• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 4: Introductions

Canterlot, Royal Chambers

Standing on her balcony, Celestia, the Princess of the Sun, was feeling uneasy.

It was only recently that she received news that Lord Tirek escaped from his prison in Tartarus. But it wasn’t that what made the white Alicorn feel tense, it was a strange disturbance in the flow of Equestria’s magic she felt just moments ago. She didn’t know what it was but whenever this sort of thing happens, it means something big. But this however, was much different. It was as if something powerful turned up out of nowhere.

As she observed her kingdom, thoughts began to cross her mind.

‘I can feel it, this strange feeling… I’ve ruled for over a thousand years and this is new even for me.’

Her thoughts were interrupted when Luna, Princess of the Moon and Celestia’s younger sister, entered her chamber and walked up to her side.

“Sister, are you alright?” She asked, clearly concerned about the distressed look on the white Alicorn’s face.

Celestia turned to look at the blue Alicorn with a reassuring smile.

“I’ll be fine Luna. I’m just worried,” She said while turning back to look out of the balcony.

“Is this about Tirek?” Luna asked.

“No, at least not anymore,” Celestia responded, while thinking that there might be a threat even greater than Tirek himself. But what Luna said next caught her attention.

“Is it about the disturbance?”

Celestia whipped her head around to look straight at Luna.

“You felt it too?” She asked her younger sibling. Luna responded with a simple nod.

Celestia looked back out of the balcony to see the happy faces of her subjects, going about their everyday lives. After a short while, she broke the silence.

“If someone… or something caused it, I just hope that its intentions are good,”

Everfree Clearing

After using her new powerful teleportation spell to send the beaten and unconscious Tirek back to Tartarus, Twilight Sparkle went back to join her friends, who were now joined by their new friend BlackWarGreymon.

All of them were sitting in a circle, with their black armoured savior sitting with his legs crossed, in-between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

With all six girls staring at him, BlackWarGreymon was starting to feel uncomfortable and wanted to break the awkward silence.

“So… where do we go from here?” He asked Twilight, knowing that she was the smartest of the group.

“Well… since your new to our world, I guess we can start by answering any questions you have,” She replied, clearly excited of introducing him to her friends and her world.

“Fair enough, I’ll start with something simple. Who and what are you all?” He asked the Mane Six. Rainbow Dash was first to answer.

“I’m Rainbow Dash, the most awesome Pegasus around and the fastest pony in Equestria,” She said while doing a pose.

BlackWarGreymon immediately knew that she was the type that likes to brag about herself. He responded back while having a blank expression in his eyes.

“The fastest of what… boasting?”

His response made Rainbow Dash give a look of surprise, which was quickly replaced by a look of annoyance.

“Hey!” She said while the others were snickering quietly, trying not to laugh.

‘So she’s the fast one,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, describing his new friends by the way they act and say.

“I’m Rarity and I’m a Unicorn, it’s a pleasure meeting you.”

‘The posh one.’

“Howdy, I’m an Earth Pony named Applejack.”

‘The cowgirl one’

“H-Hi, I’m Fluttershy, and I’m a Pegasus.”

‘The timid one.’

Then out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie jumped up right in his face.

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie, the pink fun filled always smiling bouncy and adorable Earth Pony who likes to plan parties! Can I plan you a party? Oh please, please PLEASE!!”

‘The hyper annoying one.’

As Pinkie Pie sat back down, Twilight finished off their introductions.

“And I’m Princess Twilight sparkle, and I’m an Alicorn.”

‘The smart one… wait what?’

“Sorry, did you say you’re a princess?” BlackWarGreymon asked Twilight.

“That’s right. I’m the Princess of Friendship,” She replied to her confused friend who now understands.

With that all out of the way, BlackWarGreymon asked the next question he wanted to ask.

“Ok, now where exactly am I?”

This was the part that twilight was waiting for, to introduce him to her world. This was evident from her giggling like a filly. After quickly getting her senses back together, she began to speak.

“Well… I would like to say, welcome to our world called Equestria, a land full of magic and friendship.”

‘Apparently also filled with evil,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, taking Tirek as an example.

‘Wait, magic? That must be the weird feeling I’ve felt since I got here.’

After processing his thoughts, he continued listening to Twilight.

“And the area your in is called the Everfree Forest, a place where plant and animal life fend for themselves. Even the weather acts all on its own.”

BlackWarGreymon sat there silently, thinking over what Twilight said.

“Strange, you speak as though it’s unnatural.”

“Well it isn’t. I mean the clouds move on their own and plants grow wild,” Rainbow Dash interrupted, but didn’t expect to hear what BlackWarGreymon said next.

“Sounds a lot like the weather and plant life on my world.”

Rainbow Dash’s face was filled with shock. She was clearly surprised to think of a whole world where the weather was in control of itself.

Applejack explained to the Digimon why this was the case.

“Don’t worry about her, it’s just around here the Pegasi move the clouds and control the weather.”

“I see.” He said before turning his attention back to Twilight. “As you are a princess, I guess you are the ruler here?” He asked.

“Oh no… well, I’m one of the princesses here. The pony who rules Equestria is Princess Celestia,” Twilight explained.

“Princess Celestia?”

“Oh yes, she’s really important for she brings the day by raising the sun. so she has a big responsibility,” Fluttershy said while looking at BlackWarGreymon, who’s eyes were full of disbelief.

“She… she can move the sun!? She has the power to move a celestial body that’s many times bigger than this planet!?” He asked while looking around for answers. The Mane Six responded by nodding their heads.

‘Impressive,’ He thought to himself, but was interrupted by Rarity.

“You sound surprised. Doesn’t someone from your world do that too?” She asked, but his answer was something the mares truly didn’t expect.

“No. Back where I came from the sun stays in place while the world moves around it. That and the world spins on its own axis, giving it day and night.”

The Mane Six were completely mind blown of what they just heard. Twilight however was least surprised because the human world she visited had days and nights very similar. Back then she didn’t know how it works… until now.

“So… everythin’ moves on its own?” Applejack asked with a rather shaky voice.

“Pretty much,” He answered before asking another question.

“Tell me, how does Celestia move the sun?”

Twilight answered back with a smile.

“She uses magic, all Unicorns and Alicorn ponies can learn and use magic to do many things. For example.”

With that said she saw a nearby rock and used a levitation spell to lift the rock off the ground. BlackWarGreymon noticed that her horn was glowing purple and the levitating rock had an identical glow around it.


It was at that moment that he turned his attention on something that he hadn’t noticed before.

“May I ask, what’s with those symbols?” He asked while pointing at Twilight’s cutiemark.

Twilight looked to where BlackWarGreymon was pointing and realised what he’s asking about.

“Oh this? This is my cutiemark. You see, ponies aren’t born with these, but when they find their special talent, their cutiemark appears in a symbol of their talent.”

“Oh,” The Digimon plainly said despite still being slightly confused.

“Is there anything else you like to ask?” Twilight asked.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think about it, but for now he had nothing on his mind.

“I don’t have any other questions so far,” He answered.

“Ok, so it’s our turn to ask about you,” Twilight said while growing a smile, looking forward to this moment. “What’s your name? What are you? And where do you come from?”

With those questions asked, the Digimon answered them in that order.

“My name is BlackWarGreymon, I am a Digimon, short for Digital Monster and I come from the Digital World.”

After hearing this, Twilight was silently marveling this moment. She still couldn’t believe that she’s actually talking to someone from a completely different world.

As the Mane Six’s minds were being filled with questions about him and the Digital World, Rainbow Dash was first to ask.

“Ok big guy, how is it that you can fly without wings?”

“It’s just an ability I possess.”

Despite it not being a proper answer, Rainbow Dash let it slide for now. Applejack was next.

“Your armour must be really tough to take hits from someone like Tirek, what’s it made of?”

“Chrome Digizoid.”

“Do you like parties?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“I’m not sure, I never been to one.”

Hearing this made Pinkie Pie gasp in disbelief.

“You NEVER been to a party!? Well as a party pony in gonna fix that,” She said while mentally making a list of things to do.

Fluttershy was next to ask a question.

“Excuse me, do all Digimon look the same or are they all different?”

“Although some look similar or even identical, most Digimon look completely different from one another as they belong in different types.”

“Really? What kind?” Fluttershy asked again.

“You name it. There’s flower types, fire types, bug types, bird types, dragon types, and I met one that was a Pegasus type.”

Hearing that last part surprised the Mane Six.

“So wait… there’s Pegasi Digi-thingy’s?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It’s pronounced Digimon, but yes.”

Then Rarity asked a question that twilight wanted to ask.

“So darling, what exactly is a Digimon?”

BlackWarGreymon flinched at first from being called ‘darling’, but nevertheless answered the question.

“Digimon are basically data creatures that exist in a world you wouldn’t believe.”

Out of all the mares in the group, Rainbow Dash was the one who was most confused at the word ‘data’. Thinking it’s one of the technical words the kind that only Twilight can understand.

“Um, what do you mean by data?” Rainbow Dash asked. That was the kind of question that got everyone’s attention.

“Well, put it this way. Your bodies are made of flesh and blood, a Digimon’s body is made from data. I’m made out of data,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

Without warning, Pinkie Pie rested the side of her head on the Digimon’s left leg while looking at him.

“Really? Because it feels like skin.”

“Yes, and can you get your head off my leg?”

Being near innocent creatures was one thing, but having one making physical contact with him was making BlackWarGreymon feel uneasy. He was not used to others being friendly towards him, but if he’s going to pursue his destiny, then he has to get used to it.

As Pinkie Pie kept looking she noticed his yellow hair, and in a blur of pink she bounced up and landed on his shoulders.

“And your hair, it’s…” Her sentence was cut short the moment she placed her hoof in his hair. “…it’s surprisingly smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch,” She finished her sentence while nuzzling her face within his hair, this made BlackWarGreymon feel really uncomfortable and really annoyed.

“Get off me!”

With quick thinking, Twilight instantly used her magic to teleport her pink friend back on the ground. Then she asked a question that she was fascinated in.

“So, what’s the Digital World like?”

“Just like Digimon the whole world is also made from data. And if you don’t include the evil and the constant wars, you could say it’s quite peaceful.”

Hearing his answer made the Mane Six feel more concerned. Although they battled evil before but in had been a very long time since Equestria was involved in a war.

“Evil? You mean evil Digimon!? They must be quite powerful if they can cause a war,” Twilight said in a worried tone.

“They are, that’s why other Digimon have to digivolve to become stronger to fight that evil.”

BlackWarGreymon stated, again he used a word that the girls never heard of.

“Wait hold up, what do ya mean by digivolve?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow.

BlackWarGreymon sighed due to the amount of questions he’s getting.

“How simple do you want me to explain it?” He asked.

“So Rainbow can understand,” Applejack said with a smile on her face.

While the other girls were snickering with Applejack, Rainbow Dash was giving them a glare, clearly annoyed. But BlackWarGreymon’s response made them laugh even more.

“Oh dear.”


As the girls calmed down, they payed close attention to the Digimon.

“Digivolving is like going through life cycles. All Digimon start as a Digi Egg, once it hatches the Digimon goes through Fresh level and then In-Training level. Once a Digimon enters Rookie level, they start getting stronger and with their newfound powers, they are capable of fighting.”

As he continued, Twilight was taking it all in so she can remember every detail of his description. The others were confused at first but were starting to understand.

“As a Rookie Digimon reaches peak fitness and strength, they can digivolve into Champion level. Most Champion Digimon can reach to a size of a building or even bigger. In some cases a Champion can digivolve into an Ultimate level Digimon. With their size either increased or decreased, their power and strength multiplies.”

The Mane Six got surprised looks on their faces.

“You mean even if an Ultimate is smaller than a Champion, they’re even stronger?” Applejack asked.

“Yes, but it doesn’t end there,” He answered. The girls were beyond surprised, thinking that the Ultimate level was already strong enough.

“To most Digimon, the Ultimate level is their limit. But only a few can reach a level that’s considered by many as gods. The Mega level.”

The Mane Six’s eyes went wide as their mouths dropped.

“What’s more surprising is that when a Mega level is unlocked, a Rookie can warp-digivolve to a Mega at will. And if they want to, a Champion, Ultimate and Mega can de-digivolve back into a Rookie.”

After taking it all in, Twilight asked an inevitable question.

“Wow… so, what level are you?”

“I am a Mega.”

The Mane six had a look of astonishment on their faces.

“A Mega!? No wonder you defeated Tirek so easily,” Rarity said while thinking back to the fight.

“So um… when a Digimon digivolves, do their powers change as well?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes, their names and appearances can also change,” BlackWarGreymon said while looking at his three clawed gauntlet.

Then Twilight asked another question.

“Since that’s your Mega form, what’s your Rookie form like?”

“I never had one, I was always a Mega,” He said before his eyes went wide with realisation that he didn’t think before he spoke.

He was bombarded with so many questions, he forgot that since he’s staying in Equestria to become a good guy, he has to hide the fact that he was once evil.

“You were born a Mega!? How was that possible?” Twilight asked, eager to know the reason.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think, he had to make something up. He knew if they found out that he was a creation for evil, they would distrust him and treat him as a threat. Although he knew he has to tell them the truth eventually but for now, he has to hide his secret.

“I guess… I was just lucky.”

Despite his simple answer, the girls seemed to believe him. Except Applejack. Being the Element of Honesty she always knows when someone tells a lie, and the Digimon’s answer definitely felt like a lie.

In curiosity, the orange Earth Pony started to test him.

“Are you sure?”

Her response made the rest of the group look at her with confused expressions. BlackWarGreymon however was more surprised.

“What do you mean?” He asked with a hint of alarm in his voice.

“I mean, well from the way you answered Twi’s question, it sounded like it wasn’t true.”

‘She’s onto me!’

“I think there’s somthin’ more to it than you’re letting on. Isn’t there?” She asked with a raised eyebrow in a suspicious way.


Before BlackWarGreymon could even make a word, Rarity joined in, knowing full well that Applejack was always honest.

“Is Applejack right? Is there something you’re not telling us?”

The armoured Digimon was starting to feel uncomfortable with the tension, but Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were defending him.

“Whow, now hold on AJ. Don’t start saying he’s a liar!”

“Yeah, he just saved us from Tirek, remember?”

Unexpectedly, Twilight answered Pinkie Pie’s question.

“I remember one thing, Pinkie,” She then turned to the Digimon. “BlackWarGreymon, before your fight with Tirek, you mentioned that you were evil. What did you mean by that?” She asked with a worried tone.

BlackWarGreymon froze in place, knowing that she was right. He did say that.

“What are you getting at Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked in a serious tone.

As the five pones started to argue, BlackWarGreymon was starting to get a major headache. He grasped his head with both his hands and closed his eyes tight, hoping to shut out the arguing mares and clearing his mind. But it wasn’t working.

As the argument continued, his headache was starting to hurt him. Fluttershy, who was the only one not involved in the argument, noticed BlackWarGreymon’s distress.

“BlackWarGreymon sir, are you feeling ok?” The concerned Pegasus asked gently, but it fell to deaf ears. The headache was causing him great pain.

Soon the pain got completely unbearable and soon enough, he screamed.


The sheer volume of his war cry was enough to snap the girls out of their argument and brought their attention to BlackWarGreymon as he raised his right arm in the air.


He then smashed his raised gauntlet straight into the ground in the middle of their circle. As dust was thrown in the air and a shockwave traveled through the ground, everything fell silent. When the dust settled, the Mane Six were all staring fearfully at the angered Digimon who was taking in deep breaths, trying to calm down.

After pulling his three-clawed gauntlet out of the ground, he rose to his feet.

“I might as well go. I don’t want to cause anymore arguments among friends,” He stated before turning around to walk away. Shame, because things were going so well.

After taking a few steps he suddenly felt pressure on his left leg, only to discover Pinkie Pie clinging on in an attempt to stop him leaving.

“Please, don’t go!” She said while tightening her grip on his leg.

Before BlackWarGreymon said anything, Twilight caught up with him. She was startled at first when the Digimon looked at her with a fierce glare, but quickly recomposed herself as she talked.

“Look, BlackWarGreymon we’re… we’re all sorry for upsetting you. It’s just… well…” Before Twilight could finish, BlackWarGreymon interrupted.

“No Twilight, you and your friends have every right to be suspicious. I admit I don’t exactly look friendly. And… I apologize for lashing out like that, I’m still new to this whole friendship thing.”

The Mane Six’s faces softened with a hint of sadness as they listened, now feeling sorry for him. But he wasn’t finished.

“And presides…” He paused to take a deep breath. “…Applejack’s right.”

The mares has a look of surprise as they turned to the orange Earth Pony.

“I am?”

“Yes. There is something I’m hiding from you,” He admitted, knowing that he had to tell the truth. Twilight knew that this must be some kind of secret and tried a different approach.

“You know, you don’t have to tell us.”

BlackWarGreymon’s expression saddened a bit as he responded.

“I must. It’s better for you to know now than later.”

“Well… if you’re sure… than ok.”

Twilight sat back down with her friends, followed by Pinkie Pie who let go of the Digimon’s leg. And with him, they all sat back down, completing the circle.

“You see, the reason I never had a Rookie form…Champion form and Ultimate form, is because that I’m no ordinary Digimon,” He explained, making the Mane Six’s eyes widen a bit.

“Why is that?” Rarity asked, earning a sigh from the Digimon.

“In order for you all to understand, I need to tell you the full story,” BlackWarGreymon stated.

“It’s ok, it could help us in our understanding of your world,” Twilight said while the other mares nodded in agreement. Except Pinkie Pie who brought popcorn out of nowhere, knowing this could take a while.

“OK. A while back, the Digital World was at war. Evil Digimon appeared with schemes to take over the world. But with help from some heroes from another world, the good Digimon fought back. Time and time again the good were victorious in battle, and evil were pushed back,” He said before being interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Sounds to me that the good guys have got it under control.”

“They had.”

“Had?” Twilight asked, letting BlackWarGreymon continue with his story.

“You see, an evil Digimon named Arukenimon, came up with quite an affective plan. She tricked a boy from another world into helping her design and build giant dark towers, which were called Control Spires,” He said while using his claws to draw an accurate design of a Control Spire in the dirt for the girls to see.

The Mane Six didn’t know why, but just the look of it sent shivers straight through them.

“What were they used for?” Fluttershy asked while she and the others turned their attention back to the armoured Digimon.

“They were designed to release energy waves that can prevent Digimon from digivolving,” The Mane Six’s response was a collection of gasps. “With the good Digimon stuck in their weaker forms, evil began to spread and conquer vast areas. That is, until the good Digimon tried something new, armour digivolving.”

The girls listened on with looks of astonishment.

“Because armour digivolving was unaffected by the Control Spires, the heroes destroyed them one by one, and eventually helped the boy who has been taken and made him good.”

“Well that was nice of them,” Applejack said with a smile.

“Yes, but the fight was far from over,” His sentence brought more attention from the Mane Six.

“After that, Arukenimon took a different path. Using her special technique called Spirit Needle, she can use the Control Spires to create Digimon of her own,” The girls were jaw dropped at hearing this.

“You mean like… artificially?” Twilight asked with shock in her voice.

“Yes. That’s why they were known as Artificial Digimon. Although they look identical to their original counterparts, but what makes them different is that they’re mindless, without mercy and completely obedient.”

The Mane Six couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“You mean they only take orders from the one who created them?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Yes, but despite this being an advantage on the evil Digimon’s behalf, they were continually being destroyed and Arukenimon kept retreating to fight another day. Due to her losing streak,” BlackWarGreymon said with the last thing he said being a joke, earning some giggles from the Mane Six.

However, BlackWarGreymon’s mood was darkened when he spoke again.

“That is, until one day… it all changed.”

“What do you mean? What happened?” Twilight asked while she and her friends were starting to get worried.

“You see, Arukenimon used one Control Spire to create either a Rookie or Champion level Digimon. And when she wants to create an Ultimate level Digimon, she used ten Control Spires.

“Yes,” The Mane Six said while taking down that he said.

BlackWarGreymon was now finding it difficult to finish, knowing that what he fears was fast approaching. He closed his eyes as he continued.

“Well… she got so fed up of losing, she decided to use one hundred Control Spires to create her first and only Mega level Digimon,” He paused for a second to take a deep breath and when he opened his eyes, he finished his sentence.


The Mane Six suddenly gasped in horror and disbelief of what they just heard.

“Yes, I’m an Artificial Digimon!” His expression saddened further. “Do you fear me now?”

As the Mane Six were slowly backing away from BlackWarGreymon while staring at him in terror, Fluttershy figured out that something wasn’t right.

“Wait a second!” Her sudden outburst gained everyone’s attention. “You said Artificial Digimon were mindless and obedient. But you’re not like that, aren’t you?”

Hearing her made the other girls realise that she’s right. Everything BlackWarGreymon said, and the way he speaks was clearly not from a mindless creature, but from an intelligent one.

“She’s right. How is it that you’re different?” Twilight asked with concern as she and her friends sat back together.

“Well, due to the vast amount of Control Spires used in my creation, it gave me more than just life. It gave me a conscious. A mind of my own. That and my own personality,” The Mane Six were awestricken at what they’re hearing.

“Wow… so in a way you’re just like, a normal Digimon?” Twilight asked.

“I guess so, and at the time I didn’t know what my purpose was or why I was created. So I disobeyed Arukenimon and fled to find my destiny.”

“Wow, that’s deep,” Rainbow Dash said, clearly moved by his words while BlackWarGreymon continued.

“At first I thought my meaning in life, was to find an opponent who’s worthy enough to fight me. Even if it meant fighting other Digimon to do so,” The girls were shocked to hear this.

“Y-You… harmed the innocent?” Fluttershy asked with a hint of sadness and disbelief.

BlackWarGreymon looked at the ground in shame.

“I’ve done more than that. I’m not proud of what I did. I even went to a point where I threatened the Digital World itself,” He admitted.

“What did you do to cause that?” Applejack asked while the other ponies leaned in close.

“The Digital World was kept in balance by objects called Destiny Stones, and I thought my destiny… was to destroy them,” The girls gasped again at hearing this.

“Did…did you actually do that?” Twilight asked while her expression saddened.

“Almost. When there was only one left, one of the four mythical Digimon named Azulongmon appeared,” BlackWarGreymon explained.

“A MYTHICAL DIGIMON!?” The Mane Six asked while being completely in shock.

“Yes, at first I thought that the guardian was the worthy opponent I was looking for. But just when I was about to fight him, he convinced me that there is more to life than fighting and that my life does have a purpose. It was a purpose I had to find for myself, so that’s what I did.”

“So… was that when you changed your ways?” Rainbow Dash asked in curiosity.

“Yes, but it was only when three other Digimon gave me advice at how friendship works,” He said while thinking back to his conversation with Agumon, Veemon and Wormmon. He then turned to Fluttershy. “And in a way, I have you to thank, Fluttershy.

This caught the shy Pegasus by surprise.


“Yes. If I wasn’t there to protect you, than I wouldn’t be able to piece together what my true purpose could be.”

“And that is?” Applejack asked while the others payed close attention even more.

“To protect the innocent,” He began to think back to that same pink flower that stayed in his mind for a long time. “The evidence was there, but I didn’t see it until just moments ago. I know I was created for evil, but being good actually felt right.”

His words warmed the hearts of the Mane Six.

“I think that’s why I’m here, to start a new life of doing just that.”

“Well… I’m proud that you think that way BlackWarGreymon, but there’s still one thing that I think we all would like to know,” Twilight stated while the other girls had looks of confusion.

“What’s that?” The Digimon asked the purple Alicorn.

“How did you get here?”

The other five girls couldn’t believe that they completely forgot about that subject. But listened to what BlackWarGreymon had to say.

The Digimon took a moment to think about it.

“Well… to tell you the truth, I’m not sure myself. But I think it had something to do with my…”

He flinched as his eyes went wide before he could finish his sentence. He then remembered when… it happened. The sharp pain in his chest and the agony he was in when he felt his entire body being hollowed out. He slightly felt the pain itself just by thinking about it.

He looked down at the ground as he placed his hand on his chest where his fatal wound once was. Fluttershy saw his expression and gasped, knowing full well what it meant.

“Something happened to you! Something terrible!”

BlackWarGreymon said nothing. But Fluttershy could tell from the expression in his eyes that he must have went through something truly horrible and equally painful.

In response, she placed her hoof against his leg in an attempt to comfort him.

‘Ohh… you poor thing.’

“Wait, so what did happen to you?” Rainbow Dash asked, but BlackWarGreymon just turned his head slightly away from her as he spoke.

“I…I don’t want to talk about it.”

Twilight could tell that this was something the Digimon truly didn’t want to discuss.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to tell.”

Hearing this made BlackWarGreymon raise his head to look at her.


All of them were then quiet for a while, the Mane Six literally had no more questions left to ask him after hearing his life story. Soon BlackWarGreymon broke the silence.

“Well, since I’ll be staying in this world, could be so kind to show me around?”

Hearing this made the girls smile brightly. The idea of him making more friends was making them ever so excited.

“Of course. We’ll be happy to show you around, Ponyville is literally just outside the Everfree Forest and…” Twilight was cut off by Applejack.

“Now hold on Twilight. Wouldn’t the towns folk be uhhh… freaked out from just lookin’ at him?” She asked while pointing her hoof at BlackWarGreymon. Twilight looked at him and realised Applejack was right.

However Rainbow Dash had an idea.

“Your right A.J, and I got an idea. Ponies trust us, so we can just walk into town alongside him so the others would think…” She was interrupted by BlackWarGreymon.

“That I’m holding you hostage to do my biding.”

Rainbow Dash didn’t say anything, realizing that he had a point. Twilight was next to make a suggestion.

“Well, since I’m a princess, I could give an announcement that he’s friendly.”

“It’s gonna take a lot of convincin’ for that to work Twi,” Applejack said before noticing Pinkie Pie with her hoof raised. “Yes Pinkie?”

“What if, we throw a party, and invite everypony!?”

“I don’t think that’s going to work, darling,” Rarity admitted, knowing that no one or no pony would turn up to a party for a scary looking creature from another world.

While the Mane Six were thinking of other ideas that could work, BlackWarGreymon looked at Fluttershy.

‘Hmm… she’s defiantly the shy type, so I reckon that the other ponies must know she’s shy around strangers. So what if…’ A light bulb lit up in his head as he came up with an idea.

“Girls, what if Fluttershy rides on my shoulder?” He suggested, leaving the Mane Six giving him looks of surprise and confusion.

“Me…why?” The yellow Pegasus asked with uncertainty, giving BlackWarGreymon a chance to explain.

“Although your kind and friendly, Fluttershy, but you are shy among strangers and fierce looking creatures like me, right?”


“Well, if other ponies see you riding on my shoulder, it shows that you’re comfortable around me, and…” His sentence was finished by Twilight.

“Make the citizens realize that you’re friend and you mean no harm. BlackWarGreymon you’re a genius!”

Her excited outburst made the other girls giggle in delight, while the Digimon felt appreciated from her positive comment.

BlackWarGreymon then turned to Fluttershy.

“So, you want to go through with that idea?” He asked her, at first the Pegasus was hesitant but was soon eager to help her new friend.


As they all stood back up, BlackWarGreymon examined his new friends and estimated that they were all roughly over three feet tall, while he was just over ten feet.

As if on que, Fluttershy flew up towards him and rested herself on his left shoulder.

“Comfortable?” He asked her.

“Oh yes, it’s surprisingly comfy,” She answered while making herself more comfortable.

BlackWarGreymon had to admit it, he was starting to like the idea of being kind and being so close to others who were friendly to him.

His thoughts however were soon interrupted by Pinkie Pie, who was jumping in front of him.

“Oh, oh, oh, can I ride on your other shoulder? Please, please PLEASE!?”

She was so eager to have a go she literally bounced high enough to look at the Digimon eye level. BlackWarGreymon however looked rather annoyed by this.

“No. The last thing I need is your high-pitched voice screaming in my ear,” His answer made the mare’s giggle, Pinkie Pie however was steamed.

“What! I don’t have a high-pitched voice!” She shouted in her high-pitched voice.

To prevent provoking him again, Twilight had to put a stop to this.

“That’s enough Pinkie.”

“Ok. Besides I’ve already been on his shoulder and felt his hair that’s soft and smooth…” Pinkie Pie was interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Ok Pinkie, we get the idea.”

“So, are we all ready to head back home?” Twilight asked while looking back at her friends.

“Lead the way, Twilight,” Rarity responded.

‘Well, here we go. No turning back.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, knowing that his new life was about to begin.

Soon they all left the clearing and made their way towards the Everfree Forest. Normally the Mane Six would be nervous or even scared to set hoof in the dense forest. But because BlackWarGreymon was able to defeat Tirek all by himself, they knew he’s more than capable of dealing with anything the Everfree could throw at them. Heck, he’s probably scarier than anything they would find in the forest.

Curious to see if Pinkie Pie was right, Fluttershy gently placed her hoof in BlackWarGreymon’s yellow hair, without him knowing.

‘You’re right Pinkie, it is surprisingly pleasant to the touch.’


Tartarus, a place where all the evil in Equestria were contained. Where the twisted creatures and evil warlords were banished and imprisoned. It was by all means to keep Equestria safe from harm and corruption. The gates of Tartarus, which acts as an entrance and an exit of the eternal prison, was guarded by a large three-headed dog named Cerberus. Always on lookout for anything suspicious.

But now, the inmates have a new prisoner.

Lord Tirek, one of the most powerful villains in Equestria, was stripped of his power, reduced to a size of a pony and trapped in a cage like a beast he was. Many ponies, even the princesses, were trying to figure out how Tirek escaped the first time. Many theories were made, but only Tirek himself knows the truth. It was the same as how he escaped the second time.

But know, all the Centaur could do was going over how the plan went disastrously wrong.

“CURSES!! My plan was brilliant! Perfect in fact! I had the ponies right where I want them!” He then began to think back to the warrior who wore black armour. “Then HE came along!”

He suddenly felt a dark presence outside of his cage, darker than any magic he possessed. He turned to its source and saw black mist circling on the nearest wall.

It was a portal. And inside, Tirek saw a silhouette of a bizarre looking being with demon-like horns, incredibly thin but incredibly long arms and a huge pair of hands, ending with five long claws.


Tirek was terrified, its appearance was one thing, but its demonic voice sent chills through his spine and into his soul.

“M-Ma-Master, it-it’s not what you t-think! It’s…” He was interrupted by his visitor.

SILENCE, YOU PERFETIC WORM!!! I don’t want to hear any more excuses!” He pointed his finger at the Centaur. “I freed you with the purpose to eliminate the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. But you couldn’t succeed in doing that one simple job!

“It’s not my fault, master! I had those ponies in my grasp, but then a creature from another world turned up and ruined everything!”

Tirek’s words made his master’s eyes shot open, revealing a hellish yellow colour.

Did you say…a creature? From another world?

“Yes. He was unlike any opponent I’ve ever fought.”

Again his choice of words caught his master’s attention.

Tell me more. Describe him.” The dark being demanded.

“Well, he looked like a dragon. But he wore armour. With a shield on his back and a helmet with three horns. Roughly ten foot tall and…” He was interrupted again by his master.

Wait… does he have hair? Did he wore three-clawed gauntlets?” He asked, the second question sounding louder than the first.

“Y-Yes he did. What, do you know him?”

Although ignoring the question, the first thing Tirek said made the dark beings’ eyes widen.

'It can’t be, It-It couldn’t be the golden one. Could it?'

While his master was thinking, Tirek spoke again.

“Master, please set me free. And I promise I’ll not fail you again.”

After his plea went to is masters’ ears, he responded back in a vicious tone.

You already failed me! TWICE IN FACT!! And you have the audacity to ask me to use up my energy to free you the THIRD time, so you can get beaten by weak and fragile ponies again!?” He shouted in rage.

“This time the ponies weren’t the ones who defeated me, it was that creature!” Tirek shouted in anger, but at the same time fearing for his life.

Enough with your excuses Tirek!! I think the idea of you imprisoned in Tartarus for all eternity is a far greater punishment then what I had planned.


You heard me. To put it in a way you would understand Tirek, YOU’RE FIRED!!!” He said while turning around to face away from his now former partner. As the portal was closing, sealing the link between Tartarus and his domain, the dark being could hear Tirek begging and pleading.

“NO! Don’t do this to me! I’ll do whatever you want! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!! NNOOOOO…”

Tirek’s voice was cut off when the portal closed permanently, leaving the dark being alone in his lair.

Huh. Creature from another world. If he told that to someone else, they wouldn’t believe him. Just another fib to hide the fact that he’s weak,” He then clenched his fists tight as let out a demonic chuckle.

But I believe him. If it’s not one of his excuses, then it means I’m not the only Digimon in this world.

Author's Note:

Sorry it took a while but after painful thinking of how to play this out, its ready. looking forward to hear from your comments and see you soon.

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