Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception

by The Joeker

Chapter 1, Pt 2: Peace & Friendship

;Maxos' POV;

We all started our way to the new lands, Tyrath was following the Earth Ponies and I was following the Unicorns... The Pegasi were the only ones we couldn't keep tabs on with our own eyes so I watched them through magic. Ironic seeing as we're both Dragons, yes?

"Come on Private Pansy! Let's get a move on! Hut one, hut tw-" Exclaimed Hurricane stopping as lightning struck and Pansy jumped into the Commander's arms.

"Ahh! She screamed.

"Get a hold of yourself Private!" Exclaimed Hurricane, dropping her and looking flustered... Something tells me he wasn't completely averse to holding her... "We cannot let anything distract us from the mission at hand! To find and if necessary, to conquer a new land!" He exclaimed.

"Conquer, sir?" Asked Pansy.

"Yes! You never know where the enemy may be lurking..." He said.

"I don't see any enemies Commander... Just snow." Said Pansy.

"Ah ha! What's that?!" He said, flying into a cloud shaped like a beast, causing the cloud to dissipate. He started to actually attack it. A little piece of cloud floated by Pansy and she screamed and leapt back into the Commander's arms, he broke out into a blush and shook his head to snap himself out of it.

"This is getting old." He said, dropping her again... I deactivated the spell and we started on our way.


"Oh this is simply taking forever!" Exclaimed Princess Platinum. Usually I let my apprentice handle her and go with her while I stay behind with the other ponies, but with assassins on the loose it was too dangerous.

"Patience Your Majesty." I said.

"My hooves are killing me! How long have we been walking for?" She asked.

"For about 5 minutes your highness..." Said Clover. How she dealt with this on a daily basis was simply unknown to me.

"I never imagined finding a new land would be so hard!" She exclaimed.

"Me neither..." I mumbled.

"But it will all be worth it! Don't you agree?!" She asked us.

"Sure." I shrugged, not concentrating on the conversation, writing some stuff in books, working on a space & time spell to send Tyrath home if need be.

"Well, no offense Master, and Your Highness... But I think the three tribes could've tried harder." She said.

"Hmm? Yes, they could have, but something tells me they didn't want to." I said.

"STTTTOOOP!" Yelled the Princess in her usual posh voice. We both ran forward to make sure she was OK.

"What?" Asked Clover.

"That, is what's wrong!" She exclaimed, pointing at a small stream about 2 hoof wide... I hopped over and let Clover deal with it.

"Your Majesty it's just a stream, we can cross it easily." Said Clover, stepping over two stones.

"I refuse to get my gown wet. I will not arrive at my new land looking like a bedraggled Earth Pony! Or worse yet a rough and tumble Pegasus! I for one have no intention of stooping down to their level" She said. "On the other hand I have no trouble watching you stoop down." She said, I almost burnt my book in my magic in rage... Nopony talks to my student like that!

"... No, Master, it's OK..." Said Clover, letting Platinum ride her.

"And do watch the gown! It's worth more than all the petty books in your library!" Said Platinum, almost making me throw her into the stream...

"I hope you're having better luck Tyrath..." I said, looking up at the sky as if that would make him hear me...

;Tyrath's POV;

"I hope you're having better luck Maxos..." I said, looking up at the sky as if that would allow him to hear me. We were walking in the same damn spot because Puddinghat had her eyes and muzzle through holes in the map and was just walking in circles...

"Who put her in charge?" I asked Cookie.

"Her father." Answered Cookie with an unamused expression.

"This is definitely the right direction!" Exclaimed Puddinghat, pointing forwards.

"I think we're going in circles..." Said Cookie.

"Ditto." I said.

"But that's impossible! Are you two suggesting I'm reading the map wrong?!" She asked. Even though the hoofprints in the snow formed a perfect circle.

"Uh huh." I nodded.

"I'm not Madame Chancellor! I just- There's holes in the map..." Said Cookie.

"Of course! How how else could I see where I was going?" She asked.

"More undefeatable logic." I chuckled.

"Or talk? I need to be able to talk! I mean, how would we survive if I just suddenly shut up?" She asked.

"Heaven forbid that should happen, your chancellorship. Heh." Cookie said. I snorted in an attempt to hold in laughter. "It's just that... the map is also upside down." She said.

"I got a newsflash for you, Cookie. The Earth is round. There is no up or down." She said, walking away.

"Logic? Spot on." I said with a laugh.

"You're both right! It's such a relief to me that you're in charge of this map..." She said, causing Puddinghat to stop and turn.

"Yep, thrilled." I chuckled.

"Relief? Thrill?" She asked, backing up incredibly quickly... "You don't need relief or thrill! If anypony needs relief or a thrill around here, it's me! I'm a chancellor! I'm a bigshot! You're just my, um... my, uh..." She said, trying to find the words.

"Secretary." Stated Cookie.

"And you! You're... Eer..." She said.

"A bodyguard?" I asked.

"Whatever. Cookie, you take the map, while I enjoy some relief." She said, eating and spitting out the map in Cookie's face.

"Yes, Chancellor Puddinghead." She said.

"Well, that went well." I shrugged.

"You can say that again..." She said and walked on, I stayed back a little while following.

"Maxos?" I asked.

"What news?" He asked.

"Earth Ponies aren't doing so hot on the search for their new land... But I think they may find it yet." I said.

"Same over here. Platinum is kicking up a fuss about every little thing, I kept an eye on the Pegasi with observation magic, they're doing OK." He said.

"They'll be moving the fastest, us the second, Unicorns last." I said.

"Agreed. No Black Ring on my end, you?"

"Negatory, looks like they either don't know we've left, are biding their time or assume the Windigos froze us." I informed.

"I'd assume the second option." Said Maxos gravely.

"They need to find peace, otherwise we're buggered." I said.

"I know, if we can't kill the Windigos directly, at least we can deprive them of their sustenance so they may move on." He said.

"I agree... Gotta go! Later!" I said.

;Maxos' POV;

I observed the Pegasi once again... It looks like they found the land first that we were approaching now...


"This is the new land we've been searching for!" Exclaimed Hurricane, flying around the mountains.

"What a view... I can see my future house from here." Said Pansy.

"I proclaim this new land to be... Pegasopolis!" Announced Hurricane, planting a flag. I would have observed more but I bumped into Clover who stopped. I saw amazing gems all around us and my stomach rumbled...

"Tyrath, if you were here now..." I said... My mouth watering at the gems...

"I've never seen such jewels! This ruby is dazzling. This whole land is dazzling. I'm double dazzled! In the name of the unicorns, I hereby dub this land Unicornia!" Exclaimed Platinum, planting a flag...

;Tyrath's POV;

We were out of the cold! I was so happy!

"The air! The trees! The dirt! This dirt is the dirtiest dirt in the whole dirt world!" Exclaimed Puddinghat.

"Huh, nice place..." I said, warming myself up by rubbing my armored arms.

"It is! And fertile, too. Perfect for growing food." Said Cookie.

"In the name of the Earth ponies, I think I'm gonna call this new place... uh... Dirtville." Stated Puddinghat.

"Really?" I asked.

"How about "Earth"?" Suggested Cookie. Puddinghat froze for a second.

"Earth! Congratulations to me for thinking of it." Exclaimed the Chancellor.

"Whoopee." I said.

"We found our new home!" Exclaimed... All three leaders?

"Oh shitbuckets..." Said me and Maxos in synch...

They all looked at each other...

"I planted my flag first!" Argued Hurricane.

"Did not!" Argued Platinum.

"Did too!" Argued Hurricane...

"I planted mine earlier than first." Chimed Puddinghat.

"All of you riffraff are trespassing in Unicornia!" Exclaimed Platinum.

"The name is Pegasopolis!" Retorted Hurricane.

"Earth!" Chimed Puddinghat.



"I say we fight for the land. May the best pony win!" Challenged Hurricane. The wind started to blow and Maxos and I looked at each other.

"That's barbaric. Clover the Clever? Star Swirl the Bearded? Throw that brute into the dungeon!" Exclaimed Platinum floating Clover in front of her in defense.

"What dungeon? Look, perhaps if we all calmed down..." Suggested Clover.

"Seconded." I said.

"I agree. Let's all calm down." Said Cookie.

"Ditto." Said Maxos.

"I vote for calm." Said Pansy. It started to snow.

"I'll have you court-martialed for insubordination, Private! We settle this on the battlefield!" Exclaimed Hurricane

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Maxos and myself yelled, causing all the ponies to stop.

"I say, we just-" I started before a snowball hit me.

"That's it! I give up! Fuck you all!" I exclaimed, walking backwards, giving them the finger on both my hands. "I'm going to that cave." I said, still backing up with my fingers up and I went inside, making myself a fire...

;Maxos' POV;

"Agreed!" I exclaimed and went to follow before both Hurricane and Platinum were hit with snowballs.

"Who dares throw a snowball at royalty?!" Asked Platinum, I rolled my eyes before Puddinghat asked a very good question...

"Wait a minute, where'd all this snow come from anyway?"

"Oh no. Not again." Said Hurricane, I looked up and saw the creatures Tyrath was talking about... They had a blue hue to them more than is normal of ethereal beings, showing they were helped by Damien...

"Inside that cave!" I exclaimed, they tried looking for other shelters, but there was nothing... Suddenly my notes on the magic spell blew away! I had to chase them!

;Tyrath's POV;

I saw the blizzard starting up again outside...

"Enter, all of you. We share." I said, they did and they crowded around my fire. "Where is Star Swirl?" I asked.

"My Master directed us to this cave. After that he chased some important notes." Said Clover, I went to the cave entrance and put my hand on the side of the exit I started forward... but halted...

"He'll be fine." I decided and we sat sat around the fire.

"Please, Commander Hothead..." Started Platinum.

"It's Commander Hurricane." He corrected.

"Please, Commander, could you just stand back and give me my royal space?" Asked Platinum.

"You mean like this, your highness?" He asked, stepping forward.

"Indeed not! You see this invisible line?" She asked, pointing to the ground.

"Private? Outline our territory for everypony to see." He said, dragging the Private along the ground, over me and the fire so the fire and I was split down the middle.

"What the-" I asked with groan.

"See this real, non-invisible line? No Unicorns or Earth Ponies are allowed to cross it! This is the sovereign territory of Pegasopolis!" Exclaimed Hurricane

"Clover the Clever?" Exclaimed Platinum.

"Uh... Smart Cookie!" Said Puddinghoof.

"I know, I know." Said Smart Cookie.

"FUCK IT! If you won't get along I'm going over here! Fuck you all!" I said and went to a corner, sitting with my knees up to my chest I joined my hands in front of my knees, closing my eyes and mediating. Hurricane went to draw line near me but I opened my eyes and growled, causing him to back away.

Clover and Cookie bumped hooves but backed off before the leaders saw it... Pansy went around a rock...

"What are you doing? Don't go around the rock, go over it! I'm not giving up an inch of territory to the enemy!" Exclaimed Hurricane.

"That rock is clearly on the Unicornia side of the cave, and it belongs to us!" She exclaimed. "Who knows? there could be jewels inside." She whispered to Clover.

"I claim this rock for Pegasopolis!" Said Hurricane, bumping the rock over their line.

"Unhand that rock this instant, you scoundrel!" Exclaimed Platinum.

"Oh, look, you found my rock. I've been looking for it everywhere." Said Puddinghat, going over the line, picking up the rock in her mouth and darting back to her area.

"Hey! You invaded our territory!" Accused Hurricane.

"Finders keepers, losers weepers!" Sang Puddinghat.

"That's the last straw!" Exclaimed Hurricane, breaking her line and walking to Puddinghat.

"Give me my rock!" Exclaimed Platinum.

They started running after each other, shouting.

"Look, everypony! The entrance!" Exclaimed Clover, pointing. Suddenly the entrance and sides of the cave started to freeze over... The leaders stopped arguing to look.

"Great. Now there's no way out! We're trapped!" Exclaimed Hurricane.

"You two deserve this horrible fate. You've done nothing but argue and fight with each other!" Exclaimed Platinum.

"You've been fighting too, Your Highness." Countered Hurricane.

"Yeah! Worse! I haven't been fighting nearly as much as you!" Retorted Puddinghat.

"How ridiculous! A Unicorn never stoops to fighting!" Platinum denied.

"That's just 'cause you wimpy Unicorns know you'd never win! Earth Ponies are numbskulls!" Shot Hurricane. Icing over.

"Pegasi are brutes!" Insulted Platinum as she too, was encased.

"Unicorns are snobs!" Added Puddinghat. Going under.

Then the Windigos were in the cave, truth be told I was scared shitless of them, just the way they looked... But I kept calm and took breaths, the frost simply glazed over me, it was then I realised what was needed to kill these Windigos...

The three last remaining ponis bumped into each other and yelled.

"W-W-What is that... Thing?" Asked Pansy.

"They must be... Windigos!" Realised Clover.

"Windigos?" Asked Pansy and Cookie.

"My mentor Star Swirl the Bearded taught me about them on the way here! They're winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred. The more hate the spirit feels, the colder things become!" Realised Clover.

"Then... this is our fault. We three tribes... we brought this blizzard to our home by fightin' and not trustin' each other. Now it's destroyin' this land, too." Said Cookie sadly.

"And now our bodies will become as cold as our hearts... all because we were foolish enough to hate." Said Clover sadly.

"Not exactly..." I said. They looked over to me, but ignored what I said.

"Well, I don't hate you... I actually hate Commander Hurricane a lot more than I hate you guys." Admitted Pansy, causing giggles to break out... even I chuckled. "Actually, I don't really hate him, I just really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really dislike him." Corrected Pansy. We laughed...

"Well, I don't hate you guys either." Admitted Cookie.

"Nor do I." Said Clover. And the ice encasing us slowed...

"No matter what our differences, we're all ponies." Said Cookie, the ice encasing them... But Clovers horn burst and the Windigos were spirited away, but not gone... Not completely... A heart was above us, made by the magic...

"What was that?" Asked Pansy.

"I didn't know unicorns could do that." Said Cookie.

"I didn't either. Nothing like this has ever happened before. But I know it couldn't have been just me. Look at him! He's not encased in ice! Because he feels no hate! It came from all three of us, joined together, in friendship. Mediator! Come over here!" Said Clover I burst forth from the ice wall that was in front of me, not over me.

I joined my hand on top of their hooves as a friend. I relit the fire and we stayed there, joking, laughing, I regaled some funny highlights from my life to them and each of them did for the rest of us and so on... We did this until the leaders were thawed out and the exit became accessible again...

Suddenly the Windigos reappeared, powered by Damien and capable of freezing us even with friendship... Or so they thought... I drew from the friendship within my three friends and pointed my palm at the icy circle the Windigos formed above us. A pink bolt shot from my hand and disintegrated the Windigos... Star Swirl came in then.

"Good job Clover! You too Ty!" Complimented Maxos.

"Thanks." I said...

"No! You! Whoever you are! You are dead... I will kill you all and leave, but I will return for my army!" Laughed... No, Damien?! He looked younger... Weird. About 50 archers were outside the cave pointing their bows at us.

"Tyrath! You're up again!" Said Maxos, I couldn't of a powerful spell to cast... He was about to unleash his wrath on us until I saw his exit portal... On spur of the moment I created a gravity portal inside it, it pulled him, a majority of his minions and all his Flying Fortresses through it before he could do anything. Suddenly I noticed something...

"Damien was younger here... The Black Ring mentioned banishment... Damien was banished years ago to Damnation... was this Damnation?" I asked Maxos. Referring to it as was because it was now at peace.

"Right on the money young Dragon-Knight. You just witnessed Damnation's ending and Damien's return to Rivellon." Said Maxos.

"So I just doomed us..." I said.

"No, if he took over this land as a realm of his own he would be unstoppable. It is now up to you Dragon-Knight. Your memory will slowly piece back together, for now you will fade out and teleport back to your time. Good luck." He said.

"And you." I said and we shook before I faded away...