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Bow before your princess! Er, prince...


Being a DJ is more than just playing music; it's about using music to allow ponies to let loose, go crazy, and having a great time. And when Neon Lights, an up and coming DJ, notices a particularly lonely filly was not having fun, he decides to take it upon himself correct this.

Little does he know who this pony turns out to be...

Edited by the awesome Electric294!
Amazing cover art by: _Vidz_

Arc breakdown:

Arc I - This is a 'Slice-of-Life' arc, contains character development and world building. Cute, fluffy, and random.
Word count: 25,055.

Arc II - This is the 'Adventure' arc, contains physical and mental conflict with darker themes; readers advised. (Can be skipped, if you don't like this genre.)
Word count: 27,289.

Arc III - This arc is the 'Romance' arc, contains shipping and a 'cool down' period from the conflict of the second arc. Light themes with a more 'Slice-of-Life' feel.
Word count: 24,360 (One more chapter).

Arc IV - This arc is the 'time passes' arc, contains a major time shift, having the chapters separated by a longer period of time. This is where life and love conflict, and where the bond will be tested.
Word count: 0 (Ongoing).

Arc V - Final Arc.
Word count: TBD.


This story is a learning experience for me. In it, I'm experimenting with different writing styles and techniques while trying to keep an engaging narrative.

Also, if you don't like action and adventure and prefer romance and fluff, then you can skip the second arc and go directly to the third without missing anything, as it was designed.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!

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Hello, everypony! I just wanted to remind everypony that I LOVE comments and feedback. You guys are who inspire me to write, and hearing what you have to say (both good and bad) is what drives me continue. Also, I want to know what you guys think of the story, as I want to see what I need to improve upon, or if the messages and points I'm trying to put forth are going threw.

Anyways, thanks for reading!!!

~ Neon Lights.

Overall, I really like this story so far, and I can't wait to read more! :yay:
However, (please forgive me for attempting to correct an editor) there were many minor errors that I feel you may want to be aware of. :twilightsheepish:

... little does her know who this pony turns out to be.

I think you might have meant "little does he know," as, in most cases, Neon Lights is male.

ponies dancing like the don't don't have a care in the world.

I believe that you might have meant "ponies dancing like they don't have a care in the world."

it was my job to make sure the /everypony/ in the club was having a good time.

You might have meant to italicize everypony but I think something went wrong, and you might want to delete the.

or even looking like she remotely was having a good time.

You might want to rewrite that as she was remotely.
There were many others like these in the story, so you might want to take another look at this if you get the chance.:twilightsheepish:
Besides that, I loved the Neon Lights x Princess Luna shipping in this story and I, personally, can't wait to read more! :raritywink:

5762424 Haha! Can't believe I missed those. I write mainly on my phone and edit mainly for grammar. It's stupid spelling mistakes that spellcheck adds when I'm typing that'll be the death of me. I'll go back soon as fix those, and thank you for mentioning them!!!

I have about half of chapter 3 done, at the moment (I plan on keeping around 4k words per chapter, but Im not gonna force it if it becomes slightly smaller or larger). The funny thing is, I wrote both of these chapters and edited them in little under an hour and a half.

~ Neon Lights.

5762424 You wanna edit for me? I'll give you access to unreleased chapters if you do!

~ Neon Lights

This story is awesome. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I wonder why not a lot of people have looked at this.

Do you mean "he" or "she"
also, maybe think about taking out the "and" it might sound better.

And when Neon Lights, a famous DJ, notices a particularly lonely filly not having fun, he decides to take it upon himself correct this... Little does her know who this pony turns out to be


5767075 What you witness is the glory that is iphone spellcheck... My arch enemy... I've got an editor weeding threw all of that crap, and should be done soon. Next chapter shall include a certain pink party pony who shall remain unnamed...

~ Neon Lights.

That my friend is why I turned autocorrect off. anyways, at the halfway point of chapter one I'm thinking I like this story.

Wow, I just realised those first two comments came up on this chapter even though they should've been on chapter 1... lul

This sorry is looking great so far, and the originally of the storyline, the closest thing I can think off to this would be lunaxVinyl, which is rare by itself... AND I LOVE IT. Reading different takes on the same story/ship can really get old after a while, so yeah, that alone is awesome, but I'm also loving thecharacters and just general cuteness of everything

Next chapter is done and only needs to be approved by my lovely editor!

Chapter title: Caked up
Word count: 5,268

And yes, there will be cake... Lots of cake...

~ Neon Lights

Edit: Posted!

That is not good for Luna's self esteem. I hope they work this out soon. I like the idea of them dating. Thanks for the update.

5778633 Thank you for reading!!!

~ Neon Lights


Oh come on...


5778994 Ha! Don't worry, I'll try and get it out as soon as possible. Expect it to be out in the next 4-5 days. Although, I shall give you a spoiler:

Chapter title: Royaly Screwed

~ Neon Lights

While I was surprised with Celestia being so unreasonable, I found this chapter very enjoyable. Good luck with the next chapter. Thanks for the update. It doesn't matter if it is edited or not.

5806455 She only reacted like that because it was personal. People tend to act strangely when situations involve family, friends, or loved ones verses with a stranger, or a coworker, ect. I believe that, in the core, Celestia is still "pony" (human) and would still have slip ups, especially with both riding guilt and fear building inside of her.

That is my reasoning, and I hope it makes sense for everypony else ^_^

As for editing: I'd rather have it edited so I don't have the grammar nazi's assulting my comments with thousands of "you forgot this" or "you spelt this wrong." It gets annoying, but I do it myself with other stories so I can't complain :sheepishtwilight:

~ Neon Lights

5806474 I understand why Celestia acted that way, but it was interesting to read when she lost her cool like that.

5806496 It was interesting to write, too :3

~ Neon Lights

5778994 You asked, and I delivered! Next chapter is up, and the one after it is already in the works!

~ Neon Lights


(I couldn't help it.)


Nice, somepony has respect for djs!

5809399 Well, duh! It's not like pon3 is the only DJ around!

~ Neon Lights

5809338 I tried to make it as obvious as possible... How I managed to fool anyone is beyond me!

~ Neon Lights

So that's was life is for Dj. I loved the lightning idea. I can't wait for the romance to resume though.

5826511 it will. I'm gonna have them kinda fall in love, and not know it. And when they do realize it, well, it's gonna get interesting...

~ Neon Lights

5838462 Actually, no. I recently built a tesla coil in school, and spent over 4 weeks programming it so I could do, well, that! It just finally popped into my head that I could include that. Y'know, I almost forgot about that movie.

~ Neon Lights

Who ponynapped Neon?!?!?! No. They are going to face the wrath of LUNA! If I were them, I would run to the hills now.

5879384 Oh, yeah, Luna's gonna be pissed!

But, why did they kidnap him? Why would somepony kidnap an up-and-coming DJ? Think about that while I procrastinate writing the next chapter :P

~ Neon Lights

5879624 They kiddnap him because he is close to Luna and because they probably need a vessel for that supposed evil alicorn spirit? im i right?

5879624 It is quite clear their plan. I would laugh though if the plan fell apart and a new Nightmare was born.

5879672 Mumble, grumble... Nope!

Okay, you are actually kinda close. There will be a nightmare, and there will be a vessel, but I'm hoping that the rest is gonna be a suprise.

~ Neon Lights

5879751 We shall see, my friend... We shall see.

~ Neon Lights

You can tell rumble/your bro/one half of shadowblades/blueballblitz took part in writing this.

Are there any other names I missed?

5885033 Lol. Nah, you got both of them.

~ Neon Lights

Wow I can already tell this next chapter is gonna be good

I knew it was Luna when I wrote it, so I win *rainbowsmug*

~ Neon Lights

NIce job with the editing. I like this chapter. I can't wait for the next one to be release. Good luck.

6149678 Thank my editor, Electric294, for that; he did a great job fixing my horsewords.

The next chapter should be done soon-ish. Got a little less then half done. This next chapter's gonna be interesting. More things get reviled, the voices shall continue, and more sh*t'll get real!!!

Stayed tuned, my friend!

~ Neon Lights

I find it is a bit weird that he hadn't figured out that those thoughs were not his...
I meant, seriously, when you start to question where those thoughs came from, you should recognized them as not yours to begin with.

6151379 Well, my friend, they are his thoughts. Don't worry, this'll make more sense in the next chapter.

~ Neon Lights

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