• Published 28th Sep 2016
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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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Chapter 2: Return of The Dragon-Knight

Author's Note:

We got back from Altcar last Thursday! And we're no worse for wear. A few cuts and scrapes, one or two bruises and sore ankle on my part after a night patrol.

But enough of that! Next chapter!

;Third Pony POV;

"Twilight... What are those things?!" Asked Spike, seeing some floating islands above them! Twilight was running about the library, putting some satchels on her back with some books and other essentials in them.

"I don't know... But we need to find out! I'm going up there!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I'll come to! For backup!" He said, Twilight hesitated.

"... Fine. But be careful and do as I say, got it?" She asserted.

"Got it!" Nodded Spike, putting his thumb up.

"Good. Come on." Said Twilight. She exited Golden Oaks Library and saw her 5 friends standing there.

"Twilight, darling! We saw! We're here to help!" Exclaimed Rarity. Seeing her 5 best friends brought happiness to Twilight's heart.

"I got a bad feeling about this... We should let the Princesses know." Said Rainbow Dash.

"You're right! Spike, head to the Town Hall and send a message to Princess Celestia! Tell her and Luna about this attack and that we need backup!" Ordered Twilight

"Ok, Twilight! You can count on me!" He nodded, saluted and ran off.

"Ok, come on then." Said Twilight and levitated Applejack and herself up while Rarity levitated herself and Pinkie Pie and the two Pegasi flew up with them but stayed with them rather than rushing ahead. Unfortunately it was slow going... As they went up, some Black Ring came down...

;Tyrath's POV - 20 minutes later;

I was dreaming of having a race... Go...! I woke up with a start!

Sorry about the bad joke...


For realsies, I woke up on a couch in a... Where was I? A library by the looks of it. Made of... Wood? I got up and held my hand to my head...

"Huh...? Ah... All I remember is getting thrown through time a few times..." I grumbled, I sat up and called out. "Hey! Anyone here?!" No answer... I opened the door, ducking through it because it was way too small for me. I headed outside... "Oh holy maiming douchewaffle pipe wankers." I said.

The town I was in must have been attacked! Some buildings were half destroyed or charred, luckily there was no extensive damage...

I looked up and saw a Flying Fortress dominating the skyline... I saw Black Ring corpses in town so there must have been some kind of battle... The inhabitants just barely won it seems.

I still had my Scorpion Armor on... Time to blend in. I looked behind me and saw I just came from inside a tree... A tree house? Huh, cool...

I climbed one of the vines that the Black Ring used to rappel down from the platforms and to climb back up again. I climbed up, got to the top and peered over the ledge without raising my body, seeing...

"So, you come to me?" Said... Holy bum-banging cockstorm shit bastards! General Rayhun! But... Ponified? I climbed the rest of the way up, seems like they've only just arrived. I lifted myself up and stood there. There were 6 mares standing there, I saw 'guard ponies' behind them they had golden armor on and reminded me of the Champions of Aleroth.

"Who are you and what're you doin' here? Talk to me ugly!" Demanded a rainbow maned pony... A pony who could talk- No wait, I remember now, Star Swirl being Maxos... It's all fuzzy but it's coming back. The Black Ring looked amused at her insults.

"They attacked Ponyville! We fought them off! They're hostile!" Exclaimed the guard.

"We are the Ring. And we are here to conquer. Luckily for you, most of our men are not here at the moment, and are occupied elsewhere, so your town will not be completely destroyed. Yet." Chuckled Rayhun.

"Conquer?! We'll see-" Started Rainbow, was her name Rainbow? I seem to remember... But an orange pony stood on her tail, preventing her from going near the Black Ring... Suddenly a pink pony began bouncing around.

"Maybe we can be friends! I can bake you cupcakes, and the-" The pink one stopped as Rayhun shot her hind leg with an arrow. Just above her ass tattoo. "Ahhh!" She screamed as she fell to the floor. She started crying.

"Pinkie!" Exclaimed the purple one and started toward her friend with all the others but stopped as more arrows were pointed at the guards, her and her friends.

"As a warning." Smiled Rayhun, kicking the pink one to her friends. He may have had a mask on but I could tell he smiled.

"Hey!" Exclaimed Rainbow and punched one of them, breaking his nose.

"Ahh!" He exclaimed, holding his nose, one of them used a rebar pipe and hit her down, hitting her while she was on the ground a few times before throwing the bloody pipe to the side as she lay there, her breathing laboured. Bleeding from her nose and mouth.

"Don't do that again." Growled Rayhun.

"She won't!" Exclaimed the purple pony, pulling her injured friend toward her with magic.

"Good. Just to teach you a lesson we're going to kill your pink friend, she is too unpredictable. And it will show you we mean business" Said Rayhun and pointed his bow at her while the other Black Ring pointed their bows at the other ponies, preventing them from stopping him...

I approached, using a disguise spell on my mask to give myself some Black Ring tattoos. I tapped the General on the shoulder.

"I would like to have the final blow Rayhun." I smiled.

"Oh yeah? Fine, I don't fancy dirtying my armor this night anyhow. Have at her." Said Rayhun. Pointing his bow toward the other ponies instead. I walked up to the pink one and pointed my blade at her face.

"Please..." She said, passing out.

"Do it!" Exclaimed Rayhun. Noticing my hesitation...

"As you wish." I smiled and thrust my blade backward, shoving it through Rayhun's belly. "I'm back bitches." I whispered to him with a smile behind my own mask.

"Dragon... Knight." He whispered, blood poured from his mouth in between the words and he died. I yanked my blade from his stomach. The other Black Ring were too shocked to do anything... Until one of them screamed and swung his bow toward me. But because of the close proximity it was impossible to shoot me.

I used the momentum from pulling my blade from Rayhun to slice this Black Ring across the stomach, sending his guts spilling. I raised my hand to the remaining Ring as they fumbled for their swords and blasted them with electricity, frying them.

"What the hay..." Said the orange mare as I took my mask off and the disguise enchantment with it, revealing my slightly softer, no tattooed features. The guard ponies looked terrified but tried to stand their ground... Even so, they backed away from their two injured friends as I approached, but stayed reasonably close. I knelt down by them both.

"Blue one will be fine, just unconscious. Give her this when she wakes." I said and passed a Potion of Healing to the- Twilight! That's it! Twilight! How I know their names I don't know... "The pink one is more complicated, more often than not, Black Ring arrows are poisoned..." I said gravely.

"What does that mean?" Asked Twilight worriedly.

"It's completely up to her immune system whether she survives..." I started... "...Or not." I finished, the other ponies gasped.

"There must be something you can do!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"... Fine." I said and gave them a Potion of Ultimate Healing. I would have given her some of my vitality... But I didn't know her. Did I?

"Err, guys? I don't wanna be the bearer ah bad news... But Canterlot's under attack." Informed the orange mare, looking over the ledge of the Fortress and pointing, we all ran over.

"Huh? What's Canterlot?" I asked. The name seemed familiar.

"The Capital of Equestria...! Oh no! The Princesses! That’s where the rest of his forces must be!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"...Leave it to me." I said, preparing for an assault.

"What?! We can't!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"I need you to fix the damage here. I can save your 'Princesses' myself, you'll all just slow me down."

"He did just save us Twi. At great risk ta 'imself." Said... No, I don't know. It was the orange one.

"Fine. We trust you." Nodded Twilight.

"Thanks. Guess I have a job to do." I said. "You girls best get down from here." I said, the Unicorns levitated the Earth Ponies and themselves down while the conscious Pegasus lifted the unconscious one down. And the Pegasus guards also flew down.

I headed to the Fortress's control room and just barely piloted it over Canterlot without crashing and I parked it next to the other two Fortresses that were already over Canterlot. I went outside to the Fortress walls after setting up a surprise. I looked down from the Fortress's ledge... There was a tower right below me...

I jumped from the Fortress and grabbed the flagpole as I fell, sliding down it and landing on the domed roof. I slid down and saw there was a banister that led around the entire tower and it seemed to run just above the window I needed to get inside. I slid downwards and left the roof. I curled my legs around the banister, as if I was going to do a sit up while hanging upside down.

I hung there with my arms slightly out by my side I saw a Black Ring running around the tower... After someone... I squinted my eyes to concentrate my view...

"Come 'ere little girly! I ain't gonna hurt ya! I said come 'ere!" He exclaimed. I started to move my upper body back and forth, swinging on the banister with the back of my knees, I slid my legs off the banister as I rocked toward the window, I flew in and landed gracefully on my back.

"Ow." I muttered. I was behind an old plastic covered couch... Looks like this is storage. I peered over the couch and saw the Black Ring grab the mare by her flank, tying her up so she couldn't kick him and he gagged her.

"Now then, we'll have some fun!" He exclaimed, beginning to unbuckle his greaves, I slipped behind him.

"Will we?" I asked, swinging my blade, cutting him in half from the groin down. He fell apart, dead.

"..." The mare was crying. She was in complete shock... She was a light gray unicorn, with purple and white streaks through her hair, blue eyes and three stars on her ass... I read her mind.

'Pleasedon'thurtme, pleasewakeup, pleasedon'thurtme...' she repeated over and over... She must think this is a nightmare... He didn't manage to violate her it seems.

"Are you OK?" I asked, she didn’t answer. "Ok, I'll lock the door but I'll be back, I promise." I said, I exited the room and used reverse lockpicking to lock the door. I crouched down and began to sneak through the castle, I put my greatsword on my back and pulled out my combat knife, preparing to stealth kill...

I crept down the stairs leading to the tower... I saw two corridors leading off in different directions... Somehow, my memory seemed to scream about the left corridor. I took that corridor and began walking, I saw more pony guards lining the corridor but these were knocked out.

I headed down another set of stairs and I passed a room with a sun symbol on it... It brought me feelings of... Happiness? Elation? Joy? Weird.

I moved on and saw a door with both a moon and sun symbol on it, it brought back feelings of familiarity...

Another room, this one had a moon on it, it brought me the same feelings as the one with the sun, except lessened, and a feeling of regret, as if I wanted to do something but never got the chance... Suddenly I heard something inside...

I opened the door quietly and saw two Black Ring standing over a bed... There was someone in it! The room was large and dark, curtains pulled over with a star design on them, with the sun shining it looked like stars were dotting the floor and furniture of the room... It was beautiful. There was a banner of a blue pony with both wings and a horn with the moon above said pony.

"Think we'll have to kill 'er?" Asked one. As he spoke I crept behind them and stabbed him in the neck, the other turned but was met with my fist to his Adam's Apple, crushing his windpipe... He choked to death.

I picked up the two bodies and tossed them off the balcony. I turned and saw the figure in the bed was the pony from the banner, she was asleep still, snoring lightly. I smiled at the sight and shut the curtains again... I left the room and shut the door quietly. Why I was being like this I don't know...

I moved on, heading down another set of stone spiral stairs. As I got to the bottom another corridor stretched out ahead of me, this time there were massive double doors at the end and two Black Ring guards sitting on crates playing cards on a larger crate in front of the doors.

"Think they'll be long?"

"Nah, they're negotiating. They'll be awhile." Assured one.

"So, which one do you want? The blue one or the white one?" Asked the other with a laugh.

"They'll put up a fight, I like that. I think I'll have the blue one." He winked.

"We'll play for em'. Your turn to deal." Said one. This pissed me off. They were playing to decide which pony to rape? I stood up at my full height and strode up to them. Putting my mask on and my disguise activated. These two remind me of the two Black Ring in the Mining Office, who were talking about what they were going to do with the survivors of that catastrophe.

"Hey, General, you're just in time, negotiations are starting. Geshniz is already in there." Said one. I wasn't amused.

I got my two knives out. My gold combat knife and my shin one. I plunged the combat knife into the back of the neck of the one who greeted me. His head slammed into the larger crate on top of his deck of cards as blood began to pour from him.

As the other began to stand up I threw my shin knife into his face, it hit him right between the eyes. He fell backwards from his crate. Hitting the ground.

I retrieved my two knives and crouched, entering the... Throne room. This was the throne room. I saw General Geshniz in the center of the room. Talking to a white pony similar to the blue one, but larger. There were three Black Ring guards on both sides of the room, one between each pillar. Facing the throne. Idiots.

"So Princess. Relinquish your realm to us. Now, we can do this the easy way..." She said. 'She' referring to Geshniz. The white Princess had a black coloured ring on her horn that seemed to prevent her using magic and her wings were tied with rope to her body. Her hooves were also tied up. "Or the hard way." She chuckled. I also saw a light blue pony in golden armor next to her. I placed my sword in its sheath at the side of the room.

"I will not give over my kingdom so easily!" She said, standing her ground. "Captain Sapphire... How could you?" She asked.

"Reasons you cannot possibly understand Princess." Answered her apparent Captain who had joined the Black Ring it seems.

"Well, I will not relinquish anything to you!" Exclaimed the Princess. I respected her taking a stand.

"Fine, we'll bring your sister into this then. All it takes is one messenger to be sent to her room and to tell our men there to bring her." She shrugged, turning away and taking a breath as if she were about to give the order. As they talked I had used my combat knife to kill all the guards on the right side of the room, dragging their bodies away into dark corners one by one as I killed them.

"No! You will not harm her!" Exclaimed the Princess, trying to charge a spell, her horn lit up gradually until it hit the ring and the light dissipated.

"Will we not? Very well then." She smiled. Meanwhile I had teleported across the room behind the others and repeated the process. "Ganor, send a mess- Ganor? Segur? Leklan!" She called, she walked over to my side of the pillars to search for her missing comrades.

As she left the view of the two remaining ponies I threw my shin knife into the side of her neck, before she could hit the ground I pulled her body into a dark corner. The Captain turned and saw the room was seemingly empty.

"The guards... Where ar-" He stopped as an arrow hit his throat, he choked to death before the Princess's eyes, she looked terrified.

"Hello? Anypony?" Called the Princess worriedly as I stayed out of sight. I freed her using magic, snapping the ropes and pulling the ring off her horn. As I exited the same way I entered.

I checked my gear, made sure everything was in place and started my way back to the tower to check on the mare I saved. As I walked I checked my trap...

It was set, the remainder of the Black Ring were on the Flying Fortresses, they didn't even come down, they just sent Geshniz and her strike force to take the castle... But even so there were only about 50 spread across each Fortress. They were a small strike force.

I activated my trap. The Flying Fortress I used to get here exploded, it crashed into the other Flying Fortress next to it, which crashed into the one next to that. The three Flying Fortresses then crashed in a far field. I smiled at my genius as I climbed the last set of stairs. I unlocked the tower doors and entered.

"Hello? You in here?" I asked, suddenly the frigging couch was thrown at me with magic! I ducked it and more items were being thrown at me, small things luckily, they just bounced off me. It was then I realised I was still wearing my disguise mask. I took it off.

"Stay away from me, monster!" She cried. Throwing more stuff.

"It's me! See?" I said, she wasn't listening, I approached her and picked her up, shaking her. "I'm not the enemy!" I exclaimed. She squirmed around in my grasp, still in shock. The panic phase. I put her down.

"Nonononono!" She whimpered, scrambling away... I held my hands up.

"Ok then... Lets-" I stopped as I was hit with magic from behind!

I hit the far wall and my vision went blurry... I saw something approach as I passed out...