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Losing her friends was the start of a self-destructive spiral for Sunset Shimmer. Convinced that she will never escape the echoes of her past, she tries to take her own life.

The attempt leaves her severely injured and she falls unconscious. In her dreams, she is visited by Princess Luna. They have much to discuss, whether Sunset likes it or not.

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Drawing of Sunset used in cover art is by Xaztein

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Ok you caught my interest, I can't wait to read more.

Felt like a chapter I would write, until it got into the metal works.

I won't think about jeans and table crackers the same way again.

I don't like the Human Rainbow Dash and Rarity no more😠 poor Sunset 😭

Hope dash gets into trouble with the resteraunt staff for this, saying that physical fights between customers are not tolerated

I hope the Rainbooms will remain unforgiven in the end.

You caught my interest!!

Grear start! Really got me in the feels.

Good story so far, but the start is kinda typical for a anon-a-miss story. I think you should change some things. Like maybe change the way she tried to kill herself.

Hmm, your preview box gives an interesting premise, but the first chapter is a pretty standard first chapter for an anon-a-miss story. It's not bad, but there's nothing to really get me hooked either. I would suggest lengthening the chapter until you get to the bits that make your story unique.

More anonamiss suicide crap? Why? And who keeps reading it?! Try something new. And better. And with some actual heart to it.:facehoof:

Then why did you bother commenting? Did you even read the story?

If you can write something that's so much better step up to the plate and show us all.

It's a good chapter, but... hum... Luna Has seen everything since the begining, and she did nothing before the final tentative ? I don't expect something big, but maybe a message to twilight or something...

Because I feel it is justified. Overdone and a bad concept at the starting block 4 years ago with the comic.

Immaterial. I can take a small bite of a turd sandwich and know enough. They all taste the same and it all tastes like crap. I had a client once that ate poo. Really. He should have stayed institutionalized but some screaming libs had him back on the streets. Bad breath. I was supposed to find him a job. Unless he is dead I bet he is still stuffing envelopes at home. I pray he washes his hands after eating. Never go into social work, counseling or job placement. It is miserable.

I have nothing I want to share. I write enough crap to enough places trying to find crazies, convicts and junkies jobs. And that was after quitting counseling and social work. No one would want to read about that. Nothing but sickness and misery. I had to counsel a furry who lit his stink suit on fire while he cooked in it. It sounds hilarious but really is not.

Season 4 of Samurai could have been better but I liked it.

great chapter and beginning im dying to know the outcome of this.

If after death I could wear a dress, then I just might give up atheism.


I had a client once that ate poo.

I have nothing I want to share.


I was unaware "nothing" was the same thing as two paragraphs. thank you for clarifying. No seriously, if you don't like something just don't support it in any way shape or form, /that includes commenting/. Youtube is one of the best examples of this but most sites monitor traffic to determine what should be front page material. Any kind of traffic, be it a like, /dislike/, or comment in addition to the actual reading/watching is another point towards putting it on the front page. So while you're being a passive aggressive toxic troll, you're actually guaranteeing that the content you don't want to see remains on the front page longer. Learn your algorithms kiddies.

Let me just preface by saying I haven't read it yet, either.
That being said, commenting, down voting, insulting, whining about, or arguing over something that you have avoided is pretty much pointless.
I get that you're sick of it, a lot of people are; heck, I don't like the chincey writing in most of them, but if you haven't read the one you're commenting on, you're not doing anything more than exposing yourself to more of the same stuff.
You're right about social work though. I was in for my masters in social work/counseling and ran into the practicum segment. All the text books in the world do not fix some of the folks out there. I try to look at the stories here in much the same way, though. If it's something I don't like, I choose to avoid it, not even reading past the short description to see if it catches my fancy. I even check a few that I don't like the premise of if the desc seems to take an interesting turn, but when I do, I don't deride the story because I subjected myself to it.
I find that most of the time, a systems perspective helps to remind me that if I feel the need to comment/down vote/etc, it's a story I had mixed feelings about going in to, and choose to say that it was something I suspected I wouldn't enjoy — rather than something I wanted to read but found bad.

Good second chapter. Are u gonna post a chapter a day, or what is the upload schedule?

I tried writing in the past and I wrote about my experiences. I practiced in a place with no fairy tale endings. Who would want to read that?

I was responding to another in line with the comment.

Be at peace. Have a beer! If not for Coors and nascar life would be worth a lot less.

But in all seriousness you are right. It is a supreme waste of time. I should keep away from the internet after drinking on football day.

Sorry to hear your practical side of training was rough too. I did mine on a reservation. All the books and warnings and endless bad news we hear I thought I would be ready having seen myself as jaded. But nothing prepared me for some of it. Hearing a little girl say her dad sold her out for a dirty heroine needle and her pretending she was somewhere else had me reeling. The “real world” was just as bad and I didn’t last long.

And suicide is a disgusting plot device to abuse. I heard plenty about it.

I feel bad for the author that his comments have mostly dissolved into a flame war about whether or not Anon-a-Miss stories are worthwhile or not. Especially by someone who hasn't even read the story...

Eitherway, interesting premise. I'm looking forward to seeing how Luna can rebuild Sunset's fractured mind.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Comment threads like this one is why good writers leave. The writers here DONT HAVE TO WRITE. The don't get paid for their efforts (In General) and only do so for the fun of it. These people are hobbyists who write because they enjoy improving their craft and sharing their fun stories with others. Their stories are written in their spare time, when they could be doing other things.

This bitch-fest of a comment thread is about a new Authors first story on this site. It could quite possibly be his first story attempt ever. Personally I would have read these comments, said "Fuck em." and gone to do other things. I sure as hell wouldn't add to my story. I don't need pointless abuse, I get enough of that at work.

Assholes are the reason writers like Queen Sanguine Dreams stop writing. Queenie wrote the fantastic story "Necromancy For Foals". A great story that many people have waited for the sequel to. After shit posters lambasted the story without giving her the chance to even get the story really going, she stopped writing it. And I don't blame her at all. She could be doing other things with her free time.

Writers have to start somewhere. Writing is like playing an instrument or painting on Canvas. You need to practice in order to improve your skills. Don't scare them off before finding out what they are capable of.

The Monk

“To say that Twilight Sparkle went bugfuck would be like saying the Incredible Hulk had some mild anger management issues.” -DustTraveller

<nods> Aye. It's a pretty dark place, where some folks end up, but that's also why a few, very special, people seek out the skills to help others.
Never forget that and never let it overwhelm you. When you need it, take a step back, remember why you're helping others, and take care of yourself.
On the less grim side, some folks see situations like those as warnings or as guideposts and realize what can be done to change those situations.
But, yheah, drinking and football? Yuck! Nasty habits. <smirks>

I just hope Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle confess their sins, because their jealousy caused an innocent girl to commit suicide - whether or not the commitment was successful, it still counts.
It'd become bloody obvious it wasn't Sunset the moment those three idiots post another secret while Sunset's in the hospital, and I hope they get pilloried for it.

Not to mention all the other students who sent secrets to those idiots; they're just as awful in my book, as they gave the girls ammunition. Fuelled the flames. And not ONE person decided to look at it logically and think 'hang on, this isn't like Sunset; she's been trying hard to be a good girl now, and even when she was nasty, she wasn't this obvious, this easy to pin down as the culprit'? Scum.

Very good so far. Eagerly awaiting more!

You did not read the comment trail leading there I imagine.

ok. honest question cause i dont know. why have i been seeing a ton of anon-a-miss stories with the cyber bully thing. was it official or was it something that started in the fandom and has blown up in the fandom? dont get me wrong i love them and this one. but i dont know why i have seen a ton of them.

Anon-a-mis was officially from the comics. The CMC got jealous of Sunset spending time with their sisters/idol, and started up a 'mystable' page to frame Sunset. Things devolved and eventually hit Sunset pretty hard, but ultimately the CMC got caught and things got set right.
The cyber bully bit was officially from the comic, but fit in very well with a string of very public real life cyber bullying events where kids actually committed (or tried to commit) suicide.
The end result was a growing awareness of a pretty dark topic, but since it's MLP, the comic treated with it fairly lightly, just enough to have Sunset in tears, scorned by the school, abandoned by her friends, etc..... actually, that's pretty much a dark point for MLP.
So, yheah. Since it's one of the most obviously charged topics MLP has hit on, with a VERY accessible forum, it's generating a lot of what-ifs and nuclear option stories.
Great question and it's always better to ask than to flag in the wind.

What trail? your original "how dare someone post something on the internet i personally don't enjoy!" followed by someone calling you out on it into your rant that was tangential at best. Not much of a trail there, all of it followed, and point stands. Since I don't mind this content I have no problem leaving it on the front page longer, surprised that someone so vocally opposed is giving it so much support though.

The IDW comic tried to tackle the serious issue of cyber-bullying, which was laudible. However, it was very badly written. Though considering my issues with One Bad Apple, it's not the first MLP story to mess up the issue of bullying.

I suspect part of it was the limited size of the comic. Everything happens too fast, both the Humane Six turning on Sunset, and the reconciliation at the end. It trivialises the message, ultimately rendering it worthless.

If a mean comment on social media appears to have been sent by someone you know, you should instantly turn on them, ignoring any concept of motive, or asking why they'd post the comment so it looks like them, but then deny it. And of course, you do it in public to destroy their reputation further. It doesn't matter, when you find out you're wrong and you've been shunning and bad mouthing them wrongly, all you have to do is say you're sorry and things will instantly be alright.

Yes, you can turn cyber-bully and try to ruin someone's life, but all you have to do is admit you did it and say you're sorry and all will be forgiven.

Are these the messages you wanted to put across, Ted Anderson?

Yes they rushed the comic too fast, and was poor timing as well.
It did raise certain issues such as, did the Rainbooms every truly forgive Sunset or were they lying to her or themselves.
Did they hold some mistrust, and was the No Offense bit, that occured in the second Equestria girls movie a shadow of it.

A very interesting idea you've presented us. I eagerly await more chapters.

thanks for the answer. and now i know why the anon-a-miss thing is nearly everywhere..l

You know something? I CAN NEVER GO HOME AGAIN, and yet, here's a story with someone that CAN, IN FACT, go home again, as I'm sure that Princess Celestia will ALWAYS take her adopted daughter back. And you wanna know something?! I'm not suicidal! I'm just heavily depressed!

You could just, not comment on things you aren't interested in reading? Instead of being a turd.

Omg your profile pic was perfect of this comment it’s like the kurmet meme where he’s taking a sip of tea while telling someone off

Well fuck, this took about five turns in the course of three sentences. I like this, keep it going lad.


Comment threads like this one is why good writers leave.

They also leave because their well-written story with original plot and a lot of time spent writing and editing it goes unnoticed while yet another Anon-a-Miss suicide emo fic gets featured, so there's that.

Also, "Sunset is so poor she can't afford toilet paper and she wipes herself with napkins stolen from the restaurant" is what counts as "feels" now? :facehoof: Pardon my French, but what the actual fuck, author?

Comment posted by Scampy deleted Nov 20th, 2018

Oh for the love of...MORE!!! Longer chapters!!! I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!! I WANNA SEE THEIR REACTIONS!!!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS!!!!!!

I hope this is not everything is set back before she tried to kill herself.
There should be consequences for everyone to deal with.

The CMC and their sisters and the entire school should face them.

9302479 Well put.

This is very good, and I hope we get Chapter 3 soon.

Keep up the rad work, okay?

I'll be reading this one.
But hey, don't sweat the comment threads!

I think what can happen to makes it more horrible is anon a miss update tonight or tomorrow and to really make it hurt rainbow and rariety getting some texts complaining about sunset latest rumor shared while her body is being transported by them to the hospital

Hint about getting a new chapter soon, and one pops up in my Feed not even 5 minutes after I posted that.
Many thanks.

Also, great chapter, and the perspective of it is interesting.

The end of this one was heart-wrenching, and I look forward, with much anticipation, to Chapter 4.

9302443 Bitterness makes for a poor accomplice to criticism.

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