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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 9: The Great Race

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Back in Canterlot, Princess Celestia and the Mane Six continued waiting for the return of BlackWarGreymon and hopefully Princess Luna. It had been a while since the Mega level Digimon left Equestria’s capital to find the princess of the night and his long absence was making some of the mares feeling uneasy. Celestia herself was more worried out of all of them.

Twilight Sparkle understood this. After all, Luna was the white Alicorns’ sister. But seeing her former teacher worried to the bone like this was upsetting to watch.

“Don’t worry Celestia. I have complete faith in BlackWarGreymon. He will bring her back. He will not fail you,” She said as she walked beside the sun princess, hoping her words reassured her.

Celestia looked at Twilight with a small smile on her face.

“Your trust in your new friend is impressive Twilight Sparkle…” Her smile shifted into concern. “… but I hope he finds her in time. And I hope she’s holding out. I don’t want to lose my sister again,” She said while remembering the time when she banished her sister to the moon a thousand years back.

Fluttershy was next to speak.

“I hope she’s alright too, princess. But from what that guard described the dragon that took her, it could be the largest dragon to have come to Equestria!”

She then started to panic.

“What if BlackWarGreymon doesn’t have the strength to fight him? What if the dragon ate him? What if we never see him or Princess Luna again!?”

Rainbow Dash, who was flying calmly in the air, hovered above the yellow Pegasus.

“Relax Flutters. You’re talking about the same guy who kicked Tirek’s butt. I’m sure he’s got everything under control and that he’s gonna be juuust fine,” She said casually.

She happened to be right. Because Twilight spotted something flying in the distance. And it was approaching.

“Wait. I think I can see him!”

When Twilight brought up her binoculars to have a better look, Pinkie Pie popped up in-between as she looked through them. There by blocking Twilight’s vision.

After a brief second of her humming, the pink Earth Pony gasped loudly.

It’s BlackWarGreymon! I see him! I see him!” She shouted while bouncing in excitement. Twilight moved Pinkie Pie out of the way so she could see.

“Pinkie’s right! It is him!”

She then spotted BlackWarGreymon holding something. She adjusted her binoculars to get a clearer view.

“And he’s got Princess Luna!”

Celestia breathed out a sigh in relief and concern. She didn’t need to use the binoculars since she could see her little sister being held in BlackWarGreymon’s arms.

By the time Celestia and the Mane Six sprinted and flew to meet up with him, BlackWarGreymon had landed back in the heart of the gardens. As he saw his pony friends rushing towards him, he gently placed the unconscious night princess on the soft grass. He then backed up a few steps, giving room for Celestia as she approached the blue Alicorn.

“LUNA!” She said before kneeling down towards her sister’s face, nuzzling her in an effort to try and wake her up.

So far, there was no response.


After a few seconds of painful silence, Luna slowly opened her blue eyes and looked into Celestia’s.

“Sister?” Luna said, her voice was weak from her experience but it was all Celestia wanted to hear.

“Oh thank goodness you’re alive Luna,” The white Alicorn said while cradling her younger sibling in her hooves, tears of joy overwhelmed her eyes.

As BlackWarGreymon watched this, he felt satisfaction within him. He deeply felt that what he just did for Celestia was truly the right thing to do. Plus seeing the loving embrace of the two sisters was indeed touching. Something that the Mane Six would agree upon.

Celestia the turned her attention to the Mane Six with pleading eye.

“She needs medical attention!” She called out.

“I’m on it!” Rainbow Dash said before saluting and flying off to find help.

While this was going on, Fluttershy walked up to BlackWarGreymon, who was watching the blue Pegasus speeding towards the city.

“What about the dragon? Did he hurt you too?” She asked, making the Digimon turn his attention to her.

“I’m fine, Fluttershy. And don’t worry about that dragon. I’m sure with me around, he will never bother us again,” He said before spotting Rainbow Dash arriving with a Pegasus doctor and two Unicorn nurses.

“Please, take Luna to the hospital,” Celestia said, her order was more like a plea.

“At once your highness. Rest assured she will receive our finest treatments,” The doctor replied after bowing to her.

The two nurses approached Princess Luna and carefully using their magic to lift the blue Alicorn off the ground. Now safely floating in the air, the doctor and the nurses took Luna towards the direction of the hospital. As BlackWarGreymon watched on with Celestia and the Mane Six, he just noticed that the night princess opened her eyes slightly. She was looking right at him before her eyelids closed into slumber.

As Luna and the medical ponies disappeared in the distance, Princess Twilight turned her head to look at BlackWarGreymon, who was still looking in the direction where the blue Alicorn was taken to. A soft, heart-warming smile spread across her face before walking towards him. The rest of the Mane Six noticed this and followed her.

BlackWarGreymon heard the sounds of approaching hoofsteps and looked down to see the six small ponies walking towards him. He was unsure what was happening because while the rest of the Mane Six had looks of confusion, Twilight was smiling.

“You know something BlackWarGreymon. If it weren’t for you, Equestria would have faced its biggest calamity yet.”

The Alicorn’s words were clear and honest, BlackWarGreymon understood that. But the lavender coloured princess wasn’t finished.

“What I’m trying to say is that… we are so lucky to have you in Equestria…” Twilight finished her sentence after flying up to the Digimon’s eye level. “… and as our friend.”

The black Digimon’s yellow eyes softened as his heart was warmed. Again he was touched by Twilight’s kind words, something he rarely received back in the Digital World.

But what Twilight said and did next made his eyes widen in shock as his body froze like a statue.

“I love you,” She calmly said as she flew to his face and wrapped her forelegs around his neck, giving him a big affectionate hug.

BlackWarGreymon was completely taken by surprise by this sudden turn of events. Hugging his leg was one thing but this he never expected. To add to his surprise, he saw the rest of the smiling Mane Six approaching him.

“Me too,” Fluttershy said while flying to the other side of the Digimon’s face and hugged him in the same way Twilight did.

“Same here,” Rarity said before hugging and nuzzling his left leg.

“Aww shucks,” Applejack said while hugging his right leg.

“Oh what the heck,” Rainbow Dash playfully said before going in to hug his right arm.

At this point, BlackWarGreymon was speechless. All the love his new friends were showing made him realise that the path of good he had chosen, was indeed the right path to take.

However, his thoughts were interrupted when he saw Pinkie Pie launching herself directly towards his face.


Caught by surprise, the momentum of the pink pony colliding into his face caused BlackWarGreymon to topple backwards, landing on his back with the six ponies still on him.

The six mares all started to laugh in amusement, clearly enjoying the moment. BlackWarGreymon already knew that what Pinkie Pie just did was just her way of expressing her love and delight. But what was new to him was that seeing these ponies laughing and being happy, as well as all the love they’re sharing, was making HIM happy. To a point where even he started to enjoy the moment… and slowly stared to chuckle in delight.

The Mane Six, mostly Twilight, were a little surprised when they heard the Digimon chuckle. But they remembered what he told them about his past, and realised that this was perhaps the only time that anyone or anypony had given him this amount of affection. And so, they kept on laughing with each other.

Princess Celestia watched the whole thing and couldn’t help but smile at the sight before her. BlackWarGreymon had only been in Equestria for two days and already he had earned the respect and the trust of the six element bearers.

Now he had just earned the respect and the trust of the ruler of Equestria herself.

After the Mane Six loosened their hugs and climbed off him, BlackWarGreymon sat up. Just in time for him and the six girls to hear approaching hoofsteps. All of them turned their heads to see Celestia walking towards them.

As the sun princess stopped in front of him, the Digimon noticed that now he’s sitting, he was eye level with her.

“You brought her back alive,” Celestia said before moving in closer, wrapped her forelegs around BlackWarGreymon’s neck and pulling him in for a hug of her own.

Again, BlackWarGreymon was surprised. But it seemed the Mane Six were even more surprised than he was. This was evident by their wide eyes and gaping mouths.

Clearly, this kind of hug Celestia rarely gives to someone she just met.

“Thank you,” She said before letting do and taking a few steps back. After recovering from this unexpected experience, BlackWarGreymon got back on his feet and stood to his full height. Towering above the ponies.

After a brief moment of silence, Celestia turned her head to Twilight.

“Twilight, I want you to take note of this.”

Despite the confusion, Twilight watched on as Celestia took a step closer to the Digimon.

“BlackWarGreymon, I would like you to kneel please.”

The Digimon was confused by her request.

“Why?” He asked, still sticking to the fact that he bows to no one.

“Because I want to reward you for what you’ve done these past two days,” She answered.

Just like the Mane Six, BlackWarGreymon was taken back slightly. No one ever offered an award to him before. Not wanting to offend the white princess, he slowly kneeled down on one knee with his right arm across his chest.

Celestia’s horn began to glow in a yellow aura. Then after focusing her magic, at the end of her horn she formed a long yellow blade. Twilight gasped in excitement, she immediately knew what Celestia was going to do.

“From this day forth, all of Equestria will forever know your name and what you did for our land. So it gives me great pleasure to dub you…” She lowered her head, angling the magic blade inches above BlackWarGreymon’s left shoulder. “…BlackWarGreymon, Defender of Equestria,” she continued while moving the blade over to the Digimon’s right shoulder.

As the magic blade disappeared, the newly titled BlackWarGreymon looked at Celestia. Then at the awe-stricken Mane Six.

“A knight hood? Now that’s what I call an award!” Rainbow Dash said while BlackWarGreymon stood back up on his feet.

“Thank you princess, I am honoured by your gift,” He said before seeing Celestia raise her hoof towards him.

“Please, there’s no need to be formal. You can just call me Celestia.”

“As you wish, Celestia…” BlackWarGreymon then remembered the reason he was in Canterlot in the first place. “… And were you about to give me some kind of tour or something?”

“Oh yes we were, it’s the least we can do for you after all you did for us,” Celestia answered. The tone in her voice hints that she’s going to enjoy giving the tour.

“Let me show you the way,” She said while heading towards Canterlot Castle, with BlackWarGreymon and the Mane Six following in tow.

As they walked through the castle gardens, Twilight surprised the Digimon by flying up to his head and landed on his left shoulder. Which was then followed by a quick hug.

“I’m so proud of you,” She admitted before letting go.

“We all are, darling. You deserve this,” Rarity said to BlackWarGreymon while giving him a smile.

Twilight just remembered something. The fact that she just hugged him around the neck meant that her hooves touched the Digimon’s hair.

‘Woah, guess Pinkie’s right about his hair.’

Just as the group left the gardens and on the path to the castle’s main gates, BlackWarGreymon took a quick glance in the direction where the injured Luna was taken to.

‘I wonder if she’s going to be alright. I hope so.’

After a couple of minutes of walking, Celestia, BlackWarGreymon and the Mane Six entered a long hall that was filled with stain glass windows. With the sunlight beaming through them it displayed a rainbow of colours all over the walls and floors.

BlackWarGreymon stopped for a moment to look at one of these windows. As he did, Celestia informed him about their meaning.

“These windows display important events that happened throughout our history.”

“Interesting,” The Digimon said to himself.

As he walked down the hallway, he kept looking at the windows. Each one telling a different story. Then his eyes fell upon one that had the Mane Six on it. He stopped to have a better look.

“Girls, is that…” His sentence was interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Us? You bet!” We were quite popular ever since we found the Elements of Harmony,” She said, slightly bragging a bit. But the last thing she said made BlackWarGreymon look at her in confusion.

“The…Elements…of Harmony?”

“Yes. The Elements of Harmony are six magical jewels that keeps the balance of Equestria in check. And when used, they have the power to protect the land from evil,” Twilight explained.

“You… you used them?” BlackWarGreymon asked, clearly surprised and impressed at the same time.

“Yes. And before me and my friends, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia used them. Rainbow Dash here represents the Element of Loyalty. Applejack’s the Element of Honesty, Pinkie Pie’s the Element of Laughter, Rarity’s the Element of Generosity, Fluttershy’s the Element of Kindness and me, I represent the Element of Magic,” Twilight explained. Leaving BlackWarGreymon in amazement to hear something like this.

“Wow, so this world does have impressive power,” The Digimon said before turning his attention to the other stain glass windows. He was briefly startled when he saw a pink blur running past him to one of the windows at the far end of the hallway. The pink blur revealing to be Pinkie Pie.

“And this one over here shows Twilight’s coronation!” She said while pointing at the window.

After walking towards it, he looked at the window in confusion.


He looked over to Twilight for an answer.

“Oh, it means when a pony becomes a royal pony,” She informed.

“Ah, when you became a princess,” He said in understanding.

“Yes,” Twilight said with a smile.

BlackWarGreymon then looked back at the windows he walked past, and the one that caught his attention the most was the one with the Mane Six defeating a creature that looks like a miss-mash of animal parts. He walked over to it for a closer look.

“What…is that thing?”

“That’s Discord, the Spirit of Cha…”

Before Celestia could finish her sentence, the whole room lit up in a flash. When it faded, standing in the middle of the group, wearing sun glasses and a Hawaiian shirt, was the Draconequus himself.

“Hello everypony! Guess whose back from vacation!”

While Fluttershy was delighted to see him, the other mares were slightly annoyed from his sudden entrance. BlackWarGreymon just stared in bewilderment at the bizarre creature.

“Did you miss me?” Discord asked in a playful manner while kneeling down to Fluttershy, completely oblivious to the Digimon’s presents.

“I most certainly did, Discord. Did you have a nice time at your holiday?” Fluttershy asked.

“Oh you have no idea. It’s so good to get out and stretch for time to time.”

He then started to stretch his body in physically impossible poses.

“But enough about me. Did anything happen while I was away? Got a special welcome present for me? And…”

He paused and froze on the spot when he saw the Digimon. A being he had never seen before. Because the way BlackWarGreymon looked, Discord could tell that he’s the type who could cause a great amount of chaos. Because of this, Discord immediately flew past the mares and stopped right in front of the Digimon’s face.

“And who is this!?” He asked while having an insane grin on his face, much to the discomfort for BlackWarGreymon.

“Discord, this is BlackWarGreymon. A Digimon from the Digital World and…” Twilight said before being interrupted by Discord.

“Wait! Are you telling me, that there is a dimension where chaotic looking being’s like him live?” He then paused to think about what he just said. “Sounds like home to me.”

“Believe me, you would fit in nicely,” BlackWarGreymon said as he took the opportunity to take a good look at Discord. He definatly matched the one shown on the stain glass window, the only thing the Digimon would recognize on the Draconequus was his left eagle claw, his right lion paw, his wings one of a bat and one of a Pegasus, his right dear antler, his left donkey leg, his left lizard leg and his snake tail. Not to mention this right fang was longer than his left. His height from the ground to the top of his antlers was about nine and a half tall, almost the same height as himself.

Discord took what BlackWarGreymon said as a compliment.

“Oh hmm hmm thank you,” He then began to think about the Digimon’s name. “Hmm, BlackWarGreymon… it’s kind of a mouthful don’t you think?”

While few of the Mane Six sort of agree on that fact, the rest including Celestia and BlackWarGreymon didn’t take that too kindly.

“Rude much?” Rainbow Dash asked rhetorically.

“It’s also rude not introducing yourself,” Twilight said to Discord.

“Oh right. I am Discord, the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony…” He then began to think about his title. “…well, former Spirit of yadiyadiya,” He said while trying not to repeat himself, already making himself clear.

He then realised something.

“And speaking of names, I couldn’t help but notice that your name has the word ‘war’ in it,” He said as he floated in the air and resting his arm on the Digimon’s shoulder.

Now that Discord had mentioned it, Celestia did felt for a moment that it was kind of strange.

BlackWarGreymon felt uncomfortable when he felt the slight change in Celestia. He had guessed that Twilight wrote only the good things about him in that letter to the sun princess.

Discord then asked him a question.

“Does that have a meaning for something, my pal?”

BlackWarGreymon quickly thought of an excuse.

“The reason for it is because I always fight. Besides it’s not like I had a choice, it was given to me.”

Despite the fact that Celestia started to have suspicions and that the Mane Six already knew the truth, Discord believed him.

“Fair enough, I just assumed that your name meant that you’re capable of fighting a battle, or even a war,” He said while materializing a military helmet on his head.

“As a matter of fact Discord, he fought two battles ever since he arrived here,” Twilight said, earning a confused look from the Draconequus.

“She’s right. Have you heard of Tirek’s escape a few days back?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Oh yes, that bother. I was on my way here to stop him eventually,” Discord said, but from the looks of the mares’ faces, they thought that what he said was only half true.

After rolling her eyes in annoyance, Rainbow Dash continued.

“Well thanks to this guy, Tirek’s back in his cell and no longer a problem,” She said while hovering above the Digimon.

Discord was so in shock at hearing the news, his eyes rolled literally out of his sockets and rolled around the floor on their own.

‘Gross,’ BlackWarGreymon thought as he watched.

After his eyes floated back in their sockets, Discord stared at the Digimon in disbelief.

“You defeated Tirek!? Aww, I wish I could’ve seen that,” He moaned, but then saw Pinkie Pie holding photo’s on her hoof.

“I took pictures if you want to look.”

After taking the pictures from her, the curious Discord took a good look at them.

“You took pictures of my fight?” BlackWarGreymon asked Pinkie Pie.

“Yep,” Pinkie Pie answered with a smile.

As Discord looked through the photos, Celestia used her magic to levitate some and took a look for herself. Her facial expression showed that she was both amazed and impressed. The one that really caught her attention was one with BlackWarGreymon holding a giant red sphere in his hands.

Soon Discord finished looking through the pictures.

“Ok I definatly wished I was there. It would have been so amusing to see Tirek getting his butt kicked,” He said while materializing a tiny version of Tirek. After the rabbit-sized let out high-pitched shouts, he then got squashed by an oversized foot of BlackWarGreymon.

The Digimon himself chuckled in amusement at seeing Discord’s display of humour.

“And just moments ago, BlackWarGreymon saved Princess Luna from a terrifying dragon,” Fluttershy added.

This earned a chuckle from Discord.

“Oh I see. Facing impending doom, fighting beasties, saving lives and damsels in distress. Sounds to me like you’re Equestria’s newest knight in shining armour,” He said to BlackWarGreymon.

“It does sound like it,” The Digimon answered. Discord however decided it was time to make his leave.

“Well can’t keep you waiting. I have to get back to unpack my luggage,” He said while a pile of luggage magically appeared behind him.

“Ok Discord, see you later,” Fluttershy said.

“Ta ta,” Discord called back before disappearing out of the hallway.

After he was gone, nearly all the mares sighed in relief. BlackWarGreymon took note of this and concluded that to them, Discord was annoying.

Then he remembered Discord’s title. Confused by this he turned to the Mane Six.

“Girls, what did he mean by ‘Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony’?” He asked, with Twilight answering the question.

“Well you see, Discord… was once a villain."

Her answer made BlackWarGreymon flinch, Twilight immediately saw this and tried to reassure him.

“But thanks to Fluttershy, he was reformed.”

“Reformed?” The Digimon asked.

“Yes. Now he used his powers for good instead of evil,” Celestia added.

BlackWarGreymon was surprised.

“You…changed him?” He asked Fluttershy.

“Yes I did. And now he’s our friend,” she said, but was added by Rainbow Dash.

“Well, mostly Fluttershy’s friend.”

BlackWarGreymon was impressed at hearing this. He wouldn’t have expected the pony to change Discord would be Fluttershy.

“Wow, you really are a very brave pony.”

His words made Fluttershy blush. He then began to piece together what his friends said and made him think about one thing about Discord. He was evil turned good.

Just like him.

‘Guess we aren't too different after all.’

Afterwards, they resumed their tour around the castle. Within hours, the Mane Six and Celestia had shown BlackWarGreymon the dining hall, the kitchen, the main hall where they held celebrations, the gymnasium and training hall because they figured that he might spend a lot of time in there. They even showed him the artefact chamber where they held some of their treasures. But the room the Digimon was more fascinated in was the throne room. To him, Celestia’s and Luna’s thrones were indeed stunning to look at.

Obviously during their tour, they encountered many royal guards. But word of BlackWarGreymon’s new title had spread very quickly and they all see him as an ally. Even though most of them were frightened by his appearance.

But what was strange was that some of the guards that were mares, as well as some of the maids who keep the castle tidy, were whispering, giggling and blushing amongst themselves. Celestia was the only one in the group who noticed their unusual behaviour. She knew the reason why and admittedly, could understand why.

Even though he’s from a completely different world, Celestia did found BlackWarGreymon quite handsome. She chuckled at the thought of this.

After the course of a few hours when they started, the group had finished their tour and were back in the Canterlot gardens.

“Well, what do you think?” Twilight asked BlackWarGreymon, hoping that the tour pleased him.

“I think Canterlot is a great place,” He answered before walking to the edge of the garden, looking down the mountain to the view of Ponyville and Equestria’s great land beyond.

“But with a view like this, it’s even better.”

His words earned the smiles from Celestia and the Mane Six their hearts were warmed. But what he said next made the warm feeling even stronger.

“In fact… it’s beautiful.”

The ponies were astonished. The fact that a fierce looking being like him admires a sight like their world was indeed very rare.

“I’m glad you think so BlackWarGreymon. Now I must go to the hospital to see if Luna has recovered,” Celestia said.

“It’s ok Celestia, we understand. We hope she’s ok too,” Twilight said in support.

This put another smile on the white Alicorn’s face.

“Thank you Twilight Sparkle,” She said while giving Twilight a hug.

She then got up and turned her attention to BlackWarGreymon.

“Again, thank you for bringing Luna home,” She said before taking to the skies and flew towards the Canterlot hospital.

As the group watched the sun princess flying away in the distance, BlackWarGreymon remembered something. Something that was very rare or impossible for a Digimon to do without Digivolving. While processing these thoughts in his mind, he looked at his three-clawed gauntlets. Trying to make sense of what happened during his battle with the yellow dragon.

Twilight saw this and had a questionable look on her face.

“Is everything alright?” She asked him in concern.

Not entirely sure what the answer might be, he turned to Twilight.

“Twilight, the magic of this world, is it at times… unpredictable?”

Twilight was puzzled at first, but quickly understood what he meant.

“Well, I guess about half the time… it can be unexpected. Why?”

The rest of the Mane Six approached the pair, they got caught up in their conversation. BlackWarGreymon explained himself.

“Remember when I said that every Digimon has their own powers?” The Mane Six all nodded their heads saying yes. “Well as far as I know, all Digimon are born with certain amount of abilities.”

“What are ya tryin’ to say, big fella?” Applejack asked with the other five ponies becoming more curious.

“You see, I was created with three abilities. But during my fight with that dragon today, I think I may have… unlocked a new ability.” The Digimon explained, earning a collective gasps from the Mane Six.

“You got a forth super power? That’s so awesome!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

“What’s more impressive is that you got it during a fight,” Rarity added.

“I agree, it’s very impressive,” Fluttershy said.

“Well aren’t ya full of surprises,” Applejack included.

“Super power PARTY!!” Pinkie Pie shouted cheerfully.

At this point, Twilight became curious.

“And you think it was the magic of our world that gave you another power?”

“It must be. It never happened back in the Digital World,” BlackWarGreymon then began to think carefully. “Unless there’s something more to it. Something…more.”

“Now that we’re on the subject darling, do your abilities have names?” Rarity asked.

“Yes. My powers are called Terra Destroyer, Black Tornado, Mega Destroyer and my newest one, Dragon Crusher,” He explained.

“I think Dragon Crusher is kinda fitting since you got it while battling that dragon,” Pinkie Pie said, putting the two together.

The group were silent for the moment, taking in everything that was said. BlackWarGreymon then broke the silence as he turned his attention to Rainbow Dash.

“So Rainbow Dash, are you still up for that race you challenged me yesterday?”

Rainbow Dash mentally face-hoofed herself. She couldn’t believe that she forgot all about that.

“Oh yeah. Yeah you bet I’m still up for it!”

“Good. Now I’ll get to see how fast you really are?”

Rainbow Dash was slightly surprised for one reason.

“Wait. You want the race…today? Like right now?”


“But, aren’t you tired from your fight with that dragon, Tirek and from what Twilight told me reading books all night without sleep?”

“No. Since I’m a Mega, I don’t get tired very easily.”

Rainbow Dash was startled, it was as if BlackWarGreymon doesn’t need to rest at all.

“Now that’s awesome.”

She then thought of a course for them to go through for the race.

“Ok big guy, first up we fly to Cloudsdale and manoeuvre through the cloud factories. Then we dive down through those clouds to Ponyville. Then we speed above the houses and fly around the top of town hall ten times. Next we go straight across the Everfree Forest, then through Ghastly Gorge. And then finally straight back here,” She explained while pointing her hoof to the specific locations they have to go through.

“I’m fine with that,” BlackWarGreymon said, while admittedly had no clue at what he’s going to put himself through.

With that cleared, the blue Pegasus and the black Digimon were soon standing side by side in their starting positions, facing towards the city of clouds in the distance. Although a little surprised that a city made of clouds exists, but BlackWarGreymon came from a world that’s entirely digital, so he quickly got over it.

Pinkie Pie agreed to be the one holding the flag and start the race.

“Ok racers, on your marks.”

Both Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon knelt down, getting ready.

“Just because your new here, it doesn’t mean I’m going easy on you,” Rainbow Dash said to her competitor, but what the Digimon said next made her a little nervous.

“Good, because I wasn’t planning to go easy on you.”

Knowing that he’s determined, Rainbow Dash recomposed herself and grew a confident grin on her face.

“Get set,” Pinkie Pie said, holding the flag high.

Rainbow Dash was ready to take flight by spreading her wings. BlackWarGreymon stayed in place as though he’s about to run a marathon.

‘Background music’ ‘What I’m Made Of by Crush 40’


The moment Pinkie Pie waved the flag, the Pegasus and the Digimon took off. While Rainbow Dash took straight to the skies, BlackWarGreymon chose to sprint.

“Why isn’t he flying?” Fluttershy asked, seeing clearly that Rainbow Dash was far ahead.

BlackWarGreymon would have chosen to immediately take flight from starting point. But by having a running start, the increase of speed would propel him even faster when he took to the air.

And that’s exactly what happened next.

Leaping into the air and throwing his arms forward to make himself more streamlined, he shot straight through the air and quickly gaining on Rainbow Dash.

Up ahead, the Pegasus was flying casually, thinking that she got the race in the bag.

“Easy peasy lemon sque…”

She was interrupted when a black blur flew straight past her, the draft it created sent her spinning. After shaking her head to clear the dizziness, she started to close in on her competitor. She couldn’t believe that BlackWarGreymon just over took her.

Halfway towards Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash had just caught up with the Digimon. Now flying side by side.

“Wow, you’re quick,” She complemented.

“You’re not bad yourself,” He responded back.

“Oh yeah? Well you’ve seen nothing yet!” She said as she started to fly faster, about fifteen feet ahead of the Digimon.

Instead of flying faster to catch up, BlackWarGreymon decided to stay behind for now.

He had a plan.

Obviously, he had never been to Cloudsdale or Ghastly Gorge. So if he were to lead the way, he would easily take a wrong turn or get himself lost. So for now he just had to stick close and when he gets a chance, he would make his move.

As the two kept climbing, they eventually reached Cloudsdale and started to manoeuvre in-between the chimneys of the cloud factories. As he was doing this, BlackWarGreymon took note that it seems only Pegasi can actually walk on clouds.

Predictably, the two competitors were spotted by the on looking citizens. At first it seemed that their fellow Pegasus was being chased by a creature that was unfamiliar to them. But from seeing the smile on Rainbow Dash’s face, and that some Pegasi had already heard news from Canterlot, they could tell that this was some sort of race.

After passing the last chimney, Rainbow Dash flew over one of the many rainbows and then started to descend from Cloudsdale, with BlackWarGreymon in hot pursuit. As the two dived towards Ponyville, they headed towards a minefield of clouds. This wasn’t a problem. As the two approached them, Rainbow Dash was busting through them with her hooves while BlackWarGreymon was either slashing them or simply flying straight through them.

As they reached Ponyville, the two racers were flying above the rooftops. They were flying at such speeds that the on looking ponies only saw rainbow and black blurs streaking across the sky. After weaving through the wide streets they reached town hall and started flying in a circle around the rooftop.

Nearby were the Cutiemark Crusaders. After failing at their recent attempt at getting cutiemarks, they thought nothing could cheer them up. Until they saw the two racers flying around the top of town hall. Despite only seeing blurs, the three fillies immediately knew who they were.

After their tenth run around the rooftop, Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon flew off to their newt destination. Leaving the three crusaders in awe.

“Is my eyes playin’ tricks on me, or is that new guy racin’ Rainbow Dash?” Applebloom asked the other two.

“Nope. What we just saw was real!” Sweetie Belle answered.

Scootaloo had a look of disbelief on her face.

“Impossible. He’s actually keeping up with Rainbow Dash!” She said as the racers disappeared in the distance.

Back at Canterlot, the rest of the Mane Six were watching every detail of the race. Unfortunately, they only had one binoculars and half the time they were fighting over who gets to look through them.

“What’s happening? What’s happening!?” Pinkie Pie shouted while snatching the binoculars away from Applejack but looking in the wrong direction.

Twilight used her magic to take the binoculars from the pink pony and peered through them in the direction of Ponyville. She gasped then she saw Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon.

“I see them! They just left Ponyville!” She said before the rest of her friends started to jump on the spot and cheering on excitement.

“Who’s winning Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“It looks like a tie, but I think Rainbow Dash is just ahead,” She answered, leaving the others to gasp in disbelief. It’s rare for someone to almost equal their blue friend in speed.

Back at the race, the Digimon and the Pegasus were weaving around the tops of trees above the Everfree Forest. Either showing no signs of being tired or slowing down. As Rainbow Dash looked over to her side to see BlackWarGreymon, she had to admit that she was slightly jealous. The fact that she had to constantly flap her wings to stay in the air, while the Digimon didn’t seem to be moving any parts of his body at all, meant that he’s using even less energy than her.

“Seriously, how is it that you’re flying?” She asked.

“What’s the matter? Felling tired already?” He replied to mock her.

Now with determination, Rainbow Dash flapped her wings harder, propelling herself faster and passed by the Digimon.

As they left the Everfree Forest and towards Ghastly Gorge, BlackWarGreymon took note that the gorge was a massive canyon, with a stream stretching across the ground bellow. As she approached the edge of the cliff, Rainbow Dash dived down and flew above the stream inside the gorge, with BlackWarGreymon following her lead.

Inside the gorge the two racers had obstacles to overcome in order to proceed. The first was a tunnel with a massive back draft. Upon entering the tunnel, Rainbow Dash was slowed down at first, but after beating her wings harder she kept up the pace and made it out of the tunnel. Unfortunately for the Pegasus, BlackWarGreymon had an advantage. Thanks to his larger body and his smooth streamlined armour, he made it in and out of the tunnel at ease, bringing him closer to Rainbow Dash.

After some twists and turns they came upon the second obstacle, a massive growth of cactuses. Rainbow Dash found an opening large enough to fit into, and then flew straight in.

Thanks to the amount of times she flew in and out of Ghastly Gorge, Rainbow Dash was able to plot a course through the dense growth without getting a scratch from the spiked branches.

By the time she flew back out, Rainbow Dash figured that BlackWarGreymon won’t be able to fit through the opening. And even if he did, he would have to slow right down to move around the branches.

She couldn’t be more wrong.

She then heard a sudden series of loud snaps. She turned her head only to see that BlackWarGreymon didn’t use the opening. Or wasn’t careful.

In fact, he didn’t even slowed down!

He literally just flew straight in without hesitation or fear, smashing his way through at high speed, and to the pony’s surprise, completely unaffected by the thorns.

As he exited the last cactus, bits of branches flew everywhere. This forced the rainbow-maned pony to dodge the incoming thorns.

“What the hay! Aren’t you even hurt by that!?” Rainbow Dash asked, clearly surprised from what she saw.

“Didn’t feel a thing,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

Because he didn’t slowed down, the Digimon was right behind Rainbow Dash. But she wasn’t going to let this get the best of her. By flapping her wings faster, she gained more distance from BlackWarGreymon as they approached the third and final obstacle.

The Quarray eel nest.

From hearing the incoming racers, the giant red eels poked their heads out to see their potential prey. But by sensing the incredible power within BlackWarGreymon, most of the eels were frightened and retreated back in their nests.

Rainbow Dash noticed this and figured that she could use this to her advantage. However, the eels recognized the Pegasus for she was the one who always teased and tormented them. They wanted her to be their pray, even if it meant going near the Digimon.

When BlackWarGreymon flew by, the Quarray eels avoided him completely. But when Rainbow Dash flew by, they launched their heads out with their gaping mouths open, hoping to catch the speeding pony.

But Rainbow Dash was too quick for them and easily dodged their attacks. But by doing this she slowed down and soon noticed that the Digimon took the lead, completely unopposed.


However, one eel had the guts to try to eat BlackWarGreymon. But it launched its head out too early and ended up getting slammed by the Digimon’s armoured shoulder. The eel was knocked out cold.

Back at Canterlot, the rest of the Mane Six couldn’t contain their excitement much longer, for they know the race was almost over.

“What’s happenin’ Twilight?” Applejack asked the Alicorn who was looking through the binoculars.

“Can’t tell yet, but they must be out of Ghastly Gorge any time now,” She replied while focusing more on her sight.

Eventually, she spotted two speeding blurs flying out of the distant gorge.

“They’re out! They’re… wait a minute,”

What she said made her friends look at her in confusion. Clearly puzzled at her change of tone.

What made it more surprising was when Twilight gasped in shock.

“I…I don’t believe it! BlackWarGreymon is in the lead!”

Her sentence made her friends gasp, Rarity even nearly fainted.

“BlackWarGreymon…in the lead of a race…against Rainbow Dash!? This is unheard of! This is Rainbow Dash we’re talking about! RAINBOW DASH!!!” Pinkie Pie shouted in Twilight’s ear.

Back at the race, the only thing left to do was to fly straight back towards the Canterlot gardens where Twilight and her friends were waiting. Now with no more obstacles or misleading directions, BlackWarGreymon was now able to truly put his speed to the test. Now flying much faster, with his arms stretched forward to improve his aerodynamics, he flew past Rainbow Dash and gaining great distance.

But Rainbow Dash wasn’t the one to give up so easily. Flapping her wings harder, she was able to close the gap and found herself next to him.

“I have to admit, you’re faster than I thought you are. But you’re never gonna beat me!” She said while, with a sudden burst of speed, flew past the Digimon and flying faster.

While her speed was climbing, BlackWarGreymon’s wasn’t. At first he thought using lesser energy to fly would guarantee the win, but it seems that’s not the case.

“It seems I’ve reached my top speed. But it’s still not enough to beat Rainbow Dash.”

Then he thought of a cunning idea.


He then put his arms together and started to spin.

Rainbow Dash meanwhile seems confident that she was going to win.

“Haha. I actually left him in the dust. As it seems he can’t go any faster, it’s clear that I’m the win…”


She was interrupted when she heard BlackWarGreymon. And was even more surprised when she saw a horizontal black tornado flying past her. She was confused at first but quickly saw through the Digimon’s plan.

Using the black winds that were created while spinning, BlackWarGreymon used those winds to propel himself faster. Given the fact that he was already at his top speed and while in tornado form he was more aero-dynamical, he was traveling even faster than he was before.

“Alright big guy, so this is how you’re going to play it? Then so am I.”

With her statement said, Rainbow Dash flew directly upwards in a complete vertical line. After reaching a very high altitude, she started to dive straight towards the finish line, going faster every second.

Back at Canterlot, the rest of the Mane Six were concerned for Twilight. Who was looking through her binoculars but with an awe-stricken face.

“Now what’s happening Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“Well… it looks like BlackWarGreymon is using his tornado attack to go faster, but I can’t see Rainbow Dash,” She replied. But after moving her sights about, she spotted the blue Pegasus.

“I see her, and…and…”

“And what?” Pinkie Pie asked in concern.

Twilight then put her binoculars down, but still looked in the direction of Rainbow Dash.

“And I think she’s gonna do… the Sonic Rainboom.”

Back at the race, Twilight was correct. As Rainbow Dash kept flapping her wings furiously while diving, a Mach cone began to form in front of her. But she didn’t stop there, she kept going and going… until…

Back to BlackWarGreymon, he kept spinning in his tornado, keeping his pace up. Until he heard what sounded like a large explosion.

“WHAT THE…!!!”

Thinking that something was wrong, he immediately ceased his Black Tornado move, stopped moving altogether and looked to where he heard the sound.

As he looked at the sky, he saw something that he truly didn’t expect. Expanding across the sky, was a massive rainbow-coloured ring.

‘Song end’

He then saw a rainbow trail flew past him and as it did, he briefly heard Rainbow Dash cheering. He then looked back at the sky as the rainbow ring slowly faded away.

“So that’s the Sonic Rainboom? Impressive.”

He then realised that even if he didn’t stop, Rainbow Dash would still fly past him at that kind of speed.

After accepting the fact that Rainbow Dash was faster than him, BlackWarGreymon turned towards the finish line and flew towards it.

At the finish line, Rainbow Dash landed. However she was completely exhausted from the race. The rest of the Mane Six approached the mare who was gasping for breath.

“Are you ok, Rainbow Dash?” Fluttershy asked in concern.

As Rainbow Dash answered, she took deep breaths in-between her words.


“Wow Rainbow Dash, I’ve never seen ya so exhausted from a race before,” Applejack said.

“And the race was pretty close,” Twilight mentioned.

“Yeah…good thing…that I used the Sonic Rainboom…huh?” Rainbow Dash said while trying to stand back up.

Afterwards, BlackWarGreymon landed beside them. As Rainbow Dash looked at him, she couldn’t believe that he wasn’t showing signs of exhaustion. Heck, he wasn’t even tired.

“How do you do that?” She asked, finally getting her breath back.

“Do what?” The Digimon asked, letting Rainbow Dash explain.

“You’ve battled two powerful opponents, spent all night reading without sleep and had just raced me across Cloudsdale, Ponyville, the Everfree and Ghastly Gorge. How are you not tired!?”

“I’m just not,” BlackWarGreymon simply replied. “And believe me, I can still keep going.”

“Ok. And that whole flying thing. Do you Digimon have a habit of defying gravity?” She asked him again.

“Well…most of the time.”

“Sorry that you lost the race,” Fluttershy said as she and her friends approached him.

“Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that bad for my first,” He said, earning looks of surprise from his friends.

“Wait that was your first race ever?” Rarity asked.

“Yes it was. But what made that race better for me was that I got to see the Sonic Rainboom,” BlackWarGreymon admitted.

“Really?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yes. Before now I never met anyone who can fly so fast that they can shatter the colour spectrum.”

Twilight was surprised at the last few words the Digimon said.

“Wow. That was so…technical.”

While elbowing Rainbow Dash, Applejack spoke to her.

“Admit it Rainbow, ya had a lot of work cut out for ya back at the race.”

“Well…yeah kinda. He actually kept up with me,” Rainbow Dash replied.

While this was going on, Twilight pondered over something in her mind.

‘Obviously, BlackWarGreymon’s powers are not magical, he just possesses them. He described his fight with Tirek ‘too quickly’ and despite hearing about the size and appearance of the dragon that took Luna, BlackWarGreymon was still able to defeat it’

Thanks to these thoughts stirring in her head, Twilight wanted to know what the Control Spire Digimon was really capable of.

After walking towards him to gain his attention, she spoke up.

“BlackWarGreymon. You said you have four powers and so far we had only seen two of them. So if it’s ok with you, would you like to show us more of your powers? And how you use them, as well as your fighting skills?”

At first, BlackWarGreymon thought that it was kind of strange for Twilight to make that request. But he remembered that she had an inquiring mind and was obviously interested in seeing his capabilities.

Since they were friends that trust each over, he didn’t mind the idea of showing off a little.

“I think that’s a good idea Twilight. But it’s not like another villain is going to pop out of nowhere,” He stated.

Twilight knew he was right. After looking around, she saw two royal guards inspecting their new catapult.

“I think I’ve got an idea.”

Discord’s Dimension

After making his grand appearance at Canterlot castle, the Spirit of Chaos appeared in his house in the middle of his distorted realm. Of all the things he loves doing, it things that doesn’t make sense.

Despite being thousands of years old, he was still very childish.

Now reformed to good, the only ‘entertainment’ he could conjure up with his genie-like powers was pulling pranks. Yes he may had made a couple of mishaps, but he made up for it by doing the right thing in the end. A lesson he learnt from his experience with Tirek.

As he used his magic to bring his suitcase to life, he ordered it to climb the stairs and ‘barf’ out his luggage. Leaving Discord alone in his living room.

“Oh that was exciting! Barging in on them like that, the looks on their faces hahaha! Priceless!!”

While in a good mood, he then thought about the new visitor while walking back and forth across the room.

“And that BlackWarGreymon fellow definatly looks interesting. I definatly felt a great chaotic aura from him. I wonder if he likes pulling a prank or two.”

Then to his uncertainty, there was a fact that kept tickling inside his head. Something that for some reason he had to remember.

While still walking back and forth across the room, his good mood shifted to deep thought as he stroked his beard.

“Now, what is he again? What’s the name of his species? Twilight definatly said it. But what was it again? Bibi-something…Poke-something…Digi…Digi.........”

He paused.

He slowly released his hold on his beard with a startled look on his face as he remembered the name. His startled face quickly morphed into shock.


He the rushed to his draws and franticly looked through them while throwing its contents out, as if he’s looking for something. This was rare. The only times Discord was like this was when he’s serious. After emptying his draws, he moved to the middle of the room and rubbed his head with his index fingers, trying to clear his mind.

“Digimon…Digimon…where have I heard that name before? I definatly heard that name from somewhere. But when did I…………oh.”

Then it clicked. As he released his fingers from his head, Discord’s face paled while his eyes widened and his red pupils shrunk.

He now remembered where he heard that name.

And from who he heard it from.

As Discord remembered his past, long before he met the Mane Six, long before he was turned to stone by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, he remembered……HIM!

Discord began to shiver in fear. Just the thought of his appearance, his eyes and even his demonic laughter made even the Spirit of Chaos himself stutter.

“Oh…him. Uuuuhhh, he STILL gives me the creeps.”

As he tried to take his mind off the matter, Discord became confused.

“Wait. If BlackWarGreymon had chaotic energy, why is he around ponies? Hmm?”

He then snapped his fingers when he thought of a possibility that cheered him up.

“He’s like me! He WAS evil, but now reformed! HAHAHA!! Finally, someone who’s just like me!”

As Discord cheered, his deranged mind completely forgot the important matter that had him concerned in a way he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

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