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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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[SoL] Chapter 10: A Princess's Regret

Author's Note:

Small M rating on this chapter for suggested Princest. Suggestive lines are unneeded and will be censored out for your convenience. It makes sense without the censored lines, don't worry. If I get enough comments asking me to uncensor it, I will.

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;Princess Celestia's POV;

"I... Goodbye." I said to him... Sun! What was that daydream I had before...? I could hardly remember it...

"Sister..." Said Luna, putting her wing on my back, I jumped slightly and looked at her... Was it me or did she look nice today...? Even, beautiful...

What was I saying?! This was my sister! I looked to the left of me and saw Ego's sword without its sheath... I teleported it to him before it corrupted us again.

Suddenly i calmed down, my feelings subsided... Strange. First I was dreaming naughty thoughts about a bipedal being! And then even my sister?! What was wrong with me?!

I put my hoof on my chest... No... It can't be! I was in love with Ego?! And my sister?! Impossible! I... It can't be... How could I not have noticed!?

"Sister, are you OK?" Asked Luna.

"I am fine sister." I said. Shuddering as her wing touched me...

How long have I felt like this?! I thought back... It seems for a while... Now that I looked back, it was true. It was a feeling I paid no attention to, but since Ego awoke the feelings I finally noticed them... How I felt around both of them, how I shudder every time they are near, how my heart beats faster... How I feel so good, so elated... How I feel as if I can do anything...

Should I just admit it to them? No, they'd call me a freak... There was a small chance with Ego, yes, I loved him... But Luna? No... Not at all. My crush on her so long ago had returned... But why?!

;Tyrath's POV;

Creature, Twilight, Spike and myself all sat in a private carriage on the train... My sword teleported next to me and I put back in it's sheath, wondering how I keep misplacing it... I thought about the tradition and remembered I yelled at Twilight.

"Twilight." I said.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for yelling before." I said.

"It's fine." She smiled

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna told me about this tradition so..." I said and kissed her. "I forgive you." I smiled, she was blushing...

"Oh yes! The tradition!" She shook her head to wake herself up.

;Twilight's POV;

The tradition? Sure, Luna would think it was still around... But surely Celestia wouldn't. She knew it was one that died out... Not that I was adverse to the kiss... No! This is a different species! I had to play along until I could quiz Celestia as to why she told him this was still a tradition...

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw that Twilight had a thoughtful look on her face, it was now dark out so I sat back in my chair, preparing to sleep...

;Princess Luna's POV;

I bedded down to visit the dream realm and act as its Warden. I enjoyed my nightly duties

But once there I saw something I didn't suspect... Ego was sitting there among the doors to dreams...

"Ego?" I asked.

"Hmm? Princess Luna?" He asked, getting up. We both encircled each other, each wondering if the other was real. We both raised our hoof/hand and touched... Solid.

"You are here! How?" I asked.

"In my world I always visited the dream realm to see if I could access the dreams of the Black Ring. I tried here. Nothing." He said.

"It's good to know I won't be alone here anymore. Care to peruse some dreams?" I asked, wait, did I just basically ask him on a date?

"I..." He started to agree I think before he became transparent... "Maybe later. Twilight wants me." He chuckled.

"Of course." I smiled. He vanished completely and I felt empty... A strange feeling to have for just a friend... That’s all he is Luna... It's all he can be! We cannot... You do not have feelings for him Luna! He is just a good friend...

After spending time thinking I decided to enter my sister's dreams to see if she was OK, she worried me earlier... I trotted over to her door with the sun on it, and pushed open the door.

I entered slowly and saw her laying on the grass, it was in Canterlot Gardens, on the edge of the cliff, looking out at the rest of the land. The oaks, birch trees all towering above her.

A sparrow chirped above her head. One landed on her back. There was somepony approaching her... but he... Or her? Was silhouetted out... Suddenly the sun got brighter, signifying a high in emotion...

So she was in love with somepony! Great! But whom? This was so good! Tia needs a special somepony!

The scene was very peaceful. The atmosphere tranquil. It seemed normal. The sun brightened her alabaster fur. She was laying with her legs tucked under her. The pony sat beside her and she was nuzzling him... Then she kissed him... Or her?

"Hello, my beautiful mare." Said the pony in question. He sounded familiar...

"Oh hello Ego... Oh, this is so romantic." She... Said. Ego?! I saw his face and true form become visible, he was smiling lovingly at her... She rubbed her head on his shoulder.

'Oh sister... What have you gotten yourself into?' I thought. This is a foreigner! An alien! It could destroy my sister's reputation! Turn everypony against her! She must realise this! That it is wrong on so many levels!

They shared a deep kiss and rolled in the grass a few times before Ego landed atop her. Kissing her neck.

"Oh Celestia. I love you so much." He said...

"And I you. I am so glad I told you." She said, told him?

"I'm glad you confessed your love." He said, confessed? What?

"Oh my love... Your sun is so beautiful and perfect, just like you." He said.

"Oh Ego... It's only so bright and beautiful because you and our other friend have made it so by making me so happy." She smiled.

Other friend? Sister is sharing? With whom I wonder?

It is unnatural for her to love a being from somewhere else, and she is sharing?! It... Can't be.

"Oh, here she is." He said... Then the dream me appeared... And kissed Ego... Deeply... Why was the real me shuddering? The dream me's emotion was high...

"Oh, I am so sorry I'm late sweetie." 'I' apologised, nuzzling Ego...

"Well my gorgeous mare... How will you apologise? What kept you?"

"The ambassador simply couldn't wait. I think I need to be punished." 'I' said, turning around to them so my flank was facing them... What...? This was weird...

"That you do sister..." Breathed Celestia walking around 'me'. "Such a naughty mare... But I still want a kiss from my gorgeous little sister." Said Celestia and suddenly we... Kissed?! What?! I...

"AHHH!!" I screamed as I woke in my bed, bolting up... What was that? That must have been the wrong dream! Some stallion's wet dream... Just one that included Ego...? Buck, I don't know... I can't comprehend... I really do love my sister, I missed her dearly, but... this?! Not only is she in love with an alien, but also with me?! It can't be...

I just lay there thinking for hours... It was impossible... The wrong dream... There was only one way to know for sure... I opened my door with a big breath, my guards jumped.

"Remain here. I need to speak to my sister... Alone." I said. The guards outside her sister's chambers heard it as well. "Play cards or something until I come out." She said.

"Err... Yes, Your Highness..." Said Captain Starr uneasily and walked to my thestral guards, summoning a deck. I entered my sisters room and shut and locked the door. I saw her getting ready, she was looking at a pair of earrings...

"Ah! Luna! What are you doing up? No matter, have you seen these earrings! They are beautiful... I wonder how I got them?" She asked.

"Sister. We must talk" I said seriously.

"Hmm? What about?" She asked.

"About your crush." I said.

"Ah... You noticed?" She asked.

"I saw your dreams. I know you do not like me snooping but... "

"It's OK... What did you see?" She asked. She didn't remember...

"You... With somepony in Canterlot Gardens." She said.

"Oh? Well it is my favorite spot..." She said.

"It was Ego." I stated.

"Oh! Well, I..." She said.

"And then me. You then kissed me. Calling me 'gorgeous'... Pray tell why? Why do you dream about Ego and I this way?" I asked.

"Ah... Well you see... I... Well..." She stammered.

"Well?" I asked.

"It's only.. You see I..." She mumbled.

"Sister. Give me a straight answer or I will tell Ego what I saw." I warned.

"I love him! And I love you!" She exclaimed. And... Kissed me. I was shocked... She pulled back after a minute...

"..." I had no words as she looked at me.

"I have loved you for so long sister... I just never paid attention to the feelings. It's the same with Ego. I love Ego because I feel as if I have known him for a long time. As if I have harboured feelings for him for such a long time." She explained. I backed off...


"Please... Luna..." She said...

"..." I didn't speak.

"Remember I told you I had a crush on King Leo?" She asked.

"..." I never spoke, just nodded.

"Well, that wasn't true. I had a crush on you. But I managed to bury those feelings. I guess once I realised I loved Ego... It reminded me of how I loved you as well..." She admitted.

"..." I was still silent.

"When you left me, if left a hole in my heart. One that was never replaced until you returned. Without the moon, my sun was so lonely... I have loved you for so long but just never noticed... Please... Say something. Scream at me, tell me I'm a freak." She said.

"Oh..." I sighed...

"What?!" She exclaimed.

"You do not love me. You're just confused. It is simple. You do not love Ego! It must be somepony else and you just think it! Sister, this is unnatural! It's perverse!" I screamed.

"Luna..." She tried, tearing up. I just teleported out... But kept a listening spell in my sisters room...

I teleported to my room, shivering... No... This couldn't be... No...! She couldn't love me! It was a trick! A prank!

I listened with the spell and heard her crying... Sobbing, it broke my heart, but she needed to let it out. I was confused... Tired. And I needed to sleep again. Badly.

(Suggestive things ahead. Skip to next chapter if it makes you uncomfortable.)


I woke in the night with a clear mind.

Sister can not love me... Right? She cannot love Ego...

She can't! I thought back to the time she told me about King Leo...


I trotted along the smooth marble floors of our first Castle, passing room after room until I reached my sister's... I opened the door that had her Cutie Mark adorned on it.

"Luna!" Exclaimed Celestia as I entered her room, she was crying on her bed... She had already grown into her Alicorn form and looked incredibly feminine, even beautiful to the point that only a few years into our reign, and she was already receiving proposal letters from all around the kingdom.

"Sister, why are you crying? They are asking after you." I said.

"I... I just... Nothing." She said, averting her eyes from me...

"Sister you must tell me." I pleaded, putting my hooves on her cheeks, lifting her gaze to mine.

"I... Have a crush!" She exclaimed. Instead of being happy, she was sad. Her eyes red from crying

"Sister! That is amazing!" I exclaimed, bouncing slightly on the bed with a wide grin.

"No it's not." She said, looking away, shutting her eyes tight.

"Why?" I asked.

"I... Can't. Please sister. Leave." She said.

"No. Who is it Tia? I swear I will take over your mind to find out." I threatened.

"It's..." She muttered, looking down.

"Say that again?" I asked.

"King Leo!" She exclaimed. Too be honest I felt jealous that my sister loved somepony more than I...

"Our cousin?!" I gasped.

"Yes. Please Lulu... Help me." She sobbed.

"Ok... Look at me." I said, rubbing my head on hers. She shivered.

"Ok..." She said and looked into my eyes. I felt my heart flutter... I felt sorry for her.

"You must suppress these feelings. Eventually, they will go away. We have recently come into our prime sister. These feelings are natural for somepony you feel close to. As long as you do not act on them. Take some time to get over your crush. And even grieve if needs be. Don't be too hard on yourself. This is normal." I assured her, looking into her eyes all the time.

"Girls? Are you OK?" Came the voice of our best friend and mentor... Another Alicorn. He was white, with slicked back hair and a half sun half moon as his Cutie Mark.

"And find somepony else to crush on." I whispered, shifting my eyes to him. I was already crushing on him, but I didn't mind my sister also crushing on him... But unfortunately he didn't seem interested... He must not find me attractive...

"Luna!" She went red.

"See? You're already over him, are you not?" I asked.

"Yes." She said with a smile.

"Girls?" He asked.

"We're OK!" We both exclaimed, he jumped a little in surprise.

"Thank you sister." She kissed my cheek and I blushed...

"Well, it was nothing. We shall never part." We hugged and I felt a strange sensation in my chest. Soon after when the Elements of Harmony bonded them further I felt as close to my sister as I could...


We were supposed to be together... It is so clear now. It was destiny. It had to be... Maybe even with Ego...? I think it was.

(Continued in next chapter.)