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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 8: Dragon Wars

Although Canterlot rests on the side of a mountain, but many of its neighboring mountains remains either unexplored or uncharted. The main reasons for this was either the area of the mountains were incredibly vast and that they hold many hidden dangers and mysterious creatures.

For a long time, many ponies went to explore the distant peaks. But none ever came back out alive. It was so dangerous that even the princesses themselves were nervous and decided that no pony should ever venture there. Despite the disappearances being a complete mystery to pony kind, the reason these ponies never returned was because they were all pray to hungry, carnivorous monsters. One of these terrifying monsters was the most feared of all and the one responsible for the abduction of Princess Luna.

The giant yellow serpent dragon.

Measuring at one hundred and thirty meters long, the beast was around for hundreds of years. And probably the longest dragon in Equestria history.

Like most dragons, this one also eats gems. But it mostly prefers fresh meat. And now Luna was on the menu.

After flying through a large cave in one of the mountains, maneuvering through long passageways, the giant dragon landed in the centre of a huge camber. The chamber being big enough for him to fly around in the shadows to tease his pray.

As he dropped the unconscious princess, the dragon sniffed her. Taking in her scent.

“Mmm…so delicious…” He said, unable to stop drooling from his desire to taste Alicorn blood for the first time.

Unfortunately for him, Luna regained consciousness and opened her eyes just in time to see the dragons’ gaping mouth, full of razor sharp teeth. Using her magic, she teleported away just moments before the yellow beast snapped its jaws to where she was.

The dragon however was not surprised. His Unicorn pray had done the same thing in the past. But in the end they never made it out of the cave. He looked around and saw the Night Princess reappearing a great distance away.

“What is this!? You dare try to make a meal out of me!” She shouted in rage, near enough to her famous Canterlot voice.

“That was the idea,” The dragon said before running towards the blue Alicorn.

Thanks to the dragon’s long body, the distance between him and Luna closed very quickly. Before he could chomp on her the second time, Luna spread her wings and took flight above the dragon’s head. Using her magic again, she fired a lightning-shaped beam of energy from her horn directly on top of the dragon’s head.

Just because she was of royalty, that doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself.

To a normal adult dragon, Luna’s magic attack would have been painful. But because of his size, the attack spell was more like a pinch to the yellow dragon.

Luna then tried to fly towards the exit of the cave, but the dragon too took flight and with greater speed, collided the side of his horns into the princess, knocking her out of the sky. The shock of the impact may have paralyzed her wings, but not her magic. The Alicorn teleported moments before hitting the ground and reappeared in the centre of the chamber.

She then looked all around to find the yellow beast, but couldn’t find him. She then looked up to the ceiling to see if she was blindsided, but to her surprise it wasn’t there too. She then realised he was hiding in the shadows of the cave walls.

Luna then heard a sinister laugh echoing through the chamber. Which was then followed by a voice.

“The thing that you fear, is only getting closer…”

Luna tried to turn her head to where the voice originated, but the echo made it sound like it came from everywhere.


The situation was starting to unnerve her.


Luna then darted her head everywhere in panic and frustration.

“…before your very eyes.”

The dragon then silently appeared behind her in the air, not making a sound. This was his technique on how to hunt his pray once he captures them and when they put up a fight. He hides in the shadows, intimidate his victim until they show signs of panic, lurk behind them and strike.

Unfortunately, the tactic didn’t work this time.

As he started to descend to strike, his stomach made a loud growl demanding for food. When the sound of the growl made its way to Luna’s ears, she quickly turned her head just in time to see the yellow beast approaching.

She immediately ran to one side and let out a scream of surprise when the dragon smashed his head to the ground, just inches away from her.

Using this to her advantage, Luna kicked her hind legs straight into the dragon’s left eye. After the beast roared in pain and clenched his injured eye with his claw, Luna took to the sky, flew around the dragon’s head and fired a magic beam into his right eye.

With the dragon in great pain and temporarily blinded, Luna then fired her magic beam on the oversized reptile’s face, creating small explosions as concentrated magic hit reptilian scales.

In a blind rage, the dragon waved his arms everywhere, hoping that his claws could land a hit on the assaulting Alicorn.

And it payed off. His claw swiped at Luna, sending her skidding across the ground and into the far wall. As the dragon rubbed his eyes to ease the pain and to see again, the Alicorn decided to use this opportunity to escape. She tried to stand up, but only to collapse back on the ground. She found out that she sprained her leg during the fall. She then tried to fly, but the moment she flexed her wings she felt a very painful sting. When the dragon hit her, his claw had apparently clipped her wing.

She had no choice, she had to use a healing spell on herself. But healing both her leg and her wing was going to take time. Time that she doesn’t have.

After regaining his sights, the dragon looked around and spotted the Night Princess. Seeing her in a state was making him fell hungry even more.

“It appears we’ve reached the end of the game, princess,” He said, sending a dead cold chill through Luna’s spine as he slowly walked towards her on all fours like a cat.

“W-what do you hope to g-gain from this?” Luna asked, her voice being shaky from the pain and the fear.

However, the dragon’s response made her eyes widen in pure horror.

“Your blood!”


The dragon explained.

“For many years I’ve feasted on your kind. You ponies are such easy prey. But out of all the ponies I’ve devoured, the Unicorns were far more to my liking,” As he continued, Luna was feeling dread and fear overwhelming her. “Unlike Pegasi and Earth Ponies, Unicorns possess magic. And it’s the magic that makes Unicorns taste so irresistible.”

He then remembered the time he first ate a Unicorn. He couldn’t believe the amount of flavour the one pony had. Since then the more Unicorns he ate, the tastier they become.

“And now you want to try me?” Luna asked, despite already knowing the answer.

“Yes. For a long time I’ve heard rumors about Alicorns. That they have the qualities of all three normal ponies. That their magic is more powerful than that of a Unicorn. For years I’ve always wanted to taste Alicorn flesh. And now it seems I’ve got my wish,” He said while crouching down in a pounce position like a big cat. Getting ever closer to the fearful princess.

Mountain peaks, not too far away

BlackWarGreymon kept on flying at high speed in the same direction where he took off back at Canterlot. As he flew by he was trying to locate the kidnapped princess in a similar way he once did with the Destiny Stones back in the Digital World. Flying around trying to find a massive power source and head to that direction.

He also had another advantage in his search. During his time with Princess Celestia, he felt her power signature. And since Luna was her sister, recognizing her power signature would be easy. But right now, the problem he’s facing was trying to find that power signature.

“It’s been some time since I arrived at these peaks. Surely I must feel her power by now.”

As if someone answered his prayer, BlackWarGreymon felt a power source. It was similar to Celestia’s so he knew it was Luna’s. But what was worrying him was how weak it suddenly became.

“No! I must hurry!”

There’s a good reason why he’s determined to save her. If he failed, he would lose his new friends and would then question his newfound destiny. He would be lead astray and eventually go on an endless quest to find his new purpose.

But he didn’t want that to happen. Not one bit of it.

Now homing in on Luna’s power source, BlackWarGreymon found a mountain with a large cave gaping out of it. Realising that the Alicorn was deep in the cave, the Digimon flew much faster until he was just a speeding black blur. Then without fear and hesitation, he flew straight into the cave.

Deep within the cave, main chamber

The dragon was now only inches away from Luna. Again and again the Alicorn tried to get back up, but because of her sprained leg and clipped wing she kept collapsing on the ground. The dragon then grew a sinister grin on his face, knowing that his struggling prey wasn’t going anywhere.

“Don’t worry, princess. This would only end quickly,” He said before slowly rearing his head back and opening his mouth.

Luna then started to tear up. The thought that it was the end for her and that she would never again see her big sister again was starting to become too much for her to bare. And that a huge row of dragon teeth lunging towards her would be the last thing she would ever see.

At least it would be, if fate hadn’t decided to save her.

A speeding black blur flew straight out of a passage way and into the main chamber, where it smashed upwards into the left side of the dragon’s jaw. The impact sounded like an explosion as the yellow beast was flown upwards while corkscrewing on the spot, in the direction where the black blur was heading.

Luna was so in shock of what just happened the only thing she knew was that something attacked the dragon.

After making his impact on the dragon, BlackWarGreymon flipped around so his feet were facing the oncoming wall. Soon after he landed on it, he pushed himself off the wall and flew towards the dragon in the exact same speed as before. This time he smashed into the dragon’s jaw on the right-hand side, leaving him corkscrewing in the same direction.

This time Luna saw what happened, something very fast was assaulting the yellow giant. At first she thought it was Rainbow Dash, because only she could fly at such speeds. But instead of a rainbow blur what the Pegasus makes, this one was black. Also there was no way a pony even like Rainbow Dash could easily hurt a dragon that big.

As Luna saw the black blur disappearing in the shadows, the dragon fell to the ground with a pain-filled jaw. At first Luna thought that his scales were sore from the beating, but as she got a proper view, it was something she didn’t expect a tall.

Underneath the dragon’s lower jaw, were two three-clawed slash marks. Luna was surprised. Whatever the black blur was, it was sharp enough to cleave through the dragon scales like a knife through hot butter.

Soon the dragon got back up on his legs and darted his head around. Then it reared up, standing on his rear legs to get better vision, but still he saw nothing.

“Who’s there!? SHOW YOUR SELF!!”

Luna too was looking around to spot the blur, but like the dragon she also saw nothing. But after a brief second, she saw the blur zoomed past over her head and straight into the dragon’s now exposed underbelly.

As the projectile collided into the pale yellow scales, the dragon felt the very air in his lungs being forced out. Immediately afterwards, the object pushed the dragon back with incredible force, and then smashed him into a wall, throwing up a massive cloud of dust and stones.

As Luna watched on in wonder, interest and surprise, she saw the black blur leaving the dust cloud and back into the shadows. Although it moved slower this time, Luna still didn’t know what it was. But she did saw a bit of the colour yellow in the blur.

Afterwards, the dragon flew out of the dust cloud and moved to the middle of the chamber, hovering above the ground. After releasing a roar of anger and defiance, the oversized drake spewed flames from his mouth into every dark part of the cave he could find. Illuminating the cave so he could either see his tormentor or flush it out.

As the flames start to die down, it seems the dragon’s plan didn’t work. But Luna just saw something move in the dying lights of the flames.

The dragon stayed in place as he used his supreme sense of hearing, using the technique to hear where his intruder was coming from.

This soon payed off. The dragon heard something approaching from behind.

With fast reactions, the yellow dragon used his long, spiky and surprisingly flexible tail to lash out and the object. Completely encasing BlackWarGreymon.

The dragon chuckled in delight as he tightened his grip.

“Hah, got ya!”

Then the dragon felt something moving in his coils, and then started to spin, slowly gaining speed.

On the ground Luna could see what was happening. She noticed that as the spinning was gaining momentum, the dragon’s tail was being reeled in like a fishing rod. By the time the dragon found out what was going on, his tail was completely rounded up and was now pulling him in.

“What the…!”

Before he could finish his sentence, his spinning captive started to spin suddenly much faster and the rest of him was pulled in, spinning around with his head sticking out and flailing everywhere.

“W-WH-WHAT I-IS T-THIS!?” He said while spinning and getting incredibly dizzy.

As Luna watched all this happening before her, she saw a column of black winds forming at the top and bottom of the coils. Creating a tornado. Disbelief was written all over her face as she saw the tornado getting bigger as it spun faster. She then realised these were no ordinary winds, because she could see that the dragon was in pain. As if the winds were hearting him.

Soon the dragon had enough of the spinning. But as he loosened his grip in his tail, he was sent hurtling out of the black tornado and straight into a far wall. Now with nothing holding it back the tornado immediately grew even bigger, the top touching the cave ceiling and the bottom scrapping the ground.

Luna was at a safe distance away, but her fur was blowing madly from such a force.

After getting back up in the air, the dragon’s eyes glowed in rage. And then spewed a sea of fire straight at the tornado. Unexpectedly, the fire ignited the black winds and within moments, the entire tornado combusted into flames, turning into a fire tornado. Both Luna and the yellow dragon had to cover their eyes as the column of flames lit up the entire chamber. As the fiery light died down enough for them to open their eyes, the reptile and the Alicorn saw a black silhouette spinning in the heart of the tornado of fire.

Shortly, the fire tornado started to dissipate. As it did, the spinning silhouette started to slow down. As the last of the flames died around him, with an outward slash of his Chrome Digizoid claws, BlackWarGreymon faced the yellow dragon while dispelling the flames, revealing himself in all his awesome glory.

As the atmosphere in the cave suddenly got quiet, Princess Luna couldn’t believe her eyes. The armoured being was only five to six times bigger than the yellow dragon’s eyeball, but from what she saw he looked as though he had the strength of a full grown dragon. His strength betraying his size. But what was startling that even from a distance, he looked just like the description of the being in Twilight’s letter.

“Wait. Is… is he the one Princess Twilight wrote about?” She whispered to herself.

While Luna looked at the Digimon in awe, the dragon looked at him in hatred and disbelief. How could a creature that small be able to push him around like a ragdoll? If other dragons hear word about this, he would be a laughing stock to his species. Dragons would mock him and would make a fool out of him.

No. He can’t allow that. There’s only one way out of this mess. The dragon would have to fight him.

BlackWarGreymon just stared at the yellow dragon, who was many times bigger then himself. He didn’t look at the Alicorn because he didn’t need to. From what he got from reading her power signature, Luna was still alive.

But she was harmed, and he would not let the dragon hurt her again.

No matter what.

‘Background music’ ‘A Demons Fate by Within Temptation’

As the dragon’s blood red eyes stared at BlackWarGreymon’s soulless yellow eyes, the beast released a loud roar of challenge and started to fly towards the Digimon. The black dragon warrior anticipated the obvious approach and flew straight towards the dragon. But with his much smaller size, he could fly much faster from starting point then the dragon. To the yellow lizard’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon flew at his face and wrapped his arms around the drake’s snout.

BlackWarGreymon then reared his head back and then slammed it in-between the yellow beast’s eyes. The sheer blow to the head forced the dragon closer to the ground. But BlackWarGreymon then flew down towards his head again and with his three-clawed gauntlet, he punched the dragon square in the face. Which was quickly then followed by a swinging kick.

The dragon forcefully crashed to the ground from the three beatings, just fifty feet from Princess Luna. The Night Princess was in shock. Her magic attacks hardly fazed the dragon but the armoured being managed to force the beast back by brute force alone. She then looked up just in time to see the digital being swoop down towards the fallen dragon, collided into his chest and pushed the colossal reptile back, creating huge groves in the ground. After a few seconds, he then flew to the dragon’s head. After grabbing the right side of the reptile’s face with his right arm below his jaw, BlackWarGreymon slammed the dragon’s head to the ground, creating a crater and some tremors.

The dragon was now pissed off. With an angered snarl, he flew back before moving towards BlackWarGreymon. Reaching his claws out, he grabbed the Digimon and slammed him into the ground while using his weight to squish him more.

Despite this, the dragon knew his intruder was still alive. While keeping a tight hold on the Artificial Digimon, he flew towards a cave wall and slammed BlackWarGreymon into it. He then flew upwards and then across the wall while pressing BlackWarGreymon against the wall. Creating a single grove in the stone.

While his armour was protecting him from the stone wall, it was the squeeze that was hurting him. Knowing that the dragon’s scales were not tougher then they look, BlackWarGreymon raised his arms into the air and impaled his Digizoid claws through the yellow scales and into the flesh underneath.

Weapons which were extremely deadly against draconic foes, Dramon Destroyers were specifically designed to kill dragons or dragon-type Digimon. In fact, Dramon Destroyer means Dragon Killer.

Feeling a sudden sharp pain in his hand, the dragon let out a roar of sheer agony. Pain he hadn’t felt in a long time. He then waved his arm around, trying to loosen the Digimon’s grasp.

It payed off. BlackWarGreymon lost his grip and was flung into a faraway wall, crashing through it on impact and surrounded by dust. The dragon then inspected his hand, clear as day he could see three puncture wounds as his blood leaked out.

During this moment, Luna heard a strange noise. She turned her head to see that it was coming from where the armoured being crashed. What startled her more was that she then saw what looked like black mist seeping out of the dust cloud.

Then she heard his voice.


Luna then saw him shooting out of the wall, covered in transparent black mists of energy and heading straight for the dragon. The yellow beast was too busy being distracted by his cut to notice BlackWarGreymon flying towards him at breakneck speed.

Like before, the dragon felt air escaping his lungs as the energized Digimon collided into his stomach. Only this time it was more painful due to the energy BlackWarGreymon was giving off. And like before, the Digimon pushed the dragon across the cave and into another wall, throwing up a giant cloud of dust as the ground trembled from the impact.

After mustering enough strength to stand back up, Luna stared at the dust cloud in complete shock. This was a kind of battle she had never witnessed before in her life. Normally, another giant dragon would have the strength to fight another like the yellow dragon, but this armoured being has that strength.

As she looked on, nothing seems to be moving in the dust cloud. But was startled when BlackWarGreymon flew out like a bullet, with the dragon following close behind. The Digimon did a massive U-turn that stretched to the ceiling, but the dragon was still giving chase. Then in mid-air, BlackWarGreymon quickly turned around and kicked the dragons jaw. The strength behind the blow knocked the dragons head back, but was soon back in hot pursuit as he chased the Digimon. BlackWarGreymon landed on a wall and then immediately jumped off, but the dragon followed his every direction.

As he flew to the opposite wall, BlackWarGreymon let out a sudden burst of speed and started to gain distance from the beast. As the Digimon reached the wall, he twisted his body around so he was facing the advancing snake-like beast with his feet pressed against the wall of stone. He then waited for the right moment as the dragon got closer.

“Can’t catch be, big guy,” He said, taunting and tempting the dragon to attack.

As the speeding dragon was only a few feet away, BlackWarGreymon pushed his feet against the wall, jumping out of the way from the dragon’s path. Afterwards, the dragon flew headfirst straight into the wall, making pain-filled grunting sounds as he released more dust in the air.

Princess Luna kept her eye on BlackWarGreymon as he flew back some distance away from the dragon. And to her confusion, the Digimon raised his arms in the air, putting his claws together and started to spin.


After spinning mush faster, black winds appeared and covered BlackWarGreymon’s entire body. He then made his way towards the dragon, just as the dust cleared. The yellow beast turned his head only to see a spinning black cone slamming across the right side of his face. Sparks flew everywhere as Chrome Digizoid armour made contact with tough yellow scales. The snake-like beast tried to recover, but before he could the spinning Digimon did a U-turn and slammed the dragon in the face on the left.

This process was repeated several times, assaulting the beast as sparks fly. After the tornado attack gave the dragon an uppercut to the chin, it flew over and behind the dragon. Thereby making its way underneath the beast and straight up to the dragon’s stomach. This time BlackWarGreymon spun mush faster, making the black tornado even bigger and, to the dragon’s surprise, pushing him clean of his feet and in the air.

Luna, now wide eyed and opened mouthed, kept on watching something that should be impossible as the dragon was lifted as his body spun in the same direction as the ever-growing tornado.

Then the column of black winds slammed the dragon into the ceiling. The beast roared in defiance as his body was spinning while his stomach being pressed into the stone ceiling.

To the dragon, this felt like being screwed in by a screwdriver.

After a few seconds, the dragon’s yellow wings caught a stray gust of wind and tried to use it to escape the swirling vortex. But because of all the spinning, the dragon was flung straight out of the tornado and crashed to the ground.

The tornado then began to shrink until the black winds was barely the size of BlackWarGreymon himself. After raising his head out of the ground, the enraged yellow dragon unleashed a stream of fire directly at BlackWarGreymon. As the fire got close, the Digimon flew back down to the ground with fire trailing from his hands. After landing on the stone ground, BlackWarGreymon stared back at the winged serpent who was a great distance away.

After a brief moment of silence, the ten foot tall Digimon charged at the one hundred and thirty foot long reptile, with the dragon charging back. As the two got closer, BlackWarGreymon brought his claws ready and leapt towards the dragon’s head. As he got nearer to the beast’s face, the Digimon turned into a black blur, moving so fast Luna couldn’t keep a track on him. But what followed next was a metallic slashing sound, and then BlackWarGreymon reappeared behind the dragon with his right arm pointing forwards.

Luna knew he slashed something. But what?

The dragon’s cry of agony brought forward her answer. She looked at the reptile to see the top two horns on the right side of his head sliced off completely.

After wailing in pain, the dragon swung his tail around and slammed it into the Digimon’s back, sending him flying into a wall. After shaking the pain off, the dragon raised his tail up in the air, as if expecting his tormentor to appear.

He didn’t have to wait very long, because BlackWarGreymon came flying out of the hole in the wall and towards the dragon yet again. But the beast was ready for him. The moment he saw him, he swung his tail down, intending to crush his opponent.

But BlackWarGreymon saw it coming. As the tail full of spikes came down on him, he crossed his arms together to block the attack. As he took the blow, the force of it pushed the Digimon’s legs through the ground, crumbling from the weight of the Digimon and the attack. But amazingly he wasn’t even fazed in the slightest.

Luna was undeniably impressed. This being from another world was scrapped across stone and thrown into a wall twice, but he still had the energy to keep fighting. Plus despite the sharp stones and dragon spikes, his armour hadn’t suffered a single scratch. She could tell that his armour, as well as himself, were incredibly strong and durable.


The dragon tried to squish the Digimon with his tail the second time, but again BlackWarGreymon blocked it with his arms formed into an X. smoke blew out of the dragon’s snout as he was getting more frustrated. He was determined to squish his intruder into the dirt.

With a roar, he raised his tail yet again and swung it down. But instead of blocking it, BlackWarGreymon raised his arms up and caught the tail in his hands.

The dragon was admittedly caught off-guard that the Digimon had the strength to catch such a large oncoming tail, but he was going to get a surprise of his life at what his opponent did next.

After gaining a firm hold on the dragon’s tail, BlackWarGreymon swung it over his head, unbelievably taking the rest of the lizard’s body with it. The dragon shrieked out in shock, surprise and defiance as the Digimon slammed him back-fist to the ground. He then did it again, throwing the dragon with impossibly immense strength overhead, then slamming his stomach and head to the ground.

Again, Luna watched the whole thing with a wide-eyed, open mouth look. This dragon was perhaps the longest dragon in Equestria, and yet the armoured Digimon was simply tossing him around like a broken twig.

“Such strength.”

After tightening his grip on the yellow tail, BlackWarGreymon flew straight up in the air. The dragon tried to dig his claws into the ground, hoping to anchor himself down. But the dragon was ripped from the ground and being pulled in the air by his tail.

Luna was speechless. This being not only had the strength to throw the dragon around, but he could pull the dragon while flying. No wander Tirek lost in a fight with him.

As he approached the ceiling, BlackWarGreymon tilted his body backwards and did a U-turn. This action resulted in the dragon getting slammed on the back of his head from the ceiling. As he dived halfway towards the ground, the Digimon threw the dragon downwards. Leaving the yellow beast to fall past the black dragon warrior and straight to the ground.

Despite the beatings, the dragon didn’t want to give up. With his eyes and mouth glowing a fiery red while covered in trailing dust, he rose from the crater and flew seventy feet away from the air-born Digimon. He then reared his head back with flames seeping out from the gaps in his teeth, and fired a concentrated fireball from his mouth. The fireball was twice the size as BlackWarGreymon and it was heading towards him.

But the Digimon would not dodge. He will show how tough he really was.

As it got in range, BlackWarGreymon gave the giant fireball a smash of a backhand. Deflecting the fiery sphere into a faraway wall. The Digimon then put his claws close together and to Luna’s astonishment, formed a red sphere of his own.


He then threw the sphere, which was the size of a full grown pony stallion, towards the dragon. As the ball of negative energy approached, the yellow dragon got his claws ready and threw his left arm forward, intending to slice the sphere in half. Like it did with other dragon fireballs in the past.

But this was a big mistake.

To the dragon’s horror, instead of being sliced in two the small red sphere exploded the moment it made contact with his claw. As the beast shrieked in pure agony, the explosive light engulfed his entire arm, causing him pain the likes he’s never felt before.

Luna’s eyes widen in surprise as the red light reflected off them. The fact that an attack so small could create a blast that big was unheard of.

“Such power.”

After the fight faded, the dragon looked at his pain-filled hand. Only to see smoke seeping from his scales, three of this claws almost burnt to a crisp and the claw that touched the sphere, snapped in half.

Then a red glow caught the dragon’s vision. As he turned to see it more, his eyes fell upon BlackWarGreymon preparing for another attack.


This time the negative red orb was three times bigger than the first one. The dragon immediately knows that no matter what he could do, the sphere would explode the moment it would make contact with him. As the oncoming red ball made its way to the dragon at high speed, the yellow beast attempted to fly out of the way. But because of his long body, he couldn’t fly fast enough. This ended up with the Terra Destroyer sphere to strike at the dragon’s back, in-between his wings.

Both the impact and the explosion sent pain through the dragon’s wings, freezing them in place. With his wings paralyzed from the pain, the dragon plummeted to the ground while roaring in agony.

Luna, who was at a great distance away from the dragon, stared at what happened to the yellow beast. Then her vision was fixed on BlackWarGreymon. He had shown the kind of power Equestria had never seen. And the fact that he’s using that power to help others was making it more unbelievable. But right in front of her, it’s true.

Some distance away, the dragon locked his blood red eyes on the princess of the night. Seeing her weak and helpless was making his hunger even more intolerable.

“No matter what happens, I WILL taste Alicorn blood,” He growled with his mouth drooling and teeth showing.

With a loud roar, the dragon launched himself forward and ran towards Luna, intending to eat her no matter what. Luna spotted the oncoming dragon and in a panic, tried to run. Although she had the strength to stand, she didn’t had enough to run very fast.

But luck wasn’t on her side. As soon as she started running, she tripped over a loose stone and fell back on the ground. She yelped in pain as her body landed on the sharp stone ground.

BlackWarGreymon witnessed all this. His newfound instinct was telling him to go and protect Luna by any means. Listening to his instinct, he flew down towards the danger.

With the pain keeping her from getting back up, Luna could only look on as the charging dragon was getting closer. Tears began to pour out of her eyes as it seems her fate had been sealed. Her mind processed the same thoughts she went through the last time this same dragon tried to eat her. She mentally prayed that she won’t die here and that she could live on with everypony who loves her with all their hearts.

It seemed her prayers had been answered.

To Luna’s surprise and relief, when the dragon was thirty five feet away from devouring her, BlackWarGreymon slammed his foot right onto the dragon’s snout, pressing him to the ground while halting the dragon’s movement.

Luna still couldn’t believe it, her saviour was battling something far bigger then himself, but wasn’t showing any signs of fear. He wasn’t afraid of the giant yellow dragon at all.

“Such bravery.”

BlackWarGreymon then leapt off the dragon and landed ten feet away while facing him. The dragon was getting fed up with it all. If it can’t chase the intruder away, then he just has to eat him.

With that in mind, the dragon lunged his gaping jaw directly at BlackWarGreymon. Although caught by surprise, the Digimon grabbed the dragon’s maw just in time. His left arm grabbing the lower jaw and his right arm grabbing the upper jaw. But because he wasn’t properly prepared, he was being pushed back. BlackWarGreymon tried to press his feet to the ground to slow down while using his strength to hold back the rows of teeth.

This soon payed off. BlackWarGreymon came to a halt. But what he didn’t realise was that he was just inches away from Princess Luna! The princess herself was frightened that the action was right in front of her.

The dragon was the one who noticed this and began to scrape his claws on the ground, trying to move forward some more to eat both of them. But BlackWarGreymon stood his ground, his muscles tensed as he held back the dragon.

That’s when BlackWarGreymon heard something breathing behind him. Turning his head slightly to see what it was, the Digimon’s eye only caught a glimpse of a starry blue mane. His eyes immediately widened in alarm at how close Luna was from certain death.

He realised that if the dragon pushed further and took a bite out of them, his armour and strength would protect him. But the Princess was a whole other story.

The dragon then got a firm grip on the ground and tried to push with all his might. BlackWarGreymon could feel his upper body being pushed back, but from realising what his destiny might be, he would not give up.


Then he realised something. If he fails to protect Luna, then his new friends would doubt him as their friend. He would question his new-found destiny and go on another painful never-ending search to find his purpose, even if it took him to the ends of the world.

This he definatly didn’t want to go through after being so close. This he will NEVER allow to happen. Because he made an oath to himself.

‘I promised myself to protect the innocent lives of this world. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Even if it costs me my life.’

BlackWarGreymon’s mind began to fill with an unbreakable determination.


Then all of a sudden, BlackWarGreymon felt a sudden adrenalin rush in his strength. Energy deep within him began to peak as his eyes glowed an intense white.

Behind him, even Luna could see the bright light escaping the eye sockets in the Digimon’s helmet-like head. While the dragon just stared in confusion.

BlackWarGreymon then felt something awaken inside his body. Something he would use against the giant yellow reptile.

After summoning enough strength, BlackWarGreymon yelled out as he tossed the dragon’s head into the air. As the beast started to bring his head back down, the claws on the Digimon’s right arm started to glow purplish blue.


As he uttered the first word, BlackWarGreymon swung his right arm downwards, creating a wave of purplish blue energy strong enough to halt and push back the dragon’s head. Then BlackWarGreymon’s claws on his left arm started to ignite in flames.


After saying the second word, the Digimon threw his left arm upwards. This time creating an upward wave of intense purplish red fire.

BlackWarGreymon had just unlocked a new ability.

The negative powered flames forcefully slammed against the dragon’s yellow face. Normally, dragons were completely unharmed by fire, since they could swim in lava. However, to Luna’s surprise, the dragon screamed out in agony as the flames scorched his scales, sending pain straight through them.


This left the dragon completely wide-open to attack. As BlackWarGreymon flew up under the dragon’s head, he wrapped his arms around the dragon’s lower jaw and gaining a firm grip on the yellow scales on the upper jaw. Effectively closing the giant mouth.

Using this strength and speed, the Digimon slammed the dragon’s head to the ground and pulled the beast across the stone floor. Away from the startled Luna so she was out of harm’s way.

With the pain from his burnt scales subsiding, the dragon dug his claws into the ground to anchor himself and then swung his head around violently, trying to force BlackWarGreymon to let go.

With a powerful swing, the dragon flung the Digimon off his jaw, sending him hurtling towards the ground. But BlackWarGreymon repositioned himself in mid-air, thereby landing his feet on the ground and facing the yellow dragon. As BlackWarGreymon began skidding across the ground backwards, he kneeled down and dug the back of his Digizoid claws into the stone floor. The end result was him slowing down, long claw marks imbedded in the ground and showers of sparks everywhere.

Soon BlackWarGreymon came to a halt and looked up at the now charging dragon. He had to admit, the dragon was putting up a much better than Tirek. Even though the evil centaur was more powerful.

As the dragon got closer in an attempt to eat BlackWarGreymon, the Control Spire Digimon was ready for him. Timing it right, he knelt down slightly to get out of the path of the rows of teeth. Then he grabbed the dragon’s chin with his right arm and used his claws on his left arm to gain a lock on the dragon’s lower jaw joint. Then using the strength in his left arm and the dragon’s own momentum, the Digimon threw the giant lizard into a wall behind him. With his head peeping through the newly formed dust cloud, the dragon’s eyes glowed bright red as his anger for the Digimon was building up. He then released his rage in a form of a powerful blast of fire from his mouth and towards his tormentor.

But BlackWarGreymon didn’t move. He just let the stream of fire approach him at high speed. What happened next was his entire body being engulfed in the flames while the ground around him was scorched and blackened by the intense heat.

As Luna looked on in shock and disbelief while trying to think what in Equestria the Digimon was thinking, the dragon pulled a sinister grin on his face, thinking that BlackWarGreymon was incinerated by the fire.

But his grin was instantly replaced by confusion and horror while Luna was speechless in both her mind and body. They saw BlackWarGreymon walking out of the firestorm, completely unharmed and unaffected by the flames, with balls of fire in his hands.

Unable to contain his frustration any longer, the dragon unleashed the loudest roar he could make and charged full speed towards BlackWarGreymon. While the dragon ran, the Digimon just walked towards the beast, completely without fear.

Then the beast leapt forward like a cat pouncing to his pray.


But as the dragon got closer, BlackWarGreymon swung his right arm outwards, slamming the back of his armoured arm into the side of the dragon’s face. This caused some of the lizard’s teeth to be dislodged and the dragon himself sent sailing across the air and landing in a pile of his own coils on the opposite side of the chamber.

Luna still couldn’t believe what was happening before her. The strength and power this being possessed, he clearly was a force to be reckoned with.

With an enraged roar, the dragon leapt in the air and landed on his feet, growling hatred at BlackWarGreymon.

“Enough of this! It’s time to end this fight!”

“I agree,” The Digimon answered back.

With that, both the yellow dragon and BlackWarGreymon leapt into the air while continuing to face each other.

At a safe distance, Princess Luna watched on with anticipation. She knew this battle was coming to an end, but with the biggest dragon in Equestria against a being from another world, she was unsure what the outcome might be.

But she would soon find out, from seeing flicks of flames from the dragon’s mouth and the red sphere in-between BlackWarGreymon’s hands.

The dragon was beyond infuriated. He was tossed around, thrown, punched, kicked, he had two of his six horns sliced off, his arm and back scorched and his scales scratched, chipped, pierced and burned. In all the fights he had in his life, this was the one he suffered the most. That’s why he’s going to give it all he got, putting all his strength in a fire breath the likes he never done before.

As the dragon reared his head back with flames leaking from his mouth, BlackWarGreymon was ready.


After raising his arms over his head, the red sphere grew to a colossal size. As he threw the negative powered sphere at the dragon, the yellow beast unleashed a powerful sea of fire.

Then the two powers collided in the middle of the chamber. Although the orange flames held the red energy ball in place, they can’t pass through. Even so, the forces from the two attacks shook the cave. Luna had to keep low to say on the ground.

Because the dragon’s attack was continues while the Digimon’s attack was just a concentrated ball, both the dragon and Luna thought the sea of fire would prevail.

But they were wrong. To everyone’s surprise, even BlackWarGreymon’s, the Terra Destroyer attack was starting to push through the flames. In desperation, the dragon tried putting more power into his fire breath, but the giant red sphere was ploughing straight through the flames.

Just as the dragon’s eyes grew wide in horror, the colossal red orb slammed into his mouth, creating an explosion that lit up the entire cave like a miniature sun. This also unleashed a powerful hurricane-like gusts that nearly ripped the stone environment apart. Although Luna had to shield herself from the winds and the blinding glow of the blast, for a brief moment she saw the great red light engulfing nearly all of the dragon.

She had just witnessed the power of a Mega level Digimon.

As the light died down, Luna saw the once formidable dragon falling out of the blast wave, with smoke seeping from his body but heavy smoke from his mouth. Upon closer inspection, anyone or anypony could see that nearly all the dragons teeth were either blown out of their sockets or simply turned into dust. As well as the dragon’s teeth, blood and yellow scales also fell from the sky.

Then the defeated dragon collapsed to the stone floor, limp from the final blow as dust rose from the impact.

Luna used her working wing to block out the sudden draft and the dust and debris that followed, keeping them away from her face.

‘Song end’

Once the breeze died down, Luna looked at the fallen reptile. Although beaten, the dragon was still breathing.

‘Background music’ ‘Hello Hello by Elton John’

After Luna cleared her throat from dust that may had passed through, she was breathing quite heavily from this legendary experience. The likes that she had never seen in her long life. The armoured being was like a rat compared to the size of the dragon, but his strength and power were phenomenal. It dwarfed her own a hundred times over. Then realisation put her on high alert, the powerful being may still be in the cave with her. She tried to spot him but because the environment around her was shrouded in dust, it was almost impossible. But she knew he was still around.

Then after hearing a loud almost thunderous thud, Luna turned to its source. Then she saw the Digimon’s silhouette through the dust. She saw his outline rising back up, standing tall.

As the dust thickened again, hiding the silhouette, Luna became curious of what kind of creature he was and how he possessed such power. Her thoughts however were interrupted by small vibrations through the ground and the sounds of footsteps in the air. Turning her attention back to where she saw the figure, she saw it again. But this time the silhouette was walking towards her.

Unsure of what his intensions were, Luna slowly tried to stand back up, closing her eyes tight for concentration. Either to turn and run or stand and face him. All the while the Digimon kept approaching, his appearance becoming clearer. Just as Luna finally stood to her height, pain once again struck her entire body, causing her to collapse.

She would have landed on the sharp stone ground if BlackWarGreymon hadn’t reached out to catch her, stopping her fall. Luna felt something holding her up. When she raised her head and opened her eyes to see who it was, she found herself looking into the eyes of her saviour.

As Princess Luna’s calm blue eyes meet BlackWarGreymon’s fierce yellow eyes, time suddenly seemed to have slowed down almost in an instant. As the blue Alicorn and the black Digimon continue to stare into each other’s eyes, with a gentle wind brushing digital and pony hair and mane, questions and confusion crossed their minds.

‘She’s safe now. But… why am I staring at her…beautiful blue eyes? D-Did I just used the word beautiful? Why did I used that word? I never used that word before. Why am I asking these questions? And…’ BlackWarGreymon then felt a warm presence deep within his chest. ‘…and what’s this…warm feeling in my chest? Is...Is it my heart? Why am I feeling like this? What’s come over me?’

‘There’s no doubt about it, he is the saviour Twilight foretold. His black armour, his claws, his hair and his eyes… his eyes are so fierce but…very intriguing, and amazing. Wait, why am I staring into his eyes? Why can’t I take mine off them? And…’ Luna suddenly found it harder to breathe as her heart rate increased. ‘…and why am I finding it harder to breathe? Why do I feel so…breathless? And why is my heart beating like this? Is it the exhaustion…or…is it him? What’s come over me?’

The two continued staring at each other, until Luna’s vision started to blur. Exhaustion finally overtook her, causing her to go limp and fall unconscious.

BlackWarGreymon was snapped out of his trance and looked at the Alicorn, who was asleep in his arms.

“Poor thing. She must have tried to fight the dragon herself. No wonder she’s so tired.”

He then looked over the exhausted mare. Even when she’s lying down, he could tell that she was taller than most ponies. But she was shorter then Celestia, about four foot eight inches in height. Like her older sister, she too had royal jewellery. A black crown, pale blue horse shoes and a black regalia around her neck, with an image of a crescent moon on the front. Her fur was dark blue and her cutiemark was of a crescent moon surrounded by a black patch. Just like Celestia, her mane and tail were also sparkling and waving as if they were in the wind. Because of the colour of her mane and the shinning twinkling lights within in them, it resembled the night sky.

BlackWarGreymon then heard the sounds of moaning from behind. He turned his head to see the beaten yellow dragon trying but failing to wake up.

“Guess it’s time to go,” He then looked down at Luna again. “Her sister must be worried sick by now.”

With that, BlackWarGreymon picked up the sleeping princess carefully in his arms, trying not to scratch her with his sharp armoured claws. After getting a firm hold on her, the heroic Digimon walked towards the exit. Then without making a noise, he took to the air and left the cave.

‘Song end’

Before he left however, the fallen dragon got a final look at BlackWarGreymon.

‘Impossible. It’s just an old dragon’s tale. But could it be true? Could he be… the Demon Lord?’

Author's Note:

Finally it's done! sorry if it took me quite a while, it took ages to try to make a fight like this as less gory as possible.

Now here it is, back by popular demand, the latest chapter to this surprisingly epic story.
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