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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 39: Nightmare in Chrome Digizoid

Things went from bad to worse at the Crystal Empire. King Sombra had returned with a vengeance, but with a powerful ally at his side.

It was he who was behind the recent attacks. The good news was that BlackWarGreymon was proven innocent. The bad news was that Sombra had created a BlackWarGreymon of his own!

The only thing that Sombra’s Digimon had in common with BlackWarGreymon was the skin. Almost black as night. But that’s where the similarities end. His body may have the same design as the saviour, but his colour scheme looked miss-matched. He had light grey armour on his shoulders while his Dramon Destroyers and his Brave Shield were a darker shade of grey. He also had a bright gold chest plate and had silver-grey hair. His three-horned helmet looked a lighter shade of silver then BlackWarGreymon’s and his crimson eyes looked as though they were coated in blood. Striking fear into the hearts of anyone who saw them.

But the one thing that may seem the most unnerving, was his voice. He sounded very similar to BlackWarGreymon, but the tone in his voice was higher. So when he chuckles or laughs, the voice gave him the impression that he was insane.

The Mane Six, Spike, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, the crystal guards… virtually everyone felt the wave of fear upon hearing his voice.

As the group stared fearfully at the BlackWarGreymon look-alike, Princesses Twilight and Luna heard whimpering at their side. When they turned around, they spotted a lone crystal pony. Backing away from the Digimon in fear as she spoke.

“It…It’s him! The one who attacked us before!”

Then without a moment’s notice, she ran away as fast as she could.

The two Alicorns stared back at the amused looking Digimon. Upon hearing his voice, the group figured that he was an individual. Not a mindless creation of black magic.

Knowing that he was an intelligent being, Princess Twilight tried to brush away her fear, and then spoke to the Digimon.

“W…what…are you? Who are you?”

Hearing her acknowledging him made the tall being glance over to Twilight. Briefly scaring the Alicorn with his gaze.

Then in a way the group never expected from a copy, he answered Twilight’s question.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m BlackWarGreymon.”

The group became confused as to what he was implying. But Rainbow Dash responded in sudden anger.

“You’re kidding me! There’s no way you’re BlackWarGreymon!”

After glancing over to the Pegasus, the Digimon spoke again. But what he said was unsettling.

“Well to be exact, I’m the embodiment of his dark side. Or as you call it, a dark incarnation.”

As expected, the group began to feel even more nervous. From sensing their fear, King Sombra and the shadow clones of Rainbow Dash and Applejack chuckled in delight.

“Dark…incarnation?” Luna asked, her voice shaken from the nerves.

Then the Digimon introduced himself.

“Yes. I’m a part of him come to life. A part of him who lusts for battles and violence. A part of him who craves for destruction and mayhem. A part of him who thrives on disorder and chaos!”


The group took a step back in fear. If it was true what he said, then they’re in deep trouble. The violent side of BlackWarGreymon had finally gained a body of its own. And knowing how violent the original was back in his past, then the clone could be just as violent. Or perhaps even more so.

After he got his hype under control, the newly named ChaosBlackWarGreymon glared back at the group with a look that’s mixed of curiosity and boredom.

“But enough about me. I’m curious about you. You’re clearly not crystal ponies. So tell me, what town are you from?”

With her loyalty to her home unbroken, Rainbow Dash was the first to speak out in defiance.

“Yeah right! As if we would tell you!”

Unfortunately for the Pegasus, resistance was futile.

“You’re from Ponyville, aren’t you?”

All the non-crystal ponies gasped in disbelief. His guess was accurate. But if he was created just recently, how did he know about their home? Did Sombra tell him? Or was there something else involved? Either way, the group didn’t like it.

“How…how did you know about that!?” Twilight asked. Frightened to find out the truth to his knowledge.

But ChaosBlackWarGreymon wasn’t listening to her. His mind was distracted by the image of the town. The things they had. And what he could do if he was there.

He then began to tease the group… but in a threatening way.

“Huh. From what I’ve seen, Ponyville doesn’t look too shabby. Maybe I should…stop by there once I’m done here.”

“You…you wouldn’t…” Applejack said, frightened at what the Mega would do if he was in Ponyville.

“Oh yes. You know…look at the sights, admire the view and REDUCE IT TO DUST!!!”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s voice echoed through what felt like half of the empire. The group were startled by the sudden aggressive tone in his words. Even King Sombra and the two shadow pony clones were taken back by the Digimon’s outburst. It was almost as if for a split second, he had completely lost all his sanity. Or even just the mention of violence would bring him into a total frenzy. It revealed that his mental state was completely unbalanced.

Could BlackWarGreymon really had been like that if he was obsessed with destruction?

They were snapped out of their trance when they heard the copied Mega chuckling. He then spoke.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Forgive me if I’m not more composed. It’s just that when I think of causing great untold calamity and destroying lives, it brings me in a good mood. And I mean a really good mood. Who knows, if BlackWarGreymon wasn’t all goodie goodie, he might do the same.”

“No! Y-You’re lying! BlackWarGreymon would never do such thing, even if he was evil,” Cadence stated, showing her complete trust in the saviour.

“Yeah! And if you really are his clone, you should know that too!” Pinkie Pie joined.

The group thought that by twisting the facts, it would cause ChaosBlackWarGreymon to be confused. But to their surprise, the Digimon chuckled in amusement before he spoke.

“True, I am a part of BlackWarGreymon. But at the same time… I’m not!”

The group were confused at the meaning of the Digimon’s words. But then he had an idea to back up his words. A cruel idea to say the least.

“And to prove my point, how about a little demonstration. I will play as the god of destruction…”

He then raised his left gauntlet to his left and pointed at a distant building.

“…And them lot over there are my poor helpless prey.”

When the group looked to where the Digimon was pointing, most of them gasped at what the chosen building was. It was a school, and because of the recent attacks, the building was evacuated. However, the evacuation was still underway, and many children were in the area.

Then realisation dawned upon the group. Was ChaosBlackWarGreymon really planning to…?

“No. You… you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t dare!” Luna said in defiance. Hoping that it was just a bluff.

King Sombra too was unsure what the Digimon was up to. But even for an evil king like him, he didn’t like it.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled as he moved his left arm towards his chest with his palm facing upwards. Then after focusing, he formed an energy ball in his palm.

To the ponies, the orb felt like BlackWarGreymon’s Terra Destroyer attack. But at the same time, it felt vastly different. The colour of the orb was different too. Instead of it being negative red, the orb looked like it contained swirling black mist. As if a storm was brewing within the sphere. Also orbiting the sphere was a belt of green energy. Making it resemble a dark planet.

Then the group noticed that the sphere was growing larger and larger. Then to their alarm, they saw the evil gleam in his eyes. He wasn’t bluffing!

He then shouted the name of his attack.


Then without orders or hesitation, ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw the dark orb straight towards the school. Seeing the oncoming attack caused the kids to scream as they were paralyzed in fear.

Reacting as quick as they could, Twilight, Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor used their magic to teleport everyone from the school away. Unfortunately leaving the school itself to be destroyed as the energy orb broke in and exploded from the inside.

All the children and their teachers reappeared beside the Alicorns. Watching in horror as crystal shards from the destroyed school rained down from the sky.

“You’re ok now. Now get out of here, quickly,” The stallion prince said to the school group. Allowing them to flee to the nearest evacuation point.

After they’re gone, the group stood shocked at what just happened.

“He…he wasn’t bluffing,” Twilight said, her voice filled with shock. Then Applejack and Cadence spoke up.

“He really gone and done it.”

“And if we hadn’t…”

The pink Alicorn was too in shock for words. The children and the teachers would’ve been actual victims to ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

As the group all turned to glare at the Digimon in fear and hate, it seemed as though King Sombra himself was just as shocked as they were. The two were arguing.

“You fool! Explain your actions!”

“Relax. I knew they would do that.”

“In case you’ve forgotten, I want the crystal ponies alive. I need them to be my slaves.”


ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s behaviour showed that he didn’t care for his actions. Seeing that even Sombra disliked such methods meant that the Digimon might be even more unpredictable then the king.

Uncertain of their predicament, the group received a shiver of fear as the cloned Mega turned his attention back to them.

“Now, where were we?”

After getting over their own shock, the shadow versions of Rainbow Dash and Applejack retook their positions. Standing either side of ChaosBlackWarGreymon and glaring at the group.

Trying to comprehend a comparison, Rainbow Dash spoke out in defiance.

“You know, there is no way you’re a part of BlackWarGreymon. Yeah, he may had done bad things in the past, but he was nowhere near as insane as you! You fake!”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s reactions to Rainbow Dash’s words were shocking. After widening his red eyes and revealing his slit pupils in rage, he raised his right arm up and, without a sound, impaled his claws straight through shadow Rainbow Dash’s head and into the ground. The pony clone only let out a faint squeal as its life was ended by Chrome Digizoid blades. Then just as quick as it happened, the body of the fake mare burst into black smoke.

Everyone was so stunned by the actions, they couldn’t make a sound. Even King Sombra and shadow Applejack stepped back with wide eyes from witnessing one of the Unicorns’ creations turning on his own. Even though it was a fake pony, the recent scene was just plain heartless.

Most of the group knew what ChaosBlackWarGreymon was implying. If Rainbow Dash herself said that right at his face, he would’ve killed her on the spot!

After retracting his claws from the crystal covered ground, the shadow Digimon tilted his head in a threatening tease as his eyes looked half crazed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of you begging for your demise.”

When it seemed that ChaosBlackWarGreymon couldn’t be any more frightening, that very thing happened. The group slowly began to feel terrified from witnessing the Digimon’s murderous streak. It was opposite to what they were hoping from a BlackWarGreymon clone. Completely opposite.

“Y…you really are serious… aren’t you?” Rainbow Dash asked, seeing how quickly the Digimon destroyed her shadow self shocked her to the core.

“Yes indeed, pony. In fact, I’m dead serious. So you all better not aggravate me. Because if you do, well…very bad things will happen to you. Here.”

After glancing down to his left, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reached down and grabbed the Applejack clone by its back. The shadow pony began to flail and screech in panic as it felt both its body being lifted off the ground, and the Mega’s iron grip. It tried to shake its head and wave its legs like wild to try to get free. But to no avail.

The group were getting a bad feeling of what was about to go down. Even King Sombra watched on in mild shock. Truth be told that not even he could stop his creation.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon then finished his sentence.

“Let me make an example!”

In one swift movement, the evil Digimon threw the shadow Earth Pony high through the air. The pony copy screeching in fright all the while. But things only got worse, because ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew after it at high speed. Then to the horror of the group below, he impaled his nose horn straight through the shadow pony. The smaller creature screeching in agony as the horn went through its stomach and out through its back. It then tried to push itself off by pressing its hooves on the Digimon’s head, but the pain was too much for its legs to move freely. As he watched it struggle, the Digimon laughed at it.

By hearing and seeing shadow Applejack actions, meant that it somewhat had its own free will. So by seeing it in such pain, actually made the group feel sorry for it. And from the look on Sombra’s gawking face, he had no idea that his Digimon would do such a thing.

With sadness building up, Pinkie Pie spoke out.

“But…that’s like… the worst thing possible!”

But ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s response was unexpected. Probably even uncalled for.

“Really? Sure it isn’t…THIS!?”

After he spoke, the cruel Mega quickly shifted his head back straight. His movements caused even more pain for the shadow pony as his nose horn moved while within it. Then to add in more pain to his captive, the Digimon jerked his head back and forth. Causing the pony clone to cry out in pain as the nose horn went deeper and deeper. The Digimon also playfully but cruelly spoke out while torturing the shadow pony.

“Or this? Or this? Or this? Or this…”

Even for a shadow pony, its screeches of pain were very unsettling to the group. While some stared on in horror, Rarity and Spike fainted, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie covered their ears while crying in fright, and Cadence couldn’t bare hearing it anymore.

“STOP IT!! Just stop it!”

Hearing the Alicorn’s plea was only getting the Digimon more excited. He only sped up the jerking of his head. Then with one last thrust, the shadow pony moved no more. Soon after, its body collapsed into a burst of smoke.

As he hovered in the air, ChaosBlackWarGreymon glanced downwards to see the horrified looks of the ponies below.

“All done. I think I’ve proven my point.”

He then chuckled madly as he lowered himself back to the ground beside King Sombra. The king did not look pleased.

“……You do know that was my last shadow pony, right?”

“Who cares. You could just create more.”

“Yes, but it takes quite a lot of magic. So next time, don’t do it again.”

“You’re no fun.”

As the evil two argued, the group felt not just frightened, but vulnerable too. ChaosBlackWarGreymon showed that he takes jot out of being cruel. Probably more so then Sombra. Even the crystal guards were quaking in fear at the Digimon’s might.

Then the group felt a cold shiver as the Mega turned his sights onto them.

“You know, I think impalement is my favourite way of executing my foes.”

He then raised his arms with his claws pointing up. The blades glimmering in the sunlight. Showing off the fine edges.

“Want me to try it on you?”

The group were in deep trouble. They had to play their cards right. One wrong move and it would be all over for them. True that they received training the day before, but they were expecting to face off with King Sombra. Not a Digimon. They knew they were no match for ChaosBlackWarGreymon, and that BlackWarGreymon was their only hope. They had to find a way to bide their time until their friend arrives.

Being a clever pony, Twilight found a way to stall for time. But hoped that it worked.

“L-Listen. Obviously, we can’t do any great harm to you. But before you do what you will, I want to know something.”

To the young Alicorn’s amazement, ChaosBlackWarGreymon lowered his arms while giving her a questionable look. He was actually keen on hearing what she had to say.

But as it seemed her diversion was about to work, Sombra intervened.

“You dare question us?! You will know nothing! You have no ri…”


Everyone became startled from hearing the Digimon’s sudden outburst. But to their disbelief, it was all aimed at the king himself.

Sombra felt insulted. His own creation had shown hostility to him! Although he trembled a bit from the volume of the shout, he was also angry.

“How dare you! Let’s not forget that I’m in charge here!”

As he ignored King Sombra, ChaosBlackWarGreymon turned his attention back to Twilight.

“Go on.”

“Well…um…how is it that you know what town we’re from?” Twilight asked him.

“Oh, that little thing? Well since all of you are doomed, I guess I can tell you.”

To the group’s confusion, the Digimon raised one arm up and tapped his claws on his head. Implying the very thing what he was about to explain.

“Everything BlackWarGreymon knows gets stored in his data. And because I was created from his data, I have all his knowledge and memories.”

The group gasped in astonishment, amazed by the startling fact.

“So everything he knows, you know?” Twilight asked, in which the Digimon answered.

“Exactly. Not only that, but BlackWarGreymon’s negative energy was also carried into the part of which I was created from.”

He then raised his arm again and formed a negative black energy ball within his palm. Identical to the one he used before.

“As well as his memories, I also possess all of BlackWarGreymon’s powers!”

Again, the group felt frightened. Shocked to know that the powers of BlackWarGreymon had passed over to ChaosBlackWarGreymon. After his energy ball vanished into nothing, the evil Digimon then revealed something else.

“But despite all that, I do have a trump card over your friend. Something that not even he has!”

He then raised both his arms apart to the sides. But just as he was about to perform his act, he stopped to think. It was true that he had something that his good counterpart could never have, but why waste it on revealing it so early. The group already seemed frightened from just the knowledge of it alone.

Deciding to save it for later, ChaosBlackWarGreymon retracted his arms and retook his stance.

“On second thought, I show it to you all later.”

As frightened as the group were, some felt as though they were left out. The evil Mega was about to show them something, but then decided against it. Only building up the tension in the group as they tried to figure out what he had that BlackWarGreymon doesn’t.

“Really?” Twilight asked. Almost sounding disappointed.

“Well it wouldn’t be very entertaining if I showed it to you here and now. That would just be spoilers,” The Digimon clone replied.

Then the conversation was interrupted by the voice of Rainbow Dash.

“Hay! Even of you do have this so-called trump card, there is still no way you can beat BlackWarGreymon!”

As the Pegasus continued, ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked at her with interest. Wanting to hear her out.

“Just you wait until he shows up! Then he’ll kick you to the next century!”

The Digimon let out a chuckle before speaking.

“Is he really? Well I for one do hope that he shows up. And I’m not gonna lie, I feel absolutely ecstatic. Because one he arrives here, he will not be returning to his dear beloved friends.”

His tone suddenly became darker.

“But a total… unadulterated… devastation.”

Again, the group felt fear from hearing his words. Then King Sombra intervened once more.

“And THAT is what I want to avoid.”

Again the Digimon taunted him.

“What’s the matter? Afraid that I might scratch your little crystals?”

Before the dark Unicorn could respond, the shadow Digimon continued.

“Speaking of which, do you want me to have fun with this little bunch?” He asked as he looked over to the pony group.

Sombra too looked over to them and thought for a moment, but decided that they were of no value. Much to their dismay.

“Go ahead. I don’t need them anyway,” He said as he took a few steps back, giving his creation some room.

“Good. Now let’s get down to business.”

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon faced the group, most of them took their stance. Ready to fight. Twilight hoped that their little diversion would’ve been enough to save their furs. But it didn’t seem like it.

However, the Digimon decided to make a game of the situation. He pointed his right arm out as he scanned the group.

“Hmm, lets see. Which one should I pick first?”

He then chuckled as he picked his first victim.

“Oh, how about you?”

All the eyes of the ponies followed the direction to where the claws were pointing at. Which revealed to be in the direction of Spike. The young dragon looked to his sides to see if the Mega was pointing at someone else. But then gasped when he realised that it wasn’t the case.

“That’s right. I’m singling you out, tiny.” The Digimon said to make himself clear.

“W…what? ME!?” Spike said in fear.

“Yes. Come here,” The clone Digimon said as he gestured Spike to walk over to him.

But seeing the young purple dragon being unresponsive made the Digimon almost loose his temper very quickly.

“I said. Come here!!”

Spike started to tremble. That was until a lavender coloured hoof stood in his path. Twilight protecting him.

“No way! You’re not laying a claw on Spike!”

Sombra however chuckled as he relished in seeing the meddling baby dragon quaking in fear.

“Why not. I would like to see where this goes.”

Then using his levitation spell, King Sombra grabbed a hold on Twilight and threw her aside. Causing her to crash into Cadence and Shining Armor. With Spike exposed, the dark Unicorn used the same spell to pull Spike towards the feet of ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“Spike!” Rarity shouted, urging him to come back.

But the purple reptile was paralyzed in fear. Being so close made ChaosBlackWarGreymon look like a giant compared to him. He stared up fearfully as the Digimon glared back down at him.

“That’s more like it. But to make it fair for you, dragon, I’ll even let you attack first. Go ahead. Unleash your dragon fury upon me.”

The ponies were confused at the shadow Digimon’s request. Why does he want to be attacked by Spike when he can't be harmed by him?

But the answer was clear. It’s because he CAN’T be harmed by him. And he wanted to show it in his own way.

Given the green light to attack, Spike tried his best to push his fear aside and show the Mega what he got. Feeling ready, the dragon tried to breath fire at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. But because of his fear, the only thing that left his mouth were only a few specks of flame.

As Spike began to worry, the Digimon showed a look of disappointment. But then he came up of an idea on how to put more fire in the dragon’s belly.

“You better try again, little dragon. Because if you can’t, then I’ll kill all your friends!”

Spike flinched from the threat. Then thoughts swarmed through his mind. Would ChaosBlackWarGreymon really do it? Would he really hurt others just to see what the young dragon was made of? Then more thoughts crossed his mind. What would happen if he didn’t? All the ponies he had come to love would all be gone. And he would join them or be all alone.

No. He wouldn’t allow it. Spike began to growl angrily as his eyes narrowed in hate. Then as the image of Twilight and Rarity entered his mind, wounded or killed, he suddenly snapped.

“No! I won’t let you!”

Then in an instant, Spike unleashed his rage in a form of a powerful stream of green fire. Engulfing the upper half of the Digimon.

The pony group were amazed. And the Mane Six had hardly ever seen Spike so angry. If not, ever.

Then as Spike finished his attack, he huffed in exhaustion. Smoke seeping out of his mouth and nostrils. Then as he looked up, he hoped that he had caused some sort of harm to the towering Digimon.

But as the fire and the smoke cleared, to his horror, ChaosBlackWarGreymon remained standing! Unmoved and completely unharmed!

Sombra too was startled. He never thought that his creation could resist dragon fire.

With disbelief washing over him, Spike began to tremble in fear. It didn’t help as the Digimon stared down at him with a disappointed look.

“Just as I expected from a baby. Baby breath.”

Then with no remorse, ChaosBlackWarGreymon kicked Spike. Though soft enough not to severally harm him, but hard enough to send him flying back to the group.

“Spike! Can you hear me!?” Twilight asked as she cradled her assistant.

Through grunting from the pain in his little body, Spike mustered enough willpower to look at his lifelong friend.

“Y…yeah. Loud and clear,” Spike said weakly.

However, their moment was broken by the chuckling Digimon.

“You’re a fool to think you can hurt me. BlackWarGreymon took a full blast from a giant adult dragon and walked out unscathed. And I was created from his data. So in short, you can’t hurt me.”

King Sombra smiled at what he saw. To him, Spike deserved it for helping to bring back the Crystal Heart. The group glared angrily at the Digimon. Wanting him to pay for hurting the young dragon.

However, it seemed as though the crystal guards were angrier then they were. It was Spike who helped save the empire from Sombra when the kingdom returned to Equestria. And even the one time at the Equestria Games. Spike saved the Crystal Empire twice. Since then, the young dragon was heavily praised and was known as Spike the Great and Glorious. The guards all treated him with respect, almost like royalty.

So to see their little saviour being humiliated and tossed around was getting the guards all riled up. For a split second, they didn’t care who ChaosBlackWarGreymon was or how powerful he claims to be. No matter what, they believed that the Digimon must pay!

“How dare you!” One guard spoke with hate.

Then without order and to the surprise of the group, one stallion guard ran full speed towards the towering being, jumped up as high as he could, and slammed his armoured hoof straight at the Digimon’s snout.

‘Background music’ ‘Break my Mind by DAGames’

The sound of the impact echoed slightly before the guard landed back on the ground.

To the guard’s surprise, his outburst not only left ChaosBlackWarGreymon unharmed, but the crystal-like armour on his hoof cracked and then broke apart. Then he started to feel numb from the hoof itself.

The Digimon chuckled in amusement as the guard glared back at him.

“Was that really all you guards can do!? You’re all pathetic!”

His insult struck a nerve in the guards. As they grunted angrily, they all suddenly roared out.


“NO WAIT!!!”

But Cadence’s plea was unnoticed. All the guards around the group charged at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. All determined to make him pay.

The guards threw everything they had at the tall Digimon. Leaping in the air to tackle his chest. Jumping high to pound or give swinging kicks to his face. Or slamming their hind hooves into his legs. But despite their valiant efforts, ChaosBlackWarGreymon took every single blow without even moving an inch. He was like a stone statue to the crystal ponies.

Then one guard charged forth with a jousting lance in his mouth, and then swung it repeatedly at the Digimon’s face left and right. But again, ChaosBlackWarGreymon didn’t even blink let alone flinch from the attacks.

Then as the guard swung his lance out again, the Mega quickly caught it with his right hand. Then while the guard was holding on, the evil being lifted both him and the weapon up above the ground.

“Lame!!” He shouted as he swung his arm to the side, taking out all the guards in front of him with the lance in his grip.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon dropped the lance, Prince Shining Armor grunted angrily. He couldn’t bare seeing his comrades being attacked in such a way.

“That does it!”

Joined by Cadence, the royal couple teleported either side of the Digimon. Next charging up their magical attacks. Then with no hesitation, the two fired beams of magic at him. Even with the attacks bearing down on him, ChaosBlackWarGreymon remained still.

Then the attacks collided into his sides. Exploding on impact and releasing a cloud of magical smoke.

“We…we got him!” Shining Armor said as he and Cadence teleported back to their friends.

But their triumphant moment was shattered by King Sombra chuckling and then talking.

“Oh yes you have,” He said as he looked back at the smoke cloud, showing off a sinister smile.

Worried of what Sombra was implying, the group turned their attention back to the cloud of smoke. Then to their shock as the smoke faded, ChaosBlackWarGreymon remained standing and unharmed. But then he started to chuckle loudly, which sounded like it belonged to an insane creature. Then he started to speak, but in a way that sounded like singing. Showing that the fighting was making him more psychotic every second.

“With my powers of the reckoning, I’ll bring forth all the sickening, now that you’re alone, I’LL SHREAD YOU TO THE BONE!!!”

As he charged forth, he recklessly attacked the crystal guards. It was a good thing that the ponies were wearing armour, otherwise they would’ve ended up far worse then hurt. The Digimon slashed his claws, giving them cuts. He swung his arms, sending them flying. He kicked them to shove them aside like ragdolls. He was dominating over the guards.

As he became surrounded, the Digimon channelled his negative energy into his claws. Then as he spun around, he slashed his claws out. Releasing blade-like energy waves that made contact with the guards. The crystal ponies all yelled and collapsed from pain as they felt their armour being almost sliced through. Luckily the guards were alive after such an attack.

For those whom were out of his reach, they were met with more physical blows. The Digimon laughing madly as he attacked. The sight of the carnage was getting to the group. They wanted nothing more then to stop it. Even if it meant that they joined in the fray.

“Leave them alone!!” Rainbow Dash shouted as she flew at lightning speed at ChaosBlackWarGreymon and gave him an uppercut to the chin.

Although the Digimon raised his head from the force of the attack, it was the Pegasus who felt all the pain.

“EEOOOOWWWW!!!” Rainbow Dash cried as she backed off while cradling her right hoof. To her it felt as though she punched an armour plated boulder.

As she felt her hoof going numb and pain shooting up her leg, the Pegasus felt worried as she looked at the Digimon. Glaring back at her as he spoke.

“What a shame. Looks like you just signed your death warrant.”

Then to show off his greater speed, ChaosBlackWarGreymon vanished in front of Rainbow Dash and reappeared behind her.

Startled, the blue mare yelped in surprise as she turned and backed away from him. But he then performed the same trick on her again, frightening the pony as she tried to back away.

The process kept repeating itself until Rainbow Dash tried to fly higher. But before she could react, ChaosBlackWarGreymon appeared in front of her. Causing her to slam into his armoured chest. Fearing that the dazzled Rainbow Dash would be an easy target, Twilight quickly teleported the Pegasus back to her out of harms reach.

While chuckling, the Digimon landed as Applejack ran up to him.

“You leave her alone!!”

Within striking range, the orange Earth Pony turned around and slammed her rear hooves into the unarmoured part of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s right leg. As if she was kicking one of her apple trees.

But the Digimon’s leg was pure muscle, making it as solid as a rock. Like Rainbow Dash, Applejack’s attack caused more harm to her then it did to her foe. With shocking pain jolting up her rear legs, Applejack collapsed from the pain while yelling. Unable to stand, she looked up fearfully as the Mega raised his right claws above her. The sharp ends pointing directly at her head. But just before the clone Digimon could strike, the orange mare’s body was engulfed in blue light. Then teleported away just moments before the Chrome Digizoid claws impaled the crystal ground where she laid upon.

“Thanks princess,” Applejack said after reappearing beside Luna.

But she didn’t respond. She, Twilight, Cadence and Shining Armor were all standing beside each other, glaring at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Seeing how close Applejack was to certain death got the four royals mad. The Digimon clone glared back at them as he pulled his right gauntlet free from the ground. Ready for what was coming next.

Without hesitation, the four royals randomly fired beams of magic at the Mega. Unleashing their attack spells in anger. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s reflexes were just as great as BlackWarGreymon’s. With his two gauntlets, he blocked and deflected every single one of the attacks.

Then as he brought his arms in a crossed position, he one again channelled his negative energy into his claws. Then as he threw his arms out, he launched an X-shaped blast at the four.

Luckily, Twilight was short enough for the attack to fly inches above her head. Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor had to duck to avoid the blast. Then as ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw his left arm out, he fired a small Shadow Destroyer sphere. Weak, but strong enough to cause harm. Twilight responded back with a powerful purple beam from her horn.

The two powers collided briefly before, to Twilight’s fortune, exploded within seconds. Throwing up a massive cloud of smoke. As the cloud covered the area, Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor rose back up onto their hooves. In front of them was Twilight, glaring angrily at their tormentor. In front of her was ChaosBlackWarGreymon, glaring back while his arm remained outstretched. After lowering his arm, the tall being proceeded to walk towards the four. Making them scared with every step he took.

Then the royals began to randomly fire their attacks again, hoping to slow down the Mega. Although all their spells landed direct hits, ChaosBlackWarGreymon walked straight through them with ease. Chuckling as the attacks exploded against his chest and shoulders. Also proving that, defensive or not, he cannot be harmed by their magic.

Seeing that their attacks weren’t slowing him down in the slightest, the four stopped firing their spells as the shadow Digimon continued to toy with them.

“Hahaha! Look out ponies, here I come!!”

As he flew forward at them with great speed, his purposely shoved his right gauntlet into the crystal ground. With the force of his momentum, his metal claws were cleaving through the ground like a hot knife through butter. The four royals jumped out of the way to avoid the charging Digimon. Shining Armor just narrowly evading the Chrome Digizoid claws.

Behind the four ponies, the out-of-control Mega stopped advancing and turned around. Both his hands holding small Shadow Destroyer orbs. He then started to launch them at the royals. The Alicorns and Unicorn had to keep dodging as the spheres flew past them or exploding against the ground.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon laughed as he kept on lobbing his cloned attacks. But he had to stop as he felt something hard smashed against the back of his head. To him it wasn’t painful, but it was annoying. Turning around, he saw that Rarity was loading up Pinkie Pie’s party cannon with the crystal shards from the destroyed buildings. And Pinkie Pie herself aiming the cannon at him.

Seeing their attempt to hurt him made ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckle loudly in amusement as he walked towards them. Seeing the advancing Digimon caused the two girls to panic and fire their loaded cannon.

The crystal shard shattered as it smashed into the Digimon’s face. Though it had smacked his face aside, he kept on chuckling as he continued to walk to them. Round after round the girls fired crystal shards at the armoured being. But no matter how many times he got shot in the face, he kept on chuckling as if the attacks were nothing. Scaring the two even more.

As he got very close to them, he quickly stomped on the party cannon. Crushing it underfoot.

“Why you…!” Rarity and Pinkie Pie cried out before attempting to charge at ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“Beat it,” The Digimon said as he shoved the two aside with his arm.

He then heard loud hoof steps to his right and spotted Shining Armor charging at him. His horn engulfed with magic as a blade formed at its end. The prince then slashed his blade at the Digimon. But he blocked every swing with his arms. As the blade hit his left arm, ChaosBlackWarGreymon immediately rose it up. Lifting the blade and exposing a weakness on the stallion. Not wasting time, the Mega slammed his left knee into Shining Armor’s stomach. Causing him to feel pain as air escaped his lungs.

Seeing the airborne Cadence flying at him to his right, the Digimon clone reached out and grabbed the Alicorn by her neck. And then threw her into Shining Armor.

Dispatching the royal couple, ChaosBlackWarGreymon turned to his next opponent. Twilight Sparkle fired a large purple orb at him, only for it to be battered away by a swing of his right Dramon Destroyer. He then swung out his left arm and fired another dark orb at the lavender princess. Twilight immediately took flight to avoid the attack. As she flew, the clone Digimon watched her movements. Seeing if she would try to attack again.

While being distracted, ChaosBlackWarGreymon felt an explosion at the back of his head. Somepony fired at him with a magic spell. Turning around, he saw that it was Luna. Glaring at him while preparing for another attack.

Throwing her head side to side, Luna fired blades of blue magic at the evil Digimon. Timing his movements, ChaosBlackWarGreymon slashed his claws out. Shattering the magical curved blades one by one.

But as Luna kept up her attack, the Mega didn’t. The blades ended up smacking back and forth across his face. But despite the beating, he didn’t seem hurt by it at all. Because while under fire, he formed another dark orb in one of his hands.

“Shadow Destroyer!” He shouted as he threw the attack at Luna.

Seeing the oncoming orb, the blue Alicorn quickly charged up and fired a concentrated beam of magic to intercept it.

The two attacks collided. Amazingly Luna slowly held the Digimon’s attack back. Seemed that training with BlackWarGreymon had payed off. But she still felt strained from the pressure of the pushing orb.

As Luna stared at the flashes of energy in-between the attacks escaping. She suddenly heard Twilight’s voice.


Quickly glancing up to her left, she gasped at what she saw.

By holding back the dark orb, the straining Luna was left motionless. Becoming an easy target for ChaosBlackWarGreymon, whom was walking beside her beam and towards her!

To her horror as he got in close, the Digimon clone raised his right gauntlet up. Intending to impale the blur Alicorn where she stood. With complete faith in the speed of her magic, Luna immediately swapped her attack spell with her teleportation spell. Leaving ChaosBlackWarGreymon to stab his claws through the ground.

He then realised something. Since Luna stopped, who was holding back his Shadow Destroyer attack? Quickly turning to his left, he saw his own attack heading straight for him. But he easily deflected it with a swing of his left arm. The attack smashed at the ground, clouding the whole area in thick smoke.

Being the only one not in the fight, Fluttershy watched on at the side-lines. But with the thick smoke all around her, she found herself lost and alone. The frightened mare panicked as she looked all around her, trying to spot her friends.

“Hello!? Can anypony hear me? Where are you!?”

After a few seconds of looking around blindly, she suddenly came to a frightening stop. Right in front of her face, mere inches away pointing at her, were three Digizoid claws.

After a step forward, ChaosBlackWarGreymon emerged from the fading smoke. Staring down at her with sinister intent.

Fluttershy tried to back away from him, but the tall Digimon kept up his pace. With the claws on his right arm remaining close to her face.

To the Pegasus’s bad luck, she backed herself up against a crystal wall. She even tried to back up into the wall itself, but she wasn’t going anywhere. Seeing the three sharp blades just inches from her face was terrifying her. To a point where she started to cry in fear. Feeling that it was the end for her.

But as her eyes started to water, to add to her horror, ChaosBlackWarGreymon taunted her in a threatening tone.

“Ah ah, don’t cry. Or else, you will die.”

Fluttershy could almost see, at the very tip of his middle claw, was a tiny glimmer of green light. Possibly to show off the sharpness of his claws? Or something else.

The yellow Pegasus tried her best not to cry, but what was happening was too much for her to cope. Feeling that it was the end for her, she closed her eyes and started to whimper.

“Help me.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled quietly from the sight of her trembling form. But then his chuckling stopped as he felt a magical beam exploding against the back of his head. Turning around to look over his left shoulder, the angered Digimon spotted Twilight and Rarity. The white Unicorn’s horn was glowing blue, meaning that it was her who fired the beam.

“Get away from her, you brute!” Rarity shouted while Twilight’s horn glowed bright purple.

After seeing a brief flash of purple at the corner of his eye, the evil Mega turned back to Fluttershy. Only to see that she was gone.

Twilight had teleported her away.

Frustrated that he was deprived from gaining his first victim, the Digimon smashed his claws repeatedly into the ground where the Pegasus once stood to get his anger out. Then in a fit of rage, he roared out as his body began to glow green. Building up his negative energy.

Thinking that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was about to create an explosion, Twilight tapped into the deepest depths of her magic to find anypony who was around, and then teleported them and herself away.

Reappearing in a secluded ally, Twilight managed to bring with her Spike, her Ponyville friends, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor and two royal guards who weren’t knocked out. They were confused. They were just at another place a moment ago.

“What just happened?” Applejack asked.

After getting over her dizziness from overusing her spell, Twilight spoke up.

“It’s ok. I think we’ll be safe here.”

Then to her uncertainty, she heard Rainbow Dash’s fearful voice.

“You may need to recheck that!”

The group then understood what the blue Pegasus meant by. On the building in front of them, the group spotted that the wall was slowly glowing bright green. Then it started to crack up as shards floated up in the air at great speed.

Then with a burst of energy, the entire crystal building was shredded into shards. Caused by a powerful green aura. At its centre was ChaosBlackWarGreymon, laughing insanely as his body crackled with green electricity. While hovering above the ground, his energetic aura caused the ground to crack and break apart while causing huge gusts of winds.

As the group stared fearfully at the shadow Digimon, thinking if he was invincible, he stopped laughing as he looked down upon them. His blood red eyes revealing slit pupils as he spoke.

“There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide!”

As his body was surging with green electricity, striking the ground and the nearby buildings, ChaosBlackWarGreymon raised his right arm up. His claws pointing at the sky above. Then after channelling his electrical energy into his right arm, he fired a lightning bolt shaped beam into the sky high above the crystal towers. The beam then struck a small cloud, causing it to go dark. As the cloud was filled with negative energy from the Digimon clone, it began to swirl like a tornado as it quickly expanded across the sky. As the clouds swarmed across the once clear blue sky, they eventually blocked out the sun. Transforming the world around him in darkness that it hadn’t seen in a long time.

‘Song end’

The crystal ponies found it all frightening. Then they found it terrifying as green lightening bolted across the sky. Illuminating the empire in green flashes. Some of the citizens even decided to evacuate the empire. King Sombra meanwhile found the change pleasant. Reminding him of the days when he ruled the Crystal Empire. Seems he and ChaosBlackWarGreymon share the same tastes.

As most of the group below huddled together, Twilight noticed that ever since the Digimon clone was surrounded in that green energy, her horn briefly glowed every so often. She was unsure of the development, but it became slightly clear when she properly sensed ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s energy. Something was…off about it. It definitely was negative energy, but in her mind she couldn’t help but feel that… there was something else. Different, but at the same time, similar.

As green thunderbolts rained down around him, ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew higher as he turned his sights to the rest of the Crystal Empire. He then spoke out with a voice so loud, that it was al almost like the Royal Canterlot voice. As his voice echoed throughout the empire, the ponies whom were evacuating all paused and turned their gazes at the Digimon. All frightened of his words.

“Attention everypony! A violent storm has descended upon the Crystal Empire! It will shroud your world into darkness, as it will rage across Equestria!! And that storm…IS MEEEEE!!!”

As he roared, his body became enveloped in a bright glow. The energy within him violently surging all over his form in a powerful aura.

From the ground, the group could feel his power. It seemed to have no end whereas they were exhausted. The fight with the Mega level Digimon proved to be too much for them. There was only one being in Equestria who had the power to stop him.

“BlackWarGreymon. Please hurry,” Luna said while she and the others stared fearfully at the evil copy.

Crystal castle, Crystal dungeon exit

With BlackWarGreymon proven innocent, Flash Sentry escorted him out of the dungeon and made their way back to the castle.

Flash Sentry and the guards in the dungeons were the only ponies unaware of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s existence. And they were far too below the surface to feel the vibrations form the battle.

The Pegasus guard could clearly see that the tall Digimon was very annoyed. It was true that he didn’t like to be confined and contained. Especially since all the cells weren’t built for his size. So he decided to start a conversation.

“On behalf of all of us, we’re sorry about the whole ordeal.”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes were narrowed in annoyance. But he was glad to be out of that small cell.

“Just don’t mention it again. If there is an imposter, he’s gonna pay, and…!”

Suddenly, the Digimon came to a shocking halt as his yellow eyes widened in disbelief. Being higher to ground level, he could not only sense the darkness from above, but also a huge power level. It was far higher than anything he sensed in Equestria so far! In fact, it was almost on the same level as his own!

As Flash Sentry paused to look at the Artificial Mega, he was confused at the sight of his expression. It was of pure shock and disbelief.

“And what? What is it?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t respond at first. Not only he could sense the huge flow of power, he even recognised its type. It was digital!

“And what in the world am I sensing!? Is that… another Digimon?”

Then to his bewilderment, he found out that the digital energy was very similar to his own. Actually… it WAS his own.

“Is… Is that me!?”

Though Flash Sentry was confused at what BlackWarGreymon meant by that last sentence, he could see the Digimon’s expression change to anger as his muscles all of a sudden became very tensed.

The black Digimon had no idea how to feel. It was possible that he was sensing another him up on the surface of the empire. With his feelings all in a muddle from the startling revelation, he couldn’t even concentrate on what he was saying. Making his words sound like utter nonsense.

“Is that me pretending to be me!?”

Though greatly confused at what was going on at the surface, BlackWarGreymon suddenly felt burning rage within him. As if someone just violated his very being. Flash Sentry could practically see the fire in his eyes.

Then as BlackWarGreymon ran towards the exit at full speed, in his confused state, he said something that again brought confusion to the Pegasus. Something a little strange, bizarre and made absolutely no sense.


Author's Note:

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Terra Destroyer----------------Shadow Destroyer
War Blaster----------------------Chaos Cannon
Black Tornado------------------Chaos Tornado
Dragon Crusher----------------Shadow Fire
Mega Destroyer----------------Nightmare Mist

Funny enough, the design I have for the Shadow Destroyer is actually the look of BlackWarGreymon's Terra Destroyer from the game 'Digimon Rumble Arena 2'. If you ever played that game, you know what I mean.

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