Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception

by The Joeker

[M] Chapter 22: Dreams Cum True...

;Third Pony POV;

Celestia couldn't do it! She couldn't wait any longer! All the kissing, the horseplay... It had her hot and bothered. She needed her Dragon. She needed him now.

When she heard Tyrath's footsteps outside her door, she practically ripped open her door and pulled him inside with magic. When he was in, she slammed the door and pinned him to it, making out with him and putting her hooves either side of his head on the door. Her wings were fully erect showing her anticipation and arousal. He wrapped his hands around her midsection, pulling her close.

"You said maybe some other time... Well, it's another time." She smiled sheepishly. Why was she getting cold hooves now!? She couldn't let this opportunity pass her by! She owed both herself and Luna that!

"It is... Oh how it is!" He exclaimed and kissed her passionately, both of them using their tongues to explore the other's mouth. Gods, she was strikingly beautiful. She always was. It was her natural look. Tyrath broke it off and took a moment to regard his Princess... She was glowing... She was perfection ponified...

In her eyes there held a craving, a craving for him, a light, a fire that he wanted to sate. He wanted to help her, to show her how he felt with actions... But she needed to know.

"Take me my love... Please..." She pleaded, she went to kiss him but he looked away. She looked confused as he took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes... Her oh so entrancing amethyst eyes... The eyes that could topple kingdoms, that could have him bend to her will with a simple look... That was the effect her perfect eyes had on him... That she had on him.

"Oh, Celestia... I would... But first, you need to know... Dragons, we don't just have sex..." He admitted. She couldn't understand how much self restraint he had to hold himself back from kissing her nonstop, from engaging in a passionate embrace...

"Tell what is on your mind my love, please." She said, ignoring her burning arousal as he obviously had something important to tell her.

"Like I said, we don't just have sex, we make love, and when we do, we mate, and when we mate, we mate for life." He said, still looking into her eyes. "I am willing to give my life to you Celestia, to mate with you and to always be with you... But you need to know what you're getting into." He said. "When we mate for life, no other stallion would ever be able to date you, I would become uncontrollably and extremely protective over you." He said.

"And?" She asked.

"And, it's to do with the breeding process... For example, if you were with another mare, I wouldn't mind, but another stallion... Well, if you ever did, there wouldn't be anything left of him to bury. That's our nature. A female cannot impregnate another female, or even if she could, it wouldn't affect my Dragon instincts, as they don't associate females with breeding. Basically, although I would be dating your sister, you would never be able to be with another stallion ever again." He said. "I guess I feel selfish..." He looked away. "I guess, I needed to tell you, just in case." He said.

"Oh, Tyrath." She breathed and kissed him. "You're my special somepony. I never ever want to be with any other stallion. Ever." She promised. "What do you think sister?" She asked. Suddenly, to Tyrath's surprise, a sheepish Princess Luna exited Celestia's bathroom.

"Agreed. We never ever would want another stallion again. As long as you can accept a secret of ours..." She said, suddenly she and Celestia kissed! Tyrath's breath hitched as he saw this. As they stopped they both turned to him with nervous smiles. "The both of us are... Together. We've slept together before..." Admitted Luna with a sheepish grin.

"We were both hoping to seduce you tonight, but in light of what you've told us, I say we take it one at a time." Smiled Celestia. Luna nodded in agreement. "Big sister first." She grinned, Luna sighed indignantly.

"Fine." She 'hmmphh'd'.

"Ponies, especially Unicorns, also have a special way of doing things..." Said Celestia. "If the Pony, or person we're mating with is our soul mate, our inner magic opens to them. It is the most intimate experience in one's life." She explained. "So, Luna... What to do with you..." Smirked Celestia.

"I'm fine with her watching..." Breathed Tyrath. Luna winked at him and walked away, lifting her tail and flashing him her marehood which also winked at him. "Especially since she clearly needs release as well..." Tyrath said as couldn't help but stare, and was almost salivating... but Celestia's magic quickly pulled his face toward her.

"As much as my sister's marehood is enticing, and tastes amazing, you're mine tonight, and I am yours." She breathed.

"I would want it no other way." He smirked.

"Luna's marehood felt amazing on mine as we 'fucked', as you say..." She said. She saw an animalistic spark in his eye... "Oh, are your Dragon instincts kicking in? What are they telling you?" She teased, kissing his neck. "Are they telling you to rut me until I can't walk?" She asked, Tyrath's breathing picked up. "Well? What are you waiting for? I'm all yours my Dragon-" She barely got to finish as he suddenly picked her up and threw her on her bed. "Yes! Yes! Please, make me yours! Claim me as yours and yours only!" She exclaimed as he began to kiss her neck tenderly. As much as his Dragon instincts told him to just make her his, he wanted to make love to her, not just to fuck.

"Oh, you're so beautiful..." He spoke, his voice was deep and rumbling, like a Dragon's. "I'm going to make love to you, I'm going to make you scream my name. But first I want you to beg for me." He whispered. Her hind legs quivered. As he traced his fingers inside her thighs. He then stripped off everything except his underwear, which were tenting.

She also noted some things she hadn't before... His tattoos. He had more than she saw before. On his left arm was a snake-like dragon that looked like it was wrapped around his arm, and ended on his left pectoral muscle. In three of the blank spaces between the winding tail were the three names: Marius, Gene and Gunther. On his right arm, there was a tattoo of a hooded Angel, holding a sword pointed downwards with both hands, wings folded and looking down.

On his left leg were vines, flaming with lines depicting a wind blowing the fire, there was water beneath the flames with electricity coursing through it...

On his right pectoral muscle, burned and carved, albeit neatly in his skin and later filled with ink was written: Semper propitius esto, ne obliviscaris. (Always forgive, never forget.) Beneath it, also burned and carved neatly was: Ego Draconis eques auratus. (I am the Dragon-Knight.) She had to make a point to ask him about that later... The same scars littered his body, in fact she was sure there were a few new ones as well... She was sure he could use magic to make them vanish if he really wanted... It turned her on to no end...

"Oh you don't need to make me! Not in this state!" She moaned, almost pleading.

"I'm surprised you never got jealous of me and Twilight or me and Rainbow Dash."

"Oh, it was so hot watching you make Twilight cum like that. I got so wet watching her enjoying herself in your hands. She wanted you to mount her so badly." Breathed Celestia.

"Oh? Would you like to watch that?" He asked as he ran a knuckle over her marehood, she arched her back, widening her eyes.

"YES YES! OH GODS YES!" She exclaimed. "I want to see you making her your lifemate, I want you to cum inside her, I want you to make her cry out in pleasure! I want you to make her shout she wants to carry your foals! Yes!" She yelled. That wasn't even an orgasm...

"Oh? You've wanted Twilight for some time, yes?" Asked Tyrath, running his hands over her breasts, which were just above her crotch.

"Well, I was the mare she kissed..." Admitted Celestia, moaning in pleasure as he pinched her nipples.

"Oh yeah?" He asked, squeezing her teats and kissing her all over her face, neck and collarbone.

"Yes, we never went past that, but I'd wanted to, but I didn't want to feel as though I was taking advantage of her..." Moaned Celestia. "Oh yes... Squeeze them..." She cried out. "And then, when you gave Rainbow Dash that wing massage, she was so close to orgasm..." Moaned Celestia, getting hot just by thinking about it.

"Gods, it would be hot to watch you, Luna and Twilight all fucking..." Tyrath whispered sensually. Celestia whimpered and pushed her hips up, trying to rub herself on something. She found no such pleasure.

"Whoever cums last gets to be your personal fucktoy for the night?" She asked, breathless.

"Whoever it was wouldn't be my fucktoy. My lover, remember?" Said Tyrath, whispering in her ear. She shivered in response. Suddenly, Tyrath began kissing down her body, he kissed up her forelegs, licking her hoof at the end. He then moved to her chest, taking her fur in his mouth. She had taken her regalia off when she first entered her room... And she looked so sexy without it... It was like seeing her naked.

"I stripped off just for you, my love." She breathed as he licked all down her, getting closer and closer to his prize. He kissed her belly and she moaned, eventually coming to her breasts.

"I've always loved women's breasts, but yours..." He sighed in happiness as kissed the flesh, all around on both of them. He then licked her nipples with his tongue, taking them into his mouth and sucking them. "They entice me even more..." He said.

"Yes, yes yes! Suck on my big sisters breasts!" Moaned Luna, using her hoof to pleasure herself. "Make her cum!" She cried out.

"Oh yes, it's so good..." Moaned Celestia, lifting herself off the bed in pleasure for a second. "Oh sister, you're missing out..." She teased.

"Don't test me Tia, I may just make him mount me." She warned.

"I want my main meal now." He licked his lips and moved down to her exposed vagina. He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. "You smell amazing." He said, pressing his nose directly over her lips, inhaling once again. "You could make me burst just with your smell..." He said. He then kissed her lips deeply. She was so hot down here. Her heat combined with her smell was intoxicating.

"Oh, yes!!! Please! More!!!" She cried out.

"Gods, and your taste..." He said, licking her marehood's lips like an ice cream. The smell, the heat, the taste... It could have been enough to drive him wild if he wasn't keeping in control of himself.

"You like it?" She asked.

"Oh yes... It's addicting..." He sighed. He pressed his tongue inside of her, pushing her over the edge. Tyrath opened his mouth and pressed it over her as she came. She squirted inside his mouth and he drank up her nectar eagerly. She breathed hard as he made his way back up her body, making sure to appreciate her breasts on the way.

"Was that good for you?" He asked.

"Oh yes! So good..." She breathed. Tyrath placed a hand on her wing and Celestia inhaled deeply.

"What was that?" He asked.

"Pegasi and Alicorns... Their wings... So sensitive... That's why Rainbow... So enjoyed your massage..." Breathed Celestia as Tyrath gently rubbed her wings...

"Your wings are so beautiful..." He said, he never knew he had a wing fetish before... He was learning a lot about himself sexually tonight...

"Oh, I don't want you to stop! But I can't wait any longer! Please, make me your lover! Make me a mare! Take me as yours! Please!" She cried out. "I need you! I need you to make me yours!" She exclaimed. Tyrath was shivering in anticipation, he hoped he could please this Princess, to show her, in the most primal way, how he felt about her.

"As you wish, my Princess." Breathed Tyrath. He took off his underwear. Celestia gasped as she saw his manhood. In Rivellon, it was nothing special, standing at 6 inches long. But here, the stallions were all shorter than him, and that went for their private parts as well. Celestia remained on her back, with Tyrath stopping her as she tried to get up.

"Don't you want me to stand, to present myself?" She asked, confused.

"I want to look into your eyes as we make love. I want to see the mare I love squirming beneath me. I want to see your face as I bring you to pleasure." Stated Tyrath. She shivered in response.

"Why do you always know the right thing to say?" She asked him with a smile.

"I speak the truth." He shrugged. He lined himself up with her marehood. "Gods, I'm about to give my virginity to a 10,000 year old Pony Princess..." He said, she looked at him worriedly. "And I would never have given it to anyone else." He said. Even just having his tip near her he could feel her heat... It was getting him even more aroused...

As he began to ease into her, she cried out, latching onto him, wrapping her forelegs and hind legs around him and burying her face in his neck as he began to press further in.

"Ohh... It hurts so good!" She cried, Tyrath bit her ear lightly and she growled in her own animal-like way. "Again, bite me again!" She exclaimed, his time he bit down on her neck, not enough to draw blood, but enough to give her a mark... A mark showing she was his now. And only his. "Yes!" She exclaimed in pleasure. Who knew she was turned on by pain? He pushed inside a bit more, finally coming up against Celestia's hymen... He didn't even know Ponies had those...

"Well... Here we go..." He said. "Whenever you're ready..." He said, kissing her.

"Please... Do it..." She breathed, shedding a few tears in a show of pure emotion. Tyrath cupped her cheek and wiped the tear with a thumb. Staring into her eyes as he pulled out until just the tip was in and then he thrust forward, breaking her hymen and reaching the end inside her, she cried out again and embraced him. He stayed still for a minute to let her accommodate him. He grunted as her soft, hot flesh engulfed him. He had to used every single ounce of control he had over his body to stop himself from filling her up right then.

He then felt something flood him, a feeling of intimacy, of pure love, pure kindness, every virtue, every good thing about life... It invaded his heart like a warmth of emotion. It was coming from her, her inner magic... Her saw her in a new light then, she was truly an Angel... His Angel... Forever.

"Are you OK?" He asked, running the back of his hand down her cheek. They truly were meant for each other...

"Yes... I'm OK now." She nodded. He began to thrust slowly and tenderly, not pulling out too much so he wasn't applying to much pressure. He used his right hand to fondle her breasts. She moaned at that, clearly enjoying it.

He picked up the pace and pulled out more and more... He had his left hand by her head, supporting himself and his other was on her hip. He kissed his lover and suddenly, blue flesh engulfed Celestia's face. He saw Luna had positioned her marehood over Celestia's mouth and lowered herself. Tyrath had a good view of Celestia eating out her sister. This turned him on to no end to where he almost came on the spot. Luckily, he had such control of his body he could hold back. However, Celestia felt his cock twitch inside her and grinned. She began to suck her sister's teats as well as her marehood. Tyrath was going crazy...

He went faster and faster, until he was slamming her into the bed, the both of them crying out in pleasure. The bed slammed into the wall, luckily it was the wall to Tyrath's room and nopony was staying there. He heard the bed crack a few times with the pressure. He heard Luna cum with a cry and she collapsed to the side, panting as she was exhausted. Tyrath kissed Celestia and tasted Luna's juices. When he broke off the kiss, he saw Celestia's tongue lolling out...

"You were right Celestia, your sister tastes amazing..." He grunted... He felt the end coming... His world coming apart... "Oh, Celestia, I'm close... Baby, I'm so close... I can't..." He said, the warm feeling in his heart amplified... His love for her unending, the lengths he would go to for her were unimaginable...

"Don't pull out! Don't even think about it! I want it inside me, please. I want you to fill me with your seed. I want you to press as deep as you can. I want to feel you shoot it all inside of me." She said, running a hoof over his cheek. Gods, he didn't have the conscious thought to decline...

"I'll give it to you Celestia... My essence, everything I am, everything I could be..." He promised her.

"I want to have your foals. Give me your babies." She whispered, that sent him over the edge. It made him unravel before her very eyes. "Give me a foal." She practically mouthed in his ear. The warm feeling in his heart spread throughout his body, and eventually exploded into white-hot burning light within him...

"GODS!!!" Yelled as he clawed the bed and slid his right hand under Celestia's lower back, pulling her close. "YES YES, I WANT TO GET YOU PREGNANT! I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY FOALS!!!!" He cried out, losing all self control as he bucked wildly inside her, she threw her hips up to meet his wild thrusts. He was sure the bed had broken in two...

"Tyrath, oh Tyrath, cum, please cum... Fill me up... Oh yes.... YESSSS!!!! Get me pregnant!!! Please!!! Oh yes, give me my foals!!!! OH, TYRATH!!!!!!" Celestia screamed as she also let go at that moment, they both cried out in pure pleasure. Her hind legs bucked upwards out of pure instinct, trying to drive her deeper onto him... He pressed as deep as he could and seized up, the light within him not allowing him to pull out, not that he would've... It didn't even allow him to move as he gave her everything...

Her eyes glowed bright white, while Tyrath's became Draconic and yellow as their combined inner magic came together, and came apart. Celestia's magic began throwing open cupboards and shelves, making everything within fly out... Tyrath's outburst was far more violent, the walls began to crack, the windows as well. The entire castle shook, almost shaking to pieces, only held back by Tyrath's incredible self-restraint, showing Tyrath's pure power. He felt Celestia's inner walls grip him tight and milk him as he felt himself empty out inside her, he felt it all leave him and enter her as she rocked his world, and he hers.

Her juices coated his manhood. They remained that way for what felt like minutes... When he was spent, he let out a grunt and a tired sigh and before he collapsed atop her, he managed to just barely roll off of her, to her left, next to Luna. Still inside her, he pulled her with him as they faced each other, panting. He never wanted to leave her, ever. Not just his manhood, but just in general. They were both shook to the core from their orgasms. Both panting heavily. Gods, if he wasn't so drunk and tired, he might've had her again if she agreed... She was simply angelic.

Tyrath tenderly reached out and brushed a lock of her mane from her face. Her mane was no longer ethereal and flowing, but static. Still maintaining it's colour and beauty... He then ran his hand over her side... Celestia, in turn, nuzzled Tyrath lovingly. He read her mind, even though they needed no words. He wanted to know she had enjoyed it...

'I love this stallion. I really do. I want to give him my heart... And more. I need him... How did I ever survive without him?' She asked. He granted her access to his thoughts, which read much the same.

'This mare... I could never leave her... She's so perfect... She's my everything... I need to be with her, or life is not worth living... I'm in love. I really am.' He thought. It was a big thing to admit for him, that he was in love. That word was not to be used lightly, but he couldn't help it around Celestia and Luna...

He placed the hand he was laying on at the back of her neck. He pressed his forehead to hers, both closing their eyes. They didn't speak, they didn't need words. They needed only each other at that moment. They had no idea how much time passed until they fell asleep in each others arms...