• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 3: Rumble in the Everfree

The Mane Six felt a wave of fear as they looked upon the bizarre being that stood in-between them and Tirek. Just moments ago they were about to get killed, before the strange creature got in the way of that.

With the magic dome that was trapping them destroyed, the six girls slowly backed away from the evil lord and the armoured warrior.

As they got a safe distance away, they got a chance to look over their visitor in detail. They had never seen anything like him. At first glance he looked like a wingless black dragon. Although he had no tail, he wore armour that was black as night, he also had a chrome grey three-horned helmet, yellow hair and his eyes… his yellow soulless eyes looked like they were alive, but strangely a part of them didn’t.

Despite being only half the size of Tirek, he looked powerful. And Twilight could only think of one question.

‘This creature, could it have been that meteor?’

While Tirek and BlackWarGreymon continued to stare at each other, the larger of the two started to speak. Despite still being a little startled by the fact someone smaller then him broke through his magical dome.

“Huh, that’s quite an entrance back there, none were ever able to break through my force field like that.”

‘Seriously? I wasn’t even trying.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself before answering back.

“I needed to do something to get your attention,” His response only got Tirek confused, while surprised that the smaller creature was able to talk without moving his mouth.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked while raising one eyebrow.

“I sense that you’re the most powerful being in this area… is it true?”

‘Hmm, he can sense my powers as well.’ Tirek thought.

“Yes, you could say I’m the most powerful being in the world,” He boldly said with a confident smile. But the BlackWarGreymon said something that made his smile vanish.

“Yet, you waste your power and strength by attacking the innocent.”

After hearing every word the Digimon said, the Mane Six payed their attention even closer to him. Wondering what were his motives and intentions. But one thing they weren’t sure about was if he’s evil or not.

Tirek however wasn’t happy about what he said.

“If you must know, these six little pests imprisoned me,” He said while turning his gaze to the girls, who were giving him glares.

“You must be joking.”

When those words reached Tirek’s ears, his anger started to build up as he turned his head back to BlackWarGreymon.

As the two were arguing, the Mane Six were talking amongst themselves, mainly about the black armoured being.

“Ok, forget everythin’ I said before, what in the world is THAT thing!?” Applejack asked as she turned her head to her friends to see if any of them had answers, Fluttershy was first to answer.

“Maybe he’s…he’s some kind of d-dr-dragon!” She said with fright, her friends knew full well that she had a big fear of dragons. Except Spike of course.

Rarity tried to reassure the frightened Pegasus by placing her hoof on her shoulder.

“Well, he isn’t any kind of dragon I’ve ever seen. I mean look at his armour… it’s hideous,” She said with a hint of disgust in her voice.

“Hideous isn’t the word I would use… more like, awesome,” Rainbow Dash said while marvelling at the sight of the black armour.

“I knew that meteor looked spooky, it’s because it’s actually some kind of dragon from another planet… an alien dragon!” Pinkie Pie shouted while thinking that the armoured creature might mind probe her… or worse.

Twilight however could only stare in awe at the being who apparently saved their lives.

“I don’t know what he is, but I hope he’s on our side,” She said, hoping that she was right with her voice barely above a whisper.

Tirek responded back to BlackWarGreymon in an angered tone.

“What do you mean by ‘joking’?”

The black Digimon answered back in a serious tone.

“That underneath your great power and intimidating appearance, hides a pathetic weakling.”

While Tirek’s anger was slowly starting to reach boiling point, the Mane Six in the background were quietly snickering at that last comment.

“You dare call me a weakling!?” He then tried to resort back. “I’m not taking that from a creature who wears crude looking armour.”

“I don’t have a concept of elegance. You could say I was born like this,” BlackWarGreymon blankly responded. Giving a small hint about himself that the onlooking group found suspicious.

Tirek knew that arguing was getting nowhere, but he had an idea.

“Whatever. But hear me out, both our powers are similar, perhaps even compatible.”

Before the black Digimon spoke back, Twilight’s face was starting to be filled with dread.

“What are you implying?”

“If we team up, with your powers and my own, together we can not only take over this world, but many worlds beyond it.”

When the evil Centaur finished explaining, the Digimon took a moment to think about it. All the while Twilight’s face fell in despair as her ears flopped down behind her head.

“It can’t be. I-it can’t end like this. No.”

Almost as if he read Twilight’s mind, BlackWarGreymon stared back at Tirek and gave his answer.


As Twilight’s face was instantly lifted into surprised awe from hearing the Digimon’s answer, Tirek had a look of disbelief.


“I take orders from no one,” BlackWarGreymon responded with an angry glare in his eyes.

Tirek couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Explain yourself!” He demanded.

“Yes, I’ve done bad things in the past…” He said while thinking back to the moment he destroyed the first Destiny Stone. “… terrible things. But that was before I understood the true value of heroism, kindness… and friendship.”

While BlackWarGreymon explained, the Mane Six’s ears and spirits perked up to new heights when he said the word ‘friendship’. Although Twilight wanted to know what were the bad things he’d done, she couldn’t help but feel overjoyed by the fact that a creature who looked like he could fight a war, can understand that having friends was more important than just having power.

A smile was spreading across her face, but the armoured being wasn’t finished.

“Besides, even if I was still evil, I would never take orders or make an alliance with weak beings such as yourself.”

“I AM NOT WEAK!!” Tirek shouted, clearly not a big fan of that word.

“You must be. For if you’re willing to make an alliance with me, than it must mean you can’t possibly be strong enough to take over a single world, let alone many.”

Upon hearing that, Rainbow Dash couldn’t stop herself from saying what needs to be said in this situation.

“Ooohhhh no he did-nt!” She said with a hint of laughter.

Tirek however was now pissed off. His rage reaching boiling point.

“How dare you! NO ONE TALKS TO TIREK THAT WAY!!!” He shouted in rage, but BlackWarGreymon stood his ground.

“If you’re so eager to prove me wrong, than why not fight me,” He said, almost as if he was asking for it to happen.

Although Tirek wanted nothing more than to punch his tormentor in the face, he still had revenge on the ponies in his mind. After all, he did went through the trouble of luring the Mane Six to him. He didn’t want to lose this opportunity, for if he tried again it may not work as easily.

“As much as I want to pummel you to oblivion, I can’t,” He said while giving the Mane Six an evil grin. “I still got something to take care of first.”

BlackWarGreymon only took a quick glance at the six mares before glaring back at Tirek.

“Really? You would rather attack smaller creatures than fight an opponent such as myself? You’re not just weak… you’re a pathetic wimp!”

Tirek was now beyond pissed, but he had to control his anger.

‘He’s trying to provoke me into a fight.’

“I know what you’re trying to do, but it won’t work,” He continued while crossing his arms. “I will not strike the first blow.”

BlackWarGreymon just stood there with a blank expression in his eyes when he responded.

“Oh…” His eyes quickly shifted from calm to anger. “…then allow me!”

Moving in speeds of a thunderbolt, BlackWarGreymon gave Tirek a backhand to the face. The sheer force from the blow actually forced the evil Centaur back a couple of steps, he was even stumbling around to keep himself from falling over.

The Mane Six saw the whole thing and couldn’t believe that a being half the size of Tirek possessed such strength.

After Tirek stopped stumbling around and stood still, he removed the hand he held on his face at the spot where he had been hit. As he looked at his hand, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

His own blood.

Apparently as he got back handed, one of BlackWarGreymon’s claws left a gash on his cheek.

The Mane Six decided it’s time to hide from what they’re guessing was going to happen.

“I got a feeling they’re about to fight!” Pinkie Pie said while she found a bush to hide in with the rest of her friends.

“We don’t need a pinkie sense to know that’s going to happen,” Rarity replied to her pink Earth Pony friend while Rainbow Dash kept looking at the gash on Tirek’s cheek.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but my money is on that guy,” She said while pointing her hoof at the armoured warrior.

Tirek continued to look at the blood on his hand. With his rage becoming out of control, he then looked at the black Digimon with fire in his eyes.

“…uuuuuuuuUUUHHHH, YOU WILL DIE FOR THAT!!!” He shouted at the top of his voice while charging at BlackWarGreymon.

-Background music, Digimon Opening Theme Song by Digimon-

As Tirek charged forward, BlackWarGreymon stood motionless, completely calm and waiting for the right moment. As he got closer, the horned Centaur raised his fists over his head and swung them down hard, intending to break his tormentor’s bones. But it was the moment BlackWarGreymon was waiting for. At the right time, he raised his hands to catch Tirek’s fists and stopping his attack completely.

The dark lord was surprised by the amount of strength the black Digimon possessed.

‘He’s stronger than I thought!’

BlackWarGreymon was not impressed from Tirek’s efforts to cause harm to him.

“My turn.”

That was all he said before pushing Tirek’s arms up, leaving the Centaur open to attack. Seeing his chance, BlackWarGreymon quickly kicked Tirek square in the chest, sending him high in the air. Not wasting another moment, the Digimon took to the sky and flew straight for Tirek. As he got in range he gave Tirek a hard punch right in the face. Tirek then fell straight to the ground while BlackWarGreymon was showing no signs of falling down, he was hovering in the air. The girls who were watching were surprised at what they’re seeing.

“He… can fly!?” Twilight asked while in shock, but was joined by Rainbow Dash who apparently was more in shock.

“And without wings!? But… how!?”

As Tirek got back up, he noticed it too.

“Well, you’re full of surprises… but so am I!”

His horns began to charge up with energy and a large orange orb formed in-between them. A second later, he fired a large magic beam from the orb and straight at BlackWarGreymon. Being in the air, the Digimon only flew to the side to easily dodge the beam and then swooped down towards Tirek. Before Tirek could react or counter attack, BlackWarGreymon collided into his chest and, to the Centaur’s surprise, was being pushed backwards at incredible speeds. Tirek even tried digging his hooves into the ground to slow down, but it wasn’t working, BlackWarGreymon kept on pushing at increasing speeds.

Soon enough, Tirek’s hooves got caught on a large rock that was sticking out of the ground, and with BlackWarGreymon’s forward momentum, he toppled backwards. Just before he hit the ground, BlackWarGreymon flew up to his face, grabbed his neck and slammed him to the ground. Keeping a firm grip on Tirek, he continued flying low. As he kept going he dragged the dark lord along while pushing his head down to the ground, leaving a big grove in the earth as he passed by.

Twilight and her friends were still hiding in the bush, but couldn’t comprehend at what’s happening in front of them.

“Are you girls seeing what I’m seeing?” Rarity asked, seeing if her friends were watching the same thing.

“Yes we are Rarity, this ain’t no dream,” Applejack answered, knowing full well that this was reality.

“Defiantly not a dream, a creature from another world is kicking Tirek’s butt! I mean how strong is this guy!?” Rainbow Dash asked with a hint of both excitement and disbelief in her voice as she watched the fight.

Fluttershy was still shivering in fear, but mostly about Tirek. Although she was still a little scared of their new visitor, but from hearing his words she knew he wasn’t evil, and the thought of him helping her friends was slowly making her happy.

Pinkie Pie was simply taking pictures of the fight with her camera that she brought out from who knows where.

Twilight was just staring at the two fighters, mainly at BlackWarGreymon. Her mind was building up with questions she wanted to ask him. If he wins this fight.

After a solid minute of dragging him all over the place, BlackWarGreymon threw Tirek in to some trees that were behind him. The Control Spire Digimon then landed a great distance away from where he threw Tirek, looking back to see if his opponent was getting back up.

“It seems I was right about two things. This strange world is making me stronger and faster, and this Tirek is weaker then the looks,” He said to himself while keeping an eye on the spot where Tirek landed.

Beneath a large tree and covered in dirt and leaves, Lord Tirek got up onto his hooves, still shaken from what he went through. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him.

Bursting out of the debris, Tirek then fired two large magical orbs from his horns straight to the Digimon. Like before, BlackWarGreymon didn’t move a muscle. After timing it right, he shifted his body left, allowing the first orange orb to fly pass him. While shifting his body back, he swung his right arm out and sliced the second orb with one swift motion from his razor sharp claws.

The Mane Six were impressed by the Digimon’s reflexes and the fact that he just deflected an energy blast with just his strength.

After dispelling Tirek’s attack, BlackWarGreymon started to charge at him, running full speed. As he did, Tirek’s arms began to charge up with dark magic and then slammed them into the ground. Dark magic began to flow through the ground and giant rock pillars burst out of the ground. Many of these rock pillars were in the Digimon’s way, but instead of running around them, BlackWarGreymon used his strength and his claws to smash and slice through them. He even went as far as to smash his armoured head straight through solid rock, but this clearly didn’t bother him let alone slowed him down.

‘Is there anything stopping him!?’ Tirek thought to himself.

As BlackWarGreymon got closer, he noticed dark energy on the ground just in front of him. Deciding to use it to his advantage, the Digimon jumped just above the dark energy and when a rock pillar formed out of it, he landed his foot on the top of it and then leapt high in the air.

With Tirek in his sights, BlackWarGreymon then fell towards him with his right armoured fist ready to give the Centaur a solid punch. Before he did, Tirek crossed his arms in an x fashion and a magical force field appeared around him.

When BlackWarGreymon landed his punch on the magic barrier, a blinding orange light engulfed the two to a point where the Mane Six had to shield their eyes.

After opening his eyes, Tirek saw that his force field held back the attack. But that was not the only thing he saw. BlackWarGreymon’s three metal claws had managed to impale through the barrier, with the pointed ends of the blades just inches from Tirek’s face.

After realising how close he was from sheer harm, Tirek expanded his force field to form a magical pulse, forcing BlackWarGreymon back fifty feet.

With his anger ever increasing, Tirek came charging at BlackWarGreymon with his pointed horns bearing down, intending to impale him. But as he tried to, the Digimon caught the Centaur’s horns with his hands and held him back. As Tirek tried to push harder, BlackWarGreymon had an idea to use Tirek’s own strength against him.

After turning the angle of Tirek’s horns downwards to the right, the Digimon immediately let go, making the dark lord send his horns into the ground. With Tirek temporarily wide open to attack, BlackWarGreymon rushed to the side of the Centaur and, in a karate fashion, slammed his right arm into Tirek’s back. After grunting in pain, Tirek freed himself from the ground, turned to the side and used his hind legs to kick BlackWarGreymon in the chest. But as the Digimon fell on his back he did a backwards roll and landed back on his feet.

‘Let’s see how you fight without your strength.’ Tirek thought to himself as he came up with a sinister plan.

As BlackWarGreymon rose back up, Tirek immediately span around, opened his large gaping mouth and took a deep breath. The Mane Six couldn’t believe it, Tirek was attempting to steal the Digimon’s energy and becoming more stronger. But to everyone’s surprise, excluding BlackWarGreymon, Tirek’s magic stealing ability did absolutely nothing!

“It didn’t work!” Tirek stated before trying to do it again, but like before it did nothing.

‘Why is it doing nothing!?’

After it became apparent that the Digimon doesn’t possess magic, BlackWarGreymon spoke to Tirek something that made Pinkie Pie laugh.

“You need a breath mint.”

BlackWarGreymon then flew towards Tirek and after hovering up to the Centaur’s eye level, he gave him a hard metallic punch in the face. Followed by another, and another. Soon BlackWarGreymon kept punching Tirek repeatedly in the face. Every time Digizoid claws made an impact on the evil lord, he takes a step back from the pain as his face receives more deep cuts.

The Mane Six were both shocked and awestricken at how determined and ferocious the armoured being was. As well as being more combat skilled than Tirek was, even before the fight BlackWarGreymon showed no fear whatsoever. Not one bit of it. Even for Rainbow dash, that took guts.

After punching Tirek about twenty times, BlackWarGreymon swung his right foot straight into the side of the Centaur’s face. This action sent Tirek flying across fifty feet of grassland before skidding to a halt.

After landing back on the ground, BlackWarGreymon looked to where Tirek had landed. While Rainbow Dash was mentally marvelling at the kicking move the Digimon just performed.

“Is he a black belt in karate or something?” She asked, but before she could get an answer, BlackWarGreymon spoke out to Tirek.

“Your efforts at trying to fight me are appalling, Tirek. In fact, you’re probably the worst opponent I’ve ever faced!”

Knowing that he only said that to mock him, Tirek got back up and started to charge at the Digimon. His right fist surging with magic to give BlackWarGreymon an energised punch.

“I’ll show you who’s appalling!!” He shouted in rage as he threw his energised fist out to punch his tormentor.

But BlackWarGreymon’s skills in combat continued to prevail. As Tirek got closer, the Digimon wrapped his arms around the glowing fist and, using both his strength and Tirek’s momentum, swung Tirek a full one hundred and eighty decrees to the right and flung him into a group of rocks.

-Background music end-

As BlackWarGreymon watched on and the Mane Six being stuck in a state of awe, Tirek slowly rose to his hooves as he began to go over what’s happening.

“This can’t be. No creature smaller than me has such immense physical strength. It’s just not possible!” He then began to think carefully. “He clearly isn’t from this world, and if someone brought him here using that portal, then whoever did it must have powerful…” His eyes were then filled with even greater rage as he looked over to the purple Alicorn.


Tirek’s horns began to glow with magic, now fuelled by his sudden anger. By the time the Mane Six noticed this, they began to feel very worried for their safety.

“PRINCESS TWILIGHT!! You and your friends brought him here didn’t you!?” He shouted as he began to charge up a magic beam.

“What! No we didn’t!” Twilight shouted back, but it didn’t stop Tirek from firing a beam of destructive magic towards them.

The Mane Six ducked just in time for the beam to fly over their heads. But the beam exploded on the ground just behind them, creating a shockwave that blew the girls off their hooves and sent them flying in random directions.

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t believe what he just saw, someone powerful attacking defenceless creatures.

“He sure knows how to give evil a bad name,” He said but couldn’t help but feel that this was a reflection of BlackWarGreymon’s own dark past.

Before he or Tirek could continue with their fight, Fluttershy came skidding across the ground and came to a halt, right in-between them. BlackWarGreymon was first to notice the unconscious yellow Pegasus.


Tirek too noticed Fluttershy lying on the ground. With his anger for the ponies building up, he scraped his hooves against the ground, a sign that he’s going to charge.

As the black Digimon kept staring at the fallen mare, an image of a certain pink flower appeared in his mind. This sudden turn of events made him flinch for a moment.

‘Why? Why does this creature remind me of that flower?’ His eyes narrowed I confusion.

‘I don’t understand!’

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard what sounded like a stampede. His eyes went wide as he looked ahead of him to see the speeding Centaur.

‘She’s directly in Tirek’s path!’

Just then, Fluttershy slowly woke up, opening her eyes only to see Tirek storming towards her and getting ever closer.

“You will be first to die!” He shouted as he reared back on his hind legs, ready to slam his fore legs onto the helpless pony.

Fluttershy could only shut her eyes tight and place her hooves on top of her head.

Fearing the worse, she screamed.


But her voice was joined by another.


Moving in speeds that could rival Rainbow Dash, BlackWarGreymon leapt on top of Fluttershy, protecting her from Tirek and took the blow to his back.

Tirek was surprised by this, but then had an evil grin on his face.

“You will pay for getting in my way!” He said as he slammed his hooves on the Digimon’s back, again and again.

While Tirek was pressing his assault, one thought crossed BlackWarGreymon’s mind.

‘Why have I got a feeling I’ve been in this situation before?’

He began to think back to when he protected that same pink flower from an artificial Mammothmon.

‘Oh… right.’

After Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity recovered from Tirek’s last attack, they all ran to where they heard Fluttershy screamed. Although they were relieved to see that Fluttershy was still alive, they were shocked to see that she was being shielded by a being from another world.

“He’s... protecting her,” Twilight said while the others were simply speechless.

As BlackWarGreymon looked at Fluttershy to see if she’s unharmed, the Pegasus began to open her eyes as to wonder why she’s still alive, and why she’s hearing grunting noises. When she looked up, shock and realisation began to hit her like a ton of bricks and her voice was barely above a whisper.

“You…You saved me.”

As BlackWarGreymon’s fierce yellow eyes met Fluttershy’s innocent blue ones, one of the Digimon’s questions had been answered.

That pink flower represents life, as it was small and innocent. And because the small pony reminded him of that flower, than it must mean that she’s innocent. And by protecting that flower and the yellow pony, then it must mean that he’s… protecting the innocent! Protecting life!

His eyes slowly narrowed with determination.

“Now I understand.”

BlackWarGreymon slowly raised his head and upper body despite continuously being pounded down.

“If my purpose in life is to protect the innocent…then so be it.”

When Tirek felt the front half of his body being lifted, he tried pressing his front legs down with all his might, hoping to squish the Digimon into the dirt. But he was still being lifted as BlackWarGreymon slowly got to his knees.

“If fate brought me here so I could protect the innocent beings of this world, then I’ll do just that.”

He then quickly shifted his legs so his feet were pressing against the ground.

“I’ll defend this world until my last breath!”

As BlackWarGreymon suddenly stood up straight, Tirek lost balance of his rear legs and started to topple backwards. But before he could hit the ground, BlackWarGreymon quickly went behind him, raised his arms up and caught the Centaur.

What happened next was something that the Mane Six never expected. The black Digimon was lifting Tirek, who was two times bigger and even heavier, clean off his hooves!

“NO WAY!!” Rainbow Dash shouted in disbelief.

“He’s stronger than Tirek!” Applejack said while marvelling the sight that’s in front of her.

Tirek himself couldn’t believe this while being lifted overhead. He began to wave his arms around and swinging his legs violently in the air, trying to loosen the Digimon’s grip, but it wasn’t working.

BlackWarGreymon looked to his side to where Fluttershy was.

“Get out of here, NOW!” He demanded, wanting the Pegasus to get to safety.

Fluttershy did what he said and ran towards her friends. When she reached them, Pinkie Pie gave her a big hug while tears of joy rain from her eyes.

“Oh Fluttershy, thank goodness you’re safe. For a moment there we thought we lost you!” She said while squeezing the yellow Pegasus.

“It’s ok Pinkie, I’m fine,” Fluttershy said before she and her friends turned to look back at the battle. The yellow Pegasus still couldn't believe what had happened.

-Background music, I’m Going Digital by Digimon-

Tirek was thrashing and twisting his body like mad, but he can’t escape BlackWarGreymon’s grip no matter what he did.

“Unhand me!” He demanded, but was not expecting BlackWarGreymon’s response.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

With all his might, the black Digimon threw Tirek overhead and into some trees, throwing up some dust from the impact. BlackWarGreymon then threw himself forward and flew towards the dust cloud.

Tirek knew he would do this and at the right time, he used a telekinesis spell to catch the Digimon mid-flight. BlackWarGreymon was caught by surprise by this and before he could try to fight back, Tirek sent him flying towards the centre of the grassland.

BlackWarGreymon was soon skidding across the ground until he came to a complete stop.

“Ok…didn’t see that one coming.”

As he got to his knees, he saw Tirek hurtling towards him at high speeds, with his horns bearing down on him.

“You’re going down!” He shouted while speeding towards the Digimon almost as if he was flying.

BlackWarGreymon thought of a plan of action and decided to go with it. As Tirek got closer, the black Digimon jumped and did a forward flip over the Centaur’s horns. As he just finished his three hundred and sixty degree flip, he slammed his right foot on the back of Tirek’s head, sending the dark lord straight into the ground headfirst.

Tirek tried to get back up, but his horns were impaled to the ground and wouldn’t budge.

“Hah! He’s stuck!” Rainbow Dash said while laughing at Tirek’s misfortune.

While in the air, BlackWarGreymon noticed this too and decided that this was the right moment to use one of his powers. As he flew down towards Tirek, he raised his arms in front of his head and started to spin.


The moment he uttered those words, dark energy started to form around his spinning body. Like a missile hitting its target he collided into Tirek’s back and kept on spinning like a drill, hoping to do as much harm to Tirek as he could.

All Tirek could feel was a sharp, agonising pain in his back, as if his skin and fur was being ripped away. As he screamed in pain, he pulled with all his strength to finally free his horns from the ground.

As Tirek threw his head up high to clear his horns from the grass and mud, BlackWarGreymon ceased his attack and flew back fifty feet away, just in front of some trees that were surrounding the clearing.

As Tirek roared out in pain and anger, he fired a continues beam of magic at BlackWarGreymon. But the Digimon not only leaped to the right to dodge it, he started to run along the side of the trees themselves. Tirek tried to follow him with his destructive beam of energy, but BlackWarGreymon was one step ahead of him.

The Mane Six couldn’t believe it, he literally looked like he was running sideways as if the trees were a wall.

After a few more seconds of running, BlackWarGreymon pushed himself off a tree. As he was heading for Tirek, he was tilting his body around the beam. His shield was only an inch away from touching it. By the time Tirek realised he completely missed his target, it was too late. The speeding Digimon came in close and gave the Centaur a punch so hard, it sent him skidding across the ground.

As BlackWarGreymon flew back into the sky, Tirek stood back up, faced the airborne Digimon and charged up for another magic attack. As he did, BlackWarGreymon started to spin on the spot with his arms raised and his body being consumed in spiralling black winds. Tirek then fired another beam of dark magic and as it did, the Digimon dived directly towards the beam itself.

“This is insane! He’s not dodging! He’s heading straight towards it!” Rainbow Dash said while squeezing Applejack in anticipation like a teddy bear. As if she’s watching a super hero movie.

Then it happened. BlackWarGreymon’s Black Tornado attack not only collided into Tirek’s magic beam, he was ploughing straight through the river of magic, completely unharmed, and homing in on its source.

Nopony could have ever anticipated this, to the residents in Equestria what’s happening shouldn’t even be possible. Twilight had read every book in the library about battles and Equestria’s past wars, but even she had never seen anything like this before.

After making his way through the beam, when BlackWarGreymon struck the magic orb in-between Tirek’s horns, it created a loud explosion that eclipsed everything else. As the bright light faded, Tirek was stumbling around while experiencing what could be the biggest headache he’s ever had. After BlackWarGreymon flew around, completely unharmed or unfazed, he landed on Tirek’s back while grabbing onto the dark lord’s horns.


Feeling that this tormentor was on his back, Tirek tried running around, jumping around and tried to throw him off buckaroo style. But BlackWarGreymon was still holding on tight. Tirek then tried to grab him with his hands, but he was just out of reach.

If the Mane Six would have guessed, they would say that the Digimon was enjoying himself.

“GET…OFF…ME!!!” Tirek shouted in a rage, clearly getting tired of this little game.

“As you wish,” BlackWarGreymon said before using his strength to tilt Tirek’s head sideways. After jumping off, the Digimon wrestled the Centaur to the ground. As Tirek slowly got back up, BlackWarGreymon could tell that the end of the fight was near.

If he’s going to end this fight, then he would even have to do it memorable style.

Before Tirek could fully stand up, BlackWarGreymon kicked him hard, sending the dark lord flying across the sky. Thanks to the magic in the atmosphere enhancing his speed as well as his strength, BlackWarGreymon can fly at speeds to a point that he becomes a streaking black blur.

With his newfound speed, BlackWarGreymon was able to fly straight past the hurtling Tirek and stop just in front of him. As he got in range, BlackWarGreymon spun around and slammed the heel of his left foot into Tirek’s head, sending the Centaur even higher in to the sky. Again the Digimon flew past Tirek and then, slammed his right elbow right into Tirek’s face. A snap was heard, meaning that the Digimon broke the Centaur’s nose. Not only that, the force of the hit sent Tirek falling straight down back to earth. As he crashed back down the impact threw a mountain of dirt and dust in the air. As the dust cloud faded, BlackWarGreymon landed fifty feet away from the battered lord.

-Background music end-

As BlackWarGreymon watched as his opponent slowly got back up, Tirek turned to face him with all his magic and all this fury, fuelling the orange orb in-between his glowing horns. His face was filled with rage as blood dripped from the countless beatings to his head.

As the orange orb grew bigger, he reared back onto his hind legs to quite literally, throw his magic attack at the black Digimon who caused him the pain of a kind he had never experienced.


With his power reaching critical, Tirek threw his head down and fired the biggest destructive beam of magic he'd ever unleashed. As the beam got closer, BlackWarGreymon just stood there, just waiting for the beam to hit.

What followed next was a large explosion as blinding light consumed the Digimon. The power of the impact sent a shockwave that blew the dirt and dust everywhere around it and clouding the air. As the Mane Six grew sad expressions on their faces, thinking that their saviour didn’t survive the attack, the exhausted Tirek had a look of satisfaction.

“There…I guess he couldn’t handle my true power.”

What followed next was something Tirek or the Mane Six never expected, from the dust cloud, they all heard a sinister chuckle.


Tirek felt a cold chill in his spine when he and the Mane Six saw the Digimon’s silhouette through the dust. When the dust cleared, BlackWarGreymon just stood there, surrounded by uprooted vegetation and smoke seeping from his armour.

“That…that must have been Tirek’s strongest attack,” Twilight said while comparing this to the previous times Tirek used magic.

“And there's not one scratch on him!” Rarity said while looking over the Digimon’s armour with her attention to detail eyes.

Tirek was more surprised and more afraid than the girls were.

“Bu-but how! How are you still standing!? That was my true power!” He shouted in disbelief. Tirek couldn’t believe that a creature smaller than him not only took the full force of that blast, but was still standing in the exact same spot as if it was nothing.

BlackWarGreymon’s response was as honest as it was intimidating.

“Was it really? I hardly felt it.”

Tirek’s face was stricken with fear as he took two steps back. Afraid of what his seemly invincible opponent would do next.

“If you wanted to see what true power really is, then let me show you MY TRUE POWER!!”

With his words spoken, BlackWarGreymon jumped in the air and gaining altitude. Tirek knew that the Digimon was about to attack and he had to move out of the way, but his fear was preventing his from even moving.

‘I can’t move!’

The Mane Six too can only look on as they want to see what’s going to happen next.

As BlackWarGreymon got to a good height, he put his Digizoid claws close together, and a small red orb began to form in-between them.

That was when he said the two words that in the history of Equestria were never spoken before.


As he raised his arms above his head, the little red ball of negative energy in-between his hands went from the size of a pony, to twice the size of Tirek himself, in less then a second!

The moment it stopped expanding, BlackWarGreymon threw the colossal sphere directly towards the wide-eyed Tirek. Because of the fear preventing him from thinking straight, all what Lord Tirek could do…was scream.

As the sphere collided into the Centaur, his scream was both silenced by the blinding red light, and replaced by a loud explosion. Any plant life that’s outside the blast radius were uprooted, and any that were inside were vaporised into dust. The sheer heat from it alone turned a nearby tree into brittle stone, and the shockwave literally shook the ground all around them.

By the time BlackWarGreymon landed, the tremors stopped and the fiery light faded away, revealing a scorched landscape and Tirek lying unconscious in the middle of it.

He had won the battle. But he immediately began to have doubts.

‘It’s done. Those six creatures are now safe, but they have now seen what I’m capable of, and will fear me. I bet any moment now, they will be running and screaming.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself as if he failed.

As he stood there, thinking of moving on to find answers elsewhere, he was waiting patiently to hear the screams that he thought were inevitable.

But he was wrong, there weren’t any.

As more of the dust cleared, all six ponies were staring, with eyes as wide as dinner plates and their mouths wide open. They were like this ever since BlackWarGreymon used his Terra Destroyer attack, clearly mentally blown away by the amount of power he put into that one sphere.

After what felt like an eternity, Rainbow Dash broke the long silence.


Her sudden outburst caught BlackWarGreymon completely by surprise. He was expecting screaming, not a positive comment about his fight.

Curiously, he turned his head to look at the Mane Six, wanting to hear more of what they’re saying.

As Rainbow Dash continued, the other five girls had smiles on their faces.

“Did you all see the way he totally kicked Tirek’s butt! Especially how he ended it with one strike from that awesomely huge red death ball!”

“We all have Rainbow Dash. He definitely showed that brute a thing or two,” Rarity said while dusting off her tail.

“Him showin’ off his strength was my favourite part. He was throwin’ Tirek around as if he was just a ragdoll,” Applejack said while thinking back to the part where the Digimon dragged Tirek all around the clearing.

“And he saved my life,” Fluttershy said while thinking back to the moment BlackWarGreymon shielded her from being crushed by the dark lord. Which caused her fear of the black Digimon faded away. Twilight walked up to her and placed a hoof on her shoulder.

“He didn’t just saved you Fluttershy, he saved all our lives. All of Equestria in fact,” She said but not without the thought of what could have happened if BlackWarGreymon didn’t arrive and got in the way of Tirek.

“This totally calls for a Welcome To Equestria and Thank You For Saving Us and Kicking Tirek’s Butt party!!” Pinkie Pie said while bouncing all around her friends. She was really excited that now she gets to plan a party for someone from a different world.

As Pinkie Pie kept on bouncing, Twilight heard loud footsteps that was slowly fading away. She turned her head to see that their armoured saviour, was walking away and towards the Everfree Forest.

With the urge of getting to know him overwhelming her, Twilight ran after him. The rest of the Mane Six also noticed this and followed her.

As Twilight was getting closer to the Digimon while being cautious not to provoke him, she felt vibrations in the ground that came from every footstep BlackWarGreymon made.

“…umm…excuse me, sir,” Twilight said in a nervous tone as got right behind him, trying to get his attention.

From hearing her voice, BlackWarGreymon stopped walking, making the Mane Six stop as well. Realising that she was a little too close for comfort, Twilight took a few steps back to join her friends.

“Are you all unharmed?” BlackWarGreymon asked as he looked over his shoulder to see the lives that he saved.

After looking at her friends to see if they’re ok, Twilight answered back. Her voice was still a little shaky from talking to someone so powerful.

“Y-yes, were fine. Thanks to you.”

BlackWarGreymon turned his head back facing forward as he responded back.

“Good. Just be more careful next time.”

Just as he was about to walk away, Twilight spoke out again.

“Wait! I-I was hoping that…umm…maybe…we can talk.”

Her words made the Digimon freeze in his tracks.

“Why would you want to waste your time by talking to the likes of me?” He asked.

His question startled Twilight for a second, making her think that he might have had a hard time back in his world. So Twilight tried to make a friendly approach to show good will.

“Because we know you’re not from this world, and you saved our lives. All we want is to get to know you and …become friends,” She answered with all her friends nodding their heads in agreement.

BlackWarGreymon was taken back by these new turn of events. He was expecting something completely different, nothing like the hospitality he was receiving.

“Really? Even after you’ve seen what I can do? What I just did?” He asked again, confused at what was happening.

“We’ve all seen what you did. You risked your live to save ours,” Fluttershy said with a smile on her face.

“She’s right. You used your powers to protect us. That kinda makes you a hero…our hero,” Twilight said to back up Fluttershy’s statement.

BlackWarGreymon just stood there motionless while silently thinking.

‘They trust me. Even after seeing me in battle, they still want to be friends with me. Hmmm…’

After a few more seconds of thinking, he spoke up.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you,” He said while turning around to face the Mane Six.

“You may hold the answers that I seek.”

Hearing this made the Mane Six smile, for they wanted to get to know him better. Especially Twilight, who was giggling with glee.

Author's Note:

Finally! Writing fight scenes in this chapter took ages but at last it's done. let me know what you think of the outcome. Oh by the way, I would like to thank many, many people who added my story in to their favourites. Feeling very appreciated right now. See you all soon.

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