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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 28: Surprise Party for the Saviour

It was a beautiful sunny morning at Canterlot, and another day had begun. With the Grand Galloping Gala behind them, the Mane Six, the Cutiemark Crusaders and Spike could focus on something that they secretly planned for a while.

A special surprise for BlackWarGreymon. To award him for everything he had done for them and to celebrate his arrival in Equestria. They thought it would be appropriate since the Digimon decided to stay in Equestria with them.

Speaking of which, when the group woke up in the morning, BlackWarGreymon had vanished. They must have been sleeping very comfortably for the Digimon to get out of bed and not wake them. But after asking a guard on his whereabouts, they were informed that BlackWarGreymon had left for Ponyville quite early in the morning. They were then told that he returned to Canterlot a short time later.

The group guessed that the Mega went to pick up his shield and his clawed gauntlets.

With their digital friend nowhere in sight, the Mane Six thought it was a good opportunity to go to Ponyville and prepare his surprise.

At the Canterlot train station, the group prepared to depart. Only Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rainbow Dash were on the platform.

“Ok Pinkie, can you get everything sorted by the time he gets there?” The purple Alicorn asked.

“Sure I can! I’m a party planner after all! Ohhh, I’m just so excited about throwing him a party!!” Pinkie Pie cheered as she entered the train carriage to join with the rest of her friends.

Then Twilight turned towards Rainbow Dash.

“Though I appreciate your help, Rainbow. But I’m still a little surprised that you volunteered to stay in Canterlot so quickly.”

“No biggy, Twi. I got this in the bag,” The Pegasus said to reassure her friend.

“Ok Rainbow. Remember the plan, keep BlackWarGreymon busy until sunset.”

Rainbow Dash responded with a solute, accepting the mission.

After Twilight boarded the carriage, the train slowly started to move. And then left for Ponyville.

As the train disappeared from her view, Rainbow Dash giggled in excitement as she took to the skies. Yes, she had a task on her hooves. But the real reason she volunteered so quickly, was because she overheard that BlackWarGreymon was in the combat training hall. Rainbow Dash always wanted to see the Digimon fighting against the royal guards.

Though the blue Pegasus had seen him fought against the horde of teenage dragons, there were so many things happening at once she didn’t get a chance to see him in action fully. Plus seeing him defeating Lord Tirek and remembering the stories of his past battles from Twilight, that he could fight and hold his own against multiple powerful opponents at once, only made her more hype to see BlackWarGreymon’s skills.

Traveling at great speed, Rainbow Dash entered Canterlot castle and sped across the halls. Passing by the cleaning maids and the guards. With her gut telling her that she was near, the blue mare slowed down and landed on the floor. Eager to find her Digimon friend, she galloped down the long hall until she spotted a commotion in front of her. The guards and the maids whom were off duty were peering through an open door.

She also heard them muttering.

“Wow, this guy is tough.”

“Up against six? Not even I could keep up with that.”

“He’s like a whole army rolled into one.”

“He’s got the strength… and the looks.”

“Yeah. Even though he’s not a pony, he’s so hot.”

Curious of what was going on, Rainbow Dash joined in the crowd and looked through the doorway. Her eyes widened in amazement as she too watched on.

The jet-black dragon warrior stood strong in the middle of the training hall. The guard from before was right, BlackWarGreymon was wearing his Brave Shield and his Dramon Destroyers. Scattered around him were six royal guards. All exhausted as they tried to keep up with BlackWarGreymon throughout the training session. It didn’t seem to have worked.

“Are all of you seriously worn out already? I barely even warmed up,” BlackWarGreymon said, trying to tice the guards into attacking.

It worked. Three of the six guards, whom were Unicorns, charged up their horns with magic and then fired beams of magical energy. The beams exploded upon making contact with the Digimon’s body, throwing huge clouds of smoke around him.

The guards gasped for breath after their attack. Growing tired from using magic. But when the smoke cleared, to the surprise of everyone whom were watching, BlackWarGreymon remained unscaved. It was as if the attack spells didn’t do a thing.

“Hay. With all due respect, could we take a little break?” One guard asked.

“Save your breath because you’re going to need it. Now again!” BlackWarGreymon commanded, much to the disbelief of the guards.

“Well… could you at least take off your gauntlets?” Another guard asked.

“Would the enemy do the same if you asked them?” The Digimon spoke back, making a good point.

Then out of nowhere, a Pegasus guard charged to the Digimon’s left, throwing a flurry of punches. Despite standing in place, BlackWarGreymon dodged them with ease. Moving quick for a Digimon his size. Then a second Pegasus joined in from the right. But the two still couldn’t land a hit on BlackWarGreymon. It’s as if he could predict every move they made.

After seeing an opening, BlackWarGreymon leaped forward out of the way and then spun his left leg around. Slamming the two guards at once and knocking them away.

Again like before, because that the ponies were nowhere near as strong as he was, BlackWarGreymon had to restrain his full strength. Otherwise, he could easily break every bone in their bodies.

“Ow! That kick really hurt,” One guard complained while rubbing the side of his head to sooth the pain.

But what the Mega said next made the guards gawk in disbelief.

“Just be glad that I’m going easy on you.”

“Wait, YOU WERE!?”

As it felt that the combat training was prematurely over, BlackWarGreymon heard a familiar voice,

“Mind if I join in?”

Turning around, BlackWarGreymon spotted Rainbow Dash walking towards him without a hint of fear.

“Are you sure, Rainbow Dash? This could get dangerous.”

Despite the Digimon’s concerns, Rainbow Dash smiled in confidence.

“Don’t worry. I faced dangers before. It’s nothing new.”

“If you say so. But just to be sure.”

BlackWarGreymon then impaled his claws into the floor and then pulled his hands out of his gauntlets. The last thing he wanted was to slice his friend into pieces.

“Oh NOW he takes them off,” A guard complained in the background.

“I’ll let you strike first, Rainbow,” The Digimon said.

“If you insist,” Rainbow Dash replied while formulating a plan of action.

‘Obviously, I can’t attack his armoured parts. I might chip a hoof. Or even break one of my legs. He is showing skin in the arms and legs department, but I bet that would barely slow him down. Magic isn’t an option because… well… I’m not a Unicorn. Even if I was, magic won’t do a thing to this guy. Wait. His neck is armoured, but he’s moving his head with no problem. So that armour must be thin, so that’s my best option.’

With a plan of action, the blue Pegasus braced herself as she prepared to charge. Glaring at BlackWarGreymon with confidence at her side. BlackWarGreymon stood firm, waiting for Rainbow Dash to attack.

After spreading her wings, the Pegasus charged towards the Digimon with great speed.

“Prepare yourself!”

Then as a rainbow blur, Rainbow Dash flew under BlackWarGreymon’s left arm, performed a tight U-turn behind him, swung her right hind-leg around and slammed her kicking hoof into the side of the Digimon’s neck.

The blow from the attack echoed through the hall. The guards were impressed, that kind of kick was powerful. But BlackWarGreymon remained unmoved, and Rainbow Dash twinged as she felt a stinging sensation in her leg.

As pain followed, the Pegasus backed off as she grabbed her aching leg.

“Ow ow OWW! What gives!?”

BlackWarGreymon explained himself.

“The armour on my neck may look thin, but it’s still the hardest metal in the Digital World.”

Rainbow Dash tried to think of another plan. But it was rather desperate.

‘I know it’s made of metal, but next is the face!’

Rainbow Dash then unleashed a flurry of punches straight at BlackWarGreymon’s armoured face. But the blows barely made the Digimon blink, never mind budge. The Pegasus backed off as her front hooves felt sore from her own attacks. She then disappeared into a rainbow blur and tried to slam him repeatedly in the arms and legs. But despite her best efforts, she was unable to cause anything effective to BlackWarGreymon.

The Digimon however was amused. Even though Rainbow Dash was totally outclassed, she still believed that she could take him on.

As Rainbow Dash came around again, she extended her right foreleg in attempt to dive-attack BlackWarGreymon. But to her surprise, the Digimon moved out of the way. As the Pegasus passed him, the Mega quickly grabbed a hold on one of her rear legs, and then threw her across the hall.

After flailing around as she tried to regain control, Rainbow Dash landed on her hooves as she skidded across the floor. Eventually coming to a stop. As she tried to think of something else, she spotted one of the swords on the floor that one of the royal guards used. Knowing that BlackWarGreymon was perfectly capable of handling the fully equipped guards, she knew he could handle her with a sword.

“Get ready, big guy!” She said before picking up the weapon and flew straight towards the Digimon.

As she got close, Rainbow Dash swung her weapon at BlackWarGreymon. But the Digimon blocked the attack in a very unusual yet badass way possible.

What surprised everypony more than the fact that he blocked such a fast attack, was that he blocked it with only one of his fingers!

Rainbow Dash paused as she saw the blade touching the finger. The blade itself remained fine and sharp, but the finger sustained no damage at all.

‘What!!? How can he block it like that!?’

After backing off, Rainbow Dash tried to repeatedly lash her opponent with the sword. But BlackWarGreymon blocked every attack with the same finger.

After the twelfth slash, Rainbow Dash dropped the sword in amazement.

“How in Equestria doesn’t that hurt you!?”

“If you were an Ultimate or a Mega Digimon, then it would’ve hurt. But you’re more like a Rookie,” BlackWarGreymon answered, causing Rainbow Dash to gawk in disbelief.

“A Rookie!? Oh, we’ll see about that!” She said as she challenged him again.

Several hours had passed and morning turned into evening. Rainbow Dash was successful in distracting BlackWarGreymon, but at a price.

By midday, Rainbow Dash, as well as most of the royal guards, were completely shattered in the combat sessions. Even though BlackWarGreymon was holding back his strength as best he could, he was proven to be too strong for them.

In fact, some of the guards were so exhausted, they were unfit to perform their duties. Too tired to stand up, let alone do their tasks. Feeling bad that they were responsible for it, BlackWarGreymon and Rainbow Dash volunteered to act as temporary guards until the real ones recovered. Rainbow Dash didn’t know why the guards took their job so seriously. Because that no criminal activity happened, she became so bored that she almost fell asleep on the job.

Four times.

BlackWarGreymon seemed ok with the role. Because he got a chance to explore more of Canterlot castle and the grounds around it. Unlike the times before, all the ponies he encountered respected him to a great degree. Though he had suspected that some ponies looked suspicious. But the moment those ponies saw him, they immediately felt intimidated and carried on with their day.

What BlackWarGreymon found most interesting, was when he patrolled the Lunar towers. It was there when he encountered the door to Princess Luna’s bed chamber. The Digimon didn’t know why, but he suddenly became very curious. To a point where he even went close to the door. Though he didn’t enter the room, to his surprise, the scent from the night princess’s room found its way to his nose. He became confused because, he liked the smell. Was it from some sort of perfume, or was it her natural scent? Either way, he felt attracted to it, like a bee attracted to the scent of honey. It was only when he heard Rainbow Dash he retreated and carried on patrolling.

First he enjoyed Luna’s company, then he liked the moments when he thought of her, and to top it off, he felt calmer when he smelt her scent. BlackWarGreymon had no idea why he was experiencing those kinds of reactions. And why no other pony except Luna was causing them.

By the time the sun was just above the horizon, the guards had recovered and were back on duty. With their role as temporary guards over and done with, Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon left Canterlot and took flight towards Ponyville. During their trip, the Digimon noticed that his Pegasus friend kept on giggling and snickering in excitement. Much to his confusion.

“Oh I can’t wait to see the look on your face.” Rainbow Dash said quietly to herself. But BlackWarGreymon caught on.

“What was that, Rainbow?”

“Oh, nothing!”

Arriving at the town, the two landed near the entrance to Twilight’s castle.

“You’ve been very quiet for most of that flight, Rainbow. Is something the matter?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“Oh…it’s nothing. Nothing at all,” Rainbow Dash answered while snickering some more.

Again, the Digimon noticed her odd behaviour.

“And why do you keep doing that?”

“Nothing. Now let’s…go inside.”

As the two approached the main doors, BlackWarGreymon was puzzled as to why Rainbow Dash was so excited.

He soon found out the moment he opened the door.


BlackWarGreymon jolted in surprise as pretty much everypony in town popped out of nowhere, with balloons floating in the air and confetti being launched from hidden party cannons.

“What the…!!”

He then looked above the ponies and saw a large banner that read, ‘Welcome to Ponyville’.

“Hay, are you surprised!?” Pinkie Pie asked as she appeared out of nowhere.

“Yeah, I was surprised. But what’s all this?”

“Well it’s your welcome party, of course.”

As the crowd began to mingle, BlackWarGreymon and Rainbow Dash followed Pinkie Pie inside.

“A party? For me?”

Pinkie Pie explained herself.

“Well you said so yourself. You never had a party before. So, we thought we could throw you one to celebrate your welcome here.”

BlackWarGreymon looked all around him to see the smiles on everypony’s faces as well as all the decorations.

‘Wow. They put all this effort, just for me.’

He knew that Pinkie Pie said she wanted to throw him a party, but he never knew she would stay true to her word. The ponies didn’t even need to organize a party for him, but they done it anyway. As he looked around, he saw the recognizable faces of the rest of the Mane Six, Spike, the Cutiemark Crusaders and some of the other ponies he met in Ponyville. He then spotted a white Unicorn mare named Vinyl Scratch, aka ‘DJ Pon-3’, whom was wearing headphones, shades and playing around the music on her records. For a world with little technology, BlackWarGreymon was surprised that the ponies had already invented such an advanced thing.

Then the Mega was approached by the mayor of Ponyville.

“So tell me BlackWarGreymon sir, how are you enjoying our land of Equestria so far?” She asked, hoping that the Digimon had enjoyed himself.

“I found it to be a very pleasant place. It’s such a nice welcoming world.”

It was an answer the mayor was hoping for. It was evident in her smile.

“So nice to hear that you’re having fun. And would you recommend our world to any of your friends back in your world?” She asked out of curiosity.

Confused at first, BlackWarGreymon thought that it might be a good idea.

“Well if I ever get the chance to, then yeah. I probably would.”

“Well that’s splendid!” The mayor cheered.

As the party went on, everyone continued enjoying themselves in the fun and games. Virtually everypony in town gave their greetings to BlackWarGreymon. At one moment, the Mega level Digimon found the whole thing strange. He was created to destroy and conquer, but instead he was friendly to others and was surrounded by lots of friends. He truly found his new life far better than his old life.

Since he was in a big crowd, he placed his gauntlets and shield in a spare room to avoid accidently hurting somepony.

As Vinyl Scratch played more and more dance songs, Twilight Sparkle couldn’t help herself. If there was something she loved just as much as books, it was dancing. The Princess of Friendship was practically raving in a way that a princess shouldn’t dance. But she didn’t care, she just liked to have fun.

Several ponies watched on as Twilight danced like wild. She was enjoying herself so much, every now and then she stuck out her tongue out of sheer joy. While other ponies found it odd, BlackWarGreymon found it rather cute.

The Digimon watched from the side-lines as a big crowd of ponies danced along with the music. Then one of them, Pinkie Pie, caught his attention.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon! Come on! Join in! It is your party after all!”

He may had danced before with Princess Luna, but BlackWarGreymon found it strange if he danced in the way Pinkie Pie and the others were doing.

“I don’t think so. I’m not sure I can dance like that.”

“Aww, don’t be a party pooper. Just give it a try!” Pinkie Pie said.

‘Background music’ ‘Flip, Flop and Fly from Chicken Run’

As soon as a new song was played, Pinkie Pie gasped in excitement.

“OOHH, I LOVE THIS SONG!!! You now MUST dance to this, BlackWarGreymon! Shame you don’t have a tail, otherwise you would be shaking it!” Pinkie Pie said as she started shake her tail.

“I’m still not sure, Pinkie. Especially now since you’re dancing like tha…!”

BlackWarGreymon prematurely halted his sentence when he suddenly felt something odd with his body. Specifically, one of his feet.

“Wa-wait! What the…!”

As the Digimon looked down, he saw that his right foot was moving all on its own. And to his confusion, it was tapping along with the music playing.

“What… What is this?”

Then a smiling Rainbow Dash hovered behind his head and answered his question.

“It’s called a beat, big guy. Can you feel it pulsing through your body?”

Slowly but surely, the rest of BlackWarGreymon’s body began to follow suit. First his left foot joined in the beat, then his shoulders, then his hips, his torso, his arms and legs. Before he even knew it, his body swayed with the upbeat music. His movements slowly growing faster.

“Y-Yes. I…I can feel it. It’s so strange.”

“Come on! You can do better than that!” Rainbow Dash declared as she flew in circles around BlackWarGreymon’s head.

Her quick momentum caused the Digimon to be dizzy and made him spin in circles. But when he controlled his footing, his whole body was dancing beyond his control. His increased movement caught the attention of the crowd. Amazed to see him dance. BlackWarGreymon looked at his body in confusion. It’s as if his body had a mind of its own. Demanding to move in a way it never had before.

“Look! I-I’m going with it!” He said. Despite the mental surprise, deep down, he was starting to enjoy it.

“Wow BlackWarGreymon. What’s gotten into you?” Fluttershy asked, her body was bobbing up and down with the musical beat.

BlackWarGreymon noticed her movements before responding to her.

“The same thing that’s gotten into you.”

Feeling excited of the new sensation, Fluttershy joined in beside him. Though usually embarrassed that she was dancing in front of everypony, for once the yellow Pegasus didn’t mind at all.

As the music got louder during the chorus, everypony else joined in. Then the biggest dance party in Ponyville history happened. The music was loud enough that it could be heard outside. And crazy party lights could be seen through the crystal walls of the castle.

Smiles were all around as everyone in the castle danced like they meant it. BlackWarGreymon was practically embracing the new sensation.

“Of all the things that I never thought would ever happen to me, this is definatly one of them!”

“It’s like Pinkie said, you never know until you try it!” Twilight said, never in her life had she seen the Mega having so much fun.

“Yeah, BlackWarGreymon! You got it nailed down!” Pinkie Pie said, complimenting the Digimon’s first dance at a fun party.

“Oh yeah?”

After gaining enough room around him, the Digimon knelt down with his hand on the floor. Then with a thrust and a twist of his body, he spun at high speeds on his back. His move amazed the crowd when small sparks formed from the friction of his Digizoid back and the crystal floor.

“WOW!!” Everyone said in awe.

As his spinning motion slowed, the motivated Mega pressed his hands on the floor and pushed himself up into the air. High above the crowd below him, BlackWarGreymon performed two wide angled kicks in the air. Adding a fighting move before landing back on the ground.

The crowd cheered even louder as the dance resumed.

“That was totally awesome, big guy!” Rainbow Dash said to him as she hovered above his head.

Everyone continued enjoying themselves and having a fun time.

‘Song end’

But just as it felt like the song was finishing, all the lights suddenly shut down and the music was prematurely stopped.

As the startled crowd discussed amongst themselves, the Cutiemark Crusaders, Spike and the rest of the Mane Six joined up with BlackWarGreymon, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

“What’s goin’ on?” Applejack asked while sticking close to Applebloom.

“Is it some kind of blackout?” Scootaloo asked as she walked beside Spike.

“I’m not so sure,” Twilight said before realising something.

BlackWarGreymon had been very still and very quiet since the blackout.

Too quiet.

Looking up at him, Twilight saw his yellow eyes. They looked as though they’re staring blankly, but his pupils were small and slit-like. She began to feel worried that something was wrong.

“What’s the matter, BlackWarGreymon?” She asked him. Her question gained the attention from all her friends.

“I don’t know, Twilight. But I got an odd feeling all of a sudden. Something’s not right.”

His friends felt a chilling vibe from hearing his words.

‘Where is it coming from?’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself as he looked around the crowd.

Then his eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of something. As he shot his upwards at the skylight above his head, he saw shadowy silhouettes speeding across the dark cloudy sky.

“What the…?”

In curiosity, BlackWarGreymon levitated off the ground and towards the skylight. Wanting to see what got his interest, Twilight followed suit.

As he reached the skylight, BlackWarGreymon opened the window and took a good look at what was going on.

High above Ponyville, the Digimon saw creatures flying in the sky. Hundreds of them. By hearing the buzzing sounds from their wings, he could tell that they were a type of insect. But to his confusion, they resembled ponies.

When Twilight joined him, she gasped in horror at the creatures she and her friends were all too familiar with.

“Twilight. Do you know what these things are?” The Digimon asked, noting her frightened gasp.

“I’m afraid so. They’re called Changelings. Creatures that feed on love from others and have the ability to transform their bodies to mimic ponies,” She explained.

“They can disguise themselves? But why are they in their true forms?”

“I don’t know. They’re only like that and in huge numbers when they’re… INVADING!!!”

Both Twilight and BlackWarGreymon turned around to see where the Changelings were flying to. And were shocked at the sight.

The city of Canterlot was swarmed by hundreds of Changeling solders. Even from Ponyville, the two could see whole blankets of creatures swarming over the city. Twilight could easily tell that the swarm was far bigger than the last one.

“They’re attacking Canterlot!!” The Alicorn shrieked as she and the Digimon flew back down.

As BlackWarGreymon ran for the spare room, Twilight was approached by her friends.

“What’s going on!?” Spike asked.

“Canterlot is being attacked by an army of Changelings!”

Twilight’s answer caused everypony around her to gasp in horror.

“Oh, that Chrysalis has really done it this time! So, what’s the plan Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked.

But Twilight was in such a panic, she couldn’t think straight.

“I…I don’t know! It will be too late by the time we get there!”

Everyone then became startled when BlackWarGreymon emerged from the spare room. Re-equipped with his Dramon Destroyers and his Brave Shield. Luckily, he came up with a plan.

“Keep the children safely inside! All of you who can fight, take down those things when they’re above Ponyville! I’ll take care of the ones in Canterlot!”

With his words spoken, BlackWarGreymon ran past the main doors and immediately took to the skies. By the time the crowd followed him out, the Digimon was long gone.

Though still puzzled, Twilight decided that her digital friend’s plan was better than no plan at all.

“You heard him! Let’s take down those Changelings!”

As Twilight prepared herself for battle, she couldn’t help but feel amazed at BlackWarGreymon’s leadership skills.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone!! I'm back!

Very sorry that I've been gone for so long, I had to sort something out. to repay for my long absence, I will release another chapter as soon as I can. Sometime in a week or two.

And yes it's official, BlackWarGreymon can dance now. :rainbowlaugh: It took me a long time to think of what kind of background music suits the moment the most. All I had on my mind was Flip, Flop and Fly from the movie Chicken Run. So I went for it.:twilightsheepish:

On another note, this chapter may be the last 'light hearted' chapter I have lined up. Because soon things will start to get serious for the heroes of Equestria.

Find out how the battle with the Changelings goes in the next chapter. Leave a like. Leave a comment. And I'll see you very soon.

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