrows are poisoned..." I said gravely.

"What does that mean?" Asked Twilight worriedly.

"It's completely up to her immune system whether she survives..." I started... "...Or not." I finished, the other ponies gasped.

"There must be something you can do!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"... Fine." I said and gave them a Potion of Ultimate Healing. I would have given her some of my vitality... But I didn't know her. Did I?

"Err, guys? I don't wanna be the bearer ah bad news... But Canterlot's under attack." Informed the orange mare, looking over the ledge of the Fortress and pointing, we all ran over.

"Huh? What's Canterlot?" I asked. The name seemed familiar.

"The Capital of Equestria...! Oh no! The Princesses! That’s where the rest of his forces must be!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"...Leave it to me." I said, preparing for an assault.

"What?! We can't!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I need you to fix the damage here. I can save your 'Princesses' myself, you'll all just slow me down."

"He did just save us Twi. At great risk ta 'imself." Said... No, I don't know. It was the orange one.

"Fine. We trust you." Nodded Twilight.

"Thanks. Guess I have a job to do." I said. "You girls best get down from here." I said, the Unicorns levitated the Earth Ponies and themselves down while the conscious Pegasus lifted the unconscious one down. And the Pegasus guards also flew down.

I headed to the Fortress's control room and just barely piloted it over Canterlot without crashing and I parked it next to the other two Fortresses that were already over Canterlot. I went outside to the Fortress walls after setting up a surprise. I looked down from the Fortress's ledge... There was a tower right below me...

I jumped from the Fortress and grabbed the flagpole as I fell, sliding down it and landing on the domed roof. I slid down and saw there was a banister that led around the entire tower and it seemed to run just above the window I needed to get inside. I slid downwards and left the roof. I curled my legs around the banister, as if I was going to do a sit up while hanging upside down.

I hung there with my arms slightly out by my side I saw a Black Ring running around the tower... After someone... I squinted my eyes to concentrate my view...

"Come 'ere little girly! I ain't gonna hurt ya! I said come 'ere!" He exclaimed. I started to move my upper body back and forth, swinging on the banister with the back of my knees, I slid my legs off the banister as I rocked toward the window, I flew in and landed gracefully on my back.

"Ow." I muttered. I was behind an old plastic covered couch... Looks like this is storage. I peered over the couch and saw the Black Ring grab the mare by her flank, tying her up so she couldn't kick him and he gagged her.

"Now then, we'll have some fun!" He exclaimed, beginning to unbuckle his greaves, I slipped behind him.

"Will we?" I asked, swinging my blade, cutting him in half from the groin down. He fell apart, dead.

"..." The mare was crying. She was in complete shock... She was a light gray unicorn, with purple and white streaks through her hair, blue eyes and three stars on her ass... I read her mind.

'Pleasedon'thurtme, pleasewakeup, pleasedon'thurtme...' she repeated over and over... She must think this is a nightmare... He didn't manage to violate her it seems.

"Are you OK?" I asked, she didn’t answer. "Ok, I'll lock the door but I'll be back, I promise." I said, I exited the room and used reverse lockpicking to lock the door. I crouched down and began to sneak through the castle, I put my greatsword on my back and pulled out my combat knife, preparing to stealth kill...

I crept down the stairs leading to the tower... I saw two corridors leading off in different directions... Somehow, my memory seemed to scream about the left corridor. I took that corridor and began walking, I saw more pony guards lining the corridor but these were knocked out.

I headed down another set of stairs and I passed a room with a sun symbol on it... It brought me feelings of... Happiness? Elation? Joy? Weird.

I moved on and saw a door with both a moon and sun symbol on it, it brought back feelings of familiarity...

Another room, this one had a moon on it, it brought me the same feelings as the one with the sun, except lessened, and a feeling of regret, as if I wanted to do something but never got the chance... Suddenly I heard something inside...

I opened the door quietly and saw two Black Ring standing over a bed... There was someone in it! The room was large and dark, curtains pulled over with a star design on them, with the sun shining it looked like stars were dotting the floor and furniture of the room... It was beautiful. There was a banner of a blue pony with both wings and a horn with the moon above said pony.

"Think we'll have to kill 'er?" Asked one. As he spoke I crept behind them and stabbed him in the neck, the other turned but was met with my fist to his Adam's Apple, crushing his windpipe... He choked to death.

I picked up the two bodies and tossed them off the balcony. I turned and saw the figure in the bed was the pony from the banner, she was asleep still, snoring lightly. I smiled at the sight and shut the curtains again... I left the room and shut the door quietly. Why I was being like this I don't know...

I moved on, heading down another set of stone spiral stairs. As I got to the bottom another corridor stretched out ahead of me, this time there were massive double doors at the end and two Black Ring guards sitting on crates playing cards on a larger crate in front of the doors.

"Think they'll be long?"

"Nah, they're negotiating. They'll be awhile." Assured one.

"So, which one do you want? The blue one or the white one?" Asked the other with a laugh.

"They'll put up a fight, I like that. I think I'll have the blue one." He winked.

"We'll play for em'. Your turn to deal." Said one. This pissed me off. They were playing to decide which pony to rape? I stood up at my full height and strode up to them. Putting my mask on and my disguise activated. These two remind me of the two Black Ring in the Mining Office, who were talking about what they were going to do with the survivors of that catastrophe.

"Hey, General, you're just in time, negotiations are starting. Geshniz is already in there." Said one. I wasn't amused.

I got my two knives out. My gold combat knife and my shin one. I plunged the combat knife into the back of the neck of the one who greeted me. His head slammed into the larger crate on top of his deck of cards as blood began to pour from him.

As the other began to stand up I threw my shin knife into his face, it hit him right between the eyes. He fell backwards from his crate. Hitting the ground.

I retrieved my two knives and crouched, entering the... Throne room. This was the throne room. I saw General Geshniz in the center of the room. Talking to a white pony similar to the blue one, but larger. There were three Black Ring guards on both sides of the room, one between each pillar. Facing the throne. Idiots.

"So Princess. Relinquish your realm to us. Now, we can do this the easy way..." She said. 'She' referring to Geshniz. The white Princess had a black coloured ring on her horn that seemed to prevent her using magic and her wings were tied with rope to her body. Her hooves were also tied up. "Or the hard way." She chuckled. I also saw a light blue pony in golden armor next to her. I placed my sword in its sheath at the side of the room.

"I will not give over my kingdom so easily!" She said, standing her ground. "Captain Sapphire... How could you?" She asked.

"Reasons you cannot possibly understand Princess." Answered her apparent Captain who had joined the Black Ring it seems.

"Well, I will not relinquish anything to you!" Exclaimed the Princess. I respected her taking a stand.

"Fine, we'll bring your sister into this then. All it takes is one messenger to be sent to her room and to tell our men there to bring her." She shrugged, turning away and taking a breath as if she were about to give the order. As they talked I had used my combat knife to kill all the guards on the right side of the room, dragging their bodies away into dark corners one by one as I killed them.

"No! You will not harm her!" Exclaimed the Princess, trying to charge a spell, her horn lit up gradually until it hit the ring and the light dissipated.

"Will we not? Very well then." She smiled. Meanwhile I had teleported across the room behind the others and repeated the process. "Ganor, send a mess- Ganor? Segur? Leklan!" She called, she walked over to my side of the pillars to search for her missing comrades.

As she left the view of the two remaining ponies I threw my shin knife into the side of her neck, before she could hit the ground I pulled her body into a dark corner. The Captain turned and saw the room was seemingly empty.

"The guards... Where ar-" He stopped as an arrow hit his throat, he choked to death before the Princess's eyes, she looked terrified.

"Hello? Anypony?" Called the Princess worriedly as I stayed out of sight. I freed her using magic, snapping the ropes and pulling the ring off her horn. As I exited the same way I entered.

I checked my gear, made sure everything was in place and started my way back to the tower to check on the mare I saved. As I walked I checked my trap...

It was set, the remainder of the Black Ring were on the Flying Fortresses, they didn't even come down, they just sent Geshniz and her strike force to take the castle... But even so there were only about 50 spread across each Fortress. They were a small strike force.

I activated my trap. The Flying Fortress I used to get here exploded, it crashed into the other Flying Fortress next to it, which crashed into the one next to that. The three Flying Fortresses then crashed in a far field. I smiled at my genius as I climbed the last set of stairs. I unlocked the tower doors and entered.

"Hello? You in here?" I asked, suddenly the frigging couch was thrown at me with magic! I ducked it and more items were being thrown at me, small things luckily, they just bounced off me. It was then I realised I was still wearing my disguise mask. I took it off.

"Stay away from me, monster!" She cried. Throwing more stuff.

"It's me! See?" I said, she wasn't listening, I approached her and picked her up, shaking her. "I'm not the enemy!" I exclaimed. She squirmed around in my grasp, still in shock. The panic phase. I put her down.

"Nonononono!" She whimpered, scrambling away... I held my hands up.

"Ok then... Lets-" I stopped as I was hit with magic from behind!

I hit the far wall and my vision went blurry... I saw something approach as I passed out...

Chapter 3: I Was Framed I Tell Ya!

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"Err... Oh... Ah shit! Not again!" I exclaimed. I shook my head to wake up. Was I...? No... They wouldn't... They aren't that cowardly... Right? "Ah, really?! Who fucking sucker punched me?!" I yelled as I came to, I was in a different place! No wait... I was in the same place, but I was in prison?

'Cock welding nerf trailer twonks...' I thought as I shook my head some more.

"Oh bollocks... What'd I do?" I asked... "Oh fuck, did I get drunk and set fire to a tree because I thought it was telling me evil secrets again?" I asked myself. I was sitting against the wall looking at my cell door... I got up and stretched, feeling my back crack and I groaned in pleasure.

'Better. Not perfect. But better.' I thought as I smiled. I felt the back of my head and felt dried blood... Fantastic.

I remember smashing into a wall... I think I had slight concussion...

"Halt creature! Stay where you are! Away from the door!" Came a voice... I saw the large blue pony from before open my cell door with a platoon of 4 guards pointing spears at me.

"Hey! Visitors! I was wondering when visiting hours were! It would be nice, but I'm afraid I don't know you." I chuckled as she entered.

"This is funny to you?" She asked. Something told me she meant business... But that never stopped me before!

"Incredibly. Not the first time I've been thanked for saving someone with being imprisoned. But it is the first time I saved a kingdom and got arrested for it." I said with a smile.

"SAVE? THOU THINKST THOU SAVED US? DO NOT DELUDE THYSELF! AND DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS WE TELL THOU TO, VILE MONSTER! WE HATH A CIVILISED SOCIETY HERE AND WE DO NOT NEED THOU KINDST OF HELP! IF THOU THINK FORCING THYSELF ON A MARE IS HELPING... THEN THOU ART SORELY MISTAKEN." She said in a loud, angry voice. As she shouted my face was blown as if in a strong wind and i had one eye closed when she stopped. I put my pinkie in my ear and twisted it around, a squeaking sound emerged from it. I even saw the guards flinching when she spoke.

"I have no idea what you mean... Let's start over. So..." I started...

"I-" She started.

"Hi, my name is Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvim John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Zeus." I said.

"WELL-" She started again.

"And my last name is..." I took a breath.
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I introduced.

Suddenly I was picked up by magic and thrown into the wall of the cell. My Indomitable Will must be buggered because of my concussion. I need full concentration for it to work

"SO, THOU IS A JOKER HMM?" Yes, I am Princess.

"I like to think I'm a comedian, but sure, I'll take joker." I smiled. "Ow..." I said as she slammed me into the wall again.


"What, leave? No, that is not a joke, I would very much like to go." I said, trying to squirm out of her magic.

"WE DO NOT THINK SO." She said, dropping me on my ass that was hurting for some reason, it felt like I'd sat on a sword...

"And why not? If I could just..." I said, trying to squeeze past her only for her to move on front of me. "Come on... I'll just..." I said, trying it again to get the same result.


"I admit it, I killed him. That is, about 10 Black Ring and this traitor of yours. Who was also a Black Ring I should add. By this logic, since the Black Ring are foreign invaders and are also my enemies, then, by joining them, your Captain did in fact relinquish his status as both a citizen of Equestria and therefore also as Captain of your sister's guard." I stated, shrugging. She looked pissed. Oops.

"... DO NOTST TRY TO OUTSMART ME KNAVE! OPEN THY SMARTASS MOUTH AGAIN AND I SHALL BRING THE WRATH OF THE VERY STARS THEMSELVES DOWN UPON THEE!" She said and charged a spell. The light at the end of her horn did look threatening enough I suppose. I could also smell the familiar scent of ozone... The same smell that my study smells of because of the constant spell casting in there... Which means she must possess powerful magic.

"Just so you know, I shall defend myself. You will be in here afterwards. And I will be out there." I warned.

"HA! WE WOULD'ST LOVE TO SEE THIS HAPPEN!" Shouted the Princess and she prepared to fire... I took a breath.

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." I said, closing my eyes as I said it, I saw her still waiting...

"Princess..." Said a guard, sounding worried?

"BRING IT THEN! DEATH AWAITS THOSE WHO RELISH IN IT!" I exclaimed, spreading eagle my arms. Luna blasted her spell at me and the cell filled with a white hot light, even the guards looked away! I rolled out of the way quickly and the light subsided... I called her bluff.

"Very well monster... Thou shalt live... For now."


;1 day later(Dragons have excellent internal clocks);

I heard a tapping on my cell door...

"Hey. Dinner." Said the Sergeant... Same routine every 4 hours. It's time.

"Tell me Sergeant, got a wife? Kids?" I asked as he used magic to hoofcuff me to the side of the cell as I sat down. My hands behind me. Using magically shrunken hoofcuffs for my hands.

"Yeah actually. Why?" He asked, opening the door and entering. Locking it behind him.

"No reason." I answered.

"Ok..." He said. He walked over to me, putting my food down, I surged forward slightly so my face was next to his, he recoiled a little.

"What if they died? Were brutally murdered?" I asked quickly, right next to his muzzle.

"No... Impossible!" He exclaimed quietly. His friend took interest and was looking over.

"Well, if you don't let me out, that’s what will happen." I said, I was using a special mind attack, I managed to penetrate the deflection shield put up and destroyed it from the inside out. He was stood still, rooted to the spot.

"Hey, sarge... You good?" Asked his friend, unlocking the door and walking in. Leaving it open. I had observed the Corporal. He was a little clumsy. Just enough to leave my cell door open... He went next to his friend...

"I wonder what is wrong with him?" I asked, feigning innocence on both my face and in my body language..

"Soldiers, what is taking so long?" Asked Blue Princess, coming into the dungeon going in between the two guards... Meanwhile I had tore one of my nails off and used it to pick the hoofcuffs...

"Time for me to leave." I asked.

"I do not think so." Answered Blue Princess

"Wrong answer." I said, bringing the two guards heads together with my knees, with Blue Princess's head in between.

The two guards were out of it but Blue Princess stumbled backwards, still awake.

"Ah! Guar-" She cut off as I surged forwards and grabbed her head and threw it sideways, smashing it once on the jail bar, with enough force to knock her out, but not seriously injure her.

Suddenly another few guards rushed into the cell... Just in time...

I used Hide in Shadows and vanished. I had ducked the guards and rolled to the side. I crawled out of the cell as they looked at where I was but moments ago.

"Are you OK Your Majesty?" Asked a guard. The Princess got up.

"Fine." She nodded before falling back unconscious.

I was now behind the guards and they looked around the cell. I kicked one in the ass and he fell forward, taking his platoon with him as they all fell inside the cell. I slammed the door shut, locked it and welded it shut with fire magic. As predicted the Princesses two guards who were unicorns attempted a spell each, only for it fizz out because of their own deflection spell.

"Ah, the irony! I did tell you! And now I must bid thee, adieu." I bowed deeply with a grin on my face and backed away to the staircase out.

"LET US OUT OF HERE MONSTER!" Yelled the Captain.

"Monster? Hmm, Let me contemplate that..." I said, putting my hand on my chin and stroking my beard, I raised my finger and took a breath, looking as I was about to say something before shaking my head and replacing my hand on my chin...

"I don't think he'll let us out of here." Said a guard grimly.

"Now, now... Not precisely..." I said, still thoughtfully stroking my beard.

"Well, will you?" Asked the guard I kicked. My was he naïve...

"Ah! I have it! No. Later!" I answered and ran up the stairs that led out of the jail area.

Near the exit was a desk where the warden should be and ahead was a door...

'Yes! Outside!' I thought. I ran and opened it, I was outside! I looked around and breathed free air. I was about to leave before remembering my sword in the Throne Room...

"Bollocks!" I cursed. Also my head was hurting from expending energy bringing down the deflection shield from the inside to mess with the guard's mind! This damn concussion!

I drank a potion of minor healing... It would subside the pain for at least 5 minutes... I headed in the door opposite the one I just exited and saw I was in some kind of empty room... Used for parties likely.

"Stop that thing!" Came a voice, I turned to see some guards running inside the room from outside where I just came from...

"Shit, think fast, think fast..." I mumbled, I decided to fuck it and run. I exited the room going inside the castle proper, and I saw the corridor I used to enter and exit the Throne Room! The two Black Ring guards were still dead outside!

There were also two unicorn guards marvelling at the dead bodies, they didn't clean them up? I sprinted toward them as more guards ran down the stairs behind me and the ones I acquired before ran through the party room exit door... The two Unicorns suddenly turned and grabbed their spears, pointing them.

"S-s-stop right there!" Yelled one.

"Ok." I said and stopped, the guards chasing me skidded but couldn't stop fast enough. They crashed into me and caused a pile up behind me. I started sprinting again. "Dumbasses." I breathed.

"Oh no, he's still coming!" Yelled the other guards' friend, they both shut their eyes tight, holding their spears out as I approached them at high speed, but I simply leapt over them and smashed through the Throne Room doors, literally. I broke right through, leaving a hole in the marble doors about 4 foot high...

I landed in a roll on my feet.

"Whew!" I exclaimed, wiping a bead of sweat from my brow.

"And so Captain Starr, you are to return to duties- " Suddenly I saw the White Princess staring at me, surprised. With another Pony in golden armor talking to her...

"Erm... Knock knock?" I asked with a shrug before being picked up by her gold magic aura... "Oh crap-headed sphincter jackers." I mumbled as she brought me close.

'Come on Indomitable Will! Where you at bro!?' I thought frantically...

"You dare to enter my Throne Room unannounced?!" She asked.

"Well... Get a fucking doorbell!" I replied.

"ANSWER ME!" She yelled.

"Jeez! What is with me and things trying to kill me? Or more... SPECIFICALLY!" I groaned loudly after she started to apply pressure to me. "Alicorns. Blue ones, white ones, is it the entire fucking colour spectrum?" I asked as the platoon chasing me burst in, but calmed after seeing the Princess had a handle on the situation. Namely me.

"BLUE!? WHAT IN TARTARUS HAVE YOU DONE TO MY LITTLE SISTER?! WHERE IS LUNA?!" She yelled, the entire castle shook... I could see tears in her eyes... She must seriously think I've hurt her...

"Nothing! She's just a little blue right now. Haha- Ouch!" I yelled as she began to crush me. Couldn't resist that...

"GUARDS! CHECK ON MY SISTER IN THE DUNGEON! IMMEDIATELY!" She exclaimed. The guards took off at the speed of light the moment she made the request. "If she is hurt... You will pay. I will make you wish you were dead." Growled the Princess.

"Sure, what's the price of a life?" I chuckled.

"IF YOU-" She started.

"Calm... your fucking big sunny ass sister! She's fine!" I exclaimed. I could swear I saw some colour come to her cheeks... Suddenly, more pressure was applied and I think a rib broke... And some blood was in my mouth. Looks like she doesn't like hearing that she has a big ass... Or maybe she does and is covering the fact...

"You best hope so... Well? Do you even bleed, creature?" She asked.

"Sure. Let me show you." I said and spat my blood in her face. She looked taken by surprise by that.

"So, you bleed?" She asked and applied more pressure, I felt more ribs breaking. I kept a stone face. "How are you not in pain?!" She asked.

"I've suffered far worse than you can imagine." I said, but the oxygen was squeezed out of my lungs. I saw her begin to grin. I returned it.

"Why are you grinning?" She asked, frustrated.

"Oh... Haha, I love death. It's one of the reasons I am a warrior. You think I fear it? No, no, no. Death fears me." I laughed.

"We’ll see." She growled.

"Oh yeah. Death once had a near me experience." I chuckled.

"I am growing tired of your japes and jives." She warned.

"Aw! Is miss whitey Princess throwing a fit?" I asked in a child voice.

"You will regret angering me." She said.

"Sure..." I yawned.

"I am going to crush you. Slowly." She said.

"Oh, so you enjoy causing pain Princess?" I coughed, more blood coming out.

"No. I enjoy causing pain to monsters who try overtake my kingdom. And violate my subjects." She growled. "So why did you turn on them? A coup? Trying to take the kingdom for yourself? Or you just wanted to rape the mares yourself?" She asked.

"Wait, you MEAN to tell mE that this is abOUT the mare in the TOWER?!" I asked, straining a few words and parts of words as pressure was applied.

"Yes. My student, Twilight Sparkle's mother, Twilight Velvet was in that tower. And you and that other one tried to violate her innocence before he tried to take her first and you KILLED him." She said in a low voice.

"Hahaha..." I began to laugh.

"What is so funny? You are about to suffer greatly." Said the Princess. I continued laughing, louder. I was going to die by white pony Princess... Never saw that coming!

"My mother!?" Came a voice, the Princess ceased adding more pressure. She turned, still keeping me suspended. And I ceased laughing slowly. "What happened to my mother?!" Asked a white stallion, entering with a Pink Alicorn.

"Shining Ar-" The white Princess cut off as he ran out to... Wherever. The Pink Alicorn just stood there, staring at the White Princess.

"Hey, want to join the fun?" I asked the Pink Princess with a laugh. Spitting more blood on the floor. "I've had blue one attempt to annihilate me, and now miss whitey here is having a good go of it. Why not add pink to the mix?" I asked, grinning.

"Yes! Why not niece? We're playing: 'Who gets crushed into a thousand bits first?' Winner gets to die." Said the White Princess, looking back at me with a pleasured smile, adding a little more pressure.

"Yeah, my favoRITE!" I strained the last bit of favorite with a chuckle.

"Aunty... What are you doing!?" Asked the Pink Princess. She seemed horrified. "Stop! You're hurting this being!" She exclaimed.

"I am defending the kingdom Cadance! Do not question me!" She shouted.

The Pink Princess seemingly took off after her white stallion friend in tears. Meanwhile my hand had moved along my belt enough to touch my Crystal Skull. Unfortunately, my Dragon Stone was on the back of my belt, while the Skull is on the side of my belt and easier to access.

My Creature appeared silently and jumped at the Princess as she stared where her niece had left a minute ago. She turned quickly and blasted Creature, dropping me. Creature was injured and sent back to the Tower to recover, I landed on my knees and could barely get up because of my broken ribs, I used the pillar to support me...

The Princess turned to me just in time for me to uppercut her, sending her across the Throne Room to the other side of pillars. I picked her up in my own magic and brought her forward, pinning her to the middle pillar.

I approached her and I raised a fist to her and gripped her throat.

;Princess Celestia's POV;

I blasted the pony that just attacked me out of the air, suddenly I realised I dropped the biped! I turned but he punched me and I went flying across the Throne Room...

He grabbed me in a magic aura and pinned me against the pillar... I saw pure hatred in his eyes...

"Please... Don't... Don't rape me..." I begged in a strained voice because he was throttling me... I begged him not to rape me, his expression turned... Shocked?

;Tyrath's POV;

"Please..." She pleaded. Tears in her eyes. She thought I was going to rape her? Fuck her.

"You know what?" I asked.

"W-w- What?" She whimpered. I put my face close to hers. She looked away and shut her eyes...

"Next time you want your life saving, do it... yourfuckingself." I said, suddenly I felt something, I let her go. I don't know why, I just don't. I should have crushed her throat but I never... She jeopardised her own kingdom's and Rivellon's safety. If she had killed me, there would be no one to fight Damien. She would have doomed herself. I just couldn't bring myself to seriously harm her.

I raised my fist to a woman... A woman! I agree that they are our equals in almost all aspects and vice versa and I have no quarrel whatsoever with defending myself and killing them in self defense just as I do with men. But, they are more delicate in some ways, just as men are in others. But I always treat women with respect. I've never killed a woman in cold blood or provoked them to violence. Even as Drace. But I just raised my hand to one... And yes, in defense but she was helpless... Or so it seemed but... I had mixed feelings.

My duty required me to kill her, but my heart, ever fibre of my being screamed at me to let her go, to forgive her. Let her go, yes. Forgive her? Not so quickly.

"I..." She whimpered.

"Fuck off. Go jump off a balcony." I said and started to leave.

Suddenly I saw another Black Ring hiding behind the pillar she was just pinned to. She dropped to the floor and he approached her with a machete-like sword and she backed off, she was worn out from almost crushing me...

"Let me dish out this revenge for you General. Then we can fight for the blue one." He laughed evilly and he struck at her...

;Princess Celestia's POV;

I was surprised as he let me go... He had my very life in his hands, but instead of harming me as I did him, he began to walk away...

This is the same stallion who attempted to violate a mare? He leaves me who tried to kill him alive but tries to take the innocence of a pony who was done nothing to him? He was... Strange... I suddenly felt horrible for hurting him... Like I did something evil... I am not evil... Am I? did he violate that mare? I didn't even make sure... Oh Tartarus, what did I do...?

I tried to explain with a whimper...

"Fuck off. Go jump off a balcony." He growled and started to walk away... I felt like crying... I wanted to tell him I am sorry, that I want to ensure he did what he may or may not have done.

Suddenly another one like him walked up to me with a blade... My magic was worn out... I was so rusty at fighting that a simple aggressive spell wore me out... I backed away, afraid. He spoke to the one who dropped me... Telling him to let him kill me before they fight... And to take Luna's innocence! No... They couldn't... Thinking about them touching my sister angered me...

"N-n- No..." I stuttered, afraid. I had tears in my eyes... Was I crying and afraid about Luna? My subjects? My own life? I don't know...

I looked around for something, anything, before my eyes settled on the other biped looking back at me, standing there, with an expression that seemed to say 'Sorry, but... Revenge.' I looked away as the human in front of me stabbed at me... Nothing...

I opened my eyes and saw the thing I tried to crush in front of me. Suddenly Cadance and Shining Armor burst into the room...

;Tyrath's POV;

I watched him approach her and thought about just walking away... I looked into her eyes and saw fear. Not for herself, but for all those who depended on her. For her sister who this sadistic prick thought I was going to help him rape...

Fuck it! This isn't me. I can't let someone die, no matter what. That isn't our decision to make. Who am I, Drace Reynfaire? A selfish prick with a superiority complex? Only in it for the reward? Acting out of petty vengeance and grievances? No. I can't let her die. I won't. It goes against everything I am. I'll prove to these fucking ponies that I'm not the monster they think I am, even if it kills me. I'd rather die a hero than a villain.

I moved in front of the sword and it's tip pierced my stomach. I heard the doors burst open...

"Aunty! Stop what you're- What the..." Said the pink Princess from before as she saw us. Maybe they figured out the truth? One can hope...

I put my left hand on the Black Ring's forearm and pulled the sword further inside me, brining Ass McAsshole closer to me.

"No, impossible!" He said. Looking afraid. "D-Dragon?!" He exclaimed, realising I was not a General.

"I know, it's really unfair." I said and punched my free arm through his stomach. "Fuck you, you disgusting rapist. Checkmate bitch." I said as I pulled my arm out of him, he fell backwards, his blade still inside me.

'This is a problem...' I thought as I groaned.

I shakily and slowly pulled it out me...

When it came out, I let it clatter to the floor. I took a single step backwards with one foot before falling to one of my knees. I coughed more blood and fell down to the floor, about to fall unconscious again...

"Dangling dick rag jackers..." I groaned as I passed out...

Ah Ffck, I was probably going to wake up in jail again, if I woke up at all...

[SoL] Ch 4: Minor Surgery: The World's Shortest Ironic Statement

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Oh, I was pissed...

I woke up and clenched my hands, the entire room shook, the marble walls began to crack and the window to my left cracked as did a few screens of glass with moving things on them that were dotted around the room.

"AHHHH!" I called out in rage, I was tied down by handcuffs, I broke free of them without issue. I then calmed down slightly, just enough to stop the incoming tidal wave of anger. Although I was taking huge breaths to prevent it...

"The hay was that?!" Came a voice from the room next to me. I could hear because of the cracked wall, but it was high so I couldn't see who was talking...

"You shouldn't be awake Mr. Whooves, one of your hearts has stopped. I will put you under again." Came a voice- Hold the communication magic, one of his hearts? How many did these ponies have?!

'Ohh... wanktastic shit blenders... Ow, I need to stop waking up like this...' I thought as I groaned aloud... I was attached to some sort of equipment with a beeping sound coming from it... Judging by the rhythm on the cracked screen before me, it was monitoring my heart rate... Interesting... I also still had my Scorpion Armor still on... I coughed blood and sat up in pain, feeling my ribs crack slightly as I did...

"Ah!" I exclaimed, laying back down with a pained breath, my heart rate picking up, suddenly a unicorn doctor came in. Holding a clipboard...

"Patient... Unknown?" He asked, not looking at me.

"Oh shit... I hate doctors..." I mumbled, wiping the blood from my mouth. I got up, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"No! You must not get up! Your condition is severe! You shouldn't even be alive!" He exclaimed, placing a hoof on my armoured chest.

"I'm good... I'm good." I said, he reluctantly let me stand properly. I couldn't even feel the pain in my ribs right now but I knew a few were broken... Maybe all of them.

"Ok... But... What happened to the machines...? And how are you not-" He stopped as he saw the broken handcuffs, the cracked monitors and the broken walls.

"Sorry. I was really annoyed when I woke up." I said with a grin as his expression dropped.

"You were annoyed? Well, at least you're alive." Said the doc.

"Can I get some form of other clothing?" I asked, my armor was just a burden with these ribs, I needed something else.

"Of course!" He exclaimed and ran out. When he shut the door I began the process of removing my armor.

My greaves and boots weren't too bad but my cuirass was another story, I felt the pain as I took that off... I looked at my armor. She wasn't crushing that, she was crushing me, but it had a slit from the stab. My armor was mostly intact apart from some blood and the slit from the sword. When I was done I summoned the mirror.

"Somehow I feel as if I've said this before... But I never thought I'd find that fucking mirror summoning spell useful..." I mumbled. I looked at myself... Still the same bulging muscles, the same well toned body. Scarred, bearded, weathered face. Ugly by some accounts depending on if you like scars or not. Piercing blue eyes. Long, blonde, spiky hair like a fire... I also noticed an absence of all my gear...

Suddenly I saw...

Zandalor in the mirror?

Wait... It was him! The human him!

"My friend..." He started.

"Ahem, I have a gown for you." Said the doctor, I dropped the mirror in surprise and it smashed, I repaired it instantly and searched for Zandalor... Nothing. Must be my imagination.

I sighed and started to put the gown on and I saw him staring with an open mouth at my... Down there.

"What? Problem?" I asked as I slipped the gown on.

"Ahem, no not at all." He shook his head and passed me the clipboard.

"What's this for?" I asked.

"I will need to ask you some questions." He said.

"Sure." I said. Sitting back on the bed.

"Write down your answers on the paper and tell me them. Name?" He asked, I gave them my alias.

"Ego, Ego Draconis." I said.

"Ok... Sex?" He asked.

"Yes, when I fancy." I lied. Yes, I am a virgin.

"No, male or female?" He corrected.

"Females usually." I answered with a shrug.

"Holy cow..." He cursed.

"Depends on what I feel like." I shrugged again.

"Oh dear..." He said, facehoofing.

"No, no! Deer run too fast." I answered with a laugh, it hurt to laugh but I didn't care..

"WELL THEN! Since you're apparently OK now, just sign here. You must stay here for half a day so we can analyse your condition properly. The Princesses will want to see how you're doing." He said as I began to sign... My head shot up when he mentioned them and the room began to shake again...

"What!?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"W-w-w well the Princesses wish to check up on you..." He stammered.

"Princesses? Missus 'Sunny Side Up' can go and suck my hairy toe and her sister, Missus 'Blue Butt Bitch' can go back to prison for all I give a flying bearded fart fondler." I said, calming down so I didn't create a sinkhole and destroy the Castle.

"How dare you speak of the Princess like that!" He exclaimed in complete shock as if they could tell when you cursed them. Like they were goddesses or something...

"You say that, but one of them tried to atomize me and the other tried to turn me into canned tuna. Despite the fact I tried to save them. They can fuck off." I said shoving the clipboard to his chest, he took it back in his magic, looking slightly sheepish.

"I see. Very well. But do not insult them in front of anypony else. They may take it the wrong way as they do not know what happened and will see it disrespect." He said.

"Whatever. I'll do what I want." I shrugged, turning to the window.

"Very well, but they are both coming to see you later. I suggest you change attitude before then. Or I don't know what they'll do." He said and walked out. when he did I got back into bed to rest.

When I closed my eyes another pony walked in and i cracked my eye open slightly, he was blonde and had some kind of suit on.

"So this is the ape? Hmm..." He said, did he think I was asleep? Maybe I should keep it that way. I was quite vulnerable right now... "I thought this place was an infirmary, turns out it's just a petting zoo." He said snobbily. Walking right up to my bed. On the side with the heart monitor. "I wonder what would happen if I deactivate the magic..." He said and went to some kind of socket on the wall, it must store the magic that runs these machines... I was about to grab his throat before he stepped away from it.

"Zzzz..." I snored to add to the charade.

"No I won't, I'll let you suffer with what my Aunt did to you." He chuckled. "They actually believed me when I told them what you did to that mare, they usually just ignore me." He snorted. "After I woke up Aunt Luna and told her what was happening to Twilight Velvet, she rushed up the tower and knocked you out with the biggest blast of magic I've ever seen. You got lucky..." He said and went really close to my ear. I turned on my back with my eyes closed so I could hear him.

"Hmm..." I groaned, pretending to be dreaming.

"But when Aunt Celestia condemns you to death, I'll be there to watch. Long live the Damned One. Long live the Ring." He whispered. I bolted up in bed to kill him but he walked out quicker than Stone in his fortress!

I couldn't touch that bastard now... He was under the Princesses protection... I got back up out of bed and summoned Creature.

"Master! You are OK!" He exclaimed, hugging me, causing me to grunt in pain. "Oh! I am so sorry Master!" He said. He was tall for a pony, that was for sure.

(That is because Sassan followed my orders and retrieved Kali's ponified corpse, using it to further power Creature. Meaning he could also talk normally.)

"It's fine, go outside, shut the door and prevent anyone from entering without my permission." I ordered.

"At once Lord Dragon!" He said and bowed, walking out backwards and shutting the door...

I looked out of the now cracked window and saw a small portion of 'Canterlot'. There looked to be nobles strutting around like they owned the damn place.

"Stuck up prigs." I mumbled, clenching my fists. It reminded me of the month after Aleroth, the nobles didn't think it was their problem to fix the Crow's Nest houses after the undead attack, so I ended up sending the funds to Deodatus to repair the place. Bastards. Suddenly Creature's voice...

"Master! A mare is here! She wants to give you food!" He called.

"Let her in Creature!" I called back.

"Yes My Lord! You may enter, but I'm watching you mare." Warned Creature. The door opened and a mare dressed in a nurse's attire walked in, shaking as if she were freezing cold. Her pupils were pinpricks.

"Y-y-your meal, sir. Another will come in a few hours..." She quivered.

"Thank you." I said, taking the tray from her magic. She stood stock still as we were within two feet of each other. "Do you kn-" I started. She squealed for a second before bolting out. "Hmm. They're scared of me..." I said thoughtfully.

"And rightfully so Master! You could destroy them on a whim! You are the Dragon! The last Dragon-Knight! These 'Princesses' should fear your wrath after what they attempted! You should summon some demons or ghosts, or both, to tear them limb from limb! I quite fancy having an Alicorn body..." Said Creature. Licking his lips.

"No, Creature. They were fooled into thinking I did what I did." I said, I was still majorly pissed at them but I was also pissed at the Princesses nephew for joining the Ring. Who was I more pissed with? Tough question.

"Yes Master. I will wait outside again." He said and returned to guarding my room. On my tray there was vegetarian stuff, carrots, lettuce, broccoli and... Hay? Euch. There was also a plastic cup of water. I ate everything but the hay and I drank the water.

The appetite of the Dragon is large, we can eat whole tables of food, but we don't really need it. We can go for days without eating but we do get hunger pains, so it's not a complete perk.

The next few hours could have been boring, but I summoned a Demon to spar with, I used my bare hands against it, winning with no problems and repeating the process for a while. I exercised a little, doing loads of pushups sit ups and squats, which was quite embarrassing with a gown like this...

After a while I decided to stop procrastinating... I went to wash my armor out in the bathroom in the small shower, getting the blood stains out. I also used magic to repair the hole in my armor. As I finished I heard a commotion outside...

;Creature's POV;

I saw three mares approaching me, two of them were the ones who almost killed Master.

I tensed up instantly upon seeing them and stood tall, keeping my magic on my swords in case... The blue one smiled at me a second before trying to step around me, I stepped in front of her. Her expression went blank and she stepped the other side, but I mirrored the steps.

"Excuse me sir, but you appear to be in our way." Said the Blue Princess, cocking her head in question.

"You are very astute Your Highness." I said snarkily. She took a step back at the way I spoke.

"How dare you speak to royalty that way, cur! Who doesth thou think thy are?" She exclaimed.

"I am Creature. My Master is inside and does not wish to be disturbed. Especially by the two whorses who put him in that very room. Unless you'd like a make an issue out of this..." I threatened in a low voice, taking my swords slightly out their sheaths letting the sound of metal on leather ring out to let them know I was not messing around.

"Whorses?! How dare you?!" She growled.

"How dare I?! You almost killed my Master, so how dare you?!" I growled in return, putting my muzzle close to hers.

"Step aside." She threatened. The white one was not speaking, just watching...

"The small Unicorn may enter, but you two... No chance." I said with a smile.

'Whomever it is, they may enter Creature.' Master sent me a telepathic message. I stuttered for a second before I finally sighed and dropped my swords back fully into their sheaths.

"By the grace of My Lord... You may live. And enter." I said and stood aside. Allowing them access...

;Tyrath's POV;

As I finished washing my armor I telepathically communicated with Creature, telling him whoever it was they could enter. I wonder who it is? Creature seems to be making a big fuss out of it... It wouldn't be Black Ring, he just attacks them on sight.

I exited the lavatory with my armor in my hands, I put the set on the bed and turned. The door opened...

"Well, well... Well. Allo' allo'..." I said, but I actually smiled when I saw Twilight Velvet enter, standing between the Princesses as they shut the door... Sunny Side Up had a bruise on her muzzle from where I socked her and Blue Butt Bitch had a lump on her head from her attempting to kiss the side of a jail cell with the side of her head.

"Hi..." Said Velvet. Smiling sadly.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Yes, a bit shaken but..." She started.

"Not stirred?" I asked, causing a few chuckles to reverberate through the entire room. "If you need any medical attention for it, therapy or the like, I will be happy to pay any fees..." I said.

"You... What? You would?" She asked.

"Of course. I'm not stingy." I shrugged.

"I'm so sorry about what happened..." She said.

"No, it's fine." I waved her off.

"No... I-I thought you were one of them, you looked like them, even when you took that cursed mask off you were still wearing the armor. But I should have paid more attention. It's my fault." She sniffed in between words, beginning to cry.

"No, it isn't. Look at me. In the eyes." I said and raised her head up by her chin. The look in her eyes was full of guilt and sadness... "You were panicked, I should've left you to calm down on your own terms... It's not your fault I almost became a sweeping up job rather than a surgical one." I said. Sunny Side Up flinched when I said that. Suddenly Velvet wrapped her hooves around me.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said, she was frickin' strong!

"Ah! For?" I asked in pain because of my ribs.

"You saved me! You even offered to pay for my medical fees! You must be some kind of... Angel!" She said and let go of me.

"Angel? No. I'm just someone who can help and therefore, does help." I said.

"Thank you." She said, she walked out. Shutting the doors.

"Now then... Sunny Side Up and Blue Butt Bitch, her sidekick! Whatever can I do for you? Come to give me flowers? Chocolates? A 'get well soon' card? Would you like a beverage? Some food? Maybe I can offer you a plate of 'fuck off?' Hmm?" I asked. Turning away angrily. They both looked sorry... But oh well. Suddenly they looked around the room and saw the damage.

"Wha... You did this?" Asked Sunny Side Up. With a hint of... Fear?

"Well, when you piss off one of the most powerful beings in existence, bad stuff tends to happen. Usually to the people, or in this instance, ponies, that caused it." I shrugged. "So, are you here to apologise, or do you want another torture session? I'm up for it. Whadda ya say sidekick?" I said with a dark grin to Blue Butt Bitch.

"If you are referring to me, then yes, I have come to apologise. You should know the spell I cast was merely for show and was only meant to render you unconscious, I am sorry I gave you an impression otherwise. Can you forgive me?" She asked. I studied her... I decided to read her mind to see if she was being truthful.

'Surely he will forgive me! I meant no harm! I acted rashly... Sister has always reprimanded me for that particular trait... This is a wake up call that I should work on it.' She thought.

"Hmm. What about you Sunny Side Up? Why are you here? To finish the job of turning me into canned dog food?" I asked with a harsh edge to my voice.

She looked around the room and repaired the hole in the wall, after ensuring no one could hear or see... She burst into tears... I widened my eyes in surprise at that.

"No! Absolutely not! I-I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-" She stopped because she was hyperventilating slightly, I just stood there with my arms crossed, raising an eyebrow. Even her sister was looking in surprise.

"Didn't mean..." I said, rolling my hand for her to continue before crossing my arms again.

"I'm... I... I just... I am so sorry! I just... I jumped to conclusions... I never took pleasure in harming you, I would never take pleasure in harming another being..." She insisted. "Cadance told me that, once she calmed down, Twilight Velvet said it was not you who attempted to violate her... I just... How can I apologise...?" She cried.

"Well... You can start by stopping the crying and whinging. It doesn't suit you." I said.

"O-o-ok. I can do that." She said, wiping away a tear with her hoof.

"And you can continue by telling the truth. Back there you smiled, you enjoyed hurting me." I said sternly.

"What? How could you suggest that?" She asked, genuinely offended.

"It was true Aunty. You were clearly enjoying what you were doing to him..." Came a voice, the two Princesses stepped aside and turned their heads to see Princess Cadance standing there. "You were grinning. Your eyes were wide, your pupils pinpricks... Blood covered your face... Then you said, and I quote: 'We're playing 'Who gets crushed into a thousand bits first?!' Winner gets to die!'" She said, beginning to quiver at the memory.

"Niece... Is this true?" Asked Blue Butt.

"Y-y-yes. I asked what you were doing but you yelled at me not to question you... You scared me..." Said Princess Cadance uneasily.

"I... I don't remember that... It only makes me more sorry about what I did. But I was doing it not out of hate, but to defend my kingdom... Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?" She asked. Princess Cadance went back outside after putting in her two gold.

"What heart? The mush once known as my heart?" I said, she looked like she was about to have another crying fit when i said that. "It's fine! i was kidding! Geez... Ok, I do forgive you. But do not jump to conclusions or you can do something you'll regret. I forgive you both." i said. Suddenly they both wrapped me in a hug.

"Ow! Damnit!" I exclaimed in pain.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" Said Blue Princess, she's earned me calling her her colour... It totally wasn't cause I didn't know her name...

"As am I! Are you-" Started Sunny Side Up before Creature burst in with swords drawn.

"If you have hurt him-!!" He cut off when he saw nothing was happening.

"It's OK Creature, they just ambushed me with a hug." I reassured him, he sheathed his blades and mumbled something incoherently before going back outside.

"Thank you." Said Blue Princess.

"It's fine. But I'm afraid I am trapped here with no hope of returning to my own world as of yet... So I think I will need to become a citizen of your kingdom? As will the members of my Battle Tower. That is eleven plus me." I said.

"Hmm... We must discuss this rather... Delicate... Matter in private, please excuse my sister and I for a minute... Or so." Said Blue Princess

"Sure. I'm not exactly going anywhere. Docs orders. Creature, come in! I wanna chat in private." I said as they walked out, Creature entered as they left and he shut the door.

"Well, My Lord?" He asked.

"We are on good terms. I think. We need citizenship in their kingdom if we're staying here. Otherwise we have no rights." I told him.

"But I have no rights anyway, I am a Creature." He shrugged.

"Not exactly, you are a sentient being now. And therefore hold rights." I told him.

"Master is too kind." He bowed.

"That is why I gave you the choice to leave, and why you can do so at anytime." I explained.

"Thank you Lord Dragon." He bowed. Twilight Velvet walked in, opening the door as we talked.

The Princesses were outside, leaning close to each other, whispering. As the door opened, Sunny Side Up glanced at me and smiled, sorrow evident in her features... Blue Princess wrapped her wing around her sister and pulled her away. They started to walk away and the door shut.

"I didn't tell you my name. I'm sorry, I've been a little... distracted." Apologised Velvet.

"No, it's fine, sit." I said and gestured to the bed. She sat between me and Creature. Looks like Jonelath covered up Creatures lacerations with disguise magic so he looked just like a normal pony... That's good. "Sunny Side Up may have mentioned your name when trying to condense me enough to fit into an urn without a cremation." I said.

"Thank you. My name is Twilight Velvet, mother to Twilight Sparkle, student of Princess Celestia. Whom you refer to as 'Sunny Side Up'. Funny nickname." Chuckled Velvet, Creature and I laughed as well. "Shining Armor is also my son. Princess Cadance's husband." She explained.

"Ah. I know your Twilight. The Black Ring attacked Ponyville." I said.

"What?!" She asked.

"No, no! Nopony was seriously hurt!" I reassured. "I hope..." I mumbled in addition.

"Oh, phew. Did you save her as well?" Asked Velvet.

"Yep, you could say that. She had no idea about the Black Ring's capabilities." I said.

"Ah, my Twily always was brash when it came to a new challenge." Chuckled Velvet...

;About... A few hours of talking and a meal later;

"And then Shining proposed!" Laughed Velvet, telling me the story of how Armor and Princess Cadance came to be married.

"One hell of a roundabout way of doing it!" I laughed.

"Oh wow!" Laughed Creature.

"Indeed." She laughed.

"Ah!" I grunted as I put my cuirass back on, my body quickly fixed my ribs the minimum they needed to be so I could get back in action. But they weren't fully healed as of yet. "Pass me that..." I said and pointed to my shin knife with one hand, holding my foot with the other and hopping up and down, putting my boot on.

"This? What is it? I know it's a knife but, it's so small..." She said, twirling the knife in her magic before passing it to me.

"My backup knife, I keep it on my shin for emergencies or for being stealthy." I explained, putting it in its sheath. "Pass me the other one." I said, she looked around before finding it buried in the side table by the bed.

"And this one?" She asked, throwing it to me and I just caught it.

"My combat knife, for encounters when a greatsword and powerful magic don't do the trick." I told her, flipping it in my hand before putting it in its sheath on my belt.

"Any other surprises?" She asked. In response I hit the back of my foot on the ground, causing a blade to fly out and i caught it.

"My emergency knife. Each one of my sets of armor has one." I said put it back In my boot.

Suddenly the Princesses marched in with some guards and doctors, I took a defensive stance as I saw the guards.

"It is OK, they are just here as a precaution." Smiled Sunny Side Up.

Oh cock wielding bunghole jockeys... I saw one of them had my sword.

"What is this weapon, pray tell?" Asked Blue Princess.

"A... Sword..." I answered, confused.

"Yes but, it is an overly large sword... It must take some strength to wield!" Exclaimed Sunny Side Up.

"Right you are." I said.

"Wow, amazing..." Said Blue Princess.

"It is. Now then... Relinquish the weapon... Carefully..." I said, reaching my arms out and shuffling toward it.

"How come? It's just a blade... Why so eager?" Asked the guard holding it in his magic. Pulling it close as I tried for it.

"It's more than a blade..." I said. "Come on." I said, as if talking to a scared child.

"How so?" Asked Sunny Side Up. I sighed and stopped reaching for it... My face serious as I spoke...

"It's known as... The Claw of Abraxas." I said. As I said it's name, the blade's purple markings and the amythest in its crossguard began to glow and pulsate... The guard dropped it and backed away. His eyes becoming black for a second.

"What the... I just saw..." He said, blinking rapidly and shaking his head, taking his helmet off and inspecting it as if it were to blame for his vision.

"The end of days? Yep. The Cult of Abraxas was founded by the necromancer Lixes who was the first human to ever come into contact with Abraxas, the Viridian Horror, a mystical Demon of unlimited power." I explained, moving slowly toward the sword.

"What? A Demon?" Asked Sunny Side Up.

"Correct. Only this blade can defeat him. It is the most powerful blade in Rivellon, and now here, I suppose. Killing Abraxas with this would increase it's power tenfold." I explained, picking up the sword and holding it lengthways in my palms. Balancing it by it's hilt and the center of its blade in my hands.

"It's amazing..." Said a guard.

"Only those with incredible Indomitable Will can resist its temptations. You feel as though the more innocents you kill with it, the more beings you kill with malice in your heart... The more powerful you and the blade will become. It is true, but it is at the cost of your soul, which is slowly consumed by the blade and given to Abraxas for more power to feed him. Eventually you become one of his thralls and you pass the blade to the next person, telling them it's the most powerful blade ever acquired. The cycle continues." I said balancing it on one finger.

"Wow..." Said Velvet, staring at the blade with an unsettling fixation.

"I actually bought this on the Black Market. But a disciple of Abraxas, masquerading as a General from a holy order called Halliwell, came to Aleroth hunting for the blade during Damien's invasion, lest it become lost. He found out I bought it and attacked me once I found out his true intentions in the city." I explained.

The two sisters put their forehooves on their heads, clenching their eyes. The guards looked concerned...

"What is..." Started blue Princess blinking a few times, shaking her head. I started to approach them slowly with the sword still held lengthways in my hands.

"You feel it, yes? That dull throbbing in your head?" I asked, still approaching the sisters. They both backed off and Creature looked amused. Suddenly they seemed to become fine, staring at the blade. "The blade cries out for you. It longs for you. It longs for a new owner. One is who powerful enough to use it but who is weak enough to give in to it." I said, backing away a few steps.

Suddenly they started to advance on me. Their eyes going purple with the design of the blade, hunger within their eyes. Hunger for power. For the blade. I tossed it in the air and walked forward a step, it landed in its sheath on my back.

"Wha..." Said Sunny Side Up, putting her hoof on her head and shaking her head, her eyes went normal after blinking once or twice and Blue Princess did the same.

"What just...?" Asked Blue Princess.

"The sheath I created protects those around me from the blade's influence. It's one of the reasons I made Creature sentient. If he was still a necromantic bag of flesh, the blade could very simply corrupt his mind." I said.

"What about you?" Asked Sunny Side Up, looking concerned.

"The blade gave up on me long ago." I waved her off. It was true, in my case the blade realised it couldn't corrupt the one using it and so devoted its energy to corrupting those around me, which is why I made the sheath.

"Really?" Asked Blue Princess.

"Yep. If I strike down Abraxas with this, there is no demon to power the blade and user because there is no Abraxas for the souls to go to. Only the blade itself will be powered indefinitely, not the one using it, meaning the blade is just as dangerous with him dead if the wrong person wields it. Maybe even more so. By killing Abraxas with this, you sacrifice becoming more powerful yourself for a short time on Abraxas' power, to keep your moral standing." I explained.

"You are very fascinating." Smiled Princess... Luna! I remember her name! Somehow...

"Thank you. I try." I chuckled.

"What about the rest of your items? We had some of our brightest minds looking at them. To no avail." Informed Princess Luna. Levitating a few of my things inside. One being my mask, my Dragon Stone and my Crystal Skull.

"I hope nopony died..." I mumbled.

"What?!" Asked both sisters.

"This... Is my Scorpion Mask." I explained, dangling it from my finger by the strap. "This is what makes me look like one of them. Using a very simple disguise spell." I explained, teleporting it to my teleportation chest.

"And this?" Asked Sunny Side Up, picking up the Crystal Skull in her magic. Suddenly Creature leapt at her.

"DO NOT TOUCH IT!" He snarled, grabbing the Crystal Skull from her magic, causing her to jump in fright. Growling at her. "Only Master may touch it." He growled angrily, handing it to me and returning to my side.

"This is my Crystal Skull. I use it to summon Creature. It is his lifeforce and why he used to be loyal to me without question. It holds sentimental value to him and is extremely important to him practically." I explained.

"Amazing..." Said Sunny Side Up.

"And... This?" Asked Princess Luna. Holding up my Dragon Stone away from her in case any other surprises were imminent.

"My Dragon Stone. It connects me to my Battle Tower, my base of operations." I explained, not telling them about the Dragon/Human thing as I retrieved it and replaced it on my belt.

"What other weapons do you have?" Asked Sunny Side Up.

"Do not tell them Master, or only tell them the minimum... They are trying to sniff out your almost non-existent weaknesses! They are trying to get a feel of your capabilities!" Whispered Creature harshly.

"A bow. Some knives. Nothing special." I took Creature's advice.

"Well, my sister and I came to a decision. You will be treated like any foreigner. You cannot become a full citizen as of yet as you require some criteria to be met. You need a job, to be good at it. To get along well with our little ponies and to have earned at least 2000 bits in your job. A house, and to have lived there for 3 years or in the stead of that, you must marry." Explained Princess Luna.

"Some of these things you already have. You have saved my life and that can negate one of the criteria. As stated in rule 305, section 4, verse 6: Saving a member of Equestria negates one criteria of the saviour's choosing." Continued Sunny Side Up.

"Ok... the lived here for years thing." I said.

"Very well, you must marry then." Shrugged Sunny Si- Wait, huh? "Haha! I'm merely joking." She smiled. Thank fuck.

"Don't do that!" I exclaimed, holding my hand over my beating heart.

"Ok, now-" She started.

"Wait, I also saved Princess Luna, there were two guys in her room, standing over her bed. I tossed them from the balcony." I interjected.

OK, she's earned my trust... Princess Celestia looked at her guards.

"We... Did find two bodies at the bottom of Princess Luna's window, but they had not died from falling. They were killed beforehoof, meaning it wasn't an accident." Said a guard.

"Very well. One more." Nodded Princess Celestia.

"The job." I nodded.

"Very well, you no longer need to find a job. You now need a house and to prove you get along with my little ponies, it means at least 7 will have to vouch for you." She warned.

"I can be one." Nodded Velvet. Entering the room again.

"6." Said Princess Luna in response to Velvet vouching for me.

"5." Smiled Princess Celestia... Did she just vouch for me?

"4." Also smiled Princess Luna. Wow, I'm on a roll here.

"3." Came the voice of Princess Cadance.

"Cadance? Why?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"He saved you both. And by extension, the entire kingdom. That is good enough for me." She smiled. Suddenly a letter arrived in front of Princess Celestia, she gripped it in her magic.

"Twilight is on the way, Spike says she is almost here, about 5 minutes away on the train. He says a letter came through from Shining Armor saying something unspeakable had happened to her mother, to you Velvet..." Said Princess Celestia.

"He always did overreact... But maybe Twilight and her friends can vouch for him?" Asked Velvet, everyone aside from me turned to her in question. "He saved her life in Ponyville when it was under attack." Explained Velvet.

"Very well, we should get down to the Station post haste." Said Princess Luna. Suddenly we were teleported there...

Chapter 5: When A Prank Goes Wrong...

View Online

As we teleported to the train station I collapsed to my knees, breathing as my ribs cracked again.

"Ah, dickless douchewaffle bottom fuckers." I cursed in pain.

"Are you OK?" Asked Princess Celestia, using a wing on my left to help me up, Princess Luna did the same on my right.

"Yeah, thanks." I said and brushed them off as I stood up, using my greatsword in place of their wings to help me stand. Creature came to my side.

"Master, are you OK?" He asked.

"Fine." I assured him.

I saw a massive contraption pull into the station, it wasn't as surprising to me as I'd have thought... Have I seen one of these before?

We saw Twilight and her friends exit the train. The pink one was limping and Rainbow had bandages around her head and body.

"Twilight! My most faithful student!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. Hugging her student.

"Princess! You'll never believe- Hey, it's him! The one who saved us earlier!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Yep. That's me." I groaned.

"What happened?" Asked Twilight, Princess Celestia couldn't look her in the eyes.

"I take it telling you I walked into a door wouldn't suffice?" I shrugged.

"No. It wouldn't." Said Twilight seriously.

"Ask Princess Sunny Side Up." I said, pointing at her, she looked away in shame.

"Princess what? No offense Your Majesty, but that's hilarious!" Laughed Rainbow.

"Princess? What happened?" Asked Twilight.

"I... It was a mistake... I didn't have all the facts..." She said... Twilight was about to ask what when they heard my ribs go, crack! they looked over and saw me hunched over, clutching my stomach

"Princess you... Tried to crush him?" Asked Twilight, horrified by what her mentor did.

"Yep, she did. Almost turned me into kibble. Princess Blue Butt over there didn't help by threatening to obliterate my face with magic. She was bluffing, but between the bright spell being charged and the guards waving their spears in my face, I couldn't tell. And I wasn't taking chances."

"Wait, is that a bruise Princess?" Asked Twilight. Noticing the bruise on the Princess's face.

"Yes. In response to me almost killing him, when I did drop him he hit me. I don't blame him." She said, touching the bruise.

"But you could heal it no problem!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I want it to heal naturally as a reminder that I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Especially in not so dire situations. I've ruled long enough that I should know this by now." Said the Princess.

"So- Mom!? Mom!" Exclaimed Twilight and ran up to Velvet, hugging her. Velvet swung her daughter around in her hooves.

"I'm fine Twily. Thanks to Ego I'm OK." She smiled.

"Ego? That's your name?" Asked Twilight.

"Yep." I said.

"Oops! I just remembered! I left your poor father on his own in the Castle waiting for me! Gotta go!" She exclaimed and ran off...

I saw the pink pony from earlier walk up to me, but she had a flat mane... Suddenly she stood on her hind legs and wrapped me in a hug around my legs, crying into my lower stomach with a squeal of... Sadness? Pain?

"She hasn't said anything since you saved her. That's the first time she's done anything except follow us." Said the yellow Pegasus.

"Shh, shh, hey, hey, it's OK." I said, cupping her cheek, raising her head and kissing her forehead. Seeing her big, sad eyes looking up at me. "You're safe now. They can't and won't hurt you anymore." I soothed. I don't know where this came from... Since when was I good at consolation?

"Ok..." She said and pulled away, standing on her own hooves, looking happier than before.

"Well gee pardner... I gotta thank ya for helpin' Pinkie Pie like that. She can be difficult at times." Said Applejack, rubbing a hoof on the back of her head-

Wait, Applejack? Guess that's her name...

"No problem." I shrugged.

"Ok Twilight. We have an important matter on our hooves. Ego here wishes for himself and eleven of his servants to become citizens of Equestria." Said Princess Celestia.

"The rest of them are ponies and one of them is an Alicorn, the Prince of Music I think." I said.

"Really? With an Alicorn vouching for them, they can be allowed into Equestria as citizens so long as they are ponies... But you still need to have 3 more ponies vouch for you as even with us vouching for you as you are not a pony." Concluded Princess Celestia.

"I will." Said Twilight.

"So will ah." Said Applejack.

"Me too darling." Nodded Rarity.

"So will I." Came the voice of... Pinkie Pie! That's it!

"And me." Came a small voice, from the yellow Pegasus.

"Count me in." Said Rainbow.

"Well, you have three more votes than you need." Stated Princess Celestia.


"You do need a house..." Started Princess Celestia, tapping a hoof on her chin in thought.

"I know, I was thinking Ponyville, it is my kind of place. Quiet. Out of the way, not too far from the capital." I told them.

"Very well, I am sure you and your friends can accommodate?" Asked the Princess.

"Of course!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Plus, the forest nearby will provide for all my hunting and dietary requirements." I decided.

"Dietary requirements? The forest... So you-" Started Princess Celestia.

"He is a meat eater! Guard the Princesses and the mares!" Exclaimed a guard nearby who was watching, suddenly a platoon came out of a nearby barracks and surrounded me with spears.

"Really? You've only just now figured that out? Dumbasses." I shook my head. "You want to fight?" I asked, Creature drew his blades and I activated fire in my palms and I clenched my fists.

"Stay thy hoof guards!" Exclaimed Princess Luna.

"Your Highness, he could be out to harm you, he is an unknown quantity. We cannot take the risk." Said a guard.

"I will defend myself." I said.

"And I shall as well." Resolved Creature as we were back-to-back.

"Don't hurt them Creature, just render them unconscious." I mumbled to him.

"As you wish Master." He said and teleported in two battle hammers instead.

"Guards! I gave you an order!" Yelled Princess Luna. Suddenly the guards panicked and one thrust forward, I gripped the spear before it hit me and pulled, bringing the guard forward and I punched, knocking him out.

He fell backwards, hitting one of his squadmates, pinning him. Creature smacked two guards in the face with his hammers. Knocking them cold. One ran at me and I chokeslammed him, taking him out of the fight. My hand was on his neck on the ground. As I was crouched, two guards ran at me from opposite sides, trying to take me by surprise. I leapt high and they ran into each other, knocking themselves out.

"GUARDS! WE. GAVE. THEE. AN. ORDER!!!" Yelled Princess Luna. The guards instantly stopped and stood at attention. The ones that were awake that is. Creature and myself also stopped. "Stop this petty squabble instantly!" Ordered Princess Luna.

"Yes Your Highness. We apologise Your Highness." Said a guard and they all bowed.

"Dismissed." Said Princess Luna and they all hung their heads, picking up their unconscious friends and marching sullenly to the barracks.

"Aw, Lunaaaa... I was enjoying the show." Said Princess Celestia, causing us all to laugh.

"No offense Your Majesties, but next to Ego and Creature, your guards seem pathetic." Laughed Rainbow.

"Indeed. So with that, I welcome you, Ego Draconis, citizen of Equestria." Said Princess Celestia with a laugh, holding out her hoof to... Shake, I think. Instead I mistook it and kissed her hoof and Princess Luna's after. They both widened their eyes and shook their heads in... Disbelief?

"Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack and myself need to get back to Ponyville, we have things to do. Good luck Mr. Draconis." Smiled the white pony as she, Applejack, the yellow Pegasus who I now know is Fluttershy and Pinkie got back on the train and sped off.

"Ahem, come on then, let's go." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Yes, lets. I wish to see Canterlot without Flying Fortresses blocking out the sun." I chuckled.

"Indeed." Said Princess Luna and we started walking through Canterlot.

Suddenly I bumped into a pony.

"Oh sorry." I said, beginning to walk away. Even if these ponies do have sticks jammed so far up their asses that you can see them at the back of their throats, I was still going to be amicable.

"How dare... Wha..." Started the noble prick I bumped into before his pupils became pinpricks. "...A MONSTER, AHHH! MONSTER!" He yelled.

"BOO!" I yelled, leading him to scream bloody murder and run away.

"Come on Ego, that's just mean." Said Rainbow, somehow her expression told me she meant otherwise. Suddenly another platoon of guards ran out and Creature and myself readied ourselves...

"Princesses..." Said Twilight worriedly. Urging them to defuse the situation.

"Guards, it is OK, there is no monster. Meet the newest members of our kingdom." Said Princess Celestia, gesturing to me and Creature, we both waved with smiles. The guards looked at each other uneasily before going back to the barracks.

We began walking again and I began to think deeply about my current situation... And my mission... I heard the Princesses talking behind me, to me? I don't know, their voices were muffled as I sank into thought.

'I hope Damien isn't in Rivellon right now, even if he is, from what I can gather a majority of his forces are here, which means I can deal yet another severe blow to him...' I thought.

'I agree Master, we can give Lucien an opening to defeat Damien!' Agreed Creature fervently, sometimes if we are thinking on the same subject, our minds synch up because it was my magic that gave him a thinking brain, so we are connected in more ways than Creature and Master.

Somehow as we walked I had taken the lead, suddenly I heard snickering behind me...

"What’s so- Umph!" I exclaimed as I stood on a rake, it's wooden part shot up, hitting me in the face and making my nose bleed, out of nowhere a string appeared behind me as I stumbled backwards. I tripped up and fell on my back, my head hit a catapult and a bucket of black paint was shot in the air, drenching me.

"HAAHA!" The two sisters burst out laughing, I stood up. I even saw the nobles sniggering... I took a calming breath as I got up.

"Sure laugh it up..." I said their laughing continued but my expression was NOT amused.

"We are!" Laughed Princess Luna.

"Where am I staying?" I asked, gritting my teeth, even Creature was seething. I had my hand in front of him to stop him from going to town on them.

"In- The... The, room... next my sister's and mine." Said Princess Luna and they continued laughing.

"You know what? Take your citizenship and shove it." I said as I used Hide in Shadows and Creature joined me.

;Princess Celestia's POV;

As Luna and I saw his expression as he disappeared, it made us laugh more.

We didn't see anything, but something was bumping nobles out of the way down the street leading to the castle...

"He told me he is a comedian, yet he cannot take a practical joke?" Laughed Luna, wiping a tear.

"Good on you Your Majesties! Show that thing that no matter what, it is not welcome here, among us highborn." Said a noble who sniggered and bowed to us before walking away. Suddenly we stopped laughing... Looks of realisation dawning on our faces...

"Lulu... Did we do something bad?" I asked just above a whisper.

"I... Think we did, dear sister." Replied Luna

"Princesses, that was like, so not cool." Said Rainbow Dash, flying in front of us to talk. "He's just arrived, he's tryna fit in! To show these nobles he ain't some pushover who they can treat like dirt. What you did just told them that they can treat him however they want. They now think that you both think he's nothing more than an alien." She said, sometimes she doesn't realise how smart she really is...

"We have hurt his feelings... It seems we are mean to him whenever the chance arises, despite the fact he has been as nice as he can given the circumstances... I feel as though our little prank did not lift his or our spirits as planned..." Said Luna, she started tearing up...

"Agreed sister... I think we need to apologise yet again..." I said, also getting sad and worried...

;Tyrath's POV;

I walked, no, marched toward the Castle angrily. I deactivated Hide in Shadows and was in full sight. The nobles were moving out of my way eagerly.

"Fuck them." I grunted angrily. Anger is one hell of a painkiller, my ribs weren't even hurting anymore.

"You should have set me on them Master." Growled Creature.

"Maybe." I said, summoning a glass of my strongest whiskey. I downed it in one. I could have made an impression, showed these nobles I'm not just some alien, that the Princesses have welcomed me to their kingdom. Instead, what do I get? A face full of fucking paint. Fuck 'em.

I... Hated them. Yeah, I did. I really fucking did. There are very few beings in the world I can say I hate. Even Damien is not one of them, he has his reasons for doing what he does, although I'll still kill him when I have the chance. Dragon Slayers are one such group I hate. I can't even think of anyone else...

"There is no maybe about it Master." Grumbled Creature, I liked it when he spoke his mind. It's what separates him from a Necromancer's Pet. We entered the castle and the guards turned to me, but slowly returned to their duties, trying(and failing) To subtly keep an eye on me.

"Excuse me guard, is there a gym here?" I asked.

"Yes sir. There is. Down this corridor, take the staircase down." He said. Moving out of my way.

I opened the doors, going down the corridor, it was opposite the door I used to enter the Throne Room to retrieve my sword. Down the corridor, there were windows on the left and doors on the right, presumably leading to party rooms similar to the one I used to escape the guards.

I reached the staircase and went down, at the bottom of the stairs was a door, I opened it and before me was a massive gym. I saw Princess Cadance and Shining Armor on the weights, the Princess was lifting them and Armor acting as her watcher.

I walked over to the punching bag and started hitting it lightly, lest I break it. But eventually the events that had just transpired trickled back into my conscious mind and I started hitting harder and harder, when I finally shook myself out of it, I saw I had been punching the wall for the best part of 5 minutes, leaving the wall cracked and broken. Hell, I almost broke through to another room I think...

I turned with a breath, Creature was unfazed by this, continuing practicing with his swords on a dummy as he knew my powers. But the Princess and Shining Armor were staring.

"Sorry." I breathed and they went back to doing their own thing.

"Oh my..." Came a voice. I looked and saw none other than Twilight Velvet.

"Err, sorry." I chuckled.

"No, no it's fine. Where are the Princesses? They didn't enter with you?" Asked Velvet.

"Nope." I said, suppressing my anger.

"Why not? Many nobles would die for a chance to have so much attention from the Princesses. In fact some of them feud, quarrel, dispute and even duel over it." She said.

"Can't imagine why..." I mumbled.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"So, how is your husband?" I asked, changing subject.

"Oh, Night Light is fine, he was just glad me and Twily were OK." She smiled.

"Good." I nodded. I saw she had a guitar case in her magic. "Hey! You play guitar?" I asked.

"Yes, I was on my way to my lesson until I saw you going to the gym, I thought I'd see how you are." She smiled.

"Thanks. I learned how to play guitar." I smiled.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yeah, back when I training to be a Dr- Well, we'll just say Slayer. A friend of mine taught me. Took me 3 bloody months to figure out which chords were which and another month find find out how I like my guitar tuned. Good job as well, because one of our assignments was to learn a discipline in an instrument during class time, which took away valuable time used for training in our spare time, while I had already learned how to play the guitar fairly well and so my time was freed to be used for training. Then another few years to pick it back up and learn a song or two." I said. After the assignment I never picked the guitar pack up again for a year or two.

"Would you like to play me a song?" She asked, opening the case and passing me the acoustic guitar.

"Sure... There is a song I know off by heart. Creature, you up for it?" I asked.

"Of course Master." He said, walking over and summoning his acousticmagic guitar (acousticelectric), magic is used to enhance the sound in it. We both sat down and strummed a few chords to get a feel for it again, Creature and I used to play together after we sent Damien's armada away from Aleroth. I coughed a few times, testing the vocal acoustics of the gym it was quite bare so I echoed well enough. Didn't need magic to enhance my voice volume...

As we began, Princess Cadance used her magic to broadcast my voice all over Canterlot... Either she thought we were good or she was trying to embarrass me and prank us. I'd prefer to think it was the former.

(Just so you know, my character can't cater to everypony's tastes, he isn't the god of guitar players. Some ponies in Canterlot will love his voice, some will think it's Ok. Some will dislike it, some will hate it. But I love this band so... Yeah. Just play your favorite acoustic/bass song on YouTube instead if you don't like this song, but remember, that's the point.)

(in the song, for my character, the word plane means zeppelin, as they exist in Rivellon.)

;Princess Celestia's POV;

As Luna and I almost reached the Castle, we saw a pink bubble begin to float above Canterlot, the sign of Cadance's magic...

"Sister, what is our niece doing?" Asked Luna.

"Who knows?" I asked, when out of seemingly nowhere, an instrument started playing... A guitar? Suddenly, a voice came out of the bubble as well as the instrument...

"When the time comes..."(insert the first words from your song of choice there if you have one.)

Everypony stopped what they were doing to listen, some just scoffed and moved on, some didn't like it but didn't show interest either way, others stayed and watched the bubble with interest.

Luna and I were looking at it, not moving.

Then, others still started humming along, some hummed and carried on with what they were doing... It was true music. It didn't reach everypony, but no music ever does... As we felt our little pony's toleration increasing toward whomever was playing and singing, Cadance allowed everypony to see who was playing... Ego and Creature... Some ponies suddenly decided they didn't like the music. While some didn't care and still enjoyed the music, either while they worked or just listened...

"Lulu..." I started, looking at her.

"Beautiful..." She said, nodding. Not looking at me but at the bubble...

"If a plane were to fall..." Sang Ego, he knew everypony could see him and smiled as he played and sang. (Insert first part of chorus of your music there [if applicable.])

Suddenly the ponies who disliked it began to like it, strange huh? Once we show our appreciation all the nobles seem to enjoy it...

Luna and I were smiling as we listened to him.

"Oh come on now..." He sang. Creature's instrument really picked up here... (insert the meaningful part of your music there.)

Luna and I closed our eyes and crossed horns, memories flooded our minds of when we were children... Playing, with nary a care in the world... All our journeys... Everything came flooding back... We began to cry tears of joy at the memories...

"How big a hole would it make, in the surface of the earth...The surface of the earth. The surface of the eeeeeaaaarrrrrthhhh..." As they finished we stepped away from each other, wiping our tears with our wings. I wrapped my hooves around Luna.

"I love you little sister." I said, she looked shocked at first but then reciprocated the hug.

"I love you too." She smiled.

Some of the nobles began crying... Some fake, others truthful. All the ones who truly enjoyed it began clapping their hooves on the ground, resulting in a thunderous applause throughout Canterlot...
(Think about how big Canterlot is... If at least 20% of ponies living there enjoyed it, and applauded, it would still be incredibly loud.)

As we let go of each other Luna and I began clapping as well. As we did, all those who weren't clapping started up... What are they? Sheep?

After we had recovered and everypony started to head home, quite a few with smiles on their faces, we went down to the gym. We saw the remains of the punching bag in the background of Cadance's observation spell.

As we headed down we passed Cadance and Shining Armor, they gave us a glance and Cadance passed along a sad smile while Armor was scowling. We went down onto the gym floor and saw Ego was sitting with his legs crossed, the amount of raw power and magic emanating from him was simply amazing... It was clear the music had calmed him...

;Tyrath's POV;

As Creature and I finished, I saw Velvet smiling, Princess Cadance was wiping a tear away...

"That was amazing." Said Velvet as she took the guitar back. "The lyrics were deep, they meant something..." She said.

"I know. Not a song I wrote myself, no, a piece of music I found the complete sheet music and lyrics for at training camp... I found out later it was Kirill, the Prince of Music who accidentally dropped it when passing through. He told me to do it justice." I said.

"Well, I think you did." Smiled Princess Cadance.

"Thank you Your Highness." I said as she nodded and walked out of the gym with her husband.

"Well, I best get to my lesson. Thank you!" Exclaimed Velvet and ran out.

"Master... We were awesome." Smiled Creature as he sent his guitar back to the Tower.

"I agree. That was what I needed to cheer me up." I smiled. Creature went back to training and I meditated to think on events...

;5 minutes later;

"May we just say, Sir Draconis, that was simply-" Came the voice of Princess Blue Butt.

"How dare you speak to Master after what you did! Stay your tongue whorse, or I shall cut it out!" Came the voice of Creature as he leapt in front of me. I slowly opened my eyes.

"It's OK Creature... So, the fuck do you want?" I asked. My face was not mirroring the smiles they had on theirs. I got up.

"So... You haven't forgiven us..." Said Princess Blue Butt as I walked up to the Throne Room, they followed me.

"I know we did you wrong, but if we can just justify-" Started Sunny Side up sadly as they struggled to keep up with me.

"Justify? Fucking justify? You want to justify? Haha! You want to justify that, that is how you treat a new citizen to your country? By humiliating them in full view of everypony who was already looking for a reason to treat them like shit?! You and the Blue Butt slut there can shove it. It's a joke. This rule is a joke. In fact you're both a fucking joke!" I said.

"W-" Started Blue Butt. But I wasn't done. Far from it.

"I've had many adventures, and along the way I've dealt with my fair share of just complete fuckers. But you two... Oh, you two just take the fucking cake, don't you?" I asked.

"You tell them Master." Whispered Creature.

"I have saved my world more than once, I am hailed as a Hero where I am from. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. But one thing I really am not is your fucking personal toy for entertainment whenever the fucking mood takes you, got it? Sunny Side up, you're a fucking two muzzled whorse! Blue Butt Slut, you can go fuck yourself. I've been around the bend and back again, so I don't have time to bend over and kiss your ass like the rest of these sheep that seem to like you so much!" I yelled.

"Holy..." Started Rainbow Dash, but shut up when she realised I hadn't finished.

"The reason they vie for your attention is completely fucking unknown to me. Now then. Take that citizenship of yours, position it behind you. And... FUCKING SHOVE IT UP YOUR FAT ARSES. YOU DUMB FUCKING WHORES!!" I yelled, causing the Castle to shake. All the guards in the room just stood stock still. Twilight, Rainbow and Velvet were in the Throne Room as well, Velvet was in the middle of her guitar lesson with the Princesses musician. They all just stood staring at my outburst. Wondering if my physical wrath was going to rain upon their Princesses as well as my verbal wrath.

"Well done Master, tell them we are not just pushovers." Nodded Creature.

"You know what Creature? I don't think I want to stay on the same world as them, let alone the same building. Come, we're leaving. We're hopping on the next train to Ponyville... In fact, no. We're taking the express. I do not wish to be disturbed during the journey." I said, going to the exit.

"Which one?" Asked Creature.

"The one that leaves time for thought." I said as I pushed the doors to outside open... Leaving two melancholic Princesses in my wake, who were on the verge of tears. I went outside and let my change take place. Creature put a hoof on my shoulder to hold on, I turned into my Dragon Form. Sitting on top of the balcony with steps leading down either side, preparing to fly. I spread my wings and shook them a little.

"W-wait...!" Said Princess Celestia, sniffing, on the verge of tears. She ran out. Without turning my body I quickly craned my neck behind me to look at her and I roared, scaring her, causing her to recoil. I then flew off with Creature on my back toward Ponyville...

[SoL] Chapter 6: In Sorrow's Wake

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As Creature and I flew toward Ponyville at a slow pace, I was thinking, looking down at the ground below me as I flew... I usually loved the feeling of rushing wind as I flew but I was distracted this time...

"Dandy fudgewaffle granules..." I mumbled.

"Master?" Asked Creature.

"... Did I go too far?" I asked.

"Master, with all due respect... Those bitches. Nay! Those whorses! They do not deserve your affection or admiration. They are not worthy of your respect. They proved that more than once." He said.

Back at Slayer Academy, we were taught to always treat women with respect, and if you didn't, the punishment was severe... Mostly.

"Recruit Reynfaire!" Yelled the drill instructor.

"Yes sir?!" Asked Drace, standing at attention and saluting.

"Why is Recruit Saya crying?!" He asked.

"No idea sir." Replied Drace.

"Uh huh. You best go apologise maggot." He ordered.

"Why sir? If she cannot take whatever a man says to her, she isn't Slayer material. Sir." Retorted Drace.

"You have a fair point Reynfaire. But never speak to a woman in a way that would make her cry, understood? Next time I will not be so lenient. Clear?" He said.

"Crystal. Sir." Replied Drace with a scowl as the drill instructor walked away.

Of course, men and women were treated mostly equally but women were still to be treated with the utmost respect. If my drill instructors saw me chewing out the Princesses I think my ear would be ringing for hours... Sure I hate the Slayer bastards, but one thing they know how to do right is breed warriors...

The lesson the drill instructor, well, drilled into Drace stuck with me. I always treated women with respect while realising they were just as capable warriors as men. I should know... I spent 15 minutes as one once... I had to reenact a play in the role of a woman, so Hermaphroditus changed me, I did the play, instantly went back to the Battle Tower and changed back to my masculine self... I still shudder at the memory of that quest...

Just to be clear, Drace Reynfaire didn't objectify women. Oh no. He objectified everyone. Everyone who was not a Slayer or some kind of respected warrior. Including his fellow recruits. His parents were great warriors, and so he thought he was one as well. This attitude of 'fuck everyone but yourself!' got him graduated while the others didn't make it. After that, he cared not for people's problems. He treated everyone he viewed as 'below him' like shit. Like they were annoying insects. Because he thought he was the bigshot. The newest upcoming Slayer.

Champion Richard of Aleroth and him got along well, they were both men who cared for themselves and their own and everyone else be damned. Tyrath Kyelinth and Drace Reynfaire are two different people, make no mistake. Hell, Ego Draconis was different to Tyrath Kyelinth! he was more sociable... He was essentially Tyrath MK II and Drace MK III.

But something in Drace changed. Back when Talana showed him a vision of the future. It wasn't anything about her that made him change, or even the vision. He didn't know what it was, something changed in him that made him see that he was wrong, that Drace Reynfaire should die. That Tyrath Kyelinth should be born...

But... What was it that made Ego Draconis like he was? That made him so good at making friends? At consoling, at being so nice? If anyone had attempted to kill him during his quest to defeat Damien, he would have slaughtered them with no quarrel! What changed? He felt like it was something in his past... But who knows?

Ego was not Drace Reynfaire, no. Because he was not evil. He cared. About people, and by extension, ponies. He cared about their problems, their feelings.

Hell, he ran around the city of Aleroth for hours! Giving an item to a person, getting a worthless item in exchange, passing that item on to someone who wanted it and this continued until he gave an item to Valeri who rewarded him with gold rather than an item, but that wasn't the point. He ran around Aleroth, reading minds to find out what could comfort people in their hour of need and went arse over teakettle to procure each item and pass them along. That was the type of person he was. The type of person I am...

"I am not evil..." I said.

"What was that Master?" Asked Creature, leaning close because of the winds up here...

"I am not Drace." I said to myself...

;Princess Celestia's POV;

As Twilight and I paced around the train car outside mine and Luna's shared sleeping carriage on the way to Ponyville, she spoke up.

"Princess Celestia, when will Luna come out? I'm worried about her..." She said.

"I... Do not know. Luna has been very sensitive ever since the Nightmare Moon incident. Everypony has been treating her as if she has a deadly disease. They avoid her. She hasn't shown it but it has upset her. I think this was the icing on the proverbial cake." I told her.

"Poor Luna... He shouldn't have said those things." Said Twilight.

"He had his reasons. And he was quite correct. He is not our toy to do whatever we like with, to entertain us when we are bored. And we did treat him as such. He told us he saved his world more than once, and pretty much near killed himself to do it. Luna and I have as well. But from what I can gather, compared to our world, his world is a whole plethora more deadly. We could have made a great ally, and more importantly, a great friend. But I miscalculated. I should not have suggested that prank to Luna, nor should I have almost killed him." I said, looking down in shame. "But you are right. He should not have insulted Luna like that. She didn't deserve his malice."

"You suggested it?" Asked Twilight.

"The rake part, yes. Luna contributed the paint part of the plan." I said.

"Time to raise the moon, is Luna up for-" Started Twilight before I quickly lowered the sun as Luna raised the moon.

"I think that answers that." I said to her.

"Has Luna ever been like this before?" Asked Twilight. I thought for a second.

"Once. Years ago. Back when King Sombra took over the Crystal Empire. In exchange for peace between us he wanted Luna as his bride. The first day they met, he tried something. She resisted him and he stormed out, yelling at her, telling her she was a whorse for all the nobles of Canterlot to rut as they please, among other things I shall not utter. On top of feeling as though she had somehow failed the kingdom, even though I wasn't about to let her marry that evil stallion. She let his insults and slurs get to her. For a while she acted as though nothing was wrong, until one day she just didn't come out of her room. She just stayed inside. Raising and lowering the moon from her chambers. It took a long time for me to coax her out... This is worse. This was someone who could possibly have been her friend." I said, worried for my little sister...

;Princess Luna's POV;

I walked back to bed, still sobbing and shut the window to to train car, slamming it and shutting my curtains. Laying back down on my bed...

"Am I a slut? Just a whorse? Is that why everpony hates me? Why they avoid me? They think I coax stallions to my room and rut them until they die?" I said to myself. "I have never had a stallion seduce me. I have never had a stallion that cared. I have never even brought one back to the Castle. What could possibly be the reason they think this...? Is it something I did as Nightmare Moon? Was that one of her threats? She would rut every stallion and kill them afterwards?" I asked myself. "Is our rule a joke?" I asked myself again... Suddenly I saw something from the corner of my eye... "Who goes there?" I sniffed, tears in my eyes.

I tried my best to look threatening, but with tears streaming down my face I don't think I pulled it off.

"Someone who cares, Princess Luna." Came the voice of... Ego?

;5 minutes earlier - Ego Draconis' POV;

"I am not Drace. No..." I said to myself, suddenly I pulled a sharp turn that would shear a Pegasus in two, almost sending Creature off my back and 50 stories below to the ground...

"Master? Where are we going? Ponyville is that way." Said Creature, pointing behind us.

"What's my name?" I asked.

"Huh?" Asked Creature, holding on to my scales tightly as I broke world speed records.

"What's my name?!" I asked louder with a smile.

"Tyra-" He started.

"TYRATH KYELINTH!" I roared happily, causing Creature to let go and hold his ears, almost falling off before he realised his mistake and held on for dear life...

;4 minutes later - Princess Celestia's POV;

"Twili-" I started, suddenly we heard something land heavily on the roof...

"What the...?" Asked Twilight, we looked out a window... Suddenly Ego appeared in front of us upside down, he pointed at the window, I went to... I don't know.

Throw him off? Open the window? But before I could do anything he turned left to the way the train was travelling and his eyes went wide, suddenly he pulled away to the roof as we went under a tunnel... Did we lose him? Did he jump off...?

;Luna & Celestia's carriage 1 minute later - Ego's POV;

"Why are you here? I wouldn't think you would want to be in the company of a... A... A joke." She said and began crying again.

"Please stop crying... I... I overreacted... Hang on." I said and turned to my companion. "Creature, would you?" I asked, he nodded and went back to the Battle Tower.

"But, why?" She asked.

"Care to be more specific?" I asked, sitting next to her on the bed. She flinched and I think almost really did obliterate me... But she calmed.

"Why did you say those mean things?" She asked.

"Who am I?" I asked quietly, but so she could hear me.

"Hmm?" She asked, cocking her head in question.

"Who am I... The Hero? The Villain? A God? A Demon? Good? Bad? Pure? Evil? I have asked myself this before but have never come up with an answer. What about you? What do you think?" I asked.

"I think you are a Hero. Good. Pure even. But a God? A Demon? I have no answers for you..." She said.

"I have been told before I am extremely kind. Twilight Velvet told me I must be an Angel, remember?" I asked.

"Yes. I do. I found myself agreeing. I wanted nothing more than your forgiveness at that time..." She said.

"Now it is I who is seeking your forgiveness." I said, I took my gauntlets off and rubbed her ear with my finger so she could feel that I am just a person. That we are not so different. She leaned into my hand as I did and purred in happiness. "I want to live up to my name. I am known for being kind generous and always willing to help." I said.

"That is... Very nice... What is it?" She asked.

"This is a hand." I said as I began rubbing behind her ear. And she started rubbing her head into my hand.

"And what is that you are doing?" She asked questioningly.

"I'm petting you. It's what we do the ponies in or land. Although they are not as intelligent... Or as benevolent as you... Am I doing something wrong? Something bad? I'm sorr-" I started to stop.

"Did I say stop? Continue." she ordered, glaring at me and I continued. "No, you didn't do something *yawn* bad... Not at all... Not... At... All... it is simply I have never felt something as soothing as this..." She mumbled.

"Am I forgiven?" I asked.

"Of course... Just don't stop." She mumbled, laying her head on my shoulder as I rubbed her ear in between my fingers, I wrapped the arm she was laying on around her, rubbing her foreleg with my hand.

Suddenly I felt her breathing slow and she was lightly snoring...

"Sleep well Princess..." I said. Suddenly the carriage door opened... To quote a Demon named Zagan's famous last words... Oh bugger...

It was none other than Sunny Side Up...

"Lulu, are you Ok? do you need-" She stared before seeing me and her eyes narrowed... She shut the door quietly.

"Bald bunghole wankers..." I cursed.

"Did you hurt my sister?" She whispered angrily just in case she really was asleep.

"Unfortunately so... I also hurt you, and I-" I started before she pointed her horn at my exposed neck and a ring of fire surrounded my throat...

"Well? How did you hurt us?" She asked threateningly.

"Look, this isn't what you think..." I said... I put my hands up, making me stop stroking the sleeping Princess's ear.

"I thought I told you not to stop... Oh, sister. What are you doing here? How long was I out? Is it time to lower the *yawn* moon?" Asked Princess Luna before seeing my hands up and Sunny Side Up pointing her horn at my neck.

"Can't go 20 minutes without an Alicorn trying to toast me..." I mumbled.

"Sister, why are you about to fry him inside out?" Asked Princess Luna, as if this was a regular occurrence...

"I thought..." She started before pulling away and shaking her head, I cracked my neck. "I thought he had done something to you, that you were in danger Lulu... I couldn't bear the thought of losing you. Not again." Said Sunny Side Up.

"Thank you dear sister. That means a lot to me." She said and they hugged.

"I love mushy moments like this, it's what I live for, but I'm getting a little hot under my collar here, you know?" I asked.

"Of course! I wish to apologise for my earlier actions." Said Princess Celestia and took away the fire...

"And I." Said Princess Luna.

"It's fine, as long as you forgive me, I forgive you, and we're good." I said, Princess Luna sat next to me again and I began to stroke her ear.

"Mmm... Sister, you must try this... hand of his... It is simply divine..." Moaned Princess Luna.

"I don't know..." Said Princess Celestia hesitantly. I took my gauntlet off and held my hand out.

"Come, I'm made of flesh and bone, just like you but without the fur." I said.

"Very well sister, I will take your advice..." Said Princess Celestia and sat on the other side of me on the bed and I began to scratch her ear as well. Before I knew it both Princesses were asleep on my shoulders... Which must have been uncomfortable with my armor on... Suddenly Twilight walked in.

"Princess is there anything you-" She started before seeing me and them.

"Hey Twilight." I whispered.

"Sorry, I wasn't aware you were in the middle of... Whatever this is." Said said and began to back out.

"Wait wha-" I started before she shut the carriage door... "Crunching douchewaffle badger blenders." I cursed. Knowing rumours would spread like plague if she told anypony... I summoned Creature but told him through the skull to be quiet upon entry.

"Yes Maste- Oh Master, looks like you have accquired two pets." He chuckled quietly. Lighthearted humour or a genuine insult? I couldn't tell, I'm guessing it was the latter.

"Har har har. Outside. Guard duty." I said.

"At once." He said, bowing out the door with a smirk. Maybe the former then...

Chapter 7: Ponyville's Pest Problem

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As the train pulled into Ponyville, we were informed it would be in station for a few hours, so I waited for about 3 minutes before I woke up the two monarchs that had fallen asleep on me.

"Hey, softies. Wake up." I said, they both slowly fluttered their eyes open and sat up. "That's it." I said as if talking to a child.

"We are not *yawn* children, Sir Draconis." Said Princess Luna.

"I agree." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Well, you certainly act like it." I chuckled, causing them to do the same.

"You do have a point." Smiled Princess Luna, laying her head on my shoulder again.

"Hey, don't be falling asleep again." I said.

"I apologise, but I feel so relaxed... Better than any massage I've had..." Smiled Princess Luna, getting up off the bed.

"Come on Luna." Smiled Princess Celestia, also yawning, they both supported each other as they walked. I followed them off the train with Creature at my side.

"Have you forgiven them again Master?"

"I have. I don't think they'll do it again." I said to him.

"I hope not." He said.

We headed to the tree library house I came out of earlier, Twilight was of course already inside. We entered and I saw Twilight about to stare into the amythest in the center of the Claw of Abraxas...

Wanking shit butlers! I legged it forward, pushing her friends out of the way, I snatched the blade away.

"Are. YOU. FUCKING. MENTAL?!?!?!" I asked, suddenly I spied Rainbow Dash fondling Creature's Crystal Skull...

"NO! DO NOT TOUCH! FOR MASTER'S HANDS ONLY!!!" He snarled, grabbing it from her hooves. Twilight was cowering and Rainbow Dash was shocked. As I held the blade it started to vibrate...

"No you don't..." I mumbled, sheathing it.

"Now why'd 'ya do that pardner?!" Exclaimed Applejack. Getting up from where I had shoved her out of the way.

"Sir Draconis! How dare you talk to my star pupil this way! Being curious is part of being my student!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia, charging a spell.

"Curious?! Don't you know curiosity killed the cat?! Well this 'curiosity' almost fucking killed the pony!" I turned to Twilight, causing her to begin crying. Everypony flinched at that.

"Killed?" Asked Princess Luna.

"You know the capabilities of this sword. That gem in the center of the blade is the miniature gateway to the realm of Tartarus, the land of Demons. If she looked at that for too long, one of a few things would have happened." I started to explain.

"Like what?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"A Demon could have possessed her and done any number of things. Kept hidden and struck when the time was right . Slowly made her suffer before killing her. Made her kill all of you. Or she could have had her soul taken by Abraxas and just died." I said.

"So... She coulda..." Started Applejack, beginning to cry with everypony else aside from the Princesses who were shocked.

"Dead on. You're lucky I stopped her." I said.

"And please explain about the Crystal Skull." Said Princess Celestia, wanting the others to know why not to touch it.

"That Skull is Creature's lifeforce. His connection to me. There is a reason he is so protective of it." I told them. "I do apologise for shouting like that, but it got the message across, no?" I asked.

"That much is true." Agreed Princess Luna.

"How did you get my stuff anyway?" I asked.

"You kinda fell asleep with the Princesses so I decided to take a look?" She sniffed with a look of innocent question in her face.

"Don't steal Master's gear again. Stealing is a crime and in Rivellon it carries a punishment of the removal of one's hand, or in this case hoof." He said, looks of horror began to circulate the room. "But we can let this one slide." He smiled. Creature needs to learn more about teasing...

"Awesomesauceicles. Now then, I need some time to myself. Peace." I said and exited the library with Creature in tow.

"How did I do Master?" He asked.

"You went a little too far, but good effort." I said.

"Thank you." He bowed.

"Come I need to hunt." I said. Creature agreed and we entered a dark forest looking for pray.

;4 1/2 hours later;

OK.. I got some weird chicken dragon monster things. A crocodile. A manticore. And a hydra. A good hunt if I do say so.

"Well, that's that, let's get back." I said.

"I agree Master." Said Creature, we were dragging the corpses of our pray with us out of the forest. We got the edge when we looked to our left, hearing laughing.

"Huh? What?" I asked. I saw the three fillies from the wedding running into the forest...

"Master, they are entering-" Started Creature.

"I know..." I said, taking off after them.

;Third Pony POV;

As Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo ran into the forest. They were laughing all the way, but stopped when they noticed how deep they were...

"I don't like this girls... We should head back..." Said Sweetie Belle.

"Ah agree..." Added Applebloom.

"Yeah, we're pretty deep..." Mumbed Scootaloo, they all turned before running into a Timberwolf...

"Ah shoot..." Said Applebloom.

"Boy is that understatement of the year?" Came the scaything voice of Sweetie Belle... They shut their eyes as the beast lurched at them, they all screamed but nothing came...

They looked and saw another beast had tackled the Timberwolf... The beast raised a curled claw and punched the Timberwolf in the face, breaking it's head apart in a single hit. He pulled out some sort of ranged weapon and hit another Timberwolf on his left quick as a flash, but was tackled behind a bush by another on his right that he didn't see.

The three fillies ran over to the bush but didn't dare peak... They heard struggling... Then nothing... They approached but screamed again and huddled when the Timberwolf burst forth. Suddenly it stopped as the beast who saved them shot up behind it and cut it's throat with a golden knife, taking it to the ground before stabbing where it's heart was. When he was sure the Timberwolf was dead he approached the three terrified girls.

"Are you OK?" He breathed, they girls saw he had a huge claw mark on his face, on his left cheek and there were bloodstains on his chest that said he suffered more than one injury. Suddenly another Timberwolf leapt up behind the girls... The one who saved them before wouldn't be fast enough because another attempted to sneak up on him.

Suddenly another pony jumped at the beast as it was on it's hind legs, he swung two swords with magic in an arching motion, cutting the beast in half.

"Are you all OK?" He asked.

"Y-y-yes." Scootaloo was the first to speak.

"Good." Said the other one who saved them first, as he dealt with the last Timberwolf...

;10 minutes later - Ego's POV;

As we exited the forest I saw Rarity, Applejack, Twilight and Rainbow Dash running up.

"Oh there they are! Sweetie Belle!" Exclaimed Rarity, running up to the white filly and hugging her.

"Ah was gosh darn worried about you Applebloom!" Exclaimed Applejack as the cream coloured filly ran into her hooves, crying.

"Scoots! The hay are you doin' out here?! You know I don't like you playing around the Everfree! Let alone in it!" Exclaimed Rainbow Dash. The little orange filly wasn't crying, obviously trying to act brave for Rainbow Dash.

"Thanks for saving them... You're bleeding!" Exclaimed Twilight, I looked down and grunted, seeing my chest was indeed gashed. I put a hand to my face and saw blood on my gauntlet. I focused myself and my blood healed the wounds.

"I'm good." I breathed.

"Pardner, how can we repay you for this kindness?" Asked Applejack.

"Tell these three not to pick fights with Timberwolves. That's my job." I smiled.

"It-it was so scary! But him and his friend was awesome!" Exclaimed Sweetie Belle, pointing at Creature and myself.

"Creature helped as well? I took 'im for a pony that don't care." Said Applejack, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof.

"Do not judge a Creature by its Necromancer, pony. You might be surprised." He said with a smile.

"Ah admit, ah was wrong aboutcha. Pud her there." Said Applejack, sticking her hoof out. Somehow, her and Creature shook...

"Well, thanks for saving Scoots. Not that she needed it, right?" Said Rainbow Dash, ruffling Scootaloo's purple mane.

"Nah, I coulda took on those wolves!" Exclaimed Scootaloo.

"Wolves? that's plural?" Asked Applejack.

"Yeah." Replied Applebloom.

"I ain't never 'erd of somepony taking on more than one Timberwolf without more than three ponies and survivin'!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Timberwolves are nothing. I've killed rabbits more fearsome." I waved her off, they flinched at 'killed'.

"Killed? Rabbits? Wha..." Asked Applebloom.

"Now you see fillies, Ego 'ere is an om-ni-vore." She said, spelling out the word both for herself and the fillies. "That there means he eats meat. But I've been assured he don't eat ponies." Said Applejack, casting a glance at me.

"Want to see what I eat? Creature, fetch the prey." I said.

"At once My Lord." He said, dragging our hunting game over.

"You killed... All o' them?" Asked Applebloom, all the mares were staring at the deceased monsters before them.

"Correct." I answered.

"Wow, I ain't ever seen so many Everfree monsters taken down by two ponies alone..." Said Applejack, taking off her stetson for a second and squinting as if to confirm it was real.

"I know, even with my magic, I couldn't catch them..." Said Twilight.

"We don't need magic. A good sword or two and Heightened Reflexes is enough." I shrugged, Creature teleported the catch to the Battle Towers kitchen for Sassan to prepare.

"You gotta teach me howta do that. It'd be mighty helpful." Said Applejack.

"Maybe. It's up to the Princesses to decide if I can pass on my skills." I shrugged.

"We wish to talk about that." Said Princess Celestia. Approaching me.

"Go on." I nodded.

"You are in incredible fighter. You took down the most highly trained guards in Equestria without raising a weapon. And Creature managed to take down four of my Captain's best stallions." Said Princess Celestia.

"Oh please, do stop." I said.

"We wish you to train guards on our behalf so they may better defend the kingdom, and maybe even take on anypony that wishes to join? We need a name for this force..." Said Princess Luna.

"Maybe Equestria's Paladins." I said.

"That sounds good enough, we bow to your superior combat knowledge." Said Princess Celestia.

"Fair enough. Ok then. Time to settle in. Where am I staying?" I asked.

"You can stay at Golden Oaks Library with me and Spike." Smiled Twilight.

"Sounds acceptable enough." I nodded.

"Ok, that's that." Smiled Twilight.

"You deserve some time off Sir Draconis. We will talk about these plans more in a month or two." Smiled Princess Luna.

"Sounds like a plan." I smiled. I usually hate time off, but I need it now...

"Is there usually a problem with Timberwolves around here?" Asked Creature.

"Eh, sometimes we get em' on tha farm but they usually stay well away from us." Shrugged Applejack.

"Yes, quite. They usually stay near the Everfree where they belong." Said Rarity.

"Well, if you get anymore trouble from them, let us know." I said.

"We will. Come on Applebloom. For goin' in the Everfree, you get to do chores for a week." Scolded Applejack.

"Aww..." She said, walking away with Applejack, her head hanging.

"Sweetie Belle, I will ensure mother and father will hear about this." Said Rarity, walking away from her sister, who followed her slowly.

"Well, I was gonna perform some tricks for you tomorrow, but now I ain't." Said Rainbow Dash, flying away from Scootaloo who walked off...

"Enjoy your time off Sir Draconis. We will inform you if anything happens that requires your attention." Said Princess Luna.

"Fine. But I don't have to like it." I mumbled. I wanted to hunt Black Ring! But we didn't know where they were...

[SoL] Chapter 8: A Dragon's Day Off

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;3 weeks later;

I lay in the midday sun by Ponyville's public pool on a 'deck chair' as I learned they were called, I had a pair of sunglasses on that I borrowed from Rainbow Dash.

I was thinking to myself.

'Ah hell... This isn't me...' But I had no choice. The Black Ring had practically vanished, there were no leads.

"Enjoying your time off?" Came the familiar voice of Princess Luna... I opened my eyes and put my sunglasses on my forehead. I saw the two sister's smiling upside down faces above me... So beauti- No! Damnit! Ponies! Not people! Wake up Ty!

"Not so much." I said, swinging around so I was sitting on the side of my chair.

"Why not?" Asked Princess Celestia, looking confused.

"I just don't like being inactive. I like to be doing something. Which reminds me..." I said and went behind them both, suddenly I pushed Sunny Side up forward into the pool and Creature pushed Princess Luna. They both screamed in part joy, part surprise as they fell in.

"What... The hay?" Spluttered Princess Luna with a smile.

"I think we can call that... Payback." I smiled and high fived/hoofed Creature. I went to walk away before I noticed my hands weren't moving with my body... "Huh...?" I asked before I saw the blue hue of Princess Luna's magic on my left hand and the golden aura of Princess Celestia's on my right... "Dipping pig scrotum herders." I said before they dragged me in as well.

We laughed and splashed around a little, we stopped for a second and I saw both Princesses with bright smiles... Their manes were not ethereal anymore but were wet and clinging to their necks... They looked... No! Ahem! Damnit! Stop!

When we stopped, the Princesses shook their manes out, allowing them to become Ethereal again. As they shook their heads and their manes flowed, I couldn't help but think they were beautiful...

No! No thoughts like that you imbecile!

"Holy..." I started without thinking...

"What?" Asked Princess Celestia with a puzzled expression.

"Is something the matter?" Asked Princess Luna.

"I just..." I said, I was lost for words... First time for everything huh?

"Why sister, I do believe this stallion is fixed on thine beauty." Said Princess Luna, they both started to slowly swim over to me... Was this actually happening?

"Nonsense dear sister, I do believe his is captivated by your stunning looks." Countered Princess Celestia, what the actual fuck was going on?!

I managed to snap myself out of whatever it was that just happened...

"Ahem, so what brings you two here, I doubt you're here on a social visit?" I asked, climbing out the pool and helping them both out. As I did they were both n extremely close proximity to me, I could feel their breath... No! The fuck are you doing Dragon Mind!?

I backed up a little.

"Well, why not?" Asked Princess Celestia, shaking their fur out... It seemed like they were doing it on purpose... Oh Divine, they looked amazing- No! No mushy shit Ty! Stop it dammit!

"Well, you're both busy ruling a kingdom, you should be asleep right now Princess Luna." I pointed out.

"Fair enough. Yes, we are here on business. Because we have a lead on this supposed 'Black Ring' of yours." She said, I perked up at that...

"Really!?" I asked.

"We think. But then again it could be the Zebricans trying to manipulate us for their own ends..." Mumbled Princess Luna.

"Zebricans? You mean Zebras?" I said.

"Yes. They are not a manipulative society, but we have to be weary all the same." Replied Princess Celestia.

"Why? What is happening over there?" I asked.

"We do not rightly know. He demanded to speak to you personally." Shrugged Princess Luna.

"Who?" I asked.

"The Zebra Ambassador." She said.

"Very well, I will meet him at the Castle." I nodded.

"Of course. We depart soon." Smiled Princess Luna.

"Cool." I nodded, they both walked away... I caught myself staring at them leaving for longer then I'd have liked... I was confused... Sure, they were nice enough I suppose...

But the attraction I felt didn't feel real... It felt merely about appearance rather than personality... I did like their personalities, but that's not what I felt right now...

I looked over to my deck chair and saw the Claw of Abraxas out of its sheath on the deck chair.

"What the..." I asked, going over to it... It was glowing... "How did you get out of your sheath?" I asked. The Princesses weren't acting hostile toward me, nor were they interested in the sword, which is strange... "What are you up to...?" I asked it... Not expecting, nor receiving a response of course.

"Who?" Asked Applejack, walking over.

"Oh no one." I shrugged, putting the sword down.

"Ok then... Come on. Twi told me to tell ya, the Zebra Ambassador is here. At Sugarcube Corner" Said Applejack.

"Let's go. Creature, hustle!" I said, I saw him staring at Applejack as she walked away.

"Master... Have you ever noticed how curvy Applejack's flanks are...?" He asked.

"The fuck are you on?" I asked. Sheathing my sword and using it's strap, putting it on my shoulder.

"Sorry Master... I don't know what I was saying..." He shook his head.

"That seems to happening a lot lately..." I said. First me with the Princesses and now Creature with Applejack...

"Well? What're ya waitin' fer boys? Come on!" Exclaimed Applejack. We caught up with her.

We went to Sugarcube Corner and looked in the window, I saw a Zebra sitting there... He had a scroll as his butt tattoo. I know it's called a Cutie Mark, but it's funny seeing their reaction when you refer to it as such. The Princesses were sitting outside, eating some muffins.

"He is inside. He wishes to talk alone." Said Princess Celestia, taking a bite out of a double chocolate muffin.

I saw a carriage outside the building. Two Pegasus guards standing attached to it. They had very exotic clothing on...

Creature and I went inside and took a seat at his table.

"Ah! You must be Sir Draconis! I wasn't aware we would be entertaining company..." He said.

"This is Creature. Wherever I go, he goes with me." I explained.

"Very well, pleased to meet you both!" He exclaimed, extending a hoof....

"Likewise..." I replied carefully. Shaking his hoof with a firm grip. Creature did the same with his own hoof.

"I can see you don't trust me. That's good. You need that instinct." He stated.

"I know." I replied. Did he think I was new to this? Boy is he in for a surprise...

"Hey guys! What can I getcha?" Asked Pinkie.

"A blueberry muffin please Mrs. Pie." I answered.

"I've told you like a gazillion times! It's Pinkie!" She exclaimed.

"And I've told you 'a gazillion' times, until you let me pay for my food, I will call you Mrs. Pie." I replied.

"And I have told YOU a bazillion times that until my life debt is repaid, you are paying for nothing! The Cakes agree. They don't want you paying and neither do I!" She put her hoof down.

"As you wish Mrs. Pie." I shrugged. She cried out in frustration.

"You're impossible!" She exclaimed.

"Looks who's talking. Now please take the Ambassador's order." I smirked.

"I will try this new 'brandy flavoured muffin' please." Smiled the Ambassador.

"Ok dokie pokie!" She exclaimed.

"And I will have an apple muffin." Ordered Creature.

"Cool choices!" She exclaimed and bounced off happily. No, really, she bounced, you could hear it.

"So... To business. Celestia and Luna sent missives out to all countries to be on the lookout for floating islands. Said they were dangerous and not to tackle with them. Well, our Prime Minister is very prideful. He sent our soldiers up there. They never returned." He said gravely.

"I would prefer you to refer to the Princesses by their titles and treat them with the respect due their position whilst in my presence." I said.

"...Of course." He nodded with hesitation as our food arrived.

"So, you have a black ring problem?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered.

"Have you tried cream? It isn't quick working but it does do the trick, I find." I said.

"What? Are we on the same topic? We are talking about your particular talents?" He asked.

"Are you referring to my ability to juggle small rodents to extremely fast paced carnival music while Creature plays the violin quicker than the eye can see?" I asked.

"Er..." He started.

"Or my awesome accordion skills?" I asked.

"I don't..." He mumbled.

"Just kidding. Continue." I laughed, Pinkie put the muffins down and her, Creature and myself fist/hoofbumped at pulling a joke on the Ambassador.

"Yes... Well, we are told you are the expert on this particular problem..." He said. Taking a bite before his face scrunched up and he burst out coughing and pulled a funny face.

"Problem?" I asked with a knowing smile.

"This is good, but the brandy is overpowering..." He wheezed. Pinkie and I high hoofed/fived with a laugh again.

"Sorry, every 5th brandy muffin has a lot more brandy in it than others! It's so fun watching ponies faces scrunch up!" She laughed and I joined in. "Don't worry, we provide a free one for every overpowering one!" She smiled brightly.

"Ah... Happy coincidences..." I smiled at her.

"Indeed." Said the Ambassador as his new muffin arrived.

"So, what do you require of me?" I asked.

"Well, these Black Ring told us that if we do not wish to be obliterated, we should join them. We have a bad feeling about them, we think they'd just enslave us if we did join them." He explained.

"So, you need my help?" I asked.

"Correct. You do have a few months to think about it if needs be. The Black Ring have given our leaders a few months to consider their offer. We think they are planning something for them to give us that long however. We would prefer you to make a decision within this month if that is possible." He requested.

"I'll see. What would be my objectives?" I asked.

"Infiltrate their Fortresses. Destroy them before they destroy us. And If possible, rescue our Guard Captain, Gray Grapes." He explained as we finished.

"I'll think on it." I told him.

"If you agree, the reward will be beyond your wildest dreams." He said.

"Even better than getting into a fight with a Flying Fortress with my bare hands and winning?!" I asked.

"Err... I hope so?" He asked.

"Again, just kidding. If I do decide to help I require no reward." I said, getting up.

"Well, it was an absolute pleasure Sir Draconis. We look forward to hearing your decision." He said, bowing to me and leaving.

As he did he passed the Princesses in the doorway, he turned to them then glanced at me, I raised an eyebrow.

"Your Majesties." He bowed to them, I smiled my approval.

They walked over to me, looking back at the Ambassador taking flight on the carriage as they did.

"That was strange. He usually doesn't bow to us, he shows us the minimum of respect required... The Prime Minister is nice enough, but he chooses his Ambassadors from the nobility." Explained Princess Luna.

"I don't think he wishes to annoy me. When he called you both merely by name I requested him to call you by your rightful titles and treat you with respect befitting your position."

"Thank you Sir Draconis." Said Princess Luna in surprise.

"Indeed... We wanted to ask you... Have you truly forgiven us for what we did...? I mean, we- I almost killed you..." Said Princess Celestia, shivering at the memory.

They told me before they left Ponyville, they confided in me that have never killed a being before in their lives and Princess Celestia didn't even mean to go that far on me at first... That she only meant to teach me a lesson, a lesson I didn't need she added.

I have an idea that my sword was unsheathed in the Throne Room, and fueled Princess Celestia's anger, causing her to even enjoy the fact she was hurting me. But she definitely meant to go that far on me after she first started. Maybe not before she started crushing me, but after, even without the sword's influence she would have went that far. But I would've upset her if I told her that, so I didn't.

"Worry not. You are forgiven." I said.

I saw my 5 other friends also walk in and sit down at our table.

"I have been wondering Sir Draconis... What was the first time you killed like?" Asked Princess Luna.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I wish to know." She said. The others all listened intently... Fine, they wanted it, they'd get it.

"The first time I killed... It was a thrill I'll never forget. But one of Drace Reynfaire's many mistakes... Wrong place, wrong time... I also remembered the reason I killed... No excuse of course." I said... Beginning my story.

;31/4 years ago;

"Recruit Reynfaire! Come over here!" Called the drill instructor during a jog.

"Sir?" Asked Drace, jogging over to him and panting.

"I... Have something to tell you. Come with me." He said, he took me into his office and shut the door.

"What is this about sir?" Asked Drace.

"We think it's about time you found out the truth..." He said, taking a seat behind his desk.

"The truth? Sir?" Quizzed Drace.

"Sit down son." He said, I did.

"It's about your parents..." He started.

"What about them?" Wondered Drace.

"They... We told you they were great warriors... Yes, they were Paladins." He said.

"Were, sir?"

"Yes. They retired once they realised they had you." He said.

"But... The Academy told me they were still fighting, that they never had time to raise me and so gave me to the Academy..." Said Drace.

"Well... Not quite. When they retired, they moved to the Rivertown Gorge. They died when the Demons attacked their settlement. They hid you away. A passing Slayer patrol found you and brought you to the Academy. Knowing that if you found out about their true fate, you might... Well... we didn't know. So we hid the truth." He said.

"So they're dead." Said Drace in disbelief.

"I'm afraid so. They have been for the entire time you have been with us. We know that you are devoted to our cause now. So there is no reason to hide it any longer. We're sorry." He said.

"So they didn't die valiantly? Like soldiers? Like heroes?" Asked Drace.

"They died protecting you." He said.

"As you say sir." Said Drace.

"Dismissed Recruit..."


;Time skip - 2 hours;

As Drace and another Recruit named James were on the sparring mat, they circled each other.

"Hey Drace, I heard your parents were torn apart by Demons! What's that like?" He taunted. Did the kid really know? Unlikely. It most likely just a meaningless taunt. But Drace didn't see it that way. He saw red...

;3 minutes later;

"Dude I give up stop! Ah! Dra- Ah!" Exclaimed the kid, when Drace could see properly again he was on top of the kid, smashing his face with a fist. Not stopping. It felt good.

"Recruit! Stop this instant!" Yelled the combat instructor. In response, Drace raised the kids head high and smashed his head into the mat, hard.

"Yes sir." He breathed. Blood on his hands. They carried the kid out on a stretcher. Drace just sat there in the sparring arena... Thinking about what he did... And how he enjoyed it.

"Well Recruit, thanks to you, Recruit James is dead. Now, I do not know what this means for your future bu-" Started the drill instructor, suddenly a voice chimed in.

"May I see the boy in my office?"

"Lieutenant Rhode? Of course ma'am!" He exclaimed. Drace followed Rhode into her office at the side of the sparring arena, she had a window that looked right in so she must have seen everything.

He was amazed by her. Barely 23 while he was but 17 and she was already a respected Lieutenant in the Slayers. She was beautiful...

They sat down in her office.

"So. What happened?" She asked.

"Well I just recently found out the truth about my parents. He taunted me about it and I just saw red. When I woke up, he was lying bloody." Responded Drace.

"I see." She said.

"So... What? Am I expelled? In detention?" He asked.

"No. Far from it. It is a shame that a recruit is dead, yes. But what is even better is what came out of it: A Slayer has been born. You have what we call the 'bloodlust'. You revel in death. It is a Slayer trait. It is what we have been looking for." She exclaimed.

"Is it ma'am?" He asked.

"I have seen the way you behave to the other recruits. That is exactly right. Look out for yourself until you become a Slayer, then rely on your fellow Slayers. You are true Slayer material. I would like to train you personally to become one under my command." She said.

After that, Drace was fast tracked to the top under the guidance of Commander Rhode. When graduation came. He was picked to become a Slayer. All others had to do another year of training... During that year he fell in love with Rhode. But did she with him? Who knows?

;Present day;

"There." I said. I had also explained to them who Drace Reynfaire was during the story.

"So you - he, killed that other child needlessly?" Asked Twilight.

"Yes." I said.

"It is amazing that, from that, you came out." Said Princess Luna, amazed.

"I know. I still don't know what changed me." I shrugged.

"Master is one of the best people, or ponies in the world. How he came from that monster is a question to everyone who comes across him now who used to know him." Added Creature.

Suddenly a scroll appeared before Princess Celestia, she gasped in surprise but opened it.

"Well... You're in luck, your vacation seems to have ended..." Mumbled Princess Celestia.

"Awesome!" I exclaimed.

"Your tickets for the boat to Zebrica when you wish to leave." She said and passed them to me.

[SoL] Chapter 9: The New Offer...

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;4 days later;

I was walking through the streets of Ponyville, just thinking to myself...

'Will I ever see Rivellon again? I mean... I like it here but... No place like home, right?'

As I was walking I tripped up...

"Ball-admiring cock twats!" I exclaimed. I sat on the ground, holding my knee and rocking back and forth, taking a breath through my teeth and realising an 'ahh!' when I exhaled...

;5 minutes later;

After recovering from my fall, I found myself wandering into Sugarcube Corner... No better way to take away sorrow and an injured knee than candy, right?

"Hey Mr. Dragonbreath!" Came the cheerful voice of Pinkie Pie.

"Hmm?" I asked and held my hand to my mouth and exhaled, taking a sniff...

"Just kidding silly! Although... That hole you blew through the Everfree the other day does worry us..." Said Pinkie. I looked up from my menu and saw a family of three, a mother, father and colt were huddled together and shaking in fear. I looked back to Pinkie.

"Well... I... Err... I sneezed..." I coughed.

"Huh?" She asked.

"I sneezed ok?!" I exclaimed.

"Wow... You did that...?" She pointed to the rounded hole of burned trees and grass in the side of the forest... "By sneezing?!" She asked.

"Yes?" I asked more than said.

"WOW!!! Remind me not use too much pepper in your.... Anything!" She said.

"Noted. Now then... I quite fancy..." I started before...

"A confectionary item for breakfast?" I turned and saw it was in fact Princess Luna that had spoken, she and her sister were standing there.

"What now? Someone's diaper need changing?" I asked with a groan. Sugarcube Corner had emptied when the Princesses entered.

"Not at all! Although Lulu did have that problem when she was 10..." Pondered Princess Celestia with a shit-eating grin on her face.

"SISTER!!!" Exclaimed Princess Luna in horror before scowling at her sister.

"Well, did you know Tia once had a crush on her own cousin?" Shrugged Princess Luna.

"LUNA!" Gasped Princess Celestia, going beet red...

"King Leo of the Underwater Kingdoms I believe." Princess Luna was now holding the grin.

"I... Cannot believe you did that..." Said Princess Celestia, did she have tears in her eyes?

"Sister, I..." Started Princess Luna before Princess Celestia ran out...

"Well fuck..." I sighed.

"Breakfast on hold?" Asked Pinkie, still smiling but rather worriedly...

"Yeah." I said and quickly got up.

"I... Why did I say that?" Asked Princess Luna, holding a hoof to her mouth in realisation.

"Well, in my experience, siblings tend to bring out the big ballistas when backed to the wall." I said.

"Still... She told me that in confidence... And I betrayed her trust..." Said Princess Luna, I went to reach for her awkwardly in comfort... But instead she stood on her hind legs and hugged me and sobbed into my shoulder...

"Shh... Shh... It's err... Ok?" I shot a look of confusion at Pinkie who nodded that I was doing good...

"I... I'm sorry, I should be more composed." She sniffed. Getting down from me.

"It's not me you should apologise to." I told her.

"I know but... Maybe you could go to her?" She asked.

"Me? B- But... I hardly know her!" I argued.

"Please? For me?" She asked, using her damned cutesy eyes...

"Fuck me... Fine. I'll bloody do it." I said.

"Thank you!" She exclaimed and wrapped her hooves around me again and...



Kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Yeah... Sure." I nodded. I went outside and looked around... Ah.

I saw the Princess sitting on a table outside, her muzzle buried in her hooves, she was sobbing...

'Ah fuck... Come on Ty! You can do this!' I thought.

"Hey Princess..." I said she looked up and her eyes were red, she sniffed a few times.

"I wouldn't have thought you would want to see a freak like me..." She said, looking away.

"How are you a freak?" I asked.

"I had a crush on my own cousin!" She said quietly. I sat next to her.

"Did you know he was your cousin?" I asked.

"No, not at first. When we found out I told- confided in Luna that I had a crush on him. She helped me through it and after about a day of finding out, I no longer felt anything aside from family love." She explained.

"So? It wasn't that bad. Back in Rivellon there are people who have shacked up, and eloped with their own siblings. You didn't even let it get past 'I slightly like him.' did you?" I said.

"No... I suppose you're right... But I trusted Luna! How could she?!" Asked the Princess...

"Well, siblings sometimes don't know how deeply something affects them. Most likely it meant so much to her it was the only thing that sprang to mind. And she said it without thinking." I said.

"I... You're quite right. I don't know why I overreacted." She sniffed, wiping her tears.

"You felt betrayed. Both of you are at fault. You just need to admit it. Right Princess Luna?" I asked, Princess Celestia spun around 90 degrees and saw her sister standing there.

"Sister... I wish to apologise for my cruel words." She said, starting to cry again, Princess Celestia stood up and trotted over to her sister, she then hugged her.

"I also wish to apologise. I brought the cat out of the bag first and you were forced to defend yourself. I am so sorry." Said Princess Celestia.

"Wow! You're really good at this!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"I suppose. It comes from having to do the exact same thing before in Rivellon." I smiled.

"So, breakfast for anypony?" Asked Pinkie, the two Princess immediately let go of each other and bolted inside the shop, I followed and saw them each studying a menu intently. I sat next to them both.

Holy shit.

I just got another fucking kiss on the cheek, this time from Princess Celestia.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Y-y- Yeah." I stuttered.

"Well? Whatcha havin'?" Asked Pinkie.

"I'll have a strawberry muffin." I smiled.

"White chocolate muffin." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Dark chocolate muffin." Nodded Princess Luna.

Wow, they even like chocolate according to their titles... Princess Luna likes the dark, Princess Celestia like the light... Weird...

"A strawberry muffin isn't healthy you know?" Smirked Princess Celestia.

"Indeed. Also, having sweets for breakfast isn't exactly on any diet plan I know of." Added Princess Luna.

"Are you two saying I'm fat?" I asked.

"No! If anything you could gain a few pounds." Shrugged Princess Celestia.

;10 minutes later, after breakfast;

We exited Sugarcube Corner, waving goodbye to Pinkie.

"Oh yes! I forgot the reason we came in the first place!" Exclaimed Princess Luna, facehoofing (Yes, that is the official term. I asked.)

"Which was?" I asked.

"Tonight we are holding a banquet in the Castle in yours & Creature's honour, to recognise you for your great deeds." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"It's all good." I shrugged.

"No, it isn't. We did you an injustice. We want to show the nobles that we do not think you are just a monster to be treated however they want. That you are our friend." Said Princess Luna.

"Friend?" I asked.

"Yes! You... Do think of us as friends... Yes?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Of course! I just thought that you thought of me as more of an acquaintance. But friend? Sure." I smiled.

"Thank you!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia and hugged me.

"It's OK... I didn't just propose you know?" I chuckled.

"Pr- Pro- Propose?! No! Don't be silly!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia, going red again... "Ahem." She let go of me.

"You see Sir Draconis, it is just that it has been so long since my sister or I have had any real friends. We have subjects, but they fear us more than anything." Said Princess Luna, looking down sadly.

"It's good. See you both tonight, yes?" I asked.

"Of course." Smiled Princess Celestia, both her and Princess Luna wore smiles that were captivating... No damnit! You can't have a relationship! Especially with ponies!

"We are just waiting for the paperwork to be finalised and you will be full citizens." Nodded Princess Luna.

"Thank you Your Majesties." I bowed.

Suddenly they both took flight back to Canterlot.

"Well, that happened." I said. Looking up at them flying away.

"What is it Master?" Asked Creature. He looked tired.

"The Princesses are holding a banquet in our honor tonight. To show that we have been accepted into their country." I told him.

"That is good news! I hope they have locked the paint cupboard." He smirked.

"Haha! True. But if they do something like that again... I don't know what i'd do." I shook my head.

"Ditto." Agreed Creature.

"You must be Ego Draconis. I hear you are a good fighter." Came a voice. I turned around.

"Hmm? You heard correct." I said to the pony addressing me.

"Good." He smiled. He looked sort of Zebrican... But not. Weird.

"Pray tell, why are you addressing my Master?" Asked Creature.

"Well, I... That is, our mayor. And our ponies... Need something from you." He said.

"I'm listening." I crossed my arms.

"I know." He shrugged.

"How dare you! You will speak to my Master with more respect!" Growled Creature.

"Very well then." He took a nervous breath. He was obviously trying to keep professional composure.

"Good. Now then, what do you need?" I asked.

"You. We need you." He stated.

"For?" I asked.

"Well, I am a dignitary from Whinnyapolis you see. And this 'Black Ring' as been threatening us of late. It requires you immediate attention." He said.

"Of course, but I also need to leave for Zebrica." I said.

"And why is that?" He asked.

"I have an assignment there as well." I informed.

"Ah, I see. Very well. I'm afraid if you wish to do business with us, you cannot help Zebrica." He said.

"Fine." I lied.

"Good! Then you must leave for Whinnyapolis post haste." He said and walked away, teleporting as he did.

"Well, so much for a banquet." Mumbled Creature.

"Agreed. We must inform the Princesses." I said and we walked to Golden Oaks Library.

I opened the door and saw Spike.

"Hey Ego." He smiled.

"Hey buddy. Is Twilight around?" I asked.

"Sure. Twilight! Ego wants to talk!" He called, she came down the stairs.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I need to send a message to the Princesses." I said.

"Really? Princess Celestia said she'd teach you the dragonfire spell... Fine." Nodded Twilight and Spike got a quill and scroll.

"Dear Princess Celestia & Princess Luna. I regret to inform you that I cannot attend the banquet tonight. I have been called by Whinnyapolis to deal with the Black Ring. I will attend the banquet once I have dealt with the Zebricans and Whinnyapolis. I apologise for the inconvenience. Yours sincerely. Ego Draconis." I said.

"Ban... Quet.... Quet..." Spike repeated the word before Twilight took over for him and finished the letter. He sent it when she passed it back to him tied up with a ribbon.

"Well, we-" I stopped as a scroll came through...

"Turn around." Twilight read when she opened it.

I did.

"BOO!" Both sisters yelled, jumping at me. I just stood there and raised an eyebrow.

"Nice try Princesses. But Ego has had, from his description, really scary and horrible Abominations teleport in next to him in a dark dungeon before. I think compared to that, you seem like a father covering his eyes and 'disappearing' for his foal." Said Twilight.

"Tartarus!" Cursed Princess Luna.

"Hahaha... It's fine, you haven't left yet?" I asked.

"No, we were about to." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Right. Well, I have been called to action, I'm afraid. The mayor of Whinnyapolis requires our attention." I said. The sisters looked at each other... "What?" I asked.

"Well... There have been no reports of Black Ring around Whinnyapolis... But their neighbours, Saddle Arabia do have a problem. If this is indeed what we think. They are asking for it in a very roundabout way." Princess Luna tapped her chin in thought.

"Which is unusual..." Added Princess Celestia.

"They also said I cannot help Zebrica if I am to help them." I said.

"Really strange... as the royal family are good ponies." Stated Princess Luna.

"And good friends of ours..." Added Princess Celestia.

"Which means we should help ASAP." Said Creature. The two sisters raised their brows at him.

"Creature?" I asked, confused at his attitude.

"Listen. I apologise for how I spoke to you before. It is clear you get on with my Master well enough. In fact I think you are both good for him. I was only protecting my Master." Creature hoofed the ground uncomfortably. He wasn't used to this.

"It is very OK Creature. I understand. Just as I was protecting Equestria when I almost... Killed him." Spoke Princess Celestia. The word 'kill' sent a chill through the Equestrians in the room(Creature and I notwithstanding.).

"Indeed. You are forgiven." Agreed Princess Luna.

"Thank you Your Majesties." He... Bowed?

"We actually prepared travel to Saddle Arabia in preparation for them requesting help. You can leave whenever." Said Princess Celestia.

"Excellent. We will leave when we have prepared." I bowed.

"So soon?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"There ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees. I got bills to pay, mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this world for free." I said walking out of the library quickly.

"Can you just slow down?" Said Twilight, catching up to me.

"I can't slow down, I can't hold back, but you know, I wish I could. There no rest for the wicked till we close our eyes for good." I concluded, putting my Dragon Wizard Armor on.

"Wait, are those... Medals?" Asked Princess Luna, I looked down and saw three medals... One had a crown on, the other had a crowned Pony head on it. The other had a heart on. All three were golden.

"Yes...? I don't know where I got these..." I mumbled.

"They are our medals... Saviour of the Crystal Empire, Saviour of Canterlot, Saviour of... Equestria?" Asked Princess Celestia as she inspected them...

"I don't know... I didn't take them... Want them back?" I asked.

"No... We'll look into this. For now, you best go." Said Princess Celestia.

"Yes Your Majesty. Come Creature. To the train station." I said.

"Wait. Twilight, did I ever give you a crash course in foreign politics?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Hmm... No! You didn't!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Well. Ego shall do that for you." She smiled.

"I... I will?" I asked.

"Yes. Twilight so wanted to learn about Saddle Arabia. Even so, I must send a full citizen of my kingdom as well. Otherwise they might think we think less of them. They are not like that, but we cannot risk it, you understand?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Of course." I bowed.

"This is a test for you Twilight. You must report on everything. Stay at Ego's side. Be careful." She said and they nuzzled.

"You can count on me!" She exclaimed.

"Can I come?" Asked Spike.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Spike. You can go." Nodded Princess Celestia.

"We also called your friends here so you can say farewell." Added Princess Luna.

"Darn tootin' you should say bye!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Girls!" Exclaimed Twilight and they all hugged.

"Creature, we sh-" I cut off as they all hugged both of us as well!

"You didn't think we would not say bye to you as well did you silly?!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"I suppose not." I chuckled and patted two of them on the back, as did Creature.

"Darlings, be safe." Said Rarity.

"See you round pardners." Said Applejack and shook our hands/hooves.

"I promise you more free cupcakes when you get back!" Laughed Pinkie.

"I'll try an' do a sonic rainboom for you!" Exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

"I'll introduce you to my animal friends!" Smiled Fluttershy.

"That sounds great. I mean, I was planning on impaling myself on a spear while there, but you all just convinced me otherwise." I chuckled.

They all laughed nervously at the dark humour.

"Of course we'll be back!" Exclaimed Creature.

We all headed to the train station.

"Well... This is it." Said Twilight.

"Good luck!" All 5 mares exclaimed.

"I will see you when you get back Twilight Sparkle." Nodded Princess Luna.

"Be careful my most faithful student." Said Princess Celestia and hugged Twilight.

"I will!" She exclaimed.

"Bye Spike!" They all said.

"Bye guys! Bye Rarity..." He said as she kissed his cheek.

"Before you go Ego..." Said Princess Celestia she trotted up to me.

;Princess Celestia's POV;


"Hmm?" He asked, he held his arms out expecting a hug. Was he in for a surprise...

"For luck." Instead I kissed him... Everypony's mouths dropped... I've never kissed like this before... I don't think he had got a kiss like that either... We kept going...

"What?" Asked Spike, wondering why their mouths were open. "Oh..." Said Spike... Seeing us.

I broke off the kiss...

"Nice. Brimstone and burnt sulphur..." I said. I then pursed my lips a few times before licking them.

"Really?" He asked. Oh, OK... Oh sun, I was doing this... Ok... Come on Tia... You can do it... Tell him you want him.

"Mmm, tastes... Familiar... And I... I think I love you..." I confessed, wrapping my hooves around him, he returned the hug.

"That was... Quick." He said...

"I know, but I feel some kind of... Connection to you. As if I know you. Like I've felt this for you before..." I explained, looking into his eyes.

"Ah..." He said. I hope he felt the same as well... This was completely new to me. And him I think...

"Do... Do you not love me?" I asked. Looking away. Oh well, it was worth a try... Well, now I just want to cry...

"Allow me to respond." He said. He turned my head with his knuckle on my chin and kissed me deeply... He ran a finger down my cheek.

"Good response." I breathed with a small chuckle as we pulled away.

"Yes, I... Feel the same for you." He admitted. He did love me!

(Slight M rating for teasing, blacked out for insurance purposes.)

"Thank you!" I said and hugged him. He then grabbed my flanks and I gasped, biting my lip, failing to suppress a moan. He went right next to my ear, feeling his breath on my ear was soooo good... "Mmm...." I moaned as he ran his hands through my mane, kissing my neck...

"Celestia. I... Want you... Right here. Right now." He told me, he pushed me to the floor... We didn't care everypony was watching

"Oh yessss... So commanding. I am yours, My Lord Dragon. Yours to command." I breathed, there was now nothing between us... "Make me yours. Make me your mare." I begged.


(M rating over.)
;Tyrath's POV - 5 minutes earlier;

Princess Celestia was just standing there... Not moving, a few minutes went by with us staring at her as she looked into the distance... Then she started drooling slightly... Her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Her eyes looking up in... Pleasure? Her flank started quivering, her hind leg slowly 'pawing' the ground.

I saw her tail raise slightly... I could swear she moaned a little...

And was there was a small pool of clear liquid forming beneath her...? Did she urinate? Strange...

"Princess...?" I asked, she shook her head and held her hoof to her mouth...

"Was it a dream...?" I heard her say quietly...

"Err... You've been standing there for a good few minutes." I said with a nervous chuckle...

"Oh..." She said, her ears flattening... It seemed like embarrassment.

"Erm... Sister..." Princess Luna got her attention and went and whispered something to her, she gasped and then the liquid I assume is urine beneath her disappeared in a yellow aura and her tail lowered, she was blushing heavily.

Then I saw a flash in her eyes... As if she just thought of something.

"Ego... Can I talk to you?" She asked.

"Sure." I shrugged and went inside the waiting area out of view of everypony.

"There is something you can do to put me at ease..." She said.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Ok..." She started.

"Hold on, is that normal?" I asked.

"Hmm, what?" She asked.

"For ponies to urinate anywhere?" I asked, her eyes became pinpricks and colour rushed to her cheeks. It must be because I'm an ailen, it's just custom I suppose.

"Oh... Err yes." She answered. Was she lying? Probably not.

"Ah, OK." I nodded.

"Ok... Now, when somepony has done something bad and is seeking forgiveness, the one they are asking usually show they have forgiven them by... Sharing a kiss." She said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"It's just a thing. And if you are to be a citizen of Equestria, you should get used to our traditions. I thought I should warn you about it to save you embarrassment. And I want to know if you have truly forgiven me." She said.

"Err... Fine." I said. Why not? We weren't having sex, we weren't in love. It wasn't wrong. Just their custom. It was just me forgiving her. If it was going to put her at ease, sure.

"Ok..." She took a breath, she surged forwards and kissed me... It felt deep... But what do I know? I've never been kissed or received one until now. It's a shame my first kiss is just proving I have forgiven somepony for something I already did...

She pulled away with a smile.

"Thank you... My Lord Dragon." She whispered, her hot breath hitting my ear as she walked out. Why did that make my heart stop for a second?

"Sir Ego? I also wish to talk." Came the voice of Princess Luna.

"Of course." I smiled.

"Well, I want you to put me at ease, we have a custom-" She started.

"Where somepony seeking forgiveness is kissed by the pony they are asking to show they are forgiven? Your sister told me." I replied.

"Ah. Well, yes." She said and I kissed her as Princess Celestia kissed me... She gasped a little as I did but pushed back.

"My, that was..." She shuddered. "Forgiving. Thank you." She smiled. I walked out with her.

"Of course. We can stay in contact with communication magic." I said.

"Just... Please... Come back to me- Us." Said Princess Celestia as I got on the train.

"I will." I smiled.

"Promise?" She asked.

"I promise Your Majesty." I said, kissing her and her sisters hooves.

"I... Goodbye." She smiled as the train doors shut and we began our journey...

[SoL] Chapter 10: A Princess's Regret

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;Princess Celestia's POV;

"I... Goodbye." I said to him... Sun! What was that daydream I had before...? I could hardly remember it...

"Sister..." Said Luna, putting her wing on my back, I jumped slightly and looked at her... Was it me or did she look nice today...? Even, beautiful...

What was I saying?! This was my sister! I looked to the left of me and saw Ego's sword without its sheath... I teleported it to him before it corrupted us again.

Suddenly i calmed down, my feelings subsided... Strange. First I was dreaming naughty thoughts about a bipedal being! And then even my sister?! What was wrong with me?!

I put my hoof on my chest... No... It can't be! I was in love with Ego?! And my sister?! Impossible! I... It can't be... How could I not have noticed!?

"Sister, are you OK?" Asked Luna.

"I am fine sister." I said. Shuddering as her wing touched me...

How long have I felt like this?! I thought back... It seems for a while... Now that I looked back, it was true. It was a feeling I paid no attention to, but since Ego awoke the feelings I finally noticed them... How I felt around both of them, how I shudder every time they are near, how my heart beats faster... How I feel so good, so elated... How I feel as if I can do anything...

Should I just admit it to them? No, they'd call me a freak... There was a small chance with Ego, yes, I loved him... But Luna? No... Not at all. My crush on her so long ago had returned... But why?!

;Tyrath's POV;

Creature, Twilight, Spike and myself all sat in a private carriage on the train... My sword teleported next to me and I put back in it's sheath, wondering how I keep misplacing it... I thought about the tradition and remembered I yelled at Twilight.

"Twilight." I said.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for yelling before." I said.

"It's fine." She smiled

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna told me about this tradition so..." I said and kissed her. "I forgive you." I smiled, she was blushing...

"Oh yes! The tradition!" She shook her head to wake herself up.

;Twilight's POV;

The tradition? Sure, Luna would think it was still around... But surely Celestia wouldn't. She knew it was one that died out... Not that I was adverse to the kiss... No! This is a different species! I had to play along until I could quiz Celestia as to why she told him this was still a tradition...

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw that Twilight had a thoughtful look on her face, it was now dark out so I sat back in my chair, preparing to sleep...

;Princess Luna's POV;

I bedded down to visit the dream realm and act as its Warden. I enjoyed my nightly duties

But once there I saw something I didn't suspect... Ego was sitting there among the doors to dreams...

"Ego?" I asked.

"Hmm? Princess Luna?" He asked, getting up. We both encircled each other, each wondering if the other was real. We both raised our hoof/hand and touched... Solid.

"You are here! How?" I asked.

"In my world I always visited the dream realm to see if I could access the dreams of the Black Ring. I tried here. Nothing." He said.

"It's good to know I won't be alone here anymore. Care to peruse some dreams?" I asked, wait, did I just basically ask him on a date?

"I..." He started to agree I think before he became transparent... "Maybe later. Twilight wants me." He chuckled.

"Of course." I smiled. He vanished completely and I felt empty... A strange feeling to have for just a friend... That’s all he is Luna... It's all he can be! We cannot... You do not have feelings for him Luna! He is just a good friend...

After spending time thinking I decided to enter my sister's dreams to see if she was OK, she worried me earlier... I trotted over to her door with the sun on it, and pushed open the door.

I entered slowly and saw her laying on the grass, it was in Canterlot Gardens, on the edge of the cliff, looking out at the rest of the land. The oaks, birch trees all towering above her.

A sparrow chirped above her head. One landed on her back. There was somepony approaching her... but he... Or her? Was silhouetted out... Suddenly the sun got brighter, signifying a high in emotion...

So she was in love with somepony! Great! But whom? This was so good! Tia needs a special somepony!

The scene was very peaceful. The atmosphere tranquil. It seemed normal. The sun brightened her alabaster fur. She was laying with her legs tucked under her. The pony sat beside her and she was nuzzling him... Then she kissed him... Or her?

"Hello, my beautiful mare." Said the pony in question. He sounded familiar...

"Oh hello Ego... Oh, this is so romantic." She... Said. Ego?! I saw his face and true form become visible, he was smiling lovingly at her... She rubbed her head on his shoulder.

'Oh sister... What have you gotten yourself into?' I thought. This is a foreigner! An alien! It could destroy my sister's reputation! Turn everypony against her! She must realise this! That it is wrong on so many levels!

They shared a deep kiss and rolled in the grass a few times before Ego landed atop her. Kissing her neck.

"Oh Celestia. I love you so much." He said...

"And I you. I am so glad I told you." She said, told him?

"I'm glad you confessed your love." He said, confessed? What?

"Oh my love... Your sun is so beautiful and perfect, just like you." He said.

"Oh Ego... It's only so bright and beautiful because you and our other friend have made it so by making me so happy." She smiled.

Other friend? Sister is sharing? With whom I wonder?

It is unnatural for her to love a being from somewhere else, and she is sharing?! It... Can't be.

"Oh, here she is." He said... Then the dream me appeared... And kissed Ego... Deeply... Why was the real me shuddering? The dream me's emotion was high...

"Oh, I am so sorry I'm late sweetie." 'I' apologised, nuzzling Ego...

"Well my gorgeous mare... How will you apologise? What kept you?"

"The ambassador simply couldn't wait. I think I need to be punished." 'I' said, turning around to them so my flank was facing them... What...? This was weird...

"That you do sister..." Breathed Celestia walking around 'me'. "Such a naughty mare... But I still want a kiss from my gorgeous little sister." Said Celestia and suddenly we... Kissed?! What?! I...

"AHHH!!" I screamed as I woke in my bed, bolting up... What was that? That must have been the wrong dream! Some stallion's wet dream... Just one that included Ego...? Buck, I don't know... I can't comprehend... I really do love my sister, I missed her dearly, but... this?! Not only is she in love with an alien, but also with me?! It can't be...

I just lay there thinking for hours... It was impossible... The wrong dream... There was only one way to know for sure... I opened my door with a big breath, my guards jumped.

"Remain here. I need to speak to my sister... Alone." I said. The guards outside her sister's chambers heard it as well. "Play cards or something until I come out." She said.

"Err... Yes, Your Highness..." Said Captain Starr uneasily and walked to my thestral guards, summoning a deck. I entered my sisters room and shut and locked the door. I saw her getting ready, she was looking at a pair of earrings...

"Ah! Luna! What are you doing up? No matter, have you seen these earrings! They are beautiful... I wonder how I got them?" She asked.

"Sister. We must talk" I said seriously.

"Hmm? What about?" She asked.

"About your crush." I said.

"Ah... You noticed?" She asked.

"I saw your dreams. I know you do not like me snooping but... "

"It's OK... What did you see?" She asked. She didn't remember...

"You... With somepony in Canterlot Gardens." She said.

"Oh? Well it is my favorite spot..." She said.

"It was Ego." I stated.

"Oh! Well, I..." She said.

"And then me. You then kissed me. Calling me 'gorgeous'... Pray tell why? Why do you dream about Ego and I this way?" I asked.

"Ah... Well you see... I... Well..." She stammered.

"Well?" I asked.

"It's only.. You see I..." She mumbled.

"Sister. Give me a straight answer or I will tell Ego what I saw." I warned.

"I love him! And I love you!" She exclaimed. And... Kissed me. I was shocked... She pulled back after a minute...

"..." I had no words as she looked at me.

"I have loved you for so long sister... I just never paid attention to the feelings. It's the same with Ego. I love Ego because I feel as if I have known him for a long time. As if I have harboured feelings for him for such a long time." She explained. I backed off...


"Please... Luna..." She said...

"..." I didn't speak.

"Remember I told you I had a crush on King Leo?" She asked.

"..." I never spoke, just nodded.

"Well, that wasn't true. I had a crush on you. But I managed to bury those feelings. I guess once I realised I loved Ego... It reminded me of how I loved you as well..." She admitted.

"..." I was still silent.

"When you left me, if left a hole in my heart. One that was never replaced until you returned. Without the moon, my sun was so lonely... I have loved you for so long but just never noticed... Please... Say something. Scream at me, tell me I'm a freak." She said.

"Oh..." I sighed...

"What?!" She exclaimed.

"You do not love me. You're just confused. It is simple. You do not love Ego! It must be somepony else and you just think it! Sister, this is unnatural! It's perverse!" I screamed.

"Luna..." She tried, tearing up. I just teleported out... But kept a listening spell in my sisters room...

I teleported to my room, shivering... No... This couldn't be... No...! She couldn't love me! It was a trick! A prank!

I listened with the spell and heard her crying... Sobbing, it broke my heart, but she needed to let it out. I was confused... Tired. And I needed to sleep again. Badly.

(Suggestive things ahead. Skip to next chapter if it makes you uncomfortable.)


I woke in the night with a clear mind.

Sister can not love me... Right? She cannot love Ego...

She can't! I thought back to the time she told me about King Leo...


I trotted along the smooth marble floors of our first Castle, passing room after room until I reached my sister's... I opened the door that had her Cutie Mark adorned on it.

"Luna!" Exclaimed Celestia as I entered her room, she was crying on her bed... She had already grown into her Alicorn form and looked incredibly feminine, even beautiful to the point that only a few years into our reign, and she was already receiving proposal letters from all around the kingdom.

"Sister, why are you crying? They are asking after you." I said.

"I... I just... Nothing." She said, averting her eyes from me...

"Sister you must tell me." I pleaded, putting my hooves on her cheeks, lifting her gaze to mine.

"I... Have a crush!" She exclaimed. Instead of being happy, she was sad. Her eyes red from crying

"Sister! That is amazing!" I exclaimed, bouncing slightly on the bed with a wide grin.

"No it's not." She said, looking away, shutting her eyes tight.

"Why?" I asked.

"I... Can't. Please sister. Leave." She said.

"No. Who is it Tia? I swear I will take over your mind to find out." I threatened.

"It's..." She muttered, looking down.

"Say that again?" I asked.

"King Leo!" She exclaimed. Too be honest I felt jealous that my sister loved somepony more than I...

"Our cousin?!" I gasped.

"Yes. Please Lulu... Help me." She sobbed.

"Ok... Look at me." I said, rubbing my head on hers. She shivered.

"Ok..." She said and looked into my eyes. I felt my heart flutter... I felt sorry for her.

"You must suppress these feelings. Eventually, they will go away. We have recently come into our prime sister. These feelings are natural for somepony you feel close to. As long as you do not act on them. Take some time to get over your crush. And even grieve if needs be. Don't be too hard on yourself. This is normal." I assured her, looking into her eyes all the time.

"Girls? Are you OK?" Came the voice of our best friend and mentor... Another Alicorn. He was white, with slicked back hair and a half sun half moon as his Cutie Mark.

"And find somepony else to crush on." I whispered, shifting my eyes to him. I was already crushing on him, but I didn't mind my sister also crushing on him... But unfortunately he didn't seem interested... He must not find me attractive...

"Luna!" She went red.

"See? You're already over him, are you not?" I asked.

"Yes." She said with a smile.

"Girls?" He asked.

"We're OK!" We both exclaimed, he jumped a little in surprise.

"Thank you sister." She kissed my cheek and I blushed...

"Well, it was nothing. We shall never part." We hugged and I felt a strange sensation in my chest. Soon after when the Elements of Harmony bonded them further I felt as close to my sister as I could...


We were supposed to be together... It is so clear now. It was destiny. It had to be... Maybe even with Ego...? I think it was.

(Continued in next chapter.)

[M, SoL] Chapter 10: Uncensored Edition

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;Princess Celestia's POV;

"I... Goodbye." I said to him... Sun! What was that daydream I had before...? I could hardly remember it...

"Sister..." Said Luna, putting her wing on my back, I jumped slightly and looked at her... Was it me or did she look nice today...? Even, beautiful...

What was I saying?! This was my sister! I looked to the left of me and saw Ego's sword without its sheath... I teleported it to him before it corrupted us again.

Suddenly i calmed down, my feelings subsided... Strange. First I was dreaming naughty thoughts about a bipedal being! And then even my sister?! What was wrong with me?!

I put my hoof on my chest... No... It can't be! I was in love with Ego?! And my sister?! Impossible! I... It can't be... How could I not have noticed!?

"Sister, are you OK?" Asked Luna.

"I am fine sister." I said. Shuddering as her wing touched me...

How long have I felt like this?! I thought back... It seems for a while... Now that I looked back, it was true. It was a feeling I paid no attention to, but since Ego awoke the feelings I finally noticed them... How I felt around both of them, how I shudder every time they are near, how my heart beats faster... How I feel so good, so elated... How I feel as if I can do anything...

Should I just admit it to them? No, they'd call me a freak... There was a small chance with Ego, yes, I loved him... But Luna? No... Not at all. My crush on her so long ago had returned... But why?!

;Tyrath's POV;

Creature, Twilight, Spike and myself all sat in a private carriage on the train... My sword teleported next to me and I put back in it's sheath, wondering how I keep misplacing it... I thought about the tradition and remembered I yelled at Twilight.

"Twilight." I said.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for yelling before." I said.

"It's fine." She smiled

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna told me about this tradition so..." I said and kissed her. "I forgive you." I smiled, she was blushing...

"Oh yes! The tradition!" She shook her head to wake herself up.

;Twilight's POV;

The tradition? Sure, Luna would think it was still around... But surely Celestia wouldn't. She knew it was one that died out... Not that I was adverse to the kiss... No! This is a different species! I had to play along until I could quiz Celestia as to why she told him this was still a tradition...

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw that Twilight had a thoughtful look on her face, it was now dark out so I sat back in my chair, preparing to sleep...

;Princess Luna's POV;

I bedded down to visit the dream realm and act as its Warden. I enjoyed my nightly duties

But once there I saw something I didn't suspect... Ego was sitting there among the doors to dreams...

"Ego?" I asked.

"Hmm? Princess Luna?" He asked, getting up. We both encircled each other, each wondering if the other was real. We both raised our hoof/hand and touched... Solid.

"You are here! How?" I asked.

"In my world I always visited the dream realm to see if I could access the dreams of the Black Ring. I tried here. Nothing." He said.

"It's good to know I won't be alone here anymore. Care to peruse some dreams?" I asked, wait, did I just basically ask him on a date?

"I..." He started to agree I think before he became transparent... "Maybe later. Twilight wants me." He chuckled.

"Of course." I smiled. He vanished completely and I felt empty... A strange feeling to have for just a friend... That’s all he is Luna... It's all he can be! We cannot... You do not have feelings for him Luna! He is just a good friend...

After spending time thinking I decided to enter my sister's dreams to see if she was OK, she worried me earlier... I trotted over to her door with the sun on it, and pushed open the door.

I entered slowly and saw her laying on the grass, it was in Canterlot Gardens, on the edge of the cliff, looking out at the rest of the land. The oaks, birch trees all towering above her.

A sparrow chirped above her head. One landed on her back. There was somepony approaching her... but he... Or her? Was silhouetted out... Suddenly the sun got brighter, signifying a high in emotion...

So she was in love with somepony! Great! But whom? This was so good! Tia needs a special somepony!

The scene was very peaceful. The atmosphere tranquil. It seemed normal. The sun brightened her alabaster fur. She was laying with her legs tucked under her. The pony sat beside her and she was nuzzling him... Then she kissed him... Or her?

"Hello, my beautiful mare." Said the pony in question. He sounded familiar...

"Oh hello Ego... Oh, this is so romantic." She... Said. Ego?! I saw his face and true form become visible, he was smiling lovingly at her... She rubbed her head on his shoulder.

'Oh sister... What have you gotten yourself into?' I thought. This is a foreigner! An alien! It could destroy my sister's reputation! Turn everypony against her! She must realise this! That it is wrong on so many levels!

They shared a deep kiss and rolled in the grass a few times before Ego landed atop her. Kissing her neck.

"Oh Celestia. I love you so much." He said...

"And I you. I am so glad I told you." She said, told him?

"I'm glad you confessed your love." He said, confessed? What?

"Oh my love... Your sun is so beautiful and perfect, just like you." He said.

"Oh Ego... It's only so bright and beautiful because you and our other friend have made it so by making me so happy." She smiled.

Other friend? Sister is sharing? With whom I wonder?

It is unnatural for her to love a being from somewhere else, and she is sharing?! It... Can't be.

"Oh, here she is." He said... Then the dream me appeared... And kissed Ego... Deeply... Why was the real me shuddering? The dream me's emotion was high...

"Oh, I am so sorry I'm late sweetie." 'I' apologised, nuzzling Ego...

"Well my gorgeous mare... How will you apologise? What kept you?"

"The ambassador simply couldn't wait. I think I need to be punished." 'I' said, turning around to them so my flank was facing them... What...? This was weird...

"That you do sister..." Breathed Celestia walking around 'me'. "Such a naughty mare... But I still want a kiss from my gorgeous little sister." Said Celestia and suddenly we... Kissed?! What?! I...

"AHHH!!" I screamed as I woke in my bed, bolting up... What was that? That must have been the wrong dream! Some stallion's wet dream... Just one that included Ego...? Buck, I don't know... I can't comprehend... I really do love my sister, I missed her dearly, but... this?! Not only is she in love with an alien, but also with me?! It can't be...

I just lay there thinking for hours... It was impossible... The wrong dream... There was only one way to know for sure... I opened my door with a big breath, my guards jumped.

"Remain here. I need to speak to my sister... Alone." I said. The guards outside her sister's chambers heard it as well. "Play cards or something until I come out." She said.

"Err... Yes, Your Highness..." Said Captain Starr uneasily and walked to my thestral guards, summoning a deck. I entered my sisters room and shut and locked the door. I saw her getting ready, she was looking at a pair of earrings...

"Ah! Luna! What are you doing up? No matter, have you seen these earrings! They are beautiful... I wonder how I got them?" She asked.

"Sister. We must talk" I said seriously.

"Hmm? What about?" She asked.

"About your crush." I said.

"Ah... You noticed?" She asked.

"I saw your dreams. I know you do not like me snooping but... "

"It's OK... What did you see?" She asked. She didn't remember...

"You... With somepony in Canterlot Gardens." She said.

"Oh? Well it is my favorite spot..." She said.

"It was Ego." I stated.

"Oh! Well, I..." She said.

"And then me. You then kissed me. Calling me 'gorgeous'... Pray tell why? Why do you dream about Ego and I this way?" I asked.

"Ah... Well you see... I... Well..." She stammered.

"Well?" I asked.

"It's only.. You see I..." She mumbled.

"Sister. Give me a straight answer or I will tell Ego what I saw." I warned.

"I love him! And I love you!" She exclaimed. And... Kissed me. I was shocked... She pulled back after a minute...

"..." I had no words as she looked at me.

"I have loved you for so long sister... I just never paid attention to the feelings. It's the same with Ego. I love Ego because I feel as if I have known him for a long time. As if I have harboured feelings for him for such a long time." She explained. I backed off...


"Please... Luna..." She said...

"..." I didn't speak.

"Remember I told you I had a crush on King Leo?" She asked.

"..." I never spoke, just nodded.

"Well, that wasn't true. I had a crush on you. But I managed to bury those feelings. I guess once I realised I loved Ego... It reminded me of how I loved you as well..." She admitted.

"..." I was still silent.

"When you left me, if left a hole in my heart. One that was never replaced until you returned. Without the moon, my sun was so lonely... I have loved you for so long but just never noticed... Please... Say something. Scream at me, tell me I'm a freak." She said.

"Oh..." I sighed...

"What?!" She exclaimed.

"You do not love me. You're just confused. It is simple. You do not love Ego! It must be somepony else and you just think it! Sister, this is unnatural! It's perverse!" I screamed.

"Luna..." She tried, tearing up. I just teleported out... But kept a listening spell in my sisters room...

I teleported to my room, shivering... No... This couldn't be... No...! She couldn't love me! It was a trick! A prank!

I listened with the spell and heard her crying... Sobbing, it broke my heart, but she needed to let it out. I was confused... Tired. And I needed to sleep again. Badly.

(Suggestive things ahead. Skip to next chapter if it makes you uncomfortable.)


I woke in the night with a clear mind.

Sister can not love me... Right? She cannot love Ego...

She can't! I thought back to the time she told me about King Leo...


I trotted along the smooth marble floors of our first Castle, passing room after room until I reached my sister's... I opened the door that had her Cutie Mark adorned on it.

"Luna!" Exclaimed Celestia as I entered her room, she was crying on her bed... She had already grown into her Alicorn form and looked incredibly feminine, even beautiful to the point that only a few years into our reign, and she was already receiving proposal letters from all around the kingdom.

"Sister, why are you crying? They are asking after you." I said.

"I... I just... Nothing." She said, averting her eyes from me...

"Sister you must tell me." I pleaded, putting my hooves on her cheeks, lifting her gaze to mine.

"I... Have a crush!" She exclaimed. Instead of being happy, she was sad. Her eyes red from crying

"Sister! That is amazing!" I exclaimed, bouncing slightly on the bed with a wide grin.

"No it's not." She said, looking away, shutting her eyes tight.

"Why?" I asked.

"I... Can't. Please sister. Leave." She said.

"No. Who is it Tia? I swear I will take over your mind to find out." I threatened.

"It's..." She muttered, looking down.

"Say that again?" I asked.

"King Leo!" She exclaimed. Too be honest I felt jealous that my sister loved somepony more than I...

"Our cousin?!" I gasped.

"Yes. Please Lulu... Help me." She sobbed.

"Ok... Look at me." I said, rubbing my head on hers. She shivered.

"Ok..." She said and looked into my eyes. I felt my heart flutter... I felt sorry for her.

"You must suppress these feelings. Eventually, they will go away. We have recently come into our prime sister. These feelings are natural for somepony you feel close to. As long as you do not act on them. Take some time to get over your crush. And even grieve if needs be. Don't be too hard on yourself. This is normal." I assured her, looking into her eyes all the time.

"Girls? Are you OK?" Came the voice of our best friend and mentor... Another Alicorn. He was white, with slicked back hair and a half sun half moon as his Cutie Mark.

"And find somepony else to crush on." I whispered, shifting my eyes to him. I was already crushing on him, but I didn't mind my sister also crushing on him... But unfortunately he didn't seem interested... He must not find me attractive...

"Luna!" She went red.

"See? You're already over him, are you not?" I asked.

"Yes." She said with a smile.

"Girls?" He asked.

"We're OK!" We both exclaimed, he jumped a little in surprise.

"Thank you sister." She kissed my cheek and I blushed...

"Well, it was nothing. We shall never part." We hugged and I felt a strange sensation in my chest. Soon after when the Elements of Harmony bonded them further I felt as close to my sister as I could...


We were supposed to be together... It is so clear now. It was destiny. It had to be... Maybe even with Ego...? I think it was.

(Continued in next chapter.)

[M, SoL] Chapter 11, pt 1: Together Forever...

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After my revelation I leapt out of bed and rushed to my door, before remembering the guards... I instead teleported to her room...

"Sister I'm so-" She cut off as I grabbed her head in my magic and kissed her... "Luna... Wha-" She cut off.

"Sister I..." I took a breath to think.

"I thought you thought my feelings were wrong. That they were unnatural..." Said Tia...

"I thought about it more... and came to realise... We have always supposed to have been together, with Ego, I think... But one thing I do know... Sister, I do love you." Admitted Luna.

"If we can be in love, why can't we be in love with Ego?" She asked. It was clear our feelings for him were true...

"Yes. Both of us. Seeing you and him kiss me in your dream... It made me wake up. I just didn't want to admit it, Which is why I was so horrified by everything." I explained.

"Well... I want to prove I love you." She said.

"How do you mean sister?" I asked.

"I want to love you Luna, as a marefriend does." She whispered.

"Bu- Sister..." I said but she bit my ear and I moaned before I could finish.

"Luna... I will be gentle." She said.

"But, so much, so soon... It is not a small thing you are asking." I said, concerned.

"I will stop whenever you wish. I promise. We will not do anything neither of us do not want to, OK?" She asked. She stripped us both down of our regalia, she then started pushing me forward while kissing me... My heart was pounding, skipping some beats. I shivered in slight fear...

I fell onto her bed and she climbed on top of me.

"Sister..." I started.

"No no, the only sound I want to hear from you, is pleasure." She whispered and kissed me deeply.

"If only Ego were here." I moaned suggestively as my sister rubbed her hoof on my marehood.

"I long to see his cock pounding into you sister. I wish to hear you calling his name as he shoots his thick load into you. We'll seduce him when he gets back. How does that sound?" Asked Tia.

"Like a plan." I moaned as she kissed my neck, taking some fur in her mouth as she pulled away...

"Now then, lay back and relax my sister." Said Celestia. She kissed around my neck and my cheeks before moving down to my chest, licking my fur, my hind leg twitched in pleasure and i moaned.

;Third Pony POV;

Celestia could smell her sisters arousal... And it turned her on... Her own sisters arousal was making her wet... So hot... She kissed her sister deeply before resuming kissing down her toned, slender, curvy body... Eventually she found two mounds and nipples, her sister's teats...

"Careful sister! So sensitive..." Breathed Luna. Celestia took one her nipples in her mouth and sucked leading Luna to moan loudly... Luckily she had cast a sound proofing spell while she cried earlier... After she had sucked both Luna's teats she moved down... Eventually she came to a light patch of fur, showing her goal was not far off... She took her sisters pubic hair into her mouth and extended her tongue, licking it ,eliciting a gasp and moan from her sister. She then moved down and put her muzzle in her sisters folds and inhaled, taking in her scent...

"You smell amazing sister. Ego will not be able to resist. I certainly can't." She looked up and saw her sister with wide eyes, her chest moving up and down rhythmically. Instead of diving in she kissed between where her sisters hind legs met her groin...

"Sister, please... I need you... I need you now." She pleaded. Celestia ran her tongue up her sisters left hind leg, causing her to whine and pant. She repeated with the other leg. "Sister, put your tongue inside me!" She exclaimed.

"Very well my love." She said and went back between her sister's legs, inhaling her scent again. She saw a pool of her sisters juice had collected beneath her on the bed... There was a bead of juice running down her folds... Her pussy was a teardrop... "You are amazing down here... So pretty... So beautiful..." Celestia let out her hot breath on her sister's marehood, causing her to shift and moan in pleasure.

Celestia wetly traced her tongue at the left side of Luna's pussy, she then did the same on the other side. Next, she ran her tongue over the right outer lip from bottom to top, and then the same with the left.

"S-s-sister! Please... No teasing..." She moaned.

"You taste of blueberry... So delicious..." Celestia kissed the trail of excitement, breaking it, tasting her sisters juice again... She extended her tongue again and lapped up her sisters nectar from the source... Her sister was getting even more wet, and Celestia wasn't about to waste it, she ran her tongue over her sister's entrance, spreading her juice all over her pussy. She flicked her tongue in her sister and back out, entering her pussy, pushing in, pulling out, going deeper each time. She inhaled again and her sisters scent was making her incredibly wet...

"Sister, put your vagina on mine. I want to cum with you." Moaned Luna, Celestia crawled up Luna and kissed her, sharing her juice... "You're right... Blueberry." She moaned. Celestia put her hind legs over her sisters so their slits were positioned above each other.

"Let's make it... Interesting." Breathed Celestia.

"How so?" Asked Luna.

"Lets make a bet. Whoever cums first has to wait for Ego's hard cock. Whoever cums second, gets to seduce him first." She grinned.

"You're on. I'm so bucking Ego before you." She challenged.

"We'll see." She smirked.

"The winner also cannot alleviate themselves in any way until she seduces Ego." Challenged Luna.

"Very well sister. I would rather feel Ego's throbbing stallionhood inside me than my own hoof." Answered Celestia, causing Luna to get even wetter.

"Not if I get him first." Breathed Luna.

"We'll see... Shall I?" Moaned Celestia, her pussy already dripping over her sisters...

"Do it!" Exclaimed Luna and Celestia lowered her hips, her and her sister making love as intimately as two mares can without a certain spell... They both rocked their hips in tandem, the sound of wet slapping was heard. Both sisters muzzles were contorted in pleasure...

"This feels... So good!" Moaned Luna. What felt like electricity was running through her body.

"Oh yes my sister... I love you!" Exclaimed Celestia and kissed her sister.

"MMMM..." Groaned Luna into her sister's mouth. "I love you as well... This is so dirty." She grinned.

"Agreed Sister... Oh Lulu, I'm... Oh... I'm gonna..." Moaned Celestia.

"Me too sister! Cum all over me! Please!" Called Luna looking into her sister's eyes. "Oh yes, Tia!!!!" Yelled Luna, having a world-shaking orgasm. They rode out their orgasms by grinding their hips together.

"Luna!!!" Called Celestia as the tidal wave of an orgasm rolled over her, taking her in a vice grip... Her eyes rolled backwards and she panted in pleasure. Celestia then collapsed next to her sister, taking her in an embrace.

"Darn." Breathed Luna.

"I... Win." Panted Celestia.

"Lucky mare." Panted Luna in return.

"For now, sleep my little sister." Breathed Celestia.

"I love you Tia." Sighed Luna.

"And I you." Replied her sister.

"But I really want Ego to join us." She said with a shaky breath.

"I agree sister." Smiled Celestia. "But I'm first." She whispered.

"Oh, I so envy you... Will you tell me what it's like?" Asked Luna.

"Of course, I'll make sure you can hear me scream." She said and went to get up.

"Wait..." Pleaded Luna, her sisters lay back down. "Will you stay with me tonight sister?" Asked Luna.

"Is the door locked? Can anypony catch us?" She asked.

"No." Resolved Luna.

"Then of course sister." She smiled.

"We need a proper plan for you to seduce him..." Smiled Luna dreamily.

"Agreed, tomorrow we will formulate a plan. And of course I will stay with you, we will be together forever." Promised Celestia.

"With Ego... Please Moon, say with Ego." Pleaded Luna as they fell asleep...

[SoL] Chapter 11, pt 2: A Train Journey... Or Two.

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;2 days earlier - Tyrath's POV;

Creature, Twilight, Spike and myself all sat in a private carriage on the train... My sword teleported next to me and I put back in it's sheath, wondering how I keep misplacing it... I thought about the tradition and remembered I yelled at Twilight.

"Twilight." I said.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for yelling before." I said.

"It's fine." She smiled

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna told me about this tradition so..." I said and kissed her. "I forgive you." I smiled, she was blushing...

"Oh yes! The tradition!" She shook her head to wake herself up.

;Twilight's POV;

The tradition? Sure, Luna would think it was still around... But surely Celestia wouldn't. She knew it was one that died out... Not that I was adverse to the kiss... No! This is a different species! I had to play along until I could quiz Celestia as to why she told him this was still a tradition...

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw that Twilight had a thoughtful look on her face, it was now dark out so I sat back in my chair, preparing to sleep...

;10 minutes later;

"Ego!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Wha...? What?" I asked as I woke up. Remembering seeing Princess Luna in the dream world, that would be a good way to communicate across distances...

"We just got a letter through." Explained Spike.

"Apparently the threat has moved on from Whinnyapolis to Saddle Arabia..." Continued Twilight.

"Just as the Princesses predicted." I nodded.

"We're stopping at Whinnyapolis and hopping on the next train to Saddle Arabia." She told us.

"Got it." I said.

"We have just over half an hour to grab any essentials we need from Whinnyapolis." Said Twilight.

"We got everything?" I asked.

"I just need some scrolls and quills before we move on so I can give my reports in to the Princesses." She informed.

"Sounds good. We got stuff we need to do as well." I shrugged.

'But Master, we won't be able to access the Battle Tower once we get to Saddle Arabia!' Pointed out Creature.

'Shit! The Battle Tower! I forgot about it the entire time i've been here! They must be worried!' I thought.

'Not so, I have told them you are OK and have been reporting our progress to Sassan. I forgot to remind you. Ironic no?' He thought, chuckling in his mind. 'I apologise for forgetting Master...' He apologised.

'It's good. We'll go when Twilight goes to get her quills when we stop.' I assured.

'Understood Master.' He nodded to me and I nodded back.


;4 hours later and about 25 gem recounts;

The train pulled into Whinnyapolis and we disembarked.

"Right, I'm going to find a stationary store. I'll be back soon." She smiled.

"Sure. See you soon." I waved Spike hopped on her back and they ran off...

"Right. Shall we?" I asked.

"Master." He bowed. I used my Dragon Stone and teleported back. I was in my dining room at the Waypoint Shrine.

"My Lord!" Exclaimed Sassan and hugged me... Jeez... Oh, she was a black Unicorn...

"I'm fine... I'm good." I chuckled.

"Creature has told me everything! Those Alicorn whorses!" She exclaimed.

"It's fine. They were tricked into it." I informed.

"By whom?" Asked Sassan as we entered my room.

"Their nephew, Blueblood." I said,

"I shall get every piece of information on him I can My Lord." She bowed and ran out.

"Excellent. Now then, Creature pack some satchels. Books, potions, weapons, food, scriptures, ingridients, anything we need." I said.

"How many?" He asked.

"Four, that’s two each." I decided.

"At once!" He exclaimed and ran off I took some time to put some stuff in my teleportation chest, I know that can get through but nothing else... It took me about 30 minutes to replace things, deciding what to keep and what to throw...

"My Lord? What is happening?" She asked as she returned.

"We're headed to Saddle Arabia to deal with the Black Ring." I explained.

"Saddle Arabia?" Asked Sassan.

"Apparently it's a desert country. I don't know much else other than the Black Ring are there." I shrugged.

"Understood My Lord."

"Problem is, they have a shield up that prevents anyone entering or leaving the city without explicit permission." I said.

"So you will not be able to return here until you leave?" She asked.

"Correct." I said.

"I sent the Runners to collect information on Blueblood. They should be ready when you return." She said.

"Good." I nodded.

"Good luck My Lord." She smiled.

"Thanks you." I smiled back.

"Master! I'm back." Said Creature he had four satchels chock full of items. He was panting and moving slowly because of the weight. I took two satchels and hauled them over my back.

"My Lord, be careful." She said.

"Always." I smiled. And teleported back.


"Ego! Sweet Celestia!" Cried Twilight in surprise and all her scrolls and quills went everywhere as I teleported next to her on the platform...

"Well she is sweet..." I mumbled... I mean she is just a sweet pony, you know? She's really nice...

"Huh?" Asked Twilight.

"Nothing." I waved her off.

"Ok..." Said Twilight uneasily.

"Here's our train guys!" Said Spike.

"Good. Let's get going." I resolved.

Chapter 12: Saddle Up!

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As our train pulled into Saddle Arabia, I saw what they meant by 'sandy'... The buildings themselves were made from sandstone! There was sand everywhere! I wouldn't be surprised if the ponies were made out of sand... Although Twilight assures me they're not.

We came to checkpoint in the shield. Some guards inspected the train before giving us the go ahead to pull in to the station.

"Ok, here we go! I'll follow your lead!" Exclaimed Twilight, Spike and her stayed behind Creature and I as the doors opened, we stepped out to be greeted by a pony...

"Greetings My Lord. I am Emissary Scroll." He said.

"Evening." I greeted in return.

"Salutations." Said Creature.

"Hi! I'm Twil-" Started Twilight.

"Silence mare! You will when spoken to here!" Yelled the Emissary, causing Twilight to cower.

"Talk to her like that again, and you will not like the consequences." I warned, the guards with him flinched at that and tightened their 'grip' on their spears.

"These are our traditions. You will follow them while here or leave." He warned.

"Sure. See ya." I said. Creature and I turned around.

"Wait!" He exclaimed. I grinned for a second but put an expression of genuine inquiry on my face as I turned.

"Hmm?" I asked.

"Fine. The mare can have her liberties for now." Said the Emissary.

"For now? Bye." I waved.

"Fine!" He exclaimed, almost pleading.

"Good. Now then. I wish to see your rulers." I said.

"Ruler. You aren’t in Equestria anymore." He said as we walked through the streets. The street was cordoned off and ponies were gathered, they lined the sides of the streets, looking out at me. I saw many ponies being pushed, shoved or pestered by the guards in the crowd... What the fuck?!

"Ruler? I thought you had a royal family?" I asked. He snorted.

"They were arrested for treason by our king." He stated. I stopped for a second... These were friends of the Princesses... I doubt they did anything bad... Shit...

"King?" Asked Twilight, the Emissary's head whirled around without him breaking stride but he took a breath.

"Yes. We have a rightful king on the throne now." He smirked.

"I see." I said

"Welcome to Sandstone Stronghold." He said suddenly a platoon of guards rna past.

"Emissary Scroll! A rebel has been spotted!" He exclaimed.

"Just go to the Stronghold! I will be back post haste!" He exclaimed and followed the guards.

I nodded as we got in view of the grand silver gates to the Palace.

"Nice." I smiled.

I saw two ponies with collars ready to push open the gates... Slaves?! They had fucking slaves?! Fuck me...

"Twilight Sparkle. Do they have slaves?" Asked Creature, slowing up to walk next to her.

"I... Not usually, nor do they subjugate mares. They are very old traditions that the Princesses demanded they relinquish..." Informed Twilight. Creature picked up the pace to walk next to me.

"Master... Can we allow this?" Asked Creature.

"For now... I hate slavery." I growled. I really did. One thing on my to-do list was to free the Yuthul Gor Orc slaves. I also hated gender inequality... It was wrong.

"But Master..." He said.

"I know!" I quietly exclaimed. "We just have to deal with the Black Ring first. Then we free them." I informed.

"How Master?" I asked.

"Civility. By force if necessary." I told him.

"What?" Asked Spike. I put him on my shoulders as we approached the Stronghold.

"Listen up bud, we're going to free these slaves after we deal with the Black Ring." I informed.

"Good. Slavery is wrong." He agreed, I put him on Twilight's back. We approached the gates.

"Do not move." Said a guard.

"What the buck are you? Euch." The guard shook his head in disgust.

"I'm the fucking tooth fairy. Now, I have business with your King. Apparently he left his balls at home because he hasn't even got them to meet me in pony." I said, assuming 'in pony' instead of 'in person' was used.

"Excuse me?" He asked and pointed a spear at me.

"Put that away before you hurt yourself." I said dismissively.

"As if our King would want to even lay eyes on you." Snorted one.

"Move your asses. I haven't got the time for this." I sighed.

"I swear I will..." Growled one.

"Sir Draconis, shall we?" Asked the Emissary before noticing the guards blocking me. "Why are you blocking our guests?" Growled the Emissary. They were quick to move their spears. They banged them on the ground twice, signaling the slaves to open the heavy gates. We stood in a courtyard.

"Wait here and I will fetch the King." He said and entered the Stronghold.

I looked in alleyway and saw some kind of commotion... It seemed in a different language...

"Twilight. Got a book on the native language?" I asked.

"Here." She said and passed it over. I read it and learned the language.

"Thanks. Wait here." I said and entered the alley.

"ابق بعيدا!" Exclaimed the scared Pony in question... I concentrated and allowed the language to translate into my own... "I said stay away!" Exclaimed the pony behind some crates. Cornered by two guards. I crouched down behind the crates and observed.

"Trying to escape are we?" Chuckled a guard.

"No! I was... Just going to the market!" Defended the pony.

"Sure... Sounds like we need some punishment." Chuckled the other guard and removed his belt...

"No... Please..." She cried, I saw a little filly poke her head out from behind her mother... Terrified.

"L-l-l-leave mother alone!" She cried.

"Aww... Lookie here, a little warrior. Maybe one day a guard hmm? We should enrol her. Oh wait, mares cannot become guards. Or anything of value. This requires more punishment for acting against tradition." He chuckled.

"I do not think so." I said, stepping out.

"Oh, this must be the ape the King wanted to deal with our problems." Said one who turned around.

"So, what do want? To watch? This mare is being promoted from slave, to breeding mare." He chuckled...

"She is, is she?" I asked, approaching them.

"Yeah, you want a turn?" He asked. "I doubt an ape will get a mare any other way.... Or do your preferences lean more towards... The foals way of thinking..." He asked, glancing back toward the filly... What. The. Fuck?! These bastards... "They are more easy to tame from a young age... So tight." He said, growling a little in pleasure from picturing his first filly, I was reading his mind... He was even becoming erect... Fucking rapist pedophile bastard.

"Hmm... I don't know, what do you think?" I asked, playing along.

"Don't you dare hurt her!" Yelled the mare, stepping forward.

"Don't you worry sweetie. Your turn will come." Said the other.

The one in front of me was at full mast... Good. Time to enact my plan.

"So-" Started the one in front of me before a slicing was heard... His eyes went wide as I stood there with a friendly, innocent smile on my face and my now bloodstained combat knife in hand.

"Buddy? What's up?" Asked his friend, walking up to him... He was just standing there, starting to shake, tears forming in his eyes. "Buddy?" He asked. Suddenly his friend's two veg fell to the floor beneath him and blood splattered beneath him as well... I cast a sound cancelling spell just in case.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" He yelled and fell to the floor, shivering and crying...

"What did you do?!" Asked his friend, unsheathing his sword.

"Well, they weren't being used the correct way, so I removed them." I shrugged. The conscious guard shivered.

"Y-y..." He started,

"night." I said and slit his throat, throwing him to the side. I approached the mare who backed off.

"You just want us to yourself? Is that it?!" She screamed. I crouched down.

"No. I don't err... You know...? In fact I've never even... Ahem." I coughed.

"You... Haven't?" She asked. Relieved.


"Are you... A rebel?" She asked.

"Err..." I started.

"Part of the Righteous Rebels? The militia group?" She asked. Righteous Rebels? Doesn't leave much to the imagination.

"There's a group fighting against the King?" I asked.

"Yes. They wish to reinstate the royal family. I'm not sure how. But I do know it is them who freed me." She admitted.

"I see. No, I am not part of the Militia, but I wish I was. I am working for the King to deal with those Floating Islands." I admitted.

"So..." She backed off.

"I am only on his side for now. I do not condone slavery. Far from it. Once I have dealt with the Black Ring, I swear I will free your brethren and bring back the royal family. On my honor." I said.

"Thank you. I will inform the rebels when I meet them they have a friend on the inside." She said.

"My thanks. Now leave. Quickly. Take your filly and escape. Do you have a way?" I asked.

"There is a secret tunnel in this alley but they followed me, so I couldn't use it. The rebels use it to free us. It's unfortunate it is so close to the Stronghold, but it's the only way." She whispered and entered a grate.

"وداعا." I said goodbye in their native language.

"Thank you for saving mommy." Said the filly as she entered with her mother. I waved to her with an uneasy smile.

I left the alley and went back to the others. Twilight went to ask where I went but the Emissary returned.

"Lord Ego Draconis. Meet our King, King Kaiser." He said. I saw a dark brown pony in bronze armor with even a bronze mask on... His eyes also had a blue hue to them... What the fuck...?

"Greetings Sir Draconis." He bowed as we bowed to him.

"My King, I must inform you that Miss Twilight Sparkle here will not conforming with our male dominance. Sir Draconis supports her." Informed the Emissary. I saw the King's eyes through the mask flash with hate for a second...

"...Very well." He agreed unhappily.

"Well, shall we? We should go inside." Asked the Emissary.

"You are correct Scroll." He said and started to lead us to the Castle. Suddenly a slave walked in front of him, not seeing the King and the KIng never broke stride, causing him to stumble over the slave.

"Oh... My King! I am so..." He stopped as the King smacked him in the face.

"You will be... Lashes." He said and Scroll summoned a whip.

"I do not think so." I said and stepped forward quick as a flash. Placing my knife to the King's neck. The guards pointed their spears at me. Creature unsheathed his two blades. Their spears are easily avoided. They could not stop me if they tried...

"Sir Draconis, you will conform to the rest of our traditions. If I die or you interfere we will cease relationships with Equestria. That will mean war." He warned.

"I..." I sighed and backed off, removing my knife. I didn't want to disappoint the Princesses or put undue pressure on them. I made a 'down' simle with my hand and Creature put his blades away.

"Thank for trying good sir, you certainly are a light in an otherwise dark world." He said, I saw him wink. "حرية." He said 'Hurria'. It translated to 'Freedom'... The King went to lash him but he bucked the King in the chest and teleported away...

"Search the city! He cannot have left." Said the King and the guards ran away to search.

"Now. Follow me." He said.

"Sure." I said.

"Hey... You see the ape?" A guard stifled a laugh. Unfortunately, Creature heard.

"Excuse me?!" He growled and held a sword to the guard's throat who gulped.

"Calm it, Creature." I said.

"What seems to be the problem?" Asked the King.

"This prick insulted my Master. Called him an ape." Growled Creature.

"Well, he is." Shrugged the King.

"What...?" Asked Creature. Glaring at the King.

"It's fine. This glorified piece of shit is just jealous I could kill him and his guards in a split second." I shrugged.

"Jealous?! I do not think so." He challenged.

"Whatever." I shrugged.

"...Come." He said and led us inside. Ignoring my comment. He then led us to our room.

"You and your friend get separate rooms. The mare and small Dragon will have to bunk with one of you." He said.

"Very well." I nodded.

"We have called a dinner meeting in 10 minutes." He said and walked away.

"Twilight. Spike. Shall we?" I asked. And we opened our door.

"I will see you at dinner." Said Creature and entered his room as we entered ours.

It was large with a four poster bed on the left side of the room and the door to the bathroom on the right side. A few beige cupboards. Otherwise spartan. I saw a kind of... Dog bed next to the actual bed... Must be for slaves... Or women... I mean, mares. Bastards. I put my satchels down in the corner. And heard a knock at the door.

I answered it and saw a collared pony...

"Yes?" I asked.

"S-s-Sir D-D-D-Draconis?" He asked.

"Correct." I nodded.

"I will be your slave for the duration of your visit. May I lead you to dinner sir?" He asked.

"Yes. Thank you. First, name?" I asked.

"Name?" He asked.

"Yes." I nodded.

"Black sir. Black Smith." He said.

"You're Equestrian, yes?" I asked. I was beginning to tell the pony races apart.

"Yes sir." He answered.

"Where from?" I asked.

"Black?!" Exclaimed Spike.

"Spike!" He exclaimed and they hugged.

"Black Smith? Is that you?" Asked Twilight.

"Miss Sparkle!" He exclaimed and hugged her as well.

"I take it you know them?" I asked.

"Yes sir. I used to be the blacksmith in Ponyville. I was here requisitioning some metals before they declared all foreigners without a work or resident pass slaves." He said.

"I see... Isn't that illegal?" I asked.

"I do not think the Princesses knew." He informed.

"I see. Well, shall we?" I asked.

"Please sirs. Ma'am." He said. We walked through the Stronghold until we stopped outside some actual marble doors... He opened the door for me and I saw 12 ponies including Creature around a table. Each one had a pony slave standing next to them. There were two cushions free.

I sat next to Creature and Spike next to me.

"Black. Can you get a seat for Twilight please?" I asked.

"Of course." He said and pulled up a cushion and she sat down.

"A seat? My, you treat your breed mare well. She must treat you well." Chuckled one of them. Twilight blushed.

"Breed mare? Friend." I corrected.

"Ah. I forget. Equestria is stuck in the past." He nodded.

"You mean advancing into the future? Slavery and subjugation is wrong, you must understand." I said.

"Wrong! Sir, I must say it is the way forward! The nobility have power. And the poor have a purpose." He countered.

"A purpose? To serve? Freedom is the way." I said.

"Before we continue. Dinner. You eat meat yes? Steak is a favorite of meat eaters." Said the King.

"Sounds amazing." I nodded. So long since I've had a steak...

"Do you have hay salad?" Asked Twilight. Everypony looked at each other and burst out laughing. She looked sheepish.

"We do not serve mares at this table!" Laughed the King.

"You will serve her." I said seriously. Everypony stopped laughing slowly as they all realised I was serious.

"Fine." Said a noble.

"Now then. The problem." I said.

"Indeed. It is getting out of hoof." Said one.

"We need a solution shortly." Said another.

"For the Black Ring?" I asked.

"No... For the Rebels..." Said one.

"That is why you are here correct? To preserve our traditions?" Asked a different one.

"No. I am here to deal with the Black Ring. Nothing more." I shrugged.

"Well, here is the thing. These 'Rebels' have joined your 'Black Ring' so..." Said the King.

"Sure... Yeah... No. I am not here to advocate slavery. I stand against it and always will." I said.

"It is also your problem." He said.

"I will not sacrifice my own beliefs. My principles, for anyone. Goodbye." I said and stood up, suddenly the King nodded and a guard grabbed Spike and held a dagger to his throat.

"Twilight!" He cried in fright. I spun around.

"Spike!" She exclaimed and started toward him, the guard pressed the knife a little more, causing a little dark blue blood to trickle on the knife... She stopped.

"Let. Him. Go." I warned.

"You will deal with the Rebels. The Princesses will not start a war over an assistant. Probably not even over a student. So you will do as we say." Warned the King.

"Fuck... Fine." I growled.

"Take him to the dungeon. We must ensure he will not go back on his offer. Now, sit down." He said. I complied as they dragged Spike away... Our food also arrived.

"Now then. Your objective is to deal with the rebels. Capture their leader and he will grant you access to the Black Ring." Said the King as I ate my steak quickly, I was starving...

"Black." I said. I saw Twilight was staying silent, eating slowly, a blank look on her face.

"Sir?" He asked.

"Thank the chef for me would you?" I asked.

"Of course sir." He said and walked out.

"What as he got to offer?" Asked another pony.

"Well, General, he killed a lot of enemies in the Castle when freeing the Princesses." He said.

"The Princesses? Those pushovers? Ha!" Laughed the General.

"Pushovers?" I asked.

"They could not defend their kingdom to save their lives, as you witnessed. All that talk about them defeating Discord and Sombra is horseapples. Celestia couldn't even defend against a fucking Changeling! They had to get outside help! We have held these Black Ring off for weeks! And they cannot even defend against them for a second!? Ha!" He exclaimed.

"..." I had nothing to say. He had a point. They were taken by surprise, but the fact they didn't even manage to subdue a single one of them... If was strange... They had insider help, yes... Maybe they had certain access to the Castle...

"Is our other guest coming?" Asked the King.

"Yes, she will be here soon." Said the General.

"She?" I asked.

"Another hairless ape. She beat me in single combat! That earns respect." He said suddenly the door opened.


"Commander Rhode?!"

Chapter 13: An Old Friend?

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"Dragon-Knight." She greeted.

"What the... Rhode?! Bellegar froze you!" I exclaimed.

"He did. And then when Behrlihn was freed anyway, he unfroze me." She answered.

"Wow." I said.

"I know. I was also surprised." She chuckled.

"Wait, so... You were beaten by the Rhyming Rascal?" I asked, that was his nickname I chose.

"He was a powerful wizard..." She said.

"Is, I didn't kill him. No need. I like him. He's a good guy, although he doubted me. But he actually apologised." I told her.

"If I see the bastard again I'll cut his balls off." She growled.

"Got it." I chuckled.

"So, you defended Aleroth?" She asked.

"Correct." I answered.

"Well... Well done Dragon-Knight." She smiled.

"Cheers... How are you here anyway?" I asked.

"When he unfroze me, after a month he then threw me through a portal. As a prank I suppose. I landed here." She said. Bellegar didn't do it... I know that... Not on purpose anyway...

"Well, you are still as beautiful as ever." I smiled as she actually blushed.

"Well, Dragon-Knight, you got even more handsome. I apologise I jumped to conclusions about your intentions... I heard about Lucien the Divine clearing your name... We must seem so ignorant." She was actually apologising?!

"A little, but it wasn't your fault. The Damned One is very manipulative. I've felt horrible about that day. When I had to kill Marius, Gene and Gunther." I said.

"You remember their names?" She asked.

"I have their names tattooed on my left arm. To remember what I am. Who I am. Who I have become. To remind myself that I fight for good. No matter what."

"That is very noble...." She looked into my blue eyes and I her silver ones...

"Ahem, shall we?" Asked the King.

"Ah yes, talking of Marius..." She said and he entered...

"Marius!?!?" I asked in surprise...

"Yes. Hello Dragon." He greeted.

"B-b-but I..." I mumbled.

"You killed me. Twice. I know. Rhode informed me of Lucien clearing your name. He would not lie, so you know I forgive you. I must know if you forgive me..." He asked.

"I do." I answered.

"Thank you. It must be hard to forgive those who hunted your entire race to extinction." He said.

"Well, I've never known the company of another Dragon-Knight apart from Lord Lovis." I shrugged. Remembering the ancient Dragon-Knight I freed from Maxos' eternal torture.

"Still... I am sorry." He apologised.

"It's fine." I assured him,

"back to the matter at hand, or hoof. These Rebels certainly are a problem. We need to deal with them swiftly." She said. Still taking charge...

"Draconis, I am pairing you up with Rhode." Said the General.

"Understood." I nodded.

"Draconis? You mean Drace?" She asked.

"I do not go by Drace anymore. I am Tyrath Kyelinth, AKA Ego Draconis. I left Drace Reynfaire for dead along with Talana." I informed.

"Well, the rebels will be dealt with swiftly." Chuckled the General.

"Wait, you are OK with slavery Rhode?" I asked.

"It is their tradition. From what I understand, these 'Royals' allowed ponies to commit crimes without punishment. There was anarchy." She said. Putting her two hands on the table opposite me.

"From what 'I' understand they are good ponies." I said, putting my hands down.

"Still butting heads?" Chuckled Marius. "It does not matter your opinion Dragon. I also am against it. But we must follow the Commander. Damien has evil Dragons. We will kill them. We need the King's help to do that." He said.

"Marius, you are with Twilight." Said the General.

"Understood." He nodded.

"Fine." I said.

"So. Tomorrow, you will begin. We have a rebel in the dungeon you can all interrogate." He said and dismissed us...

We went back to our rooms...

"This is me." said Rhode.

"Well-" I stopped as she kissed me.

"I've wanted to do that for a while... See you later... Dragon." She smirked. I shook my head.

"I'm here." Said Marius, going in the room opposite.

"Good to see you again." I said and we shook hands.

"Divine! That's a firm handshake!" He exclaimed, rubbing his hand in pain.

"Sorry. Later." I said and continued on. I was still downtrodden about Spike, and Creature could tell.

"Master... There was nothing you could do." Comforted Creature.

"Thanks... See you tomorrow." I said as he went inside.

"Well then. Dismissed Black. Goodnight." I smiled.

"Thank you sir. Goodnight." He said.

We went into our room and when I shut the door Twilight jumped into my arms, burying her head in my shoulder and crying.

"Why didn't you stop him?!" She sobbed... Hitting her hooves on my chest lightly, not meaning it.

"I'm sorry. I could not risk starting a war. I promise it will be fine. I'll get him back." I promised, carrying her over to the bed and putting her down. "You sleep here. I'll sleep on the floor." I said. As I went to walk away she grabbed my hand with magic and pulled me down, still crying into my shoulder.

"Don't leave... Please..." She cried.

"Ok. I'm here..." I said as she cried and I rubbed her back soothingly... I think.

"Thank you..." She sniffed and we fell asleep...

Chapter 14: Determination

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I was in the dream world again. Wandering...

"Ego?" Asked Princess Luna. I turned to look at her. She had a twinkle in her eyes... Pleasure? It seemed so...

"What happened to 'Sir Draconis'?" I chuckled. But for some reason she blushed heavily...

"I apologise! I just-" I cut her off.

"It's fine. Twas merely a jest." I assured her.

"Ah." She said. She had a wide smile for some reason...

"Listen Princess... The Saddle Arabians have enslaved a lot of ponies! They subjugate mares!" I said. The colour drained from her cheeks and she looked away... "You knew..." I said, laughing a bit in disbelief.

"Wait! We did, but we knew you would not go otherwise! We want you to stop it! There is nothing we can do ourselves without starting a war! Which is why we sent you! You must understand!" She said. I sighed.

"I do. I see your reasoning." She breathed a massive sigh of relief and hugged me.

"Thank you. I couldn't lose your friendship again." She said.

"It's good." I said. As she let go.

"What else to report?" She asked.

"They have also imprisoned the royal family on the grounds of treason." I informed.

"They have? This is serious... You must do something." She said.

"I'll try." I nodded.

"Thank you... It seems I must awake for Night Court." She said.

"Bye Princess." I said and she vanished. As she did, Princess Celestia appeared.

"Ah, Princess Celestia." I smiled.

"You called me my name..." She smiled and... Blushed?! What was with the Princesses?

"Yeah..." I said.

"I..." She started. Suddenly she surged forward and kissed me...

"What the..." I asked and pulled away...

"Oh... I'm sorry! Heightened emotions in dreams... One of my sisters pranks." She chuckled nervously.

"It's OK." I shrugged. I wouldn't put it past the Night Matriarch... I'd have to get her back.

"So, you have found out about the situation? I am sorry we didn't tell you..." She said.

"It's fine." I shrugged.

"Ok... Phew." She breathed.

"What?" I asked.

"Just glad you took it OK." She smiled.

"Of course." I said.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Are you OK? Your sister and yourself look flushed and are in particularly good moods..." I said.

"Oh, it's nothing. We're just glad you are our friend now." She smiled. She sure was smiling a lot...

"Thanks. It's good to have friends." I smiled.

"Just... Friends? Don't you have a marefriend back home?" She asked.

"Well... It has recently come to my attention an old flame is here in Saddle Arabia... She kissed me. I think we are in love." I said.

"What?!" Yelled the Princess, causing the dreamscape to shake...

"Divine...!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry! I'm just so happy for you!" She exclaimed. Was she crying?

"Err, well thank-" I stopped.

"I have to go!" She exclaimed and vanished...


;Third Pony POV;

Princess Celestia shot up in her bed...

"No... No... No! It... It must have been a nightmare! Another of Luna's pranks!" She exclaimed...

"Sister? What is the matter?" Asked Luna, teleporting in her sister's room to check on her, to see her crying.

"If this is a prank so help me..." She growled.

"A prank? Sister, not while you sleep. I would not." She told her.

"Ego has... Found somepony else from his own world!" She cried, literally sobbing into her hooves Luna moved backwards and sank against the door... In complete shock...

"Sister... If you are pranking me, I will literally tie you to the bed and use a spell to put you in heat so you cannot pleasure yourself." She warned.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" She asked, looking at her with red eyes with tears streaming down her face.

"Please say you are pranking me!" She exclaimed, grabbing her sister in her hooves and shaking her. Her sister just looked down in tears. "P-p-p-please?" She asked.

"I AM NOT KIDDING LUNA!" She yelled, sobbing.

"Tia..." They both hugged and cried into each others manes.

"Princess? Is everything OK?" Asked a guard from the other side of the door.

"It's fine! My sister just had a nightmare about banishing me! I am consoling her." Exclaimed Luna. Managing to hide her breaking voice... And heart, from the guard.

"I see! I hope she is OK!" Exclaimed the guard. She thought it was Sergeant Glitter... He fell in love with Tia the day he enrolled in the guard...

"..." Luna just sat there and cried...

"Why sister... Why couldn't it work out? Just once? Lulu, we have never had a stallion that cared for us rather than our crown until now... And somepony else snatched him away first... I knew it. He was too good to be true... I knew it." Celestia sobbed. Suddenly Luna stopped crying and lifted her sisters head up

"Sister. Tia. Look at me. We must not give up!" Exclaimed Luna.

"What can we do? He kissed her Lulu... She's an old flame... She has much more chance than us. She is a Human as well..." She said.

"So? Sister, we are in love with him. He is too busy to do anything much over there. To quote our niece, love conquers all." She resolved.

"What if he is in love with her?" Asked Celestia.

"Sister, must you be so pessimistic?! Tia... We have our hearts set on him. We will try! We must!" Exclaimed Luna.

"Maybe this is a wake up call we're freaks... That we shouldn't have fell in love with somepony from another universe..." Replied Celestia.

"No! Sister, I love him. And so do you. We cannot deny it. We will still enact our plan. Got it?" Asked Luna.

"Very well... Thank you Lulu." Smiled Celestia in return.

"It is nothing. I must return to Night Court." Sniffed Luna.

"Sister." Called Celestia.


"We will get him. Do not despair." Smiled Celestia.

"Thank you dear sister." Smiled Luna as she exited her sibling's room.

Chapter 15: The Betrayal

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I got out of bed after talking with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. I saw Twilight get out of the other side of the bed... She was moping about Spike and I didn't blame her.

"Morning Twilight." I smiled sombrely.

"Morning." She sighed. Her eyes still red from crying.

"I promise, we'll get Spike back." I said.

"Thanks... I just hope he's OK..." She said.

"He will be. He's a strong Dragon." I assured her.

I exited my room with Twilight in tow.

"Good morning Master." Bowed Creature.

"Unfortunately not." I mumbled.

"Indeed." Agreed Creature. I saw our 2 companions approach.

"Tyrath, come." Said Rhode and walked past me.

"Oooook." I nodded and began to follow her. "She's still taking charge..." I sighed.

"Morning Dragon-Knight." Nodded Marius.

"Morning Marius. We have the rebel?" I asked.

"Yes. He is in the dungeon." Informed Marius.

"Got it." I said and walked quicker to catch up to Rhode.

"We will need to extract the information from him." She said.

"Yeah... So, how was your night?" I asked, glancing at her from the corner of my eye.

"Very good. And yours?" She asked.

"Amicable." I told her.

"I do wish I had some company." She sighed.

"Maybe you could have some tomorrow?" I asked.

"Sounds... Lovely." She smiled.

Eventually we got to the dungeon entrance.

"Enter. 5th cell on the right." Said the guard.

We all nodded and walked down some more steps into a row of cells. We got to the cell he was in.

"Spike!" Exclaimed Twilight and ran to the next 2 cells along.

"Twilight!" Cried Spike and they embraced through the cell bars as best they could.

"Spike!" I exclaimed and jogged over.

"Ego!" He exclaimed and I patted him on the shoulder.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Yeah... It's scary here." He looked down.

"You'll be fine. You're strong. Just hold on, OK? I'll get you out." I promised.

"Yeah! I'll be fine! It's not too bad!" He waved me off, playing the man. Good lad.

"OK, we need to go. We'll be back soon." I promised again.

"It's OK." He shrugged.

"Good man." I smiled and ruffled his head.

"We'll get you out." Also promised Twilight.

"Tyrath. Come." Said Rhode. I got back up and walked over to see a pony sitting in the corner... We opened the cell door.

"So. You're here on behalf of the King?" He asked.

"No, the fucking pied piper asked us, what do you think?" I asked.

"Haha... Funny." He chuckled.

"Commander, give me and Twilight 10 minutes." I requested.

"Very well, you always were the best interrogator." She nodded and walked out with Marius. I grabbed him and picked him up, pinning him to the bars.

"Now listen. And listen close." I whispered to him.

"What? Going to trade the gossip?" He chuckled.

"Very good. Now listen. I'm on your side here. I hate the king as much as you do. Maybe more. Listen, I need the location of the rebels so I can help them and I also need something else. Tell me and I'll get you out." I said.

"You could be lying." He snarled.

"I could be, but can you afford that chance?" I asked.

"Ok... Fine. What do you want to know?" He asked.

"The location of the Royal Family."

"Deeper in the dungeons."

"The rebels' connection to the Black Ring."

"What? Those weird guys that look like you with Floating Islands? We were still considering their offer when I was captured. We didn't trust them as far as we could throw them, but it seemed we were left with little choice." He admitted.

"The rebel base?" I asked.

"..." He hesitated.

"Come on!" I exclaimed.

"The grate outside the Castle? You know it?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"We spread the rumour it leads outside the city. It does, but it also goes through our base." He admitted.

"Good, here." I said and slipped him a lockpick.

"A lockpick?" He asked.

"If you get caught again, you did not get this from me." I whispered harshly.

"Understood. Thank you." He said.

"One request." I asked.

"Name it." He said.

"The little Dragon a few cells down? Get him out as well. Get him to your closest outpost." I said.

"Very well." He nodded.

"Good. Now I must leave." I said and turned away. Twilight heard everything. I exited the cell, shut the door and turned to see the king standing between Marius and Rhode. "Got it." I nodded.

"So, you are on their side?" He asked and two guards grabbed my arms with magic.

"No." I said calmly.

"I've tried for weeks to extract information from that scum, yet one conversation with no torture and he gives up his secrets to you?" He asked.

"I used a Dragon mind attack." I lied.

"Ah, excellent use of your powers Dragon-Knight." Nodded Rhode as the two guards let me go with a nod from the King.

"Thank you. I try." I nodded.

"Well, we should go." She said. We exited the dungeon.

"So where is it?" Asked the King.

"You'll know when you see the smoke rising from it." I smiled.

"Good. Do not disappoint." Said the King and we exited the Castle.

"So where is it?" Asked Marius as he two guards opened the gate for us. I noticed a patrol following us...

"We’re close..." I mumbled before dragging the two other Humans into the ally and Twilight followed quickly.

"What is the meaning of this-?" Rhode stopped as I interrupted.

"Will you join me against the King?" I asked quickly.

"What?" She asked.

"You heard." I said.

"No. I will not, this is treason Dragon-Knight-"

"Wrong answer." As she came close to me and I roundhouse kicked her, she hit the opposite wall and fell to the ground. I turned and pinned Marius to the wall with my combat knife to his throat.

"Wha-" He started.

"Twilight. Grate!" I exclaimed and she began to open it.

"Woah woah woah!" He exclaimed, holding his hands up to his chest in surrender. "Now then, I'm on your side on this one, nice kick by the way." He said.

"Yeah, thanks. So you're on my side?" I asked suspiciously.

"I agree that slavery and sexism is wrong and we need to stop it. But Commander Rhode is in charge. For now. You should take over, she is completely out of line." He said.

"I cannot. I am a Dragon-Knight. I am no longer a Slayer. You could take over." I suggested.

"Me? I cannot I..." He started.

"You can Marius! You need to stand up to her!" I exclaimed.

"She is the Commander. I cannot. I am not strong like you or her. You were the better Slayer, even when you turned into a Dragon-Knight." He said. I backed off and sheathed my knife.

"I never was. I was Drace, he was evil." I stated. I heard clanking armour... And saw shadows of guards...

"They’re coming." He said.

"You can do it Marius." I said.

"I will try. Now hit me." He said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"They can't know!" He said.

"Psst!" Came a voice, I looked to the roof and saw the rebel from the cells with Spike asleep on his back...

"Spike!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I will get him out!" He exclaimed and disappeared.

"Now! Do it! The King has no leverage on you!" He exclaimed.

"Ok. Night night!" I exclaimed and punched him, laying him out.

"Come on!" Exclaimed Twilight. I rushed to the grate and slid under it. Shutting it as I descended into the dark depths below.

Chapter 16: Rebel Yell

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As Twilight and I ran through the sewers toward what we had to assume was the rebel base, we stopped to catch our breath.

"I shouldn't have left him..." Panted Twilight.

"He'll be fine." I nodded.

"I hope so..." She said.

"Come on. Let's keep moving." I said and we kept going. There were arrows pointing the way forwards luckily.

"What if the arrows only lead out and the base is hidden?" She asked.

"I doubt it. The rebel told me the path out also leads through their base." I said.

"So-" She stopped as we saw a metal door up ahead with lanterns.

"There!" I exclaimed. We approached the door.

"Should we knock?" She asked.

"Why not?" I asked and knocked loudly on the door. Nothing. I tried again. "Maybe nopony's home." I shrugged.

"What?" Came a male voice from the other side and a eye slit in the door opened.

"We're looking for the rebels?" I asked.

"We have not been informed of any escapees... Especially none that look like you..." Said the voice. "Who do you work for?!" It asked.

"We're not escapees. We're allies. Here to help you." I said.

"How do we know?" He asked.

"حرية." I said. He went wide eyed.

"حرية." He replied quickly. Shutting the eye slit and opening the door.

"What was that?" Asked Twilight.

"Freedom. In their language." I said.

"I see." She said as we followed the sentry. Eventually we came across a makeshift base. A campfire at the center.

"Ah!" Came a voice. I saw the pony I tried to stop the king lashing earlier.

"Hey, it's you." I said.

"Yeah. Good to see you. Thanks for trying to save me earlier." He said.

"No problem." I shrugged.

"Still I thank you." He said.

"Spike!" Exclaimed Twilight. I saw the Pony I freed come in from the back entrance with Spike on his back who hopped down when he saw Twilight. He ran over and they embraced.

"Alim!" He exclaimed, the stallion talking to me turned around.

"Bari!" He replied.

"So your name is Alim?" I asked.

"Yes. Alim al Abad. This is my brother, Bari al Abad." He introduced us.

"Looks like you've saved the entire family." Chuckled Bari.

"So it would seem." I chuckled.

"So why are you here? I thought you were working, albeit begrudgingly, for the king?" Asked Alim.

"Well I was at first, until I learned they were keeping the royal family hostage and I found out how they treat other ponies." I informed them as we sat by the fire.

"Then they captured the baby Dragon and held him hostage unless he did what they said." Added Bari.

"Now we have him back, I can fight against him now." I said.

"You have a plan? Bakr, come over here." Said Alim. A stallion who looked like the leader came over.

"Bari! Good to see you alive!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks to this strange being." Replied Bari.

"What do we call you?" Asked Alim.

"Dragon-Knight." I replied.

"Dragon-Knight, this is Abdul Bakr. Our leader."

"So, you freed Bari and defended Alim? You have our thanks."

"No problem." I said.

"So you have a plan?" Asked Bakr.

"We need to expose this base." I said bluntly. All conversation stopped and everypony turned to me.

"What?! Are you mad?!" Asked Bakr.

"No. We all need to evacuate and launch an attack on the castle. If we expose the base, the king will send his best, probably all of his soldiers. That leaves his castle exposed." I said.

"Interesting... What do you propose?" Asked Bakr...

;10 minutes later;

"When do you we execute this?" Asked Alim.

"As soon as you can evacuate everypony." I said.

"Tonight." Replied Bakr

;A few hours later - Sandstone Stronghold;

As Commander Rhode came around, she groaned. A servant then gasped and ran out of the room.

"You're awake then?" Came a voice.

"Yes..." She replied. She saw Marius standing over her.

"What happened?" He asked.

"I don't remember... I think a rebel knocked me out?" She asked.

"It seems so. They fled unfortunately. I had to carry you back." He said.

"What is happening?" She asked as she saw guards running past her room.

"Tyrath found the rebel base. The king is going to storm it. All the soldiers are gathering outside." Explained Marius.

"We must join them!" Exclaimed Rhode, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You must. I have been ordered to remain to lead what is left of the guard in the castle." Said Marius.

"Very well." She replied. She jumped up, grabbed her sword and ran out. Marius waited about a minute or two.

"You can come out now Tyrath." He said. I slid from underneath the bed, clutching my sword to my chest and I summoned Creature.

"Thank The Divine. It was fucking uncomfortable down there." I said, stretching my arms.

"I imagine. What's the plan?" Asked Marius.

"Watch." I said. I opened the window and whistled. Two guards stationed below looked up, nodded and gestured to other guards stationed across the side of the Stronghold. They all started climbing up the windows they were stationed under. If you looked hard enough at the shadows at the side of the building, you might see a pile of guards, mouths gagged, hooves bound, armor stolen.

The two guards stationed under the Commander's window removed their helmets.

"OK! We're in!" Exclaimed Alim.

"Calm Alim." Said Bari.

"Sorry, I'm so exited! We've actually infiltrated the Stronghold!" He whispered.

"It's fine. Marius, is everything set up?" I asked as I headed to the door, I looked left and right down the corridor. No pony. I exited and everypony else followed.

"Oh yes. The Generals are waiting in the meeting room for the King to get back." Said Marius.

"Good. Let's hustle. Marius, you know the plan?" I asked.

"My part? Of course." He nodded.

"Good. This is your turn." I said. He nodded and did a sharp left toward the meeting room. Alim, Bari, Creature and myself kept walking.

"Here, the dungeons." Said Alim.

"Yes..." Shuddered Bari.

"It is OK brother. This time you're on the right side of the bars." Smirked Alim.

"You're right. Shall we?" Asked Bari. I went first and was followed by the others. I walked past the Warden. He went to stand up but a swift jab to his muzzle put him to sleep.

"Bari, tie him up and put him in a cell, you're into kinky stuff. Oh and guard the entrance." Said Alim.

"Just cause you're older, doesn't mean you're in charge!" Called Bari after us, shaking his head with a smirk. We went past the cells, all empty.

"They're deep inside, according to my brother." Said Alim. We went down further... I took a torch from a sconce and gave it to Creature. My Dragon Vision allowe dme to see in the dark flawlessly. The others needed a torch.

I looked in the cells... Ah!

I saw four ponies in a cell. I opened it up.

"Who goes there!? More of Kaiser's minions?!" Came a male voice.

"We will not sign over out kingdom legally! No matter what!" Called a female. I took the torch and held it before the source of the voices. They were a mare and stallion. The stallion had moderate violet eyes and his mane was light gold and pale, light grayish olive and his coat was grayish tangelo. The mare had moderate Persian blue eyes and a brilliant cornflower blue mane and her coat was a pale, light grayish heliotrope. They were both more horse-like in thir features than most. Even though most Saddle Arabians look more horse-like, these two look the most like the equines from my home.

"We're here to help. If you want your kingdom back, you need to also help us." I said. "What are your names?" I asked.

"My name is Haakim, my wife is Amira." Said the male. The two foals were also stallion and mare. The male had teal eyes, a black mane and a dark blue coat. The filly had green eyes, a yellow mane and a red coat. "These are our foals, Baaqir and Khairiya." Said Haakim.

"Good to meet you. We need your help to stage a coup against Kaiser." I said.

"So he actually got his hooves on our country? Well, he didn't take it legally. Come dear." Said Amira.

"I agree." Said Haakim.

"My name is Alim al Abad. I will take your children to safety." Bowed Alim.

"Thank you Alim... Al Abad? Your father worked in my personal guard." Said Haakim.

"Indeed. He passed not long ago." Informed Alim.

"Ah. We should talk when this is over, you and your brother." Said Haakim.

"How did you know...?" Asked Alim.

"Your father and I always used to chat. He told me about his two sons. Troublemaker Alim and coolheaded Bari." Chuckled Haakim.

"Thank you Your Majesty." Said Alim, he used a secret tunnel to leave with the children.

"Be safe." Said Amira.

"My name is Tyrath. Tyrath Kyelinth. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna sent me to get you out." I said.

"Good old Celestia. I haven't met Luna yet. Our ancestors told us of her, and her kindness toward us however." Said Amira.

"She is a very nice Pony." I said. We came to the exit and Bari had left to execute the last stage of the plan... I looked both ways down the corridors again. We walked to the meeting room and waited outside for the signal...

I heard hushed talking... Then the main door opened.

"What is the meaning of this?! What's the emergency that interrupted my sacking of the rebel base?!" Came the voice of the King.

"That's our cue." I nodded. Creature nodded and we burst in.

"What now-" The King turned to me but stopped as the Royal family came into view. Marius pulled his sword out and pointed it at the King and Rhode.

"My apologies Commander. But I am declaring you out of line, and relieving you of duty as Slayer Commander due to you abdicating your responsibility as a Slayer. And also I am placing you, every military commander under King Kaiser, and the King himself under arrest due to gross negligence of the lives of others, partaking in slavery, allowing rape and the subjugation of mares." He spoke.

"Marius?!" Asked Rhode, shocked.

"Guards!" Exclaimed Kaiser. No response.

"Guards!" Exclaimed Haakim. The guards then pointed their spears at the King and Rhode. "It is as the one known as Marius said, you are both under arrest." Said Haakim.

"Take them away!" Ordered Amira. The guards led them away.

"It is done." Sighed Marius.

"Thank you my strange friends. You saved us and gave us our country back." Said Haakim. Suddenly, Alim and Bari ran in with the foals, laughing and playing. They jumped into their parents hooves.

"Mommy, daddy? Can Alim and Bari stay?!" Asked Baaquir.

"Please, please, please, please????!!!!" Exclaimed Khairiya.

"Alim, would you consider becoming my new personal guard?" Asked Haakim.

"Bari, would you become my personal guard?" Asked Amira.

"Yes! Thank you Your Majesty!" Exclaimed Alim.

"That would be fantastic, Your Highness." Bowed Bari.

"Now then, Marius and Tyrath. The two we have to still thank."

"Indeed. We are indebted." Bowed Amira.

"It is nothing." I shrugged. "I must get back to Equestria soon anyway." I shrugged.

"Excuse me, Mr. Marius." Said Haakim.

"I prefer just Marius Your Majesty." Bowed Marius.

"Would you consider becoming my new Commander? We could use your help in the coming days." Requested Haakim.

"I would be honored." Nodded Marius.

"Wonderful! As for you, Tyrath... I cannot think of a suitable reward..." Said Haakim.

"I only require your aid against the Black Ring, Your Majesty." I asked.

"But of course! Err... Who are they?" Asked Amira. Suddenly, a rebel pony burst in, bowed and ran to me.

"Master Tyrath! Out troops in the west wing were attacked! Twilight Sparkle and Spike have been captured!" He exclaimed. I ran out as Marius began to explain about the Black Ring.

I followed the Pony and eventually came upon the dead bodies of some rebels... The blood trail led into the Servants Quarters. I saw Black Smith looking out the window. He turned.

"Lord Tyrath! Lady Sparkle and Spike were taken away! I told one of the rebels as soon as I saw them!" He exclaimed.

"Great..." I said.

"And there's this." Said Black and moved out of the way. I saw Bakr, injured, lying against the window.

"Dragon-Knight..." He coughed. "The Black Ring took your friends. We attempted to stop them but..." He gestured with his hoof to the massacre that was the Servants Quarters.

"It's OK. Take this." I said and gave him a health potion, he managed to stand.

"Thank you." He nodded.

"Go see the Royal family in the meeting room." I said. He limped away and Black and the rebel supported him.

"Right, now then-" I was cut off.

"Dragon-Knight." Came a voice. I turned and was hit in the face, knocked cold... It went black...

Chapter 17: Family Reunion

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As I came to I noticed I was in a room... Not just any room, but it was familiar... I was hanging by my arms, which were bound by chains attached to the ceiling, holding me up... I remember, it was a torture room. I had maybe used it before? No, it was on a Flying Fortress... I looked around and saw Twilight, unconscious and in a similar predicament to me.

"Whoring sphincter shitpoles..." I mumbled. There was a fireplace in the room and two chairs. It looked homely, if it wasn't for the numerous torture devices... "Twi? Twilight?" I whispered harshly. She also came around.

"Huh...? Tyrath? Where are we?!" She asked as she struggled against her chains.

"A Flying Fortress... Whose? I don't know..." I said, struggling against the chains myself.

"Ah, you are awake." Came a masculine voice. I barely recognised it...

"You're very perceptive." I spoke venomously. The speaker was in the shadows, and obscured by them.

"It is good you are here. It will give us a chance to catch up." Said whoever it was.

"Catch up? Just who are you?" I asked.

"Yeah! Show yourself!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Very well." He said and stepped out...


It can't be...

"Father?!?!!!" I exclaimed, in complete disbelief.



"Hello son." He said. He wore a Black Ring General's armour...

"Your father?!?!" Asked Twilight. I stopped struggling, in fact I stopped my movement altogether...

"Yes... But... You died! You were killed!" I exclaimed... It was impossible! I was in shock.

"No." He answered simply.

"You were! When the village was attacked by Demons!" I exclaimed.

"HAHAHA! I guess my little distraction worked then." He chuckled.

"Distraction... But I don't..." I started.

"You see, as you can tell my boy, I am part of the Black Ring. I have been since before you were born." He smiled.

"But... How? It..." I couldn't form sentences. How was it possible?!!!!???? Any of it????!!!

"When Damien was sent to Damnation, some of his Black Ring were still around, me included. We all made a pact to stay hidden until his return. So I became a farmer, pretending to be an ex-Paladin of The Divine. I met your mother, who really was an ex-Paladin. We fell in love and you were born. Once you were brought into the world, I made you our backup plan. Just in case Damien ever were to die. There is also half of the Chaos Essence inside you." He said.

"What? But..." I tried to comprehend this.

"You were not only my legacy, but I gave you the ability to become somebody in the world. Not just a worthless farmboy." He spoke.

"I am somebody. And I achieved that without your help."

"However, you mother found out and told the villagers. I didn't know. Then, I walked in on her, about to smother you with a pillow. I entered a rage, and tore her to pieces. Then, in my rage, when they came for us, I also butchered the villagers. Didn't you ever wonder why you were the only survivor? I left some Demon Claws behind, some scales, a few summoning circles and left to calm down. When I could trust myself around you again, I went back to look for you. But you had vanished. I assumed you had been killed in a fire, or maybe a villager had survived and either killed or kidnapped you. It was years later I found you had been taken by the Dragon Slayers. I decided there was no better training for you, so I left you to be trained by those fools. Then, it all went wrong when you began a crusade against Damien and the Black Ring. You would have been by my side! Hell, you might even be a General yourself if I had found you." He said.

"That explains Drace..." I realised.

"Hmm?" Asked my father.

"Before I became who I am today... I used to be almost evil... It was you! The Chaos Essence that was corrupting me! But when I became a Dragon-Knight I resisted it! It becomes so clear." I said.

"So, you changed your name from Drace?" He asked.

"I'm glad I did now." I scowled.

"I also changed my name. From Tomalin Reynfaire, back to General Zayne Le Tornaeu. Damien's right hand man." He smirked. "You disappointed me when you began slaughtering my fellow Generals." He said.

"Never thought I'd be so glad to be a disappointment to one of my parents." I chuckled.

"Indeed? As much as I am disappointed you have been killing off Black Ring. I can't help but be proud to you. You are your own man, you stick to your principles, you are a deadly warrior and a Dragon-Knight at that." He said.

"Thanks I guess." I said.

"So why? Why did you begin this mad crusade against us?" Asked my father.

"Damien. When Talana died, she showed Drace her mission. What Damien was about to do. Drace was even contemplating joining him. Then something, a spark ignited inside him. That spark was me. I murdered Drace and left him to die with Talana." I spoke.

"No, you maimed him and left him helpless. But now, it is time for you to join us. For Drace to return." He said with his arms open wide.

"Sure, just unlock these chains." I smirked.

"Haha, nice try. But you see, I am going to make sure." He got the Claw of Abraxas out of it's sheath and placed it next to me. "You may have noticed by now, your concussion. I know that it lowers your Indomitable Will. So, I will leave you to the sword." He said, turning and walking. "Oh and, say hello to Stone for me." He chuckled and walked out.

"Twilight! Quick! Here!" I exclaimed and used a frost spell on her chains, which were weaker than mine. It froze them and made them brittle. I saw Spike not far away, sleeping. He'd been given a sleeping potion. "Pull!" I exclaimed. Twilight did and broke her chains.

"I'm free!" She whispered.

"I can see that. Grab Spike and run!" I exclaimed.

"What about you?!" She asked.

"These chains are too tough! Just go! Warn the Princesses!" I said. Twilight picked Spike up and before she left she turned to me. "Run!" I exclaimed. She complied...



;1 hour later - Third Pony POV;

"What is wrong sister?" Asked Princess Luna, seeing Princess Celestia reading a letter very closely.

"I have just gotten a letter from Haakim... Everything is in order..." Princess Celestia said, furrowing her brow.

"But...?" Asked Princess Luna.

"But... They said Ego and Twilight disappeared and they assumed they were on the way back here... But they should be here by now. Twilight should be able to teleport and Ego can fly..." Said Princess Celestia.

"Sister... Maybe they are..." Said Princess Luna, tapping her sister on the shoulder, who turned to look out of her window. She saw another Flying Fortress...

"Come! We need to get out there!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. Her and Luna gathered the guard and exited the Castle. They saw Twilight's 5 friends standing there, each with their Element equipped. Rarity also held Twilight's in her magic.

"Princess! We came as soon as we could!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Yeah, we're ready! We just need Twilight!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Well-" Princess Celestia cut off as a line of communication magic opened in front of her, they saw Twilight, crouching in a dark corner, Spike was watching behind them.

"Princess! Can you hear me?!" Asked Twilight.

"Twilight! My most faithful student, I can hear you. You friends are here."

"Really? Good! Listen, they captured me and Spike but we managed to escape, barely. But I had to leave Ego! I'm going to get him, but I'll need help! Tell the girls to bring the Elements."

"Already got them!" Exclaimed Pinkie, jumping in front of the magic, showing her Element.

"Good! Get up here! Quick!" She exclaimed. The line cut off.

"You heard her girls!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. "Let's go!" She exclaimed. The Princesses flew up, levitating Applejack and Pinkie Pie with them. Rarity levitated herself and the two Pegasi flew up also.

They got up and saw many Black Ring waiting. The Princesses were ready, spells charged and let loose. The Black Ring all went flying, most off of the Fortress, plummeting to their deaths. Others slammed into walls, their spines or necks severing with the impact.

"Well well well... Glad you could make it." Came a voice. They turned and saw Ego standing there. A wicked grin on his face. The girls went to greet him, but the Princesses extended their wings, blocking them.

"Ego... Is that you?" Asked the Princess.

"No. My name is Drace. Drace Reynfaire." He spoke, bowing.

"No..." Gasped Princess Celestia.

"Ego! We know you're in there!" Exclaimed Princess Luna.

"Oh he is. But soon, he will die. Along with all of you." Smirked Drace.

"Indeed, son. Good to see you're on our side now." Said General Le Tornaeu. Coming behind the girls, cutting off their escape. Princess Luna spun around and stood before him, blocking him from the girls while Princess Celestia blocked Drace.

"Ready father?" Asked Drace.

"Ready." He smirked.

"3." Began Drace.

"2." Said General Le Tornaeu

"1-" Started Drace before he was cut off by a blast of magic from behind. It threw him off and he fell to the floor. While Le Tornaeu was distracted, Princess Luna picked him up in her magic and threw him into a wall, knocking him out.

Suddenly Twilight levitated down, revealing her to be the source of the magic that felled Drace. She joined her friends.

"My Element!" Exclaimed Twilight. Rainbow flew it to her and Twilight donned it. They needed a target... Drace? And maybe lose a friend? Or Zayne Le Tornaeu and end a General... They couldn't risk hurting Ego. They aimed at Zayne but the Elements suddenly directed their rainbow beam to Drace, as well as the Princesses and the bearers themselves. It hit them and Drace cried out.

;Drace Reynfaire's POV;

Suddenly memories began to surge through me... Maxos' failed spell... Princess Cadence's wedding... The Crystal Empire... Meeting Maxos' ghost... Princess Celestia's date... And then I also remembered travelling back through time....


He woke up. He was standing in the same place...

"All of you, run!" I exclaimed. Suddenly, Twilight spotted Spike, with his tail trapped under rubble...

Twilight was panting, also having remembered everything...

"You heard him! I'll get Spike! You all go!" Yelled Twilight, everypony else got off the Fortress. Twilight ran over to Spike and began to lift the rubble off of him.

"Son? What are you waiting for? End her!" Exclaimed my father, who had recovered...

"Sorry father. That's not happening." I spoke. I pointed my palm at the control tower of this Flying Fortress and summoned a giant fireball. It hit it and the Fortress was going down. In an empty field luckily.

"What are you doing?!" Asked my father. He was about to draw his sword, but I was quicker. "I'll kill you for this!" He yelled as he began to pull his sword.

"Not happening." I said, I cut my father's arm off with an upward swing and kicked him away. I quickly sheathed my sword, slung it on my back, grabbed Twilight and Spike and quickly leapt from the doomed Fortress.

I entered freefall as the Fortress exploded midair behind us. Debris began to fall as well, I rolled midair to avoid some. I turned into a Dragon, meanwhile Twilight and Spike were holding on to my scales on my back.

I swooped down and landed outside the Castle. I turned back into my Human form and Twilight let go of me.

"Holy Hay... That. Was. Intense!!!!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"You're Divinedamned right it was." I breathed. I looked up at the smoke in the clouds, the remains of the Fortress...

Suddenly the Castle doors swung open and the two Princess and five mares tackled me to the ground.

"Oh my! Ego! I remember now!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia.

"As do I! How did we forget?!" Asked Princess Luna.

"Yeah... I'll have to deal with that..." I growled. I became happy again as I hugged them back.

"Ego! That was so awesome! Just like the time you saved us from the Black Ring in the Empire!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Ohmygoshweremember!!!!" Yelled Pinkie.

"Indeed Pinkie, darling. Thank you Ego. It appears we are in your debt again." Said Rarity.

"It's good to see you again, Ego. And remember that we've seen you." Smiled Fluttershy.

"Well pardner, I can't say I know why I forgot ya, but now I remember, it's a good to see ya!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Yeah, it must have been a powerful magic spell, to have wiped all our memories like that..." Pondered Twilight.

"Indeed." I growled.

"Look, we need to get back to Ponyville. Are you coming?" Asked Twilight, placing the Elements inside a box and passing the box to Princess Celestia.

"Not yet." I said as I looked at Princess Celestia.

"OK. We'll see you back there." Smiled Twilight. They all left and I followed the Princess into a tower of Canterlot Castle. She unlocked a room and put the box containing the Elements inside.

"Now that they are secure..." She turned around... We both surged forward, kissing each other passionately.

"Princess..." I breathed.

"Ego..." She replied.

"I do believe I owe Princess Luna a date." I chuckled, Celestia blushed and nodded.

"Indeed you do." Came the voice of the Princess of the Night.

"I have an idea. That banquet you were going to hold for Creature and myself? I'll be your date." I said.

"That is an excellent idea!" Exclaimed Luna.

"I agree. The banquet is in three days time. 9 O'Clock. The girls and Spike are also invited." Informed Princess Celestia.

"Very well." I nodded. We exited the tower where there Elements of Harmony were kept. As we left, I saw a crowd of Ponies outside.

"It's him! The Saviour of Canterlot!" Exclaimed a mare, standing on her hindlegs and pointing at me with a hoof. Everypony started screaming, yelling, trying to talk to me, get my autograph, the usual Hero malarkey.

"If I were you, I'd leave. Post-haste." Chuckled Princess Celestia. I quickly turned into a Dragon and flew away, to my Battle Tower. I needed to sleep, I was so exhausted!

I landed at the Tower and remembered I had business to deal with. I called a massive staff meeting I sat on my throne with my staff before me. Unbeknonest to them, I'd locked the door once they were all inside.

"My Lord! You're alive!" Exclaimed Sassan and hugged me. I rolled my eyes and hugged her back.

"I am indeed. Much to the dismay of an individual in this very room." I spoke. Everyone looked at each other uneasily.

"What are you saying My Lord?" Asked Hermosa.

"I'm saying... We have a traitor here." I said gravely. Everybody gasped and cast suspicious glances at each other.

"My Lord, how could that be?! You know every single per- err, Pony here is loyal to you and only you!" Replied Sassan.

"Apparently not. I was sent through time and met Maxos himself. Just before I was sent away, I felt the source of the spell responsible. And it came from here." I informed them. All eyes were on Jonelath, as he was ex-Black Ring.


"It was not him. It was powerful magic used. While Jonelath is a powerful Necomancer, he strengths end there. The kind of magic we're talking about is time altering." I said.

"But that leaves..." Began Wesson... Turning to find Erlking gone and trying to open the doors.

"I locked you in Erlking. You will pay for this." I growled. I got up and walked over to him. I drew my sword.

"Foolish Dragon!!! Long live the Black Ring!!!" Exclaimed Erlking and used an emergency teleportation spell... He was gone.

"He was prepared." Said Sasson.

"Indeed he was. Tom, Dick, Harry. What did you find on Blueblood?" I asked.

"He's the Princesses nephew... By whom I do not know... Neither Luna nor Celestia have ever been pregnant..." Said Harry, turning to Dick.

"He's the 'great great great great great great great great great great great' and probably even more greats nephew of Celestia's and Luna's, on their mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking." He spoke.

"Boy is he a doozy..." Chuckled Tom. "Get this, Rarity, your friend I believe? Used to have a crush on him. Before she met him in person. From a few witnesses, I've acquired the following: she expected Prince Blueblood to give her a rose that he picked, but he took it for himself. He brought a cushion only for himself to sit in the castle's yard, leaving Rarity without a comfortable seat. He made Rarity use her shawl to cover a puddle so he didn't get dirty. He expected Rarity to open the door for him. And he expected her to pay for his dinner. When Applejack's cake was catapulted across the room at him, he pushed Rarity in front of him to use as a shield so that he wouldn't get messy. And lastly he inconsiderately dispraised Applejack's food in presence of her. He's a jackass all around. Through and through."

"I can tell." I nodded.

"What will you do about him?" Asked Sassan,

"For now? Nothing. I need to wait this out. When he slips up again, I'll get the bastard." I nodded.

"As you wish Lord Dragon." Bowed Sassan.

"Now then, I'm absolutely exhausted. Good night." I yawned and headed off to bed, wondering what tomorrow will bring...

Chapter 18: Oh Pinkie Pie! Where art thou?

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The next day I landed at Ponyville Square.

"Hey you!" Came the voice of Pinkie Pie.

"Hey Pinkie." I smiled.

"Finally! You've stopped calling me Mrs. Pie!" She laughed.

"I know." I chuckled.

"Hey you!" Said... Pinkie Pie... Behind me.

I turned and there was another Pinkie Pie. I pulled my sword.

"Is this Changeling magic!?" I exclaimed. Suddenly, another Pinkie Pie hopped into view. Changelings wouldn't become more than one Pony... I sheathed my sword. "What in Lucien's name...?" I asked as I saw about... 20 Pinkie Pie's bouncing around, and I saw more in the distance as well...

"Ego! Thank Celestia you're here!" Exclaimed Twilight, galloping over to me.

"Twi? What, er... Just what?" I asked.

"I have no idea. But there're too many Pinkie Pie's!" Said Twilight.

"You don't say..." I mumbled. Suddenly, one of them beset on me.

"EGO!!! YOU'VE GOTTA HELP ME! THERE ARE TOO MANY OF ME AROUND, AND NO ONE BELIEVES I'M THE REAL PINKIE!" Yelled one of them, jumping up, putting her hooves on my shoulders. I focused, but she looked like the others. Attention to detail didn't matter here, these were exact copies...

"Sorry, but..." I shrugged.

"You aren't sure if I'm the real Pinkie!" She sobbed, jumped off me, and walked away, sulking. Twilight, Spike and myself all walked through the square.

"Ego, ponies are gathering outside Golden Oaks. Will you join me?" Asked Twilight.

"Of course. We need to maintain control." I nodded. We worked our way to the front and stood before the crowd. Everypony was angry, even Fluttershy! That's when you know something is wrong...

"Okay, everypony! Please, calm down!" Exclaimed Twilight.

Calm down? I just had a Pinkie hurricane raging through my shop!” exclaimed Rarity.

“And they trashed our critter picnic!” added Fluttershy. Everypony began shouting and arguing.

"Everypony, please." I said calmly, holding my hand out. Everypony quietened as I spoke. It seems I have quite an affect on them. "We will work on something to help. Do not fret." I said.

“He's right! Hang on while we try to figure something out! Come on, guys." Spoke Twilight to Spike and myself as we made haste into the library.

"What're we looking for?!" I asked quickly.

"Something about a mirror that duplicates!" Exclaimed Twilight. I began reading as quickly as I could. "I've gotta try to remember the name of that legend she mentioned!" Exclaimed Twilight as we flipped through books. I saw Spike reach behind the bookshelf and press something... Twilight and I headed over and saw a secret compartment open up...

"Well I'll be a Wizard's beard..." I mumbled as we saw a hidden book... Spike pulled it out and went flying. As he landed in my arms I chuckled and shook my head, putting him down. Twilight flipped through the book.

“Aha, here it is!” 'The legend of the Mirror Pond...' It describes a spell I can use to send them back where they came from!” exclaimed Twilight excitedly.

“That's perfect! Let's go!” nodded Spike, about to open the door.

“But there's a catch. If I can't figure out which one's the real Pinkie, I might send her back by mistake!” warned Twilight, scared she'd lose her friend.

“Well, we'll just have to figure out who the real one is then. Shouldn't be too hard." Shrugged Spike. I gave him an incredulous look as we addressed the crowd again.

“Does anypony here know how we can tell the real Pinkie Pie from all the rest of them?" Asked Twilight. Everypony mumbled answers. All negative.

"Great..." I mumbled. Suddenly a Pinkie emerged from the crowd.

“Twilight, Ego! I have to talk to you, I need your help!” exclaimed the Pinkie.

“Excuse me, whoever you are..." Began Twilight as a Pinkie had moved beside her and began copying her para-linguistics and mouthing her words. "But I'm not talking to any of you Pinkies unless you're the real Pinkie." Explained Twilight.

“Oh, but, but I am the real Pinkie!” exclaimed the one in the crowd.

“No, you're not! I'm the real Pinkie!” said the one beside Twilight.

“I'm the real Pinkie!” said another

“No, I'm the real Pinkie!” said yet another one

“I'm the real Pinkie!”

“No, I'm the real Pinkie!”

“I'm the real Pinkie!”

“Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!” they all chanted.

“How in tarnation are we supposed to tell which is the real Pinkie?" Asked Applejack with a worried look, coming up beside Twilight and I. Pinkies were running and bouncing around all over the joint...

"Not a clue. They're all completely identical..." I pointed out. I grabbed a Pinkie and looked at her hoof. "Right down to their hoof size." I shrugged, letting the Pinkie go who jittered away. Attention to detail, remember.

“I have no idea either." Stated Twilight with a confused look. One Pinkie wasn't acting like the others...

“Me either. Ohh... We've all got the same adorable tails, we've all got the same adorable manes, we've all got the same adorable hooves! Which one of us is the real Pinkie?! Oh! I haven't the slightest clue! And if I can't tell us apart... who can?” said the strange Pinkie, who began crying... The other Pinkie's were bouncing around everywhere, I began looking at them, trying to tell them apart...


Twilight, Spike and I began walking through Ponyville. I was deep in thought... I had called Creature in and told him the situation, I had tasked him with keeping tabs on all the Pinkies, to count them all up and make sure no more were appearing. He used magic vision to mark them numerically and individually in his vision. When he'd marked all of them, he wrote down how many there were. 32, he told me. After that he was to follow them while Twilight and I thought of a solution...

"What if we quiz them on each of us?" I asked.

"Who's to say their memory isn't cloned either?" She asked.

"True, true..." I nodded. Suddenly the group of Pinkie's were behind us.

“Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!” they cheered in unison. I saw Creature running after them, panting.

"Having fun Creature!?" I called he stopped, turned to me and glared.

"DO. NOT. SAY. THAT WORD. TO ME. EVER. AGAIN!!!!!!!!" He yelled and turned around, running back after them. I chuckled to myself.

“Ugh, this is hopeless!” exclaimed Twilight.

"Now, now! Never give up hope!" I said, though, truthfully I was getting worried...

“Maybe that one's the real Pinkie." Shrugged Spike, he gestured to a Pinkie sitting with her head down on a table, sad.

“Please. The real Pinkie Pie never sat that long in one place her whole life!” denied Twilight... Hmm, maybe it's a reverse personality Pinkie? Although... Hmm.

“I'm gonna go ask." Said Spike.

“Of course she's gonna say she's the real Pinkie! They all do! You're wasting your time." Dismissed Twilight.

“So lemme guess. You're the real Pinkie Pie?" Asked Spike to the sulking Pinkie.

“Heck if I know. Could be any one of us if you ask me." She shrugged. Spike looked to Twilight and I who had come over. Twilight shrugged and I raised an eyebrow. "And if I said I was the real Pinkie, you wouldn't even believe me anyway. So just leave me alone. I've got some important poking the ground with my hoof to do." Said the sulking Pinkie Pie.

"Well then..." I said as Spike walked back over, as confused as I was.

“Oh, how're we gonna do this? I can't risk sending the real Pinkie back into the pond!” Exclaimed Twilight as we walked away.

"Not without a way to bring her back." I said as Creature was running around after the Pinkie Pie's.

“I miss the real Pinkie." Moaned Spike.

"Aye, as do I lad." I nodded.

“I bet she misses you too. Bet she'd do just about anything to get to be with her friends again." Said the sulking Pinkie in the background. ”Hey. Hey!” called the Pinkie after us. "What if you gave them a test? Pick something really hard for a Pinkie to do, something not fun at all! Any Pinkie that can't do it goes back into the pond. But whoever wants to stay the most, that must be the real Pinkie!” she exclaimed. Twilight and I realised it was a good plan.

“You know, that's not a bad idea." Nodded Twilight.

"Indeed! Let's get this plan into action!" I exclaimed and Twilight, Spike and I ran off. We began looking for our other friends... Nowhere in Ponyville... Twilight went to Sweet Apple Acres to acquire the services of the Apple family. Meanwhile, I tracked down the Mirror Pond and marked it on my map. Twilight and I met up in the square after looking for the others...

"Where could they be?!" Asked Twilight.

"Let me try something." I said. I used a life detection spell and concentrated on our friends signatures especially. It gave me a roundabout location but not their exact position... "Vita deprehendatur." I chanted... I found their trail.

"Into the forest." I pointed. We began walking...

“Hey, Twilight! Ty!” Came Rainbow's voice from a tree trunk. A small space lead inside...

"How will you fit?" Asked Twilight.

"I'm not going to enjoy this, but I can." I nodded. Twilight and Spike ducked inside... "Fuck me..." I groaned. I collapsed my vertebrae and got inside the hole with no issue. I uncollapsed my vertebrae and sat down with a sigh.

"What did you just do?" Asked Twilight.

"Collapsed my vertebrae." I groaned as I cracked my back.

"Wait, what?! Ouch... I didn't know you could do that..." Said Twilight.

"All Dragons can. It allows us to slip into small spaces for quick escapes. In human form, it's uncomfortable as sitting down on a chair full of nettles and daggers would be." I grumbled. "A few Dragon-Knights who weren't as... Limber have broken their spines attempting that." I said.

“Anyway, we've been looking all over for you ponies.What are you all doing here?" Asked Twilight.

“Fluttershy spoke with the woodland critters, and they've agreed to take us into their home 'til the Pinkie storm dies down." Said Rainbow Dash. Some critters started cosying up to me. A few birds perched on my arms and some squirrels on my shoulders, a few bunnies sat on my lap.

"It appears I have a become a human zoo." I said in monotone.

"They like you." Smiled Fluttershy. "And so do I." She mumbled, wait what?!

"What?!" I asked.

"I said now about Pinkie Pie." She said. Oh. I must have misheard her.

“Don't worry you guys, we're gonna fix this. And I know exactly how." Said Twilight.

"Damn straight Twi." I nodded

“Are we gonna lose our real Pinkie Pie?" Asked Fluttershy.

“I don't think so. Now come along. I've already got Creature with Applejack and her family rounding up all the Pinkies." Said Twilight. We left the log(with me collapsing my vertebrae again.) And headed to where the Apple family were having an Apple family, Pinkie Pie round up.

“Hyah, ya Pinkies! Hyah!” exclaimed Applejack as she and her family chased the Pinkie storm.

“Ooh, they wanna play chase! This is fun, too!” exclaimed a Pinkie as Applejack bumped her into the crowd to make it easier to control. Every time a Pinkie bounced, Winona would jump on their heads, pushing them back down.

"AJ! Look out!" I exclaimed as I saw a rope arrow heading for her hooves. It tripped her for a second and she stumbled, leading a group of 5 Pinkie's to escape. I turned to the forest and saw somepony in Black Ring armour descend into the forest...

"Go! I'll deal with them!" I said to Applejack. She nodded and resumed her crowd control. "Rigescunt indutae!" I chanted, holding my palm out toward the Pinkie's that escaped. A blue beam hit them and they froze where they were. "Ianuae Magicae!" I chanted, teleporting them to the Town Hall. I panted after exerting my mana, it's difficult to teleport one, let alone five Ponies! I then used my remaining mana to teleport outside the Town Hall. I saw AJ, Big Mac and Applebloom push the Pinkie's inside and seal the door while they were still chanting 'Fun!'.

“Oh, give it a rest." Panted Applejack.

"Well done AJ. For your trouble." I said and gave each of the Apples 50G coins each.

"WOW! 50 whole bits!! Thank you kindly!" Exclaimed Applebloom, bounding around happily. But she received a look from her sister. "Ah mean, errr. I can't accept this." Chuckled Applebloom nervously.

"Yeah, this is just a days work." Shrugged Applejack

"No, I insist. Please." I said.

"Pardner, we still got a lot of those coins you gave us a week ago!" Exclaimed Applejack... Oh yeah... Forgot about that...

"Fine. But Applebloom can have her 50G, as pocket money for giving us a hand." I said.

"Ok then pardner, ah can accept that." She nodded. I saw Creature jog over, panting.

"I'm here Master. I will count the Pinkie's." Nodded Creature.

"Twi! Creature is here!" I exclaimed. Her purple aura engulfed the door and it opened slightly. Creature and myself entered quickly and Twilight shut the door quickly. I headed over to the stage with Twilight.

“Welcome, Pinkies, welcome. Please have a seat and make yourselves comfortable.” said Twilight before realising what she said. "Okay, I suppose you can't be comfortable staying in one place, but have a seat anyway.” she said. The Pinkie's kept bouncing around and talking. "Sit down!” exclaimed Twilight. They all stopped what they were doing and complied.

“Better. Now, I suppose you're all wondering why we've gathered you all here today." Said Twilight.

“For fun?" Asked Pinkie.

"Not quite." I chuckled.

"Master, one is missing." Informed Creature.

"I preemptively asked Dash to scour the town in case any were missed." I whispered back.

“The opposite actually." Added Twilight. Suddenly, the door swung open and on cue, Rainbow dash was holding a Pinkie, who looked depressed...

“Wait up, I got one more! Found this one poking at the ground with her hoof, drawing frowny faces." Said Rainbow, confused.

"Indeed?" I asked.

"Yeah." Nodded Rainbow.

“Have her come sit with the others." Nodded Twilight. Rainbow dropped her and she sagged to the floor.

“Pinkies, you've been brought here to take a test." Said Twilight.

“Awww!” They said in chorus.

"Have no fear my friends. It is as simple as tests come. Even a Pinkie could do it... With the right determination." I said.

“Whoever passes gets to stay." Concluded Twilight.

“Curtain, please." Said Twilight. "The test... will be watching Ego paint!” exclaimed Twilight, revealing a blank canvas. Yes, I am going to paint. But it is for a reason.

“On your mark, get set, go!” exclaimed Twilight. I started my painting and began to paint the room behind me, I was aware of the Pinkie's staring intently at me.

“Ooh, this is so exciting!” exclaimed Spike, shovelling popcorn into his mouth.

;15 minutes later;

“Okay, maybe not that exciting." He mumbled. I heard a bird chirp outside...

“Oh, hey, look at the birdie!” said a Pinkie. Twilight blasted her away. I used the red paint and crossed that Pinkie out on the painting. Because it was a special red paint, it actually erased the thing I crossed out. That Pinkie vanished form the painting and the room.

“Watch me bounce and touch the ceiling!” exclaimed a Pinkie and the one next to her watched. I crossed both out in the painting and Twilight blasted them. I heard a frog croaking.

“Is that a frog crossed with an orange?" Asked one Pinkie.

“Cool!” said one.

“Where?" Asked another. All three were crossed out and sent away.

“Look what I can do with my hooves!” said one Pinkie, another watched as she blew on her hoof like a balloon and fingers popped out... I almost choked on my breath seeing that... They were crossed out.

“Betcha can't make a face crazier than... 'this!'” said a Pinkie, making a very creepy face. The Pinkie who watched her was also crossed out. More and more Pinkies were sent away one after the other. Fluttershy and Rarity looked flustered and worried.

Only two left... I continued painting the room. Nopony but me could see my painting.

“Ugh, I can't take it anymore!” exclaimed Rainbow and flew up. "Somepony's making balloon animals!” she exclaimed... A pause...

“What? Where?" Asked the last fake Pinkie. She was crossed out.

When there were none, my painting was clear except for one thing...

"AHHHHH!!!" Came the war cry of a Black Ring, who was standing on a balcony behind me, he grabbed a rope and swung down at me, sword in hand.

As he went, I painted a chandelier on the ceiling, suspended by two ropes and the counterweight being next to me. I put a green cross through it and without looking, sliced a dagger into the wall of the counterweight rope that now existed. The chandelier swung behind me, as the Black Ring reached the full speed in his swing to air assassinate me, the chandelier met him in force. It hit him and he went flying out of a window. I crossed out the chandelier in red and it vanished.

I waved my hand over the painting and it became invisible.

“Pinkie, you can look away now." Informed Twilight.

“I passed?" She asked.

“You passed. You're the only Pinkie who kept staring at the wall." Said Twilight.

“I had to. I just had to. I couldn't leave my friends, I just couldn't. But I guess sometimes I will have to choose between them." She chuckled.

“I knew you'd be up to the challenge." Smiled Twilight.

“I'm me! I'm me! I'm me! Or am I?" She asked, panicking for a second. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I am." She decided and we all laughed.

"Ego! Let's see the painting!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I don't know..." I chuckled, rubbing the back of my head.

"Come on! You spent all that time on it!" Pointed out Rainbow.

"OK... Here it is." I said, I waved my hand over the blank canvass and my painting reappeared.

"Wow! That's awesome!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"That is very dashing dear." Agreed Rarity.

"Oh oh! My face is all 'what'll Pinkie do next????' I love it!" Yelled Pinkie

"Is that you in the background?" Asked Twilight.

"Yes. Keeping vigilance. As is my role." I nodded.

"I really like it! You have great skill!" Said Fluttershy.

"Thanks Fluttershy." I smiled.

"Ah reckon that'd be nice ta hang up in Golden Oaks." Smiled AJ. "I'd love everypony ta see it!"

"The proportions are a little off in places, but that's to be expected in paintings! Especially since you weren't even looking at the room!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Originally, this room in the picture was filled with Pinkies until you found them all." I said.

"I also saw you make a chandelier appear out of nowhere! How did you do that?" Asked Twilight.

"Ancient magic. It was a spell used by a dictator to try and rule the world. By painting a kingdom that worshipped him. He was stopped before he could, and this was before my time, but I found the spell you apply to the paints. A green cross to make something exist, a red cross to erase it." I said.

"Cool!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"Girls. I think it's time." Said Twilight. Pinkie gasped.

"You mean..." Started Pinkie.

"I mean it." Interrupted Twilight with a nod.

"I think we all agree. Fluttershy?" Asked Applejack.

"I do. Rarity?" Replied Fluttershy, she looked serious...

"I do. Rainbow Dash?" She replied with a curt nod before casting a glance in Rainbows direction.

"I do. Applejack?" Asked Rainbow, still with the serious faces...

"Ah do. Twilight?"

"I do. Pinkie Pie?"

"HECK YEAH!!" She exclaimed. "Err, I mean I do. Spike?"

"I do." He agreed... To what, I don't know.

Suddenly the lights went out...

"What the-" I began.

"Shhh!" Came a silencing voice. Suddenly there was a circle of light around me, and the girls were dressed in hoods... Twilight got a massive old, dusty book out, opened a page and blew on it. Twilight levitated the book to herself.

"Ego Draconis/Tyrath Kyelinth. Do you swear, by Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, The Elements of Harmony and your very friendship itself, to be with us through thick and thin? To help any of us when we're in need, regardless of what we ask? Within reason of course." asked Twilight.

"I do." I agreed. The book went to Rainbow...

"Do you swear, to always be loyal, to each and every one of us no matter what?" Asked Rainbow.

"I do." I nodded. It went to Fluttershy.

"Do you swear to always show kindness to not only us, but to very Pony, critter, creature and thing you meet, unless provoked?" Asked Fluttershy.

"I do." It went to Rarity.

"Do you swear, to always be generous, whenever somepony asks for something of yours, if you can spare it, you will give it?" Asked Rarity.

"I do." Back to Pinkie.

"Do you swear to laugh whenever possible, enjoy parties and be a super-awesomess-fantastic-ultra friend to everypony?!" Asked Pinkie.

"I do."

"Do ya promise to always be honest, not only with us, but with everypony, and especially, yerself?" Asked Applejack.

"I do."

"Do you promise to follow the Dragon Code of Honour until your death? And to always introduce us to new friends?" Asked Spike. I'm guessing that first part wasn't in the book...

"I do, and I do." I nodded.

"Then the judgement of this group of friends is complete." Said Pinkie. She took a huge breath... "Welcome Ego Draconis! Our..."

"Best friend!!!" They all exclaimed in unison, hugging me. I sorta blushed for a second before returning the hug.

"Good job you did that. That was test to see if you return the hug! And you did!" Exclaimed Pinkie. "Welcome!" She laughed happily.

"Thanks girls!" I exclaimed. After that, we went and sealed the hole to the Mirror Pond. I also put up magic wards just in case. Afterwards, I sat with Pinkie as she wrote a Friendship report to the Princess.

(In case you can't read the last part: P.S. Hey Princess! It's Tyrath here. I just achieved Best Friend status with the girls! I'm missing you & Luna lots! Yours Lovingly Tyrath Kyelinth)

Later on, we headed to Sugarcube Corner to ask Pinkie if she wants to do something together. We knocked on the door and she answered.

“Hi, Pinkie Pie. We were thinking we should go out and celebrate." Smiled Twilight.

“You up for some wheelbarrow races?" Asked AJ.

“Or I could take everypony on a cloud ride!?” asked Rainbow.

“I could throw a party with punch and zesty cucumber sandwiches! Ooh!” tittered Rarity delightedly.

"I could give us all a ride on my back?" I asked.

“You wanna know exactly what I feel like doing right now?” asked Pinkie before collapsing backwards to sleep.

“That looks like fun." Said Fluttershy. We all chuckled.

“Oh, Pinkie." Sighed Twilight.

"You girls go on. I'll take her to bed." I chuckled and went inside, picking her up in my arms and carrying her upstairs. I put her in her bed with the covers up. I sighed in content seeing her snoring.

"Goodnight you crazy, weird, awesome, fun-loving, laughter-giving Pony." I said. I saw Gummy in his bed with his usual blank look. "Sup Gummy, bruh?" I nodded to him.


"Awesome. Good lad." I nodded as I descended the stairs.

"What now Master?" Asked Creature, who was waiting downstairs.

"Now, I say we follow Pinkie's example." I chuckled.

"Indeed." Nodded Creature as we exited Sugarcube Corner and prepared to head home...

Chapter 19: Hard Truths

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I was chopping wood for AJ outside the farmhouse. I was just about done. Creature was almost done with his investigation in Manehatten. We heard rumours of Black Ring, and he went to investigate those rumours, and depending on the severity of the situation, would either deal with it himself, or call me to help out. He hadn't, so I assumed either the rumours were unfounded, or Creature had dealt with them. He was on the next train down. I went looking for Applejack to tell her I was done. I found her outside Applebloom's room.

"I'm done AJ, we good to... Go...?" I asked as I saw Apple Bloom throwing multiple items of clothing on...

"What to wear, what to wear? Oh, what to wear?!" She asked worriedly.

"Not exactly..." Said Applejack to me. "Scoot your boot, Apple Bloom! Ego's waitin'! It's not like it's the Harvest Day Parade! We're just goin' to the train station!" She exclaimed.

"Too casual." She said about one outfit. "Too summery." She said about another.

"Your cousin isn't gonna care what you're wearin'. Just pick somethin'!" Advised AJ.

"This is my first time meetin' her, and she's from Manehattan. I wanna make a good impression!" Replied Apple Bloom in front of the mirror, wearing her bedspread and a pair of glasses.

"You know what would make a good impression?" Asked AJ. Walking over to her.

"What?" Asked Apple Bloom excitedly as Applejack put her muzzle next to her sisters.

"Bein' on time to pick her up!" Exclaimed Applejack, grabbing Apple Bloom's sheets that she was wearing and dragging her along the floor. Apple Bloom got up and took to trying on more clothes.

"Don't worry Bloom, you'll be fine. Fashion won't concern her!" I said.

"He's right, sugarcube. Y'all are gonna get along great. You already have somethin' in common." Explained AJ. Apple Bloom had some... Questionable fashion choices on... All sorts of clothing and materials were flying all over the shop. One piece landed on AJ's flank.

"Oh, yeah? What's that?" She mumbled through a snorkel.

"Neither of you have your Cutie Mark." Exclaimed AJ, removing the shawl covering her flank.

"There you go-" I started.

"What?!" Yelled Apple Bloom. "How could you forget to tell me somethin' like that?" She asked.

"Well, I–" Began Applejack.

"Oh, this changes everything! Meet you at the train station! I'm gonna go tell Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!" Informed Apple Bloom, running out past us. AJ and I looked into the room to see it dishevelled. AJ did not look pleased.

"You know, your cousin's supposed to sleep in here!" Applejack called after her.

"You go on AJ, I'll clean this up." I said.

"No no, please-" She started.

"Go." I insisted.

"Thank you kindly!" Said AJ as she ran off to the station. I used a spell to sort everything and organise it for the girls. I nodded and followed AJ to the station.


"Hey girls!" I exclaimed to the Crusaders. They turned to me.

"Hey Ego!" They exclaimed in unison, coming over and cuddling with me. They all stopped and concentrated on the direction the train was coming. Then they began bouncing around. AJ was bemused at their antics.

"Do you really think she'll wanna join?" Asked Scootaloo.

"She doesn't have her cutie mark. Of course she'll wanna join the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom.

"I'm just so excited I could burst!" Exclaimed Sweetie, her horn fizzing for a second. They were all so damn cute!

"Please don't. These boots have just been polished." I said with a smirk. We heard the train whistle blow and the train came into view.

"Is that the train from Manehattan?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Yep." Nodded Applejack.

"That's her!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom pointing to an old woman. "Oh, wait, no, no, that's not her." She shook her head. "Oh! No, tha-tha-that's her!" She pointed to the stallion conductor "Um, no. Oh, wait, tha– that's not her either, uh..." She said after looking at a cow.

"Apple Bloom, you've never met Babs Seed, remember?" Reminded AJ.

"Oh... Yeah." Laughed Apple Bloom nervously. The train let off some steam.

"Ah, that's her!" Exclaimed AJ, pointing. I saw her disembark along with Creature.

"Ah, here is Lord Tyrath with your family now." He said. Clearly they had met and began talking.

"Babs! Babs! It's me, your cousin, Apple Bloom!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom, rushing over to her. "And this is Sweetie Belle, and this is Scootaloo, and we are so, so, so glad you're here!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom as they jumped around her.

"Thanks, I'm happy to–" Started Babs.

"This is gonna be the best week of your life!" Exclaimed Sweetie.

"Sure hope it's gonna be–" She started again.

"Seriously, we are gonna have a blast." Smiled Scootaloo.

AJ laughed at the girls and their wily ways as we began to walk away.

"The Summer Harvest Parade's going on while you're here! You'll get to ride in a float!" Informed Sweetie Belle.

"Really? I've never been on a float before." Said Babs.

"And we've got a really big surprise for you!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom

"Yeah... uh... a surprise?" Asked Babs. Applejack, Creature and myself all chuckled. Our thoughts turned to more serious matters.

"What news Creature?" I asked.

"The Black Ring rumours were unfounded." He explained.


"Mostly." He admitted.

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"They weren't in the place Ponies had claimed. In fact, they were outside the city. I dealt with their small force and informed the city guard to keep a lookout for anything else." He said.

"The situation is serious. But I doubt they'd sacrifice a large force for such a large, non-strategic target." I said as we were about to break off from the Apple family.

"Say, Ego, Creature. Would y'all like to have some vittles around our place? I owe you both still for savin' the girls. Plus, you sound like you could use some old country home cookin', Creature." Said AJ.

"Sure, why not?" I nodded.

"Thank you ma'am." Agreed Creature.

"Say, can any of you cook?" Asked Applejack.

"Yes, I can. We had to learn while in the Slayers to prepare food. Usually we only did it in punishment so they prepared us for it. Plus, you learn to cook ANYTHING to survive during your wilderness survival training. I can cook tree bark, caterpillar and ogre. One of my most infamous dishes." I chuckled.

"Really? What else do you you know about wilderness survival and the like?" Asked AJ as we turned on the dirt path to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Like I said, I can cook anything, I can make painkillers out of various plants, can make different teas, coffees, alcohols, potions, herbs, soups, stews. If it can be boiled or eaten cold, I can make it at least edible." I said.

"We are adept at hunting. Poisons are more my thing to make out of the various plants." Explained Creature.

"Don't drink the tea you make. Understood." Chuckled AJ.

"Good idea little Pony." Chortled Creature.

"I'll have ta take you both on the next camping trip I go on. You could be a mite helpful." Said Applejack.

"If our schedule permits it, certainly." I agreed as we came onto the hill overlooking Sweet Apple Acres.

"That would be entertaining." Added Creature.

"That's that then." Smiled AJ as we got to the door.

"Hey, Ego! Want to see somethin' cool?!" Asked Sweetie.

"Sure!" I nodded. "Creature, give AJ a hand with the food. She has a lot of Ponies to cook for." I said.

"At once, My Master." He bowed as I followed the little ones. Scootaloo covered Babs Seed's eyes for the surprise.

"I give you... the Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse!" said Apple Bloom to Babs and I.

"The Cutie Mark Crusaders?" Asked Babs.

"A club devoted to helping ponies get their Cutie Marks! We're its founding members." Said Scootaloo.

"Technically, we're its only members." Replied Sweetie Belle. I like her sass.

"But we're always looking to expand, and you seem like the perfect candidate!" Explained Apple Bloom.

"I do?" Asked Babs.

"Well, yeah, since you don't have a Cutie Mark and all." Explained Scootaloo.

"Oh, yeah..." Said Babs, blowing her fringe out of her face and covering her flank with her tail. "That..." She murmured.

"This is an impressive Tree Fort girls, did you build it?" I asked.

"No, Applejack and her old filly friends built it. But we refurbished, redecorated and repaired it." Said Apple Bloom.

"I may have to retreat here if the Black Ring decide to show up..." I said.

"Yeah! They'd never get past our defences!" Exclaimed Scootaloo.

"Anyway, allow me to show you just some of the highlights of our clubhouse, should you choose to join us." Said Apple Bloom to Babs, gesturing to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo nudged Sweetie Belle and she started the tour.

"This is where we do our role call..." Said Apple Bloom as Scootaloo ticked Sweetie Belle.

"This is where we eat our lunch..." Said Apple Bloom and Sweetie and Scootaloo began to pretend to eat lunch.

"Sometimes we stand here and think of great ideas." She said as Sweetie stood on a painted target on the floor with a lamp above her head. Scootaloo turned it on and Sweetie looked like she had a good idea..

"Yeah, uh..." Began Babs, not very impressed.

"Uh, could you excuse us for a moment?" Asked Apple Bloom as the Crusaders huddled.

"Sure..." Nodded Babs.

"Thought she'd be more impressed." Whispered Apple Bloom. I could hear them due to my advanced hearing.

"She's from Manehattan. If we wanna impress her, we need to really wow her!" Added Sweetie Belle.

"Hmmmm." They all looked over at Babs...

"The float!" Gasped Scootaloo. "She can ride with us on our Summer Harvest Parade float!" She explained.

"That's perfect!" Agreed Apple Bloom. "This really is a good spot for thinking up great ideas." She realised.

"Mm-hmm." They all agreed. We all headed to the barn to see the float.

"Here it is! The official Cutie Mark Crusaders float for the Summer Harvest Parade!" cheered Apple Bloom. It was a giant pumpkin on wheels. Not bad.

"As a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, you'd be able to ride on it with us! It'd be totally fun." Said Scootaloo. Babs laughed nervously.

"More like funny..." Came a voice suddenly.

"...looking!" Came the laughing voices of two little Fillies. One was clearly a spoiled brat and the other was her tag-along.

"What is that thing, a giant orange?" Asked the grey one.

"It's a pumpkin." Stated Apple Bloom.

"Idiot..." I mumbled.

"More like a lame-kin." Said the pink one with a tiara on her head, they both then laughed.

"How... How is that funny? That is the worst insult I've ever heard in the history of insults you asswad mongoloid." I accidentally said out-loud. The Cutie Mark Crusaders began trying to hold in laughs.

"Whatever weirdo. Who's the new blank flank?" Asked the pink one.

"She's mah cousin, Babs. She's from Manehattan!" Said Apple Bloom, proud of her family.

"Manehattan, huh? Well, I guess you have that going for you." Shot the pink one.

"Suppose you're gonna join their little club? What's it called? The Cutie Mark Crusaders?" Mocked the grey one. These fillies were really getting on my nerves... Babs blew on her fringe, looking to the Crusaders and then the two bullies.

"More like the Cutie Mahk Crybabies!" Chuckled Babs.

"Hey!!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom. Well, his took a turn for the ugly...

"Oooo, heh, big city attitude! I like it!" Nodded the pink one.

"Mm-hmm!" Nodded the grey one in agreement.

"Oh, yeah? Well there's more where that came from! Check this out!" Exclaimed Babs and knocked the front wheel off their float.

"Oh no, she didn't!" Exclaimed Scootaloo.

The bullies all laughed but stopped as the float began to roll down the hill and smashed to pieces at the bottom.

"Looks like somepony's pumpkin just got squashed!" Said Babs.

"Damn..." I mumbled.

"When ah tell Applejack–" Began Apple Bloom.

"You gonna tell Applejack what?" Asked Babs, squaring up to her.

"W-well, y'know, uh..." Apple Bloom stumbled over her words as she was backed to the barn wall.

"What're you, a snitch?" Asked Babs. Ohhhh....

"Fucking hell..." I sucked in a breath. "She went there..."

"Come on, Babs, you should hang with us! Y'know, the cool ponies, not these babies!" Said the pink one as they all left together.

"What... just happened?" Asked Apple Bloom in shock.

"I think Babs just went to the dark side." Said Scootaloo, falling on her haunches

"We have to tell Applejack!" Exclaimed Sweetie Belle.

"No! We're not snitches!" Insisted Apple Bloom.

"Well, I will." I shrugged.

"No!!! Then she'll think we're helpless and can't fight out own battles..." Pleaded Apple Bloom.

"Yeah! And we're not babies!" Pouted Scootaloo, crossing her hooves.

"Then... why do I feel like crying?" Asked Sweetie Belle.... Damn it broke my heart seeing her like that...

"I'm going inside to help with the food. Are you girls coming... Or...?" I asked.

"No. We're just gonna go sulk in the Clubhouse." Said Apple Bloom. I went inside to check on the food.

"How's it coming?" I asked. I saw Creature in an apron, frantically whisking things and jumping from station to station.

"Ah told Creature to bake some apple fritters. And then just watched the poor colt unravel." Chuckled AJ.

"You sly mare." I said, holding in a laugh.

"You're doing fine Creature!" I exclaimed, still holding in a laugh.

"Thank you! I think they're almost done!" He exclaimed.

"Listen, I have some flour sacks out by the girls Clubhouse. Could you bring one in? We used the last of this one on the 5th batch." She chuckled. Big Mac looked like he was about to burst into tears from holding in laughter and Granny Smith was hiding it behind some knitting.

"Sure. I'll be back." I chuckled. As I was getting the flour, I decided to check in on the girls.

"I still can't believe she ruined our pumpkin float." Said Scootaloo, angrily.

"I still can't believe I'm related to such a big stinkin' bully!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom.

"What are we gonna do?" Sighed Sweetie Belle.

"We're gonna build a new float, that's what"" Said Apple Bloom with determination.

"Why bother? She'll probably just ruin that one, too." Mumbled Scootaloo dejectedly.

"We could always tell Applejack." Suggested Sweetie Belle with a shrug. I saw the other two practically remembering physically what Babs said.

"No!" Yelled Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.

"We're not gonna be a bunch of tattle-tales! Besides, she's only here a couple of weeks. We'll just avoid her like the plague until she goes home." Suggested Apple Bloom.

"Avoid her. Yeah, how hard can that be?" Asked Scootaloo. They exited the Clubhouse, singing. I left them to it and went inside the Farmhouse. Creature and I had something to eat but the girls took their meal in the Clubhouse. Creature and I helped out AJ a little more the next day.

"She's just a bad, bad seed!" As I was about to exit the Farmhouse, suddenly three singing, soaking wet fillies came flying through the door and landed in my arms.

"Well, hi girls." I smiled.

"Hey Ego." They mumbled as I put them down. I began clapping slowly.

"I like your singing. You have a lot of talent. Still having problems?" I asked.

"Yeah." They all nodded. I sighed.

"You girls go dry off. Dinner is in an hour." I said.

"We'll be at the Clubhouse." Said Apple Bloom, walking out. As they went I had to follow them anyway to bring in another bag of flour.

"Babs may have run us out of town, but at least we still have the club–" Began Apple Bloom.

"Hey! What're you doing at my clubhouse?" Asked Babs, who was leaning on their balcony.

" Y- y- your clubhouse?!" Yelled Scootaloo, she managed to gain flight for a minute... "This is our clubhouse!" She yelled again.

"Well, it was yours, and now it's mine." Stated Babs smugly.

"And mine." Came the grey bully's voice.

"And mine." Spoke the pink bully.

"That's not fair, Babs! We never did anything to you!" Whined Apple Bloom.

"And let's keep it that way. Now scram, crybabies!" Exclaimed Babs, raising the drawbridge... I clenched my fists.

"Bump, bump, sugar-lump, rump!" They sang, doing some moves. At the end they bumped flanks and Babs covered her Cutie Mark-less flank.

They all laughed. Sweetie Belle began to take deep breaths, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo got an umbrella out and Sweetie Belle began crying. It did truly break my heart... It appears I've grown attached to these Ponies, more than I planned to. They all went back to the Farmhouse with me and sat in Apple Bloom's room. I was bringing their dinner up when I stopped to listen to them.

"That Babs has really gone too far this time!" exclaimed Apple Bloom. I tended to agree.

"Kicked out of our own clubhouse!" Exclaimed Scootaloo incredulously.

"And my own bed!" Added Apple Bloom.

"Seriously?" Asked Scootaloo.

"Super-seriously." Asserted Apple Bloom.

"We need to talk to Applejack." Reiterated Sweetie Belle.

"No!" Repeated Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

"Rarity?" Asked Sweetie Belle.

"No!" They said again.

"Twilight?" Tried Sweetie Belle.

"No, no, no! We need to fight back!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom. I took that moment to enter.

"Yeah! Fight back! How're we gonna do that?" Asked Scootaloo as I knocked on their door.

"Girls? Your dinner." I said I sat on the bed and placed it down. I held Sweetie Belle's head into my side and she cried into me. Damn, I think my heart's not even functioning anymore... It's in so many pieces.

"What did you hear?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"All of it. And I agree." I spoke.

"You do?" Asked Scootaloo.

"I'm going to let you girls in on a secret." I told them.

"What?" Asked Sweetie Belle, looking at me with those heart-melting eyes...

"I used to be a bully." I said.

"Ya did?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Back when I was at the Academy, I was the bully's bully. The head honcho. I was responsible for people being kicked out, getting in trouble, being embarrassed and even beaten up. I was the worst of the worst." I said.

"What? You? Mr. Kind goody-two-hooves himself?" Asked Scootaloo, Apple Bloom nudged her hard. But I began laughing.

"I suppose I deserve that." I chuckled. "But yes. I used to be a horrible person, or Pony in your case. And you know what bullies hate more than anything?" I asked.

"What?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"A taste of their medicine." I said.

"He's right!" Exclaimed Scootaloo.

"I suppose..." Agreed Sweetie Belle, who had calmed down.

"But how?!" Asked Scootaloo.

"By makin' her the guest of honor at the Summer Harvest Parade!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom.

"Yeah!" Gasped Scootaloo before realising what Apple Bloom had said "Wait, what?" She asked.

"When you look up 'embarrassed' in the dictionary..." Began Apple Bloom with an evil chuckle. "Her face will be there!" She yelled.

I decided to see what they had in store for Babs Seed. So i waited for them to make their move.

"Moo! Moo!" said Scootaloo

"Moo! Moo!" Said Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom looked out of the window and looked at a cow. It shook its head and gestured to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Apple Bloom nodded and proceeded to sneak out. They headed to the barn and to the scavenged remains of their float. Sweetie Belle took out a few rolls of cloth from a bag.

"Are those from the Carousel Boutique?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Yup." Confirmed Sweetie Belle.

"Excellent." Chuckled Apple Bloom. Scootaloo took some kind of dust on her hoof and blew it over Sweetie Belle. It turned her gold!!

"Ooh!" She exclaimed, admiring herself.

" Luster dust from Sugarcube Corner. They use it for decorating cakes." Explained Scootaloo.

"That must be what Rarity uses on her emergency edible boots!" Realised Sweetie Belle.

"The gears and bands for the moving mechanism, my tools and stuff... Did you bring the thingfrom the place?" Asked Scootaloo.

"What's that?" Asked Sweetie Belle.

"Granny Smith's kitchen timer." Stated Apple Bloom.

"What's that for?" Quizzed Sweetie Belle.

"You'll see!" Giggled Scootaloo in a sing-song voice.

"C'mon, y'all, let's get to it. We only got a few hours before mornin', and this thing has to look so good, Babs won't be able to resist wanting to ride in it!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom. They began to work on their float as I watched. I think this plan was going to be good. Near the end as Scootaloo was working on the breaks beneath the float, she came out and there was a picture of a spanner on her flank. Apple Bloom ran her hoof over it, revealing it to be an oil mark.

"Is this it?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"I think... we're a go." Yawned Scootaloo.

"Good, 'cause we'd better get out of here before Babs finds us." Agreed Sweetie Belle tiredly.

"Cutie Mark Crusaders, ho!" They all high-hooved and we all went to bed.


The next day was the parade I was standing near the edge of the crowd. I saw the girls preparing their float.

"Hot carrot crêpes! Get 'em here, get 'em hot!" Exclaimed a salespony.

Babs came over and saw the CMC.

"Wooahhhhh..." She said in awe.

"Isn't it smashing?" Asked Sweetie Belle, receiving panicked looks from the others. "No! I-I didn't mean smashing! I mean... Isn't it a hit?" She asked, more panic. "No! No, I- No! No hitting! I meant–" She shut up as Babs rolled her eyes.

"Well, don't even think about riding it, Babs." Said Scootaloo. A pause. She nudged Sweetie. Hard. Apple Bloom placed a mattress down.

"Ow!" Exclaimed Sweetie Belle. She then reached inside the float and turned something on.

"You had your chance." Continued Scootaloo. They all went to get in but Babs quickly pushed them, and they landed on the mattress with sly grins.

"See ya later, Cutie Mark Crybabies!" Teased Babs, closing the door..

"The timer set?" Whispered Apple Bloom. Sweetie nodded.

"Teach her to fool with the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" Exclaimed Sweetie. I saw Applejack right behind them.

"Y'all are letting Babs ride in your golden apple float?" She asked.

"Yeah. We thought she deserved to be the... Centre of attention." Chuckled Apple Bloom.

"Well, that's just super sweet of y'all, makin' Babs feel so special. Y'know, after all the heartache she's been havin' in Manehattan." Informed AJ, giving each of them a balloon.

Uh oh...

"Heartache?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Well, I didn't say nothin' 'cause I didn't want her to feel singled out, but there's been some bullies back in Manehattan just been teasin' her to pieces for her blank flank." Explained Applejack.

"T-t-t-teased?" Stuttered Scootaloo.

"B-Bullies?!" Asked Sweetie Belle.

"Yup. She came up to the farm to get away from all her problems back home. I'm so proud of y'all. You've done a good deed." Said Applejack as went over to the other girls... I was sorta worried now...

"So that's why she jumped in when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon started giving us a hard time." I heard Scootaloo say.

"She didn't want to be bullied like at home, so she decided to be a bully instead!" Realised Apple Bloom.

"And now we've turned into bullies too!" Concluded Sweetie Belle.

"What do we do?!" Asked all the CMC.

"Nice float, Babs." i heard the filly i now knew as Diamond Tiara say as i stood with the girls, who were greeting me. with hugs, of course.

"Snagged it from those whiny baby blank flanks." informed Babs.

"Too cool for mule, Babs." spoke Diamond Tiara. I saw a mule in the crowed lower his sunglasses

"We gotta stop that float!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom and the CMC began to run over to us.

"Applejack, quick you have to–" Started Apple bloom almost inaudibly over the band.

"Huh?" asked Applejack.

"Quick, you have to help us–" Apple Bloom tried again.

"What?" Asked Applejack.

"We booby-trapped it!" Yelled Apple Bloom as the band stopped... It then started again.

"Babs! Bully! Payback! No time to explain! We've just gotta get Babs out of that float!" Exclaimed Scootaloo as they all began to run and push past Ponies in the crowd. I began to follow them.

"Sorry!" Apologised Apple Bloom.

"'Scuse me! Ah, whoops." Said Scootaloo. They all stopped as they saw Pinkie's float go past.

"Whoa!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom.

"Pinkie Pie, let us in!" Asked Scootaloo.

"Funny joke!" Laughed Pinkie.

"No, really! Let- us- in!" enunciated Apple Bloom

"Ohhh! Here!" She exclaimed and dropped a rope ladder. Then the CMC climbed inside. The float then took off at speed after Babs.

"Babs! You gotta get out of that float!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom as they were next to each other.

"You're not getting your float back, crybabies!" Teased Babs again.

"But it's booby tra–" Began Sweetie Belle before Babs slammed her float into Pinkie's and it veered out of control.

"Veggie salad!" Yelled Pinkie.

"Huh?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Veggie salad!" Yelled Pinkie again. The float then crashed.

"Veggie salad." Sighed Pinkie, eating some of her float.

"Seriously?" Asked Apple Bloom. They then took off after Babs' float.

"Hey! Don't leave me!" Yelled Pinkie. "Leaf me!" She laughed.

I saw the float begin to speed toward the cliff edge into the lake.

"Babs! Babs!" Yelled Apple Bloom. She CMC jumped in and knocked her out of the float, saving her.

"Oooh, sweet applesauce!" Yelled Apple Bloom. The float hit the mud and began to sink. I looked over the cliff and saw the CMC climb up.

"Maybe we'll get our Cutie Marks in stupidest ideas of all time." Groaned Apple Bloom. Somepony photographed them and the girls ran over.

"Are y'all okay?" Asked Applejack as they climbed the rest of the way.

"Yeah... we're fine." Spoke Sweetie Belle.

"No sweat." Brushed off Scootaloo.

"After I'd been so mean to ya... you saved me!" Exclaimed Babs.

"About that..." Sighed Apple Bloom. We took them back to the farm and began to give them a bath. The girls explained to Babs that they didn't deserve her thanks.

"I don't get it! I saw it all happen! You pushed me out just when the float was about to head into the lake!" Exclaimed Babs.

"Except... we were the reason it was headed into the lake." Explained Scootaloo as AJ poured more water over them.

"We booby trapped the float." Admitted Sweetie Belle.

"Y'see Babs, we were tryin' to get you back for bein' a big bully..." Said Apple Bloom. I noticed Applejack's expression of confusion and concern.

"But then Applejack told us about how you were being bullied back in Manehattan." Continued Scootaloo.

"And we figured out you were just doing it to avoid getting picked on in Ponyville. But, by then... we were the ones being bullies. And... Oh, why does life have to be so ironic?!" Screamed Sweetie, hitting the water.

"Life's a bitch." I shrugged.

"Guess what we're trying to say is..." Began Apple Bloom...

"We're sorry." They all said.

"I'm sorry too." Said Babs after blowing her fringe again.

"Y'know, this all could've been avoided if y'all just came to me in the very beginning." Stated Applejack with a sigh.

"That's what I kept on saying!" Exclaimed Sweetie. The other two looked sheepish.

"So... can we... start over?" Asked Babs.

"Definitely." Nodded Apple Bloom.

"Yeah." Agreed Scootaloo.

"Hey! We're making sure you're OK!" Exclaimed Twilight as the others came over.

"We're fine." Nodded Apple Bloom.

"I don't get it though. Why d'ya do somethin' like that?" Asked Applejack.

"I... May or may not have told them to..." I said.

"You?!" Asked Applejack, confused.

"You see... Back during my days at the Academy, I did horrible things to the other recruits. I guess... I never got over it. Never faced that part of myself again. I never wanted to. I guess now I have, and I know that that isn't me any more... It feels better." I nodded. On Babs last day we headed back to the train station. Creature took some money and wanted to go shopping in Manehatten as well as escort Babs to school for a while.

"So you promise you're gonna start our Manehattan branch of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, right?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Yeah." Nodded Babs. "And I promise to keep talking to my big sis about the teasing back home." Said Babs to AJ.

"Good. And if you have any problems, we've got your back too, y'hear?" Said Applejack, pulling us all close.

"Indeed. Creature will escort you to school for a while."

"So you're leaving huh? Great! Now we're stuck here with these lame blank flanks." Came the voice of Diamond Tiara. Babs got angry.

"Hey! That's not how you talk to my friends!" Exclaimed Babs.

"F-friends?" Asked Silver Spoon, in shock.

"Yeah, you got a problem with that?" Asked Babs.

"Well, what if I do? What are you gonna do about it?" Asked Tiara. Babs looked back at the worried faces of the Apples.

"Tell your mothers about your bad attitudes!" Threatened Babs. The two bullies shook their heads frantically. Babs stepped forward and they both slipped into a pig sty.

"I'm sure gonna miss that bad seed." Spoke Sweetie.

"Bad seed? I thought y'all were friends now?" Asked Applejack.

"No, see, first we called her 'bad seed' as in actually a bad seed, but now she's bad as in good. Get it?" Asked Sweetie after explaining to Applejack.

"Yea... No." Concluded Applejack, laughing with the CMC and myself.

I went to Twilight's and now also my house, Golden Oaks and asked Spike to take a letter.

(Dear Princess Celestia, today I had to face some hard truths about myself. It wasn't easy facing up about the person I once was, but learned you have to face up, and accept that part of yourself. If you don't, the guilt will eat you up from the inside out. I am enjoying my time in Ponyville so far, and the experience has been most enlightening. How are Princess Luna and yourself faring? I look forward to the banquet next week to accompanying Princess Luna. I miss you both greatly. Yours lovingly, Tyrath Kyelinth.)

"Sounds like you had one heck of a day!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"You can say that again." I chuckled. I sighed as I prepared to rest up...

Chapter 20: Magic, Both Ancient and Forbidden...

View Online

I had slept in Golden Oaks Library as I had been for a while, because Twilight and I had been studying magic together. I had been teaching her some spells I knew. She was glad to learn them and I was glad to pass on the knowledge. She, in turn had been teaching me about The Magic of Friendship, and how there were not spells you could call on, but that it is a special connection you share with your best friends and that it makes you strong in more ways than one.

We had been working tirelessly for days, not only on magic, but I had been working on a very important potion. Like, 'boom boom if fail' important. But I wanted to see how far along Twilight was with her studies and so we decided to try something not too dangerous on Fluttershy's animals. And needless to say... She was nervous. So she began to comfort them while we made preparations. I had Creature watching the potion, so no worries there.

"Don't be scared, little friends. Twilight is wonderful with magic." She smiled. She then spun around to Twilight with a glare. "Anything happens to them, Twilight, so help me..." She growled... Holy shit... Remind me not to fuck with her... Ever.

"Aww, don't worry, Fluttershy, Twilight's magic has gotten a lot better since she accidentally crushed me and Applejack with a giant snowball." Informed Spike. Twilight smiled nervously at Fluttershy. Yeah, that was a bad day...

"Of course she's good with magic. Twilight's great with magic. I guess I just don't want my little friends to be scared... Oh, oh, look how scared they are!" Exclaimed Fluttershy. The animals actually looked excited...

"I promise, Fluttershy. Nothing bad will happen to them." Swore Twilight. "Plus, Ego's here and will step in if anything goes wrong." Promised Twilight.

"It's fine Fluttershy, really." I nodded.

"I know!" Said Fluttershy in a high-pitched voice, covering her eyes.

"Twilight, you may begin." I said. She started to-

"Stop, stop! They can't take it!" Yelled Fluttershy. Twilight had just surrounded the animals in her aura... Twilight raised an eyebrow at Fluttershy and picked all the animals up and began spinning them in the air and turning them into patterns. The animals were cheering in utter delight. Fluttershy was biting her hooves and covering her eyes. I sat next to her and began rubbing her side in comfort. She pressed into me hard out of fear.

"Twilight, that looks amazing!" Exclaimed Spike as she swirled them around.

"Well done Twi!" I exclaimed, clapping as she placed them down. I stood up, giving her a standing ovation.

"Phew!" She panted. She was sweating from the effort. "Ego? Looks like they want more." Chuckled Twilight with a pant.

"They always do..." I mumbled, I raised my hand and picked them up without an aura. I put them in a line and glided them through the air gracefully. Positioning them so they looked as though they were flying, a few even pulled poses. I then used them to spell out my Pony name: Ego. I placed them down carefully without effort. Spike began clapping and Twilight lightly stamped her hooves in approval. The animals rushed over to us, cheering for more.

"That's all for now, little ones. Maybe we can practice again later, if Fluttershy says it's alright." Said Twilight with a smile. The critters ran over to a cowering Fluttershy, jumping around her and asking for another go.

"Your magic has really improved since we came to Ponyville, Twilight. Princess Celestia's going to love it." Promised Spike.

"It's great Twi. You're at a really good level." I praised. "The Princess will be as impressed as I am I'm sure." I smiled. I was looking forward to seeing Celestia tonight. Then after Twilight's show, we were all to head to Canterlot for the banquet. I couldn't wait to take Luna on a date.

"Thanks guys. But you're much better than me, Ego." Blushed Twilight, smiling.

"Maybe, but I trained since I was 3 months old in the use of magic, and have never stopped since. Practical experience. That's the key." I explained to her. "You're very good Twi, really." I smiled.

"Thanks." She blushed heavily.

"Yeah, like he said, the Princess will love it!" Added Spike.

"Thanks, Spike. I have to be at my best when she arrives with the delegates from Saddle Arabia. I can't believe she's trusting me with the entertainment." Smiled Twilight. I was also going to be entertaining them. "I'm looking forward to tonight as well!" She smiled. The banquet was tonight and had been delayed to 10 O'Clock due to the delegates arriving.

"You're the most skilled Pony in magic other than the Princesses themselves I have ever seen, I'm sur-" I cut off as a rainbow blur slammed into my chest. As quick as it happened I had pinned it to the floor with my dagger to it's throat an-

Oh what the fucking Hell?!

"Dash?! Are you fucking crazy?!" I asked as I still held my dagger to her. "I almost killed you, you batshit crazy Pegasus!!!" I said.

"Aha, yeah... Err... Ego? Could you..." She gestured with her head and I removed the knife, taking a breath.

"Now, Dash. What's so important that I almost killed you?" I asked calmly as I sheathed my blade.

"Oh, yeah! Both of you! Come quick! It's an emergency!" Exclaimed Dash. Twilight and I glanced at each other and took off toward Ponyville Town Hall. (I never come quick... Hehe, geddit? ... Sorry...)


As we arrived at the Town Square I saw Rarity get blasted with magic and she was placed in an ugly dress...

"You beast! This shade of brown should only be used for accents!" Exclaimed Rarity, collapsing backwards. Applejack caught her and Pinkie joined her to help Rarity.

"Come on, Applejack. We've got to get her in a nice, soothing pink, STAT!" Exclaimed Pinkie, quickly leaving with Applejack.

"What's the commotion?" I asked.

"What is it everypony?" Asked Twilight also.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't... Twilight Sparkle." Came the voice of a dark blue mare with a bright blue mane... I saw her eyes glow bright blue... Not good.

"Who's this clown?" I asked, gesturing with my thumb while looking at Twilight.

"Trixie!" Gasped Twilight before taking a defensive stance.

"What's she doing here?" Asked Spike angrily, squaring up to her. I had a feeling this wasn't the first time she'd plagued Ponyville...

"You call that great and powerful?" Asked Rainbow Dash, suddenly she was blasted with a glowing blue beam of magic, and one of her wings was enlarged too much for her to control her flight.

"Oh! She's Rainbow Wobble, now!" Said a colt known as Snips.

"Yeah! Ha ha ha ha!" Laughed another known as Snails.

"Good spell, oh Great and Powerful Trixie!" Worshipped Snips.

"You two! Quiet!" She exclaimed and cast a spell, joining them both by their horns...

"Uh, hey! W— What happened?" Asked Snips.

"Get off of me! Brbrbr." Exclaimed Snails, trying to shake Snips off.

"Let go!" Replied Snips, running one way.

"Go this way!" Said Snails, flipping them around and running the other way.

"Stop picking on my friends, Trixie!" Warned Twilight.

"What's the point of this?" I asked.

"Twilight and I have some unfinished business. My magic's gotten better since I was here last. And I'm going to prove it! Me and you, Twilight, a magic duel. Winner stays, loser leaves Ponyville forever!" Challenged Trixie. Oh, she wants to play like that?

"Forget it! I'd never make a deal like that!" Replied Twilight, turning her head from Trixie.

"Hm. Your choice." Shrugged Trixie. She picked Spike up and compressed him, turning him into a bouncy ball. OK, I wasn't having that.

"You'll regret that, mare!" I warned, pointing.

"Will I?" She asked, she turned her head indignantly and she tapped her hoof a few times and none other than Xanlosch slid down the roof of the Town Hall and landed on the ground. He wasn't a Pony, but then again he wasn't a General either... So it makes sense.

"Well, well, well... Xanlosch. The Necromancer himself." I said, preparing a battle stance.

"Why thank you, Lord Dragon!" He bowed sarcastically. "I think we have unfinished business." He grinned.

"Oh Xanlosch, I'm going to hack you pieces! There won't be enough left of you to make a chew toy from!" I snarled with a grin.

"Oh, you will get your chance. You and Twilight, versus Trixie and myself. Same conditions on winning and losing. Oh, and I get Creature." Smirked Xanlosch.

"I won't-" I began.

"Do it Master! Whup his ass!" Exclaimed Creature from the crowd... There goes that objection...

"Why are you doing this Trixie?" Asked Twilight.

"Why? Because you humiliated me!" She exclaimed, showing us what happened with her magic. "After you showed me up with that Ursa Minor, I became a laughing stock! Everywhere I went I was laughed at and ostracized. I even had to take a job on a rock farm just to earn a living! A rock farm!" Yelled Trixie. Well, that's not nice...

"Hey! You're lucky a rock farm would take the likes of you!" Exclaimed Pinkie, suddenly her mouth was dropped into a bin. I guess she must have grown up on a rock farm.

"Then, my friend here found me, saw how miserable I was and began to train me! He gave me a chance for revenge!" Said Trixie. "Now I'm claiming my revenge! And I'll just keep casting spells 'til you agree." She said, flipping Golden Oaks upside down... My mouth hung open...

"Creature... Errr..." I began.

"I used a spell to keep it in place. The potion will be fine." He whispered.

"Good." I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well? What do you say?" Asked Trixie.

"Dragon? You also have to agree." grinned Xanlosch in a sing song voice. We looked over at our friends who were in despair...

"Whoooaah! Help... Me!" Exclaimed Spike. Twilight nodded to me. I sighed.

"Alright, Trixie. Let's duel!" Agreed Twilight.

"Xanlosch, show me what you've got, you cocksplat." I growled.

"Excellent." Said Trixie.

"Most excellent. Release them my Apprentice." Xanlosch waved his hand to her. She 'hmmph'd' and complied, releasing our friends. Except Pinkie.

"If we lose, we won't set hoof in Ponyville again. But if you lose, you're the ones banished from this one-horse town!" Trixie set out the terms of the duel. Everypony gasped."And my Master gets your Creature." She added.

I turned to Xanlosch.

"Draw!" Exclaimed Trixie and Xanlosch. I started some music for mine and Xanlosch's duel.

"Alright bud, let's make this quick, I'll make this shorter than your one inch dick." I rhymed, holding my fingers an inch apart, shrinking Xanlosch for a second. "Look at me bro, you think I'm stale? I'll breeze through you like a swingin' flail." I said, and summoned and swung a flail. "Look mate, you ain't going to sell, once I'm done with you, you're goin' to Hell." I said and summoned fire everywhere that didn't harm anypony. "I'll take you down, I'll bust your face. You can't even keep up with this pace!" I exclaimed, using magic to enhance my speed and I ran circles around him, about five laps in 5 seconds. "Come at me bro, you think you can? I'll burn you so hard you'll get a tan!" I exclaimed, using fire to burn him a little. "You think that fire is my only Spell? Boy are you in for a shock and a bell!!" I exclaimed, summoning a bell around his head and ringing it loudly, using shock magic. "I can school you in any type of Magic! This type of shit ain't your usual hat trick! I'm Schooling you once! I'm schooling you twice! I just schooled you thrice, now I'm done being nice." I said, making him sit at a desk. "You're a Necromancer, not a necrophile! Stop fucking your creations! That shit ain't in style! It's fucked up bro, just like your face, now go hang yourself, I'll even lend you some lace!" I said, passing him some shoe lace. "Creation magic bro, it's my thing, look, even Nature itself has crowned me King!" I exclaimed as the ground came to life, trees grew around me out of nowhere and a bunch of vines formed a crown over my head. "You think you can stand up to this!? Boy you're lucky if I'll let you stand to take a piss! Talking of piss, look at your pants!" I exclaimed as his armour was wet. "Water magic bro, now do me a favour and dance!" I used mind controlling magic and made him dance a little. "Mind control man, I've got it all, I'm always completely on the ball. You can try and take me down, but you even try I'll take you to town!" I said creating more buildings out of thin air. "Last time you tried to face against me, I destroyed you, and I mean that literally!" I made the buildings vanish with a wave of my hand, and called an image of me blasting Xanlosch with a fireball and him exploding. "Illusion magic boy, this ain't no toy. Unlike your petty fighting skills, don't act coy." I said, imitating him fighting by swinging my sword everywhere with a dopey look on my face. "Life magic man, I've got that to! Heal any wound, on anyone but you!" I exclaimed. "You're out here man, lookin' for round two? I'll get a better battle out of anyone here but you!" I threw my fist out in a boxing position. "I kicked your ass once, now I've done it again! The only thing weaker than this battle, is your puny little brain!" I exclaimed and made his insides visible via illusion magic and made his brain appear pea sized. "Death magic is a helluva feat, look with this shit, I got you beat!!" I exclaimed and made the vines around me die. "I'll beat you so bad, your face will get refurbished! My powers are infinite but this battle is finished!" I said, spreading my arms and creating an illusion of the universe behind me. I threw my arms down and all my magic vanished.

Xanlosch began clapping.

"I think you did beat me completely and utterly on that one... But as you can see, Twilight is not doing so well..." He said. I spun around... I saw Snips turned into a baby, and Snails turned elderly... That's some amazing magic right there...

"An age spell? But... how could you do an age spell? That's only for the highest level unicorns!" Exclaimed Twilight... Trixie was being powered by Xanlosch! And likely corrupted by him as well... But there was something else here... Something powerful... And it was giving them power...

"Twi! It's-" I stopped as I felt the piercing pain of something stabbing into my back. I looked down and saw an icicle... Protruding from my chest. It then was yanked out and I collapsed to my hands and knees. My wound began to heal. I got up and I turned to Xanlosch, but suddenly, I froze, unable to move... I was in both realities, stuck between Equestria and Rivellon... I saw Twilight fail on her reverse-ageing spell.

"Where's your magic now Dragon-Knight?" Laughed Xanlosch. I struggled, but you couldn't tell.

"Trixie is the highest level unicorn!" She exclaimed in response to Twilight. "And now it's time for you both to leave Ponyville! FOREVER!" Exclaimed Trixie.

"That's enough, Trixie!" Exclaimed Applejack, all 5 mares standing in front of Twilight and myself.

"You proved your point, but you can't possibly expect Twilight and Ego to leave Ponyville!" Added Rarity.

"Tell you what, we'll make a deal. Tyrath, if you can cast a single spell, however minor, we will forfeit." Said Xanlosch.

"What?!" Asked Trixie.

"Quiet! Come on Ty, can ya do it?!" Asked Xanlosch. I tried to cast a spell, I did. But I was stuck between two worlds, that was too much, even for me. He allowed me to move my head... I shook and hung it in shame. He then let me go. I fell to my knees, coughing and buried my head in my crossed arms on the ground.

"Twilight isn't leaving! And neither is Ego!" Exclaimed Spike.

"You fools! She's already gone!" Exclaimed Trixie in glee. She picked Twilight up and threw her out of town, making some kind of cover appear.

"It's okay, guys. I'll figure something out. Just take care of each other. And keep an eye on Trixie. There's something strange about her." Said Twilight at the edge of town, behind the glass cover. The girls came back over as I stood up.

"Tyrath, Tyrath... Tyrath. Hohohoho..." Xanlosch clapped and rubbed his hands together in glee. "This is a rare moment, to have the Dragon himself at my mercy." He said as I knelt before him in submission. He beat me, using magic, fair and square.

"You won Xanlosch. I yield." I said, bowing my head in shame.

"Oh Dragon, your honesty and integrity isn't doing you any favours here, is it? I always knew it would be your undoing..." He chuckled.

"Whatever you say." I said.

"Leave Dragon. Walk to the edge of town. You can walk straight through the glass to get out... But you can never return!" Exclaimed Xanlosch. "And... You must hold this." He said and passed me a sign that read: 'Failure!'

"As you wish." I said. I stood, grabbed the sign and turned to leave but I stopped. I pulled out Lord Arben's sword from it's sheath on my side, took one more glance at Ponyville, and thrust it into the ground with a yell. I then placed my Dragon Wizard helmet atop the sword's hilt. This was custom upon being banished for warriors of our land. Only the figure either who banished you, or the one in charge of the town can remove it. Unfortunately that looked to be Trixie & Xanlosch now...

"I'm sorry everypony... I failed you." I spoke to the crowd. I turned and walked away. I came to the edge of the town and took a breath. I looked back and saw the girls standing there.

"Don't go! Come on! You can kick his butt no problem!" Exclaimed Rainbow Dash, actually hugging me. I returned it lightly. She hugged when the others did, but very rarely of her own accord.

"Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I made a deal. I gave my word. I never break my word... Ever." I said. "That's the integrity he was talking about."

"His Dragon Code of Honour." Nodded Spike forlornly. "He has to do this." Agreed Spike reluctantly.

"Farewell my friends." I said and exited the bubble that encased the town. I passed through it like a membrane and it was sealed behind me. I took a breath and strode forward. I felt the sad eyes of my friends on my back. I kept walking eventually I came upon a meadow and sat down against a tree, hitting the back of my head against it a few times. After wallowing in self-pity for a while, I looked around and saw Twilight attempting an age-reversing spell on a flower. It seemed to work for a second, but then returned to its original state.

"UGH!!!" She exclaimed in frustration as I walked over.

"It is a strange power she has." I spoke with little emotion, caressing the flower lightly, reverse ageing it with little issue.

"Oh! Ego... Are you OK?" Asked Twilight, reaching a hoof toward me.

"No, Twilight, I'm not OK." I said and turned from her, prompting her to retract her hoof. "I just failed, for the first time in my career as a Dragon-Knight." I said in frustration and anger.

"So? Failure is a part of life." Said Twilight.

"But not for me! Twi, if I fail, do you understand what could happen!? Many peoples, and Ponies, lives are riding on me! I can't afford to fail! I can't! If I do, everything ends, it's all over! All of it!" I exclaimed. "We got lucky this time, in the fact that Ponyville hasn't been obliterated, but what if it was! So many Ponies, our best friends lost! All because of me!" I explained to her.

"I promise, that will never happen! Not when we've got got each other!" Exclaimed Twilight and hugged me. I returned it and felt marginally better.


This hug was lasting longer than most... Finally Twilight let go and smiled at me.

"Ahem, now, how could she cast such advanced spells?" I asked. "Xanlosch could only empower her to a certain extent without sacrificing his own power to keep her powered up, and he certainly wasn't doing that!" I stated. "It has to be some form of raw ability..." I spoke.

"Well, it's impossible! How could Trixie know such advanced magic?" Asked Twilight. "I don't suppose you know the Dragonfire spell?" asked Twilight hopefully.

"Unfortunately not... But about the power, I have a feeling it's something to do with Xanlosch, but I felt something powerful there, something more, something both of them were drawing on for power..." I said.

"Without Spike, we can't get a message to the Princess in Saddle Arabia. So who else do we know who understands strange and powerful magic?" Asked Twilight.

"If we were in my world, I'd know everything, but this world is still mostly strange to me..." I said. "Or I'd ask Zandalor or Lucian for advice, but they're not available at present..." I sighed.

"Oh! I know! There's somepony I've wanted you to meet for a long time!" Exclaimed Twilight and took off toward the Everfree Forest. I followed her and eventually, among the trees and dense brush, we came upon a hollowed out tree with a door... Twilight knocked. Somepony answered... Except it wasn't a Pony...

"Twilight Sparkle! It is good to see you! And I see you have brought a new friend too..." She spoke, looking me up and down. "Well, a stranger creature I have never seen! Not in this land, or in between." She spoke in rhyme. I crouched down and extended my hand.

"Tyrath, Tyrath Kyelinth. Although the Ponies have taken to calling me Ego Draconis." I said and shook her hoof.

"Please enter my home, take shelter from the forest that you roam." She offered. I collapsed my vertebrae to enter with Twilight. Fuck me, it was hell to keep doing this...

"No offence, but your strange skeletal structure tickles me pink! May I interest either of you in a drink?" She asked.

"I'm fine thanks." Smiled Twilight.

"No, thank you." I declined.

"Well, pleased to meet you Tyrath, Zecora is my song. Will you both be staying long?" She asked.

"Maybe. Zecora, we have an emergency you see..." Twilight began to explain our situation... She told her all of it.

"Your tale of woe upsets me so." She said, sipping her tea. "No wonder you're dour. It's an abuse of power!" She exclaimed.

"I don't know what to do, Zecora. I feel like I've abandoned my friends. But I can't take her on horn-to-horn." Said Twilight.

"I failed them. After so long, I failed..." I said, shaking my head.

"If you train with me, so good you'll be. I'll show you the way to make sure she won't stay." She promised to Twilight.

"You'll train me in magic? But she was doing age spells, weather spells, you name it!" Exclaimed Twilight in disbelief, knocking Zecora's tea over by accident when making gestures.

"When it comes to magic, it would be tragic if somepony licked me, especially Trixie." Rhymed Zecora, moving her hoof in circles around her cups edge, leading it to become full of tea again...

"Parlour tricks..." I mumbled with a grin, Zecora stuck her tongue out with a grin of her own. I turned to Twilight. "I'd train you, but my spells are more suited for combat. Teaching you them would take too long. It requires a completely different thought process than your spells to cast." I spoke.

"You both really think I can beat her?" Asked Twilight.

"Mm-hmm." Nodded Zecora.

"Oh yeah!" I nodded.

"Okay, when do we start?" Asked Twilight, putting her two front hooves on the table, knocking Zecora's tea over again. Zecora was not amused...

"What about me?" I asked as she cleaned herself.

"A strange smell permeates me..." She breathed in. "Might you be practising Alchemy?" Asked Zecora. I picked up the teacup with magic and refilled it with tea by using water magic, and heated it with fire magic before placing back on the table.

"Yes..." I said in answer.

"Maybe a potion you can make, one that can protect you, one you can take." She suggested.

"Very well." I nodded, it may take some doing, but I could do it.

"May I see the extent of your power? Maybe I can find something we can use, on the hour." She spoke.

"Very well. Look up through this." I said and handed them a telescope to see up. Both Pony and Zebra looked through it. I made an 'illusion' of the universe appear before me and balanced a planet in my palm and began spinning it like a ball. Both of them gasped, as they were looking up, the real planet began spinning. They turned to me and saw me using the planet like a basketball, rolling it between both shoulders and up each arm. The real planet was rolling from one end of the Galaxy, to the other. I stopped and put it back at the exact rotation it would be at and left it to it's devices.

"I've never seen such powerful magic!" Exclaimed Twilight in shock as I un-summoned the telescope.

"Indeed, neither have I! You made it look as easy as pie." Said Zecora.

"It's nothing. The laws of physics here differ to Rivellon, but both are equally as manipulable to my Draconic Magic. That spell is usually used to fix worlds that's rotation has failed, or can even reverse time." I shrugged.

"That's extremely powerful magic!" Gasped Twilight.

"Eh, it's a work in progress... Anyway, let's get to work." I said. Both females nodded.

We began to get to work...

;Creature's POV;

"You two! Hurry up with my throne." Ordered Trixie. The Cakes had to make Trixie a throne out of candy... Both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were being made to put up banners of Trixie. It angered me, to say the least. But I needed to stay by Xanlosch's side, to bide my time until my Master returned with a plan...

Applejack was being forced to make a large amount of applesauce, but first she had to squash the apples. And there were a lot to squish.

"Master, permission to help Lady Trixie with her applesauce?" I asked and went to help.

"No. I need you close. I never know when there's something I may want or need." He spoke, reading through Lord Tyrath's books. Most of which were encoded luckily...

"And you, how long do I have to wait for my applesauce facial?" Asked Trixie.

"Forget it, Trixie! I ain't doing nothin' 'til you let Twilight and Ego come home!" Applejack crossed her forehooves defiantly, Trixie picked her up in her magic, summoned two feathers and began tickling her. "Okay, I'll do it! Just make it stop! Hoo!" Laughed Applejack uncontrollably. Trixie threw her into a pile of apple buckets, hard. I grit my teeth.

"Woulda just killed and replaced her myself." Grumbled Xanlosch as he tried to read the books.

"That's why you're not in charge." I mumbled out of earshot as I helped her up.

"Thank you kindly, Creature." Smiled Applejack. I nodded to her we looked over to Trixie.

"I thought I told you to dance!" Exclaimed Trixie, blasting a mouthless Pinkie Pie and forcing her to dance at a quick pace. Rarity was being forced to stitch Trixie's banners for her.

"I gave you your revenge. Now for your end of the bargain." Said Xanlosch, standing next to Trixie.

"And who says I need you anymore?!" She exclaimed. She charged a spell but Xanlosch held his hand over her, suddenly Trixie began clutching her head in pain.

"Don't get greedy you spoiled little bitch!" Exclaimed Xanlosch, slapping Trixie across the mouth. "I gave you power, I can take it away just as simply!" Warned Xanlosch. "Understand?" He asked.

"Yes..." She whined.

"Yes what?!" He asked.

"Yes, Master." She bowed.

"Now then..." He said.

"I have everypony else in town working on it, I promise!" She exclaimed, squealing as Xanlosch made her suffer a bit more.

"Good, Apprentice." He nodded his approval and went back to Lord Tyrath's books. "I had to go through the same thing, my dear. It is part of the process." He promised.

"Yes, Master." She bowed again. She got up, and turned to everypony else in the room who was staring. "What are you looking at?! BACK TO WORK!" She exclaimed. Everypony clamoured for a second before continuing their work.

"Oh, Trixie's cruel magic is ruining Ponyville." Said Rarity before accidentally pricking herself with a sewing needle. "Ow! Oh, somepony has to help us!" She exclaimed. I tended to agree...

;Tyrath's POV;

Twilight was being made to stand on water while floating three equal measures of water in the air around her. Zecora was balancing on her tail calmly. She was trying to teach her self-discipline, and complete balance of harmony in the body and mind, being at one with yourself. I, also calmly was making a potion. I used a pipette to drip a small amount of poison joke into the mixture, as it's magical properties would come in handy. A few other herbs were in there to negate the negative affects. I wonder how my potion in Ponyville is doing...?

"Ah, no noise, no sound, no din, no fuss must interfere with your focus. Unlearn what you have learned. Only then can victory be earned." Rhymed Zecora as Twilight was concentrating. Something seemed to distract her and her bubbles popped and she fell in the pool.

"There is much, much that I can teach, but the answer you need may still be out of reach." Said Zecora and began to walk away with a sad expression.

"I'm sorry, Zecora. I'm trying my best, but... I can't stop thinking about Trixie." Admitted Twilight. "There was something different about her. It's like she's gone from high and mighty to mean and nasty." Wondered Twilight.

"Just like Rhode..." I mumbled.

"Your thinking needs a readjust. Total concentration is a must." Said Zecora.

"Hang about... I'm Al... most... Done..." I said as begin slowly dripping the final ingredient into the mixture...

;Creature's POV;

Xanlosch- sorry, Master (eugh) had given me some time off while he slept. I was in Golden Oaks with the 5 mares and the Little Dragon, searching through Lord Tyrath's books while they looked through Lady Sparkle's books. I could actually decode Master's books in my head as he and I had actually developed the code together. Not that I told Xanlosch that...

"Ugh, this really doesn't seem to be getting us anywhere." Said Rarity, flicking through books with her magic. Pinkie muffled something in response with a shrug as she emerged from a pile of books. She was starting to be proven right...

"I hear you, Pinkie. I can't find anything that describes the kind of magic Trixie's doin'." Said Applejack dejectedly as she looked through a book.

"Ugh, there must be something! Twilight has every magic book there is!" Exclaimed Spike.

"Master will surely have something to counter it! Most of his books are still in the Battle Tower though..." I said with a sigh.

"Well, those don't do us any good 'ere." Said Applejack. She was right.

"Um, I think I may have found something?" Came the hushed voice of Fluttershy. I began to walk over to her.

"Yes, it's time for us to consider our futures in this new Trixie-led Ponyville." Rarity frowned.

"Um, this sounds an awful lot like Trixie's magic–" Tried Fluttershy again.

"She wants me to grow apples with no peels! Now how the hay am I supposed to do that?" Asked Applejack.

"You can't. Unless you can... bend reality!" I exclaimed and began flicking through Lord Tyrath's books quickly, accidentally forgetting about Fluttershy...

"Um, there's a picture here of that necklace–" Continued Fluttershy, but I was too busy reading. Pinkie muffled and gestured to her mouth.

"It's called the Alicorn Amulet, and whoever wears it is blessed with untold—" Started Fluttershy, suddenly Spike grabbed it from her grasp.

"Hey, everypony, look! This book has a picture of Trixie's necklace! It's called the Alicorn Amulet, and whoever wears it is blessed with untold powers!" Exclaimed Spike.

"If you read a little further, you'll see—" She began again.

"Even though it provides great power, it also corrupts the user!" Exclaims Spike.

"Yes, but, um, you can't—" She tried again.

"You can't just take the Alicorn Amulet off her neck, it has a magical lock! Trixie's the only pony who can take it off!" Realised Spike as he read.

"Maybe we could—" Fluttershy muttered.

"We need to get this information to Twilight and Ego! They'll know what to do." Stated Applejack.

"But, h— how—" Asked Fluttershy.

"If any of us try to leave, Trixie's magical force field will tell her!" Added Rarity.

"Maybe we should—" Fluttershy said timidly.

"I've got it! Trying to sneak past the force field would be impossible without help, but I know who's got the goods to get into those woods!" Exclaimed Rainbow with a smile.

"It— it must be—" Realised Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy!" Exclaimed Dash, picking her up in her hooves.

"Whaaat?!" She exclaimed, thudding to the floor, cowering.

"What do you say, Fluttershy? Can you handle the mission?" Asked Applejack, walking over to her.

"No! I'll crack under the pressure! I'll snap like a twig!" She squeaked, panicking.

"Perfect! Fluttershy'll sneak out of Ponyville and find Twilight." Stated Dash we all put our hooves/claws together.

"But— but I, I—" She tried, falling to the ground as Dash released her. "Okay." She breathed, adding her hoof.

"Alright!" Exclaimed Applejack. Everypony else also voiced their agreement.

"I know just the design for a dangerous mission outfit!" Added Rarity,

"I can meet you out there." I said.

"You? How can you get out?" Asked Rainbow.

"I have a way, but I need the shield to be opened, even for a second. This might not work, so Fluttershy should still go anyway in case I don't make it." I said.

"OK. Let's do it." Nodded Rarity. I enacted my plan... I could blend with the shadows so I used them to move. It went as planned, with the beavers complaining to Trixie about needing to take a log for their dam.

She rolled her eyes and opened the field and I slipped through with the log containing Fluttershy. The beavers began to lift Fluttershy out of the log. She popped out but went flying. She ruined the outfit Rarity made.

"Oh, oh dear! Rarity's dangerous mission outfit is ruined! Guess we'd better go back!" She tried to back off but the beavers stopped her. I ended my spell and reappeared. The birds and other animals began talking to her.

"Oh, okay, okay, you're right. I need to be brave and find Twilight." Said Fluttershy.

"I'm here for you as well." I nodded to her.

"Oh, thank you." She smiled. Some birds then tweeted in her ear.

"Oh! Y— you found her?" Asked Fluttershy, she nodded to me. "She's in the Everfree Forest?!" Exclaimed Fluttershy, jumping back in the log but the other animals pulled her out and began to fly her toward the forest. They whistled to her.

"Oh, this is me being brave! I wanna be brave at home, locked in my closet, with my teddy bear!" She exclaimed as I followed the birds flying her to Twilight. They dropped her outside of a home in a tree trunk...

"Come on! We can do this!" I said and we both walked to the front door and knocked.

"Yes?" Came the voice of the owner. It was a Zebra! "Ah Fluttershy! It is good to see you! Another new friend, you have with you?" Asked the owner.

"I am Creature ma'am. Lord Tyrath's companion." I bowed.

"Ah Tyrath! Ah yes indeed! He is currently making a potion, helping us in need." She said. "My name is Zecora, the owner of the tree, I welcome you into my home, please have some tea with me." She said. We entered her home and Twilight hugged Fluttershy upon seeing her. Lord Tyrath couldn't look her in the eye and continued with his potion. He sighed and turned to me.

"It is good to see you Creature." He smiled, but there was a dejected-ness in his gaze.

"And you Master." I bowed, glad to address my true Master.

;Tyrath's POV;

"And you Fluttershy." I said, she blushed.

"Good to see you as well." She said and we hugged, although it was halfhearted on my end.

"Why are you both here?" Asked Twilight. Fluttershy explained to us about what they had found out as she had some tea with Zecora.

"I can't believe I didn't recognise the Alicorn Amulet!" Exclaimed Twilight in realisation.

"That must be the presence I felt them drawing power from..." I nodded.

"The more she uses it, the more it will corrupt her!" Explained Fluttershy, worriedly.

"Not just that, but it will be keeping her under the thrall of Xanlosch. It's likely he knew she wouldn't agree to help the Black Ring and so he used the Amulet to make her susceptible to his will." I pondered.

"She tried to revolt against him, but he seemed to use the Amulet to force her to serve him." Added Creature. "Not only that, but their building a Flying Fortress out there! I think Damien is planning to promote Xanlosch if he succeeds." Informed Creature.

"By Zandalor's beard!" I exclaimed. "I hope this potion works..." I mumbled. It had just finished brewing... Time to try it out...

"But how am I supposed to beat that amulet? My magic's not good enough!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I'll be busy dealing with Xanlosch..." I stated.

"Twilight Sparkle, much work have you done. You learned all of my lessons; all but one. If Trixie's tricks have you in a fix, you must nix your magic and use the six." Explained Zecora... Clever.

"Nix your magic, use the six... Nix your magic, use the six! Use the six! That's it! Zecora, you're a genius!" Exclaimed Twilight. Zecora nodded with a smile. "Now we'll need to get you and Creature back inside Ponyville, Fluttershy." Said Twilight as she began to write a letter. I looked to the potion and began to walk to the final concoction... Hold on...

"Zecora... Is this my reflection in the bottles, or is it my imagination?" I asked. She came over and gasped.

"A being like you I see in this pot! But you, it most definitely is not!" She exclaimed.

"Give me a second..." I mumbled. I summoned the mirror and looked... Zandalor!!!!

"My friend... If you are getting this message, then my magic has crossed worlds. You can... Now contact me using this mirror. Say the words of old, and I will answer your call. I have adjusted the mirror to contact one another on similar time. The world you are in moves faster compared to ours, but this mirror will also mirror the time that has passed since you left in this time." He said before vanishing...

"Zandalor, you smart bastard..." I said.

"Hold on, 'Words of old?' what did he mean?" Asked Twilight.

"Ut ubi quondam fuit, nunc pleno orbe venit vitam." I spoke. The mirror shimmered for a second...

"And then, it jus-... wait, can it be?" Came the voice of Zandalor, but the mirror was blank... Suddenly a cover was removed and Zandalor's smiling face was there... "Ah ha! My friend! You're alive! You made it!" He exclaimed.

"Zandalor, it is good to see you!" I nodded.

"Dragon-Knight? Are you OK?" Came the voice of Lucien The Divine, my friend.

"Lucien! Are you a sight for sore eyes! Aye, I am fine. As you can see... Not in a usual place." I chuckled, rotating the mirror to show Twilight, Fluttershy and Zecora.

"Err... Ponies?" He asked.

"Talking Ponies." I corrected.

"Pleased to meet you. I am Twilight Sparkle." Waved Twilight.

"I'm Fluttershy." She mumbled.

"My name is Zecora."

"..." A pause.

"Well then, I am glad to see you intact my friend. It has been almost half a week since you vanished. I am glad to see you yet live." Sighed Zandalor.

"Of course I do! Nothing can fell me! Yet..." I said.

"Anyway, now that we know you're alive, do you need anything currently?" Asked Zandalor.

"Yes, I... Failed. One of the Black Ring bested me and I have been banished from a town that is very important to me." I said.

"How did he best you? We can get working on a countermeasure immediately." Said Zandalor, nodding to Lucien.

"He used a spell to trap me between here, Equestria it is called, and Rivellon. It held me still and I felt like I was almost non-existent." I explained to them.

"Ah, you need an anchor then. That is no problem." He said and made a 'come here' gesture with his hand behind him.

"An anchor?" I asked.

"Yes, you are currently torn between two worlds. While this is not a problem day-to-day, as you have seen it is a weakness that can be exploited, if one has the correct tools." He said. He gestured to Deodatus, Aleroth's new mayor, previously(and still) Grand Healer, who passed a ring to Zandalor. It was Stardust, a ring Deodatus was selling during the invasion of Aleroth, Lucien seemed to imbue it with some sort of power.

"Can any of your friends cast spells?" Asked Lucien, peering through the mirror.

"Twilight is one of the most powerful." I nodded, stepping aside to revel her and smiled nervously and stood straight.

"I knew you'd travel in the right circles." He smiled. "Tell her to cast a binding spell on the ring." He said.

"I heard." She nodded as Zandalor teleported the ring to me. She cast the spell and the ring began glowing white. I put it on.

"Put the ring on, and it will bind you to both worlds, including all worlds attached, be they on a different timeline or an alternate reality. The Hall of Echoes and the Plane of Hypnerotomachia will remain open to you." Said Zandalor.

"Report back once it is done, the mirror will now be a conduit between our worlds and will synchronise our timelines to interact." Said Lucien.

"Thank you my friends. I'll see you once it is done." I nodded and made the mirror vanish. "Let's get to it." I nodded. We smuggled Fluttershy back into Ponyville and headed to the outskirts of Ponyville, but I was hesitant...

"Twi, what if I fail? What if-" I started.

"You won't. I promise." She comforted, placing a hoof on my leg.

"But I already failed you and the girls once... How can I forgive myself for that Let alone if I do it again!" I exclaimed. Suddenly, Twilight pulled me down in her magic and kissed me. "What was that for?" I asked.

"To let you know I forgive you." She smiled.

"Ah... Right." I nodded.

"Ahem." Coughed Zecora, with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh yeah, right. Now then, go Creature." I said and cast a spell on him. He vanished. The plan had begun. Twilight then proceeded to bang on the shield. Trixie, in a huge golden carriage, pulled by Snips and Snails came trundling along.

"This better not be another false alarm, or the Great and Powerful Trixie will–" Trxie cut off as she gasped when she saw us. "You! What's the matter, Twilight Sparkle? Not enjoying your exile? What about you Ego?!" She asked.

"We know about the Alicorn Amulet. We know you both cheated." Informed Twilight.

"Cheated? Moi?" Asked Trixie, seemingly offended by the notion.

"You're just Xanlosch's puppet, little Pony." I smirked.

"Yeah. And I thought you might wanna see what a real magical amulet looks like." Said Twilight and produced the Amulet. "Zecora gave it to me. It's from beyond the Everfree Forest, and it's way more powerful than your measly little Alicorn Amulet!" Exclaimed Twilight, challenging Trixie.

"Ha! Nothing's more powerful than the Alicorn Amulet! And nopony's more powerful than the Great and Powerful Trixie!" She exclaimed.

"Care to put your amulet where your mouth is? How about another duel?" Asked Twilight.

"And I'll duel Xanlosch. If I win, you get my power. All of it." I said.

"Why should we? We already beat both of you." Said Trixie smugly, but it was clear she was intrigued.

"That's up to you! But I guess you'll never see the totally awesome magic from beyond the Everfree Forest. Come on, Ego, Zecora." Said Twilight and we began to walk.

"Wait!" Yelled Trixie. She lifted the barrier from Ponyville. I gasped as I saw the Flying Fortress being constructed above the town...

"Okay, okay, you're on! A second duel." Nodded Trixie.

"You must invite me back in." I said, if I enter without permission, dishonour.

"Very well, you are granted temporary entrance." She agreed. We followed her into the square. I swear Xanlosch shat himself when he saw us.

"What- but- you're banished! You're dishonoured by being here!" Exclaimed Xanlosch, pointing in a panic.

"I granted them entrance." Stated Trixie.

"What??!!!!" He yelled in anger, raising his fist.

"W- w- w- well, t- t- t- they offered us another duel! Claiming we cheated! Plus, Ego offered us all of his power, and Twilight offered us another Amulet of immense power." She stuttered

"ALL of his power???" Asked Xanlosch in shock.

"ALL of it." I nodded with a grin.

"Well then, good job my Apprentice." He said with a smile of glee.

"Ready?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

"Sooooo much..." He giggled in glee.

"Well then. Shall we?" I asked, gesturing with my hand.

"You first." He shrugged.

"A simple, so simple, creation spell, yes?" I asked.

"Why not?" He asked. I used my creation magic to wrap him in weak vines.

"Pathetic." He shrugged and used his Necromantic Magic to wilt them, breaking free with no issue.

"How about this?!" He exclaimed an used the Reality Suspension spell. I froze. Then I danced a little.

"Try again!" I grinned.

"Impossible!" He exclaimed, I then wrapped him in my strongest vines, he couldn't break free. I turned to Twilight and Trixie. It was up to her now. She was just about done showing Trixie.

"Duplication spell. Ever see one pony play ten instruments?" Asked Twilight. She zapped Pinkie who began playing a one-Pony band...

"This... just can't be!" Exclaimed Trixie.

"Ooh, one more. I can turn a mare into a stallion." Stated Twilight and blasted Applejack.

"Eeyup." Stated Big Mac dressed as AJ. I made a 'big sign' with my hands to Twilight behind Trixie's back.

"Tell you what? Want to see something REALLY awesome?" She asked.

"Huh?" Asked everypony present, clearly not knowing this part of the plan.

"I bet you I can make a meteor shower happen right now." She challenged.

"No you can't!" Exclaimed Trixie, shaking her head.

"Watch me." Stated Twilight she then put on a huge light show. I picked up a few small pebbles around the area, brought the universe up in front of me so only I could see it, and threw the pebbles into it, on a trajectory to fly close to Equestria without hitting it. Suddenly, everypony looked up and saw a meteor shower occurring. Trixie was flabbergasted.

"Well, Trixie, looks like my amulet is more powerful than yours–" Began Twilight before Trixie grabbed it from her. "Hey! Give it back!" Exclaimed Twilight angrily.

"Destroy them my Apprentice!" Laughed Xanlosch manically.

"Yes Master! With this amulet, we shall now rule all of Equestria!" She laughed, taking the Alicorn Amulet off and replacing it with Twilight's.

"Witness, my subjects. Gaze upon an ever greater and 'powerful-er' Trixie!" She exclaimed and laughed evilly.

"We're witnessing." I shrugged. Suddenly one Rainbow Dash(the real one) snatched the Alicorn Amulet and dropped it into my waiting, outstretched hand...

Ohhh boy was it tempting. No wonder it's so dangerous.

"Hey!" Exclaimed Trixie but stopped. "I don't need that old Alicorn Amulet. I have this!" She exclaimed. She blasted myself and the Dash that nicked the Amulet.

"Stop it! Tha— that tickles!" Laughed Rainbow, giggling and rolling around in the air.

"Ohh, tingly." I chuckled, shivering a few times.

"Tickles?! Tingly?! That was supposed to make you writhe in agony! This amulet is defective! Give mine back!" She exclaimed and tried to blast me. I just absorbed the blast into my hand.

"Not happening sweetie. The Black Ring no longer have a hold over you, and neither does this." I said, floating the amulet above my open palm. I teleported it to the Battle Tower. "It is currently being locked in the vaults of the most secure place in the universe." I spoke with a grin. Twilight wrapped a hoof around Trixie.

"By the way, Trixie, the amulet around your neck?" She tapped it. "It's one of Zecora's doorstops." She said as the gem fell and smashed.

"But... how did you do those spells? Nopony can do those spells!" She exclaimed.

"Not quite. Ego can actually do all of them, but he didn't this time. I certainly can't do them. Zecora taught me so much about magic while I was in exile. She even taught me when not to use it. My magic alone wasn't powerful enough to take on the Alicorn Amulet head to head." She explained. "So I needed to use a different kind of magic – the Magic of Friendship. I also knew that the only pony who could get the amulet off your neck was you." She stated.

"But... what about the pony with the ten instruments?" Asked Trixie.

"That's not magic. That was just Pinkie Pie." Shrugged Twilight.

"She's a mystery and always will be..." I chuckled as she continued playing. I shook my head in disbelief...

"But... The meteor shower!? How?!" She asked.

"That was me, lass." I said, claiming responsibility. "Draconic Magic is an awesome and powerful thing, what you saw was no illusion." I said, holding the universe in my palm before clenching my fist, making it vanish.

"If you were so powerful, how did Mast- err, Xanlosch, beat you?" She asked.

"Trapped me between both realities I belonged to, it constricted me. Now I am anchored to the reality am in." I stated. I heard the slicing of vines as Xanlosch cut himself free with a knife. Suddenly Creature appeared.

"Well?" I asked him.

"Done. Give it a minute." He said with a slight grin.

"Ha! You may have deprived me of a student! But I can still have your power! Your potion! The Potion of Draconic Power! It is mine!" He exclaimed and produced the vial full of orange liquid.

"No! Don't drink that! Really, don't." I told him.

"Too late fool!" He exclaimed and drank a sip. "Power is mine! Min- ughhh..." He stated as he dropped the sealed vial and collapsed to his knees, wheezing and then coughed blood, his mouth foaming.

"Told you not to drink it." I shrugged.

"How...?" He wheezed, grasping his throat.

"Creature is a poison master. I sent him back through time to sabotage my potion, and tell himself about it and tell himself to tell you about it. He knew you'd use it when backed against the wall." I spoke.

"You put a great deal of trust in just a Creature..." Said Xanlosch.

"Not a Creature. A friend. I put my trust in our friendship." I corrected. "After I got over my initial fear of failure, I realised that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. I realised my friends would always be there no matter what and I had to trust them. Goodbye, Xanlosch. May you pass in peace." I spoke as he breathed his last and collapsed onto his face, dead. I picked up the potion, glancing at the Ponies staring at me. I formed a grin.

"Well, bottoms up!" I exclaimed and downed the potion.

"EGO!!! NOO!!!!!!" Yelled Twilight in a panic. I finished the vial, burped, walked toward them and tossed the glass, hearing it smash. I then collapsed to the floor and began choking, when the girls looked as if they were about to collapse form shock and fear I stood on my knees and pointed at them, laughing my arse off.

"B- B- But you... Oh you bucker!!" Yelled Twilight and tackled me to the floor, she pinned my arms with her hooves, glaring at me.

"Ah ha... Sorry?" I asked more than said. She nodded with a sigh and got off me. "Don't worry girls, I took so many poison arrows back during my first conquest against Damien that poison is just extra flavouring now." I chuckled.

"We'll get you back for this." Swore Dash.

"Good. I anticipate it. Now, you mare." I pointed to Trixie who gulped.

"Yessir?" She asked timidly.

"You are under arrest. The charges are treason: conspiring against the crown and assault: causing harm to others." I spoke. "You joined the Black Ring little Pony. You relinquished your status as a citizen of Equestria when you did so. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yessir, I do! I'm so sorry! Please! I just... I was lost! He did truly care about me... At first, anyway, he offered me a way to be somepony! I don't want to be part of this Black Ring anymore! Please!" She sobbed and pleaded.

"Do you relinquish the Black Ring?" I asked.

"Yes! Look!" She said, she went over to my sword and helmet, she lifted the sword out of the ground and held the helmet both in her magic she placed the sword in my open palms and the helmet on my head. I was slightly shocked.

"My last act as Ruler of the town Ponyville... You are no longer banished from Ponyville." She said, bowing to me, as did everypony else, even the Mane 6 and Spike...

"Prince Ego! Prince Ego!" They all began chanting my name. I threw the sword up slightly, catching by the hilt in my left palm. I threw my left arm up with the sword pointing to the sky, with a smile on my face. I shot a blue beam from the sword that blasted the black clouds away, destroying the Flying Fortress and allowed the setting sun to shine on Ponyville once more. Everypony cheered for me louder...

;That night;

I summoned the mirror again.

"Tyrath! It's only been a few minutes here, how did it go?" Asked Lucien.

"Very well. The town, Ponyville, has been cleansed. There is a show on tonight that I will be attending, and then there is a banquet later." I said.

"Can we visit this world? Maybe observe this event?!" Asked Zandalor excitedly.

"Of course." I nodded.

"Very well." Said Lucien. Suddenly, they vanished in blue light. I turned and saw the three of them in Human Form behind me.

"Lucien!" I said. I gripped his arm and he gripped mine and we brought each other close for a hug. I patted him on the back with a fist and he did the same. "Zandalor!" I exclaimed and shook his hand. "And Deodatus!" I said, patting him on the arm.

"It is good to see you my friend." Smiled Zandalor.

"And you." I nodded.

"How have you been?" Asked Lucien.

"I've been fine for the most part! Come, the show is about to begin." I smiled and we headed to the stage.

Twilight used Fluttershy's animals, floating them in different shapes. Spike was cuddling Fluttershy to comfort her. Suddenly, fireworks began to go off and everypony began cheering. Twilight and I turned to see Trixie was the cause of them...

"Trixie?" Asked Twilight.

"It's the least I could do. I treated you and your friends so horribly when I was wearing that Alicorn Amulet. I just couldn't control myself. You can forgive me, can't you?" She asked me. Twilight looked thoughtful.

"Hmmm. Sure." She nodded.

"Why not?" I asked and shook her hoof.

"Oh, good. Don't you think the Great and Apologetic Trixie is the most magnificent humble pony you've ever seen?!" She exclaimed and a poof of smoke went off and we saw her running away. Twilight and I shook our heads... I prepared for the night ahead.

[SoL] Chapter 21: The Banquet.

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"Now, everypony, please welcome, your comedian for the evening, Tyrath Kyelinth!" Exclaimed Twilight as she jumped back on stage, before walking back off after she introduced Tyrath.

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"Hello everypony! Hello hello hello!" I exclaimed as everypony cheered. I held my hand out flat and lowered it, and everypony quietened down. "Jeez, I get it! You want me gone... Well too bad! You're stuck with me." I spoke, referring to the song. "Wow, wow, wow! What a turnout, what a turnout. Last time I had a crowd like this, I had my top off..." I spoke, everypony chuckled. "...And my pants..." I continued, more laughs. "And my socks." I said with a grin. "Oh, Twilight, I just replaced your bed with a trampoline; she's gonna hit the roof tonight." I spoke, everypony laughed. "Pinkie without a mouth, eh? Ah, my dream came true." I looked at the sky with a smile and everypony laughed, Pinkie acted indignant but was grinning.

"Very funny!" She exclaimed as I gave her her mouth back.

"You know, they laughed when they said I'd be a comedian! Well, they're not laughin' now I tell ya..." I spoke. "You know, I always get asked 'you're a warrior! Slay us a beast!' it's never 'Oh you're a politician? Tell us a lie!'" I exclaimed. More laughs, even Celestia was laughing, although it was still chaste. "Sometimes I sleep in the nude. It isn't a problem, except during camping trips." I smirked. Well, they were enjoying themselves judging by their laughs.

"Show us!" Came a voice. I turned and Creature was grinning.

"I'd ask you to as well, but there's nothing to show." I shrugged. Everypony pretty much died from laughter. "That, mares and gentlecolts, is how you deal with a heckler." I smiled.

"Very good!" Laughed Twilight.

"Oh, I am gonna get in so much fucking trouble for this next one." I chuckled to myself, looking down with a grin. "OK, trips to outer space would usually cost in the billions in Rivellon to get a Mage to teleport you there. But in Equestria, its pretty cheap. Just do something like set fire to the castle grounds, steal the Princesses pet, or unleash the evil god of Chaos, and there you go, boom! To the moon!" I exclaimed. I saw Celestia gasp, cover her mouth, but I saw a grin curl on her and she burst out laughing in a very un-Princess-like manner. I saw Luna watching, and she had collapsed backwards in laughter, everypony else was also having trouble breathing.

"Oh my gosh, that was so bad but so good!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"What do you do when there's a Manticore in the Everfree Forest? Hydra kids, hydra wife." I said. More laughter. "What do you call Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo when they're in a bad mood? The Moody Dark Crusaders." I shrugged, their older sisters began laughing loudly(And Rainbow Dash). "How many little ponies does it take to change a light bulb? All of them. One will change the lightbulb while the rest will cheer them how great they are." I shrugged, more laughter. "When I die, I want to go peacefully like my grandfather did; in his sleep. Not screaming like the passengers on his train." I shrugged. Everypony 'ooh'd' to that but some laughed anyway. "Now, if the gorgeous Princess Celestia is in charge of the day..." I said, the Princess blushed. "And the lovely Princess Luna is in charge on the night..." I continued, Princess Luna also blushed. "Does that mean Princess Cadance is in charge of Twilight?!" I asked. Everypony burst out laughing, especially Twilight.

"Oh, I'm gonna die!" Laughed Rainbow.

"Thank you everypony!" I exclaimed and waved as I walked off stage to thunderous applause. I headed up to the stands, in a few steps going up and stairs. I swooped in and kissed Princess Celestia on the cheek as Twilight addressed the crowd.

"Tyrath Kyelinth everypony! Thank you!" She exclaimed as everypony cheered. The Princes blushed and turned her head to kiss me on the lips.

"Well well well Ty, I see you've settled quickly." Came the voice of Marius.

"Marius!" I exclaimed and hugged him. "And Haakim and Amira." I said and shook their hooves. "How go things?" I asked.

"Very well, thank you." Nodded Amira.

"Peace has been restored. Marius and the rebel Ponies have kept the peace and Bakr is currently seeing to keeping the peace while we are here." Said Haakim. "Bari and Alim are looking after the foals." Smiled Haakim.

"Very good, very good!" I nodded.

"Who are the other Humans?" Asked Celestia.

"By The Divine!" Exclaimed Marius.

"Correct. One is Lucien, The Divine, my friend. Zandalor, a great wizard, probably equal to Twilight in my world anyway, another friend. And Deodatus, Grand Healer and Mayor of Aleroth, the greatest city in Rivellon. They will be joining the banquet if you don't mind." I said.

"Of course not!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia, oh by the Gods, why was she so beautiful... "May I meet them?" She asked, snapping me out my stupor.

"Of course! Why not? Come." I said.

"We will not be attending the banquet unfortunately. We must get back." Said Haakim.

"Farewell Dragon-Knight. I will see you soon." Bowed Marius.

"Thank you friends! See you later." I waved and escorted Celestia down the steps to the side of the stage. "Lucien? This is Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria alongside her sister, Princess Luna, who is around somewhere..." I looked around.

"Pleasure to meet you Princess." Said Lucien as he kissed her hoof.

"Indeed. It seems Tyrath has made fast friends!" Said Zandalor, bowing.

"A pleasure Your Highness." Also bowed Deodatus.

"Careful colts, I belong to this one." Princess Celestia said and kissed me deeply, I returned it happily. I saw the shocked faces of my friends in the corner of my eye as they were gobsmacked. She broke the kiss off and we both looked into each others eyes for a few seconds.

"As much I belong to you, my Princess." I answered, running a knuckle down her cheek.

"Well, it is nice to meet you all! I have never known much about Tyrath's human life!" Exclaimed Celestia.

"Indeed?" Asked Lucian.

"Now then, if you don't mind gentlecolts, I must attend to the delegates. My love, I will see you later." She said, pecking me on the cheek as she flew up back into the stands. I watched her go with a happy sigh...

"Tyrath..." Warned Lucien.

"What was that Dragon-Knight!?" Asked Zandalor.

"Did- did you just kiss that Pony?!" Asked Deodatus.

"No, she stole my soul." I answered sarcastically.

"Tyrath... You know what this..." Lucien didn't finish.

"Lucien, you fucked an Elf, is that not considered perverse in Rivellon?" I asked.

"Well, yes... But it is not... Bestiality!" Exclaimed Lucien in response as everypony began to pile out.

"Lower your voice, my friend. No, maybe it is not. But I really like this mare. Not only her-" I couldn't finish as Luna gleefully glided over and engaged me in a tender, passionate kiss, essentially taking the words out of my mouth, showing them what I was about to tell them...

"A taste of what's to come tonight." She whispered. I bit her ear lightly and she moaned quietly in delight... Gods, I couldn't help myself around them, they had such an effect on me...

"Same." I breathed. She got flustered and quickly flew back to the Castle to prepare for the banquet, blushing like mad.

"Really, Ty?" Asked Lucien.

"What? They both like me and agreed to share! I'm not going to say no! What sane man would?" I asked, making sure nopony else could hear.

"One who does not find interest in animals!" Exclaimed Zandalor.

"Look, they're not 'animals'. Take my word for it. I first thought the same as you when I arrived, but they quickly showed me that it doesn't matter." I explained, smiling at Twilight and my friends, who smiled back even though they couldn't hear me. "I really like them, plain and simple. Nothing you can do about it." I shrugged.

"Never more enamoured has the Dragon been! There is nothing wrong, with sampling the local cuisine!" Exclaimed Bellegar's disembodied voice... I blushed, quite unlike me, and held in a laugh.

"Dammit Bellegar..." I murmured.

"OK Dragon, I'm fine with it, as long as you're sure." Said Lucien, rolling his eyes at Bellegar.

"As am I." Agreed Deodatus.

"Very well, but there won't be anything much you can do about it either. Once you... You know?" Said Zandalor.

"I am very well aware. And willing." I nodded.

"But are they? Do they even know what they're getting into?" Asked Zandalor.

"Time comes, I will tell them." I said to them. "There are ways to get around that." I nodded with resolve.

"None particularly pleasurable for you." Pointed out Zandalor.

"Hey, Ty. Looks like they're not the only ones interested..." Said Lucien, gesturing behind me with his head, a smile on his face. I saw Fluttershy staring at me, but as soon as she saw me looking she whipped her head around.

"What? Shy? No! No, she couldn't..." I said, but I remembered the spa... Something I'd never said was how Fluttershy seemed to want to be in close proximity to me... I assumed it was out of friendship or comfort... Not...

You know...?



"Go over to her. I bet she becomes breathless when you talk." Said Deodatus with a sly smile. I shrugged and walked over.

"Hey Fluttershy." I smiled. She jumped ten feet in the air before spinning around and letting out a wheeze.

"Hi!" She wheezed... Breathless... "I mean, hi." She said in her normal demeanour, embracing me. I felt her quiver in my grasp and I let her go.

"I'll see you in about an hour at the banquet, yes?" I asked.

"Oh definitely." Fluttershy smiled. I went back over to Lucien and the others.

"OK, strange at the start, but then just like usual Fluttershy." I shrugged.

"I see. When is this banquet then?" Asked Zandalor.

"About an hour, it's in Canterlot, the city up on that mountain." I pointed.

"Very well. We will be there for then. You go get ready." Said Lucien. I nodded and left, preparing for the night ahead...

I was ready. I had polished my set of Champion armour and took carriage with the girls to Canterlot. Spike was driving.

"Oh!" Squealed Rarity in delight. "I can't wait for this! It is so rare for the Princess host a banquet to recognise somepony's deeds! You both must be very proud!" Exclaimed Rarity to Creature and I.

"Not really. I didn't do anything special." I shrugged.

"Ne neither." Shrugged Creature as well.

"Didn't do anything?! You both saved Equestria! More than once!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Nothing you girls haven't done before. You all deserve more recognition." I stated.

"Yeah, but you literally almost died doing it! We've never come that close to death!" Exclaimed Pinkie. "Like that time you were facing Ygerna, and all you could do was mash the X button, swinging your sword, hoping for the best!" She exclaimed.

"How did... You know what? Nevermind..." I said with a chuckle, shaking my head.

"You're both so brave! We're lucky to have stallions like you in Ponyville." Smiled Fluttershy.

"Thank's Fluttershy. It's nice to be wanted." I nodded to her.

"It's no problem." She smiled with a curt nod.

"That universe thing... The Princess will love to hear about that!" Exclaimed Twilight, smiling widely...

"And you'd like to learn it, hmm?" I asked with a one-sided, wry smile.

"Well, I mean, if err..." She started.

"Maybe some day Twi, maybe some day. Until then, stick to your studies." I said, looking out of the carriage window wistfully.

"That was a mighty whuppin' y'all gave Trixie back there! What happened to that other fella was a bit much, but I can't really blame ya, seein' as he's Black Ring an' all." Said Applejack.

"Sorry about that... Extreme measures are required to take on the Black Ring though, that wasn't the worst you'll see. I'm just sorry your sisters had to." I said, hanging my head.

"Don't y'all be sorry 'bout that! The girls look up to ya! You're heroes! Plain an' simple!" Smiled Applejack.

"I sometimes wonder..." I mumbled, looking out the window again.

"You are! You're like, totally 'poster-on-my-wall' material!" Exclaimed Dash.

"Heh, thanks Dash. But with what I've done... I don't think you'd think so if you heard it." I chuckled darkly.

"Pardner, you told us about that dream ya had where ya tortured us, remember?" Asked Applejack.

"I'd rather forget, but yes. This is stuff I've done Applejack, not stuff I've dreamed of doing, but things I've actually done. In Rivellon, it's justified and acceptable for what it is. But Rivellon is not my primary concern any longer, Equestria is. It's my home, where my best friends are. Where the Ponies I... Really like are. And what I've done... I regret none of it, and would do it again, even here. I suppose I just worry what would happen if any of you witness the animal I can become." I spoke.

"Master, that has happened very few times." Spoke Creature.

"What in hay are you talking about?" Asked Rainbow.

"It's a skill, Battle Rage. But one day, I lost control of it, and it consumed me. I tore an entire Black Ring Fortress apart..." I started.

"We've seen you do that before!" Waved off Pinkie.

"With my bare hands." I finished.

"What?! How?" Asked Twilight.

"I... Don't know. I lost control and when I woke up, the hallways were covered in blood, as was I. Bodies littered the place, a lot missing different limbs. I can't remember any of it. Creature was there, and when I gave him sentience, he told me what happened that day..." I said, taking a calming breath. "Even without activating the ability, it can activate on it's own. I suppose it's if my adrenaline is high enough. That's why I'm glad I can control my body so well." I said with a slow nod.

"Has it ever happened here?" Asked Twilight.

"I almost did it to Cadance, when I first met her in the Crystal Caves, thinking she was Chrysalis... I can never forgive myself for that, I almost killed one of my friends." I said, looking down but casting my eyes up.

"You did? I remember that, your eyes glowed yellow and turned... Dragon-like. It was really scary..." Admitted Twilight.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that..." I apologised.

"It's fine. I know you better now, I know you'd never do anything to hurt any of us." Smiled Twilight, placing her hoof on my hand. I smiled back.

"Sorry to put a downer on the evening... Let's try to enjoy ourselves from now on, yeah?" I asked. The girls nodded with an 'mm-hmm!' Suddenly the carriage pulled up.

"We're here!" Exclaimed Spike.

"Well? Shall we?" I asked. The girls nodded and we exited the carriage, I straightened up. I saw Lucien, Zandalor and Deodatus. Deodatus had wore his purple robes, Lucien just wore his armour and Zandalor had worn his best robes, which looked the same as his others.

"Is that Zandalor?" Asked Twilight.

"Aye, one of my best friends. I'll introduce you." I nodded. I headed over to them.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie!! I'm one of Tyrath's friends!! Just like you!! I hope we can be friends as well!!!!" She exclaimed, zipping over to them.

"Ha, Zan, Luce, Deo! This is Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and you've met Pinkie Pie." I gestured to the girls, who pulled a pose. "Girls, this is Zandalor, a great wizard, Lucien The Divine, and Deodatus, Mayor of Aleroth. Three of my best friends." I said.

"I hear you are a Sorceress, yourself." Said Zandalor to Twilight.

"Oh, well I suppose you could say that..." Chuckled Twilight. He hesitantly took Twilight's foreleg to escort her, they began talking.

"Ah, you must be a farmgirl." Said Lucien to Applejack.

"Oh, how'd ya know?! Is there hay in mah hair!? Mud on mah hooves?!" She asked, looking at her hair and hooves with wide eyes. She usually never fussed about her appearance, but tonight was special and so she wanted to make an effort.

"No, not at all, you actually look quite lovely. I used to be a farmboy myself, until I was blessed with this power. I can see we have that in common, except you remained a farmgirl and I became the leader of Humanity." Chuckled Lucien, taking Applejack's foreleg with no problem, clearly he was accepting it more easily.

"So, you're a good flyer?" Asked Deodatus to Rainbow Dash.

"I suppose you could say that..." Smirked Rainbow Dash.

"I would like to see that one day! I have flown before myself, using magic! It was exhilarating!" Said Deodatus, taking Rainbow's foreleg, who seemed more the hesitant one, but eventually gave in, both of them raving about flying.

"Lady Shy, would you?" Asked Creature, extending his hoof to Fluttershy, who blushed and took it with a shy nod. Creature stood tall and stood with the others who were waiting.

"A big party here! For my friends is being held! Maybe, just maybe, with this crowd I can meld!" Said Bellegar, who appeared in a beam of blue light. "My pink friend!" Exclaimed Bellegar, pointing. Pinkie jumped, looked around and gestured to herself with a quizzical expression. "Tonight, for myself, it is looking rough! Would you perchance, take my hoof?" Asked Bellegar, extending his foreleg. Pinkie nodded and they both skipped over to the others.

"Did somepony say party?" Came a voice, I turned and saw Kirill exit a carriage, in his Pony form of course.

"Kirill! You made it!" I exclaimed, hugging him.

"Of course I did! Oh wow!" He exclaimed, looking over at Rarity, he seemed star-struck.

'Go on!' I mouthed and gestured with my head. He gulped and walked over.

"Excuse me, ma'am... May I know your name?" Asked Kirill.

"Oh! An Alicorn! Err- oh- yes- er..." Rarity stuttered. "Ahem. Rarity, darling. Fashion designer." She smiled. He kissed her hoof gently.

"Lady Rarity, may I escort you?" He asked, holding his hoof out.

"You may." She smiled, giggling in glee as she wrapped her hoof around his. Now for my date... I looked up and saw Princess Luna gliding down... Just on time.

"Good evening everypony!" She greeted, everypony replied with something along the lines of 'Hey Luna!' apart from the humans who replied with 'greetings Your Majesty.' as she landed, with makeup and everything done, I began to collapse backwards, but was stopped by a hand on my shoulder...

"She looks beautiful. Go to her." Gestured Lucien. I took a breath and nodded, steeling myself. I walked over to her...

"Hey Princess." I greeted, she turned to me with a smiling nod. "You look so beautiful..." I breathed, looking her over. She became shy, blushing, looking down. I knew how insecure she was since the Nightmare Moon incident...

"You look most handsome, like last time. The armour suits you." She smiled as she took my hand. We all stood on the edge of the red carpet... The ponies at the sides staring intensely, the paparazzi...

"Prepare yourself lads, for your greatest battle yet." I said to my three human friends.

"Why?" Asked Lucien.

"The battle for good publicity." I said. We began to walk forward, the murmurs of talking among the press suddenly became a clamour and photos were being taken. You had to look confidant. Lucien jumped as the pictures were taken.

"Did they just steal our souls?!" Asked Lucien, patting himself down.

"No. It's a device that captures your likeness instantly. Here." I said, reaching over to a journalist, grabbing a picture he took. "Need to borrow this for a second." I said. I flicked my hand holding the picture a few times to dry it. I then passed it to Lucien. He gasped, showing Zandalor and Deodatus.

"That is extraordinary!" Zandalor shook his head in disbelief. I took the picture and passed it back to the journalist

"Just look confident, answer no questions, ignore them and walk forward, wave every now and then." I said to them.

"Very well." Nodded Lucien. We all took a breath and moved forward, head held high. As I walked with Princess Luna, I didn't try to hide that I was with her, in fact when one ambitious press pony jumped in front of us on the carpet, I kissed her on the cheek, letting him catch an image of me and Luna.

Celestia didn't care about anypony knowing we were together, everypony loved her and she knew they would find out eventually. I knew that Luna was nervous and so I decided to make no mistake that we were together, that I didn't care who knew and I wanted to be with her and I wasn't afraid to show it. Eventually we all made it to the Castle, entering quickly. There was a massive table set out before us, there were plenty of seats before us-

Suddenly I was tackled to the ground by a pink blur! I hoisted myself up on my elbows, looking down to see Cadance embracing me. She looked up at me with sad eyes.

"Cadance! What's up?" I asked as she wrapped her hooves around my neck. I awkwardly patted her back, not knowing quite where to look.

"I just missed you! I wanted to go see you! But ruling an Empire is so much work... I practically screamed when I remembered!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, I was in shock as well." I admitted with a chuckle. I got up and so did Cadance with both of us laughing.

"Oh it's so good to see you!" She exclaimed.

"And you!" I replied, hugging her properly this time. I saw Shining Armor not far away, drinking punch. I took a breath and strode over to him, past a confused Cadance. "Hey, Armor." I said, gesturing with my head. He looked at me.

"Oh, hi Tyrath." He nodded.

"I want you to know I forgive you." I spoke.

"Huh?" He asked.

"I know you tried to apologise to me in the Crystal Empire and I brushed it off, but I want you to know that I accept your apology if you accept mine." I said and held my hand out. He nodded and we shook. "Now, based on this newfound friendship, there's something I need to tell you." I said, wrapping my arm around his neck and pulling him close to whisper.

"What?" He asked.

"There's a threat to the Kingdom in this very building." I whispered. I clocked Blueblood the moment I entered the room. He was attending the banquet.

"What?! Where?! Who?!" Asked Armor, trying to crane his neck to look around, but I stopped him.

"Don't look!" I exclaimed an yanked his head back around. "It's Blueblood, your cousin-in-law." I said.

"Blueblood?! Sure he's a spoiled little brat, but an enemy of the Kingdom?" Asked Shining Armor sceptically.

"Remember when I was accused of raping your mother?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Well, who was it that accused me? When it turned out to be false?" I asked.

"You're right... He did seem off that day..." Said Armor thoughtfully.

"I'm telling you, he joined the Black Ring. He admitted as much to me while I was in hospital." I said, pretending to be getting a drink with Armor so as not to arouse suspicion.

"I'll keep an eye on him." Said Armor.

"He's being controlled by Damien, he isn't doing this of his own accord." I said.

"What!?" Asked Armor, side-glancing at him.

"I can tell by reading his mind. They aren't his thoughts. It's Damien's voice in there." I said, taking a sip of my drink, looking casual.

"What do we do?" Asked Armor.

"Sit it out. Wait. I'll see what I can do. Just be ready." I said. He nodded and I went back to Luna.

"Did you two make up?" She asked.

"Yeah." I nodded to Armor and he nodded back.

"Are you two friends now, dear?" Asked Cadance.

"Yeah, we made up." He smiled to Cadance. She suddenly pulled me in her magic and hugged both me and Armor. We both looked shocked.

"Finally!" She laughed.

"Yeah." I chuckled, shrugging to Armor who replied with his own. When Cadance let go, I went back to Luna who was holding in a laugh.

"My niece is affectionate." She chuckled.

"Indeed she is." I shook my head with my own little chuckle.

"Everypony! Please take a seat!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. Creature and I were at either end of the table. Celestia and Luna were in front of me on either side, everypony was with their escort, except those who didn't have an escort, of course. We all sat down while Princess Celestia remained standing. "Today, everypony, we are here to recognise the deeds of two very special ponies, one who is indeed not a pony at all. Tyrath and Creature." She said, everypony began stomping their hooves. Creature and I stood up, we both bowed and sat back down. "While they may say they in fact did nothing at all, nothing could be further from the truth. They saved our lives, multiple times." She said. Luna then stood up.

"In recognition of these deeds, we gave Tyrath the medals of The Saviour of Canterlot..." Spoke Luna, raising her glass.

"The Saviour of the Crystal Empire..." Said Cadance, standing and raising her glass.

"And Saviour of Equestria!" Finished Celestia, raising her glass. Everypony else also raised theirs. "Hear hear!" Exclaimed Celestia, everypony else repeated it. "Now, there is an announcement I would like to make." She stated. Everypony quietened. "In his Pony form, Tyrath is an Alicorn, which makes him royalty." Spoke the Princess. "Now, I know I can not be everywhere at once, and Ponyville is in need of protection, and strong leadership in the days to come, due to the rising Black Ring threat." She said, everypony murmured agreement.

"What did you have in mind, sister?" Asked Luna, who was leaning her head on my shoulder.

"I am naming Tyrath as Liegelord and Prince of Ponyville!" She exclaimed. I almost spat out the drink I had started... Everypony began to cheer... "And now, let the feast... Begin!" She said, waiters then poured into the dining room, placing platters of food down. Including meat for the humans in the room. We all sat and began to pile our plates, I was eating more reservedly tonight, although it was a banquet. I don't want to give in to gluttony, not until later when I get absolutely shitfaced...

I saw Creature at the other end of the room, I raised my eyebrows with a smirk and pointed to my mouth, he raised an eyebrow in question, holding a piece of steak in his magic. I nodded and he smirked. He nodded forward, I stood up, and he launched it. I began to back off as it went further. Everypony watched with open mouths as the piece of food flew...

"Can he catch it?!" Asked Creature, smiling as I looked at it trying to judge the angle, I timed it and jumped up, catching it in my mouth, I landed on my hands and feet. I stood up and threw my arms up, proudly chewing the piece of food, Creature laughed and clapped his hooves, shaking his head, a few other Ponies laughed as well. The nobles present scoffed. I sat down smiling and chewing the steak piece. I swallowed it and coughed slightly, drinking some water... Salt! I spat it into my hand, I looked up and saw Princess Celestia innocently taking a drink... She was standing. As she went to sit down, I used magic and pulled her seat. She fell to the floor and fell over laughing, I she got up and I used magic to give her her seat back.

"Touche." She smirked.

"Of course, eye for an eye." I smirked right back. I saw Luna fiddling with a hair clip she had in... "So, how have you been, beautiful?" I asked her, she blushed and stammered for a second, almost dropping the hair clip.

"It has been busy." She nodded. "But everypony is beginning to warm up to me." She smiled.

"I was warm to you the moment I saw your beautiful muzzle..." I said to her.

"And when I first saw you, I thought you were most handsome." She replied.

"Gods, but you are so amazingly stunning..." I said, brushing a lock of hair out of hair face...

"And you are most charming." She said, nuzzling my cheek. "You may be rough, but that pleases me..." She said, referring to my warrior lifestyle I suppose. "You are so incredibly dashing, it is breathtaking..." She flirted back.

"Princess..." I breathed...

"Prince Tyrath? Would you say a few words?" Asked Blueblood... Well, now was better than never.

"Of course!" I exclaimed, kissing Princess Luna on the cheek. I picked up my glass and stood. I walked around the left side of the table.

"Here's a health to the Princesses, and a lasting peace." I said, walking down, placing a hand on Rainbow Dash's shoulder for a second. "To faction's end and wealth's increase." I put my hand on a noble's shoulder. "Come, let us drink while we've got breath, for there's no drinking after death." I said, placing my hand on Blueblood's shoulder. "And he that will this health deny, Down among the dead men, down among the dead men, down, Down, down, down; Down among the dead men let him lie!" I sang, putting my face close to Blueblood's. I suddenly pulled away as I continued. "In smiling Rhalic's joys I'll roll, deny no pleasures to my soul." I put a hand on my chest and closed my eyes as I sang that part while I still walked. "Let Rhalic's health round briskly move, for Rhalic is the friend of love." I said as I got to Cadance, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "And he that would this health deny, Down among the dead men, down among the dead men, down, down, down, down; Down among the dead men let him lie!" I sang.

"Mmm, hmmm, hmmm..." Hummed Creature.

"May love and wine their rights maintain, and their united pleasures reign." I bowed. "While Rhalic's' treasure crowns the board, we'll sing the joy that both afford." I sang and crossed my hands on my chest, slightly bowing. "And they that won't with us comply, down among the dead men, down among the dead men..." I stared at Blueblood and raised my glass. "Down, down, down, down; Down among the dead men let them lieeeeee!" I finished and downed my glass, everypony else joined in. As I sat down, I heard Blueblood yell out, I calmly sipped my wine as he flew at me with his kitchen knife.

"Noooo!!" Exclaimed Shining Armor and jumped in the way of the blade. It pierced his right hind leg. I sighed and stood up.

"If you will excuse me everypony. I have lives to save. Ain't no rest for the wicked." I said to the shocked table. As Blueblood tried to scram, I leapt at him, pouncing on him and pinning him to the ground.

"Damien will rule Equestria! He will destroy you all! He'll-!" Blueblood cut off as I placed my hand on his head.

"Sit animum tuum libera facti sunt, Sit animum tuum libera facti sunt..." I chanted, his glowing blue eyes faded away and he passed out. The guard rushed in and I handed him to them. "Get him to the infirmary. The mind control should have worn off by the time he wakes up, but restrain him just in case." I said. They nodded and carried him out. At this point everypony apart from my friends cleared out.

"I'm fine I promise." Chuckled Shining Armor as everypony fussed over him.

"Zan, give him a hand." I said to Zandalor, who had been observing.

"Of course." He nodded and walked over. Everypony cleared out of his way and he stood before Armor. "Now, this may pinch a little..." He said and healed Armor's leg wound with no problem.

"Ah, that reminds reminds me of the time I had to solve a murder..." Chuckled Lucien. "I kicked so much arse." Chuckled Lucien.

"Oh please Lucien, I could whup your arse from here to Yuthul Gor." I smirked into my drink.

"Care to test that?" Asked Lucien, with a smile on his face.

"Oh yeah." I nodded.

"Name your game, Ty." He glared.

"Chicken." I stated. "Your go first."

"Very well." He nodded.

"Oh! Are you playing a party game?!" Asked Pinkie.

"Not one you would want to partake in Pinks." I said. "It's a game for the hardcore." I stated, as Lucien and I leaned forward with our arms crossed on the table.

"I'm hardcore!" Exclaimed Dash.

"Yeah!" Agreed Armor.

"Your move." I shrugged to Lucien. In response, he jammed a fork into his hand, showing it to me. "Please." I scoffed, answering his challenge by stabbing my hand with the fork.

"You're right... I think I'll go and see if Candy's OK..." Chuckled Armor before sitting next to his wife.

"Yeah... I'm hardcore, but not THAT hardcore!" Said Dash, waving her hoofs in a 'no' type manner.

"Ty?" Asked Lucien. I took a knife and jammed it into my chest. He winced and hesitantly picked up a knife and did the same.

"Luce? Your go." I smirked. He then picked up a glass and crushed it in his hand, then opened his hand as far as it would go, showing me the glass littering his hand. I repeated the action.

"Well?" Asked Lucian smugly. In response, I smashed a glass, cupped the shards in my hand and threw them down my gob, biting and eating them, giving a toothy grin. I swallowed and opened my now bloody mouth to show there was no glass left.

"OK, I forfeit!" Surrendered Lucian. I smirked as I chewed on a few stubborn shards like ice. I coughed blood into my hand with a smile and took some water.

"That's that then." I nodded. "Now, how about a game everypony can play?!" I asked my shocked friends, they then nodded enthusiastically. I had a bottle of brandy to hand that I was taking from the bottle tonight. Everypony picked their poison as we all sat in a circle with a bottle in the middle. You can see where this is going.

"Ty won, so he'll spin first." Said Lucien, I spun it and it landed on Zandalor.

"OK then, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare!" Exclaimed Zandalor.

"No backsies?" I asked.

"None." He agreed.

"You can Lucien have to make out. Properly." I held in a laugh. Zandalor had his mouth hanging open and Lucien sighed.

"You're going to regret this." Promised Lucien. He grabbed Zandalor's collar and they kissed. Everypony began laughing loudly. I had my arm around Luna, who was leaning into me with a grin. They both pulled away and Lucien grabbed my bottle and took a swig. Zandalor summoned a glass of soapy water, drank it, swilled the liquid in his mouth and spat it back out, making the jug vanish. Zandalor then spun the bottle. It landed on Shining Armor.

"Dare." Nodded Armor. Risk taker, I like it.

"You and Tyrath have to make out, while making moaning sounds." He dared.

"Wha-" Began Armor, but I grabbed him with a sigh and did it, making proper sounds and everything, he then joined in, clearly faked but funny. I swear I saw Cadance's wings twitch. We let go when Zandalor said stop. I just smirked while Armor ran his hooves over his tongue frantically.

"I ain't no bitch." I said with a shrug. Armor spun the bottle and it landed on Twilight and Armor smirked.

"Truth." She 'hmpph'd' while sticking her tongue out with a smile.

"Have you ever kissed a mare?" Asked Armor with a grin, loving making his sister uncomfortable. She gasped.

"Shining!" She exclaimed, blushing.

"Well?" I asked.

"Yes..." She nodded sheepishly.

"Ohh! Kinky!" Exclaimed Pinkie and we all laughed at Twilight's expense. She eagerly grabbed the bottle and spun it. It landed on Applejack.

"Dare. I ain't no scaredy pants." Resolved Applejack.

"I remember when you and Rarity fell out that time." Smirked Twilight.

"Yeah?" Asked Applejack.

"Well, you didn't convince me you really forgave each other because you didn't kiss and make-up." Grinned Twilight slyly. Applejack sighed.

"Come 'ere Rarity." She said, pulling a reluctant Rarity over and mashing their lips together haphazardly. When they were both done, they both downed their drinks. Shaking their heads quickly. AJ took the bottle and spun it. It landed on Spike. "Spike, try ta lick yer elbow while recitin' the alphabet." Smirked Applejack, going easy on him because he was only a baby Dragon.

For the next few hours it was a round of light-hearted bets, not much kissing. Spike passed out on the banquet table after one pint, Bellegar was hung by his undergarments from a chandelier...

Then, somehow, I ended up in Rarity's dress, which only reached my waist and I had no top on, with Rainbow Dash trying to wear my armour without stumbling over, and I was making out with Twilight due to a dare on Deodatus' part. I thought Luna and Celestia would be jealous, but I saw Luna biting her bottom lip, and I swear Celestia's breathing had picked up.

Cadance and Armor had to leave for the Crystal Empire and so they stumbled into a carriage, leaving us..

Twilight and I finished, and I swear I heard her groan in disappointment... We both sat back down. Twilight spun the bottle. Me again.

"Dare." I shrugged with a sigh.

"You have to give Dash a wing massage for the next round." She smirked, Dash tucked her wings in with a blush. I shrugged and positioned myself behind her, she slowly extended her wings. When I touched them she retracted them slightly and shivered before extending them again. I began to rub them gently, fixing her feathers in places... I swear I heard her breathing harder. I was too busy giving her a wing massage to notice what went on in the next round... I admit I got a little carried away in my semi-drunken state and began kissing her wings starting from the base of her back where the wing bones looked much like shoulder blades, just closer together. I kissed upwards both wings before stopping. I realised what I was doing and just stopped...

Luckily, I saw everypony continuing the game, I got up, but before I could sit down, Dash pulled me down with a wing.

"Thanks for that, it felt really good." She whispered... Tenderly? Nah, I'm probably just drunk. But then she ran her wing over my jaw and kissed my cheek.

"Yeah, no problem Dash." I answered with a smile. I sat back down and was allowed to spin the bottle. I did it and it landed on Shy... Hmm... Not much I can do, I don't mind going easy on her. She 'eeep!'d' when she noticed it was on her.

"D-d-d-d-dare..." She stammered, hiding behind her hooves.

"You know what? Give us a kiss Shy." I smiled, shrugging. She blushed and hid behind her forehooves again, but then came over to me and we kissed.

It was light and tender, just like I'd expect from her... But then I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth... She caught me off guard and managed to get her tongue inside... She broke it off a few seconds later, a string of saliva connecting our mouths, mine of which was panting. Again, the Princesses looked flustered, rather than jealous... She winked at me and went back to her seat.

"Damn..." I chuckled breathlessly... I swear Fluttershy winked at me... Fluttershy spun it and it landed on Rainbow Dash.

"Dare. Give us somethin' good Shy." Winked Dash. "Like you gave Ty." She smirked, Fluttershy blushed and then looked serious.

"Dash, you have to fly around Canterlot, and admit that you like frilly dresses, the colour pink and all things bright and sparkly." Smiled Fluttershy, Dash's jaw dropped.

"You-! It...! OK then..." She said and flew outside. We heard her yelling as she flew further away, then get louder as she came back. She was back sitting down, panting and sweating. "You... Really... Mean... Business... Shy..." She panted.

"I enjoy party games." She nodded. Crafty mare... Rainbow spun the bottle and it landed on Creature.

"Hmm... Dare." He smirked.

"You have to let Rarity do some fruity-tooty stuff to your hair. Anything she wants. And you have to wear it the rest of the night." Glared Dash.

"OHHH!!! The possibilities!" Exclaimed Rarity gleefully as she jumped up and went behind Creature, beginning to style his mane. He began fake crying.

A few more light dares later... Creature's mane was done in a beehive style. He was not amused.

"Princess Celestia, you have to explain to Princess Luna, in detail why she has a great ass." Smirked Lucien, nursing a sore face after being dared to let me whack him in the gob as hard as I could without killing him. Guess who dared him to do that? Zandalor! Fucking Zandalor!

"Well, dear sister, you have such lovely curves, they are nice and shapely. You have a very good shape. Your cheeks..." She began and smacked her sister's ass playfully. "Are simply divine, very firm and soft to the touch." She smirked... Oh Gods I was almost sweating... Lucian nodded. "My turn!" Exclaimed Celestia gleefully, it landed on Twilight.

"Dare!" She exclaimed, probably expecting Celestia to go easy on her.

;Small M rating here for suggestion! You have been warned!;

"Hmmm... My prized student... You have to let this dashing stallion..." She gestured to me. "Fondle your flanks for the next round." Twilight's jaw hit the floor and I almost passed out... Twilight was dragged over in Celestia's magic with a squeal. She then sat in my lap hesitantly. She jumped when she felt my gauntlet-less hands squeeze her. I coughed awkwardly as I felt her relax in my lap. I began running my hands all over her flanks, gently grasping the flesh, I felt her lean into me with a moan. And I swear she moaned 'oh yes...' a few times... I heard her breathing get heavier and heavier.

As I squeezed both her flanks one last time, my fingers traced where perhaps they shouldn't... suddenly she gasped and shot up, seemingly pushing herself into me... She then relaxed, leaning her body into mine and had a glazed look in her eyes... She gave me a half-lidded smile as I felt something dripping into my lap... She got off me shakily with a breath, she kissed me on the cheek, thanking me breathlessly. She bit her lip as she looked at me, as she went back to her seat, she lifted her tail slightly, smirking at me before sitting down.

;M rating over! You're free!;

"Well everypony, I think we need to call it a night. I must be up in a few hours to raise the sun." Said Princess Celestia. We all agreed. I gave Rarity her dress back, got my armour back and said goodnight to everypony.

I picked up Twilight as she was having trouble walking, she grasped me tightly around my neck, nuzzling me and groaning happily as I walked Princess Luna to her room. We got there and I kissed her goodnight.

"I had a fantastic time tonight Tyrath." She smiled. "And so did Twilight it seems." She chuckled, Twilight moaned a little, nuzzling me some more. I walked her to her room and placed her on her bed, she was already half asleep. She then shot up and kissed me...

"Stay... Please..." She begged. I gave her a pillow and she grabbed it, snuggling up to it and sighed in delight. I exited her room. I saw my three Human friends with their mirror ready to leave.

"Well Ty, I was wrong. Looks like you have attracted the attention of more than a few." Chuckled Deodatus.

"Shut up..." I slurred slightly.

"I see why you decided to give a relationship a try, young Dragon. You have found a home, we can see that." Nodded Zandalor.

"Although we were sceptical at first, we can see how you need these Ponies as much as they need you. We will see you later my friend." Said Lucien as we all hugged. They then left back to Rivellon...

After making sure everypony was safe and sound in their beds, I sighed and was about to head back, I bumped into a guard by accident...

"What seems to be the Officer, problem?" I asked with a slur.

"Err, nothing sir. Good night." He nodded as I stumbled toward my room... Suddenly I was pulled into Celestia's room...

[M] Chapter 22: Dreams Cum True...

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;Third Pony POV;

Celestia couldn't do it! She couldn't wait any longer! All the kissing, the horseplay... It had her hot and bothered. She needed her Dragon. She needed him now.

When she heard Tyrath's footsteps outside her door, she practically ripped open her door and pulled him inside with magic. When he was in, she slammed the door and pinned him to it, making out with him and putting her hooves either side of his head on the door. Her wings were fully erect showing her anticipation and arousal. He wrapped his hands around her midsection, pulling her close.

"You said maybe some other time... Well, it's another time." She smiled sheepishly. Why was she getting cold hooves now!? She couldn't let this opportunity pass her by! She owed both herself and Luna that!

"It is... Oh how it is!" He exclaimed and kissed her passionately, both of them using their tongues to explore the other's mouth. Gods, she was strikingly beautiful. She always was. It was her natural look. Tyrath broke it off and took a moment to regard his Princess... She was glowing... She was perfection ponified...

In her eyes there held a craving, a craving for him, a light, a fire that he wanted to sate. He wanted to help her, to show her how he felt with actions... But she needed to know.

"Take me my love... Please..." She pleaded, she went to kiss him but he looked away. She looked confused as he took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes... Her oh so entrancing amethyst eyes... The eyes that could topple kingdoms, that could have him bend to her will with a simple look... That was the effect her perfect eyes had on him... That she had on him.

"Oh, Celestia... I would... But first, you need to know... Dragons, we don't just have sex..." He admitted. She couldn't understand how much self restraint he had to hold himself back from kissing her nonstop, from engaging in a passionate embrace...

"Tell what is on your mind my love, please." She said, ignoring her burning arousal as he obviously had something important to tell her.

"Like I said, we don't just have sex, we make love, and when we do, we mate, and when we mate, we mate for life." He said, still looking into her eyes. "I am willing to give my life to you Celestia, to mate with you and to always be with you... But you need to know what you're getting into." He said. "When we mate for life, no other stallion would ever be able to date you, I would become uncontrollably and extremely protective over you." He said.

"And?" She asked.

"And, it's to do with the breeding process... For example, if you were with another mare, I wouldn't mind, but another stallion... Well, if you ever did, there wouldn't be anything left of him to bury. That's our nature. A female cannot impregnate another female, or even if she could, it wouldn't affect my Dragon instincts, as they don't associate females with breeding. Basically, although I would be dating your sister, you would never be able to be with another stallion ever again." He said. "I guess I feel selfish..." He looked away. "I guess, I needed to tell you, just in case." He said.

"Oh, Tyrath." She breathed and kissed him. "You're my special somepony. I never ever want to be with any other stallion. Ever." She promised. "What do you think sister?" She asked. Suddenly, to Tyrath's surprise, a sheepish Princess Luna exited Celestia's bathroom.

"Agreed. We never ever would want another stallion again. As long as you can accept a secret of ours..." She said, suddenly she and Celestia kissed! Tyrath's breath hitched as he saw this. As they stopped they both turned to him with nervous smiles. "The both of us are... Together. We've slept together before..." Admitted Luna with a sheepish grin.

"We were both hoping to seduce you tonight, but in light of what you've told us, I say we take it one at a time." Smiled Celestia. Luna nodded in agreement. "Big sister first." She grinned, Luna sighed indignantly.

"Fine." She 'hmmphh'd'.

"Ponies, especially Unicorns, also have a special way of doing things..." Said Celestia. "If the Pony, or person we're mating with is our soul mate, our inner magic opens to them. It is the most intimate experience in one's life." She explained. "So, Luna... What to do with you..." Smirked Celestia.

"I'm fine with her watching..." Breathed Tyrath. Luna winked at him and walked away, lifting her tail and flashing him her marehood which also winked at him. "Especially since she clearly needs release as well..." Tyrath said as couldn't help but stare, and was almost salivating... but Celestia's magic quickly pulled his face toward her.

"As much as my sister's marehood is enticing, and tastes amazing, you're mine tonight, and I am yours." She breathed.

"I would want it no other way." He smirked.

"Luna's marehood felt amazing on mine as we 'fucked', as you say..." She said. She saw an animalistic spark in his eye... "Oh, are your Dragon instincts kicking in? What are they telling you?" She teased, kissing his neck. "Are they telling you to rut me until I can't walk?" She asked, Tyrath's breathing picked up. "Well? What are you waiting for? I'm all yours my Dragon-" She barely got to finish as he suddenly picked her up and threw her on her bed. "Yes! Yes! Please, make me yours! Claim me as yours and yours only!" She exclaimed as he began to kiss her neck tenderly. As much as his Dragon instincts told him to just make her his, he wanted to make love to her, not just to fuck.

"Oh, you're so beautiful..." He spoke, his voice was deep and rumbling, like a Dragon's. "I'm going to make love to you, I'm going to make you scream my name. But first I want you to beg for me." He whispered. Her hind legs quivered. As he traced his fingers inside her thighs. He then stripped off everything except his underwear, which were tenting.

She also noted some things she hadn't before... His tattoos. He had more than she saw before. On his left arm was a snake-like dragon that looked like it was wrapped around his arm, and ended on his left pectoral muscle. In three of the blank spaces between the winding tail were the three names: Marius, Gene and Gunther. On his right arm, there was a tattoo of a hooded Angel, holding a sword pointed downwards with both hands, wings folded and looking down.

On his left leg were vines, flaming with lines depicting a wind blowing the fire, there was water beneath the flames with electricity coursing through it...

On his right pectoral muscle, burned and carved, albeit neatly in his skin and later filled with ink was written: Semper propitius esto, ne obliviscaris. (Always forgive, never forget.) Beneath it, also burned and carved neatly was: Ego Draconis eques auratus. (I am the Dragon-Knight.) She had to make a point to ask him about that later... The same scars littered his body, in fact she was sure there were a few new ones as well... She was sure he could use magic to make them vanish if he really wanted... It turned her on to no end...

"Oh you don't need to make me! Not in this state!" She moaned, almost pleading.

"I'm surprised you never got jealous of me and Twilight or me and Rainbow Dash."

"Oh, it was so hot watching you make Twilight cum like that. I got so wet watching her enjoying herself in your hands. She wanted you to mount her so badly." Breathed Celestia.

"Oh? Would you like to watch that?" He asked as he ran a knuckle over her marehood, she arched her back, widening her eyes.

"YES YES! OH GODS YES!" She exclaimed. "I want to see you making her your lifemate, I want you to cum inside her, I want you to make her cry out in pleasure! I want you to make her shout she wants to carry your foals! Yes!" She yelled. That wasn't even an orgasm...

"Oh? You've wanted Twilight for some time, yes?" Asked Tyrath, running his hands over her breasts, which were just above her crotch.

"Well, I was the mare she kissed..." Admitted Celestia, moaning in pleasure as he pinched her nipples.

"Oh yeah?" He asked, squeezing her teats and kissing her all over her face, neck and collarbone.

"Yes, we never went past that, but I'd wanted to, but I didn't want to feel as though I was taking advantage of her..." Moaned Celestia. "Oh yes... Squeeze them..." She cried out. "And then, when you gave Rainbow Dash that wing massage, she was so close to orgasm..." Moaned Celestia, getting hot just by thinking about it.

"Gods, it would be hot to watch you, Luna and Twilight all fucking..." Tyrath whispered sensually. Celestia whimpered and pushed her hips up, trying to rub herself on something. She found no such pleasure.

"Whoever cums last gets to be your personal fucktoy for the night?" She asked, breathless.

"Whoever it was wouldn't be my fucktoy. My lover, remember?" Said Tyrath, whispering in her ear. She shivered in response. Suddenly, Tyrath began kissing down her body, he kissed up her forelegs, licking her hoof at the end. He then moved to her chest, taking her fur in his mouth. She had taken her regalia off when she first entered her room... And she looked so sexy without it... It was like seeing her naked.

"I stripped off just for you, my love." She breathed as he licked all down her, getting closer and closer to his prize. He kissed her belly and she moaned, eventually coming to her breasts.

"I've always loved women's breasts, but yours..." He sighed in happiness as kissed the flesh, all around on both of them. He then licked her nipples with his tongue, taking them into his mouth and sucking them. "They entice me even more..." He said.

"Yes, yes yes! Suck on my big sisters breasts!" Moaned Luna, using her hoof to pleasure herself. "Make her cum!" She cried out.

"Oh yes, it's so good..." Moaned Celestia, lifting herself off the bed in pleasure for a second. "Oh sister, you're missing out..." She teased.

"Don't test me Tia, I may just make him mount me." She warned.

"I want my main meal now." He licked his lips and moved down to her exposed vagina. He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. "You smell amazing." He said, pressing his nose directly over her lips, inhaling once again. "You could make me burst just with your smell..." He said. He then kissed her lips deeply. She was so hot down here. Her heat combined with her smell was intoxicating.

"Oh, yes!!! Please! More!!!" She cried out.

"Gods, and your taste..." He said, licking her marehood's lips like an ice cream. The smell, the heat, the taste... It could have been enough to drive him wild if he wasn't keeping in control of himself.

"You like it?" She asked.

"Oh yes... It's addicting..." He sighed. He pressed his tongue inside of her, pushing her over the edge. Tyrath opened his mouth and pressed it over her as she came. She squirted inside his mouth and he drank up her nectar eagerly. She breathed hard as he made his way back up her body, making sure to appreciate her breasts on the way.

"Was that good for you?" He asked.

"Oh yes! So good..." She breathed. Tyrath placed a hand on her wing and Celestia inhaled deeply.

"What was that?" He asked.

"Pegasi and Alicorns... Their wings... So sensitive... That's why Rainbow... So enjoyed your massage..." Breathed Celestia as Tyrath gently rubbed her wings...

"Your wings are so beautiful..." He said, he never knew he had a wing fetish before... He was learning a lot about himself sexually tonight...

"Oh, I don't want you to stop! But I can't wait any longer! Please, make me your lover! Make me a mare! Take me as yours! Please!" She cried out. "I need you! I need you to make me yours!" She exclaimed. Tyrath was shivering in anticipation, he hoped he could please this Princess, to show her, in the most primal way, how he felt about her.

"As you wish, my Princess." Breathed Tyrath. He took off his underwear. Celestia gasped as she saw his manhood. In Rivellon, it was nothing special, standing at 6 inches long. But here, the stallions were all shorter than him, and that went for their private parts as well. Celestia remained on her back, with Tyrath stopping her as she tried to get up.

"Don't you want me to stand, to present myself?" She asked, confused.

"I want to look into your eyes as we make love. I want to see the mare I love squirming beneath me. I want to see your face as I bring you to pleasure." Stated Tyrath. She shivered in response.

"Why do you always know the right thing to say?" She asked him with a smile.

"I speak the truth." He shrugged. He lined himself up with her marehood. "Gods, I'm about to give my virginity to a 10,000 year old Pony Princess..." He said, she looked at him worriedly. "And I would never have given it to anyone else." He said. Even just having his tip near her he could feel her heat... It was getting him even more aroused...

As he began to ease into her, she cried out, latching onto him, wrapping her forelegs and hind legs around him and burying her face in his neck as he began to press further in.

"Ohh... It hurts so good!" She cried, Tyrath bit her ear lightly and she growled in her own animal-like way. "Again, bite me again!" She exclaimed, his time he bit down on her neck, not enough to draw blood, but enough to give her a mark... A mark showing she was his now. And only his. "Yes!" She exclaimed in pleasure. Who knew she was turned on by pain? He pushed inside a bit more, finally coming up against Celestia's hymen... He didn't even know Ponies had those...

"Well... Here we go..." He said. "Whenever you're ready..." He said, kissing her.

"Please... Do it..." She breathed, shedding a few tears in a show of pure emotion. Tyrath cupped her cheek and wiped the tear with a thumb. Staring into her eyes as he pulled out until just the tip was in and then he thrust forward, breaking her hymen and reaching the end inside her, she cried out again and embraced him. He stayed still for a minute to let her accommodate him. He grunted as her soft, hot flesh engulfed him. He had to used every single ounce of control he had over his body to stop himself from filling her up right then.

He then felt something flood him, a feeling of intimacy, of pure love, pure kindness, every virtue, every good thing about life... It invaded his heart like a warmth of emotion. It was coming from her, her inner magic... Her saw her in a new light then, she was truly an Angel... His Angel... Forever.

"Are you OK?" He asked, running the back of his hand down her cheek. They truly were meant for each other...

"Yes... I'm OK now." She nodded. He began to thrust slowly and tenderly, not pulling out too much so he wasn't applying to much pressure. He used his right hand to fondle her breasts. She moaned at that, clearly enjoying it.

He picked up the pace and pulled out more and more... He had his left hand by her head, supporting himself and his other was on her hip. He kissed his lover and suddenly, blue flesh engulfed Celestia's face. He saw Luna had positioned her marehood over Celestia's mouth and lowered herself. Tyrath had a good view of Celestia eating out her sister. This turned him on to no end to where he almost came on the spot. Luckily, he had such control of his body he could hold back. However, Celestia felt his cock twitch inside her and grinned. She began to suck her sister's teats as well as her marehood. Tyrath was going crazy...

He went faster and faster, until he was slamming her into the bed, the both of them crying out in pleasure. The bed slammed into the wall, luckily it was the wall to Tyrath's room and nopony was staying there. He heard the bed crack a few times with the pressure. He heard Luna cum with a cry and she collapsed to the side, panting as she was exhausted. Tyrath kissed Celestia and tasted Luna's juices. When he broke off the kiss, he saw Celestia's tongue lolling out...

"You were right Celestia, your sister tastes amazing..." He grunted... He felt the end coming... His world coming apart... "Oh, Celestia, I'm close... Baby, I'm so close... I can't..." He said, the warm feeling in his heart amplified... His love for her unending, the lengths he would go to for her were unimaginable...

"Don't pull out! Don't even think about it! I want it inside me, please. I want you to fill me with your seed. I want you to press as deep as you can. I want to feel you shoot it all inside of me." She said, running a hoof over his cheek. Gods, he didn't have the conscious thought to decline...

"I'll give it to you Celestia... My essence, everything I am, everything I could be..." He promised her.

"I want to have your foals. Give me your babies." She whispered, that sent him over the edge. It made him unravel before her very eyes. "Give me a foal." She practically mouthed in his ear. The warm feeling in his heart spread throughout his body, and eventually exploded into white-hot burning light within him...

"GODS!!!" Yelled as he clawed the bed and slid his right hand under Celestia's lower back, pulling her close. "YES YES, I WANT TO GET YOU PREGNANT! I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY FOALS!!!!" He cried out, losing all self control as he bucked wildly inside her, she threw her hips up to meet his wild thrusts. He was sure the bed had broken in two...

"Tyrath, oh Tyrath, cum, please cum... Fill me up... Oh yes.... YESSSS!!!! Get me pregnant!!! Please!!! Oh yes, give me my foals!!!! OH, TYRATH!!!!!!" Celestia screamed as she also let go at that moment, they both cried out in pure pleasure. Her hind legs bucked upwards out of pure instinct, trying to drive her deeper onto him... He pressed as deep as he could and seized up, the light within him not allowing him to pull out, not that he would've... It didn't even allow him to move as he gave her everything...

Her eyes glowed bright white, while Tyrath's became Draconic and yellow as their combined inner magic came together, and came apart. Celestia's magic began throwing open cupboards and shelves, making everything within fly out... Tyrath's outburst was far more violent, the walls began to crack, the windows as well. The entire castle shook, almost shaking to pieces, only held back by Tyrath's incredible self-restraint, showing Tyrath's pure power. He felt Celestia's inner walls grip him tight and milk him as he felt himself empty out inside her, he felt it all leave him and enter her as she rocked his world, and he hers.

Her juices coated his manhood. They remained that way for what felt like minutes... When he was spent, he let out a grunt and a tired sigh and before he collapsed atop her, he managed to just barely roll off of her, to her left, next to Luna. Still inside her, he pulled her with him as they faced each other, panting. He never wanted to leave her, ever. Not just his manhood, but just in general. They were both shook to the core from their orgasms. Both panting heavily. Gods, if he wasn't so drunk and tired, he might've had her again if she agreed... She was simply angelic.

Tyrath tenderly reached out and brushed a lock of her mane from her face. Her mane was no longer ethereal and flowing, but static. Still maintaining it's colour and beauty... He then ran his hand over her side... Celestia, in turn, nuzzled Tyrath lovingly. He read her mind, even though they needed no words. He wanted to know she had enjoyed it...

'I love this stallion. I really do. I want to give him my heart... And more. I need him... How did I ever survive without him?' She asked. He granted her access to his thoughts, which read much the same.

'This mare... I could never leave her... She's so perfect... She's my everything... I need to be with her, or life is not worth living... I'm in love. I really am.' He thought. It was a big thing to admit for him, that he was in love. That word was not to be used lightly, but he couldn't help it around Celestia and Luna...

He placed the hand he was laying on at the back of her neck. He pressed his forehead to hers, both closing their eyes. They didn't speak, they didn't need words. They needed only each other at that moment. They had no idea how much time passed until they fell asleep in each others arms...

[SoL] Chapter 23: Shock & Awe

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Tyrath was dreaming. He was in the dream world, but there was the notable absence of Luna and Celestia, one or the other was usually there, instead he felt their presence as they were also dreaming this time. Tyrath stood there for a few minutes... Loving life and feeling good.

"Dragon-Knight..." Came a voice. He turned around and saw Maxos in human form standing there...

"Maxos!" He exclaimed and bowed to him. Maxos just chuckled.

"There is no need for that, my friend, remember?" He asked, oh yeah, Tyrath and Maxos had met before... In the past.

"Oh, yeah." Chuckled Tyrath nervously...

"So Dragon-Knight, you finally realised your true feelings?" He asked.

"Err... My true feelings?" Asked Tyrath, confused.

"About the Princesses?" He said.

"Oh right. Yes. I suppose so." Nodded Tyrath.

"Good. You have taken the next step in your studies." Stated Maxos, placing his staff on Tyrath's shoulder. Ty lowered his head in response.

"You have felt, given and received love. You needed to feel this to be able to progress in your studies. Well done. Continue your studies in the Magic of Friendship and your Draconic Magic. Within them both lies your true potential." Smiled Maxos as the dream world faded away...

(M rated part up ahead. You can skip it to a similar message like this, and it will be over.)

As Tyrath woke up, he noticed he was still inside his Princess. His internal clock told him it was 5 in the morning... He saw her peaceful muzzle as she slept, a smile on her face. Tyrath felt so good... In fact, he'd never felt better. He wanted to shout his love from the rooftops, in full Draconic Form. But instead, he settled for just watching his lover sleep. After a few minutes, he saw her eyes flutter open and his heart skipped a beat.

"Morning my beautiful Princess." He whispered, kissing her. She returned the kiss.

"Last night... We..." She looked down, and seeing her Dragon still inside her and having never left her, filled her heart with joy. "About last night... You don't regret it do you?" She asked. Tyrath let out a short chuckle and ran a hand down Celestia's side, from her neck, over her foreleg, down to her flanks...

"How could I regret making love to such perfection?" He asked. Celestia blushed at that, suddenly Tyrath pulled her close, his manhood growing back to full length inside her, she arched her back in pleasure.

"Oh how I love you!" She exclaimed.

"Round 2?" He asked.

"Bring it on, my Dragon-Knight." She smirked. He climbed back on top of her, but she flipped around, presenting herself to him eagerly. "Mount me. Mount me like the mare I am." She moaned, pushing her ass out. Tyrath groaned and held her flanks. "I deserve punishment for taking advantage of you." She growled. "Don't hold back. I want it- rough!!" She squealed as Tyrath slammed into her.

"Like this?" He whispered in her ear, leaning over her as he began.

"Oh yes, like that. Please sun, like that." She whimpered. Tyrath continued to pound her mercilessly, giving no quarter. He then slapped her flanks and Celestia let out a loud moan of pure pleasure. Eventually, he felt her walls grip him. As she came, she collapsed forward.

"Finish wherever you want, my love!" She panted. Although Tyrath desperately wanted to cream her insides, he pulled out the last second, and shot his load all over her extended wings. Something he found he had a fetish for, even though he never knew it. He came all over both her wings, making them sticky and wet. He held in some and aimed for the sleeping Luna.

"Do it, cover her in your seed." Moaned Celestia, watching intently. "Cum all over my little sister." Celestia almost pleaded. Tyrath groaned, shooting some into Luna's mane and all over her back and her folded wings. She stirred, and turned with a smile, she opened her mouth and Tyrath shot his last down her throat with a loud moan.

"Swallow, swallow like a good mare." He groaned as he stroked himself. Luna closed her mouth and lifted her head, showing her throat contract as she swallowed his load. She then opened mouth and showed it was clean apart from her tongue. Tyrath collapsed again next to both of them, Celestia and Luna then kissed, with Luna sharing her cum coated tongue with her sister, who sucked her sisters tongue eagerly.

"It tastes so good! I should have had you cum in my mouth..." Celestia licked her lips and bent down, cleaning Tyrath's rod, covered in their combined juices. When she was done she made out with her sister again. They continued to make out and it got more heated by the second.

"I bet we can make him hard again dear sister." Smirked Luna, licking her sister's cum-coated wings from base to tip.

"And... How did you... Plan... On doing that...?" Panted Celestia as Luna continued licking her wings with a grin.

"Let's show him how we competed for him before." Suggested Luna, winking at Celestia as she finished cleaning her sister's wings.

"Oh yes. Let's." Replied Celestia with a grin. Luna kissed her again and Celestia moaned in delight. "So good..." She sighed. Luna and herself lay down either side of Tyrath, positioning their lower halves over him. They then joined their marehoods together and began grinding each other, moaning out loud.

"Oh dear Gods..." Said Tyrath, breathless. His breathing picked up as he watched them grind into each other faster and faster, both of them moaning in complete pleasure. Their juice was dripping onto Tyrath's throbbing manhood...

"Oh Lulu, I'm gonna cum..." Panted Celestia as she began to really pick up the pace. Luna was barely holding it together as well.

"So am I dear sister... You're making your own sister cum hard..." She moaned loudly. Tyrath was panting as well now... Luna cried out as she came, her juices shooting all over her sister's marehood. Celestia then also called out in pleasure, her juices meeting his sister's.

She then lowered herself and began to kiss Tyrath's hard rod, from the base up the shaft. When she got to the tip, she gave it a lick. She lowered her head and took him into her mouth. Tyrath lifted his hips off the bed, pushing himself further into Celestia's maw, he was already so close just form watching them. Luna held herself over his face and he darted his tongue out, tasting her and her sister's combined love juice. He began to eat Luna out eagerly.

Luna moaned out and Tyrath began actually whimpering into Luna's quivering pussy. Tyrath gasped as he blew inside Celestia's mouth. Witnessing this, Luna came as well, with Tyrath making sure to drink her completely. Luna lifted herself off him and he looked down. Celestia was looking into his eyes, still with her mouth around him. He gave his last and she slowly lifted her head off of him. She then kissed her sister and they both swallowed his seed. He grunted, breathing deep as he was exhausted.

The sisters then lay either side of him, cuddling up to him. He wrapped a hand around each of them and they fell back asleep, all wearing stupid grins. The room smelled of sex, and he enjoyed the smell. He guessed that was primal instinct... He drifted off to sleep again.

(M rating over. You're safe now!!)

Tyrath woke up again, this time with the two sisters either side of him, all coated in perspiration. It was about 7 in the morning by his reckoning. He looked outside and realised the sun should be up and he was loathe to wake his sleeping lover. Instead, he reached out to the sun with his magic, but he used his inner Alicorn Magic, he found the sun and channelled the energy to Celestia and then the moon, channelling it to Luna. He raised the sun and lowered the moon, giving the energy to the sisters. He saw them sigh in their sleep and their manes became ethereal again.

He loved these Ponies, with all of his heart. Although this was a way to show it physically, he wanted more than their bodies, he wanted them for the Ponies they were, it wasn't just lust, it was love. He wanted to show them that...

For the first time, he breathed in Celestia's natural scent... It was the faint sent of flowers covered in morning dew, combined with the tender heat and embrace of the sun... It was enthralling.

He cast a sleeping charm on them to let them sleep for at least another hour. He then carefully got up. He put his undergarments back on and opened the Princess's balcony door. As he saw the sun shining he sighed, smiling as it was a constant reminder of one of the Ponies he loved. He stretched his arms out, yawning. He then twisted his back, left to right with his elbows bent to the sides. He then rotated his shoulders as he looked out at Equestria. He felt as if he could take on the world and win. Hell, he really probably could.

He went back inside, slipping into a pair of greaves. He exited the room, making sure to close the doors straight after. He saw a steward approach.

"Ah, Lord... Tyrath was it?" He asked.

"Aye." Nodded Tyrath.

"Is the Princess awake yet?" He asked.

"Not currently." Tyrath shook his head.

"Ah, I see. Will the-" Began the steward, but Tyrath held up a hand and he stopped.

"The Princesses are taking a break form Royal duties today, due to last night's party." He said.

"Ah. But there are many nobles..." The steward began to speak but realised Lord Tyrath didn't care for the nobles, and likely didn't care for their problems... "I see, Sir. I shall inform them." He bowed and walked backwards. Tyrath set off toward the kitchen...

;2 hours later;

Princess Celestia awoke to find her bed empty apart from Luna... She looked around and realised the sun was up... She was late!!! She shot up in bed and awoke Luna, who was reluctant. She shook her sister.

"Mmmm, no..." Denied Luna, turning away from her sister.

"Come on Luna. Time to get up. You need to sleep in your own room after having some food." She said. Luna reluctantly got up, stumbling for a second. They both quickly got their regalia on. Luna teleported to her own room, exiting the same time as Celestia.

"Good morning sister." She winked.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?" Asked Celestia as they walked the corridor toward the dining room.

"Oh yes. Very well." Smirked Luna. They saw Twilight and company stumble out of their rooms on the way.

"Man, I've got one hay of a hangover." Mumbled Rainbow Dash.

"Luckily, we've learned how to subside the effects over the years." Chuckled Celestia. Suddenly the door opened and Tyrath was there, grinning and topless.

"Please, enter." He said. Everypony looked confused and went inside. They saw Creature plating up some food. "Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, fried bread and beans with a cup of coffee and an amythest protein shake. It'll ward off the hangover." Chuckled Tyrath. Everypony piled in and sat down. They all began eating and drinking, little conversation was had as everypony was very hungry.

Tyrath noticed Twilight looking at him every now and then, but she'd turn away and blush when he looked back. Rainbow Dash just avoided eye contact with him altogether... Man they all got absolutely hammered last night... When everypony finished some servants came and took the plates.

"I must get to Court." Said Celestia.

"No need. I told the steward to cancel Court today." Shrugged Tyrath.

"You did?" She asked, surprised.

"Yes. You deserve a day off." He smiled at her across the table. "Same goes for you Luna." He said, nodding to her.

"Thank you..." She said and yawned. "Now, I must get to bed." She yawned and walked away. The others stayed, finishing their drinks. When they had, they all got ready to leave.

"Thank ya kindly fer breakfast Ty." Said Applejack.

"No problem. Anything to alleviate your hangovers." He chuckled. They all hugged him and prepared to leave, but Fluttershy stayed for a little longer...

"Thanks for the amazing kiss by the way." She whispered.

"And thanks for the massage. I'll have to ask for you another one sometime..." Winked Rainbow. Tyrath coughed in surprise at the flirting from the two of them... He also blushed...

"Sorry about last night... I got carried away." Shrugged Twilight sheepishly.

"No problem. I actually kind of enjoyed it." Admitted Tyrath, Twilight blushed heavily. She kissed Tyrath on the cheek. "Thanks." She said and they all headed for the train station while Tyrath stayed behind. Celestia and him headed back to her room. When they entered, she kissed him again.

"We need to talk about last night." Said Tyrath.

"I agree." Nodded Celestia. They both lay down on the bed, facing each other. Tyrath was running hands down her while they talked, showing his affection toward her.

"So, about you saying about me knocking you up...?" Asked Tyrath.

"Well, I wasn't entirely lying. But I don't think we're compatible anyway, not without magical interference." She said, smiling.

"I don't think I'm ready for kids... Not yet." He said. "Maybe one day. But not while Damien could use them against me. I couldn't afford the danger, and it wouldn't be fair on them." He said.

"I'm fine with that." Nodded Celestia. "Luna and I may want foals ourselves eventually." She said, Tyrath couldn't help but think she was beautiful...

"I can see you as a mother someday." He smiled.

"Thanks..." She breathed.

"But... You need to know... I don't just want your body, Cel." He said.

"Hmm? 'Cel'?" She asked with an amused grin.

"Yeah..." He replied, a confused look.

"I like it." She smirked.

"Anyway, I don't just want your body, I want you, for you. For the Pony you are. I want you to know that I'm not just interested in your body, which is amazing by the way, and that I really do care for you." Said Tyrath, a slightly worried look on his face.

"I want you to know the same. I have the same worries you do. That you'll think I'm just interested in getting in your greaves. That's not true and I really do love you. More than anything, except my own little sister. And even then only in the familial way. In a sexual way, I couldn't choose." She chuckled.

"Indeed. I want full disclosure, if you want to ever try something, even if it's messed up, I don't want you to fear asking me. It could be absolutely anything." He said.

"There are some things Luna and myself have wanted to try... We may discuss them later. And I want you to feel the same." She smiled.

"Thank you. Now, about life mating..." He said.

"Yes? You're not having regrets are you?!" Asked Celestia, beginning to panic, almost getting up. Tyrath quickly locked lips with her to calm her.

"Don't worry Cel. There are many things I regret in life." He sighed. "Us? In the order of things I regret, that's below being born. And that's as low as you can get on the list." He chuckled. She breathed a sigh of relief. "You don't have to worry so much. I love you. I really do." He said, cupping her cheek gently.

"You were saying?" She asked sheepishly.

"I was saying, when one bonds like we did, if you ever wanted to leave me, there is a way for me to break the life mate bond, which basically includes me going cold turkey, that's no contact at all with the life mate for over a week. Just in case it ever came to that..." He said, clearly not wanting to discuss the prospect of not being with her...

"Don't worry, my love. I'd never want that." She promised. He took her hooves in his hands and kissed them.

"Neither would I, sweetheart." He said.

"I like the pet names... I really do." She smiled.

"Now, about public image..." He said.

"I don't care. You're my soul mate. Forever and always." She said. "I don't care who knows about us." She smiled.

"Now, my Pony Form..." He said.

"Use it whenever you want. But in the bedroom, I always want you as you are. Not some imitation." She said. That brought happiness to Tyrath's heart. "You're handsomely dashing as you are, you don't need to try to conform by becoming a Pony. I'll love you no matter what." She said.

"Thank you." He sighed.

"Well, now I've officially made you royalty, I may ask your advice on some things..." She said sheepishly.

"You can ask me anything you want, ever." He promised.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"Eventually, Luna will want something as well." Laughed Tyrath.

"Oh I have no doubt. I just hope you'll let me watch." She laughed.

"I hope I connect with Luna the same way." Worried Tyrath.

"I'm sure you will. She's been listening to this entire conversation anyway." Said Celestia, gesturing up. He saw a blue bubble was allowing Luna to hear what they were saying.

Celestia then remembered something...

She also noted some things she hadn't before... His tattoos. He had more than she saw before. On his left arm was a snake-like dragon that looked like it was wrapped around his arm, and ended on his left pectoral muscle. In three of the blank spaces were the three names: Marius, Gene and Gunther. On his right, there was a tattoo of a hooded Angel, holding a sword pointed downwards with both hands, wings folded and looking down.

On his leg were vines, flaming with lines depicting a wind blowing the fire there was water beneath the flames with electricity coursing through it...

On his left pectoral muscle, burned and carved, albeit neatly in his skin and later filled with ink was written: Semper propitius esto, ne obliviscaris. Beneath it, also burned and carved neatly was: Ego Draconis eques auratus. She had to make a point to ask him about that later...

"Something on your mind, beautiful?" Asked Tyrath, running his hand through Celestia's mane... Gods that felt good...

"I was wondering... Your skin marks..." She said more than asked, moaning lightly under his touch.

"Ah." He nodded. "They are called tattoos. They are used to decorate a Human's skin. The Dragon on my left arm and left pectoral, represents the time I became Tyrath. The Angel represents the time I almost died saving Aleroth. You know what the names are for... The words carved in my skin on my right pectoral, read 'Always forgive, never forget.' That represents a few times, the rare few times I've spared Black Ring, and when I came here and began to learn the true meaning of friendship. The one below it reads, 'I am the Dragon-Knight.' I carved it into my skin to seal Drace's fate. It worked for the most part." He explained. "My left leg, represents each of the Elements as I learned them, Creation or Earth Magic, Wind or Air Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic"

"You really are so fascinating." She sighed. Tyrath took a breath. He ran the back of his hand over her cheek again.

"I'll need to head back to Ponyville soon seeing as I'm it's Liegelord now." He said. "Luna will have to wait." Sighed Tyrath, with clear disappointment.

"As long as she doesn't have to wait a long time like she did for her date." Chuckled Celestia.

"Oh, don't worry Cel. She won't. You hear Luna?! You're next!" He called. Celestia chuckled.

"It makes me feel so good when you call me Cel." She sighed.

"It makes me feel good just being near you." He smiled.

"Oh, you flirt!" She exclaimed, bumping her hoof on his chest.

"Yep, that's me." He chuckled.

Tyrath and Celestia spent the next few hours just laying there, enjoying each other's company. Until Tyrath had to head to Ponyville to begin his duties. When he did leave, Celestia and Luna were at the station seeing him off.

"I'll see you later, my love." Smiled Celestia.

"Oh Cel. I'll miss you." He smiled, kissing her, in full view of everypony at the station. He wasn't actually getting the train, he was just there as a launching point for his Dragon Form. "And you Luna." He smiled, kissing her as well.

"Remember, you owe me something big." Smirked Luna.

"Oh don't worry. You get it soon enough." Replied Tyrath with a wink. Luna blushed at that. Tyrath took on his Dragon Form and extended his wings, shaking them out a little. He then took off toward Ponyville.

Chapter 24: The Camping Trip

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As I took a stroll through Ponyville, I breathed in the fresh crisp air. I waved to the Cakes, who were preparing some confectioneries for later, they waved back with a smile. I continued my walk and was greeted by everypony that passed.

"Lord Tyrath."

"Prince Tyrath."

"Lord Dragon."

"My Lord."

"My Prince."

Everypony I passed bowed to me or greeted me in some way as I walked. They truly did think the world of me, they thought of me as their saviour, their hero. I would try to live up to their expectations. As I passed, I heard the familiar buzzing of wings... Only one little filly's wings beat like that...

Scootaloo. I used my magic to see what she was up to. I saw her speeding along, in between two Ponies, who gasped as she sped past and were spun around. She dodged in between multiple Ponies as she zoomed past. As she went, Granny Smith positioned herself perfectly for Scootaloo to leap over her with her scooter going under her. She then eyed an upturned cart in her way. Rather than deterring her, this spurred her on and she used it as a ramp, shooting up off of it, lifting in the air.

"Whoo-hoo!" She yelled. It brought joy to my heart to see her enjoying herself so. I enjoyed walking among the Ponies. Their lives fulfilled mine, in a way. I looked up and saw Rainbow Dash fly by. I gave her a non-rude two fingered salute and she saluted to me in turn.

"Nice moves, kid." She complimented, flying nonchalantly past, taking a sip of a drink, she nodded with a wink at me as well.

"Nice moves? Rainbow Dash thinks I've got–" She stopped as she literally stopped moving in the air due to her excitement. Teh lwas fo pshyics hree rae bornke... Just like that sentence. She landed in a pile of hay a cow was munching on. The cow got a shock when she accidentally grabbed Scootaloo's tail. "...nice mooves...!?" She asked, seeing the cow and wearing a confused look.


"You alright Scoot?" I asked, walking over with an amused smile, she had landed near where I was so I decided to check on her.

"Yeah, I'm good!" She exclaimed with a smile, flapping her wings and gaining enough air to get out of the hay pile before landing on her hooves. I actually had to hold in an 'awww!'. Why so cute?! She retrieved her scooter and I began clapping.

"Sweet moves." I nodded.

"You really think so?!" She beamed.

"Of course." I chuckled with a nod and a slight smile.

"Thanks!! I've gotta tell the girls!!" She exclaimed, mounting her scooter.

"Gotta tell them..." I began as she sped off. "What?" I asked nopony. I looked to the cow who shrugged. Suddenly, a letter appeared before me... I began to read it... Well, time to get to Sweet Apple Acres. Creature seems to be bugging AJ for cooking lessons. I began the trek there, which took all of about 5 minutes as I wasn't that far away. I saw her outside the Farmhouse, bringing some apples in.

"AJ?" I asked.

"Ah! Ty! Good ta see ya!" She exclaimed, hugging me.

"Problem?" I asked as she let go, dropping back her hooves.

"Nah, not really. Creature really IS buggin' me fer lessons, an' ah don't mind givin' 'em! I just wanted ta let ya know that our annual campin' trip's a comin' up soon." She informed me. "An' I wanted ta know if you were comin'?" She asked.

"Sure! Why not? Creature and I needed to scout the wilds anyway." I agreed.

"Well, that's settled then! Say... Could ya..." She began, looking back at the Farmhouse, and the multiple items flying out of the kitchen...

"Flour?" I asked.

"Please." She chuckled, before giving a worried look as a crashing was heard. She quickly ran inside as I gave a chuckle and went out to get some more flour... I'd have to help AJ with cleaning the kitchen when Creature was done, the poor guy... I passed the CMC HQ as I walked.

"...Then, all of a sudden, I'm airborne! And Rainbow Dash looks over and was like, 'Nice moves, kid.' then the Prince himself came over to see if I was OK, and he was all like 'sweet moves!' it was sooo cool!" She exclaimed. I really have an effect on Ponies around here...

"Woooow." Admired Apple Bloom.

"They really said that?" Asked Sweetie.

"I mean, it's like she practically told me she wanted to take me under her wing, teach me everything she knows, and become like my big sister! And the Prince totally wants to teach me ultra-secret like, Dragon stuff or somethin'!" She exclaimed... Well, I would, but there is no 'secret Dragon stuff'... We fly, breathe fire, eat our enemies... Horde gold and that's about it unless you're a Unicorn... The magic stuff is sorta secret and interesting I guess...

"I dunno about all that." Spoke Apple Bloom.

"They were really nice compliments and all, but..." Sweetie Belle trailed off.

"I know, I know. But all that stuff I said could happen, right?" Asked Scootaloo with a hopeful smile.

"Sure." She nodded.

"Absolutely." Agreed Apple Bloom.

"I just need to find a way to spend some time with her, y'know, so she can see more of my awesomeness." She said. I saw Dash clearing the clouds in the distance. "And the Prince? He's here all the time! He's bound to see my coolness!" Nodded Scootaloo

"Well... Applejack and I are supposed to be campin' up at Winsome Falls this weekend. Maybe I could get my big sis to invite Rainbow Dash, and then you could come, too!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom.

"Really?!" Exclaimed Scootaloo happily.

"Sure!" Agreed Apple Bloom excitedly. "Plus, the Prince could be goin'!" She exclaimed.

"Double cool!" Cheered Scootaloo.

"I wanna go..." Pouted Sweetie Belle.

"Well, duh, of course you can go!" Exclaimed Apple Bloom.

"And I'll get Rarity to come too! Rarity loves camping!" Assured Sweetie, earning incredulous looks from the others. I shook my head and took the flour back to AJ at the Farmhouse.

"Here you go." I chuckled, seeing Creature's most edible batch yet.

"Where're the girls goin'?" Asked AJ, seeing them leave Sweet Apple Acres up the path to Ponyville.

"Carousel boutique to convince Rarity to come on the camping trip." I pointed behind me with a grin.

"Well, if she wants to come she can. But I doubt she'll wanna." Laughed AJ.

"True." I nodded.

"Shoot, can ya follow the girls? I need somethin' pickin' up from the Boutique." Asked AJ sheepishly. "I'd go, but-" She cut off as a plate came flying at us. I caught it and placed it down with a chuckle.

"It's fine. I'll go." I said, shaking my head as I left. I walked the short distance to Ponyville in no time at all. As I entered the Boutique, I could tell Sweetie had just broached the subject to her sister, judging from her response.

"I despise camping! All of that..." She shuddered. "...nature." She said as she prepared Applejack's order for me to take.

"Applejack's going with her little sister. But, y'know, if you don't wanna spend time with me..." Sweetie used her cute as hell eyes to full effect on her sister, who caved.

"Oh, all right! Ooh! Of course I will need to find an outfit more appropriate for 'roughing it'. Ooh!" Exclaimed Rarity in a slight huff, heading upstairs after passing AJ's order to me. The other two Crusaders poked their head out of a closet...

"See? Told you she'd wanna go." Said Sweetie smugly. Damned sly filly... I returned AJ's order, which was her repaired boots. She told Creature and myself to get ready to leave. She insisted that the mess would hold until we got back, so we accepted.

I donned my Wild Dweller's outfit. (Same outfit as in Hard Truths.) And grabbed a bow, arrows and spear as we headed off. Creature had some daggers at his side. We headed to the starting point of our trek to Winsome Falls. I had the bow string around the front of my shoulder, holding it with my quiver of arrows slung on my back. I held the spear in my right hand and was planning to use it as a hunting tool and walking stick to draw arrows on the ground the way we were travelling.

Scootaloo and Bloom ran over, bags packed and ready to go. They both hugged me as we saw each other and then hugged Creature.

"You packed bug spray?" Asked AJ. In response, Apple Bloom flipped the bottle in the air and caught it in it's slot.

"Eeyup. You got the canteens?" Asked Bloom. AJ flipped the container to reply, also landing it back in it's place.

"Eeyup. Looks like we're all set then." She nodded. We suddenly heard something trundling along, and saw a huge shadow. I had my mouth open...

"Hey!" Greeted Rarity, running along. Poor Sweetie was being made to pull her stuffed cart.

"Gee, Rarity, did you remember to pack?" Asked Applejack, looking at the over-stacked cart.

"Oh, well, let's see who gets the last laugh when you're absolutely desperate to curl your lashes, and you realise you didn't bring your eyelash curler." Replied Rarity. Applejack just looked confused...

"Couldn't imagine life without it." I chuckled. The others except Rarity joined in.

"Well, looks like we're all set now." Sighed Applejack and we got ready to move out.

"But what about Rainbow Dash? Isn't Rainbow Dash coming?" Asked Scootaloo in a panic.

"'Course she is, sugarcube. She's gonna meet us up at our first campsite." Replied AJ.

"Oh." Said Scootaloo in disappointment.

"Wait! Before we go..." I said, crouching, pulling my bow and preparing an arrow. I pointed into the brush... And fired! Hit! I recovered my prey and saw a Cockatrice in my hand. Tasty! "Dinner!" I beamed to Creature, who licked his lips. "Shall we?" I asked. AJ nodded.

"Alright, y'all, let's move 'em out!" Exclaimed AJ as we began to move at a steady pace. I expected the fillies to crack and begin asking the age old question... But nope... It was Rarity. The fillies were mostly having a good time. Apart from poor Sweetie Belle who was struggling. Unfortunately, I couldn't help her as I was hunting for my dinner and scouting for signs of Black Ring...

"Oh, are we there yet?" Asked Rarity for the billionth time...

"The last thousand times you asked that, the answer was no." Said AJ with an annoyed expression. "This time, it's actually yes. There's Rainbow Dash up there right now." Pointed Applejack with a smile, we saw a rainbow streak moving through the treeline. She gathered wood and built a fire quick as a flash.

"Hey, ya think...?" I smirked, aiming my bow with a blunt arrow. "Won't hurt her, just daze her." I grinned.

"Try it!" Laughed Applejack. I fired and it knocked her out of the sky as she flew. She crash landed in a daze in front of me, I had slung my bow back on my back and was smiling. She had a frown but was trying to hold in a laugh.

"Not funny Ty!" Exclaimed Rainbow. I shook my grinning head and held out my hand. She took it and pulled me down. We rolled a few times, laughing our heads off as we went down a slope and into water. We both splashed around for a minute, laughing still. I picked her up bridal style and carried her out of the water. I put her down atop the slope and nudged her with my elbow, and she me with her flank. We both brought our laughter under control.

"You OK?" Asked Applejack with a grin.

"Me? Fine." She shrugged. She couldn't take flight due to her water-logged wings.

"Alright, Scootaloo, just play it cool..." Scoots whispered to herself... "Hey Rain–" She began before tripping over a log, flying around all over the place, landing on her back. "Hey, Rainbow Dash! What's up?" She asked, holding back tears. I felt sorry for her...

"So, what took you guys so long?" Asked Rainbow Dash, shaking out her mane.

"Well, some of us didn't pack as light as the others." AJ glared at Rarity. "So we were slowed down a bit." She informed as Sweetie stumbled along with Rarity's cart. Gods, I felt sorry for her... I lifted the harness off of her and picked her up, laying out a sleeping bag and letting her rest.

"You deserve it Sweetie." I smiled.

"Thanks..." She panted, her hooves looking sore. Poor filly...

"Don't worry. Just lay down for a while." I said.

"Yeah... I will." She nodded. Everypony began setting up their tents, with AJ and Apple Bloom pulling together to set theirs up. Creature and I made a slightly larger tent to accommodate our equipment. AJ and Apple Bloom finished setting their tent up. It looked really good. Ours wasn't too shabby either. I placed my bow against the tent and threw my spear into the ground outside of it.

Scootaloo and Dash sat by the unlit fire, next to each other. I took a seat across from them.

"Looks like you'll be sharing a tent with me, huh?" Asked Rainbow, bumping Scootaloo with her elbow. I saw Rarity and Sweetie taking some things off of their cart not far away...

"Heh, if that's okay with you." Shrugged Scootaloo, acting like she wasn't bothered...

"Sure! Long as you don't snore." Said Rainbow, ruffling Scootaloo's mane. She looked at her hind legs for a second before turning serious... "You don't snore, do you?" She asked.

"Nope. No way. Not me. Never snored a day or night in my life." She laughed nervously.

"Then you and I are gonna get along just fine." Smiled Rainbow. Suddenly, a massive gust of air hit us as we heard a pop... Suddenly, a tent began inflating out of a box from Rarity's cart... And it was gigantic!!! We all gawked at it...

"You have got to be kidding me!?" Exclaimed Rainbow, seeing the mansion-like tent.

"Sweetie Belle, do be a dear and see if you can find some fresh flowers for my bedside vase." Said Rarity, dropping the vase onto a cover over her door and it bounced into Sweetie Belle's mouth, who walked off.

"Scootaloo, do be a sweetheart and see if you can gather some firewood." Rainbow mimicked Rarity. We all laughed but Rainbow turned serious again. "Seriously though. Can you get us some wood for the fire?" She asked.

"Of course!" Exclaimed Scootaloo and ran off.

She came back not long after with plenty of firewood. We set it up and Applejack began setting up some contraption to start the fire...

"No, no. Here." I said and got some flint out and began skimming the rocks against each other, the sparks then lit the fire.

"Coooollll!!" Gasped the fillies.

"Old hat, but still effective." I shrugged. Creature placed our spit over it with a few Cockatrice's on and we began to spit roast them. I also began boiling some herbal tea I had put together from the plants I found.

"Okay, everybody get comfortable!" Called Dash. I saw Rarity had a lounger to sit on... Sweetie poured her some tea and took a seat with the other three fillies on the log. " 'Cause I'm about to tell you the best story you've ever heard." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Is it about the time when Rarity had wings, and then they got ruined, and then you saved her from plummeting to her doom?" Asked Scootaloo.

"What?! I need to hear that one!" I exclaimed as Rarity blushed and Rainbow looked at her.

"Okay, maybe it's the second best story you've ever heard." She said But probably still the scariest. You like scary stories, right?" Asked Rainbow, flying over the fillies and scaring Apple Bloom and Sweetie. Scootaloo gasped...

"Mm-hmm." She nodded with a nervous grin.

"It all happened on a night just like this one, in a forest, just like this..." She began... I won't recount the tale, but the fillies were all shaking by the end of it. Suddenly, Creature grabbed onto me as he was also shaking... I glanced over to him bemusedly. I gave Applejack and Rarity some of my tea that was now ready.


"...And then, The Olden Pony asked, 'Who's got my rusty horseshoe?'" Asked Rainbow, mimicking an elderly voice...

"Not me!" Exclaimed Sweetie as the Crusaders huddled together.

I bit into my roasted Cockatrice that I had smothered in some home-made BBQ sauce. The last of our prey we had cooked tonight.

"You do!" Exclaimed Dash, pointing at Scootaloo. Sweetie and Apple Bloom screamed and fell from the log, and Scootaloo started to scream but stopped. Rainbow Dash began laughing.

"Something in my throat. I wasn't scared at all, heheh. Good story." Smiled Scootaloo after clearing her throat, waving it off.

"Knew you wouldn't be scared." Said Dash and ruffled Scootaloo's mane. "The way you jumped that cart the other day, you're like me – fearless." Said Dash, perching on Rarity's flagpole on her tent. She floated down and cupped some tea for herself. "Holy hay, this is good stuff!" She said and drank it with a moan and a pleasured expression.

"Yeah. Fearless." Laughed Scootaloo nervously, her teeth chattering.

"Don't worry. Rarity is here to keep you safe and sound. Ooh!" Rarity comforted her little sister. "Thank you for the tea, dear. It was delightful." Smiled Rarity.

"Think it's about time for me to hit the straw." Yawned Applejack. "I agree with Rarity, that was some amazing tea you made! Got me all sleepy." Smiled Applejack.

"You guys go. I'll finish up out here." I said. I saw Apple Bloom clutching onto her sisters back and trembling...

"Don't you worry, little sis. There's no 'Olden Pony' in our tent." Said Applejack, patting her sister and calming her down.

"I'll remain on watch for a few hours. Wait for the fire to die down. After that, I'll head to bed." I nodded.

"Haa, that sure was funny, wasn't it? Heheh. How they were all afraid of The Olden Pony? Heh, but not me, heh!" Scootaloo laughed nervously.

"That's because you're tough, just like when I was your age!" Said Rainbow, bumping Scootaloo's foreleg. "You may as well sleep now, nothin' else out here." Shrugged Dash and doused the fire in water. The splash scared poor Scootaloo.

"Ahh!!" She yelped. She then recovered and leaned against the log like it was nothing.

"I'm hitting the sack. Come in whenever you feel like it." Smiled Rainbow and entered the tent. The sounds of the forest suddenly became amplified in the silence...

"It's, it's nothing... Just my imagination..." Said Scootaloo, looking scared...

"And that isn't the thundering stomp of The Olden Pony..." She tried to convince herself... Suddenly, a wolf howl rang out and she made haste into her tent. I heard Dash snoring loudly inside...

"Well, come on Creature. Time to bed down." I said and we entered our tent. I got into my sleeping bag and fell asleep...


The dream world. There was unrest. Somepony is unhappy, maybe scared? I saw the door that signified the Pony in distress. It was Scootaloo... I decided to observe her. She exited her tent to multiple sounds in the distance... Like an old person grumbling. There were no other tents and she was surrounded by trees in the clearing...

"I-Is anyone out there?" She asked. As she heard hoof stamps she took off at speed. She ran as fast as her little legs would take her.

"Who got my rusty horseshoe?" Asked the 'Olden Pony'.

Scootaloo backed into a tree branch and jumped, letting out a neigh and snapping the branch. When she realised what it was she sighed. She turned and there was the Olden Pony.

"Who's got my rusty horseshoe?" It asked... Scootaloo screamed and began running again, back toward the camp. She entered her tent and tried to wake her sleeping companion.

"Rainbow Dash–?" She began, but the Olden Pony shot up in the bed.

"You do!" It said. The dream ended. I awoke and heard Scootaloo yell out... It was only about 2 hours later... I fell back asleep, acutely aware of Scootaloo's reluctance to do the same...


;4 hours later;

I awoke bright and early, it was still a bit dark out. I heard Creature stir as well.

"Creature, look up at the stars. Now tell me, what that mean to you?" I asked.

"Well Master, if every star is surrounded by a solar system, then there could be hundreds, or billions or more of other lifeforms out there... Waiting to be discovered..." He sighed, looking up at the sky.

"No Creature, you fool, it means someone stole our tent!!!" I exclaimed. He shot up and saw our tent was gone... Our equipment was intact though... I looked around and saw that it had blown into the river... I retrieved it with magic and let it dry out...

Everypony began to wake up and get to work packing everything for the next step of our trip. I decided to wake Rainbow and Scootaloo. If the latter even slept... I heard Scootaloo making a weird noise...

"Dash? Scoots? Come on, we're hauling ass." I said. Rainbow noticed the strange noise as well. She actually look quite nice with bedhead...

"What's that noise? Is there a bug in here?" She yawned. "I dunno about you, but I slept like a filly." She said, bumping Scootaloo on the back. "Mornin' Ty." She smiled.

"Morning Dash. Hey Scoot, you have a good sleep?" I asked.

"Best night ever." She said nervously, turning around with bags under her eyes and a twitch... I left the tent at that point.

"Glad you're rested up, because we've got a long trek ahead." Said Rainbow and opened the tent. "Totally gonna be worth it when we get to Winsome Falls." She said, looking out.

"Yeah... Totally..." I saw Scootaloo smile, twitching again...

We managed to pack our stuff and get moving. Creature and I had found minimal signs of Black Ring. They had been observing Ponyville, sure, but no attack. Every now and then they'd meddle in our affairs. But nothing serious yet... We kept going and poor Sweetie was still pulling Rarity's cart, not only that but she had to push Rarity on her lounger... I bit of Sweetie's sweat dripped over Rarity...

"Ohh... Am I sweating? Oh! I think I'm sweating!" She panicked... "Oh, uh, but it's absolutely worth it to get to spend time with my little sister. It's just that this cart feels like it's getting heavier all the time!" Complained Rarity... I saw Scootaloo had fallen asleep on the back of it...

"I don't care if that's cart's as heavy as a pack of mules. If we don't get a move on, it'll be dark before we get to the campsite!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Don't want to be out here after dark. Poor visibility for you Ponies." I said. I heard Scootaloo wake up.

"Dark?!" She asked herself. "I'll just ride ahead and make sure the path is clear. We don't wanna be out here after dark, right?" Asked Scootaloo with a smile.

"Doesn't matter to me." Shrugged Rainbow.

"Well, y'know, it's for the scaredy-ponies, heheh." She whispered to Rainbow, who nodded her approval.

"Creature, I'm going to follow on, you stay here..." I said.

"Right. Keep an eye on her and I'll keep an eye here." Agreed Creature. I followed Scootaloo discreetly... I saw her head lull to the side...

"Don't fall asleep now... We've got to get to that campsite before dark..." She said, but fell asleep anyway. I saw her about to go over a cliff, but she managed to skid to the side, even asleep... She went over a river and bonked a Crocodile on the head... She then headed toward a bear, about to chow down on a fish. She ended up with the fish on her head... She entered a log that spun around violently... It stopped on the other side of the canyon and she kept going... The fish from before stopped her scooter and she went flying... She curled up midair, landing on a bush. I had already teleported there, and heard the others coming...

"That's why it's always important to bring your own trunk on any public outing." Came Rarity's voice... They looked over and saw Scootaloo...

"Um... don't come this way! Take the path! It's, heh, way better than going through the bushes." She said. I also came out of the brush.

"She ain't lying!" I chuckled. We all continued on to the next campsite... I caught a few more animals for dinner on the way so, bonus! As we walked, I took the lead and took a look at the map... I saw Applejack walking side-by-side with Scootaloo. A twig snapped and she flew up high, grabbing onto a cloud... The piece of cloud fell off and she crashed through the ground...

"You're more nervous than a worm in an apple on cider making day. What gives, Scootaloo?" Asked Applejack. Scootaloo popped out of the hole...

"Heh, nothing, just thought I heard something, aheh." She waved Applejack off, leaning on the hole... Suddenly, an owl hooted and she shot off backwards, moving through the ground itself...

"You sure you're okay? You seem a little jumpy." Stated Applejack..

"You don't say?" I asked.

"Just getting my exercise! You know how important it is to stretch out those hindquarters every so often, aheh." She waved Applejack off again. A frog croaked and Scootaloo darted forward...

"Uh, d-do you need a little help?" Asked Scootaloo to Rarity and Sweetie.

"That's so sweet, thank you." Smiled Rarity, picking Scootaloo up in her magic, fastening the harness to her in place of Sweetie...

"Um... what are friends for?" She asked, struggling to pull the cart...

A few hours of walking later and I was picking up more trails of Black Ring... They were camped out here somewhere... It wad getting dark out now. I looked up to Luna's beautiful moon and blew it a kiss.

"No need for tents tonight, y'all. We'll just take shelter in that cave." Pointed Applejack.

"In my world, caves are usually inhabited by Goblins that don't take kindly to outsiders, Demons, Necromancers, dead Dragon-Knights or Ancient Dragons... Sometimes Ghosts." I admitted.

"G-g-g-g- Ghosts???!!!" Asked Scootaloo. Everypony looked at her.

"Pffttt, bring 'em on!" She exclaimed.

"I doubt there're Ghosts here, but we should be cautious nonetheless." I said. I got my spear ready...

"All right! A deep, dark cave! Perfect for the story I've got for tonight. All we need is a campfire, and we're good to go." Nodded Rainbow Dash, looking to Scootaloo.

"Uh, of course..." She nodded with a gulp... "I'll be right back with lots of firewood from the deep... dark... not-scary-at-all forest!" She whimpered.

"Thanks." Nodded Rainbow Dash. I lit the end of my spear on fire with magic and entered the cave. It wasn't too deep. But Black Ring had been here. Campfire embers, a shrine to Damien, walls were carved with images of Damien and Demons...

"It's safe!" I called. Everypony entered.

"Woah... What the hay is that?!" Asked Applejack, seeing the black shrine.

"A shrine to Damien. The Black Ring worship him for the Demon he is. The power he had, I don't blame 'em. Anything with that amount of destructive power could be considered a God." I said as we walked out of the cave and set up the firepit...

;2 minutes earlier;

As Creature watched the young filly, he saw her tentatively take a step toward the forest, but quickly threw her back against the cart...

"Okay. I can do this. On the count of three, I get those branches. One... two... Three!" She exclaimed but remained still. She sighed and crawled a little toward the branches. "Here, branches branches branches..." She tried to coax them.

"Bbbbrrr! Hoo-wee! It's colder than a timberwolf's toenail. Bbbrr! Where's that Scootaloo?" Asked Applejack, shivering.

Creature watched as he saw Scootaloo sob as she sprinted into the wood, get to the branches, run on the spot for a second, grab the branches and run back to the fire.

"Here you go!" She said with a laugh.

"That's it?" Asked Rainbow...

"It's all I could find, 'cause, y'know, there aren't that many trees around here!" She chuckled nervously. Well, let's say there were plenty of trees... Rarity and Sweetie Belle looked at each other.

"It's all we need. Why don't you sit with Rainbow Dash for a while?" Suggested Applejack. Faster than anypony I've ever seen move, she was beside Rainbow. I was as well, while Creature was beside Rarity. I let Applejack use her contraption to start the fire this time. I put a different flavour of tea on tonight and began cooking again.

"Now, where was I?" Asked Rainbow. "Oh yeah, the scary part." She said and gave an evil laugh. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked at each other excitedly.

"Hey, I have an idea! How about I tell tonight's story?" Asked Scootaloo. Rainbow looked taken aback at first but agreed.

" Alright, just make sure it's a horrible one." She said and lay across my lap. "You're my pillow." She said to me.

"Yes ma'am." I chuckled. I put a hand over her midsection and one on her neck. She sighed and snuggled against me. The other two ponies pulled their sisters close and grinned.

"There once was a really really nice pony who lived in a bright and sunny land..." She began. Sweetie and Rarity looked at each other confused. "Where there are rainbows every day, and lots and lots of happy friends, and–" She was cut off by Rainbow's hoof. Rainbow got up/

"No offense, but it's not a real campfire story unless somepony's shaking." She ruffled Scootaloo's mane and cast a shadow over her own face... "I've been told that these very woods are haunted..." Started Dash. Scootaloo gulped.

" The Headless Horse!" She said and used the shadows to create charades. "It gallops only at night–" She began.

"If it doesn't have a head, then how in tarnation does this pony know where it's goin'?" Asked Applejack.

"It's headless, not brainless." Said Rainbow Dahs in a 'duhh' voice.

"Kinda like you..." I mumbled. Everypony laughed.

"Alright alright! To continue... " It's out... looking for little lost ponies–" She began again.

"So where's its brain?" Asked Applejack with a smirk.

"Ugh." Rainbow Dash ignored her. "Fear was dripping from the air..." She continued...


"...and they were never heard from ever again!" She finished, using the light of the moon to cloak herself in shadow and only her dark pink eyes were visible. Everypony had open mouths... Except me. I was sipping tea with an empty plate next to me, full and satisfied. Even Creature was enamoured with the story. I suppose I've actually lived worse than these stories so they don't affect me. Sweetie Belle gasped.

"Never?" She asked.

"Never." Repeated Rainbow. The fire let off a spark and Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle screamed but then burst out in laughter, holding onto their sisters. Scootaloo was taking cover behind the log, trembling..

"Don't worry, you'll be safe with me tonight." Smiled Rarity to her sister. Makes me wish I had a sibling. No wait, nevermind... Our dad would either have turned them or they'd likely be dead by now... Or they'd just hate me because of Drace. Yeah, probably a good thing I don't have siblings.

"It's not time for bed yet, is it?" Asked Scootaloo, leaping over the log.

"'Fraid so, Scootaloo." Smiled Applejack.

"Uh, but we haven't even sung any campfire songs yet!" Grinned Scootaloo.

"You don't have to ask me twice!" Cheered Sweetie Belle... "Ninety-nine buckets of oats on the wall, ninety-nine buckets of oats!" She started singing we all sat back down. Rainbow lay down on me again as we all groaned in anticipation...

;20 minutes later;

Applejack and Rarity were almost asleep back to back. Apple Bloom was resting on her sisters hind leg... I had taken to absentmindedly playing with Rainbow's mane... Scootaloo was bobbing her head... Creature was curled up by the fire, snoring.

Eventually Rarity had fallen asleep, slightly curled up and Applejack was leaning backward over Rarity, also asleep. Apple Bloom was asleep in her sister's lap. Rainbow was lightly(surprisingly) Snoring, still in my lap. Scootaloo was almost unable to keep bobbing her head...

"...buckets of oats! Take one down, pass it around, you've got zero buckets of oats on the waaaaaaaalllllll!!!!" She finished, waking everypony up with a start. Sweetie then collapsed, passing out from exhaustion. I had to hold in another 'dawwww!'. Rarity picked her up in her magic and we all entered the cave.

"Good night, Sweetie Belle." Said Rarity.

"Good night, y'all." Said Applejack and Apple Bloom.

"Sleep tight." Said Dash.

"Oh, just one more song! Anyone?" She asked, darting around. "How about a dance contest? I know you love to cut a rug, so how 'bout we mess up a cave floor? I have a brilliant idea! Hide and seek! Who's with me?" She asked, wayyy too energetic to be up so late at her age.

"Maybe tomorrow." Yawned Apple Bloom and collapsed asleep.

"Aww." Moaned Scootaloo in disappointment.

"Seems like you don't really wanna go to sleep tonight. Is there some reason why?" Asked Applejack, with her hat off. She actually looked quite cute.

"Pfft, of course not!" Denied Scootaloo. "I just love camping and hanging out with Rainbow Dash so much that I don't wanna waste a single minute with sleep!" She said and yawned. "Heh, silly sleep." She waved off.

"That's cool and all, Scoot, but this pony needs her shut-eye and she needs it now!" Exclaimed Rainbow, putting ear plugs in and turning to face me. I was on her left and Creature was on mine.

"Right, this guy is saying good night!" I exclaimed and lay down.

"Ugh, this is so unfair..." Said Scootaloo, sitting on her bed. "I'm falling asleep..." She moaned before also collapsing.


Ah, the dream world. Scootaloo's having nightmares again. I actually saw Luna this time.

"Hey Luna." I smiled. We kissed. It felt real, but I knew it wasn't. It was actually her, but we weren't kissing in the waking world.

"Hello Tyrath." She smiled as we walked among the doors to dreams.

"Scootaloo seems to be having trouble." I said as we walked.

"Indeed. You have seen it? It is rare for beings to have abilities such as ours. Usually it runs in families, which is why Tia also has it. However, you are unique in many ways." She said.

"A compliment? Why thank you madame." I bowed.

"You are most welcome Sir!" She squealed in delight as I picked her up and kissed her. "Oh, you do know the best ways to make me feel better." She laughed.

"So, are you going to help Scootaloo?" I asked.

"I already am. You have already witnessed my plan in action." She smiled.

"Ah, you smart mare." I chuckled.

"A thousand years of experience at it's finest. I'm trying to make up for my past misdeeds, but I'm afraid I never can..." She said.

"Don't talk that way Luna. You have nothing to be sorry for. It was not your fault. I promise." I said and lifted her head to meet my gaze. "If I could go back in time without negatively effecting the present, I would help you any way I could." I said.

"You're doing enough." She smiled at me, engaging me in a kiss. I still felt something... Off. But I put it down to her sadness.

"Shall we check on our subject?" I asked.

"We shall." Nodded Luna, opening the door with her magic. We made ourselves invisible and observed. Scootaloo was back in the forest. She gasped as she heard running hoofsteps. She began running as well, very fast.

"If The Headless Horse catches me, I'm never gonna be heard from again!" She cried out. "And I wanna be heard from!" She insisted. She then tripped on a vine and fell down a cliff... "Woah, woaaah! Ugh! Woah!" She grunted. She saw the Headless Horse run down the cliff and began rearing up, kicking its forelegs out...

"It's all over!" Cried Scootaloo.

"My cue!" Said Luna. She appeared in the moon, making the Headless Horse vanish.

"You go mare..." I chuckled to myself.

"A warm welcome to you, Scootaloo." Echoed Luna, gliding down gracefully.

"Princess Luna! I thought you were The Headless Horse!" Exclaimed Scootaloo.

"You were mistaken, but I hope not disappointed." Spoke Luna with a smile.

"You are so, so much better than The Headless Horse." Smirked Scootaloo. "But what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in Canterlot?" Asked Scootaloo, looking confused.

"I am the Princess of The Night. Thus it is my duty to come into your dreams." She said. "Tyrath? My love, do show yourself. It is rude to observe pony's dreams." She grinned. I made flames shoot from the ground and I walked forwards, making my shadow visible, and then I emerged from the flames.

"Apologies, we both share a fondness for dramatic entrances it seems." I chuckled. Luna bumped me for that. "Especially when dreaming." I smiled.

"Oh, yeah... Wait, is this just a dream? But it feels so real!" Exclaimed Scootaloo. She reached her hoof out and hit an invisible wall, looking confused.

"Dreams, like so many other things, are an illusion my dear." I said and flipped my hand, making seem as though the world were upside down. "Fear, is another illusion." I said and re-flipped my hand, returning us to a more normal orientation.

"Indeed. I assure you that you are asleep. But when you awake, the thing that frightens you most will still exist." Informed Luna.

"Eh... The Headless Horse?" Asked Scootaloo.

"No." I answered.

"The Black Ring?" She asked.

"Well... Yes, they do exist..." I had to agree, placing my hand on my chin. "Oh! Speaking of which, look over there." I said. I saw a Black Ring Scout watching us. He was huge, had horns and a large sword, Scootaloo's overactive childlike imagination... He began charging us, sword drawn..

"Prince Tyrath...!" Pleased Scootaloo as he ran at her, looking to me and she was backed against a wall.

"This your dream. Control it!" I exclaimed with a grin, clenching my fist. She clenched her eyes shut and when she opened them, the Black Ring was the size of a doll, poking Scootaloo's hooves with a miniature sword. She began dancing and giggling.

"That tickles!" She laughed and kicked him away.

"As fun as this was, it was real. He was here to hurt you. You need to be strong in the days to come, controlling your dreams will be important." I said.

"He was pretty scary..." She admitted.

"Hmmm... Is the Black Ring really what frightens you the most?" Asked Luna. She had this expression I can only describe as motherly on her face. Scootaloo thought for a moment before sitting down and rubbing her left foreleg with her right hoof.

"While they rank pretty high, mm-mm." She shook her head. "I'm afraid Rainbow Dash will find out I'm not as tough as she thinks I am." Admitted Scootaloo.

"Everypony has fears, Scootaloo. Everypony must face them in their own way." Said Luna, lifting Scootaloo's head with a hoof so she could look at her. "But they must be faced, or the nightmares will continue." Explained Luna. Scootlaoo whined nervously.

"Dreams are like your fears Scootaloo. You control them. If not, they shall consume you." I warned. The ripple effect started again, signalling it's time to awaken... Luna took flight backwards

"Face your fears!" Said Luna.

"Control them! Before they do, you!" I called as I turned into a Dragon and took flight away.

I awoke with Scootaloo, although it was still nighttime.

"–Princess Luna, Prince Tyrath?!" Exclaimed Scootaloo. She sighed. "It was just a dream." She moaned. The water from the stalactites dripped... "But The Headless Horse isn't!" Gasped Scootaloo, leaping out of bed. "Rainbow Dash said it lives here, in these very woods!" She panicked. She began to go into complete panic as a sound rang out. "It's the wicked whinny of The Headless Horse!" She jumped on her scooter and rode off... I jumped out of bed myself and followed as fast as I could.

"Dammit, kid!" I mumbled as I gave chase wearing nothing but a pair of greaves.

"So it's a horse without a head... which means it doesn't have a mouth... and if it doesn't have a mouth, then... it's not a horse-eat-pony kind of horse... but still... it's a horse without a head!" She yelped. She then veered out of control, went flying off her scooter and slipped down a ravine. She managed to grab a branch with her teeth and held on.

"Whoa, whoa!" Whined Scootaloo. "Hello?! Is anyone out there? Anyone except The Headless Horse?" She asked, clutching the branch. I burst through the clearing at that point.

"Prince Tyrath!" She exclaimed, trying to pull herself up, but the branch began snapping. I took a breath and leaned down.

"Grab on!" I went to grab her but an arrow came flying and I pulled away, letting go of her hoof just in time for her to dodge an arrow...

"Well well well, what have we here? A Dragon and his pet." Sneered Keara. She had a squad of archers with her... Shit...

"Damned crazy bitch..." I grumbled, picking up my bow I dropped when I reached for Scootaloo.

"Kill them. The Dragon first. Then, drown the Pony." Said Keara. I already had four arrows primed and I shot them, instantly killing 4 of them. If I tried to get Scootaloo, I'd get her killed by leaving her exposed... At least if she fell I could dive in after her... The other Archers took cover but still fired off shots...

"Heellllp–" She screamed as she fell.

"SCOOTALOO!!!" I yelled. I went to dive after her but I saw Rainbow Dash in the distance, flying to catch her...

I leapt across the chasm and the remaining three Archers all swung around from their cover at the same time. I let out my fire breath and fried them. They began screaming in agony and fell down, dead.

"I gotcha!" I heard Rainbow exclaim.

"Rainbow Dash! Is that you? Thank you, thank you!" Thanked Scootaloo, I headed to where they put down and leapt across the water to them.

"Ty, you OK?" Asked Rainbow, seeing me holding the back of my left shoulder. An arrow had hit me as I jumped back. Keara maybe. I had yanked it out and was applying pressure to it.

"It's no problem." I groaned.

"What were you doing out here in the middle of the night?!" Asked Rainbow angrily... Tears stained Scootaloo's eyes. I looked up and saw Luna in the moon...

"It is time for you to face your real fear, Scootaloo!" She informed. Scootaloo let out some tears and sighed. She stepped forwards and began sobbing, talking quickly.

"I'm so, so sorry, Rainbow Dash! I just wanted you to hang out with me and see how cool I was so you'd take me under your wing, teach me everything you know, and become like my big sister!" She took a breath. "But then you started telling those spooky stories and I got scared! I thought I heard The Headless Horse so I ran out here by myself, and..." She explained frantically.. "...well, I guess you know the rest." Said Scootaloo, removing her helmet. I saw Dash grin and she sat in front of Scootaloo.

"Hey, I'm gonna tell you something, but if either of you ever tell anypony else, I'm gonna deny it." She warned. She looked around to make sure nopony else heard. "First time I heard those stories... I was scared too." Admitted Rainbow.

"You were?" Asked Scootaloo with a sniffle.

"Sure! I mean, I got over it because I realised pretty quick that if there was such thing as a Headless Horse, I could totally take it on." She smirked. "So, you're looking for somepony to take you under their wing, huh?" Asked Rainbow. Scootaloo nodded.


"Yeah, I might be up for something like that." Agreed Rainbow, pulling Scootaloo close with her wing.

"Really?" Squealed Scootaloo...

"As long as you don't go falling into any more rivers in the middle of the night." Rainbow Dash grinned.

"It's a deal!" Giggled Scootaloo.

"Yeah, as much as I enjoy seeing you two hug, this guy needs some help..." I groaned. Both of them widened their eyes in realisation.

"Oh sorry. Got caught up in the mushy moment." Chuckled Dash and I began to walk back to camp... I saw the others all waiting.

"What in tarnation happened to y'all?!" Asked Applejack as we strolled back into camp.

"Midnight stroll gone awry. Creature, Ginseng and Earth Root, STAT." I groaned and sat down on a log. He nodded and rushed back into the cave.

"Let me see that." Said Rainbow. I removed my hand the blood gushed from the wound. "Geez this is bad." She said. She grabbed a cloth on her wings and began cleaning the wound.

"Ah! Sensitive!" I exclaimed with a grin.

"Oh grow up!" She exclaimed and slapped the wound with her wing, a grin on her face. I winced.

"Rainbow! He's been seriously hurt!" Scolded Applejack. Rainbow stuck her tongue out in response.

"Master? Ginseng and Earth Root." Said Creature and dropped them at my feet. I re-lit the campfire with magic and put the Ginseng in the pot with some water. I boiled it and sipped it straight from the pot. Not all of it though.

"Doesn't that burn!?" Asked Rainbow.

"No. I breathe fire, remember?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah." She laughed sheepishly, rubbing her hoof on the back of her head.

"Bandage?" I asked. Rainbow passed it to me. I tipped the concoction onto the bandage. I quickly drank some more, cleansed the remaining water and boiled the Earth Root. Once that was done, I sipped that as well before pouring the remainder of the liquid on the bandage. I wrapped it around my arm and shoulder. "Right, crisis averted. Let's get some Godsdamned sleep." I grumbled.

"You're gettin' old before your time, Ty." Laughed Rainbow.

"Yeah yeah..." I mumbled as we all lay down and went back to sleep.


No more dreams to invade tonight...


I woke up with a yawn. With no fuss and a fully rested Scootaloo, we all packed up and continued the last leg of our journey.

"I call sister teams! Last herd to make it to the falls is a moldy carrot!" Exclaimed Sweetie Belle.

"Ahem." I said.

"Oh and brother teams." She chuckled.

"Ugh, if you insist." Said Rarity and began slowly trotting before glancing slyly at her sister and picking up the pace. "It is so on!" She laughed and took off. Apple Bloom and Applejack joined them.

"They think they can beat the two of us?" Asked Rainbow, she picked up Scootaloo and began flying her around. Oh well, my turn...

She got a surprise as I, in my Dragon Form with Creature riding on me sped past...

;That night;

I observed Scootaloo's dreams again to ensure she was getting a good night's sleep... Well, she was one of my subjects! I needed to make sure she was OK! I watched her stroll through the forests... Suddenly, The Olden Pony beset upon her...

"Who's got my rusty horseshoe?" It asked... Scootaloo cowered for a second but braved up...

"Here it is, for pony's sake. Now take it and stop all your moaning." Said Rainbow, giving The Olden Pony it's horseshoe back...

"Thank you, and have a nice day." Nodded The Olden Pony, walking away. Rainbow pulled Scootaloo to her in a sisterly manner. I spotted another Black Ring... With the same horns, sword and size.

"Scoots..." Said Rainbow, rearing up.

"I got this." Smirked Scootaloo, walking up to him... Rainbow dropped her jaw. He raised his sword... Suddenly, with a poof! he was riding a unicycle dressed as a clown, dream Rainbow burst out laughing and Scootaloo turned to Luna and I, watching from the forest, I had my arm around her. Luna chuckled and winked at her. I nodded and gave her a non-rude two-finger salute...

We exited the dream and were back among the doors.

"You're a very kind Pony to be helping Scootaloo like that." I smiled at her. "It was lovely to watch you work, you are so caring, especially toward your younger subjects." I said. "Maybe even... Mother material, someday?" I asked, glancing sideways at her with a smile. She blushed heavily.

"I.. I... Well..." She stammered. "Someday, that would be nice. But first, we must..." She winked.

"I know. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten." I chuckled and kissed her.

"Oh, how I and my sister miss your company so. Having somepony you love wake up with you is so nice." She sighed, leaning against me as we walked among the endless doors.

"I know. I miss you both as well." I sighed, rubbing her neck with my hand.

"I wish I could wake up right now, and find you there, beside me. Smiling." She let out her own sigh.

"Soon, my love. Soon." I promised, pulling her closer.

"I don't know what I would do without my sister... I love her so and she loves me. She has accepted me back without question. I missed her so much. I couldn't be without her again. We're halves, put together we are whole. Or so we thought, you were the piece we didn't even know we were missing. I never knew love could be so... Life changing." Said Luna.

"Nor I. I never thought about a relationship. Never had time. When I first noticed I was falling for you and Celestia, I denied it. Giving myself excuses, not knowing how to properly deal with it. As much as if I never met you I would've carried on without you... the moment I set eyes on you both, I realised I was incomplete, my fate was joined with yours the moment we met, no way around it. And I wouldn't have it any other way." I smiled, kissing her deeply.

"We were certainly not miserable, but nor were we particularly happy. Now we have something to look forward to every day or night when we wake up. Knowing there is somepony out there we are in love with, who is in love with my sister and I just as much..." Luna nuzzled me.

"I do love you..." I promised.

"And I you." She said...

Chapter 25: Command & Conquer- err I mean just Command.

View Online

We were waiting for the mail that decided whether Rainbow Dash got into the Wonderbolt Academy or not... I had looked them up, and they were Equestria's Elite Flyers, top of their game. Although they were mainly used as stuntponies and did shows, they were supposed to be formidable. I also knew this had been Rainbow's dream since she was a filly, so it was very suspenseful. I even tried to use my influence a little to not alter the decision, but to see what it was beforehoof. No luck, as they were very strict on this kind of thing(good job, that shows discipline and integrity.) So I was just as anxious.

We were all sitting below Rainbow Dash's home (pretty much a cloud mansion) At the mailbox, waiting. We were all sipping beverages.

"Ooooh, I wish the mailpony would just come already! I can't wait another minute to find out if Rainbow Dash got in or not!" Exclaimed Pinkie, burying her head in her hooves. Rainbow and her were very good friends and prank buddies. In fact, I'd joined in once or twice. Ponies appreciated their Prince being more outgoing and I enjoyed it. Pinkie was really hoping her friend could see her dream become true.

"Pinkie Pie, you're more nervous than Rainbow Dash." Pointed out Twilight, as Rainbow was sitting calmly with us, while Pinkie was pacing.

"I'm not nervous at all. When I get into the Wonderbolt Academy-" Started Rainbow, but Pinkie bseet upon her.

"IF you get in! If you get in! Don't jinx it!" She exclaimed.

"I'm telling you, it's in the bag." Rainbow shrugged her off.

"Don't jinx it!" Yelled Pinkie.

"In a bag? I thought in was in an envelope." I stated.

"No it-" Started Twilight before everypony began laughing and she joined in.

"OK, you got me. But Rainbow's right. She's got this."

"She is the best flyer in Ponyville." Stated Applejack, taking an apple from the picnic basket. Rainbow Dash sped past her and turned a cloud into a slide in seconds.

"In Ponyville? I'm probably the best flyer in all of Equestria." Said Dash and slid down the slide, gently floating backwards. "I wouldn't be surprised if they just went ahead and made me a Wonderbolt on the first day." She stated, her eyes closed before she bumped into the mailpony.

"Got a letter here for Rainbow Dash." He said. "And one for tinlath keyring?" He asked.

"Second one's mine." I spoke I took it. Rainbow took hers and I waited for her to tell us first... She read it excitedly but her expression turned sad...

"I... didn't get in." She said. We all gasped. Yep, even me. "Gotcha!" She laughed, showing us the tick symbol. "Ha, you guys are so gullible. Like I wasn't gonna get in!" She exclaimed. Suddenly, Pinkie tackled her out of the air and wrapped her in a vice-grip hug...

"I'm just sooooooooooo happy for you!" She squealed.

"Uh... Thanks?" Asked Dash more than said, with Pinkie still squeezing her...

"Pinkie Pie? I kinda need to get going." She said. Pinkie then squeezed her exceptionally tight and let her go.

"Okay. I'm done!" She stated.

"First, what mail did you get Ty?" Asked Rainbow. I opened my envelope and read it quietly to myself...

"Well?" Asked Twilight.

"Dear Prince Tyrath, my love..." I said.

"Awwwww...." Said everypony...

"Shuddup..." I blushed for a second before coughing. "Upon receiving the news on Rainbow Dash's acceptance into the Wonderbolt Academy, congratulations by the way Rainbow, I had a thought." I spoke, reading the letter. "So, in light of this news, I am sending you to the Academy also, to inspect the facilities and to implement any changes you deem necessary in order to combat the Black Ring threat. I am also making you Commandant, the top Commanding Officer, for the duration of your stay there. Be well my love, give my regards to Spike, Creature and the girls. Yours always, Princess Celestia." I read.

"Aww, she's so sweet." Smiled Fluttershy.

"And she congratulated me! Me! For getting accepted!" Rainbow pumped her hoof in the air. "And you're going to be my Commanding Officer!? Awesome! Just don't go easy on me." She said.

"As you wish." I smiled. I summoned Creature.

"Yes Master?" He asked.

"I am going to be at Wonderbolt Academy for a week or so to inspect their facilities. I need you to watch over Ponyville for me while I'm gone." I said.

"As you wish." He bowed.

"Dash? Shall we?" I asked.

"Right, The sooner I get there, the sooner I get to show 'em my stuff!" She said and grabbed her already prepared pack. "See you guys in a week!" She waved.

"See you girls later!" I also waved.

"Good luck!" Called Applejack.

"Won't need it! Follow me Ty!" Said Rainbow as I summoned my wings in Human Form(a little spell I worked on so I could gain access to flight quicker.) and flew after her. Suddenly, we heard:

"DON'T FORGET TO WRITE!!!" From Pinkie Pie...


Rainbow and I flew over the Academy, observing. There were Ponies marching in synch. Some doing push ups, some doing pull-ups, some flying though hoops and doing loop-dee-loops.

"Oh, yeah! This is gonna be sweet!" I heard Rainbow say gleefully.

"Right, report for roll call. I'll be there soon." I said.

"Aye sir!" She saluted with a smile.

I was waiting out of sight for Commander Spitfire, as she was introducing me to the new recruits. She began marching along the line of recruits..

"Well, lookie what we got here. Bet y'all think you're Wonderbolt material, don't ya?" Asked Spitfire.

"Yes, ma'am!" They all said.

"Think you got what it takes to be an elite flyer?" She asked.

"Yes, ma'am!" They exclaimed.

"Well then. Let me be the first to tell you... You don't! If you had what it took to be an elite flyer, you'd already be a Wonderbolt!" She put them down. "Still think you're something special?" Asked Spitfire, closing in on a mare.

"No, ma'am!" She cowered.

"Well, I'm Commander Spitfire. But let me introduce you to our new Commanding Officer. And believe me, he's literally spite more fire than I do!" She said and gestured to the end of the runway. In Dragon Form, I flew up, gave a mighty roar and landed before the recruits, shaking the Academy. Quite a few cowered away. I turned back into my Human Form before them.

"Greetings Wonderbolt Recruits. My name is Tyrath, Tyrath Kyelinth. I am your Prince. And also, I am your new Officer." I spoke. Silence. "I said, I am your new Officer!" I exclaimed.

"Welcome Sir!" They all exclaimed.

"Better. Now then, let me get this straight, I am your worst nightmare. You hear me?" I asked, softly.

"Yes Sir!" They exclaimed.

"I don't need to shout, or yell. I can break you like a twig, in more than one way. I can outfly anypony here. Know why?" I asked.

"No Sir!" They replied. Rainbow had a grin, knowing I could but probably also knowing I was bit of a cinnamon bun...

"Know that it is not because I am a Dragon. Dragons do not instantly know how to fly. We train, we learn, we discipline ourselves. We get thrown off cliffs in order to teach ourselves how to fly. I have pushed myself to become the best I can be. It is your turn." I said. "I won't sugarcoat this. These are dark days for Equestria. The capital was attacked by the Black Ring not long ago. An army of evil beings. They look like I do of most of the time, but they are much uglier, with face markings. You may be called on for battle if you pass. I will be observing your training. Only when I will be glad to rely on you in battle, will you pass this course." I said. "Will I be proud to call on you in battle?" I asked.

"Yes Sir!!" They yelled.

"Even the Wonderbolts themselves are undergoing harsher physical training due to this new threat. Now, Commander Spitfire. Continue." I nodded. She nodded back.

"He speaks the truth, recruits. We're lucky to have him, especially with you pathetic lot." She spoke. "Ya think you're hot stuff?" She asked to a Pegasus I'd seen flying around Ponyville every now and then. He had the muscles to give an Ogre a hard time... Although his wings were smaller than Scootaloo's. "You look like you're the worst flyer in the whole Academy! You'll probably quit after the first day!" She said to Rainbow, who had a look of determination. I chuckled slightly.

"No, ma'am! I'd never quit, ma'am! She answered.

"Ha. What about you? Bet you couldn't fly past the first flagpole without getting winded." She said to the last mare in line.

"Try me, ma'am." Smirked the Recruit... I saw Rainbow Dash glance at her.

"What's that?" Asked Spitfire, looking over her glasses.

"Let me show you what I've got, ma'am." Said the Recruit, still grinning.

"Ah. You want a chance to prove yourself, huh?" Asked Spitfire.

"Yes, ma'am!" Nodded the Recruit. Spitfire looked to me.

"What do you think, Prince?" Asked Spitfire.

"Prove yourself, huh? 800 laps." I smirked. They all moaned except Rainbow Dash and the recruit, although their eyes did widen. "Did I s-s-s-s-stutter." I asked quietly pacing the line.

"No." They answered.

"If you don't get your feathered flanks up their right away, I will throw you up there myself. And I promise, space is not good for your health, which is where you will end up. You have three seconds to lift off." I said. They all entered flight quicker than any Pegasus ever.

Spitfire blew a whistle and they begun.

"800 was 300 too extreme in my opinion. Tone it down a little." Smiled Spitfire.

"Thank you Commander, I will." I nodded.

"Lap 1!" She exclaimed...

;45 minutes later;

"Lap seven-hundred and ninety-nine!" Called Spitfire as a blur rushed past, making the two Pony assistants and a Pegasus cough. I was secretly cheering Dash on.

"One more lap to go!" I heard Dash challenge.

"You're on!" Said the Recruit from earlier. They both sped past us, coming to a screeching halt on the tarmac.

"Eight hundred!" Called Spitfire. "Not bad... for a couple of newbies." She complimented, but I could tell she was impressed.

"Name's Lightning Dust." Said the Recruit.

"Rainbow Dash!" Greeted Rainbow, they slapped their wings together.

"Wanna grab some grub in the mess hall?" Asked the Recruit.

"Definitely." Nodded Rainbow. "Ty! You comin'?" She asked me.

"Mind if we go on a tour after my meal?" I asked Spitfire.

"Sure, they others have got a little to go anyway." She nodded. "MOVE IT MAGGOTS!!!!" She yelled. As I followed Rainboe and Lightning.

"Wow, you know the Prince?!" Asked Lightning, thinking she was whispering, but I can hear all.

"Yeah, he's like one of my best friends." Dash smiled at me.

"But he was so harsh back there! Even for me, that was rough!" Said Lightning. "No offence Sir." She said.

"None taken, I tend to agree." I shrugged.

"He's really just a big softie, ain't 'cha Ty?" Asked Rainbow, bumping me.

"I don't know about soft..." I chuckled.

;Creature's POV - Ponyville;

I saw Pinkie opening the mailbox every five seconds to check if Rainbow Dash had sent a letter... Meanwhile, I was busy carrying papers to and fro... How Master kept up with all this I don't know... I was struggling. But Master gave me a task to complete! I saw Applejack walk over to Pinkie, concerned.

"Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash hasn't even been gone twenty-four hours yet. Give her a chance to settle in first. Why don't we just go see what Twilight's up to? I hear Princess Celestia's got her workin' on some new spells!" Exclaimed Applejack. Pinkie brightened up.

"New spells, huh? Okay." She nodded and began to follow before gaining a look of realisation and running back to the mailbox. "Wait! If I'm not here when Rainbow Dash's letter arrives, I won't be able to read it right away. And if I don't read it right away, I won't be able to write her back right away. And if I don't write her back right away, she might think I didn't get her letter, and then she might worry it got lost. And if she's worrying about her letter, she'll be distracted. And if she's distracted, then she won't do well at the academy! And if she doesn't do well at the academy, then she'll get kicked out! And if she gets kicked out, they'll never let her be a Wonderbolt! And if she doesn't get to be a Wonderbolt, all her dreams will be crushed! And it will be all... my... Fault!" She spoke quickly... I even looked up from my letters.

"So in other words, you're stickin' by the mailbox." Guessed Applejack.

"Yep!" Grinned Pinkie.

"Suit yourself." Shrugged Applejack. "Creature! How ya doin'?" Asked Applejack.

"Busy. A little overwhelmed with dealing with Lord Tyrath's paperwork..." I sighed.

"Ya do know that Ty takes a portion of the Princesses letter for 'em so they can get a break? You could ask 'em to take a few back on for now. Or ask Twi for help. I'm sure she-" Began Applejack. No chance.

"No! Master has given me and me alone a task to complete, and I will complete it!" I exclaimed, going back to them while walking... I saw Pinkie still opening the mailbox ever few seconds.

;Tyrath's POV;

I had my tour of the Academy, and I have to say I'm impressed. I had told Spitfire there needs to be a little more physical work but otherwise it was all great. She seemed happy at that. The next was a test. One that I asked to partake in. All the recruits had been given flight suits.

"The Wonderbolts are the fastest, best precision flyers in the world. But spin-outs can still happen. And when they do, a Wonderbolt must be able to recover quickly." Said Spitfire. Everypony looked excited. "This... is the Dizzitron." She said and pulled the cover away from the device. "It's gonna make you very – I repeat – very dizzy. Your task is to try and recover and fly straight again, as soon as possible. Once you have recovered you must come in for a smooth landing." She said. "Now, the Prince has elected to go first. He wants to run some courses with you, as he has never graduated this Academy, he feels he needs the experience. He has requested the fastest setting, which is NOT recommended for anypony else. My Lord, would you?" She asked and gestured to the device. I summoned my wings and I strapped in.

"Shoot." I grinned.

"You're not putting goggles on?" Asked the Commander.

"Goggles? Please." I huffed.

"Very well. Do it." She nodded. They began spinning me. They call this spinning? I've had worse mind control spells attempted on me. "Release." I heard. They let me go and I went flying into the air. Luckily, due to my weight I slowed instantly. I held my wings out and steadied myself, I pulled an incredibly sharp turn, again, one that would sheer any Pegasi in half. while veering slightly left and right, I landed perfectly, but staggered about for a second...

"Fuckin' A." I smiled with a grin and I staggered left and right. I shook my head out and regained my sense of direction.

"Excellent. This was the best time in record history. Luckily for you recruits, he has requested we keep the record breaking for you lot only, so the record can still be broken." Nodded Spitfire. "Now, which of you is going first?" Asked Spitfire, Lightning and Rainbow shot their hooves up. Spitfire ignored them and pointed at a mare. "You." She stated.

"Me?" She asked, looking at the machine with hesitance.

"Ma'am, I think I should go first." Spoke Rainbow.

"What?!" Asked Spitfire.

"Ma'am, I have something to prove here. The Prince is my friend, and I want to show him I can do this. That he doesn't need to go easy on me." Said Rainbow.

"Those with something to prove always do well here. Very well, I will allow this as long as Lord Tyrath does." She said and turned to me with a raised eyebrow.

"Very well Dash. I will grant you this." I nodded.

"Well? Get in!" Exclaimed Spitfire and Rainbow strapped in.

"Yes, ma'am!" She saluted.

"Okay, go!" Said Spitfire and the Dizzitron spun.

"Release!" Yelled Spitfire. Rainbow did and recovered in no time, speeding past us. "Six seconds? That's an academy record." Said Spitfire. "You." She pointed to a mare.

"Me?!" She asked, looking as the machine nervously.

"Now!" Yelled Spitfire. The recruit rushed into the machine. "Ready?" Asked Spitfire.

"Yes, ma'am!" Stammered the recruit nervously.

"Go!" She ordered. "Release!" She exclaimed once it had spun enough. The Pegasus managed to land quite quickly.

"Huh. Fifteen seconds. Decent, but I wouldn't go writin' home about it!" Spitfire Who's next? Alright, Rainbow Dash. Let's see what you got.

"You made it look so easy." Said the mare, stumbling over to Dash.

"I make everything look easy." Dash shrugged.

"Okay, Lightning Dust. You're up." Decided Spitfire. Lightning got in.

"Ma'am, can you put the Dizzitron at maximum speed? I wanna push my limits." She said, putting her goggles on.

"You sure about that?" Asked Spitfire, even she hesitated.

"Yes ma'am. The Prince is tough, sure. I want to push myself like he said." She smirked.

"Okay. You asked for it." Shrugged Spitfire.

"Release! Six point five seconds. Not bad." Said Spitfire.

"Heh! Oh yeah!" Both Rainbow and Lightning celebrated by bumping hooves.

"Next!" Yelled Spitfire, startling Rainbow and Lightning.

"Good job Lightning! I'm impressed! You too Dash! Well done for breaking Academy records." I smiled. I shook Lightning's hoof, but Rainbow hugged me.

"Thanks Ty. But you had the fastest time! Plus you're more hardcore than anypony in Equestria." Smiled Dash.

"How so?" Asked Lightning. I grabbed an empty shot glass from somepony walking past. I smiled, crushed it in my hand and threw the shards into my mouth, chewing them. I swallowed the glass and let out a satisfied 'Ahhhh!!'. "OK, granted, you have got to be the most hardcore out of anypony here." Said Lightning, wincing.

"That doesn't come close to hardcore for me, but sure." I shrugged as we watched the remaining recruits so theirs. They were all out of sorts by the end of it. We winced as the final recruit crashed...

"No pony even came close to six seconds." Smirked Dash.

"They should make us Wonderbolts right now." Giggled Lightning.

"Yeah, they should." Agreed Rainbow.

"Listen up! For the rest of the camp, you'll be working in pairs." Informed Spitfire. "'Morrow morning, I'll post the teams, including who'll be lead pony and who'll be wingpony. Both Prince Tyrath and myself will be deciding. And good luck." She finished.

"Like we're going to need it." Smirked Lightning.

"Heh, yeah." Agreed Rainbow, bumping hooves with her.

"Hey, Ty!" She called after me. "I don't mean to be presumptuous, but..." Said Rainbow, gesturing to the others.

"I'll do my best Rainbow." I nodded. I didn't want her to think I was working against her, but I also didn't want her to think I was going easy on her... I met Spitfire in her office.

"My Prince." She bowed.

"I want your honest opinion of me. What's your view on the great Hero, Tyrath?" I asked.

"Honestly? At first I thought you had been given too much authority for somepony not only inexperienced, young and new to being royalty, but new to this world. I thought Princess Celestia had let her feelings override her judgement." She said and took her glasses off.

"And now?" I asked.

"Now I see I was wrong. You've made sure to keep the core of this Academy. You suggested one change, and that was more physical exercise. Something I agree with. You weren't picky or conceding. You said it how it was. You have experience far beyond your years and know what you're talking about with this new threat. You aren't afraid of joining the recruits, taking criticism and mingling with them." She said.

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"I saw you in the Mess Hall. You sat with them, chatted with them. I heard you giving them tips on flying and balance. They see you as a mentor. The type of intimidation you employ is silent. They can come to you for help, but they know what you're capable of and will never disobey or cross you. It's a good type." She nodded. "They respect you. And I do as well." She admitted. "I would be proud to have you fight beside me." She said. "And I hope you feel the same." She said.

"Of course. You're one of the most courageous Ponies I know. A total hardass, but you have their best interests at heart." I smiled.

"Thanks." She smiled. "Anyway, teams. What were you thinking?" She asked.

"It's all yours." I shrugged.

"Cool. Oh, I was thinking of putting Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust in the same team." Said Spitfire.

"And I. She doesn't want me to be lenient on her or too strict. Therefore, I'll be strict be making her a Wingpony, and lenient by making her part of the best team." I nodded.

"Good call. So you're fine with me choosing the teams?" She asked.

"Commander, this is your show. I am good at observing but it's your flight group they're joining. You know best." I nodded and exited her Office, going to my quarters to get some sleep...


The next day I observed the Ponies at the posting board, reading their teams. Most seemed happy.

"So, which one of you lucky gals gets to be my wingpony?" She asked. The two mares chuckled. "What?" She asked.

"Eh, you might want to check the wall." said Cloudchaser. Rainbow Dash read the board.

"A wingpony!?" She exclaimed and walked away sadly. Well, shit. Can't win 'em all.

"They made us a team! Isn't that awesome?" Asked Lightning, putting her wing around Dash. Who wasn't happy. Later on I was in my office, looking out of the window, sipping a drink.

"Err, permission to enter Sir?" I heard Rainbow say.

"Rainbow! Of course! What can I do you ya?" I asked and sat at my desk.

"You made me a wingpony." She stated.

"Yes. You didn't want me too strict or lenient. There you go." I shrugged.

"Yeah, but I thought my talent would account for me being a leadpony!" She exclaimed.

"Look, Lightning is a risk-taker. We need that. She'll push you." I said.

"Commander Spitfire told me the same thing. But I was kinda hoping... Can you make me leadpony?" She asked.

"OK, fine." I relented.

"Thanks." She said and turned to leave.

"Wait... No." I stated.

"Huh?" She asked, turning back around.

"I won't make you leadpony Rainbow. You may be my friend, but my decision is final." I spoke.

"What the hay!? You're supposed to be my friend!! So you're a backstabber now?" She asked. I stood up and slammed my hands on my desk, making her jump.

"Don't you test me Dashie." I growled "Speak to me like that again and I'll snap you back so hard you'll start back at square one here." I told her. "I am your Commanding Officer. I put my duty first. I always have time and room for friends, but will give no preferential treatment. One wrong hoof again and I'll see you discharged." I warned.

"Wh- what?!" She asked, shocked.

"Dismissed." I spoke, carrying on with some paperwork before the next test.

"Bu-" She began.

"I said, dismissed." I stated, not looking at her.

"Yes Sir" She answered and left... When she did I slouched in my chair and ran my hands over my face.

"Ay..." I groaned...


As the recruits began to line up, I saw Rainbow sulk over to Lightning who proudly presented her gold badge. Rainbow stuck a fake grin on her face and Lightning put it on.

"ATTENTION!!!" I yelled and they all stood to.

"Today you will all be participating in a flag hunt. We'll divide you into two teams, red..." She spoke and an assistant burst through blue team, holding up the flag. "And blue." She spoke and another assistant repeated the action with his colour. "Whoever finds the most flags of the opposing team's colour wins." Explained Spitfire. Everypony began cheering.

"Oh, this is gonna be so much fun!" Exclaimed Meadow Flower.

"Fun? Oh, you couldn't be more wrong. If you want fun, you could dropout. Literally, I'll drop you off of this Academy to the ground below. We're training here." I spoke. They all shut up at that.

"Understood Sir!" They all said.

"He's correct. Lead ponies and wingponies must fly together. If any pair splits apart, they will be immediately disqualified. Do you understand?" Asked Spitfire, Bulk Biceps and Cloudchaser basically hugged.

"Yes, ma'am!" They all exclaimed.

"Then let's go!" She said and blew her whistle. We watched as the teams started off slow. I saw Rainbow and Lightning speed off, leaving the others in their wake. They began madly speeding around the course. I then saw them eye the flag that was placed in a canyon. They both began to speed downwards toward it. The chasm was too narrow for both to fit... They tried anyway and flew back with the first flag of the match.

"Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash found the first flag!" Announced Spitfire. I saw Rainbow flexing an injured wing.

"Come on! Let's find some more!" Said Lightning, preparing to take off.

"Uh, sure. Just give me a second." Requested Rainbow.

"Oh, you're fine." Lightning brushed her off.

"Yeah... Totally." Groaned Rainbow.

"Dash? Are you OK?" I asked her. "Do you require medical attention?" I asked.

"No Sir. I'm fine Sir." She winced and slowly flew off after her partner...

;Ponyville - Creature's POV;

I was walking through Ponyville, I had hardly slept recently trying to keep on top of Master's paperwork... I was a mess... I saw the pink mare wasn't in any better a state. Still posted by the mailbox, watching for mail from Rainbow or Master... She was asleep and darted up and checked the mailbox again. Nothing.

The other 4 friends were watching her.

"She's still at it." Said Rarity.

"I just wish we could help her." Agreed Fluttershy. Suddenly Pinkie appeared next to them.

"Help me? The only thing that could possibly help me right now is a letter from Rainbow Dash or Tyrath! It's been three days already. By now, they probably doesn't even know our names anymore! They probably can't remember our faces! "Pinkie Pie? I never heard of a Pinkie Pie! Who is Pinkie Pie?"" She sobbed and went back to checking the mailbox.

"Well, if you're so worried, then why don't you send them a letter first?" Suggested Twilight.

"Of course! That's a great idea!" Exclaimed Pinkie. Everypony sighed in relief. "Oh wait! I got an even better idea! How about we send Rainbow Dash and Tyrtah a care package? You know, before they forget all about us? Although, come on, let's face it. It's probably too late for that. But, uh, maybe it'll jog their memory somehow." Suggested Pinkie.

"Pinkie Pie, I'm sure Rainbow Dash and Tyrath will still remember our faces and who we are. But I think sending them a care package is a great idea." Agreed Twilight.

"A care package it is! We'll send it through the mail!" Smiled Pinkie, bouncing toward Sugarcube Corner. Twilight sighed in relief. "WAIT! Ah! That won't work at all!" She exclaimed.

"Why not?" Asked Applejack.

"Because what if the package gets lost in the mail? What if somepony else gets the package by accident and then they remembers us instead of Rainbow Dash and Tyrath and then she becomes our new friend? And then the real Rainbow Dash and Tyrath won't ever know that they used to have friends and they forgot them!" Yelled Pinkie in a panic.

"Is anypony else followin' this?" Asked Applejack. They all shook their heads

"I've got it! We'll deliver the care package to Rainbow Dash in pony!" Decided Pinkie.

"I wouldn't mind a little trip." Agreed Rarity.

"I'll go!" Agreed Twilight.

"Count me in!" Smiled Applejack.

"Me too." Said Fluttershy.

"Me five! But don't be upset if they doesn't recognise you at first. It may take a while for them to get their memory back." She warned.

"Creature, come with us! I'm sure you have something to deliver to Tyrath!" Said Twilight.

"I have a lot to do, but sure! Master will need some books to read to get him through it!" Agreed Creature.

;Wonderbolt Academy - Tyrath's POV;

It was time for the next course. Everpony began landing in line, standing at attention. I saw an assistant blowing a trumpet, but it was right in Spitfire's face. She lowered the trumpet and the assistant looked sheepish before returning to his stone-faced look.

"Today we'll be doing our famous air obstacle course." Informed Spitfire. We looked up and saw the cloud spouts letting out clouds.

"The object of this exercise is to work on your precision flying under extreme circumstances. And don't worry about winning. It's not a race." Said Spitfire. I saw Lightning wink at Rainbow, who looked worried.

"Just fly as best you can, and no worries. Your own speed is what you can go here. No need to exert yourself today. In fact I'd advise you not to, especially in the face of adversity. You can tire yourself out quickly and be more prone to mistakes that way." I said.

"Good advice. Now everypony, get on your marks!" She ordered. The whistle was blown. Two assistants waved each group off.

I saw Bulk Biceps and Cloudchaser get knocked by a cloud spout. Lightning and Rainbow sped onwards and dodged the clouds. They were then stuck behind another pair... I saw some kind of discussion occur and then they began synchronised flying again. I used magic to observe them entering the stormclouds... I saw Meadow Flower and her partner struggle with the wind... They they then came up to the extreme winds.

I saw Rainbow and Lightning bolt past them and then, the resulting spin-out sent the others backwards into the storm clouds... They then screeched to a halt before Spitfire and myself. I wasn't much pleased.

"Not bad! And in record time, too! Definitely made the right decision making you two a team. The others seem to have had a little trouble with the precision part of the exercise. I'd better go help sort them out. Why don't you two go hit the mess hall early?" Said Spitfire, seeing the others trapped in the clouds... Clearly not seeing what I saw... She then flew off.

"Yes, ma'am!" Exclaimed Lightning Dust.

"Thank you, ma'am." Saluted Rainbow.

"That was a dirty move you two. I'm not best pleased. But, you did get the fastest time. So, congratulations I suppose." I said.

"Um, Lightning Dust? Next time, maybe we don't cut the other teams off like that. He was right." Said Rainbow.

"Hey, you snooze, you lose! Besides, Wonderbolts are supposed to be able to recover from a spin-out. You saw them on the Dizzitron! They could use the practice." She pointed out... "I mean, it's not our fault we're so much better than those other guys! Not every pony is destined to become a Wonderbolt. Only the best of the best, right?" Shrugged Lightning.

"Yeah, I-I guess you're right..." Agreed Rainbow reluctantly.

"'Course I'm right! Now let's go fuel up! Kicking all that tail has made me hungry. Is the Prince coming?" Asked Lightning, looking back at me.

"I... Don't think so." Mumbled Rainbow, following her leadpony...

We managed to get the others free and when they completed the course, we told them to get some food and rest because the next exercise was in half an hour.

;30 minutes later;

I heard the whistle blow, signalling the start of the cloud clearing exercise. Spitfire was in her office, clearing some paperwork. So I was watching this one. Everypony was clearing clouds fairly fast. Even the slower ones were making good time. Rainbow and Lightning were miles ahead of the others. I saw Lightning and Rainbow talking again...

I then saw them flying circles around each other, making a tornado!!! I saw it clear the clouds, but then spin outta control!!! I saw Rainbow and Lightning get flung about and crash... I then looked and saw the girl's balloon float up and get caught... It then snapped and the girls went flying!

"Noooooo!" Yelled Rainbow and sped off after them. I looked and saw the tornado still out of control. I then saw a blue bolt fly into it and increase it's intensity... Black Ring.

I leapt into the tornado. Once I was in the centre, I held my arms out and used my magic to begin to slow it. I added my wings by extending them, letting them absorb some of the force. I could feel the skin peeling from my body as the tornado spun, but it was slowing. I used every ounce of mana and energy I had to stop it... It slowed and eventually came apart...

As I flew down, the built up wind energy in my wings released and I began uncontrollably sprinting down the tarmac runway, slowing down a bit at a time... When I had exhausted the built up energy I slowed to a jog, then collapsed to my knees and then my hands. And finally my stomach. I was panting heavily. I looked up and saw Rainbow had shot the girls and Creature up into the air. The other Recruits then caught them. Rarity hugged the stallion that did and Fluttershy sheepishly used her wings to fly. The mare holding her was not amused.

I felt the torn up skin on my body begin to heal. The girls and Creature were placed near me on the tarmac... Rainbow ran over to me.

"Ty! You OK?" She asked, turning me over. I let out a laugh.

"You... Batshit... Crazy... Pegasus..." I panted.

"That's me." She grinned. But I saw tears in her eyes and then she hugged me. "I'm sorry for how I spoke to you. You tried your best and I threw it in your face." She sobbed. I returned the hug, still panting.

"It's fine. I shouldn't have threatened to kick you out." I replied. She helped me up and I got my breathing under control.

"Are you guys okay?" Asked Rainbow. Everypony nodded.

"Uh-huh." They said and we hugged. Except Pinkie, who was on the grass...

"Pinkie Pie!" Exclaimed Rainbow, running over to her. Pinkie looked up groggily and then began crying.

"You OK, Pinkie?" I asked.

"You... You both remember me!" She exclaimed, wrapping her hooves around Rainbow and not letting go.

"Well... yeah, of course we remember you. But... what are you all doing here?" Asked Rainbow.

"Yeah, didn't expect you. That's for sure." I chuckled. Rubbing the back of my head.

"We wanted to bring you a care package. Didn't realise you'd be in the middle of some crazy tornado drill."

"That... Was... awesome!" Exclaimed Lightning, flying in between two recruits, who were not happy.

"Awesome? My friends could have been smashed to pieces!" Countered Rainbow, also unhappy.

"That was dangerous, Lightning." I warned.

"Yeah, but they weren't, right? Gotta take risks! Can't say the same for the clouds. We totally wiped them out with that tornado. The other cadets will have to be up there for days to bust as many as we did." Chuckled Lightning and held out her hoof. The other recruits were angry, understandably.

"A hoof bump? Seriously?" Asked Dash, not amused. She waved off the bump. "You made me clip my wing. You sent half of our class into serious tailspins on the obstacle course. You unleashed a tornado that nearly demolished my friends!"

"Yeah, and?" She asked.

"And I get that you want to be the best. So do I! But you're going about it in the wrong way." Explained Rainbow.

"The Wonderbolts don't seem to think so." Answered Lightning, gesturing around. "After all, Spitfire did make me the leader and youthe wingpony." She pointed out.

"You're right. She did." Sighed Rainbow. I followed her to Spitfire's office... She entered.

"This better be important. You're supposed to be up there busting clouds with your partner." She said.

"We're done with that, ma'am." Answered Rainbow, saluting.

"Dash and Dust got the best time and most clouds." I said.

"Already!? Asked Spitfire, taking off her glasses and looking at the clock. "That's an academy record! Explain your methods." She said.

"That's why I'm here, ma'am. Lightning Dust decided to use a tornado." Answered Rainbow.

" A bit excessive for cloud-busting. But judging from your time, it was obviously an effective tactic." She shrugged.

"Yeah, well that "effective tactic" nearly took out my friends!" Exclaimed Rainbow, surprising Spitfire.

"It was downright reckless and threatened the Academy when it spun out of control. If I wasn't there to stop it, I doubt anypony could've." I said.

"He's right. No disrespect, ma'am, but there's a big difference between pushing yourself as hard as you can and just being reckless. And if being reckless is what gets rewarded around here, if that's what it means to be a Wonderbolt, then I don't want any part of it." Resolved Rainbow.

"What are you saying, newbie?" Asked Spitfire.

"I quit." Said Rainbow and slammed her badge down, leaving the Office.

"While I agree extreme methods are required, this is too extreme. I must resign from my post as I cannot stand for this kind of behaviour. And if you encourage it, I'm afraid I cannot lead this Academy any longer." I agreed and also left. We went out and told our friends.

"You did what?!" Asked Applejack.

"Being a Wonderbolt was your dream!" Said Rarity.

"Not anymore." Said Rainbow.

"Such a shame. You are an excellent flyer." Said Creature.

"Thanks." She smiled. "And Ty, I could tell you were enjoying your position. I'm sorry you had to quit." Apologised Rainbow.

"It's fine. I wouldn't want anything to do with that kind of thing anyway." I shrigged.

"I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash. I know how much this meant to you. And Tyrath, it's shame you had to quit your assignment early." Said Twilight as we prepared to lave

"Rainbow Dash! How dare you storm out of my office without giving me a chance to respond!" Yelled Spitfire. "And you! I don't care if you're a Prince, you will Listen to me!" She exclaimed. Rainbow and I were surprised but heard her out. "The Wonderbolts are looking for the best flyers in Equestria, but you were right." She said and removed her glasses. "Being the best should never come at the expense of our fellow ponies. It's not just about pushing ourselves. It's about pushing ourselves in the right direction. You've shown that you're capable of doing just that. You're no wingpony, Rainbow Dash. You're a leader." She said and put a golden badge on her. "And Prince Tyrath, you have the full discretion of the Princess, if you see behaviour that you feel is wrong, you need to bring it to our attention. We do accept taking risks at the expense of other Ponies, as I said." She said.

"OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygosh!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"So, you staying as our Commandant?" Asked Spitfire.

"You bet." I nodded.

"Now, Dash. Get out there and give me twenty!" Exclaimed Spitfire.

"Twenty? Make it 30." I chuckled.

"Yes, ma'am! Yes Sir!" She saluted and flew off.

"Wait! You didn't even get to open your care package!" Yelled Pinkie. I chuckled and prepared for the last few days...

;Two days later;

Come the last day, the Recruits were receiving their medals. All the speeches were done ETC. And everypony's family and friends were present. I made a final speech as I took the podium.

"Mares and gentlecolts. Over the past week, your family and friends, these brave Pegasi, have decided to try to be Wonderbolts. It takes a lot of guts to do something like this, in front of Ponies you don't know and in front of those you know could decide your future. These Pegasi did just that. In the days to come, they may be called out to battle against the Black Ring. And I want you all to know, I would proudly fight be their side and rely on them to watch my back in a scrap. Thank you, and well done everypony, you deserve it." I clapped and everypony in the audience clapped and the Recruits all bowed.

Just another day at the office...

Chapter 26: Heartbreak

View Online

I was ready to leave for Canterlot tonight, as Princess Luna had requested some time just with the two of us.

"Wow, you're really lucky to have two Princesses wanting to date you!" Exclaimed Twilight as we stood at Ponyville Station. The other girls were here as well.

"Yeah! But he's totally good looking!" Said Rainbow. I coughed slightly... "What? You are! Not just that, but you're awesome as well! Totally heroic and selfless!" Said Rainbow.

"Are you hitting on me?" I asked with a grin.

"What?! No!" She crossed her arms and looked away.

"Really? Cause ya really seemed to enjoy that wing massage he gave you at the banquet." Smirked Applejack. Rainbow blushed and didn't answer...

"Anyway, I think the Princesses are the lucky ones." Smiled Fluttershy with a nod. Oh wow...

"We know you're not backing out of this one, so you can get there on your own, right?" Asked Pinkie.

"Yeah, don't worry." I chuckled.

"Well, dear. I think you look dashing! If a little rough. But I understand Princess Luna likes that kind of thing." Smiled Rarity. This is because I'm wearing Ulthring's Armour. Minus the helmet.

"Thanks, I think." I said.

"Don't get me wrong dear, you still look handsome!" She continued.

"Yeah. Thanks." I smiled.

"Well, this is it. Good luck." Nodded Twilight.

"Heh, cheers. I'll see you all in a few days." I waved. "And Applejack? Good luck with that reunion thing." I smiled.

"Thank you kindly. See you when ya get back." She tipped her stetson. I then switched to my Dragon Form and flew off, heading for Canterlot. I enjoyed the view on the way, looking down on the little Ponies living their lives. It filled me with happiness.

I continued on the way, wondering where to take Luna. The Hitching Post? It was really the only place I knew... Maybe I could ask Cel? She might know somewhere. I want it to be public, so I can show my affection for Luna.

I came up to Canterlot Station and swooped down, landing with little issue. I got there and saw Princess Luna waiting for me. She had a smile on her face, but a sad one. Nevertheless, I was happy to see her.

"Luna! What's up?" I asked as she looked away from me... I wonder what's wrong with her...

"I..." She began.

"If there's something on your mind, please, tell me." I said, my heart was pounding... I was nervous.

"Tyrath... I have something to tell you." Said Luna.

"What is it?" I asked. I went to put my hand on her cheek but she moved her head away and looked at me...

"This is very hard to say..." She admitted, she was acting quite... Aloof I'd say. Maybe distant?

"You can tell me anything Luna, you know that." I smiled. I was worried to what she would say, but I wanted to hear it. Very worried.

"Well... My sister and I have come to a unanimous decision..." She said, I still had my hand outstretched, but it was hanging...

"On?" I asked, retracting my hand and looking at her with a confused look. I already had a feeling...

"You. As much as we do love you... We cannot risk our kingdom's safety, nor yours or anypony else's. We also must think of our reputation. We are sorry, but we cannot continue our relationship with you." She said. Needless to say, I was shocked... I felt my heart shatter.

"Very well then..." I nodded. I felt as if there was an arrow in my chest. Getting twisted.

"You must understand, if these Black Ring we to capture my sister or I and demand you give yourself up, you are the only one that can defeat them. This is in all our interests." She said. My entire mind was about collapse.

"As you wish." I spoke... I felt like my entire world had just fallen apart... Like I had just been smashed in the balls with a warhammer...

"I am sorry. That is our decision. My sister and I cannot risk it." She said. I felt... Sick, I suppose is the feeling. My heart slowed to a crawl, my mind just came apart... My breathing slowed.

I then teleported to the Battle Tower... I needed to not come into contact with them for a while, until the life bond is broken...

;Third Pony POV;

As Princess Luna saw Tyrath leave, she hung her head. She didn't want to do that. In fact, every fibre of her being told her not to. But she had thought about it, and that article was enough to force her decision...

;10 minutes later;

"YOU DID WHAT!!????!!" Yelled Celestia, after Luna had just told her what she had told Tyrath. They were in Celestia's room after Luna had requested to speak to her.

"I did what I had to do sister." She spoke, holding back tears.

"How could you do that!?" Asked Celestia, in tears herself. "To me? To us?" She asked.

"Have you seen the article?" Asked Luna, bringing a magazine over in her magic. It read thus: Princesses with Alien Fetish?! And it had a picture of Tyrath kissing Luna beneath it.

"Luna, I do not care what some Magazine says!" Exclaimed Celestia, tossing it aside angrily.

"No, but I do! This can damage our reputation! Not only that, but everypony is beginning to suspect us..." She said.

"Luna, I am in love with Tyrath. And so are you." She said.

"No. It was a momentary phase. A relationship of lust. Nothing more." She denied.

"A phase?! Luna, that is not true!! You had no right to do this!" Exclaimed Celestia.

"I have every right to do what is best for our Kingdom!" Replied Luna.

"Luna, you know Tyrath and I are now life mates! He told us both so!" Argued Celestia.

"And he also says there are ways to circumvent it." She told her sister.

"All of which are painful for him!" Yelled Celestia.

"He's a tough Pony, he can handle it." Luna waved off.

"How could you say that?!" Asked Celestia, surprised at her sister. This was not her usual self.

"I do not love him, and neither did you. He was simply there." She said. Did she mean it? With her stone face, Celestia couldn't tell... Although Celestia had her own stone face, she used her emotion when not in public.

"I know I did. I loved him with all my heart. I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him." Stated Celestia. Her heart felt like it had taken a blade...

"How do you know that?" Asked Luna.

"Because I felt it. In my heart." She said, putting her hoof to her regalia.

"That was just emotion. It may not have been love. Just obsession. He was something new, and interesting. And we let that get the better of us." Denied Luna.

"I don't care what you say Luna, I love him. You can be without him if you wish. And I am going to tell him as much." Said Celestia, who was pissed at her sister. She began to walk out.

"It is done sister. Let it go. I did this for us, for all our ponies. And for him." Said Luna. "You will have to accept it." Said Luna.

"I can't. He is my soul mate. I need him." Cried Celestia, turning to her sister.

"You just think you do. Let him go now. Please?" She asked. "You cannot get near the Battle Tower anyway. It's too far in the arctic for us to fly, and I have prevented teleportation." Informed Luna.

"Very well. It seems I have no choice. For now..." Said Celestia, reluctantly giving in. She didn't want to antagonise her sister. She would wait it out for now...

"If you want a sexual relationship, date a stallion from Equestria." Said Luna and walked out. When she did, Celestia collapsed onto her bed and sobbed, like a little filly, she cried... She hated everything. Everything and everypony. She shouldn't have, but at that moment she did... Nothing was everything for her in that moment, as she sobbed harder than she had in years.

Luna then walked to her room, shut her door and repeated her sisters actions, throwing herself onto her bed and crying into a pillow. She wished she were dead at that moment. She did it for her and her sister and her little Ponies. But still... She hated herself for doing it...

;10 minutes earlier at the Battle Tower;

As Tyrath appeared in his Throne Room, Creature was there waiting.

"Master! It is... Master? What is the matter?" Asked Creature as he saw a blank expression on his Master's face, but he saw his face getting red, his eyes swirling into their yellow form... "Everyone take cover!!!!" Yelled Creature. Everyone in the Throne Room dived behind something. Suddenly, Tyrath let out the loudest, most screeching roar ever heard from a Dragon.

The Tower shook, snow melted, pure power was unleashed and it even gave Damian pause, who was also deep in the arctic. Once he heard that roar, he put all Black Ring operations on hold for a few days. No one wants to mess with an extremely pissed off Dragon...

The roar was filled with anger, hatred, sadness, sorrow and pure pain... Every emotion Tyrath held at that moment. It was all released. When Creature looked up, Tyrath put his fist through the wall of the Tower... Smoke was coming from Tyrath's mouth as he took deep breaths... His eyes narrow and yellow. He took his arm from the wall and collapsed to his knees, sobbing... No one had ever seen him like that before... Creature knew what it was. He came apart.

"Did they...?" He asked. Tyrath just nodded. "How could they?!" Asked Creature.

"They were right. I was a threat. My love was a distraction. Nothing more. I must break the bond." He said. It was clear Tyrath was hurt, deeply. This was pain unlike he'd ever felt. It was a deep seated pain, not something that could be healed with potions or magic... This is something that time might heal, but this was no guarantee.

That included fasting and trying your best to not think of your life mate... It may also include some other extremes. It depends on the person and the... Severity of the bond you could say.

"Rest Master. I will inform the Tower of what is to come." Nodded Creature. Tyrath nodded and took to his room. He stumbled there. Unable to focus. His mind was empty, yet full. There was a fog. He drank a full bottle of brandy in one swig, and immediately wanted more. When he was done, he looked at the bottle, ran his fingers over it and then launched the bottle at the wall with all his might, crying out in rage. His was still crying. He felt as if he were 5 again.

"I can't believe I let my emotions get the better of me. They became a weakness. My love became a weakness. Once this is broken, will never love again. Ever." He swore. The pain of losing a love was too great, even for him. He was emotionally crushed. It felt like life had just come crashing down on him. That it had all collapsed. He sat in the chair by his fire and stared into it... He was angry, not at Celestia or Luna, but at himself. He allowed himself a luxury, the luxury of love. And it was like spitting in the wind.

He held a glass in his hand and crushed it, feeling the glass slice into his skin.

"Gods, yes..." He sighed and closed his eyes in part pain, part pleasure as he felt the pain. It was good. He held his hand over the arm of his chair, as the blood audibly dripped onto the stone floor. It was a nice sound. If he were a selfish person, he may have ended it right there. Hell, could he end it? Can he die?

He felt the anger, the pain, the fire before him was how he felt inside. He'd do anything to stop this pain. Anything to forget them. Death, at this point, would be a welcome friend. He held his bleeding hand into the fire, feeling the flames sear his skin. Had pain always felt this good? He doubted it. He wanted to hurt. He took his scorched hand from the fire and stared at it. The wound began to slowly heal. And he hated that it could.

He got up and walked out to his balcony. He looked down. Could this fall kill him? He hoped so. What if he jumped head first? Dashed himself on the ground below? Not right now, but when Damien was gone, if Tyrath yet lived, he wanted to die. To be physically what was inside. Dead.

He grabbed his knife and jammed it into his chest, twisting the knife. Wishing this, like all other mortals, was all it took to kill him. He pictured death taking him. Breathing his final moments. How comforting it would be.

He teleported to the Training Arena. Empty. Good. He got one of the hardest dummies he had and started to punch it. He was out there for hours, destroying dummies. His fists were bleeding, worn down almost to the bone. He didn't care. The pain felt good. Releasing his anger felt good.

He felt nothing but hate for himself and everything else. He never wanted to feel anything again, ever. Just the pain. The pain for losing them. For falling in love so easily. For not being enough for them. Not being good enough. Not being what they deserved... Not doing more to keep them. For not doing the right thing.

The urge to end it was great, but he would resist for now. Until his task was complete, at least.

;3 days later;

Over the three days, Tyrath had been conducting meditative activities, balancing his spirit out. Becoming at one with himself... Almost like a Monk.

For now though, Tyrath was sitting on his Throne. He was staring blankly out at nothing. He had to devoid himself of emotions. If he had a little emotion, it was joy of being rid of his other emotion. Only when he had broken the bond, would he snap back. And then, rather than waste time with anymore pointless friendship or lovers, he would track down Damien and eliminate him, even if it meant his death. In fact, he wanted it to. If anyone else could stop him, he might even beg Damien for death.

Creature watched his Master draining himself of emotion, disciplining himself and fasting. He was sad that the Princesses had broke his Master's heart. They had no idea what his Master would go through for them, what he was going through. He truly loved them. It was a shame they didn't return the favour... His Master deserved more than that.

He witnessed his Master experiencing pleasure. But only when he was in pain. In fact, Creature speculated the pain caused the pleasure. It was the only way he could feel pleasure... Wanted to feel it. In fact, it was the one comfort he had right now. The fact he could still hurt. The pain took his mind off everything else.

He had allowed himself to love. He allowed himself one true comfort in the world and it destroyed him. He deserved something more than this, Creature didn't believe you could physically die from a broken heart, but mentally? Sure. The Princesses had slipped past his defences, past the wall he constructed around himself, and it ended up that they inadvertently destroyed him from the inside out.

The Princesses brought out a soft side in his Master, a soft side neither Creature or his Master knew he had. But when they saw how sociable and even kinder Tyrath was becoming, they both truly began to see how he was becoming a better person, both due to the Princesses and his new friends. They both were equally responsible for showing Tyrath what it truly meant to have friends and a life beyond his destiny.

;meanwhile - Canterlot Castle;

Celestia had had enough. She couldn't take it anymore!! She knew she loved Tyrath, and nopony would tell her otherwise. Not even her sister. Celestia knew what she felt, Ponies knew, better than any others when they were falling in love. Alicorns could be more unpredictable, their feelings and hormones jumping around. If there was ever a constant in the emotion, it was usually permanent. And her love for him had not faded, she knew it was real. Luna was trying to tell her it was her Alicorn emotions flaring up and was trying to pass their love off as such.

She needed to act now, before she lost him forever. She couldn't lose him. If she had never met him, she would have been able to cope without him, but the moment they first met, they were meant to be. It was the same with Luna. Now, to act. She contacted Creature at the Tower and hoped to her sun that he would hear her out.

"What is it? My Master is not to be disturbed. Especially by you." He stated matter-of-factly. No malice or hate in his words. He was right. Tyrath wasn't supposed to even think about his mate, let alone see her...

"Listen, Creature. I had nothing to do with my sister's decision. She made it herself. I think she thinks she is doing the right thing. But I know it is for the wrong reasons. Tell Tyrath to visit the Throne Room. Tell him Luna and I will not be there, we just need him to fill in for a few hours." She said.

"What is your plan, Pony?" He asked.

"I want the love of my life back. I want the Dragon I fell in love with back in my hooves." She said, looking at Creature with tear-stained eyes.

"Very well. Be careful. He is very fragile right now..." Said Creature and cut off...

;15 minutes later;

Celestia made her way to her sister's room, who would be preparing for court. She knocked on her door...

"'Tis open!" She called. Celestia entered and shut the door, seeing her sister put her regalia on. "Ah! Tia! What can I do for you?" Asked Luna. The smile was fake. She was hurting as well. Celestia could tell. She looked at her sister seriously, who's smile began to fade.

"I know you regret what you did to Tyrath." Said Celestia, sighing with determination to see this through.

"This again? Tia, I have told you. It is done." Said Luna, facing away from her sister, looking down.

"You broke his heart Luna." Explained Celestia.

"I did it for us!" She yelled.

"You did it for you!" Accused Celestia. Luna gasped.

"How could you say that?!" Asked Luna, holding a hoof to her mouth.

"I have to. We have to face up to this. Don't deny it. You did it thinking you were doing it for us, but really you were doing it for you. You had justified it to yourself by claiming it was for us and our subjects." Stated Celestia.

"It was!" Exclaimed Luna.

"You can keep telling yourself that, but I know it is a lie." Said Celestia.

"It is not! I would not have done it for any other reason!" Exclaimed Luna.

"I have seen Tyrath sister. He is broken. Have you seen what he is going through?" Asked Celestia.

"No, but-" She began.

"Then follow me. Please." Said Celestia. She walked her sister to the Throne Room, her expression determined. She threw open the door, eliciting no reaction from Tyrath, but startling everypony else in the room. Celestia marched over to Tyrath, who didn't even acknowledge her. She threw her hoof out, gesturing to Tyrath with it. He looked drained, almost grey. His expression blank. His eyes full of hurt. He was torn up inside. In fact, you'd think he was dead if it wasn't for the odd breath. "Everypony, out please." Said Celestia. Everypony piled out until it was just the three of them.

"Oh my..." Luna put her hoof on her mouth, seeing Tyrath like this. She could feel the hate, the anger, the hurt and sadness within him. She had felt it within herself before. She had made a mistake... They saw scars littering his hands, scars he could make go away, but didn't want to. They saw them lead up into his sleeve, and assumed they went beyond that. He was broken.

"For us, to break his life bond, he must drain himself of emotions, starve himself and not think about me. I think about him every waking second. I cannot imagine what he has to do to stop himself." She said. "I love him with all my heart and always will. No matter your feelings, I will be with him." Resolved Celestia.

"I..." Luna was speechless.

"You saw the picture in the article, and you were scared. Scared what everypony would think of you and Tyrath and me together. You didn't do it because you thought it was best for everypony." Stated Celestia.

"You're right! I was scared! I was terrified! Everypony was starting to love me again! What if being seen with him pushed them away?! I couldn't bear it... I lashed out." She admitted, crying. "I love him! I love him so much! And I love you sister!" She said and hugged her sister.

"Anything else?" Asked Celestia.

"I was scared that we wouldn't be soul mates, that I wouldn't bond with him as you did." Luna said.

"Worry not sister. I am sure you will." Smiled Celestia.

"Very well." Nodded Luna.

"Before we tell him, we must make an oath. Without legitimate cause, we must never leave him again. Ever." Celestia told her sister. "He cannot go through this again." She said.

"Agreed sister." Nodded Luna. They turned to Tyrath, who was still emotionless. "Is it too late?" Asked Luna worriedly.

"No. It is not." Said Celestia, she could feel his emotion still in there, although it was buried deep.

"How do we wake him?" Asked Luna. Celestia smirked at her sister and kissed him. His eyes widened and he went back to his normal colour, he grabbed Celestia and deepened the kiss, holding her. He then let go and grabbed Luna, also kissing her deeply.

"Why are you here? I thought you wanted to break the bond..." Said Tyrath. He was a mix of emotions right now.

"I made a mistake... I allowed my fear to take over once again. Despite the fact I taught Scootaloo to not let hers rule her life not long ago, I have become a hypocrite and allowed mine to control me..." Sobbed Luna. "I never wanted to leave you and neither did my sister. I was just scared. I see now that no matter what, our subjects will accept it. They will have to. Because I am never letting you go again." Promised Luna and kissed Tyrath.

"Nor I." Smiled Celestia, nuzzling him.

"Good." Nodded Tyrath. "Because I never want to leave you." He smiled. "You cannot do that again, I don't think I could handle it." He said seriously.

"Why would we want to?" Asked Luna and kissed him again.

[M, SoL]Chapter 27: The Beauty Of The Night

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(M rating, yadda yadda yadda. Small bit at the end isn't.)

Tyrath then pulled Luna into a deep kiss, pulling her close to him as he embraced her.

"I think I owe you something." He breathed close to her and she shuddered in response, his warm breath hitting her.

"Oh indeed you do." She nodded. Suddenly, she teleported them into her bedroom. She wouldn't wait any longer. She wanted to make everything up to Tyrath, "It is my turn now sister." Smirked Luna, glancing at her sister who was watching closely.

"Very well." She smiled and sauntered away, but Ty's attention was focused on Luna, although, he also relished in seeing Celestia in his peripheral view. Both these mares were beautiful, incredible, sexy and just amazing. And all his. He pulled her even closer and kissed her again, both their tongues wrestling for dominance. He pushed her against the wall and she gasped, wrapping her hind legs around his waist, clinging to him as they kissed tenderly. She loved being handled rough like this, like a mare. Tyrath placed a hand on her cheek and regarded her for a second. His Dragon Instincts begged him to have her, to take her. To make her his forever. To mate her. He took heavy breaths to calm himself, to give this perfect mare the night of her life. He began to lose himself to her, his instincts beginning to show themselves.

"Luna... You're so beautiful." he looked into her eyes as he spoke. She averted his gaze with a blush, but he raised her head so she looked him in the eye. "You are. Inside and out." he spoke from the heart. Luna could tell, her heart couldn't take it, it was beating so incredibly fast, filling her with even more love for him.

Luna threw herself at him, using her wings. He was forced backwards, gasping in surprise for a second as Luna lay kisses all over him as he fell backwards onto the bed. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you, Tyrath. That is the kindest thing anypony other than my sister has ever said to me." she choked on a sob, wrapping herself around him tightly, refusing to let go as she gripped him tight. Tyrath chuckled quietly at how strong she was. She and her sister were both strong mares, and he found that attractive. He growled lightly, wanting her even more.

She heard his growl and knew he was enjoying her already, and she grinned. She looked up at him and kissed him deeply, and he returned the kiss with just as much vigour. The feeling of their bodies pressing together made them both shiver in delight.

"Yes, Luna..." he breathed. She flared her wings and his breath hitched. She smiled, knowing the effect she had on him.

"You're going to rut me like a mare tonight, Tyrath." she told him and quickly undressed Tyrath, taking his cuirass off and then his greaves, his gauntlets and boots coming off along the way. Luna looked at Tyrath hungrily and he began to take her regalia off, lifting off her chest piece and then the crown as she stepped out of her shoes.

He looked at her, finding her so sexy without anything on. He breathed heavily, barely containing himself. Luna herself was blushing heavily as they regarded each other. They then launched themselves at each other, making out furiously, wanting each other so desperately.

"Oh yes, make out with my little sister..." moaned Celestia as she got herself off watching them both. Tyrath used magic and pulled Celestia toward the bed. She squeaked in surprise as he kissed her, leading her to moan louder and she pushed her hips into her hoof. Then, Luna pushed Tyrath on the bed and blushed as she watched him below, watching her with unending lust and love.

"Can I... Be on top?" she asked nervously. She was nervous? Now?! She smiled at him, gripping his waist tightly with her hind legs, leading him to groan in pleasure and he ran his hands along the waist of this beautiful mare. His beautiful mare. He smiled lovingly at her. He wanted so bad to just lift her up and drop her onto him, spearing that lovely body with his length. But he held back. It was all about her, and her pleasure.

"Of course, my love." he said to her, sitting up and kissing her where her chest would be if she were human. But she wasn't. She was a Pony. His Pony. He wanted her as she was. She was perfect how she was. Human females be damned. Nothing compared to these two mares. He pushed her backwards as he kissed, he wanted more than just being inside her, though. Despite what everything within him was screaming for.

"But first, I want to taste you again." he breathed and her breath hitched along with it as she squirmed, needing release. He smiled as he kissed downwards and sucked her teats. So good. He licked all around them and lightly bit her nipples, causing her to gasp and writhe in his grasp.

"Oh yes... Yes Tyrath..." Luna moaned loudly, causing her sister to gasp and moan loud as well, wishing that was her. But tonight was for her sister. And she enjoyed seeing Luna writhe in their lovers grasp. She remembered the teasing, and how it was oh so worth it.

"So good. Your teats are so lovely." he smiled as he kissed them a few more times, working his way down until he was before her marehood. He inhaled her scent, as he had with Celestia. It was amazing and it drove him crazy. It was her own scent, unique and amazing, like her. Like It made him want to just take her, to push inside her. But he resisted that urge. This mare's first time was going to be perfect. He licked her once and he watched her wings shoot out uncontrollably, and it spurred him on. He licked faster, and pushed his tongue in her, causing her hips to push up, wanting more. And he was happy to give more to her. He sucked on her clit as it came out and Luna gasped and strained out another, cumming into Tyrath's mouth as he latched his mouth over her. He wanted all of her. To drink her.

"Yes, drink Luna's cum... All of it... Yesssss..." Celestia moaned loudly as she came hard as well. Tyrath slipped a hand down beside the bed between Celestia's hindlegs and caught as much of her juices as he could. He brought his hand up and licked it clean and both sisters moaned, wanting more instantly. Tyrath flipped over with Luna so she was straddling him.

"I'm all yours, my sexy Princess." he told her, looking at her with loving eyes. They held a desire, a craving, for just these two sisters. Luna saw it and it made her even hotter, knowing he was all theirs. Forever. She raised herself up and positioned herself over him, her juices dripping onto him. He felt her heat and he desperately wanted to thrust up into her, but he wanted her to set the pace. He was all hers tonight.

"Did you know, Tyrath, that my sister and I are incredibly fertile?" she said and saw his eyes turn yellow and begin to narrow as his breath stopped for a second. "But only to other Alicorns, such as yourself, human or no. Eventually, we will enter heat. You know what that means, my love?" she asked, leaning down next to his ear. "You can sire me a foal." she breathed heavily. Tyrath was sweating. Fuck... this mare... She knew just what to say. How to drive him crazy, make him lose control...

"Yes Tyrath... Our marehoods will be so sensitive, so hot and they'll hurt. We'll need you to make it better. Only you." Celestia said, getting on the bed and spreading her legs for him, exposing herself. Fuck, they got even hotter? Just the thought made him even more aroused.

"To make it better, we need you to let yourself go inside our fertile bodies. Will you do that? Will you breed us when we're able to have your foals? Still cum inside us?" she asked. She then lowered herself slowly onto him, gasping as he filled her up perfectly. She stopped as he came across her innocence, brushing against it. "Do it, my love. Take me." she begged. Tyrath thrust up and pulled her down, entering her fully. She cried out in pleasured pain.

Tyrath stopped for a second, letting her adjust. Ignoring the burning desire to push her up and drop her back down onto him. Her heat was incredible, and he needed to stay in control to not cum right there. Luna then lifted herself and began bouncing slowly on top of him. Tyrath met her with light thrusts, unable to control himself. She got faster as he felt another warm feeling, but this was... Different. Yet the same. It was unique to Luna, he felt them connect, their emotions as one, their minds and bodies. They were meant for each other... Always. He felt her pussy grip him just right. He was keeping himself in check, but it was so hard...

Their inner magic began to open up to one another. As it did, and they felt each other for the first time, seeing the other in a new light, Tyrath saw Luna smile brightly as they connected, the both of them so happy that they'd found the ones they needed to be with forever.

"Yes, fuck, Luna... You feel amazing... I'd still do it. I'd cum. I'd get you both pregnant. Gods, I would." he cried out as they slammed against each other, with Luna moaning out as well. He needed this mare, both these sisters... All the heartache from before was forgotten as they knew in that moment they were meant for each other...

"Oh, yes!! We'd want you to! When you're inside, always cum there! Please, I want to feel your warm cum fill me. I want to know how it'll feel as you impregnate me." she smiled, Tyrath went crazy and slammed into her as hard as he could. He felt the bed crack and splinter beneath them as he thrust inside this mare while she bounced atop him... "Make me a mother, Tyrath. To our foal. Please." she begged him. He groaned and moaned beneath her. She took his hand in her magic and placed his hand on her stomach. It drove him even more crazy... "Feel it Tyrath, feel where your foal will grow." she whispered to him and he kissed her passionately.

"Yes Luna, yes... Have our babies... Have them... Gods yes... you'll be such a good mother..." he panted and she smiled and blushed. "Luna, have my foals..." he pleaded to her, beginning to wish he really could do it right now...

"Yes! I want your foal growing inside me tonight!" she called out, wishing the same thing as they made love. Their eyes looking into the others with nothing but love and lust in them. Both in their purest forms.

"Oh YES, give my little sister your foal! Knock her up! Do it!" screamed Celestia as she kept on pleasuring herself, wishing that it was her on top again... Wishing it was her he was saying these things to. In way, it was. It was both of them. And that thought made her even hotter.

"LUNA, OH FUCK YES LUNA, I'M CUMMING FOR YOU!!! YESSSSSS!!!" He yelled as he couldn't hold back anymore. He thrust inside her quickly a few times and held her down on top of him as he emptied inside her, feeling their connection deepen immeasurably as their inner magic collided.

"YES... OH YES... SIRE US A FOAL!!! GIVE US YOUR BABY!!!" she screamed out as she came with him and they both had a violent magic outburst, with the magic of both of them shaking the castle to the roots. Luna's eyes went white and Tyrath's went yellow and Draconic as he roared in pleasure like a Dragon, letting all know that this mare was his now. He emptied into his Princess and her juices dripped down his cock. Luna collapsed atop him, laying her head on his chest and he smiled as she looked up at him.

(Safety zone, sort of. Some mature themes, none of the explicitly sexual variant.)

"Fuck, that was amazing." breathed Tyrath, holding Luna close.

"We... I may have gotten carried away." Luna said sheepishly, hiding behind her hooves with a heavy blush, as if ashamed.

"Don't worry, Luna. It was so hot." he said to her, gently pulling her hooves away so he could see his Princess. "And I meant what I said." he smiled at her, placing a hand on her cheek and she wrapped herself around him tightly.

"You... You did?" she asked in surprise and Tyrath nodded to her "I'm so glad. The thought of me carrying your foal..." she placed a hand on her stomach and looked at him. "It felt so good... So right." she admitted, looking him in the eyes. Tyrath never thought he'd even dream of having children with anyone, let alone with two Pony Princess sisters. But these two captured his heart completely and he found himself wanting so much with these sisters. Hell, if not children, he definitely never would've even conceived of the notion that he would have foals. But lately he had been seeing these two as mother figures to their little Ponies, and found himself thinking of them as mothers... It was instinct he couldn't help.

"It did." admitted Tyrath, looking at his Princess in the eyes, showing he meant it.

"You called me mother material, remember?" she sighed as she remembered the dreamscape of Scootaloo. It was true, he thought right then she'd be a great mother, and he had told her as much.

"I meant it." he also sighed in happiness. Celestia snuggled close to his side as she climbed on the bed as well and he kissed her. "So would you, Cel. I've seen how you are with Twilight and your subjects. You'd be a great mother as well." he smiled and she snuggled closer to him, 'hmmm' ing in appreciation, too tired to speak. They all drifted off together...