• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 60: Vengeance

Down in the depths of the hidden lair, surrounded by her Changeling army, Queen Chrysalis was anxiously waiting. Pondering if the mission Lord Tirek and ChaosBlackWarGreymon were given could be completed. But the uncertainties kept clinging onto her. If the two could do the job, then conquest of Equestria would be guaranteed. Conquest that, for all her life, she knew that the master always wanted. But the one thing she never understood, was why. Why did he want to rule the world? And if he were to reign victorious, what would happen to her and her Changeling family? Would they continue to live, but under his shadow? Are they worthy enough for him to keep around?

Then her mind traced back to ChaosBlackWarGreymon. And remembering overhearing the private conversation between the evil Digimon and Tirek. It questioned her very belief of who or what the Digimon clone really was? If he’s not as evil as he was made up to be, that he was not the evil incarnation of BlackWarGreymon, then what was he? Her thoughts then went back to how ChaosBlackWarGreymon interacted with her Changeling brood. Back before he was even unleashed upon the Crystal Empire. He almost seemed… friendly to them.

It made her think. If he was not an evil incarnation, then was he an innocent soul being manipulated? Being used as nothing more than a tool of destruction? Chrysalis was known by pony-kind to be uncaring and heartless. But what she was feeling… she was showing sympathy to the clone.

But her trail of thought was interrupted by an outcry of one of her solders.


Hearing the urgency of her children, the queen quickly flew over to the edge of the chamber. Joining many other Changelings who too heard the outcry. But as she reached to them, she was met with a look of distress. And a sight of something that horrified her.

In front of her were a pair of distressed Changeling solders. But it was something they were holding onto their backs that gained the attention of the entire hive. A frozen lifeless body of one of her own.

“W-What is this? What happened?” Chrysalis asked, her voice carrying sadness that she was trying very hard to hide.

One of the two Changelings answered. His voice too was filled with sorrow.

“We don’t know. We… we just found him outside like this.”

The entire Changeling hive were in an uproar. Discussing how one of their own had died just outside the lair. Some even guessed that he died to the cold. The chamber was somewhat close to the north. But the stunned Queen knew her children all too well. They wouldn’t be dumb enough to stay out in the cold. What’s more, if a Changeling goes outside, they would always be in pairs of two. For extra security. Yet only one body was found. Meaning that only one was outside. To which she never gave the command to do so.

Unless… someone else of high authority gave the order. Aside from her presence, there was only one other she knew.

Leaving the Changelings, Chrysalis stormed out of the chamber and into the caverns. As he marched on, tears began to fall from her eyes. Tears of sadness, loss, and anger. She knew exactly what happened to her child. And in hidden fury, wanted to confront him.

After a long trek, Chrysalis found him. The Digimon was patiently waiting in his chambers. She then called him out. Her voice enraged.

“You done it again! Haven’t you!?”

“Hmm? Whatever is the matter?” The Digimon uttered. His tone uninterested in what the Changeling queen had to say.

“One of my children. He was found dead outside in the cold!” She shouted at him. But again, the Mega sounded uninterested.

“Oh? Such a pity.”

Chrysalis snapped at him. For she was in no mood for games.

“I know it was you!! Why!? Why do you keep doing this!? Isn’t it bad enough for you to terrorize my family!?”

The Digimon slowly turned around, glaring at her with his glowing yellow eyes. Taking note of her anguish tone. To which she continued.


To her surprise, the Digimon lashed out his arm at her. His open palm grabbed her as she was forced onto the ground in a painful thud. Chrysalis cried out on pain as she felt a sharp grip around her neck. To which intensified as her body was being lifted off the hard ground. Her hind legs squirming as her forelegs tried to pry herself free from the iron grip. As the queen fearfully struggled, she heard the heavy footsteps of the Digimon who held her in his grasp. She stared at him in terror as he growled at her as he spoke.

“Don’t… lecture…me!!!”

As she was held up to his face, Chrysalis felt her entire body tremble in fear when the Mega breathed down her neck.

“It was that attitude that got your bother killed. You don’t order me around.”

The Changeling queen squirmed franticly by the Digimon’s threat. Fearing that she would suffer the same fate, tears fell from her eyes. But to her mental surprise, the Digimon’s tone slightly softened.

“But this isn’t the time for such things. Not with my power being so close to completion. Even you can feel the magnitude of my strength. Forget the past. You’re playing with the big boys now.”

Despite feeling his grip loosening, Chrysalis remained terrified by the Digimon. But out of spite, she made another jab at the Digimon.

“I’ve… overheard you… and Tirek. The other one. The clone. He’s not… truly evil. Isn’t he?”

The beast let out a growl of annoyance before dropping the fear-stricken Chrysalis down on the ground. He then turned around and prepared to leave the chamber. But not before leaving her a warning.

“I suggest you keep your mouth shut. If… you value your life. Know your place, bug.”

Left alone in the chamber, Queen Chrysalis began to fall into tears. To her, it was like her nightmares had come to life. No matter what she could try, no matter how hard she tried to hide, the evil beast who struck fear into the hearts of her kind, was always able to find her. And every time he found her, the stronger his power had grown. As time went on, it truly began to scare her. In her heart, she truly wanted a life away from him. Or a life with him no longer around.

She never even found out why he murdered one of her children.


After receiving the summons to go to Canterlot, Princess Twilight used her experimental long distance teleportation spell to send herself and the other five element bearers to the city’s castle. Leaving Spike to look after the Cutiemark Crusaders back in Ponyville.

Reappearing in the castle, and after getting over her dizziness, Twilight lead the others towards the throne room. Upon reaching the room, standing in front of them was Princess Luna.

“Princess Luna! We came as fast as we could!” Twilight said as she and her friends approached the blue Alicorn.

“Thank you all for coming on short notice. But… where’s BlackWarGreymon? And Ayumi?” The Moon Princess asked.

Twilight looked back at the uncertain group before answering.

“Spike told us that BlackWarGreymon went to the Everfree Forest. And we don’t even know where Ayumi is. But… what’s going on? Where’s Princess Celestia?”

Despite feeling a little down about the absence of Ayumi and BlackWarGreymon, Luna spoke up.

“My sister will explain everything. As for her whereabouts, she’s currently using a spell to summon Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence.”

The group were taken back by the news.

“Cadence and Shining Armor are coming too?” Twilight asked.

“But does having all the important ponies here mean that something big had happened?” Rarity asked.

“Indeed,” Luna replied.

Then after a bright flash of yellow light, to the sudden surprise of the Mane Six, the Royal Couple appeared beside the group.

“Brother! Cadence!” Twilight said as she ran up to give the two a warm hug.

“Hay Twily,” Shining Armor said back. joined by Cadence.

“It’s so good to see you again.”

“Did Celestia tell you what the meeting’s about?” Twilight asked as she pulled away. Looking at the two with curiosity. But received a different kind of answer.

“She didn’t. All she said was that we are to be summoned here for something urgent,” Cadence answered.

Without a moment notice, Celestia herself walked through the doors and towards the group. A stern expression on her face. Much to the uncertainty of the ponies.

“Princess, what is this all about?” Shining Armor asked the Sun Princess.

The white Alicorn was hesitant to answer. Fearing the news might be too much for her friends to take in. Luna noticed her reluctance. But not wanting for the efforts her sister pulled to go to waste, she spoke up to reassure her.

“Sister, you must tell them. They have the right to know.”

“Tell us what? What’s happening?” Twilight asked.

Understanding that Luna was right, Celestia tried to push aside her fear and spoke to her friends.

“Twilight. Cadence. All of you. I bring terrible news.”

After a short while, Celestia explained to the others the vision she received the night before. Every single detail of it. Aside from Luna, all the others looked at the white Alicorn with horrified expressions. It was their faces of fright that Celestia wanted to avoid. But there was no denying that she herself was terrified to the bone.

“So, let me get this straight. Equestria will be attacked… by a monster much worse than Lord Tirek?” The prince asked.

“Yes, Shining Armor. A monster with evil and cruelty unlike any other. And he didn’t just attack Equestria. He destroyed it,” Celestia answered.

“I can’t believe such a monster like that even exists,” Cadence uttered, nearly heartbroken from the horrible news.

“And what’s more. It’s a creature we have never seen before,” Luna added.

While the older four ponies spoke amongst themselves, the Mane Six grouped together and spoke quietly to one another. Looks of distress on their faces.

“Hay. Ya don’t think that this monster is the same one what Ayumi told us about? Right?” Applejack asked. Much to the uncertainties of the rest of the group.

“Celestia described this creature as a demon. And that it destroyed Equestria. There are… similarities.” The nervous Twilight replied. Her voice afraid that it might be true.

“You mean that… that… thing, is among us this whole time!?” Rarity shrieked. Feeling very uncomfortable.

“We don’t know that. I mean, Ayumi’s timeline and ours are very different. It can’t be it. What’s more, BlackWarGreymon is the only Digimon to arrive here,” Rainbow Dash added. Believing that the vision might mean something else.

“But Celestia’s vision matched Ayumi’s story. How do we know for sure?” Pinkie Pie asked.

The group truly were lost for thought. If Ayumi was among them, she would figure it out for sure. After a brief moment of quiet thinking, Fluttershy thought of something. Leaving the huddled group, she spoke up her thoughts to everyone in the throne room.

“Umm, everypony. I think I have an idea.”

All eyes turned to the yellow Pegasus. Wondering what she had in mind.

“What is it?” Pinkie Pie asked. To which the usually shy pony answered.

“Umm…why don’t we ask Discord?”

Most of the group, mostly Rainbow Dash, looked at the yellow Pegasus in confusion.

“Discord? Really?”

Before more doubts on the idea were said, Twilight spoke up in excitement.

“Wait. That’s it! Good idea, Fluttershy!”

Surprised by her outburst, the group looked at the young Alicorn as she explained.

“Discord has powers that are beyond our understanding and completely defy the laws of physics. If this is something that we can’t figure out, then he surely would have the power to know for sure.”

Keen on the idea, Celestia spoke up.

“Well spoken, Twilight. I will summon him at once,” She said as she began a powerful spell.

As the white Alicorn worked her magic, the others held their breath. Some hoped that the Draconequus would have the answer they needed. Using the same spell she used to bring the Royal Couple to Canterlot, a bright flash appeared in the middle of the group. The Spirit of Chaos had been summoned.

But to their dismay, Discord was fast asleep. Wearing a sleeping cap on his head. Snoring peacefully as he laid in what he thought was his bed. But it was the floor.

“Hay, Discord! Wake up already!” Rainbow Dash shouted in an attempt to wake him up. Clearly not in the mood for his shenanigans.

But to her surprise, it didn’t work. Before she could shout again, Fluttershy tapped her hoof on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. Making her stop.

“Let me try,” She said to her rainbow-maned friend.

“Good luck.”

After approaching Discord’s sleeping head, Fluttershy knelt down and spoke in an incredibly soft gentle tone.

“Umm… Discord. It’s time to wake up.”

To the disbelief of her friends, it worked. Discord was yawning as he sluggishly stood up to stretch his arms and back.

He then spoke as he rubbed his eyes awake.

“Oh, Fluttershy. I had a very strange dream about being summoned while I was asleep. Surrounded by all my pony friends.”

After being fully awake, Discord looked around and, to his surprise, the very thing he dreamt about became a reality.

“Oh. Déjà vu, am I right?”

As no one answered his question or even let out a slight giggle, Discord gave up.

“Ok, why am I here?”

Twilight was the first to speak.

“Discord. We believe you may know information that we need.”

“Oh, I know a lot of things,” Discord replied as he summoned a book out of nowhere and then reading it, despite the book being upside down. The cover was titled ‘Discord’s life’.

He continued after he closed the book.

“So, what would you all like to know?”

“It concerns a vision my sister witnessed last night,” Luna answered. Motioning her head over to Celestia.

Discord seemed keen on listening.

“Oooh, another one of your visions,” The spirit said as he turned towards the Sun Princess. He then reopened his book before reading glasses appeared in front of his eyes.

“Do tell,” He said with a wave of his lion paw.

With the moment right, the white Alicorn told Discord about her vision.

“It goes like this. Equestria… will be attacked. And then destroyed by something terrible.”

Acting as if he wasn’t interested, believing he had heard the same story before, Discord kept turning pages in his book as he made a guess.

“Yeah, yeah, something terrible. It’s just Tirek, my dear. But don’t worry. I’ll handle it with no backstabbing this time.”

The other ponies glared at the spirit. For wanting him to take the situation seriously and for him reminding them of what he’d done in the past.

“That’s just it. It’s not Tirek. It’s something else. Something far worse,” Celestia spoke, gaining slight interest from Discord.

After he looked at her, he rolled his eyes in a joyful, joking manner.

“Pfft, like what? Some sort of demon or something?” He asked in a playful tone.

As he got back to his reading, he heard Celestia’s reply.

“Yes, Discord.”

Discord’s body froze as his eyes slightly widened. Then as he lifted his glasses with his eagle claw, he looked at the white Alicorn for confirmation.

“Come again?”

“Yes. The monster… it greatly resembled a demon. More so than our saviour could ever be,” Celestia added, comparing the beast to BlackWarGreymon.

Discord continued to silently stare at Celestia. Hearing the slight fear in her voice. Though it looked plain, hidden in his blank expression was shock and disbelief. While staring, he closed his book and threw it over his shoulder. Disappearing from sight.

And when he spoke, his voice sounded a little shaken.

“O…ok then. And you said that this… beast, destroyed all of Equestria?” He asked.

“Yes. Yes, he did. Nopony was spared.” Celestia replied.

As Discord’s usual mocking expression darkened, he began to feel anxious. Almost concerned. But in his mind, there was only one sure way of knowing the full details. To which he explained.

“Alright. Celestia, have you ever had your mind read by somepony else?”

With the rest of the group, Celestia was confused by the question. To which she gave an uncertain reply.

“Not… that I’m aware of. Why do you ask?”

“I’m the Spirit of Chaos, princess. I have the power to do many things. Mind reading is one of them. If you wish, I would like to see this vision myself.”

“You can do that?” Shining Armor asked.

“Of course. But there will be one tiny little snag.”

The group felt nervous from what Discord was admitting that there was one downside to his idea. To which he explained to Celestia.

“For me to see it, it would mean you would have to witness it again.”

Celestia felt very uncomfortable from the discovery. The last thing she wanted was to witness the horrors of the vision again. She began to doubt the plan.

“Oh. But… but I…I don’t want…”

Discord could clearly see the princess second guessing his idea. So the Draconequus tried to play the guilt game.

“Fine. I guess you don’t really need my help.” He said as he pouted. Turning around with his arms crossed.

Believing that Discord would disappear, Celestia immediately stopped him.


The Spirit of Chaos glanced over his shoulder. Quite surprised to see the fear and desperation in the princess’s eyes. After taking in a deep breath, Celestia gave in.

“Ok. Please do it. We really need to know who’s behind all this.”

Seeing the genuine desire of knowledge in Celestia’s eyes, Discord turned around and faced her. Raising his eagle claw in the air as he extended his index finger.

“Alrighty then. Just hold still, and I’ll work my magic.”

The group looked at the two in anticipation. Curious to see if Discord’s idea of mind reading would give them the answers they needed.

Celestia however had one more question.

“Will his… hurt?”

But the answer she received from Discord was less than reassuring.

“No idea.”

Then without any warning, Discord placed his eagle claw on the tip of Celestia’s horn. Both their eyes as magic was being shared between the two. Discord’s magic was coursing through Celestia’s mind to find the vision to which she described. But when he finally found it, he was met with a disturbing scene of Equestria in ruins. Everything burnt to the ground. He then saw Celestia on the run. Being hunted by the monster that caused the destruction. Then… as the image of demon horns and piercing yellow eyes came into view. The connection was severed. Caused by Celestia screaming from envisioning the image again. Causing her to back off from Discord as she painted from fright.

“Sister! Are you alright!?” Luna asked as she rushed to her sister’s aid.

As the spooked Alicorn took in deep breaths to calm herself, she reassured her younger sibling.

“I-I’m alright. I just… didn’t like seeing that again.”

Twilight then walked over to Discord as she watched the two older Alicorns.

“Well Discord, do you have any ideas on what the monster is?”

But as she waited for a reply, there were none.

“Discord?” She asked as she and her friends all looked at the Draconequus. But something about him left them confused.

Discord stood still, as if he was turned to stone. Except for his arms, for they were slightly trembling in shock. The playful and usual gloating expression on his face was completely gone. Instead, he had the look of complete shock on his face. As if he had just discovered something so horrible he wanted nothing more than to forget it. Sweat began to drip from his head. The anxiety kicking in. Something he rarely ever felt in his existence. As well as his wide eyes and his slowly gapping mouth, his face was beginning to go pale. The colour of his face literally turning white.

“N…no way. It can’t be. Could it?” He said to himself. His voice was a whisper.

“What is it, Discord?” Cadence asked, she and the others barely heard what he said.

Despite the unwelcoming feeling within him, Discord didn’t want his friends to feel worried. Anything but from what he knows. So, he tried to call off the subject.

“Uhh… oh, it’s nothing. But you wouldn’t really need to pay mind to visions. They tend to exaggerate and stuff. Never as bad as it shows. And oh, would you look at the time. I have to get going.”

Despite his words, Fluttershy couldn’t help but think that Discord sounded a little… frightened.

“Are you alright?” She asked him.

“Oh yes! Fine, fine, don’t mind me! I have to go now! Bye-bye!”

“Discord wait!”

Fluttershy’s plea came too late. In a flash of light, Discord vanished. Leaving the ponies to look at each other in confusion.

Discord’s home

After arriving at his home, the Draconequus immediately materialized a paper bag and began breathing deeply into it. The bag inflating and deflating with every breath as his head kept sweating from stress.

As he then ate the paper bag, stress eating, Discord tried to comprehend on what was going on.

“This is bad! This is very, very bad! But it just can’t be! His power couldn’t possibly be near complete now! Could it?”

Discord then felt a sudden pain in his right arm. Grabbing a hold on his lion limb as he tried to make the pain go away.

It then dawned on him. It wasn’t his arm that was in pain. It was… the reminder.

Discord stared at his arm in shock as he began to remember what happened in his past.

“How could I ever forget that day?” He asked as he received a flashback.

It all happened thousands of years in the past. Long before Discord’s reign over Equestria. The Spirit was merely lounging around as his mind was filled with ideas on pranks. Then one day, HE came. The being saw great evil potential in Discord and struck up a deal to forge an alliance. Promised that Equestria would be theirs for the taking, Discord agreed.

Though Discord wanted to call themselves partners, the evil beast preferred to be the one in charge. As the two occasionally argued, the monster started to find Discord’s presence incredibly annoying.

Discord even once tried to re-energize the beast. To bring him back to his full power. But failed to do so, as if the beast had some sort of curse upon him. But little by little, his strength grows by the day. Though he predicted that it would take him thousands of years to reach full power, Discord barely had the patience to wait.

But one day… everything changed.

Discord found out the truth behind the monster’s motives. But wouldn’t have any of it. In fact, the Spirit of Chaos was horrified at what he discovered. He had no idea that anyone would go to such extremes to conquer the world.

What set him off the most, was that the conquest of Equestria… involved mass slaughter!

Not even Discord ever dreamed of doing such things. True, he wanted to rule Equestria. But he would never do anything so cold hearted. He wanted to have fun, not kill.

Deciding that the monster was a great threat to the world, Discord openly defied him and stood up against him. Although the Draconequus was evil at the time, but even he would defend Equestria from the type of chaos that he would never bestow on the world.

Their argument resulted in a fight. A battle between two evil beings.

Discord had it all. The power to defy gravity. Breaking the laws of physics. Warp reality to his will. And even create portals to other dimensions. But he underestimated the genius of the beast, and the magnitude of his power. When it came to strength and raw power, the Digimon had Discord beat.

After receiving a critical hit, Discord was winded. Vulnerable. In the end, the Spirit of Chaos himself was overpowered and overwhelmed by the monster’s might.

It was there he lay. In the dark lair, quivering on the floor and against the wall. Discord’s body was greatly wounded. One of his wings broken, his fur and scales ripped and shredded, bruises and deep cuts covered his skin. He couldn’t focus on healing. His mind succumbed to the pain in his body and the fear that he might end up dead. All his life, he thought he was the most powerful. But he was proven wrong in the worst way possible.

With his body and pride broken, he watched on fearfully as the large Digimon approached him. Unaffected by the battle and flexing his blade-like fingers.

He could never forget the conversation he and the beast had at that moment of horror.

“Don’t worry, Discord. I’m not going to kill you. I just want to leave a little message, that’s all,” He said as he approached the broken Draconequus.

As the Digimon stood in front of Discord, he continued on.

“But I will spare you of that. If you reconsider and swear your loyalty to me and only me.”

As Discord tried to summon enough courage to look at the monster, he spoke in a weak, fearful voice. But his words were defiant.

“I… am many things. But… I’m not a killer. And I’ll never be one. And ponies called ME the monster.”

The monstrous Digimon growled at Discord, recognizing what he said as an insult.

“I won’t do it. I won’t do it!!” Discord shouted, rejecting the offer.

“NO!!?” The being shouted in Discord’s face. Slamming his right hand against the wall beside the spirit’s head. His fingers made a scrapping sound as they scratched the rock.

Discord briefly shivered in fright from having such a dangerous monster extremely close to him. But despite his fear, he continued to defy him.

“I…won’t do it.”

Deciding that Discord was useless to him, the Digimon grabbed him by the neck with his left hand and lifted him off the ground. While lifting him up, both the monster and spirit continued to be at eye level with each other.

Discord was helpless as the Mega tapped the spirit’s nose with his right finger. Deciding what to do next.

“Guess I’ll have to pass on that message myself. Won’t I, hmm?”

Without warning, the Digimon spun around and threw the battered Discord on the cold stone floor. As the painfilled Draconequus looked back fearfully, the Digimon spoke.

“You will never again mention my name. Nor to anyone. You better hope to never cross me again. And never mention my whereabouts or my plans. Because if you do, I’ll hunt you down… and kill you.”

“M…m…message received,” Discord said. Terrified of both the threat and the monster’s eyes.

But to his confusion, the beast started to chuckle as he raised his right arm up above his head. Discord did not like the way things were looking.

“That wasn’t the message, Discord.”

Then with a quick flick of his bendy wrist, the Digimon opened up his hands. His fingers acting like genuine blades.

“THIS IS!!!”

Just as the vision of the monster lashing out on him played out, Discord was napped out of his flashback as his arm felt the painful stinging again. As if knifes pierced deep into his flesh.

But the pain was just the reminder… of that message.

As Discord grasped his arm much firmer, he thought about what Celestia saw in her vision.

“Please, Celestia… for once… for the good of Equestria. I hope your vision is wrong."

Back in Canterlot, the ponies all stared at the spot where Discord vanished. Confused at how he was behaving before he left.

“Wow. I’ve never seen Discord act like that before,” Pinkie Pie pointed out.

“Yes, Pinkie. He almost sounded… like he was afraid,” Fluttershy mentioned. Knowing that she herself might act the same way.

“Afraid? Really? What could he be scared of? He’s the Spirit of Chaos,” Rainbow Dash said, finding the facts all too strange.

The others took a moment to think about the question. Worried that Discord might actually be scared of something after all.

“Though I’m a little surprised that he was able to read minds like that,” Twilight spoke up.

“Yes, Twilight. But from the way he reacted to my vision, I think… he might actually know who or what the monster is,” Celestia said, believing that Discord knew a lot more than he was letting on.

After a moment of silence, Applejack spoke up. Her expression was one of worry and concern.

“I’m not gonna lie y’all. Ah just wish BlackWarGreymon was here with us."

“I know what you mean, darling. We always felt much safer when he’s around,” Rarity added.

The words of the two mares sparked memories throughout the group. Mostly to Cadence and Shining Armor. Back at the Crystal Empire, when they were under threat from ChaosBlackWarGreymon, their combined might couldn’t leave a dent on him. They were lucky that BlackWarGreymon was there to even the odds.

As the thought of the black armoured dragon warrior rekindled in her mind, Luna’s eyes widened in astonishment when she realised something.

“BlackWarGreymon! That’s it!”

All the others looked at the blue Alicorn, briefly startled by her cheerful outburst.

“What is?” Pinkie Pie asked.

Luna then explained herself.

“BlackWarGreymon is the answer. Given how much stronger he has become, and with his Ascended form, he’s become the most powerful force in Equestria. The whole world perhaps! I don’t think there’s any doubt that he could beat this new threat.”

Most of the ponies began to feel more upbeat. Becoming just as optimistic as the blue Alicorn.

“You know, I think you’re right,” Twilight added.

While most of the group were convinced, Celestia however wasn’t so sure. Her face showed that she had doubts. Remnants of the Digimon’s black clawed gauntlet were seen in her vision. To her, it could mean that the weapon was damaged and then discarded. Or… in a worst case scenario, that the Digimon’s fate had been sealed. Concerned for BlackWarGreymon’s future.

Even though she didn’t want to tell her younger sister about it, fearing that it would break her heart, another thing she didn’t want was for Luna to have false hope. Because if disaster were to happen to BlackWarGreymon while Luna had that hope, it would completely shatter her. She would be broken in mind that cannot be fixed.

It was the last thing she wanted. Therefore… Celestia had to confess. Luna had to know the truth.


Her voice gained Luna’s attention before continuing.

“There’s… there’s something else about the vision. Something that… I hadn’t told you yet.”

“What is it, sister?” Luna asked. Slightly worried by Celestia’s downbeat tone.

As the white Alicorn took a moment to breathe, she tried to speak.

“Well… it’s…”

But just as Celestia was about to reveal the truth, the outside wall of the throne room suddenly exploded. As if something charged straight through the wall. All the unprepared ponies inside barely had time to react as debris flew everywhere. Taken completely by surprise.

After coughing from the surrounding dust cloud, Celestia was first to stand.

“Wha-What’s happening!? Is everypony ok!?” Celestia called out. Hoping that no one was hurt.

But as she looked around, she saw something slowly rising from the thick blanket of dust. Something big. After seeing the silhouette, Celestia became startled by the figure’s recognizable traits. She recognized its three-horned helmet, its paladin-spiked shoulders, its three-clawed gauntlets and the shape of the shield on its back. She was startled even further when she sensed its energy. It was tremendous, just like BlackWarGreymon’s. And yet, the energy also felt different. It left her stunned as she stared at the being with wide eyes of shock.

Time seemed to have slowed down for the Sun Princess as she saw the silhouette rose up to its full height. With its back to her as it faced towards the others.

The remainder of the group gathered together as they coughed from the dist. Trying to figure out what was going on.

“What in the hay was that!?” Applejack asked.

“We’re under attack!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“But by what?” Rarity asked.

Even though they received a reply, the recognizable voice it belonged to sent a feeling of dread through the group.

“By me.”

The ponies paused as if the voice echoed through their minds.

“Wait. That sounded like…” Rainbow Dash uttered as she and her friends looked in the direction of the source of the voice.

As the surrounding dust cloud faded away, there stood the intruder. Standing in full view to be seen, the group were shocked and afraid that it was the terror of the Crystal Empire. The Digimon clone himself. Standing in front of them.

The ponies who were at the incident all shrieked his name.


The BlackWarGreymon clone stood firm as gazed at the ponies whom he met before. With his back to Celestia. Upon learning his name, the white princess was stunned at seeing him for the first time.

‘This… is ChaosBlackWarGreymon!?’

As the ponies stared fearfully at the grey armoured Mega, they couldn’t believe that he had finally found them. Their nerves only got higher as the Digimon slowly approached them. His usual cocky and amused gaze was replaced with seriousness. With him, it was never a good sign. And when he spoke, his voice showed that he wasn’t pleased.

“Why are you all surprised to see me? Do you all honestly think I would let you get away after what you did to me?”

His threatening gaze moved towards the blue Alicorn.

“Especially after our last encounter, princess.”

“M-Me?” Princess Luna asked. Surprised that he was addressing her.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon then gave a hint at what Luna had done to him.

“My eye is still sore.”

He then turned his focus to the rest of the group.

“But how nice it is that all of you are all gathered in one place. It makes my job so much easier.”

Then suddenly, everyone in the throne room heard a series of hoofsteps coming from one of the open hallways. Then around the corner, a group of royal guards emerged to investigate the disturbance. They were then shocked to see the intruder in the throne room.

“You! Stay where you are!” One demanded as the troops charged towards the room.

But before they could reach the room, ChaosBlackWarGreymon raised his right arm to point his claws at them. He then used his magic to quickly close the doors to the corridor. Locking the guard ponies out and not being interrupted. Surprising the group from how quick he acted.

As the spell ended, Celestia took a good look at the Digimon’s glowing claws. The way they radiated with magical energy was very similar to that of a horn of a Unicorn and an Alicorn.

“Y-You really do have magic!” She uttered in disbelief.

Her outburst caused ChaosBlackWarGreymon to jolt his head back in surprise. But was then soon followed by his chuckling.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the lovely Princess Celestia,” He said as he looked over his shoulder to glare at the white Alicorn.

Celestia was startled by his gaze. His crimson red eyes gave her a cold chill through her spine. She then took a step back in fear as the Digimon turned to face her.

“How rude of me for not noticing you. I’ll spare you the introductions. Judging by your expressions, the others have already told you about me.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon started to walk towards her. His pace slow as to drive more fear into Celestia. Which was working. As he advanced, she retreated. Scared as the Digimon scanned over her.

The others understood why she was afraid. With all the things they told her about him, plus with his recent actions, who wouldn’t be afraid? After all, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was the one who nearly killed BlackWarGreymon.

Despite being scared themselves, they didn’t want to see someone like Celestia to go through the same pain and fear they felt back at the Crystal Empire.

“Hay! Leave her alone!!” Princess Cadence demanded.

“Stay away from her!!” Luna joined.

Despite their outbursts, ChaosBlackWarGreymon ignored them. Only responding with an amused chuckle. He was far more powerful than everyone in the room, and yet they dare try to tell him what to do.

As Celestia continued to step back, trying to keep her distance from the Mega, she found herself with her back against the wall. Unable to retreat further, she felt her legs slowly tremble as ChaosBlackWarGreymon got closer and closer. The Sun Princess knew she wasn’t strong enough to fight the digital clone. Even without his magic, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was too powerful.

All she could do was hope. Hope that the Digimon clone hadn’t arrived in Canterlot to fight.

As the grey-armoured Mega stopped his advance, he stood only a couple of feet away from the fearful Alicorn. As he continued to stare her down, he spoke to her.

“For a very long time, you were always known as the strongest being to exist in Equestria. So tell me, princess…”

He paused as he knelt down closer to Celestia, his frightening gaze locked onto hers.

“…how does it feel… to be so powerless?”

His question burned through Celestia as she realised the truth in the Digimon’s words. In the past, because she was the eldest Alicorn, everyone in Equestria saw her as the most powerful magic caster. In truth, she was. Some ponies even saw her as a goddess.

But the truth was as such. Despite living for thousands of years, and her lifespan seemed infinite, she was no goddess. In the end, she was just a pony with great power.

When she was younger, she once believed that she was unbeatable herself. But by encountering adversaries, she learnt the truth the hard way. During the fall of the Crystal Empire, the power King Sombra had almost rivalled her own. And it was with the assistance from Luna that she was able to seal the Unicorn away. Then there was the reign of Discord, who’s reality warping powers countered both Celestia’s and Luna’s magic. But by discovering the Elements of Harmony, the Alicorns used their power to turn the spirit into stone. Next was the case of Queen Chrysalis. After absorbing the love from Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, the Changeling queen was able to overpower Celestia and defeat her. The business with Lord Tirek was somewhat a mixed bag. Though he had the ability to steal magic from others, Celestia was able to imprison him in Tartarus in their first meeting. But when he returned, he had absorbed enough power to surpass Celestia’s. And because of his brief alliance with Discord, it led to her, Luna and Cadence to surrender their magic to Twilight.

But those examples all happened long before the discovery and arrival of the Digimon. And since then, were completely overshadowed.

When Celestia first met BlackWarGreymon, the level of power she sensed within him frightened her to the core. As it surpassed all the others, the black-armoured warrior was the most powerful being the Alicorn ever encountered. Furthermore, his powers had become enhanced further from the magic of Equestria. She was very thankful that he turned out to be a good guy.

Seeing a being from another world opened Celestia’s eyes to the truth. That there were worlds beyond Equestria. Some which possessed being of extraordinary power. The Digital World was one of them. But what frightened her even more, was that there were other Digimon who were even more powerful than BlackWarGreymon himself.

One prime example was the one who killed him in his past life. MaloMyotismon.

After witnessing BlackWarGreymon’s past with Luna and Twilight, Celestia had come to face the fact that she was no longer the strongest. Equestria needed a new champion. Someone with the kind of power that she didn’t have. Since BlackWarGreymon had that power, and that he was eager to stay and live among the citizens of Equestria, the white princess dubbed him as the saviour. Giving him the role of defending their world.

Celestia truly thought BlackWarGreymon was one of a kind. That he was the only Digimon in Equestria. But after the others told her about the existence of ChaosBlackWarGreymon, and that he nearly killed the saviour, the Alicorn couldn’t believe her ears. It seemed whenever good gets a powerful ally, evil always gets one just as strong.

She knew that only BlackWarGreymon had the strength to fight the clone. But since he wasn’t with them, and staring into the eyes of the clone himself, Celestia indeed felt powerless. Though she didn’t answer ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s question, her expressions showed that she was experiencing the feeling.

Before she could be terrorized further, she and the clone heard an outburst.

“Hay you!!”

“Hmm?” The grey-armoured being uttered as he stood back up and turned towards the group.

He saw that nearly all of the ponies had shocked and surprised expressions on their faces. And were all looking at Rainbow Dash. Identifying her as the one who spoke up.

“Got something to say, pony?” The Digimon asked.

The expression the blue Pegasus had wasn’t one of fear. It was anger, slowly building up to rage.

“Yeah, I do! One of the places you destroyed! Do you have any idea what it was!?”

While her friends all knew what the blue mare was referring to, ChaosBlackWarGreymon didn’t look interested.

“Should I care?” He asked back. Causing Rainbow Dash to snap at him.

“The Wonderbolt Academy! One of my favourite places in Equestria, and you took it away!!”

Even though the Pegasus learnt that the Wonderbolts would rebuild what was lost, she couldn’t just shake off the fact that the very place she’d been to was gone.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon decided to push her buttons.

“What does it matter? Those Pegasi are nothing but weak show-offs.” He uttered as he faced away with his eyes shut.

Seeing such disrespect caused Rainbow Dash’s rage to boil over.

“What did you just say!!?”

The Digimon looked back at her with a mocking expression.

“What’s wrong? Did I touch a nerve?”

Rainbow Dash could not contain her anger from the mocking.

“Oh, that’s it!!”

But just as she was about to leap off the ground, Pinkie Pie and Applejack quickly held her back. Struggling to keep a hold on Rainbow Dash.

“Big no no, Rainbow!” Pinkie Pie said.

“Have ya’ forgotten who he is!?” Applejack added. Reminding the Pegasus who was standing in front of her.

Although Rainbow Dash knew perfectly who he was, she didn’t care. Squirming to get free to attack the Digimon. ChaosBlackWarGreymon however seemed to want the attack to happen.

“You shouldn’t do that you two. It isn’t healthy for a pony to not vent out her anger. You should let it all out.”

The three mares looked at the digital clone in confusion. But what he said next was deliberate in setting Rainbow Dash off.

“Come on, pony. Unleash your anger and rage upon me. Like I did to your precious academy.”

Rainbow Dash snapped in response.

“WHY YOU…!!!”

In a burst of rage, Rainbow Dash broke out of Pinkie Pie’s and Applejack’s hold and sped towards the Digimon. She screamed in anger as she reared her right hoof back, intending to punch ChaosBlackWarGreymon in the face.

As the cloned Digimon stood firm, he allowed the blue Pegasus to smash her hoof against the front of his snout. A loud echo from the blow travelled through the room.

Even though the attack was at full force, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was unmoved. The only pain Rainbow Dash inflicted was upon herself. She twinged as she retracted her aching limb. But despite it all, her anger drove her on. Assaulting all over him, the screaming Pegasus threw punches and kicks all over his body. The shear amount of attacks Rainbow Dash was dishing out would’ve injured any other pony and probably a teenage dragon. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon didn’t even flinch. As if he wasn’t even feeling her attacks. The others could only watch on, worried that ChaosBlackWarGreymon would strike back.

After unleashing countless attacks at her foe, Rainbow Dash paused for a moment. All four of her limbs felt numb from what felt like attacking a statue. But despite the pain she was in, the Pegasus glared daggers at the shadow Digimon.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon gave a brief chuckle as he saw the mare twinging in pain.

“Ha. Your attacks are useless against a superior being like me,” He said to taunt her.

His words snapped Rainbow Dash to attention before again screaming as she attacked him again. Mainly focusing on his face and chest. But like before, the Mega was unmoved.

“Rainbow! Please stop!” Twilight called out, seeing the attacks doing nothing.

After the second failed attempt to inflict pain on the Digimon, Rainbow Dash stopped as she panted from exhaustion. Pain stinging in her legs.

As she continued to glare at ChaosBlackWarGreymon, he gave her an unamused look.

“Are you done yet?” He asked. The mocking tone in his voice had gone.

As if just hearing his voice was enough to set her off, the mare again charged in to attack him all over. Despite her attacks becoming weaker and weaker. Although her friends were amazed at how brave Rainbow Dash was, they also knew that her attacks were doing nothing.

“Ok, seriously. Can you stop now?” ChaosBlackWarGreymon asked as he watched the Pegasus repeatedly punching him in the chest.

Not wanting to anger the Digimon, Twilight decided that enough was enough. Using her levitation spell, the young Alicorn pulled the exhausted Rainbow Dash back towards the safety of the group. Seeing the purple glow of Twilight’s horn gained the attention of ChaosBlackWarGreymon. The Digimon curiously looking at the princess as he began to think back to his encounter with Ayumi. As well as remembering the moment when he read her mind. Witnessing he horrors of her past life.

But remembering that the plan had to be enacted, his mind shifted back to being bad. As most of the ponies watched the blue mare fighting to stay awake, they heard ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s voice.

“You all need to save your strength… for what’s about to happen next.”

All eyes looked back at him. Some fearful, and others with anger.

“And what’s that, you monster?” Shining Armor asked as Cadence nudged closer to him.

But the answer ChaosBlackWarGreymon had was as confusion as it was unsettling.

“You all want to play a game? Because I can think of a good one.”

Then without warning, everypony in the throne room had a green glow around their bodies. Then in a flash of light, ChaosBlackWarGreymon teleported the ponies and himself out from the room.

When the group reappeared, they found themselves outside the castle. Looking around, they guessed that they were somewhere on the edge of the Everfree Forest. They could also see the city of Canterlot in the distance. Meaning they were sent quite a while away. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon was nowhere to be seen.

As most of the group tried to survey the situation, Twilight and Fluttershy went over to tend to Rainbow Dash.

“Are you alright?” The yellow Pegasus asked.

“I’ll… be fine,” The hurt Rainbow Dash replied as she inspected her hooves. Seeing how close they were from being chipped down to the bone.

“Rainbow, you should’ve known better than to outright attack him,” Twilight said as she used her magic to heal Rainbow Dash’s limbs.

“I’m sorry. I was just… so angry.”

“But…why did he brought us out here?” Applejack asked.

“And where is he?” Celestia joined.

But as soon as she spoke the question, the group heard his insane-like laughter. As if his voice was in their heads.

“I’m over here,” ChaosBlackWarGreymon said, his voice sounded as if it came from everywhere.

As the frightened ponies franticly looked around, trying to find the Digimon, they saw trails of living shadows seeping through the trees. The twisted black tendrils all converging in one spot some distance away from the group.

‘That’s one of King Sombra’s spells. He really does have his dark magic.’ Celestia thought to herself, recognizing the type of magic used.

As all the shadow tendrils joined together to make a pool of darkness. It began to rise from the ground and took on a form of the magic user. After regaining his physical body, ChaosBlackWarGreymon revealed himself before speaking.

“While I am a little nettled that BlackWarGreymon gets a statue but not me, I’m going to let that slide for now.”

“What do you want from us, you fiend!?” Rarity demanded.

“Nothing really. I just want you to play my game,” The Mega replied.

He then revealed the name of the game that the ponies felt uncomfortable with.

“It’s called… who can last the longest.”

“That game doesn’t sound fun!” Pinkie Pie commented, while Rainbow Dash was comforting a trembling Fluttershy.

“Why in the world would we even play your game!?” Luna asked.

But the answer ChaosBlackWarGreymon provided left the group confused.

“Because you’re in luck. I’m not the one you would be fighting against.”

The ponies were puzzled at what the Digimon clone said. If it’s not him they’re facing, then who?

“So… who are we fighting then?” Cadence asked.

Then the group heard a reply from a different, but recognizable voice.

“That would be me!”

As soon as the voice spoke, the mares and stallion heard a series of heavy hoofsteps. They all felt another shiver from the thought of who the voice belonged to.

“No. It can’t be,” Celestia uttered in fear.

Then, emerging from the trees behind ChaosBlackWarGreymon, was Lord Tirek himself. Approaching the group before the centaur stood next to the Digimon, him being somewhat larger in size.

“Long time no see, princess,” He said to Celestia, smirking sinisterly at the ponies.

“So ponies. What do you think of your challenger?” The digital clone asked, knowing what their reactions would be.

Again the group felt incredibly frightened. Just Tirek on his own was bad enough, but knowing that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was involved, it made the feeling all the more hopeless.

“Everypony, I never normally say this, but… this is bad,” Rainbow Dash said.

“If he does join in the fight, do you think we can hold them back if we work together?” Celestia asked the group, for they had seen the Digimon in action before.

Twilight Sparkle spoke up after comparing the two villains.

“We may be lucky against Tirek. Even with his current power, we may stand a chance.”

But then the purple Alicorn looked over to the shorter of the two.

“But ChaosBlackWarGreymon is a whole different story. His power is not just greater, it’s in a league of its own. We can’t beat him.”

Then Luna joined in.

“I’m afraid it’s true, sister. Only BlackWarGreymon has the power to match him.”

Celestia became intimidated. She always believed that Tirek was the strongest villain in Equestria. But her friends all said that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was an even bigger threat. Just because he was a Mega level Digimon.

Then Shining Armor spoke out to the two.

“If we do have to fight, you said that only Tirek would fight?”

“Of course. It wouldn’t be fun if I joined in. You would all be completely annihilated,” ChaosBlackWarGreymon answered.

“Besides, I have a bone to pick with you lot. You and our prisoner,” Tirek joined.

While intimidated by the threat of vengeance, it was the latter of Tirek’s speech that confused the group.

“Wait? Prisoner?” Celestia asked. Unsure what the centaur was talking about.

Tirek looked down at ChaosBlackWarGreymon with an evil grin on his face.

“Show them.”

Complying to the centaur’s request, ChaosBlackWarGreymon used his magic to open up a black portal in the ground. Then, suspended in the Digimon’s levitation spell and trapped within a black transparent sphere, was their said prisoner. An Alicorn.

Most of the group let out gasps of shock at what they were seeing. While Cadence and Shining Armor were stunned, they were more so surprised at the resemblance of the prisoner.

“Wait. T-Twilight?” The prince asked as he looked to his little sister standing beside him.

The group were aghast at what they were seeing. Within the black sphere, was the unconscious form of Ayumi. The alternate Twilight. Which explained why she had disappeared earlier in the morning.

Already possessing a sister-like bond with her older self, Twilight snapped at the two villains.

“Let her go! Now!!”

Seeing Twilight stepping out, Tirek took a quick look at the unconscious Ayumi before turning back towards Twilight.

“She really does look like you! I don’t know what sort of trick this is, but it won’t work. I nearly lost a fight with this one.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon took a quick glance over at Tirek. The Digimon knew full well that there was no trick. He just didn’t bother telling the centaur of who Ayumi truly was.

“Release her!!” Twilight demanded as she stomped her front hoof.

The Royal Couple were surprised at Twilight. They hardly ever seen her so worked up before. While they still had their many questions as to how there were two Twilights, they felt that it wasn’t the time to ask. It was clear to them that all the other ponies in the group knew who the trapped pony was.

Tirek looked at Twilight with a half-smile before responding.

“Alright. I’ll release her.”

Taking command of the prison sphere, Tirek levitated the unconscious Ayumi in front of him. As soon as he did however…

“But first.”

With an evil grin, Lord Tirek faced Ayumi towards him and opened his mouth wide to inhale. Twilight immediately knew what he was about to do.

“No, don’t!!”

It was too late. Tirek already begun using his magic stealing ability. Despite being unconscious, Ayumi let out loud grunts of discomfort as her energy began to be forcefully drained from her body. Purple energy escaping her horn and into Tirek’s gaping maw. Cadence and Shining Armor felt deeply concerned. As well as looking like Twilight, the trapped Alicorn even sounded like her as she cried out. But most of the horrified group looked on in uncertainty. Even ChaosBlackWarGreymon was watching with a wary eye. Because it’s not just Ayumi’s magic Tirek was draining. All the power of the Element of Magic within her was also being drained. But with it worse of all, was all the energy she had obtained from defeating the Digimon in her timeline. Without knowing, Tirek was also stealing data from Ayumi. Digital energy that had become entwined with her magic. The onlooking ponies couldn’t believe what they were seeing. With all that power flowing through the centaur, it would no doubt make him even more powerful than he ever was.

After Tirek absorbed every last drop of power from Ayumi, the latter’s cutiemark vanished. No longer needing her, Tirek dispelled the black sphere. Freeing the limp mare as she collapsed onto the ground. Not wasting a second, Twilight instantly teleported Ayumi over to her side. Twilight looked at her older self with sadness and remorse. The unconscious mare had only just got to their world to escape the torment and suffering. Only for her to endue it further. Making Twilight regret not telling her about ChaosBlackWarGreymon sooner. Believing that it was he who defeated her.

To her surprise, despite Ayumi being unconscious, Twilight could hear her quiet voice. As if she was talking to her.

“I-I’m… s…sorry.”

“Ayumi,” Twilight whispered softly. Wanting to comfort her. To reassure her that she was free and that she had done nothing wrong.

To the surprise of all the ponies, they all could hear Tirek grunting in pain. The centaur acting as if he was feeling a painful churn inside his stomach. Hunching forward while holding onto his gut. As if going through painful indigestion. Not surprising, considering that he had just consumed a mix of magic and data.

“Uhh!! What… is going on!?” Tirek asked as the pain lingered.

But just as the pain began to subside, Tirek’s body began to glow dark red. Then as the grunts of pain changed into grunts of excess energy, the centaur’s body began to grow rapidly. He could feel his energy multiplying to incredible heights as he grew ever larger.

“Yeeess! Yeeeesss!! The power! I can feel it! Flowing through me!!”

As Tirek’s body grew larger and larger, his ever-increasing shadow covered over the terrified looking ponies. They were shocked beyond belief at how quickly the evil lord was growing. To those who knew who Ayumi was, they could tell that it was the digital energy doing most of the work. Even ChaosBlackWarGreymon was admittingly surprised at how much stronger Tirek was becoming. Already surpassing the strength of an Ultimate level Digimon.

“…uuuuuuUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YEESSS!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Tirek roared as he almost reached the size he was when he absorbed all the magic of Equestria.

But despite that, Tirek could fell that he was far stronger than he ever was. Far beyond his own imagination! He felt that he could take on anyone. Even BlackWarGreymon!

“So! This is what’s like to have such power!” He said before laughing in triumphant. As if he had already won the battle.

As fear took away their voices, the pony group turned their gazes back to ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Who was about to take his leave. Letting his game continue.

“Have fun. Play nice.”

Then in a flash of green, the digital clone teleported away. But beyond the knowledge of the ponies, even Tirek’s, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reappeared not very far away. Hiding behind a large tree to see all the action.

“I wonder how the ponies are going to get out of this one.”

Back at the centre of attention, Tirek took only one step towards the fearful ponies. His new size towered over them like a colossus.

“Now, where were we?” He asked with an evil grin.

Like the rest of the group, Luna could only think of one thing.

‘BlackWarGreymon. Wherever you are… please hurry.’

Elsewhere, deep in the Everfree forest, BlackWarGreymon paid his second visit to the ancient ruins of the old castle. But it was the Tree of Harmony he wanted to visit.

As he stood there, facing the giant crystal tree, thoughts began to cross his mind. One of which, was the reason he wanted to see the tree. He thought of Ayumi. And the horrific tale she told that was her past life. How her timeline was so much different from the current one. All because that he wasn’t there.

Believing that it was the Tree of Harmony that brought him to Equestria, and that it appeared to talk to him, he figured that the tree would provide answers for him. Answers to the questions he spoke of. His voice carrying uncertainty and sadness.

“Tree of Harmony. I know you can hear me. I know that me being here… is somehow your doing. It has to be. Then why? Why hadn’t I… another me… arrived in her world? What happened to that BlackWarGreymon? Why was he… not chosen? Didn’t that Equestria…deserve my help? Or anyone’s help? So why… why did you brought me here? Why… am I here?”

As he repeated his last question, is tone became stern. Probably the most important question of his new life.

“Why am I here?”

To his surprise, as if in response to his question, the Tree of Harmony briefly illuminated brighter. The Mega could feel the great energy from the tree. Cradling his body as if it was holding him. His whole body felt warm. As if the energy of the tree became entwined with his own. Much to his surprise. As if the two became linked. But as the tree dimmed back to normal, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the back of the tree was still bright. And shifting. Believing that it was a sign, BlackWarGreymon moved closer to the enchanted tree and moved behind it. As he got behind it, to his surprise, he would see… words. Strange words on the crystal bark of the trunk. At first, the words were of a language he didn’t understand, it being ancient Equestrian. But to his surprise, as he kept looking at them… he began to understand them. As if the tree was granting him the gift of reading the ancient language on the crystal bark. In his mind, the symbols became a language he recognized.

With the surprise of the discovery subsiding, BlackWarGreymon began to read the message. As the message began to rhyme, the Mega was surprised to see that the message, was a prophecy. He kept on reading. He initially felt concerned about the ‘day of tragedy’ and the ‘Greatest Calamity’. But what intrigued him the most was the last thing the prophecy said.

“The…Warrior of Harmony?”

As he read through the ancient text the second time, he noticed something.

“Wait. To correct her mistake, she brings in another. Could she be… the voice I heard from the tree?” He asked, a very good question indeed.

Then to his surprise, he heard the same voice from the tree once more.


The voice spoke within his head, echoing through his very being.

“Uh… it…it’s you again,” He said. Startled to hear the female voice so suddenly.

But before he could ask a single question, the voice said something that the Digimon felt concerning.

“There’s very little time to waste. You must return to Canterlot at once.”

“Huh?” The confused Mega uttered.

Then the voice said something that shocked him to the core.

“A familiar evil has risen once more. Your friends are in grave danger!”

“WHAT!!?” The shocked Digimon asked.

Then to his surprise, a bright circle of light appeared on the tree in front of BlackWarGreymon. Acting as a window to other places for others to see. At first, all he could see was pure whiteness. Then the next thing he saw were some trees and the city of Canterlot in the distance. But as the vision shifted, BlackWarGreymon laid eyes on the villain in question. The very first opponent he faced since arriving in Equestria.

“Tirek!? He’s back!?”

He began to notice something else. Tirek was far bigger than he remembered. Meaning that the dark lord had gained even more power. But as the vision shifted once more, BlackWarGreymon saw a sight that made his heart ache. All his pony friends were all staring fearfully at the towering centaur. The looks in their eyes shown that they had already lost all hope. And the sight of Ayumi’s unconscious drained body lying beside Twilight.

“No! My friends!”

And then to his shock, and thanks to the tree, BlackWarGreymon heard Luna’s thoughts.

‘BlackWarGreymon. Wherever you are… please hurry.’

Her thoughts echoed in the Digimon’s head, with his concern increasing dramatically.

Even though he wanted to know more about the prophecy and Ayumi’s timeline, since the tree was talking to him once more, his concern for his friends’ safety was far more important to him. He hoped that he would get his answers another time.

“I have to go and save them!” BlackWarGreymon said as he flew out of the cave to face Lord Tirek once more.

Before the glow of the Tree of Harmony faded back to normal, it spoke once more before falling silent.

“Tirek’s power has grown far beyond what it’s supposed to be. But let that not waver you. You must prevail. For you are needed… my warrior.”

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