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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 71: Demonic Control

Hidden lair, Unknown location

It had been sometime since her master went away to his slumber. And Queen Chrysalis was already feeling uneasy. The Changelings could tell whenever their leader was feeling stressed and frightened. She was their mother after all. They knew that it involved the evil Digimon. The way he spoke to her showed that the two clearly had history. But what that history entailed was something very unpleasant. Ever since their first encounter with him, Chrysalis had always been on the defensive. And on the day King Sombra stated that she was expected, she had shown both fear and distain. For the hive, it was a sign of someone who had went through the kind of abuse they couldn’t fathom. So for them, they wonder why. Why was their mother going through with the evil being’s ideals? Why was she following his orders? But more importantly, why was she so afraid of him?

The changeling queen stood firm with her mind full of thoughts. Remembering the question she spoke about the dark one’s power. And in her thoughts, also escalated her fear.

‘His strength continues to grow. As if to no end. His power is higher than anything I have ever felt before. And yet, he isn’t at his fullest yet. Could he really be close? And if so, what will happen? Would he really rise up from hiding and attack the ponies? Would he… really go along with his plan?’

She continued to process her thoughts as she glanced down at the ground.

‘It won’t be long until that day finally arrives. It’s something he had been waiting for a very long time for. But when that happens, what would happen to us? Would me and my children share the world? Or…’

Wanting to get her mind off any unpleasant thoughts, she looked around to find something to distract her. Then she found him. Sitting alone on a large rock was ChaosBlackWarGreymon. She paused when she saw him. For one reason or another, he looked troubled. Wanting to see if something was wrong, Chrysalis made her way towards him.

The tall digital clone was indeed troubled. Despite being alone, his mind felt like many voices talking all at once. As he looked down at the ground, his mind rekindled on all the things he had learnt.

‘The pieces are coming together. I was created from BlackWarGreymon’s data. But that doesn’t mean that I was born as a dark incarnation. It was the boss who told me that. But just because he said something, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. But if that’s the case, then why did he lie to me? Is it to motivate me to be bad? To be on the path of evil?’

Then his mind shifted to his conversation with the Princess of Friendship.

‘But in her case, there is more than one way to lead a great life. And that only I can find and chose my destiny. She also saw that there was goodness in me. Does that mean I can have a chance at being something else? Something other than a destroyer? These new feelings are strange. And yet… they feel… right?’

His mind began to focus on her and her alone. And the moment that happened, he immediately felt a warm feeling in his chest. The same feeling he felt before. The one Twilight called love. Looking down at his chest, the confused Mega placed his right hand on his chest plate.

‘Princess Twilight Sparkle. What have you done to me?’

Thoughts of the purple Alicorn were interrupted when he heard the voice of the changeling queen.

“Are you feeling ok?”

There was a brief pause before the grey-armoured Mega spoke in response.

“I don’t know.”

Though the Digimon clone wasn’t looking at her, Chrysalis could tell that something was up.

“You’re sure you don’t know? You look… worried.”

The royal changeling paused in thought. Thinking that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was worried about the future the dark master had planned. Just as she was. But when the taller being responded, he revealed what he was concerned about.

“Chrysalis? Are we… doing the right thing?”

The changeling queen paused in surprise. Was the Digimon really starting to question his motives? Unsure of what was happening, the silent Chrysalis listened on as the Mega started to truly think for himself.

“The ponies are living a life of peace. And because of that, they are thriving. They’re living their lives. Fulfilling their desires and their destinies. It’s clear that there are other ways to reach our destiny. Other than the path of evil. And yet, the boss wants to destroy all that to fulfil his own desire. That only the strong would survive. And we’re helping him.”

He continued as he looked over to the startled Chrysalis.

“I was never taught what was right and what was wrong. But the things we’re doing, helping him with his plans, is it… wrong?”

Chrysalis was amazed. ChaosBlackWarGreymon was like a child who had done something bad but was insecure about it. But the things he said made her worried. If the master heard those words, he wouldn’t tolerate it. She had heard about what happened to Discord.

But he wasn’t the only one who felt in such a way. Chrysalis herself felt the same. The monster was the one who took the life of someone so close to her. And yet, she was working for him. The idea of it sickened her, but she was living that life. She deeply wanted nothing more than to stay away from him forever. Or however unlikely, to see him destroyed.

But despite her great power as queen of the changelings, which could rival an Alicorn princess, she was nothing compared to the monster.

Despite her fears, she answered the question.

“Y-Yes. Yes, it is.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked at her in curiosity.

“Then why? Why do we serve him?”

He then focused his gaze on her.

“Why do YOU serve him?”

Chrysalis took a moment before answering. Figuring out the best way to explain.

“It’s because I’m afraid of him. Believe me, I wish there was another way. But… serving him is the reason my kind are still around. We obey him, and we can live another day. But if we disobey him, he… he will…”

Chrysalis stopped as her expression saddened. The idea of turning against the master kept reminding her of the one she had lost long ago. He tried to defy the monster but paid the ultimate price. A sight that scarred the queen changeling for life.

She then received a surprise from ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“I’m sorry about your brother.”

Chrysalis snapped her head back at him. Disbelief and surprise shown on her face as the Mega looked back at her.

“H-How did you know that!?”

“The boss created me from his energy. I have all his memories aside from BlackWarGreymon’s.”

Chrysalis kept staring at him. Startled that he possessed the evil Digimon’s memories. But at the same time, she felt glad. Finally… someone felt sorry for her about what happened in her childhood. It was one of a few things in the world she wanted.

But the peace between the two was shattered by approaching hoof steps. Turning in their direction, Chrysalis and ChaosBlackWarGreymon were startled to see the rest of the changeling hive gathering towards them. All of them with looks of determination.

“W-What is all of this?” Chrysalis asked.

Ahead of the group, the front changeling spoke up.

“Your highness, all of us had reached a decision.”

He then surprised her with his next sentence.

“We don’t wish to serve the dark master anymore.”

Both Chrysalis and ChaosBlackWarGreymon both recoiled in surprise at what they heard. The former being especially alarmed.


The changelings spoke up. Each of them wanting to have their voices heard.

“Yeah, you may know him. But he treats us like slaves.”

“And we don’t like the way he’s been treating you.”

“You’re our queen. You shouldn’t receive such abuse.”

“We should never listen to that creep!”

“Yes! Let’s leave! He doesn’t need us anyway!”

“Let’s go home, your highness. We know you want to as well.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go while he’s asleep.”

With all the changelings seemingly in agreement, their commotion was getting louder and louder. Echoing throughout the chamber. ChaosBlackWarGreymon watched on in stunned silence. But as for Chrysalis, she feared for the worst at what she was hearing. Wanting it to stop immediately.

“N-No! Now all of you, stop this! Disobeying him is the last thing you sho…!”

“What’s this I hear?”

The demonic voice echoed loud throughout the chamber. Silencing the changelings and sending a horrific chill through the queen. ChaosBlackWarGreymon became alert as he stood up from his rock. Surprise in his crimson eyes. All eyes turned towards a dark cavern at the end of the chamber. A massive, clawed hand emerged before slamming against the stone ground. The changeling queen felt her entire body trembling in fear and dread. A look of despair plastered on her face. Only to fall further from the sight of the whole Digimon emerging into the dimmed light. His cold yellow eyes scanning over every soul looking back. The changelings froze. In their uproar, they had forgotten how huge the evil being was. As well as how terrifying he looked.

“Are you not pleased with my… leadership?” He asked in a twisted insincere tone. Even tilting his head to his left in a way that should’ve broken his neck.

The sight was unsettling to the changelings. Then as the Digimon continued, his grin grew creepier and creepier.

“What happened to all that brave talk just a moment ago? You’re not thinking about a revolt? A… rebellion?”

A cold dead silence filled the air. For some of the changelings, they wanted to speak up. To express their displeasure. But in a manner that was almost instinctive, their bodies refused to let out a sound. As if they were pray, in the presence of a predator. Chrysalis looked back and forth at both her children and her master. Breathing harshly from the fear within her.

When the Digimon spoke again, he decided to spill.

“Bad things tend to happen to those who defy me. I don’t want any more… incidents like the other day to happen again.”

Chrysalis froze in terror. She knew exactly what he was talking about. As for the other changelings, they were quietly talking amongst themselves. Confused as to what the Digimon was referring to. But then one changeling in the crowd spoke up to his siblings.

“Wait! You mean when we found one of our own frozen!?”

Silence filled the air as all the changelings froze in realisation. Then remembering what the evil Digimon said about ‘those who defy him’, they all sharply turned to look at him. And when they did, the Digimon’s grin grew bigger as he let out a quiet chuckle.

With the discovery, the wings of the changeling solders rustled and vibrated in response. Mixed feelings caused the steadily buzzing sound to form from their wings. Then one shouted out what all the others were thinking.

“It was you!! You killed him!!?”

The Digimon’s chuckling grew into a fit of demonic laughter. Only to follow with him admitting his crimes.

“That’s right! It was me. I did it.”

His confession caused an uproar from the changeling hive. All of them angrily shouting at him in protest. Expelling all their newfound hatred for their master as well as questioning why he did it. But in all the uproar, Chrysalis watched on in stunned silence. Her nightmares were all coming true. Her children shouting in revolt at the dark one. She had hoped that what would follow would not match reality.


The Digimon’s demonic voice echoed loudly through the chamber. Silencing all the changelings around him. Despite the anger present in their expressions, the hive remained quiet. Only the quiet buzzing of their wings could be heard. But the Digimon was not intimidated in the slightest. He then began to threaten.

“Let this be a reminder for you all. I do not tolerate disobedience. You will all do well to serve me. And obey my every command. If not, than more will fall. Like your sibling.”

As he finished his sentence, he let out a secret to them all.

“And your uncle!”

The changelings let out quiet gasps from within their ranks. Some, knowing how family works, turned to look at Chrysalis. The queen with the look of shock on her face as she looked back at the Digimon. Surprised that he would reveal her secret. Something that she didn’t want her children to know about. As confusion began to spread. The evil being revealed more.

“That’s right. Chrysalis didn’t tell you. She had a brother long ago. But he tried to openly defy me. It didn’t end well for him.”

Soon fear got mixed with the anger within the changeling hive. Shaken to hear that a sibling of their mother was murdered so long ago by the very monster that stood in front of them. The very demon that they had been working for. As they began to question themselves, the Digimon spoke up. Giving off a very threatening tone as he flexed his claws at them.

“Perhaps… treachery runs in the family.”

Knowing full well what her master was insinuating, Chrysalis stood in front of her children and tried to ease the tension. Fear gripping in her voice.

“N-No! Please! My children know not what they say! They won’t do anything of the sort! They’ll do whatever you say! Just don’t hurt them!”

The changelings were surprised of their queen. They had never seen her being so protective over them. She was trying to put on a brave face. But they could see that she was terrified. Both of the master, and for the possible thought of losing her hive to him.

But as the Mega glanced over at the changeling queen, his twisted sense of thinking caused him to approach her. Then to her discomfort, reached out his huge right hand and grabbed a firm hold on her body. Despite the action, Chrysalis never tore her fearful eyes away from her master’s. But she could feel her body being locked in place by his grip.

“Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps…”

He then surprised Chrysalis by lifting her completely off the ground. The changeling queen gasped out in fright as he tilted his wrist. Making her face up with her legs flailing uselessly. The rest of the hive got worked up from seeing how quickly their queen was rendered helpless and stricken. Fearful for her and terrified at what would happen. Even ChaosBlackWarGreymon stood still in shock.

Chrysalis tried to wiggle free. Letting out frightened yelps as she thrashed her legs. But no amount of her struggling would free her from the Digimon’s grip. When she glanced forward, she was met with the soulless eyes of the Digimon staring back at her. He then finished his sentence. Choosing the words that raised the fear in her heart.

“… you should take the fall for them.”

Knowing her life was in danger, Chrysalis flailed in panic as she was being brought closer to the Mega’s freakish face. Tears of fear began to escape her clenched eyes. Not wanting to see what could happen as the Digimon let out deep growls.


The whole room paused as the stray voice screamed for all to hear. As the Digimon turned towards the stunned crowd. A lone changeling was standing out of the hive. Angrily glaring at him as all his siblings stared at him in disbelief. Did he just spoke out to him? Did the lone changeling drone just told him off?

Loosening his hand, he dropped the frightened Chrysalis down on the ground before turning his full attention to the changeling. Seeing the Digimon’s full focus on him made the drone flinched in surprise. Him too feeling startled by standing up to the master. The Digimon moved towards him. Digging his claws into the ground as he advanced. The other changelings backed off. Not wanting to get in his way. All the while fearing what would happen to the one changeling.

The Mega paused as he got within a few inches from the changeling. The giant towered over the insect-like pony as he glared down at him. The changeling began to feel his legs trembling as the beast stared at him. Unable to read the expression on the master’s face. The Digimon’s large, clawed hands rested on the ground either side of the rebel. He then spoke to him. Quiet, but threatening. Trying to tempt the changeling.

“You got something to say? Go ahead. Say it.”

Knowing what to expect with what he and his siblings discovered, he imagined the consequence for speaking against the monster. The only response he could give was to glance down to the ground. Trying to hide his fear while trying to show his defiance. But he did not say a word.


The Digimon then clenched his hands into the ground. Ripping through the stone like nothing as he leaned closer to the changeling. He spoke again. His voice getting louder and even more threatening.

“Then get back in line!”

With no choice but to comply, the lone changeling backed away. Re-joining with the rest of the terrified hive. With order restored, the Digimon rose back up as he addressed the hive.

“You insects are forgetting your place. Remember who here is the supreme being.”

He then glanced over to ChaosBlackWarGreymon. The latter flinched from the sight of the yellow piercing eyes. The beast then glanced over his shoulder. Looking at the changelings once more before issuing a promised threat.

“Oh. And don’t even think about running away. If you do, I’ll find you.”

He then finished as his eyes briefly flashed in a glow.

“And I will kill you.”

The evil Digimon them began to make his move. Crawling away towards the cavern he emerged from. If Chrysalis hadn’t moved out of the way, her leg would’ve been crushed by the Digimon’s hand. As the evil Digimon disappeared, the changeling queen felt her sadness welling up. Causing her to quietly sob before crying. Some members of the hive flew up to Chrysalis to comfort her. ChaosBlackWarGreymon however stood there in silence. Experiencing sympathy as he watched the changeling queen being reduced to tears. He then looked down with a narrowed gaze. Rekindling his thoughts about what he learnt from Twilight.

Canterlot castle

Over at Equestria’s capital, the group silently stared at the door which BlackWarGreymon left from. They couldn’t help but feel that something was off about how he moved. With Applejack expressing her opinion.

“Ah’m not sayin’ that he’s lyin’, but… ah don’t think he’s alright.”

The next to speak was Princess Luna. Whom was the most sympathetic towards BlackWarGreymon by agreeing with the orange Earth Pony.

“You’re right. He just… has a lot going on.”

She continued as she began to think about her own past.

“I thought this would be common ground for me due to my time as Nightmare Moon. But I was always in control of my actions. Whereas his…”

Luna frowned in sadness. Regardless if one would be in control or not, falling into the darkness of one’s self was something she recognised. But seeing it happen to BlackWarGreymon made her feel all the more concerned for him. He was mentally fragile when it came to his loyalty to his friends. So for him to see himself Dark Mode-Changing into BlackWarGreymon Berserk Mode and attacking his friends would be no less than torture. She was happy that he was forgiven.

The others looked at her as she took a moment to reflect. Knowing what she was thinking, they admired her for being more open about her past actions. And for her to use that experience to help BlackWarGreymon. But for two mares, they were stunned and impressed at how attached the Moon Princess was towards the Artificial Digimon. The blue mare going so far as to even understand BlackWarGreymon’s pain.

The two mares in question was Cadence and… just very recently… Rarity.

Despite the mood setting in, Pinkie Pie spoke up.

“But this still doesn’t explain how he found himself outside.”

The ponies all blinked in surprise. With all that happened with BlackWarGreymon earlier, they had completely forgotten about that mystery. It was never explained how the Digimon crashed outside. Leaving Twilight to give out an idea.

“I say it’s best for us to investigate.”

“Good idea, Twilight. Just like detectives,” Rainbow Dash said. Liking the idea.

Princess Celestia too supported the idea. For she devised a plan.

“Very well. But we have to split up. Cadence, you take Applejack and Rarity to the castle grounds and find and clues surrounding the area. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy shall check that hole in the tower. See if there was anything that might’ve caused BlackWarGreymon to fall. Shining Armor, you round up some guards and petrol the castle. Just in case if we do have a hidden attacker. If any of you find anything, let me know as soon as possible.”

The ponies that were named nodded in response. Accepting the mission.

“Celestia? What would I be doing?” Twilight asked with Luna eyeing in. She too being not named yet.

“You, Luna and I will question any staff that were on duty by the tower at the time of the incident. A witness would help us greatly,” The Sun Princess answered.

“Understood,” Twilight replied. Rainbow Dash beside her feeling pumped to solve the mystery.

“Alright, let’s do this!”

The pony group then split off into their respective teams as they left the throne room. But as Applejack disappeared out of the throne room doors, Rarity called out to Princess Cadence before she followed suit.

“Cadence. Wait.”

Hearing her name being called, the pink Alicorn paused in surprise before turning to face the white Unicorn.

“W-What is it, Rarity?”

But to her confusion, the Element of Generosity looked over her shoulder to see the rest of her friends leave the room. To ensure that the two were alone. Once all the doors were closed, Rarity then spoke to the puzzled Cadence.

“Good, we’re alone.”

“What’s this about?” Cadence asked, feeling concerned if there was anything else wrong.

When Rarity responded, she had an apologetic tone in her voice.

“I’m sorry, Cadence. But there’s something that I really need to get off my chest. And you’re the best pony to speak to.”

While slightly reassured, Cadence was still puzzled as to why the Unicorn wanted to speak only to her. To which she enquired.

“Ok. What’s on your mind, Rarity?”

But just as Rarity opened her mouth, she suddenly froze up. Already feeling embarrassed at the subject she was about to bring up. The subject that involved her two friends. But the most nerve-racking was the nature of the subject itself. She quickly began to doubt herself. What if she just misread the signals? What if her judgment was untrue? She would only end up embarrassing herself in front of Cadence. The feeling of awkwardness quickly setting in. A small blush of embarrassment forming in her cheeks. Cadence silently looked at her as the Unicorn kept stuttering. Trying to find the best way to speak what was on her mind.

“Well… uhh… mm. Now how do I explain this?”

Feeling that she was getting her act together, Cadence remained silent to hear what Rarity was trying to say.

“Well… it could just me my imagination. But… well… it’s about BlackWarGreymon and… Luna.”

Hearing those two names in one sentence caused Cadence to raise an eyebrow. Plus, with how Rarity was acting, she had a sneaking feeling of what she was trying to say. Causing her to sneak a tiny curl on the ends of her lips. Rarity continued.

“The thing is… how they’ve been acting. Well… it’s as if they’ve… ummm…”

Seeing that Rarity was struggling to speak, Cadence decided to finish her question.

“Totally got a thing for one another?”

Rarity paused as she stared at Cadence in complete surprise. It was exactly as how she was trying to explain. But what startled her was how accurate the first guess was. It was too convenient. As the Unicorn blinked in surprise, Cadence couldn’t hold back the steadily increasing happiness within her. Making her smile bigger.

“Y-Yes. But… how did you…?”

Cadence lightly chuckled in response to Rarity’s startled reply. She then spoke in a joyful tone.

“It wasn’t that hard to figure out. I am the princess of love after all.”

She then turned her attention to Rarity and her absent friends.

“With how open Luna was lately, you were bound to notice the signs. Strange though. I figured that Twilight would be the first to notice.”

But Cadence was interrupted when Rarity let out a hushed excited squeal as she waved her hoof at her. Making her stop talking. Clearly the white Unicorn wanted something to be clarified.

“Wh…wha…wait just a second! You mean it wasn’t just my imagination? That… it’s all true?”

The smile on the Alicorn’s face grew wider from hearing the excited tone in Rarity’s voice. She was clearly happy about the whole thing. Much to her own relief. She softly nodded. The Unicorn’s eyes went wider from the confirmation. It was true. There really was a connection between Luna and BlackWarGreymon that bonded them together. Cadence then revealed the irony of the whole situation.

“The bizarre thing is, Rarity. It’s that neither of them are even aware of each other’s feelings.”

Rarity let out a giggle in excitement. It was the sort of romance that she enjoyed the most. But what topped it off, was the fact that the two were from completely different worlds. One from Equestria, and the other from the Digital World. Rarity then spoke up. Her voice letting out her excitement.

“Hay. You think… we should tell the others?”

Cadence politely shock her head before speaking up. Remembering her earlier talk with Luna.

“No need. I got a feeling that Luna would be the one to tell soon. We don’t want to cause any sort of embarrassment.”

Knowing how sensitive the subject of romance was, Rarity perfectly understood.

“O-Of course. Besides, we have to solve this mystery.”

With the discussion between the two at an end, Rarity and Cadence left the castle and met caught up with Applejack outside. Who was already at the crater where BlackWarGreymon crashed into the garden.

“Where have ya two been?” Applejack asked. Wondering about the pair’s lengthy absence.

But not wanting to spoil the surprise and focus on the matter at hand, Cadence answered.

“Just checking on something. But did you find anything?”

As the orange Earth Pony took another look at the crater, she gave her reply.

“Nothin’. All we’ve found is just debris from that tower up there.”

Along with Applejack and Rarity, Cadence too looked up at the tower where the hole could be seen.

“I hope the others have better luck.”

Up at the hole in the wall, the second team were present. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were hovering outside the hole. The two having just arrived.

“Wow. We’re so… h-high,” Fluttershy said as she fearfully looked down at the gardens far below.

“Well, we’re in a tower,” Rainbow Dash replied before looking around. Realising that they were missing one pony.

“Where’s Pinkie?”

On que to Rainbow Dash’s question, the pink mare suddenly appeared in front of the blue Pegasus.

“I’m here.”

As the three searched the hallway, Rainbow Dash spotted Fluttershy staring intensely at the gaping hole in the wall. Feeling that her fellow Pegasi might be onto something, the blue mare flew over to her.

“You got something, Fluttershy?”

“Yes. Haven’t you noticed that all the broken pieces of the wall are outside? And not inside?”

“Yeah. The floor is spotless,” Rainbow Dash said as she looked over the floor beneath her. Her friend was right. There was not an ounce of debris within the hallway.

“So the big guy didn’t just fell. He stormed through the wall. But why?” The blue mare added.

Then the two heard Pinkie Pie.

“Hay! Do you think these claw marks have something to do with this?”


Turning to where the pink pony was standing, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy saw it too. A sight that took them completely by surprise. And even a little frightened. A series of deep slash marks on the walls.

“How did we miss that!?” The confused blue Pegasus asked. Unsure how she didn’t notice it before.

“Did BlackWarGreymon do this?” Fluttershy asked, a hint of worry in her voice.

If her assumption was true, she was unsure why her digital friend would act so violently for no reason.

Rainbow Dash stared at the claw marks on the wall. As she watched on, she began to feel a cold shiver up her spine. The mare felt uneasy. The last time she felt such a shiver was when BlackWarGreymon…

“N-No. He’s back to normal. It can’t be. C… can it?”

After splitting up from the other two groups, Twilight, Luna and Celestia separated themselves as they interrogated any staff that were present. By splitting themselves up, they were able to cover more ground when searching for answers.

During their search, Celestia and Luna found nothing. None of the guards or maids they came across were not by the tower in question at the time. Twilight however was more fortunate. She came across a lone maid who was working in the area at the time of BlackWarGreymon’s incident.

But the Princess of Friendship felt uneasy at what she was told.

“What!? Did… did he really just… growl?”

As the maid answered, she explained to Twilight what she saw. Uneasiness in her voice.

“Y-Yes. I was just cleaning the hallway, and then I suddenly heard growling. As I looked around the corner, I saw that it was him. The saviour. He was growling. Not only growling, he was also saying things like ‘where am I’ and ‘where are my friends’. He then stumbled around and slashed his claws all around him. As if he was… attacking something. Then as he stumbled more, he charged straight through a wall and fell down to the gardens.”

Twilight was beyond puzzled at what she heard.

“Our hunch was right. Something is wrong with him. He would never do something like that,” She said. Confused and afraid at her friend’s violent behaviour.

Then the maid mentioned something that was the most disturbing of all.

“Oh. And when he charged through that wall, I saw that his eyes weren’t yellow.”

Indeed disturbed, Twilight paid full attention back to the maid.

“What was that?”

The maid once more explained.

“Yes. They weren’t yellow. Instead, they were like… nothing. Just… pure whiteness that glowed. And I even think his armour suddenly got darker. Flashing that dark energy. Oh, and his hair got spikier.”

The lavender Alicorn was silent as she tried to picture the image in her head. The thought of it sent a shiver down her spine. But at the same time, she could’ve sworn she had seen those signs somewhere before.

Then I clicked. She had seen those signs before. The very thought of what came to her mind filled her heart full of dread and fear. Something about her digital friend that she never wanted to see again. Something… very dangerous.

With fear and realisation dawning upon her, Twilight gasped in fright as she started to turn and run back to where she came.

“W-Where are you going, your highness!?” The maid asked.

“To find Celestia and Luna! All my friends! T-They need to know! They must be warned!”

Meanwhile in another part of the castle, BlackWarGreymon was still on his walk. At first, he was strolling through the corridors. Trying to comprehend what he had learnt about himself. But recently, he began to feel… weird.

He tried to keep on walking, but his pace became slow and staggered. As if fatigue began a sudden take over. His vision started to go blurry as he started to get headaches. Dark energy began to surge around his body once more. Growing more intense by the second.

The symptoms that was getting to him the most was the pain in his head. His eyes clenched tightly from the pinching feeling. Grunting in pain all the while.

“Uhh… what… what is happening!?” He asked. The unknown feeling starting to become stronger.

But as he clenched his hands against the sides of his head, his grunting grew louder. But at the same time, the grunts were slowly becoming growls. Then as he began to thrash his head around, he could feel something clouding his mind. Blocking his senses and his thoughts.

‘Wh… what… what’s… happening… to… me?’

As the dark energy began to rapidly spark around his body, the jet-black armour that adorned his body began to turn darker. His yellow hair began to turn spikier. His growling becoming more savage. And then, the sparking energy stopped. His arms dropped to his sides.

His actions hadn’t gone unnoticed. Emerging around the corner of the hallway was a familiar member of the royal guard. The Pegasus Double Edge.

With his back to her, she walked up to him with a smile.

“Hay, big guy. Haven’t seen you in a while. How’ve you been?”

But she received no response. Double Edge suddenly got a feeling that something was wrong. The Digimon was standing disturbingly still. But his body was softly trembling with his head hung low. The only sounds coming from him were, to the pony’s confusion, deep growls.

“Uhh… BlackWarGreymon?”

She received a response. BlackWarGreymon growled loudly as he sharply turned his head around to look over his shoulder. Glaring at the Pegasus with his glowing featureless eyes. And a snarling toothy maw.

Double Edge let out a brief yell of fright and surprise as she took several steps back. BlackWarGreymon’s growling and swift actions showed that he was being hostile. Despite his eyes being pure white, she could feel pure malice from them. but what startled her the most was that he suddenly had a mouth. While she only seen him a few times, she knew that he didn’t have a workable jaw. Never mind one with razor sharp teeth.

His muscles became tensed as he locked his eyes on hers. The tone in his voice showed a staggering amount of aggression.

“Who are you!? What did you do to my friends!?”

Double Edge, having no idea what was going on, began to take steps back as the enraged Digimon approached her. His body beginning to emit a faint black glow. His bright featureless eyes burning with rage.


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