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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 77: Scars of the Past

It was a dark time in the terrorized city of Canterlot. After countless millennia of waiting, the evil Digimon… Diaboromon… had risen to conquer Equestria.

As war raged on below, the small detachment of Changelings that Queen Chrysalis sent out were flying towards one of the towers of Canterlot Castle.

“Don’t forget guys. Find as many magical artifacts for the boss as you can,” The lead Changeling said. Followed by four others.

“I still don’t understand why. Isn’t the boss powerful enough?” The second Changeling asked. His question was answered by the third.

“All he told me was that one he reaches his full power, something world changeling will happen. Still don’t know what that means though.”

When the fourth Changeling spoke up, he expressed his doubts.

“I don’t like this. I feel that something bad will happen if he does.”

Upon hearing the comment, it caused the group to mentally reflect on such a possibility. And with how Diaboromon mistreated Chrysalis, their own mother, the likelihood of something bad happening was very high. Making them feel uneasy.

But their thoughts were interrupted by the fifth Changeling.

“Guys. We’re at the tower.”

Having approached the tower, one of the few not hit by Diaboromon’s attacks, the five Changelings hovered by several windows. Peering through to see anything of value. But after several unsuccessful spots, one of the Changelings alerted the others.

“Hay guys! Look here!”

When the other four joined him by the open window, they were all surprised by what they saw. In fact, it’s who they saw.

“Wait? Isn’t that… Twilight?”

The solder was right. Lying in bed in front of them was the sleeping form of Twilight. Unbeknownst to them, she was in fact the recovering Ayumi. The Twilight from the future timeline. Seeing such a pony puzzled them.

“What is she doing up here?”

“Wasn’t she with the others back in the gardens?”

“And why does she look… older?”

But one Changeling regained focus.

“Never mind that. If she’s here and spots us, she will cause trouble for us. We’ll have to contain her.”

With the others nodding in agreement, the five Changelings slipped through the open window and snuck into the room.

Down in the sculpture gardens, Diaboromon was leaving a very effective mark on the populace of Canterlot. Despite having ChaosBlackWarGreymon, Queen Chrysalis and the Changeling army at his disposal, the beast-like Digimon fought against the pony forces alone. The fight that unfolded had left every witness speechless in horror. The royal guards were left in shambles, and Princess Celestia defeated.

As Diaboromon held the beaten Alicorn in his hand, he made a proposition for her. A way for all the terror to stop. But a terrible cost had to be made.

“What!?” She uttered with horror in her voice.

Celestia’s eyes widened in horrid disbelief at what Diaboromon told her. He wanted her to submit to him. He pulled his head back as she spoke again. His voice louder for all the other ponies to hear.

“Yes, Celestia. Surrender to me, and you may live to be my pet.”

The others let out gasps of horror in response to the Digimon’s words. They knew that if Celestia surrendered, it meant that she was surrendering all of Equestria. The whole world would be handed over to the evil Mega. Leaving him to do what he wanted.

It was an outcome that Luna could not allow to happen.

“No! Don’t do it, sister!”

Ignoring Luna, Diaboromon focused all his attention on the Sun Princess.

“Well? What say you?”

It didn’t take long for Celestia to answer. Despite the danger before her and her vision potentially coming true, it was beneath her to give up so easily. BlackWarGreymon was still on her mind.


She then averted her eyes to look at the evil Digimon. Her gaze full of defiance.

“I will never submit to you!”

Her answer was clear. Even though Diaboromon twisted the land by his actions, Celestia loved Equestria too much for it to fall under the Digimon’s rule. Otherwise, her vision would most certainly come true. Luna and the others were proud of her. That even against great odds, she would never surrender. Queen Chrysalis meanwhile felt scared. It was the same level of defiance that her older brother once displayed against the Mega. And she knew all too well what happened after that.

Diaboromon looked at Celestia in disapproval. He had hoped that with all the chaos he had brought, her will would be broken. But her resolve to protect her world remained strong. He wanted her to be his plaything. Someone to threaten and torment. To see her expressions as he terrorized her people. To keep installing fear into her heart. But from her defiance, he wouldn’t get his wish.

“Oh… so unwise.”

After he pulled his head away, Diaboromon surprised Celestia by moving her down to the front of his large chest. Then as he brought her in closer, the look of horror grew on her face when the green orb in the Digimon’s chest began to glow. Emitting a humming noise as it began to power up. A collective gasp was heard from everypony from realising what the evil being was going to do.

The horrified Sun Princess glanced up at Diaboromon as he spoke.

“I’ve spent years figuring out the best way to end you. This seems the most appropriate.”

As Celestia glanced back at the orb, the purple rim around it expanded as the glow got brighter. The princess squirmed in a panic in response. The image of her life ending in such a way… it mirrored almost perfectly in her vision. The image that woke her up screaming.


Diaboromon paused from the loud outburst. That Royal Canterlot voice was unmistakable. Turning his head towards the group, standing in front of the frightened ponies was Princess Luna. Standing tall with her horn glowing bright and adorned in her blue armour. To which she magically materialized much like her Celestia’s was. But it was the expression in her eyes that gained the Mega’s attention. Fear was in there, but was being pushed aside by anger and determination.

Diaboromon’s eyes narrowed in a glare as the corner of his lips curled. A twisted idea formed inside his head. While keeping his sights on Luna, he depowered his attack lowered his arm to gently put Celestia back on the ground. Much to her surprise. But the white Alicorn’s fear spiked when Diaboromon’s head suddenly moved to her side. Inches from her ear.

“Watch as I tear her world apart,” He whispered.


Celestia froze in confusion. What did he mean by those words? And what did he mean by the phrase… ‘her’ world. But seeing the giant rise back up caused her to stutter in confusion. Diaboromon’s full attention on Luna.

Seeing the towering Digimon looming over her caused the fear in Luna to reveal itself more. Her angry scowl briefly shifted to fearful. She tried to put on a brave face, but Diaboromon’s appearance alone was terrifying. But combined with his shear power, his size, his voice and the knowledge of knowing what he could do… together was a monster that was unspeakable. The stuff of nightmares that even she would be too scared to face. Yet… here he was.

As Diaboromon stared Luna down, his grinning face let out a low cackle of laughter. Finding her attempts to be brave futile.

“You think you can fare better?”

Knowing that the monster was testing her, the blue Alicorn tried to keep her composure.

“I-I’ll do whatever it takes. If not me… than BlackWarGreymon will.”

Diaboromon’s expression turned inquisitive.

“You seem so sure if he could.”

His grin returned when he spoke again.

“But you sure you don’t want to see how this ends?”

Luna was aghast at what he said to her.

“Wha!? Why would I ever want that!?”

Diaboromon interrupted her potential bickering by revealing something unsettling to her.

“I wasn’t speaking to you. I was speaking to… the other you.”

Luna blinked in uncertainty from the Digimon’s choice of words. Her fears were confirmed when he spoke again.

“The one you call… Nightmare Moon.”

The eyes of the blue Alicorn widened in disbelief. The same said for all her friends and family, but she in particular was the hardest hit. Taking a step back in uncertainty as she spoke up.

“Wh…What do you mean?”

Ignoring her question, Diaboromon continued. Seemingly admiring the dark side of Luna.

“Yes. I would very much like to see you turn again. She was indeed… very useful.”

The more the Digimon spoke, the more unsettled Luna became. Diaboromon sounded as if there was some personal link to her other self. She demanded answers.

“Enough! What are you talking about!?”

After letting out a brief chuckle, he spoke to the perplexed Alicorn princess.

“You mean you still haven’t figured it out?”

Luna, like all the other ponies around her, silently paused as the Digimon spoke. Seemingly knowing something about her that even she failed to realise. Even Chrysalis and her army silently watched on in interest.

“You and your sister were so close. Overcoming great odds. In perfect harmony. Surely you must’ve been curious as to where the rift between you came from. Why you rebelled against your own flesh and blood.”

“That’s enough out of you!” Cadence demanded. Wanting the Digimon’s taunting to stop. But it was Luna who stopped her. Trying to wrap her own mind around the subject.

“No, wait! BlackWarGreymon… he said something similar to me before. So why? Why did I suddenly fight with my own sister? Why!?” She uttered as she clenched her eyes shut. Trying so hard to think of the true cause.

But as she tried to piece together an answer, one possibility sparked within her subconscious. She wished she hadn’t thought of such an answer. Mentally thinking that the likelihood of it coming true rapidly grew. Her actions matched what she was thinking. Her body completely still as her eyes snapped open. Revealing the stare of dread as she gazed at the ground.

“No,” She whispered.

But the dread grew when Diaboromon spoke. His words almost mirror what he already told them before.

“Like I said. I have shaped your entire world… from the very beginning. Your very lives.”

The expression of dread grew as Luna glanced up at Diaboromon. Her eyes widened in complete utter disbelief as she began to believe such a possibility. While Diaboromon grinned from seeing such a face of despair. Seeing that the Princess of the Night was figuring it out.

Luna began to fall into denial.

“No. Y-You didn’t! It… it’s a lie! YOU’RE LYING!!!”

Most of the onlooking ponies were puzzled at what was happening. But for Celestia, who was slowly rising back up on her hooves, she grew her own fearful expression. From seeing the signs, and from Diaboromon said to her earlier, she too began to see the connection.

Diaboromon grinned as she responded to Luna’s denial.

“Oh, Luna. The time of your kind is at an end. Why would I need to lie now?”

Luna began to breathe heavily from the newfound hysteria. Even her legs were beginning to tremble from the unspoken truth. The truth she hoped was false. That it was all in her mind. All a sadistic game of Diaboromon’s.

As if he could read her mind, he called her bluff.

“If you don’t believe me, then go ahead. Read your own mind. You’ll see,” He said as he tapped his finger against the side of his head. Gesturing for Luna on his request.

Luna blinked in surprise. Diaboromon was going so far as to make her do something that she rarely done to herself. It not never. She pondered for a moment if she should even do it. But with everything that was going on, and the uncertainty surrounding what was her most sensitive subject, her expression changed to one of determination. Closing her eyes and lighting up her horn in magic, she was ready to do it.

“Luna wait!” Twilight called out. Uncertain if it was all just a trap.

But with a flash of light from her horn, Luna cast the mind-reading spell on herself. Something that only a skilled magic caster could perform. It was a very disorientating experience for her to say the least. But she eventually succeeded. She found herself materialized within her own memory. A time after the Battle for the Crystal Empire and before her descent into Nightmare Moon. A small period in her life where she mourned over the loss of the empire. All the innocent lives imprisoned for over a thousand years. She saw herself in the bed of her old castle in the Everfree Forest. Trying to sleep, but unable to push the guilt she felt. The guilt of failing the Crystal Ponies. A sight so upsetting for her that she never wanted to visit the memory. Not wanting to see herself so distraught.

Luna chose that night in particular because it was one of a few where she was the most hurt.

As she watched her younger self grieving in bed, Luna noticed something… odd. The atmosphere of the room she was in suddenly felt… eerie. Something that her past self was too tired and upset to notice. In the quiet room, her ears caught the sound of something moving outside her window. Because of how little she remembered that day, the outside world was pitch black. Luna’s expression grew uncertain as she kept staring at the black void.

Only for her expression to morph into complete horror when a pair of glowing eyes suddenly opened in the darkness.

Luna gasped at the revelation. If her past self was more aware of her surroundings, then she would’ve noticed. To her upmost horror, the truth she wanted to believe was false turned out to be reality. Diaboromon was there!

Luna felt a dead cold shiver up her spine when the past Diaboromon glanced his glowing eyes over to her past self. And even more so when his giant clawed hand entered the room. Seemingly towards the sleeping princess.

Luna instantly ended her mind reading spell. She had seen enough.

Back in reality, the other ponies were shocked at what they were seeing. Luna’s face full of horror and disbelief, with a stream of tears flowing down her face. The deeply upset Alicorn glanced over to Diaboromon as he stared back. Grinning in satisfaction.

“Luna! What is it!?” Cadence asked. Growing concerned for her aunt.

But Luna didn’t answer back. Her attention was squarely on the towering Mega level Digimon. When she did speak though, her voice was shaken from the discovery.

“It… it was you? You… did that… to me?”

The group began to let out startled gasps when they too began to see what was revealed. But for some who remained in the dark, Diaboromon spoke up.

“You were so distraught. Manipulating your mind with my energy was so easy,”

It was all everypony needed to hear. Every soul froze from hearing Diaboromon’s confession. Even Chrysalis and her children were surprised. Never knowing such a fact. With the rest of the group, Twilight was one of the few that was aghast by it. Remembering the first time she confronted Nightmare Moon.

“He… made her that way?” She uttered.

Luna, however, felt devastated by the revelation. A part of her wanted it to be a lie. A trick. But the memory she had seen was her own. Untainted. Untouched. As true as all her other memories. Her face said it all. She had been influenced by Diaboromon’s energy, making her more hostile and rebellious to her own sister, and had absolutely no idea.

She may have given her other self the name Nightmare Moon. But it was Diaboromon who created her.

Her rear legs caved in from the shock. Sitting down as her petrified gaze remained locked on the towering Digimon. She began to remember it all. The shock of her banishment. Her thousand year wait before her breakout. But through it all, deep inside, she was in pain. The isolation crushed her spirit as she let her other self take control. And the first thing she’d done upon being freed by the Elements of Harmony… was giving her older sister the first tearful loving embrace in a millennia.

But all that pain would never have been possible… if not for Diaboromon.

“H…How could you?” She uttered. Believing that what Diaboromon had done was by far the cruellest thing anyone had ever done to her.

The last thing she wanted to hear was his maniacal cackle. But that was what she got from Diaboromon. Relishing her misery.

“I did what had to be done. Though you ultimately failed, your clash with the ponies was entertaining.”

He then said something that struck a cord within Luna’s very being.

“You should’ve seen the look on your sister’s face. I certainly did.”

Then to Diaboromon’s surprise, a golden beam of magic struck his back. Though the attack didn’t hurt him, it gained his attention away from Luna. Turning around, the Mega’s sights fell upon Celestia. Who was rising up on her hooves while giving him a tearful, yet hateful glare. The white Alicorn was fuming in anger. Something very few would ever expect her to display.

But her anger was certainly justified. Diaboromon was mentally torturing her little sister. Luna had spent months begging for forgiveness from her subjects and even her own sister. But to find that the whole ordeal wasn’t even her fault to begin with. All the unwarranted guilt she felt. She truly thought that she couldn’t despise him more than she already felt. But the list of his crimes kept climbing.

“How dare you!” She uttered. Her eyes started to burn with hate.

“Careful, Celestia. Anger is not a good look for you,” Diaboromon taunted as he turned to fully face her.

Celestia’s scowl grew more intense from the mockery. Her anger became more evident in her voice.

“That’s enough! What gave you the right to do something so heinous!?”

“I have every right. Have you forgotten? I am your god.”

“You’re no god! You’re just an irredeemable monster! Even if you are, I won’t let you hurt anypony! You won’t be taking any lives of my subjects!”

“Yeah! You tell him, princess!” Rainbow Dash cheered. Giving the Alicorn much needed support. The others joining in.

But as the cheer died down, Diaboromon’s toothy grin grew wide. And then broke the news for them all.

“Guess that means you already failed.”

The white Alicorn’s anger demeanour was instantly replaced with shock at what the Digimon said. Not liking how calm his sentence was. Already feeling a horrid chill within her being.

“Wh-What do you mean?” She asked.

Diaboromon chuckled sinisterly as his grin grew bigger. He was about to reveal something that a peace-loving pony like Celestia would absolutely hate.

“You. Your family. Your friends. You weren’t the first ponies who discovered me.”

A collective gasp of disbelief was heard from all the ponies who heard the Digimon’s words. The white Alicorn felt a second feeling of dread as a horrid feeling entered her mind.

“T-There were others?”

“Yes. Many members of your kind had stumbled upon my domain.”

She briefly looked to the side in thought. Confused by a single fact. But the sensitive subject almost made her hesitant about bringing it up. But she eventually managed to bring it up.

“But then… why have we never heard of you before? They surely would’ve told us!”

Diaboromon let out a chuckle as he spoke up.

“I agree. They surely would’ve. So to answer why they haven’t told you, well. That’s… because…”

The evil beast’s toothy grin grew bigger in anticipation of seeing Celestia’s expression. Telling her the absolute truth.

“… they never lived to tell the tale.”

The expression on Celestia’s face was exactly what Diaboromon hoped for. In her eyes, was the look of pure horror. She just couldn’t believe what she just heard. The entire time she was ruling the land, some of her subjects had already fallen victim to the evil Mega. Questions instantly formed in her mind. When? Where? Why? But most startling of all, how many? Just how many ponies died by Diaboromon’s hands? Chrysalis and her army were certainly startled by the news. But from the Digimon’s behaviour towards them, and knowing that he already killed some of their own, they weren’t too surprised that he would’ve done the same to pony kind. The other members of the group were just as horrified at the discovery as Celestia.

“You… killed them?” Luna uttered. The shock gripping her voice. The others were
too in shock to even utter a word.

Diaboromon glanced over to them as he spoke more in more detail.

“I had to. I didn’t want them to reveal me so soon. All sorts of ponies had crossed me and had all fallen by my hands. Explorers. Archaeologists. Lost hikers. Tourists.”

The next thing he said made the hearts of the ponies stop. More so for the three fillies present. Making them even more terrified of him.


Diaboromon then paused. She suddenly felt a warm presence brewing from behind. A feeling that was rapidly growing in temperature. Joining the stunned audience, the Digimon turned around to see the source of the rising heat. His eyes laid upon Celestia. Standing tall, her head low, but her body radiating in a golden red glow. The white Alicorn tried to hide the fury she was feeling. But her gritted teeth could be seen by the others. Luna had known her since her own beginning, but she had never seen her sister in such a way. Even Chrysalis felt a little frightened from the sight. As her horn began to light up in magic, she spoke with venom in her voice. Something that even she thought she would never do.

“You. You turned Luna against me. You forced me to banish my own sister. And now… you tell me… you took their lives?”

Her mind began to unwillingly envision such a horror. All the ponies who were just trying to live their lives and explore, only to meet an untimely end by Diaboromon. The fear in their eyes. The horror on their faces. It caused her eyes to start letting loose the tears she was holding back. The tears of sorrow. Remorse for the lost souls that were unfairly taken.

But one visual in her mentality snapped something within her. It was the last thing Diaboromon said. The word he used. The image of the young. Lost and afraid. Trembling before the greatest evil Equestria had ever known.

Only to become more of his victims.

Celestia snapped her sights squarely on Diaboromon. Though tears continued to fall, her eyes were pure anger. A loud grunt of fury escaped from her gritted teeth. Never in her life had she felt such hatred.

“You! I’ll… I’ll…!”

It was a sentence Celestia struggled to utter. Despite the hatred she was feeling, she was always loved for her caring nature. It was against her very being to even feel such a desire let alone speak it. But Diaboromon could easily tell what the white Alicorn was trying to convey. Letting out a growl of satisfaction before taunting her.

“Go ahead, Celestia. Say it!”

Celestia flinched. Almost giving in to the request. But deep down, she wouldn’t. Trying her absolute hardest to hold on. But Diaboromon taunted more. Revealing to the other ponies what was going through the Alicorn’s mind.

“Say it! Say you want to kill me!”

Seeing Celestia losing the battle, his toothy grin grew wider when he continued.

“SAY IT!!!”

Unable to contain her anger anymore, Celestia showed her fury by letting out a hate-filled scream. Her horn shining like the sun. Throwing her horn down, she fired the strongest attack spell she could muster. A great beam of golden energy as wide as her body slammed into the awaiting Digimon. Diaboromon’s body engulfed in a blinding light as the enraged princess kept up the attack. The onlookers had to shield their eyes to prevent being blinded by the intense light.

“HOW COULD YOU!!!? HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO HORRIBLE!!!?” Celestia demanded as she kept on firing her spell. For the first time ever, intending to kill.

However, the princess could only keep up the attack for so long. Within seconds, her attack grew weaker as her magic was being expended. Draining her of all her energy. When her attack finished, Celestia had no strength left to stand. Collapsing to the ground.

“Sister!” The armoured Luna cried out as she ran up to her fallen sibling. The others remained motionless from what they’ve seen. Never in their lives had they seen Celestia so upset. Nor they could blame her. She had every right to be furious about what Diaboromon had confessed.

As for the Digimon, when the light and smoke faded. He was revealed to be unscaved, much to the horror of the onlooking citizens. Shrugging Celestia’s strongest attack like nothing. Only smoke and steam vented from his body as he gazed at the Alicorn Sisters.

Holding Celestia close, Luna tried to comfort her. But the elder sibling was sobbing. Mentally and morally broken by the revelation Diaboromon revealed. As she looked ahead of her, the teary-eyed Celestia wasn’t even surprised that the Mega was unharmed. She was too upset.

“Why? Why are you like this? How could you be so evil?” She whimpered. Her pacifist mind trying to understand Diaboromon’s actions.

But he didn’t answer her questions. Instead, Diaboromon relished the sight before him.

“Yes. The look of dismay. The self-loathing. The misery. I have longed to see you in such a state.”

Celestia stared at Diaboromon in utter disbelief. Failing to comprehend how evil the Mega truly was. His actions and mannerisms certainly matched his devil-like appearance perfectly. As she watched on, Chrysalis began to feel sympathy towards the Alicorns. Already knowing the pain that the Digimon inflicted upon her.

He then grew a wicked grin when he spoke again.

“Maybe I should put you out of your misery.”

To the horror of the ponies, the green orb in Diaboromon’s chest began to glow again. Aiming directly at the Alicorn Sisters. Seeing the impending threat, Luna stood in front of the broken Celestia. Despite being terrified herself, she had to stand against Diaboromon. For all he had done to them. For what he did to her. The others were paralyzed with fear. While from what he could do if they interfered, but mostly from the revelation of what happened without them ever knowing. Chrysalis even turned her head away and closed her eyes. Not wanting to see what came next.

Diaboromon grinned. He had installed trauma within Celestia’s heart. Something he dreamed of doing. And after finally making that dream a reality…


The cruel Digimon fired his signature attack. The energy projectile speeding towards the two Alicorns. The siblings froze. No speed they could muster could ever evade the attack. As the pair stared on at their potential demise…

…the attack transformed into a large bubble?

Everyone paused and blinked in confusion. Diaboromon’s deadly attack had turned into a bubble. Floating harmlessly towards Celestia and Luna before popping.

“Wha…What just happened!?” Rainbow Dash asked. Trying to make sense of what she’d seen.

She wasn’t the only one. Everyone in the crowd turned to each other to answers. But all of them were just as puzzled as one another.

Then all eyes turned towards the still form of Diaboromon. Like the ponies, he too was surprised at what happened. But the surprise was only fleeting. Because of the confusion of the crowd, they suddenly heard him chuckling. Had he figured out what happened?

“So… you finally decided to show yourself?”

He then turned around towards a stray building. Only then to break the silence.


The ponies gasped in surprise at what the Diaboromon said. And even more so when they followed his gaze. Only to see the Draconequus himself. Emerging from the shadows and floating out in the open. Landing several feet away from them.

“D-Discord!” Fluttershy exclaimed happily.

The rest of the crowd’s hopes seemed to have risen. Glad to see the reformed Spirit of Chaos. Believing that with his powers, the tide of battle had finally turned to their favour. Queen Chrysalis believed so too. Turning towards ChaosBlackWarGreymon with a question.

“You think Discord could pose a problem for him?”

With his superior senses, the clone Digimon estimated Discord’s power and compared it to Diaboromon’s. And by being created by the evil Mega, he too possessed the knowledge about Discord. And how the spirit could potentially use his bizarre powers. He then gave his answer to the Changeling Queen.

“Depends on how he uses his powers.”

Chrysalis looked at ChaosBlackWarGreymon in puzzlement. Wondering what he meant by the answer given.

As moments ticked by, the pony group noticed something different about Discord. Normally he would be seen mocking or in a joking mood. Even in the face of adversity or other villains. But he wasn’t. For the first time he was serious. The fact that unnerved them.

He then said something that sent a wave of confusion to the whole group. Not helped by Diaboromon’s response.

“So. I see you’re finally up.”

“It’s been a very long time. But you certainly had changed since last time.”

The two were interrupted by an outburst of a shocked Twilight.

“H-Hold on!”

The purple princess began to piece the surprise puzzle together. The way the two interacted acted as though they had met before. And when Celestia described her vision to Discord, and his reactions after looking into her mind, the spirit acted as though he was panicking. As if he knew exactly who the monster in Celestia’s vision was. Who revealed to be Diaboromon.

An answer came crystal clear for the Princess of Friendship. But it was that what confused her the most.

“You…You two know each other!?”

Her question caused everypony around her to gasp in disbelief. Horrified of the possibility. And to their shock, Diaboromon confirmed it.

“Yes indeed. In fact, Discord was one of my first allies. But betrayed me after he disapproved my true motives.”

Discord then further confirmed it.

“And it’s a good thing I did. Working with you was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Yo…You knew about him this whole time!? And you never told us!?” Luna asked the Draconequus. Feeling betrayed.

Discord felt guilty for not telling his friends the truth. But he had a reason for not doing so. Which Diaboromon explained to the group.

“He had no choice. I would’ve killed him if he spoke a single word about me.”

He then turned his attention back to Discord.

“I see you’re not scared of me anymore. Putting on a brave face for your new friends? I’m sure you remember what happened the last time you tried to defy me.”

Discord then made a concerning reply.

“How could I forget.”

Then with a snap of the fingers on his lion paw, his body briefly flashed in white light. Then as the light faded, all his friends gasped in horror at what they saw. Discord’s entire body was horrifically scared from top to bottom. Ancient gash wounds visibly seen from all over. Then Discord finished his sentence.

“I still have the scars from it.”

Then with a second snap, his scar filled body vanished. Reverting back to how he once was. Cadence froze from the image that had become imprinted in her mind.

‘Those scars! They look like… the ones Ayumi has!’

But it was Fluttershy who was the most horrified of the group. What she saw could very possibly be Discord’s true body. And that the body she was so used to seeing was only a coverup to hide his terrible scars.

She then snapped at Diaboromon.

“How!?” How could you do something so cruel to him!!?”

The Digimon turned to Fluttershy as he replied back.

“Because Discord is a coward! He could very easily use his powers to destroy. To rule the world effortlessly. But yet, he chooses to use them for mere entertainment.”

He paused his speech before turning back towards Celestia.

“And then you had to throw your card, Celestia. A Spirit of Chaos that acts like a child is one thing. But reforming him? To use his powers for good?”

His voice snarled in hatred when he expressed himself.

“I find the very idea absurd!”

He then turned back in the direction of Discord.

“He’s not worthy to be called the Spirit of Chaos. He’s a clown. No… a court jester!”

Discord frowned in response to the insult. Despite being reformed, he still held his title with pride. Diaboromon’s words struck a nerve. The Mega then grinned from the defiant spirit.

“So you intend to fight me? You’re barely any stronger since then. Me however… I have gained great power over the years. If you couldn’t defeat me then, what makes you think you have a chance now?”

He then brought up a subject that gained the attention from the Royal Sisters.

“And it’s not like your brief conquest of Equestria had made you any stronger.”

Discord flinched in response. He knew exactly what Diaboromon was referring to. Celestia and Luna also caught on, which the older Alicorn made her inquiry.

“W-What are you talking about?”

Diaboromon looked over to Celestia as he made his reply.

“You’re better off asking him.” He said as he gestured his hand over to Discord.

The ponies paused in shock. The Digimon then turned towards Discord.

“Go ahead, Discord. Reveal to your friends the TRUE reason you tried to conquer Equestria.”

Finally understanding what the conversation was about, all eyes turned towards the Spirit of Chaos. All of them were led to believe that the only reason Discord took over their land was just for his own amusement. To have fun. But from what Diaboromon said, it seemed that there was a different reason for his actions. Which Discord himself revealed.

“It may seem like it at the time, but I didn’t took over Equestria for the fun of it. As the Spirit of Chaos, my power grows in strength from the amount of chaos I bring. And by taking over Equestria with my chaos, I did it… so I can have the strength to stop him.”

The ponies couldn’t believe what they had just heard. Especially the Alicorn princesses. If what he said was true, then the entire time they’ve known him… he wasn’t looking out for himself. All the times he acted mean and cruel… it was all an act. An act to hide what he was truly doing. Through all his chaotic exploits, he was in fact trying to protect them. The thought of it all left the group speechless.

Then Diaboromon broke the silence.

“I admit, it was not a bad plan, Discord. If you pulled it off, you might’ve even succeeded. Gaining more power through chaos to oppose me. And in doing so, saving the lives of the ponies from an even greater evil like myself. Sparing them from my wrath.”

From hearing the explanation out in the open, the group were left amazed. The entire time, Discord was trying to save them from the calamity that Diaboromon posed.

Before he continued, Diaboromon started to chuckle. His voice carrying a hint of laughter at Discord’s misfortune.

“To bad that you failed. You playing tyrant was too convincing, forcing the princesses to retaliate. Your act of saving the ponies… ended up with you being turned to stone twice. If only you told them about me beforehand.”

He then began to laugh.

“By defeating you… the bearers of the elements… the heroes of this world… had doomed themselves!”

Then out of nowhere, all ears heard a frustrated rage-filled scream. All eyes turned in one direction, all falling upon, to their surprise, Fluttershy.

The yellow mare was glaring furiously at the large Mega. The usually timid pony was so angry, that even her closest friends were scared. They had never seen her look so angry in their lives.

In a burst of anger, Fluttershy gave her reason for her outburst.

“No more! I’m tired of you talking to my friend like that! No one talks to him that way!”

After a strong flap of her wings, the yellow Pegasus took to the air and charged directly at Diaboromon. But her anger had blinded her to what was about to happen. Before the others could react in time, the evil Digimon gave off a sinister smirk before lashing his left arm out. Backhanding Fluttershy away and sending her hurtling towards the ground.

“FLUTTERSHY!!!” Discord cried out before teleporting to catch the fallen mare before she could hit the ground.

“Fluttershy! Say something! Please!” Discord pleaded as the rest of the group rushed over to the two.

To their relief, Fluttershy was still alive. But the knocked-out Pegasus was grunting in pain as tears escaped her clenched eyelids. The group couldn’t believe it. All what Fluttershy had done was stand up for Discord. But was met with such brutality the likes she didn’t deserve.

While the ponies and dragon were deeply upset at what had just happened, Discord was experiencing a different reaction. As he rested Fluttershy on the ground and stood up, his expression was clearly seen by the others. He was furious. Far angrier then he ever had been. Green fire was literally seen in his eyes as he gritted his teeth.

Fluttershy was his first ever friend. The mare who treated him with kindness and compassion. The one who reformed him.

And Diaboromon just laid his hands on her.

Then the Digimon’s words reached the spirit’s ears. Clearly talking to the stricken mare.

“Know your place, runt.”

Discord glanced over to his former master, with the Mega giving off a toothy grin in response. The sight of which infuriated him even more.


In pure rage, Discord threw his arms out and fired a bright thunderbolt at the large Digimon. With his long stretchy limbs, Diaboromon easily dodged it.

The process continued for several moments. Whenever Diaboromon landed, Discord would attempt to strike him with his thunderbolts. But despite being on the receiving end of the attacks, the Digimon was smiling. He had a plan. And the outcome was already in his favour.

As the Digimon landed back at his original position, Discord took the opportunity and fired a strong bolt of magical electricity. But despite landing a direct hit, it left Diaboromon unharmed. Grinning to show how wasteful Discord’s efforts were. All to spur on Discord’s anger more. Frustrated by his lack of progress, Discord screamed out as he charged straight at Diaboromon. As his foe closed in, the Mega had him right where he wanted him. Before Discord could get within reach to throw a punch, the Digimon surprised him by reaching out his left arm and grabbed his neck. He then reared back his clenched right fist before speaking to him.

“You fool!”

Throwing his fist forward, he landed his punch squarely into Discord’s gut. Since it was a punch from a Mega level Digimon, Discord gagged as air left his body. After being released, the Draconequus staggered back as he held onto his stomach. Trying hard not to fall over from the pain.

He then heard Diaboromon’s voice.

“Have you learned nothing from last time?”

Despite the pain, Discord tried to lunge forward at Diaboromon. Only for the beast to quickly get behind him and knock him to the ground.

“Discord!” Celestia cried out.

Ignoring the princess, the Mega continued.

“Can’t you see that friendship had blinded you? Leading you to believe that you can stand against me? To be succumbed by something so simple as rage?”

After using his foot to pin down Discord’s neck, Diaboromon picked him up by his tail. Holding him in place.

“Can’t you see that friendship… has made you weak!?”

Then to the horror of all of whom were his friends, Discord received a hard punch to his gut. Followed by another. And another. Diaboromon was relentlessly landing blow after blow. Pain rippled through the spirit so much that he couldn’t think straight. Preventing him from using his powers creatively.

The scene was so destressing, it became too much for the three fillies present. Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle crying before running to get away. Right in the direction of the city.

After regaining consciousness, Fluttershy saw what was happening. Her concern for her friend reaching its peak.

“NO!! DISCORD!!!” She cried out before shouting at Diaboromon.

“Stop it!! Let him go!!”

After hearing Fluttershy’s plea, Diaboromon briefly stopped his assault on the battered Discord and then proceeded to taunt him.

“Look at that, Discord. She may be calling out to you, but it doesn’t mean that she’s helping you.”

After some painful heavy breathing, Discord managed to reply back.

“T-That’s where you’re wrong.”

Using his tail hairs like a hand, Discord snapped them like fingers and teleported away from Diaboromon’s grip. While lying on the ground, the Spirit of Chaos snapped his fingers again. Preparing a little surprise for his foe.

As the evil Digimon turned to face Discord, he suddenly heard a strange whistling sound. As if something was falling from the sky. By the time Diaboromon looked up, the object was seen as an anvil. But as soon as the anvil landed on his face, the metal object suddenly exploded in a powerful blast. Catching everypony by surprise.

But as the dust settled, Diaboromon was left more mildly dumbfounded than hurt as he looked at Discord.

“An exploding anvil? Really?”

It turned out that the exploding anvil was just a distraction. The Discord that Diaboromon was looking at turned out to be just a cardboard cut-out. Realising that he had been deceived, he looked around to try and find the real Discord. It was when he heard his voice.

“Take this!!”

Looking up, Diaboromon spotted Discord overhead. And within the raised hands of the latter was a large yellow energy sphere. An attack of which was then thrown towards the evil Digimon.

But as the Mega raised his hand to intercept the attack, the energy ball suddenly vanished out of existence. Then to Diaboromon’s confusion, he heard a noise behind him. As he glanced over, it turned out to be the very same attack approaching. Discord had teleported his attack to get around the Digimon’s defences.

An explosion followed as the attack struck Diaboromon in the back. His form completely covered in smoke from the blast. All of Discord’s friends looked up at him from the ground. Amazed that he was brave enough to take on such a powerful foe.

Looking down at the cloud of smoke, Discord thought that he had dealt some good damage to Diaboromon. But it turned out that it wasn’t the case. To his shock, the large Digimon leapt out of the smoke right up in front of him. And before the startled Spirit of Chaos could react, the Mega fired a point-blank Web Wreaker at him. Both making a large explosion and sending Discord crashing to the ground.

“Discord!!” Fluttershy cried out.

After landing back on the ground, Diaboromon turned towards the cloud of dust. Waiting to see if Discord would emerge. But as the cloud parted away, the Draconequus was lying in a crater. Beaten and breathing heavily.

“D-Darn it. He… really has gotten stronger,” He weakly uttered. Comparing the Digimon’s strength to the last time the two fought.

Diaboromon grinned as he spoke.

“Look at you, Discord. Defeated and gasping for air. What did you think would happen if you opposed me. For the world I’m going to make, there is no room for weaklings.”

Queen Chrysalis flinched in fright at what the evil Mega said. In terms of power, Discord’s magic was much greater than her own. She couldn’t help but think that… if Diaboromon considered the Spirit of Chaos to be a weakling… then what was she to him?

As Discord struggled to stand back up, Diaboromon taunted him again.

“Even now, you fail to realise that you fell for my trap.”

“W-What do you mean?” Discord asked. Blinking in confusion.

The others too were puzzled, but the Mega was eager to tell them.

“Your greatest asset are your powers. The ability to defy physics and warp reality. Which was why I had to provoke you. To attack me with conventional magic. Thereby ignoring the very thing that made you unique.”

Both Discord and the ponies gawked in shock. The second the spirit was on the scene, the Mega had already formulated a plan to counter him. Being three steps ahead of everyone else. All except ChaosBlackWarGreymon, whom had already foreseen such a scenario.

Discord was both shocked… and then angry.

“You mocked me… and used Fluttershy… to trick me!”

Diaboromon grinned in response.

“Goes to show, doesn’t it? That beneath this nightmare body… lies a genius.”

Then with hardly any warning, Diaboromon fired another blast of energy from his chest orb. Discord had barely a second to form a pool of magic in his hand in an attempt to block it. But when the attack struck, the explosion sent the spirit tumbling across the ground. The pain almost too much for him to even make a stand again.

“Discord! T-That’s enough!” Fluttershy cried out. Not wanting her friend to suffer a second longer.

“Fluttershy,” Discord weakly uttered.

Diaboromon chuckled as he glanced over to the ponies. Seeing the looks of fear on their faces was what he hoped for. But as his sights fell upon the Mane Six, his expression chained to inquisitive.

“Hmm? Weren’t there more of you?”

Puzzled by what the Digimon was implying, the six girls looked at each other in confusion. Only to quickly realize that someone was indeed missing. In fact, three.

“Wait! Where’s Applebloom!” Applejack asked. Joined by Rainbow Dash and Rarity.


“Sweetie Belle is gone too!”

As the ponies start to panic from the disappearance of the three fillies, Diaboromon grinned. He could sense a small group fleeing from the scene. Deciding to make an example for those who dare defy him, the Digimon surprised the group by suddenly leaping into the air. The elasticity of his limbs combined with his strength enabled him to travel wide distances in such a short time. Landing atop a ruined catapult before leaping again. Sailing towards the city.

“W-Where’s he going?” Twilight uttered. But no one answered.

While Chrysalis and her Changelings were just as puzzled, ChaosBlackWarGreymon grew an uncertain expression. Not liking what he thought his master was about to do.

Hidden in a dark alley, the three exhausted fillies tried to catch their breath. All traumatized by Diaboromon’s actions.

“I… I can’t take this anymore!” Sweetie Belle cried. Deeply upset.

“Yeah, that monster is… just the worst!” Scootaloo joined. But Applebloom began to doubt their rash decision.

“But did we have to leave without our sisters!? We have to back!”

As the three girls struggled to think of what was the right thing to do, the fillies were surprised to see something dripping beside them. The three were puzzled. The alley had no exposed drains, and the droplets didn’t even look like water.

A horrid feeling suddenly overcame them. The dripping… looked like drool.

Their eyes widened in horror when they all heard a soft, but deep growl. Slowly glancing up, their sights were met with an image that should only be in nightmares. Using his long limbs to grasp onto the walls of the two buildings, Diaboromon loomed a couple of feet above them. His piercing yellow eyes staring at them as drool escaped his grinning mouth.


The group continued to question what was going on. To which was silenced by distant screaming that came from the city. Everypony watched with bated breath, wondering what had just happened and hoped that it wasn’t for the worse. They then saw Diaboromon leaping atop a tower. Only to them make a massive leap over their heads and land in the gardens with incredible force. The group almost stumbled from the vibrations in the ground. When looking back at the evil Digimon, the ponies froze when they saw his toothy grin as he glanced over his shoulder to look at them.

“Found them.” He uttered before fully facing the crowd.

Puzzled at first, the ponies and dragon saw something that shock them to the core. Gasping in horror. Entrapped within the Digimon’s huge right hand were the Cutiemark Crusaders. Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle squirming as they tried to wiggle free.

The initial scream from the three fillies was loud enough to be heard in parts of the city. Reaching even to one of the towers of the castle. Four of the five Changelings looking out of the window in the direction of where the battle was taking place.

“Woah. Was that a scream just now?” One of them asked. Joined by the other three.

“Must be from one of the ponies.”

“I don’t blame them. I was scared when I first saw the master.”


Their attention was gained by the fifth Changeling. Purposely coughing to make them look at him.

“Hay. We have a job to do. Let’s finish here and move on.”

The four solders joined the fifth for their unexpected task. Using their adhesive slime, the solders were in the process of cocooning the sleeping Ayumi. Most of her body was already enveloped in green goo. Knowing the weakness of all magic casters, the Changelings goo up her horn first. Blocking her magic. The Alicorn from the alternate timeline was shifting in her sleep. Not from the discomfort of her growing entrapment, but from the bad feeling she was mentally experiencing.

‘W-What is this feeling? This…darkness? It feels so…familiar. It’s outside. But what is it?’

Despite being asleep, her mind was very much awake. By possessing the energy of Digimon, Ayumi’s senses were more advanced than any other pony. Despite being far away, she could sense the growing activity outside. Beginning to sense her friends. But her concern began to climb.

‘Wait. Why are all of them outside? Why are some of them faint?’

Next, she sensed creatures that weren’t pony of origin. Which were the Changelings. Her tossing and turning was becoming more rapid.

‘W-what is going on out there!? And… what is this malicious energy!? What is…!’

Then it hit her. The malicious energy was all too familiar. In her mind, it was a massive cloud of purple.

‘This energy. I hadn’t felt it… since…!’

Then it happened. The purple cloud took the form of a face. The face she deeply feared. The one she hoped would never see again. The horns. The teeth. The head.

The piercing yellow eyes. The second she saw them…


Ayumi’s eyes snapped open with shock and fear. Then instantly glowed a blinding purple light. Followed by the rest of her body. The five Changelings paused in puzzlement when they saw their trapped captive glowing brighter. The energy rapidly building up. Emitting a humming sound that grew louder.

“What the…!!”

The Changeling solder was interrupted when the purple light suddenly exploded. Bursting free from the cocoon and blasting the five away with invisible force. The same purple light then smashed itself out of the window and through the air. Beelining towards the sculpture gardens.

Within the gardens, every soul froze on the spot. Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were held firmly within Diaboromon’s palm. The ponies had no idea how to approach the situation. Fearing that a wrong step might cause the giant to clench his hand and hurt the three girls. All the while Diaboromon stood there with a toothy grin on his face. Even ChaosBlackWarGreymon was taken back by his master’s actions. Recognizing the three fillies from before.

“Somepony! Help us!!” Sweetie Belle cried out as she tried to free herself.

“Sweetie Belle!” Rarity cried out. Horrified to see her little sister being held prisoner by the Mega.

“Let them go!” Shining Armor demanded. But the Digimon chuckled in response.

“This little fight has been fun. But it’s time for the true calamity to begin,” He uttered as he glanced down at his three little prisoners. The fillies trembling in fear as the Mega looked at him with his terrifying gaze.

But before he could do anything, he heard an outburst that caused him to pause.


The outburst echoed throughout the area. It certainly was a Royal Canterlot voice. Looking over in the direction of the outburst, Diaboromon’s sights fell upon Celestia. The white Alicorn standing up on all fours, tears raining down her face and the look of shear desperation in her eyes. Her friends and family looked at her in surprise. Not expecting her to suddenly speak out.

But were even more so when from the next words that left her.



“Those girls have done nothing wrong!! They don’t deserve this! Just leave them alone! Do you have no sense of compassion!? No sense of reason!? You may be evil, but surely you must have restraint! I refuse to believe otherwise!”

Diaboromon stood silently as he listened to Celestia’s plea. His expression turning neutral as his grin vanished. Celestia, whose eyes were filled with tears, tried once more.

“Please! I beg you! If there’s any sense of mercy in you, then please show it! And spare them! Please.”

Everypony paused. Dearing not to break the tension. Seeing if by miracle, Celestia’s plea would reach through. They too hoped for the best. The huge Mega silently stared at the Sun Princess with an emotionless gaze. The three scared fillies held within his palm. Celestia too held her breath. Hoping. Just hoping that the Digimon could show anything other than hate. To be more than the true epitome of evil.

Her ears twitched when Diaboromon spoke.

“But princess. How can I show mercy…” He said before pausing. His expression changed as he continued.

“… if I never had any?”

Celestia’s expression morphed into utter despair from Diaboromon’s words. Reinforced by the sadistic grin on his face.

“What?” She whimpered. Disbelief gripping her voice.

“You always fantasized about an ideal world. One where everyone gets along, and no one gets hurt. But it’s just that. A fantasy! This is reality! This is war! People always get hurt!”

He then brought more facts about reality to Celestia, by making an example of himself. The tone in his voice sounded as if it were a mixture of mockery and being offended.

“Then there’s me! A Digimon of pure evil upon birth! You thought that I could change!? Just because!?”

He then scared her by slamming his left fist against the ground. Sending ripples of vibrations for all to feel.

“After living for so long, how have you not learnt that not all creatures can be redeemed!? Some are evil to the core! Heartless monsters! With your pacifist mindset, you wouldn’t last long in the Digital World!”

Celestia trembled at Diaboromon’s words. Throughout her life, she truly believed that all creatures had a heart. That deep down, there was a sense of good. That peace was the way that all beings should abide. But in a single statement, the Digimon turned her beliefs upside-down and threw it back in her face. Stunned silent in the presence of the cruellest creature she had ever laid eyes on.

Diaboromon then grinned. An idea to reinforce his claims.

“And I’ll start by showing just how monstrous I can be!!”

To the horror of every pony watching, Diaboromon raised his right hand up high while glancing up. Being held aloft, the three trapped and confused fillies looked back down to see what was going to happen. Only for the answer to present itself in a bloodcurdling way. As he faced up at the Cutiemark Crusaders above his head, Diaboromon let out a demonic growl as he, in a freakish fashion, began to open his jaw wide. The elastic properties of his skin caused his mouth to open even wider. Revealing drool and razor sharp teeth.

“HE’S GOING TO EAT THEM!!!?” Pinkie Pie shrieked in disbelief. But it was exactly what they Digimon was going to do.

The ponies began to plead. Begging for Diaboromon to stop. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack crying out for their sisters. Chrysalis and her Changelings looked on in grimace. Already knowing of the Digimon’s bizarre appetite. Celestia and Luna froze from such a horrific sight. Paralyzed in fear. ChaosBlackWarGreymon felt his fists clenched within his gauntlets. Specks of green magic sparking from his Digizoid claws.

As for Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, their hearts stopped the second Diaboromon opened his palm. The three falling down towards the open maw of the beast.

Then, in a fraction of a second, the evil Mega sensed something. Causing one of his eyes to shift in its direction.

What came next was a piercing purple light that engulfed the whole area. Ponies, Changelings and Digimon were caught completely by surprise as they instantly shielded their eyes. Not expecting it in the very least. The sudden burst of magic caused dust to rise from the ground. Almost blinding everyone’s vision.

“W-What just happened!” Twilight cried out.

“Never mind the dust! What about my Sweetie Belle!?” Rarity exclaimed in a panic. She never saw what happened to her little sister.

The same could be said for Rainbow Dash and Applejack. The pair were just as worried. But as the group were about to rush to where they last saw them, they paused. The ponies and dragon could see something shrouded in the dust. Barely illuminated. But whatever it was, it was in the image of an Alicorn. One just taller than Twilight herself.

“I-Is that…?” The purple Alicorn uttered.

Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle huddled into balls as they clenched their eyes shut. The last thing they saw was falling into a row of teeth. But after that, they felt nothing. No pain. No agony. Nothing. Instead, they felt warmth. As if being cradled by something with fur and feathers.

Opening their eyes, the confused fillies began to get their bearings.

“W-What happened?” Scootaloo fearfully uttered.

Their questions would be quickly answered. As the three looked to their sides, they saw that they were being held close by a pair of large purple feathered wings. Confused, the three glanced up to the owner of the wings. Only for their confusion to rise further.

“T-Twilight?” Applebloom spoke in a puzzled tone.

As the dust settled, the saviour of the Cutiemark Crusaders was revealed. An Alicorn who looked almost like Twilight. But one who was much older with a different feel to her.

Ayumi had arrived.

Glancing down from hearing the voice of a filly she once knew from her own world, the alternate Twilight glanced down at the three confused fillies. Seeing their faces caused her to smile warmly at them.

“Sorry I was so late.”

As more dust settled, Ayumi was revealed to the main group. The Mane Six, the Alicorn Sisters and Spike were amazed by her timely arrival. Saving the lives of the Cutiemark Crusaders.

“Ayumi! You’re finally awake!” Twilight exclaimed as she rushed up to her other self to give her a hug. Grateful for arriving.

As they were joined by the others, Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were reunited with Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. All the while confused as to why there was another pony who looked near enough exactly like Twilight. The confusion extended to the Changelings. All murmuring to themselves from the unexpected surprise.

“What!? There… t-two Twilights!?” Chrysalis uttered in disbelief.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon paused as he eyed the two Alicorns. Remembering what he had seen from reading Ayumi’s mind earlier.

“Well. That’s something you don’t see every day,” Discord uttered to himself. Slowly trying to recover. Him seeing Ayumi for the first time.

As the group backed away to give Ayumi some room to breathe, the former princess noticed a pair of recognizable ponies approaching her. Two that she was all too familiar with. With smiles on their faces, Prince Shining Armour and Princess Cadence stopped just ahead of her. Glad to see that the battle worn mare was back on her hooves once more.

“Brother. Sister-in-law,” Ayumi uttered. So happy to see them again after so long that she could almost cry.

The reunion would’ve been a sweet one… if not for a growl to reach Ayumi’s ears.

Whatever happy feeling she felt was instantly replaced with something completely opposite. Her eyes grew wide as her pupils shrunk. Showing an expression of disbelief and horror. She knew that growl incredibly well. She could never forget it. It forever burned in her memory. Followed by every single second of the nightmare that began in the Canterlot of her world. Years worth of memories all flowed into her mind within a second. Reigniting the trauma and pain she felt. Sending shivers throughout her entire being. The fear was also mixed with confusion. The question of why HE was there. Not just in her world.

All the other ponies couldn’t even begin to describe what she was feeling. Just seeing her expression spoke volumes. It was all they needed. It made them feel sorry for her. She escaped her world into their own, for a fresh start. A new life away from war. Away… from him. Only for her to encounter the very same evil that took everything from her.

Cadence was about to try to say something to comfort Ayumi. Only for her to freeze in place when through the dust, she and everyone else saw glowing yellow eyes. The tiny pupils piercing through the clouds and directly at the new arrival.

As the dust cloud began to clear more, Ayumi’s horrified eyes began to move to the right. Followed by her head. The mare slowly glancing over her shoulder to look behind her. Hoping that the sounds she was hearing was all in her mind. Her imagination running amok.

The second her vision caught the glimpse of her foe, Ayumi let out a silent horrified gasp as she quickly turned around. Only to see her worst fear come true. Standing before her was the very same Digimon that destroyed her Equestria. The same body. The same clawed hands. The same devil horns. The same yellow eyes. And the same demonic voice.

“You,” She quietly uttered in disbelief as she stared at the Digimon in pure horror and confusion.

Seeing the new arrival for the first time, Diaboromon grinned in wonderment. Looking forward to getting answers.

“Well, well. What do we have here?”

Author's Note:

Here we are! And at last, Ayumi is finally awake.

This chapter took surprisingly long to write. I really should make a music playlist that does not involve YouTube. Keep getting distracted by random videos. As for the chapter itself, the original draft was much shorter than the final version. The word count literally doubled into the 10,000's.

Next chapter will be a big one.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter. Please leave a comment. Leave a like. And I'll see you all later.

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nice work:twilightsmile:

How would Diaboromon react that Ayumi ( Future Twilight ) is from another alternate future, and also killed/absorbed his future-self?

That would finally get on his nerves. :ajsmug:

Edit update: But then again, Diaboromon's future self is still ALIVE within Ayumi's/Future Twilight's own consciousness. So I forgot about that until now. :twilightoops:

P.S. And I was totally right with Diaboromon also being involved with the creation of Nightmare Moon. Considering the fact that he did helped the other main MLP Villains to be what they are today. So it was obvious.

P.S.S. And Discord's true motive is really heroic.

Just like this infamous quote: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." But it's with Discord's non-lethal chaos reign.

If only he was man enough to tell Celestia and Luna the truth beforehand. :applejackunsure:

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I did. I like the quote you included in the end.


I know this seems like spoiled territory; But I have a good feeling that both Diaboromon from both present and future would somehow meet each other during the eventual Diaboromon vs Ayumi/Future Twilight.

The future one explaining what happened, how he succeeded his own "goal" in the apocalyptic future, and how Ayumi/Future Twilight defeated him in the first place.

And the present one could use his own future's leftover power to empower and fused with each other, kind of like with Goku Black and Zamasu.

P.S. And when they take a "breather", I like to see the ponies properly deal with the revelation of Diaboromon being totally responsible for every single MLP villain they are faced in existence, including Luna's dark descent to Nightmare Moon. So Luna was totally innocent this whole time.

And how Discord is actually a good guy in all this, do they feel actual regret that they shouldn't have imprisoned him, or act disdain against him ( Exclude Fluttershy. ), if he just told them the full truth?

P.S.S. Not to mention to how this is all their "Guardian"/Harmony's own damn fault for bringing him in the first place in both timelines.

She could at least take full responsibility for her massive screw up for bringing such a un-redeemed monster like that onto poor Equestria!?

I wouldn't blame Ayumi/Future Twilight to forever HATE her for calling all this mess in both timelines.

Could just send him to the Black Hole or Sun or something better to permanently get rid of him without innocent casualties?

You get what I'm saying?

Yeah. Harmony wanted to give him poetic justice. But heavily underestimated his resolve.


Well, it obviously and pathetically backfired! I hope that she will regret it for a long, long, long time.

Cuz, I highly doubt our pony characters ( Especially Ayumi/Future Twilight and Luna for particular reasons. ) will quite easily "forgive" their own terrible job of a world "guardian" in both timelines for this, after everything.

Like I said, I should have gone with the Sun or Black Hole Idea.

Anyways, what do you think of my theory of both Present and Future Diaboromon?

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