• Published 28th Sep 2016
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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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Chapter 12: Saddle Up!

As our train pulled into Saddle Arabia, I saw what they meant by 'sandy'... The buildings themselves were made from sandstone! There was sand everywhere! I wouldn't be surprised if the ponies were made out of sand... Although Twilight assures me they're not.

We came to checkpoint in the shield. Some guards inspected the train before giving us the go ahead to pull in to the station.

"Ok, here we go! I'll follow your lead!" Exclaimed Twilight, Spike and her stayed behind Creature and I as the doors opened, we stepped out to be greeted by a pony...

"Greetings My Lord. I am Emissary Scroll." He said.

"Evening." I greeted in return.

"Salutations." Said Creature.

"Hi! I'm Twil-" Started Twilight.

"Silence mare! You will when spoken to here!" Yelled the Emissary, causing Twilight to cower.

"Talk to her like that again, and you will not like the consequences." I warned, the guards with him flinched at that and tightened their 'grip' on their spears.

"These are our traditions. You will follow them while here or leave." He warned.

"Sure. See ya." I said. Creature and I turned around.

"Wait!" He exclaimed. I grinned for a second but put an expression of genuine inquiry on my face as I turned.

"Hmm?" I asked.

"Fine. The mare can have her liberties for now." Said the Emissary.

"For now? Bye." I waved.

"Fine!" He exclaimed, almost pleading.

"Good. Now then. I wish to see your rulers." I said.

"Ruler. You aren’t in Equestria anymore." He said as we walked through the streets. The street was cordoned off and ponies were gathered, they lined the sides of the streets, looking out at me. I saw many ponies being pushed, shoved or pestered by the guards in the crowd... What the fuck?!

"Ruler? I thought you had a royal family?" I asked. He snorted.

"They were arrested for treason by our king." He stated. I stopped for a second... These were friends of the Princesses... I doubt they did anything bad... Shit...

"King?" Asked Twilight, the Emissary's head whirled around without him breaking stride but he took a breath.

"Yes. We have a rightful king on the throne now." He smirked.

"I see." I said

"Welcome to Sandstone Stronghold." He said suddenly a platoon of guards rna past.

"Emissary Scroll! A rebel has been spotted!" He exclaimed.

"Just go to the Stronghold! I will be back post haste!" He exclaimed and followed the guards.

I nodded as we got in view of the grand silver gates to the Palace.

"Nice." I smiled.

I saw two ponies with collars ready to push open the gates... Slaves?! They had fucking slaves?! Fuck me...

"Twilight Sparkle. Do they have slaves?" Asked Creature, slowing up to walk next to her.

"I... Not usually, nor do they subjugate mares. They are very old traditions that the Princesses demanded they relinquish..." Informed Twilight. Creature picked up the pace to walk next to me.

"Master... Can we allow this?" Asked Creature.

"For now... I hate slavery." I growled. I really did. One thing on my to-do list was to free the Yuthul Gor Orc slaves. I also hated gender inequality... It was wrong.

"But Master..." He said.

"I know!" I quietly exclaimed. "We just have to deal with the Black Ring first. Then we free them." I informed.

"How Master?" I asked.

"Civility. By force if necessary." I told him.

"What?" Asked Spike. I put him on my shoulders as we approached the Stronghold.

"Listen up bud, we're going to free these slaves after we deal with the Black Ring." I informed.

"Good. Slavery is wrong." He agreed, I put him on Twilight's back. We approached the gates.

"Do not move." Said a guard.

"What the buck are you? Euch." The guard shook his head in disgust.

"I'm the fucking tooth fairy. Now, I have business with your King. Apparently he left his balls at home because he hasn't even got them to meet me in pony." I said, assuming 'in pony' instead of 'in person' was used.

"Excuse me?" He asked and pointed a spear at me.

"Put that away before you hurt yourself." I said dismissively.

"As if our King would want to even lay eyes on you." Snorted one.

"Move your asses. I haven't got the time for this." I sighed.

"I swear I will..." Growled one.

"Sir Draconis, shall we?" Asked the Emissary before noticing the guards blocking me. "Why are you blocking our guests?" Growled the Emissary. They were quick to move their spears. They banged them on the ground twice, signaling the slaves to open the heavy gates. We stood in a courtyard.

"Wait here and I will fetch the King." He said and entered the Stronghold.

I looked in alleyway and saw some kind of commotion... It seemed in a different language...

"Twilight. Got a book on the native language?" I asked.

"Here." She said and passed it over. I read it and learned the language.

"Thanks. Wait here." I said and entered the alley.

"ابق بعيدا!" Exclaimed the scared Pony in question... I concentrated and allowed the language to translate into my own... "I said stay away!" Exclaimed the pony behind some crates. Cornered by two guards. I crouched down behind the crates and observed.

"Trying to escape are we?" Chuckled a guard.

"No! I was... Just going to the market!" Defended the pony.

"Sure... Sounds like we need some punishment." Chuckled the other guard and removed his belt...

"No... Please..." She cried, I saw a little filly poke her head out from behind her mother... Terrified.

"L-l-l-leave mother alone!" She cried.

"Aww... Lookie here, a little warrior. Maybe one day a guard hmm? We should enrol her. Oh wait, mares cannot become guards. Or anything of value. This requires more punishment for acting against tradition." He chuckled.

"I do not think so." I said, stepping out.

"Oh, this must be the ape the King wanted to deal with our problems." Said one who turned around.

"So, what do want? To watch? This mare is being promoted from slave, to breeding mare." He chuckled...

"She is, is she?" I asked, approaching them.

"Yeah, you want a turn?" He asked. "I doubt an ape will get a mare any other way.... Or do your preferences lean more towards... The foals way of thinking..." He asked, glancing back toward the filly... What. The. Fuck?! These bastards... "They are more easy to tame from a young age... So tight." He said, growling a little in pleasure from picturing his first filly, I was reading his mind... He was even becoming erect... Fucking rapist pedophile bastard.

"Hmm... I don't know, what do you think?" I asked, playing along.

"Don't you dare hurt her!" Yelled the mare, stepping forward.

"Don't you worry sweetie. Your turn will come." Said the other.

The one in front of me was at full mast... Good. Time to enact my plan.

"So-" Started the one in front of me before a slicing was heard... His eyes went wide as I stood there with a friendly, innocent smile on my face and my now bloodstained combat knife in hand.

"Buddy? What's up?" Asked his friend, walking up to him... He was just standing there, starting to shake, tears forming in his eyes. "Buddy?" He asked. Suddenly his friend's two veg fell to the floor beneath him and blood splattered beneath him as well... I cast a sound cancelling spell just in case.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" He yelled and fell to the floor, shivering and crying...

"What did you do?!" Asked his friend, unsheathing his sword.

"Well, they weren't being used the correct way, so I removed them." I shrugged. The conscious guard shivered.

"Y-y..." He started,

"night." I said and slit his throat, throwing him to the side. I approached the mare who backed off.

"You just want us to yourself? Is that it?!" She screamed. I crouched down.

"No. I don't err... You know...? In fact I've never even... Ahem." I coughed.

"You... Haven't?" She asked. Relieved.


"Are you... A rebel?" She asked.

"Err..." I started.

"Part of the Righteous Rebels? The militia group?" She asked. Righteous Rebels? Doesn't leave much to the imagination.

"There's a group fighting against the King?" I asked.

"Yes. They wish to reinstate the royal family. I'm not sure how. But I do know it is them who freed me." She admitted.

"I see. No, I am not part of the Militia, but I wish I was. I am working for the King to deal with those Floating Islands." I admitted.

"So..." She backed off.

"I am only on his side for now. I do not condone slavery. Far from it. Once I have dealt with the Black Ring, I swear I will free your brethren and bring back the royal family. On my honor." I said.

"Thank you. I will inform the rebels when I meet them they have a friend on the inside." She said.

"My thanks. Now leave. Quickly. Take your filly and escape. Do you have a way?" I asked.

"There is a secret tunnel in this alley but they followed me, so I couldn't use it. The rebels use it to free us. It's unfortunate it is so close to the Stronghold, but it's the only way." She whispered and entered a grate.

"وداعا." I said goodbye in their native language.

"Thank you for saving mommy." Said the filly as she entered with her mother. I waved to her with an uneasy smile.

I left the alley and went back to the others. Twilight went to ask where I went but the Emissary returned.

"Lord Ego Draconis. Meet our King, King Kaiser." He said. I saw a dark brown pony in bronze armor with even a bronze mask on... His eyes also had a blue hue to them... What the fuck...?

"Greetings Sir Draconis." He bowed as we bowed to him.

"My King, I must inform you that Miss Twilight Sparkle here will not conforming with our male dominance. Sir Draconis supports her." Informed the Emissary. I saw the King's eyes through the mask flash with hate for a second...

"...Very well." He agreed unhappily.

"Well, shall we? We should go inside." Asked the Emissary.

"You are correct Scroll." He said and started to lead us to the Castle. Suddenly a slave walked in front of him, not seeing the King and the KIng never broke stride, causing him to stumble over the slave.

"Oh... My King! I am so..." He stopped as the King smacked him in the face.

"You will be... Lashes." He said and Scroll summoned a whip.

"I do not think so." I said and stepped forward quick as a flash. Placing my knife to the King's neck. The guards pointed their spears at me. Creature unsheathed his two blades. Their spears are easily avoided. They could not stop me if they tried...

"Sir Draconis, you will conform to the rest of our traditions. If I die or you interfere we will cease relationships with Equestria. That will mean war." He warned.

"I..." I sighed and backed off, removing my knife. I didn't want to disappoint the Princesses or put undue pressure on them. I made a 'down' simle with my hand and Creature put his blades away.

"Thank for trying good sir, you certainly are a light in an otherwise dark world." He said, I saw him wink. "حرية." He said 'Hurria'. It translated to 'Freedom'... The King went to lash him but he bucked the King in the chest and teleported away...

"Search the city! He cannot have left." Said the King and the guards ran away to search.

"Now. Follow me." He said.

"Sure." I said.

"Hey... You see the ape?" A guard stifled a laugh. Unfortunately, Creature heard.

"Excuse me?!" He growled and held a sword to the guard's throat who gulped.

"Calm it, Creature." I said.

"What seems to be the problem?" Asked the King.

"This prick insulted my Master. Called him an ape." Growled Creature.

"Well, he is." Shrugged the King.

"What...?" Asked Creature. Glaring at the King.

"It's fine. This glorified piece of shit is just jealous I could kill him and his guards in a split second." I shrugged.

"Jealous?! I do not think so." He challenged.

"Whatever." I shrugged.

"...Come." He said and led us inside. Ignoring my comment. He then led us to our room.

"You and your friend get separate rooms. The mare and small Dragon will have to bunk with one of you." He said.

"Very well." I nodded.

"We have called a dinner meeting in 10 minutes." He said and walked away.

"Twilight. Spike. Shall we?" I asked. And we opened our door.

"I will see you at dinner." Said Creature and entered his room as we entered ours.

It was large with a four poster bed on the left side of the room and the door to the bathroom on the right side. A few beige cupboards. Otherwise spartan. I saw a kind of... Dog bed next to the actual bed... Must be for slaves... Or women... I mean, mares. Bastards. I put my satchels down in the corner. And heard a knock at the door.

I answered it and saw a collared pony...

"Yes?" I asked.

"S-s-Sir D-D-D-Draconis?" He asked.

"Correct." I nodded.

"I will be your slave for the duration of your visit. May I lead you to dinner sir?" He asked.

"Yes. Thank you. First, name?" I asked.

"Name?" He asked.

"Yes." I nodded.

"Black sir. Black Smith." He said.

"You're Equestrian, yes?" I asked. I was beginning to tell the pony races apart.

"Yes sir." He answered.

"Where from?" I asked.

"Black?!" Exclaimed Spike.

"Spike!" He exclaimed and they hugged.

"Black Smith? Is that you?" Asked Twilight.

"Miss Sparkle!" He exclaimed and hugged her as well.

"I take it you know them?" I asked.

"Yes sir. I used to be the blacksmith in Ponyville. I was here requisitioning some metals before they declared all foreigners without a work or resident pass slaves." He said.

"I see... Isn't that illegal?" I asked.

"I do not think the Princesses knew." He informed.

"I see. Well, shall we?" I asked.

"Please sirs. Ma'am." He said. We walked through the Stronghold until we stopped outside some actual marble doors... He opened the door for me and I saw 12 ponies including Creature around a table. Each one had a pony slave standing next to them. There were two cushions free.

I sat next to Creature and Spike next to me.

"Black. Can you get a seat for Twilight please?" I asked.

"Of course." He said and pulled up a cushion and she sat down.

"A seat? My, you treat your breed mare well. She must treat you well." Chuckled one of them. Twilight blushed.

"Breed mare? Friend." I corrected.

"Ah. I forget. Equestria is stuck in the past." He nodded.

"You mean advancing into the future? Slavery and subjugation is wrong, you must understand." I said.

"Wrong! Sir, I must say it is the way forward! The nobility have power. And the poor have a purpose." He countered.

"A purpose? To serve? Freedom is the way." I said.

"Before we continue. Dinner. You eat meat yes? Steak is a favorite of meat eaters." Said the King.

"Sounds amazing." I nodded. So long since I've had a steak...

"Do you have hay salad?" Asked Twilight. Everypony looked at each other and burst out laughing. She looked sheepish.

"We do not serve mares at this table!" Laughed the King.

"You will serve her." I said seriously. Everypony stopped laughing slowly as they all realised I was serious.

"Fine." Said a noble.

"Now then. The problem." I said.

"Indeed. It is getting out of hoof." Said one.

"We need a solution shortly." Said another.

"For the Black Ring?" I asked.

"No... For the Rebels..." Said one.

"That is why you are here correct? To preserve our traditions?" Asked a different one.

"No. I am here to deal with the Black Ring. Nothing more." I shrugged.

"Well, here is the thing. These 'Rebels' have joined your 'Black Ring' so..." Said the King.

"Sure... Yeah... No. I am not here to advocate slavery. I stand against it and always will." I said.

"It is also your problem." He said.

"I will not sacrifice my own beliefs. My principles, for anyone. Goodbye." I said and stood up, suddenly the King nodded and a guard grabbed Spike and held a dagger to his throat.

"Twilight!" He cried in fright. I spun around.

"Spike!" She exclaimed and started toward him, the guard pressed the knife a little more, causing a little dark blue blood to trickle on the knife... She stopped.

"Let. Him. Go." I warned.

"You will deal with the Rebels. The Princesses will not start a war over an assistant. Probably not even over a student. So you will do as we say." Warned the King.

"Fuck... Fine." I growled.

"Take him to the dungeon. We must ensure he will not go back on his offer. Now, sit down." He said. I complied as they dragged Spike away... Our food also arrived.

"Now then. Your objective is to deal with the rebels. Capture their leader and he will grant you access to the Black Ring." Said the King as I ate my steak quickly, I was starving...

"Black." I said. I saw Twilight was staying silent, eating slowly, a blank look on her face.

"Sir?" He asked.

"Thank the chef for me would you?" I asked.

"Of course sir." He said and walked out.

"What as he got to offer?" Asked another pony.

"Well, General, he killed a lot of enemies in the Castle when freeing the Princesses." He said.

"The Princesses? Those pushovers? Ha!" Laughed the General.

"Pushovers?" I asked.

"They could not defend their kingdom to save their lives, as you witnessed. All that talk about them defeating Discord and Sombra is horseapples. Celestia couldn't even defend against a fucking Changeling! They had to get outside help! We have held these Black Ring off for weeks! And they cannot even defend against them for a second!? Ha!" He exclaimed.

"..." I had nothing to say. He had a point. They were taken by surprise, but the fact they didn't even manage to subdue a single one of them... If was strange... They had insider help, yes... Maybe they had certain access to the Castle...

"Is our other guest coming?" Asked the King.

"Yes, she will be here soon." Said the General.

"She?" I asked.

"Another hairless ape. She beat me in single combat! That earns respect." He said suddenly the door opened.


"Commander Rhode?!"