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  • Read It Later 232 stories - 3086 unread chapters Completed stories that I intend to read. I usually prefer these over tracking stories.

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We, the ponies of New Canterlot, do hereby dissolve the position of Monarch of Equestria, stripping it of all rights and privileges, effective immediately.

Second place in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Event 100 contest. The prompt was "A Worthy End."

Cover art by the delightful Snow Quill.

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Juniper Montage and Wallflower Blush get together in the local park for a walk. That's all.

...okay, maybe Wallflower might have asked to see Juniper for a special reason. And maybe they both need to get their minds off of crippling past regrets and relationship uneasiness.

But for now? Just walking.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.
Cover art by Bevin Brand (lineart) and Shaxbert (colors).

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With the help of The Apparatus, Queen Twilight Sparkle had gained knowledge from innumerable divergent worlds. Using this newfound mystical power, she had conquered her world, united its varied peoples, and brought peace and prosperity to all through her own benignly neglectful rule.

Then Cadence, Princess of Love and the last of Twilight's family and friends, destroyed the Crystal Palace.

Along with everyone inside.


(Content Note: While the red tags are technically accurate, this is first and foremost a work of speculative fiction. It is not a gore fest.)

(Chronology Note: The crux of this tale takes place outside of continuity, in several of infinite possible futures. Its driftwood may touch upon any number of dimensional shores.)

A Queen of Light and Darkness story.

This tale was strongly inspired by Larry Niven’s All the Myraid Ways. Though I only read it once many years ago, it left a powerful impression on me, and you can definitely see that in this story.

Special thanks also to B_Munro, for recognizing the stories’ similarities and telling me who wrote that splendid story I’d read as a child, and what the name of it was.

Due to the nature of the discussion which follows this tale, there are comments - including mine - which may contain spoilers to varying degrees (depending on what you consider an actual spoiler). The more serious spoilers are behind the usual black boxes, of course. :twilightsmile:

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Starlight Glimmer never thought much about the map table in Twilight Sparkle's throne room, except to consider taking it apart to learn its secrets. It didn't have much use for her. But all that changes when the table selects her and Twilight Sparkle for a mission in Las Pegasus. Now they're in pursuit of a crazed villain and a magic spell that threatens to undo their entire timeline.

Starlight Glimmer knows a thing or two about timelines. But the dreams she's been having? They're the deepest mystery yet.

Winner of the March Writeoff Competition.

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Unable to handle her anxiety without the memory stone, Wallflower Blush tries to end her life. The attempt leaves her too injured to recover, and with just hours left to live, she expects to die all alone—until Sunset Shimmer appears, asking, “Why?”

Crossover/Sequel with Wanderer D's Sunset's Isekai can be read here.

Wallflower drawing is by s-i-ren.

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This story is a sequel to SunLight Sliders

When a battered girl claiming to be Sunset Shimmer dropped out of an interdimensional portal into Twilight Sparkle's bedroom, little did Twilight know that she was about to be plunged into a chaotic journey through a multiverse that holds terror and wonder in equal measure.

Now, Twilight must uncover the secrets of this strange Sunset's past, survive the whims of something called Discord, cope with Sunset's eternally-changing hairdo, deal with dozens of doppelgangers--good and bad--of Sunset and herself, and worst of all... once again come face to face with a very real demon of her own creation.

And maybe, just maybe... find a way home.

The 32-Author SunLight Collaboration Project

About the Project:
Formerly known as SunLight Sliders II, this massive collaboration project was originally built in the SunLight Sliders FimFic Group. Feel free to check the original group forums for details on the project, the original material and more.

The project kicked off on January 1, 2018 and ended on April 22, 2018. The goal? Each author writes up to 1,500 words within 3 days, always picking up where the previous one left off. The result? A constantly evolving story about SciTwi and an unknown Sunset Shimmer sent careening throughout the multiverse.

SunLight Sliders: Infinite is being published so everyone's hard work can be seen. Please note that I take no credit for the story save for the chapters I wrote (Collaboration on the Prologue, Chapter 1 and the Epilogue). If you enjoyed a particular chapter, please be sure to check out the author who wrote it!

Continuity Note:
Despite the name, you don't need to SunLight Sliders to read this story. One of the explicit rules for this project was that no author could reuse any story element unique to SLS1.

Graphics Design Credits:
Cover Art & Design by Little-Tweenframes/Adge (SciSetDiaries), Overlord Neon and Novel-Idea
Cover Text, Chapter Header & Section Break Design by Novel Idea
Twilight Sparkle Cutie Mark by Intbrony
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark By Millennial Dan

All Editing by Novel-Idea - Unlike the original SunLight Sliders, I did not do any edits beyond a fast pass on basic grammar and spelling. All chapters are almost exactly as their original authors wrote them. There have also been no story or perspective changes from the original save for the addition of the Epilogue and adding a hairdo for Sunny in Posh's chapter (thank you Albi)!

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A few hours after saving the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer and her good friend Twilight Sparkle are relaxing on the CHS lawn. The two are so close that Sunset finally feels like she can ask a question that's been on her mind for a while.

"Can I go home?"

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Something bad has happened to Sweetie Belle, so why won’t anypony tell Apple Bloom what? At least she can keep her friend company, and Sweetie Belle can hear her talking. Everypony says so. She can hear.

If friendship really is magic, she sure could use some now.

An entry in the write-off event “There’s Magic in Everything.”

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The whole school saw Sunset Shimmer's demonic form get hit by the Elements of Harmony, and half a second later she was in a smoking crater in the ground, sobbing and repentant. From Sunset's perspective, her change of heart took a bit more time.

Genre is... not well-suited but to be perfectly honest that's the closest it's gonna get. Think of it as a missing scene.

Art is by Rennygade, though for some reason I can't find this specific piece on their page. Please contact me if you object to my using it here; it's a beautiful piece.

Many thanks to the folks on the Fimfiction and Clocktower Discord servers for their editing help; any remaining errors are my own.

Cross-posted to AO3 finally here.
Featured at the Royal Canterlot Library!

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The secret of Santa Hooves is, there's not just one. There are thousands... all of them changelings, bound by an ancient pact to deliver presents in exchange for love to get through the winter. Times have changed, and the changelings no longer need the love, but they honor the pact... even Queen Chrysalis.

Even though it goes against everything she believes.

Because some ancient beings you just don't cross- even if it means dealing with a little pony brat who wants to bake cookies on Hearth's Warming Eve.

Besides, every year somepony has to save Hearth's Warming. This year it's Chryssy's turn.

(Don't worry. She does it. Even if she hates doing it.)

(And featured from Christmas Day through 12-29-2018! Thanks, everyone!)

Cover art by AmethystLongcat.

Part of the Remember Fort Libris print anthology, thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

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