Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception

by The Joeker

[SoL] Chapter 21: The Banquet.

"Now, everypony, please welcome, your comedian for the evening, Tyrath Kyelinth!" Exclaimed Twilight as she jumped back on stage, before walking back off after she introduced Tyrath.

(Play 00:30-00:52)

"Hello everypony! Hello hello hello!" I exclaimed as everypony cheered. I held my hand out flat and lowered it, and everypony quietened down. "Jeez, I get it! You want me gone... Well too bad! You're stuck with me." I spoke, referring to the song. "Wow, wow, wow! What a turnout, what a turnout. Last time I had a crowd like this, I had my top off..." I spoke, everypony chuckled. "...And my pants..." I continued, more laughs. "And my socks." I said with a grin. "Oh, Twilight, I just replaced your bed with a trampoline; she's gonna hit the roof tonight." I spoke, everypony laughed. "Pinkie without a mouth, eh? Ah, my dream came true." I looked at the sky with a smile and everypony laughed, Pinkie acted indignant but was grinning.

"Very funny!" She exclaimed as I gave her her mouth back.

"You know, they laughed when they said I'd be a comedian! Well, they're not laughin' now I tell ya..." I spoke. "You know, I always get asked 'you're a warrior! Slay us a beast!' it's never 'Oh you're a politician? Tell us a lie!'" I exclaimed. More laughs, even Celestia was laughing, although it was still chaste. "Sometimes I sleep in the nude. It isn't a problem, except during camping trips." I smirked. Well, they were enjoying themselves judging by their laughs.

"Show us!" Came a voice. I turned and Creature was grinning.

"I'd ask you to as well, but there's nothing to show." I shrugged. Everypony pretty much died from laughter. "That, mares and gentlecolts, is how you deal with a heckler." I smiled.

"Very good!" Laughed Twilight.

"Oh, I am gonna get in so much fucking trouble for this next one." I chuckled to myself, looking down with a grin. "OK, trips to outer space would usually cost in the billions in Rivellon to get a Mage to teleport you there. But in Equestria, its pretty cheap. Just do something like set fire to the castle grounds, steal the Princesses pet, or unleash the evil god of Chaos, and there you go, boom! To the moon!" I exclaimed. I saw Celestia gasp, cover her mouth, but I saw a grin curl on her and she burst out laughing in a very un-Princess-like manner. I saw Luna watching, and she had collapsed backwards in laughter, everypony else was also having trouble breathing.

"Oh my gosh, that was so bad but so good!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"What do you do when there's a Manticore in the Everfree Forest? Hydra kids, hydra wife." I said. More laughter. "What do you call Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo when they're in a bad mood? The Moody Dark Crusaders." I shrugged, their older sisters began laughing loudly(And Rainbow Dash). "How many little ponies does it take to change a light bulb? All of them. One will change the lightbulb while the rest will cheer them how great they are." I shrugged, more laughter. "When I die, I want to go peacefully like my grandfather did; in his sleep. Not screaming like the passengers on his train." I shrugged. Everypony 'ooh'd' to that but some laughed anyway. "Now, if the gorgeous Princess Celestia is in charge of the day..." I said, the Princess blushed. "And the lovely Princess Luna is in charge on the night..." I continued, Princess Luna also blushed. "Does that mean Princess Cadance is in charge of Twilight?!" I asked. Everypony burst out laughing, especially Twilight.

"Oh, I'm gonna die!" Laughed Rainbow.

"Thank you everypony!" I exclaimed and waved as I walked off stage to thunderous applause. I headed up to the stands, in a few steps going up and stairs. I swooped in and kissed Princess Celestia on the cheek as Twilight addressed the crowd.

"Tyrath Kyelinth everypony! Thank you!" She exclaimed as everypony cheered. The Princes blushed and turned her head to kiss me on the lips.

"Well well well Ty, I see you've settled quickly." Came the voice of Marius.

"Marius!" I exclaimed and hugged him. "And Haakim and Amira." I said and shook their hooves. "How go things?" I asked.

"Very well, thank you." Nodded Amira.

"Peace has been restored. Marius and the rebel Ponies have kept the peace and Bakr is currently seeing to keeping the peace while we are here." Said Haakim. "Bari and Alim are looking after the foals." Smiled Haakim.

"Very good, very good!" I nodded.

"Who are the other Humans?" Asked Celestia.

"By The Divine!" Exclaimed Marius.

"Correct. One is Lucien, The Divine, my friend. Zandalor, a great wizard, probably equal to Twilight in my world anyway, another friend. And Deodatus, Grand Healer and Mayor of Aleroth, the greatest city in Rivellon. They will be joining the banquet if you don't mind." I said.

"Of course not!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia, oh by the Gods, why was she so beautiful... "May I meet them?" She asked, snapping me out my stupor.

"Of course! Why not? Come." I said.

"We will not be attending the banquet unfortunately. We must get back." Said Haakim.

"Farewell Dragon-Knight. I will see you soon." Bowed Marius.

"Thank you friends! See you later." I waved and escorted Celestia down the steps to the side of the stage. "Lucien? This is Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria alongside her sister, Princess Luna, who is around somewhere..." I looked around.

"Pleasure to meet you Princess." Said Lucien as he kissed her hoof.

"Indeed. It seems Tyrath has made fast friends!" Said Zandalor, bowing.

"A pleasure Your Highness." Also bowed Deodatus.

"Careful colts, I belong to this one." Princess Celestia said and kissed me deeply, I returned it happily. I saw the shocked faces of my friends in the corner of my eye as they were gobsmacked. She broke the kiss off and we both looked into each others eyes for a few seconds.

"As much I belong to you, my Princess." I answered, running a knuckle down her cheek.

"Well, it is nice to meet you all! I have never known much about Tyrath's human life!" Exclaimed Celestia.

"Indeed?" Asked Lucian.

"Now then, if you don't mind gentlecolts, I must attend to the delegates. My love, I will see you later." She said, pecking me on the cheek as she flew up back into the stands. I watched her go with a happy sigh...

"Tyrath..." Warned Lucien.

"What was that Dragon-Knight!?" Asked Zandalor.

"Did- did you just kiss that Pony?!" Asked Deodatus.

"No, she stole my soul." I answered sarcastically.

"Tyrath... You know what this..." Lucien didn't finish.

"Lucien, you fucked an Elf, is that not considered perverse in Rivellon?" I asked.

"Well, yes... But it is not... Bestiality!" Exclaimed Lucien in response as everypony began to pile out.

"Lower your voice, my friend. No, maybe it is not. But I really like this mare. Not only her-" I couldn't finish as Luna gleefully glided over and engaged me in a tender, passionate kiss, essentially taking the words out of my mouth, showing them what I was about to tell them...

"A taste of what's to come tonight." She whispered. I bit her ear lightly and she moaned quietly in delight... Gods, I couldn't help myself around them, they had such an effect on me...

"Same." I breathed. She got flustered and quickly flew back to the Castle to prepare for the banquet, blushing like mad.

"Really, Ty?" Asked Lucien.

"What? They both like me and agreed to share! I'm not going to say no! What sane man would?" I asked, making sure nopony else could hear.

"One who does not find interest in animals!" Exclaimed Zandalor.

"Look, they're not 'animals'. Take my word for it. I first thought the same as you when I arrived, but they quickly showed me that it doesn't matter." I explained, smiling at Twilight and my friends, who smiled back even though they couldn't hear me. "I really like them, plain and simple. Nothing you can do about it." I shrugged.

"Never more enamoured has the Dragon been! There is nothing wrong, with sampling the local cuisine!" Exclaimed Bellegar's disembodied voice... I blushed, quite unlike me, and held in a laugh.

"Dammit Bellegar..." I murmured.

"OK Dragon, I'm fine with it, as long as you're sure." Said Lucien, rolling his eyes at Bellegar.

"As am I." Agreed Deodatus.

"Very well, but there won't be anything much you can do about it either. Once you... You know?" Said Zandalor.

"I am very well aware. And willing." I nodded.

"But are they? Do they even know what they're getting into?" Asked Zandalor.

"Time comes, I will tell them." I said to them. "There are ways to get around that." I nodded with resolve.

"None particularly pleasurable for you." Pointed out Zandalor.

"Hey, Ty. Looks like they're not the only ones interested..." Said Lucien, gesturing behind me with his head, a smile on his face. I saw Fluttershy staring at me, but as soon as she saw me looking she whipped her head around.

"What? Shy? No! No, she couldn't..." I said, but I remembered the spa... Something I'd never said was how Fluttershy seemed to want to be in close proximity to me... I assumed it was out of friendship or comfort... Not...

You know...?



"Go over to her. I bet she becomes breathless when you talk." Said Deodatus with a sly smile. I shrugged and walked over.

"Hey Fluttershy." I smiled. She jumped ten feet in the air before spinning around and letting out a wheeze.

"Hi!" She wheezed... Breathless... "I mean, hi." She said in her normal demeanour, embracing me. I felt her quiver in my grasp and I let her go.

"I'll see you in about an hour at the banquet, yes?" I asked.

"Oh definitely." Fluttershy smiled. I went back over to Lucien and the others.

"OK, strange at the start, but then just like usual Fluttershy." I shrugged.

"I see. When is this banquet then?" Asked Zandalor.

"About an hour, it's in Canterlot, the city up on that mountain." I pointed.

"Very well. We will be there for then. You go get ready." Said Lucien. I nodded and left, preparing for the night ahead...

I was ready. I had polished my set of Champion armour and took carriage with the girls to Canterlot. Spike was driving.

"Oh!" Squealed Rarity in delight. "I can't wait for this! It is so rare for the Princess host a banquet to recognise somepony's deeds! You both must be very proud!" Exclaimed Rarity to Creature and I.

"Not really. I didn't do anything special." I shrugged.

"Ne neither." Shrugged Creature as well.

"Didn't do anything?! You both saved Equestria! More than once!" Exclaimed Rainbow.

"Nothing you girls haven't done before. You all deserve more recognition." I stated.

"Yeah, but you literally almost died doing it! We've never come that close to death!" Exclaimed Pinkie. "Like that time you were facing Ygerna, and all you could do was mash the X button, swinging your sword, hoping for the best!" She exclaimed.

"How did... You know what? Nevermind..." I said with a chuckle, shaking my head.

"You're both so brave! We're lucky to have stallions like you in Ponyville." Smiled Fluttershy.

"Thank's Fluttershy. It's nice to be wanted." I nodded to her.

"It's no problem." She smiled with a curt nod.

"That universe thing... The Princess will love to hear about that!" Exclaimed Twilight, smiling widely...

"And you'd like to learn it, hmm?" I asked with a one-sided, wry smile.

"Well, I mean, if err..." She started.

"Maybe some day Twi, maybe some day. Until then, stick to your studies." I said, looking out of the carriage window wistfully.

"That was a mighty whuppin' y'all gave Trixie back there! What happened to that other fella was a bit much, but I can't really blame ya, seein' as he's Black Ring an' all." Said Applejack.

"Sorry about that... Extreme measures are required to take on the Black Ring though, that wasn't the worst you'll see. I'm just sorry your sisters had to." I said, hanging my head.

"Don't y'all be sorry 'bout that! The girls look up to ya! You're heroes! Plain an' simple!" Smiled Applejack.

"I sometimes wonder..." I mumbled, looking out the window again.

"You are! You're like, totally 'poster-on-my-wall' material!" Exclaimed Dash.

"Heh, thanks Dash. But with what I've done... I don't think you'd think so if you heard it." I chuckled darkly.

"Pardner, you told us about that dream ya had where ya tortured us, remember?" Asked Applejack.

"I'd rather forget, but yes. This is stuff I've done Applejack, not stuff I've dreamed of doing, but things I've actually done. In Rivellon, it's justified and acceptable for what it is. But Rivellon is not my primary concern any longer, Equestria is. It's my home, where my best friends are. Where the Ponies I... Really like are. And what I've done... I regret none of it, and would do it again, even here. I suppose I just worry what would happen if any of you witness the animal I can become." I spoke.

"Master, that has happened very few times." Spoke Creature.

"What in hay are you talking about?" Asked Rainbow.

"It's a skill, Battle Rage. But one day, I lost control of it, and it consumed me. I tore an entire Black Ring Fortress apart..." I started.

"We've seen you do that before!" Waved off Pinkie.

"With my bare hands." I finished.

"What?! How?" Asked Twilight.

"I... Don't know. I lost control and when I woke up, the hallways were covered in blood, as was I. Bodies littered the place, a lot missing different limbs. I can't remember any of it. Creature was there, and when I gave him sentience, he told me what happened that day..." I said, taking a calming breath. "Even without activating the ability, it can activate on it's own. I suppose it's if my adrenaline is high enough. That's why I'm glad I can control my body so well." I said with a slow nod.

"Has it ever happened here?" Asked Twilight.

"I almost did it to Cadance, when I first met her in the Crystal Caves, thinking she was Chrysalis... I can never forgive myself for that, I almost killed one of my friends." I said, looking down but casting my eyes up.

"You did? I remember that, your eyes glowed yellow and turned... Dragon-like. It was really scary..." Admitted Twilight.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that..." I apologised.

"It's fine. I know you better now, I know you'd never do anything to hurt any of us." Smiled Twilight, placing her hoof on my hand. I smiled back.

"Sorry to put a downer on the evening... Let's try to enjoy ourselves from now on, yeah?" I asked. The girls nodded with an 'mm-hmm!' Suddenly the carriage pulled up.

"We're here!" Exclaimed Spike.

"Well? Shall we?" I asked. The girls nodded and we exited the carriage, I straightened up. I saw Lucien, Zandalor and Deodatus. Deodatus had wore his purple robes, Lucien just wore his armour and Zandalor had worn his best robes, which looked the same as his others.

"Is that Zandalor?" Asked Twilight.

"Aye, one of my best friends. I'll introduce you." I nodded. I headed over to them.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie!! I'm one of Tyrath's friends!! Just like you!! I hope we can be friends as well!!!!" She exclaimed, zipping over to them.

"Ha, Zan, Luce, Deo! This is Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and you've met Pinkie Pie." I gestured to the girls, who pulled a pose. "Girls, this is Zandalor, a great wizard, Lucien The Divine, and Deodatus, Mayor of Aleroth. Three of my best friends." I said.

"I hear you are a Sorceress, yourself." Said Zandalor to Twilight.

"Oh, well I suppose you could say that..." Chuckled Twilight. He hesitantly took Twilight's foreleg to escort her, they began talking.

"Ah, you must be a farmgirl." Said Lucien to Applejack.

"Oh, how'd ya know?! Is there hay in mah hair!? Mud on mah hooves?!" She asked, looking at her hair and hooves with wide eyes. She usually never fussed about her appearance, but tonight was special and so she wanted to make an effort.

"No, not at all, you actually look quite lovely. I used to be a farmboy myself, until I was blessed with this power. I can see we have that in common, except you remained a farmgirl and I became the leader of Humanity." Chuckled Lucien, taking Applejack's foreleg with no problem, clearly he was accepting it more easily.

"So, you're a good flyer?" Asked Deodatus to Rainbow Dash.

"I suppose you could say that..." Smirked Rainbow Dash.

"I would like to see that one day! I have flown before myself, using magic! It was exhilarating!" Said Deodatus, taking Rainbow's foreleg, who seemed more the hesitant one, but eventually gave in, both of them raving about flying.

"Lady Shy, would you?" Asked Creature, extending his hoof to Fluttershy, who blushed and took it with a shy nod. Creature stood tall and stood with the others who were waiting.

"A big party here! For my friends is being held! Maybe, just maybe, with this crowd I can meld!" Said Bellegar, who appeared in a beam of blue light. "My pink friend!" Exclaimed Bellegar, pointing. Pinkie jumped, looked around and gestured to herself with a quizzical expression. "Tonight, for myself, it is looking rough! Would you perchance, take my hoof?" Asked Bellegar, extending his foreleg. Pinkie nodded and they both skipped over to the others.

"Did somepony say party?" Came a voice, I turned and saw Kirill exit a carriage, in his Pony form of course.

"Kirill! You made it!" I exclaimed, hugging him.

"Of course I did! Oh wow!" He exclaimed, looking over at Rarity, he seemed star-struck.

'Go on!' I mouthed and gestured with my head. He gulped and walked over.

"Excuse me, ma'am... May I know your name?" Asked Kirill.

"Oh! An Alicorn! Err- oh- yes- er..." Rarity stuttered. "Ahem. Rarity, darling. Fashion designer." She smiled. He kissed her hoof gently.

"Lady Rarity, may I escort you?" He asked, holding his hoof out.

"You may." She smiled, giggling in glee as she wrapped her hoof around his. Now for my date... I looked up and saw Princess Luna gliding down... Just on time.

"Good evening everypony!" She greeted, everypony replied with something along the lines of 'Hey Luna!' apart from the humans who replied with 'greetings Your Majesty.' as she landed, with makeup and everything done, I began to collapse backwards, but was stopped by a hand on my shoulder...

"She looks beautiful. Go to her." Gestured Lucien. I took a breath and nodded, steeling myself. I walked over to her...

"Hey Princess." I greeted, she turned to me with a smiling nod. "You look so beautiful..." I breathed, looking her over. She became shy, blushing, looking down. I knew how insecure she was since the Nightmare Moon incident...

"You look most handsome, like last time. The armour suits you." She smiled as she took my hand. We all stood on the edge of the red carpet... The ponies at the sides staring intensely, the paparazzi...

"Prepare yourself lads, for your greatest battle yet." I said to my three human friends.

"Why?" Asked Lucien.

"The battle for good publicity." I said. We began to walk forward, the murmurs of talking among the press suddenly became a clamour and photos were being taken. You had to look confidant. Lucien jumped as the pictures were taken.

"Did they just steal our souls?!" Asked Lucien, patting himself down.

"No. It's a device that captures your likeness instantly. Here." I said, reaching over to a journalist, grabbing a picture he took. "Need to borrow this for a second." I said. I flicked my hand holding the picture a few times to dry it. I then passed it to Lucien. He gasped, showing Zandalor and Deodatus.

"That is extraordinary!" Zandalor shook his head in disbelief. I took the picture and passed it back to the journalist

"Just look confident, answer no questions, ignore them and walk forward, wave every now and then." I said to them.

"Very well." Nodded Lucien. We all took a breath and moved forward, head held high. As I walked with Princess Luna, I didn't try to hide that I was with her, in fact when one ambitious press pony jumped in front of us on the carpet, I kissed her on the cheek, letting him catch an image of me and Luna.

Celestia didn't care about anypony knowing we were together, everypony loved her and she knew they would find out eventually. I knew that Luna was nervous and so I decided to make no mistake that we were together, that I didn't care who knew and I wanted to be with her and I wasn't afraid to show it. Eventually we all made it to the Castle, entering quickly. There was a massive table set out before us, there were plenty of seats before us-

Suddenly I was tackled to the ground by a pink blur! I hoisted myself up on my elbows, looking down to see Cadance embracing me. She looked up at me with sad eyes.

"Cadance! What's up?" I asked as she wrapped her hooves around my neck. I awkwardly patted her back, not knowing quite where to look.

"I just missed you! I wanted to go see you! But ruling an Empire is so much work... I practically screamed when I remembered!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, I was in shock as well." I admitted with a chuckle. I got up and so did Cadance with both of us laughing.

"Oh it's so good to see you!" She exclaimed.

"And you!" I replied, hugging her properly this time. I saw Shining Armor not far away, drinking punch. I took a breath and strode over to him, past a confused Cadance. "Hey, Armor." I said, gesturing with my head. He looked at me.

"Oh, hi Tyrath." He nodded.

"I want you to know I forgive you." I spoke.

"Huh?" He asked.

"I know you tried to apologise to me in the Crystal Empire and I brushed it off, but I want you to know that I accept your apology if you accept mine." I said and held my hand out. He nodded and we shook. "Now, based on this newfound friendship, there's something I need to tell you." I said, wrapping my arm around his neck and pulling him close to whisper.

"What?" He asked.

"There's a threat to the Kingdom in this very building." I whispered. I clocked Blueblood the moment I entered the room. He was attending the banquet.

"What?! Where?! Who?!" Asked Armor, trying to crane his neck to look around, but I stopped him.

"Don't look!" I exclaimed an yanked his head back around. "It's Blueblood, your cousin-in-law." I said.

"Blueblood?! Sure he's a spoiled little brat, but an enemy of the Kingdom?" Asked Shining Armor sceptically.

"Remember when I was accused of raping your mother?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Well, who was it that accused me? When it turned out to be false?" I asked.

"You're right... He did seem off that day..." Said Armor thoughtfully.

"I'm telling you, he joined the Black Ring. He admitted as much to me while I was in hospital." I said, pretending to be getting a drink with Armor so as not to arouse suspicion.

"I'll keep an eye on him." Said Armor.

"He's being controlled by Damien, he isn't doing this of his own accord." I said.

"What!?" Asked Armor, side-glancing at him.

"I can tell by reading his mind. They aren't his thoughts. It's Damien's voice in there." I said, taking a sip of my drink, looking casual.

"What do we do?" Asked Armor.

"Sit it out. Wait. I'll see what I can do. Just be ready." I said. He nodded and I went back to Luna.

"Did you two make up?" She asked.

"Yeah." I nodded to Armor and he nodded back.

"Are you two friends now, dear?" Asked Cadance.

"Yeah, we made up." He smiled to Cadance. She suddenly pulled me in her magic and hugged both me and Armor. We both looked shocked.

"Finally!" She laughed.

"Yeah." I chuckled, shrugging to Armor who replied with his own. When Cadance let go, I went back to Luna who was holding in a laugh.

"My niece is affectionate." She chuckled.

"Indeed she is." I shook my head with my own little chuckle.

"Everypony! Please take a seat!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia. Creature and I were at either end of the table. Celestia and Luna were in front of me on either side, everypony was with their escort, except those who didn't have an escort, of course. We all sat down while Princess Celestia remained standing. "Today, everypony, we are here to recognise the deeds of two very special ponies, one who is indeed not a pony at all. Tyrath and Creature." She said, everypony began stomping their hooves. Creature and I stood up, we both bowed and sat back down. "While they may say they in fact did nothing at all, nothing could be further from the truth. They saved our lives, multiple times." She said. Luna then stood up.

"In recognition of these deeds, we gave Tyrath the medals of The Saviour of Canterlot..." Spoke Luna, raising her glass.

"The Saviour of the Crystal Empire..." Said Cadance, standing and raising her glass.

"And Saviour of Equestria!" Finished Celestia, raising her glass. Everypony else also raised theirs. "Hear hear!" Exclaimed Celestia, everypony else repeated it. "Now, there is an announcement I would like to make." She stated. Everypony quietened. "In his Pony form, Tyrath is an Alicorn, which makes him royalty." Spoke the Princess. "Now, I know I can not be everywhere at once, and Ponyville is in need of protection, and strong leadership in the days to come, due to the rising Black Ring threat." She said, everypony murmured agreement.

"What did you have in mind, sister?" Asked Luna, who was leaning her head on my shoulder.

"I am naming Tyrath as Liegelord and Prince of Ponyville!" She exclaimed. I almost spat out the drink I had started... Everypony began to cheer... "And now, let the feast... Begin!" She said, waiters then poured into the dining room, placing platters of food down. Including meat for the humans in the room. We all sat and began to pile our plates, I was eating more reservedly tonight, although it was a banquet. I don't want to give in to gluttony, not until later when I get absolutely shitfaced...

I saw Creature at the other end of the room, I raised my eyebrows with a smirk and pointed to my mouth, he raised an eyebrow in question, holding a piece of steak in his magic. I nodded and he smirked. He nodded forward, I stood up, and he launched it. I began to back off as it went further. Everypony watched with open mouths as the piece of food flew...

"Can he catch it?!" Asked Creature, smiling as I looked at it trying to judge the angle, I timed it and jumped up, catching it in my mouth, I landed on my hands and feet. I stood up and threw my arms up, proudly chewing the piece of food, Creature laughed and clapped his hooves, shaking his head, a few other Ponies laughed as well. The nobles present scoffed. I sat down smiling and chewing the steak piece. I swallowed it and coughed slightly, drinking some water... Salt! I spat it into my hand, I looked up and saw Princess Celestia innocently taking a drink... She was standing. As she went to sit down, I used magic and pulled her seat. She fell to the floor and fell over laughing, I she got up and I used magic to give her her seat back.

"Touche." She smirked.

"Of course, eye for an eye." I smirked right back. I saw Luna fiddling with a hair clip she had in... "So, how have you been, beautiful?" I asked her, she blushed and stammered for a second, almost dropping the hair clip.

"It has been busy." She nodded. "But everypony is beginning to warm up to me." She smiled.

"I was warm to you the moment I saw your beautiful muzzle..." I said to her.

"And when I first saw you, I thought you were most handsome." She replied.

"Gods, but you are so amazingly stunning..." I said, brushing a lock of hair out of hair face...

"And you are most charming." She said, nuzzling my cheek. "You may be rough, but that pleases me..." She said, referring to my warrior lifestyle I suppose. "You are so incredibly dashing, it is breathtaking..." She flirted back.

"Princess..." I breathed...

"Prince Tyrath? Would you say a few words?" Asked Blueblood... Well, now was better than never.

"Of course!" I exclaimed, kissing Princess Luna on the cheek. I picked up my glass and stood. I walked around the left side of the table.

"Here's a health to the Princesses, and a lasting peace." I said, walking down, placing a hand on Rainbow Dash's shoulder for a second. "To faction's end and wealth's increase." I put my hand on a noble's shoulder. "Come, let us drink while we've got breath, for there's no drinking after death." I said, placing my hand on Blueblood's shoulder. "And he that will this health deny, Down among the dead men, down among the dead men, down, Down, down, down; Down among the dead men let him lie!" I sang, putting my face close to Blueblood's. I suddenly pulled away as I continued. "In smiling Rhalic's joys I'll roll, deny no pleasures to my soul." I put a hand on my chest and closed my eyes as I sang that part while I still walked. "Let Rhalic's health round briskly move, for Rhalic is the friend of love." I said as I got to Cadance, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "And he that would this health deny, Down among the dead men, down among the dead men, down, down, down, down; Down among the dead men let him lie!" I sang.

"Mmm, hmmm, hmmm..." Hummed Creature.

"May love and wine their rights maintain, and their united pleasures reign." I bowed. "While Rhalic's' treasure crowns the board, we'll sing the joy that both afford." I sang and crossed my hands on my chest, slightly bowing. "And they that won't with us comply, down among the dead men, down among the dead men..." I stared at Blueblood and raised my glass. "Down, down, down, down; Down among the dead men let them lieeeeee!" I finished and downed my glass, everypony else joined in. As I sat down, I heard Blueblood yell out, I calmly sipped my wine as he flew at me with his kitchen knife.

"Noooo!!" Exclaimed Shining Armor and jumped in the way of the blade. It pierced his right hind leg. I sighed and stood up.

"If you will excuse me everypony. I have lives to save. Ain't no rest for the wicked." I said to the shocked table. As Blueblood tried to scram, I leapt at him, pouncing on him and pinning him to the ground.

"Damien will rule Equestria! He will destroy you all! He'll-!" Blueblood cut off as I placed my hand on his head.

"Sit animum tuum libera facti sunt, Sit animum tuum libera facti sunt..." I chanted, his glowing blue eyes faded away and he passed out. The guard rushed in and I handed him to them. "Get him to the infirmary. The mind control should have worn off by the time he wakes up, but restrain him just in case." I said. They nodded and carried him out. At this point everypony apart from my friends cleared out.

"I'm fine I promise." Chuckled Shining Armor as everypony fussed over him.

"Zan, give him a hand." I said to Zandalor, who had been observing.

"Of course." He nodded and walked over. Everypony cleared out of his way and he stood before Armor. "Now, this may pinch a little..." He said and healed Armor's leg wound with no problem.

"Ah, that reminds reminds me of the time I had to solve a murder..." Chuckled Lucien. "I kicked so much arse." Chuckled Lucien.

"Oh please Lucien, I could whup your arse from here to Yuthul Gor." I smirked into my drink.

"Care to test that?" Asked Lucien, with a smile on his face.

"Oh yeah." I nodded.

"Name your game, Ty." He glared.

"Chicken." I stated. "Your go first."

"Very well." He nodded.

"Oh! Are you playing a party game?!" Asked Pinkie.

"Not one you would want to partake in Pinks." I said. "It's a game for the hardcore." I stated, as Lucien and I leaned forward with our arms crossed on the table.

"I'm hardcore!" Exclaimed Dash.

"Yeah!" Agreed Armor.

"Your move." I shrugged to Lucien. In response, he jammed a fork into his hand, showing it to me. "Please." I scoffed, answering his challenge by stabbing my hand with the fork.

"You're right... I think I'll go and see if Candy's OK..." Chuckled Armor before sitting next to his wife.

"Yeah... I'm hardcore, but not THAT hardcore!" Said Dash, waving her hoofs in a 'no' type manner.

"Ty?" Asked Lucien. I took a knife and jammed it into my chest. He winced and hesitantly picked up a knife and did the same.

"Luce? Your go." I smirked. He then picked up a glass and crushed it in his hand, then opened his hand as far as it would go, showing me the glass littering his hand. I repeated the action.

"Well?" Asked Lucian smugly. In response, I smashed a glass, cupped the shards in my hand and threw them down my gob, biting and eating them, giving a toothy grin. I swallowed and opened my now bloody mouth to show there was no glass left.

"OK, I forfeit!" Surrendered Lucian. I smirked as I chewed on a few stubborn shards like ice. I coughed blood into my hand with a smile and took some water.

"That's that then." I nodded. "Now, how about a game everypony can play?!" I asked my shocked friends, they then nodded enthusiastically. I had a bottle of brandy to hand that I was taking from the bottle tonight. Everypony picked their poison as we all sat in a circle with a bottle in the middle. You can see where this is going.

"Ty won, so he'll spin first." Said Lucien, I spun it and it landed on Zandalor.

"OK then, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare!" Exclaimed Zandalor.

"No backsies?" I asked.

"None." He agreed.

"You can Lucien have to make out. Properly." I held in a laugh. Zandalor had his mouth hanging open and Lucien sighed.

"You're going to regret this." Promised Lucien. He grabbed Zandalor's collar and they kissed. Everypony began laughing loudly. I had my arm around Luna, who was leaning into me with a grin. They both pulled away and Lucien grabbed my bottle and took a swig. Zandalor summoned a glass of soapy water, drank it, swilled the liquid in his mouth and spat it back out, making the jug vanish. Zandalor then spun the bottle. It landed on Shining Armor.

"Dare." Nodded Armor. Risk taker, I like it.

"You and Tyrath have to make out, while making moaning sounds." He dared.

"Wha-" Began Armor, but I grabbed him with a sigh and did it, making proper sounds and everything, he then joined in, clearly faked but funny. I swear I saw Cadance's wings twitch. We let go when Zandalor said stop. I just smirked while Armor ran his hooves over his tongue frantically.

"I ain't no bitch." I said with a shrug. Armor spun the bottle and it landed on Twilight and Armor smirked.

"Truth." She 'hmpph'd' while sticking her tongue out with a smile.

"Have you ever kissed a mare?" Asked Armor with a grin, loving making his sister uncomfortable. She gasped.

"Shining!" She exclaimed, blushing.

"Well?" I asked.

"Yes..." She nodded sheepishly.

"Ohh! Kinky!" Exclaimed Pinkie and we all laughed at Twilight's expense. She eagerly grabbed the bottle and spun it. It landed on Applejack.

"Dare. I ain't no scaredy pants." Resolved Applejack.

"I remember when you and Rarity fell out that time." Smirked Twilight.

"Yeah?" Asked Applejack.

"Well, you didn't convince me you really forgave each other because you didn't kiss and make-up." Grinned Twilight slyly. Applejack sighed.

"Come 'ere Rarity." She said, pulling a reluctant Rarity over and mashing their lips together haphazardly. When they were both done, they both downed their drinks. Shaking their heads quickly. AJ took the bottle and spun it. It landed on Spike. "Spike, try ta lick yer elbow while recitin' the alphabet." Smirked Applejack, going easy on him because he was only a baby Dragon.

For the next few hours it was a round of light-hearted bets, not much kissing. Spike passed out on the banquet table after one pint, Bellegar was hung by his undergarments from a chandelier...

Then, somehow, I ended up in Rarity's dress, which only reached my waist and I had no top on, with Rainbow Dash trying to wear my armour without stumbling over, and I was making out with Twilight due to a dare on Deodatus' part. I thought Luna and Celestia would be jealous, but I saw Luna biting her bottom lip, and I swear Celestia's breathing had picked up.

Cadance and Armor had to leave for the Crystal Empire and so they stumbled into a carriage, leaving us..

Twilight and I finished, and I swear I heard her groan in disappointment... We both sat back down. Twilight spun the bottle. Me again.

"Dare." I shrugged with a sigh.

"You have to give Dash a wing massage for the next round." She smirked, Dash tucked her wings in with a blush. I shrugged and positioned myself behind her, she slowly extended her wings. When I touched them she retracted them slightly and shivered before extending them again. I began to rub them gently, fixing her feathers in places... I swear I heard her breathing harder. I was too busy giving her a wing massage to notice what went on in the next round... I admit I got a little carried away in my semi-drunken state and began kissing her wings starting from the base of her back where the wing bones looked much like shoulder blades, just closer together. I kissed upwards both wings before stopping. I realised what I was doing and just stopped...

Luckily, I saw everypony continuing the game, I got up, but before I could sit down, Dash pulled me down with a wing.

"Thanks for that, it felt really good." She whispered... Tenderly? Nah, I'm probably just drunk. But then she ran her wing over my jaw and kissed my cheek.

"Yeah, no problem Dash." I answered with a smile. I sat back down and was allowed to spin the bottle. I did it and it landed on Shy... Hmm... Not much I can do, I don't mind going easy on her. She 'eeep!'d' when she noticed it was on her.

"D-d-d-d-dare..." She stammered, hiding behind her hooves.

"You know what? Give us a kiss Shy." I smiled, shrugging. She blushed and hid behind her forehooves again, but then came over to me and we kissed.

It was light and tender, just like I'd expect from her... But then I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth... She caught me off guard and managed to get her tongue inside... She broke it off a few seconds later, a string of saliva connecting our mouths, mine of which was panting. Again, the Princesses looked flustered, rather than jealous... She winked at me and went back to her seat.

"Damn..." I chuckled breathlessly... I swear Fluttershy winked at me... Fluttershy spun it and it landed on Rainbow Dash.

"Dare. Give us somethin' good Shy." Winked Dash. "Like you gave Ty." She smirked, Fluttershy blushed and then looked serious.

"Dash, you have to fly around Canterlot, and admit that you like frilly dresses, the colour pink and all things bright and sparkly." Smiled Fluttershy, Dash's jaw dropped.

"You-! It...! OK then..." She said and flew outside. We heard her yelling as she flew further away, then get louder as she came back. She was back sitting down, panting and sweating. "You... Really... Mean... Business... Shy..." She panted.

"I enjoy party games." She nodded. Crafty mare... Rainbow spun the bottle and it landed on Creature.

"Hmm... Dare." He smirked.

"You have to let Rarity do some fruity-tooty stuff to your hair. Anything she wants. And you have to wear it the rest of the night." Glared Dash.

"OHHH!!! The possibilities!" Exclaimed Rarity gleefully as she jumped up and went behind Creature, beginning to style his mane. He began fake crying.

A few more light dares later... Creature's mane was done in a beehive style. He was not amused.

"Princess Celestia, you have to explain to Princess Luna, in detail why she has a great ass." Smirked Lucien, nursing a sore face after being dared to let me whack him in the gob as hard as I could without killing him. Guess who dared him to do that? Zandalor! Fucking Zandalor!

"Well, dear sister, you have such lovely curves, they are nice and shapely. You have a very good shape. Your cheeks..." She began and smacked her sister's ass playfully. "Are simply divine, very firm and soft to the touch." She smirked... Oh Gods I was almost sweating... Lucian nodded. "My turn!" Exclaimed Celestia gleefully, it landed on Twilight.

"Dare!" She exclaimed, probably expecting Celestia to go easy on her.

;Small M rating here for suggestion! You have been warned!;

"Hmmm... My prized student... You have to let this dashing stallion..." She gestured to me. "Fondle your flanks for the next round." Twilight's jaw hit the floor and I almost passed out... Twilight was dragged over in Celestia's magic with a squeal. She then sat in my lap hesitantly. She jumped when she felt my gauntlet-less hands squeeze her. I coughed awkwardly as I felt her relax in my lap. I began running my hands all over her flanks, gently grasping the flesh, I felt her lean into me with a moan. And I swear she moaned 'oh yes...' a few times... I heard her breathing get heavier and heavier.

As I squeezed both her flanks one last time, my fingers traced where perhaps they shouldn't... suddenly she gasped and shot up, seemingly pushing herself into me... She then relaxed, leaning her body into mine and had a glazed look in her eyes... She gave me a half-lidded smile as I felt something dripping into my lap... She got off me shakily with a breath, she kissed me on the cheek, thanking me breathlessly. She bit her lip as she looked at me, as she went back to her seat, she lifted her tail slightly, smirking at me before sitting down.

;M rating over! You're free!;

"Well everypony, I think we need to call it a night. I must be up in a few hours to raise the sun." Said Princess Celestia. We all agreed. I gave Rarity her dress back, got my armour back and said goodnight to everypony.

I picked up Twilight as she was having trouble walking, she grasped me tightly around my neck, nuzzling me and groaning happily as I walked Princess Luna to her room. We got there and I kissed her goodnight.

"I had a fantastic time tonight Tyrath." She smiled. "And so did Twilight it seems." She chuckled, Twilight moaned a little, nuzzling me some more. I walked her to her room and placed her on her bed, she was already half asleep. She then shot up and kissed me...

"Stay... Please..." She begged. I gave her a pillow and she grabbed it, snuggling up to it and sighed in delight. I exited her room. I saw my three Human friends with their mirror ready to leave.

"Well Ty, I was wrong. Looks like you have attracted the attention of more than a few." Chuckled Deodatus.

"Shut up..." I slurred slightly.

"I see why you decided to give a relationship a try, young Dragon. You have found a home, we can see that." Nodded Zandalor.

"Although we were sceptical at first, we can see how you need these Ponies as much as they need you. We will see you later my friend." Said Lucien as we all hugged. They then left back to Rivellon...

After making sure everypony was safe and sound in their beds, I sighed and was about to head back, I bumped into a guard by accident...

"What seems to be the Officer, problem?" I asked with a slur.

"Err, nothing sir. Good night." He nodded as I stumbled toward my room... Suddenly I was pulled into Celestia's room...