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Blood for the Blood God and pony stories for everyone!

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I'm really liking how you're linking the changelings into this as a species who was wronged by Celestia and Artemis's carelessness. Although I genuinely hope you keep to that theme and don't end up making them out to be monsters ruled by a mad and evil queen, it's your ride and I'm strapped in for the long haul. Honestly looking forward to seeing how Artemis and Chrysalis interact with one another when the time comes.

7816156 I'm not so much enjoying that, because it seems like nearly every major fic somehow decides to make it that way. :derpyderp1:

Oh, Chryssy, Chryssy...
If you attempt to manipulate him, then you are in for a bad bad time...
Beside the fact that he isn't particularly fond of it, he should also be able to easily see through your disguise and manipulation even if he at the very least don't exactly know that you are a shape-shifter (at least noticing that the one who is interacting with him isn't who they say they are) Just due to his gueling time on the Moon with a master manipulator like Nightmare Moon.
You might want to turn him against Equestria, but all you're doing will be making him lash out at you.

so how come this story isn't showing up on your stories page?

I hope they'll team up. Chryssy will be awesome conversationalist - they could trade barbs, snide comments and just TALK.
Because really - changellings is the only not saccharine creatures around him. I think he can easily befriend grifons, dragons and minotaurs.
Well, its only my wishful thinking.

TBH I don't really care for having the changelings being a source of conflict in this story. Artemis' path and conflicts are more interesting to me than one of the admittedly rather limited (from canon) villain choices. Having the changelings' plans hinge on the presence of Artemis is fine, but they have to have a coherent reason and strategy rather than "lol we villains because we're changelings." Presuming Chrysalis has a rational political/military plan that isn't batshit insane things can work fine, as long as the story isn't exclusively about what the changelings are doing.

TL;DR: I wanna read more about Artemis. Supplementing the conflicts that arise from what happened to him with changeling sourced conflicts would be fine if not good, but only if Artemis' problems aren't overshadowed.

If I had to guess it hasn't been approved for release by fimfiction yet, but we got here through the direct link. A quick google search finds that google's webcrawler hasn't found this at time of writing, so this page is unlisted until fimfiction approves it.

And here we are, volume two.

I find it funny, here's our boy all broody and full of angsty hate like Prince Zuko, and everyone not in the know, are fussing over him like a damaged prince who needs constant love and care, despite his biting demeanor. I can't wait though, he may not have political or military authority but he's still a prince, and with no one else but Blueblood as a choice, available noble mares might see him as a new target. :rainbowlaugh:

The whole "use Cadance as a disguise" theme might not even need to happen, it's easier if she approaches him out at the park during his parole, his disguise will grant him anonymity to talk frankly and comfortably while she in pony form can be her bitchy and snide self out in the open. It would be weirdest way anyone could make friends.

This still makes me want to hurt things, how dusk or whatever his name is, is being punished for nearly no reason, he was corrupted and tricked by the nightmare, AND dark magic, yet dusk gets all the hate from celestibitch.

It makes me want to scream with how unfair it is!

Wait, I'm confused. What hate is he getting from Celestia? She's trying to help him. The guards just treat as a a minor lawbreaker who is serving his time, albeit one who acts quite rudely.

Shining Armor dislikes the guy, it seems, mostly because he hurt Cadence and because of the understandable friction that occurs when a guy thinks another guy is trying to steal his girl.

Cadence just seems to take much of what he does as a child lashing out and reacting in the only way he even remembers how. Remember, she was a foalsitter growing up, she does understand how to handle kids.

7816249 she has said in no uncertain terms that he will get banished to the moon if he resists at all, and has had his magic restricted, with that collar, that also tracks where he is. Thats way more than someone who was corrupted against their will should get!

I always get... nervous when I see changelings as the race set to play a major role, wondering which angle the author will take. I hope they won't be the main focus though. I want to see more Artemis. Also more Luna and how she's coping and who they cope with each other.

Originally I thought Shining was going the Angered Big Brother route, but it seems he's more Angered Boyfriend, but there is still the possibility that it's both. Time will tell.

7816249 The major thing with Celestia is that she first tried to, and still sorta does, treat him like a criminal who made her precious little sister suffer even more, despite Artemis being one of the biggest victims in all this. Like that 'Luna doesn't get punished because her time on the moon was her punishment, despite her using that time to mold you into a weapon against me' excuse. True, he's become a few steps shy of a villain and has a bad attitude, but it did spawn from Nightmare Moon's actions.


Celestia is going to reap what she has sowed.

If I were Artemis, I wouldn't let on if I got more and more powerful. Power is a bit like money. Accumulate it quietly when no-ones looking.

Then when he's acquired enough, he'll have the element of surprise on Celestia. I really hope Celestia and the rest of them gets what's coming to them.

This story does not appear in your story folder or in my library or among the newly released stories, can you fix that pls.

Also, your story telling is better in this one and characters are more convincing.

I wonder what would happen if changeling come near me if they get disturbed so much from negative emotions.

Here, a motivation for Artemis

So psyched to see a new update!

Hurrayyyyy!!!! Thank u!!!!!!!

Awesomeee chaptwrrrrrrrrrr!!!!$9

7816205 Yeah, I managed to bypass the system by accident, so there's nothing really to "fix" as some have guessed, beyond maybe removing the direct link for the time being.

Oh my fucking God YES! A sequel!

7816428 we'll shoot, if anything they'll probably see this as a little bug and just make sure it never happens again. I really hope you don't get banned though.


I still think that treating him so poorly is going to end up being painful in the end, for all involved. Besides that glaringly cringe approach to him, I'm really looking forward to what comes next! And, hopefully the large burden of the story remains focused on Artemis, there's so much present even without changelings, so they may distract more than aid. Only time will tell!

Why do I have a feeling that Artemis is going to be captured by changelings and turned into a weapon yet again?

...Probably Artemis' shadow in the picture... along with his eyes.

Depending on how crysalis handles this she might get a new ally and artemis could see this as a oportunity to get out of celestia's hoof.
Im personally hoping artemis is bidding his time and learning more about equestria so when the time comes he can finally get free. Not even expecting him to go after revenge anymore just want him free from the shit deal he was forced into.

7816712 if she plays her cards right he might go to her willingly
Btw no dislikes on the story so far really nice:twilightsmile:

The sequel. Let's see what's in store...


You just had to say it, didn't you?

Chryssie, you're going to get completely butt-r#$%d by him if you try to confront him. If his aura of negativity makes your changelings sick so easily, imagine what would happen if he focussed that on you directly. It would be like poison. And getting hit by one dark magic spell would be instant-death for you, even if it was just a graze.

So it will be him and Cadance? Or other pairing?

Looking forward to more.

Or maybe she will enjoy the negativity and wants to hook up with Artemis? I mean, why else would there be a drama tag? I can't think of anything that is more dramatic then Chryssi trying to rid the negative emotions to win Artemis, while Celestia flips her switch. Lulu and Cadie would probably enjoy the show with popcorn along with Discord. Along the train ride, the gore tag would eventually be replace with comedy and slice of life.

7817008 Likely nothing at all. I, for one, don't see a Romance tag anywhere, anyway.

Damn, second place feature already!

7817167 I know, I'm completely floored o.o

People are salty that Celestia's primary responsibility is to what's safest/best for Equestria as a whole, and that what's morally correct in a given context is secondary. We also don't know the full consequences of using dark magic. As for why Luna gets a free pass and Artemis doesn't, we can guess that an (pseudo?) immortal's mind is differently structured and much more resilient than a mortal's. In addition, Luna presumably has a known benefit to Equestria (statesmanship, military prowess, having 2 nigh-immortal leaders instead of one) from her time prior to Nightmare Moon. Artemis is an unknown at best.

7817173 you sir have reached the status quo for first place! :pinkiehappy: in a short amount of time!

7817336 I know! The people who read my stuff, you, and everyone else, made this happen! Thank you :twilightsmile:

I'm always up for a Prince Artemis fic!

Liking the story, even the continuation. Just still hooked on one teeny tiny, barely there, inconsequential little detail...HIS COLLAR!!!! Seriously, I know it's to "Keep him in check", but Celestia basically glossed over that she's secretly making a slave of him, while publicly calling him her and Luna's brother. What might happen if ponies of less stellar repute figure it out? Suddenly they have open season of taking control of a Prince, and if he says anything they don't like, they could easily convince Celestia and Luna that HE is in the wrong. Which means, those ill-mannered ponies get off scott-free, and he get punished...repeatedly.

Its good to see a continuation of the story.

That's starting to sound more along the lines of romance, of which, that tag is not up.

7817653 I'm going to bank on the hope that Artemis finds a way to remove it, or nullify it's effects to do what he wants.

Thank you for continuing the story!
I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
Also +1 to Spacecowboy - I hope that the story will remain mostly focused on Artemis and changeling plot or other characters will not overwhelm it.
His recovery and building/mending relationships with ponies around him is very interesting topic in itself, I hope it will not get lost in adventure (though a bit of adventure is always nice ;)

From what I remember the Collar does not deliver shocks or anything like that but instead can only track his movements and restrain his magic, which is pretty reasonable for a parolee. As for being taken advantaged of, that is what Cadence and the guards exist to prevent. As his parole officer anything that he does would have to go through her and there would be no way she would let him do anything that would threaten any progress he made on his sanity or social standing. Finally for punishments it was stated clearly in the last story the the only punishment hanging over his head was banishment and it was also stated that if he was banished the Luna would also suffer the same fate. So Celestia has a vested interest in letting him off the hook unless it was something far too big for her to ignore.

Good story. Well written. Looking forward for more.

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