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Blog... [n+30] looks good, yeah, save, publish · 2:59am Mar 17th, 2021

I'm bored, so, a vague, rambling update, featuring mental health(tm), and horsewords!

First off, I hope y'all are doing well. Like, for real. Compassion is one of those things I overthink as being sarcastic or overdue -- especially in a blog post -- but yeah. claptrap voicePooOoooooOooosiTivitY!

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Really?? Teeth?! · 8:36pm Jun 27th, 2020

Me, writing this meme at 4am

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I was editing a story by Chapped and I noticed that he kept using tags around mouths and teeth: "she grinned", "her lips upturned", that kinda thing. So at some point, say, 4am, I was like Hey, what if I wrote a small story that just went into so much insane detail about teeth?

So that's what I did!

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Update on Crystal Boundaries etc. etc. · 4:24am Jun 23rd, 2020

Ha, think you'd seen the last of me?!

I've commandeered (with Zine's permission) the story over to my account and I plan to rewrite a good chunk of what was already posted. The overall idea is still the same -- and of course, there is still a story plan! Just needs some tweaks to take it from 2017-era HiE to 2020-era HiE.

And by that, I mean insufferable puns, 20% cooler references, and of course, Garfield jokes.

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New Story Collab! · 7:43pm Dec 30th, 2017


So I'm working on a few smaller stories atm, but AmIDeadInside offered to cowrite a story idea of his. We're only a couple chapters in so far, but this will be a serial!

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From the Ashes · 3:58am Jul 14th, 2016

More of a log than anything else.

I've decided after lurking here for 4 years (!) I'd finally get somewhat involved and start writing some stuff, or at least do some editing for those who need it.

Inspired partially by the The Good HiE List podcast.

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