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Writer, vocalist. Originally had a little story to tell. Over a hundred chapters later, still going strong.

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Family picture! · 7:43am October 6th

So, if my profile pictures have told you anything, it's that I've been taking bases and turning them into characters to get an idea of what they look like. Well, the last couple days, I ended up going for one of the bigger ideas I've had for one of these. My first time having three characters using three separate bases in one coherent image. Bear in mind I did not create the bases, and that when I learn the names of the creators, I will credit them as soon as possible. (Google Images doesn't

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Barely. I tried going down to the store at one point, but the walk back up the hill was... not fun. Just glad I had a third leg to fall back on.

bwa... really?
Dude, we are practically neighbors! lol... How'd you like the heat these past two days? 🔥🔥🔥

Mount Rainier is visible from my living room window. Does that count?

Sadly, I'm not really able to sports good.:twilightblush:

nice. Look me up if you are ever within view of Mt. Rainier and want to play a quick game of basketball, okies?
Not that I'm that good anymore... or young or anything.

'Bout 6'4". The handle came from the fact that I was hoping to work alongside a friend of mine, who went my "Short Factor" at the time. So I crafted something equal, yet opposite, and the name just stuck.

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