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Revered by their populace, the four immortal Alicorns have ruled Equestria with benevolence and kindness for five centuries, curating a meticulous balance that must not be disturbed. The Two-One system has survived everything that was thrown at it, and anything that threatens to disrupt that balance should be crushed at all costs.


DISCLAIMER: Sex tag ONLY for innuendo and jokes! Only a minor AU, VERY LITTLE has been changed from canon!
WARNING: Contains A LOT of profanity because I can't help myself
Fantastic cover art provided by Hoodwinked MCShelster on DeviantArt!
Proofread and edited by DarthBall, newbie, T0ucan, and Pen Dragon
Additional help provided by various members of the Changing Expectations discord server

The Ever Expanding List of Inspirations:
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ChroniclerOfFantasies's King of Queens
Crensler's To Know Hell and Finding Artemis
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This story is a sequel to Descent Into Madness Without the Ones You Love

After a particularly notable loss of composure, Blister and his friends discuss where to go from here. But little does he know, his friends have ulterior motives.

Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated

Chapters (1)

A showdown between Blister and Sombra turns even more violent than anypony could have predicted.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Crossover

Implied HiE

Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated

Inspired by Heart of the Cards

This story now has a sequel!

Chapters (2)

Luna and Blister defeat Discord in a duel with the power of the Super Saiyan God ZEXAL

Short Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL crossover set during the events of The Return of Harmony

Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated

Inspired by Heart of the Cards

Chapters (1)

Blister has just woken up after...something. He can't exactly remember. Maybe the pony he's currently sharing a bed with can shed some light on this.


Subtle/Not So Subtle Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover

Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated

Inspired by Heart of the Cards and Consequences

Chapters (1)

Just a short and sweet one-shot between an OC and Cadance I wrote when I was feeling a little lonely.

Now part of a larger project I'm working on...

Contains: About four curse words, hints of self-hatred, hints of feelings of inadequacy, comfort, and fluff

Chapters (1)

Written for Christmas 2019

Damien has been trying his best to keep to himself since his arrival in Equestria, but that has proven nigh impossible thanks to the interventions of a few Princesses. He can’t keep hiding for long, especially since today is the warmest day of the year.

Marked Teen rating because of heavy themes: dealing with PTSD, war stories, alcoholism, etc.

Proofread by Bruscar

Chapters (2)

THIS STORY IS ON HIATUS INDEFINITELY. This was my first ever fic and I realized a bit too late that I was going WAY to big with the scope of this story for my first time. Maybe I'll return to this much later if I get the experience necessary to do so but for now this will remain on hiatus. SO DON'T READ UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT A PROPER ENDING OR REALLY A PROPER "STORY" OF ANY KIND.

If you want something better, click here

Hey, I'm Blister and I’m not the best kind of pony, kind of a walking "cold shoulder". I’m not on great terms with the rulers of the nation I’m living in and my only friend is a Knight in Shining Armor who’s constantly stressed. You want more? Well too bad! It's not like there's a way for you to find out more...

This story takes place after Twilight gets her wings but before the Tree of Harmony and that chest appear and become relevant.

Tags and rating will change to reflect the current status of the story if I feel like changing things later on. The current tags reflect what the story is and/or what my current plan is. This is subject to change st anytime!

Profanity is light and Gore is moderate

First 4 chapters were edited by the amazing Bruscar

First 4 chapters were proofread by Todtaure, and Nharctic

This story was inspired by ChroniclerOfFantasies's King of Queens fanfic. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THIS STORY TO UNDERSTAND MY STORY.

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