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"You make me feel like I have my life at least a little bit together, and I appreciate that."- CPL

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New Story Collab! · 7:43pm Dec 30th, 2017


So I'm working on a few smaller stories atm, but AmIDeadInside offered to cowrite a story idea of his. We're only a couple chapters in so far, but this will be a serial!

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Story Approver

Thanks for the follow, though I don't know what I did. :twilightsheepish:

(no idea if my user page is the best place for this, but oh well.)
After spamming the space where the "Next Chapter" button should've been on "Cyclosa", I scrolled up and realized that, for some reason, I hadn't been following you!

That story finally brought me over -- aside from "Awful Lot of Coffee in Equestria" (and the seemingly-endless praise from ChappedPenguinLips :P)

I was looking around for more stories of ancient-Equestria -- stuff like Princess Celestia's Private Library. I clicked on Cyclosa, blissfully ignoring the "Dark" tag, and was intrigued enough to keep reading. Really intrigued.

I love how Celestia references the present while still talking about the past. It's a nice break between the intense action scenes and mystery, almost reminding the reader that yes, everything ends up alright, but the past is still chock-full of surprises. Celestia and Luna don't feel out of character in the slightest. I think they're exaggerated versions of themselves in the show, which makes sense given maturity and the like.

And the overall prose just flows sooo well. It's not often I'm excited to see six paragraphs without dialogue.

But yea. Love your work! Can't wait for more c:

Much obliged for the follow, sir. Story feedback is always appreciated!

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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