• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 26: The Grand Galloping Gala

The time had finally arrived. The event that so many had waited for, possibly even months on end. A gathering to celebrate the founding of Canterlot and considered by many, the best night ever.

The Grand Galloping Gala.

Far and wide across Equestria, mares and stallions whom were given a golden ticket, had full access to what the Gala had to offer. Even a garden so some could either go for some fresh air or see the animals within its boundaries. Some of the invitations even went to the furthest edges of Equestria to be claimed.

Most of the invited guests took the Gala seriously, considering that they were posh ponies. Therefore, anything from loud noises to sugary foods were not accepted by them.

Because of it being a formal party, not a ‘fun’ one, Princess Celestia herself found the Grand Galloping Gala rather dull. In fact, she even once admitted that it was awful. That was why one year, she invited Twilight and her friends. The white Alicorn had hoped that the behaviour of the residents from Ponyville would ‘lighten up’ the Gala.

To Celestia’s delight, they succeeded. Though it did cost a big mess in the main hall, property damage and wild animals running loose. While the Canterlot ponies found that particular night to be a disaster, Celestia found it as an improvement.

Goes to show that even the Princess of the Sun had a wild side.

The princess hoped that the current Gala would also be a blast. If not, more so. Especially since she invited a powerful being from another world.

At the main gates to Canterlot castle, already there was a commotion. The Mane Six, the Cutiemark Crusaders and Spike the dragon were all standing mere meters from the entrance. All dressed up and ready to go. They were also receiving stunned glares from the Canterlot ponies. Perhaps they remembered the six mares from one particular year.

No. They were not staring at the Ponyville ponies directly. In fact, they were actually looking at their Digimon friend behind the group.


Arriving at Canterlot was less stressful for him. As he couldn’t fit in the carriage with his pony friends, he took to the air and used the cover of the night sky to fly undetected. But at the gates, he had to make a landfall.

BlackWarGreymon was nervous. He hoped that his fearsome appearance wouldn’t frighten the ponies. But word of his presence and his trust with the royal sisters should had made it clear that he wasn’t a threat. Besides, he was wearing a tuxedo. So it should be obviously clear that he was a guest.

BlackWarGreymon was also shy as well as nervous. It was the first time he wore a suit in his life, let alone in public. He wondered if he looked suitable enough to look proper for the Gala, instead of a fool of himself. Plus with the special lessons and lectures from Rarity, he would try to be on his best behaviour.

It however would be difficult. Since he was a warrior from another world who caused great destruction on a worldwide scale with his unbelievable powers and only just recently accepted friendship.

Before entering the main gates, Twilight and her friends all turned to face BlackWarGreymon. They could easily tell that he was nervous.

“You ok?” Twilight asked him.

It was at that moment when BlackWarGreymon finally understood the term ‘having butterflies in your stomach’.

“I’m not sure I can do this.”

As the ponies and dragon who knew him well grew concerned for the black Digimon, Rainbow Dash tried an attempt to boost his confidence.

“Come on, big guy. You defeated the most powerful villain in Equestria’s history on day one, and now you’re afraid of a little party? This isn’t the time to get cold feet. You must be bold, daring,” She said, trying to make him be like her.

“Bold, daring,” BlackWarGreymon repeated, growing more confident by thinking positive.

He had faced every obstacle thus far and passed. He would not back down from a challenge. Even if it was a party.

Rainbow Dash smiled as her plan worked. BlackWarGreymon recomposed himself and, with his smiling friends, took brave steps as they entered the entrance, to the Grand Galloping Gala.

Upon entering the hall towards the main stairway, the group were in awe at the decorations. It was a massive improvement from last time. The Cutiemark Crusaders were all letting out squeaks of joy and excitement.

“Ah can’t believe we’re at the Gala!” Applebloom cheered.

“I know, this is a dream come true!” Scootaloo added.

“I’m so excited!” Sweetie Belle joined.

BlackWarGreymon remained silent as he looked at his surroundings, taking in the sight. As he walked by, ponies who only heard of him all watched him in fascination. He looked like a fighter but was wearing a suit. A strange combination, but stunning at the least.

At the front of the group, Twilight Sparkle smiled in delight at the sight of Celestia at the base of the stairs. The white Alicorn wore an orange and white gown that matched her talent of raising the sun to bring day to all.

“Princess Celestia,” Twilight said, gaining her attention while marveling her dress.

“Twilight! It’s so good to see you and your friends here,” Celestia said with a welcoming smile.

“Wow. I really like your dress,” Twilight complimented. Then joined by Rarity.

“Same here. It looks marvelous on you, princess.”

“Thank you very much. You all look wonderful too,” Celestia replied before turning back to Twilight.

“Is BlackWarGreymon here?” She asked with a hint of excitement.

“He’s right there,” Twilight said as she pointed her hoof behind her.

Celestia looked behind the group and spotted the much formal looking Digimon. His black and yellow cape swayed back and forth as he walked towards her.

She had to admit it. When she sent him the invite, she thought he would turn the offer down. But she was glad that he decided to join. Plus, she was surprised that he was wearing a suit. She thought that his armour was appropriate enough. But she couldn’t help but let out a little blush from seeing the Digimon’s change of attire.

“Hello, your majesty,” BlackWarGreymon said, trying to get a hang of a formal tone.

“BlackWarGreymon. I’m so glad that you could come to the Gala. And I see that Rarity designed your new suit very well.”

“Thank you, Princess,” Rarity said while blushing in embarrassment and happiness.

“Yeah, she made this to match the way I look. Good to see that it worked,” BlackWarGreymon said as he inspected his sleeves.

His movements caused his top hat to slide forward and rest on his nose horn.

“But I’m not still not so sure about the hat,” He added as he pushed it back into place.

“Don’t worry, you can take it off once you and your friends go to the main hall. I’ll be announcing the upcoming events in there once I’m ready,” Celestia mentioned.

“Thank you Princess!” The Cutiemark Crusaders said as they rushed to the main hall.

Giggling at their excitement, the Mane Six, Spike and BlackWarGreymon followed them into the hall. As the dressed Mega walked passed her, Celestia gave him one more glance. She couldn’t help but smile at how much he had changed, and to try out new things just to be with his new friends. The white Alicorn could tell that the black Digimon was going to enjoy his very first formal gathering.

Upon entering the main hall, the group saw that everything had been redone to accommodate the vast number of guests. Buffet tables supplied high class food and snacks, as well as the bowl of punch. Dining tables were available for full-course meals. The big dance floor so clean one could see their reflection. And an open door to the Canterlot gardens, were guests could relax and enjoy the sight of the night sky.

“Don’t wonder off yet everyone. We still need to hear Princess Celestia’s announcement,” Twilight suggested, the others nodded in agreement.

BlackWarGreymon looked to a far wall and spotted a hat stand. Since he had arrived, he was free to put his top hat away. As he reached the stand, the Artificial Digimon placed his hat on the very top.

“That’s better,” He said, finding out that the hat was rather annoying.

Wanting to see what the punch was like after spotting it, BlackWarGreymon walked over to the buffet table. As he walked, the ponies who had never seen him before were talking amongst themselves.

“Hay, is he the one I’ve been hearing so much about?”

“Wow, it’s him. It’s the saviour. BlackWarGreymon I think he’s called.”

“He looks fierce. Almost like a dragon.”

“I hear he’s a close friend of the princesses.”

“Well I hear he’s from another world.”

“I bet he’s really strong.”

“I certainly agree. I mean… look at those muscles.”

Even though he was fully dressed, the outline of BlackWarGreymon’s muscular arms could still be seen.

After reaching the buffet table, the Digimon gently picked up a glass filled with punch. If he had no control of his strength, his hands could very easily crush the glass. Holding it near the area where his mouth should be, he took a sip. As the punch went through BlackWarGreymon’s mouth area, the liquid broke down into molecules and then transformed into data. Replicating the nutrients for his body and the taste of the punch.

‘Hmm… not bad.’ He thought to himself as he finished off his glass.

He was then brought to attention by someone’s voice.

“Hello again, my digi-pall.”

Turning to his side, BlackWarGreymon spotted the familiar being that was Discord. Dressed in an orange suit with a white undercoat, an orange top hat and a black cane in his lion paw.

“Oh, hi Discord,” BlackWarGreymon said, slightly uncomfortable about the Draconequus after learning about what he was like before becoming a friend to the ponies.

“Never thought I would see you al suited up, never mind going to the Gala,” Discord pointed out, admittingly surprised that the Digimon showed up.

“Celestia invited me. And I thought that coming here would help my social skills,” BlackWarGreymon explained.

Discord then let out a cheeky smile.

“Oh, that’s such a coincidence. Because Celestia had invited me too.”

BlackWarGreymon was a little stunned to hear that Celestia invited him too. Discord showed proof by holding up his own golden ticket in his eagle claw.

“Wow. So she did.”

Discord then let out a chuckle before making a hint on something that he really wanted to talk about with the black Digimon.

“Well between you and me, big guy. I think she has a soft spot for renegades like us two.”

BlackWarGreymon’s mind briefly froze as his eyes widened slightly. Does Discord know about the truth about him?

With his mind uncertain, the Digimon tried to act as if it was nothing.


Discord retaliated by waving his clawed finger side-to-side in disapproval.

“Now don’t play dumb with me, BlackWarGreymon. I know full well that you were once a villain yourself.”

Discord’s statement left BlackWarGreymon in a state of shock and disbelief.

“H…h-how did you know about that?!” The Digimon demanded. His voice almost like a harsh whisper.

“Oh please. You’re not the only one who can sense energy from others. The moment we first met, I definatly felt a great chaotic aura from you,” Discord explained.

Realising that there was no point in hiding the truth anymore, BlackWarGreymon confessed after letting out a sigh of defeat.

“Yes, I admit it. I was indeed evil once.”

Discord performed a fist bump in victory.

“Yes. Now I finally have someone to relate to.”

“I doubt that, Discord.”

The Draconequus gave BlackWarGreymon a questionable look.

“Whatever do you mean?”

The Mega explained his meaning.

“You were evil just for the fun of it. I did it because I had no choice. I thought it was my way of life, but I was wrong.”

Despite the differences, Discord continued pestering the Digimon.

“Even so, I bet you had spread chaos in your world. Do tell, what was the most chaotic thing you’ve ever done?” He asked as he sipped his own glass of punch.

Although he was reformed, chaos remained to be Discord’s main interest.

“I would rather not say,” BlackWarGreymon said, much to the disappointment of Discord.

“Oh, pretty please?”


“Pretty pretty please?”

“Uhh… If I tell you now, will you stop asking?”

As the two former villains talked amongst themselves, they hadn’t realised that Celestia’s announcement had already begun.

“Greetings mares and gentlecolts. I welcome you all to this year’s Grand Galloping Gala.”

The crowd briefly applauded to the dressed Sun Princess before she continued.

“Thank you everypony. Now I like to say that with the upcoming events for the Gala, I hope that this night would be the best night ever. And now to tell you the details of what we have planned for you tonight, attending to the Gala for the first time in over a thousand years, Princess Luna!”

The ponies in the crowd mumbled in surprise. To those whom attended the Grand Galloping Gala before, Luna herself never appeared in one. So no wonder the momentous news confused them.

Though hesitant at first, the princess of the night walked on stage beside her sister.

All the mares gaped in astonishment at how stunning the blue Alicorn looked. The gentlecolts were all gaping… for the same reason… kind of.

At the back of the crowd, BlackWarGreymon told Discord one of his acts of villainy in the Digital World. Leaving the spirit of chaos stunned.

“So, let me get this straight. By nearly destroying all the stone thingies, you not only threatened the existence of your world, but you nearly threw off the balance of another world? In short, you threatened two whole worlds? By doing one small thing?”

“Yes I did. I thought destroying the Destiny Stones would lead me to my answers. Good thing I was talked out of destroying the last one.”

Discord paused. The most chaotic thing the Draconequus had ever done was turning all of Equestria into his personal paradise. Discord may be the spirit of chaos, but even he would never do something like destroying the world.

The spirit couldn’t help but feel that the Mega level Digimon in front of him was more hardcore than himself.

“Wow……I mean look at me. I’m over a millennia old, even older than the princesses, and not once I thought of destroying a world instead of taking over it. I bet you must have at least a few years of experience to think of something like that.”

“As a matter of fact, Discord. I’m four months old.”

Discord suddenly felt awkward of the situation. BlackWarGreymon was technically a new blood and yet he’d done a more higher degree of evil than the Spirit of chaos himself. Discord then cleared his throat before speaking.

“Ok big guy, the most chaotic event I’ve ever done…was…”

Discord’s speech was put on hold as his was distracted from the familiar yet new sight on the main hall stage. His mouth was slightly agape.

“Hmm? What were you saying, Discord?” BlackWarGreymon asked as ne noticed Discord’s lingering sentence.

He then noticed that the ponies around him were all staring in the same direction as he heard one of them muttering.

“Wow, look at her.”

Confused at what was going on, BlackWarGreymon followed their gazes.

“And what are they all staring aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…?

BlackWarGreymon’s voice also lingered as he looked at the stage. Just like the Draconequus and the ponies, he too was amazed beyond belief.

On stage next to Princess Celestia, there stood the familiar sight of Princess Luna. But the dress she was wearing was all too new. Like her older sister, her gown reflected her talent of bringing night to Equestria. Her dark blue dress was attached just behind her wings and reached down to the floor, covering her hind legs while her tail was out through the back. The dress was adorned with white wind-like swirl patterns, white fury bands, a crescent moon on the back and the whole thing was glittering in the lights. Much like her mane. The two belts that attach the dress to her newer looking regalia were crescent moons joint to several stars. A length of sparkling light blue transparent fabric draped over her shoulders that reached down in front of her forelegs. It too was attached to her stunning gown. Her mane behind her ears were styled to fall to the sides of her neck. And as a finishing touch, a white rose was placed on her left ear.

Overall, it was a style so new that it wowed both the gentlecolts and the fanboys alike.

As he looked in awe at the newly dressed Luna, BlackWarGreymon again felt the warm feeling in his chest. But unlike the times before when it happened, the warm presence felt much stronger. But then, two new reactions followed. The Digimon felt that his heart was beating much faster, almost like a million miles an hour. He then found it hard to breathe, it was like the sight was taking his breath away.

“Heavens above. She’s… she’s so beautiful. Almost like an angel,” BlackWarGreymon quietly said, his mind trailed off with his voice.

Up on stage, Luna explained the details of the Gala to the crowd.

“Good evening everypony. As what my sister, Princess Celestia said, we have exciting events planned for you. Firstly, we have an open dance floor for a series of slow dancing of your desires. Then we got a thrilling performance by none other than the Wonderbolts. And finally, to finish off the spectacle, we have an impressive firework display.”

The crowd applauded afterwards.

“I hope all of you will have a wonderful night, and enjoy the Gala,” Luna added, receiving more applause from the party guests.

As the crowd dispersed, Discord and BlackWarGreymon remained at the buffet table.

“Wow, wouldn’t have thought that Princess Luna would be here too. Wouldn’t you agree?” Discord asked BlackWarGreymon, but the Digimon was too distracted to listen. He was deep in his thoughts as he blankly stared at the floor.

‘Again with this feeling? Why is Luna causing this reaction? And what’s with those other reactions? I could hardly breathe at that moment.’

Despite his confusion, BlackWarGreymon felt that he would soon find out the answers.

“Hello. Is anyone in there?” Discord asked as he knocked on the Digimon’s head like a door. Causing BlackWarGreymon to bring his attention back to reality.

“Oh, Discord… can you excuse me for a moment.”

Without even receiving a reply, BlackWarGreymon walked past Discord. Leaving the spirit both confused and planning something for his amusement.

At the back of the stage, Luna let out a sigh to relax herself. She was indeed nervous about making an appearance in the Gala.

Celestia then wrapped her wing around her little sister for a quick hug.

“Well done, Luna. That was an impressive speech,” Celestia said before letting go of Luna and making her way towards one of the corridors.

Left alone, Luna took in another deep breath to relax herself.

“My… that was intense.”

Then to her surprise, she heard a voice calling out to her.

“Hay, Luna!”

Surprise turned into delight since Luna recognised the voice. She definatly felt her mood improving by the second.


Her voice suddenly froze as she turned around, only to see the Digimon in formal attire of his own. Luna was impressed at the kind of style of the suit BlackWarGreymon wore, and seeing the fabric drapes and the yellow and black cape swaying in the air behind him made his overall look all the more stunning.

The blue Alicorn was speechless. She just couldn’t believe that her favourite Mega was really at the Gala with her. Her face started to show signs of blushing, and her heart felt like it just skipped a beat.

The same could be said about BlackWarGreymon. As he walked closer to the night princess, more and more of her beautiful appearance became apparent. Beyond the Digimon’s control, his heartbeat raced as his walking pace slowed, almost to a complete stop. Not knowing why, and for the very first time, he suddenly felt shy and nervous as he looked at the blue Alicorn. His movements and his speech became too hesitant to respond to the Digimon’s command. If he was a computer, he would be on the verge of crashing.

‘Wha…What’s going on? What’s wrong with me? Why am I so nervous all of a sudden? W…why am I acting like this!?’

Though his mind panicked, his body was showing no signs of any struggle. It was a kind of battle that BlackWarGreymon may not win.

“Sorry BlackWarGreymon. But are you feeling ok?” Luna asked after finally snapping out of her own state of awe.

‘She’s talking to you! Quick, say something!’ The stunned Digimon thought, as if he was trying to shout at himself.

After getting a grip on himself, BlackWarGreymon spoke up without thinking first.

“Oh… forgive me Luna. Sorry it’s just that…well…you look beautiful.”

BlackWarGreymon’s reply wasn’t the kind that Luna expected. It was so sudden. The moment he mentioned her beauty, the princess’s face literally turned red. She then tried to hide it by averting her gaze to the side.

BlackWarGreymon too was shocked at what he said.

‘Wait! I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud!’

After calming down, Luna seemed to have appreciated the surprise comment.

“W…well…thank you…BlackWarGreymon. D-Do you really think… I’m beautiful?” She asked as she stroked her mane. Her voice showed a hint of shyness.

Seeing the Alicorn doing something cute made BlackWarGreymon’s nerves go into over drive. Then his reply again made Luna blush in flattery and embarrassment. But mostly flattery.

“Definatly. I mean your dress makes you look so stunning.”

‘Seriously, shut up!’ He thought to himself. Trying to stop himself from talking from his mind.

Luna smiled warmly after hearing the black Digimon’s words.

“I’m… I’m so flattered by your words. And I think that… you look very handsome tonight.”

Finally engaging in proper conversation, BlackWarGreymon could think straight and talk not from his conflicted mind.

“T-Thank you, Luna, Rarity kindly made it for me,” He said as he looked down at his tuxedo.

“It really does suit your style. And…well…I’m happy that you could come to the Grand Galloping Gala,” Luna said, finally regaining composure of herself.

BlackWarGreymon felt incredibly relieved that Luna welcomed his company at the Gala. Then as he replied to her, he decided to tell her the truth.

“Yeah. Twilight said that this would help improve my social skills. But… to be honest, the real reason I came here… is to see you again.”

What BlackWarGreymon said not only caught Luna by surprise, but it made her happy on the inside.


“Yes, Luna. To tell you the truth, I enjoy the times when we talked together. No matter how short. And since you and I are a lot alike, it felt nice talking to you about things that would make others uneasy. If you know what I mean.”

Luna was so moved by BlackWarGreymon’s kind words, she was practically speechless. Indeed, she knew exactly what he meant and understood why it would scare any other pony. Truth be told that she only attended the Gala because the Digimon himself was going. And the things he said, she felt the same way. She felt that he was the ideal one to talk to if she had any problems.

BlackWarGreymon felt strange upon realising the words he just said.

‘Wait. What I just said. Was I… speaking from the heart? How did that happen?’

Luna’s expression softened even more as a blushed smile took form. She was happy and amazed that BlackWarGreymon would risk embarrassing himself at the Gala so he could get to talk to her.

“That… that was so nice of you to say. Thank you.”

The Mega Digimon didn’t know what just occurred or why he talked so openly, but he felt good that it happened.

The two continued to silently stare at each other for a few more moments, until they were interrupted by a mare who was addressing the Alicorn.

“Ah, princess. I know this is the Gala but I have some important discussions I must have with you. Please follow me.”

Because that the sudden voice started Luna, she didn’t think properly before agreeing.

“Oh, very well.”

As she turned to follow the mare towards one of the corridors, Luna realised what she just said. She looked behind her at BlackWarGreymon with a somewhat saddened expression.

Knowing that royal duties come first, and that there was plenty of time left, the almost stunned BlackWarGreymon spoke up.

“So I’ll see you later tonight, Luna?”

“Yes. I’ll be back soon,” Luna replied before turning to follow the mare.

Even though she wanted to spend more moments with him, Luna couldn’t help but smile.

‘Wow. BlackWarGreymon’s so nice. And…why is my face burning up?’ She thought to herself, finally realising how red and warm her face was.

As he walked back to the buffet table, BlackWarGreymon felt a little annoyed that his moment with Luna was cut short. But he was lost in his thoughts about the events and the feelings he felt.

‘What…what just happened?’

The Digimon never felt so conflicted. All the times he spoke to Luna, he was always confident. Then why was it that he was shy all of a sudden? He knew it was something to do with positive emotions, but he wanted to know which one of them was the one he felt the strongest.

He was so distracted, that he hadn’t realised that he ate one of the foods on the table. His mind was brought back to an erupt attention when he found that the taste was not to his liking.

He shivered in disgust as the taste left him.

“Uhhh…what was that?”

He looked down at the plates to see that all of them were filled with posh food. He then heard what sounded like Applejack.

“Huh. Guess ya’ tried one of them, ha?”

BlackWarGreymon looked to his right to see Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Both the mares seemed disappointed.

“I ain’t a big fan of fancy food like this. Where’s an apple fritter when ya’ need one, ya’ know what I’m sayin’?” Applejack asked.

“Tell me about it. I mean, I haven’t seen one sugary food anywhere! I mean, sugar is like a fun party in the mouth, and these ponies are missing out on it!” Pinkie Pie complained.

“I think you’ve spoken too soon, Pinkie. Because Celestia is bringing out a big cake right now.”

What may had been something random for BlackWarGreymon to say, it caught the two mares’ attention. Following the Digimon’s gaze back to the stage, they saw the sun princess bringing out a large cake covered in frosting.

While the high society ponies were surprised by the sudden treat, the two Earth Ponies from Ponyville couldn’t tear their gazes away. They then rushed past the Digimon towards the tasty dessert.

“Yippee! Cake!” Pinkie Pie cheered as Applejack followed.

BlackWarGreymon chuckled at their sudden change of mood. Satisfied by how happy they were.

But then to pile on his nerves, he spotted a group of dressed mares approaching him. From the way they were looking at him, they wanted to talk, not eat.

‘Ok, remember what Rarity taught you,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, remembering to act formal in a conversation.

“Excuse me, sir. But are you the saviour we’ve heard rumors about?” One of the mares asked formally.

“The one with the long name? What was it again, BlackWarGreymon?” Another asked.

The Digimon in question mentally tried to keep his cool as he answered.

“Y-Yes, I am…ladies.”

The group of mares let out small blushes as the Digimon addressed them as ‘ladies’. Though they were usually called so in their spare time, they found it surprising when it came from a being like him. They then let out smiles as another spoke up.

“Well, it’s a privilege to meet you in person, BlackWarGreymon. We’ve heard so much about you.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” BlackWarGreymon said, trying to keep his formal tone.

“Do tell, do you usually speak so formal? Because I figured you didn’t,” One mare mentioned, briefly startled the Digimon.

“Well… isn’t it how one speaks at the Gala?” BlackWarGreymon asked rhetorically.

As they engaged in proper conversation, one by one the mares felt a little crafty as they continued.

“Well sir, I heard that you rescued one of the princesses from a giant beast of a dragon. You have to be strong to fight off a dragon. Very… strong,” One said while looking at BlackWarGreymon’s arms. She could just see the outline of his muscles.

“Tell us, how often do you work out?” Another asked.

BlackWarGreymon had to think of a practical answer. If he told them that he was created like that, they would think that he’s strange.

“Well I work out about… two to three times a day, every week. I don’t usually keep track of time,” He said, reinforcing his statement just in case if three times a day work out was too much.

“So is fighting something you do or is it a hobby?” Another mare asked.

“I…only fight to either protect or self-defence,” The Digimon answered, remembering his lessons from Rarity.

Then the next mare, who was a Pegasus, asked him a question.

“Is it also true that your hair is as soft as a cloud?”

The question surprised BlackWarGreymon. He recalled that it was only Scootaloo whom compared his hair to a cloud. True, Pinkie Pie said that it was soft, but she hadn’t made any comparisons.

“Well…from the reactions I’m getting, that maybe true,” He replied, feeling awkward of the moment.

Then the same Pegasus hovered slightly above the floor as her curiosity peaked higher.

“May I feel it?”

BlackWarGreymon was confused. He thought that ponies act posh and formal at the Gala. He could only guess that either the mares in front of him weren’t from Canterlot, or they were just getting comfortable around him.

Probably a bit too comfortable.

Not wanting to be rude, he decided to agree. What could possibly go wrong?

“By all means.”

With her invitation accepted, the mare flew behind BlackWarGreymon’s head and gently patted his yellow hair. She was surprised at how soft it felt.

“Wow, it’s true. This is just as soft as a cloud.”

Unfortunately for the tall Mega, the other mares who could fly became eager to find out for themselves.

“I would like to feel his hair.”

“Me too.”

“May I as well?”

Then without permission, they all gathered up behind BlackWarGreymon’s head and felt his soft hair. Either taking turns or trying all at the same time, they were amazed at its texture.

BlackWarGreymon started to feel uncomfortable. The ponies were literally invading his personal space. Of course, they would be curious about him since he was from another world, but perhaps they were going a bit too far.

He wanted them to stop, but he had to not make it show as if he wanted them to stop.

So, he thought of an excuse.

“Uhh… I think I could see Princess Twilight calling to me. Please excuse me.”

As he walked away, it seemed his bluff worked. Though the mares seemed disappointed that he left so soon.

‘Wow, that’s intense,’ He thought to himself as he breathed a sigh of relief.

He then spotted Rarity talking to a well-suited Unicorn stallion with a blue mane, white fur and a… blue moustache?

After spotting him, Rarity called him over.

“Oh! Over here, darling!”

Wanting to see what she wanted, BlackWarGreymon walked over to her. With the Unicorn mare introducing him to her stallion friend.

“Sir, this is BlackWarGreymon. The saviour I was talking about.”

The stallion turned towards the Digimon, amazed by his appearance.

“Well I say. You’re certainly a big chap, aren’t you? And that’s one dashing outfit you got on.”

“Thank you. Rarity made it for me,” BlackWarGreymon said as he looked at the suit the stallion was wearing. He also had a small monocle lens in his pocket that he uses to cover one of his eyes.

Rarity became flattered that he mentioned her.

“Well the pleasure is all mine. Oh, and this is Fancy Pants. One of my friends from Canterlot.”

BlackWarGreymon just paused.

‘Is that seriously his name!?’

“Nice to be your acquaintance,” Fancy Pants said in respect, bringing the Digimon’s attention back.

“Uhh…like wise.”

“Well you’re certainly acting formal,” The white stallion mentioned.

“Oh, I’ve been teaching him how to act proper for the Gala,” Rarity said, Fancy Pants smiling at her response.

“Oh. Well you certainly taught him well.”

Then to the surprise of the two Unicorns and the dressed Digimon, Rainbow Dash suddenly appeared next to BlackWarGreymon’s head.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon! Come with me! I have someone I want you to meet!”

She then pulled on the Digimon’s head, urging him to follow her. Before he started walking, he spoke to the white Unicorns.

“Uhh, see you later.”

Though Rarity and Fancy Pants were puzzled, they were happy that BlackWarGreymon was getting along just fine.

“So what is it?” The black Digimon asked the excited blue Pegasus.

“I want you to meet the Wonderbolts! The most elite fliers in all of Equestria!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

“Well you seem keen,” The Mega pointed out, never he had seen Rainbow Dash so excited.

“Well of course. They’re my childhood heroes. My lifelong dream is to be one of them.”

“Well you are a fast flier. So why aren’t you?”

“Well I am in the Wonderbolt reserves. So I still got one more step to fulfil my dream.”

As they walked across the main hall, Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon spotted two Pegasi ponies wearing goggles and streamlined suits. One was a white stallion with blue spikey mane, and the other was a mare with orange fur and a swept-back flame like mane.

“I take it that’s them?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“They sure are!” Rainbow Dash said, her voice nearly squeaked in excitement at the thought of introducing her heroes to the saviour.

“Hey Spitfire!” She called as she landed next to the orange Pegasus. Gaining her attention.

“Hey Rainbow. Long time no see.”

Rainbow Dash giggled in excitement as the moment she had been waiting fir had just arrived.

“Spitfire. Captain of the Wonderbolts. I like you to meet the big dude himself. BlackWarGreymon.”

Following to where the blue Pegasus was pointing, Spitfire let out a stunned gasp as she saw the digital warrior in person.

“Wow! So you’re the saviour I’ve heard so much about.”

“Sure am,” BlackWarGreymon responded.

The white stallion who was with Spitfire joined in on the conversation. After he got over his state in awe.

“And I’m Soarin. Spitfire’s wing pony. It’s so awesome meeting you.”


Then Soarin had a puzzled look on his face.

“Wait. You don’t have wings. But we heard that you can fly.”

“Yeah, how can you fly?” Spitfire asked.

Unusually for him, BlackWarGreymon thought of a crafty way to answer their curiosity. Showing off to the Wonderbolts right in front of Rainbow Dash.

It was entirely possible that friendship had increased his mental abilities in more ways than one. Such as a clever way of demonstrating his power and possibly his sense of humour.

“You know…”

As he paused, he levitated a few meters off the floor while crossing his arms in pretend thought.

“…I can’t remember.”

As the Digimon landed softly back on the ground, the two Wonderbolts gawked in amazement. Rainbow Dash smiled as she knew her tall friend had made a joke.

“Wow! You can fly without wings!?” Soarin asked in amazement.

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

“So how fast can you fly?” Spitfire asked.

“Almost as fast as Rainbow Dash,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Really?” Spitfire asked as she looked at the smiling blur mare.

“Yep. But he still needs a lot of training to be as fast as me,” Rainbow Dash said as she rubbed the back of her head with her hoof. Trying to hide the truth.

“Well next time we see you, I wanna see that for myself,” Spitfire said before she and Soarin turned towards the crowd awaiting them.

“Catch you two later,” Rainbow Dash said while waving goodbye.

With the conversation with the Wonderbolts ended, Rainbow Dash could finally calm down her hype. Then BlackWarGreymon spoke to her in a suspicious tone.

“Needs more training to be as fast as you, you say?” He asked, hinting about what really happened earlier that same day.

Rainbow Dash let out a nervous laughter and a cheeky grin, trying to act innocent.


She was cut off by BlackWarGreymon.

“It’s ok, I understand. You just want to impress your Wonderbolt friends.”

Rainbow Dash breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, big guy. You’re alright.”

Rainbow Dash then looked around, searching for one of her friends.

“Now I’m gonna find Applejack. Talk to you later.”

With her farewell, the blue Pegasus walked into the next chamber. Looking for her Earth Pony friend.

Currently alone, BlackWarGreymon felt like he needed some fresh air. Being inside with so many ponies was too crowded for him. He then proceeded to the back gates and into the gardens. Even though it was night, he could tell that it wasn’t the same garden to the one he had been before. Despite the new surroundings, BlackWarGreymon looked up to the dark sky and watched the glittering stars. Seeing the twinkling lights up above reminded him of that one particular night at Canterlot. Where he and Princess Luna were on top of a hill, having their heart-to-heart as they shared their similarities. They were truly alike.

Even though it all happened after he became an involuntary volunteer to have his memories witnessed, the once chaotic Digimon couldn’t help but feel glad that it happened, and that his friends could understand the problems he had and probably will soon face. So it was definatly a night to remember.

“Hmm…fun memories.”

Despite the fact that he was being watched by eyes of the stunned ponies who had never seen him before, he didn’t mind. He was mentally enjoying the moment, until the small sense of fear in the air put him off.


Inside the gardens, a chase was on. Because that the animals live in a different place, Fluttershy couldn’t contain herself and tries to express her friendship.

Unfortunately, she was so eager to make new friends, the animals found her terrifying. So, they try to flee as best they could, but the usually shy Pegasus was relentless. Almost like a terminator.

The chase was halted as the exhausted pony cornered a rabbit and two chipmunks. After getting her breath back, Fluttershy spoke.

“Now my little friends, just come to me, and we can get along just fine.”

The fact she was tired from all the running, her normally sweet voice was distorted. Making her sound creepy and scary.

Fearing the worse, the three small mammals let out terrified shrieks as they made a run for it. In-between the pony’s legs and back to the gardens. With frustration looming over her, Fluttershy chased after them.

Deep in the gardens, BlackWarGreymon was following the scent of fear. Then to his uncertainty, it was heading towards him.

“What is this?”

What startled him next was the three tiny furry mammals running out of a bush and all hid behind his legs. BlackWarGreymon could see the terror on the animals faces.

‘Wait a second. I haven’t even lowered my power level, and yet these animals fear something else. What could possibly be scarier than me?’

To his disbelief however, the worn out Fluttershy emerged from the bushes. What confirmed that it was her the animals feared was when BlackWarGreymon sensed their fear increasing unbelievably.


After seeing her Digimon friend, Fluttershy tried to recompose herself as she responded.

“B-BlackWarGreymon. Wha-what are you doing here?”

“I came here to get some air. Tell me, why are you scaring the animals?”

“W-well. I was just trying to make new friends.”

BlackWarGreymon became confused.

“By scaring them? What happened to the nice calm Fluttershy from Ponyville?” He asked.

“Well…I tried to say hello. But they keep running away from me.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked at the three scared animals behind his leg in thought. Then he came up with an idea.

“Have you tried letting them come to you?”

Fluttershy paused, realising that it wasn’t one of the things she had done.

“N-no, I hadn’t.”

“Here, let me show you,” The Digimon said. Truth be told that he had never done anything like it, but he must at least try.

As the Mega took a few steps away, the three animals felt a wave of fear as they saw his head. But his yellow eyes were calm and without malice. After facing the animals, BlackWarGreymon knelt down on one knee and extended his right hand out open palmed. Slowly as to not frighten the animals. Fluttershy carefully watched on in fascination.

The three animals became less afraid at the open invitation and slowly crept towards his hand. Then after sniffing his hand and a brief hesitation, one of the two chipmunks leapt onto his palm.

BlackWarGreymon was amazed at how quickly it took. It was his first attempt at extending his new-found friendship, and it was a success!

From watching the whole thing, Fluttershy was in complete shock as well as amazed. She had never seen a powerful warrior like him being so gentle towards something so small. She was so touched at how much the Artificial Digimon had changed from his old violent self, she let out the most loving smile anypony or anyone had ever seen.

Realising that there was something she could do, she walked up to the chipmunk on BlackWarGreymon’s hand.

“Listen, I’m very sorry for scaring you and your little friends. I was just so excited at meeting you, I couldn’t control myself.”

Seeing how sorry the yellow pony was, the chipmunk jumped off the Digimon’s hand and into Fluttershy’s pink mane. It also talked to her by letting out several squeaks.

“Oh, you’re very welcome,” Fluttershy said as the other tiny animals walked up to her to nuzzle on her fur.

BlackWarGreymon’s expression softened to a point one would think he’s smiling as he listened to the giggles of his pony friend.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon,” Fluttershy said as she looked back at him with a loving smile.

“Hmm, if you’re wondering how I’m good with animals, I don’t know either,” BlackWarGreymon said as he stood back up.

As the Digimon looked back at the window to the inside, something strange caught his attention. To a point where he narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“Hey, Fluttershy. You know Discord more than any other. How is he at parties such as the Gala?” He asked without tearing his gaze at the window.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think he’s ever been to a party like this. Why?”

“Because he’s on stage right now.”

Knowing how mischievous the Draconequus could be, Fluttershy felt that he might ruin the Gala with whatever he was doing.

“Oh, I like to see you and your friends more, but I have to go,” Fluttershy said to the little animals around her before leaving the gardens with BlackWarGreymon.

As the Pegasus and the Digimon entered the main hall, as well as a crowd of ponies around the stage, they saw that the whole room was darkened with a single spotlight pointing to the laughing Discord on stage. Fluttershy and BlackWarGreymon joined the crowd, curious to see what was going on.

“Ok everypony! How about we kick things off with a couple of hilarious jokes!?” Discord announced as a microphone appeared in his lion paw.

The crowds’ expression however showed that they had no idea what was going on and how it even happened. Hearing no objections, Discord started his line of jokes.

“Ok, let’s start with something for the kids in the audience. What is the fastest cake in the world? …. Scones.

His joke was followed by a drum solo that came from out of nowhere.

‘Budum tiss’

To Discord, the joke in some accents, the word ‘scone’ sounds like the word ‘gone’.

Unfortunately, the joke was so outdated that no one was laughing. Even Pinkie Pie found it too obvious. BlackWarGreymon didn’t laugh because he lacked the full understanding of a sense of humour. However, he had found the joke annoying.

Seeing his joke had no effect, Discord tried a different approach.

“I only have these tiny miss-matched wings. But even I can fly better than Twilight Sparkle. Am I right!?” He said as his joke again was followed with a drum solo.

“Hey!” Twilight complained, offended by the remark. To her surprise however, she heard Celestia chuckling quietly to herself.

In the back, BlackWarGreymon grunted in irritation.

Again seeing no good effect on his jokes, Discord tried again.

“Oh, tough crowd. Probably even tougher than the royal guards. Am I right!?”

Instead of laughter, the only noises were heard was a distant cricket.

BlackWarGreymon knew Discord was trying to be funny. But while to the others the jokes were lame, to him they were just painful to listen.

‘Uhh, I can’t stand it any longer.’

Discord then went back to kiddy jokes without much thought to it.

“Ok this one you will definatly get. What’s a crocodile’s favourite game? …Snap!”

After a moment of silence, there was finally a reaction. But it wasn’t laughter, it was from the annoyed BlackWarGreymon.

“Hey Discord! We’ve heard your stand up, now let’s hear you shut up!”

While BlackWarGreymon only meant for his remark to make Discord stop, he unintentionally caused several ponies to quietly giggle to themselves. The Digimon didn’t know it, but he just made a rhyming joke.

Discord was the only one who heard the silent giggles and grew annoyed.

“Oh, now everypony is a comedian,” He said as he crossed his arms.

“Everypony except you!” BlackWarGreymon said back, again unintentionally making some ponies snickering. But only louder.

It was the that the Mega noticed that the crowd were laughing at what he said. He was confused. He didn’t mean it as a role-playing joke, but the others found it funny nonetheless.

‘Did…Did I just made them laugh?’

“Ok. If you think you can do it better…” Discord said as he snapped his fingers, teleporting the unsuspecting BlackWarGreymon next to him.

“…then you try it.”

Discord snapped his fingers again, teleporting off the stage and into the crowd. Leaving the startled BlackWarGreymon alone in the spotlight, one stage with a microphone in his hand!

All the ponies in the crowd looked on, eager to see how it will play out. Discord meanwhile had a mischievous grin on his face as he chuckled with sinister intent.

“Oh, this is definatly going to be humiliating for him. I’m going to enjoy this.”

The Mane Six, Spike, the Cutiemark Crusaders and the princesses all felt a little unsure as they gulped nervously. Knowing BlackWarGreymon’s character, he was like the last anyone would expect to crack a joke.

“Pretend to laugh, no matter how bad it is,” Pinkie Pie whispered to the others, just in case. But they hoped that he might pull it off somehow.

Up on stage, BlackWarGreymon looked as though he was staring at open space. He couldn’t believe that the situation had turned against him. Instead of ending it, he became part of the act! As he looked at the microphone in his left hand, his mind tried its best to quickly calculate the best solution of making others laugh despite never having to do so before. Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of any. After taking a deep breath, he tried to come up with his first ever legit joke.

“Uhh… ok. Uhh, lets’ see. Oh. The other day, I saw a pony eating potato chips. And strangely… he had a side order of… chocolate brownies.”

Then came the punch line.

“Now I see why they’re called……chocolate chips.”

After only two seconds of stunned silence, in the distance, Pinkie Pie burst out laughing.

“HAH! HAAAAAAHH!! Hahh! Haah! Cho…chocolate chip! Ha, ha, now that’s funny!”

Pinkie Pie continued to laugh hysterically. Her friends looked at her in confusion. Knowing her so well, they could tell her pretend laugh to her real laugh. But the way she was rolling on the floor, she wasn’t pretending. She was laughing for real!

Then one by one, the other ponies start to understand the joke and start to join in the laughter. Discord had a look of disbelief, the Digimon’s first joke actually worked.

“Wow. They liked it?”

Seeing his very first public joke being a successful one, BlackWarGreymon tried to pull of his very second.

“Ok umm… A customer walked into a carpenter’s shop. The carpenter asks, ‘How may I help you?’ The customer said, ‘Well I found this saw, but it has a pair of eyes on it.’ Then the carpenter said, ‘Oh, that’s my see saw’.”

The reaction of the crowd was again a positive one. The mares and gentlecolts were laughing louder as the new joke.

“Oh, I get it! See-saw!” Spike said before resuming his laughter.

Discord however was confused. So confused, that he created a saw with a pair of false eyes on it.

“Hmm, eyes on a saw…? OHHH! That is kinda funny.”

Back on stage, BlackWarGreymon started to feel good about himself and no longer felt nervous.

“I can’t believe how easy this is. Hmm… Discord done a joke that offended Twilight. Time to give him a taste of his own medicine,” He said quietly to himself before coming up with another joke. A mischievous one.

“Ok, I heard that Discord here was turned to stone. Twice in fact.”

Discord became anxious of where the joke was leading to as BlackWarGreymon continued.

“So, he had plenty of time to practice standing still. Yet he still loses to a game of musical statues.”

Hearing the unusual joke made some of the ponies hysterical. The royal sisters, Spike and the Mane Six were the only ones who truly knew what he meant by. But they couldn’t help but crack up in laughter at how obvious the remark was.

As BlackWarGreymon was showered with laughter from the audience, he was surprised when Discord appeared next to him. Despite that the joke was aimed at him, he was smiling for some reason.

“Oh ho ho, BlackWarGreymon. If that joke was about my misfortunes… it’s very cleaver, I admit it.”

He then had a sinister grin on his face.

“But how about we set the stage for something else?”

Then with a snap of his fingers, the entire stage floor lit up. Consuming both the Draconequus and the Digimon while temporarily blinding the audience.

When the light faded, the crowd gasped at what they saw.

Greeted with battle music which came from out of nowhere, the stage floor was magically transformed into a large boxing arena. At first no one was in the ring, but then Discord appeared. Wearing a black suit and with a microphone on his lion paw, he gave an announcement.

“Greetings mares and gentlecolts, boys and girls! Welcome to the annual international Canterlot boxing championship!”

Then a loud applause was heard despite that the actual crowd were silent. Twilight meanwhile gulped in nervous anticipation.

“Oh no. This isn’t good.”

Wanting to see where Discord was going with his act, Celestia said nothing to stop it.

Discord continued as the audio cheering died down.

“Oh yes, everypony! This is going to be an exciting match, because it will certainly be the one to remember!! Tonight, we have a surprise guest. And he dared challenge the reigning champ!”

Discord then turned his attention to his right. Which was left to the audiences’ eyes.

“In the left corner, is the reigning champion himself. Weighing in at…absolutely nothing because he can levitate. The prankster of the pranks. The Spirit of Chaos himself! DISCORD!!!”

A stage light beamed over to the left corner revealing another Discord. Dressed in a brown top and white baggy trousers. He also had a white belt around his waist and a white cape on his back. Unusually he had a black afro for hair, a black moustache and a deep booming voice as he spoke.

“Oh yeah!! The champ is here!!” He said as he had his arms in the air, doing a victory pose with his fingers. He clearly took on the form for showboating.

As he did, another audio sound of cheering was heard from nowhere. Blocking out Rainbow Dash’s attempts to say ‘boo’ to him.

The Discord in the centre of the ring then pointed over to the opposite corner.

“And in the right corner, is the ultimate challenger of the ultimate match. Weighing at a colossal nintyninethousandninehundredandeightytwo pounds!”

Discord momentarily snickered after saying the excessive weight number very quickly. Earning a protest from Twilight.

“Hey, he doesn’t weigh that much!”

Ignoring the young Alicorn, the Draconequus continued.

“All the way from the Digital World! The saviour of Equestria! BllaackWaaarrGreymooooon!!” He declared, extending the Digimon’s name in a way some announcers would.

Then in a flash, BlackWarGreymon appeared in the right corner of the ring. Stripped of his tuxedo and back in his usual armour, though he still lacked his Brave Shield which remained in Ponyville. Plus instead of his Dramon Destroyers, which were also in Ponyville, the Digimon saw that he was wearing red boxing gloves.

‘What. What’s going on!’ He asked himself, though he was a little startled that Discord could duplicate himself.

“Ok, both the challengers are here. Now both fighters, meet in the middle,” The Discord in the middle said.

After changing his attire into green baggy shorts and green boxing gloves, the Discord in the left corner made his way to the middle of the battle ring, smiling confidently. Though BlackWarGreymon had no idea what was going on, he decided to follow suit.

As the two stood two feet from each other in the centre ring, the announcer Discord vanished and reappeared in-between the two dressed as a referee.

The referee Discord then spoke to the second Discord and BlackWarGreymon.

“Ok you two. You know the rules, there are no rules, this is a fight to the finish. Whoever is dead, losses. Now both combatants touch gloves and start fighting!”

BlackWarGreymon figured out what was going on. Boxing was some kind of fighting sport. And since only his fists were covered in protective gloves, he only had to use his fists to fight.

Looking in front of him, he could see the smiling Discord glaring at him with both his wrists raised forward. BlackWarGreymon then glared back to the invitation to the challenge.

“Ok then, let’s play your little game,” He said as he bumped his fists with Discords’.

“And their off!” The referee Discord shouted before disappearing. Followed by a double from a non-existent bell.

“Celestia. Should we even allow this?” Twilight asked the older Alicorn.

“I don’t see why not,” Celestia said to the smaller pony. Hiding the fact that she craved for excitement at the Gala.

The rest of the party guests meanwhile had no idea what to make of the sudden events. Was it planned or was it just like the previous year?

Back at the ring, BlackWarGreymon stood his ground. He only watched as his childish opponent threw midair punches as he wiggled his feet in a dance like fashion. He was circling the motionless Digimon as he was throwing punches rather too close.

“You’re making a big mistake, Discord. You’re only going to get yourself hurt,” BlackWarGreymon said.

“Oh spare me the chit-chat, big guy. You’re the one who’s goin’ to be hurtin’!” Discord said as he moved closer to the Digimon’s front.

“This is going to be good,” Rainbow Dash said to herself, wanting to see Discord going down.

After several sidesteps, weaving left and right, Discord threw his first punch straight to BlackWarGreymon’s chest. Followed by another, and another. He then quickened his assault and even resorted to using the end of his tail as a third fist.

“Yeah! How do you like me now!?” Discord asked as he was enjoying himself.

In fact, he’s too focused on enjoying himself so much, he failed to notice that his punches were doing absolutely nothing to BlackWarGreymon. The Mega didn’t fought back, he didn’t dodge, he didn’t block, he didn’t even budge! Even his wrists were lowered as he took hits from Discord, wondering why the spirit was even trying.

The crowd were amazed at the sight of the Digimon taking hits without any damage or reactions. It was as if he was a solid statue.

“Yeah. You’re going down!” Discord said as he continued to punch the Digimon’s chest.

As Discord kept on going, BlackWarGreymon saw an opening. Without the Draconequus even noticing, the Digimon raised his right arm above the spirit and then slammed his fist right on top of his head.

The sudden blow caused Discord’s body to go stiff as his body vibrated up and down like a jackhammer. After his body stopped jolting, Discord then felt dazzled as he tried to stand up straight. Trying to sooth the throbbing in his head.

“Oh… that’s gonna hurt in the morning,” He said as he finally got his bearings and glared at his opponent with cheeky confidence.

He then hung his left lizard foot out, much to BlackWarGreymon’s confusion.

“Wha-what’s this? A little thunder?” Discord said as he twitched his foot. He then hung out his right donkey leg, twitching it too.

“Oh, and a little lightning.”

He then made his ridicules move.

“Thunder. Lightning. Thunder. Lightning…” Discord continued as he advanced towards the Digimon.

The spirit thought that by distracting BlackWarGreymon with his fancy footwork, he could get close enough to strike back.

But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t stupid and made his move before Discord did. Allowing the Draconequus to get within reach, the Digimon silenced Discord with a lightning-fast right handed punch straight to the face.

Because of his bizarre powers, the punch caused Discord’s head to fly off his body and roll on the floor. The sight caused some of the onlooking ponies to faint in shock.

“Well…this is unexpected,” Discord said as his body found his own head and placed it back into place. Then he spun his head around like a screw to secure it.

Since he got used to the fact that Discord could separate himself and make clones, BlackWarGreymon payed no mind to it. He then turned his back to the Draconequus.

“This match was over before it even began, Discord. I suggest we end this now.”

Seeing the Digimon with his defences down, Discord ignored BlackWarGreymon and prepared a sneak attack. Tip-toeing closer to his challenger while talking out loud where he should’ve been whispering.

“With his opponent’s back turned, the champion sneaks up from behind and with a mighty pu…!”

As he snuck up behind him, Discord was silenced when BlackWarGreymon slammed the back of his right fist into the spirit’s face. The force of the blow literally caved in the Draconequus’s facial features. The only thing that was seen on his face was his white beard.

After taking a few steps back, Discord pulled his face back to normal before having another idea.

“Ok, ok. We get it, you’re stronger then you look. But how about we try something else? Something that will ‘blow’ the audience away.”

BlackWarGreymon faces Discord in curiosity.

“What may that be?” He asked, but wasn’t expecting the kind of answer that Discord spoke of.

“Let’s say… demonstrate your true power?”

The Digimon was baffled at Discord’s request. Even the crowd were muttering amongst themselves in confusion. The Mane Six simply couldn’t believe it.

“My…my true power!?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

Discord explained himself.

“Yes. You see, I’ve heard a lot about your powers. Especially your ‘signature attack’. The very same as the one you used to defeat Lord Tirek with just one move. I want to see and feel if for myself.”

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t believe Discord would even suggest such an idea. Especially since they were inside.

“You’re insane, you know that? You could get hurt or worse.”

Discord chose to ignore BlackWarGreymon’s warnings.

“Oh that won’t happen. After all, I am the spirit of chaos,” Discord said as he held up a sign which said, ‘spirit of chaos’ while pointing at himself.

BlackWarGreymon came to a conclusion that it was not possible to reason with Discord when he was in his cocky mood. Wanting to put an end to the pointless match and to show discord that he was the type not to be trifled with, he let out a heavy sigh as he came to a hesitant agreement.

“If you insist, Discord. But to be on the safe side, I will only use half of my power.”

“Oh well, whatever floats your boat,” Discord said, not too bothered by the Digimon’s suggestion.

“Have they forgotten that this is supposed to be the Gala!?” Twilight asked with worry.

The other ponies seemed to be stunned by the scene. One would notice that Celestia was showing a tiny smile as she and the crowd saw BlackWarGreymon levitating off the ground and into the air.

As BlackWarGreymon got to a good height of fifty meters, he brought his hands close together. As he gathered negative energy, the energy shredded the boxing gloves he wore. Then a tiny red orb formed in-between his hands.

As he looked down to Discord, BlackWarGreymon saw that he was smiling while holding up his right arm which was covered by a baseball glove. As if he was about to catch a ball.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” The Digimon asked as he raised his hands above his head. Bringing the sixty-centimeter-wide orb with him.

“Of course, I’m sure. Now come on, we don’t have all night,” Discord replied, tempting the Digimon to throw his attack.

“Ok,” BlackWarGreymon said before, without warning, the tiny sphere instantly expanded from sixty centimeters to thirty meters wide! Much to the surprise of both the crowd and Discord.

Speaking of the crowd, the ponies felt intimidated by the giant red sphere. Despite its size, it looked as though the explosion it would create would be even bigger.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” BlackWarGreymon continued before, with hesitation, threw the massive orb down towards the awaiting Draconequus.

“Oh, this is going to be a piece of ca-OH BLIMY!!!” Discord shouted as the sphere touched his hand. Incinerating his baseball glove.

The force of the Terra Destroyer sphere was so sudden, Discord resorted to use both his hands to hold it back. But the sheer power of the red orb was slowly pushing the spirit across the surface of the boxing ring. He even tried to dig his lizard clawed toes into the ground, but he continued being pushed back. Plus, the energy from the sphere created gusts of winds that blew through the main hall.

The crowd were frozen in awe, and the Main Six were cringing at the thoughts of what could go wrong. It didn’t help by the fact that Discord was gritting his teeth as he tried to push the energy ball back.

Discord could feel the muscles in his arms and legs burning from the enormous strain. His face was sweating and veins could be seen in his eyes. But despite his efforts, he was being forced back. As his hands started to feel the burn from the super-heated sphere, he started to worry as he regretted his decision.

“I…can’t…hold it!”

As a last resort, instinct took over Discord’s powers. By using the white hairs on the end of his tail as extra fingers, he snapped them. Then suddenly, the mighty Terra Destroyer orb was transformed into a ball of water. It then all splashed onto the shaken Discord, drenching him head to toe. He just coughed as BlackWarGreymon landed back on the ground.

“Are you ok, Discord?” He asked, snapping Discord out of his state of shock.

“Oh…uh, yeah I’m fine.”

Then with a snap of his fingers, he dried himself, returned the stage floor to normal, and redressed himself and BlackWarGreymon in their own suits. Feeling that he had done something wrong, the Digimon got off the stage and approached Princess Celestia.

“I’m deeply sorry, Celestia. I shouldn’t had allow myself to go too far like that,” He apologized.

But her response wasn’t the one both BlackWarGreymon or Twilight had expected.

“There’s no need for apologies. That was the most exciting I’ve seen in the Gala in years!”

“It was!?” BlackWarGreymon and Twilight asked.

“But…but…” Twilight added, but was too baffled to speak properly.

Celestia chuckled at Twilight’s disarray.

“Oh Twilight. Could you imagine how dull it would have been if I hadn’t invited Discord? And with BlackWarGreymon here, the night just got even better!”

“Is that the REAL reason you invited me?” The Digimon asked. His expression was half suspicious and half playful.

Celestia let out another chuckle in amusement.

“But it still helped you getting along with everypony. Did it not?”

“Hmm, I guess it actually did.”

While BlackWarGreymon and Celestia chatted, Discord was breathing sighs of relief.

“Whoo, that was close. He’s definatly stronger than I thought,”

Discord then looked at his hands before he spoke on.

“And that was just half his true power!”

Discord then received a disturbing thought. The one involving another horned being with phenomenal destructive power.

“I wonder if BlackWarGreymon is as strong as…him.

Half an hour had passed since the excitement and Celestia decided that in hopes to settle down the guests, she would bring forth the planed events.

It worked. With slow music paying in the background, the centre of the main hall was filled with couples. Dancing together along with the flow of the soft music.

At the other side of the hall however, the atmosphere was drastically different as Fluttershy scorned Discord.

“Now seriously, Discord! What were you thinking!? I was worried that you could have gotten yourself or somepony hurt!”

“Now now, Fluttershy. Take it easy. It all turned out fine in the end.”

The Twilight joined in.

“But still. It was amazing how you managed to hold back BlackWarGreymon’s strongest attack. Even if it was half as strong,” She said to Discord.

“Well I was…a little startled at first. Though I must say that his power level must be over nine thousand,” Discord said as a scouter appeared over his left eye, making beeping noises as it scanned BlackWarGreymon in the distance.

As Discord’s scouter vanished, Rainbow Dash joined in as well.

“A little startled? You looked as though you were about to wet yourself. I mean, if you were barely able to hold back that attack when it was just half as powerful, think of what would happen if BlackWarGreymon went all-out.”

“I don’t want to think about that thank you. And I didn’t look like I was about to… ‘wet myself’,” Discord said, annoyed at the remark aimed at him.

“Oh yeah? Then what’s that?” Rainbow Dash asked while pointing at Discord’s left leg.

The pony’s question caused the spirit to quickly look at his trouser leg. Only to see that it was dry. He then heard an uproar of laughter from the blue Pegasus.


The joke made the other girls roll their eyes while Discord huffed in frustrated anger.

Back near the stage, Celestia left the room to have a business discussion with Fancy Pants. Leaving Luna to watch over the party. As she walked through the crowd, they were delighted to see the princess of the night at the Gala for the first time.

‘Hmm. Seems sister was right about me attending after all,’ She thought to herself as she smiled back.

She then spotted a lone, well-dressed stallion approaching her. And then he spoke to her after bowing in respect.

“Your highness, if you like, would you like to dance with me?” He asked as he gestured his hoof to the main hall centre.

Though briefly startled, Luna thought otherwise.

“I thank you for the offer, but I’m afraid I must decline,” She said before making her way out of the crowd, leaving the stallion disappointed.

The blue Alicorn walked to the buffet table and took a sip of the punch.

‘Uhh… that’s the seventh time tonight,’ She thought to herself, before looking at the couples slow dancing in the centre of the hall.

‘But it would be nice to dance with somepony I like. Or… someone.’

As her thoughts trailed off, her vision caught a glimpse of BlackWarGreymon talking to a couple near the back gates.

A small smile appeared across her face, followed by a small blush.

“Should I…?”

At the opposite end of the hall, the disappointed stallion approached several others. All noticing his glum look.

“She turned you down, didn’t she?” One asked.


“I know it hurts. We all have a crush on Princess Luna. So we know how you feel,”

“Don’t worry, there’s always next time. We’ll have our chance,” Another joined.

“Strange don’t you think? I mean we’re noble gentlecolts, and yet she hadn’t chosen any of us,”

“Well it’s not like she would be interested in some ruffian.”

Then one stallion spotted Luna walking past the crowd. Following her line of path, the group saw BlackWarGreymon on the other side.

The group became anxious of what it could mean.

“Wait. You don’t think…”

“Of course not! Don’t be ridicules! It’s probably some kind of business they’re about to discuss.”

“Outside his role as protector, I bet the princess has no interest in that… thing.”

Near the back gates, the tall Digimon was in a middle of a conversation with a unicorn couple.

“I must say, your strength is impressive. You made that Discord look like a common amateur,” The mare said.

“Uhh…thank you. I’m surprised that you aren’t afraid of me after that,” BlackWarGreymon pointed out.

“Well with the battles Equestria had in the past few years, it’s nothing uncommon. Besides, you were just demonstrating the power you have to protect us from harm,” the stallion said.

“Please excuse us, our friends are planning to meet us in the gardens. It is nice to meet you,” The mare said before she and her husband left for the gardens.

BlackWarGreymon was amazed. The ponies had witnessed the kind of power he possessed, and yet they already had gotten used to him. If he kept on his good behaviour, then none of the innocent lives of Equestria would ever fear him.

He was then briefly startled when he heard Luna’s voice from behind.

“Umm, BlackWarGreymon?”

After the quick surprise, the black Digimon turned around and saw the awkward looking Alicorn.

“Oh, hey Luna. Are…are you alright? Your face is a bit red.” BlackWarGreymon said, pointing out that Luna was showing a little blush.

Luna moved her head slightly away and averted her gaze to the side. Trying to hide her embarrassment. She then stroked the floor with her hooves, fidgeting as she tried to summon enough courage to speak.

“Uhh… I’m fine, BlackWarGreymon. It’s just that… well…”

The Mega felt that Luna was trying to say something to him.

“What is it, Luna?”

As her blush deepened, Luna felt embarrassed about even thinking of the question she had in mind for him. But she really wanted to ask him. She didn’t know why, but it felt like her heart was demanding it.

“W-well…umm…if…if you like…uhh. If you want to that is…well…...w…would you…”

Back at the opposite side of the hall, the stallion group stared at the Alicorn and the Digimon in anticipation. Their gazes were serious, sharp and determined. Not moving or speaking so they could see every reaction from the two.

To their surprise, Luna looked as though she just asked something, and BlackWarGreymon’s bodily reactions were widened eyes and a quick jolt of his head. A sign that he was surprised.

The noble stallions gasped at the possible conclusion.

“Did…did she just asked him!?”

“Tha…that’s just not possible!”

“Yeah! She’s a princess, and he’s just a…uhh…a thing!”

“Not to mention that the highness is a pony. And he’s……not.”

“Yeah, there’s just no way for her to…”

‘Background music’ ‘What About Love by Heart’

Their sudden silence was brought upon by the sight of their beloved Luna, turning around and walking beside BlackWarGreymon. Making their way to the dance floor.

The stallions stared on in utter disbelief. Wide eyed and open mouthed, it was a sight they couldn’t believe.

‘Th-they’re actually doing it!’

‘Why your highness, why!’

As Luna and BlackWarGreymon walked towards the centre of the hall, the other dancers either slowed or stopped to see such a rare sight. Even other ponies on the side-lines watched on.

As the two walked, Luna looked to her right to see BlackWarGreymon’s face. She then smiled softly at him. Then as the Digimon looked to his left to see Luna, she quickly averted her gaze away while trying to hide a blush on her face. BlackWarGreymon looked puzzled as to why his Alicorn friend was acting in the way she did. But as she moved her eyes to look back at him, he suddenly felt nervous and too quickly shifted his head away.

‘What’s going on with me?’ He thought to himself as he looked back at Luna. Their eyes briefly meeting.

As most of the dancing couples came to a full stop, the Mane Six on the outskirts too stared on in curiosity.

When BlackWarGreymon and Princess Luna arrived in the very middle of the dance floor, the two turned to face each other. Both nervous and confident to go through with it.

As Luna started it off by standing up on her hind legs, her new height measured up to just below BlackWarGreymon’s chest. She then reached out her right hoof. After a split second of hesitation, the nervous digital warrior reached out his left hand and gently grabbed hold on Luna’s hoof. He felt a slight tingle as his fingers felt her silky-smooth fur. Softer than he imagined. Knowing the next thing to do, BlackWarGreymon placed his right hand on Luna’s waist. The feeling of a hand on her body was so new to her, Luna quietly let out a surprised yelp as her wings popped open and her eyes widened. After taking in a deep breath as she closed her eyes, her wings folded back into place as she controlled herself. As Luna placed her left hoof on BlackWarGreymon’s right arm, she looked up at him as he looked at her.

The two were incredibly nervous. Either of them had never done a dance before. But still, they wanted to go through with it.

After quiet seconds of staring, BlackWarGreymon checked if his left hand was firmly but gently on Luna’s hoof. And then started to lead her in a ballroom dance.

To his mental surprise, all the important information from his lessons with Rarity were sent from his mind and into his body. Replicating the exact movements of the dance perfectly.

But still, he checked if his feet weren’t getting in the way.

Despite his doubts, his lessons payed off. The crowd were amazed how someone of his size could move so smoothly and precise. Even Luna herself was moved. Silently staring at BlackWarGreymon in disbelief and awe at how good he suddenly became.

As he felt comfortable about his movements, the Digimon looked at Luna to see if she was alright. But his startled yellow eyes became fixed to Luna’s soft blue eyes.

With confidence swelling up within her, Luna started to smile. Slowly her white teeth could be seen in her smile as she enjoyed the moment. Seeing her positive mood softened BlackWarGreymon’s own expression. Through he had no lips, his eyes shown that he too was enjoying the moment.

The two continued to dance in circles with the music, much to the amazement and slight jealousy from the crowd. Even the Mane Six watched on at the never-before-seen sight.

“Aww, they look so sweet together,” Pinkie Pie said, her voice squeaky in excitement and joy.

“Wow Rarity. Seems he learnt ya lessons well after all,” Applejack said to the white Unicorn.

“Wow, you’re right,” Rarity said.

“Huh. Never thought of you as a teacher, Rarity,” Rainbow Dash added.

“Amazing,” Fluttershy joined.

Twilight smiled on as she watched BlackWarGreymon, and saw the expressions in his eyes.

“I bet he’s having the time of his life right now.”

The black and yellow cape and the long dark blue dress swayed in the movements as BlackWarGreymon and Luna continued to dance. Feeling the warm feeling glowing inside of her, Luna couldn’t help but smile even brighter as her wings slowly started to fan out on their own.

Then without her knowing and to the amazement of the onlooking crowd, Luna’s mane and tail momentarily sparkled even brighter. Then, her usually night-styled hair slowly transformed into strands of blue. Still filled with celestial energy, her mane and tail flowed as if they were underwater, but taking on the appearance of actual blue hair. BlackWarGreymon became too captivated by the sight to say a word. In fact, it only made his own heart warm with a loving feeling.


Outside of the crowd, Princess Celestia and Fancy Pants emerged from the hallway. Talking to each other.

“Don’t mind me saying so, your highness. But this years’ Gala sure is interesting,” The white stallion said.

“Most certainly. It’s definatly the one to remember,” Celestia replied. But then noticed that Fancy Pants had stopped walking as he looked at the crowd with startled eyes.

“I say, princess. Is that your sister dancing with that BlackWarGreymon fellow?”

The white Alicorn was startled by the sudden question. She then followed the Unicorn’s gaze, only to see that to her surprise, he was right. She could clearly see that her sister Luna was in a middle of a dance with BlackWarGreymon. It was something she never expected to happen. She knew that the black Digimon would be nervous about being in a formal gathering for the very first time, and that the blue Alicorn would feel uneasy from appearing at the Gala. But there the two were, dancing as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Not even the staring of the amazed crowd put them off.

But what amazed Celestia the most, was the way Luna looked. Her blue hair was glowing and sparkling in a way she had rarely ever seen. Her wings were spread wide open, and the expression on her face was so warm and genuine. She looked…happy. Very happy. In a way, she hadn’t been in a very long time.

‘Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Luna smile like that.’

Then from out of nowhere, a thought occurred to Celestia. Which made her raise an eyebrow.

‘…I wonder…’

Back at the centre of attention, the princess and the Digimon continued their dance. Completely unaffected by all the staring. But Luna felt that the music was reaching its end. And once it does, so does their moment. She briefly frowned at the thought.

BlackWarGreymon sensed the music’s end too, and was the only one who saw Luna’s expression. But then for reasons unknown to him, he suddenly felt the urge to make her smile. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to keep her happy.

As Luna felt that they should stop dancing soon, BlackWarGreymon thought of an idea to make the ending more exciting and memorable. With his left hand firmly but gently gripped on Luna’s side, he surprised the blue princess by levitating off the ground. Floating higher as he took his dance partner with him.

Luna’s brief yelp of surprise, was quickly replaced by chuckles of laughter and happiness as she let BlackWarGreymon take her in the air, while moving in the rhythm of the music. The two were literally dancing in the air above the heads of the crowd below.

“Well…can’t beat that,” One of the stallions from earlier said. Admitting defeat.

As the music started to die down, BlackWarGreymon and Luna began to descend back to the ground with it. Circling in the rhythm of the last parts of the moving tune.

‘Song end’

As BlackWarGreymon and Luna landed on the floor, both their motions slowed. Until they were left just holding each other, and staring into each other’s eyes.

Then beyond Luna’s knowledge, she suddenly felt an urge. An urge to lean her head closer. BlackWarGreymon felt the same way as he stared into Luna’s blue eyes. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to lean his head down to the Alicorns’.

However, just before they could move, the crowd around them started to cheer. Celebrating perhaps the most amazing dance they had ever seen. As the two became startled, Luna’s mane and tail returned to normal. Then the two released their hold on each other before talking.

“Umm…thank you, BlackWarGreymon… for the dance.”

“Uhh… you’re most welcome, Luna. I enjoyed it.”

Then the two parted. Walking in opposite directions.

BlackWarGreymon then met up with the Mane Six.

“Wow. You were unbelievable, BlackWarGreymon!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Yeah! You only had one lesson from Rarity. And you nailed it!” Rainbow Dash joined.

“Not to mention that it was ya first dance,” Applejack added.

“Yep. You were like a pro!” Pinkie Pie said while bouncing in excitement.

“The whole dance was just so lovely,” Fluttershy complemented.

“Well I’m impressed that you learned so quickly, darling. Even I was captivated by the spectacle,” Rarity said.

The positive comments caused BlackWarGreymon to feel embarrassed. But he was happy that he got to dance with Luna.

At the other side of the large hall, Luna was approached by her older sister.

“Luna? Are you ok?” She asked, seeing that there something… odd about her little sister.

“Never better, sister,” Luna replied as she walked past Celestia. Leaving the confused white Alicorn behind.

“Wow. She looks so happy.”

Then a thought occurred to her.

‘Now that I think about it, Luna and BlackWarGreymon actually have a lot in common. Could HE be the reason why Luna wanted to come to the Gala?’

A quarter of an hour had passed since the never-before-seen dance. And the events had moved onto the Wonderbolt show. With everyone looking up at the night sky from the Canterlot gardens, all could see the Wonderbolt cadets performing stunts and aerobatics. Although they weren’t as magical as Unicorns, but the skilled Pegasi were leaving a trail of dark smoke as they flew by. Smoke that contained electricity. It shows that some Pegasi possess their own magical properties. Even BlackWarGreymon was amazed at their manoeuvres. Some of which could be used in combat. Though Rainbow Dash was amazed, she was showing it a lot better than the others did.

Then the Wonderbolts finished up their show by flying vertically in a tight formation. As they almost reached body contact, the group immediately separated. Somehow creating a large firework-like explosion. All eyes below were dazzled by the sight.

Then came the final event of the Grand Galloping Gala, the firework display. Rockets filled with special powder (probably gun powder) were fired into the night sky. Then the rockets exploded, filling the sky with unique shapes, patterns and colours. They were also joined by shapes of cutiemarks.

“Wow. Imagine having something like that for a cutiemark,” Scootaloo said to the other two crusaders.

“Or ah firework cutiemark?” Applebloom suggested.

As the display continued, BlackWarGreymon became curious. He had never seen fireworks before and wanted to know more about them.

With all eyes focused on the fireworks, BlackWarGreymon slipped by unnoticed and made his way to where the rockets were launched.

Once he arrived, he spotted a Unicorn stallion with a sparkler in his magical grip. Using it to light the firework fuses.

The stallion then felt that someone was behind him.

“I told you kids before, you shouldn’t be back he…”

He paused as he turned around. Instead of crafty children that he was guessing, it was to his surprise the tall black Digimon.

“Oh, it’s you. Well… be careful anyway. These fireworks are dangerous.”

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t help but chuckle in response. He was far more dangerous than the fireworks.

“Trust me. Your rockets wouldn’t even singe my hair,” The Mega said, making the Unicorn nervously gulp.

The pony then went back to setting off the fireworks in a sequence of patterns. Timing each one perfectly. BlackWarGreymon watched on as the fireworks streamed to the sky, exploding in a massive array of colours.

As the display nearly reached its finally, BlackWarGreymon had an idea for a ‘big finish’.

“Mind if I join in?” He asked, not really wanting an answer.

The stallion was confused at what the Digimon was implying.

“What do you mean ‘join in’?” He asked as he turned around. Only to see that BlackWarGreymon had a red energy sphere within his palm.

Then as the last of the fireworks flew high into the air, the Digimon flung the two-foot-wide orb into the air. Launching it with the fireworks. From the distance, the crowd couldn’t tell that the glowing orb was with the fireworks. To them, it looked like another firework.

Then as they got to a good height, the fireworks exploded. And the shockwaves from the loud booms caused the tiny Terra Destroyer sphere to detonate. Creating a fairly large explosion even for its size.

While the crowd were stunned at the last explosion, the Mane Six recognised the final blast.

“Wait. Isn’t that?” Twilight asked before smiling. She knew it was BlackWarGreymon’s doing.

As the excitement of the firework display died down, the final event had wrapped up the Grand Galloping Gala for another year.

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