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I'm a shy writer with a unique style, and an avid reader. Still fairly new to writing, and the fandom.

About me

I'm old enough to drive (16 for those who don't know) and in the process of getting my license. I'm a Junior in school, and that might hinder my writing occasionally. I write with a style and flair that is fairly unique, but seems to be more common in this fandom than anywhere else. I joined the fandom around season 6, and my only regret is not joining the party sooner! I'm vocally gifted, but too shy to do anything with that gift. (Sound like a pony you might know? :yay: ) I hope my stories are enjoyable!

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My Name · 4:56pm 6 days ago

It's just occurred to me that I have a long, four-word username, and nothing explaining why, so I figured my first blog post would be explaining that name.

I'll start with "Your," because it's pretty straightforward. The "Your" in my name is a tribute to YourEnigma. He's a musician that I enjoy listening to. (Not sure if musician is the right word, as he's more of a DJ, but whatever.)

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Thanks for the warm welcome. :scootangel:
I've already started a story that I hope turns out well, and I'm looking forward to reading some other stories.
Ps: It's 2:18! Why am I still awake? :pinkiesick:

Welcome to Fimfiction. :twilightsmile:

Let me know if you have any questions about the site. :pinkiesmile:

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