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  • Tracking 108 stories - 1793 unread chapters In-progress stories that have my attention. Note this does not necessarily mean I am currently reading them.


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My name is Luster Dawn — the Mare who Lassoed the Sun. As the top student at the School of Magic, Princess Twilight was entrusting me to make friends and study hard. I was completely obsessed with one of those things and entirely uninterested in the other. However, magic in Equestria had been doing strange things, and it was stirring up trouble and fear across the nation. I needed to do something good with my inherent intelligence, and this was my chance to do it. I’d read every journal and book I could get my hooves on until I figured this out... or until it all caught up with me.

Cover Art done by the talented {Shaslan}
Abundant gratitude for my pre-readers and friends: {RanOutofIdeas, RDT, Mykola}

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Have you ever felt like you didn't really belong? Like no matter how hard you tried you'd never be able to fit in anywhere? After I lost the Memory Stone, Sunset and her friends told me I could finally have people around that cared, but I should have known better. Nothing was ever really going to change. I was always going to be cursed to a lifetime of being ignored and forgotten...

I was never going to be anyone but the odd one out.

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This story is a sequel to The Witch of the Everfree

Saddle Arabia is a land of mysteries and ancient legends, and Sunset Shimmer sees it as a great place to escape from her mistakes for a while. What caused her to flee Equestria, and can she find a way to prove herself and win back the favor of the ponies she wronged?

More importantly, can she avoid starting a war?

I'd like to thank all my followers, fans, and patreon subscribers. Without all of you, I'd be worse off in every way.

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Sunset's life after that dreaded Fall Formal has improved in every way. Everyone at CHS likes her, she has a loving group of close friends, and she finally feels like she can move on from her past mistakes.

That is until she stumbles upon an a familiar face in an old yearbook and finds out he was one mistake she can never fix. Sunset had made amends with everyone else she hurt, but how can she forgive herself for a suicide she caused?

First two chapters edited by seventeen | Written in memory of an old friend.

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A good story lets you immerse yourself into the world it creates. A great story is one you don't even realize you're in until it's over. But what about the stories where the characters come to life?


How about one that's a little more than just a story.

A tale of a human who has found himself in an unfamiliar world, years off in technology from his own, in a town called Canterlot... but not that Canterlot.


A human in Equestria story with a twist.


Cover Art by PillowRabbit! Go visit their FIMFiction Page for their info!
Edited by:
Something new to add, hopefully. Always welcome for criticism and suggestions.

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This story is a sequel to Last Light

"You probably thought the pain would disappear with you, but it didn't. It just passed on to someone else."

Twilight Sparkle returns to the human world following her conversation with Sunset. She's not sure what she's looking for.

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Every 500 years, the dragons pick one of their own to take a journey to the First Flame, the origin of the dragon's fire breathing ability, and rekindle the sacred fires. When the time comes again, Dragon Lord Ember has decided that, for political reasons, Smolder should be the one to go. And in order to help her, she's allowed to pick one companion to go with her. So, she decides to pick the absolute best professor to go with her, one that has taken on several large creatures and escaped without a scratch.

Professor Fluttershy.

It can only end so well...

Inspired by Rated Ponystar.

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This story is a sequel to Foreign Nationals of Unusual Importance

Shiny new diplomat Cookie Pusher lives a complicated life—struggling to carry out what may be the strangest duties in the history of the Foreign Service, yet remaining as much in the background as he can manage. Let’s see if we can make his life even more difficult.

Many thanks to FanOfMostEverything for both the original inspiration and for kind (and correct) promotional words.

Hit “Popular Stories” the day of publication, woo-hoo!

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After a war leaves Equestria and the surrounding lands a wasteland those that survive do what they can to rebuild and move on while dealing with new dangers that the war left behind. Being a survivor of the war one Kirin discovers along the way that one fateful decision he made at the end of the war may have changed him in a way beyond what he may know how to deal with. These stories tell of his travels through the wasteland left over by the war that destroyed the Equestria he once knew while attempting to come to terms with how he himself has changed.

Story line of Windup's Equestria is inspired by Kkat's Fallout:Equestria.

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Check out the custom-made theme music created by The L-Train here!

Have you ever kept a secret from somepony?

How about an entirely different life?

Twilight Velvet has definitely been less than honest with her family and friends, but now, so many years later, somepony stumbles upon the truth. Adventures long done, friendships that have withered to the barest of sparks—what will resurface as Twilight's true life is uncovered?

Rated Teen for blood, profanity, suggestive themes, and violence.

Volume 1 of
Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion

A subseries of the revised Modern Equestria Project.
By Seriff Pilcrow and AdmiralKew.

Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion is a fanfiction series that aims to breathe new life into a once-popular headcanon: that Twilight Velvet—Twilight Sparkle's mother—was directly involved with Daring Do and her adventures. Travel with Daring Do and Twilight Velvet across Equestria and beyond as they discover treasures of old, battle dangerous foes, and unearth the knowledge the world’s past has to offer. Drawing inspiration from real-world archeology, locales, and cultures; auxiliary MLP material like the IDW comics and G.M. Berrow chapter books; and standard action-adventure fare like Uncharted and Indiana Jones, Daring Did combines all of these elements into a witty, yet deep narrative that captures a spirit of exploration and exhilaration.

Editing and long description by Dreams of Ponies.
Preread by Edukas, Hubris Von Ego, Magic Step, Nailah, pertinax, and Sparkle Cola.
With feedback from PonyJosiah13, I Thought I Was Toast, and Wing.
Cover art by VanillaGhosties.
Chapter art by Tillie-TMB, Celestial-Rainstorm, Redahfuhrerking, and Little Tigress.
Logo and reference sheets by L1nkoln.

Featured on March 19, 2018; April 23, 2018; June 25, 2018; August 27, 2018; October 8, 2018; November 19, 2018; January 28, 2019; May 20, 2019; September 2, 2019; February 24, 2020; May 4, 2020; January 18, 2021; May 9, 2021; January 24, 2022; October 4, 2022; and May 15, 2023.

Featured on Equestria Daily on February 10, 2021.

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