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My wife left me for a man named Estavan. He wears the same tank top everyday.

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  • 124 weeks
    Nonpony art

    Posting here from my deviantart account.

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    6 comments · 235 views
  • 124 weeks
    Next Gen OCs

    Too lazy to post their bios right now :P Maybe later

    This is Cassiopeia, or Cass. Twilight x Flash

    Vulcan, Celestia x Sombra

    Jubilee, Spike x Sweetie Belle

    5 comments · 195 views

Taking Commissions (CLOSED, prices outdated)

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No problem; good art is good. :twilightsmile:

Heyo! Mocha did a thing about your art and I swung over to see what's what. I might just hire you, at some point.

Very nice work you got there, as usual, I hope that you will keep on showing more art hear again soon.

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