• Published 28th Sep 2016
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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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Chapter 7: Ponyville's Pest Problem

Author's Note:

In celebration of Armistice Day I am releasing a chapter early.

Support the troops. And the veterans.

Went on parade today with my unit. Stood at attention for the 2 minute silence. Listened to the cannons on the Mersey. Very soothing.

Anyway, I hope you did your 2 minute silence.

As the train pulled into Ponyville, we were informed it would be in station for a few hours, so I waited for about 3 minutes before I woke up the two monarchs that had fallen asleep on me.

"Hey, softies. Wake up." I said, they both slowly fluttered their eyes open and sat up. "That's it." I said as if talking to a child.

"We are not *yawn* children, Sir Draconis." Said Princess Luna.

"I agree." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Well, you certainly act like it." I chuckled, causing them to do the same.

"You do have a point." Smiled Princess Luna, laying her head on my shoulder again.

"Hey, don't be falling asleep again." I said.

"I apologise, but I feel so relaxed... Better than any massage I've had..." Smiled Princess Luna, getting up off the bed.

"Come on Luna." Smiled Princess Celestia, also yawning, they both supported each other as they walked. I followed them off the train with Creature at my side.

"Have you forgiven them again Master?"

"I have. I don't think they'll do it again." I said to him.

"I hope not." He said.

We headed to the tree library house I came out of earlier, Twilight was of course already inside. We entered and I saw Twilight about to stare into the amythest in the center of the Claw of Abraxas...

Wanking shit butlers! I legged it forward, pushing her friends out of the way, I snatched the blade away.

"Are. YOU. FUCKING. MENTAL?!?!?!" I asked, suddenly I spied Rainbow Dash fondling Creature's Crystal Skull...

"NO! DO NOT TOUCH! FOR MASTER'S HANDS ONLY!!!" He snarled, grabbing it from her hooves. Twilight was cowering and Rainbow Dash was shocked. As I held the blade it started to vibrate...

"No you don't..." I mumbled, sheathing it.

"Now why'd 'ya do that pardner?!" Exclaimed Applejack. Getting up from where I had shoved her out of the way.

"Sir Draconis! How dare you talk to my star pupil this way! Being curious is part of being my student!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia, charging a spell.

"Curious?! Don't you know curiosity killed the cat?! Well this 'curiosity' almost fucking killed the pony!" I turned to Twilight, causing her to begin crying. Everypony flinched at that.

"Killed?" Asked Princess Luna.

"You know the capabilities of this sword. That gem in the center of the blade is the miniature gateway to the realm of Tartarus, the land of Demons. If she looked at that for too long, one of a few things would have happened." I started to explain.

"Like what?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"A Demon could have possessed her and done any number of things. Kept hidden and struck when the time was right . Slowly made her suffer before killing her. Made her kill all of you. Or she could have had her soul taken by Abraxas and just died." I said.

"So... She coulda..." Started Applejack, beginning to cry with everypony else aside from the Princesses who were shocked.

"Dead on. You're lucky I stopped her." I said.

"And please explain about the Crystal Skull." Said Princess Celestia, wanting the others to know why not to touch it.

"That Skull is Creature's lifeforce. His connection to me. There is a reason he is so protective of it." I told them. "I do apologise for shouting like that, but it got the message across, no?" I asked.

"That much is true." Agreed Princess Luna.

"How did you get my stuff anyway?" I asked.

"You kinda fell asleep with the Princesses so I decided to take a look?" She sniffed with a look of innocent question in her face.

"Don't steal Master's gear again. Stealing is a crime and in Rivellon it carries a punishment of the removal of one's hand, or in this case hoof." He said, looks of horror began to circulate the room. "But we can let this one slide." He smiled. Creature needs to learn more about teasing...

"Awesomesauceicles. Now then, I need some time to myself. Peace." I said and exited the library with Creature in tow.

"How did I do Master?" He asked.

"You went a little too far, but good effort." I said.

"Thank you." He bowed.

"Come I need to hunt." I said. Creature agreed and we entered a dark forest looking for pray.

;4 1/2 hours later;

OK.. I got some weird chicken dragon monster things. A crocodile. A manticore. And a hydra. A good hunt if I do say so.

"Well, that's that, let's get back." I said.

"I agree Master." Said Creature, we were dragging the corpses of our pray with us out of the forest. We got the edge when we looked to our left, hearing laughing.

"Huh? What?" I asked. I saw the three fillies from the wedding running into the forest...

"Master, they are entering-" Started Creature.

"I know..." I said, taking off after them.

;Third Pony POV;

As Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo ran into the forest. They were laughing all the way, but stopped when they noticed how deep they were...

"I don't like this girls... We should head back..." Said Sweetie Belle.

"Ah agree..." Added Applebloom.

"Yeah, we're pretty deep..." Mumbed Scootaloo, they all turned before running into a Timberwolf...

"Ah shoot..." Said Applebloom.

"Boy is that understatement of the year?" Came the scaything voice of Sweetie Belle... They shut their eyes as the beast lurched at them, they all screamed but nothing came...

They looked and saw another beast had tackled the Timberwolf... The beast raised a curled claw and punched the Timberwolf in the face, breaking it's head apart in a single hit. He pulled out some sort of ranged weapon and hit another Timberwolf on his left quick as a flash, but was tackled behind a bush by another on his right that he didn't see.

The three fillies ran over to the bush but didn't dare peak... They heard struggling... Then nothing... They approached but screamed again and huddled when the Timberwolf burst forth. Suddenly it stopped as the beast who saved them shot up behind it and cut it's throat with a golden knife, taking it to the ground before stabbing where it's heart was. When he was sure the Timberwolf was dead he approached the three terrified girls.

"Are you OK?" He breathed, they girls saw he had a huge claw mark on his face, on his left cheek and there were bloodstains on his chest that said he suffered more than one injury. Suddenly another Timberwolf leapt up behind the girls... The one who saved them before wouldn't be fast enough because another attempted to sneak up on him.

Suddenly another pony jumped at the beast as it was on it's hind legs, he swung two swords with magic in an arching motion, cutting the beast in half.

"Are you all OK?" He asked.

"Y-y-yes." Scootaloo was the first to speak.

"Good." Said the other one who saved them first, as he dealt with the last Timberwolf...

;10 minutes later - Ego's POV;

As we exited the forest I saw Rarity, Applejack, Twilight and Rainbow Dash running up.

"Oh there they are! Sweetie Belle!" Exclaimed Rarity, running up to the white filly and hugging her.

"Ah was gosh darn worried about you Applebloom!" Exclaimed Applejack as the cream coloured filly ran into her hooves, crying.

"Scoots! The hay are you doin' out here?! You know I don't like you playing around the Everfree! Let alone in it!" Exclaimed Rainbow Dash. The little orange filly wasn't crying, obviously trying to act brave for Rainbow Dash.

"Thanks for saving them... You're bleeding!" Exclaimed Twilight, I looked down and grunted, seeing my chest was indeed gashed. I put a hand to my face and saw blood on my gauntlet. I focused myself and my blood healed the wounds.

"I'm good." I breathed.

"Pardner, how can we repay you for this kindness?" Asked Applejack.

"Tell these three not to pick fights with Timberwolves. That's my job." I smiled.

"It-it was so scary! But him and his friend was awesome!" Exclaimed Sweetie Belle, pointing at Creature and myself.

"Creature helped as well? I took 'im for a pony that don't care." Said Applejack, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof.

"Do not judge a Creature by its Necromancer, pony. You might be surprised." He said with a smile.

"Ah admit, ah was wrong aboutcha. Pud her there." Said Applejack, sticking her hoof out. Somehow, her and Creature shook...

"Well, thanks for saving Scoots. Not that she needed it, right?" Said Rainbow Dash, ruffling Scootaloo's purple mane.

"Nah, I coulda took on those wolves!" Exclaimed Scootaloo.

"Wolves? that's plural?" Asked Applejack.

"Yeah." Replied Applebloom.

"I ain't never 'erd of somepony taking on more than one Timberwolf without more than three ponies and survivin'!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Timberwolves are nothing. I've killed rabbits more fearsome." I waved her off, they flinched at 'killed'.

"Killed? Rabbits? Wha..." Asked Applebloom.

"Now you see fillies, Ego 'ere is an om-ni-vore." She said, spelling out the word both for herself and the fillies. "That there means he eats meat. But I've been assured he don't eat ponies." Said Applejack, casting a glance at me.

"Want to see what I eat? Creature, fetch the prey." I said.

"At once My Lord." He said, dragging our hunting game over.

"You killed... All o' them?" Asked Applebloom, all the mares were staring at the deceased monsters before them.

"Correct." I answered.

"Wow, I ain't ever seen so many Everfree monsters taken down by two ponies alone..." Said Applejack, taking off her stetson for a second and squinting as if to confirm it was real.

"I know, even with my magic, I couldn't catch them..." Said Twilight.

"We don't need magic. A good sword or two and Heightened Reflexes is enough." I shrugged, Creature teleported the catch to the Battle Towers kitchen for Sassan to prepare.

"You gotta teach me howta do that. It'd be mighty helpful." Said Applejack.

"Maybe. It's up to the Princesses to decide if I can pass on my skills." I shrugged.

"We wish to talk about that." Said Princess Celestia. Approaching me.

"Go on." I nodded.

"You are in incredible fighter. You took down the most highly trained guards in Equestria without raising a weapon. And Creature managed to take down four of my Captain's best stallions." Said Princess Celestia.

"Oh please, do stop." I said.

"We wish you to train guards on our behalf so they may better defend the kingdom, and maybe even take on anypony that wishes to join? We need a name for this force..." Said Princess Luna.

"Maybe Equestria's Paladins." I said.

"That sounds good enough, we bow to your superior combat knowledge." Said Princess Celestia.

"Fair enough. Ok then. Time to settle in. Where am I staying?" I asked.

"You can stay at Golden Oaks Library with me and Spike." Smiled Twilight.

"Sounds acceptable enough." I nodded.

"Ok, that's that." Smiled Twilight.

"You deserve some time off Sir Draconis. We will talk about these plans more in a month or two." Smiled Princess Luna.

"Sounds like a plan." I smiled. I usually hate time off, but I need it now...

"Is there usually a problem with Timberwolves around here?" Asked Creature.

"Eh, sometimes we get em' on tha farm but they usually stay well away from us." Shrugged Applejack.

"Yes, quite. They usually stay near the Everfree where they belong." Said Rarity.

"Well, if you get anymore trouble from them, let us know." I said.

"We will. Come on Applebloom. For goin' in the Everfree, you get to do chores for a week." Scolded Applejack.

"Aww..." She said, walking away with Applejack, her head hanging.

"Sweetie Belle, I will ensure mother and father will hear about this." Said Rarity, walking away from her sister, who followed her slowly.

"Well, I was gonna perform some tricks for you tomorrow, but now I ain't." Said Rainbow Dash, flying away from Scootaloo who walked off...

"Enjoy your time off Sir Draconis. We will inform you if anything happens that requires your attention." Said Princess Luna.

"Fine. But I don't have to like it." I mumbled. I wanted to hunt Black Ring! But we didn't know where they were...