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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



Princess Celestia, who is feeling a little lonely, asks Princess Cadance for a little help in finding a special somepony.

Along the way, Princess Celestia rediscovers herself.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (10)
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I don't know if I should be sorry yet.

I am confused, scared, bamboozled, and amused all at once.

My mind is full of wat


She should try finding a Male Alicorn or someone who lives outside of Equestria.

MOAR :flutterrage:
please? :pinkiehappy:

He will...oh, he will. I'm hooked on the story myself. He really needs to do more stories like this. They're cute, adorable, and surprisingly deep.

I'm just here for the silly stuff!:trollestia:


I can be bribed :trollestia:

7104212 How about room and board?

“I like jumping in mud puddles—”

I'm in love...! :heart: :rainbowlaugh:

Lets see. Celestia likes storms/ She likes the coloring of them. She wants someone who is young and a Virgin to take a very hooves on sex ed course with... She is gonna get Storm Blitz.

lookin good so far, pre emptively adding ta faves

7104255 :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Well from that playing in the mud comment, she will likely want an Earth Pony then if what Flying Grace has to say about them is any indication

This is the story I have been waiting from you for a long time. I am not sorry to see this.

Ok, I was skeptical when I read the blurb, but after reading the first chapter, color me convinced.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest!

I'm reading this story, because of course I am.

Preemptively faved and upvoted.

This could either go fantastically awesome or terribly cringey.
Just gonna have to wait around and see!

Yyyeah, I'm just gonna...gonna be over here, in the corner...waiting for more. :trollestia:

stupid dyelxica i thought it said After a threesome!:trollestia:

It's actually kinda nice..though clearly awkward at the beginning with Celestia. Keep it up

Well, you left me wanting more!:pinkiehappy:

I love romantic Celestia. This promises to be fun!

LOVING this. Slightly put out that we won't be getting Twilestia, but seeing Cadence properly going to work more than makes up for it. :raritystarry:

7106188 I'm glad it's not another Twilestia fic. This is a refreshing change.

"I want that youthful enthusiasm of a student who wants to be in school."

It's a rare school indeed where the student is expected not to arrive too soon.


Storm Blitz? Flying Grace? Wintergeen Diaries' characters?


I have one and only one thing to say...


Well, there is what Celestia wants, what she needs and what she can get.

I wonder how much overlap there is.

Please tell me you already have this written out and are releasing it one chapter at a time, leading to a 10+ day streak of being in the featured box.

7106334 Kudz little rough at the moment. Unlikely he'd be releasing every day at the moment. We're lucky we have gotten anything out of him in the past month.

Actually they are my characters. I was working with Wintergreen Diaries, or as he was known at the time of writing most of his fics Cerulean1313, at the time he wrote his second fic onwards and several of the characters he used are mine.

Not yet
later, you can be sorry.
Not yet.

I like this. Well done.

Only reall constructive criticism I have is; watch your passive voice, it's a bit distracting on a few places.



You're right, this probably could have used a few more editing passes. I spend my time sleep deprived and stupid. I just don't know what went wrong. :derpytongue2:


It's still good. Easy to read, and engaging. The characters felt real. The tension kept me wanting to continue reading. Also great opening line.

I'm of the school that thinks the opening line should summarize the story's theme.

I am going to encourage you to read this though:

Scrubbing out just a few filter words can really liven up your narrative.


I have chapter two sitting in the wings right now. I'm waiting on a few more edits before release. This chapter deals with Cadance and her function; at least an attempt to give her character some depth and purpose that I feel that she is missing from her show characterisation.


Also, fourteen uses of passive voice out of a four thousand word document. That isn't bad at all. I'm more concerned about the adverbs that slipped though. :fluttershbad:

Sometimes, she hated the damnable thing. It was tacky, it was gaudy, and in moments of temper, she had a tendency to cause gold to melt. Of course, in moments of severe temper, even the rocks melted, which was why it was so important to be patient and serene.

Dude, that's awesome.

Little ponies could melt too.

Oh. That got dark quick.


I really like this. Can't wait to see what shenaniganry happens.

Why can't I like this more than once?! Hyper-competent Cadence is MAGNIFICENT. :yay:


Cadance had the best teacher. :trollestia:

“Anyhow…” Cadance continued, “he was put under a lot of pressure to perform and he said no. I found what he did rather brave. The filly he was dating, well, she took the rejection badly. She ridiculed him, shamed him, and then started some truly awful rumours about him and spread them around school. It caused him no end of grief.”

Well, that was his fault for not being up front and honest from the beginning of the relationship and her fault for expecting him to break away from something he fully believed in.

Well, this should be interesting, I look forward to chapter 3.

I like this! Also, you're featured! Congrats!

Maybe he was upfront about no sex until marriage. Just look at what happened with Pinkie's Relationship when she made it clear she was waiting for marriage before actually doing anything sexual.

Wow. Cadance takes her role very seriously.

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