• Published 28th Sep 2016
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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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[SoL] Chapter 11, pt 2: A Train Journey... Or Two.

;2 days earlier - Tyrath's POV;

Creature, Twilight, Spike and myself all sat in a private carriage on the train... My sword teleported next to me and I put back in it's sheath, wondering how I keep misplacing it... I thought about the tradition and remembered I yelled at Twilight.

"Twilight." I said.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for yelling before." I said.

"It's fine." She smiled

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna told me about this tradition so..." I said and kissed her. "I forgive you." I smiled, she was blushing...

"Oh yes! The tradition!" She shook her head to wake herself up.

;Twilight's POV;

The tradition? Sure, Luna would think it was still around... But surely Celestia wouldn't. She knew it was one that died out... Not that I was adverse to the kiss... No! This is a different species! I had to play along until I could quiz Celestia as to why she told him this was still a tradition...

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw that Twilight had a thoughtful look on her face, it was now dark out so I sat back in my chair, preparing to sleep...

;10 minutes later;

"Ego!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Wha...? What?" I asked as I woke up. Remembering seeing Princess Luna in the dream world, that would be a good way to communicate across distances...

"We just got a letter through." Explained Spike.

"Apparently the threat has moved on from Whinnyapolis to Saddle Arabia..." Continued Twilight.

"Just as the Princesses predicted." I nodded.

"We're stopping at Whinnyapolis and hopping on the next train to Saddle Arabia." She told us.

"Got it." I said.

"We have just over half an hour to grab any essentials we need from Whinnyapolis." Said Twilight.

"We got everything?" I asked.

"I just need some scrolls and quills before we move on so I can give my reports in to the Princesses." She informed.

"Sounds good. We got stuff we need to do as well." I shrugged.

'But Master, we won't be able to access the Battle Tower once we get to Saddle Arabia!' Pointed out Creature.

'Shit! The Battle Tower! I forgot about it the entire time i've been here! They must be worried!' I thought.

'Not so, I have told them you are OK and have been reporting our progress to Sassan. I forgot to remind you. Ironic no?' He thought, chuckling in his mind. 'I apologise for forgetting Master...' He apologised.

'It's good. We'll go when Twilight goes to get her quills when we stop.' I assured.

'Understood Master.' He nodded to me and I nodded back.


;4 hours later and about 25 gem recounts;

The train pulled into Whinnyapolis and we disembarked.

"Right, I'm going to find a stationary store. I'll be back soon." She smiled.

"Sure. See you soon." I waved Spike hopped on her back and they ran off...

"Right. Shall we?" I asked.

"Master." He bowed. I used my Dragon Stone and teleported back. I was in my dining room at the Waypoint Shrine.

"My Lord!" Exclaimed Sassan and hugged me... Jeez... Oh, she was a black Unicorn...

"I'm fine... I'm good." I chuckled.

"Creature has told me everything! Those Alicorn whorses!" She exclaimed.

"It's fine. They were tricked into it." I informed.

"By whom?" Asked Sassan as we entered my room.

"Their nephew, Blueblood." I said,

"I shall get every piece of information on him I can My Lord." She bowed and ran out.

"Excellent. Now then, Creature pack some satchels. Books, potions, weapons, food, scriptures, ingridients, anything we need." I said.

"How many?" He asked.

"Four, that’s two each." I decided.

"At once!" He exclaimed and ran off I took some time to put some stuff in my teleportation chest, I know that can get through but nothing else... It took me about 30 minutes to replace things, deciding what to keep and what to throw...

"My Lord? What is happening?" She asked as she returned.

"We're headed to Saddle Arabia to deal with the Black Ring." I explained.

"Saddle Arabia?" Asked Sassan.

"Apparently it's a desert country. I don't know much else other than the Black Ring are there." I shrugged.

"Understood My Lord."

"Problem is, they have a shield up that prevents anyone entering or leaving the city without explicit permission." I said.

"So you will not be able to return here until you leave?" She asked.

"Correct." I said.

"I sent the Runners to collect information on Blueblood. They should be ready when you return." She said.

"Good." I nodded.

"Good luck My Lord." She smiled.

"Thanks you." I smiled back.

"Master! I'm back." Said Creature he had four satchels chock full of items. He was panting and moving slowly because of the weight. I took two satchels and hauled them over my back.

"My Lord, be careful." She said.

"Always." I smiled. And teleported back.


"Ego! Sweet Celestia!" Cried Twilight in surprise and all her scrolls and quills went everywhere as I teleported next to her on the platform...

"Well she is sweet..." I mumbled... I mean she is just a sweet pony, you know? She's really nice...

"Huh?" Asked Twilight.

"Nothing." I waved her off.

"Ok..." Said Twilight uneasily.

"Here's our train guys!" Said Spike.

"Good. Let's get going." I resolved.