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Writer, vocalist. Originally had a little story to tell. Over a hundred chapters later, still going strong.


This story is a sequel to One Bolt, Moving Forward

Boltsinger has settled into a nice little groove in life. Twilight's school is running excellently, and Nova is the best little colt a dad could ask for as long as he's kept happy. It's made him think back on what his life was like before this kind of happiness, but the vast majority of the things he's done, the ponies he's helped... it's a bit of a mess. He opts to expand his horizons whenever he can, in the hopes he can sort things out, but somepony else has taken initiative... Somepony important... Somepony no one ever saw coming!

(The image of Boltsinger in the cover art is a template trace done by me. I did not create the base. Those were found almost entirely on DeviantArt.)

Chapters (38)
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She moved her purple eyes up to the balcony, ad relaxed smile on her muzzle.

"A relaxed smile"

and from his neck hung a white crystal pendant in the shape of a lightning bolt while adorned with topaz that was cut to luck like an electrical discharge.

"Was cut to look like a electrical discharge"

“I don’t really thing ‘devotion’ is something you can teach, honestly.”

I dont really "Think" 'devotion'

I was really observant today.
Still a good start in my book
Keep at it!


a bright orange Pegasus came to a landing. His mane and tail were a messy blew with electric blue streaks scattered all about,

his mane and tail were a messy blew?? or blue?

Boltsinger…. the Element of Devotion. :moustache: nice lol cant wait for more. ready all 3 books now I have caught up.

Yet another sigh sounded, one of relief from the Princess of Friendship. “Oh, good. Now we can finally begin our--” A small chime sounded from eight simultaneous places in the room. Twilight, Starlight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Boltsinger each took a look back at their flanks, where smaller images of their Cutie Marks flew into the main mark from what seemed to be the outside. The next sound the group heard was a loud thud as Twilight’s head slammed into the table. “Not now …!”

this is going to be interesting and i have been following since season 1 started

Great a male Starlight Glimmer. screwing around with cutie marks. Cant wait for more

Let’s hope that Starlight remembers that cutie mark removal spell, because something tells me she’s gonna need it

I don trust em, I don trust em one bit

heehee what did Nova do while mama and papa were gone? :pinkiehappy:

Pretty good premeire!

I felt some serious Our Town vibes though, especially from the cult ponies

I got that vibe, too. But there wasn't much I was able to do to take away from that. I feel like it's just different enough to spark a season of its own, even if it did bring back some regrettable memories for Starlight.

ROTFLMAO! Good boy Nova! :heart:

Haha, now that was a funny and lighthearted chapter to enjoy.

Nova deserves another cookie

I liked this, it’s a sweet chapter with a potential for something more to develop between Applejack and Trouble Shoes.

awwww I hope AJ finds love. ALSO Fluttershy needs someone too!!!!

well yeah but there are SO many stories with them together. why not something new?

well that's up to the author to decide

“If there’s someone who has a constant need for me, like, say, Twilight or Nova, I can just activate my lightning and go straight to them!” He elaborated, showing them a big, confident smile. “Just…” The students’ eyes went wide. “... like…” They simultaneously swallowed lumps in their throats. “... THIS !!!” Boltsinger flapped his wings, taking off in a flash with six screaming students latched firmly onto him.

perfect just perfect

Boltsinger and the students started towards the exit, some moving at a rapid pace, with some going slowly and somberly. One student hadn’t moved at all. Boltsinger turned to see who had straggled, finding Gallus standing over the graves with his head low. “Hey… uh… Say ‘hi’ to my family for me, would ya?” He whispered, making the stallion’s ears twitch.


(hugs Gallus) I saw the cartoon about him. the poor kid. I cant wait for more. Idea... Bolt and Twilight adopts Gallus. Nova could use a big brother. :heart:

This one is my favorite chapter as of now... To see the reactions and what they did was a curve into a new group of charactors...
Can't wait for them one by one to turn in there thoughts....

Btw I think the charactors should send in their dovotions and then put who they click with....
Something like a list? I dont know...

I haven't been keeping up with this... :(

“Honey, you’re making faces!” Twilight called from the kitchen.

An Incredibles reference?

LOL I loved the Movie Labyrinth when I was alittle girl. Nice job :scootangel:

Man, that film takes me back.

I really enjoyed it and yet it makes me miss D. Bowie even more than before.

Scootaloo forgot to tell twilight smarty pants' message, also fluttershy is so gonna hear about this

Awwww Is the next chapter on the two little royals playing? please say yes :pinkiehappy:

Not this time. I've got something better planned for that.

“What is it? You hear something?” Boltsinger inquired, bringing his head next to his son’s. He turned ears in each direction, trying to listen for something out of place. There was the hustle and bustle of the city. Wagons, conversations, accordions… “Accordion?” He stood up, putting his wing to his ear. “Why would there be an accordion playing… unless… Wait a minute… Pinkie!”

Cheese Sandwich?

CHEESE AND PINKIE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make a cute couple! Its only right that ALL of the mane six have a handsome Stallion in their lives. :pinkiehappy:


“Wait a minute, you know Cheese Sandwich?!” She asked, earning a nod. She threw her forelegs wide, attempting to compete with that width with her smile. “What a coincidence! I know Cheese Sandwich!”


Bolt would argue whether or not he counts as handsome. But he is most certainly a stallion.

“And you keep things way too dark in here!” with another spark of electricity arcing between his wings, a light brighter than any before it flashed in the mare's eyes, sending her reeling. Boltsinger took the opportunity to turn again, moving towards a wall that immediately gave way to his presence. “Maybe you should cool off for a while, anyway! You look like you could use it!” The monstrous mare let out an infuriated shriek, followed by the sound of a body slamming against walls. Boltsinger slapped his muzzle with his wings, drawing his eyes forward. Okay, Bolt, your dream, your mind. Where can you go in your own mind that you can actually hide from that thing until you wake up? As if to answer his question, the hall ahead of him expanded out into a larger corridor lined with doors. He slowed to a walk, looking around at them. Each of them had a number on them, with most of them having an electrical surge covering them. What the…? What are these? He stepped up to the closest of the electrified doors, reaching for the handle. As his hoof made contact, a spark flew at him, sending him rearing back with a pained yelp. “What the…? How the hay can something in my own mind keep me out?” He stomped his hoof, turning to another, not so voltic, door. “Let’s try this one…” He tentatively touched the handle with his hoof, slowly turning it as the door opened. He stumbled through, finding himself walking along a familiar Vanhoover street, approaching a house that gave him an immense sense of nostalgia. “I’m… home?” He spun around, examining his surroundings in greater detail. “So… Does that mean I’m in a memory?”

I have a feeling I know what the electrified doors are

Oh? Care to share your thoughts? If not here, you're welcome to send me a message.

his memories from when his body gets all electricy

You had to go for a 1940s musical song at the end, at least you tweaked it to fit. Not bad a chapter

It's not the first musical theater reference I've made. I'm a fan of the genre, but if something doesn't fit, I'll always tweak it. Expect more parody work out of me in the future when it comes to songs.

Poor AJ. R u going to get a boyfriend for Fluttershy too? Please say you will.:fluttershysad:

Oh, if only things were that simple... Trust me, you'll appreciate what I have in store these next couple seasons. :trollestia:

Thanks for spelling my last name wrong XD

its ok; Its Seth Piersall.
Pronounced last name: Pier-saw-ll

I was typing on my phone and have fairly fat thumbs. I didn't notice at the time.

Now I am curious what Twilight did to Bolt?

When Nova sees his dad after the talk with his mom, I believe his daddy might have a black eye and a few bruises under his wings from a "fight"

2. Also I loved the idea for his chapter as it helped address a problem and thought I have had about the relationship between Velvet and Celestia in relation to how they both raised Twilight growing up.

Pinkie and cheese make a cute couple. I can see it now... their first baby is called Cheesepie. Anyways when is An and Fluttershy getting a boyfriend?

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