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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 73: Confession

Frightening events were at play in the castle of Canterlot. Suffering from the unforeseen aftereffects of his Dark Digivolution, BlackWarGreymon went berserk and attacked everything in sight. Fortunately, Twilight Sparkle was quick to use a memory spell on him. Making him remember the bond he shared with the ponies of Equestria. And restoring him back to his normal self.

However… while attempting to calm BlackWarGreymon, Luna got in too close and was harmed by the out of control Mega. But once the effects of his dark transformation wore off, and realising that it was he who hurt Luna, BlackWarGreymon was filled with so much grief and sorrow, he left Canterlot altogether. By using his ability to conjure a black portal, he ended up far away from his friends. Keeping them out of harm’s way.

Back in Canterlot, BlackWarGreymon’s sudden departure had startled and shocked the three Alicorns. But knowing full well how sensitive the Digimon was and how much he cared for them, Luna was saddened by his disappearance.

After given the news from the Pegasus guardsmare Double Edge, Princess Cadence Prince Shining Armor and the rest of the Mane Six all gathered in the main hall. Where the other three princess were waiting for them.

As the last of the unconscious guards were taken away by the medics, Twilight and Celestia told the others the whole story. All the while Luna remained silent.

The following reactions were just as they expected.

“WHAT!!? Did all that really just happened!?” Cadence asked. Shocked to realise the truth.

“Yes. It’s true,” Celestia answered in a sombre tone. Joined by the equally upset Twilight.

“He disappeared into that portal so fast, we didn’t even leave the ground before it closed.”

“The poor thing,” Fluttershy quietly said. Unable to comprehend the mental pain the Digimon was going through.

All eyes looked over to Luna. Seeing how silent she was only confirmed it more. Plus seeing her expression signified that she was deeply saddened by the ordeal.

“He left… because he…” Rarity spoke up. But was unable to finish her sentence for fear of further upsetting the blue princess.

Realising what the white Unicorn was trying to say, Luna tried to shift the blame away from BlackWarGreymon.

“It was my fault. I was the one who was careless. I shouldn’t have got too close while he was like that. I thought I was able to reach out to him. But I was wrong when…”

She paused. A part of her couldn’t bare to finish what she had to say.

But Prince Shining Armor finished it for her.

“When he attacked you.”

Those four words. It was those words that struck a nerve in Princess Luna. It might just be her imagination. But in her ears, what the prince said could easily be turned into a claim. Stating that BlackWarGreymon, under the negative influence or not, deliberately attacked her.

Feeling insulted and wanting to defend BlackWarGreymon against any wrongdoing, Luna snapped at Shining Armor. Taking him and the others by surprise.

“It’s not his fault!! His mind was clouded by the affects of his transformation today! It was that what caused him to lose control! So, if anything, the fault was mine for getting in his way! I know Blackie! He would never hurt me even if he wanted to!”

A stunned silence filled the room after Luna’s outburst. But as seconds went by, the blue Alicorn noticed that everyone was staring at her. But to her surprise, the expressions were more of confusion than shock.

“What? Why are you all looking at me like that?” Luna asked. Unsure why everyone looked startled.

Being the first to break the silence, Fluttershy repeated one of the words Luna unintentionally used.


At first, Luna looked at the yellow Pegasus with uncertain eyes. But after remembering exactly what she said in her outburst, the shocked blue princess silently raised her right hoof to cover her mouth. Surprised to say it out in the open to the other ponies.

In her act to protect BlackWarGreymon’s innocence, she accidentally spoke out the nickname she gave him for all to hear. Of which Applejack caught on.

“That… sounds a lot like a nickname. Is that… what ya call him?”

Luna couldn’t respond at first. Too embarrassed and too in shock to answer. Especially with all eyes looking at her. But when she tried to even attempt to talk, her rush of emotions were causing her to mumble in place of words. Slowly blushing all the while.

“Well… uhh… I… umm…”

As Luna struggled to talk, most of the group grew even more confused. The way she was acting, it was as if she was trying to say something. But her nerves were getting in the way of her words. As if there was something she was trying to hide. Cadence and Rarity however were only mildly surprised. For they were the only ones who knew the full truth. But they didn’t expect Luna to show her true colours so soon.

Celestia meanwhile was different altogether. She understood her little sister all too well. She could see that Luna was afraid of confessing something. However, being the more experienced mare, she knew exactly what was going on.

“Are you ok, Princess Luna?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“…well… I… uh…”

Luna continued to mumble as she started to stress on a mental level. Her nerves causing her body to rapidly heat up and sweat. Even her legs started to tremble slightly from the weight of what she got herself into.

Cadence perfectly understood what Luna was going through. She herself even felt the same way when the day came for her to confess to Shining Armor. But given the current situation, it seemed the time had finally arrived.

“Luna,” Cadence called out. Making her aunt look at her with uncertainty. The pink Alicorn briefly closed her eyes before opening them with the following statement.

“The time has come. They need to know.”

From hearing those words, Luna felt as though she was having a heart attack. Was the situation really the cause for her to tell the truth about her feelings.

“We need to know what?” Rainbow Dash asked as she and the others continued to stare at Luna in confusion.

Rarity, being the only one of the Mane Six who knew, started to feel uneasy. The subject of the matter was a big deal for Luna. But given what happened moments ago, she could see that the blue Alicorn’s emotions were all over the place. Preventing her from admitting the truth.

In her mind, Luna couldn’t handle the level of stress she was feeling. Completely unprepared for what was to come. She closed her eyes as she tried to think of a reply. But all her mind was telling her was to leave. She was so caught up in her mental struggle, she failed to hear hoofsteps approaching her.

Then by feeling a hoof resting against her cheek, Luna’s eyes snapped open as her mind calmed. Looking up, the surprised princess saw that the hoof belonged to her big sister. Celestia looking at her with stern but calm loving eyes.

“It’s ok, Luna. I understand why you’re so concerned for BlackWarGreymon.”

Luna’s eyes grew wider as she silently stared at her sister. Listening to what she had to say next. Which to her, was a very big deal.

“You love him. Don’t you?”

Rarity and Cadence could only smile, a deep secret was finally coming to light. As for the others, they all looked at each other in confusion and surprise. For some, they were unsure of the true meaning of what Celestia said. But to others, they felt the whole world slowing down from the discovery.

Pinkie Pie however, was one of the former.

“Well duhh. We all love him, don’t we?”

Applejack let out a single chuckle before she leaned closer to Pinkie Pie’s ear.

“No. She aint’ talkin’ about that kind of love, Pinkie.”

At first, the pink party pony tried to figure out what she missed. But then let out a very loud gasp of surprise when she understood what Applejack was talking about.

While surprised and confused, the group were mostly in awe as they stared at the emotionally stunned Luna.

“Really? Is… that really true?” Twilight asked with a tone of complete awe. The others too were more than eager to know for themselves.

After taking a few steps back to get more breathing room, Luna took in a deep breath and… after hiding it for so long… finally revealed the truth. Her voice soft and with feeling.

“Y-Yes. It…it’s true. I’m… in love with BlackWarGreymon.”

Quiet gasps of astonishment filled the air from the rest of the group. Though shocking, it was probably the most unexpected thing they had ever heard.

“Woah,” Twilight uttered. Like the others, she was stunned by just the notion of a pony and a Digimon in a deep relationship.

Luna looked away as she explained herself.

“I know it sounds strange. But… after he saved me from that yellow dragon, I felt… intrigued by BlackWarGreymon. And ever since I learned more and more about him, the closer I felt towards him. We… understand each other. Whenever he felt down or upset, I was there to make him happy. And in battle, I even went as far as to help him against powerful foes. Be it Tirek of ChaosBlackWarGreymon. No matter what came our way, I was always there to help him. And he was always there to help me.”

As she continued, her voice grew sadder.

“But I’m also concerned for his wellbeing. He’s surprisingly sensitive. So when he gets worried, it worries me too. Before he came to Equestria, back in his old life, he had suffered so much with no one to turn to. It reminds me of the misery I felt when I was once evil. Which is why since he came here, I wished him the best. So that he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.”

But her thoughts changed to when BlackWarGreymon had discovered his Dark Digivolution. A mode change that made him berserk.

“But… I guess that was too much to ask.”

Most of the group looked at each other in astonishment. They had no idea how strongly Luna felt towards BlackWarGreymon. Even for her to worry about him so much. They remembered back at the Crystal Empire, when Luna helped him fight against ChaosBlackWarGreymon, they thought that she was just helping a friend in need. But no. It was her feelings for BlackWarGreymon what caused her to perform reckless, but heroic actions. She wanted to protect him by helping him. Even risking her life to stand against Lord Tirek when he was at his most powerful. She looked as fearless as the Digimon she was protecting.

Rarity didn’t need convincing. For she remembered what she saw on the night of Heart and Hooves Day. Luna, wearing one of the most stunning dresses she had ever seen, was out in Canterlot with BlackWarGreymon. The way she saw the two interacting with each other showed that they were genuinely having a good time. Just like true friends should. And because it was just recent, it further proved that Luna really cared about him.

Celestia meanwhile, was puzzled about one thing.

“If you had feelings for him this whole time, why didn’t you tell me?”

Luna paused in response. She was finding it hard to admit a certain to her sister. But since the truth was revealed, there was no point in hiding it any longer. Worried at how her older sibling would react.

“Well… like I said. The idea of a pony in love with a Digimon is strange. But it’s more than that. I’m one of the princesses of Equestria. The Princess of the Moon. I was worried that if you found out… well… you wouldn’t like the idea and…… not approve.”

Celestia was taken back at Luna’s words. Surprised and a tiny bit hurt that she would think that. So to prove her wrong, she walked up to her little sister with a loving smile on her face.

“Don’t be silly, Luna. From the Tirek incident today, I’ve seen first hoof how determined you wanted to help BlackWarGreymon. You even talked him out of his Berserk Mode. And from what I was told by Twilight and her friends, he risked his life many times to protect you. Even if it ended up hurting him. So to find someone that supportive and that protective is a very rare find.”

Luna held her breath in anticipation as she took one step back. Amazed at what she believed Celestia was trying to say.

“Y…You mean…?”

Everypony in the main hall looked at the white Alicorn in amazement and anticipation. She sounded positive throughout her whole speech. It may lead to good news.

News of which Celestia was proud to give with a smile.

“It’s your life, Luna. So every decision is yours to make. And I don’t have it in me to deny you your happiness. But if you really want my opinion, then I don’t mind at all.”

Before more could be said, Luna surprised her big sister by giving her a warm affectionate hug. After getting over her shock, Celestia returned the hug. The Sun Princess could easily tell that her little sister was shedding tears of joy as the hug continued.

“T-Thank you, sister!!”

“If he makes you happy, then I’m happy.”

As the group watched the two sisters embrace, they all smiled at the amount of love that they were seeing. Cadence and Twilight could feel that they’re sheading tears of joy of their own. Then from remembering what her sister-in-law said, as well as knowing her talent, Twilight looked over to Cadence with a question.

“You knew. Didn’t you?”

“Sure did,” Cadence replied with a nod and a smile.

“Wow. Never expected this,” Rainbow Dash said to herself. Remaining mind blown from Luna’s confession.

After a few more moments of their silent embrace, Celestia and Luna parted away from their hug while sharing more smiles. The latter wiping away her happy tears.

Then Celestia spoke another question.

“Luna. All those wonderful things you said about BlackWarGreymon. Did you ever tell him that?”

“N-No. At least… not yet.”

After hearing Luna’s reply, Pinkie Pie thought of an idea.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go and find BlackWarGreymon!”

“I wholeheartedly agree. Our friend needs to know,” Rarity joined.

“But where do we start? He could be anywhere,” Fluttershy pointed out.

After some quick thinking, Twilight decided to search the immediate area first.

“I have an idea. Some of us will search Ponyville. And the others will look around Canterlot. They’re the most likely places he could be.”

Celestia agreed with her.

“Yes, Twilight. Cadence, Luna and I will search the grounds. You and your friends can search Ponyville.”

“And I’ll go and round up any guards who could help us,” Shining Armor added.

“Right! Let’s go girls!” Twilight said as her Ponyville friends gathered around her. ready for a long-distance teleportation.

“We hope you find him,” She said to the other royals.

“You too. Good luck,” Celestia replied.

Within moments, Twilight teleported herself and her five friends straight to Ponyville. Where they reappeared in the centre of the little town. Afterwards, they went their separate ways to increase their chances to cover over the whole town. Back in Canterlot, Shining Armor went to inform the royal guards while Celestia, Luna and Cadence left the castle to search the city. With the white Alicorn sticking close to her sister.

BlackWarGreymon himself however, wasn’t even remotely close to any civilization. Hiding out in the cave inside of a large mountain, which without him knowing that it was the same cave where he first met Luna, the black Digimon wanted to get as far away from his friends as possible. Fearing that he might hurt them like he did to Luna. Even though he was under the influence of his new transformation at the time, he couldn’t shake off the guilt that it was HE who harmed her. Therefore, the ordeal opened his eyes that with his power, he was still a great threat. Even the role of being a hero couldn’t hide the fact he could easily hurt others.

After walking into the cave with tears in his yellow eyes, the emotionally broken Mega gave one more glance over his shoulder. Looking at the dark rainy sky to see the orange glow of the evening sun through the clouds. He knew night would shortly follow. Along with the moon, which made him think of Luna. But being reminded of what he’d done and the feeling that he would never see the moonlight the same way again, he closed his eyes in shame as he walked deeper into the cave. Leaving behind his right gauntlet by the cave entrance.

As he walked deeper into the cave, the surroundings got darker from the lack of light. But he paused as she started to hear more and more sounds from within the cave. Opening his watery eyes to look ahead of him, he saw numerous large glowing eyes. Clearly belonged to other creatures that inhabit the cave since the possible disappearance of the yellow dragon. Fearing that BlackWarGreymon would return to finish him off.

By hearing the growling of the hidden creatures looking at him, BlackWarGreymon could tell that they were hostile. But he was so bottled up with so many emotions, he no longer cared. No longer having concern for what would happen. Or what they were. Or what they were capable of. He even no longer felt concern for his safety.

In his stricken state, all his mind was telling him, was that he was better gone. From the face of the world. That if the creatures in the cave could mean his destruction, then so be it. Keeping Equestria safe from his own actions. But if he wanted to go down, he would go down fighting. Fighting was what he was good for. It was what he was created to do.

So with all his frustrations and his ever growing sadness, BlackWarGreymon took several deep breaths before yelling out his infamous battlecry. And with his left Dramon Destroyer ready, leapt into the darkness to fight once more.

Back in Ponyville, Princess Twilight Sparkle came bursting through the doors of her castle and charged through the corridors. Frantically looking through every door in sight. Eventually arriving at the library.

Spike, who was startled by the sudden appearance of Twilight, looked at her in concern.

“Wha…what is it, Twilight?”

“Spike! Is BlackWarGreymon around here!?”

“N-No, he isn’t. Why?”

Twilight spaced out after hearing the word no. Concerned that the Digimon might actually be far, far away. And in her mind, was thing of all his accomplishments.

“We have to find him. He has learned so much about friendship. It can’t just end like this. No. Not like this,” She said to herself before rushing out of the library.

“Twilight? What’s going on!?” Spike asked as he ran after her.

Over on the other side of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash flew and zoomed all around the skies of the town. Getting a bird’s eye view in the process. But despite her superb vision, she couldn’t seem to find her digital friend anywhere.

Resting on top of the town hall, the blue Pegasus was recollecting the times in which BlackWarGreymon’s abilities were shown.

“He’s not anywhere! But I can’t give up on him! He’s done so many awesome things. He… he might even be more awesome… than me. That’s why I’m not giving up. I have to keep looking!”

With a burst of speed, Rainbow Dash took off into the sky once more. Below her, Scootaloo spotted her. Plus from seeing the destressed look on the blue mare’s face, she followed to see what was wrong.

“Rainbow Dash, Wait!”

Over the edge of the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy searched all around her house and the large fields around it. But she couldn’t find the black armoured Digimon anywhere. She then thought of the next place her friend would more likely go to be alone. The Everfree Clearing.

With her concern for the Mega being top priority, the usually timid mare ignored the dangers of the forest and flew as fast as she could. She eventually made it to the clearing but was saddened by its emptiness.

“Oh no! He’s not here either!”

By looking at the open field, it suddenly hit her. The Everfree Clearing was the very same place where she and her friends first met BlackWarGreymon. She then remembered the moment when he protected her from being crushed by Tirek’s hooves. Remembering the moment only fuelled her newfound determination.

“No! I will not give up! We need him to protect us like he did for me. like he had done for all of us!”

Undeterred by the setback, Fluttershy turned around and flew back towards Ponyville. Continuing the search.

Meanwhile at Canterlot, the three Alicorns were searching far and wide across the large city. Unable to find BlackWarGreymon in the castle grounds, the princesses began to search the city itself. Asking many ponies along the way.

“Please. Have you seen BlackWarGreymon anywhere?” Princess Cadence asked a very familiar Unicorn.

“I’m afraid I hadn’t. Why? Has something happened?” Fancy Pants asked back.

“Yes. He’s gone missing.”

“Missing!? That’s terrible! If you like, I could help look for him in the city.”

“Thank you very much.”

Meanwhile not far away, Princess Luna was speeding through the streets. Frantically trying to find BlackWarGreymon. But as she was searching, she suddenly paused. Hovering in place, she could see a restaurant in the distance. She remembered it was the same one she and BlackWarGreymon went to when they were on their date.

Remembering the moment when she snuggled up to him only briefly made her smile. She would love to do so again. But with the current situation, and that BlackWarGreymon would want to keep his distance due to what happened, the thought of not being close to him anymore was making her heart ache.

Behind her, Princess Celestia could clearly see her sister’s sadness. And tried to comfort her.

“Luna. We’ll find him.”

“I know. L…Let’s keep looking,” Luna said as she and Celestia moved on. The blue Alicorn trying her best to hide a small tear from the eyes of the citizens.

The two were then approached by Cadence.

“I’m going to head back to the castle. Shining may need my help to search every tower.”

Understanding the pink Alicorn’s concerns, Celestia replied with a simple nod. Cadence teleporting away as the Alicorn Sisters continued the search.

Back down from the mountain, Applejack had arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. Where she rushed in and burst through the barn doors with a strong rear kick.

The sudden entrance of the orange mare instantly startled her family members. Who were working on the upcoming cider season.

“Dang nabbit, Applejack! Ya tryin’ to give me a heart attack or somthin!?” Granny Smith uttered.

But she, Applebloom and Big Mac then noticed the look of panic on Applejack’s face when she spoke up.

“Please tell me y’all! Did BlackWarGreymon turn up around here recently!?”

The three Apples looked at each other in confusion before replying.

“Nope,” Big Mac said, followed by Applebloom.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

Upon receiving the answer, Applejack tried her best to think of other places where BlackWarGreymon would’ve gone to. And while doing so, she thought of the times when he fought against the likes of Tirek and ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Remembering how powerful the two villains were compared to herself and her friends.

“We need to find him. They’re foes that we don’t stand a chance against. Bad guys that only he could fight. That’s why we need to find him! To fight in battles that we can’t win!”

After her statement, Applejack turned around and ran out of the barn. Concerned of what her big sister was talking about, Applebloom ran after her.

“Applejack! What is goin’ on!?”

Rarity meanwhile wasn’t having any better luck. After running all over town for what seemed like forever, she stopped as she panted from exhaustion. By stopping just outside of her house, her heavy breathing was loud enough to be heard by Sweetie Belle. As the filly looked out of her bedroom window, she spotted her older sister.


As she took in some much-needed air, Rarity began to think about the Mega level Digimon. And the lessons she taught him on how to be much more sensible in public.

“We… we have to keep looking. He has become a much better friend since we met him. And he’s even learned to fall in love. We have to find him before he even thinks of throwing all that away.”

After some mental coaching, Rarity began to set off once more. Sweetie Belle, who had briefly seen the look of worry on her sister’s face, began to rush downstairs and out the front door. Chasing after her.

“Hay, wait up!”

Pinkie Pie however was on the march. Acting as if she was on a sugar rush while on a drink full of caffeine, the pink pony was like a blur as she ran through the empty streets. With no signs or intention of slowing down.

That was until she ran into Sugar Cube Corner and into her bedroom.

“Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he!?” She quickly repeated as she darted around her room like a ping pong ball.

After spotting her pet baby Alligator named Gummy, she rushed up to his snout with an intense stare.

“Gummy! Have you seen BlackWarGreymon!?”

The tiny pet only responded by doing his slow, odd blinking. The pink mare took it as an answer.

“Oh, that’s right. You never met him.”

With a sad expression on her face, Pinkie Pie looked away. But then her expression changed to severe determination. “No! No time to mope! I wont stop until he is found! Think of all the parties and the fun he would be missing! I can’t let that happen to him!”

In a pink blur, Pinkie Pie bolted out of her bedroom window and out into the Ponyville streets below.

Unfortunately for all the ponies, they were nowhere near to where their digital friend truly was.

On the side of a faraway mountain, cries of pain and panic echoed out of the large cave. Then suddenly, a stampede of giant creatures came running or flying out of the cave. Some were covered in scratches, gashes and burns. They were terrified. Fleeing from the aggressor inside as they roared and screeched in fear.

Within the cave, bodies of unconscious monsters littered across the cave floor. Knocked out or wounded from a fight they had no idea would turn out the wrong way. And standing in-between two smaller creatures was BlackWarGreymon. Huffing and breathing heavily as his body twinged. All the while tears continued to fall to the cold stone floor.

He wasn’t tired. He wasn’t in physical pain. The reason for his twinging and breathing was purely from trauma. He thought that fighting would take his mind off everything that happened. But it failed. His subconscious kept reminding him of what he had done. Continuing to pile on his ever-growing guilt.

As his heavy breathing continued, his eyes were wide open. The floodgates of his eyes wide open for his tears to flow freely without restraint. The pain he felt in both his mind and his heart. He had never felt such pain before. And he never once thought that it would be so painful. It was like when he sacrificed his life to save another. It almost felt like that. But at the same time, it felt a hundred times worse.

With all his mental might, BlackWarGreymon tried to fight back his anguish. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t fight it. His mind just wasn’t prepared for such a thing. He could feel it ripping him apart. All from the inside out.

“Why!? Why can’t I stop this aching!!?”

Closing his eyes, he grunted loudly as he desperately tried to fight against his feelings. But it was hopeless. His pain only kept on growing stronger and stronger until… he couldn’t take it anymore.


As she continued her search with her sister, Luna’s mind suddenly snapped to attention. She felt as if… as if she could hear BlackWarGreymon crying out. She felt as though she could feel his presence. She could feel his pain. His anguish. But more importantly, an idea of where he would probably be.

She snapped her head to her left. In the direction of the mountains in the distance. Her memory was a bit vague but, she was told that the mountain range was the place where the yellow dragon took her. It was a place… no… a cave… where BlackWarGreymon arrived to save her.

A place where they first met.

Though the chances were slim, but she was willing to take that chance. She could feel that BlackWarGreymon would be there. She could feel it in her heart.

Seeing that her younger sister wasn’t with her, Celestia flew back to find Luna hovering in place. Looking in the direction of the mountains far beyond Canterlot.

“Luna?” She asked. Wondering what had caught her sister’s attention.

Feeling absolutely sure of herself, Luna briefly looked at Celestia before back at the mountains.

“Sister! I… I know where he is!” She said as she started to fly off.

But before she could get very far, Celestia called out to her.

“Luna wait!”

Stopping in place, Luna turned around to look at her older sibling. She could see that the white Alicorn was very concerned. Likely due to the fact that the mountains was the very same place to where she almost lost her. But with her first love on the line, Luna too became concerned. But for a different reason.

“Please, sister. He needs me. More than ever now.”

While the Sun Princess was worried for Luna’s wellbeing, but with what she said, as well as the sheer desperation she had on her face, Celestia didn’t had it in her heart to hold her back. She was witnessing true love right in front of her very eyes. She wouldn’t dare threaten that for the sake of her sister. If Luna had to do what needed to be done, then she had to put her trust in her.

“Ok, Luna. But be careful.”

The Princess of the Night reassured her sister with a smile.

“Don’t worry about me. He would never truly hurt me.”

After saying her farewell, Luna took off in the direction of the mountains. Even resorting to teleportation to cover long distances.

As the Moon Princess vanished in a flash of blue light, her older sister turned away and prepared to bring the others back to Canterlot. All the while thinking of one thing.

‘Good luck, my dear sister.’

Within the halls of Canterlot Castle, Cadence met up with several guards who were on duty. The pink Alicorn unaware of what happened with her aunts.

“Have you any luck finding him?” She asked one of them.

“I’m afraid not, your highness. We’re on our way to meet up with Prince Shining Armor on the east side of the castle.”


Passing by several corridors, Cadence at first was following the guards. But as she approached one of the doors, her pace slowed to a pause. Stopping to look at the closed door. On the other side, it lead to one of the bed chambers. Knowing full well that Ayumi, the parallel Twilight, was sleeping.

Cadence was on a mission. BlackWarGreymon was still to be found. But after her venture into Ayumi’s mind with Luna, and learning more about her, she just had to see her again.

With no hesitation, Cadence slowly opened the door and made her way into the bedroom. As the door gently closed behind her, the Princess of Love once again had the sleeping form of Ayumi in her sights. Quietly walking up to the bedside. As she stood beside the sleeping mare, her mind was flowing with both her thoughts and her recent memories.

‘I still can’t believe it. Another Twilight in the same Equestria. A-Ayumi? Was that what she called herself? I guess… I’ll have to get used to calling her that too. But she’ll always be Twilight to me.’

Cadence began to take note of Ayumi’s appearance. And how much it was different from the present Twilight.

‘She looks so much older than our Twilight. She’s almost as tall as me. The others… they said that she had spent years on the run. And even longer trying to find this world. She must’ve been so lonely.’

Cadence then flinched from the thought of the fate of Ayumi’s world. Everything that the young mare knew and loved was taken away. And the creature responsible for the destruction, was the very same beast that she and Luna had spoken to. The very thought of him caused her to feel two things. Sadness and hatred. To which she spoke in a whisper. Unable to contain her mental anguish without realising it.

“That monster. How could he do such a thing to her? And how could he enjoy bringing destruction like that? How could he be so heartless?”

Unbeknownst to Cadence, her voice reached Ayumi’s ears. Twitching as she began to stir. The Pink Alicorn then recalled the brief memory the monster shared with her and Luna. The fire and death that plagued Canterlot. And the image of his silhouette through the flames. The very image of him sent a chill of dread in her spine.

“I truly hope he was just scaring us. Surely… he couldn’t be here.”

With the following silence, she caught the faint sounds of a familiar voice.


The eyes of the pink mare went wide from hearing her name being called. Looking down, she could see the half-asleep Ayumi. The younger mare was too tired to truly understand that Cadence was actually in the same room as her. Thinking that it was just in her mind.

“Mmm…Cadence. I thought… I lost you,” Ayumi mumbled in her sleep.

Cadence froze from the words Ayumi used. As well as recognizing the tone in her voice. She sounded so happy and relieved. Hearing her former babysitter’s voice caused Ayumi to think of the Cadence of her world. Dreaming that she was still alive. That Cadence recognized. Which was what caused her to pause. Feeling both sorrow and awe at the same time.

She then noticed that the slumbering mare was shifting her front hooves under her bed covers. As if she was… trotting on the spot. She then spoke again in her sleep. Her voice was quiet, but what she said struck something deep within Cadence.

“Sun…shine… sunshine. L-Ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves… and…”

“Do a little shake,” Cadence finished. Her eyes watered with tears as she looked at the slumbering mare.

Not only was the pony in front of her truly was Twilight… but by remembering how she greeted Cadence, she deeply missed her.

Unable to contain the sudden rush of emotions flooding within her, especially after learning what happened on the day Equestria fell, Cadence lent down and with the upmost care, cradled the sleeping Ayumi in a warm embrace. Giving her a hug that surely the future pony desperately wanted. Then, possibly subconsciously, Ayumi raised her hoof and rested it over the pink Alicorn’s shoulder. As if returning the hug.

Thanks to the use of her teleportation spells, Luna quickly reached the edge of the mountain range. But she didn’t stop there. From what little she could remember, she knew that the cave was somewhere deep in the fields of mountains. By using that memory and taking the time to try and feel out BlackWarGreymon’s energy, she could cover large distances. But by using such spells continuously, it slowly began to tax on her magic. And though the heavy rain had stopped, the tall peaks channelled high winds. So when she kept reappearing from her teleportation spells, her wings kept being buffered by the strong gusts. Some of which almost caused her to lose control of her flight. But with her determination to find BlackWarGreymon driving her, she pushed on despite the winds.

Time went on. Minutes seemingly felt like hours. And Luna had yet to find any hint of BlackWarGreymon’s power. Given the time which passed and the distance she travelled, she was far away from the safety of Canterlot. Even the mountain the city rested upon was barely visible from where she was. Plus by using a lot of her magic and fighting against the winds, the ordeal began to weaken her. She could feel exhaustion catching up with her. But her resolve to find BlackWarGreymon kept pushing her on. Her body was telling her to rest, but her heart was just too desperate to find him.

‘Please! The cave should be here by now!’

Then, as if someone answered her plea, she finally sensed something. A strong power was definitely nearby. Then her mind raced with excitement. She recognized that energy. It belonged to BlackWarGreymon!

“I…I found him!”

Turning her head in the direction of the Digimon’s energy, she descended towards a large mountain. As she flew in closer, she could see an opening on the side of the mountain. And the energy of the Mega felt stronger from within. She had found the cave!

As she descended towards the cave, her body was relieved to finally take a break form flying. But as soon as she got her breath back, she began to feel uneasy. She had finally found where he had been hiding. But what next? She didn’t really plan that far through. The nervousness plastered on her face.

But she then remembered what Celestia said. BlackWarGreymon was in pain because he hurt the one mare he cared deeply about. Luna knew that in one way or another, he loved her. With hope of a future with him in mind, the blue princess had only one choice. She had to confess to him. Finally revealing the feelings that she had for him.

After taking a deep breath, Luna confidently walked into the mouth of the cave. But her confidence was quickly replaced with confusion when she found something.

Just inside the cave entrance, lying on the stone floor, was one of BlackWarGreymon’s Dramon Destroyers.

Luna rushed over to the fallen gauntlet. But from seeing no damage to it, she began to wonder.

‘W-why is this here!? Did… something happen to him!?’

After caressing the black metal surface, she knew for certain that BlackWarGreymon was nearby. Looking ahead of her lay the dark depths of the cave. To where her digital friend resided. She took a quick glance over her shoulder to look back outside. Realising that she had been searching for quite a while. The sun was already just over the horizon. Meaning that she would have to be ready to raise the moon soon. She then faced back to her destination. Walking deeper into the cave, her horn lit up in a blue glow for her to see. Determined to find him, she felt that nothing was going to stand in her way.

Deep in the cave, standing alone in the middle of a large chamber, was the destressed form of BlackWarGreymon. Because of his fight with the large creatures, the interior of the chamber became battle damaged with numerous gashes, scorch marks and holes all along the stone walls. One particular hole on the cave ceiling could be seen from the outside. Beams of the fading sunlight shined through the hole and onto the Digimon below. Causing the cave to dimly light up.

Unbeknownst to him, the chamber he was in was the very same place where he defeated the yellow dragon. The same place where he first met Princess Luna. If not for his grief, he would’ve recognized it. Instead, he tried to comprehend the meaning to his very existence.

“Why? What had possessed her to create me with one hundred Control Spires? These… leftover programs… magnified by my emotions. They’re… consuming me. Arukenimon wanted an obedient warrior to do her bidding. So to her… I’m a failure. All I wanted in life is to help and protect my friends from harm. But I can’t even do that! Why was I created to only cause harm? Why couldn’t I be just another mindless Control Spire Digimon? Why do I have these feelings!?”

His eyes closed once more as he felt like being succumbed to his own anguish.


His loud voice echoed through the cave and throughout the many passageways. Yelling at the void, the last thing BlackWarGreymon expected… was a reply.

“Because you’re special.”

The eyes of the Artificial Mega snapped open wide in shock and disbelief. The voice almost sounded like…

Turning around towards the passageway behind him, to his surprise, there stood Princess Luna. The concerned Alicorn stared at him as she slowly entered the chamber.


The jet-black dragon warrior couldn’t believe it. The very pony he never expected to see so soon… had found him.

“L…Luna?” He asked, questioning if she was really there and not a figment of his imagination.

“BlackWarGreymon. B…Blackie. Please come back,” Luna said as she began to walk closer into the chamber without fear.

But wanting to avoid any sort of harm, the black Digimon backed away.

“Stay back! Please. I… I don’t want to hurt you.”

Luna’s pace slowed from what he said. Even slightly shocked from seeing the amount of lengths BlackWarGreymon was going through just to avoid hurting her. However, all he was doing was avoiding physical pain. Emotional pain however was a completely different story. She wanted nothing more than to be near him again. But being denied of it was hurting her in more ways than one.

She once more tried to reach out to him.

“Blackie. It’s not your fault. You would never truly hurt me.”

Despite what Luna said was true, that he would never hurt her willingly, he couldn’t shake off the facts. He took steps back. Retreating into the dark as he looked down at the claws of his left gauntlet. Hidden from Luna’s view.

“You say that, but you were hurt because of my actions. There’s just no knowing of when I would act out like that again.”

Despite just being able to see him, Luna paused when to her confusion, BlackWarGreymon raised his right hand up to the side of his head. Then to her surprise, her ears caught the sounds of clicking. As if something had just been set loose.

“It’s not just about my dark transformation. There are other things that even I don’t know about myself,” He continued as he slid his hand over to the other side of his face. Followed by a second clicking sound.

The puzzled Luna couldn’t tell if the sound was that of a switch or a button. But her eyes grew wide in surprise when BlackWarGreymon seemingly pulled the top part of his helmet off his head!

But when BlackWarGreymon spoke again, to Luna’s shock, the Digimon’s voice sounded much clearer than before.

“This… being one of them.”

The tall Mega tossed the helmet to Luna’s side. The Alicorn flinched when the image of the Chrome Digizoid metal slid to a stop in the evening light. The smooth metal gleaming to Luna’s eye. To her, it truly looked like the top part of BlackWarGreymon’s head had been hollowed out. But realising that it was just an empty shell, the blue princess glanced back at the standing Digimon. Too dark to see properly, she could see that he still had a head and hair. He spoke again. Further puzzling the confused princess by how much clearer his voice had become.

“I’m not sure what other programs are left over within me. But I know some are bad. Probably worse than what happened today.”

Luna felt sorrow for BlackWarGreymon lamenting about his very being. But it was overshadowed by him without his iconic helmet. Does it mean that… he had a face under the helmet the whole time? Possibly his true self? She just had to see the new face.

“Come to the light.”

BlackWarGreymon paused at first. But he felt that he owed Luna her simple request. He began his slow steps into the dimming sunlight. But as his lower body entered the orange hue, it faded completely. The sun fading over the horizon. Not wanting to let it stop her, Luna used her magic and began to raise the moon. The celestial object moving a little faster than normal. The princess became more determined to see BlackWarGreymon’s face.

When the moon rose, beams of moonlight shone through the hole in the cave. Lighting up the chamber. When it shined on the still Digimon, Luna slowly glanced up with eyes of anticipation. To which went wide in awe as her sights reached to the Mega’s head. Appearance wise, his head looked very similar to Agumon. But much older and more draconic looking. Any further, and he would resemble more of the dragons of Equestria. But he held that uniqueness that made him BlackWarGreymon.

One would think Luna would be put off. She herself even thought so from getting very used to his helmet. But she didn’t feel repulsed in the slightest. If anything, it still suited his body. Much like how a knight would take his helmet off. He looked masculine and mature. And he still had those yellow eyes. The eyes that she had grown so close to.

In the end, she still cared deeply for him.

“Wow. You… you look good,” She uttered. Wholeheartedly trying to cheer him up with an honest compliment.

Sensing the legitimacy of Luna’s tone caused BlackWarGreymon’s lips to briefly curl up. The sight caused the Alicorn to pause completely. For the very first time, she saw her favourite Digimon smile. The discovery caused her heart to pound. She liked his famous horned helmet. But to see him with facial expressions, it was worth it.

But the grin morphed into an upset scowl.

“Thanks. But this doesn’t change what I have done.”

While amazed to see him giving facial expressions, seeing BlackWarGreymon visually upset stuck something within Luna. It was an expression she didn’t want him to show. Nor for her to see so soon. But despite everything, she wanted things to go back to how they were before the tragedy.

“BlackWarGreymon. I don’t hate you for what happened. It’s not your fault. Please come back.”


Luna continued her plea. Her voice carrying desperation.

“Please! I travelled all the way from Canterlot looking for you! I’m…I’m not leaving here without you!”

“Why? I may have my own free will, but I’m still a product of war. I’m an Artificial Digimon! An expendable pawn! Why are you going through all this trouble just for my sake!?”

“Because I…I…”

Luna began to find it hard to talk. She couldn’t believe that even in such a situation, she found it exceedingly difficult to tell BlackWarGreymon how she truly felt about him. Especially since her friends and family already knew the truth. But it turned out that telling the truth to HIM, was even harder than when she told the others.

BlackWarGreymon looked at Luna in bewilderment. He could tell that she wanted to tell him something, but she was finding it difficult to do so.

“Because what?”

Luna began to feel pressured. She really wanted to tell him, but her anxiety of how BlackWarGreymon would react was holding her back. She had no idea how he would react. And was too scared to find out. But there was one reassuring fact. With everything they had been through, it was very likely that the Mega would feel the same way. And that it was his inexperience of understanding positive emotions was what prevented him from exploring it.

With nothing to lose, Luna took a deep breath, and spoke from the heart.

“Because despite everything that happened, even if you’re an Artificial Digimon, I still really care about you. And I mean… more than just a friend.”

BlackWarGreymon was stunned at what the Princess of the Moon had just said. But nothing prepared him for what followed. Luna found it very hard to continue. But after another deep breath, she closed her eyes, and told him the truth.

“Blackie, I… I’m in love with you!”

Time completely froze around the two as silence filled the air. Luna maybe bushing from embarrassment, but deep down she was in fact deeply relieved. She always knew that the moment of her confession would arrive. But prier to it, it was incredibly difficult for her to contain it. Which resulted in numerous slip-ups. Like when Cadence discovered her crush back at the Crystal Empire. And when she and BlackWarGreymon agreed to go on their date, she literally couldn’t contain her excitement.

“I…I love you. I always have been,” She continued with a smile. Feeling the warmth in her heart returning.



Shocked and horrified at what her ears caught, Luna’s eyes snapped open in disbelief as she looked at BlackWarGreymon. Not believing what he had just said.


The expressions in the eyes of the Digimon, the Alicorn was shocked to see that instead of awe and joy she was expecting, all she saw was sorrow and grief.

“You’re only just saying that to make me feel better. To shake off the guilt that I feel. I may have been under the influence, but I… I still harmed you. And hurting you is the last thing I wanted! I wouldn’t even dream of it! It… it hurts.”

Was the sadness he was experiencing THAT strong? Enough for him to believe his own guilt? Luna watched on as BlackWarGreymon hung his head low in shame. Closing his eyes. She could almost see the tears between his closed eyelids. The blue Alicorn knew that the sensitive Mega would be distraught by what happened. But she never knew it would be to an extent where he wouldn’t believe her. The Digimon’s grief was just too great to shake off. That grief was certainly evident in the shear amount of sadness there was in his voice. It all showed how deeply he cared for her.

“You all saw me as a hero. A saviour. And then this happens. Couldn’t I be more pathetic!” He continued as he tried to fight against the urge to cry.

“No you’re not! Never say such things! You’re far better than anything your creators could ever hope for. You are nothing like them. That’s what makes you special.”

After her speech, Luna’s eyes also began to tear up from sadness. Sadness that despite it all, BlackWarGreymon may never want to return to Canterlot. Or any civilization for that matter. He would forever be wondering alone in a world with no one by his side.

She would normally fight back her tears. But her newfound sadness was so strong that she didn’t even bother. Leaving her tears to fall freely down her face.

“Please. Come back with me,” She said. Pleading him to return home.

BlackWarGreymon however didn’t move. To him, his body felt like a hollow shell as he felt nothing but sorrow. His ears listened to everything word Luna said, but his mind and body didn’t obey. In his mind, he began to come up with a solution that would solve everyone’s problems. A solution so dangerous that no one would ever consider going through. But his concern for his friends was too great. He no longer cared what the outcome might be. He just… didn’t care anymore.

If the creatures earlier failed, than he would have to do it himself.

“Now I know what I must do,” He said as he brought both his arms close together in front of him. Then in between his left metal claws and his right palm, appeared a tiny red sphere.

Luna instantly recognised the red light as the Digimon’s Terra Destroyer attack. Unsure of what was going on in her friend’s mind, she didn’t like it one bit.

“W-What are you doing?”

Then to both Luna’s confusion and concern, BlackWarGreymon started to levitate off the ground. Slowly floating higher as the negative red orb slowly grew bigger inches at the time.

With his eyes remaining shut, he continued to speak. Reminding Luna of the promise he made.

“When I first arrived in this world, I made an oath. A promise to protect this world and every innocent life in it from any harm. Even to my last breath.”

He continued as he rose higher off the ground. His Terra Destroyer attack had reached one foot in diameter.

“That promise includes any form of threat that would endanger life. Even if I rid this world from all evil, it would still be in danger. And that is because of me. I now see that no matter how pure my intensions are, my power alone is more than enough to be considered the most dangerous threat possible.”

As BlackWarGreymon reached halfway towards the cave ceiling, his Terra Destroyer sphere had reached three meters in diameter. But as Luna listened to everything he had spoken, and piecing them together, she suddenly received a horrifying feeling of what BlackWarGreymon was implying.

But to her dismay, the bad feeling she felt came true. BlackWarGreymon’s closed eyes were squinting from both sadness and fear. Gritting his teeth from the pressure of his decision.

“I want nothing more than to protect Equestria and my friends. Even…… EVEN IF IT MEANS DESTROYING MYSELF!!!”

With one mighty yet sorrow cry, BlackWarGreymon threw his arms in the air and, rising above his head, the Terra Destroyer orb grew insanely big. Fuelled by all the negative emotions the Artificial Mega was going through, the energy sphere kept on growing to a colossal size. Lighting up the cave like a burning red sun. The size of the orb grew so big that it even began to crumble through the stone ceiling. From the outside, a section of the mountainside could be seen crumbling away. Revealing a larger hole that lead directly to the cave chamber. Which was currently occupied by the Terra Destroyer attack. Which itself shined through the hole and into the outside world.

Back on the cave floor, Luna had to shield her eyes from the sudden red flare. But when she recovered, she gasped in shock to see how big the sphere was. It was easily the largest BlackWarGreymon had ever formed. The Digimon himself looked tiny compared to it.

Despite having his eyes shut, he called out to Luna.

“Luna! Get as far away from here as possible! The energy blast from this attack will destroy this mountain! It’s more than enough!”

The blue Alicorn was horrified to the core from realising what her digital friend was attempting to do. Remembering his past life, she knew that his actions could be best described as… suicidal.

“To destroy yourself!!?” NO!!! You can’t do that!!”

“I must! It’s the only way to keep you safe from me! This world was never meant for me! I’m a creation built for war and destruction!”

As Luna formed a reply, her own sadness was growing ever higher. She never thought there would be a moment where BlackWarGreymon would not only judge his own existence, but was willing to throw it away just to keep those he held dear safe.

But that was something the Moon Princess absolutely didn’t want to happen. Especially since the Digimon was just moments away from doing the unthinkable.

“NOT TO ME YOU’RE NOT!!! You’re not a simple creation of war! You’re my best friend! More than that even! I don’t want you to die! My heart just won’t bare it! Please!! Stop this!!”

In desperation, Luna no longer cared about restraint. She was going all out.

“I don’t care if you think you’re a threat to Equestria! I still love you nonetheless! I love you!!”

Hearing Luna’s words began to stir conflict in BlackWarGreymon’s mind. He still wanted to keep his friends safe from himself. But at the same time, Luna made him question his decision. She sounded to sincere to be tricking him. He didn’t know what to do next. He had his attack primed and ready. Should he go through with it? Or stop and further risk the safety of his friends. Even with his own feelings for the blue Alicorn. He didn’t know what to think. Could Luna’s words be an act t make him stop? He didn’t want to believe that. He knew her too well to even think that it could be a ploy she planned. But he wanted to believe her so desperately.

So, as the ultimate deciding factor, he tested her resolve.

“Then prove it!! Prove that what you say is true!!” He declared. But with a hint that it might not be the case at all, it caused the Terra Destroyer to grow slightly larger. A negative emotion commonly caused by rejection.

Luna was taken aback by BlackWarGreymon’s request. Shocked that the grief the Mega was feeling was to such an extent. Despite that though, the request was understandable. If she declared something as big as what she said, then it was obvious that she would need to prove it.

After all, actions speak louder than words.

With literally no other options that would guarantee her friend’s survival, Luna knew exactly what to do. Though she never expected to do it in such circumstances. Her friend’s life depended on it. And with the notion that BlackWarGreymon was able to remove his helmet, the idea became more plausible. As well as easy to pull off. With a confident yet caring look on her face, the blue Alicorn took in a deep breath and began to beat her wings.

While holding what was essentially his certain death above his head, BlackWarGreymon was expecting a reply. But all he could hear was the surging power of his gigantic Terra Destroyer attack. Both his grief and his fear prevented him from opening his eyes. Feeling that he wasn’t going to get the proof he needed, he stiffened his arms. Preparing to unleash his might upon himself.

But then… to his confusion… he felt something. As if something had wrapped itself around the back of his neck. Unsure of what it was, he opened his eyes. Only to be greeted by the last thing he thought possible.

A kiss.

While BlackWarGreymon had his eyes shut, Luna flew up to him, wrapped her hooves around him, closed her eyes… and kissed him on the lips.

That was her proof.

‘Background music’ ‘The Day I fall in Love by Dolly Parton and James Ingram.’

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes grew wide in shock and surprise. As wide as they could. For the first time in his life, he felt something against his lips. And they were Luna’s own. Like in the story book he once read at Twilight’s castle. What happened in the book, was happening for real. Happening… to him! His first kiss!

He could feel it. The kiss carried so much passion. So much love. It was far stronger than the kiss on the cheek he received from her back on their date. The amount of emotion he was experiencing was so extreme, his mind was beyond blown. All the while the beating of his digital heart began to race to new heights.

His mind was so distracted by the new sensations, virtually all the negative thoughts he had were gone. And with them, the giant Terra Destroyer sphere shrunk considerably. As it shrunk, the hole in the ceiling was revealed. Light from the moon beaming through the large gap and lighting up the chamber.

Once the Terra Destroyer sphere shrunk to nothing, BlackWarGreymon lowered his arms. Letting them fall to his sides. He even lost grip of his remaining Dramon Destroyer. The left gauntlet slipped from his arm and crashed down through the stone floor.

Luna continued her kiss for several more moments. Ever since her date with him, it was something she always wanted to do. The new feeling was too beautiful to resist. While not using her magic or her flared wings, Luna’s only means of support was to hold onto BlackWarGreymon. Either because she was too caught up in the moment, or to symbolize that she relied on him to help her… because she needed him. As her kiss continued, her hold on him grew tighter. Not wanting to let him go.

Soon the kiss ended. Luna pulled her face away and opened her blue eyes to see BlackWarGreymon’s expression. The shocked Mega then averted his gaze at her. He could see the warm blush on her cheeks. And her own expression showed that she was almost as startled as he was. As if she herself was surprised by her own actions. But seeing the Digimon’s expressions up close made her give a small but loving smile.

“Luna?” He uttered. Startled by the proof Luna had given.

While the blue Alicorn held onto him, she decided to tell him the truth. All of it.

“Blackie. Back when we first met, when you rescued me, in this very cave, I felt something within me. A feeling that I… don’t remember ever having before. Something which I never felt for anypony else. A feeling that I only feel for you. It may had been new to me, but… I loved the feeling. And I still feel it. That’s why I did all those things with you. The trip to the Crystal Empire. Fighting alongside you. Even coming all this way to find you. I did all that because… I want to keep that wonderful feeling alive. It took me time to realise it, but the feeling that I felt for you… was love. I AM in love with you, BlackWarGreymon.”

The black armoured Digimon was left completely in shock from hearing Luna’s confession. All the suspicions he felt for a while were in fact true. But it didn’t stop him from experiencing the feeling of disbelief.

“Y-You really mean that?” He asked her. In which she happily replied.

“I would never lie about such a thing.”

After hearing her confession, confirming his beliefs and reassured with the truth, the Digimon surprised the princess with a confession of his own.

“Because those feelings you have… is exactly how I feel about you!”

It was Luna’s turn to be left completely in shock. Just that sentence alone was enough to convince her that her own suspicions were true. BlackWarGreymon felt the same way for her. Despite that, Luna was left amazed at his confession.

Then the Artificial Mega level Digimon revealed the truth of his own.

“It wasn’t just you. I too felt something on the day we met. When I looked into your eyes for the first time, I felt… a warm presence deep in my chest. It was nothing like I ever felt before. It was very new to me, but yet… I was quick to welcome that feeling. It was so warm and inviting. And yet, I only feel this way towards you, Luna. Only you. The sight of you. The sound of your voice. Even just the thought of you brings me this feeling. And since then, when we grew closer and understood more about each other, the new feeling kept growing. Stronger than ever before.”

To Luna, her shock was replaced with amazement as she listened to him opening up. He then continued.

“I had no idea what this feeling was. But Cadence compared it to how she feels for Shining Armor. And confirmed that what I felt… was love. True love.”

BlackWarGreymon almost felt at ease as he finally told Luna the truth. And from discovering that she held the same feelings in return, he began to not only feel comfortable with his new emotions, but to become one with them. The expressions in his eyes softened to a point where it became a loving glare as he looked deeper into Luna’s eyes. His face changed as his lips curled up. Smiling at the princess.

“My love… for you, Luna,” He continued as he raised his left hand up beside Luna’s stunned face. Then with the upmost care, he moved some strands of the Alicorn’s mane with his index finger. Feeling the hair as he moved it aside. All the while gazing into the princess’s beautiful blue eyes.

“I… I love you too. Lulu.”

“B…Blackie,” Luna heartfeltly replied. Tears of joy raining from her eyes.

With nothing left to say, and both BlackWarGreymon and Luna staring deeply into each other’s eyes, the urge they felt from the past returned. Stronger than ever. And with their feelings for each other at their peak, nothing was going to deter them away. They were all alone. With the moonlight beaming down on the two, they began to move their heads closer to each other. At first, their pace was slow. But it became clear that Luna didn’t want to wait any longer. She surprised BlackWarGreymon by almost lunging forward and kissing him again. The Digimon’s eyes widened from her sudden actions as her hold around his neck grew ever tighter. Finally surrendering to his feelings, succumbing to Luna’s embrace, BlackWarGreymon closed his eyes and returned the kiss. He also held her up more by pressing his left hand behind her back. His fingers caressing the silky-smooth fur in between her wings while his right hand held onto the back of her head. Almost disappearing in her flowing mane. The Alicorn felt a little shiver from feeling the fingers on her body. Her wings twitched in response from the intimate touch before settling down. As the two held each other in place, Luna was filled with so much love, her mane and tail started to change. Much like what happened at the Grand Galloping Gala, her mane and tail transformed from its usual look into strands of bright blue.

As the kiss continued, high above them, the moon in the sky glowed even brighter. Reacting to the feelings of the Moon Princess as she experienced for the first time… true love’s kiss.

‘Song end’

Meanwhile… within the Harmonium Nexus… the mysterious figure could feel everything that was transpiring down in Equestria. Her eyes were shut. But then opened ever so slightly as she gave a small smile. Revealing orbs of pale blue.

“Hmm,” She warmly uttered as her horn lit up with magic. Forming a ball of white light behind her.

Author's Note:

Here at last! Finally, ever since chapter 8 and building up since then! The truth finally comes out!

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