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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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[M, SoL]Chapter 27: The Beauty Of The Night

Author's Note:

Tyrath gives Luna what he owes her, leading to some inhibitions being lowered and a certain subject being breached.

(No everypony! We haven't forgotten this story! Sorry it took so long! Hope this is a good chapter!)

(M rating, yadda yadda yadda. Small bit at the end isn't.)

Tyrath then pulled Luna into a deep kiss, pulling her close to him as he embraced her.

"I think I owe you something." He breathed close to her and she shuddered in response, his warm breath hitting her.

"Oh indeed you do." She nodded. Suddenly, she teleported them into her bedroom. She wouldn't wait any longer. She wanted to make everything up to Tyrath, "It is my turn now sister." Smirked Luna, glancing at her sister who was watching closely.

"Very well." She smiled and sauntered away, but Ty's attention was focused on Luna, although, he also relished in seeing Celestia in his peripheral view. Both these mares were beautiful, incredible, sexy and just amazing. And all his. He pulled her even closer and kissed her again, both their tongues wrestling for dominance. He pushed her against the wall and she gasped, wrapping her hind legs around his waist, clinging to him as they kissed tenderly. She loved being handled rough like this, like a mare. Tyrath placed a hand on her cheek and regarded her for a second. His Dragon Instincts begged him to have her, to take her. To make her his forever. To mate her. He took heavy breaths to calm himself, to give this perfect mare the night of her life. He began to lose himself to her, his instincts beginning to show themselves.

"Luna... You're so beautiful." he looked into her eyes as he spoke. She averted his gaze with a blush, but he raised her head so she looked him in the eye. "You are. Inside and out." he spoke from the heart. Luna could tell, her heart couldn't take it, it was beating so incredibly fast, filling her with even more love for him.

Luna threw herself at him, using her wings. He was forced backwards, gasping in surprise for a second as Luna lay kisses all over him as he fell backwards onto the bed. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you, Tyrath. That is the kindest thing anypony other than my sister has ever said to me." she choked on a sob, wrapping herself around him tightly, refusing to let go as she gripped him tight. Tyrath chuckled quietly at how strong she was. She and her sister were both strong mares, and he found that attractive. He growled lightly, wanting her even more.

She heard his growl and knew he was enjoying her already, and she grinned. She looked up at him and kissed him deeply, and he returned the kiss with just as much vigour. The feeling of their bodies pressing together made them both shiver in delight.

"Yes, Luna..." he breathed. She flared her wings and his breath hitched. She smiled, knowing the effect she had on him.

"You're going to rut me like a mare tonight, Tyrath." she told him and quickly undressed Tyrath, taking his cuirass off and then his greaves, his gauntlets and boots coming off along the way. Luna looked at Tyrath hungrily and he began to take her regalia off, lifting off her chest piece and then the crown as she stepped out of her shoes.

He looked at her, finding her so sexy without anything on. He breathed heavily, barely containing himself. Luna herself was blushing heavily as they regarded each other. They then launched themselves at each other, making out furiously, wanting each other so desperately.

"Oh yes, make out with my little sister..." moaned Celestia as she got herself off watching them both. Tyrath used magic and pulled Celestia toward the bed. She squeaked in surprise as he kissed her, leading her to moan louder and she pushed her hips into her hoof. Then, Luna pushed Tyrath on the bed and blushed as she watched him below, watching her with unending lust and love.

"Can I... Be on top?" she asked nervously. She was nervous? Now?! She smiled at him, gripping his waist tightly with her hind legs, leading him to groan in pleasure and he ran his hands along the waist of this beautiful mare. His beautiful mare. He smiled lovingly at her. He wanted so bad to just lift her up and drop her onto him, spearing that lovely body with his length. But he held back. It was all about her, and her pleasure.

"Of course, my love." he said to her, sitting up and kissing her where her chest would be if she were human. But she wasn't. She was a Pony. His Pony. He wanted her as she was. She was perfect how she was. Human females be damned. Nothing compared to these two mares. He pushed her backwards as he kissed, he wanted more than just being inside her, though. Despite what everything within him was screaming for.

"But first, I want to taste you again." he breathed and her breath hitched along with it as she squirmed, needing release. He smiled as he kissed downwards and sucked her teats. So good. He licked all around them and lightly bit her nipples, causing her to gasp and writhe in his grasp.

"Oh yes... Yes Tyrath..." Luna moaned loudly, causing her sister to gasp and moan loud as well, wishing that was her. But tonight was for her sister. And she enjoyed seeing Luna writhe in their lovers grasp. She remembered the teasing, and how it was oh so worth it.

"So good. Your teats are so lovely." he smiled as he kissed them a few more times, working his way down until he was before her marehood. He inhaled her scent, as he had with Celestia. It was amazing and it drove him crazy. It was her own scent, unique and amazing, like her. Like It made him want to just take her, to push inside her. But he resisted that urge. This mare's first time was going to be perfect. He licked her once and he watched her wings shoot out uncontrollably, and it spurred him on. He licked faster, and pushed his tongue in her, causing her hips to push up, wanting more. And he was happy to give more to her. He sucked on her clit as it came out and Luna gasped and strained out another, cumming into Tyrath's mouth as he latched his mouth over her. He wanted all of her. To drink her.

"Yes, drink Luna's cum... All of it... Yesssss..." Celestia moaned loudly as she came hard as well. Tyrath slipped a hand down beside the bed between Celestia's hindlegs and caught as much of her juices as he could. He brought his hand up and licked it clean and both sisters moaned, wanting more instantly. Tyrath flipped over with Luna so she was straddling him.

"I'm all yours, my sexy Princess." he told her, looking at her with loving eyes. They held a desire, a craving, for just these two sisters. Luna saw it and it made her even hotter, knowing he was all theirs. Forever. She raised herself up and positioned herself over him, her juices dripping onto him. He felt her heat and he desperately wanted to thrust up into her, but he wanted her to set the pace. He was all hers tonight.

"Did you know, Tyrath, that my sister and I are incredibly fertile?" she said and saw his eyes turn yellow and begin to narrow as his breath stopped for a second. "But only to other Alicorns, such as yourself, human or no. Eventually, we will enter heat. You know what that means, my love?" she asked, leaning down next to his ear. "You can sire me a foal." she breathed heavily. Tyrath was sweating. Fuck... this mare... She knew just what to say. How to drive him crazy, make him lose control...

"Yes Tyrath... Our marehoods will be so sensitive, so hot and they'll hurt. We'll need you to make it better. Only you." Celestia said, getting on the bed and spreading her legs for him, exposing herself. Fuck, they got even hotter? Just the thought made him even more aroused.

"To make it better, we need you to let yourself go inside our fertile bodies. Will you do that? Will you breed us when we're able to have your foals? Still cum inside us?" she asked. She then lowered herself slowly onto him, gasping as he filled her up perfectly. She stopped as he came across her innocence, brushing against it. "Do it, my love. Take me." she begged. Tyrath thrust up and pulled her down, entering her fully. She cried out in pleasured pain.

Tyrath stopped for a second, letting her adjust. Ignoring the burning desire to push her up and drop her back down onto him. Her heat was incredible, and he needed to stay in control to not cum right there. Luna then lifted herself and began bouncing slowly on top of him. Tyrath met her with light thrusts, unable to control himself. She got faster as he felt another warm feeling, but this was... Different. Yet the same. It was unique to Luna, he felt them connect, their emotions as one, their minds and bodies. They were meant for each other... Always. He felt her pussy grip him just right. He was keeping himself in check, but it was so hard...

Their inner magic began to open up to one another. As it did, and they felt each other for the first time, seeing the other in a new light, Tyrath saw Luna smile brightly as they connected, the both of them so happy that they'd found the ones they needed to be with forever.

"Yes, fuck, Luna... You feel amazing... I'd still do it. I'd cum. I'd get you both pregnant. Gods, I would." he cried out as they slammed against each other, with Luna moaning out as well. He needed this mare, both these sisters... All the heartache from before was forgotten as they knew in that moment they were meant for each other...

"Oh, yes!! We'd want you to! When you're inside, always cum there! Please, I want to feel your warm cum fill me. I want to know how it'll feel as you impregnate me." she smiled, Tyrath went crazy and slammed into her as hard as he could. He felt the bed crack and splinter beneath them as he thrust inside this mare while she bounced atop him... "Make me a mother, Tyrath. To our foal. Please." she begged him. He groaned and moaned beneath her. She took his hand in her magic and placed his hand on her stomach. It drove him even more crazy... "Feel it Tyrath, feel where your foal will grow." she whispered to him and he kissed her passionately.

"Yes Luna, yes... Have our babies... Have them... Gods yes... you'll be such a good mother..." he panted and she smiled and blushed. "Luna, have my foals..." he pleaded to her, beginning to wish he really could do it right now...

"Yes! I want your foal growing inside me tonight!" she called out, wishing the same thing as they made love. Their eyes looking into the others with nothing but love and lust in them. Both in their purest forms.

"Oh YES, give my little sister your foal! Knock her up! Do it!" screamed Celestia as she kept on pleasuring herself, wishing that it was her on top again... Wishing it was her he was saying these things to. In way, it was. It was both of them. And that thought made her even hotter.

"LUNA, OH FUCK YES LUNA, I'M CUMMING FOR YOU!!! YESSSSSS!!!" He yelled as he couldn't hold back anymore. He thrust inside her quickly a few times and held her down on top of him as he emptied inside her, feeling their connection deepen immeasurably as their inner magic collided.

"YES... OH YES... SIRE US A FOAL!!! GIVE US YOUR BABY!!!" she screamed out as she came with him and they both had a violent magic outburst, with the magic of both of them shaking the castle to the roots. Luna's eyes went white and Tyrath's went yellow and Draconic as he roared in pleasure like a Dragon, letting all know that this mare was his now. He emptied into his Princess and her juices dripped down his cock. Luna collapsed atop him, laying her head on his chest and he smiled as she looked up at him.

(Safety zone, sort of. Some mature themes, none of the explicitly sexual variant.)

"Fuck, that was amazing." breathed Tyrath, holding Luna close.

"We... I may have gotten carried away." Luna said sheepishly, hiding behind her hooves with a heavy blush, as if ashamed.

"Don't worry, Luna. It was so hot." he said to her, gently pulling her hooves away so he could see his Princess. "And I meant what I said." he smiled at her, placing a hand on her cheek and she wrapped herself around him tightly.

"You... You did?" she asked in surprise and Tyrath nodded to her "I'm so glad. The thought of me carrying your foal..." she placed a hand on her stomach and looked at him. "It felt so good... So right." she admitted, looking him in the eyes. Tyrath never thought he'd even dream of having children with anyone, let alone with two Pony Princess sisters. But these two captured his heart completely and he found himself wanting so much with these sisters. Hell, if not children, he definitely never would've even conceived of the notion that he would have foals. But lately he had been seeing these two as mother figures to their little Ponies, and found himself thinking of them as mothers... It was instinct he couldn't help.

"It did." admitted Tyrath, looking at his Princess in the eyes, showing he meant it.

"You called me mother material, remember?" she sighed as she remembered the dreamscape of Scootaloo. It was true, he thought right then she'd be a great mother, and he had told her as much.

"I meant it." he also sighed in happiness. Celestia snuggled close to his side as she climbed on the bed as well and he kissed her. "So would you, Cel. I've seen how you are with Twilight and your subjects. You'd be a great mother as well." he smiled and she snuggled closer to him, 'hmmm' ing in appreciation, too tired to speak. They all drifted off together...

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Hot damn.

Oh yeah. Still great.

What did you like about the chapter? I'm curious.

Seriously? The whole thing. But if I had to pick one it would be the part when Ty said that the whole heartbreak was forgotten. But I'm a romantic. Or so I was told.

Thanks! I'm surprised that's your favourite part, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Love the story! It is quite interesting to consider, and fits in with my fictional explanation of/for/about fictional universes quite nicely. Well done! Keep it up!

Celestia snuggled close to his side as she climbed on the bed as well and he kissed her

Celestia was already on the bed...

No self-respecting author would use caps lock for anything, especially when nothing of value is added with the caps lock. I understand that they are in the throes of passion and in the moment shit can be said that doesn't make a lick of sense, but come on. Also, triple exclamation marks, 'nough said?

The warnings of "sex incoming" and "sex is over" should never be so bold, they should be small and centered, like a transition like the [ hr] tag. Also, there shouldn't be six new lines before the "sex is over" tag, two is enough to distinguish it from the rest of the newlines.

Celestia's comments are weird to hear and should be shown not told.



The exclamation mark feels a bit weird like he is almost screaming at her, even if these are only thoughts. You should remove the exclamation mark since you already emphasized it (italics), but this is only a personal taste and either way is correct.

Anyways, this is still a guilty pleasure of mine and I am waiting for more. :twilightsmile:


No self-respecting author would use caps lock for anything, especially when nothing of value is added with the caps lock. I understand that they are in the throes of passion and in the moment shit can be said that doesn't make a lick of sense, but come on. Also, triple exclamation marks, 'nough said?


It would be 'we', but Marl still has a little bit left.

Thank you friend! Which explanation are you referring to, may I ask?

It's a little like this: There are individual 'realities' (or timelines, if you want to call them that) which are grouped together by which universe they are from. These are then grouped by basic subject matter, I.E. MLP, to form multiverses. These multiverses are then all part of an even bigger whole, the megaverse.
Under this method, this story's path would look like this: This timeline or the story < Achieving Divinity: MLP Crossover < MLP multiverse < Megaverse.
This is a convenient way I thought of to allow for a character of mine to be from 'our' earth, get to the MLP canon universe, even live there, but still be able to enter and interfere with other fictional 'universes'. It even allows him to time travel without fear of paradoxes or other such inconveniences. He just goes to a parallel reality, and then makes his changes. He still remembers the original timeline, because it is from a different reality. The one he's in never actually changes. This fundamentally differs from what Starlight Glimmer did at the end of season 5. She rewrote the timeline they were in, and the two of them were only insulated from the repercussions by the tree of harmony. At least, that's how I see it.
All in all, it's just a cool idea that I came up with to allow this particular character to have a fun origin story, and some real conflicts, while still maintaining the 'science' behind the universe.
I just realised that I gave an entire page's worh of an explanation, when you were probably looking for something a little more basic. Sorry!

It's fine, I agree with you, and it's an interesting thing to consider. And how I see it, which could be the same, is that in another universe, its the canon MLP show, in this universe, Tyrath entered during A Canterlot Wedding, in another universe, it's likely that the Black Ring were unopposed, ETC. Very basically of course. But I thank you for that explanation:twilightsmile:

Exactly! Finally someone gets this! Thank you! It means a lot that someone understands!



etc. not ETC.

This is why you will never become better.

Also, I still have not received an answer yet: Where are the fucked up fetishes? I still haven't seen anything that is actually fucked up--except the writing.

Well... Err... That hurt. I was just joking, but good to know... I kinda hope it was just a jab. And I know it's etc. But for some reason my spellcheck decides to capitalise that. But whatever. To answer you, it's a maybe. I need to improve writing actual sex scenes before I move into that territory. I think... Unless I'm better at it than I think.

No problem! Nice to meet like minded Ponies!

I have "The Chicago Manual of Style 17e" as a fun read...

Here is a reference for fucked up fetishes: "Celestia's Relaxing Vacation".


And I know it's etc. But...

"Etc." but,
Also, don't start a sentence with 'and' or 'but'. Only on rare occasions can you do this.

I know about fucked up fetishes, it's more working them into the story/writing them. Thanks for the reference, I'll likely read it to help at some point. Don't know what you meant by that first part... But then, I can be dumb and lack common sense sometimes. Marl is usually there to help with that. But right now he's out. Hey, I started it with 'but' because I don't give my comments the once over for grammar. And I missed out the comma...


I usually wouldn't, or would spot it and be like 'nahhhh'. Although, I do miss grammatical errors and look over certain things in my story sometimes. Like the things you were talking about.

While he's gone, just so you know, he LOVES dressing up like Britney Spears and singing on Saturdays, but don't tell him I told you.

"The Chicago Manual of Style" Is a dedicated textbook for publishers, meaning: Everything about grammar is in there.

If you're going to skimp out on grammar on certain texts that you write, why would you even try?


While he's gone, just so you know, he LOVES dressing up like Britney Spears and singing on Saturdays, but don't tell him I told you.

You used caps lock correctly this time.
What's wrong with having fetishes? If he does this to get off, is it really that wrong? At least it's not toxic.

Did you just make a pun? That was amazing. A thing of pure beauty... And I do make an effort, but I meant that if I make a mistake it doesn't bother me so much. My laptop fucks me around sometimes, so I've learned to ignore the occasional fuck up in regards to messages.

And nothing is wrong with fetishes. But believe me, Marl does not look good in a dress.

Grammarly is an excellent tool to learn from. FYI, it's an extension to your browser.

The moment I heard "Briteny Spears", my mind drew a blank and gave me a toxic response... I can't get that song out of my head now...

Marl does look good in a dress, you're just not gay enough to appreciate it.

How dare you! Not gay enough!? That is fighting talk, sir! I challenge you to a duel, post haste!

Wait, I'm from North England... Let me rephrase.

Come 'ed la, I'll knock shit outta you, kidda bean. I fuckin' have you outside the ASDA. Bring ya lads and we'll fuckin' go.

There we go. Northern England duel request. Much more eloquent.

Honestly, I know my grammar and all that isn't the best, but to be fair, I'm the God of Grammar compared to 90% of people in the city and area I live. You know some of them wrote on their actual exams using text slang? Like u instead of you and all that. That scared and horrified me all at once. I love my city and people, but my god there are a lot of thickos. I pretty much taught myself to write correctly, and how to write stories. Not that our education was bad, far from it, but I have major handwriting problems, so I was never very interested in learning that until I began typing and writing stories.

Also, I'm very comfortable with my sexuality. I once was asked if I'd kiss a friend of mine if dared in a party game and I instantly said yes. He was horrified, but I didn't care.

It's not dresses in general he looks bad in, really, I was just making fun of him. This particular dress clashes with his hair colour you see. Should've hired Rarity to make the dress. But Derpy said she could do it on the cheap.

Hey man, I have a random question, at the Banquet episode, how was Tyrath's comedy routine? Did it make you laugh? I'm curious for some reason.

Backwards? Alrighty then.

Support local fashionistas! Rarity is not local anymore, so Derpy is the best way to go. He made the right call.


Also, I'm very comfortable with my sexuality. I once was asked if I'd a friend of mine if dared in a party game and I instantly said yes. He was horrified, but I didn't care.

This actually says quite a bit aboot (Canada for the win) you, and it's positive from a psychological standpoint.


I'm the God of Grammar compared to 90% of people in the city and area I live.

In my group of friends, I am still in the bottom 50%... Then again, publishers are difficult to please. Well, it makes sense since I am a Computer Scientist before all.

Why is it that no one wants to be decent at grammar? The only reason I can think of is that they are all in high school... Even then, there should be some people in wherever in Yorkshire (if you are there anyway) you are in that would enjoy the nuances of English.

let's go!

Err, I meant kiss. I'd kiss my friend if dared:facehoof:. My laptop really likes to fuck with me. I live in Liverpool. Where The Beatles are from if you need a reference. To answer your question, I don't know why. It's not everyone, of course. There are some who are good at English and writing. I have also taken a course in Computer Science! Geeks rule!

You know, once I lived next door to a guy who was really loud and obnoxious... Now I know how you Canadians feel :raritywink:.

Left field much? But to answer your question yeah it got a few chuckles from me.

I'd probably go to the guy and apologize... That reminds me of the time I walked into a damn door and apologized to it. :twilightsmile:


I have also taken a course in Computer Science!

What was it about? What language did you learn? Was it all theory? Did you learn sorting algorithms? I think that's enough questions... Yes, I do get a little hot for computers.


I'd kiss my friend if dared

I had the same dare before. Though, since it was a university party, I had to follow through. One thing that did teach me is that girls are really into guys that can do these things without batting an eyelash.

Also, tyres or tires?

I spell it tires. Tyres seems... Weird. Cooler, but weird.

We learned HTML, I've also worked with SQL in my job, and that's interesting. Building code from other code to get it to function how you want.

And good to know, I can do it no problem. Like Tyrath at the Banquet kinda thing, you could see the Princesses were really into it then. Everypony else swilled their mouths, while Tyrath just shrugged.

I've called to someone in public who I though I knew but I didn't, so played it off like I was gesturing and hollering behind them...


I've called to someone in public who I thought I knew but I didn't, so played it off like I was gesturing and hollering behind them...

I know the feeling. I've done this more times then I'd like to remember.

HTML and SQL are languages that I can't really consider coding, but it is a start.

"Tyres" is the correct British English word for the American English word "Tires". I always thought you were American because of your spelling.
traveler vs traveller.
color colour
center centre (these are two different words in Canadian English though)
math maths
and a whole plethora of other wired spellings.

Yeah, my spellchecker is American based. I can't be bothered changing the words because I'm lazy. And I've coded adventure games before with actual coding, but I can't remember the language I used... So I just listed the two I can:twilightblush:.

Ahh, I always enjoy a good Celestia \ Luna \ human romance. Shame he couldn't have roped Cadence and Twilight into it, but it's still very good writing. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Who says he won't rope at least one into it? :raritywink:

Honestly, I am against adding Cadence into the garem. Why in harem fics she and Shining always have a problems just to break up and end as another mare in the harem?

Personally, I've always been against Cadance and Shining Armour getting together. Just the fact Shining fell for that cheap changeling imitation of Cadence proves how little he actually knew about her. Also, the fact that he even let his future wife get taken in the first place shows how incompetent he is as the Guard Commander. He may be Twilight's brother, but the only duty he should be performing after that changeling fiasco is kitchen duty IMO.

If they are not in love than how that spell worked? Hi is brainwashed, if follow your logic, than Luna should be in the jail.
Plus I hate strange slyle, when only one male are nice and others are bastards.
But I agree that Cadence are on the top in that relationship.
Maybe transform him into the mare? Hehe! :pinkiecrazy:
Seriously, there's no stories where Cadence and Gleaming shield join the harem together as 2 mares. I think it's hilarious. But, probably, too late for it.


So when's the next update?

We haven't given up on this story. Right now though, we've got a multitude of family problems, a lot of events and other things to go to. We've hardly had any bloody time to write! :raritycry:

I think this story is in a coma

More like we are. Constant personal issues are bugging the hell outta us where we haven’t had the motivation to sit down and write. Plus the image hosting sure we were on went down so we also need to go back and replace images.

take your time no need to rush

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