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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 45: Stunning Changes

Half an hour after the group arrived at the castle, Princess Twilight and her friends all got their things ready and prepared to depart to the train station. Well… almost all of them.

BlackWarGreymon remained in the castle and Spike was too busy hugging and praising the giant crystal statue of himself.

“Thank goodness you’re safe. I thought you were lost forever,” He said to the statue. Much to the confusion and slight discomfort of his pony friends.

“It’s still amazing how your statue is one of the few things in the empire that isn’t damaged,” Rarity said as she eyes the statue.

“Not even a scratch,” Spike said as he caressed the statue with his hands. Feeling the perfectly smooth surface.

Back inside the castle, Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence were talking amongst themselves as they walked through the hallway towards the main doors.

“Hay Cadence, I’m gonna quickly join Flash Sentry and see how the rest of the guards are holding up. I’ll see you at the train station,” The prince said as he walked towards one of the other doors.

“Ok, be back soon,” The pink Alicorn called out to her husband as he left the hallway.

Just as she walked around the corner of the hallway, Cadence spotted BlackWarGreymon walking towards the main doors. He was also alone.

Her mind raced. The opportunity she waited for had arrived perfectly on time. But not in the hallway, someone might interrupt.

With an idea in motion, Cadence played her cards as she called out to BlackWarGreymon.

“Umm, BlackWarGreymon.”

The sound of the Alicorn’s voice caught BlackWarGreymon’s attention. He stopped and turned around to see Cadence in the hallway.

“Hmm? What is it, Cadence?”

Unexpectedly, the princess felt hesitant on bringing up the subject. If it was any other pony, she would have no problem. But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t. He’s a strong warrior from another world with power that outclasses the mightiest of Alicorns. Speaking to a being like him about something so delicate was quite intimidating. But if she wanted to figure out was going in in the Digimon’s head, she had to be brave.

“Umm… can you come with me for a moment? There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Though confused, the Digimon became curious.


Turning away from the main doors, BlackWarGreymon followed Cadence out of the hallway and into a big round room. Which Pinkie Pie once said that it was known for its roundness.

Sensing that no one else was in the room, BlackWarGreymon questioned Cadence.

“What is it that you want to tell me?”

Once more, the pink Alicorn found it hard to speak. She had to think of what to say carefully. If she went straight to the point, it would only cause more confusion for BlackWarGreymon. She had to find another approach. Of which she soon found.

“BlackWarGreymon, I understand that you were once evil. But since you came to Equestria, you used your powers for good. So tell me. Are you happy with your new life?”

The Mega was baffled by the Alicorn’s words. She also sounded serious, which made him unsure of the motive behind her inquiry.

“What…what do you mean?”

Cadence both repeated the question and reassured him.

“I’m just curious about you, that’s all. So, are you happy here?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t took long to answer.

“Of course I’m happy. Apart from the villains of this world, everyone respects me and likes me. Even after knowing who I was before.”

He continued as he looked out the window. Looking at the happy citizens of the empire.

“All my life, I was searching for the purpose of my existence. My destiny. And by meeting Twilight and all her friends, making friends with them is bringing me closer to my destiny.”

Cadence was in awe at what BlackWarGreymon said. What she first thought was his simple new hobby, turned out to be something that truly had meaning. And he was embracing his decisions all the while.

“Wow. And what about the friendships you’ve made here? How do you feel about your friends from Ponyville?”

Before he answered the question, he briefly thought about the first six friends he made upon his first day in Equestria.

“Even if they were apart, alone they helped me in many ways. Twilight is probably the most accepting friend I’ve ever known. And she helped me gain understanding of Equestria and it’s history. Fluttershy taught me the value of kindness. Which is one of the ways of making more friends. Rainbow Dash is quite competitive. Constantly challenging my flight skills. But I deeply respect the loyalty she has to others. And when I’m bored, Applejack is there to always find a way to keep me busy. Rarity taught me manners and how to properly behave in a formal manner. And Pinkie Pie…she’s just fun to be around.”

“And about my aunt Celestia?” Cadence asked, purposely leaving her second aunt for last.

“Well I can see why Twilight looks up to her a lot. She’s wise and loving, the traits of a perfect ruler and to her subjects,” BlackWarGreymon replied, the compliments about the while Alicorn caused Cadence to smile proudly of her aunt.

Then came the part the pink princess waited for.

“And…what about Luna? What do you think of her?”

“Ahh, Luna…”

Cadence was taken by surprise. BlackWarGreymon’s mood completely changed from informative to relaxed. She could also see the soft expressions in his eyes before he closed them. As if he was glad to talk about Luna.

Despite her surprise, it was the reaction she was hoping for. His change of mood showed that the Digimon held some sort of affection to Luna. It was further proven when he continued.

“Strong, loyal, and brave enough to join in a fight with powerful foes, Luna… is amazing. Not just that even. Although Twilight was the first friend I made here, I feel a special connection with Luna. You would be amazed at how much she and I are alike.”

He then unknowingly spoke out what came to mind.

“You know, you could say that I... uhh…”

His mind froze. For some reason, BlackWarGreymon couldn’t finish his sentence. As if a certain word was missing from his mind.

Cadence could see the uncertainty in his eyes. To help him understand, she finished his sentence.

“Love her?”

BlackWarGreymon’s mind froze again as his eyes slightly widened to attention. Were the two words Cadence spoke of were the ones he tried to figure out to say? But like most other positive emotions, love was one of the few he never really understood. But the way Cadence said it, and the way it fits into his own sentence, he felt as if there was something very unique about what he felt for Luna.

Confused of the meaning of the word love, the confused Digimon looked back at Cadence.

“Well…in a way… I love all my friends.”

The princess felt a sweat drop from the fact that her friend hadn’t caught on her meaning.

“I can understand what you mean by that. But I mean a different kind of love.”

BlackWarGreymon felt baffled.

“Wait… so there’s more than one kind of love?”

Cadence was truly shocked. She had no idea that BlackWarGreymon knew so little about love. While it may had sounded like a ridicules question, the way he said it sounded genuine.

“Wow. Y…you really don’t know, don’t you?”

BlackWarGreymon looked at the ground in thought.

“Well… I don’t really know much about positive emotions,” He admitted.

Cadence could tell that in a way, BlackWarGreymon needed help. He might be experiencing an emotion and not even know it. To help him out, she explained what love is.

“You see, there are many kinds of love in the world. Love for your friends, family and even hobbies. But the kind that I’m talking about is the most precious of all. It’s called true love.”

“True…love?” The Digimon questioned, leaving the Alicorn to explain further.

“Yes. True love is when you know someone whom you deeply care for. Someone who you look up to. Someone who you share a special connection with, and who you would do anything to protect. But most importantly, someone who you want to share your life with. Take me for example. Although I love all my friends and subjects, it was true love that brought me to Shining Armor. I love him from the bottom of my heart. So much that it makes him and I strong.”

After a lone time of confusion, BlackWarGreymon was finally starting to get the idea of what true love was.

“I think I’m starting to understand now. But how do you know when you’re in love? Is there a meaning, or some kind of sign?”

Once more, Cadence explained herself.

“When you experience true love for the first time, it’s just the best feeling in the world. I can still remember the day when I first met Shining Armor. I kept staring into his eyes. I just couldn’t take mine off them. My body felt queasy from the nerves, but in a good way. My heart felt warm and loving as my heartbeat increased beyond my control. I was a little shy around him at first, because at the time I didn’t know what I was going through. But as I spent more time with him, I grew closer to him. and I began to embrace my new feelings for him. Even now, just the thought of him brightens my day.”

During the Alicorn’s explanation, BlackWarGreymon’s mind kicked in with thoughts. The signs that Cadence described, he felt as though he went through the same experience himself.

As he spoke to himself out loud, Cadence remained quiet to listen to him. She had got him right where she wanted him. To see him figuring it out for himself.

“Wait a minute. Staring into eyes. The body feeling queasy. The warm feeling in the heart. The increased heart rate. Being a little shy at times.”

As the Digimon paused in deep thought, Cadence was mentally screaming at him to discover the truth about himself. He then spoke up again.

“Strange. Those feelings you went through… they sound exactly the same as the feelings I felt since I first met…!”

BlackWarGreymon’s entire being froze completely before he mentioned her name. The one he felt special towards. The one who caused him to experience changes and feelings. The only one who he felt in a way he never felt about anyone.

His yellow eyes widened in shock from the sudden truth. Just as he mentioned a name in a stunned and quiet voice. Her name.


Beside him, Cadence smiled in triumphant. Her suspicions were coming to light as the truth was revealed both to her and to him.

The Digimon’s widened eyes started to tremble from the heavy weight of the truth. The feelings that Cadence felt for her husband, were indeed the exact same as the ones he went through for the Princess of the Night. It all began to make sense to him. The whole time he felt that way for her, and he never knew it. He then understood why he always felt happy whenever Luna was around. Because he cared for her, even more so then he cared for himself. The same could be said as to why he kept throwing himself in harm’s way to protect her.

In fact, in his eyes… Luna was the most beautiful being he had ever encountered. Because of that, her personality and how similar she was to him, he developed feelings he never had before.

Despite the truth being clear as day, the shocked BlackWarGreymon looked at Cadence for confirmation. Knowing that her special talent was love.

“Cadence. Am… am I… in love with Luna?”

Instead of answering directly, the pink Alicorn said something that kept him guessing.

“What do you think, BlackWarGreymon?”

The stunned Digimon looked at the ground in wonder.

“I…I don’t know. This is all new to me.”

Cadence then thought of a question that would help BlackWarGreymon’s judgement.

“Well… Does she make you happy? But in a way you never felt in your life?”

BlackWarGreymon paused in thought. Remembering the times when Luna was around him. Be it at the Tree of Harmony, the Grand Galloping Gala, or even when they were training. No matter where they were, while Luna was with him, he felt happy inside.

He then spoke out in response. His voice was considerably softer then it was mere moments before.

“Yes. She does make me happy. She is a life that’s worth protecting.”

Although he remained a little startled by his revelation, what he said next sounded happy. As if he had accepted his feelings.

“If this is what love feels like… then I welcome it.”

Cadence was mentally trying not to jump up in joy. Luna’s question had been answered. BlackWarGreymon did hold feelings towards Luna.

But what the Digimon said next snapped her out of her mental hype.

“But it would sure lead to disappointment.”

The shocked Alicorn looked at the Digimon. She could see the look of doubt in his eyes. As if he discovered a flaw about himself.

“What do you mean?” She asked. BlackWarGreymon looking back at her as he answered.

“I’m a being from an entirely different world. And what’s more is that I’m not even a real Digimon. I’m a product built for war. I doubt Luna or anyone would hold the same kind of affection towards something like me.”

Cadence felt hurt from hearing his words. Though Luna had shown BlackWarGreymon’s past life to her, but hearing it from the Digimon himself felt somewhat different. She was even saddened by him referring himself as a thing.

But thoughts of his past were outweighed by the truth she knew. The thought of a possible romance had returned Cadence to her usual mood. She let out a playful chuckle that purposely caught BlackWarGreymon’s attention.

“Don’t be so sure about that,” She said to him.

The Mega knew that her mood and sentence were hints to something. But since love was the main topic they were discussing, and the fact that he knew about Cadence’s talent, the hints peaked his interest. He mentally started to become excited as his mood changed to a positive one.

“You mean… she does!? But…how could I be sure?”

Cadence became thrilled by her next favourite topic. Something that involved a
certain celebration that was just around the corner.

“Well tomorrow is Hearts and Hooves day. You can give her a meaningful gift.”

BlackWarGreymon gave Cadence a questionable look.

“Hearts and Hooves day?”

“Yes. It’s a tradition that’s held once every year. Where one would bring a loving gift to someone who they cherish or have great affections for. It’s pretty much a day of love.”

‘Strange. That almost sounds like Valenti…! Ohh,’ The Digimon thought to himself as he understood the description of the special day.

Despite everything that was told to him, there was one thing BlackWarGreymon remained unsure about.

“Do… you really think that Luna… has feelings for me?”

“I’d love to help you, BlackWarGreymon. But that is a sort of thing you need to figure out on your own. Give her a special gift tomorrow, and I’m sure you would find your answer.”

Though her advice wasn’t entirely helpful, but Cadence believed that it would be better for BlackWarGreymon to find out alone. Let him discover the truth for himself.

“I…I will try,” BlackWarGreymon said. Knowing that he was stepping into unknown territory, there was a reason his voice was a little shaken.

Cadence smiled proudly. Already knowing that the Digimon was going to be just fine.

With nothing more to discuss, Cadence and BlackWarGreymon left the crystal castle and joined up with the others at the train station. Because he hadn’t recovered yet, the walk was long for the Digimon. But he eventually made it onto the platform with his friends.

But Applejack foresaw a problem.

“Uh, Princess Cadence. BlackWarGreymon flew here because he couldn’t fit in the train. How are we to get him back to Ponyville?”

The Earth Pony had a point. BlackWarGreymon was in no condition to fly such a long distance away.

It was a problem, until Cadence spoke up.

“Don’t worry, Applejack. I figured that and made some arrangements.”

Then not a moment too soon, the expected train had arrived at the station. Unlike the usual wooden trains from Ponyville and Canterlot, the new train was larger and made out of crystal. It’s streamlined appearance showed that the train was also much faster.

“All aboard!” The train conductor shouted to gain everyone’s attention.

“I’ll send a letter to Celestia to let her know that you all are returning.” Cadence said, gaining Twilight’s attention.

“I wish we could stay some more. Thank you for the train.”

“No. It’s we who should be thanking you.” Shining Armor said as he stood beside Cadence.

“Thanks to you and your friends, the Crystal Empire is saved from King Sombra and ChaosBlackWarGreymon.” The pink Alicorn said before she turned towards the tall Digimon.

“And BlackWarGreymon, we are forever grateful for your bravery,” She said as she gave a small bow to him.

“You’re very welcome,” BlackWarGreymon responded as he gave a small nod.

The loving moment was interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“There’s just one more problem. How can the big guy fit in the train seats?”

The others realised the blue Pegasus had a point. Though the train was big enough for the Mega to fit inside, the seats remained built for anyone pony sized.

But BlackWarGreymon already found a solution.

“It’s ok. I’ll just ride in the back.”

There was logic behind his idea. Because of the amount of luggage ponies bring with them, the rear train cart was specially made to store them. With very few seats, it would provide more than enough room for him to lie-down and rest.

As BlackWarGreymon walked towards the rear cart, Luna noticed that the Digimon’s pace became slower than it was when they left the hospital.

“Are you feeling ok?” The concerned Alicorn asked, suspecting that the fatigue was catching up to him.

Looking over his shoulder, the armoured being saw the look of worry on Luna’s face. He then spoke back to reassure her.

“Don’t worry about me, Luna. This train ride would provide me all the rest I need.”

Luna smiled proudly at how strong BlackWarGreymon’s will was. Even when he was exhausted, he wouldn’t give up so easily.

“Hang tight, big guy,” Rainbow Dash said for moral support.

As he approached the cart, BlackWarGreymon knelt down to fit through the doorway. Luckily, he managed to enter it without damaging it.

“Hope he recovers soon,” Cadence said as the rest of the company entered the train.

“Thank you, Cadence. And I hope the empire will be back on its feet soon,” Twilight called back to her sister-in-law.

As soon as the group got on the train, its whistle blew loudly. Signalling its departure. As the train slowly left the station, Twilight and her friends waved back at Cadence and Shining Armor as they said their goodbyes.

“Goodbye brother! Goodbye Cadence!” Twilight called out.

“We hope to see you all soon!” Cadence responded back.

As the royal couple looked on as the train disappeared over the horizon, Shining Armor heard Cadence quietly snickering to herself.

“What’s so funny?” The prince asked.

“Can’t tell you yet,” The princess replied.

Shining Armor looked at her in confusion, she clearly knew something that he didn’t.

Half an hour later and with the Crystal Empire behind them, the Mane Six and Spike were discussing the events that they all went through. Rainbow Dash was mostly enthusiastic about one particular subject.

“I know that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was evil and all, but you guys have to admit that battle was awesome.”

“It was like nothin’ I’ve ever seen before,” Applejack said.

“It made BlackWarGreymon’s fight with Tirek look like child’s play,” Rarity added. Then joined by Pinkie Pie.

“Speaking of play, that evil one wasn’t playing fair half of the fight. It was kind of scary.”

“Yeah. I mean, an evil Digimon with dark magic,” Spike said, believing the sort of thing to be stuff of nightmares.

When Twilight spoke up, she mostly talked about their digital friend.

“True. But what fascinated me the most, was BlackWarGreymon’s connection to the magic of Equestria.”

“What do you mean, Twilight? I thought you already know that he gets stronger every day,” Fluttershy mentioned.

“I know that but hear me out. He was from a world completely different from our own. And yet… he possesses the link to not only use Equestria’s magic to become stronger, but to reach a new level. To ascend.”

“Maybe he’s just lucky,” Pinkie Pie suggested, but Twilight disagreed.

“No. It feels much more then just luck. But it must be more than just him having a pure heart. There has to be something else.”

As soon as it all became quiet, Spike suddenly felt the urge to burp. Once he did, the green flame he spat out turned into a scroll.

While the others became startled by the sudden letter, Spike read the small label.

“It’s for you, Twilight. It’s from Princess Celestia.”

The young Alicorn quickly got a hold on the letter and opened it up. She then quickly read the letter to herself before speaking to her friends.

“She said that we must go to Canterlot to meet up with her.”

“So soon?” Rarity asked.

“Yes, to tell her about our task at the Crystal Empire. And she said she also has a little surprise for BlackWarGreymon in Canterlot.”

The group began to feel excited, wondering what the surprise could possibly be.

Meanwhile on her seat looking out the window, Luna was the only one not involved in the conversation. While it seemed like the princess was staring out at the passing scenery, she was in fact lost in her thoughts. The images in her head all revolved around the times she was with BlackWarGreymon. Everything they been through. Everything they faced together. Every time she was by his side, she felt her bond with him growing ever stronger. Though it all began on the day they first met, but what really kicked off her feelings for him was during their talk after witnessing his past life. And discovering how similar the two were to each other.

Through thick and thin, the times when she stood by his side… she felt deeply happy.

Then her thoughts changed onto the Digimon himself. But as it did, so did her concern. Though she perfectly understood that BlackWarGreymon would need to be alone to rest, but she felt as though he was being left out. She felt as though he may need company.

With her mind set, she got up from her seat and made her way towards the rear of the train cart. She was then noticed by Twilight.

“Luna? Where are you going?”

Slightly startled, Luna found it hard to speak when she turned towards Twilight. Then after regaining her composure, she answered.

“Oh…don’t mind me. I’m just going to see how BlackWarGreymon’s doing.”

The mare’s confidence in the Digimon made the group oblivious to the emotion that was in her sentence.

“Oh I’m sure he’ll be just fine,” Applejack said.

“Yeah, the big guy will be better in no time,” Rainbow Dash added.

Despite the reassurance, Luna remained concerned for her friend.

“I know he will pull through. But…along with Celestia and Twilight here, I’ve seen every battle BlackWarGreymon had with others of his kind. And his fight with his own clone is sure to be the toughest he had ever faced.”

Luna became quiet for a few seconds before speaking again.

“I’m going to see how he’s doing.” She said as she left the cart and into the next.

The group were left puzzled. Luna knew very well that BlackWarGreymon would recover fast, yet she wanted to see him. Some were confused at what the Alicorn said before she left.

“Uhh…Did she already said that?” Spike asked.

As Luna walked through the carriages, she noticed that not many ponies were on board. In fact, the recent few were empty. It was more likely due to the battle at the Crystal Empire. The fight between the two Mega level Digimon had most certainly frightened the ponies enough to remain safe deep within their homes. But then again, the fighting would cause the ponies to evacuate the empire and take the trains towards safety. Therefore, the absence of the ponies would mean that the empire was safe once again.

Then as Luna went towards the rear carriage, she paused for a moment to take a deep breath. She felt nervous all of a sudden, as if butterflies were in her stomach.

As soon as she got over it, she entered through the door and into the rear carriage. Aside from herself, around her there were only a few bags of luggage. Plus one occupant.

What instantly caught Luna’s vision was the sleeping form of BlackWarGreymon. While resting on his back with his Brave Shield and Dramon Destroyers off, he was lying on the floor with his head resting against one of the soft chairs.

Luna couldn’t take her eyes off the sleeping Digimon. Stunned that even when asleep, he retained his fierce looks. With no one around to eavesdrop on her, she moved closer towards him. As she got closer, the Alicorn could see that the Mega was slowly recovering once more. Most of his body had been healed, aside from a few scratches and dents. And the crack on his chest remained evident.

‘You have definitely been through a lot. More so then we had.’

She then gave the sleeping Digimon a loving smile. But it soon faded into curiosity. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully, but… something felt off.

She then looked over to BlackWarGreymon’s face, seeing that her suspicions were true. Though they were shut, his eyelids could be seen squinting a lot. In fact, she could even hear him quietly grunting.

Seeing that they weren’t grunts of pain, Luna’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘Is he… having a nightmare!?’

She was then briefly startled as BlackWarGreymon turned his head to the opposite side. Tossing and turning was another sign of a bad dream.

As well as wondering what the nightmare was about, Luna was also determined to help her friend out. After all, banishing nightmares was her specialty.

Though the last time she entered his mind, she accidently went into his memories. Knowing of her previous mistake, the blue princess was sure to get it right.

BlackWarGreymon’s dream

The dream BlackWarGreymon was having was indeed a nightmare. And it wasn’t a pleasant one too.

The discovery of an actual evil clone of himself had an effect on the Artificial Digimon’s mind. If everything said was true, that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was a relic of his own past, then the battle at the Crystal Empire was like a war with himself. But what made matters worse, was that his clone had magic. Which gave him a huge advantage in battle. If BlackWarGreymon hadn’t achieved his Ascended form, he would’ve more likely been killed.

His dream looked simple, but to him it was a complex matter. In the middle of a desert wasteland, alone, weakened, beaten and up against ChaosBlackWarGreymon and his dark magic. Though the dream ended with BlackWarGreymon winning the day, the fact that he was overwhelmed by the evil version of himself was too much for him to accept.

Because of his reluctance to accept what happened, the dream kept repeating itself. In a constant loop with no end in sight.

After its thirteenth time, BlackWarGreymon’s nightmare began again. There he was, lying on his back on the rocky ground, his body damaged and his powers nearly gone. Against him, was ChaosBlackWarGreymon. In his prime, in the air and looking down on him.

The clone laughed manically before speaking.

“Just accept your fate, BlackWarGreymon! You can never defeat the darkness within you!”

BlackWarGreymon grunted as he slowly stood back up, weary from the fight. All the while glaring at his counterpart.

Then the evil Digimon spoke out again.

“Give up. Fight on. It matters not. Either way, all of your friends will suffer my wrath! The wrath that you created!!”

BlackWarGreymon clenched his fists in anger as he prepared himself.

“No. No! I won’t let that happen!!”

The clone chuckled sinisterly before responding.

“Playing the hero won’t hide the truth of who you really are. No matter what you do. No matter where you go. No matter how much you fight it. You will always be… a tool of destruction!”

After letting out a hate-filled war cry, the black Mega leapt forward, charging through the sky towards his hated enemy.

“Fool,” The grey Mega said as he flew down to intercept his foe.

As the two Digimon flew closer to each other, time itself slowed down as they prepared to attack one another. Within a split second, BlackWarGreymon noticed small cracks below ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s chest. He believed it was his weakness.

The evil Mega attacked first, throwing his left arm out for a three-clawed punch. In a few split-second moments, the saviour tilted his head to avoid the punch. And then threw a left punch of his own. Aimed directly for the clones weakened chest.

As the attack landed a hit, BlackWarGreymon’s claws shattered the Chrome Digizoid and then drove into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s body.

As time continued to slow, the clone gave off a loud scream of pain as he felt his body being impaled. As he stopped, he slowly looked to see the hate-filled gaze of BlackWarGreymon.

“I don’t care of you’re a part of me! I won’t…let you… GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!”

With a mighty thrust of his left arm, the Artificial Digimon threw his clone into the air. Doing so caused his claws to shatter more of the evil Digimon’s armour. From the open wound, cracks began to spread across ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s body. As he felt his very being shattering, the evil Mega gave off a final scream in anger, pain and defiance before his body exploded.

The blast from the dead Digimon lit up the sky in green light. Which then faded as quickly as it appeared. Once there was calm, not a trace of ChaosBlackWarGreymon remained.

Though BlackWarGreymon was victorious, but to him it was a hollow victory. He knew that it was true. The evil Digimon was created from his own data. Making him truly a part of him. But forged from all the anger and hatred from his own chaotic past. The thirst for power had passed onto his clone.

They were like opposites. One was evil reformed, the other was evil refined.

Though King Sombra and a mysterious force created ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s body, it was BlackWarGreymon who created his personality. He was an ingredient to help create the clone.

BlackWarGreymon was once more unease with himself. But before his personal nightmare could restart and begin again, out of the blue he heard a call of destress.

“BlackWarGreymon! Help me!”

The Digimon was startled at first. But as he looked around, behind him he saw a very familiar princess. But in the middle of the sand and tied to a pole.


“You did it! You defeated him! I tried to fight him, but he captured me. Can you help me out?” Luna asked as she struggled in her bonds.

After bringing himself to attention, the Digimon rushed over to the restrained mare.

“O-of course.”

As he got close to her, BlackWarGreymon felt a little shy when he saw Luna smiling at him. But he didn’t let it distract him as he knelt down to untie her.

But before his claws could snap the ropes, his motions suddenly paused. His eyes widened in realisation before narrowing in suspicion. He felt as though something was off as he stood back up.

“Wait a minute. This isn’t part of my dream,” He said out loud to himself.

He then looked down at Luna with a questionable look, in which the bound Alicorn responded with confusion. But the way her expression changed looked as though in was deliberate. Noticing it, the Mega gave her a suspicious glare. With an imitation of a raised eyebrow.

The Princess of the night closed her eyes and smiled. Knowing that BlackWarGreymon couldn’t be fooled so easily, she gave in.

“Ok, you got me.”

With a flash of her horn, all the ropes around her body faded away. Freed from the pole, she landed on her four hooves before looking back at her confused friend.

“So you’re the real Luna?” The Digimon asked her.

“Indeed I am. I was finally able to find my way through your mind and into your dream.” Luna answered.

BlackWarGreymon then became curious.

“So it seems. But why are you in my dream and… and why were you tied to a pole?” He asked, mostly wondering about the latter.

At first, Luna felt a little shy to answer. Embarrassed to admit that she wanted to check up on him. But after a deep breath, she answered his question.

“Well… back on the train, I…I just needed to see if you’re alright. And when I saw that you were having a nightmare, I just had to step in and help you.”

“I guess you’ve seen them, huh?” The Digimon asked, already knowing that Luna had seen his dreams.

Luna took a few steps closer to BlackWarGreymon as she spoke.

“I know how you feel. Really… I do,” She said as she placed her hoof on his leg in comfort. She then spoke up.

“In the past, at times… I’ve always feared that the Nightmare Moon within me would rise up once more. But thanks to my friends, I no longer have that fear. It was all behind me. And you need to realise that what happened at the Crystal Empire wasn’t your fault. It was Sombra’s fault for creating your clone. ChaosBlackWarGreymon may had been created from your data, but you’re not him. You were never like him and you never will be.”

As BlackWarGreymon listened, he realised that Luna was right. Though he was evil once, the things he had done weren’t in the same extent as ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s. And while the relic of his past had come back to haunt him, BlackWarGreymon, a changed Digimon, will be there to fight against it and to protect his friends.

He breathed a sigh of relief before he spoke to Luna.

“Thank you, Luna. I needed that.”

Luna paused at first. Although all her friends already knew about her fear of Nightmare Moon, she herself had never admitted it to anyone so openly. Not even her own sister. By revealing it to BlackWarGreymon it meant that he was indeed something special. Plus by using it to help him, it made her feel all the more better.

She then spoke again, giving the Digimon a friendly playful smirk.

“And to answer your other question, I just felt like playing along with your dream.”

BlackWarGreymon chuckled in response.

“Yeah, your little act was very convincing.”

Then Luna chuckled along with him. Laughter brought BlackWarGreymon back to his positive mood. No longer troubled by negative thoughts.

As the two stopped chuckling, they quietly stared at each other. Even in a dream world, the two were glad that they gave each other company.

After a moment of staring, the Mega spoke up.

“I guess… now that my nightmare is gone, you’ll be… leaving my dream?”

The Alicorn sensed something in the Digimon’s question. The tone he used sounded as if… he was disappointed.

Luckily, Luna found a way to spend more time with him.

“Actually… I’ve got a better idea.”

As Luna’s horn began to glow bright, the world around the two faded away. At first, BlackWarGreymon could see nothing but whiteness. But as the world rematerialized around him, he saw a massive change.

Instead of the wasteland, BlackWarGreymon found himself in the middle of the great hall in Canterlot. But with all the decorations in place, the Mega felt as if he had seen them before.

“Wait. Isn’t this… the Grand Galloping Gala?”

“Indeed, it is.”

Hearing Luna’s voice behind him caused BlackWarGreymon to turn around. But he froze on the spot the moment he saw her. It was indeed the same Alicorn he knew, but dressed in the same gown she wore at the gala itself. He simply paused in awe at the sight of her beauty.

The dressed princess smiled at the Digimon’s expression. With no other guests around her, she no longer felt embarrassed about any uncomfortable staring. It was just her and him.

“I can tell you like what you see,” She said as she purposely stroked her mane, showing off her formal looks.

BlackWarGreymon was at loss for words as he took in the sight before him. But then he suddenly felt a change to his body. Looking down, he was briefly startled that he found himself dressed back into the suit he wore at the gala.

Knowing that it was Luna’s doing, the Digimon looked back at her. Only to see her outstretching her right hoof towards him.

“Care to dance?” She asked while giving him a smile.

As BlackWarGreymon looked at her hoof, he realised what she was doing. Everything around him was Luna’s way of cheering him up from his destress. Not that he didn’t mind it. In fact, it was what he wanted. A good supportive friend who was looking out for him. To make him feel special. To make him feel loved.

His expression softened even more as he looked at Luna. Then reaching out his left hand and holding onto the Alicorn’s hoof. Accepting her invitation.

“I’ll be honoured.”

For the remainder of his dream, BlackWarGreymon spent his well-earned time dancing with Luna.

Back in the real world, if one came to check up on the two, they would’ve seen an unbelievable sight.

While BlackWarGreymon was lying on the ground with his head resting on the soft chair, Luna was sleeping beside him with her head resting upon his chest.

From what was learnt, BlackWarGreymon’s body gave off heat, even through his armour. Therefore, Luna found her slumber very comfortable. Luna herself could’ve stayed awake when she entered his dream. But her body was exhausted from the long day they had.

As the two continued to sleep with their minds joined within the dream, BlackWarGreymon’s subconsciously placed his left arm over Luna. Placing his hand gently on her body. The sleeping Alicorn subconsciously reacted by a soft moan and snuggling against the Digimon. Softly nuzzling her smiling face on his armoured chest.

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