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Minuette, as a dentist, loves to work with teeth. She's a cheerful pony who likes to teach ponies, young to old, abut the best way to care for their own dental health.

Smolder is a curious dragon, fascinated with the differences in dragon teeth.

Get ready to read about mouths. And teeth.

Disclaimer: includes incredible detail of the mouth, teeth, and saliva.
Dedicated to the one and only ChappedPenguinLips

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[This is the initial collab version with Zine. It's currently being rewritten! Stay tuned for updates.]

It wasn’t long before Alex Benton’s life was going to change. He just didn't expect that to be in the form of a four legged, dethroned queen. However, maybe this world was just what he needed. Something far away from the pain of his old life. Something that allowed him to be different. To be helpful.

Crystal Boundaries of a Skull
They hide, they keep, they hold the walls
And once our troubles can't be stalled
The walls will fall
The walls will fall….

(Cover is an edited shot from the finale of Season 6 of FiM: Edited by meee)

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Discord is sick with a mysterious disease, and only Fluttershy can help!
That is, if she wasn’t on a trip to see the Breezys. Instead, he must resort to Nurse Redheart, who happens to have an odd affinity for the draconequus. Can their budding love outstand their differences, or will a missing Pinkie Pie drive them apart?

Based off of a prompt from a podcast by the Good HiE List group. Check them out, they’re awesome!
Thanks to ChappedPenguinLips and RogalDayne for editing and all of their support!

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