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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 16: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 6) The Death

Author's Note:

Hay everyone!

Sorry that I've been away for some time, but I'm finally back!

So here we are, the final instalment of the 'Memory saga'. (About damn time)
Are the three Alicorns prepared to witness on of the most memorable moments in the whole of Digimon history? And if so, how will they react?

Well you lot are about to find out. It had been fun writing about the trip in BlackWarGreymon's past. Revisiting the key moments in his past life. And now it comes to an end.

Hope you all like it. Leave a like. Leave a comment. And I will see you next time.

As Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna entered the final orb that lead into BlackWarGreymon’s memory, they were once again shrouded in its bright light.

All the while they were trying to figure out why their Digimon friend seemed upset.

“Twilight, sister, you two know BlackWarGreymon more than I do. Do either of you know why he was behaving like that?” Luna asked her fellow Alicorns.

Only Twilight provided the answer.

“Well… it’s strange because when I asked him about how he came to our world, he reacted in the exact same way.”

“You think there could be a connection, Twilight?” Celestia asked her.

“Maybe, because we’re about to find out,” She answered, just in time for the light around them to fade away.

The three Alicorns found themselves in a middle of a confrontation. On one side were some of the DigiDestined, with Paildramon as their vanguard. And on the other side were Arukenimon and Mummymon in their true forms, plus their boss, Oikawa. What was unsettling to the princesses was that the tall human’s body was surging with purple energy.

Before the Alicorns could utter a word, a dark portal opened up over their heads, and BlackWarGreymon came flying out of it. He then hovered in the air as he faced the evil trio.

“Oikawa! You must be stopped! TERRA DESTROYER!!!”

His colossal attack impacted between Arukenimon and Mummymon, blowing them away and leaving a path to Oikawa.

“And now, it’s your turn,” The Mega Digimon threatened as he landed on the ground.

And to the princesses’ surprise, WarGreymon also turned up.

“Looks like I’m just in time,” He said as he landed next to Paildramon.

The Alicorns compared the two groups. While Oikawa had two Digimon on his side, the heroes had three since BlackWarGreymon seemed to be on their side.

“Seems the tables had turned,” Celestia said, knowing that in a straight fight the heroes would win.

While Luna remained silent, Twilight spoke up.

“Yeah, now Oikawa doesn’t stand a chance.”

They then heard WarGreymon talking to his dark counterpart, concerned for his safety.

“BlackWarGreymon, this is dangerous. What do you think you’re doing?”

“There’s a dark influence emanating from that cloud. And I need to find out what it is,” He answered while giving a quick glance to his golden counterpart.

‘Why is WarGreymon so concerned?’ Twilight thought to herself, knowing how powerful BlackWarGreymon was he could tackle any situation.

“Oikawa, we have unfinished business,” BlackWarGreymon said as he took a few steps closer. But the human was unfazed.

“Have you come back to face the truth? Perfect! I can make use of the energy from the Control Spires that created your image,” He said, earning looks of surprise from the Alicorns.

“Is he… threatening BlackWarGreymon!? Thou’s gone mad.” Luna said, thinking that it was crazy to say such things to a being that some might consider a god.

“You’re only a human. My power far surpasses you. You’d be signing your own death warrant!” BlackWarGreymon pointed out, but the human kept his calm face.

“Stop flattering yourself. You’re simply an electronic being.”

To everyone’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon changed the subject.

“Did you create your two flunkies because you’re afraid to be alone?”

The question left Oikawa stunned to a point he couldn’t speak. The Alicorns took note of the change.

“Yes, he’s found his weakness,” Twilight said, thinking that it could lead to his downfall.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” BlackWarGreymon mocked, knowing he had just hit the right nerve. But Oikawa wasn’t pleased by it at all.

“That’s absurd! Do you really think I’m that foolish!? I can obliterate you in a heartbeat, don’t forget that!” Oikawa threatened again, the dark cloud that was surrounding him went haywire.

To Twilight’s and Celestia’s surprise, Luna chuckled.

“Ha, this human is as foolish as he is delirious. To think he has that kind of power.”

However, Twilight remembered something that despite being obvious, she didn’t realised it before.

“Wait a minute, Luna. How would you know if Oikawa really was serious?”

Luna looked at the smaller Alicorn in confusion.

“What are you saying, Twilight?”

However, Celestia answered for her. She too noticed that something was off.

“She has a point, Luna. Have you forgotten that since this is all a memory, we can’t sense their power levels?”

Luna’s eyes widened in realisation as she understood what they meant. How come she didn't realised it before? Oikawa threatening BlackWarGreymon in a serious tone could mean one thing. And WarGreymon’s concern only backed it up.

The power in Oikawa’s dark cloud must had been an equivalent of a Mega level Digimon, or even higher than BlackWarGreymon himself.

“It… it can’t be true. Could it?” Luna asked, uncertain what was right.

What happened next briefly startled the princesses. Instead of fighting him, BlackWarGreymon was trying to convince Oikawa to stop.

“Do you think that power is going to bring you happiness? If you do, then you’re living in a dream! Power isn’t going to help you escape the loneliness you feel because you don’t have any friends. It just makes it worse. Take it from me. The more power you get, the more alone you become!”

His words were causing Oikawa to experience a major headache. As his human will was trying to fight back the mind control.

“Can’t take the truth, can you?”

While another human turned up to talk to Oikawa, the three princesses were stuck in a state of awe at BlackWarGreymon’s words.

“Th-This is it! This is the exact moment that BlackWarGreymon changed!” Twilight cheered, her voice full of hope and excitement.

Both Celestia and Luna smiled in agreement.

“Indeed, he must have been truly alone in the past. But here, he has chosen to throw away his quest for power and dominance to accept friendship from others,” Celestia said, with Luna smiling at the reformed Digimon.

“Amazing. To think that the words of the three small Digimon, were powerful enough to change a being whose power is beyond their own.”

“Yes, Luna. And this proves that he has a heart after all,” Celestia added.

As the three smiled on, Twilight remembered something important.

“Wait. If what we’re seeing is a good moment in BlackWarGreymon’s life, then why was he so reluctant to tell us this?”

The Royal Sisters both looked at Twilight and realised that she was right. BlackWarGreymon was indeed upset about the memory they were in. But why?

As the three ponies looked back at the scene, they were just in time to see Oikawa screaming with his hands clenched to his head.

Then as he stopped, his eyes opened to reveal a faint red glow. All the while the purple fog around him went haywire again.

“What’s happening to him? Oh no, this must be that evil Digimon’s doing!” Twilight said, remembering what BlackWarGreymon said about MaloMyotismon.

Unfortunately for them, things were about to get worse. Much, much worse.

After glaring at the humans with an evil look on his face, Oikawa raised his arms at them and fired a burst of dark energy at them.

Just before it could hit one of the humans, BlackWarGreymon stood in its way, and took the full blast directly to the chest!

The Alicorns were stunned by his bravery, protecting the human in such a way. But their admiration was replaced completely by worry. Because as the beam struck him, BlackWarGreymon let out a pain-filled cry as his eyes went wide. A sign of pure agony.

“BLACKWARGREYMON!!!” WarGreymon and Paildramon called out.

As the purple energy disappeared from BlackWarGreymon, he immediately placed his arm over his chest. Preventing a clear view of the damage.

“His…his arm is in the way! What’s happened to…!”

Twilight’s words were cut off when she and the Royal Sisters noticed the black Digimon’s legs start to wobble, a sign that he was about to collapse.

As he looked at Oikawa, the mares followed his gaze and all gasped. They all briefly saw a shadowy face of the Digimon controlling the human. All the while it let out the most sinister laugh the three ponies had ever heard. It was worse than Tirek’s.

“Oh no, YOU!” BlackWarGreymon said as he fell to one knee, all the while covering his chest. “It can’t be. NO!” He then fell on all fours.

“What’s happened to him!?” Luna shouted as she and the other two Alicorns rushed to his side, but realised they could do nothing, since they were in a memory.

Again they tried to see what happened to his chest, but the Artificial Digimon kept covering it up with his arm. He then spoke up.

“How could I’ve been so blind? I should have known!”

The Alicorns then looked at the man who hurt him so, with his purple glow disappearing.

“You’re perfectly right about being alone. We’re both doomed to remain this way forever. There isn’t any other choice,” He said before turning his back to BlackWarGreymon.

The princesses were unable to say anything, due to everything happening at once. To a point that they kept on looking at Oikawa, not noticing their Digimon friend slowly rising up, with his chest finally exposed.

“He’s controlling you. This changes everything.”

Oikawa spoke back to BlackWarGreymon’s statement.

“You’re very perceptive for someone so narrow minded. I have to harvest all the Dark Spores in order for me to fulfill my deepest desire. I’ve always wanted to go to the Digital World!”

He then ran off, laughing like a maniac. Leaving both the mares and the injured BlackWarGreymon.

The Alicorns were so focused on Oikawa, giving him glares of hate for hurting their friend, they didn’t notice BlackWarGreymon rising back on his feet.

“He must not be allowed into the Digital World ever again!!”

“What do you mean ‘again’?” WarGreymon asked while running to the injured Digimon’s side, holding him up to keep him from falling over.

Hearing WarGreymon’s voice snapped the Alicorns out of their trance. But as they turned around to see the commotion behind them… Twilight, Celestia and Luna all let out the loudest gasps of pure horror they’ve ever done.

With WarGreymon holding him up, the horrified princesses all got a clear view of BlackWarGreymon’s injury. It was FAR worse than anything they had ever imagined.

“HE HAS A GREAT BIG HOLE IN HIS CHEST!!!” Twilight shouted, more rather screamed.

Celestia and Luna meanwhile were too shocked and horrified to say a word. His seemly impenetrable armour was penetrated. The gaping hole revealing a patch of black even darker than his skin. Basically his insides.

Despite being in the worst pain he’d ever felt, BlackWarGreymon wasn’t done yet.

“My body is not going to last much longer. The image created by the Control Spires will soon start to break up. But there’s still something I have to do!”

His first two sentences left the Alicorns staring in disbelief and ever increasing sadness.

‘His body…break up…is…is he…?’ Twilight though to herself as her eyes start to shed tears. It was clear that Celestia and Luna thought of the same thing, since their eyes too were watering up.

However, it was his last sentence that Paildramon protest against.

“Save your strength!”

But BlackWarGreymon didn’t listen to reason, and his next choice of words not only increased the sadness in the princesses, but also gave them a sign that he had changed. A sign that all around him were his friends.

“No. My strength is my final gift to you, my friends.”

After moving WarGreymon aside, BlackWarGreymon took a few staggering steps forward. Trying his best to ignore the pain in his open wound.

“I will seal the Highton View Terrace Gate with my own body.”

Again, the saddened Alicorns were unable to say anything. They were just allowing the memory to flow accordingly.

“Don’t do it!” WarGreymon demanded, urging his dark counterpart to reconsider.

“I MUST!!!” BlackWarGreymon shouted back before sprinting, and then taking to the air. Due to all the sudden movements, he let out a long loud cry of agony. To add in more pain, a trail of blue mist escaped his open chest wound.

His cry would also be his last.

While BlackWarGreymon was torturing himself, WarGreymon, his friends and the Alicorn princesses watched on in silence. However, it was the three ponies whom had tears in their eyes.

Their disbelief only skyrocketed when BlackWarGreymon’s very body started to collapse into pieces of data. Showering the entire area and by chance, creating a rainbow. Along with the DigiDestined and their Digimon, the princesses never thought they would ever witness such a terrible thing.

BlackWarGreymon’s demise.

Twilight, Celestia and Luna were stuck in a state of shock, disbelief, horror and sadness all at the same time. They had just witnessed the last thing they had ever expected of him. As the final memory around them started to fade into whiteness, the only thing the Alicorns could hear, was WarGreymon. Calling out to his fallen friend.




It had been a solid three minutes since the final memory ended, but the three Alicorns remained still. Completely motionless. Totally in shock to see something that to them, was thought to be impossible. But it was true, because they had seen the truth with their very eyes.

The long silence around them, was shattered by the voice of a once dead Digimon.

“Now you all know why I don’t like anyone looking inside my mind.”

Then, BlackWarGreymon appeared behind them, with the look of sadness in his eyes. As if he had just seen the memory himself.

“Because I didn’t want you or anyone else to see that moment in my past.”

Hearing the Digimon’s voice meant to the mares that they were back in his mind. It seemed as though they were too in shock to realise it for themselves. Then, they all slowly turned around, looking behind them to stare at BlackWarGreymon with disbelief on their faces and sadness in their eyes.

Twilight was first to speak to him.

“Y…you……you died!?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t respond at first. But after slowly raising his head to look at the small Alicorn, he answered.


Luna however, thought otherwise and tried to deny it. But deep down she knew it was true.

“No. It…it can’t be true! It must be a trick of the mind! Some kind of illusion!”

“Sister, you of all ponies know that’s not true. It… had happened,” Celestia said while placing her hoof on Luna’s shoulder to try and comfort her. Although putting on a brave face, she tried her best to hold back her tears.

“She’s right, Luna. The memory you saw was just as real as all the rest,” BlackWarGreymon said.

Trying to get over the shock, Twilight figured out that something wasn’t right. Something that needed answering to.

“BlackWarGreymon. If you died, then how are you still here? How is it that you’re in Equestria? How is it that you’re the only Digimon here? How… how are you still alive!?”

BlackWarGreymon thought hard about the questions and tried to explain as simply as he could.

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure either. I should have just died there and then. But…just moments after my death, I… somehow found myself in a realm that... looked like space. I have no idea how I got there, or where I was, but all I know was that all my wounds were completely healed. Before I could figure out what was going on, I was sucked into a white portal. Then the next thing I remember… was ending up in the middle of the area you call the Everfree Forest.”

Just milliseconds after BlackWarGreymon finished his story, Twilight let out another loud gasp as she placed her hoof over her mouth. The gasp surprised Celestia and Luna.

“Y-you mean… that whole time you beating Tirek, making friends with us for the first time. All that… was just moments after your death?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t even need to answer. Just the look in in his eyes was all that Twilight needed to conform that everything she said was true.

The young Alicorn was suddenly hit with sadness and grief as her purple eyes started to water uncontrollably.

“O-oh my gosh……I’m…I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be. I’m the one who should be sorry. I didn’t tell you sooner, so the pain is not your fault,” The Digimon said in kind words. But it didn’t help Twilight’s grief as she tried her best not to burst into tears. Her voice even stuttered from the overwhelming emotions.

“I…I know, but… but still… I know Fluttershy said that something bad happened to you. But I never thought… it would be anything like that. And… and the times when… when you covered your chest… that was… that was where you… you got your…”

As Twilight was on the verge of crying her eyes out, Celestia pulled her in for a hug to comfort her. The young Alicorn hugged her back as he sobbed.

“It’s not your fault, Twilight. He didn’t tell us because he didn’t want to see you upset.”

While the affections went on, Luna remained silent. Although she was doing better than Twilight to hold back her tears, she wasn’t as good at it as Celestia. Silent tears fell from her eyes as she watched on.

Seeing his new friends in such grief and sadness was also upsetting BlackWarGreymon himself. He had to find a way to lighten up the situation. After some thought, he found an answer that he also agreed upon.

“Though in a way… I’m actually glad that I died.”

Hearing him stunned the Alicorns as they looked at him in confusion and disbelief.

“H-How could you say that?” Twilight asked, her voice quelled by her sadness.

“Because if I hadn’t, then I would have never ended up here in Equestria. I would have never met you and all your friends. We would’ve never been friends. I also would’ve never known how kind and forgiving friends could be. And by chance, I would have never found the true path to my destiny.”

BlackWarGreymon’s words opened the hearts of the three princesses, realising that he was completely right.

“Yeah, I understand now. And if you weren’t there to fight Tirek and that dragon, Equestria would’ve faced its greatest calamity yet,” Twilight mentioned.

“You’re right. You probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for me.”

BlackWarGreymon’s choice of words seemed to had lifted the spirits of the princesses. They all seemed to had finally stopped crying.

“Well… I can say for all of us, that we are glad to have you here in our world. And as our friend,” Luna said in honest words.

With the mood around them lifted thanks to BlackWarGreymon, the Digimon felt that their time in his mind was coming to an end.

“Well I guess that’s it. You all wanted to see my past from start to finish, and now you got it. I have no more memories to show you. So what now?”

There was silence at first, then Luna answered his question.

“Now we bid you farewell, BlackWarGreymon. It was… an experience to see your memories.”

Twilight and Celestia couldn’t have agreed more.

“Hmm, I bet it was,” BlackWarGreymon said as he turned around to walk away. But before he did, he wanted to get something off his chest.

“Oh, by the way. Celestia, Twilight told me that you have a passion for hearing others about their lessons of friendship. Is this so?” He asked while glancing over his shoulder to look at the white Alicorn.

“Yes, that’s true,” Celestia answered, she and the others were unsure why the Digimon was bringing up the subject. But were then startled when he explained to them why as he turned to face them fully.

“Well… I would like to share mine with you.”

All the princesses let out small gasps of surprise. Twilight, being the Princess of Friendship, squealed in excitement as she spoke to him.

“You’re going to tell us your lesson of friendship!?”

BlackWarGreymon chuckled as seeing Twilight’s display of happiness.

“Indeed I am.”

“Well you don’t want to keep Twilight in such suspense, please do tell,” Celestia said, with the younger Alicorn blushing in embarrassment.

BlackWarGreymon took in a few deep breaths, before he opened his heart.

“I sacrificed my life, in an attempt to save the world. And I doing so, I’ve learnt that life is beautiful. Most of my life, I always thought that I was entirely different from everyone else. But it was until I put aside my differences, that I saw the true power that myself, Digimon, humans, even ponies all share deep inside. It matters not where you come from. Be it from another land or another world. Because in the end, we’re all the same. With the same feelings, the same emotions, even the way we think. I’ve seen now that the consequences of one’s birth is completely irrelevant. Because it’s what you do with the gift of life, that determines who you are.”

When he finished, BlackWarGreymon looked at the princesses and saw a sight he wasn’t expecting. Twilight, Celestia and Luna were crying. Not of sadness or pity, but of pure happiness. It was evident by the warm loving smiles on their faces.

“That was beautiful,” Celestia said while wiping away the tears in her eyes.

“Yes, I-it was wonderful to hear,” Luna added, her voice somewhat shaky from the emotions she was feeling.

“Yeah, BlackWarGreymon. Probably one of the best I ever heard,” Twilight replied, smiling brightly.

The three were proud of BlackWarGreymon for learning such an important lesson of friendship such as what he said. Making friends no matter who or what they were.

BlackWarGreymon felt a warmth in his chest. Reacting to the amount of love his friends were showing to him.

And he loved it.

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