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Over the past few centuries, one of the only constants in Princess Twilight Sparkle's life is her friendship with Discord. There is absolutely no way their relationship will ever change.

This story was written as a Hearth's Warming gift for Snow Quill.

Thanks to Posh for prereading/feedback and Red for editing.

Cover art by Slushshe.

Now with a sequel!

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Comment posted by Posh deleted Feb 17th, 2021

I can’t believe I helped you edit an story I completely forgot was for me XD

Anyways, I absolutely loved this. Twicord is one of those ships for me that when done right, like this story, is the best thing ever. I also love the bit of Twidance and with the immortality angle it’s just, beautiful.

You write romance really well and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the final product, thank you so much!

Comment posted by Posh deleted Feb 17th, 2021

Beautiful. Your character work is as good as always and the way your characters interact with each other and slowly reveal their intimacy is so so good. I love your Discord here and she plays off Twilight as well, and you Cadance is fantastic too! Lots of good stuff here. Fantastic work!

enjoying a cheesy romance novel and wine brought by one of her maids. And, if she was feeling particularly frisky, enjoying that maid as well.

Ahh, perks of being a princess, eh?

The ruler of the Crystal Empire, the princess of love, and Twilight's wife for the past century and a half rubbed the bridge of her muzzle.

Well, Discord, if you want Twi you'll need to appease her babysitter sister-in-law wife. Immortality, amiright?

Discord conjured a mirror and saw that he now had a long black mane with red highlights that perfectly covered one eye.

Should've had him flip it to the side once before snapping it away.

"Moi? Cute? I am cool, charming, funny, and handsome, but I am most certainly not 'cute'." He huffed in disgust.

I heard a little of Rarity and Rainbow in there; nice job channelling the old friends there, Discord.

That was fun! I'm not much of a TwiCord shipper but this is the kind of situation I can absolutely see happening between the two of them in the distant future (including Twi panically teleporting to Cadance looking for advice).

I think this is the first fic I've seen that does a great way to describe without overbearing the kind of chaotic shenanigans Discord can do...also a great romance story 👌

Well, that was certainly a different sort of ship than I'm used to. Well done, by the way! In avoiding the usual mopiness of an immortality fic. Just a lovely read from start to finish.

Beautiful picture. Also wheres her horn poking lol

This was really sweet and a very unique take on immortal’s love lives! :twilightsmile: loved it!

"I really need to spend some of that," he muttered.

Because it’s burning a hole in his pocket! I get it! A visual gag disguised as a seeming bit of randomness!

Twilight shook her head and smiled, a gentle and fragile thing. "I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to run off, I just... wasn't thinking straight."

Not sure if this is a joke about her being married to Cady or not.

I always love seeing future Twilight stories with happy Twilight, and this one was super cute. Her interactions with discord were adorable.
I wasn’t expecting the Twidance marriage there but I absolutely loved it. There is something sweet about those two getting together after everyone else goes. There dialogue togs was the highlight for me.

Awesome work

Cute! Not big on polyamory myself, but I majorly appreciate the Bibio reference!

Back up. Twilight and Cadance married I am totally behind. But Twilight is basically cheating on her with Discord. Yeah, Cadance knows all about it. But still.

Too many holes in the story (I can't tell if Cadance and Flurry are fighting, or if Flurry is out exploring the world or something fun. I'm hoping it's just that last bit). But I do love it for the Twidance at least.

Upvoted for that if nothing else.

interesting. I could do with out the polyamory thing, especially sense Cadence was Twilight's sister in law. but it's a very nice story regardless

Cute! I don't typically ship Discord with anyone, but I do like this story just on the premise of Twilight and Discord spending more time together over time. Now that Twimmortality is basically canon, I would imagine Discord and the other alicorns would become some of Twilight's even closer friends.

Though I'm not convinced Cadance is immortal, seeing as she aged normally from being a foal-sitter in Twilight's flashbacks, and she doesn't have the trademark flowing mane that seems to denote both immortality and leadership over Equestria. Maybe Crystal Empire rules are different?

Nice job!

10684472 still haven’t fixed that typo, bro

Growing up and growing old are quite different biologically. And Twilight did "grow up" too after her ascension. Cadance had her ascension very young, so she was growing up normally, and growing up as an alicorn at the same.

Again, only alicorns with wavy manes have been given any kind of canon confirmation that they have extended lifespans. All I'm saying. Maybe if Cadance had appeared in The Last Problem, and without a single bag under her eyes, it'd help her case.

There's no proof Twilight wouldn't have continued to age normally if she hadn't taken over for Celestia and Luna, either. At this point, it's almost looking like there are tiers of alicorns. Beta, consisting of pre-Last Problem Twilight and Cadance, and Alpha, Celestia, Luna and Last Problem Twilight.

We've seen Celestia and Luna's manes stop moving when their magic is drained, so it's safe to say a flowing mane is some sort of measurement for magical power. Perhaps greater magic comes with greater authority in Equestria. Perhaps some level of immortality comes with that magic, for the highest figures of governance in Equestria.

Unfortunately the canon is really inconsistent about this. Having a natural born alicorn makes it even more complicated, if Flurry is even the same kind of alicorn. In my headcanon the colored glass window about Flurry in the last problem was about her ascension into a "real" alicorn.
In the show we never actually see an "old" but not immortal alicorn (Cadance is relatively young too) . My most consistent guess would be that all alicorns "grow up" to have flowing manes eventually (Flurry would be an exception, she has to earn it like the others).

Really lovely stuff Wish.
You continue to be a singular writer of romance. There's such a sweet and good-natured feeling running through so many of your works. They are romance fics in such a pure sense, conveying this pervasive feeling of love. The chemistry between the characters are fantastic, the prose is super effective and there are so many moments of levity sprinkled in with the romance that the audience is constantly engaged.
Really great work!

Really cute! This is the first time I've felt Twilight x Discord could work. Setting it way in the future helps a lot there. You did a great job depicting everyone's interactions, and I like how you snuck in a poly relationship.

Hey I like your writing a lot! Cute story :)

Can't favorite this again but this is still an amazing story heck

This is ENTIRELY too cute:raritystarry::pinkiehappy::yay::facehoof:.
Thanks for sharing!

yea h

Great story

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