• Published 28th Sep 2016
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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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Chapter 17: Family Reunion

Author's Note:

*Straps story to metal bed in creepy castle*

Do it Marl! PULL THE SWITCH!!!!

You got it, man. *pulls switch, roof opens, lightning hits rods, blasts the story. Story opens eyes, rips metal off restrains and gets up*

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Ahem, anyway. Yes, it's alive.

We're here to stay everypony!!!(we hope)

As I came to I noticed I was in a room... Not just any room, but it was familiar... I was hanging by my arms, which were bound by chains attached to the ceiling, holding me up... I remember, it was a torture room. I had maybe used it before? No, it was on a Flying Fortress... I looked around and saw Twilight, unconscious and in a similar predicament to me.

"Whoring sphincter shitpoles..." I mumbled. There was a fireplace in the room and two chairs. It looked homely, if it wasn't for the numerous torture devices... "Twi? Twilight?" I whispered harshly. She also came around.

"Huh...? Tyrath? Where are we?!" She asked as she struggled against her chains.

"A Flying Fortress... Whose? I don't know..." I said, struggling against the chains myself.

"Ah, you are awake." Came a masculine voice. I barely recognised it...

"You're very perceptive." I spoke venomously. The speaker was in the shadows, and obscured by them.

"It is good you are here. It will give us a chance to catch up." Said whoever it was.

"Catch up? Just who are you?" I asked.

"Yeah! Show yourself!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Very well." He said and stepped out...


It can't be...

"Father?!?!!!" I exclaimed, in complete disbelief.



"Hello son." He said. He wore a Black Ring General's armour...

"Your father?!?!" Asked Twilight. I stopped struggling, in fact I stopped my movement altogether...

"Yes... But... You died! You were killed!" I exclaimed... It was impossible! I was in shock.

"No." He answered simply.

"You were! When the village was attacked by Demons!" I exclaimed.

"HAHAHA! I guess my little distraction worked then." He chuckled.

"Distraction... But I don't..." I started.

"You see, as you can tell my boy, I am part of the Black Ring. I have been since before you were born." He smiled.

"But... How? It..." I couldn't form sentences. How was it possible?!!!!???? Any of it????!!!

"When Damien was sent to Damnation, some of his Black Ring were still around, me included. We all made a pact to stay hidden until his return. So I became a farmer, pretending to be an ex-Paladin of The Divine. I met your mother, who really was an ex-Paladin. We fell in love and you were born. Once you were brought into the world, I made you our backup plan. Just in case Damien ever were to die. There is also half of the Chaos Essence inside you." He said.

"What? But..." I tried to comprehend this.

"You were not only my legacy, but I gave you the ability to become somebody in the world. Not just a worthless farmboy." He spoke.

"I am somebody. And I achieved that without your help."

"However, you mother found out and told the villagers. I didn't know. Then, I walked in on her, about to smother you with a pillow. I entered a rage, and tore her to pieces. Then, in my rage, when they came for us, I also butchered the villagers. Didn't you ever wonder why you were the only survivor? I left some Demon Claws behind, some scales, a few summoning circles and left to calm down. When I could trust myself around you again, I went back to look for you. But you had vanished. I assumed you had been killed in a fire, or maybe a villager had survived and either killed or kidnapped you. It was years later I found you had been taken by the Dragon Slayers. I decided there was no better training for you, so I left you to be trained by those fools. Then, it all went wrong when you began a crusade against Damien and the Black Ring. You would have been by my side! Hell, you might even be a General yourself if I had found you." He said.

"That explains Drace..." I realised.

"Hmm?" Asked my father.

"Before I became who I am today... I used to be almost evil... It was you! The Chaos Essence that was corrupting me! But when I became a Dragon-Knight I resisted it! It becomes so clear." I said.

"So, you changed your name from Drace?" He asked.

"I'm glad I did now." I scowled.

"I also changed my name. From Tomalin Reynfaire, back to General Zayne Le Tornaeu. Damien's right hand man." He smirked. "You disappointed me when you began slaughtering my fellow Generals." He said.

"Never thought I'd be so glad to be a disappointment to one of my parents." I chuckled.

"Indeed? As much as I am disappointed you have been killing off Black Ring. I can't help but be proud to you. You are your own man, you stick to your principles, you are a deadly warrior and a Dragon-Knight at that." He said.

"Thanks I guess." I said.

"So why? Why did you begin this mad crusade against us?" Asked my father.

"Damien. When Talana died, she showed Drace her mission. What Damien was about to do. Drace was even contemplating joining him. Then something, a spark ignited inside him. That spark was me. I murdered Drace and left him to die with Talana." I spoke.

"No, you maimed him and left him helpless. But now, it is time for you to join us. For Drace to return." He said with his arms open wide.

"Sure, just unlock these chains." I smirked.

"Haha, nice try. But you see, I am going to make sure." He got the Claw of Abraxas out of it's sheath and placed it next to me. "You may have noticed by now, your concussion. I know that it lowers your Indomitable Will. So, I will leave you to the sword." He said, turning and walking. "Oh and, say hello to Stone for me." He chuckled and walked out.

"Twilight! Quick! Here!" I exclaimed and used a frost spell on her chains, which were weaker than mine. It froze them and made them brittle. I saw Spike not far away, sleeping. He'd been given a sleeping potion. "Pull!" I exclaimed. Twilight did and broke her chains.

"I'm free!" She whispered.

"I can see that. Grab Spike and run!" I exclaimed.

"What about you?!" She asked.

"These chains are too tough! Just go! Warn the Princesses!" I said. Twilight picked Spike up and before she left she turned to me. "Run!" I exclaimed. She complied...



;1 hour later - Third Pony POV;

"What is wrong sister?" Asked Princess Luna, seeing Princess Celestia reading a letter very closely.

"I have just gotten a letter from Haakim... Everything is in order..." Princess Celestia said, furrowing her brow.

"But...?" Asked Princess Luna.

"But... They said Ego and Twilight disappeared and they assumed they were on the way back here... But they should be here by now. Twilight should be able to teleport and Ego can fly..." Said Princess Celestia.

"Sister... Maybe they are..." Said Princess Luna, tapping her sister on the shoulder, who turned to look out of her window. She saw another Flying Fortress...

"Come! We need to get out there!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. Her and Luna gathered the guard and exited the Castle. They saw Twilight's 5 friends standing there, each with their Element equipped. Rarity also held Twilight's in her magic.

"Princess! We came as soon as we could!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Yeah, we're ready! We just need Twilight!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Well-" Princess Celestia cut off as a line of communication magic opened in front of her, they saw Twilight, crouching in a dark corner, Spike was watching behind them.

"Princess! Can you hear me?!" Asked Twilight.

"Twilight! My most faithful student, I can hear you. You friends are here."

"Really? Good! Listen, they captured me and Spike but we managed to escape, barely. But I had to leave Ego! I'm going to get him, but I'll need help! Tell the girls to bring the Elements."

"Already got them!" Exclaimed Pinkie, jumping in front of the magic, showing her Element.

"Good! Get up here! Quick!" She exclaimed. The line cut off.

"You heard her girls!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. "Let's go!" She exclaimed. The Princesses flew up, levitating Applejack and Pinkie Pie with them. Rarity levitated herself and the two Pegasi flew up also.

They got up and saw many Black Ring waiting. The Princesses were ready, spells charged and let loose. The Black Ring all went flying, most off of the Fortress, plummeting to their deaths. Others slammed into walls, their spines or necks severing with the impact.

"Well well well... Glad you could make it." Came a voice. They turned and saw Ego standing there. A wicked grin on his face. The girls went to greet him, but the Princesses extended their wings, blocking them.

"Ego... Is that you?" Asked the Princess.

"No. My name is Drace. Drace Reynfaire." He spoke, bowing.

"No..." Gasped Princess Celestia.

"Ego! We know you're in there!" Exclaimed Princess Luna.

"Oh he is. But soon, he will die. Along with all of you." Smirked Drace.

"Indeed, son. Good to see you're on our side now." Said General Le Tornaeu. Coming behind the girls, cutting off their escape. Princess Luna spun around and stood before him, blocking him from the girls while Princess Celestia blocked Drace.

"Ready father?" Asked Drace.

"Ready." He smirked.

"3." Began Drace.

"2." Said General Le Tornaeu

"1-" Started Drace before he was cut off by a blast of magic from behind. It threw him off and he fell to the floor. While Le Tornaeu was distracted, Princess Luna picked him up in her magic and threw him into a wall, knocking him out.

Suddenly Twilight levitated down, revealing her to be the source of the magic that felled Drace. She joined her friends.

"My Element!" Exclaimed Twilight. Rainbow flew it to her and Twilight donned it. They needed a target... Drace? And maybe lose a friend? Or Zayne Le Tornaeu and end a General... They couldn't risk hurting Ego. They aimed at Zayne but the Elements suddenly directed their rainbow beam to Drace, as well as the Princesses and the bearers themselves. It hit them and Drace cried out.

;Drace Reynfaire's POV;

Suddenly memories began to surge through me... Maxos' failed spell... Princess Cadence's wedding... The Crystal Empire... Meeting Maxos' ghost... Princess Celestia's date... And then I also remembered travelling back through time....


He woke up. He was standing in the same place...

"All of you, run!" I exclaimed. Suddenly, Twilight spotted Spike, with his tail trapped under rubble...

Twilight was panting, also having remembered everything...

"You heard him! I'll get Spike! You all go!" Yelled Twilight, everypony else got off the Fortress. Twilight ran over to Spike and began to lift the rubble off of him.

"Son? What are you waiting for? End her!" Exclaimed my father, who had recovered...

"Sorry father. That's not happening." I spoke. I pointed my palm at the control tower of this Flying Fortress and summoned a giant fireball. It hit it and the Fortress was going down. In an empty field luckily.

"What are you doing?!" Asked my father. He was about to draw his sword, but I was quicker. "I'll kill you for this!" He yelled as he began to pull his sword.

"Not happening." I said, I cut my father's arm off with an upward swing and kicked him away. I quickly sheathed my sword, slung it on my back, grabbed Twilight and Spike and quickly leapt from the doomed Fortress.

I entered freefall as the Fortress exploded midair behind us. Debris began to fall as well, I rolled midair to avoid some. I turned into a Dragon, meanwhile Twilight and Spike were holding on to my scales on my back.

I swooped down and landed outside the Castle. I turned back into my Human form and Twilight let go of me.

"Holy Hay... That. Was. Intense!!!!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"You're Divinedamned right it was." I breathed. I looked up at the smoke in the clouds, the remains of the Fortress...

Suddenly the Castle doors swung open and the two Princess and five mares tackled me to the ground.

"Oh my! Ego! I remember now!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia.

"As do I! How did we forget?!" Asked Princess Luna.

"Yeah... I'll have to deal with that..." I growled. I became happy again as I hugged them back.

"Ego! That was so awesome! Just like the time you saved us from the Black Ring in the Empire!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Ohmygoshweremember!!!!" Yelled Pinkie.

"Indeed Pinkie, darling. Thank you Ego. It appears we are in your debt again." Said Rarity.

"It's good to see you again, Ego. And remember that we've seen you." Smiled Fluttershy.

"Well pardner, I can't say I know why I forgot ya, but now I remember, it's a good to see ya!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Yeah, it must have been a powerful magic spell, to have wiped all our memories like that..." Pondered Twilight.

"Indeed." I growled.

"Look, we need to get back to Ponyville. Are you coming?" Asked Twilight, placing the Elements inside a box and passing the box to Princess Celestia.

"Not yet." I said as I looked at Princess Celestia.

"OK. We'll see you back there." Smiled Twilight. They all left and I followed the Princess into a tower of Canterlot Castle. She unlocked a room and put the box containing the Elements inside.

"Now that they are secure..." She turned around... We both surged forward, kissing each other passionately.

"Princess..." I breathed.

"Ego..." She replied.

"I do believe I owe Princess Luna a date." I chuckled, Celestia blushed and nodded.

"Indeed you do." Came the voice of the Princess of the Night.

"I have an idea. That banquet you were going to hold for Creature and myself? I'll be your date." I said.

"That is an excellent idea!" Exclaimed Luna.

"I agree. The banquet is in three days time. 9 O'Clock. The girls and Spike are also invited." Informed Princess Celestia.

"Very well." I nodded. We exited the tower where there Elements of Harmony were kept. As we left, I saw a crowd of Ponies outside.

"It's him! The Saviour of Canterlot!" Exclaimed a mare, standing on her hindlegs and pointing at me with a hoof. Everypony started screaming, yelling, trying to talk to me, get my autograph, the usual Hero malarkey.

"If I were you, I'd leave. Post-haste." Chuckled Princess Celestia. I quickly turned into a Dragon and flew away, to my Battle Tower. I needed to sleep, I was so exhausted!

I landed at the Tower and remembered I had business to deal with. I called a massive staff meeting I sat on my throne with my staff before me. Unbeknonest to them, I'd locked the door once they were all inside.

"My Lord! You're alive!" Exclaimed Sassan and hugged me. I rolled my eyes and hugged her back.

"I am indeed. Much to the dismay of an individual in this very room." I spoke. Everyone looked at each other uneasily.

"What are you saying My Lord?" Asked Hermosa.

"I'm saying... We have a traitor here." I said gravely. Everybody gasped and cast suspicious glances at each other.

"My Lord, how could that be?! You know every single per- err, Pony here is loyal to you and only you!" Replied Sassan.

"Apparently not. I was sent through time and met Maxos himself. Just before I was sent away, I felt the source of the spell responsible. And it came from here." I informed them. All eyes were on Jonelath, as he was ex-Black Ring.


"It was not him. It was powerful magic used. While Jonelath is a powerful Necomancer, he strengths end there. The kind of magic we're talking about is time altering." I said.

"But that leaves..." Began Wesson... Turning to find Erlking gone and trying to open the doors.

"I locked you in Erlking. You will pay for this." I growled. I got up and walked over to him. I drew my sword.

"Foolish Dragon!!! Long live the Black Ring!!!" Exclaimed Erlking and used an emergency teleportation spell... He was gone.

"He was prepared." Said Sasson.

"Indeed he was. Tom, Dick, Harry. What did you find on Blueblood?" I asked.

"He's the Princesses nephew... By whom I do not know... Neither Luna nor Celestia have ever been pregnant..." Said Harry, turning to Dick.

"He's the 'great great great great great great great great great great great' and probably even more greats nephew of Celestia's and Luna's, on their mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking." He spoke.

"Boy is he a doozy..." Chuckled Tom. "Get this, Rarity, your friend I believe? Used to have a crush on him. Before she met him in person. From a few witnesses, I've acquired the following: she expected Prince Blueblood to give her a rose that he picked, but he took it for himself. He brought a cushion only for himself to sit in the castle's yard, leaving Rarity without a comfortable seat. He made Rarity use her shawl to cover a puddle so he didn't get dirty. He expected Rarity to open the door for him. And he expected her to pay for his dinner. When Applejack's cake was catapulted across the room at him, he pushed Rarity in front of him to use as a shield so that he wouldn't get messy. And lastly he inconsiderately dispraised Applejack's food in presence of her. He's a jackass all around. Through and through."

"I can tell." I nodded.

"What will you do about him?" Asked Sassan,

"For now? Nothing. I need to wait this out. When he slips up again, I'll get the bastard." I nodded.

"As you wish Lord Dragon." Bowed Sassan.

"Now then, I'm absolutely exhausted. Good night." I yawned and headed off to bed, wondering what tomorrow will bring...