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Changing Expectations + A Noble Death · 3:05pm Dec 14th, 2022

For my HiE fans, the authors of two very popular HiE stories, as listed in the title, have teamed up to make a short crossover that I have helped edit. Check it out if you haven’t already!

TMissing in Action
A month after the Changeling-Pony War, the reincarnated Spartan Noble Six encounters a new changeling monarch in Equestria, named King Phasmatodea. But King Phasma brings more than just the fear of another war; he brings the ghosts of Six's past.
LSTS Connor · 27k words  ·  415  11 · 2.8k views

CE 2 is Up! · 2:33am Sep 9th, 2022

The sequel to Changing Expectation is now live! If you enjoyed it as much as I did the first time around, then you'll like this one! I've already proof-read the prologue and chapter 1

TApproaching Apotheosis
When the days draw short and the nights grow long, the line between friend and foe becomes harder to see. The formerly-human King Phasma must stand strong with his friends against the encroaching dark.
KKSlider · 88k words  ·  782  26 · 5.2k views

If You Enjoy Mezzo, Read This · 2:00pm Aug 12th, 2022

Hello everybody!

Now, if you’ve read my other blog posts you know that I like to promote my friends’ stories, but they don’t always have a lot to do with my current story: Harmonic Reverberations of the Heart. And while it was true for those other stories, it’s not for this one. Far from it.

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Promoting Friend’s Story! · 1:37am Aug 9th, 2022

I may not have edited this friend’s story, but that doesn’t matter, I’m here to promote.

It’s on featured right now so I’m sure you’ve at least seen it, and take this as your call to actually read it, it’s good!

TA Long Night
Nightmare Moon suffers the consequences of victory.
INeedSleep · 4.9k words  ·  184  1 · 2.2k views

Another Promotion · 7:33am Jul 11th, 2022

Hey, I helped another friend with editing for their story.

This one is about a Sans character locked in Tartarus who strikes a deal with the Princesses to “take care of” (and by that I mean psychologically break) one of their more trouble some prisoners. There’s more too it than that but if that sounds interesting, give it a try.

TA Fatal Error Has Occurred
He was murdered in a place where one cannot die. Memories and hope, ripped from him in a flash of light. From one prison he came, and into another he was thrown. But he will get out, nothing lasts forever.
Orderly Disassembly · 22k words  ·  74  4 · 1.4k views

More Promotion for Friends · 4:18am Jun 15th, 2022

Hello again. In the background I’ve been helping KK Slider, the author of Changing Expectations, his newest work: The CE Side Stories!

If you haven’t read Changing Expectations yet, by some god forsaken miracle, go do that now, you won’t regret it, it’s got thousands of likes for a reason.

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Another Friend's Story to Check Out! · 1:36am Apr 12th, 2022

Hello everyone who bothers to read this! Another friend of mine from the Changing Expectations discord server has just released his first-ever story. It about the MC exploring an Irish island where changelings and ponies live in harmony, set in the Equestria at War universe, which itself is a Hearts of Iron IV mod. (Hearts of Iron IV is a military strategy game. I don't fully understand it). I did some of the edits on the prologue and chapter 1 so if any of that sounds interesting to

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More Story Promotion for my Friends · 8:23pm Mar 10th, 2022

Hello again to anybody reading this. I just wanted to take a hot minute and promote my friend's story, called Calmer Shores. If any of you enjoyed the slow, slice-of-life style that my Harmonic Reverberations of the Heart story is in, then you're gonna like this.

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Go Check Out My Friend's Story!!!! · 7:35pm Feb 21st, 2022

My friend just posted the first chapter of the story he's currently writing and I'm editing it for him so PLEASE GO READ IT! It's a mystery/drama AU where Luna rips a human into Equestria via a failed spell. While I know that sounds bland, it gets better, I just can't say anything without spoiling it!!!

He's also the main one editing my current story so SHOW HIM SOME LOVE!!!!

TMoonlit Stranding
There are no windows in my room, everything is lit by candlelight, and my gut is screaming at me to not trust a word she says.
DarthBall · 73k words  ·  465  19 · 6.9k views

Spiritual Successor to "Sometimes the Truth Can Be Deceiving" · 4:27am Jan 18th, 2022

Hello everybody! To all of my followers who cared about my last multi-chapter story attempt, Sometimes the Truth Can Be Deceving, my newest story, Harmonic Reverberations of the Heart, can fill that void!

I consider it a spiritual successor to Truth since both were born out of the same burning desire to write my own story from years of reading and lurking on this site. If you liked that story, then you'll probably enjoy Harmonic Reverberations!

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