BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony

by I-C-U-P

First published

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

BlackWarGreymon, created from 100 Control Spires to do evil, died being a hero.

But as death start to grip him, fate has other ideas. Now in Equestria, his life can start again. Making unforgettable friends, facing deadly foes and experience feelings and emotions he never thought would ever happen to him.

(note: this story takes place after the events in Digimon Adventure 2 episode BlackWarGreymon's Destiny and some time after MLP FIM season 4)

Chapter 1: Departure

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Earth, Japan

This was the home of the DigiDestined, a group of young teens who travelled to a world that ran alongside theirs, the Digital World. In that world, the young heroes made friends with creatures that were destined to become their partners. They were called Digimon, short for Digital Monsters. Together they fought evil and saved the Digital World many times.

But now they’re back home on Earth, and it’s in danger.

An evil Digimon named MaloMyotismon had possessed a human named Oikawa and was currently causing havoc, and the DigiDestined were there to stop him and his minions. As Oikawa fired his dark blast at one of them, a dark Digimon stood in its way. He was one of the most feared and most powerful Mega level Digimon, for he was responsible for destroying nearly all of the Destiny Stones and he was known for not having mercy or even pity. He was over ten feet tall, with demon-like horns on his head. His skin and his chrome Digizoid armour was as black as night, with bits of yellow here and there. He also has yellow hair, a chrome helmet that was a mix of silver and grey, and a black Brave Shield on his back. Finally, he has yellow soulless eyes that can strike fear to any who see them.

Because of his resemblance, some say he was a mockery of one of the Digital Worlds’ great defenders. Born from one hundred Control Spires, he was created for evil, but he broke free to find his true destiny. Up to his current moment he tried all means to find his purpose in life, even if it meant trying to fight one of the four Digimon guardians, Azulongmon.

He was the ultimate anti-hero.

His name was BlackWarGreymon.

He stood there, taking the full blast of dark energy in the chest. When the attack ceased, he fell to one knee, shocked to realise that more damage had been done to him than he realised. Far more.

Seeing that his work was done, Oikawa and his minions turned and fled.

Seeing the stricken BlackWarGreymon made the heroes feel concerned for his condition, to the point where his golden counterpart, WarGreymon, ran up to him to keep him on his feet. Despite the big battle the two had the other day, he wanted to help him in any way he can, but BlackWarGreymon knew it was too late.

His wound was fatal…but he knew what to do.

Despite the reluctance from the defenders, especially WarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon walked away. Feeling his strength and energy fading rapidly, he said his farewells to his new friends, and took to the skies.

As he flew, he began to think back to his whole short life. From the day he was created to the day he protected a flower…later only to squish it himself. From his conversation with Agumon to his fights with the DigiDestined. From seeking to destroy the Destiny Stones to his battle with WarGreymon. And everything in between.

He then began to think to that moment just mere seconds ago, where he saved a life at the expense of his own. It was an act of bravery, an act of good will, an act...of heroism.

Realising that was what he wanted, he will not die as a monster, he will die as a hero. With those thoughts crossing his mind, he closed his eyes, screaming from the pain he’s feeling as he felt his entire body being hollowed out.

From the ground, the young teens and their friends start to see dark misty trails seeping out of BlackWarGreymons’ open wound. Afterwards, his body began to fall apart, scattering into tiny pieces of data, and then nothing.
BlackWarGreymon was gone. Forever in this world.

But his plan worked. The energy from his body closed off the link between both their worlds in the area, preventing his executioner, MaloMyotismon from going to the Digital World. Giving the DigiDestined more time to find him and stop him.

BlackWarGreymon may have done terrible things, but in his last act he will be missed.

What the DigiDestined already know was that when a Digimon dies, its data gets reconfigured and comes back as a Digi Egg. When a Control Spire Digimon dies, its data just poofs. Disappears into nothing.

But what the young heroes don’t know was that what happened to BlackWarGreymon was none of the above, for fate has other plans for him. For his future, his new life and his true purpose was in a completely different world.

Unknown realm, unknown time


BlackWarGreymons’ eyes shot wide open, as if he just had the world’s most painful headache or the world’s most frightening nightmare. He tried taking slow deep breaths to calm himself down.

That’s when he just realised something.

“Wait. I’m…breathing? But I wa…”

He was too shocked to finish his sentence when he looked down at his wound. Only to discover that the wound on his chest completely gone, as if it never happened.

“I’m fine? But how? And where am I?”

He looked around to see that he was floating in what looked like space. If the shining stars, the black void and swirling galaxies were anything to judge by.

'What happened to me? Is this where Digimon go when they die? Then why am I the only one here? Is this a dream?'

He continued to think over what’s happened to him. He was so caught up in trying to find answers that he didn’t realise a white portal just opened behind him.

“No, it feels too real to be a dream, I am alive.”

It was at that moment he began to feel a strange force pulling him backwards. He turned to see the source of the pull.

“A PORTAL!! This can’t be good!”

He tried to fly away from the white light, but the pull keeps getting stronger by the second, pulling him back.

"No!! NOOO!!!"

But BlackWarGreymon knew shouting was getting him nowhere, but backwards. As his words died down, he was sucked into the portal and the entire world around him turned to pure white.

But not before seeing a blurry image of a mysterious horned being.

What happened to him next was something that even HE never comprehended. He was given a second chance, to live his strong and powerful life in another world…and its inhabitants would never expect his arrival. Nor their lives would ever be the same again.

Chapter 2 : Arrival (part 1)

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Equestria, Ponyville

In the magical world known as Equestria, lived a race of creatures that’s similar to humans in speech and society. But what makes them different was that they were not humans at all, they were ponies. Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi make up the different kinds of ponies. And they were all ruled by the most powerful type of pony of all, they were able to use advanced magic and some were capable of even moving the moon and the very sun itself. The Alicorns.

Deep inside the chambers of a giant crystal palace in Ponyville, a young dragon and hero of the Crystal Empire named Spike, was ticking off the checklist.

“Picnic basket, umbrella, quill and ink. Check, check and check. Is that everything Twilight?” Spike asked, looking across the room to the same pony who hatched and raised him.

Twilight Sparkle, once a Unicorn now turned into the fourth and newest Alicorn princess, was searching in her saddle bags to see if something was missing. Her lavender coloured fur and her purple mane and tail were instantly recognisable to anyone or anypony who knew her. As an Alicorn she has both wings and a horn. But what’s more important was that she was also the Princess of Friendship and the Element of Magic, which was one of the Elements of Harmony. Finally her cutiemark was that of a sparkle of magic that resembled a purple star.

She turned to her number one assistant and gave him a smile.

“Yep, guess that’s everything,” She said while using her magic to put on the saddle bags.

“You sure you can look after the place while I’m gone?” She asked Spike with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

Spike gave her a reassuring thumbs up.

“Don’t worry Twi, I got this. Go and have fun.”

“I will Spike, see you later," Twilight said as she turned left down a corridor. The young dragon looked at her in confusion.

“Twilight, the exit is the other way!” Spike called out, correcting her mistake.

Twilight only blushed and smiled in embarrassment as she turned to the opposite direction towards the exit.

'Great, been living here for three months now and still don’t know my way around. Must have spent too much time in the library.' She thought to herself while walking towards the huge doors to her castle, only to be burst open buy a speeding pink blur that came to a halt only an inch from her face.

The blur turned out to be the sugar-fuelled hyperactive Earth Pony named Pinkie Pie. She had pink fur, pink poofy mane and tail, a cutiemark of three balloons, two blue and one yellow and she was the Element of Laughter.

Her sudden entry surprised Twilight, nearly giving the Alicorn a heart attack.

“AAHH! Pinkie, you surprised me!” Twilight shouted while trying to calm down.

“Oh really? Well surprise! Anyway, I’m just so excited about our picnic. I should turn it into a picnic party! With cake, balloons, confetti, ribbons, my cannon and…”

Pinkie Pie stopped rambling on when she realised she forgot something.

“Oh no, I forgot my party cannon!! I need to go and get it!!” She shouted with urgency in her voice. Just before she could bolt out the door, Twilight spoke to her.

“Don’t forget to meet us in the new clearing.”

“Okie dokie,” Pinkie Pie said before running back to her home, leaving a dust trail behind her.

After clearing her way through the dust, she closed the palace doors and begun her long walk towards her destination.

'Pinkie’s right about one thing, this is going to be exciting.' Twilight thought to herself.

Sweet Apple Acres

Inside the barn of an apple farm, a white Unicorn named Rarity was waiting impatiently. She had purple mane and tail which ended in coiled curls, three blue diamonds as her cutiemark and she was the Element of Generosity.

“Oh, come on Applejack darling, we haven’t got all day,” She said while getting annoyed that she had to wait too long.

Across the barn, Applejack looked at Rarity with a confused look. She was an orange Earth Pony with blonde mane and tail that were both scruffy, a cowgirl hat, three red apples as her cutiemark and she was the Element of Honesty.

“Rarity, why’re you in that getup? We ain’t goin’ somewhere fancy,” She said while pointing her hoof at Rarity’s dress.

“Well nopony has ever been in the new clearing. Never know what you might find,” She replied.

“Huh, if we did find somthin’, you don’t want to frighten it with that,” Applejack joked, making the Unicorn glare at her.

“Well I think not. If we do find something, they would be blown away by my finest creation. I’ve certainly outdone myself,” She said while showing off her dress.

“Huh, more like overdone it,” Applejack said while snickering.

Rarity was about to resort back at her, but she began to think that Applejack was right.

“Well…perhaps the dress is too much. I should just go with a hat.”

“That’s more like it,” Applejack said while packing her saddle bag with apples and anything else she needed.

Fluttershy’s cottage

Inside the cottage that’s mostly inhabited by animals. A cyan blue Pegasus with rainbow coloured mane and tail was flying around impatiently, trying to pass the time. Her cutiemark was a cloud with a red, yellow and blur striped lightning bolt and she was the Element of Loyalty. Her name was Rainbow Dash. Apart from being famous for being awesome, she was also the fastest airborne pony in Equestria and can fly so fast, she can pull off a trick very few could do.

The Sonic Rainboom.

In fact, it was pulling off her very first Sonic Rainboom that she got her cutiemark and unintentionally led her five friends getting their cutiemarks too.

But now she’s bored out of her skull.

“Uh come on Fluttershy, what’s taking so long?” She complained.

Soon enough Fluttershy, a yellow Pegasus with long rosy pink mane and tail came out of her kitchen. She has three pink butterflies for her cutiemark and she was the Element of Kindness.

She currently has some animal feed stuck to her hooves, meaning she was feeding one of her animals.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting Rainbow Dash. It’s alright now, I finished feeding the birds,” She said in her usual soft voice.

“Good,” Rainbow Dash said while landing in front of Fluttershy. “Are we ready to go now?”

“Oh yes,” Fluttershy said as she turned her head to the dining room. “I’m going out now Angel, have fun,” She said to the little white rabbit who was stuffing his face with carrots. He quickly raised his head and waved his paw, saying goodbye.

Fluttershy smiled as she walked out of the front door with Rainbow Dash.

As the two Pegasi walked along the path they noticed other animals saying their goodbyes to Fluttershy as numerous birds flew over their heads. Most ponies knew that Fluttershy had her talent at understanding what animals say and she uses her gift to help them if they are in need. Because of her talent and the fact she has one of the most heavenly and most beautiful singing voices ever, that some of the animals choose to either live with her in the cottage or outside in homes that were ready made or they made themselves.

After the animals said their farewells, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash continued on their way. But the blue Pegasus was confused about one thing.

“Fluttershy, aren’t you afraid about this?” She asked her usually timid friend.

“Um…no. Why do you ask?” Fluttershy asked while looking at Rainbow Dash with a raised eyebrow.

“Because the new clearing is deep in the Everfree Forest,” Rainbow Dash answered as clearly as she can.

For a moment, Fluttershy’s eyes went wide, for she was scared of the forest for a number of reasons. But she calmed down when she remembered the reason why she wanted to go in the first place.

“Well…I am a little nervous, but as nopony has ever been there before, we might find something new. Maybe new species of animals,” She said with excitement in her voice.

“Oh I can’t wait!”

Everfree Forest

There was only one reason why nopony goes to the Everfree Forest, it’s a very dangerous place. Trees can grow so big and so dense that sunlight hardly reaches the forest floor, so even with clear skies it’s always dark. The animals who live there rely on no one but themselves and some would kill anything that gets in their way, either out of hunger, anger or just because they can. If wildlife wasn’t enough, even the weather was different then what the ponies were used to. The Pegasi can control weather by moving clouds and summon rain, but in the Everfree the weather and seasons act all on their own. Very similar to the weather in the human world but to pony kind it’s unnatural.

It was only recently that a massive clearing was discovered by the Wonderbolts, deep in the forest. Afterword’s news of its existence had spread all over Equestria. Because of its whereabouts it was nicknamed the ‘Everfree Clearing’.

Nopony on record has ever been there, that’s why Twilight and her friends agreed to go there and be the first ponies to set hoof in the clearing. And what better way to celebrate it than a picnic.

Soon all six ponies met up and went in the presumed direction.

“So Twi, ya got everythin?”

“Yep, I got everything Applejack. You name it and I got it,” She said with a confident smile.

“Note pads?” Rainbow Dash asked with a smug grin on her face, knowing it might be the only thing Twilight had forgotten.

She was right.

Twilight gasped when she realised the note pads were not on the checklist.

“Great, of all the things I forget to bring it had to be the note pads,” Twilight said in a rather annoyed tone.

“Don’t worry darling, I’m sure you can remember the scenery when we get home,” Rarity said, trying to cheer her up.

Twilight was about to say something when Rainbow Dash interrupted.

“Is it me or there doesn’t seem to be as many trees as before?”

The rest of the group looked around and saw that Rainbow Dash was right. Twilight knew what it meant.

“Good, we must be getting close to the clearing.”

The others took note of what she said and continued on their way.

After some time they reached the end of the tree line, and couldn’t believe what they saw.

The clearing was more like a valley…a massive valley. Apart from a number of hedges and rocks it was mostly grassland, with all kinds of flowers growing, which were visited by lots and lots of butterflies.

“Wow,” Twilight said, wishing she had her note pad with her.

“Oh my gosh, this is so cool!” Rainbow Dash said while also looking up to the sky, knowing that this was the perfect place for flying.

“Sweet Celestia,” Rarity mentioned while taking in what she was seeing, might give her inspiration for future dress designs.

Fluttershy gasped when she saw a large blue butterfly in the distance.

“I’ve never seen that kind of butterfly before,” She said to herself.

“Well I’ll be. This place is beautiful,” Applejack said while looking at the vast open space of land.

Then Pinkie Pie gave them all a brief scare by jumping out of nowhere and shouting.

“Woohoo, best place to have a picnic EVER!!”

With her excitement reaching ever higher, she ran into the clearing with the other five following her.

Sometime had past and they had finally found a spot to have their picnic. While Twilight was setting up the umbrella, Rarity was laying out the picnic blanket, Applejack was preparing the food, Rainbow Dash was flying to stretch her wings, Pinkie Pie was just hopping all over the place and Fluttershy was being greeted by a large blue butterfly.

“Why hello there.”

After hearing her voice, the butterfly flew in close and landed on the tip of her nose. The tiny insect legs tickling her nose was making her giggle.

However she stopped giggling when she noticed the butterfly flying off in the distance, and rather in a hurry. Fluttershy was trying to figure out why her new friend left in such a hurry.

'Why did he leave so soon? Is it because he had to go somewhere? Because of my giggling?'

That’s when she and the others noticed the shy was darkening as black clouds circled above them.

'Because he can sense trouble and had to get away from it?!'

Twilight had a nervous look on her face, something was off about these clouds. But before she could think of a plan, Rainbow Dash flew straight for the swirling clouds.

“Don’t worry I got this!” She said with confidence on her face, thinking that the new weather pattern could be a start of a tornado.

Her plan was to fly into it while it’s forming and move the clouds somewhere else or just swat them away with her hooves. But her plan backfired, when a powerful gust of wind blew downwards from the clouds. So powerful in fact it literally pushed Rainbow Dash to the ground with a thud.

“Ooww, that hurt!” She said, thinking she may have landed on a stone.

“This isn’t normal, even for the Everfree!” Twilight shouted while she and her friends were taking cover from the winds.

Suddenly there was a massive flash and all six ponies looked up to see a swirling white light in the middle of the stormy clouds, lightning bolts escaping from them.

“Twilight, is that what I think it is?” Applejack asked her Alicorn friend.

“A PORTAL!! This can’t be good.”

Chapter 2 : Arrival (part 2)

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Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends were enjoying a nice picnic in the newly discovered Everfree Clearing. Until their nice day was ruined by stormy winds, black thundering clouds and a white portal swirling in the heart of it all. All six ponies were holding their heads down, trying their best to stay on the ground and not be blown away.

During this ordeal, Twilight couldn’t tear gaze away from the bright portal.

‘What is this? Why is this happening?’ Her eyes went wide as her heart stopped for a second when another question popped up in her mind.

‘What’s on the other side?’

Almost as if on que, the portal flashed brightly just as an object came shooting out of it. From a distance it looked like a black meteor, but upon closer inspection one could tell it’s a different story. The Mane Six couldn’t believe their eyes when the black object flew high over their heads and into the Everfree Forest. After it disappeared over the tree line, all the six ponies could hear was a loud impact not too far away. But the tremor from the impact shook the ground violently, forcing the girls to stay low.

After the shockwaves subsided, the Mane Six looked up at the sky, only to see that the portal was gone, the black clouds dissipating and the winds dying down.

However, the six ponies weren’t the only ones who witnessed what transpired. In the opposite direction to where the object landed, hiding in the dense trees, a familiar prisoner escapee was watching.

“Most interesting. I definitely felt great power from that thing, hmmm…I have to check it out later, for I have to pay six pesky ponies a little visit,” He said, turning his sights on the Mane Six with an evil grin.

The girls eventually got back up on their hooves and shook the dust off their fur while discussing about the fallen black object.

“What in the name of Celestia was that thing!?” Applejack said with panic in her voice while Fluttershy picked up the orange mare’s hat and gave it back to her.

Pinkie pie was first to answer the question.

“I don’t know what it is. But all I know is that it looked real spooky. Did anypony else found that spooky black thing spooky? Because I found it spooky!”

“I for one have to agree with Pinkie on this. I don’t know why but, that thing almost looked...alive!” Rarity stated, while worrying that she might actually be right about the whole ‘alive’ part.

“Yeah well, whatever it is, I think we can take care of it. And if it is alive, we can always kick butt and take names,” Rainbow Dash said while flying and throwing punches in the air.

Twilight didn’t take notice of the others and kept looking to where the object crashed.

“It couldn’t have landed too far away. Come on girls, lets go check it out,” she said while walking in the direction of the crash site.

But just as the others were about to follow, a wave of magical energy flew up in front of Twilight and over the entire clearing. Concealing everything within. The Mane Six were trapped in a giant transparent red dome.

“What…what the hay is going on!?” Rainbow Dash asked while flying full speed at the barrier in hopes to penetrate it. But she only bounced away the moment she hit it.

“We can’t get out, Twilight what are we gonna do!?” Applejack asked in panic, but she got no response.

“Twi?” She then looked over to Twilight, only to see the princess with disbelief on her face.

“I…I recognize this magic…” Before she could finish what she was saying, a voice was her name from behind.


The Mane Six suddenly got a cold chill running through their spines. They recognized that voice. Soon they slowly turned around to see the one who was responsible for the barrier.

Inside the magic dome with the six ponies, was a red and black evil centaur. Standing at twenty feet tall, he towers over his captives. The most distinguishing thing about him was his massive horns. Filled with magic, just waiting to cause harm.

Then the six ponies uttered his name. A name that even the princess if the sun herself fears.


Everfree Forest, half a mile away from the clearing

With the black clouds gone, the sun can shine its light through the tree canopy and into the forest below. Soon the sunlight fell upon a huge crater, trying to pierce through the dust and dirt in the air surrounding it. The animals, who all got out of the way before the object crashed to the ground, were cautiously gathering around it, curious of what it was.

Soon most of the dust cleared, and the animals found themselves unable to move. For they were looking at something very familiar, but drastically different.

One race of creatures these animals feared were dragons, but they never seen this kind of dragon before. He looked like a black dragon with no wings and tail, but he was wearing black armour and had yellow hair.

A moment later, he started to open his eyes. The second he showed his yellow soulless eyes to the world, the animals quickly ran or flew away as fast as they could.

Yes he looked like a dragon, but what made him different was that he wasn’t a dragon at all. He was BlackWarGreymon, one of the most powerful Digimon ever.

After his vision cleared from all the blurring, he looked at the big hole in the canopy he made upon arrival.

“Urh…Wha-what happened?” He began to look around. “Where am I?”

After more questions flew around in his mind, he got up and stood tall on his three toed feet.

“This doesn’t feel like the Digital world…but it can’t be the human world…it feels different."

What he didn’t know was that Equestria, the world he found himself in, was filled with magic. Though it cannot be seen, it was there. It’s the magic that gives power to the Unicorns and Alicorns, to which they use by learning magical spells. It’s the magic that BlackWarGreymon was feeling. But to his confusion, he could feel it seeping into him. As seconds ticked by, he almost felt... rejuvenated. Enhanced even.

He began to test something. After raising his palm up to his side, he formed a small red ball of negative energy. BlackWarGreymon looked at it in confusion. Despite the energy it was made of, the sphere was brimming with power. More so than usual. He condensed the sphere into nothing as he looked down at is raised arm. It wasn't just his powers. Even his own body felt different.

“Strange…I feel…stronger than before. Could this weird feeling be the cause of it?”

While he continued to wonder, not too far away, fear was in the air.

The clearing, inside the dome

Tirek was walking towards the trembling ponies, terrifying them with every hoof step, Twilight was first to snap out of it.

“How…how did you escape Tartarus?” She asked, determined to get answers from the evil lord.

“The same way I escaped the last time,” He answered. “But I don’t have time to explain, for I am here for just one thing…”

With that an orange orb began to form in between his glowing horns, and then fired a destructive orange beam of magical energy at the girls, narrowly missing them and impacted the ground behind them.


Twilight’s horn began to glow and fired a purple magical orb at Tirek, to which he only sidestepped out of the way. He then reached down to grab a rock and threw it at Twilight. Before if could hit her, she teleported a safe distance away.

“I may not be at full strength yet, but I still have the power to crush you all!” He shouted.

He then noticed Rainbow Dash flying towards him, intending to smash her hoof in his face. But before she could do that, Tirek used a telekinesis spell to catch the Pegasus mid-flight. After feeling a tiny twinge of pain in his front left leg, Tirek looked down and spotted Applejack kicking him. Using his magic Tirek threw Rainbow Dash into the orange Earth Pony sending them skidding across the ground.

“Try to cause as much harm as you want ponies, for I doubt it would cause me any more trouble than creating this land,” He said in a mocking tone, while Twilight was trying to figure out what he meant by that last part.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked, but was shocked when she found the answer. “You created this clearing!?”

“Yes. It was by means to lure you and your friends here, seemed to have worked,” He answered with pride in his tone.

Rarity was next to speak.

“Oh and I bet you were the cause of that storm and that black meteor. Just to try and scare us.”

Tirek looked at her in confusion.

“What? You think I did that?” He asked.

"Well it can’t be Discord, he’s gone away on holiday. Who else could have created that storm apart from you?” Fluttershy said in anger.

Tirek has had enough of the accusations, he’s going to make it clear to the Mane Six.

“That storm was not my doing!”

All the girls froze on the spot, not believing what they were hearing. Twilight broke the silence.


Tirek explained himself.

“While all of you were distracted by the beauty of the clearing, I was about to spring my trap. But I felt a great disturbance, which was that portal. The energy given off by it created the storm and sent that meteor here,” While he was explaining, Twilights eyes kept growing wider. “If Discord’s away, than that portals’ origin is unknown.”

Inevitably, Twilight asked the question.

“Then…then what was that meteor?”

Before Tirek could answer, he was interrupted by a harsh strike to his head. Turns out while he was talking to Twilight, Pinkie Pie loaded her party cannon with some rocks and fired them at the back of his head.

“AAAARRHHHH!!” He cried.

“Take that you big meanie!” Pinkie Pie shouted before loading more rocks in her cannon.

While holding the back of his head with one hand, Tirek turned to face the pink mare, giving her a death glare.


“Uh-oh,” Pinkie Pie said with a frightened face.

Everfree Forest, half a mile away from the clearing

BlackWarGreymon only took a few steps out of the crater before he started to wobble. The fatigue from his resent experience was briefly taking its toll. He quickly grasped on a tree to stop himself from falling on his face. All the while he kept asking questions to himself.

“Why… why am I still alive? I was made from Control Spires. I’m an artificial Digimon. I should have died. And why am I here?”

After bombarding himself with more questions, he tried to calm down and clear his mind. Taking in deep breaths to focus.

Slowly but surely, he came up with one possibility.

“Wait…could my act of heroism be the reason?” The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. “The whole time of me being the bad guy was getting me nowhere, almost like a dead end. But being the good guy for that one moment felt like it was going somewhere. As if…it was…meant to be.”

He slowly raised his head, looking at the sky.

“Did fate brought me to this world, so I can have a second chance…of doing just that?”

His eyes went wide when the next question popped in his head.

“Could this be my purpose… my destiny?”

His questions suddenly went to a halt when he heard a loud explosion to the east, which was then quickly followed by equally loud screaming.

Without even thinking, he started to run full speed towards the source of the new sounds.

“I’m going to get my answers,” As he got closer, he could hear evil laughing in the distance. His yellow eyes glared in determination.

“One way or another.”

The clearing, inside the dome

All six ponies were on the edge of the magic dome, huddling together and trembling in fear. Twilight and Rarity’s energy have been drained from using too much magic. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were exhausted to the point of collapse and Pinkie Pie was crying over the loss of her party cannon. Because Fluttershy was avoiding most of the fight, she received little punishment from Tirek, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from being frozen in fear with her friends.

While the Mane Six were trapped in the state of terror, Tirek was getting closer, but walking slowly to add more fear into the girls. And his smiling, satisfied grin wasn’t helping one bit.

“Oh I’ve been waiting three long months for this, and now it’s finally here.”

He was only ten feet away and the girls had never been so terrified in their whole lives. Tears were flooding out of their eyes, thinking that this was the end.

“Please…no…” Twilight pleaded while holding her friends together, not wanting to leave them.

Tirek’s response was as cold as stone.

“I show no mercy Princess Twilight,” His arms began to charge up with magic.

“After I destroy you and your friends, my revenge would be fulfilled and nothing can stand in my way from taking over Equestria!” He raised his arms over his head which were now fully charged.


Before he could smash his fists onto the fearful ponies, all of them heard what sounded like breaking glass. Tirek then felt the energy in his magical dome fading away…very quickly.

He may be right about one thing, that nothing in Equestria can stop him. But something NOT from Equestria can.

Tirek and the Mane Six quickly looked up to see not only the magical dome being shattered like glass, but also a black blur landing in between them, throwing up dust from the ground in the process.

“What the heck was that!?” Applejack asked while trying to hold back her tears. But soon she got her answer.

When the dust cleared, the six mares looked up with all their fear instantly replaced by utter shock as they looked upon their new visitor, standing with his back to them and facing the evil lord.

When the two dark beings made eye contact, Tirek had only one thought crossing his mind. With BlackWarGreymon thinking of the same thing.

'Well…this is going to be interesting.'

Chapter 3: Rumble in the Everfree

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The Mane Six felt a wave of fear as they looked upon the bizarre being that stood in-between them and Tirek. Just moments ago they were about to get killed, before the strange creature got in the way of that.

With the magic dome that was trapping them destroyed, the six girls slowly backed away from the evil lord and the armoured warrior.

As they got a safe distance away, they got a chance to look over their visitor in detail. They had never seen anything like him. At first glance he looked like a wingless black dragon. Although he had no tail, he wore armour that was black as night, he also had a chrome grey three-horned helmet, yellow hair and his eyes… his yellow soulless eyes looked like they were alive, but strangely a part of them didn’t.

Despite being only half the size of Tirek, he looked powerful. And Twilight could only think of one question.

‘This creature, could it have been that meteor?’

While Tirek and BlackWarGreymon continued to stare at each other, the larger of the two started to speak. Despite still being a little startled by the fact someone smaller then him broke through his magical dome.

“Huh, that’s quite an entrance back there, none were ever able to break through my force field like that.”

‘Seriously? I wasn’t even trying.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself before answering back.

“I needed to do something to get your attention,” His response only got Tirek confused, while surprised that the smaller creature was able to talk without moving his mouth.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked while raising one eyebrow.

“I sense that you’re the most powerful being in this area… is it true?”

‘Hmm, he can sense my powers as well.’ Tirek thought.

“Yes, you could say I’m the most powerful being in the world,” He boldly said with a confident smile. But the BlackWarGreymon said something that made his smile vanish.

“Yet, you waste your power and strength by attacking the innocent.”

After hearing every word the Digimon said, the Mane Six payed their attention even closer to him. Wondering what were his motives and intentions. But one thing they weren’t sure about was if he’s evil or not.

Tirek however wasn’t happy about what he said.

“If you must know, these six little pests imprisoned me,” He said while turning his gaze to the girls, who were giving him glares.

“You must be joking.”

When those words reached Tirek’s ears, his anger started to build up as he turned his head back to BlackWarGreymon.

As the two were arguing, the Mane Six were talking amongst themselves, mainly about the black armoured being.

“Ok, forget everythin’ I said before, what in the world is THAT thing!?” Applejack asked as she turned her head to her friends to see if any of them had answers, Fluttershy was first to answer.

“Maybe he’s…he’s some kind of d-dr-dragon!” She said with fright, her friends knew full well that she had a big fear of dragons. Except Spike of course.

Rarity tried to reassure the frightened Pegasus by placing her hoof on her shoulder.

“Well, he isn’t any kind of dragon I’ve ever seen. I mean look at his armour… it’s hideous,” She said with a hint of disgust in her voice.

“Hideous isn’t the word I would use… more like, awesome,” Rainbow Dash said while marvelling at the sight of the black armour.

“I knew that meteor looked spooky, it’s because it’s actually some kind of dragon from another planet… an alien dragon!” Pinkie Pie shouted while thinking that the armoured creature might mind probe her… or worse.

Twilight however could only stare in awe at the being who apparently saved their lives.

“I don’t know what he is, but I hope he’s on our side,” She said, hoping that she was right with her voice barely above a whisper.

Tirek responded back to BlackWarGreymon in an angered tone.

“What do you mean by ‘joking’?”

The black Digimon answered back in a serious tone.

“That underneath your great power and intimidating appearance, hides a pathetic weakling.”

While Tirek’s anger was slowly starting to reach boiling point, the Mane Six in the background were quietly snickering at that last comment.

“You dare call me a weakling!?” He then tried to resort back. “I’m not taking that from a creature who wears crude looking armour.”

“I don’t have a concept of elegance. You could say I was born like this,” BlackWarGreymon blankly responded. Giving a small hint about himself that the onlooking group found suspicious.

Tirek knew that arguing was getting nowhere, but he had an idea.

“Whatever. But hear me out, both our powers are similar, perhaps even compatible.”

Before the black Digimon spoke back, Twilight’s face was starting to be filled with dread.

“What are you implying?”

“If we team up, with your powers and my own, together we can not only take over this world, but many worlds beyond it.”

When the evil Centaur finished explaining, the Digimon took a moment to think about it. All the while Twilight’s face fell in despair as her ears flopped down behind her head.

“It can’t be. I-it can’t end like this. No.”

Almost as if he read Twilight’s mind, BlackWarGreymon stared back at Tirek and gave his answer.


As Twilight’s face was instantly lifted into surprised awe from hearing the Digimon’s answer, Tirek had a look of disbelief.


“I take orders from no one,” BlackWarGreymon responded with an angry glare in his eyes.

Tirek couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Explain yourself!” He demanded.

“Yes, I’ve done bad things in the past…” He said while thinking back to the moment he destroyed the first Destiny Stone. “… terrible things. But that was before I understood the true value of heroism, kindness… and friendship.”

While BlackWarGreymon explained, the Mane Six’s ears and spirits perked up to new heights when he said the word ‘friendship’. Although Twilight wanted to know what were the bad things he’d done, she couldn’t help but feel overjoyed by the fact that a creature who looked like he could fight a war, can understand that having friends was more important than just having power.

A smile was spreading across her face, but the armoured being wasn’t finished.

“Besides, even if I was still evil, I would never take orders or make an alliance with weak beings such as yourself.”

“I AM NOT WEAK!!” Tirek shouted, clearly not a big fan of that word.

“You must be. For if you’re willing to make an alliance with me, than it must mean you can’t possibly be strong enough to take over a single world, let alone many.”

Upon hearing that, Rainbow Dash couldn’t stop herself from saying what needs to be said in this situation.

“Ooohhhh no he did-nt!” She said with a hint of laughter.

Tirek however was now pissed off. His rage reaching boiling point.

“How dare you! NO ONE TALKS TO TIREK THAT WAY!!!” He shouted in rage, but BlackWarGreymon stood his ground.

“If you’re so eager to prove me wrong, than why not fight me,” He said, almost as if he was asking for it to happen.

Although Tirek wanted nothing more than to punch his tormentor in the face, he still had revenge on the ponies in his mind. After all, he did went through the trouble of luring the Mane Six to him. He didn’t want to lose this opportunity, for if he tried again it may not work as easily.

“As much as I want to pummel you to oblivion, I can’t,” He said while giving the Mane Six an evil grin. “I still got something to take care of first.”

BlackWarGreymon only took a quick glance at the six mares before glaring back at Tirek.

“Really? You would rather attack smaller creatures than fight an opponent such as myself? You’re not just weak… you’re a pathetic wimp!”

Tirek was now beyond pissed, but he had to control his anger.

‘He’s trying to provoke me into a fight.’

“I know what you’re trying to do, but it won’t work,” He continued while crossing his arms. “I will not strike the first blow.”

BlackWarGreymon just stood there with a blank expression in his eyes when he responded.

“Oh…” His eyes quickly shifted from calm to anger. “…then allow me!”

Moving in speeds of a thunderbolt, BlackWarGreymon gave Tirek a backhand to the face. The sheer force from the blow actually forced the evil Centaur back a couple of steps, he was even stumbling around to keep himself from falling over.

The Mane Six saw the whole thing and couldn’t believe that a being half the size of Tirek possessed such strength.

After Tirek stopped stumbling around and stood still, he removed the hand he held on his face at the spot where he had been hit. As he looked at his hand, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

His own blood.

Apparently as he got back handed, one of BlackWarGreymon’s claws left a gash on his cheek.

The Mane Six decided it’s time to hide from what they’re guessing was going to happen.

“I got a feeling they’re about to fight!” Pinkie Pie said while she found a bush to hide in with the rest of her friends.

“We don’t need a pinkie sense to know that’s going to happen,” Rarity replied to her pink Earth Pony friend while Rainbow Dash kept looking at the gash on Tirek’s cheek.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but my money is on that guy,” She said while pointing her hoof at the armoured warrior.

Tirek continued to look at the blood on his hand. With his rage becoming out of control, he then looked at the black Digimon with fire in his eyes.

“…uuuuuuuuUUUHHHH, YOU WILL DIE FOR THAT!!!” He shouted at the top of his voice while charging at BlackWarGreymon.

-Background music, Digimon Opening Theme Song by Digimon-

As Tirek charged forward, BlackWarGreymon stood motionless, completely calm and waiting for the right moment. As he got closer, the horned Centaur raised his fists over his head and swung them down hard, intending to break his tormentor’s bones. But it was the moment BlackWarGreymon was waiting for. At the right time, he raised his hands to catch Tirek’s fists and stopping his attack completely.

The dark lord was surprised by the amount of strength the black Digimon possessed.

‘He’s stronger than I thought!’

BlackWarGreymon was not impressed from Tirek’s efforts to cause harm to him.

“My turn.”

That was all he said before pushing Tirek’s arms up, leaving the Centaur open to attack. Seeing his chance, BlackWarGreymon quickly kicked Tirek square in the chest, sending him high in the air. Not wasting another moment, the Digimon took to the sky and flew straight for Tirek. As he got in range he gave Tirek a hard punch right in the face. Tirek then fell straight to the ground while BlackWarGreymon was showing no signs of falling down, he was hovering in the air. The girls who were watching were surprised at what they’re seeing.

“He… can fly!?” Twilight asked while in shock, but was joined by Rainbow Dash who apparently was more in shock.

“And without wings!? But… how!?”

As Tirek got back up, he noticed it too.

“Well, you’re full of surprises… but so am I!”

His horns began to charge up with energy and a large orange orb formed in-between them. A second later, he fired a large magic beam from the orb and straight at BlackWarGreymon. Being in the air, the Digimon only flew to the side to easily dodge the beam and then swooped down towards Tirek. Before Tirek could react or counter attack, BlackWarGreymon collided into his chest and, to the Centaur’s surprise, was being pushed backwards at incredible speeds. Tirek even tried digging his hooves into the ground to slow down, but it wasn’t working, BlackWarGreymon kept on pushing at increasing speeds.

Soon enough, Tirek’s hooves got caught on a large rock that was sticking out of the ground, and with BlackWarGreymon’s forward momentum, he toppled backwards. Just before he hit the ground, BlackWarGreymon flew up to his face, grabbed his neck and slammed him to the ground. Keeping a firm grip on Tirek, he continued flying low. As he kept going he dragged the dark lord along while pushing his head down to the ground, leaving a big grove in the earth as he passed by.

Twilight and her friends were still hiding in the bush, but couldn’t comprehend at what’s happening in front of them.

“Are you girls seeing what I’m seeing?” Rarity asked, seeing if her friends were watching the same thing.

“Yes we are Rarity, this ain’t no dream,” Applejack answered, knowing full well that this was reality.

“Defiantly not a dream, a creature from another world is kicking Tirek’s butt! I mean how strong is this guy!?” Rainbow Dash asked with a hint of both excitement and disbelief in her voice as she watched the fight.

Fluttershy was still shivering in fear, but mostly about Tirek. Although she was still a little scared of their new visitor, but from hearing his words she knew he wasn’t evil, and the thought of him helping her friends was slowly making her happy.

Pinkie Pie was simply taking pictures of the fight with her camera that she brought out from who knows where.

Twilight was just staring at the two fighters, mainly at BlackWarGreymon. Her mind was building up with questions she wanted to ask him. If he wins this fight.

After a solid minute of dragging him all over the place, BlackWarGreymon threw Tirek in to some trees that were behind him. The Control Spire Digimon then landed a great distance away from where he threw Tirek, looking back to see if his opponent was getting back up.

“It seems I was right about two things. This strange world is making me stronger and faster, and this Tirek is weaker then the looks,” He said to himself while keeping an eye on the spot where Tirek landed.

Beneath a large tree and covered in dirt and leaves, Lord Tirek got up onto his hooves, still shaken from what he went through. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him.

Bursting out of the debris, Tirek then fired two large magical orbs from his horns straight to the Digimon. Like before, BlackWarGreymon didn’t move a muscle. After timing it right, he shifted his body left, allowing the first orange orb to fly pass him. While shifting his body back, he swung his right arm out and sliced the second orb with one swift motion from his razor sharp claws.

The Mane Six were impressed by the Digimon’s reflexes and the fact that he just deflected an energy blast with just his strength.

After dispelling Tirek’s attack, BlackWarGreymon started to charge at him, running full speed. As he did, Tirek’s arms began to charge up with dark magic and then slammed them into the ground. Dark magic began to flow through the ground and giant rock pillars burst out of the ground. Many of these rock pillars were in the Digimon’s way, but instead of running around them, BlackWarGreymon used his strength and his claws to smash and slice through them. He even went as far as to smash his armoured head straight through solid rock, but this clearly didn’t bother him let alone slowed him down.

‘Is there anything stopping him!?’ Tirek thought to himself.

As BlackWarGreymon got closer, he noticed dark energy on the ground just in front of him. Deciding to use it to his advantage, the Digimon jumped just above the dark energy and when a rock pillar formed out of it, he landed his foot on the top of it and then leapt high in the air.

With Tirek in his sights, BlackWarGreymon then fell towards him with his right armoured fist ready to give the Centaur a solid punch. Before he did, Tirek crossed his arms in an x fashion and a magical force field appeared around him.

When BlackWarGreymon landed his punch on the magic barrier, a blinding orange light engulfed the two to a point where the Mane Six had to shield their eyes.

After opening his eyes, Tirek saw that his force field held back the attack. But that was not the only thing he saw. BlackWarGreymon’s three metal claws had managed to impale through the barrier, with the pointed ends of the blades just inches from Tirek’s face.

After realising how close he was from sheer harm, Tirek expanded his force field to form a magical pulse, forcing BlackWarGreymon back fifty feet.

With his anger ever increasing, Tirek came charging at BlackWarGreymon with his pointed horns bearing down, intending to impale him. But as he tried to, the Digimon caught the Centaur’s horns with his hands and held him back. As Tirek tried to push harder, BlackWarGreymon had an idea to use Tirek’s own strength against him.

After turning the angle of Tirek’s horns downwards to the right, the Digimon immediately let go, making the dark lord send his horns into the ground. With Tirek temporarily wide open to attack, BlackWarGreymon rushed to the side of the Centaur and, in a karate fashion, slammed his right arm into Tirek’s back. After grunting in pain, Tirek freed himself from the ground, turned to the side and used his hind legs to kick BlackWarGreymon in the chest. But as the Digimon fell on his back he did a backwards roll and landed back on his feet.

‘Let’s see how you fight without your strength.’ Tirek thought to himself as he came up with a sinister plan.

As BlackWarGreymon rose back up, Tirek immediately span around, opened his large gaping mouth and took a deep breath. The Mane Six couldn’t believe it, Tirek was attempting to steal the Digimon’s energy and becoming more stronger. But to everyone’s surprise, excluding BlackWarGreymon, Tirek’s magic stealing ability did absolutely nothing!

“It didn’t work!” Tirek stated before trying to do it again, but like before it did nothing.

‘Why is it doing nothing!?’

After it became apparent that the Digimon doesn’t possess magic, BlackWarGreymon spoke to Tirek something that made Pinkie Pie laugh.

“You need a breath mint.”

BlackWarGreymon then flew towards Tirek and after hovering up to the Centaur’s eye level, he gave him a hard metallic punch in the face. Followed by another, and another. Soon BlackWarGreymon kept punching Tirek repeatedly in the face. Every time Digizoid claws made an impact on the evil lord, he takes a step back from the pain as his face receives more deep cuts.

The Mane Six were both shocked and awestricken at how determined and ferocious the armoured being was. As well as being more combat skilled than Tirek was, even before the fight BlackWarGreymon showed no fear whatsoever. Not one bit of it. Even for Rainbow dash, that took guts.

After punching Tirek about twenty times, BlackWarGreymon swung his right foot straight into the side of the Centaur’s face. This action sent Tirek flying across fifty feet of grassland before skidding to a halt.

After landing back on the ground, BlackWarGreymon looked to where Tirek had landed. While Rainbow Dash was mentally marvelling at the kicking move the Digimon just performed.

“Is he a black belt in karate or something?” She asked, but before she could get an answer, BlackWarGreymon spoke out to Tirek.

“Your efforts at trying to fight me are appalling, Tirek. In fact, you’re probably the worst opponent I’ve ever faced!”

Knowing that he only said that to mock him, Tirek got back up and started to charge at the Digimon. His right fist surging with magic to give BlackWarGreymon an energised punch.

“I’ll show you who’s appalling!!” He shouted in rage as he threw his energised fist out to punch his tormentor.

But BlackWarGreymon’s skills in combat continued to prevail. As Tirek got closer, the Digimon wrapped his arms around the glowing fist and, using both his strength and Tirek’s momentum, swung Tirek a full one hundred and eighty decrees to the right and flung him into a group of rocks.

-Background music end-

As BlackWarGreymon watched on and the Mane Six being stuck in a state of awe, Tirek slowly rose to his hooves as he began to go over what’s happening.

“This can’t be. No creature smaller than me has such immense physical strength. It’s just not possible!” He then began to think carefully. “He clearly isn’t from this world, and if someone brought him here using that portal, then whoever did it must have powerful…” His eyes were then filled with even greater rage as he looked over to the purple Alicorn.


Tirek’s horns began to glow with magic, now fuelled by his sudden anger. By the time the Mane Six noticed this, they began to feel very worried for their safety.

“PRINCESS TWILIGHT!! You and your friends brought him here didn’t you!?” He shouted as he began to charge up a magic beam.

“What! No we didn’t!” Twilight shouted back, but it didn’t stop Tirek from firing a beam of destructive magic towards them.

The Mane Six ducked just in time for the beam to fly over their heads. But the beam exploded on the ground just behind them, creating a shockwave that blew the girls off their hooves and sent them flying in random directions.

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t believe what he just saw, someone powerful attacking defenceless creatures.

“He sure knows how to give evil a bad name,” He said but couldn’t help but feel that this was a reflection of BlackWarGreymon’s own dark past.

Before he or Tirek could continue with their fight, Fluttershy came skidding across the ground and came to a halt, right in-between them. BlackWarGreymon was first to notice the unconscious yellow Pegasus.


Tirek too noticed Fluttershy lying on the ground. With his anger for the ponies building up, he scraped his hooves against the ground, a sign that he’s going to charge.

As the black Digimon kept staring at the fallen mare, an image of a certain pink flower appeared in his mind. This sudden turn of events made him flinch for a moment.

‘Why? Why does this creature remind me of that flower?’ His eyes narrowed I confusion.

‘I don’t understand!’

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard what sounded like a stampede. His eyes went wide as he looked ahead of him to see the speeding Centaur.

‘She’s directly in Tirek’s path!’

Just then, Fluttershy slowly woke up, opening her eyes only to see Tirek storming towards her and getting ever closer.

“You will be first to die!” He shouted as he reared back on his hind legs, ready to slam his fore legs onto the helpless pony.

Fluttershy could only shut her eyes tight and place her hooves on top of her head.

Fearing the worse, she screamed.


But her voice was joined by another.


Moving in speeds that could rival Rainbow Dash, BlackWarGreymon leapt on top of Fluttershy, protecting her from Tirek and took the blow to his back.

Tirek was surprised by this, but then had an evil grin on his face.

“You will pay for getting in my way!” He said as he slammed his hooves on the Digimon’s back, again and again.

While Tirek was pressing his assault, one thought crossed BlackWarGreymon’s mind.

‘Why have I got a feeling I’ve been in this situation before?’

He began to think back to when he protected that same pink flower from an artificial Mammothmon.

‘Oh… right.’

After Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity recovered from Tirek’s last attack, they all ran to where they heard Fluttershy screamed. Although they were relieved to see that Fluttershy was still alive, they were shocked to see that she was being shielded by a being from another world.

“He’s... protecting her,” Twilight said while the others were simply speechless.

As BlackWarGreymon looked at Fluttershy to see if she’s unharmed, the Pegasus began to open her eyes as to wonder why she’s still alive, and why she’s hearing grunting noises. When she looked up, shock and realisation began to hit her like a ton of bricks and her voice was barely above a whisper.

“You…You saved me.”

As BlackWarGreymon’s fierce yellow eyes met Fluttershy’s innocent blue ones, one of the Digimon’s questions had been answered.

That pink flower represents life, as it was small and innocent. And because the small pony reminded him of that flower, than it must mean that she’s innocent. And by protecting that flower and the yellow pony, then it must mean that he’s… protecting the innocent! Protecting life!

His eyes slowly narrowed with determination.

“Now I understand.”

BlackWarGreymon slowly raised his head and upper body despite continuously being pounded down.

“If my purpose in life is to protect the innocent…then so be it.”

When Tirek felt the front half of his body being lifted, he tried pressing his front legs down with all his might, hoping to squish the Digimon into the dirt. But he was still being lifted as BlackWarGreymon slowly got to his knees.

“If fate brought me here so I could protect the innocent beings of this world, then I’ll do just that.”

He then quickly shifted his legs so his feet were pressing against the ground.

“I’ll defend this world until my last breath!”

As BlackWarGreymon suddenly stood up straight, Tirek lost balance of his rear legs and started to topple backwards. But before he could hit the ground, BlackWarGreymon quickly went behind him, raised his arms up and caught the Centaur.

What happened next was something that the Mane Six never expected. The black Digimon was lifting Tirek, who was two times bigger and even heavier, clean off his hooves!

“NO WAY!!” Rainbow Dash shouted in disbelief.

“He’s stronger than Tirek!” Applejack said while marvelling the sight that’s in front of her.

Tirek himself couldn’t believe this while being lifted overhead. He began to wave his arms around and swinging his legs violently in the air, trying to loosen the Digimon’s grip, but it wasn’t working.

BlackWarGreymon looked to his side to where Fluttershy was.

“Get out of here, NOW!” He demanded, wanting the Pegasus to get to safety.

Fluttershy did what he said and ran towards her friends. When she reached them, Pinkie Pie gave her a big hug while tears of joy rain from her eyes.

“Oh Fluttershy, thank goodness you’re safe. For a moment there we thought we lost you!” She said while squeezing the yellow Pegasus.

“It’s ok Pinkie, I’m fine,” Fluttershy said before she and her friends turned to look back at the battle. The yellow Pegasus still couldn't believe what had happened.

-Background music, I’m Going Digital by Digimon-

Tirek was thrashing and twisting his body like mad, but he can’t escape BlackWarGreymon’s grip no matter what he did.

“Unhand me!” He demanded, but was not expecting BlackWarGreymon’s response.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

With all his might, the black Digimon threw Tirek overhead and into some trees, throwing up some dust from the impact. BlackWarGreymon then threw himself forward and flew towards the dust cloud.

Tirek knew he would do this and at the right time, he used a telekinesis spell to catch the Digimon mid-flight. BlackWarGreymon was caught by surprise by this and before he could try to fight back, Tirek sent him flying towards the centre of the grassland.

BlackWarGreymon was soon skidding across the ground until he came to a complete stop.

“Ok…didn’t see that one coming.”

As he got to his knees, he saw Tirek hurtling towards him at high speeds, with his horns bearing down on him.

“You’re going down!” He shouted while speeding towards the Digimon almost as if he was flying.

BlackWarGreymon thought of a plan of action and decided to go with it. As Tirek got closer, the black Digimon jumped and did a forward flip over the Centaur’s horns. As he just finished his three hundred and sixty degree flip, he slammed his right foot on the back of Tirek’s head, sending the dark lord straight into the ground headfirst.

Tirek tried to get back up, but his horns were impaled to the ground and wouldn’t budge.

“Hah! He’s stuck!” Rainbow Dash said while laughing at Tirek’s misfortune.

While in the air, BlackWarGreymon noticed this too and decided that this was the right moment to use one of his powers. As he flew down towards Tirek, he raised his arms in front of his head and started to spin.


The moment he uttered those words, dark energy started to form around his spinning body. Like a missile hitting its target he collided into Tirek’s back and kept on spinning like a drill, hoping to do as much harm to Tirek as he could.

All Tirek could feel was a sharp, agonising pain in his back, as if his skin and fur was being ripped away. As he screamed in pain, he pulled with all his strength to finally free his horns from the ground.

As Tirek threw his head up high to clear his horns from the grass and mud, BlackWarGreymon ceased his attack and flew back fifty feet away, just in front of some trees that were surrounding the clearing.

As Tirek roared out in pain and anger, he fired a continues beam of magic at BlackWarGreymon. But the Digimon not only leaped to the right to dodge it, he started to run along the side of the trees themselves. Tirek tried to follow him with his destructive beam of energy, but BlackWarGreymon was one step ahead of him.

The Mane Six couldn’t believe it, he literally looked like he was running sideways as if the trees were a wall.

After a few more seconds of running, BlackWarGreymon pushed himself off a tree. As he was heading for Tirek, he was tilting his body around the beam. His shield was only an inch away from touching it. By the time Tirek realised he completely missed his target, it was too late. The speeding Digimon came in close and gave the Centaur a punch so hard, it sent him skidding across the ground.

As BlackWarGreymon flew back into the sky, Tirek stood back up, faced the airborne Digimon and charged up for another magic attack. As he did, BlackWarGreymon started to spin on the spot with his arms raised and his body being consumed in spiralling black winds. Tirek then fired another beam of dark magic and as it did, the Digimon dived directly towards the beam itself.

“This is insane! He’s not dodging! He’s heading straight towards it!” Rainbow Dash said while squeezing Applejack in anticipation like a teddy bear. As if she’s watching a super hero movie.

Then it happened. BlackWarGreymon’s Black Tornado attack not only collided into Tirek’s magic beam, he was ploughing straight through the river of magic, completely unharmed, and homing in on its source.

Nopony could have ever anticipated this, to the residents in Equestria what’s happening shouldn’t even be possible. Twilight had read every book in the library about battles and Equestria’s past wars, but even she had never seen anything like this before.

After making his way through the beam, when BlackWarGreymon struck the magic orb in-between Tirek’s horns, it created a loud explosion that eclipsed everything else. As the bright light faded, Tirek was stumbling around while experiencing what could be the biggest headache he’s ever had. After BlackWarGreymon flew around, completely unharmed or unfazed, he landed on Tirek’s back while grabbing onto the dark lord’s horns.


Feeling that this tormentor was on his back, Tirek tried running around, jumping around and tried to throw him off buckaroo style. But BlackWarGreymon was still holding on tight. Tirek then tried to grab him with his hands, but he was just out of reach.

If the Mane Six would have guessed, they would say that the Digimon was enjoying himself.

“GET…OFF…ME!!!” Tirek shouted in a rage, clearly getting tired of this little game.

“As you wish,” BlackWarGreymon said before using his strength to tilt Tirek’s head sideways. After jumping off, the Digimon wrestled the Centaur to the ground. As Tirek slowly got back up, BlackWarGreymon could tell that the end of the fight was near.

If he’s going to end this fight, then he would even have to do it memorable style.

Before Tirek could fully stand up, BlackWarGreymon kicked him hard, sending the dark lord flying across the sky. Thanks to the magic in the atmosphere enhancing his speed as well as his strength, BlackWarGreymon can fly at speeds to a point that he becomes a streaking black blur.

With his newfound speed, BlackWarGreymon was able to fly straight past the hurtling Tirek and stop just in front of him. As he got in range, BlackWarGreymon spun around and slammed the heel of his left foot into Tirek’s head, sending the Centaur even higher in to the sky. Again the Digimon flew past Tirek and then, slammed his right elbow right into Tirek’s face. A snap was heard, meaning that the Digimon broke the Centaur’s nose. Not only that, the force of the hit sent Tirek falling straight down back to earth. As he crashed back down the impact threw a mountain of dirt and dust in the air. As the dust cloud faded, BlackWarGreymon landed fifty feet away from the battered lord.

-Background music end-

As BlackWarGreymon watched as his opponent slowly got back up, Tirek turned to face him with all his magic and all this fury, fuelling the orange orb in-between his glowing horns. His face was filled with rage as blood dripped from the countless beatings to his head.

As the orange orb grew bigger, he reared back onto his hind legs to quite literally, throw his magic attack at the black Digimon who caused him the pain of a kind he had never experienced.


With his power reaching critical, Tirek threw his head down and fired the biggest destructive beam of magic he'd ever unleashed. As the beam got closer, BlackWarGreymon just stood there, just waiting for the beam to hit.

What followed next was a large explosion as blinding light consumed the Digimon. The power of the impact sent a shockwave that blew the dirt and dust everywhere around it and clouding the air. As the Mane Six grew sad expressions on their faces, thinking that their saviour didn’t survive the attack, the exhausted Tirek had a look of satisfaction.

“There…I guess he couldn’t handle my true power.”

What followed next was something Tirek or the Mane Six never expected, from the dust cloud, they all heard a sinister chuckle.


Tirek felt a cold chill in his spine when he and the Mane Six saw the Digimon’s silhouette through the dust. When the dust cleared, BlackWarGreymon just stood there, surrounded by uprooted vegetation and smoke seeping from his armour.

“That…that must have been Tirek’s strongest attack,” Twilight said while comparing this to the previous times Tirek used magic.

“And there's not one scratch on him!” Rarity said while looking over the Digimon’s armour with her attention to detail eyes.

Tirek was more surprised and more afraid than the girls were.

“Bu-but how! How are you still standing!? That was my true power!” He shouted in disbelief. Tirek couldn’t believe that a creature smaller than him not only took the full force of that blast, but was still standing in the exact same spot as if it was nothing.

BlackWarGreymon’s response was as honest as it was intimidating.

“Was it really? I hardly felt it.”

Tirek’s face was stricken with fear as he took two steps back. Afraid of what his seemly invincible opponent would do next.

“If you wanted to see what true power really is, then let me show you MY TRUE POWER!!”

With his words spoken, BlackWarGreymon jumped in the air and gaining altitude. Tirek knew that the Digimon was about to attack and he had to move out of the way, but his fear was preventing his from even moving.

‘I can’t move!’

The Mane Six too can only look on as they want to see what’s going to happen next.

As BlackWarGreymon got to a good height, he put his Digizoid claws close together, and a small red orb began to form in-between them.

That was when he said the two words that in the history of Equestria were never spoken before.


As he raised his arms above his head, the little red ball of negative energy in-between his hands went from the size of a pony, to twice the size of Tirek himself, in less then a second!

The moment it stopped expanding, BlackWarGreymon threw the colossal sphere directly towards the wide-eyed Tirek. Because of the fear preventing him from thinking straight, all what Lord Tirek could do…was scream.

As the sphere collided into the Centaur, his scream was both silenced by the blinding red light, and replaced by a loud explosion. Any plant life that’s outside the blast radius were uprooted, and any that were inside were vaporised into dust. The sheer heat from it alone turned a nearby tree into brittle stone, and the shockwave literally shook the ground all around them.

By the time BlackWarGreymon landed, the tremors stopped and the fiery light faded away, revealing a scorched landscape and Tirek lying unconscious in the middle of it.

He had won the battle. But he immediately began to have doubts.

‘It’s done. Those six creatures are now safe, but they have now seen what I’m capable of, and will fear me. I bet any moment now, they will be running and screaming.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself as if he failed.

As he stood there, thinking of moving on to find answers elsewhere, he was waiting patiently to hear the screams that he thought were inevitable.

But he was wrong, there weren’t any.

As more of the dust cleared, all six ponies were staring, with eyes as wide as dinner plates and their mouths wide open. They were like this ever since BlackWarGreymon used his Terra Destroyer attack, clearly mentally blown away by the amount of power he put into that one sphere.

After what felt like an eternity, Rainbow Dash broke the long silence.


Her sudden outburst caught BlackWarGreymon completely by surprise. He was expecting screaming, not a positive comment about his fight.

Curiously, he turned his head to look at the Mane Six, wanting to hear more of what they’re saying.

As Rainbow Dash continued, the other five girls had smiles on their faces.

“Did you all see the way he totally kicked Tirek’s butt! Especially how he ended it with one strike from that awesomely huge red death ball!”

“We all have Rainbow Dash. He definitely showed that brute a thing or two,” Rarity said while dusting off her tail.

“Him showin’ off his strength was my favourite part. He was throwin’ Tirek around as if he was just a ragdoll,” Applejack said while thinking back to the part where the Digimon dragged Tirek all around the clearing.

“And he saved my life,” Fluttershy said while thinking back to the moment BlackWarGreymon shielded her from being crushed by the dark lord. Which caused her fear of the black Digimon faded away. Twilight walked up to her and placed a hoof on her shoulder.

“He didn’t just saved you Fluttershy, he saved all our lives. All of Equestria in fact,” She said but not without the thought of what could have happened if BlackWarGreymon didn’t arrive and got in the way of Tirek.

“This totally calls for a Welcome To Equestria and Thank You For Saving Us and Kicking Tirek’s Butt party!!” Pinkie Pie said while bouncing all around her friends. She was really excited that now she gets to plan a party for someone from a different world.

As Pinkie Pie kept on bouncing, Twilight heard loud footsteps that was slowly fading away. She turned her head to see that their armoured saviour, was walking away and towards the Everfree Forest.

With the urge of getting to know him overwhelming her, Twilight ran after him. The rest of the Mane Six also noticed this and followed her.

As Twilight was getting closer to the Digimon while being cautious not to provoke him, she felt vibrations in the ground that came from every footstep BlackWarGreymon made.

“…umm…excuse me, sir,” Twilight said in a nervous tone as got right behind him, trying to get his attention.

From hearing her voice, BlackWarGreymon stopped walking, making the Mane Six stop as well. Realising that she was a little too close for comfort, Twilight took a few steps back to join her friends.

“Are you all unharmed?” BlackWarGreymon asked as he looked over his shoulder to see the lives that he saved.

After looking at her friends to see if they’re ok, Twilight answered back. Her voice was still a little shaky from talking to someone so powerful.

“Y-yes, were fine. Thanks to you.”

BlackWarGreymon turned his head back facing forward as he responded back.

“Good. Just be more careful next time.”

Just as he was about to walk away, Twilight spoke out again.

“Wait! I-I was hoping that…umm…maybe…we can talk.”

Her words made the Digimon freeze in his tracks.

“Why would you want to waste your time by talking to the likes of me?” He asked.

His question startled Twilight for a second, making her think that he might have had a hard time back in his world. So Twilight tried to make a friendly approach to show good will.

“Because we know you’re not from this world, and you saved our lives. All we want is to get to know you and …become friends,” She answered with all her friends nodding their heads in agreement.

BlackWarGreymon was taken back by these new turn of events. He was expecting something completely different, nothing like the hospitality he was receiving.

“Really? Even after you’ve seen what I can do? What I just did?” He asked again, confused at what was happening.

“We’ve all seen what you did. You risked your live to save ours,” Fluttershy said with a smile on her face.

“She’s right. You used your powers to protect us. That kinda makes you a hero…our hero,” Twilight said to back up Fluttershy’s statement.

BlackWarGreymon just stood there motionless while silently thinking.

‘They trust me. Even after seeing me in battle, they still want to be friends with me. Hmmm…’

After a few more seconds of thinking, he spoke up.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you,” He said while turning around to face the Mane Six.

“You may hold the answers that I seek.”

Hearing this made the Mane Six smile, for they wanted to get to know him better. Especially Twilight, who was giggling with glee.

Chapter 4: Introductions

View Online

Canterlot, Royal Chambers

Standing on her balcony, Celestia, the Princess of the Sun, was feeling uneasy.

It was only recently that she received news that Lord Tirek escaped from his prison in Tartarus. But it wasn’t that what made the white Alicorn feel tense, it was a strange disturbance in the flow of Equestria’s magic she felt just moments ago. She didn’t know what it was but whenever this sort of thing happens, it means something big. But this however, was much different. It was as if something powerful turned up out of nowhere.

As she observed her kingdom, thoughts began to cross her mind.

‘I can feel it, this strange feeling… I’ve ruled for over a thousand years and this is new even for me.’

Her thoughts were interrupted when Luna, Princess of the Moon and Celestia’s younger sister, entered her chamber and walked up to her side.

“Sister, are you alright?” She asked, clearly concerned about the distressed look on the white Alicorn’s face.

Celestia turned to look at the blue Alicorn with a reassuring smile.

“I’ll be fine Luna. I’m just worried,” She said while turning back to look out of the balcony.

“Is this about Tirek?” Luna asked.

“No, at least not anymore,” Celestia responded, while thinking that there might be a threat even greater than Tirek himself. But what Luna said next caught her attention.

“Is it about the disturbance?”

Celestia whipped her head around to look straight at Luna.

“You felt it too?” She asked her younger sibling. Luna responded with a simple nod.

Celestia looked back out of the balcony to see the happy faces of her subjects, going about their everyday lives. After a short while, she broke the silence.

“If someone… or something caused it, I just hope that its intentions are good,”

Everfree Clearing

After using her new powerful teleportation spell to send the beaten and unconscious Tirek back to Tartarus, Twilight Sparkle went back to join her friends, who were now joined by their new friend BlackWarGreymon.

All of them were sitting in a circle, with their black armoured savior sitting with his legs crossed, in-between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

With all six girls staring at him, BlackWarGreymon was starting to feel uncomfortable and wanted to break the awkward silence.

“So… where do we go from here?” He asked Twilight, knowing that she was the smartest of the group.

“Well… since your new to our world, I guess we can start by answering any questions you have,” She replied, clearly excited of introducing him to her friends and her world.

“Fair enough, I’ll start with something simple. Who and what are you all?” He asked the Mane Six. Rainbow Dash was first to answer.

“I’m Rainbow Dash, the most awesome Pegasus around and the fastest pony in Equestria,” She said while doing a pose.

BlackWarGreymon immediately knew that she was the type that likes to brag about herself. He responded back while having a blank expression in his eyes.

“The fastest of what… boasting?”

His response made Rainbow Dash give a look of surprise, which was quickly replaced by a look of annoyance.

“Hey!” She said while the others were snickering quietly, trying not to laugh.

‘So she’s the fast one,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, describing his new friends by the way they act and say.

“I’m Rarity and I’m a Unicorn, it’s a pleasure meeting you.”

‘The posh one.’

“Howdy, I’m an Earth Pony named Applejack.”

‘The cowgirl one’

“H-Hi, I’m Fluttershy, and I’m a Pegasus.”

‘The timid one.’

Then out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie jumped up right in his face.

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie, the pink fun filled always smiling bouncy and adorable Earth Pony who likes to plan parties! Can I plan you a party? Oh please, please PLEASE!!”

‘The hyper annoying one.’

As Pinkie Pie sat back down, Twilight finished off their introductions.

“And I’m Princess Twilight sparkle, and I’m an Alicorn.”

‘The smart one… wait what?’

“Sorry, did you say you’re a princess?” BlackWarGreymon asked Twilight.

“That’s right. I’m the Princess of Friendship,” She replied to her confused friend who now understands.

With that all out of the way, BlackWarGreymon asked the next question he wanted to ask.

“Ok, now where exactly am I?”

This was the part that twilight was waiting for, to introduce him to her world. This was evident from her giggling like a filly. After quickly getting her senses back together, she began to speak.

“Well… I would like to say, welcome to our world called Equestria, a land full of magic and friendship.”

‘Apparently also filled with evil,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, taking Tirek as an example.

‘Wait, magic? That must be the weird feeling I’ve felt since I got here.’

After processing his thoughts, he continued listening to Twilight.

“And the area your in is called the Everfree Forest, a place where plant and animal life fend for themselves. Even the weather acts all on its own.”

BlackWarGreymon sat there silently, thinking over what Twilight said.

“Strange, you speak as though it’s unnatural.”

“Well it isn’t. I mean the clouds move on their own and plants grow wild,” Rainbow Dash interrupted, but didn’t expect to hear what BlackWarGreymon said next.

“Sounds a lot like the weather and plant life on my world.”

Rainbow Dash’s face was filled with shock. She was clearly surprised to think of a whole world where the weather was in control of itself.

Applejack explained to the Digimon why this was the case.

“Don’t worry about her, it’s just around here the Pegasi move the clouds and control the weather.”

“I see.” He said before turning his attention back to Twilight. “As you are a princess, I guess you are the ruler here?” He asked.

“Oh no… well, I’m one of the princesses here. The pony who rules Equestria is Princess Celestia,” Twilight explained.

“Princess Celestia?”

“Oh yes, she’s really important for she brings the day by raising the sun. so she has a big responsibility,” Fluttershy said while looking at BlackWarGreymon, who’s eyes were full of disbelief.

“She… she can move the sun!? She has the power to move a celestial body that’s many times bigger than this planet!?” He asked while looking around for answers. The Mane Six responded by nodding their heads.

‘Impressive,’ He thought to himself, but was interrupted by Rarity.

“You sound surprised. Doesn’t someone from your world do that too?” She asked, but his answer was something the mares truly didn’t expect.

“No. Back where I came from the sun stays in place while the world moves around it. That and the world spins on its own axis, giving it day and night.”

The Mane Six were completely mind blown of what they just heard. Twilight however was least surprised because the human world she visited had days and nights very similar. Back then she didn’t know how it works… until now.

“So… everythin’ moves on its own?” Applejack asked with a rather shaky voice.

“Pretty much,” He answered before asking another question.

“Tell me, how does Celestia move the sun?”

Twilight answered back with a smile.

“She uses magic, all Unicorns and Alicorn ponies can learn and use magic to do many things. For example.”

With that said she saw a nearby rock and used a levitation spell to lift the rock off the ground. BlackWarGreymon noticed that her horn was glowing purple and the levitating rock had an identical glow around it.


It was at that moment that he turned his attention on something that he hadn’t noticed before.

“May I ask, what’s with those symbols?” He asked while pointing at Twilight’s cutiemark.

Twilight looked to where BlackWarGreymon was pointing and realised what he’s asking about.

“Oh this? This is my cutiemark. You see, ponies aren’t born with these, but when they find their special talent, their cutiemark appears in a symbol of their talent.”

“Oh,” The Digimon plainly said despite still being slightly confused.

“Is there anything else you like to ask?” Twilight asked.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think about it, but for now he had nothing on his mind.

“I don’t have any other questions so far,” He answered.

“Ok, so it’s our turn to ask about you,” Twilight said while growing a smile, looking forward to this moment. “What’s your name? What are you? And where do you come from?”

With those questions asked, the Digimon answered them in that order.

“My name is BlackWarGreymon, I am a Digimon, short for Digital Monster and I come from the Digital World.”

After hearing this, Twilight was silently marveling this moment. She still couldn’t believe that she’s actually talking to someone from a completely different world.

As the Mane Six’s minds were being filled with questions about him and the Digital World, Rainbow Dash was first to ask.

“Ok big guy, how is it that you can fly without wings?”

“It’s just an ability I possess.”

Despite it not being a proper answer, Rainbow Dash let it slide for now. Applejack was next.

“Your armour must be really tough to take hits from someone like Tirek, what’s it made of?”

“Chrome Digizoid.”

“Do you like parties?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“I’m not sure, I never been to one.”

Hearing this made Pinkie Pie gasp in disbelief.

“You NEVER been to a party!? Well as a party pony in gonna fix that,” She said while mentally making a list of things to do.

Fluttershy was next to ask a question.

“Excuse me, do all Digimon look the same or are they all different?”

“Although some look similar or even identical, most Digimon look completely different from one another as they belong in different types.”

“Really? What kind?” Fluttershy asked again.

“You name it. There’s flower types, fire types, bug types, bird types, dragon types, and I met one that was a Pegasus type.”

Hearing that last part surprised the Mane Six.

“So wait… there’s Pegasi Digi-thingy’s?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It’s pronounced Digimon, but yes.”

Then Rarity asked a question that twilight wanted to ask.

“So darling, what exactly is a Digimon?”

BlackWarGreymon flinched at first from being called ‘darling’, but nevertheless answered the question.

“Digimon are basically data creatures that exist in a world you wouldn’t believe.”

Out of all the mares in the group, Rainbow Dash was the one who was most confused at the word ‘data’. Thinking it’s one of the technical words the kind that only Twilight can understand.

“Um, what do you mean by data?” Rainbow Dash asked. That was the kind of question that got everyone’s attention.

“Well, put it this way. Your bodies are made of flesh and blood, a Digimon’s body is made from data. I’m made out of data,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

Without warning, Pinkie Pie rested the side of her head on the Digimon’s left leg while looking at him.

“Really? Because it feels like skin.”

“Yes, and can you get your head off my leg?”

Being near innocent creatures was one thing, but having one making physical contact with him was making BlackWarGreymon feel uneasy. He was not used to others being friendly towards him, but if he’s going to pursue his destiny, then he has to get used to it.

As Pinkie Pie kept looking she noticed his yellow hair, and in a blur of pink she bounced up and landed on his shoulders.

“And your hair, it’s…” Her sentence was cut short the moment she placed her hoof in his hair. “…it’s surprisingly smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch,” She finished her sentence while nuzzling her face within his hair, this made BlackWarGreymon feel really uncomfortable and really annoyed.

“Get off me!”

With quick thinking, Twilight instantly used her magic to teleport her pink friend back on the ground. Then she asked a question that she was fascinated in.

“So, what’s the Digital World like?”

“Just like Digimon the whole world is also made from data. And if you don’t include the evil and the constant wars, you could say it’s quite peaceful.”

Hearing his answer made the Mane Six feel more concerned. Although they battled evil before but in had been a very long time since Equestria was involved in a war.

“Evil? You mean evil Digimon!? They must be quite powerful if they can cause a war,” Twilight said in a worried tone.

“They are, that’s why other Digimon have to digivolve to become stronger to fight that evil.”

BlackWarGreymon stated, again he used a word that the girls never heard of.

“Wait hold up, what do ya mean by digivolve?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow.

BlackWarGreymon sighed due to the amount of questions he’s getting.

“How simple do you want me to explain it?” He asked.

“So Rainbow can understand,” Applejack said with a smile on her face.

While the other girls were snickering with Applejack, Rainbow Dash was giving them a glare, clearly annoyed. But BlackWarGreymon’s response made them laugh even more.

“Oh dear.”


As the girls calmed down, they payed close attention to the Digimon.

“Digivolving is like going through life cycles. All Digimon start as a Digi Egg, once it hatches the Digimon goes through Fresh level and then In-Training level. Once a Digimon enters Rookie level, they start getting stronger and with their newfound powers, they are capable of fighting.”

As he continued, Twilight was taking it all in so she can remember every detail of his description. The others were confused at first but were starting to understand.

“As a Rookie Digimon reaches peak fitness and strength, they can digivolve into Champion level. Most Champion Digimon can reach to a size of a building or even bigger. In some cases a Champion can digivolve into an Ultimate level Digimon. With their size either increased or decreased, their power and strength multiplies.”

The Mane Six got surprised looks on their faces.

“You mean even if an Ultimate is smaller than a Champion, they’re even stronger?” Applejack asked.

“Yes, but it doesn’t end there,” He answered. The girls were beyond surprised, thinking that the Ultimate level was already strong enough.

“To most Digimon, the Ultimate level is their limit. But only a few can reach a level that’s considered by many as gods. The Mega level.”

The Mane Six’s eyes went wide as their mouths dropped.

“What’s more surprising is that when a Mega level is unlocked, a Rookie can warp-digivolve to a Mega at will. And if they want to, a Champion, Ultimate and Mega can de-digivolve back into a Rookie.”

After taking it all in, Twilight asked an inevitable question.

“Wow… so, what level are you?”

“I am a Mega.”

The Mane six had a look of astonishment on their faces.

“A Mega!? No wonder you defeated Tirek so easily,” Rarity said while thinking back to the fight.

“So um… when a Digimon digivolves, do their powers change as well?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes, their names and appearances can also change,” BlackWarGreymon said while looking at his three clawed gauntlet.

Then Twilight asked another question.

“Since that’s your Mega form, what’s your Rookie form like?”

“I never had one, I was always a Mega,” He said before his eyes went wide with realisation that he didn’t think before he spoke.

He was bombarded with so many questions, he forgot that since he’s staying in Equestria to become a good guy, he has to hide the fact that he was once evil.

“You were born a Mega!? How was that possible?” Twilight asked, eager to know the reason.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think, he had to make something up. He knew if they found out that he was a creation for evil, they would distrust him and treat him as a threat. Although he knew he has to tell them the truth eventually but for now, he has to hide his secret.

“I guess… I was just lucky.”

Despite his simple answer, the girls seemed to believe him. Except Applejack. Being the Element of Honesty she always knows when someone tells a lie, and the Digimon’s answer definitely felt like a lie.

In curiosity, the orange Earth Pony started to test him.

“Are you sure?”

Her response made the rest of the group look at her with confused expressions. BlackWarGreymon however was more surprised.

“What do you mean?” He asked with a hint of alarm in his voice.

“I mean, well from the way you answered Twi’s question, it sounded like it wasn’t true.”

‘She’s onto me!’

“I think there’s somthin’ more to it than you’re letting on. Isn’t there?” She asked with a raised eyebrow in a suspicious way.


Before BlackWarGreymon could even make a word, Rarity joined in, knowing full well that Applejack was always honest.

“Is Applejack right? Is there something you’re not telling us?”

The armoured Digimon was starting to feel uncomfortable with the tension, but Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were defending him.

“Whow, now hold on AJ. Don’t start saying he’s a liar!”

“Yeah, he just saved us from Tirek, remember?”

Unexpectedly, Twilight answered Pinkie Pie’s question.

“I remember one thing, Pinkie,” She then turned to the Digimon. “BlackWarGreymon, before your fight with Tirek, you mentioned that you were evil. What did you mean by that?” She asked with a worried tone.

BlackWarGreymon froze in place, knowing that she was right. He did say that.

“What are you getting at Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked in a serious tone.

As the five pones started to argue, BlackWarGreymon was starting to get a major headache. He grasped his head with both his hands and closed his eyes tight, hoping to shut out the arguing mares and clearing his mind. But it wasn’t working.

As the argument continued, his headache was starting to hurt him. Fluttershy, who was the only one not involved in the argument, noticed BlackWarGreymon’s distress.

“BlackWarGreymon sir, are you feeling ok?” The concerned Pegasus asked gently, but it fell to deaf ears. The headache was causing him great pain.

Soon the pain got completely unbearable and soon enough, he screamed.


The sheer volume of his war cry was enough to snap the girls out of their argument and brought their attention to BlackWarGreymon as he raised his right arm in the air.


He then smashed his raised gauntlet straight into the ground in the middle of their circle. As dust was thrown in the air and a shockwave traveled through the ground, everything fell silent. When the dust settled, the Mane Six were all staring fearfully at the angered Digimon who was taking in deep breaths, trying to calm down.

After pulling his three-clawed gauntlet out of the ground, he rose to his feet.

“I might as well go. I don’t want to cause anymore arguments among friends,” He stated before turning around to walk away. Shame, because things were going so well.

After taking a few steps he suddenly felt pressure on his left leg, only to discover Pinkie Pie clinging on in an attempt to stop him leaving.

“Please, don’t go!” She said while tightening her grip on his leg.

Before BlackWarGreymon said anything, Twilight caught up with him. She was startled at first when the Digimon looked at her with a fierce glare, but quickly recomposed herself as she talked.

“Look, BlackWarGreymon we’re… we’re all sorry for upsetting you. It’s just… well…” Before Twilight could finish, BlackWarGreymon interrupted.

“No Twilight, you and your friends have every right to be suspicious. I admit I don’t exactly look friendly. And… I apologize for lashing out like that, I’m still new to this whole friendship thing.”

The Mane Six’s faces softened with a hint of sadness as they listened, now feeling sorry for him. But he wasn’t finished.

“And presides…” He paused to take a deep breath. “…Applejack’s right.”

The mares has a look of surprise as they turned to the orange Earth Pony.

“I am?”

“Yes. There is something I’m hiding from you,” He admitted, knowing that he had to tell the truth. Twilight knew that this must be some kind of secret and tried a different approach.

“You know, you don’t have to tell us.”

BlackWarGreymon’s expression saddened a bit as he responded.

“I must. It’s better for you to know now than later.”

“Well… if you’re sure… than ok.”

Twilight sat back down with her friends, followed by Pinkie Pie who let go of the Digimon’s leg. And with him, they all sat back down, completing the circle.

“You see, the reason I never had a Rookie form…Champion form and Ultimate form, is because that I’m no ordinary Digimon,” He explained, making the Mane Six’s eyes widen a bit.

“Why is that?” Rarity asked, earning a sigh from the Digimon.

“In order for you all to understand, I need to tell you the full story,” BlackWarGreymon stated.

“It’s ok, it could help us in our understanding of your world,” Twilight said while the other mares nodded in agreement. Except Pinkie Pie who brought popcorn out of nowhere, knowing this could take a while.

“OK. A while back, the Digital World was at war. Evil Digimon appeared with schemes to take over the world. But with help from some heroes from another world, the good Digimon fought back. Time and time again the good were victorious in battle, and evil were pushed back,” He said before being interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Sounds to me that the good guys have got it under control.”

“They had.”

“Had?” Twilight asked, letting BlackWarGreymon continue with his story.

“You see, an evil Digimon named Arukenimon, came up with quite an affective plan. She tricked a boy from another world into helping her design and build giant dark towers, which were called Control Spires,” He said while using his claws to draw an accurate design of a Control Spire in the dirt for the girls to see.

The Mane Six didn’t know why, but just the look of it sent shivers straight through them.

“What were they used for?” Fluttershy asked while she and the others turned their attention back to the armoured Digimon.

“They were designed to release energy waves that can prevent Digimon from digivolving,” The Mane Six’s response was a collection of gasps. “With the good Digimon stuck in their weaker forms, evil began to spread and conquer vast areas. That is, until the good Digimon tried something new, armour digivolving.”

The girls listened on with looks of astonishment.

“Because armour digivolving was unaffected by the Control Spires, the heroes destroyed them one by one, and eventually helped the boy who has been taken and made him good.”

“Well that was nice of them,” Applejack said with a smile.

“Yes, but the fight was far from over,” His sentence brought more attention from the Mane Six.

“After that, Arukenimon took a different path. Using her special technique called Spirit Needle, she can use the Control Spires to create Digimon of her own,” The girls were jaw dropped at hearing this.

“You mean like… artificially?” Twilight asked with shock in her voice.

“Yes. That’s why they were known as Artificial Digimon. Although they look identical to their original counterparts, but what makes them different is that they’re mindless, without mercy and completely obedient.”

The Mane Six couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“You mean they only take orders from the one who created them?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Yes, but despite this being an advantage on the evil Digimon’s behalf, they were continually being destroyed and Arukenimon kept retreating to fight another day. Due to her losing streak,” BlackWarGreymon said with the last thing he said being a joke, earning some giggles from the Mane Six.

However, BlackWarGreymon’s mood was darkened when he spoke again.

“That is, until one day… it all changed.”

“What do you mean? What happened?” Twilight asked while she and her friends were starting to get worried.

“You see, Arukenimon used one Control Spire to create either a Rookie or Champion level Digimon. And when she wants to create an Ultimate level Digimon, she used ten Control Spires.

“Yes,” The Mane Six said while taking down that he said.

BlackWarGreymon was now finding it difficult to finish, knowing that what he fears was fast approaching. He closed his eyes as he continued.

“Well… she got so fed up of losing, she decided to use one hundred Control Spires to create her first and only Mega level Digimon,” He paused for a second to take a deep breath and when he opened his eyes, he finished his sentence.


The Mane Six suddenly gasped in horror and disbelief of what they just heard.

“Yes, I’m an Artificial Digimon!” His expression saddened further. “Do you fear me now?”

As the Mane Six were slowly backing away from BlackWarGreymon while staring at him in terror, Fluttershy figured out that something wasn’t right.

“Wait a second!” Her sudden outburst gained everyone’s attention. “You said Artificial Digimon were mindless and obedient. But you’re not like that, aren’t you?”

Hearing her made the other girls realise that she’s right. Everything BlackWarGreymon said, and the way he speaks was clearly not from a mindless creature, but from an intelligent one.

“She’s right. How is it that you’re different?” Twilight asked with concern as she and her friends sat back together.

“Well, due to the vast amount of Control Spires used in my creation, it gave me more than just life. It gave me a conscious. A mind of my own. That and my own personality,” The Mane Six were awestricken at what they’re hearing.

“Wow… so in a way you’re just like, a normal Digimon?” Twilight asked.

“I guess so, and at the time I didn’t know what my purpose was or why I was created. So I disobeyed Arukenimon and fled to find my destiny.”

“Wow, that’s deep,” Rainbow Dash said, clearly moved by his words while BlackWarGreymon continued.

“At first I thought my meaning in life, was to find an opponent who’s worthy enough to fight me. Even if it meant fighting other Digimon to do so,” The girls were shocked to hear this.

“Y-You… harmed the innocent?” Fluttershy asked with a hint of sadness and disbelief.

BlackWarGreymon looked at the ground in shame.

“I’ve done more than that. I’m not proud of what I did. I even went to a point where I threatened the Digital World itself,” He admitted.

“What did you do to cause that?” Applejack asked while the other ponies leaned in close.

“The Digital World was kept in balance by objects called Destiny Stones, and I thought my destiny… was to destroy them,” The girls gasped again at hearing this.

“Did…did you actually do that?” Twilight asked while her expression saddened.

“Almost. When there was only one left, one of the four mythical Digimon named Azulongmon appeared,” BlackWarGreymon explained.

“A MYTHICAL DIGIMON!?” The Mane Six asked while being completely in shock.

“Yes, at first I thought that the guardian was the worthy opponent I was looking for. But just when I was about to fight him, he convinced me that there is more to life than fighting and that my life does have a purpose. It was a purpose I had to find for myself, so that’s what I did.”

“So… was that when you changed your ways?” Rainbow Dash asked in curiosity.

“Yes, but it was only when three other Digimon gave me advice at how friendship works,” He said while thinking back to his conversation with Agumon, Veemon and Wormmon. He then turned to Fluttershy. “And in a way, I have you to thank, Fluttershy.

This caught the shy Pegasus by surprise.


“Yes. If I wasn’t there to protect you, than I wouldn’t be able to piece together what my true purpose could be.”

“And that is?” Applejack asked while the others payed close attention even more.

“To protect the innocent,” He began to think back to that same pink flower that stayed in his mind for a long time. “The evidence was there, but I didn’t see it until just moments ago. I know I was created for evil, but being good actually felt right.”

His words warmed the hearts of the Mane Six.

“I think that’s why I’m here, to start a new life of doing just that.”

“Well… I’m proud that you think that way BlackWarGreymon, but there’s still one thing that I think we all would like to know,” Twilight stated while the other girls had looks of confusion.

“What’s that?” The Digimon asked the purple Alicorn.

“How did you get here?”

The other five girls couldn’t believe that they completely forgot about that subject. But listened to what BlackWarGreymon had to say.

The Digimon took a moment to think about it.

“Well… to tell you the truth, I’m not sure myself. But I think it had something to do with my…”

He flinched as his eyes went wide before he could finish his sentence. He then remembered when… it happened. The sharp pain in his chest and the agony he was in when he felt his entire body being hollowed out. He slightly felt the pain itself just by thinking about it.

He looked down at the ground as he placed his hand on his chest where his fatal wound once was. Fluttershy saw his expression and gasped, knowing full well what it meant.

“Something happened to you! Something terrible!”

BlackWarGreymon said nothing. But Fluttershy could tell from the expression in his eyes that he must have went through something truly horrible and equally painful.

In response, she placed her hoof against his leg in an attempt to comfort him.

‘Ohh… you poor thing.’

“Wait, so what did happen to you?” Rainbow Dash asked, but BlackWarGreymon just turned his head slightly away from her as he spoke.

“I…I don’t want to talk about it.”

Twilight could tell that this was something the Digimon truly didn’t want to discuss.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to tell.”

Hearing this made BlackWarGreymon raise his head to look at her.


All of them were then quiet for a while, the Mane Six literally had no more questions left to ask him after hearing his life story. Soon BlackWarGreymon broke the silence.

“Well, since I’ll be staying in this world, could be so kind to show me around?”

Hearing this made the girls smile brightly. The idea of him making more friends was making them ever so excited.

“Of course. We’ll be happy to show you around, Ponyville is literally just outside the Everfree Forest and…” Twilight was cut off by Applejack.

“Now hold on Twilight. Wouldn’t the towns folk be uhhh… freaked out from just lookin’ at him?” She asked while pointing her hoof at BlackWarGreymon. Twilight looked at him and realised Applejack was right.

However Rainbow Dash had an idea.

“Your right A.J, and I got an idea. Ponies trust us, so we can just walk into town alongside him so the others would think…” She was interrupted by BlackWarGreymon.

“That I’m holding you hostage to do my biding.”

Rainbow Dash didn’t say anything, realizing that he had a point. Twilight was next to make a suggestion.

“Well, since I’m a princess, I could give an announcement that he’s friendly.”

“It’s gonna take a lot of convincin’ for that to work Twi,” Applejack said before noticing Pinkie Pie with her hoof raised. “Yes Pinkie?”

“What if, we throw a party, and invite everypony!?”

“I don’t think that’s going to work, darling,” Rarity admitted, knowing that no one or no pony would turn up to a party for a scary looking creature from another world.

While the Mane Six were thinking of other ideas that could work, BlackWarGreymon looked at Fluttershy.

‘Hmm… she’s defiantly the shy type, so I reckon that the other ponies must know she’s shy around strangers. So what if…’ A light bulb lit up in his head as he came up with an idea.

“Girls, what if Fluttershy rides on my shoulder?” He suggested, leaving the Mane Six giving him looks of surprise and confusion.

“Me…why?” The yellow Pegasus asked with uncertainty, giving BlackWarGreymon a chance to explain.

“Although your kind and friendly, Fluttershy, but you are shy among strangers and fierce looking creatures like me, right?”


“Well, if other ponies see you riding on my shoulder, it shows that you’re comfortable around me, and…” His sentence was finished by Twilight.

“Make the citizens realize that you’re friend and you mean no harm. BlackWarGreymon you’re a genius!”

Her excited outburst made the other girls giggle in delight, while the Digimon felt appreciated from her positive comment.

BlackWarGreymon then turned to Fluttershy.

“So, you want to go through with that idea?” He asked her, at first the Pegasus was hesitant but was soon eager to help her new friend.


As they all stood back up, BlackWarGreymon examined his new friends and estimated that they were all roughly over three feet tall, while he was just over ten feet.

As if on que, Fluttershy flew up towards him and rested herself on his left shoulder.

“Comfortable?” He asked her.

“Oh yes, it’s surprisingly comfy,” She answered while making herself more comfortable.

BlackWarGreymon had to admit it, he was starting to like the idea of being kind and being so close to others who were friendly to him.

His thoughts however were soon interrupted by Pinkie Pie, who was jumping in front of him.

“Oh, oh, oh, can I ride on your other shoulder? Please, please PLEASE!?”

She was so eager to have a go she literally bounced high enough to look at the Digimon eye level. BlackWarGreymon however looked rather annoyed by this.

“No. The last thing I need is your high-pitched voice screaming in my ear,” His answer made the mare’s giggle, Pinkie Pie however was steamed.

“What! I don’t have a high-pitched voice!” She shouted in her high-pitched voice.

To prevent provoking him again, Twilight had to put a stop to this.

“That’s enough Pinkie.”

“Ok. Besides I’ve already been on his shoulder and felt his hair that’s soft and smooth…” Pinkie Pie was interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Ok Pinkie, we get the idea.”

“So, are we all ready to head back home?” Twilight asked while looking back at her friends.

“Lead the way, Twilight,” Rarity responded.

‘Well, here we go. No turning back.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, knowing that his new life was about to begin.

Soon they all left the clearing and made their way towards the Everfree Forest. Normally the Mane Six would be nervous or even scared to set hoof in the dense forest. But because BlackWarGreymon was able to defeat Tirek all by himself, they knew he’s more than capable of dealing with anything the Everfree could throw at them. Heck, he’s probably scarier than anything they would find in the forest.

Curious to see if Pinkie Pie was right, Fluttershy gently placed her hoof in BlackWarGreymon’s yellow hair, without him knowing.

‘You’re right Pinkie, it is surprisingly pleasant to the touch.’


Tartarus, a place where all the evil in Equestria were contained. Where the twisted creatures and evil warlords were banished and imprisoned. It was by all means to keep Equestria safe from harm and corruption. The gates of Tartarus, which acts as an entrance and an exit of the eternal prison, was guarded by a large three-headed dog named Cerberus. Always on lookout for anything suspicious.

But now, the inmates have a new prisoner.

Lord Tirek, one of the most powerful villains in Equestria, was stripped of his power, reduced to a size of a pony and trapped in a cage like a beast he was. Many ponies, even the princesses, were trying to figure out how Tirek escaped the first time. Many theories were made, but only Tirek himself knows the truth. It was the same as how he escaped the second time.

But know, all the Centaur could do was going over how the plan went disastrously wrong.

“CURSES!! My plan was brilliant! Perfect in fact! I had the ponies right where I want them!” He then began to think back to the warrior who wore black armour. “Then HE came along!”

He suddenly felt a dark presence outside of his cage, darker than any magic he possessed. He turned to its source and saw black mist circling on the nearest wall.

It was a portal. And inside, Tirek saw a silhouette of a bizarre looking being with demon-like horns, incredibly thin but incredibly long arms and a huge pair of hands, ending with five long claws.


Tirek was terrified, its appearance was one thing, but its demonic voice sent chills through his spine and into his soul.

“M-Ma-Master, it-it’s not what you t-think! It’s…” He was interrupted by his visitor.

SILENCE, YOU PERFETIC WORM!!! I don’t want to hear any more excuses!” He pointed his finger at the Centaur. “I freed you with the purpose to eliminate the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. But you couldn’t succeed in doing that one simple job!

“It’s not my fault, master! I had those ponies in my grasp, but then a creature from another world turned up and ruined everything!”

Tirek’s words made his master’s eyes shot open, revealing a hellish yellow colour.

Did you say…a creature? From another world?

“Yes. He was unlike any opponent I’ve ever fought.”

Again his choice of words caught his master’s attention.

Tell me more. Describe him.” The dark being demanded.

“Well, he looked like a dragon. But he wore armour. With a shield on his back and a helmet with three horns. Roughly ten foot tall and…” He was interrupted again by his master.

Wait… does he have hair? Did he wore three-clawed gauntlets?” He asked, the second question sounding louder than the first.

“Y-Yes he did. What, do you know him?”

Although ignoring the question, the first thing Tirek said made the dark beings’ eyes widen.

'It can’t be, It-It couldn’t be the golden one. Could it?'

While his master was thinking, Tirek spoke again.

“Master, please set me free. And I promise I’ll not fail you again.”

After his plea went to is masters’ ears, he responded back in a vicious tone.

You already failed me! TWICE IN FACT!! And you have the audacity to ask me to use up my energy to free you the THIRD time, so you can get beaten by weak and fragile ponies again!?” He shouted in rage.

“This time the ponies weren’t the ones who defeated me, it was that creature!” Tirek shouted in anger, but at the same time fearing for his life.

Enough with your excuses Tirek!! I think the idea of you imprisoned in Tartarus for all eternity is a far greater punishment then what I had planned.


You heard me. To put it in a way you would understand Tirek, YOU’RE FIRED!!!” He said while turning around to face away from his now former partner. As the portal was closing, sealing the link between Tartarus and his domain, the dark being could hear Tirek begging and pleading.

“NO! Don’t do this to me! I’ll do whatever you want! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!! NNOOOOO…”

Tirek’s voice was cut off when the portal closed permanently, leaving the dark being alone in his lair.

Huh. Creature from another world. If he told that to someone else, they wouldn’t believe him. Just another fib to hide the fact that he’s weak,” He then clenched his fists tight as let out a demonic chuckle.

But I believe him. If it’s not one of his excuses, then it means I’m not the only Digimon in this world.

Chapter 5: Welcome to Ponyville

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The streets of Ponyville were filled with all kinds of ponies, for today was market day in the town centre. Stalls that stretched a far as the eye could see were full of either delicious food of items of interest, and all with reasonably good prices. Well… all except for that one cherry stall.

Nearby was a mare sitting on a bench, away from the loud noise the market was making. Just as she was about to take a sip of water from her cup, she heard something that sounded like distant footsteps. Then after a second later, she heard it again. Unsure if it was just her imagination, she looked at her cup of water and as soon as she heard it again, ripples moved along the water surface. Her eyes widened after seeing it again, realizing that it could only mean one thing. That a big creature was near, if not, in town. What made it even more unsettling for her was not just the ripples getting bigger, but the noise in the market had died down. Quite dramatically.

When she went in the market to see what’s going on, she noticed that everypony had stopped walking and were all looking in one direction. All with wide eyes and gaping mouths. When she looked in the same direction as the rest, she too saw a sight she never thought to see. Coming up the road was the Mane Six and behind them was BlackWarGreymon, who to them looked like a tall, fierce looking black armoured dragon. Just as they were about to panic and flee to their homes, Princess Twilight Sparkle spoke up to reassure them.

“Remain calm citizens, there’s nothing to fear. He is not a threat, he’s our friend.”

Although some ponies calmed down at hearing Twilight’s announcement, it doesn’t seem to be helping most others. But as they got a closer inspection of their scary visitor, they noticed Fluttershy, who they knew as a Pegasus who’s scared of her own shadow, was resting on his shoulder and smiling.

This was truly a sight they never expected, a usually timid pony socializing with a fierce creature. With this and Twilight’s announcement, the ponies of Ponyville subconsciously believe that he really was friendly and ok to be around with. Despite this, they couldn’t help but stare in awe and now a little bit of fear as he and the Mane Six made their way through the market, with Fluttershy finishing up a story she and her friends were telling him.

“…and that’s how we got our cutiemarks.”

BlackWarGreymon was mind-blown at the story he heard.

“Impressive, so you all found your special talents moments after Rainbow’s first Sonic Rainboom?” He asked, with the girls responding with a simple nod.

“Yep, that’s how awesome I am,” Rainbow Dash gloated while flying over her friends. After rolling his eyes in annoyance, the Digimon spoke again.

“Sounds to me that your friendship with one another was destined to be.”

The Mane Six were heart warmed at hearing that.

“Awe…that’s mighty sweet of ya to say that, sugar cube,” Applejack complemented, with Rarity following.

“I agree, you’re quite a sweet talker, darling.”

BlackWarGreymon again briefly flinched at being called ‘darling’ and now ‘sugar cube’.

Unknown to him, though out the entire conversation, Fluttershy kept placing her hoof in his hair every now and then. She still couldn’t believe how soft and pleasant it was for a being so strong and powerful. She even constantly had to resist the urge to nuzzle her face in his yellow locks.

“Hey I know you can fly and all, but how fast can you fly?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never pushed myself to the limit, but I do remember I can fly very fast,” The Digimon answered back, while Rainbow Dash grew a smirk on her face.

“Ok, how about you put that to the test…by having a race against me?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think about it. It would be nice to test his true speed. To see how fast he can really go.

“If that’s a challenge, then I accept,” He said with a hint of determination.

Before they could continue with their conversation, BlackWarGreymon heard loud grumbling noises coming from the six mares. The Mane Six all blushed as they knew what it means.

“Maybe we should get a bite to eat first,” Twilight said while seeing all her friends nodding in agreement. That was when they heard a very loud rumble, coming from the armoured Digimon.

For the first time in his life, BlackWarGreymon was hungry.

He was surprised as he put his hand on his stomach to sooth the rumble, never before he had the urge to eat.

“Sounds like the big guy’s hungry. Maybe we should feed him something before he decides to eat us,” Rainbow Dash said in a joking manner, making the other girls laugh. BlackWarGreymon however was not amused.

“Ha, ha, ha,” He said plainly before continuing. “But the thing is I never eaten anything before.”

This surprised the Mane Six.

“Really!? Not ever!?” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“No, I never had the need to eat. I guess being in this world changed that,” BlackWarGreymon stated, thinking that he might be right.

Soon Pinkie Pie saw something in the distance.

“Oh, oh, look! Mr and Mrs Cake have a stall of their own! We can get something to eat there!”

Twilight and her friends looked over to where Pinkie Pie was pointing and realised she’s right. Mr and Mrs Cake had their own stall at the end of the market selling cakes, pies, pastries and all kinds of desserts. Eager to see them, the Mane Six decided to pop over to their stall, with BlackWarGreymon following behind him.

After selling a pie to a customer, Mr and Mrs Cake saw Twilight and her friends next in line.

“Why hello Princess Twilight, it’s so good to see you again,” Mrs Cake said, glad to see her and her friends.

“It’s good to see you as well. I see you’ve got your own stall,” Twilight said while looking at the desserts.

“Oh yes, we think it would make quite a profit for our business at Sugar Cube Corner. So what can we get you?” Mr Cake asked.

“Well…” Before Twilight could finish, Pinkie Pie jumped in front of her.

“Oh, oh, we would like some pancakes, with whip cream, berries, syrup and sprinkles!” She ordered, but got no response. “Un, hello, did you get that?” She asked, but still got no response.

That was when the Mane Six noticed Mr and Mrs Cake staring in fear at something behind them. Twilight turned around and saw BlackWarGreymon, who caught up with them.

“Oh, it’s ok. He’s with us,” Twilight said in reassurance.

“Well…ok. W-what can we g-get for you s-sir?” Mrs Cake asked in a very nervous tone.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think about it. Since this would be the first time he’d ever tried food, he had to make his first choice good. He started to think back to a name of a dessert Agumon mentioned a while back.

“Do you have lemon pie?” He asked, officially making it his first.

After the food options were payed for, the Mane Six and BlackWarGreymon sat around a bench, in the shade under a big tree. Realizing he would crush the small chair just from sitting down, the armoured Digimon decided to sit on the ground.

“Um, BlackWarGreymon? Don’t mind me askin’ but…since you never ate before, why did ya chose lemon pie to be ya first?” Applejack asked, she and the other mares were eager to know the reason for his choice.

“A Digimon named Agumon, mentioned about it before. He seemed to love it a lot,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Who’s Agumon?” Rarity asked with a questionable look.

“One of the three Rookie Digimon who gave me advice about friendship. He was also the first Digimon who wanted to be my friend,” He answered while thinking back to his first meeting with the little yellow Digimon.

The girls were amazed to hear this.

“Well, did you became friends with him?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Well…not at first. But I think we did in the end,” He admitted while looking at his dessert.

He soon looked over and noticed Rarity was eating her pancake with a fork.

“Do you have another fork I could use?” He asked her.

With a smile, Rarity used her magic to pick up another fork and placed it in the Digimon’s pie.

“There you go, but how can you pick it up with those claws?” She asked while pointing at his gauntlets.

“Simple,” BlackWarGreymon said before impaling his right claws in the ground next to him, loosened his grip and slipped his arm out of the gauntlet, revealing his five digit hand.

The Mane Six went wide eyed at seeing this.

“What, have you never seen a hand before?” He asked the six mares.

“But, I thought those were your hands,” Twilight stated while looking at his gauntlets, clearly surprised.

“So did everyone else, those gauntlets are known as Dramon killers,” BlackWarGreymon said while lifting his left arm. “I rarely take them off.”

After that had been cleared, BlackWarGreymon proceeded to pick up the fork with a piece of lemon pie on it. That was when Rainbow Dash noticed something.

“Wait a minute. You don’t have a mouth! So how is it you’re able to speak, let alone eat!?” She stated, making the others mentally kicking themselves for not realizing it earlier.

“Beats me,” BlackWarGreymon admitted before continuing. “But I have to at least try this out.”

He then raised the end of the fork between the lower part of his helmet and above his chin, the area he thinks where the mouth should be. He then brought it closer. Then the moment it made contact, the end of the fork with the piece of lemon pie, passed through his skin as if he’s a ghost. His eyes briefly went wide as he experienced the taste of lemon, if not the taste of anything, for the very first time.

The Mane Six were jaw-dropped at seeing this, never before had they seen anything like it. After a few seconds, he pulled the fork out to reveal the piece of lemon pie…gone!

“That was surprisingly nice,” He commented. Before he could have a second bite, Applejack spoke up.

“What the hay just happened there!?”

BlackWarGreymon looked at the orange Earth Pony with a questionable look. Then Rainbow Dash spoke.

“As creepy as that looked, that was awesome!”

“How…did you…do that?” Twilight asked him, definitely eager to know what just happened and how it was possible.

“I don’t know how it passed through, but I think when it did the food molecules turned into data,” He said before picking up a second bigger piece. “And it tastes good.”

With that said he ate the piece of pie in the same way again. The girls still had looks of confusion on their faces, but then decided to go with it and continued enjoying their food.

After they had their lunch, the Mane Six and their Digimon friend all went to town. The six element bearers decided that a tour would help BlackWarGreymon familiarize himself around Ponyville.

During their trip, BlackWarGreymon mentally noted down the key places in town. Twilight had shown him; Sugar Cube Corner, the local school, the flower shop, the spa, the bowling alley (surprisingly), a building where Rainbow Dash learns karate and Rarity’s home that has a name that the Digimon himself cannot pronounce. Although Twilight mentioned about Sweet Apple Acres and Fluttershy’s cottage, they haven’t been to those places yet.

As the tour reached its climax, they were all by the town centre.

“And here’s the Town Hall, where important announcements take place,” Twilight said while pointing at a large building in front of them.

Before Twilight could carry on, she was interrupted by Pinkie Pie’s gasping. She just realised that there was something she must attend to.

“Hay guys, this has been fun but I have to get back to Sugar Cube Corner.”

“Already,” Applejack asked her pink friend.

“Yep, I have to get everything ready for BlackWarGreymon’s welcome party!” She explained while throwing confetti in the air.

“There’s really no need for that,” The Digimon said in a slightly serious tone.

“Oh but there is. Everypony here seemed to have gotten used to you and a party would totally help out!”

She made a good point. Although ponies were still looking at him strangely, whey weren’t running or screaming. In fact, some weren’t all that afraid at all.

“Besides, you never had a party before. So you might even have fun!” Pinkie Pie continued.

Before BlackWarGreymon could protest, the pink mare quickly ran past him.

“See you all tomorrow!”

That was all she said before disappearing towards Sugar Cube Corner.

“Is she always like this?” BlackWarGreymon asked the other five mares.

“Ever since we first met her,” Fluttershy answered before continuing. “But I have to get going, the animals are going to miss me if I’m gone too long, and they would probably get hungry.”

“I better head off too, gotta save my strength for the race tomorrow,” Rainbow Dash said before hoof-bumping BlackWarGreymon on the shoulder.

“Ok, see you two tomorrow,” Twilight said before the two Pegasi took flight and headed off in different directions.

Not a moment too soon, the remaining group heard screaming. Up above was a small red hang glider and it was on a collision cause to the group, more specifically, BlackWarGreymon.

Before he could react, the hang glider harmlessly crashed onto the top of his head and three fillies came flying out. Two landed on the ground and one landed in the Digimon’s hair.

One was an Earth pony with yellow fur, red mane and a bow on her head. Her name was Applebloom. Next to her was a Pegasus with orange fur and a purple mane. Her name was Scootaloo. And the one who landed in BlackWarGreymon’s hair was a Unicorn with white fur and a striped mane with two different shades of pink. Her name was Sweetie Belle. All three of them didn’t have cutiemarks.

As the two fillies on the ground rubbed their heads to ease the pain, Applejack ran up to her little sister.

“Are you ok Applebloom!? Nothin’ broken?”

“Nothin’ broken I’m fine Applejack,” She then looked at Scootaloo. “Better scratch the hang glidin’ idea off the list.”

Scootaloo responded to Applebloom’s suggestion with a simple nod. Rarity was next to approach them.

“Girls, where’s Sweetie Belle!?” She asked in a bit of panic, but soon received an answer from a voice that sounds muffled, as if something’s blocking it.

“I’m up here!”

Hearing this made all the girls look towards BlackWarGreymon. Seeing the large Digimon for the first time made Applebloom and Scootaloo froze in place. They then saw something moving around in his yellow hair, then Sweetie Belle’s head and fore legs popped out. She also had a big smile on her face.

“Rarity, Scootaloo, Applebloom! You got to come up here! Whatever this yellow stuff is, it feels so soft and lovely!” She said while nuzzling her face in BlackWarGreymon’s’ hair, completely oblivious that she’s right next to the Digimon’s head.

When she looked down to see her friends, she noticed Applebloom’s and Scootaloo’s fear stricken faces as they appear to be staring at something next to her. When she followed their gazes she found herself looking into fierce yellow eyes.

Surprised by this, she screamed and fell to the ground, and with the other two fillies she ran and hid behind the older mares.

“W-what in tarnation is that thing!?” Applebloom asked while hiding under Applejack’s tail with Scootaloo.

“Applebloom, calm down,” Applejack said, trying to comfort her younger sibling.

“Now Sweetie Belle, is that anyway to treat our guest?” Rarity asked, earning confused looks from the three fillies.

“G-guest?” Sweetie Belle asked while popping her head around Rarity’s tail.

Twilight spoke up as she walked towards the Digimon.

“Girls, this is BlackWarGreymon, our new friend from another world.”

She then used her magic to pick up the fillies and place them next to her one at a time.

“And this is Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.”

“Hi,” That was all BlackWarGreymon said.

Although the three fillies felt a bit awkward, Scootaloo was first to snap out of it.

“Wow. You…look cool. And the fact you’re from a different world makes it even cooler,” She said as she approached him, now knowing he’s friendly. Applebloom soon joined in.

“Yeah, and you look like you can kick anypony’s butt,” She said, seeing that he was unharmed from the hand glider crashing onto his head she can clearly tell that he’s really tough.

“Uhh… thank you?” The Digimon said, still not used to receive good complements. Sweetie Belle was next to speak.

“Umm, sorry for screaming at you earlier, Mr.”

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it,” BlackWarGreymon said.

“Exactly, I’m sure that in time nopony will scream at you,” Rarity said in support. Then Applejack remembered something.

“Wait a minute. Applebloom, what did ya mean by ‘scratch the hang glidin’ idea of the list’?”

Applebloom began to feel awkward as she spoke.

"Well, Applejack y-you see, um…” Before she could go on, Applejack already found the answer.

“Ya were trying to get Cutiemarks from hang glidin’, weren’t ya?”

“Yeah, we were, but obviously it didn’t work,” Scootaloo said while rubbing her head from the impact. BlackWarGreymon took the time to notice that the fillies didn’t have cutiemarks.

“Well, next time try to get ya cutiemark from something safer. I don’t my lil’ sister gettin’ hurt, ok?” Applejack asked while rubbing Applebloom’s head.

“Ok,” Applebloom said, keeping her promise. Not sure how long she’s going to hold it though.

BlackWarGreymon however was puzzled.

“lil’ sister?” He asked, Applejack looking back at him.

“Yep, Applebloom here is my sister,” She said while Applebloom waved her hoof at the Digimon, getting more comfortable around him. He then turned to Rarity, who was standing next to Sweetie Belle.

“And Sweetie Belle is my little sister,” She said while placing her hoof on her sister’s back. BlackWarGreymon then turned to Scootaloo.

“I take it that you’re a sister to Rainbow Dash?” He asked, earning a small giggle from the Pegasus filly.

“Well…no, but I’m like a sister to her,” She replied while mentally wishing that she was her sister.

“Fair enough,” He said, understanding what she meant by ‘like a sister’.

“So, what are you anyway?” Sweetie Belle asked him, but Twilight answered the question with great enthusiasm.

“He’s a species called a Digital Monster and he’s from a world known as the Digital World.”

Although the word ‘digital’ was unknown to them, but the three fillies felt slightly worried when Twilight said the word ‘monster’.

“Digital…Monster?” Applebloom asked in a confused tone.

“Or you can just call me Digimon for short,” BlackWarGreymon suggested, saying the word ‘Digimon’ a bit more clearer for the young ponies to understand.

“A Digimon. Now that’s a cool name,” Scootaloo complemented while walking towards BlackWarGreymon, with Sweetie Belle and Applebloom following.

“Yep, but almost as cool as you,” Applebloom said in honest truth to the Digimon.

“Hey, I bet we can get our cutiemarks for helping him,” Sweetie Belle said to the other two. “After all, we are…” The next set of words were said by all three of them.

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

Although slightly startled by their sudden outburst, BlackWarGreymon was touched. Never before he received this much kindness and love from anyone. The inhabitants of the Digital World hardly gave him any similar emotion a tall but here, they only just knew him for a few hours and now a few minutes, and they fully trust him.

One thing’s for sure, he’s definitely going to love his new life in this world.

Then he noticed that the crusaders were yarning, exhausted from their presumably long day. That’s when they all noticed that the sun was setting, a signal that the day was ending. The older mares took note of this as well.

“Well, I guess it’s time to head on home,” Applejack said with Applebloom approaching her.

“Big sis, is it ok if Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo can come over for a sleep over?” She asked, hoping that Applejack would say yes.

“Well, I don’t have any problem with that. So yeah, I’m not stopping ya,” She replied, making the three crusaders smile in delight. Then Rarity went over and hugged Sweetie Belle.

“Hope you enjoy yourself, and have fun,” She said to her little sister.

“I will,” Sweetie Belle replied before joining Applejack, Applebloom and Scootaloo.

“See ya all later,” Applejack said while walking back to Sweet Apple Acres. The crusaders also joined her after waving their goodbyes to Twilight, Rarity and BlackWarGreymon.

“Well, I best be heading home too. A girls’ going to need her beauty sleep.” Rarity said while inspecting her mane.

“Ok, goodnight Rarity,” Twilight said as the white Unicorn turned to leave.

“Goodnight you two,” She replied back, leaving just Twilight and BlackWarGreymon. That’s when the Digimon finally realised something.

“Twilight, is it ok if I stay at your home? I don’t exactly have a place to live in.”

Twilight was surprised at first, but then realised that he’s right about not having a place to stay.

“Sure. You can stay as long as you like. And my castle is big so you don’t have to worry about space,” She said, and actually glad that he wanted to stay in her home.

BlackWarGreymon had a look of confusion.


“Yes, it’s just over there,” Twilight said while pointing her hoof at a very large crystal palace.

BlackWarGreymon mentally cursed himself, this castle was big enough to be seen for miles, and he just noticed it now!

Twilight saw his expression and giggled.

“You mean to tell me that you haven’t noticed it before now?”

Jokes aside, BlackWarGreymon took a moment to process his thoughts.

“Does Princess Celestia live here as well?” He asked her.

“Oh no, she and Luna live in Canterlot castle up there,” She replied while pointing at the city that could be seen from Ponyville.

When the Digimon looked at Equestria’s capital, he took note that the city was definitely big and it rests on the side of a mountain, as well as a train track that connects Ponyville to Canterlot.

But then, a name that Twilight uttered crossed his mind as he turned to the purple Alicorn.


“Oh, she’s Celestia’s younger sister, her duties is to raise the moon and bring night,” When Twilight finished explaining, BlackWarGreymon turned back to the view of Canterlot.

‘Princess of the night.’

Chapter 6: First Night In

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Twilight and BlackWarGreymon were both quiet for a while as they walked to the purple Alicorns’ castle, they were both deep in their thoughts.

Ever since Twilight informed the Digimon about the rulers of Equestria, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, BlackWarGreymon felt a tad worried about if they meet for the first time. What if the princesses feared him? What if they like him? What would they think of him? What if they reject and banish him, or worse, try to fight him? All these questions and many more were coursing through his mind like speeding traffic on a motor way. All he could do was hope for the best when that day comes.

Although Twilight had similar thoughts at first, now her mind was on a different subject. Especially how Spike’s going to react to the Digimon, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. But most of her thought patterns revolve around the one thing that BlackWarGreymon was not telling her, and that’s the events of how he arrived in Equestria in the first place. She really wanted to know, but from his previous reactions on the subject and how Fluttershy got very concerned meant that whatever happened to him, it was something that he wanted to forever forget. So she decided against bringing it up again.

When they arrived at the castle, the pair noticed that the front door was large enough for BlackWarGreymon to pass through. Opening the doors, the two entered the main hall. The Digimon had a look of astonishment on his face.

“Wow…this is one big hall.”

“Yeah, but I think every room here is too big,” Twilight admitted, remembering the days when she used to live in the Golden Oak Library, before it was destroyed by a certain horned centaur.

Then the pair heard a voice, echoing in the distance.

“Hey Twilight, is that you I hear?”

BlackWarGreymon looked surprised at hearing the new voice, but Twilight smiled, knowing full well who it was.

“Yes Spike it’s me,” She called out. Then little footsteps were heard approaching them. As it got a little louder, BlackWarGreymon turned to Twilight.


“Oh, he’s my assistant. A long while ago it was me who hatched him from an egg.”

“Oh,” He said, before his eyes widened when he realised that to him, what Twilight said made no sense.

“Wait, what do you mean by ‘hatched him’?”

To prevent any more confusion, Twilight just went out with it.

“Well you see, Spike’s a dragon.”

“Oh, that explains it.” He said, knowing that dragons were reptiles, and they were all known to hatch from eggs.

Not a moment too soon, Spike appeared around the corner. With a rather worried look on his face.

“Oh Twilight, you ok? I’ve heard some strong rumbling in the Everfree. Are you and the others hurt? Did something bad happen? And if not, how was the clearing and…”

His rambling of questions was cut off when the image of a tall scary looking stranger standing next to Twilight caught his vision. His eyes went wide with fear.

“...what is that thing!?”

BlackWarGreymon was starting to get annoyed at being called ‘thing’ all the time.

“It’s ok Spike, he’s a friend. His name is BlackWarGreymon and he’s from another world,” Twilight explained, but since this didn’t help the young dragons’ nerves, he fainted from shock.

The Digimon took the time to analyze the small dragon. He had purple scales with a single row of green spikes going from the top of his head, along his back and ending at the tail, with the tail possessing an arrow shaped tip. His height was roughly similar to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and from hearing his voice, he was no more than a few years old.

Twilight looked at BlackWarGreymon with a nervous grin on her face.

“Uhh, sorry about that. He’s never normally like this.”

“It’s ok, Twilight. I’m used to it,” He admitted, knowing that his appearance alone can strike fear into many. Even Ultimate level Digimon were afraid or intimidated by him.

Upon hearing that sentence alone made Twilight grow a sad expression on her face, for she understood what the Artificial Digimon meant.

“It’s ok, soon nopony will fear you, and they will see you as a friend. I’m sure of it,” She said, her sentence somewhat lifted BlackWarGreymons’ spirit up a little. But it was enough.

“Thank you, Twilight. You know, you’re the first to show this kind of hospitality to me. You’re a true friend.”

The purple Alicorn blushed at hearing the Digimons’ words. He was right, she helped him gain understanding of her world, calmed down the citizens when she and her friends were showing him around Ponyville, introduced him to some of her other friends and even let him stay in her castle.

Signs of one friend helping another. Signs of true friendship.

“Thank you. Rarity was right, you are a sweet talker,” She said, clearly touched at BlackWarGreymons’ hind and honest words.

Now knowing that he had fully gained Twilight’s trust, BlackWarGreymon asked her something he had on his mind for some time.

“Twilight, I like to know more about this world and its history. Do you have some sort of archive of information about it?”

Twilight’s face brightened at hearing this, part of her a bit surprised that he wants to know more.

“Yes. I have a library full of books about everything you need to know. About our culture, our society, our history, you name it,” She said while clearly excited to take him to her favorite room in the castle.

Using her magic, she lifted the unconscious Spike on her back and looked back at the Digimon.

“Follow me,” She said before heading off with BlackWarGreymon following behind.

After some time, they passed by many rooms and hallways. The throne room was the one that got BlackWarGreymon’s attention the most. He saw a large blue crystal round table with what looked like a map on it. He also noticed six thrones around the table and each one had its own symbol on the top. He realised that the symbols looked identical to the Mane Six’s cutiemarks.

Later, they arrived at the library. The sheer number of books alone made the Digimon froze in place, never before he had seen so many books in one room.

“Well, here we are,” Twilight said as she looked at BlackWarGreymon, seeing his expression made her chuckle with laughter.

“You own all these books?” BlackWarGreymon asked, he originally thought that the library wouldn’t hold as many books as this.

“Yeah, I’m really into books,” She admitted, hoping that the Digimon wouldn’t think of her as an ‘egghead’, a nickname Rainbow Dash gave her.

“Into it? You’ve got enough books to fill fifteen Control Spires,” He said with the comparison of the books and the Control Spires in his head.

“So, am I free to pick out a book?” He asked.

“Sure. The ones about history is the fifth shelf on the right,” Twilight said before realizing something. “And, would it be ok if you took those off?” She asked while pointing her hoof at BlackWarGreymons’ gauntlets.

The Digimon looked at his Dramon Destroyers and realised she had a point. Not only he would find it difficult to turn a page, but he could cause damage to Twilights’ books.

He can’t have that, so it’s off with them.

He then proceeded to raise both his arms with the claws pointing downwards. Before he could carry on, Twilight immediately stopped him.


This made BlackWarGreymon pause as he looked at the Alicorn in confusion.

“Can you take them off without impaling them to the floor?” She asked him in a rather serious tone.


He then laid his wrists flat on the ground and slipped his arms out of his Dramon Destroyers.

“Sorry, I never normally take them off,” He said as he walked past Twilight and towards his destination.

As he walked away, Twilight figured out why he never takes his gauntlets off for a number of reasons.

Firstly, he practically had to fight seemly all his life and had to be prepared for anything. Secondly, his armour looked incomplete without them. Finally, his gauntlets suited him well and it made him look cool, intimidating and badass all at the same time.

Once he’s gone, Twilight went through a stack of books on her desk and picked out ‘Origins of Equestria’. She knew that BlackWarGreymon would be interested in this book since it tells the beginning.

Afterwards, Spike began to wake up and when he rolled over, he fell off Twilight’s back.

“Oh Spike, sorry I forgot you were still on my back,” She said with a cheeky smile to the weary dragon. Spike then rubbed his head to ease the bump on his head.

“Oh Twilight, I had a most weird dream. You were by the front door, standing next to a scary black dragon,” Spike explained, thinking that what happened before was just a dream.

Twilight however only gave him a look of amusement.

“That’s not a dream, Spike. What you saw was real.”

Spike only smiled at her, not taking what she said seriously.

“Pfft, yeah right.”

He would soon eat his own words, because he then heard loud footsteps approaching. He then turned his head to see the very thing that made him faint earlier.

As BlackWarGreymon approached the pair, Twilight saw that he was holding some books in his hands.

“I think these would be enough,” He said before noticing that Spike was now awake. The two just stared before the Digimon broke the silence.

“So you’re Spike?”

Spike flinched when BlackWarGreymon spoke to him, due to his normal voice sounding a little frightening to the young dragon. Despite this, Spike summoned enough courage to respond.


BlackWarGreymon tried to talk back as nicely as possible.

“Nice to meet you Spike. Twilight told me about you.”

He then noticed Twilight walking away.

“I’m just going to get more books for you,” She said before setting off, leaving BlackWarGreymon with Spike.

The Digimon looked around and found a large table and a sofa big enough for him to sit down. As he went there to put the books down, Spike slowly approached him.

“So…Twilight said that…you’re a dragon from another world?” He asked in a nervous tone, hoping that he didn't made the guest mad by disturbing him.

BlackWarGreymon stopped what he was doing and turned his head to the side so one of his eyes was looking at Spike.

“I’m not a dragon, I’m a Digimon. And yes, I am from another world,” He said while clearly seeing the fear on the little dragon’s face. He had to reassure him.

“There’s no need to fear me, I will not harm you or your friends. For they are my friends too.”

This seemed to have worked, Spike was calming down and walking closer to him.

“I didn’t catch your name,” Spike said, remembering that earlier he didn’t hear what Twilight was saying.

“I’m BlackWarGreymon.”

“Whoa, cool name.”

While this was going on, Twilight arrived with more books for BlackWarGreymon. Using her magic, she placed them on the table.

“There. Is that all or do you want me to fetch some more?” She asked.

BlackWarGreymon was surprised by the amount of books Twilight gave him. It would take him all day to read the lot alone, and she still has more.

“I think this is enough,” He said, not wanting anymore books.

It was at this moment that Twilight noticed that Spike was no longer afraid.

“I see that you’re getting along well, Spike.”

“Yeah, he’s actually a cool guy,” He said while turning his head to look at the Digimon.

“Thanks for the complement,” BlackWarGreymon said as he sat down on the large sofa while holding a book.

Twilight then looked out of her window and realised that it was night time, and started to yawn.

“Well, I guess we should leave you to it. Me and Spike are heading off to bed.” She said while lifting Spike on her back, with the little dragon yawning as well.

“Ok, see you in the morning,” BlackWarGreymon said as he watched Twilight and Spike leave the library.

Once they got to their bedroom, Twilight woke Spike up from his little nap on her back.

“Spike, wake up.”

“Uhh, what is it Twilight?”

“I need you to write a letter.”

Hours had passed. Twilight and Spike were fast asleep in their beds, and BlackWarGreymon was still reading in the library.

Being a Mega level Digimon meant that he requires very little sleep, due to the unbelievable power dwelling within him. The last time he needed to sleep was after that whole battle over the last Destiny Stone. But right now he’s still wide awake as he would be in the day.

In the course of the past few hours, he read ‘Origins of Equestria’, ‘Equestria’s Animals and Monsters A to Z’, ‘Pony Culture’, ‘Arts of Magic’ and the book he just finished, ‘History of the Crystal Empire’.

“Huh, it seems Tirek isn’t the only evil being in this world,” BlackWarGreymon said to himself, now that he has read about the former ruler of the empire, King Sombra.

Before he picked up the next book, ‘Reign of Discord’, he decided that he read enough history for one day, and would like to read something else.

‘I wonder if she has any fictional books.’

With that in mind, he got up from the sofa and headed off towards a maze of shelves and towers of books. After a minute or two, he found a single self that was labeled ‘Fiction’. But the state of the shelf and the books themselves were dustier than all the others he had seen.

“Guess she doesn’t like fiction that much.”

After examining the self’s contents, he then brought his attention to a book that has more dust than any other book on the shelf.

“Seems she hadn’t read this one in a while.”

After picking the book from its shelf, he wiped away the dust to discover that the book was a tan brown in colour and it had no title. All what’s on the cover was a large square with four smaller squares in the middle. Two of these squares had a strange pattern in them which were identical, while the other two had an identical pair of their own. The book itself also seemed a bit withered and torn near the edges, due to aging.

‘Hmm, this could possibly be Twilight’s very first book.’

Now that he’s chosen a book to read, he went back to the sofa, sat down, leaned back and put his feet on the table in a relaxed pose. Now that he was comfortable, he opened the book to its first pages. On one page was a small diamond symbol and on the other, was a picture drawing of an Alicorn princess, complete with her crown, her royal horse shoes and her regalia around her neck.

BlackWarGreymon began to read the short text that was with the picture.

“Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess.”

He then turned the page to see a similar layout, but this time the picture of the Alicorn had a dark aura around her.

“But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort. Which could only be broken by love’s first kiss.”

Again, same thing when he turned the page, but now had a picture of a red dragon lurking around a tower.

“She was locked away in a castle, guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon.”

Again he turned the page, now with a picture of pony stallions in armour throwing spears at the dragon.

“Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison. But none prevailed.”

Same thing again when he turned the page to the next.

“She waited in the dragon’s keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love, and true love’s first kiss.”

After reading the text, BlackWarGreymon just stopped.

His vision and mind were fixed on the picture next to the text. The image showed the Alicorn princess, who had a golden glow around her meaning that she was cured from her enchantment, kissing her knight on the lips with their eyes shut. The picture also showed a love heart symbol surrounding the pair from the background.

BlackWarGreymon was now lost in his thoughts. To him, this image symbolizes responsibility, devotion, and love…true love. The Artificial Digimon’s self-conscious was telling him that this could possibly be one of the few things he needs to be truly happy. To spend his life with someone special. Someone he would not only care greatly for, but to risk his own life to protect the life of someone he cares more than himself.

However after a split second, his expression saddened.

If it were even possible, who in the world would ever fall in love with the likes of him? Back in the Digital World, back in his past life, he was mean, ruthless, merciless and was once described heartless. He even once suggested that he would throw his heart away, and only to replace it with malice, hatred, fury, rage and constant battles. And the worst of it, he would not hesitate to lash it all out on the innocent, bringing them nothing but fear, pain, misery, harm, destruction or worse…death.

He was a creature…no, a product built for war.

Even though he was given a new life, a second chance to redeem himself, it didn’t mean that his past wouldn’t come back to haunt him.

Without him saying anything, a single tear escaped his left eye.

For the first time in his life, he felt alone.
Canterlot Castle, few hours earlier.

Princess Luna had just finished raising the moon and was now on her way back to the throne room. The news of Tirek’s escape was getting to her, to the point where she personally assembled her finest guards to tackle the situation, with Princess Celestia’s approval of course.

When she arrived, Luna noticed that her big sister was no longer feeling uneasy. In fact, she looked calm as she got up from her throne and making her way towards Luna.

“Sister, my guards have finally been assembled and are ready for your inspection,” Luna said on a solder like tone, but Celestia just smiled at her when she spoke back.

“It’s ok Luna, there’s no need anymore.”

As she walked past, Luna had a look of disbelief on her face. After trying and failing to puzzle together what was going on, she caught up with the white Alicorn and walked beside her.


Seeing the confusion on Luna’s face, Celestia explained.

“I just got news from the warden in Tartarus, he said that Tirek is back in his cell.”

Luna had a look of relief on her face.

“Thank goodness for that. But how was he defeated? Was it Princess Twilight’s doing?”

Celestia’s expression fell from calm to worry and concern.

“I’m afraid not. After interrogation, we found out that he was beaten in a fight against a creature…not of this world.”

Hearing those last four words struck fear on the blue Alicorn’s face. After a moment of silence, she spoke up.

“Sister, could this creature, be the cause of the disturbance we’ve felt earlier today?”

“It seems like it, my dear sister.”

Then out of nowhere, green flames appeared in front of the Royal Sisters and then transformed into a scroll with Twilight’s seal on it.

“A letter from Twilight?” Luna asked.

Celestia only nodded as he used her magic to pick up and opened the scroll. Then proceeded to read it.

Dear Princess Celestia

I need to inform you that today was probably the scariest day of my life.

While my friends and I were having our picnic at the newly discovered Everfree Clearing, we were attacked by Tirek. We tried to fight back but he was too strong. He planned to take over Equestria by destroying us first, and it felt like it was going to happen. At one moment he was actually going to kill us.

Celestia had a look of worry and pure utter shock on her face, but kept reading.

But before he did, something truly bizarre happened. A being, a warrior showed up and stood up to Tirek. I thought it wasn’t even possible but, he defeated Tirek all on his own! He pretty much owned the entire fight. And in doing so, he saved our lives.

Afterwards, we had a conversation with him and in the end, we became good friends. His name is BlackWarGreymon, and he’s a Digimon from a dimension called the Digital World. His appearance is that of a black dragon, but he wore armour that’s as black as Luna’s night. His eyes is a fierce yellow, the same as his hair. He also wears a helmet that has horns a bit like a demon.

I know he may sound scary but he’s a really nice guy.

Celestia couldn’t believe what she was reading, a creature that sounds dangerous was actually friendly. And that Twilight had already made contact with him.

He’s currently staying with me in the castle in Ponyville, and I was wondering what we’re going to do to thank him for what he’s done today.

From your fellow princess,

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Luna couldn’t see the letter but from reading the expression on Celestia’s face, it must be about something big.


Chapter 7: A Royal Meeting

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The sun was rising over the horizon. It was morning, a sign that it was time for the inhabitants of Equestria to wake up and enjoy the day. But some ponies really to sleep in and wanted to stay in bed more.

Twilight Sparkle was one of them.

The sunlight penetrating her eyelids was making the young Alicorn uncomfortable as she tossed and turned in her bed, trying to get more sleep. Unable to take it anymore, she opened her eyes with an annoyed look.

“Great, morning,” She said in a sarcastic tone.

As she tried to get back to sleep by burying her face in her pillow, she heard and felt her stomach growling, demanding for food.

“Guess I go and make breakfast then,”

As she got out of her bed, she noticed that Spike’s bed was empty. She figured be probably went ahead to get breakfast first. She then left her room and went off to the kitchen. But on her way there, she saw Spike peeking his head around the entrance to the library. Curious of what’s going on, she walked up to her number one assistant.

“What are you doing, Spike?” She asked, making the young dragon yelp in surprise. When he turned to face Twilight, he was rubbing the back of his head as he had something to ask her.

“Umm, Twilight… did you give sleeping arrangements for BlackWarGreymon?”

Twilight’s eyes widen in shock, she couldn’t believe she forgot all about that.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t, I completely forgot. What kind of friend invites a guest around and forgets the sleeping arrangements!? I’m a terrible host,” She said in alarm and panic.

“Twilight, calm down. I don’t think that matters right now,” Spike said, trying to calm Twilight.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked with confusion on her face.

Spike just motioned his claw over to the library entrance so Twilight could see what he’s on about. Peeking through the entrance, the Alicorn saw BlackWarGreymon, still sitting on the sofa reading books.

“He’s still reading,” The small dragon said in disbelief as he poked his head through the entrance.

To their surprise, they haven’t gone unnoticed. BlackWarGreymon could hear them talking.

“Don’t you two know it’s rude to lurk in doorways?”

Hearing that made Twilight and Spike froze in place, apparently he had a good sense of hearing. After shaking it off, the pair entered the library and walked over to the Digimon.

“Did you spend all night reading?” Twilight asked him.

“Yes,” BlackWarGreymon plainly said as if it wasn’t a big deal. Then Spike joined in.

“But, don’t you need your sleep?”

“I’m a Mega level Digimon, I hardly sleep at all.”

This Twilight didn’t expect from him. Normally, powerful beings would need a lot of sleep to regain their full strength. Apparently not him.

“Are you saying that you never slept in your life!?”

“Not exactly, I did sleep once before.”

The small princess was impressed that a powerful being like him needs hardly any sleep. He must have a lot of energy to keep going.


Soon she was snapped out of her state of awe by her stomach growling.

“Umm, I’m going to have some breakfast. Are you hungry?”

After a quick thought, BlackWarGreymon placed a closed book on the table as he stood up on his feet.

“I could do with something to eat.”

It was at that moment Twilight saw something on the table. It was a book that looked very familiar but something she hadn’t read in a long time. She then went to the table and picked up the book with her magic.

She was startled, although the book had no title, but she immediately knew what it was.

“My first…Where did you find this?” Twilight asked BlackWarGreymon.

“That? I found it on the fiction shelf. It was also covered with thick dust.”

After hearing his response, Twilight just stared at the book that’s now being held in her hooves.

“That’s why I couldn’t find it,” She said to herself, her voice just above a whisper.

“Twilight, I thought you didn’t like fiction,” Spike said, confused by the fact that the purple Alicorn normally wasn’t into fictional books. Except Daring Do of course.

“Spike, this book is the first story book I’ve ever had. My mother used to read this to me when I was just a little filly,” She said with a smile while getting flashbacks of her childhood.

Then she realised something.

“You read this?” She asked BlackWarGreymon.


“Well, did you like it? I hope it wasn’t too childish.”

“Not at all, it was actually an interesting read. And it does make you think though.”

The Digimon began to remember back last night when he first read it.

“What do you mean by that?” Twilight asked, finding that the last thing BlackWarGreymon said was rather odd.

“Uhh… never mind,” He said, he himself found it strange that his mind experienced thoughts like the ones from last night.

“Well anyway, thank you for finding this book,” Twilight said as she walked up to BlackWarGreymon, and wrapped her forelegs around his right leg.

The Artificial Digimon froze in place, never in his life had anyone gave him a hug before.

“I really appreciate it,” She said as she tightened her hold. Although this was new to BlackWarGreymon, but he could feel it that deep down, he was starting to like this kind of affection.

“You’re… you’re welcome.”

Afterwards, Twilight, Spike and BlackWarGreymon left the library. But after the Digimon got his gauntlets back. He had to admit, he felt more comfortable wearing his Dramon Destroyers. During their trip from the library to the kitchen, Spike kept asking BlackWarGreymon about the Digimon and the world he’s from.

“So, are there dragon type Digimon?”

“Yes. There are all kinds of creatures in the Digital World. Some either looked like animals or flowers and rocks. I think I even saw one that looked like an egg with legs.”

Hearing that made Twilight giggle in amusement, while Spike just went out with it and burst out laughing his head off. After catching his breath from rolling around on the floor, he spoke.

“S-se-seriously? A walking talking egg? That’s hilarious!”

Soon enough, they arrived in the kitchen and were having breakfast. Spike had a bowl of gemstones, Twilight had a hay sandwich and BlackWarGreymon decided to have a bowl of soup. He also decided to try and eat with his gauntlets on, since only his thumbs were free to grab. At first it was difficult to grab the spoon but he quickly got the hang of it.

“You can actually eat gemstones?” The Digimon asked Spike.

“Yep, all dragons in Equestria eat gems and gold,” Spike said before realizing something.

“And how can you eat without a…” He was cut off when he saw BlackWarGreymon put the spoon of soup through the area where his mouth would be, and then pulled put the spoon which was now empty.


That was all Spike said.

“Twilight, this soup is very tasty,” The Digimon said, who was still new to food.

“Well, glad you like it,” Twilight said feeling good that her guest appreciates her food. But ever since last night, she kept wondering why BlackWarGreymon didn’t want to talk about the events that brought him to her world. But again she had to get her mind off the subject, she didn’t want to upset him as he was enjoying himself.

After breakfast, the three were heading back to the library. But on their way there, they heard the front castle doors opening and a stampede of hoofsteps heading towards them.

Thinking it might be a threat, BlackWarGreymon stood in front of Twilight and Spike and raised his metallic claws to his sides, ready for battle. The purple princess was surprised by his actions, she only knew him for a day and already he would stand in the face of danger to protect her.

But a fight wasn’t to come. To the Digimon’s surprise, the hoofsteps turned out to be Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity. Although Twilight was happy to see her friends, she was a little confused as to why they were all running.

“Twilight!” They all called out as they stopped to a halt in front of her. Not noticing that BlackWarGreymon was still in battle position.

“Whoh girls, what’s going on?” Twilight asked, unsure why her friends looked startled.

Pinkie Pie was the one who answered her question.

“What? Haven’t you heard? Princess Celestia is coming to visit!”

Twilights’ expression went from normal to mild shock.


While Spike seemed happy about the news, eager to see the sun princess, BlackWarGreymon unfortunately had complete shock written all over his face.

‘She knows I’m here!?’

He then turned to Twilight.

“Twilight, this is about me isn’t it? How did she know about me?”

Despite the alarm in BlackWarGreymon’s voice, Twilight answered calmly.

“Oh, I told her about you in a letter.”


BlackWarGreymon responded in a calm, understanding manner. But it was quickly replaced with alarm.


“Well, Celestia is the ruler of Equestria. She does have the right to know darling,” Rarity said, trying to bring sense to the Digimon.

“I know. But it’s a bit sudden, isn’t it?” He asked while calming down.

“I actually kind of agree. I thought she would write a letter back to me, not actually coming here herself,” Twilight admitted.

“Yeah, and in most fanfictions, we normally bring the special guest to the princess. But this is different. Now she’s coming to us,” Pinkie Pie said in a happy tone, while the others just stared at her with confused looks.

“What ‘fanfictions?’” BlackWarGreymon asked the pink pony, but Fluttershy answered first.

“Never mind, it’s just Pinkie Pie.”

“Ok, but anyway I still haven’t settled in yet. I’m not ready.”

“Wow, you’re more socially awkward then Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Hey,” Twilight said in protest, despite knowing that the Pegasus was only joking around.

“Don’t worry big fella, I’m sure you’re gonna do just fine,” Applejack said, reassuring the Digimon.

“Yeah. And we’ll be right by your side,” Rainbow Dash added while everypony else nodded in agreement.

Again, BlackWarGreymon was touched by the ponies’ kindness, but he was still unsure what Princess Celestia was going to think of him.

Unfortunately for him, that time was fast approaching. Because all of them could hear a chariot approaching from outside. The first royal meeting was imminent.

Twilight could see the uncertainty in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes and had an idea of how to make him feel better.

“Girls, Spike, stay here with BlackWarGreymon for now. I’ll go out there and… smooth things over first.”

Spike and the girls knew what Twilight meant, and nodded in response.

After taking a quick glance at the Digimon, the purple Alicorn went past the front doors while being confident and nervous at the same time.

Once she was outside, Twilight saw the chariot, pulled by four royal guard Pegasi, descending from the sky. Sitting on the chariot was Princess Celestia herself, all in her royal glory.

After the chariot landed, the white Alicorn climbed out and walked to Twilight. With the smaller Alicorn walking towards her.

“Princess Celestia, it’s good to see you…” Twilight was cut off when Celestia wrapped her right foreleg around her and pulled her in for a hug. Twilight was surprised by this, when she looked up she saw the smile on the sun princess’ face.

“It’s so good to see you unharmed, Twilight Sparkle. I hope you and your friends weren’t hurt in anyway,” Celestia said with concern and worry.

“No, we’re fine, really,” Twilight said, trying to reassure the white Alicorn.

Hidden in the darkness of the open entrance, the five mares, the dragon and the Digimon were watching this touching moment.

“Aww, isn’t that sweet,” Pinkie Pie said while admiring the sight.

“Yes it is, Pinkie,” Fluttershy said in response.

While all of them were quiet, BlackWarGreymon just stared at the two, mainly Celestia.

“They both seem deeply connected,” He said to the mares in curiosity.

“Well you see, when Twilight was a Unicorn, Celestia was her teacher and mentor,” Rarity informed him.

“Twilight was her student?” He asked, with Spike getting his attention.

“Yes she was, and I was by her side the whole time.”

After they finished talking, BlackWarGreymon looked back at the two Alicorns. Even at this distance, he could defiantly sense the power within Celestia. Although it was not as strong as Tirek’s, but it was stronger than any pony he met so far.

However, he was not the only one who can sense power from others.

Princess Celestia too could feel the power of the strange being inside Twilight’s castle. She never felt anything like it before, it felt so… unnatural. It’s almost like the Alicorn Amulet, except that this was far stronger. Admittedly, at first she didn’t believe what she read in Twilight’s letter. But now the evidence was right there, in front of her.

Raising her head and letting go of Twilight, she looked at the smaller Alicorn with a stern look.

“Is he here?” She asked, already knowing what the answer was.

“Yes, he’s in the castle with my friends,” Twilight answered, but slightly worried about what Celestia would say next.

“Very well, may he show himself so I can meet him?”

Hearing that made Twilight excited and nervous at the same time again. Excited that she gets to introduce BlackWarGreymon to Princess Celestia, but nervous at how she would react.

“Uhh, yes of course.”

She then looked at the castle entrance and motioned her hoof, telling her friends to come out. When Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash flew out, Twilight spoke again.

“Princess Celestia, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to, BlackWarGreymon.”

As on cue, Celestia heard loud footsteps coming from the entrance. As Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Spike walked out, BlackWarGreymon himself stepped into the light, walking in the same pace as his new friends.

As the gang made their way to the two Alicorns, Celestia froze in place with a wide eye look. As she watched BlackWarGreymon getting closer, the more his intimidating appearance matches his description in Twilight’s letter. As clear as day, she could see his three-horned helmet, his strong black armour, his yellow hair, his dragon-like look and his fierce yellow eyes. It was the eyes that sent a shiver down her spine, they looked as if they’re artificial and that they don’t belong to a living being. In a way, they looked as though they shouldn’t even exist.

Celestia then felt an emotion deep down inside of her starting to spark into life.


But not from this strangers’ appearance, but from what he did upon his arrival.

At the time, Tirek was only half as strong as he was when he attacked Canterlot a few months back. And even at the stage when his power was only half, not even the combined strength of herself and Princess Luna would be enough to defeat him. It would either take a miracle, powerful magic, a massive army or a giant monster to stand a chance against Tirek. But this, this she definatly never thought possible. A creature smaller than the evil lord, defeating him all by himself and according to Twilight’s letter in record breaking time!

To even possess such power was thought to be insane. But right in front of her, was living proof that it wasn’t.

As all these thoughts entered Celestia’s mind, the spark of fear inside of her burned. Although she’s trying to put on a brave face, but deep inside, she was terrified. If he wanted to, the armoured Digimon literally has the power to conquer Equestria with virtually no opposition in his way. She hoped he really was what Twilight said about him. A protector. A friend.

As he approached her, BlackWarGreymon was slightly startled by Celestia’s appearance. She was taller than any pony he’s seen. From the base of her hoof to the tip of her horn, she was roughly five foot six inches tall, about half the size of himself. Like Twilight she too was an Alicorn, with fairly large wings and a horn that looked as though it could poke someone’s eye out. Unlike Twilight, she was wearing royal jewellery. She wore golden horse shoes, a golden crown with a purple gem in the centre and a golden regalia around her neck, which also has a purple gem. Her fur was as white as snow and her cutiemark was that of the sun. To BlackWarGreymon, the strange thing about her was her mane and tail. Like Rainbow Dash, they were striped but them having a lighter shade of blue, green, indigo and pink. But what was strange about them was the fact they were sparkling and waving, as if they were in the wind even though there was none.

Afterwards, BlackWarGreymon stopped about seven feet away from Celestia. His intimidating but yet curious eyes meeting her fearful ones as he looked down at her. But she wasn’t the only one, all four of her royal guards were trembling in fear at the sight of their visitor.

As silence continued between the white Alicorn and the black Control Spire Digimon, Twilight spoke.

“Umm… BlackWarGreymon, meet Princess Celestia,” She said proudly, despite the awkwardness of the situation.

Knowing the silence wasn’t going anywhere, BlackWarGreymon tried to make a good first impression.

“So, you’re the ruler of this world Twilight told me about.”

Celestia felt a tidal wave of fear when she heard his voice. The way it sounds was like the type that whatever he does, he wouldn’t care about any consequence. To her, it was a voice of a being who doesn’t care, who only brings violence, destruction and malice.

BlackWarGreymon immediately sensed the increase of fear and tried a different approach.

“You’re the one who raises the sun and brings day to your land, is that true?”

Celestia had to answer his question, having no idea what he might do if she doesn’t tell him.

“Uhh… y-yes,” Her voice was shaky, as fear was gripping her throat.

But what the Digimon said next was something she didn’t expect at all.

“Wow. Even by my standards, that kind of power is greatly admired. I see why your subjects love you such.”

The moment BlackWarGreymon said that, all the fear in Celestia was gone. And instead, was replaced by awe and surprise, which was then joined by happiness. The fact that a powerful being like him actually admires what she does on a daily basis. And, despite his voice, what he said was perhaps one of the nicest things someone had ever said about her.

‘Oh there he goes again with his sweet talk,’ Twilight thought to herself, still amazed how calm BlackWarGreymon was despite what he said back in the castle.

“And there’s no need to fear me. I do not wish to harm you or your subjects. They’re my friends,” He continued, and that’s when he realised that the rest of the Main Six and Spike were bowing.

Twilight motioned her hoof at him, telling him that he needs to bow as well. At first glance, it seemed that the Digimon couldn’t understand what the purple Alicorn was trying to imply.

But deep down, he understood perfectly, but refuses to do so. To him, bowing means one subjecting to another, and he didn’t like the idea of doing such things to an inferior being.

Celestia can also see what Twilight was doing and spoke up.

“It’s ok Twilight, there’s no need for him to bow.”

Twilight looked at Celestia in confusion. To them, bowing shows respect to royalty, and what BlackWarGreymon was doing was disrespectful. But she then remembered that when she first met him, he didn’t bow back then. What Celestia was doing was either respecting that he’s the type who doesn’t bow before others due to his past, or because she’s still afraid and didn’t want to offend him.

BlackWarGreymon felt slightly relieved, because of his past he bows to no one. Then it was Celestia’s turn to ask a question. Her voice getting more confident.

“Tell me, is it true that you’re responsible for Tirek’s defeat?”

BlackWarGreymon figured that Twilight would have mentioned that in her letter. He then answered the question.


Celestia didn’t know what to feel, her emotions were now mixed. But with the fact that she was convinced he’s good, she knew exactly what to say.

“Well. For that, I personally thank you BlackWarGreymon…” To everyone’s surprise, even to the royal guards, Celestia spread her wings and bowed to the Digimon. “…for saving my subjects from Tirek’s wrath.”

She then raised her head to look at BlackWarGreymon, but this time with a heart-warming smile.

“If it wasn’t for you, Twilight and her friends wouldn’t even be here.”

For the first time in his life, BlackWarGreymon felt a little embarrassed. He would be blushing if he was capable of it, but despite this, he felt really appreciated to being thanked for once.

He was starting to really like being the good guy.

“Uhh, thank you, princess. But it’s nothing special, I fight practically all the time.”

His response made everypony look at him in disbelief.

“What?” He asked.

Twilight spoke first.

“’Nothing special’? D-Don’t you even realise the threat Tirek posed?”

BlackWarGreymon looked at Twilight with a confused look. Then Celestia spoke.

“She’s right. Tirek would have taken over Equestria if it weren’t for you.”

It was the Digimon’s turn to have a look of disbelief.

“Seriously? Is Tirek really that much of a threat?” He asked while looking at his friends, only to see them nodding their heads saying yes.

“Yes. Tirek’s considered to be the most powerful villain known so far. It would take a great deal from us to even stand and fight him,” Twilight said while remembering the time when she fought Tirek. At the time, she had the combined magic of herself, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence.

BlackWarGreymon still couldn’t believe how powerful Tirek sounded, but the Centaur was a mere pushover compared to him. In the fight, he never stood a chance.

“I trust your battle wasn’t too much for you, considering that you defeated him all on your own?” Celestia asked BlackWarGreymon, but his answer was opposite of what she was expecting.

“’Too much?’ The fight ended too quickly, I didn’t have a chance to make fun of him.”

His response made Spike and the Mane Six giggle in amusement, even Celestia cracked a chuckle.

“So you are as powerful as Twilight said you were,” The sun princess said, still surprised that he was able to defeat Tirek all on his own.

“Guess I am,” The armoured Digimon replied.

After some silence, Celestia had an idea.

“Again, thank you for saving us. And as a reward for your bravery, I would like to personally give you a tour around Canterlot Castle.

The group were awe-stricken. The sun princess was giving her thanks and awarding him on the same day. The Main Six were proud of BlackWarGreymon for his accomplishments he achieved since he arrived. Although the royal guards were mentally praying that he would say no, BlackWarGreymon figured it would be a great idea, so he would get to see more of Equestria.

“Princess Celestia, I will gladly accept your offer,” He said as politely as possible. While the guards were cursing themselves, everyone else grew smiles on their faces.

“Wonderful,” Celestia said as she made her way back to her chariot. As she climbed on, she looked back at Twilight.

“You and your friends are welcome to come along, Twilight,” She said.

The Mane Six were excited that they could tag along with their new friend. But Rainbow Dash pointed out something.

“Wait. Are those four guards able to pull all of us?” She asked, but Celestia was one step ahead of her.

“It’s ok,” She then sent out a signal with her magic, summoning another chariot with four more guards from the sky.

“I always have a backup.”

‘Well, she came prepared.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself.

As the group made their way to the chariots, Twilight noticed Spike wasn’t following them.

“Aren’t you coming with us?” She asked the young dragon.

“Nah, you go on ahead. I still got some things to do here,” He replied, while knowing about a secret pile of gemstones back in his room just begging to be eaten.

“Ok, take care of the place while we’re gone Spike,” She said before getting on the second chariot with the rest of the Mane Six.

As BlackWarGreymon walked over to them, Celestia called him over.

“If you like, BlackWarGreymon. You can ride with me.”

Normally, BlackWarGreymon would refuse and chose to fly instead. But he didn’t want to offend the sun princess.

With that in mind, he stepped onto the chariot and stood next to Celestia. The royal guards were shaking in their armour with the thing they fear standing behind them.

“If you don’t mind, I prefer to stand,” He said to Celestia.

“As you wish.”

Soon the two chariots set off and took to the sky. The Mane Six were waving goodbye to Spike as he waved back.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” Pinkie Pie shouted, earning some laughs from her fellow pony friends.

Celestia was silent, but then looked over to BlackWarGreymon, who was looking down at Ponyville from above. He saw all the ponies getting on with their lives, happy as can be.

“You saved all those lives down there, and many more,” She reminded him.

The Digimon then turned his head so he was facing the white Alicorn.

“And in time, I’ll do it again,” He said, earning another smile from Celestia.
Canterlot Castle, Luna’s tower

While she was escorted by her bodyguard, Princess Luna was troubled.

Many thoughts crossed her mind. How did Tirek escaped again? Who was this mysterious being from another world? How in the world was he able to defeat Tirek on his own? And why did Celestia insisted that she would confront him alone?

These and many more questions filled her mind, causing her distress. Her guard took note of this.

“Princess Luna, are you feeling alright?” The concerned Unicorn stallion asked.

“I’m fine, thank you. I’m just… troubled that’s all,” Luna replied, this got the guard more curious.

“Ohh? What about?”

“Recent events. First the magic disturbance, then Tirek’s escape and now this… strange being.”

That last bit left the guard confused.

“Strange being?”

“Yes. Apparently he was responsible for Tirek’s defeat,” She informed him.

“Really?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes. Before she left to meet him, my sister dubbed him as our ‘saviour’.”

The guard had a look of astonishment.

“Wow, never thought anypony can stop Tirek alone.”

What Luna said next sent a chill in the guards’ spine.

“I assure you, our saviour is no pony.”

After that there was a long silence as they made their way to Luna’s chambers. Before the night princess could enter, the guard got her attention.

“Umm… your highness?”


As Luna looked at him, the guard was finding it difficult to put his words together. But finally he managed to spit it out.

“Um…I-I was just wondering…um…if you and I would like t-to...go out sometime?”

Luna sighed in annoyance. This wasn’t the first time a stallion asked her out for a date. Ever since she returned from her one thousand year imprisonment in the moon, many noble stallions and gentlecolts asked her for a date or more painfully, just outright get married!

But Luna rejected all of them. At the time it was only frequent, but ever since she accidently caught a bouquet of flowers at one of the weddings she attended, literally every stallion who were single asked her, but she still refused.

There was a reason Luna constantly rejected their offers. It’s because she believes that whoever she wants to spend her life with, she must fall in love with him first. If not right away, then at least find someone interesting enough for her to try and see any connections between the two. Someone who understands her. Until then, Luna felt she wasn’t ready.

“I… appreciate the offer. But I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

Despite being rejected, the guard tried to regain his pride.

“Oh… it’s ok. Never mind. My mistake.”

‘And there goes my pride.’

With that, Luna entered her chamber, leaving the guard alone mentally cursing himself.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a loud crash, coming from Luna’s chamber.

“Princess Luna!” He shouted as he burst his way through the door, only to discover that the whole room was full of rubble.

As he looked around he saw a giant hole in the wall with something moving in the dust cloud. Then he saw huge crimson red eyes glowing through the cloud, and staring at him. As the creature turned its massive head towards the guard, it revealed to be an enormous yellow dragon.

As its hungry eyes stared down at the guards fearful ones, it smelled him. And then it spoke with the voice of a male demonic beast.

“A Unicorn. Tasty and ripe with magical flavour.”

Before he could take a bite, something in the corner of his eye got his attention. It then set his sights on the far wall to see Princess Luna, who was knocked out cold from the falling debris.

“An Alicorn!? Never tried those before.” He said before retreating his head from the hole. And to the guards’ horror, a four clawed hand reached out and grabbed the unconscious princess.

After claiming his prize, the dragon flew away, causing the tower itself to shake a little. The guard then ran towards the gaping hole in the wall, and along with the other guards and panicking citizens, watched the dragon fly off with his captive.

The guard took note of the dragon’s appearance, Apart from him having red eyes and yellow scales, his whole body was very long, almost like a serpent. From nose to tail, he was about one hundred and thirty meters long, probably making him the longest dragon to have come to Equestria. His wings were small for his size but were still capable of flight. A row of white spikes from the back of his head to the end of his tail. A cluster of long spikes at the tip of his tail. A small horn on its long snout and on each side of his head were three horns.

The guard then ran back towards the corridor as fast as he could.

“I must inform Princess Celestia at once!”
Canterlot Castle gardens, five minutes after the attack

The two chariots, one holding the Main Six and the other holding Princess Celestia and BlackWarGreymon, were heading towards the landing spot. During their trip, the armoured Digimon took the time to look at the city of Canterlot. Unlike Ponyville, literally everypony were wearing suits and dresses, and the shops all looked fancy. Also the buildings and homes looked were more modern then the ones in Ponyville.

But what caught his vision the most was the castle itself. It was massive, with towers that looked as though they could reach the clouds.

As he marvelled at the sight in front of him, Celestia asked him something she had on her mind for a while.

“During your fight, how was it that Tirek wasn’t able to steal your powers?”

“Probably because my powers aren’t magic based,” He answered.

“Then where do your powers come from?” The princess asked again.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that every Digimon is born with their own abilities,” He said before asking Celestia a question.

“Is it true that magic is all around us?”

“Why yes. The land is full of magic and we Alicorns and Unicorns are able to harness it in the use of spells,” She answered before realizing that there was more to that question.

“Why do you ask?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think before answering.

“Well you see… the moment I arrived here, I’ve felt a strange force all around me, and at the same time, I felt stronger than I ever was. From what Twilight told me, the strange force I was feeling was the magic of this world.”

Celestia found this information fascinating.

“It seems the magic of Equestria is having a positive effect on your powers,” She said, knowing that it makes perfect sense.

“Kind of ironic, since my powers are composed of negative energy.”

Celestia had a brief look if confusion at what BlackWarGreymon said.

‘Negative energy?’

She didn’t have time to properly think it over. Because the moment the two chariots landed, she saw a royal guard rushing towards her in alarm.

“Princess Celestia, we have a crisis!” He said as he bowed before her.

“What is the crisis?” Celestia asked as she, BlackWarGreymon and the Mane Six got out of the chariots.

“It’s Princess Luna! She’s been captured!”

What he said made the mares gasp in shock, while BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened.

“What!?” Celestia said in alarm.

“Captured!?” Twilight joined in.

“It was a massive dragon. It just broke into Luna’s tower and it took off with her. We tried to stop it but it happened so fast.” The guard explained.

“This is a disaster!” Fluttershy said to her friends while Rarity fainted.

Celestia was speechless, if nothing was to be done, it could have disastrous consequences.

While all this was happening, BlackWarGreymon suddenly felt something deep down inside him quickly building up. The urge he was feeling was responsibility. He first felt it when he protected the tiny pink flower back in the Digital World, and he felt it again when he did the same to Fluttershy. Ever since Celestia herself thanked him for defeating Tirek, he felt deeply responsible for the innocent lives of Equestria.

And because of that, it made him very protective over them.

With responsibility kicking in, BlackWarGreymon stepped forward.

“Where did it take her?”

The guard was startled at first from seeing the Digimon but quickly shook if off.

“W-We don’t know. But we saw it flew north-east.” The guard said as he pointed to the mountain peaks.

Now that he knows where to go, BlackWarGreymon’s mind was set and ran full speed past the guard and towards the mountains.

Unsure and confused by his rapid change in behaviour, Celestia and the Main Six ran after him, trying to keep up with his pace. But it wasn't easy, since the Digimon was much larger than they were. But because she was taller than a normal pony, the sun princess was faster than the Main Six on land and found herself just behind BlackWarGreymon.

“Where are you going!?” Celestia called out, but she soon was stopped in her tracks when she heard his response.

“To save your sister!” He said before leaping into the air and took flight. Within moments the tall Digimon was a mere black dot as he flew further away.

All the ponies then came to a halt. Rainbow Dash had a surprised look on her face as she just witnessed BlackWarGreymon’s speed when he flew away. Celestia too had a surprised expression, but not from BlackWarGreymon’s speed. She turned to Twilight with a look of confusion, the purple Alicorn already knew why she had that look.

“Oh, did I mention that he can fly?”

Chapter 8: Dragon Wars

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Although Canterlot rests on the side of a mountain, but many of its neighboring mountains remains either unexplored or uncharted. The main reasons for this was either the area of the mountains were incredibly vast and that they hold many hidden dangers and mysterious creatures.

For a long time, many ponies went to explore the distant peaks. But none ever came back out alive. It was so dangerous that even the princesses themselves were nervous and decided that no pony should ever venture there. Despite the disappearances being a complete mystery to pony kind, the reason these ponies never returned was because they were all pray to hungry, carnivorous monsters. One of these terrifying monsters was the most feared of all and the one responsible for the abduction of Princess Luna.

The giant yellow serpent dragon.

Measuring at one hundred and thirty meters long, the beast was around for hundreds of years. And probably the longest dragon in Equestria history.

Like most dragons, this one also eats gems. But it mostly prefers fresh meat. And now Luna was on the menu.

After flying through a large cave in one of the mountains, maneuvering through long passageways, the giant dragon landed in the centre of a huge camber. The chamber being big enough for him to fly around in the shadows to tease his pray.

As he dropped the unconscious princess, the dragon sniffed her. Taking in her scent.

“Mmm…so delicious…” He said, unable to stop drooling from his desire to taste Alicorn blood for the first time.

Unfortunately for him, Luna regained consciousness and opened her eyes just in time to see the dragons’ gaping mouth, full of razor sharp teeth. Using her magic, she teleported away just moments before the yellow beast snapped its jaws to where she was.

The dragon however was not surprised. His Unicorn pray had done the same thing in the past. But in the end they never made it out of the cave. He looked around and saw the Night Princess reappearing a great distance away.

“What is this!? You dare try to make a meal out of me!” She shouted in rage, near enough to her famous Canterlot voice.

“That was the idea,” The dragon said before running towards the blue Alicorn.

Thanks to the dragon’s long body, the distance between him and Luna closed very quickly. Before he could chomp on her the second time, Luna spread her wings and took flight above the dragon’s head. Using her magic again, she fired a lightning-shaped beam of energy from her horn directly on top of the dragon’s head.

Just because she was of royalty, that doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself.

To a normal adult dragon, Luna’s magic attack would have been painful. But because of his size, the attack spell was more like a pinch to the yellow dragon.

Luna then tried to fly towards the exit of the cave, but the dragon too took flight and with greater speed, collided the side of his horns into the princess, knocking her out of the sky. The shock of the impact may have paralyzed her wings, but not her magic. The Alicorn teleported moments before hitting the ground and reappeared in the centre of the chamber.

She then looked all around to find the yellow beast, but couldn’t find him. She then looked up to the ceiling to see if she was blindsided, but to her surprise it wasn’t there too. She then realised he was hiding in the shadows of the cave walls.

Luna then heard a sinister laugh echoing through the chamber. Which was then followed by a voice.

“The thing that you fear, is only getting closer…”

Luna tried to turn her head to where the voice originated, but the echo made it sound like it came from everywhere.


The situation was starting to unnerve her.


Luna then darted her head everywhere in panic and frustration.

“…before your very eyes.”

The dragon then silently appeared behind her in the air, not making a sound. This was his technique on how to hunt his pray once he captures them and when they put up a fight. He hides in the shadows, intimidate his victim until they show signs of panic, lurk behind them and strike.

Unfortunately, the tactic didn’t work this time.

As he started to descend to strike, his stomach made a loud growl demanding for food. When the sound of the growl made its way to Luna’s ears, she quickly turned her head just in time to see the yellow beast approaching.

She immediately ran to one side and let out a scream of surprise when the dragon smashed his head to the ground, just inches away from her.

Using this to her advantage, Luna kicked her hind legs straight into the dragon’s left eye. After the beast roared in pain and clenched his injured eye with his claw, Luna took to the sky, flew around the dragon’s head and fired a magic beam into his right eye.

With the dragon in great pain and temporarily blinded, Luna then fired her magic beam on the oversized reptile’s face, creating small explosions as concentrated magic hit reptilian scales.

In a blind rage, the dragon waved his arms everywhere, hoping that his claws could land a hit on the assaulting Alicorn.

And it payed off. His claw swiped at Luna, sending her skidding across the ground and into the far wall. As the dragon rubbed his eyes to ease the pain and to see again, the Alicorn decided to use this opportunity to escape. She tried to stand up, but only to collapse back on the ground. She found out that she sprained her leg during the fall. She then tried to fly, but the moment she flexed her wings she felt a very painful sting. When the dragon hit her, his claw had apparently clipped her wing.

She had no choice, she had to use a healing spell on herself. But healing both her leg and her wing was going to take time. Time that she doesn’t have.

After regaining his sights, the dragon looked around and spotted the Night Princess. Seeing her in a state was making him fell hungry even more.

“It appears we’ve reached the end of the game, princess,” He said, sending a dead cold chill through Luna’s spine as he slowly walked towards her on all fours like a cat.

“W-what do you hope to g-gain from this?” Luna asked, her voice being shaky from the pain and the fear.

However, the dragon’s response made her eyes widen in pure horror.

“Your blood!”


The dragon explained.

“For many years I’ve feasted on your kind. You ponies are such easy prey. But out of all the ponies I’ve devoured, the Unicorns were far more to my liking,” As he continued, Luna was feeling dread and fear overwhelming her. “Unlike Pegasi and Earth Ponies, Unicorns possess magic. And it’s the magic that makes Unicorns taste so irresistible.”

He then remembered the time he first ate a Unicorn. He couldn’t believe the amount of flavour the one pony had. Since then the more Unicorns he ate, the tastier they become.

“And now you want to try me?” Luna asked, despite already knowing the answer.

“Yes. For a long time I’ve heard rumors about Alicorns. That they have the qualities of all three normal ponies. That their magic is more powerful than that of a Unicorn. For years I’ve always wanted to taste Alicorn flesh. And now it seems I’ve got my wish,” He said while crouching down in a pounce position like a big cat. Getting ever closer to the fearful princess.

Mountain peaks, not too far away

BlackWarGreymon kept on flying at high speed in the same direction where he took off back at Canterlot. As he flew by he was trying to locate the kidnapped princess in a similar way he once did with the Destiny Stones back in the Digital World. Flying around trying to find a massive power source and head to that direction.

He also had another advantage in his search. During his time with Princess Celestia, he felt her power signature. And since Luna was her sister, recognizing her power signature would be easy. But right now, the problem he’s facing was trying to find that power signature.

“It’s been some time since I arrived at these peaks. Surely I must feel her power by now.”

As if someone answered his prayer, BlackWarGreymon felt a power source. It was similar to Celestia’s so he knew it was Luna’s. But what was worrying him was how weak it suddenly became.

“No! I must hurry!”

There’s a good reason why he’s determined to save her. If he failed, he would lose his new friends and would then question his newfound destiny. He would be lead astray and eventually go on an endless quest to find his new purpose.

But he didn’t want that to happen. Not one bit of it.

Now homing in on Luna’s power source, BlackWarGreymon found a mountain with a large cave gaping out of it. Realising that the Alicorn was deep in the cave, the Digimon flew much faster until he was just a speeding black blur. Then without fear and hesitation, he flew straight into the cave.

Deep within the cave, main chamber

The dragon was now only inches away from Luna. Again and again the Alicorn tried to get back up, but because of her sprained leg and clipped wing she kept collapsing on the ground. The dragon then grew a sinister grin on his face, knowing that his struggling prey wasn’t going anywhere.

“Don’t worry, princess. This would only end quickly,” He said before slowly rearing his head back and opening his mouth.

Luna then started to tear up. The thought that it was the end for her and that she would never again see her big sister again was starting to become too much for her to bare. And that a huge row of dragon teeth lunging towards her would be the last thing she would ever see.

At least it would be, if fate hadn’t decided to save her.

A speeding black blur flew straight out of a passage way and into the main chamber, where it smashed upwards into the left side of the dragon’s jaw. The impact sounded like an explosion as the yellow beast was flown upwards while corkscrewing on the spot, in the direction where the black blur was heading.

Luna was so in shock of what just happened the only thing she knew was that something attacked the dragon.

After making his impact on the dragon, BlackWarGreymon flipped around so his feet were facing the oncoming wall. Soon after he landed on it, he pushed himself off the wall and flew towards the dragon in the exact same speed as before. This time he smashed into the dragon’s jaw on the right-hand side, leaving him corkscrewing in the same direction.

This time Luna saw what happened, something very fast was assaulting the yellow giant. At first she thought it was Rainbow Dash, because only she could fly at such speeds. But instead of a rainbow blur what the Pegasus makes, this one was black. Also there was no way a pony even like Rainbow Dash could easily hurt a dragon that big.

As Luna saw the black blur disappearing in the shadows, the dragon fell to the ground with a pain-filled jaw. At first Luna thought that his scales were sore from the beating, but as she got a proper view, it was something she didn’t expect a tall.

Underneath the dragon’s lower jaw, were two three-clawed slash marks. Luna was surprised. Whatever the black blur was, it was sharp enough to cleave through the dragon scales like a knife through hot butter.

Soon the dragon got back up on his legs and darted his head around. Then it reared up, standing on his rear legs to get better vision, but still he saw nothing.

“Who’s there!? SHOW YOUR SELF!!”

Luna too was looking around to spot the blur, but like the dragon she also saw nothing. But after a brief second, she saw the blur zoomed past over her head and straight into the dragon’s now exposed underbelly.

As the projectile collided into the pale yellow scales, the dragon felt the very air in his lungs being forced out. Immediately afterwards, the object pushed the dragon back with incredible force, and then smashed him into a wall, throwing up a massive cloud of dust and stones.

As Luna watched on in wonder, interest and surprise, she saw the black blur leaving the dust cloud and back into the shadows. Although it moved slower this time, Luna still didn’t know what it was. But she did saw a bit of the colour yellow in the blur.

Afterwards, the dragon flew out of the dust cloud and moved to the middle of the chamber, hovering above the ground. After releasing a roar of anger and defiance, the oversized drake spewed flames from his mouth into every dark part of the cave he could find. Illuminating the cave so he could either see his tormentor or flush it out.

As the flames start to die down, it seems the dragon’s plan didn’t work. But Luna just saw something move in the dying lights of the flames.

The dragon stayed in place as he used his supreme sense of hearing, using the technique to hear where his intruder was coming from.

This soon payed off. The dragon heard something approaching from behind.

With fast reactions, the yellow dragon used his long, spiky and surprisingly flexible tail to lash out and the object. Completely encasing BlackWarGreymon.

The dragon chuckled in delight as he tightened his grip.

“Hah, got ya!”

Then the dragon felt something moving in his coils, and then started to spin, slowly gaining speed.

On the ground Luna could see what was happening. She noticed that as the spinning was gaining momentum, the dragon’s tail was being reeled in like a fishing rod. By the time the dragon found out what was going on, his tail was completely rounded up and was now pulling him in.

“What the…!”

Before he could finish his sentence, his spinning captive started to spin suddenly much faster and the rest of him was pulled in, spinning around with his head sticking out and flailing everywhere.

“W-WH-WHAT I-IS T-THIS!?” He said while spinning and getting incredibly dizzy.

As Luna watched all this happening before her, she saw a column of black winds forming at the top and bottom of the coils. Creating a tornado. Disbelief was written all over her face as she saw the tornado getting bigger as it spun faster. She then realised these were no ordinary winds, because she could see that the dragon was in pain. As if the winds were hearting him.

Soon the dragon had enough of the spinning. But as he loosened his grip in his tail, he was sent hurtling out of the black tornado and straight into a far wall. Now with nothing holding it back the tornado immediately grew even bigger, the top touching the cave ceiling and the bottom scrapping the ground.

Luna was at a safe distance away, but her fur was blowing madly from such a force.

After getting back up in the air, the dragon’s eyes glowed in rage. And then spewed a sea of fire straight at the tornado. Unexpectedly, the fire ignited the black winds and within moments, the entire tornado combusted into flames, turning into a fire tornado. Both Luna and the yellow dragon had to cover their eyes as the column of flames lit up the entire chamber. As the fiery light died down enough for them to open their eyes, the reptile and the Alicorn saw a black silhouette spinning in the heart of the tornado of fire.

Shortly, the fire tornado started to dissipate. As it did, the spinning silhouette started to slow down. As the last of the flames died around him, with an outward slash of his Chrome Digizoid claws, BlackWarGreymon faced the yellow dragon while dispelling the flames, revealing himself in all his awesome glory.

As the atmosphere in the cave suddenly got quiet, Princess Luna couldn’t believe her eyes. The armoured being was only five to six times bigger than the yellow dragon’s eyeball, but from what she saw he looked as though he had the strength of a full grown dragon. His strength betraying his size. But what was startling that even from a distance, he looked just like the description of the being in Twilight’s letter.

“Wait. Is… is he the one Princess Twilight wrote about?” She whispered to herself.

While Luna looked at the Digimon in awe, the dragon looked at him in hatred and disbelief. How could a creature that small be able to push him around like a ragdoll? If other dragons hear word about this, he would be a laughing stock to his species. Dragons would mock him and would make a fool out of him.

No. He can’t allow that. There’s only one way out of this mess. The dragon would have to fight him.

BlackWarGreymon just stared at the yellow dragon, who was many times bigger then himself. He didn’t look at the Alicorn because he didn’t need to. From what he got from reading her power signature, Luna was still alive.

But she was harmed, and he would not let the dragon hurt her again.

No matter what.

‘Background music’ ‘A Demons Fate by Within Temptation’

As the dragon’s blood red eyes stared at BlackWarGreymon’s soulless yellow eyes, the beast released a loud roar of challenge and started to fly towards the Digimon. The black dragon warrior anticipated the obvious approach and flew straight towards the dragon. But with his much smaller size, he could fly much faster from starting point then the dragon. To the yellow lizard’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon flew at his face and wrapped his arms around the drake’s snout.

BlackWarGreymon then reared his head back and then slammed it in-between the yellow beast’s eyes. The sheer blow to the head forced the dragon closer to the ground. But BlackWarGreymon then flew down towards his head again and with his three-clawed gauntlet, he punched the dragon square in the face. Which was quickly then followed by a swinging kick.

The dragon forcefully crashed to the ground from the three beatings, just fifty feet from Princess Luna. The Night Princess was in shock. Her magic attacks hardly fazed the dragon but the armoured being managed to force the beast back by brute force alone. She then looked up just in time to see the digital being swoop down towards the fallen dragon, collided into his chest and pushed the colossal reptile back, creating huge groves in the ground. After a few seconds, he then flew to the dragon’s head. After grabbing the right side of the reptile’s face with his right arm below his jaw, BlackWarGreymon slammed the dragon’s head to the ground, creating a crater and some tremors.

The dragon was now pissed off. With an angered snarl, he flew back before moving towards BlackWarGreymon. Reaching his claws out, he grabbed the Digimon and slammed him into the ground while using his weight to squish him more.

Despite this, the dragon knew his intruder was still alive. While keeping a tight hold on the Artificial Digimon, he flew towards a cave wall and slammed BlackWarGreymon into it. He then flew upwards and then across the wall while pressing BlackWarGreymon against the wall. Creating a single grove in the stone.

While his armour was protecting him from the stone wall, it was the squeeze that was hurting him. Knowing that the dragon’s scales were not tougher then they look, BlackWarGreymon raised his arms into the air and impaled his Digizoid claws through the yellow scales and into the flesh underneath.

Weapons which were extremely deadly against draconic foes, Dramon Destroyers were specifically designed to kill dragons or dragon-type Digimon. In fact, Dramon Destroyer means Dragon Killer.

Feeling a sudden sharp pain in his hand, the dragon let out a roar of sheer agony. Pain he hadn’t felt in a long time. He then waved his arm around, trying to loosen the Digimon’s grasp.

It payed off. BlackWarGreymon lost his grip and was flung into a faraway wall, crashing through it on impact and surrounded by dust. The dragon then inspected his hand, clear as day he could see three puncture wounds as his blood leaked out.

During this moment, Luna heard a strange noise. She turned her head to see that it was coming from where the armoured being crashed. What startled her more was that she then saw what looked like black mist seeping out of the dust cloud.

Then she heard his voice.


Luna then saw him shooting out of the wall, covered in transparent black mists of energy and heading straight for the dragon. The yellow beast was too busy being distracted by his cut to notice BlackWarGreymon flying towards him at breakneck speed.

Like before, the dragon felt air escaping his lungs as the energized Digimon collided into his stomach. Only this time it was more painful due to the energy BlackWarGreymon was giving off. And like before, the Digimon pushed the dragon across the cave and into another wall, throwing up a giant cloud of dust as the ground trembled from the impact.

After mustering enough strength to stand back up, Luna stared at the dust cloud in complete shock. This was a kind of battle she had never witnessed before in her life. Normally, another giant dragon would have the strength to fight another like the yellow dragon, but this armoured being has that strength.

As she looked on, nothing seems to be moving in the dust cloud. But was startled when BlackWarGreymon flew out like a bullet, with the dragon following close behind. The Digimon did a massive U-turn that stretched to the ceiling, but the dragon was still giving chase. Then in mid-air, BlackWarGreymon quickly turned around and kicked the dragons jaw. The strength behind the blow knocked the dragons head back, but was soon back in hot pursuit as he chased the Digimon. BlackWarGreymon landed on a wall and then immediately jumped off, but the dragon followed his every direction.

As he flew to the opposite wall, BlackWarGreymon let out a sudden burst of speed and started to gain distance from the beast. As the Digimon reached the wall, he twisted his body around so he was facing the advancing snake-like beast with his feet pressed against the wall of stone. He then waited for the right moment as the dragon got closer.

“Can’t catch be, big guy,” He said, taunting and tempting the dragon to attack.

As the speeding dragon was only a few feet away, BlackWarGreymon pushed his feet against the wall, jumping out of the way from the dragon’s path. Afterwards, the dragon flew headfirst straight into the wall, making pain-filled grunting sounds as he released more dust in the air.

Princess Luna kept her eye on BlackWarGreymon as he flew back some distance away from the dragon. And to her confusion, the Digimon raised his arms in the air, putting his claws together and started to spin.


After spinning mush faster, black winds appeared and covered BlackWarGreymon’s entire body. He then made his way towards the dragon, just as the dust cleared. The yellow beast turned his head only to see a spinning black cone slamming across the right side of his face. Sparks flew everywhere as Chrome Digizoid armour made contact with tough yellow scales. The snake-like beast tried to recover, but before he could the spinning Digimon did a U-turn and slammed the dragon in the face on the left.

This process was repeated several times, assaulting the beast as sparks fly. After the tornado attack gave the dragon an uppercut to the chin, it flew over and behind the dragon. Thereby making its way underneath the beast and straight up to the dragon’s stomach. This time BlackWarGreymon spun mush faster, making the black tornado even bigger and, to the dragon’s surprise, pushing him clean of his feet and in the air.

Luna, now wide eyed and opened mouthed, kept on watching something that should be impossible as the dragon was lifted as his body spun in the same direction as the ever-growing tornado.

Then the column of black winds slammed the dragon into the ceiling. The beast roared in defiance as his body was spinning while his stomach being pressed into the stone ceiling.

To the dragon, this felt like being screwed in by a screwdriver.

After a few seconds, the dragon’s yellow wings caught a stray gust of wind and tried to use it to escape the swirling vortex. But because of all the spinning, the dragon was flung straight out of the tornado and crashed to the ground.

The tornado then began to shrink until the black winds was barely the size of BlackWarGreymon himself. After raising his head out of the ground, the enraged yellow dragon unleashed a stream of fire directly at BlackWarGreymon. As the fire got close, the Digimon flew back down to the ground with fire trailing from his hands. After landing on the stone ground, BlackWarGreymon stared back at the winged serpent who was a great distance away.

After a brief moment of silence, the ten foot tall Digimon charged at the one hundred and thirty foot long reptile, with the dragon charging back. As the two got closer, BlackWarGreymon brought his claws ready and leapt towards the dragon’s head. As he got nearer to the beast’s face, the Digimon turned into a black blur, moving so fast Luna couldn’t keep a track on him. But what followed next was a metallic slashing sound, and then BlackWarGreymon reappeared behind the dragon with his right arm pointing forwards.

Luna knew he slashed something. But what?

The dragon’s cry of agony brought forward her answer. She looked at the reptile to see the top two horns on the right side of his head sliced off completely.

After wailing in pain, the dragon swung his tail around and slammed it into the Digimon’s back, sending him flying into a wall. After shaking the pain off, the dragon raised his tail up in the air, as if expecting his tormentor to appear.

He didn’t have to wait very long, because BlackWarGreymon came flying out of the hole in the wall and towards the dragon yet again. But the beast was ready for him. The moment he saw him, he swung his tail down, intending to crush his opponent.

But BlackWarGreymon saw it coming. As the tail full of spikes came down on him, he crossed his arms together to block the attack. As he took the blow, the force of it pushed the Digimon’s legs through the ground, crumbling from the weight of the Digimon and the attack. But amazingly he wasn’t even fazed in the slightest.

Luna was undeniably impressed. This being from another world was scrapped across stone and thrown into a wall twice, but he still had the energy to keep fighting. Plus despite the sharp stones and dragon spikes, his armour hadn’t suffered a single scratch. She could tell that his armour, as well as himself, were incredibly strong and durable.


The dragon tried to squish the Digimon with his tail the second time, but again BlackWarGreymon blocked it with his arms formed into an X. smoke blew out of the dragon’s snout as he was getting more frustrated. He was determined to squish his intruder into the dirt.

With a roar, he raised his tail yet again and swung it down. But instead of blocking it, BlackWarGreymon raised his arms up and caught the tail in his hands.

The dragon was admittedly caught off-guard that the Digimon had the strength to catch such a large oncoming tail, but he was going to get a surprise of his life at what his opponent did next.

After gaining a firm hold on the dragon’s tail, BlackWarGreymon swung it over his head, unbelievably taking the rest of the lizard’s body with it. The dragon shrieked out in shock, surprise and defiance as the Digimon slammed him back-fist to the ground. He then did it again, throwing the dragon with impossibly immense strength overhead, then slamming his stomach and head to the ground.

Again, Luna watched the whole thing with a wide-eyed, open mouth look. This dragon was perhaps the longest dragon in Equestria, and yet the armoured Digimon was simply tossing him around like a broken twig.

“Such strength.”

After tightening his grip on the yellow tail, BlackWarGreymon flew straight up in the air. The dragon tried to dig his claws into the ground, hoping to anchor himself down. But the dragon was ripped from the ground and being pulled in the air by his tail.

Luna was speechless. This being not only had the strength to throw the dragon around, but he could pull the dragon while flying. No wander Tirek lost in a fight with him.

As he approached the ceiling, BlackWarGreymon tilted his body backwards and did a U-turn. This action resulted in the dragon getting slammed on the back of his head from the ceiling. As he dived halfway towards the ground, the Digimon threw the dragon downwards. Leaving the yellow beast to fall past the black dragon warrior and straight to the ground.

Despite the beatings, the dragon didn’t want to give up. With his eyes and mouth glowing a fiery red while covered in trailing dust, he rose from the crater and flew seventy feet away from the air-born Digimon. He then reared his head back with flames seeping out from the gaps in his teeth, and fired a concentrated fireball from his mouth. The fireball was twice the size as BlackWarGreymon and it was heading towards him.

But the Digimon would not dodge. He will show how tough he really was.

As it got in range, BlackWarGreymon gave the giant fireball a smash of a backhand. Deflecting the fiery sphere into a faraway wall. The Digimon then put his claws close together and to Luna’s astonishment, formed a red sphere of his own.


He then threw the sphere, which was the size of a full grown pony stallion, towards the dragon. As the ball of negative energy approached, the yellow dragon got his claws ready and threw his left arm forward, intending to slice the sphere in half. Like it did with other dragon fireballs in the past.

But this was a big mistake.

To the dragon’s horror, instead of being sliced in two the small red sphere exploded the moment it made contact with his claw. As the beast shrieked in pure agony, the explosive light engulfed his entire arm, causing him pain the likes he’s never felt before.

Luna’s eyes widen in surprise as the red light reflected off them. The fact that an attack so small could create a blast that big was unheard of.

“Such power.”

After the fight faded, the dragon looked at his pain-filled hand. Only to see smoke seeping from his scales, three of this claws almost burnt to a crisp and the claw that touched the sphere, snapped in half.

Then a red glow caught the dragon’s vision. As he turned to see it more, his eyes fell upon BlackWarGreymon preparing for another attack.


This time the negative red orb was three times bigger than the first one. The dragon immediately knows that no matter what he could do, the sphere would explode the moment it would make contact with him. As the oncoming red ball made its way to the dragon at high speed, the yellow beast attempted to fly out of the way. But because of his long body, he couldn’t fly fast enough. This ended up with the Terra Destroyer sphere to strike at the dragon’s back, in-between his wings.

Both the impact and the explosion sent pain through the dragon’s wings, freezing them in place. With his wings paralyzed from the pain, the dragon plummeted to the ground while roaring in agony.

Luna, who was at a great distance away from the dragon, stared at what happened to the yellow beast. Then her vision was fixed on BlackWarGreymon. He had shown the kind of power Equestria had never seen. And the fact that he’s using that power to help others was making it more unbelievable. But right in front of her, it’s true.

Some distance away, the dragon locked his blood red eyes on the princess of the night. Seeing her weak and helpless was making his hunger even more intolerable.

“No matter what happens, I WILL taste Alicorn blood,” He growled with his mouth drooling and teeth showing.

With a loud roar, the dragon launched himself forward and ran towards Luna, intending to eat her no matter what. Luna spotted the oncoming dragon and in a panic, tried to run. Although she had the strength to stand, she didn’t had enough to run very fast.

But luck wasn’t on her side. As soon as she started running, she tripped over a loose stone and fell back on the ground. She yelped in pain as her body landed on the sharp stone ground.

BlackWarGreymon witnessed all this. His newfound instinct was telling him to go and protect Luna by any means. Listening to his instinct, he flew down towards the danger.

With the pain keeping her from getting back up, Luna could only look on as the charging dragon was getting closer. Tears began to pour out of her eyes as it seems her fate had been sealed. Her mind processed the same thoughts she went through the last time this same dragon tried to eat her. She mentally prayed that she won’t die here and that she could live on with everypony who loves her with all their hearts.

It seemed her prayers had been answered.

To Luna’s surprise and relief, when the dragon was thirty five feet away from devouring her, BlackWarGreymon slammed his foot right onto the dragon’s snout, pressing him to the ground while halting the dragon’s movement.

Luna still couldn’t believe it, her saviour was battling something far bigger then himself, but wasn’t showing any signs of fear. He wasn’t afraid of the giant yellow dragon at all.

“Such bravery.”

BlackWarGreymon then leapt off the dragon and landed ten feet away while facing him. The dragon was getting fed up with it all. If it can’t chase the intruder away, then he just has to eat him.

With that in mind, the dragon lunged his gaping jaw directly at BlackWarGreymon. Although caught by surprise, the Digimon grabbed the dragon’s maw just in time. His left arm grabbing the lower jaw and his right arm grabbing the upper jaw. But because he wasn’t properly prepared, he was being pushed back. BlackWarGreymon tried to press his feet to the ground to slow down while using his strength to hold back the rows of teeth.

This soon payed off. BlackWarGreymon came to a halt. But what he didn’t realise was that he was just inches away from Princess Luna! The princess herself was frightened that the action was right in front of her.

The dragon was the one who noticed this and began to scrape his claws on the ground, trying to move forward some more to eat both of them. But BlackWarGreymon stood his ground, his muscles tensed as he held back the dragon.

That’s when BlackWarGreymon heard something breathing behind him. Turning his head slightly to see what it was, the Digimon’s eye only caught a glimpse of a starry blue mane. His eyes immediately widened in alarm at how close Luna was from certain death.

He realised that if the dragon pushed further and took a bite out of them, his armour and strength would protect him. But the Princess was a whole other story.

The dragon then got a firm grip on the ground and tried to push with all his might. BlackWarGreymon could feel his upper body being pushed back, but from realising what his destiny might be, he would not give up.


Then he realised something. If he fails to protect Luna, then his new friends would doubt him as their friend. He would question his new-found destiny and go on another painful never-ending search to find his purpose, even if it took him to the ends of the world.

This he definatly didn’t want to go through after being so close. This he will NEVER allow to happen. Because he made an oath to himself.

‘I promised myself to protect the innocent lives of this world. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Even if it costs me my life.’

BlackWarGreymon’s mind began to fill with an unbreakable determination.


Then all of a sudden, BlackWarGreymon felt a sudden adrenalin rush in his strength. Energy deep within him began to peak as his eyes glowed an intense white.

Behind him, even Luna could see the bright light escaping the eye sockets in the Digimon’s helmet-like head. While the dragon just stared in confusion.

BlackWarGreymon then felt something awaken inside his body. Something he would use against the giant yellow reptile.

After summoning enough strength, BlackWarGreymon yelled out as he tossed the dragon’s head into the air. As the beast started to bring his head back down, the claws on the Digimon’s right arm started to glow purplish blue.


As he uttered the first word, BlackWarGreymon swung his right arm downwards, creating a wave of purplish blue energy strong enough to halt and push back the dragon’s head. Then BlackWarGreymon’s claws on his left arm started to ignite in flames.


After saying the second word, the Digimon threw his left arm upwards. This time creating an upward wave of intense purplish red fire.

BlackWarGreymon had just unlocked a new ability.

The negative powered flames forcefully slammed against the dragon’s yellow face. Normally, dragons were completely unharmed by fire, since they could swim in lava. However, to Luna’s surprise, the dragon screamed out in agony as the flames scorched his scales, sending pain straight through them.


This left the dragon completely wide-open to attack. As BlackWarGreymon flew up under the dragon’s head, he wrapped his arms around the dragon’s lower jaw and gaining a firm grip on the yellow scales on the upper jaw. Effectively closing the giant mouth.

Using this strength and speed, the Digimon slammed the dragon’s head to the ground and pulled the beast across the stone floor. Away from the startled Luna so she was out of harm’s way.

With the pain from his burnt scales subsiding, the dragon dug his claws into the ground to anchor himself and then swung his head around violently, trying to force BlackWarGreymon to let go.

With a powerful swing, the dragon flung the Digimon off his jaw, sending him hurtling towards the ground. But BlackWarGreymon repositioned himself in mid-air, thereby landing his feet on the ground and facing the yellow dragon. As BlackWarGreymon began skidding across the ground backwards, he kneeled down and dug the back of his Digizoid claws into the stone floor. The end result was him slowing down, long claw marks imbedded in the ground and showers of sparks everywhere.

Soon BlackWarGreymon came to a halt and looked up at the now charging dragon. He had to admit, the dragon was putting up a much better than Tirek. Even though the evil centaur was more powerful.

As the dragon got closer in an attempt to eat BlackWarGreymon, the Control Spire Digimon was ready for him. Timing it right, he knelt down slightly to get out of the path of the rows of teeth. Then he grabbed the dragon’s chin with his right arm and used his claws on his left arm to gain a lock on the dragon’s lower jaw joint. Then using the strength in his left arm and the dragon’s own momentum, the Digimon threw the giant lizard into a wall behind him. With his head peeping through the newly formed dust cloud, the dragon’s eyes glowed bright red as his anger for the Digimon was building up. He then released his rage in a form of a powerful blast of fire from his mouth and towards his tormentor.

But BlackWarGreymon didn’t move. He just let the stream of fire approach him at high speed. What happened next was his entire body being engulfed in the flames while the ground around him was scorched and blackened by the intense heat.

As Luna looked on in shock and disbelief while trying to think what in Equestria the Digimon was thinking, the dragon pulled a sinister grin on his face, thinking that BlackWarGreymon was incinerated by the fire.

But his grin was instantly replaced by confusion and horror while Luna was speechless in both her mind and body. They saw BlackWarGreymon walking out of the firestorm, completely unharmed and unaffected by the flames, with balls of fire in his hands.

Unable to contain his frustration any longer, the dragon unleashed the loudest roar he could make and charged full speed towards BlackWarGreymon. While the dragon ran, the Digimon just walked towards the beast, completely without fear.

Then the beast leapt forward like a cat pouncing to his pray.


But as the dragon got closer, BlackWarGreymon swung his right arm outwards, slamming the back of his armoured arm into the side of the dragon’s face. This caused some of the lizard’s teeth to be dislodged and the dragon himself sent sailing across the air and landing in a pile of his own coils on the opposite side of the chamber.

Luna still couldn’t believe what was happening before her. The strength and power this being possessed, he clearly was a force to be reckoned with.

With an enraged roar, the dragon leapt in the air and landed on his feet, growling hatred at BlackWarGreymon.

“Enough of this! It’s time to end this fight!”

“I agree,” The Digimon answered back.

With that, both the yellow dragon and BlackWarGreymon leapt into the air while continuing to face each other.

At a safe distance, Princess Luna watched on with anticipation. She knew this battle was coming to an end, but with the biggest dragon in Equestria against a being from another world, she was unsure what the outcome might be.

But she would soon find out, from seeing flicks of flames from the dragon’s mouth and the red sphere in-between BlackWarGreymon’s hands.

The dragon was beyond infuriated. He was tossed around, thrown, punched, kicked, he had two of his six horns sliced off, his arm and back scorched and his scales scratched, chipped, pierced and burned. In all the fights he had in his life, this was the one he suffered the most. That’s why he’s going to give it all he got, putting all his strength in a fire breath the likes he never done before.

As the dragon reared his head back with flames leaking from his mouth, BlackWarGreymon was ready.


After raising his arms over his head, the red sphere grew to a colossal size. As he threw the negative powered sphere at the dragon, the yellow beast unleashed a powerful sea of fire.

Then the two powers collided in the middle of the chamber. Although the orange flames held the red energy ball in place, they can’t pass through. Even so, the forces from the two attacks shook the cave. Luna had to keep low to say on the ground.

Because the dragon’s attack was continues while the Digimon’s attack was just a concentrated ball, both the dragon and Luna thought the sea of fire would prevail.

But they were wrong. To everyone’s surprise, even BlackWarGreymon’s, the Terra Destroyer attack was starting to push through the flames. In desperation, the dragon tried putting more power into his fire breath, but the giant red sphere was ploughing straight through the flames.

Just as the dragon’s eyes grew wide in horror, the colossal red orb slammed into his mouth, creating an explosion that lit up the entire cave like a miniature sun. This also unleashed a powerful hurricane-like gusts that nearly ripped the stone environment apart. Although Luna had to shield herself from the winds and the blinding glow of the blast, for a brief moment she saw the great red light engulfing nearly all of the dragon.

She had just witnessed the power of a Mega level Digimon.

As the light died down, Luna saw the once formidable dragon falling out of the blast wave, with smoke seeping from his body but heavy smoke from his mouth. Upon closer inspection, anyone or anypony could see that nearly all the dragons teeth were either blown out of their sockets or simply turned into dust. As well as the dragon’s teeth, blood and yellow scales also fell from the sky.

Then the defeated dragon collapsed to the stone floor, limp from the final blow as dust rose from the impact.

Luna used her working wing to block out the sudden draft and the dust and debris that followed, keeping them away from her face.

‘Song end’

Once the breeze died down, Luna looked at the fallen reptile. Although beaten, the dragon was still breathing.

‘Background music’ ‘Hello Hello by Elton John’

After Luna cleared her throat from dust that may had passed through, she was breathing quite heavily from this legendary experience. The likes that she had never seen in her long life. The armoured being was like a rat compared to the size of the dragon, but his strength and power were phenomenal. It dwarfed her own a hundred times over. Then realisation put her on high alert, the powerful being may still be in the cave with her. She tried to spot him but because the environment around her was shrouded in dust, it was almost impossible. But she knew he was still around.

Then after hearing a loud almost thunderous thud, Luna turned to its source. Then she saw the Digimon’s silhouette through the dust. She saw his outline rising back up, standing tall.

As the dust thickened again, hiding the silhouette, Luna became curious of what kind of creature he was and how he possessed such power. Her thoughts however were interrupted by small vibrations through the ground and the sounds of footsteps in the air. Turning her attention back to where she saw the figure, she saw it again. But this time the silhouette was walking towards her.

Unsure of what his intensions were, Luna slowly tried to stand back up, closing her eyes tight for concentration. Either to turn and run or stand and face him. All the while the Digimon kept approaching, his appearance becoming clearer. Just as Luna finally stood to her height, pain once again struck her entire body, causing her to collapse.

She would have landed on the sharp stone ground if BlackWarGreymon hadn’t reached out to catch her, stopping her fall. Luna felt something holding her up. When she raised her head and opened her eyes to see who it was, she found herself looking into the eyes of her saviour.

As Princess Luna’s calm blue eyes meet BlackWarGreymon’s fierce yellow eyes, time suddenly seemed to have slowed down almost in an instant. As the blue Alicorn and the black Digimon continue to stare into each other’s eyes, with a gentle wind brushing digital and pony hair and mane, questions and confusion crossed their minds.

‘She’s safe now. But… why am I staring at her…beautiful blue eyes? D-Did I just used the word beautiful? Why did I used that word? I never used that word before. Why am I asking these questions? And…’ BlackWarGreymon then felt a warm presence deep within his chest. ‘…and what’s this…warm feeling in my chest? Is...Is it my heart? Why am I feeling like this? What’s come over me?’

‘There’s no doubt about it, he is the saviour Twilight foretold. His black armour, his claws, his hair and his eyes… his eyes are so fierce but…very intriguing, and amazing. Wait, why am I staring into his eyes? Why can’t I take mine off them? And…’ Luna suddenly found it harder to breathe as her heart rate increased. ‘…and why am I finding it harder to breathe? Why do I feel so…breathless? And why is my heart beating like this? Is it the exhaustion…or…is it him? What’s come over me?’

The two continued staring at each other, until Luna’s vision started to blur. Exhaustion finally overtook her, causing her to go limp and fall unconscious.

BlackWarGreymon was snapped out of his trance and looked at the Alicorn, who was asleep in his arms.

“Poor thing. She must have tried to fight the dragon herself. No wonder she’s so tired.”

He then looked over the exhausted mare. Even when she’s lying down, he could tell that she was taller than most ponies. But she was shorter then Celestia, about four foot eight inches in height. Like her older sister, she too had royal jewellery. A black crown, pale blue horse shoes and a black regalia around her neck, with an image of a crescent moon on the front. Her fur was dark blue and her cutiemark was of a crescent moon surrounded by a black patch. Just like Celestia, her mane and tail were also sparkling and waving as if they were in the wind. Because of the colour of her mane and the shinning twinkling lights within in them, it resembled the night sky.

BlackWarGreymon then heard the sounds of moaning from behind. He turned his head to see the beaten yellow dragon trying but failing to wake up.

“Guess it’s time to go,” He then looked down at Luna again. “Her sister must be worried sick by now.”

With that, BlackWarGreymon picked up the sleeping princess carefully in his arms, trying not to scratch her with his sharp armoured claws. After getting a firm hold on her, the heroic Digimon walked towards the exit. Then without making a noise, he took to the air and left the cave.

‘Song end’

Before he left however, the fallen dragon got a final look at BlackWarGreymon.

‘Impossible. It’s just an old dragon’s tale. But could it be true? Could he be… the Demon Lord?’

Chapter 9: The Great Race

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Back in Canterlot, Princess Celestia and the Mane Six continued waiting for the return of BlackWarGreymon and hopefully Princess Luna. It had been a while since the Mega level Digimon left Equestria’s capital to find the princess of the night and his long absence was making some of the mares feeling uneasy. Celestia herself was more worried out of all of them.

Twilight Sparkle understood this. After all, Luna was the white Alicorns’ sister. But seeing her former teacher worried to the bone like this was upsetting to watch.

“Don’t worry Celestia. I have complete faith in BlackWarGreymon. He will bring her back. He will not fail you,” She said as she walked beside the sun princess, hoping her words reassured her.

Celestia looked at Twilight with a small smile on her face.

“Your trust in your new friend is impressive Twilight Sparkle…” Her smile shifted into concern. “… but I hope he finds her in time. And I hope she’s holding out. I don’t want to lose my sister again,” She said while remembering the time when she banished her sister to the moon a thousand years back.

Fluttershy was next to speak.

“I hope she’s alright too, princess. But from what that guard described the dragon that took her, it could be the largest dragon to have come to Equestria!”

She then started to panic.

“What if BlackWarGreymon doesn’t have the strength to fight him? What if the dragon ate him? What if we never see him or Princess Luna again!?”

Rainbow Dash, who was flying calmly in the air, hovered above the yellow Pegasus.

“Relax Flutters. You’re talking about the same guy who kicked Tirek’s butt. I’m sure he’s got everything under control and that he’s gonna be juuust fine,” She said casually.

She happened to be right. Because Twilight spotted something flying in the distance. And it was approaching.

“Wait. I think I can see him!”

When Twilight brought up her binoculars to have a better look, Pinkie Pie popped up in-between as she looked through them. There by blocking Twilight’s vision.

After a brief second of her humming, the pink Earth Pony gasped loudly.

It’s BlackWarGreymon! I see him! I see him!” She shouted while bouncing in excitement. Twilight moved Pinkie Pie out of the way so she could see.

“Pinkie’s right! It is him!”

She then spotted BlackWarGreymon holding something. She adjusted her binoculars to get a clearer view.

“And he’s got Princess Luna!”

Celestia breathed out a sigh in relief and concern. She didn’t need to use the binoculars since she could see her little sister being held in BlackWarGreymon’s arms.

By the time Celestia and the Mane Six sprinted and flew to meet up with him, BlackWarGreymon had landed back in the heart of the gardens. As he saw his pony friends rushing towards him, he gently placed the unconscious night princess on the soft grass. He then backed up a few steps, giving room for Celestia as she approached the blue Alicorn.

“LUNA!” She said before kneeling down towards her sister’s face, nuzzling her in an effort to try and wake her up.

So far, there was no response.


After a few seconds of painful silence, Luna slowly opened her blue eyes and looked into Celestia’s.

“Sister?” Luna said, her voice was weak from her experience but it was all Celestia wanted to hear.

“Oh thank goodness you’re alive Luna,” The white Alicorn said while cradling her younger sibling in her hooves, tears of joy overwhelmed her eyes.

As BlackWarGreymon watched this, he felt satisfaction within him. He deeply felt that what he just did for Celestia was truly the right thing to do. Plus seeing the loving embrace of the two sisters was indeed touching. Something that the Mane Six would agree upon.

Celestia the turned her attention to the Mane Six with pleading eye.

“She needs medical attention!” She called out.

“I’m on it!” Rainbow Dash said before saluting and flying off to find help.

While this was going on, Fluttershy walked up to BlackWarGreymon, who was watching the blue Pegasus speeding towards the city.

“What about the dragon? Did he hurt you too?” She asked, making the Digimon turn his attention to her.

“I’m fine, Fluttershy. And don’t worry about that dragon. I’m sure with me around, he will never bother us again,” He said before spotting Rainbow Dash arriving with a Pegasus doctor and two Unicorn nurses.

“Please, take Luna to the hospital,” Celestia said, her order was more like a plea.

“At once your highness. Rest assured she will receive our finest treatments,” The doctor replied after bowing to her.

The two nurses approached Princess Luna and carefully using their magic to lift the blue Alicorn off the ground. Now safely floating in the air, the doctor and the nurses took Luna towards the direction of the hospital. As BlackWarGreymon watched on with Celestia and the Mane Six, he just noticed that the night princess opened her eyes slightly. She was looking right at him before her eyelids closed into slumber.

As Luna and the medical ponies disappeared in the distance, Princess Twilight turned her head to look at BlackWarGreymon, who was still looking in the direction where the blue Alicorn was taken to. A soft, heart-warming smile spread across her face before walking towards him. The rest of the Mane Six noticed this and followed her.

BlackWarGreymon heard the sounds of approaching hoofsteps and looked down to see the six small ponies walking towards him. He was unsure what was happening because while the rest of the Mane Six had looks of confusion, Twilight was smiling.

“You know something BlackWarGreymon. If it weren’t for you, Equestria would have faced its biggest calamity yet.”

The Alicorn’s words were clear and honest, BlackWarGreymon understood that. But the lavender coloured princess wasn’t finished.

“What I’m trying to say is that… we are so lucky to have you in Equestria…” Twilight finished her sentence after flying up to the Digimon’s eye level. “… and as our friend.”

The black Digimon’s yellow eyes softened as his heart was warmed. Again he was touched by Twilight’s kind words, something he rarely received back in the Digital World.

But what Twilight said and did next made his eyes widen in shock as his body froze like a statue.

“I love you,” She calmly said as she flew to his face and wrapped her forelegs around his neck, giving him a big affectionate hug.

BlackWarGreymon was completely taken by surprise by this sudden turn of events. Hugging his leg was one thing but this he never expected. To add to his surprise, he saw the rest of the smiling Mane Six approaching him.

“Me too,” Fluttershy said while flying to the other side of the Digimon’s face and hugged him in the same way Twilight did.

“Same here,” Rarity said before hugging and nuzzling his left leg.

“Aww shucks,” Applejack said while hugging his right leg.

“Oh what the heck,” Rainbow Dash playfully said before going in to hug his right arm.

At this point, BlackWarGreymon was speechless. All the love his new friends were showing made him realise that the path of good he had chosen, was indeed the right path to take.

However, his thoughts were interrupted when he saw Pinkie Pie launching herself directly towards his face.


Caught by surprise, the momentum of the pink pony colliding into his face caused BlackWarGreymon to topple backwards, landing on his back with the six ponies still on him.

The six mares all started to laugh in amusement, clearly enjoying the moment. BlackWarGreymon already knew that what Pinkie Pie just did was just her way of expressing her love and delight. But what was new to him was that seeing these ponies laughing and being happy, as well as all the love they’re sharing, was making HIM happy. To a point where even he started to enjoy the moment… and slowly stared to chuckle in delight.

The Mane Six, mostly Twilight, were a little surprised when they heard the Digimon chuckle. But they remembered what he told them about his past, and realised that this was perhaps the only time that anyone or anypony had given him this amount of affection. And so, they kept on laughing with each other.

Princess Celestia watched the whole thing and couldn’t help but smile at the sight before her. BlackWarGreymon had only been in Equestria for two days and already he had earned the respect and the trust of the six element bearers.

Now he had just earned the respect and the trust of the ruler of Equestria herself.

After the Mane Six loosened their hugs and climbed off him, BlackWarGreymon sat up. Just in time for him and the six girls to hear approaching hoofsteps. All of them turned their heads to see Celestia walking towards them.

As the sun princess stopped in front of him, the Digimon noticed that now he’s sitting, he was eye level with her.

“You brought her back alive,” Celestia said before moving in closer, wrapped her forelegs around BlackWarGreymon’s neck and pulling him in for a hug of her own.

Again, BlackWarGreymon was surprised. But it seemed the Mane Six were even more surprised than he was. This was evident by their wide eyes and gaping mouths.

Clearly, this kind of hug Celestia rarely gives to someone she just met.

“Thank you,” She said before letting do and taking a few steps back. After recovering from this unexpected experience, BlackWarGreymon got back on his feet and stood to his full height. Towering above the ponies.

After a brief moment of silence, Celestia turned her head to Twilight.

“Twilight, I want you to take note of this.”

Despite the confusion, Twilight watched on as Celestia took a step closer to the Digimon.

“BlackWarGreymon, I would like you to kneel please.”

The Digimon was confused by her request.

“Why?” He asked, still sticking to the fact that he bows to no one.

“Because I want to reward you for what you’ve done these past two days,” She answered.

Just like the Mane Six, BlackWarGreymon was taken back slightly. No one ever offered an award to him before. Not wanting to offend the white princess, he slowly kneeled down on one knee with his right arm across his chest.

Celestia’s horn began to glow in a yellow aura. Then after focusing her magic, at the end of her horn she formed a long yellow blade. Twilight gasped in excitement, she immediately knew what Celestia was going to do.

“From this day forth, all of Equestria will forever know your name and what you did for our land. So it gives me great pleasure to dub you…” She lowered her head, angling the magic blade inches above BlackWarGreymon’s left shoulder. “…BlackWarGreymon, Defender of Equestria,” she continued while moving the blade over to the Digimon’s right shoulder.

As the magic blade disappeared, the newly titled BlackWarGreymon looked at Celestia. Then at the awe-stricken Mane Six.

“A knight hood? Now that’s what I call an award!” Rainbow Dash said while BlackWarGreymon stood back up on his feet.

“Thank you princess, I am honoured by your gift,” He said before seeing Celestia raise her hoof towards him.

“Please, there’s no need to be formal. You can just call me Celestia.”

“As you wish, Celestia…” BlackWarGreymon then remembered the reason he was in Canterlot in the first place. “… And were you about to give me some kind of tour or something?”

“Oh yes we were, it’s the least we can do for you after all you did for us,” Celestia answered. The tone in her voice hints that she’s going to enjoy giving the tour.

“Let me show you the way,” She said while heading towards Canterlot Castle, with BlackWarGreymon and the Mane Six following in tow.

As they walked through the castle gardens, Twilight surprised the Digimon by flying up to his head and landed on his left shoulder. Which was then followed by a quick hug.

“I’m so proud of you,” She admitted before letting go.

“We all are, darling. You deserve this,” Rarity said to BlackWarGreymon while giving him a smile.

Twilight just remembered something. The fact that she just hugged him around the neck meant that her hooves touched the Digimon’s hair.

‘Woah, guess Pinkie’s right about his hair.’

Just as the group left the gardens and on the path to the castle’s main gates, BlackWarGreymon took a quick glance in the direction where the injured Luna was taken to.

‘I wonder if she’s going to be alright. I hope so.’

After a couple of minutes of walking, Celestia, BlackWarGreymon and the Mane Six entered a long hall that was filled with stain glass windows. With the sunlight beaming through them it displayed a rainbow of colours all over the walls and floors.

BlackWarGreymon stopped for a moment to look at one of these windows. As he did, Celestia informed him about their meaning.

“These windows display important events that happened throughout our history.”

“Interesting,” The Digimon said to himself.

As he walked down the hallway, he kept looking at the windows. Each one telling a different story. Then his eyes fell upon one that had the Mane Six on it. He stopped to have a better look.

“Girls, is that…” His sentence was interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Us? You bet!” We were quite popular ever since we found the Elements of Harmony,” She said, slightly bragging a bit. But the last thing she said made BlackWarGreymon look at her in confusion.

“The…Elements…of Harmony?”

“Yes. The Elements of Harmony are six magical jewels that keeps the balance of Equestria in check. And when used, they have the power to protect the land from evil,” Twilight explained.

“You… you used them?” BlackWarGreymon asked, clearly surprised and impressed at the same time.

“Yes. And before me and my friends, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia used them. Rainbow Dash here represents the Element of Loyalty. Applejack’s the Element of Honesty, Pinkie Pie’s the Element of Laughter, Rarity’s the Element of Generosity, Fluttershy’s the Element of Kindness and me, I represent the Element of Magic,” Twilight explained. Leaving BlackWarGreymon in amazement to hear something like this.

“Wow, so this world does have impressive power,” The Digimon said before turning his attention to the other stain glass windows. He was briefly startled when he saw a pink blur running past him to one of the windows at the far end of the hallway. The pink blur revealing to be Pinkie Pie.

“And this one over here shows Twilight’s coronation!” She said while pointing at the window.

After walking towards it, he looked at the window in confusion.


He looked over to Twilight for an answer.

“Oh, it means when a pony becomes a royal pony,” She informed.

“Ah, when you became a princess,” He said in understanding.

“Yes,” Twilight said with a smile.

BlackWarGreymon then looked back at the windows he walked past, and the one that caught his attention the most was the one with the Mane Six defeating a creature that looks like a miss-mash of animal parts. He walked over to it for a closer look.

“What…is that thing?”

“That’s Discord, the Spirit of Cha…”

Before Celestia could finish her sentence, the whole room lit up in a flash. When it faded, standing in the middle of the group, wearing sun glasses and a Hawaiian shirt, was the Draconequus himself.

“Hello everypony! Guess whose back from vacation!”

While Fluttershy was delighted to see him, the other mares were slightly annoyed from his sudden entrance. BlackWarGreymon just stared in bewilderment at the bizarre creature.

“Did you miss me?” Discord asked in a playful manner while kneeling down to Fluttershy, completely oblivious to the Digimon’s presents.

“I most certainly did, Discord. Did you have a nice time at your holiday?” Fluttershy asked.

“Oh you have no idea. It’s so good to get out and stretch for time to time.”

He then started to stretch his body in physically impossible poses.

“But enough about me. Did anything happen while I was away? Got a special welcome present for me? And…”

He paused and froze on the spot when he saw the Digimon. A being he had never seen before. Because the way BlackWarGreymon looked, Discord could tell that he’s the type who could cause a great amount of chaos. Because of this, Discord immediately flew past the mares and stopped right in front of the Digimon’s face.

“And who is this!?” He asked while having an insane grin on his face, much to the discomfort for BlackWarGreymon.

“Discord, this is BlackWarGreymon. A Digimon from the Digital World and…” Twilight said before being interrupted by Discord.

“Wait! Are you telling me, that there is a dimension where chaotic looking being’s like him live?” He then paused to think about what he just said. “Sounds like home to me.”

“Believe me, you would fit in nicely,” BlackWarGreymon said as he took the opportunity to take a good look at Discord. He definatly matched the one shown on the stain glass window, the only thing the Digimon would recognize on the Draconequus was his left eagle claw, his right lion paw, his wings one of a bat and one of a Pegasus, his right dear antler, his left donkey leg, his left lizard leg and his snake tail. Not to mention this right fang was longer than his left. His height from the ground to the top of his antlers was about nine and a half tall, almost the same height as himself.

Discord took what BlackWarGreymon said as a compliment.

“Oh hmm hmm thank you,” He then began to think about the Digimon’s name. “Hmm, BlackWarGreymon… it’s kind of a mouthful don’t you think?”

While few of the Mane Six sort of agree on that fact, the rest including Celestia and BlackWarGreymon didn’t take that too kindly.

“Rude much?” Rainbow Dash asked rhetorically.

“It’s also rude not introducing yourself,” Twilight said to Discord.

“Oh right. I am Discord, the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony…” He then began to think about his title. “…well, former Spirit of yadiyadiya,” He said while trying not to repeat himself, already making himself clear.

He then realised something.

“And speaking of names, I couldn’t help but notice that your name has the word ‘war’ in it,” He said as he floated in the air and resting his arm on the Digimon’s shoulder.

Now that Discord had mentioned it, Celestia did felt for a moment that it was kind of strange.

BlackWarGreymon felt uncomfortable when he felt the slight change in Celestia. He had guessed that Twilight wrote only the good things about him in that letter to the sun princess.

Discord then asked him a question.

“Does that have a meaning for something, my pal?”

BlackWarGreymon quickly thought of an excuse.

“The reason for it is because I always fight. Besides it’s not like I had a choice, it was given to me.”

Despite the fact that Celestia started to have suspicions and that the Mane Six already knew the truth, Discord believed him.

“Fair enough, I just assumed that your name meant that you’re capable of fighting a battle, or even a war,” He said while materializing a military helmet on his head.

“As a matter of fact Discord, he fought two battles ever since he arrived here,” Twilight said, earning a confused look from the Draconequus.

“She’s right. Have you heard of Tirek’s escape a few days back?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Oh yes, that bother. I was on my way here to stop him eventually,” Discord said, but from the looks of the mares’ faces, they thought that what he said was only half true.

After rolling her eyes in annoyance, Rainbow Dash continued.

“Well thanks to this guy, Tirek’s back in his cell and no longer a problem,” She said while hovering above the Digimon.

Discord was so in shock at hearing the news, his eyes rolled literally out of his sockets and rolled around the floor on their own.

‘Gross,’ BlackWarGreymon thought as he watched.

After his eyes floated back in their sockets, Discord stared at the Digimon in disbelief.

“You defeated Tirek!? Aww, I wish I could’ve seen that,” He moaned, but then saw Pinkie Pie holding photo’s on her hoof.

“I took pictures if you want to look.”

After taking the pictures from her, the curious Discord took a good look at them.

“You took pictures of my fight?” BlackWarGreymon asked Pinkie Pie.

“Yep,” Pinkie Pie answered with a smile.

As Discord looked through the photos, Celestia used her magic to levitate some and took a look for herself. Her facial expression showed that she was both amazed and impressed. The one that really caught her attention was one with BlackWarGreymon holding a giant red sphere in his hands.

Soon Discord finished looking through the pictures.

“Ok I definatly wished I was there. It would have been so amusing to see Tirek getting his butt kicked,” He said while materializing a tiny version of Tirek. After the rabbit-sized let out high-pitched shouts, he then got squashed by an oversized foot of BlackWarGreymon.

The Digimon himself chuckled in amusement at seeing Discord’s display of humour.

“And just moments ago, BlackWarGreymon saved Princess Luna from a terrifying dragon,” Fluttershy added.

This earned a chuckle from Discord.

“Oh I see. Facing impending doom, fighting beasties, saving lives and damsels in distress. Sounds to me like you’re Equestria’s newest knight in shining armour,” He said to BlackWarGreymon.

“It does sound like it,” The Digimon answered. Discord however decided it was time to make his leave.

“Well can’t keep you waiting. I have to get back to unpack my luggage,” He said while a pile of luggage magically appeared behind him.

“Ok Discord, see you later,” Fluttershy said.

“Ta ta,” Discord called back before disappearing out of the hallway.

After he was gone, nearly all the mares sighed in relief. BlackWarGreymon took note of this and concluded that to them, Discord was annoying.

Then he remembered Discord’s title. Confused by this he turned to the Mane Six.

“Girls, what did he mean by ‘Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony’?” He asked, with Twilight answering the question.

“Well you see, Discord… was once a villain."

Her answer made BlackWarGreymon flinch, Twilight immediately saw this and tried to reassure him.

“But thanks to Fluttershy, he was reformed.”

“Reformed?” The Digimon asked.

“Yes. Now he used his powers for good instead of evil,” Celestia added.

BlackWarGreymon was surprised.

“You…changed him?” He asked Fluttershy.

“Yes I did. And now he’s our friend,” she said, but was added by Rainbow Dash.

“Well, mostly Fluttershy’s friend.”

BlackWarGreymon was impressed at hearing this. He wouldn’t have expected the pony to change Discord would be Fluttershy.

“Wow, you really are a very brave pony.”

His words made Fluttershy blush. He then began to piece together what his friends said and made him think about one thing about Discord. He was evil turned good.

Just like him.

‘Guess we aren't too different after all.’

Afterwards, they resumed their tour around the castle. Within hours, the Mane Six and Celestia had shown BlackWarGreymon the dining hall, the kitchen, the main hall where they held celebrations, the gymnasium and training hall because they figured that he might spend a lot of time in there. They even showed him the artefact chamber where they held some of their treasures. But the room the Digimon was more fascinated in was the throne room. To him, Celestia’s and Luna’s thrones were indeed stunning to look at.

Obviously during their tour, they encountered many royal guards. But word of BlackWarGreymon’s new title had spread very quickly and they all see him as an ally. Even though most of them were frightened by his appearance.

But what was strange was that some of the guards that were mares, as well as some of the maids who keep the castle tidy, were whispering, giggling and blushing amongst themselves. Celestia was the only one in the group who noticed their unusual behaviour. She knew the reason why and admittedly, could understand why.

Even though he’s from a completely different world, Celestia did found BlackWarGreymon quite handsome. She chuckled at the thought of this.

After the course of a few hours when they started, the group had finished their tour and were back in the Canterlot gardens.

“Well, what do you think?” Twilight asked BlackWarGreymon, hoping that the tour pleased him.

“I think Canterlot is a great place,” He answered before walking to the edge of the garden, looking down the mountain to the view of Ponyville and Equestria’s great land beyond.

“But with a view like this, it’s even better.”

His words earned the smiles from Celestia and the Mane Six their hearts were warmed. But what he said next made the warm feeling even stronger.

“In fact… it’s beautiful.”

The ponies were astonished. The fact that a fierce looking being like him admires a sight like their world was indeed very rare.

“I’m glad you think so BlackWarGreymon. Now I must go to the hospital to see if Luna has recovered,” Celestia said.

“It’s ok Celestia, we understand. We hope she’s ok too,” Twilight said in support.

This put another smile on the white Alicorn’s face.

“Thank you Twilight Sparkle,” She said while giving Twilight a hug.

She then got up and turned her attention to BlackWarGreymon.

“Again, thank you for bringing Luna home,” She said before taking to the skies and flew towards the Canterlot hospital.

As the group watched the sun princess flying away in the distance, BlackWarGreymon remembered something. Something that was very rare or impossible for a Digimon to do without Digivolving. While processing these thoughts in his mind, he looked at his three-clawed gauntlets. Trying to make sense of what happened during his battle with the yellow dragon.

Twilight saw this and had a questionable look on her face.

“Is everything alright?” She asked him in concern.

Not entirely sure what the answer might be, he turned to Twilight.

“Twilight, the magic of this world, is it at times… unpredictable?”

Twilight was puzzled at first, but quickly understood what he meant.

“Well, I guess about half the time… it can be unexpected. Why?”

The rest of the Mane Six approached the pair, they got caught up in their conversation. BlackWarGreymon explained himself.

“Remember when I said that every Digimon has their own powers?” The Mane Six all nodded their heads saying yes. “Well as far as I know, all Digimon are born with certain amount of abilities.”

“What are ya tryin’ to say, big fella?” Applejack asked with the other five ponies becoming more curious.

“You see, I was created with three abilities. But during my fight with that dragon today, I think I may have… unlocked a new ability.” The Digimon explained, earning a collective gasps from the Mane Six.

“You got a forth super power? That’s so awesome!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

“What’s more impressive is that you got it during a fight,” Rarity added.

“I agree, it’s very impressive,” Fluttershy said.

“Well aren’t ya full of surprises,” Applejack included.

“Super power PARTY!!” Pinkie Pie shouted cheerfully.

At this point, Twilight became curious.

“And you think it was the magic of our world that gave you another power?”

“It must be. It never happened back in the Digital World,” BlackWarGreymon then began to think carefully. “Unless there’s something more to it. Something…more.”

“Now that we’re on the subject darling, do your abilities have names?” Rarity asked.

“Yes. My powers are called Terra Destroyer, Black Tornado, Mega Destroyer and my newest one, Dragon Crusher,” He explained.

“I think Dragon Crusher is kinda fitting since you got it while battling that dragon,” Pinkie Pie said, putting the two together.

The group were silent for the moment, taking in everything that was said. BlackWarGreymon then broke the silence as he turned his attention to Rainbow Dash.

“So Rainbow Dash, are you still up for that race you challenged me yesterday?”

Rainbow Dash mentally face-hoofed herself. She couldn’t believe that she forgot all about that.

“Oh yeah. Yeah you bet I’m still up for it!”

“Good. Now I’ll get to see how fast you really are?”

Rainbow Dash was slightly surprised for one reason.

“Wait. You want the race…today? Like right now?”


“But, aren’t you tired from your fight with that dragon, Tirek and from what Twilight told me reading books all night without sleep?”

“No. Since I’m a Mega, I don’t get tired very easily.”

Rainbow Dash was startled, it was as if BlackWarGreymon doesn’t need to rest at all.

“Now that’s awesome.”

She then thought of a course for them to go through for the race.

“Ok big guy, first up we fly to Cloudsdale and manoeuvre through the cloud factories. Then we dive down through those clouds to Ponyville. Then we speed above the houses and fly around the top of town hall ten times. Next we go straight across the Everfree Forest, then through Ghastly Gorge. And then finally straight back here,” She explained while pointing her hoof to the specific locations they have to go through.

“I’m fine with that,” BlackWarGreymon said, while admittedly had no clue at what he’s going to put himself through.

With that cleared, the blue Pegasus and the black Digimon were soon standing side by side in their starting positions, facing towards the city of clouds in the distance. Although a little surprised that a city made of clouds exists, but BlackWarGreymon came from a world that’s entirely digital, so he quickly got over it.

Pinkie Pie agreed to be the one holding the flag and start the race.

“Ok racers, on your marks.”

Both Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon knelt down, getting ready.

“Just because your new here, it doesn’t mean I’m going easy on you,” Rainbow Dash said to her competitor, but what the Digimon said next made her a little nervous.

“Good, because I wasn’t planning to go easy on you.”

Knowing that he’s determined, Rainbow Dash recomposed herself and grew a confident grin on her face.

“Get set,” Pinkie Pie said, holding the flag high.

Rainbow Dash was ready to take flight by spreading her wings. BlackWarGreymon stayed in place as though he’s about to run a marathon.

‘Background music’ ‘What I’m Made Of by Crush 40’


The moment Pinkie Pie waved the flag, the Pegasus and the Digimon took off. While Rainbow Dash took straight to the skies, BlackWarGreymon chose to sprint.

“Why isn’t he flying?” Fluttershy asked, seeing clearly that Rainbow Dash was far ahead.

BlackWarGreymon would have chosen to immediately take flight from starting point. But by having a running start, the increase of speed would propel him even faster when he took to the air.

And that’s exactly what happened next.

Leaping into the air and throwing his arms forward to make himself more streamlined, he shot straight through the air and quickly gaining on Rainbow Dash.

Up ahead, the Pegasus was flying casually, thinking that she got the race in the bag.

“Easy peasy lemon sque…”

She was interrupted when a black blur flew straight past her, the draft it created sent her spinning. After shaking her head to clear the dizziness, she started to close in on her competitor. She couldn’t believe that BlackWarGreymon just over took her.

Halfway towards Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash had just caught up with the Digimon. Now flying side by side.

“Wow, you’re quick,” She complemented.

“You’re not bad yourself,” He responded back.

“Oh yeah? Well you’ve seen nothing yet!” She said as she started to fly faster, about fifteen feet ahead of the Digimon.

Instead of flying faster to catch up, BlackWarGreymon decided to stay behind for now.

He had a plan.

Obviously, he had never been to Cloudsdale or Ghastly Gorge. So if he were to lead the way, he would easily take a wrong turn or get himself lost. So for now he just had to stick close and when he gets a chance, he would make his move.

As the two kept climbing, they eventually reached Cloudsdale and started to manoeuvre in-between the chimneys of the cloud factories. As he was doing this, BlackWarGreymon took note that it seems only Pegasi can actually walk on clouds.

Predictably, the two competitors were spotted by the on looking citizens. At first it seemed that their fellow Pegasus was being chased by a creature that was unfamiliar to them. But from seeing the smile on Rainbow Dash’s face, and that some Pegasi had already heard news from Canterlot, they could tell that this was some sort of race.

After passing the last chimney, Rainbow Dash flew over one of the many rainbows and then started to descend from Cloudsdale, with BlackWarGreymon in hot pursuit. As the two dived towards Ponyville, they headed towards a minefield of clouds. This wasn’t a problem. As the two approached them, Rainbow Dash was busting through them with her hooves while BlackWarGreymon was either slashing them or simply flying straight through them.

As they reached Ponyville, the two racers were flying above the rooftops. They were flying at such speeds that the on looking ponies only saw rainbow and black blurs streaking across the sky. After weaving through the wide streets they reached town hall and started flying in a circle around the rooftop.

Nearby were the Cutiemark Crusaders. After failing at their recent attempt at getting cutiemarks, they thought nothing could cheer them up. Until they saw the two racers flying around the top of town hall. Despite only seeing blurs, the three fillies immediately knew who they were.

After their tenth run around the rooftop, Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon flew off to their newt destination. Leaving the three crusaders in awe.

“Is my eyes playin’ tricks on me, or is that new guy racin’ Rainbow Dash?” Applebloom asked the other two.

“Nope. What we just saw was real!” Sweetie Belle answered.

Scootaloo had a look of disbelief on her face.

“Impossible. He’s actually keeping up with Rainbow Dash!” She said as the racers disappeared in the distance.

Back at Canterlot, the rest of the Mane Six were watching every detail of the race. Unfortunately, they only had one binoculars and half the time they were fighting over who gets to look through them.

“What’s happening? What’s happening!?” Pinkie Pie shouted while snatching the binoculars away from Applejack but looking in the wrong direction.

Twilight used her magic to take the binoculars from the pink pony and peered through them in the direction of Ponyville. She gasped then she saw Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon.

“I see them! They just left Ponyville!” She said before the rest of her friends started to jump on the spot and cheering on excitement.

“Who’s winning Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“It looks like a tie, but I think Rainbow Dash is just ahead,” She answered, leaving the others to gasp in disbelief. It’s rare for someone to almost equal their blue friend in speed.

Back at the race, the Digimon and the Pegasus were weaving around the tops of trees above the Everfree Forest. Either showing no signs of being tired or slowing down. As Rainbow Dash looked over to her side to see BlackWarGreymon, she had to admit that she was slightly jealous. The fact that she had to constantly flap her wings to stay in the air, while the Digimon didn’t seem to be moving any parts of his body at all, meant that he’s using even less energy than her.

“Seriously, how is it that you’re flying?” She asked.

“What’s the matter? Felling tired already?” He replied to mock her.

Now with determination, Rainbow Dash flapped her wings harder, propelling herself faster and passed by the Digimon.

As they left the Everfree Forest and towards Ghastly Gorge, BlackWarGreymon took note that the gorge was a massive canyon, with a stream stretching across the ground bellow. As she approached the edge of the cliff, Rainbow Dash dived down and flew above the stream inside the gorge, with BlackWarGreymon following her lead.

Inside the gorge the two racers had obstacles to overcome in order to proceed. The first was a tunnel with a massive back draft. Upon entering the tunnel, Rainbow Dash was slowed down at first, but after beating her wings harder she kept up the pace and made it out of the tunnel. Unfortunately for the Pegasus, BlackWarGreymon had an advantage. Thanks to his larger body and his smooth streamlined armour, he made it in and out of the tunnel at ease, bringing him closer to Rainbow Dash.

After some twists and turns they came upon the second obstacle, a massive growth of cactuses. Rainbow Dash found an opening large enough to fit into, and then flew straight in.

Thanks to the amount of times she flew in and out of Ghastly Gorge, Rainbow Dash was able to plot a course through the dense growth without getting a scratch from the spiked branches.

By the time she flew back out, Rainbow Dash figured that BlackWarGreymon won’t be able to fit through the opening. And even if he did, he would have to slow right down to move around the branches.

She couldn’t be more wrong.

She then heard a sudden series of loud snaps. She turned her head only to see that BlackWarGreymon didn’t use the opening. Or wasn’t careful.

In fact, he didn’t even slowed down!

He literally just flew straight in without hesitation or fear, smashing his way through at high speed, and to the pony’s surprise, completely unaffected by the thorns.

As he exited the last cactus, bits of branches flew everywhere. This forced the rainbow-maned pony to dodge the incoming thorns.

“What the hay! Aren’t you even hurt by that!?” Rainbow Dash asked, clearly surprised from what she saw.

“Didn’t feel a thing,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

Because he didn’t slowed down, the Digimon was right behind Rainbow Dash. But she wasn’t going to let this get the best of her. By flapping her wings faster, she gained more distance from BlackWarGreymon as they approached the third and final obstacle.

The Quarray eel nest.

From hearing the incoming racers, the giant red eels poked their heads out to see their potential prey. But by sensing the incredible power within BlackWarGreymon, most of the eels were frightened and retreated back in their nests.

Rainbow Dash noticed this and figured that she could use this to her advantage. However, the eels recognized the Pegasus for she was the one who always teased and tormented them. They wanted her to be their pray, even if it meant going near the Digimon.

When BlackWarGreymon flew by, the Quarray eels avoided him completely. But when Rainbow Dash flew by, they launched their heads out with their gaping mouths open, hoping to catch the speeding pony.

But Rainbow Dash was too quick for them and easily dodged their attacks. But by doing this she slowed down and soon noticed that the Digimon took the lead, completely unopposed.


However, one eel had the guts to try to eat BlackWarGreymon. But it launched its head out too early and ended up getting slammed by the Digimon’s armoured shoulder. The eel was knocked out cold.

Back at Canterlot, the rest of the Mane Six couldn’t contain their excitement much longer, for they know the race was almost over.

“What’s happenin’ Twilight?” Applejack asked the Alicorn who was looking through the binoculars.

“Can’t tell yet, but they must be out of Ghastly Gorge any time now,” She replied while focusing more on her sight.

Eventually, she spotted two speeding blurs flying out of the distant gorge.

“They’re out! They’re… wait a minute,”

What she said made her friends look at her in confusion. Clearly puzzled at her change of tone.

What made it more surprising was when Twilight gasped in shock.

“I…I don’t believe it! BlackWarGreymon is in the lead!”

Her sentence made her friends gasp, Rarity even nearly fainted.

“BlackWarGreymon…in the lead of a race…against Rainbow Dash!? This is unheard of! This is Rainbow Dash we’re talking about! RAINBOW DASH!!!” Pinkie Pie shouted in Twilight’s ear.

Back at the race, the only thing left to do was to fly straight back towards the Canterlot gardens where Twilight and her friends were waiting. Now with no more obstacles or misleading directions, BlackWarGreymon was now able to truly put his speed to the test. Now flying much faster, with his arms stretched forward to improve his aerodynamics, he flew past Rainbow Dash and gaining great distance.

But Rainbow Dash wasn’t the one to give up so easily. Flapping her wings harder, she was able to close the gap and found herself next to him.

“I have to admit, you’re faster than I thought you are. But you’re never gonna beat me!” She said while, with a sudden burst of speed, flew past the Digimon and flying faster.

While her speed was climbing, BlackWarGreymon’s wasn’t. At first he thought using lesser energy to fly would guarantee the win, but it seems that’s not the case.

“It seems I’ve reached my top speed. But it’s still not enough to beat Rainbow Dash.”

Then he thought of a cunning idea.


He then put his arms together and started to spin.

Rainbow Dash meanwhile seems confident that she was going to win.

“Haha. I actually left him in the dust. As it seems he can’t go any faster, it’s clear that I’m the win…”


She was interrupted when she heard BlackWarGreymon. And was even more surprised when she saw a horizontal black tornado flying past her. She was confused at first but quickly saw through the Digimon’s plan.

Using the black winds that were created while spinning, BlackWarGreymon used those winds to propel himself faster. Given the fact that he was already at his top speed and while in tornado form he was more aero-dynamical, he was traveling even faster than he was before.

“Alright big guy, so this is how you’re going to play it? Then so am I.”

With her statement said, Rainbow Dash flew directly upwards in a complete vertical line. After reaching a very high altitude, she started to dive straight towards the finish line, going faster every second.

Back at Canterlot, the rest of the Mane Six were concerned for Twilight. Who was looking through her binoculars but with an awe-stricken face.

“Now what’s happening Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“Well… it looks like BlackWarGreymon is using his tornado attack to go faster, but I can’t see Rainbow Dash,” She replied. But after moving her sights about, she spotted the blue Pegasus.

“I see her, and…and…”

“And what?” Pinkie Pie asked in concern.

Twilight then put her binoculars down, but still looked in the direction of Rainbow Dash.

“And I think she’s gonna do… the Sonic Rainboom.”

Back at the race, Twilight was correct. As Rainbow Dash kept flapping her wings furiously while diving, a Mach cone began to form in front of her. But she didn’t stop there, she kept going and going… until…

Back to BlackWarGreymon, he kept spinning in his tornado, keeping his pace up. Until he heard what sounded like a large explosion.

“WHAT THE…!!!”

Thinking that something was wrong, he immediately ceased his Black Tornado move, stopped moving altogether and looked to where he heard the sound.

As he looked at the sky, he saw something that he truly didn’t expect. Expanding across the sky, was a massive rainbow-coloured ring.

‘Song end’

He then saw a rainbow trail flew past him and as it did, he briefly heard Rainbow Dash cheering. He then looked back at the sky as the rainbow ring slowly faded away.

“So that’s the Sonic Rainboom? Impressive.”

He then realised that even if he didn’t stop, Rainbow Dash would still fly past him at that kind of speed.

After accepting the fact that Rainbow Dash was faster than him, BlackWarGreymon turned towards the finish line and flew towards it.

At the finish line, Rainbow Dash landed. However she was completely exhausted from the race. The rest of the Mane Six approached the mare who was gasping for breath.

“Are you ok, Rainbow Dash?” Fluttershy asked in concern.

As Rainbow Dash answered, she took deep breaths in-between her words.


“Wow Rainbow Dash, I’ve never seen ya so exhausted from a race before,” Applejack said.

“And the race was pretty close,” Twilight mentioned.

“Yeah…good thing…that I used the Sonic Rainboom…huh?” Rainbow Dash said while trying to stand back up.

Afterwards, BlackWarGreymon landed beside them. As Rainbow Dash looked at him, she couldn’t believe that he wasn’t showing signs of exhaustion. Heck, he wasn’t even tired.

“How do you do that?” She asked, finally getting her breath back.

“Do what?” The Digimon asked, letting Rainbow Dash explain.

“You’ve battled two powerful opponents, spent all night reading without sleep and had just raced me across Cloudsdale, Ponyville, the Everfree and Ghastly Gorge. How are you not tired!?”

“I’m just not,” BlackWarGreymon simply replied. “And believe me, I can still keep going.”

“Ok. And that whole flying thing. Do you Digimon have a habit of defying gravity?” She asked him again.

“Well…most of the time.”

“Sorry that you lost the race,” Fluttershy said as she and her friends approached him.

“Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that bad for my first,” He said, earning looks of surprise from his friends.

“Wait that was your first race ever?” Rarity asked.

“Yes it was. But what made that race better for me was that I got to see the Sonic Rainboom,” BlackWarGreymon admitted.

“Really?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yes. Before now I never met anyone who can fly so fast that they can shatter the colour spectrum.”

Twilight was surprised at the last few words the Digimon said.

“Wow. That was so…technical.”

While elbowing Rainbow Dash, Applejack spoke to her.

“Admit it Rainbow, ya had a lot of work cut out for ya back at the race.”

“Well…yeah kinda. He actually kept up with me,” Rainbow Dash replied.

While this was going on, Twilight pondered over something in her mind.

‘Obviously, BlackWarGreymon’s powers are not magical, he just possesses them. He described his fight with Tirek ‘too quickly’ and despite hearing about the size and appearance of the dragon that took Luna, BlackWarGreymon was still able to defeat it’

Thanks to these thoughts stirring in her head, Twilight wanted to know what the Control Spire Digimon was really capable of.

After walking towards him to gain his attention, she spoke up.

“BlackWarGreymon. You said you have four powers and so far we had only seen two of them. So if it’s ok with you, would you like to show us more of your powers? And how you use them, as well as your fighting skills?”

At first, BlackWarGreymon thought that it was kind of strange for Twilight to make that request. But he remembered that she had an inquiring mind and was obviously interested in seeing his capabilities.

Since they were friends that trust each over, he didn’t mind the idea of showing off a little.

“I think that’s a good idea Twilight. But it’s not like another villain is going to pop out of nowhere,” He stated.

Twilight knew he was right. After looking around, she saw two royal guards inspecting their new catapult.

“I think I’ve got an idea.”

Discord’s Dimension

After making his grand appearance at Canterlot castle, the Spirit of Chaos appeared in his house in the middle of his distorted realm. Of all the things he loves doing, it things that doesn’t make sense.

Despite being thousands of years old, he was still very childish.

Now reformed to good, the only ‘entertainment’ he could conjure up with his genie-like powers was pulling pranks. Yes he may had made a couple of mishaps, but he made up for it by doing the right thing in the end. A lesson he learnt from his experience with Tirek.

As he used his magic to bring his suitcase to life, he ordered it to climb the stairs and ‘barf’ out his luggage. Leaving Discord alone in his living room.

“Oh that was exciting! Barging in on them like that, the looks on their faces hahaha! Priceless!!”

While in a good mood, he then thought about the new visitor while walking back and forth across the room.

“And that BlackWarGreymon fellow definatly looks interesting. I definatly felt a great chaotic aura from him. I wonder if he likes pulling a prank or two.”

Then to his uncertainty, there was a fact that kept tickling inside his head. Something that for some reason he had to remember.

While still walking back and forth across the room, his good mood shifted to deep thought as he stroked his beard.

“Now, what is he again? What’s the name of his species? Twilight definatly said it. But what was it again? Bibi-something…Poke-something…Digi…Digi.........”

He paused.

He slowly released his hold on his beard with a startled look on his face as he remembered the name. His startled face quickly morphed into shock.


He the rushed to his draws and franticly looked through them while throwing its contents out, as if he’s looking for something. This was rare. The only times Discord was like this was when he’s serious. After emptying his draws, he moved to the middle of the room and rubbed his head with his index fingers, trying to clear his mind.

“Digimon…Digimon…where have I heard that name before? I definatly heard that name from somewhere. But when did I…………oh.”

Then it clicked. As he released his fingers from his head, Discord’s face paled while his eyes widened and his red pupils shrunk.

He now remembered where he heard that name.

And from who he heard it from.

As Discord remembered his past, long before he met the Mane Six, long before he was turned to stone by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, he remembered……HIM!

Discord began to shiver in fear. Just the thought of his appearance, his eyes and even his demonic laughter made even the Spirit of Chaos himself stutter.

“Oh…him. Uuuuhhh, he STILL gives me the creeps.”

As he tried to take his mind off the matter, Discord became confused.

“Wait. If BlackWarGreymon had chaotic energy, why is he around ponies? Hmm?”

He then snapped his fingers when he thought of a possibility that cheered him up.

“He’s like me! He WAS evil, but now reformed! HAHAHA!! Finally, someone who’s just like me!”

As Discord cheered, his deranged mind completely forgot the important matter that had him concerned in a way he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Chapter 10: The Test

View Online

At the Canterlot hospital, the doctors and nurses had a very important patient. After hours of intense work, the medics had finally finished giving Princess Luna treatment and left her to rest for the healing to take effect.

Being an Alicorn, Luna and the other princesses could heal much faster than an average pony. But even so, it still took time.

As the medical ponies left to inform Princess Celestia that her little sister was going to make a full recovery, Luna was having one of her dreams.

Now that the nightmare essence of her mind, the Tantabus, was long gone, all her dreams since then had been very pleasant and peaceful. But at the moment, she’s having the same dream she had for the past few weeks.

Because she was constantly been asked by many stallions who all found her attractive, the dream she was having was mainly about her mysterious knight in shining armour.

For some time, her dream was repeating itself over and over again. She gets captured by an evil sorcerer, him threatening all of Equestria unless she submits to him, then her hero appears and fights the sorcerer, and after a quick skirmish, the hero triumphs. Afterwards, the mysterious hero approaches Luna and frees her.

But this time, only one part of her dream was different. Originally, her knight in shining armour had a resemblance of a stallion. But this time around, and to her surprise, he bared the resemblance of what looked like an upright dragon with armour. As he approached her, her dream was suddenly fading. And the last thing she caught a glimpse of were his yellow eyes.

After Luna’s eyes snapped open to reality, she quickly rose her body off the bed while taking in deep breaths.

‘What…what was that all about?’

“Oh Luna. It’s good to see you awake.”

Luna turned her head to where she heard the voice. And standing beside the bed was Celestia, with relief on her face.

“Sister? Where…where am I?” Luna asked while looking around the unfamiliar room.

“Your in the hospital, Luna. You were exhausted from your experience and fell unconscious,” Celestia explained.

Luna was left puzzled.


Celestia had a questionable look on her face.

“You mean you don’t remember?”

While thinking hard, Luna tried to piece her thoughts and memories together.

“Well… I’m not so sure. I do remember that… I was taken by a giant dragon. He… took me to a cave and… tried to eat me! But as he did…”

“Well?” Celestia asked, noticing Luna’s long pause.

“Well, call me crazy… a black blur came out of nowhere and attacked the dragon.”

“A black blur?” Celestia asked, despite knowing full well who the black blur really was.

“Yes, and it looked like a… an armoured dragon. But it was different from any dragon I’ve ever seen before. It was fast, strong, and the power it had. I’ve never seen anything with that kind of power before. It was able to defeat that dragon on its own and… it saved my life.”

Celestia smiled at hearing Luna’s explanation.

“Seems like we could never thank BlackWarGreymon enough,” She said to herself. But Luna overheard her and was puzzled at a bizarre word her sister used.


“Oh. I’m talking about our saviour. You know, the one who defeated Tirek yesterday. He’s also the one who saved you, Luna. BlackWarGreymon is his name,” Celestia explained, making it clear to her little sister as Luna looked at her bed to take in the details.

“BlackWarGreymon. Such a strange name.”

“I guess in a way it is, Luna. But he told me that there are many different beings from his world that have strange names.”

What Celestia said brought Luna’s full attention.

“So he isn’t a dragon?”

“No. He may look like one, but he’s in fact entirely different. He belongs to a species called Digimon and he came from a dimension called the Digital World.”

Luna became more intrigued with the new information.

“So… he’s from another world?”

“Yes, Luna. But what’s more interesting is that despite being from another world, he’s perfectly willing to step into danger to protect the innocent lives that he had never met before,” Celestia stated, but Luna looked confused.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well Luna, when the royal guard informed us that you were captured, BlackWarGreymon immediately stepped in without a second thought of his own freewill. And before I could say anything, he took off to rescue you.”

Luna was awe-stricken when she heard this. He wasn’t ordered to save her, he wanted to save her. Back at the battle, he was unstoppable and perhaps a bit vicious. But he did it all to protect her. He was indeed their saviour.

Without hesitating, Luna climbed out of her hospital bed.

“Luna, you should be resting,” Celestia said with concern in her voice.

“Don’t worry sister, I’ll be fine. I would like to meet BlackWarGreymon, where is he?” Luna asked.

“The last I’ve seen him, he was out in the Canterlot gardens with Twilight and her friends. Why?” Celestia asked.

“Well…I like to thank him personally.”

Celestia smiled at hearing Luna’s answer.

“Of course. But go easy on your sprained hoof. It may not have fully healed yet,” Celestia advised.

With that, Luna walked past her big sister and left the room. With other ponies bowing before her as she walked past them.

Already knowing how tough her little sister was, Celestia, who’s seemly alone, smiled at the thought of Luna returning to full health.

Until she was disturbed by someone who appeared to be humming.

“Hmmm, how touching.”

Celestia turned around to the source of the familiar voice. And found Discord, wrapped up in bandages pretending to be injured, on the bed next to the one Luna was on.

“Discord. How long have you been here?” She asked.

“Oh, long enough,” Discord said before teleporting off the bed and reappearing next to the sun princess, with no bandages on him.

“You know I think it’s great for you to put so much trust in our Digi-pall,” He continued.

“Of course it is, Discord. He’s our new saviour,” The white Alicorn said, agreeing with what the Draconequus said.

“I think that’s a good title for him. Well…despite his negative energy of course,”

Celestia was puzzled at what Discord was implying.

“What are you talking about?”

“You mean you didn’t know that he possesses negative energy?” Discord asked.

“Well… on our way to the gardens, BlackWarGreymon did mentioned it. Do you know something about it, Discord?”

Before answering Celestia’s question, Discord thought for a moment while stroking his beard.

“Well, I don’t know how the powers of Digimon work, but I do know one thing. You see, negative energy is their version of dark magic.”

Discord’s answer left Celestia stunned.

“Dark…magic?” Celestia silently asked, but Discord wasn’t listening.

“In a way it sort of makes sense. After all, he does look the part.”

He then paused before speaking again.

"Anyway, best be off now. I’m planning on playing ping-pong with myself and I’m intending on winning this time. Farwell!” He said before disappearing from the room, leaving Celestia alone with confused thoughts.

Five minutes from the Canterlot gardens

With the hospital behind her, Princess Luna made her way towards the gardens beside the castle. During her walk, she kept remembering the events that transpired with Celestia.

Yes, Luna wanted to meet her rescuer, but she did sound a bit too eager. In fact her walking pace was quicker, as if she wanted to see him before he leaves or something like that.

Confused at her own thoughts, she slightly shook her head to clear her mind. She then looked up at the sky and noticed that the sun was setting.

“It’s evening!? I must’ve been out for a while.”

Her vision then caught a glimpse of something moving at the corner of her eye. Looking to her right, she spotted two royal guard Unicorns moving a catapult towards the gardens. The guards were also bringing large rocks which were used as ammo for the large weapon.

Curious of what’s going on, Luna slipped into the shadows and while under the cover of darkness, silently moved closer to the guards. After getting to a good distance unseen, Luna then raised her ear to hear the guard’s conversation.

“Uuhhh… tell me why we’re moving this towards the gardens?” The first guard asked the other, clearly exhausted from using his magic to move the heavy catapult.

“Princess Twilight ordered this and other catapults to be moved because she wants to use them as some sort of test for the new guy,” The second guard answered.

Hearing this made the hidden Alicorn listen more.

“Oh yeah, the new guy. But I think he doesn’t need to bother with this. Just the look of him could send a pony running,” The first guard said.

"Oh that reminds me. I’ve heard that he took on Tirek and defeated him all on his own,” The second guard said, leaving the first one with the look of awe.

“You’re kidding!”

“Well word is going around that he is our new protector.”

As they continued their conversation, they disappeared into the streets, leaving Luna with her thoughts.

“What kind of test has Twilight got in mind for him?”

Curious of what the test was, Luna proceeded to fly to the rooftops. But since her once clipped wing was only recently healed, she felt stings of pain as she flapped her wings. But soon she reached the rooftop that had a good view of the gardens.

After settling down on the roof to rest her body, she spotted the Mane Six in the distance. As well as a few loaded catapults.

She was confused. Was this some kind of combat test and more importantly, where’s BlackWarGreymon?

After trying and failing to spot the Digimon who’s apparently out of sight, she turned her sights to Twilight who was gathering her friends together.

“Alright, are you ready girls?” Twilight asked in enthusiasm.

“You bet!” The rest of the Mane Six said at the same time.

‘Background music’ ‘All Hail Shadow by Crush 40’

Twilight immediately turned to a group of royal guards with one of their catapults, ready to fire.

“Are you all set!?” She asked.

“We’re ready your highness,” One of the guards called back.

“Good. Start firing… now!”

The moment Twilight gave the order, one of the catapults launched a large boulder high into the air.

The first shot of the test was fired.

Luna noticed that the guards were being careful with their aim, trying not to point the catapults at the castle. But that wasn’t all the night princess saw.

As the rock kept climbing into the air, a streaking black blur suddenly flew out of the nearby trees. All the ponies and the guards on the ground watched on in amazement as the black blur smashed its way straight through the boulder, shattering it to pieces.

“Shouldn’t that hurt him?” Rarity asked while watching what just transpired.

“Doesn’t look like it,” Pinkie Pie answered.

Back up in the sky for all the amazed ponies to see, the falling stones gave way to reveal BlackWarGreymon. Who was preparing himself for his next target.

With the Digimon in open sky and out of the line of sights of the castle, the guards below were able to adjust their catapults to literally aim and fire at him.

From seeing another incoming boulder, BlackWarGreymon flew towards it with his claws ready. As the two came close, the Digital Monster launched his left arm forward. Then a slashing sound was heard. And by the time the rock past him, it fell apart into pieces.

He then did the same to another incoming boulder with his right arm.

While he was doing this, the ponies below who were watching were amazed that the Digimon’s metal claws, as well as himself, were able to slice through solid rock like it was nothing.

“Now that’s what I call a knife through hot butter,” Rainbow Dash cheered.

After spotting another rock coming towards him from behind, BlackWarGreymon raised his left arm straight in front of him, turned around sharply and slashed the boulder sideways. Doing this caused the boulder to be sliced completely in half.

Although she was not entirely into brute strength, Luna couldn’t help but feel amazed and impressed by BlackWarGreymon’s strength and how he uses it.


After slicing two more boulders into pieces, BlackWarGreymon spotted two more incoming. He slammed his foot into the first one, completely shattering the rock. Then destroyed the second by ramming his elbow into it.

“Seriously, how does that not hurt him?” Applejack asked.

“I don’t know, but he is surprisingly durable,” Twilight answered.

Soon after spotting yet another boulder, the jet-black dragon warrior flew towards it, done a forward flip so his feet were facing the ball of rock, and then landed on it with his metal claws dug in to hold on. His actions caused the rock to fall back downwards towards the ground with him still on it. Then both he and the boulder crashed into a hill, the impact throwing a large cloud of dust into the air.

The Mane Six, the guards and Princess Luna were awe-stricken. He had the guts to free-fall with the boulder and risk getting himself hurt.

Then five more boulders were fired in the air, then were falling in the direction of the downed Digimon.

But BlackWarGreymon was waiting for this.

The on-looking ponies then spotted a red glow within the dust cloud. Although still new to the Mane Six, Luna was all too familiar with the Digital Monster’s signature attack.

BlackWarGreymon then burst out of the dust cloud unharmed, with a Terra Destroyer orb that was the same size as he was in-between his hands. He then chucked it at the five incoming boulders. While it collided with one, destroying it, the blast radius obliterated three others. As the fifth one approached the fading red light, BlackWarGreymon appeared through the light and side-kicked the rock as if it were a football.

This sent the rock flying from Canterlot, in-between two nearby mountains and disappearing off in the distance.

“He takes the shot! He shoots! He scores!!” Rainbow Dash cheered, acting as if the two mountains were some sort of goal.

As the Mane Six were all cheering and the royal guards shocked at the Digimon’s combat skills, Luna slowly smiled at how happy Twilight and her friends were about BlackWarGreymon. As well as him using his power and strength for good.

Back in the sky, BlackWarGreymon used Dragon Crusher on three boulders. The wave of energy halting them and then the wave of red-purple fire incinerating them.

Soon after the fire cleared, he then saw five more boulders heading for him.

“Hmm, more fun for me.”

Using his newly enhanced speed, BlackWarGreymon instantly turned into a black blur as he flew towards the boulders. One by one, as he reached a boulder, a slashing sound was heard. By the time he left the group of rocks and slowed down, the five boulders fell apart into pieces of stones.

The Digimon then used Black Tornado to drill through three boulders that were in a row. While passing through them, the force from the black winds shredded what was left of the round rocks. He kept his assault up by an uppercut slash on another boulder, again slicing it in the process.

As more boulders kept flying at him, BlackWarGreymon had done virtually every combat move he could think of. He back-handed them, karate chopped them, head-butted them, slashed, kicked, and slammed his armoured shin guard into them. And every time he landed a hit, the boulders crumbled under his strength.

After spotting another incoming boulder, he reached his arms out to catch it. As he did, his clawed gauntlets dug straight into the rock and held it in its place. He then raised the boulder over his head and threw it into another. The collision shattered the two.

BlackWarGreymon looked to his left and saw yet another incoming boulder, but as he looked to his right, he saw again another flying towards him at the same time. To show off more of his physical strength, he stretched his arms out to his sides and allowed the two boulders to slam into his gauntlets. With the two boulders held in place by his claws, the Digimon reared his arms back and then swung them back together. Shattering the boulders together completely without harm.

The on-looking ponies below were amazed at what they’re witnessing. BlackWarGreymon truly had strength to behold.

“Truly amazing display, But I think it’s time to kick it up a notch,” Twilight said before signalling the nearby guards into switching ammunition.

Instead of the usual boulder, they loaded the catapult with a massive boulder coated in armour. Rainbow Dash took a good look at the metal and recognized its texture.

“Uhh Twilight, is that Cloudsdalion steel?” She asked the purple Alicorn.

“Yes it is,” Twilight answered.

Soon after they loaded it, the guards fired the armoured rock at the airborne Digimon. After spotting it, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the incoming boulder was covered in metal.

“This should be interesting.”

He then proceeded to fly towards the ball of metal. As the two got ever closer, the royal guards, the Mane Six and even Luna were eager to see the outcome. As the boulder got in range, BlackWarGreymon slashed his right arm at it. Showers of sparks flew everywhere as Chrome Digizoid made contact with Cloudsdalion steel.

As the sparks disappeared, BlackWarGreymon paused with his arm still stretched out. At first the armoured boulder seemed intact, but a spit second later, both the metal and the rock inside were sliced in half.

Everypony down below had looks of disbelief on their faces, while Rainbow Dash was in shock.

“That…that’s not possible! Cloudsdalion steel is the strongest metal in Equestria! And he sliced straight through it as if it was no problem!”

“Impressive. Seems his Digizoid armour is far stronger than any metal that we could make,” Twilight said to herself.

As time went on, the catapults were running out of ammo. So the guards decided to launch every boulder they had left, firing a total of twenty five boulders at BlackWarGreymon.

The Digimon knew he didn’t have the time to rely solely on combat, but he had an idea.

“Black Tornado!”

As BlackWarGreymon spun on the spot, swirling black winds that were created completely covered him. And by spinning much faster, the black vortex grew bigger and bigger. Soon a very large black tornado formed high in the sky, and as the boulders got in close, they were all sucked in and spun with the currents.

“He can make his tornado attack bigger!? Who knew?” Pinkie Pie said while everypony else silently stared at the column of black energy.

By adjusting the wind flow in his tornado, BlackWarGreymon sent twenty four of the boulders into the air in a DNA-like fashion out of the top of the tornado. While the last boulder went flying straight out of the tornado, right through the middle of all the other boulders and kept climbing altitude high above them.

With all twenty five boulders above him, BlackWarGreymon stopped spinning and flew towards them. He flew straight past the spiralling boulders and as he approached the stray round rock above his head, his body emitted dark energy.

“Mega Destroyer!”

Like a black comet he streaked high in the sky, and smashed straight through the boulder. The impact caused some of BlackWarGreymon’s dark energy to spray out like a cloud.

After stopping his flight upwards, he looked down to see the remaining rocks spiralling towards him. He then flew straight down towards them with his arms stretched outwards, with the pointed end of his claws facing the boulders. After spinning his body at the same speed as the boulders but in the opposite direction, he proceeded to free-fall with his claws slashing through the boulders, two at a time. As he kept it up, his claws met with more solid rock and sliced through them.

The ponies below were in complete awe at the sight. It was usually the Wonderbolts who had the guts to do that sort of thing. Even so, they dared not tear their gaze away from the spinning Digimon slicing through the armada of boulders.

After destroying every last boulder in the sky, BlackWarGreymon flew straight towards the ground. As he got closer, he did a foreword flip so his feet were facing the approaching ground.

As he landed, the impact sent a cloud of dust in the air as a shockwave travelled through the ground. The ponies felt the shockwave though the ground with their hooves. Even Luna felt it vibrating through the building he was on.

‘Music end’

As the dust cloud faded, BlackWarGreymon walked towards the awe-stricken Mane Six. Completely unaffected by the rough landing and satisfied by completing Twilight’s test.

“Woah, that…was totally awesome!” Rainbow Dash said as she and her friends met up with their digital friend.

“That was mighty impressive big fella,” Applejack complemented, with Rarity agreeing with her.

“Indeed. And that finale you pulled off certainly was graceful.”

“This calls for a celebration!” Pinkie Pie shouted while hugging Fluttershy in a tight squeeze.

Although feeling appreciated from their comments, BlackWarGreymon couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed.

Back on the rooftop, Princess Luna, despite still being stuck in awe at what she’s seen, smiled at how happy the Mane Six were being around BlackWarGreymon. Even though he was from a different world and had power leagues above their own. After deciding that the armoured being was friendly enough to be approachable, Luna teleported off the rooftop and reappeared outside the gardens, making her way towards the Mane Six and their new friend.

“That was incredible, BlackWarGreymon! I’ve never seen anypony fight like that,” Twilight said, clearly pleased how the outcome of the test was.

“Thank you Twilight. But as surprising as it sounds, I wasn’t even using my full potential.”

His response made the Mane Six stare at him in disbelief.

“WHAT!!?” They all shouted at the same time. Briefly surprising the Digimon

“You mean you could do even more than that?” Fluttershy asked.

“I could of. But hurtling boulders are a mere child’s play to me,” BlackWarGreymon answered, but was then joined by a voice unfamiliar to him.

“I most certainly agree.”

Hearing this made BlackWarGreymon shoot his head up in surprise, not expecting it at all. Then he heard Twilight’s voice.

“Princess Luna!”

Looking down to his friends, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the Mane Six were bowing to someone behind him. After slowly turning his head around, he saw Luna walking towards them.

Upon seeing the blue Alicorn again, the black Digimon’s eyes widen slightly for a brief moment as he felt the same warm presence in his chest.

‘This warm feeling again? What is it? What does it mean? And why does it happen when I see her?’

His mind was riddled with questions. But Luna too couldn’t help but feel slightly different when she saw him. From the distance was good enough but up close, he really was quite a sight.

Both their thought patterns were interrupted when Twilight rushed to the night princess.

“Luna, are you alright?” Where does it hurt?” She asked, concerned that the older Alicorn had left the hospital earlier than expected.

“I’m fine. Thank you Twilight,” Luna said before taking a few steps closer to BlackWarGreymon. Her blue eyes looking up at his yellow eyes.

“Boulders were clearly not worthy adversaries to you, B-BlackWarGreymon was it?” She asked to make sure she had got his name right.

“Y-Yes, that’s my name. You were watching me?” He asked back, wondering if she knew about the test.

“From start to finish. I’ve lived with my sister for thousands of years, and I’ve never seen anyone fight in a way you do. You’re very impressive.”

He didn’t know why, but BlackWarGreymon felt a little stunned when he heard her complement.

“Uhh…thank you, Princess Luna.”

Then a brief silence followed, but the Digimon kept hearing the blue Alicorn clearing her throat. He knew she was trying to hint him about something, but was confused as to why she’s not speaking it.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” He asked, but was not expecting the kind of answer that followed.

“Well, it’s customary to bow before royalty.”

For some reason, the Mane Six immediately felt uncomfortable, and they had every reason to feel so.

It was the same reason why BlackWarGreymon chose not to bow to Celestia. Throughout his rebellious life, the Digimon felt that bowing to another meant surrender or submitting. Even through the world he was in was friendly as well as its rulers and that to them bowing shows respect, he still felt that him bowing to another was wrong. Even bowing to a royal.

“I’m sorry, but I bow to no one.”

This caught Luna off-guard, before demanding an explanation.


“To you and your kind, bowing is showing respect and forgiveness. But not to me. To me bowing is a sign of one submitting to another. And I don't submit.”

Despite the Mane Six feeling slight pity for BlackWarGreymon after hearing him say that, Luna felt slightly agitated. It was clear that Luna likes to be treated like a royal more than her sister does.

Before Luna could resort back, she was interrupted by a voice from behind her.

“It’s ok, Luna.”

After turning her head around, She, along with the Mane Six and BlackWarGreymon, saw Princess Celestia walking towards the group.

“There is no need for him to bow. He’s already respected us by saving our world.”

“I…I understand,” Luna replied, slightly unsure about it.

“Luna, you didn’t came here just to tell BlackWarGreymon your opinion on his test, didn’t you?” Twilight asked, knowing there was another reason why the blue Alicorn was with them instead of staying in the hospital.

“Oh…right,” She then turned her full attention to the armoured Digimon with a calm friendly expression.

“BlackWarGreymon, I just wanted to say…thank you, for saving my life.”

Like before, BlackWarGreymon felt very good about himself for doing something and being thanked for it.

“You’re most welcome, Princess Luna,”

Hearing him say that made the whole group smile brightly.

After another moment of silence, they all noticed that the sun was setting, giving way to night.

“Well, I’m sure that everypony is tired today. Would you all like to sleep over at the castle tonight?” Celestia asked.

“Really? Well we would gladly accept,” Rarity said while the other ponies nodded their heads in agreement.

“What about you big guy? From everything you been through, you could sleep for weeks,” Rainbow Dash said to BlackWarGreymon.

Despite everything he did lately, BlackWarGreymon still didn’t felt tired at all. But it would be rude to refuse an offer from the princess.

“Well, I guess I could use a little rest,” He said while flexing his arms. Although the Mane Six understood that he could go on without rest at all, but the royal sisters were slightly stunned by what he said.

“A little rest? You mean you’re not tired, even after fighting that dragon?” Luna asked.

“Not really,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Well then, shall we proceed to the castle?” Celestia asked the group.

“You bet,” Pinkie Pie answered while the others nodded their heads.

As the royal guards were putting their catapults away, the Mane Six, the royal sisters and the Digimon made their way towards the castle. During this time, Princess Celestia felt concerned about BlackWarGreymon. Her early discussion with Discord left her mind riddled with confusion and questions. Was negative energy the Digimon equivalent of dark magic? That only evil could possess such a thing? If so, does that mean that BlackWarGreymon was not what he seems?

By he did save Equestria from Tirek’s evil and risked his life rescuing Luna. Does that mean he was raised evil but thought differently? Or that he was evil but now reformed? She really wanted to ask him about it, but she didn’t felt that the time was right. After all he just gained Luna’s trust.

And speaking of Princess Luna, as she walked beside BlackWarGreymon she kept looking at him in the corner of her eye. She wasn’t feeling suspicious or anything, she just felt like looking at him. As she did she took in every detail about him. All from his gleaming armour to his yellow hair. To her even his three-horned helmet was interesting to look at.

In fact Luna was so distracted that she would’ve walked straight into a bush, if Twilight hadn’t stepped in to stop her.

“Luna, you almost walked into that. Are you ok?” She asked in concern.

Despite feeling a little lightheaded, Luna shook it off and reassured Twilight.

“I’m fine Twilight Sparkle. Just had a day dream, that’s all.”

Afterwards they all went to the dining hall. They all enjoyed themselves while having a nice dinner. Except for BlackWarGreymon, who didn’t felt hungry and spent the time listening to his pony friends while looking out the window. He took in the sight of the sun disappearing over the horizon and the moon rising over the trees. As the moon climbed higher in the darkening sky, he looked over his right shoulder to see the royal sisters. He was still amazed that they have the power to move such large objects.

As he looked, his vision focused on Princess Luna. He found her quite demanding and was thankful that Celestia arrived in time back at the gardens. Even so as he eyed the night princess, the warm feeling from before gripped his chest again. He averted his gaze back at the window while in thought.

‘This feeling again. Why does it show up everytime I see her?’

Then he heard Twilight calling for him.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon, are you sure you’re not hungry?”

Turning his gaze to Twilight, he answered.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

He then was curious. A fact that he was curious to find out.

“Princess Luna?”

Him calling her name slightly surprised the blue Alicorn, but quickly recomposed herself.


“When I arrived at the cave, I couldn’t help but notice that the dragons’ eyes were blackened. Were you really trying to fight him yourself?”

“Yes I was. It’s one of the main duties of being a ruler, we defend and protect Equestria.”

Although it made sense, but it was still surprising to BlackWarGreymon that even a princess could fight back.

“Well, it seems that role has gotten a lot easier with me around,” He stated while turning back at the window.

That was a fact that seemed true. If the likes of Tirek fell to him, who else could possibly stand up to the power of BlackWarGreymon.

After dinner, Celestia escorted the group to their separate bedrooms for the night. Due to BlackWarGreymon’s size, finding a bed for him was impossible at first. But Twilight corrected this by using her magic to make his bed larger.

“Thank you, Twilight,” BlackWarGreymon said with gratitude.

“You’re welcome,” Twilight said while smiling at him before continuing. “So you never been on a bed before?”

“No. But I can give it a try,” The Digimon answered.

With BlackWarGreymon and Twilight in the room were Celestia, Luna, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. All the mares were watching the large Digimon as he knelt down and slid his arms out of his clawed gauntlets. This earned looks of surprise and confusion from the royal sisters.

Twilight noticed this and reassured them.

“I know. My friends and I thought they were his hands too,” She said while referring to the gauntlets.

Luna was still slightly taken back at looking at him. Not just because he had five digit hands, but by him taking off his armoury it revealed more of his muscular arms.

Then Rarity pointed out something.

“Darling, how are you ever going to get comfortable during your sleep with that thing on your back?”

“My shield? Simple,” That was all BlackWarGreymon said before reaching over his shoulder, grabbed his Brave Shield, and pulled them off his back.

“You can take them off?” Twilight asked, clearly surprised.

“Of course. What good is a shield if you could only have it on your back?” He asked rhetorically.

After putting them down, Rainbow Dash flew towards them and tried to lift up one of the two sections. She was surprised at the fact that they were extremely heavy despite that the Digimon carried them as though they were very light.

“Wow…this is heavy…but awesome,” She said while beating her wings as hard as she could, but only managed to lift the Chrome Digizoid shell by only an inch.

BlackWarGreymon slightly chuckled at seeing the Pegasus trying but failing to lift his shield off the ground.

Then Twilight mentioned something.

“Sorry, it’s just that during your fight with Tirek, you never seemed to use your shield.”

“Yes. You took a direct hit from his magic and you didn’t even seemed fazed,” Rarity added.

“Yes. True I hardly use my shield. But it’s a part of me, so I always wear it.”

Part of BlackWarGreymon’s sentence earned looks of confusion from both Luna and Celestia.

‘Part of him?’

“Well…guess it’s time to hit the hay,” Rainbow Dash said after letting out a loud yawn, with Twilight and Rarity doing the same.

“Yes Rainbow, we all need our beauty sleep,” The white Unicorn said while walking out of the room. Followed by Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Celestia.

As Princess Luna was about to leave, she glanced back at BlackWarGreymon. Watching him leaning his gauntlets and his shield against the wall opposite to his bed.

“Have pleasant dreams, BlackWarGreymon.”

Her voice briefly startled the Digimon, he thought all the ponies had left the room. He looked back at her and spoke.

“Thank you, princess.”

“Please, call me Luna,” She said with a smile.

“Very well…Luna.”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t know why, but he felt short for words.

After their little conversation, Luna left BlackWarGreymon’s bedroom. With a smile on her face and an idea in her head.

Chapter 11: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 1) The Birth

View Online

The clocks struck midnight in Canterlot Castle, and most of the occupancies were fast asleep within its walls. The only ones who weren’t were the royal night guards, patrolling the halls and guarding important rooms to ensure safety, security and keeping out intruders.

Some of the most important rooms in the castle were the bedrooms, belonged to the rulers of Equestria, residents from Ponyville and a guest from another world.

In one of the bedrooms, Twilight Sparkle was having one of her most beloved dreams.

Twilight’s dream

The dream Twilight was in was one of her most favorite of all. Being with her friends at the Golden Oaks Library. Her old home that was long destroyed by Tirek himself.

“Hey guys, do you want to see my new balloons?” Pinkie Pie asked, almost pleading.

“Ok Pinkie, show us what you got,” Twilight answered.

With that, Pinkie Pie placed down a basket and removed its cover. Causing six balloons to float out of it. Each balloon was the same colour as the Mane Six and they all had their faces on them.

The rest of the group let out gasps and ‘aww’s in astonishment.

“Those are beautiful, Pinkie,” Fluttershy said.

“Yeah, it’s Gummy’s birthday tomorrow and I want to show him who his true friends are. Do you all want to help me put them up in the kitchen?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Why most certainly,” Rarity answered.

Then they all went towards the kitchen. But before Twilight could enter, she heard something behind her.

After walking to the middle of the library to investigate, the room, the walls, the whole library instantly vanished around her and were replaced by a vast expanse that looked like the night sky.

“W-What’s going on? Where am I?” Twilight asked, confusion and panic filled her mind as this wasn’t part of her dream.

Then she heard a voice.

“It’s alright Twilight Sparkle. You have nothing to fear.”

After looking in the direction the voice came from, Twilight saw a shadowy figure walking towards her. After it got close enough, it revealed to be none other than the Princess of the night herself.

“Princess Luna? Wha-What’s happening?” The purple Alicorn asked, still unsure what was going on.

“Forgive me for pulling you out of your dream, Twilight. But I require your assistance.”

Luna’s reply got Twilight puzzled.

“You want my help? With what?” She asked, letting Luna explain herself.

“You see Twilight, since the beginning, I’ve journeyed through the minds of our subjects. Witnessing dreams and fighting off nightmares. But tonight, I’ll be doing something that has never been done before.”

“Really? What are you going to do?” Twilight asked, clearly interested in Luna’s words.

“I’ll be visiting the dreams of the being not from this world. BlackWarGreymon.”

Twilight gasped in excitement at hearing this revelation.

“Really!? You’re…We’re going to see his dreams?”

“Yes Twilight. That is if you accept my offer,” Luna stated.

“Of course I will! It would be a whole new experience,” Twilight said, eager to see the dreams of a Digimon.

“I’m glad to hear that Twilight Sparkle. Now follow me,” Luna ordered, she too had a hint of excitement in her voice.

As Luna and Twilight travelled through the Dream Realm, they approached anther figure in the distance. Which was then revealed to be Princess Celestia.

“Princess Celestia? You’re here too?” Twilight asked the white Alicorn.

“Yes Twilight. I’m glad that you decided to be here too. It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve gone dream hopping with you Luna.”

“Yes sister, it has been a while,” The smiling blue Alicorn said before looking back at Twilight. “Are we all ready?”

Before Luna’s plan was given the green light, Twilight realised something.

“Wait. What about my friends? Aren’t they coming too?” She asked, curious to know why her Ponyville friends were absent.

“I’m afraid I have not fully recovered yet, Twilight. As well as myself, I only have enough power to transport two others through dreams. That being you and my sister,” Luna explained.

“Oh… ok,” Twilight said with a hint of sadness in her voice. She really wanted her other friends to share the same experience.

Celestia walked over to her and placed her royally-dressed hoof on the purple Alicorn’s to comfort her.

“Don’t worry, Twilight. You’ll be back with your friends when this is over.”

Hearing Celestia’s words cheered up Twilight’s mood.

“Thank you, Celestia.”

“We’re ready when you are, Luna,” Celestia said to her little sister, who used her magic to summon what looked like a long hallway full of doors.

In each of the doors, was a link to the mind of anyone and anypony in Equestria. Luna uses these doors to enter the minds of her subjects, witness their dreams or banish any nightmares. On each of the doors, was a name of a pony whose dream belongs to.

As the three princesses walked down the starry hallway, Twilight saw a bright pink door with balloons on it. On the top of the door was the name ‘Pinkie Pie’.

The trio of Alicorns kept walking for a whole minute before Luna immediately came to a stop. Twilight and Celestia then realised why Luna stopped as well as the look of bewilderment on her face.

Normally, the doors to the dreams were made of wood, had names carved into them, decorated in colours to reflect the personality of a pony and were large enough for a pony to fit through.

But the door that stood in front of the princesses was entirely different. Instead of wood it was made of metal, it had no name or any features whatsoever, and the size of it alone dwarfed even the Canterlot main doors. It looked more like a giant metal slab rather than a door.

“Is…this a door?” Celestia asked Luna.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. But it must be. I think this door belongs to BlackWarGreymon.”

The moment the name ‘BlackWarGreymon’ was uttered, the metal door suddenly let out a blinding flash of light. After being temporarily blinded by the sudden flare, the three Alicorns looked back at the door and noticed that only one thing had changed.

On the centre of the door was a symbol. A carving of what looked like a large, tall tower. Almost like a pillar or a spire.

Twilight immediately knew what it was. Recalling back on the day she first met BlackWarGreymon, she remembered him drawing a sketch on the ground with his claw and then explained what it was.

That sketch looked identical to the carving on the door.

‘A Control Spire.’

Celestia and Luna were the only ones out of the three who had no idea what the symbol was or what it meant. But for some reason, just looking at it unnerved them. It looked fairly sinister.

Curious if the strange door indeed belongs to BlackWarGreymon, Luna used her magic in an attempt to open it. The moment she used her magic, the entire metal door was covered in small glowing squares. Then each square started to fade away, taking bits of the door with them.

In an unusual way, the door was opening.

Once the door was opened, the Alicorns started to hear strange, electronic noises within. After a brief moment of thought, the three princesses stepped inside. But they were all not ready for what they were about to see.

Normally, the mind of any resident in Equestria would be the same as the Dream Realm. Misty and an imitation of a calm night sky. But BlackWarGreymon’s mind was completely different altogether. Surrounding the three Alicorns was an expanse of darkness, and in the distance were a mix of black and grey clouds. But the truly bizarre thing was that in the air and on the walls around them, were swarming with green illuminated numbers. In random order, they were only zeros and ones. All of them were shooting across the walls and skies as if in a sequence.

All three mares were even more shocked and confused than they ever were. It was the most unusual site to be hold.

“This is BlackWarGreymon’s mind!?” Princess Celestia asked, but the answer was quite clear.

The three then got a brief scare as the sequence of zeros and ones flowed across the ground they were standing upon. They swarmed beneath their hooves as they passed by.

“And I thought Discord’s mind was more confusing,” Princess Luna added.

While all through the mind-boggling moment, Princess Twilight was fascinated at the surroundings. More so were the swarming numbers, the way they moves was almost like a code.

“Could this be what data looks like?” She asked herself, but the royal sisters overheard her.

“Data?” Celestia asked.

“What’s this word you speak of, Twilight?” Luna added.

Twilight then tried to explain as best she could.

“Well you see… BlackWarGreymon’s body isn’t made of flesh and blood. It’s actually made of data.”

Despite her attempt, the royal sisters were still confused at what data was. So Twilight tried to explain more.

“Ok, umm… oh. Remember when I to the human parallel world?”

“Yes,” Celestia answered.

“You see, humans have devices that contain and receive data. And my sending information, they send data through the atmosphere. Although you can’t see it, but it’s there,” Twilight finished, hoping that her explanation was good enough.

Although Celestia and Luna were starting to get the picture of what Twilight was saying, but they were unsure about one thing.

“Are you saying that BlackWarGreymon, as well as other Digimon, are all made of the same stuff?” Luna asked.

“Well…yeah. But more solid,” Twilight answered, though admittedly she too was confused how powerful bodies could be made out of data.

After their little lesson, the three kept wondering through the bizarre place that was BlackWarGreymon’s mind. It took a solid minute before they finally found something.

Right in their path, was a large glowing ball of light, almost like a gateway or a portal. In a setting like its dark surroundings, it looked as though it was out of place.

Curious of what it was, Luna gently tapped it with her horn. As she did, the white orb flashed and instantly divided into rows of countless smaller orbs. They were all arranged in a way that was identical to the hallway of doors back in the Dream Realm. The three mares noticed that the new balls of light were all roughly the same size as themselves.

“Luna, do you think these things can lead us into his dreams?” Twilight asked.

“Well if they are anything like the doors into the mind, then I think they do,” Luna answered. She then looked at the two Alicorns in confidence.

“So, is everypony ready?”

Twilight and Celestia both nodded their heads in agreement.

“Ok. Here we go.”

With that said, the three Alicorns stepped into the light of the nearest orb. Then they were all consumed in the light. The mares covered their eyes to prevent themselves from becoming blinded.

Soon after the glow faded, the three were no longer in the dark with green numbers surrounding them. As Twilight, Celestia and Luna opened their eyes, they found themselves in the middle of a grassland. Around them were a series of rocks sticking out of the ground and a jungle in the distance. Looking up in the sky, they felt that the air itself was a bit different, almost as if it wasn’t real.

Twilight then gasped out loud in excitement as she came up with an idea what the new place was.

“Celestia, Luna, I think he’s dreaming about the Digital World!” She said with glee.

Despite it being only in BlackWarGreymon’s mind, the world around her could be the closest Twilight would ever be in the world of the Digimon.

“Indeed. I think you’re right, Twilight,” Luna said, she was also amazed at the world around her.

Then both of them heard Celestia’s voice.

“Luna, Twilight, look at this!”

As the two Alicorns turned their heads to Celestia, they saw it too. Right in front of the Sun Princess, was a massive black tower, completely featureless and tall for all to see.

“Sister, it’s the same as that symbol,” Luna said, reminding Celestia of the metal door from before.

Both Celestia and Luna felt it again, just looking at the imposing tower sent shivers down their spines. Twilight however was more interested about its size.

‘It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be.’

“Look, over there!”

Celestia and Twilight heard Luna’s voice and turned to where she was facing. Across the field stood a small mountain, but all around it were more of the dark towers. Lots more.

“There’s more of them,” Twilight said, but the fact that she sounded a little surprised got the royal sisters interested.

“Twilight, do you know what these are?” Celestia asked the purple Alicorn.

“Yes. BlackWarGreymon told me that during his time in the Digital World, it was… infested with these black towers. They were called Control Spires.”

“Twilight, did BlackWarGreymon told you what these… Control Spires serve?” Luna asked.

Before the Moon Princess could receive an answer, all three Alicorns suddenly heard an outburst of laughter. After narrowing down that the sounds were coming from a rock, the three went towards the rock to investigate. During their short walk, Luna was in her thoughts.

‘Twilight used the word ‘infested’, which means that the Control Spires were a work of evil.’ She then looked back at one of the Control Spires. ‘Then why is BlackWarGreymon dreaming about these sinister towers?’

As the three princesses peered their heads around the rock, they saw the source of the laughter.

Four humans, two boys and two girls, were all laughing. Except for one of the boys, the one with spikey hair and wearing goggles. He had a look of confusion.

To the royal sisters, this was the first time they’ve seen a human.

“So these are the humans you speak of?” Luna asked Twilight, who nodded her head.

But it was beside the humans which got the Alicorns interested. Four bizarre looking creatures who were also laughing.

“Wow, other Digimon!” Twilight said to herself.

From what the princesses could tell, the first Digimon looked like a blue bipedal reptile with a tiny horn on his nose, a white underbelly and two horn-like ears. The second Digimon looked like a dark red bird with one long feather sticking out of the top of his head. The third looked like a bipedal white cat with purple stripes and wearing yellow gloves with her claws sticking out. The last Digimon looked like an orange blob with a face, four legs and two bat-like wings on his head.

Then the boy who wasn’t laughing spoke to his friends.

“Alright, what exactly is so funny?”

Hearing this made the princesses think that out of the group, he wasn’t the smart one. However their thoughts were interrupted when the teens and their Digimon stopped laughing and stared in the direction of the small mountain. After following their line of sight, Twilight, Luna and Celestia spotted a large metal contraption with four wheels approaching them.

Because of her trip to the human world, Twilight knew it was a car. Celestia and Luna on the other hand.

‘What kind of contraption is that?’

As the car got closer, it screeched to a halt and what looked like two humans, stepped out. One was a woman with long silver-grey hair, wearing a long red dress-like coat, a striped top hat with a bug gem on it and she wore purple sun glasses. The other looked stranger. He looked like a man with a deformed face, wearing a large blue overcoat and a matching hat. He also had a walking stick.

From the way they both let out sinister chuckles, the three Alicorns knew they were up to no good. Then they heard the woman speaking to the teens and their Digimon.

“Shouldn’t you boys and girls be home with your mummies and daddies?” She asked the teens mockingly.

The two boys answered back.

“None of your business!”

“Alright, what do you want?”

The answer the woman spoke back brought the Alicorns full attention as well as shock.

“I thought you kids might enjoy playing with a little Digimon I put together.”

Out of all the ponies whom were listening, Twilight was the one deepest in her thoughts.

“’Put together’? Does that mean she’s…?”

Twilight was interrupted when the woman uttered two words.


After her loud outburst, strands of her hair flew out of her head and in needle-like fashion, went into every Control Spire on and around the mountain.

“So she IS a Digimon!” Twilight said out loud.

“Luna, you understand dreams better than anypony else. Do you know why BlackWarGreymon would be dreaming about this?” Celestia asked.

“I’m not exactly sure sister, but I bet we would soon find out,” Luna answered.

After the last needle entered the last Control Spire on the top of the mountain, the entire area started to shake. As well as the kids and their Digimon, the three mares found it difficult to stand on the ground through the tremors.

As the tremors escalated, the Alicorns saw a massive group of Control Spires rising out of the ground and levitating in the air around the mountain. While that was going on, another boy joined the group with his own Digimon. The small Digital Monster looked like a large yellow armadillo with long claws and spikey ears.

As the last of the Control Spires left the ground, the woman who was responsible jumped into her car with the man and drove to a safe distance away.

“Have a good time! Play nice!” She called back, obviously taunting the teens.

As some seconds went by, one by one, the tall dark towers levitating in the sky started to burst apart like bubbles. As they did, all their dark energy started to gather around the mountain.

However, something brought the princesses attention away from the mountain. A blue glow at the corner of their eyes. As they turned to see what was happening, they saw the small blue Digimon glowing and, to Twilight’s amazement, he changed form!

“Veemon digivolve to………EXVEEMON!!”

All three mares were stunned to a point they couldn’t move. Of all the things BlackWarGreymon told her about Digimon and the Digital World, Twilight always wanted to witness digivolution with her very eyes.

“He…he digivolved!”

She and the royal sisters were about to get more surprises, because the remaining four Digimon were starting to glow as well.

“Patamon armour digivolve to………PEGASUSMON, flying hope!!”

“Hawkmon digivolve to………AQUILAMON!!”

“Armadillomon digivolve to………ANKYLOMON!!”

“Gatomon armour digivolve to………NEFERTIMON, the angel of light!!”

Twilight was close to actually faint from excitement. Not only she saw them digivolving, but she also witnessed armour digivolving. What surprised Celestia and Luna the most was that one of the transformed Digimon looked like an armoured Pegasus.

The Alicorns were snapped out of their state in awe when they saw both the Digimon and their human partners charging and flying towards the mountain.

While these events transpired, all the Control Spires were reduced to pieces of data and then all the dark energy began to whorl around the mountain like a hurricane.

As Twilight, Celestia and Luna watched on, they noticed that Pegasusmon and Nefertimon were the closest to the whirling vortex and getting ever closer.

Suddenly, what caught the on-looking ponies completely by surprise was that the vortex of energy all combined to form a gigantic demonic silhouette over the mountain. As it raised its three-horned head, it lifted its massive three-clawed arms up and released a powerful blast of wind on the two Armoured Digimon. But these winds were far different from ordinary winds, to the good Digimon it felt like receiving several hard punches to the face. The attack sent them falling out of the sky, crashing into the ground and skidding across the land.

The princesses gasped at the sight of the fallen Digimon and turned their gazes back to the silhouette. While doing so, they couldn’t help but think that they’ve seen it before. That it looked very similar to someone they know.

They didn’t have long to find out. The silhouette was lowering its arms and its entire body was shrinking. When it stopped shrinking it took on a physical form, standing on top of the mountain.

All three Alicorns gasped in shock, horror and confusion. Because standing on top of the mountain was indeed someone they recognised.

The newest defender of Equestria himself.

While Twilight and Luna were stunned silent, Celestia spoke up.

“It’s…it’s BlackWarGreymon!”

Although standing, the black Digimon’s upper-body seemed to be slouched forward, as if he was tired. Then his eyes briefly glowed white and, taking in his first breath of life, yelled out his infamous war cry.


Chapter 12: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 2) The Truth

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Princess Luna had hoped that by going inside BlackWarGreymon’s mind, she, along with Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia, thought they would get to see the Digimon’s wonderful dreams. But what they were seeing wasn’t what they were expecting.

At first seeing the DigiDestined and their Digimon together seemed promising, but with the discovery of the land full of Control Spires and two sinister strangers, their hopes dashed out the window. The most startling event the three princesses had seen was the appearance of BlackWarGreymon himself. Combined from data from a massive group of Control Spires on top of a small mountain. After he made his presence known, he yelled out to the world.

His loud outburst echoed through the entire area for all to hear. As he did, his sudden burst of aggression sent shivers of fear down the spines of the three Alicorns.

“Oh my…” Luna said to herself while trying to hide her fear.

Then the three ponies heard the three remaining Digimon talking amongst themselves.

“What should we do, Ankylomon?” Exveemon asked.

“I say protecting the kids is high on the list,” The huge yellow Digimon answered.

“I agree,” Aquilamon added.

With protecting their human partners decided, the three Digimon charged the newly created Control Spire Digimon head on. All unaware of the situation they’re in.

The princesses then turned their attention to BlackWarGreymon, who was still on the mountain. After spotting his opponents, the black Digimon flew towards the approaching group at high speed. Then grappled with Exveemon.

At this point, the princesses noticed that the blue Digimon completely dwarfed BlackWarGreymon. He was much bigger. At first it seemed insane of him to tackle an opponent much bigger then himself, but what Twilight had learned from him was that Megas were one of the strongest kind of Digimon and that size could be deceiving.

After gaining a firm lock on the surprised Exveemon, BlackWarGreymon reared his head back and then slammed it onto the blue Digimon. The blow sent him crashing to the ground. Then BlackWarGreymon flew to Aquilamon and punched the giant red bird Digimon in the face, sending him reeling back.

After noticing Ankylomon aiding the fallen Exveemon, BlackWarGreymon swooped down, collided into the two Digimon and pushed them across the field with unparalleled strength.

After the Artificial Digimon freed them from his grasp, the three heroic Digimon teamed up and attacked BlackWarGreymon together. But despite being outnumbered, BlackWarGreymon was not only holding his own in the fight, but was gaining the upper-hand. It was obvious that three Champion level Digimon were no match for a Mega.

“I don’t believe it! He’s outnumbered three-to-one, but he’s winning!” Luna said in disbelief while witnessing more of BlackWarGreymon’s strength.

“The three Digimon are only at the Champion level. BlackWarGreymon’s too strong for them,” Twilight informed the night princess.

“But I don’t understand. Why is he dreaming about attacking the good Digimon!?” Celestia asked in concern. Hearing her made Twilight and Luna more focused on the situation.

While the Alicorns were trying to puzzle things through, they noticed that Aquilamon flew away with one of the human girls on him. Presumably getting help from somewhere else. They also noticed that BlackWarGreymon grabbed Exveemon by the scruff of the neck and dragged him across the field while pressing him down. Twilight recognised this as it was the same tactic the Digimon used against Tirek.

Luna meanwhile decided that enough was enough and came to a conclusion.

“Celestia! Twilight! BlackWarGreymon must be experiencing a nightmare about harming the good. As such it’s my duty to rid such thoughts!” She said before flying off towards the warring Digimon.

By the time she landed close to them, BlackWarGreymon was lifting Ankylomon overhead. Her horn began to glow a misty white as she pointed it at the black Digimon.

“BEGONE NIGHTMARE!!!” She shouted before firing her magic beam at BlackWarGreymon.

What would normally happen was that the nightmare and any other source of discomfort would disappear entirely. But not this time! All Luna’s magic had done was simply pass through BlackWarGreymon as if he was a ghost.

After seeing her spell fail in front of her, Luna’s eyes shrunk considerably while letting out a gasp of horror and realisation. Her spell not working could only mean one thing.

But how could she had not realised? She was a Dream Walker. She should had known which was which.

As Celestia and Twilight approached her with concerned eyes, they saw the grief on Luna’s face.

"Luna, what happened? Why didn’t your spell worked?” Twilight asked, but Luna was too in shock to say anything.

“Luna?” Celestia asked, growing more concerned to Luna’s lack of response.

Luna then finally turned to face the other two Alicorns and spoke with an expression of both shock and sadness.

“Celestia…Twilight…I’m…I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

“What’s wrong? What is it, sister!?” Celestia asked, growing even more concerned than before. But what Luna said next, shocked the two Alicorns right down to the core.

“This…This is not a nightmare. This isn’t even a dream! It’s a memory!!”

Both Twilight and Celestia let out loud gasps of horror and disbelief.

“Wait, Luna. You mean that everything we saw, everything we’re seeing… has already happened!?” Celestia asked. Luna only nodded her head in reply.

Though BlackWarGreymon already told Twilight about his past, but she never expected anything like what she was seeing.

The three Alicorns looked back at the battle in front of them, knowing that it had already happened in the past. Exveemon fell on his back, exhausted from his fight with his powerful foe.

As BlackWarGreymon was about to finish him off, he was tackled by Ankylomon, who spoke to his fallen friend.

“Let’s keep fighting! I’m sure that Stingmon will show up soon!”

Hearing the plea made the blue Digimon rise back on his feet. Not refusing to give in while his friends needed him.

Hearing and seeing these events made the three Alicorns smile at how strong the Digimon’s friendship were to one another. Then they saw Aquilamon flying back to the battle with an ally. He looked like a flying, bipedal green bug with blades on his wrists and spikes on his shoulders. The fight was going to escalate.

As the three Alicorns the blue dragon Digimon and the green bug Digimon glowing at the same time, Twilight was feeling giddy again. They were about to digivolve, but unlike the two digivolutions before, they were about to do it in a different way.



“…DNA digivolve to…PAILDRAMON!!”

Twilight, Luna and Celestia got a chance to see a Hybrid Digimon for the first time.

“Th…they…they fused together to form one!” Twilight shouted to herself, but quickly recomposed herself as she and the royal sisters saw him heading straight for BlackWarGreymon.

As the Hybrid Digimon flew closer, the Artificial Digimon too flew towards him head on.

“This is gonna get ugly!” Paildramon said while drawing out his wrist blades.

The three ponies noticed that his voice sounded like Exveemon and Stingmon talking at the same time.

As the two Digimon collided into one another, they released a brief flash of red and the shockwave threw dust everywhere. The shockwave, as well as the impact, forced the two Digimon to bounce away from each other.

As BlackWarGreymon landed back on the ground, Paildramon stayed airborne.

“Wow, talk about meeting head-to-head! We’re gonna need an aspirin the size of a Control Spire after this fight!” The Hybrid Digimon said, noting that the impact hurts more than it looked.

As BlackWarGreymon waited patiently on the ground, Paildramon grabbed his two guns attached to his waist and pointed them at his target.


The moment the fused Ultimate level Digimon said those words, the barrels of his guns began to collect and build blue energy. Then a massive volley of blue lazers were fired at BlackWarGreymon.

As the lazers struck their target, BlackWarGreymon was engulfed by the light as the land around him began to crumble.

Despite being under fire, the Control Spire Digimon’s silhouette could be seen through the light, completely unmoved. As the Hybrid Digimon stopped firing, the glow faded to reveal the ground reduced to rubble, and right in the middle of it all, was the unharmed and unmoved BlackWarGreymon!

This left everyone and everypony gawking at him and his insane durability.

“Uh oh!” Paildramon said while BlackWarGreymon let out a sinister chuckle.

“I…I don’t believe it!” Twilight said.

“Thou doesn’t even have a scratch!” Luna added.

“Impossible!” Celestia said to herself. Truth be told that she was the only one out of the three who hadn’t seen BlackWarGreymon in action firsthand.

Then to everyone’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon’s entire eye sockets glowed an intense white glow. After the glow vanished, he stood tall while being shrouded in a bright light that surrounded his body. As it did, he released another vocal outburst.


What followed next was a colossal blinding explosion that engulfed everything around it in a mile radius. Because that it was a memory, the three Alicorns were completely immune to the blast. But they had to shield their eyes from the intense light to prevent from being blinded.

Once the light finally faded, the three mares were stricken at what they saw. Half the land was completely decimated, all the teens were knocked out, and the Digimon were both unconscious and reduced to their lesser, smaller forms.

The three mares just stood there in stunned silence, they still couldn’t believe that what transpired here, actually did happen.

BlackWarGreymon did this.

A thunderous footstep brock their attention away from the fallen heroes and towards its source. They saw BlackWarGreymon standing beside them, also looking at the destruction he caused.

After a brief silence, the three fearful princesses heard the woman talking. Speaking to her finest creation.

“You have done an outstanding job, BlackWarGreymon.”

What she said next raised the fears in the princesses as well as making them slightly tremble.

“You may now proceed to destroy the Digital World!”

The three mares couldn’t believe what they were hearing. She actually wanted the whole world to be destroyed. And worse, their beloved saviour was going to do it himself.

As they turned to see BlackWarGreymon, they expected him to do just that. Trembling at the thoughts of the Digimon they knew, laying waste to the strange yet beautiful world.

But it never came. Instead of obeying his creator, BlackWarGreymon just stood still. Not moving a muscle as if he was a statue. This confused the princesses.

Getting irritated by his lack of response, the man dressed in blue spoke to the Artificial Digimon.

“Don’t just stand there patting yourself on the back, your master has given you new orders! Now get to work!”

What caught Twilight, Celestia and Luna off-guard was that BlackWarGreymon spoke back in a serious tone.

“I will take orders from no one.”

His creators were completely taken back by BlackWarGreymon’s rebellious attitude. Never before had one of their creations been disobedient.


The three on-looking ponies remained silent, both from shock and from wanting to listen carefully.

“Why should I take orders from you? When you are so weak you need me to do your fighting for you,” He said as he turned his head to look at his creators. As he finished his sentence he faced back in front of him, looking out to the wide open space of the fields beyond.

“I must find a more worthy opponent.”

BlackWarGreymon then took off into the sky, flying away from the carnage he caused. As he disappeared over the horizon, the world around the three mares vanished into nothingness as the memory finished.

They found themselves back in the Digimon’s mind.

The three just stood there, completely motionless. The events they witnessed completely shocked the princesses to the core of their souls. It was evident on their fear-stricken faces, slightly wobbly legs and widened eyes.

“I…I don’t believe it! It can’t be true!” Twilight said, hoping that it was some kind of illusion.

“I’m sorry, Twilight. But Luna said it was his memory.” Celestia said to Twilight despite that she too didn’t want to believe.

Luna meanwhile was silent. It seemed the events they’ve seen affected her the most. Her big sister saw Luna’s expression and stood by her side to comfort her.

“It’s ok, Luna. You didn’t know. We all didn’t.”

They were then joined by another voice, echoing through the Digimon’s mind.

“And I want you out.”

Hearing the familiar voice sent more fivers down the spines of the princesses. Turning around to the source of the voice, they met with the recognizable form of BlackWarGreymon. Walking towards them with a rather angry look in his eyes.

Because that they weren’t in a dream or a memory, the BlackWarGreymon the princesses were looking at was his subconscious. Basically the Digimon himself.

After seeing the relic of his dark past, the three mares couldn’t help but feel a wave of fear towards BlackWarGreymon. Seeing the things that he’d done. But they had to remember that what they saw was all in the past and that they were in the present. That didn’t help however because of the Digimon’s angry expression.

After stopping some distance away from Twilight, Celestia and Luna, BlackWarGreymon spoke up in a dead serious tone.

“I won’t ask how, but I will ask why. Why are you all in my mind!?” He demanded.

“BlackWarGreymon! It-It’s not what you think!” Twilight explained, so far being the only one able to talk.

But her answer only made the Digimon angrier than he was.

“Isn’t it!? You’re all here because you don’t trust me, don’t you? Even after everything I did for you and your whole world, you suspect me for planning ill intent. Or is it the way I look? Yes, I admit I look terrifying. But I thought you’ve seen past that!”

As BlackWarGreymon spoke, his voice got louder as he lost his temper.

“No! It’s nothing like that! Honest!” Twilight said, hoping to calm down the angry Digimon.

“Then why are you here!?” BlackWarGreymon asked. Then Luna confessed.

“I’m sorry, BlackWarGreymon. It’s my fault.”

The Digimon was slightly stunned at hearing the blue Alicorn. He wasn’t expecting it to be her doing at all. Truth be told that he thought it would most likely be Twilight.

“You?” He asked, almost sounding as if he didn’t believed her.

Luna explained herself.

“I…it wasn’t intended. W-we only wanted to see your dreams. To see what they were like.”

“But instead, you found my memories.” The Digimon added, Luna started to feel guilty.

“It…it was an accident. I’ve never been inside a Digimon’s mind before. I…I…” Before Luna could finish, BlackWarGreymon finished for her.

“You got lost and chose the wrong path.”

The three ponies noticed that the Digimon was calming down as his voice softened. With the warrior’s temper out of his system, Twilight wanted to get one thing out of the way.

“BlackWarGreymon. Since that was your memory, does that mean that…?”

Twilight was unable to find the correct words to finish her sentence. But BlackWarGreymon knew what she was on about.

“Yes. You three are the first ones to have witnessed my birth.”

He received a collection of gasps from the three princesses.

“Tha-That was how you were created!?” Twilight asked.

“What did you expect? Me being grown in some sort of lab or something?” He responded rhetorically.

However, Celestia and Luna understood the kind of tone between the young Alicorn and the Digimon. Both of them then stared at Twilight in confusion.

“Twilight, you knew about this?” Celestia asked.

It was Twilight’s turn to feel guilty.

“…yes. Me and my friends know.”

But why didn’t you tell us about it before?” Luna asked. She and Celestia felt slightly betrayed.

“I-I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner but, I was trying to give BlackWarGreymon a good first impression when he first met both of you,” Twilight admitted while feeling ashamed.

“So that’s why you mentioned only the good things about me in that letter to Celestia,” BlackWarGreymon said.

With the truth in the clear, Celestia understood what Twilight tried to do. Feeling sorry for her former student, the white Alicorn wrapped one hoof around Twilight to bring her in for a hug.

“It’s ok, Twilight. We understand now,” She said, comforting Twilight.

With her being forgiven, Twilight turned back to BlackWarGreymon.

“BlackWarGreymon. That woman, was she the one you told me about?” She asked while the royal sisters got more curious by the second.

“Yes. But what you’ve seen was just her human form, she was in fact a Digimon. The Digimon who created me… Arukenimon.”

Twilight was lost for words. Just the thought of someone creating life the unnatural way felt unreal. But in BlackWarGreymon’s case, it was possible.

“And who was that strange man that’s with her?” Celestia asked.

“I guess you could call him her admirer. He too is a Digimon, named Mummymon.”

Hearing the silly name made the three mares giggle in amusement.

“That’s a funny name,” Twilight said after her giggles.

After they stopped, Luna asked BlackWarGreymon a serious question.

“Please tell us. Why did she create you?”

“That’s a good question, Luna. But you won’t like the answer. Arukenimon brought me into the world with no purpose but to be her slave.”

His answer made the royal sisters gasp in horror.

“A… slave?” Celestia asked.

“Yes. You see, because I wasn’t born like a normal Digimon, I am dubbed as an Artificial Digimon. Which meant I was a mockery of the original.”

“A mockery?” Luna asked, but she let BlackWarGreymon continue his story.

“And I wasn’t the first either. Arukenimon created lots more Artificial Digimon before me. But unlike me they were mindless obedient creatures with no sense of morale or mercy.”

While Twilight remembered hearing the details before, the royal sisters meanwhile couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“But…how is it that you’re not like that?” Luna asked him, growing more concerned for him.

“What makes me different was that I was the only one to be created from one hundred Control Spires. All that data from the Spires gave me my own free will.”

“So is that why you didn’t obey her,” Celestia said.

“Yes. I left her behind to find my own purpose.”

Then there was a brief moment of silence before BlackWarGreymon spoke again.

“So now that you know the truth of my origin. I request that you leave.”

Twilight, Celestia and Luna thought otherwise. Their confusion and concern for their Digimon friend was getting the better of them. They wanted to know more.

“BlackWarGreymon, would it be ok if we see more of your memories?” Luna asked.

The sudden turn of events made the jet black dragon warrior flinch. Not only did they enter his mind without letting him know first, but they dared to ask to see more of his dark past. No. He would not stand for it. They had already seen enough to know that he was once evil. He had to put an end to it.

“No. You have seen too much of my past, you don’t need to see anymore.”

Although Twilight and Celestia were about to give in, Luna stood her ground.

“No. I don’t think we’ve seen enough. You can’t just leave it like that. All we’ve seen was the beginning, when you were evil. But something happened to you that turned you good. I…We want to see how you changed.”

BlackWarGreymon turned away from the mares before he responded.

“No. There are events that I don’t want you to see. That even I don’t want to see. Now please leave and let’s never speak of this again.”

As he started to walk away, Luna lost her temper.

“BlackWarGreymon! Show us your memories!” She shouted as she stomped her hoof.

Her outburst caused BlackWarGreymon to stop in his tracks, but he said nothing. But from the way his muscles become tense all of a sudden, Twilight and Celestia were worried that Luna may had gone too far.

Then to their surprise, they heard echoing voices throughout the mind they were in. The mares realised that the voices were like audios to the memory they witnessed.

“Destroy the Digital world.”

“Your master…”

“Get to work.”

“New orders.”

“Why should I…”

“I will take orders from no one.”

After hearing mixed voices of the past BlackWarGreymon, Arukenimon and Mummymon, the mares felt that it all showed an important point. A worrying one too.

This didn’t help when the Alicorns saw BlackWarGreymon turning his head to face them. Revealing the burning fury in his eyes.

“Are you…giving me…orders!?”

His question sent shivers of fear in the three mares. Realising from what they had seen and heard the three could tell that BlackWarGreymon wasn’t the type to obey orders from others weaker then himself.

“N-No! I…It wasn’t an order! It’s…”

Luna was cut off by the angered Digimon.

“Well it sounded like it! Now let me tell you this.” He said as he approached the Alicorns, his voice almost like a growl.

The mares couldn’t help but take a few steps back from fear. Realising that even he had a nerve that was best left alone.

The sentence BlackWarGreymon had for the mares was indeed the deciding factor.

“Just give me one good reason why it would be beneficial for you to witness more of my past.”

After what felt like an eternity of silence, Twilight gave him a reason.

“Because we want to help you.”

The black Digimon was taken back by the new development. He wasn’t even expecting an answer at all.

“To help me?”

“Yes. We’re your friends, and friends help each other no matter what. If you show us your past, we can get to know you more and it would even bring our friendship closer,” Twilight added.

“Or force it apart,” BlackWarGreymon said quietly, but loud enough for the princesses to hear.

Hearing him say such things made the three ponies grow sad expressions on their faces. They thought that he believed their friendship would break if they went through with the idea. Celestia spoke up as she approached him.

“Luna and Twilight are right, BlackWarGreymon. If you show us, we would get a better understanding of you. We promise we won’t hold any grudges against you, all we’re asking is…please?”

A long silence followed as BlackWarGreymon thought it over, leaving the mares waiting in anticipation. He found that their reasons were possible, but he feared that his reasons would be true.

After releasing a heavy sigh, he came with a decision.


“What?” Celestia asked, making sure she and the others heard him correctly.

“You win. I’ll let you see my past,” He said, earning smiles of approval from the princesses.

“But I must warn you, what you all about to see isn’t for the faint hearted,” BlackWarGreymon added.

Twilight walked over to him and placed her hoof on his leg in an attempt to comfort him.

“Don’t worry. I promise when this is over, we will still be best friends.”

Twilight’s words softened BlackWarGreymon’s expression. If he could smile, he would be doing it.

With nothing more to say, the three Alicorns walked into the next bright orb into the next memory. BlackWarGreymon stayed behind to await their return, hoping that he wouldn’t regret the choice he had made.

Chapter 13: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 3) Destiny in Doubt

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As the bright light faded away, the three Alicorns found themselves in what looked like a barren wasteland. The soil was sandy with only a few grass patches and massive cliffs dominated the landscape. Luckily since it’s all a memory, the three princesses were unaffected by the otherwise extreme heat.

“Wow, the Digital World has deserts too,” Twilight said as she looked around her surroundings.

“So the Digital World is like our world. It has different environments,” Celestia joined.

But as Twilight, Celestia and Luna looked on, they saw an unnerving sight. Digimon, multiple types and sizes, all lie on the hot sand. They were left beaten and broken.

Then the trio heard footsteps, which was then followed by a voice all too familiar to them.

“Who’s next? Come on! Stand up and fight!”

The three Alicorns turned towards the voice and saw BlackWarGreymon, walking past the fallen Digimon around him.

The princesses immediately knew that the devastation was his doing. He defeated the innocent Digimon and left them in the sand. Seeing such things broke the hearts of the mares, never had they seen BlackWarGreymon being so heartless and cruel. Despite the sight, they had to constantly remind themselves that it was what BlackWarGreymon was before he found friendship. Where he believed that fighting was all he thought was good for.

After a few more footsteps in the sand, the armoured Digimon spoke again.

“This is too easy. I need a more worthy opponent,”

Then he called out to the world around him.

“Is there no one who can challenge me!?”

The princesses knew he had a point. Knowing that he was capable of beating Tirek, there was very little in Equestria that could stand to his power.

Then they heard him spoke as he came to a stop.

“What’s this?”

It took the mares a few seconds to realise why BlackWarGreymon stopped. Standing in front of him, was a herd of elephant-like Digimon. Twenty of them. They had shaggy brown fur, two long tusks and strange looking ears. But what made them truly strange was that all of them had armour on, covering their faces right down to their trunks. Also, they had yellow stripes and a cyclops eye engraved on their facial armour. They were noisy too, they kept blowing their trunks loudly.

“These Digimon get weirder and weirder,” Luna said before she and the other mares realised that the herd were all facing at BlackWarGreymon.

“Well well well, what do we have here? Looks like the circus is in town,” The black Digimon remarked as the heard kept blowing out their trunks. Until one spoke up.

“Hardly. We’re Mammothmon! Giant woolly Digimon who travel in herds. You are no match for our Tusk Crusher attack.”

As soon as the Mammothmon finished its introduction, the three Alicorns spotted Arukenimon and Mummymon on the top of a cliff behind the herd.

Then they heard them calling out to BlackWarGreymon.

“There you are, BlackWarGreymon. What a bad boy, running away from home,” Arukenimon said, acting like a mother to a disobedient child.

Then Mummymon joined in.

“You’re in a lot of trouble, now be a good Digimon and come with us. Do you know how many Control Spires it took to create theme Mammothmon!?” He asked before trying to figure it out for himself.

“How many was it?”

“Two hundred,” Arukenimon answered. That left Twilight figuring something out.

“So two hundred Control Spires. And there’s twenty of them. They must be Ultimate level Digimon,” She said. Then the trio of Alicorns heard BlackWarGreymon speaking.

“I wonder how powerful they are? Let’s find out!”

This earned looks of disbelief from both his creators and the on-looking mares.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Mummymon demanded.

“He’s seriously going against the whole herd!?” Celestia asked while she and the other two Alicorns waited in anticipation.

Then without a moment’s notice, the whole Mammothmon herd charged at BlackWarGreymon. Who just stood in place without a hint of fear.

As the shockwaves from the stampede flowed through the sand beneath them, the Alicorns noticed that just one of the advancing Digimon completely dwarfed the armoured Digimon. One was enough to scare the living daylights out of the royal guards, but there were twenty of them.

“Over here, boys!” BlackWarGreymon called out, then followed by a crazed chuckle.

The three princesses didn’t say a word, eager to find out the outcome.

After a nerve-racking moment, slashing sounds were made when the herd went through and past BlackWarGreymon. As the last Mammothmon went past, the whole herd came to a halt. When the dust cloud faded to reveal the black Digimon, everyone and everypony were shocked when they noticed that he was left completely unscaved.

“I don’t believe it!” Mummymon said.

“That’s impossible! They didn’t even make a dent!” Arukenimon added.

“Not a scratch on him,” Mummymon added again.

It was clear that his creators completely underestimated BlackWarGreymon. Even the three Alicorns were left gawking at how strong and resilient he was, to take a full stampede and come out of it still standing and unmoved.

Then something happened that shocked everyone. Four of the twenty Mammothmon immediately got deleted. All their data just poofed into the air and into nothing.

“Tell me I didn’t see what I just saw!” Arukenimon shouted in a panic. Stricken to see four of her creations destroyed at once.

“Well if what you saw was four large Mammothmon disintegrating then I can’t tell you that because that’s what you saw!” Mummymon answered, whom was also in a panic.

Although Celestia and Luna were also surprised at what just happened, Twilight was surprised at something else.

‘So that’s what happens when a Digimon dies.’

She then froze at what she just thought of. She had just witnessed a death of four Digimon. By BlackWarGreymon. But she had to remember that they weren’t ordinary Digimon, they had no true feeling or emotion whatsoever.

“Next,” BlackWarGreymon said as he turned to the next Mammothmon, temping one of them to attack. And it worked.

“I’ve got a few tricks in the old trunk.”

One Mammothmon then charged at its fellow Artificial Digimon. Who was getting his claws ready to strike back.

Then in a flash, BlackWarGreymon slashed at the assaulting Digimon. After a few seconds of silence, the Mammothmon was destroyed. Who was then quickly followed by another with minimal effort.

While the fight was going on, the three Alicorns talked amongst themselves.

“He’s making mincemeat out of them,” Twilight said.

However, Luna was puzzled by one thing.

“But I still don’t understand. Up against three Digimon is one thing, but here, BlackWarGreymon’s against twenty. How is he still winning?”

Twilight then answered Luna’s question.

“Because BlackWarGreymon is a Mega level Digimon. The strongest type of Digimon there is. And the Mammothmon are Ultimate level Digimon, a stage below a Mega.”

“Wow. Even though he’s outnumbered, he’s still stronger,” Celestia said, amazed that even twenty Ultimates couldn’t defeat one Mega.

Celestia then continued.

“To think that BlackWarGreymon is now a lot stronger then he was back then.”

Hearing the sentence out loud sent shivers straight through the group, knowing that back in Equestria BlackWarGreymon was capable of so much more.

Because that what they were seeing was a memory, the three princesses were able to hear BlackWarGreymon’s thoughts as he was slaughtering the Mammothmon. And what he said made the Alicorns concerned as they listened.

‘I defeat my opponents so easily. It’s not enough. I still fell an emptiness inside me. No matter what I do, nothing seems to fill this void.’

Soon, to the surprise of the three mares, his hidden frustration got the better of him.


Hearing his emotional outburst sent sorrow into the hearts of the Alicorn princesses. He was new to the world and all he knew at the time was to fight. He had no experience with feelings and was greatly confused about it.

The princesses knew that, in a way, BlackWarGreymon was scared. To have no idea about the world around him. To have no experience in anything apart from war.

To feel totally alone.

Just the thought of it made Twilight, Celestia and Luna feel deeply sorry for BlackWarGreymon. He was like a lonely child, completely defenceless in a world he didn’t understand. Missing out on opportunities that could’ve prevented him from being haunted and scarred for the rest of his life. Only to grow up being feared, hated and unloved.

In short; Being alone would mean he wouldn’t understand. And what he wouldn’t understand, he would try to destroy.

The thought of it all was enough to make one shed a tear.

The mares’ thoughts of sadness however were interrupted by Arukenimon.

“You can’t be feeling empty because you have no feelings!”

Confused at the statement, the Alicorns, as well as BlackWarGreymon, listened to what the Digimon had to say.

“It’s just your imagination. I created you from Control Spires. So you’re nothing more than my little puppet.”

Although Twilight and Celestia were unmoved by the obvious insult, Luna was starting to grunt in anger.

“Who does she think she is?” She said quietly to herself. But what Mummymon said next just made it more insulting.

“Oh, I do love a puppet show!”

After silencing her comrade, Arukenimon became intrigued about BlackWarGreymon’s behaviour.

“I wonder why you’re experiencing this. These imaginary feelings of yours.”

She then thought up with a conclusion.

“It’s quite possible that when the Control Spires you were created from fused together, the left over programs that weren’t being used caused this reaction.”

“Left over…programs?” BlackWarGreymon asked. Although confusing at first, he and the princesses eventually got the right picture.

‘Could that be why he is different from the others?’ Luna thought to herself.

As the Mammothmon herd charged at BlackWarGreymon, he spoke back to his creators.

“How simple would it all be if I were just another one of your Control Spire Digimon. But I’m not!”

He them performed his infamous Black Tornado attack, deleting three Mammothmon in the process. Afterwards, he spoke again in a serious tone.

“I’m not a simple creation from one Control Spire. I’m complex! Made up of many Spires! That’s why I suffer! Or is it still my imagination!?”

“Beats me,” Arukenimon answered, followed by a suggestion from Mummymon.

“There is an easy way to end your suffering!”

“How do you suppose I do that?” BlackWarGreymon asked, eager to know the answer.

“Just simply forget all this feeling nonsense and follow orders like you’re supposed to do!”

His suggestion was not the one the princesses were expecting.

“They’re the ones with no feeling. They don’t even care about what he’s going through. They don’t care at all!” Luna said to herself, her anger reaching to a point where Twilight and Celestia start to notice.

What BlackWarGreymon said next was one of the reasons as to why he didn’t like being ordered around.

“I will not take orders from those inferior to myself.”

After a quick discussion on the edge of the cliff, and realising that their Mammothmon were no match for the Mega, Arukenimon and Mummymon taunted BlackWarGreymon before retreating away.

“Go ahead and feel if you want. You’re of no use to me.”

“Yeah, feel to your imaginary heart’s discontempt!”

Their taunting seemed to had gotten the better of Luna more than anyone else.

“Luna? Are you alright?” Celestia asked, concerned of her sisters’ change in behaviour.

After hearing her older sister, Luna calmed down and answered.

“Uhh… I’m sorry. It’s just that they treat him as if he’s nothing. As if he was their slave. Don’t they realise that they have created a living, thinking being?”

Before either Celestia and Twilight could say anything, they heard BlackWarGreymon. Who apparently wasn’t effected by the taunting.

“I’m not imagining my turmoil.”

He then turned toward the advancing Mammothmon herd.

“If what they say is true, then my enemies don’t suffer when I destroy them. Tell me something Mammothmon,” He then charged straight into the heart of the stampede.

“Are you imagining me!?”

During the next five minutes, BlackWarGreymon was relentless. Every time a Mammothmon tries to attack, he deletes them with minimal effort. As he kept up the onslaught, the three on-looking Alicorns felt fear and sadness towards him. Fear from the fact that he was fully capable of holding his own in a fight against creatures that could overwhelm royal guards. And sadness that no one was answering the questions that he so desperately wanted to find out. He even resorted to ask the Mammothmon.

As the fight reached its conclusion, BlackWarGreymon was still fully in his prime, and there was only one Mammothmon left.

“How about you? Do you feel any pain?” BlackWarGreymon asked. But the fake Digimon only responded with a blow from its trunk before charging.

That earned a sigh of disappointment from the black Digimon before looking down at something that caught his vision. Right in front of him was a small grass patch with a lone pink flower.

“What’s this? A tiny flower? Hmm.”

The three Alicorns followed his line of vision and too spotted the flower.

“Why is he looking at that flower?” Twilight asked, expecting an answer.

What BlackWarGreymon said next made the princesses question why he was so concerned.

“It’s right in Mammothmon’s path.”

As the stampeding Mammothmon got closer, BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened when he realised that the flower was about to be crushed under the woolly Digimon’s foot.


Moving at great speed, BlackWarGreymon leapt on top of the grass patch. Shielding the flower by taking the blow from Mammothmon. Seeing its advantage, the woolly Digimon repeatedly stamped its foot onto BlackWarGreymon’s back. Pounding him in hopes he would break.

The three Alicorns whom were watching were taken completely by surprise in his change of behaviour. Plus, the fact that he was protecting an ordinary flower. No, the fact that he was protecting… something.

Twilight was then hit with da-ja-vu. She had seen this action before.

“He’s protecting it in the same way he protected Fluttershy from Tirek!”

“But, why is he protecting that flower?” Celestia asked.

“Well, yesterday he did say that during his time of being bad, he encountered signs, showing that he could be more then what he realised. I think this is one of the signs,” Twilight answered, earning interest from the royal sisters.

After turning their attention back to the fight, Mammothmon was still stomping on BlackWarGreymon’s back while he was still shielding the flower.

With a sudden determination of ending the fight to ensure the safety of the flower, BlackWarGreymon mustered up his strength and rose back up. Despite Mammothmon pressing down a hard as it could.

After he got back up on his feet, the Mega faced the final member of the herd and performed an attack that Twilight and Luna were familiar with. Celestia however, being the only one out of the three who had never seen the attack before, was left completely awe-stricken at the amount of power it packed.

“Terra Destroyer!!!”

Then the great red sphere collided into Mammothmon, vaporizing it entirely. Twilight looked over to Celestia, being slightly amused by her expression.

“Yeah, he can also do that.”

With no more opposition towards him, BlackWarGreymon immediately checked up on the tiny pink plant in great concern.

“The flower!?,” he said while sighing in relief. But his concern was then followed by great confusion and questioning of his recent actions.

“But why did I care? What difference does it make if there’s one more tiny flower in the world or not? Hmm.”

Continuously being clouded in confusion and desperate for finding answers, BlackWarGreymon went ahead and done something that no one, no Digimon and no pony would ever had expected. Especially since it was coming from the likes of him. The three princesses couldn’t help bit giggle at the sight. To them, it was rather cute.

BlackWarGreymon, the ultimate anti-hero himself, was talking to the flower.

“You and I are very different. I mean, besides the obvious, you’re a little flower and I’m the most powerful Digimon on two worlds. I-I mean you’re alive and I’m just artificial. You have real feelings and I can only imagine it…”

His eyes start to narrow in anger, confusion and something even the Alicorns could detect, sadness.

“…like I can imagine this pain in my heart.”

In frustration of his confused mind, he squashed the flower with his own foot. Then wiping his foot side to side to smear it on the grass patch.

Seeing the action and BlackWarGreymon in such a confused state broke the princesses’ hearts. Feeling deeply sorry for him to go through such a thing.

“Why should I care about whenever a tiny flower lives or dies? Who cares!?”

He then lifted his foot off the patch, revealing the crushed flower. The very same one he protected moments ago.

“All I want to know is, where is this empty feeling inside of me coming from? If I’m not a true living creature, why does my heart ache? Well the truth is… my heart doesn’t even exist.”

His last sentence mad the three mares feel deep sorrow for BlackWarGreymon. He has done something good but had doubts about it afterwards.

“But…for him to ask such questions, his heart must exist. Right?” Luna asked, but Celestia and Twilight weren’t too sure what the answer might be.

But one thought occurred to them that he might indeed have a heart. He saved Equestria from Tirek, rescued Luna from the yellow dragon. And accepted friendship from everypony he had met so far. That should be signs that BlackWarGreymon had a heart.

But further thought of the subject was put on hold. Because the memory started to fade into whiteness. But instead of leaving the memory, the memory itself changed. It skipped ahead a few hours. Though the Alicorns found themselves in the same desert area. But with the sun setting and a long shadow of BlackWarGreymon stretched to the distance.

“What happened?” Twilight asked.

“We’re still in the same memory, Twilight. But later in the day,” Luna answered before talking to herself.

“Strange, I had no control over it.”

As the princesses caught up with BlackWarGreymon, they noticed a strange, wobbly path the Digimon was leaving behind. Rippling through the ground as he passes by.

“Wow. Even back then his energy was intense,” Twilight said to herself.

Then to their surprise, the three mares heard a child-like voice.

“Hi, you look familiar. Are you lost or something?”

It was obvious that the voice was intended for BlackWarGreymon. Hearing in brought his full attention.

“Hmm? Me?”

“That’s right.”

After narrowing down the source of the voice, the three Alicorns saw a large rock in front of BlackWarGreymon. On top of the rock, was a Digimon.

He looked like a small yellow carnivorous dinosaur with three claws on each hand, a small tail and large green eyes. After looking at him, the three ponies estimated that he was taller than an average pony, but slightly smaller than a stallion.

“What’s that small Digimon doing on his own?” Twilight asked, but before she could get her answer, BlackWarGreymon spoke.

“Why are you talking to me? Do you want to fight?”

His sentence earned looks of disappointment from the Alicorns. Even at a state of confusion, he still thought that fighting was the best way to go.

Then the small Digimon answered back.

“No, just being friendly. Allow me to introduce myself. Agumon’s my name, protecting this area’s my game.”

Hearing his introduction made Twilight gasp in astonishment. Seeing one of the very Digimon that BlackWarGreymon mentioned first hand.

“That’s Agumon!?”

“You know him?” Celestia asked in confusion, clearly seeing that Twilight heard the name before.

“Well not exactly. But BlackWarGreymon told me and my friends that Agumon was the first Digimon to offer friendship towards him.”

The answer made Celestia and Luna look at Twilight in utter surprise.

‘His first friend?’ Celestia thought to herself while smiling warmly at Agumon.

Then the small Digimon said something that even caught Twilight off guard.

“When I warp-digivolve, I become WarGreymon.”

Twilight was left completely in shock at the piece of useful information that BlackWarGreymon could have told her.

“H-He can warp-digivolve? He has a Mega form!? He can transform into… WarGreymon!?”

“Twilight, who’s WarGreymon?” Luna asked the smaller Alicorn.

“I…I don’t know. BlackWarGreymon never mentioned a thing about him.”

After their brief and confusing lesson, they heard BlackWarGreymon said something that made them concerned again.

“Were you also made from Control Spires?”

His question almost sounded like he wanted Agumon to say yes. But the answer he received was not what he wanted to hear.

“Na. I came from a Digi-egg.”

BlackWarGreymon frowned in disappointment, expecting to see that talking would lead him to nowhere.

“Then I have nothing to talk to you about. You couldn’t possibly understand me whenever you become WarGreymon or any other real Digimon,” He stated as he walked past Agumon.

Hearing his words made the princesses sad again. He really was the only one of his kind.

Then Agumon tried to be supportive.

“But maybe I can help.”

It seemed to have worked. BlackWarGreymon stopped and turned his full attention to the Rookie Digimon.

“Wait, I will talk to you. And perhaps you can answer all of the questions that plague me.”

Seeing the sudden turn of events made the Alicorns smile. Then they giggled at Agumon’s response.

“Umm… I didn’t know there would be a quiz involved.”

As time went by, the Alicorns stood still in silence. Because of how important the conversation was between BlackWarGreymon and Agumon, they wanted to hear every word. But the questions the black armoured Digimon asked were something that the three princesses really wanted to answer. Because the small Digimon doesn’t have them.

Like the question about where the heart was. Unfortunately, Agumon was unsure where it was on his body.

“Hmm, maybe right here?” Agumon said before moving his hands from his chest to his head. “Then again?”

He then gave up.

“Oh, I’m not sure. I’m sorry I’m not more helpful to you. No one has ever asked me before where my heart is.”

BlackWarGreymon then answered back.

“Strange. You claim to be alive and yet you don’t know where your heart is. Maybe in doesn’t really exist. Maybe the heart is just an illusion.”

The three princesses couldn’t believe what they just heard.

‘He thinks that hearts are fake,’ Twilight thought to herself while she, Luna and Celestia watched on.

“It’s not an illusion. When you really care about someone more then you care about yourself, it’s called love. And I know it comes from the heart. I just don’t know where it is,” Agumon said in protest, clearly disagreeing that the heart doesn’t exist.

BlackWarGreymon was briefly intrigued that Agumon used an emotion as an example.

“Interesting. Then let me ask you this. Why do you have a heart?”

“I don’t know why, I just do that’s all. Humans have them and so do Digimon.”

“But I’m a different kind of Digimon. Made from Control Spires. Does that mean I have a heart too? Or was I created without one?”

It was a question that baffled the Alicorns just as much as it did to Agumon. But in a way he had a point, but the princesses still believed that he had one. The Rookie Digimon however wasn’t entirely sure.

“Hmm, these are all very good questions that I love to answer for you. But I’m not very good at this kind of stuff,” He admitted before continuing.

“Could you repeat the question?”

“I’m not sure I remember what I asked anymore,” BlackWarGreymon said, the question was so confusing that even he forgot what it was.

“Hmm… then we’re both confused. Let’s forget the whole thing and grab a bite,” Agumon suggested, he was clearly no help. But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t finished.

“I’m sorry, I need more answers.”

As more time went by, the sun was just barely over the horizon. The sunset made the sky glow red as the conversation continued.

Tired from the constant standing, Twilight, Luna and Celestia sat down to rest. To them it was strange for a brief moment because BlackWarGreymon too sat down as he talked to Agumon.

“But you see I’m not alive. I’m just…uh…a thing. Why would I possibly have any use for a heart in the first place?”

His question made the expressions on the mares’ faces sadder by the minute.

“Good point,” Agumon said. Then he made a suggestion that made the princesses’ eyes sparkle in happiness.

“Hay, you can be a friend!”

“A friend?” BlackWarGreymon asked, confused and interested in what Agumon had to say. So did the Alicorns in fact.

“Yeah! You see if you care about me, then we’re friends. And if we’re friends, then you have a heart. You can’t have one without the other.”

Twilight’s face suddenly beamed with utter joy.

“He’s right. Agumon’s absolutely right!” She then turned to her fellow princesses. “BlackWarGreymon is friends with us because he cares. So it must mean he does have a heart!”

“I agree with you, Twilight,” Luna said white Celestia smiled warmly at the two. They then turned their attention back to the two Digimon.

“Look at me. I got lots of friends,” Agumon added.

However, what BlackWarGreymon said next was a great example of him doubting himself.

“What if I’m not capable of being a friend? That would prove once and for all if I have a heart or not.”

The statement alone took the happiness from the princesses. If only the past BlackWarGreymon could see his future life in Equestria.

“Of course you’re capable, everybody’s capable of being someone’s friend.”

The Alicorns couldn’t agree more. Agumon was clearly a good example of a true friend. But BlackWarGreymon still had doubts.

“But what if…”

He was interrupted by Agumon.

“What if. Always with the ‘what ifs’. What if my aunt had a moustache? She’d be my uncle,” He said, obviously making a joke.

“She would? Your logic confuses me,” BlackWarGreymon said, clearly didn’t get the joke.

“How is friendship supposed to feel or does it just happen? At any rate it certainly hasn’t made me feel any better,” He continued.

“That’s because we just met. Give it time,” Agumon answered. But his advice had only angered BlackWarGreymon.

“Time!? I’ve given you time to answer all of my questions and you haven’t answered one yet.”

He then raised his right gauntlet up to his face, showing his metal claws to threaten Agumon.

“I should just destroy you and move on. It seems to be my purpose in life. And if that’s so, then so be it. I will dedicate myself to being the most powerful.”

The statement was something the princesses didn’t want to hear. He not only had a chance at making a friend and threw it away, but thinking that hurting other Digimon just to prove that he was the strongest was his meaning in existence, literally hurt the Alicorns. They simply couldn’t believe that BlackWarGreymon was once so cruel.

But the image of the pink flower made BlackWarGreymon flinch, already doubting what he just said.

“But I have to know if that was my true destiny. Or if there’s something more for me in this world than just fighting. You know like a reason why I’m here. For some it’s money, others power, and for you perhaps friendship. But I have to know the reason why I was created.”

His long rambling got both the Alicorns and Agumon all worried.

“Snap out of it! Boy are you a serious guy,” Agumon said, trying to calm BlackWarGreymon down.

As the conversation neared its conclusion, the sun disappeared over the hills, giving way for night. And BlackWarGreymon suggested something that both the princesses and Agumon completely disagreed on.

“No way! You can’t throw your heart away!” The Rookie Digimon said in a serious tone.

“But if what you say is true, and I have a heart, then it is clearly interfering with my fighting. And I can’t reach my full fighting potential until I throw my heart away,” BlackWarGreymon said, but what Agumon said next sounded like a beacon of hope for something good.

“Fighting is important but it’s not everything. You need to trust me as your friend before you can find your heart.”

What the black Digimon said next caught the three ponies by surprise. He suddenly changed his mind.

“Very well. I will be your friend in order to prove if my heart exists.”

It made the Alicorns smile, as if he decided to keep his heart after all. But what he said next made them feel uneasy.

“But if it doesn’t, I will be forced to destroy you.”

“Thanks for the warning,” Agumon said, taking slight offence to the sudden threat. Then he softened his expression.

“By the way, it’s customary to shake hands with a new friend.”

He then raised his right hand up and stretched it out in front of him. The action caught BlackWarGreymon by surprise.

“Hmm!? Shake…hands?”

He then raised his right gauntlet in front of him. After looking at his claws, he slowly moved his arm towards Agumon’s outstretched hand.

Knowing that it was an equivalent of a hoofshake, the three Alicorns were amazed at the sight. BlackWarGreymon was moments away from accepting Agumon as his very first friend! It looked as if it was a start of something both new and big for their saviour. A beacon of hope that would shine on through the rest of his days.

At least, it would of.

As BlackWarGreymon’s claw was just an inch away from Agumon’s hand, his whole body started to tremble from the sudden pain he was feeling. Grunting all the while.

“You…ok?” Agumon asked, unsure what was going on.

It became at the point where the three Alicorns became deeply concerned. They approached him to see what was wrong.

“Uhh…uh…aagh…the pain! It’s getting worse! S-Something’s hurting me!”

The pain got so intense, he covered his head with his hands in hopes for it to go away. But the pain still lingered.

“What’s happening to him!?” Luna asked, but nopony could answer even if they wanted to.

As the pain got to its peak, BlackWarGreymon couldn’t bare it anymore. He roared out in pain and frustration before flying away. But not before the Alicorns noticed the pupils in his eyes became perfect slits.

As Twilight, Luna and Celestia took off to follow him, they heard Agumon calling out to him.

“Where’re you gong!? I was gonna make s’mores! Come back!”

The three Alicorns were silent as they kept up with BlackWarGreymon, determined to find out what’s happening, where he was going and what caused someone like him such pain.

They didn’t have to wait for long. In a massive clearing in front of them, they spotted the same humans from before and their Digimon. What was puzzling to them was that another Digimon, who looked like a knight, was attacking a massive rock with a golden ring around it.

“Why is it attacking that rock?” Luna asked. Twilight meanwhile seemed to know the answer from her previous conversation with BlackWarGreymon.

“I…I think it’s one of the Destiny Stones.”

“I guess BlackWarGreymon has already told you about them?” Celestia asked, knowing that Twilight couldn’t possibly had known what it was if the Mega Digimon hadn’t told her.

“Yes. He said that the Digital World was kept in balance by stones like that one,” Twilight answered.

The princesses then noticed that the sky above them was getting darker. They then turned to BlackWarGreymon, who was speeding towards the knight Digimon while being shrouded in dark energy that not only emanated from his body, but it was spreading across the night sky.

After spotting the incoming Mega, the Artificial Digimon named Knightmon turned around to face him with his sword ready.

However, it never got the chance to use it.

“Mega Destroyer!”

BlackWarGreymon collided into Knightmon’s chest, impaling it with his nose horn. The attack destroyed Knightmon, its body and data disappearing into nothing.

After eliminating his opponent, BlackWarGreymon landed and faced the Destiny Stone in curiosity and determination.

The princesses soon followed in pursuit.

“What’s he going to do?” Celestia asked. Although she and Luna had no idea, Twilight had a pretty bad one.

‘He’s going to destroy it.’

She was right. BlackWarGreymon raised his arms above his head with a red glowing orb in-between them.

“Terra Destroyer!”

He then threw it at the Destiny Stone, causing it to crack open like an egg.

The princesses were shocked at his actions, completely speechless at what they saw.

Just as the good Digimon; one Ultimate, two Champion and two Armoured, charged at BlackWarGreymon in an attempt to stop him, the Mega turned to face them and then defeated all of them with just one Terra Destroyer attack.

With all the opposing Digimon reduced to their smaller forms, they and the DigiDestined were powerless to stop BlackWarGreymon from further damaging the stone with another red glowing orb.

Then he finished it off with another, completely obliterating it.

Again the Alicorns were just as shocked as they were speechless. He just destroyed one of the very things that kept the Digital World in balance. Within one memory, things went from being calm with Agumon to violent and enraged. The destroyed stone then transformed into a giant black tornado, towering high above the ground and into the sky.

The three ponies just stood there in silence as they watched the DigiDestined retreated away and BlackWarGreymon not moving. He just stood there, watching the calamity he caused.

As the memory faded into whiteness, Twilight, Celestia and Luna heard BlackWarGreymon asking a question that they dreaded.

“Could destroying the Destiny Stone…be my destiny?”

After a blinding flash, the stunned princesses found themselves back in BlackWarGreymon’s mind. And behind them was the Digimon himself, who hung his head down in shame and regret.

Knowing that he was behind them, the three turned around to look at him. their faces were full of disbelief. Yes, he told Twilight about what he had done, but she never thought it was anything like what she’d just seen.

Silence surrounded the four of them for a solid minute before Twilight spoke.


The Digimon spoke back while not daring to look at her.

“I know… I did warn you that it wasn’t for the faint hearted. And now you know why.”

He then moved his eye so he could look at the princesses, and read the expressions on their faces. They were exactly what he had expected, it magnified his guilt.

“I knew you’d look at me like that. Thinking that I’m nothing but a cold-hearted monster.”

As he kept talking, sadness was evident in his voice.

“I knew this was a mistake!” He then turned his back against them. “Now get out before more damage can be done!”

What he said next really opened the hearts of the Alicorns.

“I…I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

After another moment of stunned silence, Celestia walked up to him and attempted to ease his suffering in a way she knows best.

“BlackWarGreymon… you’re not a monster.”

Hearing her made BlackWarGreymon look at her with uncertainty in his eyes.

“I’m…I’m not?”

“No. You see, Discord had done terrible things in the past. And despite everything he’d done, we forgave him when he accepted friendship and became a good friend to Fluttershy,” Celestia said, but BlackWarGreymon still wasn’t sure.

“But that’s different. He tried to take over your world, whereas I almost destroyed mine.”

Luna was next to step in.

“You were only miss-guided. Those… creators of yours were obviously no help to you. You were confused and had questions that needed answering. But with no one to turn to, you took measures into your own and tried to find answers by yourself.”

Despite Luna’s support, it didn’t seem to help BlackWarGreymon. But then she said something that actually did help.

“Not only that, I believe you do have a heart.”

Her words made BlackWarGreymon turn to face the three ponies. He was speechless at what Luna said. Then Twilight backed her up.

“She’s right, BlackWarGreymon. All those questions you asked, those were the sort of questions that comes from someone with a heart. Not only that, back there you almost accepted Agumon as a friend. Even when you arrived in our world, you saved everypony in Equestria from Tirek’s wrath. If that’s not proof that you have a heart, then I don’t know what is.”

Hearing Celestia was one thing, but hearing both Luna’s and Twilight’s words had made BlackWarGreymon glad that he had the three Alicorns as his friends.

“Thank you. All of you.” BlackWarGreymon said, touched by the kindness he was receiving.

Then out of the blue, a thought occurred to Twilight. Something she really wanted to know.

“BlackWarGreymon… just who is WarGreymon?”

The Digimon was surprised at first, but understood why she asked. Both their names sounded similar. Celestia and Luna were just as keen.

“Well… remember when I said that Artificial Digimon were copies of the originals?”


“Well basically, I’m a copy of him.”

The mares all shared collective gasps at the revelation. But he wasn’t finished.

“But because of the amount of Control Spires that were used in my creation, I was… altered."

All three Alicorns became confused at the last word.

“Altered?” Celestia asked.

BlackWarGreymon explained himself.

“You see, unlike other Digimon and their artificial copies, WarGreymon and I don’t look identical.”

He then described WarGreymon.

“Unlike me, his eyes were green and his helmet was chrome silver. He had orange skin, red hair and his voice was different too. But the most interesting part about him was his armour. While mine is black, his was gold.”

The princesses were intrigued at the description of WarGreymon’s appearance.

“I actually met him a few times. You could say he was my rival,” He said while letting out a chuckle at the last thing he said.

While Twilight and Celestia also chuckled, Luna was lost in her thoughts. She was concerned at one of the events she witnessed that popped back in her head. BlackWarGreymon was the one who noticed her.

“Are you ok, Luna?” He asked, making Luna flinch in surprise. She also gained attention from the other two Alicorns.

Luna found it difficult to answer, afraid that she might offend him.

“I’m fine… it’s just that… I know you only did it in self-defence, but… it’s strange… seeing you easily killing those evil Digimon.”

The group were surprised but caught on what Luna meant by. BlackWarGreymon never did once mentioned that he’d done such things. But then the Digimon said something that left the Alicorns confused.

“You can’t kill what isn’t alive.”

The confused princesses looked at him, wanting an explanation.

“What do you mean?” Celestia asked.

“Artificial Digimon may look alive, but they’re basically walking talking Control Spires. So destroying one is just the same as destroying one of the dark towers.”

He then stopped, realising that he was also talking about himself.

Twilight noticed his expression and tried to reassure him.

“I don’t think you’re a walking talking Control Spire. Because the way you act and the way you talk, as well as those questions you asked Agumon, that sort of makes you more like a real Digimon than a fake one. It’s those qualities that makes you alive.”

BlackWarGreymon felt happy hearing Twilight’s statement. It was backed up by the smiles from the Alicorn sisters.

“Thank you for telling me that. And when it comes to real Digimon, I have never destroyed one.”

The princesses all let out a sigh of relief, knowing the only Digimon that BlackWarGreymon had destroyed were only the artificial ones. But what he said next made them confused again.

“Besides, even if I did, Digimon never really die.”

All three mares were baffled at what the Digimon said. It was a sort of thing that needed to be explained.

“Can you explain that please?” Luna asked.

“All I know is that when a Digimon’s body gets destroyed, its data gets reconfigured and then comes back in a form of a Digi Egg. So the Digital World gives that Digimon another chance in life.”

The princesses were amazed.

“So…it’s like reincarnation?” Twilight asked.

“In a way yes. But Artificial Digimon are a different story. When they get destroyed, their data just collapse and disappears into nothing,” BlackWarGreymon said before pausing again, not exactly sure if that fact was even true, since he himself had been through that.

Again, Twilight noticed his pause.

“Are you ok?”

BlackWarGreymon was then snapped out of his trance before speaking.

“I’m…fine, thank you.”

The three princesses then received an odd feeling. A feeling that BlackWarGreymon was hiding something from them.

But the matter of the subject was put on hold as BlackWarGreymon spoke again.

“So…I take it that… you want to see more of my past?”

“Yes we do. And I take it that what we saw was just the beginning,” Twilight said with a hint of worry.

“Yes,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

Then he remembered a question. A question that was never answered to him.

“Oh, before you go, answer me this Twilight… where does your heart lie?”

Twilight was confused at first, but then remembered that Agumon himself didn’t know the answer. So, to ease his tension, she answered his long awaited question.

“Right here,” She answered with a smile on her face while placing her hoof on her chest.

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened as he became intrigued.

“In…the chest?”

He then lifted his right arm and placed in on his chest plate. Where the heart should be.


The princesses smiled as they saw the expression in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes softened. He had finally received an answer to one of the questions that haunted him.

Chapter 14: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 4) Choosing Fate

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In the course of a few hours, the three princesses, Twilight, Celestia and Luna ventured into more of BlackWarGreymon’s memories.

While nearly all of them were of the black Digimon destroying more Destiny Stones, there were specific events that peeked the Alicorns' interest. One such event was when BlackWarGreymon described one Destiny Stone to be ‘beautiful’, showing that even back then he had a concept of beauty. As well as another DNA digivolution, the girls also got the sight of Arukenimon’s and Mummymon’s true forms, which were creepy looking at best. What else was that after more stones were shattered, an image of a bizarre dragon-like Digimon kept briefly appearing, and BlackWarGreymon dubbed it as his ‘worthy opponent’. Since then, he was determined to find the rest of the Destiny Stones. One by one, the heroes of the Digital World tried many ways to hide or protect the stones. Either blockading them, hiding them or even using their power to further digivolve their Digimon. One such event was in a canyon, where a Champion level Digimon, Angemon, digivolved into an Ultimate named MagnaAngemon. The battle was nerve-racking for the Alicorns because BlackWarGreymon looked as though he was about to be sucked into the portal called ‘The Gate of Destiny’.

But despite the DigiDestined’s attempts to protect the Destiny Stones, BlackWarGreymon always managed to outwit them and destroyed the stones.

As the three princesses witnessed more of BlackWarGreymon’s messed up past, the more they had mixed emotions towards him. However, the emotion they experienced the most frequently was pity. Yes, he was destroying the Destiny Stones one by one, but either no one was helping him or he was too confused and conflicted to listen. To add in the fear factor, every time BlackWarGreymon destroys the Destiny Stones, he gets stronger, making him more unstoppable. What else was that everytime a stone was destroyed, it creates rifts throughout the Digital World on a catastrophic scale. One such rift even caused BlackWarGreymon to go to a human world in a shadowy form. What was odd was that while trying to find the Destiny Stones, the black Digimon felt a deep satisfaction from destroying Control Spires. It was strange considering that he was created from them.

The three Alicorns knew that even if BlackWarGreymon destroyed all of the stones, it would not end his suffering.

Inside the next memory, the three princesses found themselves in an industrial area of the Digital World, where BlackWarGreymon was searching for the last Destiny Stone.

“Wow, the factories here are huge. They’re definatly bigger than the ones in Cloudsdale,” Twilight said while she and the Royal Sisters were looking for BlackWarGreymon.

Although they couldn’t see him, but they could hear him.

“My mission is clear. That Destiny Stone is here somewhere and I’m going to find it if I have to destroy everything in my path!”

All of the sudden, BlackWarGreymon burst himself out of a nearby wall with dust surrounding him. The Alicorns were surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Now, where is it?” He asked while flying in the air, looking down at the factories.

“Black Tornado!”

Surrounding himself in spiraling black energy, he dived down like a missile and drilled straight through a group of silos. The damage caused them to explode in a massive ball of fire. Despite the destruction, the Artificial Digimon was left unharmed as he stood in the middle of the rubble.

“Where is it!? I still don’t see it. I should just destroy everything here!” He said before taking off into the air, ripping the end half of a crane clean off and proceeded to use it to swat his creators whom were nearby, narrowly missing them.

The princesses were amazed at BlackWarGreymon’s display of physical strength. It was so great that it was practically an equivalent of a full grown dragon.

“Amazing,” Luna said, almost speechless.

“Well it makes sense, considering he was able to lift Tirek with ease,” Twilight added.

“But still…such strength,” Celestia said, clearly impressed.

Afterwards, BlackWarGreymon resumed destroying the industrial site. Laying waste to the facility and turning massive buildings into twisted metal and scrap. He kept it up for a while, until a bright green glow shined through the entire area. The Alicorns and the Digimon turned to its source and discovered that it was coming from a jungle nearby.

“Wha-What is that amazing light?” Luna asked.

“I think it might be the last Destiny Stone!” Twilight answered.

As the blinding light faded they, as well as BlackWarGreymon, took off into the air and flew towards where the light came from.

Soon all of them landed in a big clearing in the jungle, and in front of them they saw the Destiny Stone. Hovering in the air above a pool of water that looked like soup. To Luna’s annoyance, Arukenimon and Mummymon were already there.

“The final Destiny Stone. I’ll shatter it to pieces!” BlackWarGreymon said while preparing to strike.

As the princesses feared the worst, they heard a voice.


Right on cue, the DigiDestined and their Digimon arrived and stood in-between the Mega and the levitating rock.

“You just never seem to learn your lesson, do you?” BlackWarGreymon said to intimidate the heroes.

“Obnoxious parasites! Show them what you’re made of, BlackWarGreymon!” Arukenimon said to entice her creation into fighting the heroes.

“I don’t need you to tell me!” BlackWarGreymon said while raising the palm of his right gauntlet to summon a small Terra Destroyer orb and then chucked it at his creators. And for a sphere half the size of a pony, it created an explosion that sent both Arukenimon and Mummymon into the deep jungle in the distance. A prime example of how powerful BlackWarGreymon truly was. The princesses were as amazed as they were intimidated.

Soon after, some of the good Digimon began to DNA digivolve.



“DNA digivolve to… PAILDRAMON!!”



“DNA digivolve to… SILPHYMON!!”

During their travels through the memories, the Alicorns were already familiar with the new Hybrid Digimon and its capabilities.

Despite being up against two Hybrid Ultimate Digimon, the Alicorns knew that BlackWarGreymon won’t be holding back.

“Terra Destroyer!” BlackWarGreymon said while hurtling a giant red sphere at his two opponents. But both of them dodged it in time to escape its blast range.

Then it was their turn to attack.

“Desperado Blaster!” Paildramon said while firing a volley of blur lazers at BlackWarGreymon. But the black Digimon merely done a side-step to get out of the way, leaving the attack to fly past him.

“Static Force!” Silphymon said while collecting energy to form a pinkish-red ball in its hands. Then fired it at BlackWarGreymon.

But BlackWarGreymon merely back-handed it to deflect the blast away. The Alicorns again couldn’t help but be impressed by his skills in combat, despite the fact that he was attacking the good Digimon.

Then to the Alicorns surprise, the remaining two Digimon DNA digivolved.



“DNA digivolve to… SHAKKOUMON!!”

The princesses were left in a state of shock at what they saw. The new Digimon was huge, even taller than Paildramon! In fact, compare him to the creatures of Equestria, he was almost the same size as the red dragon that Twilight and her friends met long ago.

After getting over their shock, they noticed that the three Hybrid Digimon were facing towards BlackWarGreymon.

“You’re standing between me and the last Destiny Stone. Now get out of my way!” the black Digimon said, determined to destroy the stone.

“Who’s gonna make us?” Silphymon responded, not heeding to the warning.

“Move or else!” BlackWarGreymon shouted in a threatening manner.

“We chose ‘else’,” Paildramon answered, trying to make a joke of the situation.

“Very well, Terra Destroyer!!” BlackWarGreymon shouted while throwing a large red sphere at the trio.

As the orb got closer, Shakkoumon stood in its way and tried to push it back. The sheer power of the orb sent powerful gusts through the area, but the Hybrid Digimon stood his ground.

Then all of the sudden, after raising his arms, Shakkoumon collapsed the sphere of negative energy and absorbed it into his body.

The action surprised everyone who witnessed it. The DigiDestined, the other Digimon, the Alicorn, even BlackWarGreymon himself.

“Wha-What just happened?” Luna asked.

“He absorbed it!” Twilight answered while in shock.

Celestia hadn’t said a word. But from what she saw in BlackWarGreymon’s expression, she knew he was in trouble.

Then Shakkoumon’s eyes glowed red as he began his attack.


He then fired orange beams of energy from his eyes and towards the armoured Digimon. Surprisingly when the first beam struck BlackWarGreymon’s right shoulder, he felt pain. The same happened when the second struck his left arm.

The Alicorns couldn’t believe it, he actually got hurt from that. But before they could say anything, the Hybrid Digimon, Paildramon and Silphymon charged forth.

“You know the plan, Paildramon!” Silphymon said to its comrade.

“Right! No matter what, protect the Destiny Stone!”

They then attacked BlackWarGreymon.

“Me first, Static Force!”

Silphymon then fired a blast of energy at BlackWarGreymon, but the Mega Digimon countered it by slashing it with his metal clawed gauntlet.

Before they could continue their attacks, BlackWarGreymon got fed up with them.


He then flew up to Paildramon, grabbed his giant wrist and threw him to the ground. And then he swung himself around and slammed the back of his left Dramon Destroyer into Silphymon’s face, sending the Hybrid Digimon to the ground.

The Alicorns remained silent. They still couldn’t comprehend BlackWarGreymon’s physical strength and his style of fighting. It seems there’s no limit.

“Now I’m angry!” Paildramon said while getting back up.

“Why do you persist this way? You can’t win!” BlackWarGreymon said, thinking that he had already won the fight but Shakkoumon thought otherwise.


After speaking, Shakkoumon opened a hatch in his armour and sent a volley of swarming razer-sharp disks straight for BlackWarGreymon. Buzzing like buzz saws.

In response to the attack, the black Digimon brought forth his black Brave Shield for protection. Even though the disks made loud impacts on the Chrome Digizoid shell, they were deflected away.

But then the princesses noticed something rather startling about his shield.

“His… his shields’ been cracked!” Luna noted.

“Those disks must have been very powerful,” Celestia said. She could tell from Luna’s reaction and Twilight’s silent expression that the shield, as well as the armour, were thought to be impenetrable.

“Why do you keep trying to protect the Destiny Stones?” BlackWarGreymon asked, eager to find out why.

“It’s a little something we call ‘saving the world’!” Silphymon said while leaping in the air with Paildramon, going in for another assault.

“Desperado Blaster!”

Paildramon then fired another volley of blue lazers at BlackWarGreymon, who still held his fractured shield in place to protect himself from the blue streams of energy.

Again the Alicorns saw that the attack was taking its toll on the shield, as the lazers left dents and even holes in the Digizoid metal.

“How can you be so certain that what you fight for is right?” BlackWarGreymon asked while trying to hold back the showers of lazers, but instead of answering his question, Silphymon attacked.

“Static Force!”

The princesses gasped in shock as the ball of energy exploded onto BlackWarGreymon. Not only it obliterated his Brave Shield, but it also sent him hurtling into the jungle.

“I grow tired of this fight! I’m going to find my answer! Right here!! RIGHT NOW!!!” He said before impacting the ground hard, throwing dust and dirt in the air while sending shockwaves through the ground.

The Alicorns immediately rushed over to see if BlackWarGreymon was alright. But as the dust settled, they gasped in shock and horror at his condition. His skin was brouzed and his armour were scratched and badly dented. Even though he was evil back then, the three princesses couldn’t help but feel deeply concerned for him. It didn’t help their stress by the fact that fluid was leaking from his armour. It was a sight that would make Spike, Fluttershy and Rarity faint.

“Is…is BlackWarGreymon…BLEEDING!?” The panicked Luna asked. But Twilight noticed something odd about the fluid. It wasn’t red, it was black.

“I don’t think that’s blood. I think it’s……oil?” Twilight said, despite not being sure of it herself.

“Either way, he’s badly injured,” Celestia said, but she had to remember that what they were seeing was just a memory. But in the sanario they’re in, everything felt real.

To their surprise, BlackWarGreymon slowly got back up. Despite the pain he was feeling and the fluid bursting from the holes and cracks in his armour, he still wanted to fight.

“I keep asking questions of my enemies and yet I still get no answers. Why am I so different from them? Why was I created like this? Well if they won’t answer me then why should I be so concerned about them anymore? I’ve given every opponent a chance to convince me otherwise. But now I’m through talking! Why should I care if they’re destroyed? Or for that matter, their whole precious Digital World!”

His entire statement opened the hearts of the three Alicorns. Yes, he was angry. Yes, he was threatening to destroy all. But the mares could easily tell that deep down inside, BlackWarGreymon was in fact sad and alone. He truly felt that all Digimon, the Digital World, even reality itself were all against him. To the princesses, all he needed was comfort. What he needed… was a friend.

“Destroying the Destiny Stones means my own destruction as well. But if that’s what it takes to finally find my answer, then so be it!”

His new statement caused the princesses to freeze in place.

“Was…was he really planning to go THAT far!?” Twilight asked, not believing what she just heard.

To add in the disbelief, BlackWarGreymon was walking towards his opponents, not giving up the fight.

“He seriously still wants to keep fighting? Even in that condition!?” Luna asked.

“Wow, he really does have a fierce will to fight. Especially to the end,” Celestia said to herself, admittedly amazed by the Digimon’s determination to carry on fighting.

As BlackWarGreymon stepped closer, Paildramon and Silphymon charged towards him.

“Don’t take another step or else!” Paildramon said, him and the Alicorns not expecting BlackWarGreymon’s response.

“I choose ‘or else’.”

As Silphymon flew in close, BlackWarGreymon caught him in his grasp and chucked the hybrid aside. Paildramon then attempted to grab him but only to have his wrists grabbed and then flung over BlackWarGreymon’s shoulder.

As Shakkoumon entered the fray, it gave way to a four-way melee. The three Hybrid Ultimate Digimon gave everything they got against the Artificial Mega Digimon. To the three princesses, what followed next was simply unbelievable. BlackWarGreymon was scratched, brouzed, dented, weakened, injured and above all out-numbered. But despite it all, it seemed he was winning!

‘Wow. He’s injured, but he still has the strength to fend for himself. It…It’s amazing… he’s amazing,’ Luna thought to herself while smiling. She then blinked in confusion at the last thing she thought of.

Twilight and Celestia were silent, unable to say anything about the situation. They were stuck in a state of awe.

That was… until they saw what looked like a rainbow glow coming from behind. Turning around, the three Alicorns saw the last Destiny Stone being surrounded by rainbow light. Then a multi-coloured beam of energy shot out of the stone and streaked across the sky.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed, because BlackWarGreymon and the three Ultimate Digimon stopped fighting to look at the new light.

As the rainbow beam disappeared over the horizon, clouds started to gather all around blocking out the blue sky. Then after a moment, rays of light pierced through the gapes in the clouds, surprising anyone who saw them.

“Is… is that the sun light?” Twilight asked Celestia.

“I don’t think so. The rays travelled too quickly,” The white Alicorn answered.

It was at the moment where everyone noticed that it looked like something was moving in the clouds. Then to everyone’s surprise, a massive serpent-like creature emerged from the clouds and then flew back in.

The princesses gasped in shock and surprise from both the creatures’ presents and its appearance. Its body was insanely long and looked like living water. Its short arms and legs were also the same colour and appearance. It also had several angel-like wings all along its back. Strangely it had massive chains coiling along its body. But the fascinating part about it was its head. It was blue with a series of yellow stripes. It had a razor-sharp lightning bolt shaped blade on its snout. Four huge red eyes and a massive beard and moustache, as if to show that it was very old. For a brief moment, the beard reminded the Alicorns of a Unicorn wizard named Star Swirled the Bearded. Except the fact that its flowing, much like the Royal Sisters’ manes.

As it kept disappearing and reappearing through the clouds, the princesses talked amongst themselves.

“What is that thing!? It’s bigger and even longer than the dragon that took me!” Luna said as she took a few steps back.

“Twilight, did BlackWarGreymon mentioned anything about this creature?” Celestia asked her former student. But she was stuck in a trance.

“Could it be him? Could that be… Azulongmon!?”

“And who’s Azulongmon?” Luna asked, she and Celestia apparently overheard Twilight.

“BlackWarGreymon said that he’s one of the four mythical Digimon. But he never told me that he was so huge.”

Twilight’s answer left the Royal Sisters completely in shock. Apparently mythical beings exist in the Digital World.

Since they were silent, the Alicorns were able to hear BlackWarGreymon talking.

“Finally, my ultimate opponent has appeared.”

The mares then realised that Azulongmon resembled the bizarre images that popped up when the Destiny Stones were destroyed.

As Azulongmon stopped moving, he turned his four eyes onto the armoured Digimon below. Then he spoke to him, much to the amazement of the princesses.

“YOU! You are the one with the cursed soul of darkness!”

His statement left BlackWarGreymon shocked.

“Soul of darkness? You can’t mean me!?”

The Alicorns were shocked to hear, but listened to what the giant Digimon had to say.

“Tell me, why do you destroy the Destiny Stones?” He asked, his voice sounded like an echo.

“I did it to make you appear, so we can fight. You are stronger than any Digimon I’ve ever seen before,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” the mythical being asked.

“Only that you are my ultimate opponent.”

It was at the point where the giant Digimon wanted to make it perfectly clear.

“I am Azulongmon!”

“Azulongmon?” The black Digimon asked, letting the giant being explain himself.

“I am the guardian of the eastern hemisphere of the Digital World and the keeper of the spheres of Light and Hope. Because you had destroyed the Destiny Stones, this world has become unbalanced! Do you understand the consequences of what you had done!?”

The mares all stood in silence, they never knew that the guardian had such a big responsibility. BlackWarGreymon however, grew tired of talking.

“I don’t care about any of that nonsense. Fight me Azulongmon! IT IS MY DESTINY!!!”

BlackWarGreymon then launched off the ground and flew to fight the guardian head on. Much to the shock of the Alicorns.

“He’s really going to fight a guardian!?” Luna asked, thinking that BlackWarGreymon had bitten off more than he could chew. But luckily, Azulongmon thought differently from fighting.

“You fool!” He said as his hand started to glow, and then a blinding flash of light emanated from it.

Although it didn’t hurt him, but the light was enough to force BlackWarGreymon to stop and shield his eyes. As the light faded, Azulongmon spoke up.

“You mean that’s the reason you’ve caused all this suffering? When it’s your existence itself that seals my power and causes the unbalance in this world!”

That left BlackWarGreymon and the Alicorns confused.

“My existence? What do you mean!? I WANT THE TRUTH!!!” BlackWarGreymon demanded.

“You can’t handle the truth. The Control Spires here in the eastern region were built to seal my power. And you are made from one hundred of those Spires! You do the math.”

After thinking what the guardian said, BlackWarGreymon slowly pieced it together.


‘He was built to keep him away?’ Twilight thought to herself while she and the Royal Sisters remained silent.

The black Digimon turned around to face the DigiDestined.

“What does this mean?”

“Alright so now you know, big deal”

The princesses turned to the source of the new voice, only to discover that it was Arukenimon.

“Our plan was a simple one. Build as many Control Spires as possible and destroy the balance of the Digital World once and for all. You got a problem, so sue me.”

As she and the DigiDestined continue to talk. The Alicorns couldn’t believe what they just heard.

“So that was her plan the whole time! How could she do that to the Digital World?” Twilight said while growing angry at how evil it all sounds.

“Easy Twilight. I hate it just as much as you do, but you have to remember that this was in the past,” Celestia said to Twilight, reminding her that they were in a memory.

“True, but her plan does seem to be failing. Those kids keep destroying her Control Spires,” Luna added.

As if she just heard them, Arukenimon spoke out to BlackWarGreymon.

“That’s why I created you to stop them, but instead you wonder around the Digital World like a baby looking for its bottle.”

Again like before, Luna grunted in anger from hearing the insult. What she would give to turn Arukenimon into stone. But what the Ultimate Digimon said next actually struck BlackWarGreymon’s nerve.

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that Digimon like yourself have no souls of their own?”

In response to her insult, BlackWarGreymon flew down to Arukenimon in a blink of an eye, grabbed her by the shoulder and lifted her off the ground. She then spoke out in protest as she tried to squirm free from his grasp.

“Hey, put me down! This is a brand new outfit! Do you know how hard it is to get winkles out of polystyrene!? Don’t get mad at me because fate has dealt you a bad hand!”

“FATE!? Then why am I standing here within an inch from destroying you!? Is that fate too!?” BlackWarGreymon said to her.

Without Celestia or Twilight knowing, Luna was mentally marvelling at the sight. Nice to see Arukenimon getting a taste of her own medicine.

However, Azulongmon stopped him.

“BlackWarGreymon! Urrh, you ask more questions than Cody does. No one can answer it but you.”

What the guardian said next not only gained BlackWarGreymon’s attention, but it also made the three princesses smile in agreement.

“You see, every life has a purpose. A reason. The circumstances surrounding its birth don’t matter.”

“You’re saying that my life has a meaning too?” BlackWarGreymon asked, he too was understanding the guardian’s words.

“Precisely. But it is up to you to find out what that meaning is.”

The armoured Digimon’s eyes widened as he took a moment to take it all in. He had the opportunity to find out what his destiny was. And he would have to find it himself. The Alicorns were simply stunned at what they were hearing.

“BlackWarGreymon, I have nothing more to tell you. Unless you want to hear a good joke Gennai told me while I was in limbo,” Azulongmon said, apparently even guardians had a sense of humour.

Then BlackWarGreymon dropped Arukenimon and faced the guardian once more.

“I’m grateful to have met you. I now know that my existence has meaning.”

The princesses start to smile in joy as they heard him accepting what the guardian said. And the fact that he was grateful too. But what he said next took that smile away.

“Even if that meaning is only to be hated and alone.”

He then walked past the DigiDestined and into the depths of the jungle. Although it looked like Azulongmon was going to have an interesting conversation with the DigiDestined, the Alicorns followed BlackWarGreymon into the jungle.

“Hmm, he sounded like he doesn’t want to be hated and alone,” Celestia said, breaking the silence.

“Well, he did say his life was rough. But I had no idea it was anything like that,” Twilight admitted, feeling sorry for BlackWarGreymon to go through all the pain.

Luna meanwhile was silent, trying to keep up her pace with the Digimon.

‘If only this BlackWarGreymon could see where he is now. Equestria has given him kindness and friendship, and in return he isn’t hated and alone.’

Luna’s eyes suddenly widened when a thought occurred to her. BlackWarGreymon wasn’t entirely evil, he was misunderstood…


What happened to BlackWarGreymon was almost a reflection of what happened to her back in Equestria. Something she could relate to.

Then to the Alicorns’ surprise, BlackWarGreymon roared out in anguish and took to the skies. As he gained altitude, a black portal appeared in front of him, leading him elsewhere in the Digital World.

“Wait! He can create portals!? He never told me that!” Twilight complained while in shock. Then a thought crossed her mind.

‘Wait. Could that be how he entered Equestria in the first place? No. That portal was white and it created a storm, this one’s black and there’s no storm around it.'

Before Twilight could get any more confused, the Alicorns heard Azulongmon speaking to the departing Digimon.

“My friend, I feel your agony. I hope that one day, you will find the answers to your questions.”

BlackWarGreymon then disappeared into the portal, followed by the portal closing up. As it did, the memory around the Alicorns faded into whiteness.

They were soon back in BlackWarGreymon’s mind, with the Digimon himself standing by, whom awaited their return. When the princesses turned to face him, he had a blank expression in his eyes while looking down at the ground. He didn’t want them to see him, a powerful being, to be in such pain. But he had no choice, in order for his friends to truly understand him, they had to see everything.

His lack of response began to make the mares concerned.

“BlackWarGreymon… you were in pain……weren’t you,” Twilight said softly.

“Yes… I was. But despite it all, I still kept on fighting. That was how badly I wanted answers,” He said, earning looks of sadness from the three Alicorns.

“I’m sorry to hear that, BlackWarGreymon. But you could just ask them instead of fighting them,” Celestia said, earning a serious look from the Digimon.

“You think I hadn’t tried that already? Those who did approach me kindly didn’t have the answers I needed. And all the rest just viewed me the same as any other Digimon created from Control Spires. A product…a creation… a symbol of evil itself. So to them, all evil must be destroyed.”

The three princesses finally understood the gravity of BlackWarGreymon’s problems.

“In most of the battles you’ve seen, only half of them I intended. But the other half… was simply a battle to survive.”

BlackWarGreymon was silent afterwards, letting his words sink in. The Alicorns never knew that his past was so dark and sad.

Twilight then figured out a way to cheer him up and change the subject.

“Don’t mind me asking, BlackWarGreymon. But in that battle, your shield was destroyed. How was it that you got it back?”

BlackWarGreymon knew that Twilight mentioned it to raise his spirit. He mentally thanked her for it.

“It’s actually similar to how you heal from a cut. My body simply regenerated it back.”

“You…can heal your armour?” Celestia asked.

“Yes. My armour is a part of me, so it repairs itself along with my body. I can also speed up the process by sleeping,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Sleeping?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, I’ve slept after that battle.”

“And Twilight mentioned that you never told her that you can create portals,” Celestia mentioned.

“Oh, I guess that slipped my mind,” BlackWarGreymon admitted before continuing. “But I hardly use that ability, since creating a portal to another part of the Digital World uses up a lot of my energy. I just prefer to fly.”

Twilight then got around to a question she wanted answering.

“BlackWarGreymon, are black portals the only ones you can create?”

The Digimon was slightly confused at the question, but answered it anyway.

“As far as I know, yes.”

‘So… the portal that sent him to our world, wasn’t created by him after all. Could it be someone else who sent him here? Or is it something else?’ Twilight thought to herself, her mind constantly on the subject of the white portal.

Luna meanwhile was silent throughout the entire conversation. She still couldn’t comprehend how similar she was to BlackWarGreymon. They were both once evil, they became threats to their worlds, they were treated as villains even though they had changed. It was truly bizarre, someone from a completely different world went through the same experience she herself went through.

She finally brought her attention to the group when BlackWarGreymon spoke to her.

“Luna? Are you ok? You seem to be spaced out for a moment.”

“Oh…um… I’m fine, thank you,” She replied, feeling slightly awkward.

“I suppose you all want to see more of my past,” BlackWarGreymon said, feeling that their conversation was nearing its end.

“Yes, if it’s still ok with you,” Twilight said.

“Fine. But the next memory is just me recovering from that battle,” BlackWarGreymon mentioned.

“Ok, BlackWarGreymon. And again, thank you for allowing us to see more of your past,” Celestia said with kindness in her voice and a warm smile on her face.

It seemed to cheer the Digimon up a little.

As the three princesses walked past the mentioned orb of light that lead to the memory, Luna couldn’t help herself but have a quick peek into its contents.

The sight that the blue Alicorn saw, had actually made her heart ache. BlackWarGreymon, injured and beaten, was hiding out in a cave in a lonely mountain in the middle of nowhere. Far away from any source of life. He was sleeping on the hard stone ground with his back against the wall.

Although his eyes were shut, Luna could see them squinting every few seconds. A sign that the powerful warrior… was in pain.


Chapter 15: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 5) WarGreymon War

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After entering BlackWarGreymon’s next memory, Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found themselves in what looked like a street. Thick snow covered everything they saw, all from the distant woodland to the nearby house.

As the three looked around their surroundings, they noticed that the sky looked somewhat different to the Digital World and quite similar to their own world.

“Ok, don’t get me wrong, but I think we’re in the human world,” Twilight said to the Royal Sisters. After mental comparison, the older Alicorns agreed with her.

“Indeed. This area seems different to what we have seen so far,” Luna said.

Celestia meanwhile was staring at the snow covered trees.

“Wow, even the snow is just like the snow in Equestria,” She said to herself.

But quite suddenly, all of them were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“They’re nearby, I can sense it. Perhaps now I will finally find the answers I seek.”

Luna was first to turn her head to see BlackWarGreymon walking through the woods and towards the house. Despite his imposing statement, the blue Alicorn couldn’t help but feel relieved at BlackWarGreymon’s condition. The brouzes on his skin were healed, the scratches were gone, the dents were nowhere to be found on his armour and his Brave Shield was restored. It was almost as if he was completely new again.

Soon Twilight and Celestia also spotted him and after joining Luna, they followed him. Although their minds were questioned as to why the Digimon was in the human world, the three mares remained silent. The only noise they heard was the crumpling sound of the snow as BlackWarGreymon took every step, leaving huge three-toed tracks behind him.

Then he stopped walking and stared at the house, leaving the princesses in a state of confusion. But their confusion only perked up when the Mega level Digimon summoned his Terra Destroyer orb and threw it at the house. Destroying the side of it.

“Why is he destroying a house!?” Twilight asked, but got no answer.

Then just as BlackWarGreymon threw another red orb at the house, the mares noticed Arukenimon and Mummymon leaping out of the smoke. The two Digimon only had enough time to see the oncoming orb smashing its way through trees and towards them. They ducked just in time as the red sphere struck the house the second time, sending more dust, smoke and debris into the air.

As the smoke cleared, the two Ultimate level Digimon got the chance to see who was responsible for the attacks. But only to wish they hadn’t.

“It’s BlackWarGreymon!” Arukenimon exclaimed in alarm and disbelief.

“Oh no!” Mummymon said, but was joined by BlackWarGreymon.

“Oh yes.”

Luna was the only one who quietly chuckled at BlackWarGreymon’s choice of words at the right time.

“So, we meet again,” BlackWarGreymon called out to the two disguised Digimon.

“And this time, we’re ready for you,” Mummymon declared before he and Arukenimon transformed into their real forms. It seemed they were going to fight him for a change.

“Ready to be defeated again, you mean!” The black Digimon said as he got his claws in battle position, making his creators back off in fear.

Then to the princesses’ surprise, a new voice spoke out.

“So this is the informus BlackWarGreymon?”

Appearing through the smoke, stood a tall man wearing a long purple trench coat. His voice was deep, his hair was long and black, his face was very pale and his eyes were almost completely featureless.

The three Alicorns couldn’t find out why, but just looking at the man creeped them out.

‘Who is he. BlackWarGreymon never mentioned him to me,’ Twilight thought to herself before hearing the strange man again.

“Just what do you hope to accomplish here?” He asked. Then the armoured Digimon gave his answer.

“I wish to look upon the face of my creator.”

Hearing what he said confused the on-looking Alicorns.

“But isn’t Arukenimon his creator?” Twilight asked, but again got no answer. The Royal Sisters were also confused by the mystery.

“You come all this way to see what you already seen then. I gave you life from just the tiny hairs on my head,” Arukenimon spoke up, seemly telling the truth. But BlackWarGreymon thought otherwise.

“Perhaps, but who gave you life? And who is your creator Mummymon?”

The question left both the Alicorns and the two Digimon greatly confused. But the man spoke out.

“It was me.”

Both Arukenimon and Mummymon were surprised to hear the answer. Twilight was equally surprised.

‘What! But how!? He’s just a human. Or is he really a Digimon?’

Twilight’s thoughts were interrupted when the tall man spoke again. Explaining himself as he approached the three Digimon.

“I made both of these Digimon by turning my DNA into data. So you see BlackWarGreymon, I’m the creator you’ve been searching for.”

“Then I am a product of the real world, not the digital one. Interesting,” BlackWarGreymon stated.

“Yes, I think you’ve gotten what you came for, haven’t you. So now leave us!” The man ordered, making the princesses think of him being very rude. But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t listening.

“It’s all beginning to make sense to me now. I’ve been searching for answers in the Digital World, trying to find the meaning to my existence. But have been able to find nothing to ease my pain. And now I know why.”

The princesses paid close attention to what he was about to say.

“I was created from you. Just like Arukenimon and Mummymon were. We’re part of the real world, foreign to the Digital World. We do not belong there.”

The mares’ eyes, as well as Arukenimon’s and Mummymon’s, were widened as hearing every word BlackWarGreymon said. But the man grew tired of it all.

“If you’re done philosophizing, then goodbye.”

As the man turned to face away from BlackWarGreymon, the black Digimon raised his right arm, pointing his claws outward to his right.

“I’ll leave. As soon as I’m done here.”

The words caught the man’s attention as he looked back at the Digimon, hearing him out. But didn’t expect the kind of answer he received.

“Foreign objects must be eliminated.”

The Alicorns felt another wave of fear from hearing BlackWarGreymon’s powerful words, noting that he was being serious.

The man however, thought it was some kind of joke.

“What are you talking about? I’m not a foreign object.”

“But you are. You belong in neither the Digital World or the real world. You upset the balance of both!” BlackWarGreymon said with a visible gleam in his right eye. A sigh that he was actually dead serious.

“Upset the balance?” Celestia asked, unsure of what BlackWarGreymon’s intentions.

Twilight and Luna were unsure if he was about to do an act of good or just plain crazy. Mummymon however was starting to worry and pointed his gun at the black Digimon.

“This guy’s talking crazy! Do you want me to…uh…take care of him for you, boss?”

However, the Digimon got no answer.


The man could be seen twitching while showing an angered glare.

“A foreign object!? I give you life and this is how you repay me!?” The man shouted, seeming that he lost his calm demeanor.

“What’s going on?” Arukenimon asked, unsure what was happening.

Even though it was all a memory, the three princesses couldn’t help but take a small step back from what might be a fast approaching battle.

It didn’t took long, because BlackWarGreymon started to charge at them with his right arm extended. Intending on impaling the trio of evil.

But to the mares’ surprise, the three-way melee was immediately halted by a familiar child-like voice.

“Wait! Wait! WAIT!!”

All eyes looked to one direction and spotted non-other than Agumon, along with his human ally.

‘It’s Agumon!’Twilight thought to herself. Quite surprised for him to turn up at the right time.

“YOU! I remember you,” BlackWarGreymon said to the small yellow Digimon.

“Let’s talk about this!” Agumon suggested, hoping that the Mega Digimon was in the mood to listen.

“There’s nothing to talk about!” BlackWarGreymon said before resuming his attack.

But then immediately, catching the Alicorns by surprise, Agumon started to glow a bright golden colour, before uttering out his famous words.

“Agumon warp-digivolve to…”

What the Alicorns were seeing was yet another truly amazing sight. A Rookie transforming straight into a Mega.

The golden light completely engulfed Agumon. And as it faded, it revealed someone although similar, but entirely different. He looked exactly like BlackWarGreymon, but the massive difference was his colour scheme. Instead of black, his skin was orange. Instead of yellow hair and yellow cords, his was red. Rather than having yellow eyes, his was green. The armour on his chest as well as his three-horned helmet were a shiny chrome silver. But the biggest difference about him that really got the princesses attention, was his Chrome Digizoid armour. It was as gold as the sun. Although his Brave Shield looked identical in shape as BlackWarGreymon’s, it had a symbol covering it. The Crest of Courage. Celestia in particular found the symbol fascinating, since it somewhat looked like a sun. The other difference about him was his voice, which was deeper than his artificial counterpart. Which was evident as he finished his sentence.


Sparks flew when WarGreymon’s claws clashed with BlackWarGreymon’s, blocking his attack.

As the two Mega Digimon wrestled for strength, the Alicorns were stuck in a state of shock and awe. They never thought they would get to see the golden warrior in the flesh. But there he was, in the way of his dark counterpart, letting the man and his two Digimon followers escape.

“It’s going to be a good fight. Maybe we should stay,” Mummymon suggested.

No kidding, considering that the upcoming battle was said to be one of the most memorable Digimon fights in history.

The three princesses were soon snapped out of their trance when BlackWarGreymon shoved WarGreymon aside.

“Why do you protect him!?” He asked, clearly aggravated by the interfering.

“Because without Oikawa, we’ll never get the Dark Spores out of those kids. Don’t you understand, they’ll stay in there forever if we destroy him,” The human boy said, making the on-looking ponies realise that more evil was going around at the time.

“Then you should have stopped him. NOT ATTACKED ME!!” The angry BlackWarGreymon said before charging at the boy. But WarGreymon was quick to defend him.

“Don’t even think about hurting Tai!”

The mares had clear front row seats for a legendary skirmish between the two WarGreymons. After a quick duel on the ground, the two took their battle to the skies. Forcing the Alicorns to fly after them.

After giving each other quick jabs with their claws and knees, BlackWarGreymon broke the stalemate by giving his golden counterpart a hard three-clawed blow to the face. The action caused WarGreymon to back off.

“STOP! Don’t you remember what we talked about? We should be working together,” WarGreymon said, hoping to talk reason to BlackWarGreymon.

But the dark Digimon responded with an attack.


He then fired a stallion sized red sphere at WarGreymon. But the good Digimon brought forth his Brave Shield and deflected the energy ball away. The action left the small sphere hurtling into a large lake, the amount of energy in the explosion under water caused a very large splash that went high in the air.

The Alicorns were still amazed at the amount of power inside the small attack. Truly a sight to behold.

They then spotted WarGreymon flying higher in the sky, with BlackWarGreymon in hot pursuit. Sadness was evident on the princesses faces. They really wanted to see a time in the black Digimon’s past where he was a friend, not a foe.

After another quick duel in the Earth skies, BlackWarGreymon was forced down on the snowy ground, with WarGreymon pinning him down. The golden warrior still wanted to talk his artificial counterpart out of the fight.

“I don’t understand you. Why do you have to fight when we could be friends!?”

“Friendship is weakness! Fighting. Struggle. That is my life.”

The princesses felt a sharp pain in their hearts at what BlackWarGreymon said. Back then, he truly despised friendship. Believing it to be nothing but an obstacle in his way. The mares were glad that the BlackWarGreymon they knew was more understanding, but they wanted to find out when in his past he accepted friendship. And how it was done.

WarGreymon was a good example of a friend. And like a good friend, he kept on trying to reason with the artificial Digimon. He never gave up on him.

“But it doesn’t have to be that way!”

BlackWarGreymon however was getting tired of all the talking.


Using his left leg, the black Digimon forced WarGreymon out of his hold, sending him tumbling down the snow covered hill. After stopping himself, WarGreymon looked up to see BlackWarGreymon standing on top of the hill, looking down at him.

“There is no need for two WarGreymons in this world! Either you go… or I go.”

The statement left the Alicorns in a state of worry. It wasn’t just an ordinary battle, to BlackWarGreymon… it was a fight to the death! To see who was the strongest. so far, it was a stalemate between the two. All even in power, strength and speed. It was evident when the fight resumed. One moment when BlackWarGreymon was being chased by WarGreymon, the golden adversary flew above his dark rival and slammed his foot onto his back. The sneak attack sent the artificial Digimon falling to the ground.

During most of the fight, Twilight, Celestia and Luna were left speechless. Unable to say anything. They had no idea who was winning. Despite the spectacle, they still felt hurt after hearing BlackWarGreymon’s words. It kept stinging both their minds and their hearts.

The only subject that was on their minds, was when and how did he change. How was it that a being so dark and cruel, became such a good friend to them? They wanted to know. They needed to know.

They were so caught up in their minds that they missed WarGreymon kicking BlackWarGreymon’s Terra Destroyer orb away as though it was a football.

Celestia’s and Luna’s thought patterns were interrupted when they heard Twilight.

“They’re heading towards a city!”

The Royal Sisters looked out to see that the young Alicorn was right. The two Megas were bringing their fight to a populated area. Giving how powerful the two were, it could mean bad news for the unsuspecting people.

“I Know this is just a memory, but I hope nothing bad happens to the innocent,” Celestia said while she, Luna and Twilight flew after them.

By the time the three Alicorns caught up with the two warring Digimon, BlackWarGreymon sent WarGreymon crashing into a wall of a tall building. With the golden fighter immobile, he was wide open to attack.

“You shall face your doom!” BlackWarGreymon said as he charged up another red sphere, intending to put an end to their fight.

“He’s going to destroy him!” Twilight shouted.

But just as things look bleak, a giant dragon-like Digimon appeared out of nowhere and grabbed BlackWarGreymon with his massive hands.

The princesses couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The new Digimon was a colossus! Probably one of the biggest they had ever seen. Like BlackWarGreymon, his armour was black, but with red, silver and gold colours on his chest, knees and toes. On his right arm was a cannon. His skin was blue, as well as his tail. On his forehead was a golden crown-like crest. And on his back were a pair of massive red dragon-like wings.

His name was Imperialdramon, and he was in Fighter Mode.

His interference caused BlackWarGreymon to cease his attack as Imperialdramon carried him higher and higher, away from the city. They were then followed by WarGreymon.

“UNHAND ME!!! OR FEEL MY WRATH!!!” BlackWarGreymon shouted in protest.

After Imperialdramon reached above the clouds, he let go of BlackWarGreymon. Soon after the black Digimon gained some distance away from the giant, WarGreymon joined the two.

When the three Alicorns caught up with them, they were startled by the fact that they were right in the middle of the three Mega level Digimon. They arrived just in time to hear the golden warrior speaking to the dark one.


Twilight spoke up with panic in her voice.

“He has a point! Just look at that giant! He clearly is a Mega! BlackWarGreymon’s fight with WarGreymon was equal enough! But with that giant by WarGreymon’s side, BlackWarGreymon doesn’t stand a chance!”

She was joined by Celestia.

“I believe so, Twilight. If BlackWarGreymon was wise, he should know he’s outmatched.”

Luna however, thought otherwise.

“That may be true sister, he is outmatched. But he’s no coward. He’s the type who would keep on fighting, no matter the odds.”

Celestia and Twilight were both startled to hear Luna’s words. But soon discovered that she was right.

As on cue, BlackWarGreymon placed his gauntlets together and formed a small red orb in-between them. Seconds later, WarGreymon did the same, but his orb was yellow in colour. At the same time, Imperialdramon raised his right arm at the dark Digimon. Then blue energy began to gather in his wrist cannon.

The Alicorns faces all went pale with dread. Three Mega level Digimon were charging up their most powerful attacks, and the three mares were right in their line of fire!

Using her magic, Luna teleported herself, Celestia and Twilight away. But not before hearing the names of the Digimon’s signature attacks.




The three princesses reappeared on a shoreline several miles away from the fight, with Luna slightly dazed from using her spell to cover quite a distance, while maintaining the memory.

“Wow, good thinking sister,” Celestia said.

“Yeah, that was a tight spot we were in,” Twilight added.

“Thanks, but what about…”

Luna’s question was cut short when she and the other two Alicorns heard a massive explosion in the distance. They then saw the colossal blast itself as it dominated the skies and lit up the entire area as if it was a miniature sun.

The Royal Sisters had never seen an explosion of power of such magnitude in their entire lives. Just the size of the blast was almost the size of a mountain. Twilight was just as amazed, the explosion made her explosion of magic with Tirek in their first fight look like a firecracker.

It seemed every time the three mares entered BlackWarGreymon’s memories, they continued to underestimate the power of the Digimon.

As the explosion faded away, the princesses all gasped when they saw four objects falling towards the land they were on. With smoke trailing from them. As they fell closer, the mares all knew it was the Digimon. Three were Rookies and one was a Mega, all were knocked out from the blast.

The Alicorns could only watch as the four Digimon crashed to the ground, unable to help.

Then Twilight spoke up, hoping to cheer up the mood.

“Well… at least they’re still alive.”

Her words seemed to had worked. The Royal Sisters grew smiles, glad that the Digimon survived an explosion that could have annihilated everything else.

Then the mares waited patiently for the Digimon to recover consciousness. After what felt like an eternity, one by one, the four Digimon finally woke up. While Agumon, Veemon and a green bug Digimon named Wormmon sat back up, BlackWarGreymon stayed lying on his back. Staring at the sky above.

After clearing his mind, BlackWarGreymon broke the silence.

“I’m surprised you could defeat me. Even two on one. Though I almost wish you had destroyed me completely.”

His sentence alone shocked the Alicorns to a point that they didn’t want to believe what they just heard.

‘He… wanted to be destroyed!? Was…was he really giving up on life? W-was that how much he was hurting?’ Luna thought to herself, felling deep sadness for BlackWarGreymon after his attempted suicide.

“You’re kidding me. Is that what you’re after?” Wormmon asked, gaining BlackWarGreymon’s full attention, as well as the Alicorns.

“What?” The black Digimon asked, letting the small Digimon explain.

“You mean this whole time we’re been chasing you around, watching you blow up everything blow-up-able. You just wanted to find something to destroy you? Don’t you have anything better to do with your free time?”

“Hmm,” The Mega Digimon said, clearly intrigued with the information.

The princesses were unsure where it was going, but listened on.

“I know all about self-pity. When Ken was the Digimon Emperor, he treated me like fish bait. I almost started to believe the awful things he said, but deep inside I had faith that one day the real Ken would come back to me. I just kept on trying to get through to him. I didn’t give up and neither can you.”

The first part of his story made the Alicorns felt sorry for Wormmon. But the latter part made their eyes sparkle with hope.

“Wait! Could THIS be the time when BlackWarGreymon started to change? To become good?” Twilight asked herself. Celestia and Luna overheard her and smiled, hoping that it was so.

Then BlackWarGreymon turned his head to Agumon, for he spoke next.

“Even if your life is all fighting and struggle, it can still have meaning. I had to fight all my life, but I believed in what I was fighting for. I think it’s that belief, not the fighting, that has given my life meaning. Can you imagine the trouble Tai would get into without me? If all you got in your life is lemons, make lemon pie.”

He then got off topic.

“Hay, I’m hungry!”

After realising where BlackWarGreymon got the whole ‘lemon pie’ thing from, Twilight’s face was continuing to smile bright. She kept believing that the memory was the turning point in the black Digimon’s life.

After BlackWarGreymon looked back at the sky to take in the new information given to him, it was Veemon’s turn to talk.

“And your life doesn’t… you know, have to be filled with a whole bunch of incredibly amazing events to be special. Believe me, some of the best times I’ve had, are just eating, and sleeping, and hanging out with my friends! And the thing is, we could all be your friends if you just gave us the chance to be!”

Then Wormmon joined in again.

“He’s right! Look at Ken, he never thought he could have friends and now he has lots of them. You just need to lighten up a little. Give us a chance.”

It was at that specific moment the Princess of Friendship couldn’t contain her excitement any longer.

“Yes. Yes! YES!!! This must be the moment that everything changed for him!”

The Royal Sisters let out a small chuckle at the lavender Alicorn’s actions. But they too were secretly excited. The three then paid attention to the Digimon’s conversation, just in time to see BlackWarGreymon rising back on his feet.

“I don’t know.”

His choice of words got the other Digimon concerned.

“Please don’t go!” Veemon called out.

“Don’t you want some pie?” Agumon asked, still thinking about food.

“This is all so foreign to me. I must think on it,” BlackWarGreymon said. The princesses noticing that his voice was softer than before.

“Are you sure?” Wormmon asked, hoping that they should be friends right away.

BlackWarGreymon then glanced over his shoulder to look at the three small Digimon.

“I thank you for your advice.”

“You’re welcome,” Veemon responded.

Then BlackWarGreymon said something that made the princesses’ eyes widen and their smiles brighter.

“Perhaps it is time to put aside my warrior ways, they have provided me few answers. And maybe one day, we could even be… friends.”

He then took to the skies to find a place to be alone to think it over. Then the Alicorns overheard Agumon talking to himself.

“I hope so, BlackWarGreymon. I hope so.”

It was at that point where the memory ended. The Alicorns found themselves back in BlackWarGreymon’s mind. After facing the Digimon himself, the princesses were silent while smiling at him. They wanted to hear him say it.

“Alright. I’ve should have stopped to listen to them back in the Digital World to begin with,” BlackWarGreymon said, finally admitting it.

“It probably would have saved you all the trouble,” Celestia said. Her smile had never left her face.

“I guess.”

After another brief moment of silence, Twilight Sparkle spoke up.

“BlackWarGreymon, who was that tall man?”

The Digimon understood the nature of the question. For he was responsible for Arukenimon’s and Mummymon’s creation. And in turn, was responsible for HIS creation.

“He’s a human named Oikawa. And he was the one responsible for the conflict in the Digital World at the time.”

The Alicorns gasped at hearing what he said.

“He started it all? But why?” Twilight asked him.

“Well at first, I thought he just wanted to upset the balance of the Digital World. But later on, I found out that it was more than that.”

“What was it?” Luna asked.

“That he wasn’t the one pulling the strings. He was in fact being controlled by an evil Digimon. He just didn’t know it himself.”

“An evil Digimon?” Twilight asked in disbelief. “Do you know who it was?”

BlackWarGreymon thought for a short while. Strangely, he knew who it was without even meeting him in person. He then pieced together all he knew, into an answer.

“Yes. His name was MaloMyotismon. And he took over Oikawa’s mind, created Arukenimon and Mummymon, created the Control Spires, tricked a boy into becoming the Digimon Emperor and upset the balance of both worlds, just to return to the Digital World.”

The princesses were shocked by the complexity of the evil Digimon’s plan. It was enough to put someone like King Sombra to shame and would make Discord’s head spin. MaloMyotismon must have been a genius.

“He did all that… just to go back to the Digital World?” Celestia asked while slightly baffled at the plan.

“Yes. But not while I had anything to say about it.”

“You stopped him? How did you do it?” Luna asked, clearly impressed.

“Well I…”

BlackWarGreymon immediately stopped mid-sentence before he could say anymore. After remembering what really happened on that day, he felt a sudden but small pain in his chest. He then placed his right arm on his chest plate while trying to think of something else to say. But found it difficult to do so.


The mares noticed his sudden lack of response and grew increasingly concerned. Then Twilight recognized the way BlackWarGreymon put his hand on his chest. It was the exact same reaction when he was asked how he came to Equestria in the first place.

Although confused, the purple Alicorn didn’t like seeing BlackWarGreymon acting so off. So she thought of something that could ease his pain. But it might also reinforce it.

“You don’t have to tell us. Because we’re about to see it for ourselves in your memory.”

BlackWarGreymon flinched at first, knowing that the one memory he hoped to avoid was about to be witnessed. The very memory that he thought would break the princesses! He knew the day would come for them to see the truth, but he had hoped that it would be much later. And as much as he wanted to deny it, he couldn’t stop his friends from entering his final memory. The three had come so far and it was too late for them to turn back.

“F-Fine. If you want to see it for yourselves……then so be it,” He said, his voice had a hint of sadness.

What was unsettling to the Alicorns, was that they detected the sadness in his voice. Meaning that something big had happened on that day.

“I know you all have questions you want to ask me,” BlackWarGreymon said before pointing to the next orb of light. “And that memory will answer them for you.”

As well as his voice, the princesses noticed that even the Digimon’s eyes seemed saddened.

“BlackWarGreymon… what’s wrong?” Luna asked in concern, but the Digimon didn’t answered back.

Twilight then remembered something. As well as BlackWarGreymon’s same reaction with his hand on his chest, she remembered that Fluttershy figured out that something bad happened to him.

‘BlackWarGreymon, what is it that you’re not telling us?’

“Well if you want to go? Then go. I’m not stopping you,” BlackWarGreymon said as he looked away from the Alicorns. The three suddenly felt more sympathy for him.

And for him to be acting so out of the ordinary, the princesses even felt regret.

“BlackWarGreymon. If… if it’s something you don’t want us to see…”

Celestia was interrupted by BlackWarGreymon himself.

“No. You might as well see for yourselves now. You may never get another chance to do so.”

As the three received his permission, they decided to go for it.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure everything will turn out alright in the end,” Twilight said hoping to cheer the Digimon up.

As the princesses approached the orb of light that lead to the memories, the three were puzzled as to why it was to why it was the final one.

“Why is there only one left?” Celestia asked.

“Maybe BlackWarGreymon’s hiding the others,” Luna said before looking back at the Digimon. But the hint of sadness in his eyes and his behaviour made her think that there may be another reason. “Or maybe there’s something more to it.”

Luna then thought to herself.

‘If he wasn’t acting like this when we found out he was once evil, then we might be expecting something…worse.’

As she continued to look at BlackWarGreymon, she saw him turned his back to them with his head hung low. Not from sorrow and regret, but from pain and sadness.

Chapter 16: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 6) The Death

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As Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna entered the final orb that lead into BlackWarGreymon’s memory, they were once again shrouded in its bright light.

All the while they were trying to figure out why their Digimon friend seemed upset.

“Twilight, sister, you two know BlackWarGreymon more than I do. Do either of you know why he was behaving like that?” Luna asked her fellow Alicorns.

Only Twilight provided the answer.

“Well… it’s strange because when I asked him about how he came to our world, he reacted in the exact same way.”

“You think there could be a connection, Twilight?” Celestia asked her.

“Maybe, because we’re about to find out,” She answered, just in time for the light around them to fade away.

The three Alicorns found themselves in a middle of a confrontation. On one side were some of the DigiDestined, with Paildramon as their vanguard. And on the other side were Arukenimon and Mummymon in their true forms, plus their boss, Oikawa. What was unsettling to the princesses was that the tall human’s body was surging with purple energy.

Before the Alicorns could utter a word, a dark portal opened up over their heads, and BlackWarGreymon came flying out of it. He then hovered in the air as he faced the evil trio.

“Oikawa! You must be stopped! TERRA DESTROYER!!!”

His colossal attack impacted between Arukenimon and Mummymon, blowing them away and leaving a path to Oikawa.

“And now, it’s your turn,” The Mega Digimon threatened as he landed on the ground.

And to the princesses’ surprise, WarGreymon also turned up.

“Looks like I’m just in time,” He said as he landed next to Paildramon.

The Alicorns compared the two groups. While Oikawa had two Digimon on his side, the heroes had three since BlackWarGreymon seemed to be on their side.

“Seems the tables had turned,” Celestia said, knowing that in a straight fight the heroes would win.

While Luna remained silent, Twilight spoke up.

“Yeah, now Oikawa doesn’t stand a chance.”

They then heard WarGreymon talking to his dark counterpart, concerned for his safety.

“BlackWarGreymon, this is dangerous. What do you think you’re doing?”

“There’s a dark influence emanating from that cloud. And I need to find out what it is,” He answered while giving a quick glance to his golden counterpart.

‘Why is WarGreymon so concerned?’ Twilight thought to herself, knowing how powerful BlackWarGreymon was he could tackle any situation.

“Oikawa, we have unfinished business,” BlackWarGreymon said as he took a few steps closer. But the human was unfazed.

“Have you come back to face the truth? Perfect! I can make use of the energy from the Control Spires that created your image,” He said, earning looks of surprise from the Alicorns.

“Is he… threatening BlackWarGreymon!? Thou’s gone mad.” Luna said, thinking that it was crazy to say such things to a being that some might consider a god.

“You’re only a human. My power far surpasses you. You’d be signing your own death warrant!” BlackWarGreymon pointed out, but the human kept his calm face.

“Stop flattering yourself. You’re simply an electronic being.”

To everyone’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon changed the subject.

“Did you create your two flunkies because you’re afraid to be alone?”

The question left Oikawa stunned to a point he couldn’t speak. The Alicorns took note of the change.

“Yes, he’s found his weakness,” Twilight said, thinking that it could lead to his downfall.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” BlackWarGreymon mocked, knowing he had just hit the right nerve. But Oikawa wasn’t pleased by it at all.

“That’s absurd! Do you really think I’m that foolish!? I can obliterate you in a heartbeat, don’t forget that!” Oikawa threatened again, the dark cloud that was surrounding him went haywire.

To Twilight’s and Celestia’s surprise, Luna chuckled.

“Ha, this human is as foolish as he is delirious. To think he has that kind of power.”

However, Twilight remembered something that despite being obvious, she didn’t realised it before.

“Wait a minute, Luna. How would you know if Oikawa really was serious?”

Luna looked at the smaller Alicorn in confusion.

“What are you saying, Twilight?”

However, Celestia answered for her. She too noticed that something was off.

“She has a point, Luna. Have you forgotten that since this is all a memory, we can’t sense their power levels?”

Luna’s eyes widened in realisation as she understood what they meant. How come she didn't realised it before? Oikawa threatening BlackWarGreymon in a serious tone could mean one thing. And WarGreymon’s concern only backed it up.

The power in Oikawa’s dark cloud must had been an equivalent of a Mega level Digimon, or even higher than BlackWarGreymon himself.

“It… it can’t be true. Could it?” Luna asked, uncertain what was right.

What happened next briefly startled the princesses. Instead of fighting him, BlackWarGreymon was trying to convince Oikawa to stop.

“Do you think that power is going to bring you happiness? If you do, then you’re living in a dream! Power isn’t going to help you escape the loneliness you feel because you don’t have any friends. It just makes it worse. Take it from me. The more power you get, the more alone you become!”

His words were causing Oikawa to experience a major headache. As his human will was trying to fight back the mind control.

“Can’t take the truth, can you?”

While another human turned up to talk to Oikawa, the three princesses were stuck in a state of awe at BlackWarGreymon’s words.

“Th-This is it! This is the exact moment that BlackWarGreymon changed!” Twilight cheered, her voice full of hope and excitement.

Both Celestia and Luna smiled in agreement.

“Indeed, he must have been truly alone in the past. But here, he has chosen to throw away his quest for power and dominance to accept friendship from others,” Celestia said, with Luna smiling at the reformed Digimon.

“Amazing. To think that the words of the three small Digimon, were powerful enough to change a being whose power is beyond their own.”

“Yes, Luna. And this proves that he has a heart after all,” Celestia added.

As the three smiled on, Twilight remembered something important.

“Wait. If what we’re seeing is a good moment in BlackWarGreymon’s life, then why was he so reluctant to tell us this?”

The Royal Sisters both looked at Twilight and realised that she was right. BlackWarGreymon was indeed upset about the memory they were in. But why?

As the three ponies looked back at the scene, they were just in time to see Oikawa screaming with his hands clenched to his head.

Then as he stopped, his eyes opened to reveal a faint red glow. All the while the purple fog around him went haywire again.

“What’s happening to him? Oh no, this must be that evil Digimon’s doing!” Twilight said, remembering what BlackWarGreymon said about MaloMyotismon.

Unfortunately for them, things were about to get worse. Much, much worse.

After glaring at the humans with an evil look on his face, Oikawa raised his arms at them and fired a burst of dark energy at them.

Just before it could hit one of the humans, BlackWarGreymon stood in its way, and took the full blast directly to the chest!

The Alicorns were stunned by his bravery, protecting the human in such a way. But their admiration was replaced completely by worry. Because as the beam struck him, BlackWarGreymon let out a pain-filled cry as his eyes went wide. A sign of pure agony.

“BLACKWARGREYMON!!!” WarGreymon and Paildramon called out.

As the purple energy disappeared from BlackWarGreymon, he immediately placed his arm over his chest. Preventing a clear view of the damage.

“His…his arm is in the way! What’s happened to…!”

Twilight’s words were cut off when she and the Royal Sisters noticed the black Digimon’s legs start to wobble, a sign that he was about to collapse.

As he looked at Oikawa, the mares followed his gaze and all gasped. They all briefly saw a shadowy face of the Digimon controlling the human. All the while it let out the most sinister laugh the three ponies had ever heard. It was worse than Tirek’s.

“Oh no, YOU!” BlackWarGreymon said as he fell to one knee, all the while covering his chest. “It can’t be. NO!” He then fell on all fours.

“What’s happened to him!?” Luna shouted as she and the other two Alicorns rushed to his side, but realised they could do nothing, since they were in a memory.

Again they tried to see what happened to his chest, but the Artificial Digimon kept covering it up with his arm. He then spoke up.

“How could I’ve been so blind? I should have known!”

The Alicorns then looked at the man who hurt him so, with his purple glow disappearing.

“You’re perfectly right about being alone. We’re both doomed to remain this way forever. There isn’t any other choice,” He said before turning his back to BlackWarGreymon.

The princesses were unable to say anything, due to everything happening at once. To a point that they kept on looking at Oikawa, not noticing their Digimon friend slowly rising up, with his chest finally exposed.

“He’s controlling you. This changes everything.”

Oikawa spoke back to BlackWarGreymon’s statement.

“You’re very perceptive for someone so narrow minded. I have to harvest all the Dark Spores in order for me to fulfill my deepest desire. I’ve always wanted to go to the Digital World!”

He then ran off, laughing like a maniac. Leaving both the mares and the injured BlackWarGreymon.

The Alicorns were so focused on Oikawa, giving him glares of hate for hurting their friend, they didn’t notice BlackWarGreymon rising back on his feet.

“He must not be allowed into the Digital World ever again!!”

“What do you mean ‘again’?” WarGreymon asked while running to the injured Digimon’s side, holding him up to keep him from falling over.

Hearing WarGreymon’s voice snapped the Alicorns out of their trance. But as they turned around to see the commotion behind them… Twilight, Celestia and Luna all let out the loudest gasps of pure horror they’ve ever done.

With WarGreymon holding him up, the horrified princesses all got a clear view of BlackWarGreymon’s injury. It was FAR worse than anything they had ever imagined.

“HE HAS A GREAT BIG HOLE IN HIS CHEST!!!” Twilight shouted, more rather screamed.

Celestia and Luna meanwhile were too shocked and horrified to say a word. His seemly impenetrable armour was penetrated. The gaping hole revealing a patch of black even darker than his skin. Basically his insides.

Despite being in the worst pain he’d ever felt, BlackWarGreymon wasn’t done yet.

“My body is not going to last much longer. The image created by the Control Spires will soon start to break up. But there’s still something I have to do!”

His first two sentences left the Alicorns staring in disbelief and ever increasing sadness.

‘His body…break up…is…is he…?’ Twilight though to herself as her eyes start to shed tears. It was clear that Celestia and Luna thought of the same thing, since their eyes too were watering up.

However, it was his last sentence that Paildramon protest against.

“Save your strength!”

But BlackWarGreymon didn’t listen to reason, and his next choice of words not only increased the sadness in the princesses, but also gave them a sign that he had changed. A sign that all around him were his friends.

“No. My strength is my final gift to you, my friends.”

After moving WarGreymon aside, BlackWarGreymon took a few staggering steps forward. Trying his best to ignore the pain in his open wound.

“I will seal the Highton View Terrace Gate with my own body.”

Again, the saddened Alicorns were unable to say anything. They were just allowing the memory to flow accordingly.

“Don’t do it!” WarGreymon demanded, urging his dark counterpart to reconsider.

“I MUST!!!” BlackWarGreymon shouted back before sprinting, and then taking to the air. Due to all the sudden movements, he let out a long loud cry of agony. To add in more pain, a trail of blue mist escaped his open chest wound.

His cry would also be his last.

While BlackWarGreymon was torturing himself, WarGreymon, his friends and the Alicorn princesses watched on in silence. However, it was the three ponies whom had tears in their eyes.

Their disbelief only skyrocketed when BlackWarGreymon’s very body started to collapse into pieces of data. Showering the entire area and by chance, creating a rainbow. Along with the DigiDestined and their Digimon, the princesses never thought they would ever witness such a terrible thing.

BlackWarGreymon’s demise.

Twilight, Celestia and Luna were stuck in a state of shock, disbelief, horror and sadness all at the same time. They had just witnessed the last thing they had ever expected of him. As the final memory around them started to fade into whiteness, the only thing the Alicorns could hear, was WarGreymon. Calling out to his fallen friend.




It had been a solid three minutes since the final memory ended, but the three Alicorns remained still. Completely motionless. Totally in shock to see something that to them, was thought to be impossible. But it was true, because they had seen the truth with their very eyes.

The long silence around them, was shattered by the voice of a once dead Digimon.

“Now you all know why I don’t like anyone looking inside my mind.”

Then, BlackWarGreymon appeared behind them, with the look of sadness in his eyes. As if he had just seen the memory himself.

“Because I didn’t want you or anyone else to see that moment in my past.”

Hearing the Digimon’s voice meant to the mares that they were back in his mind. It seemed as though they were too in shock to realise it for themselves. Then, they all slowly turned around, looking behind them to stare at BlackWarGreymon with disbelief on their faces and sadness in their eyes.

Twilight was first to speak to him.

“Y…you……you died!?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t respond at first. But after slowly raising his head to look at the small Alicorn, he answered.


Luna however, thought otherwise and tried to deny it. But deep down she knew it was true.

“No. It…it can’t be true! It must be a trick of the mind! Some kind of illusion!”

“Sister, you of all ponies know that’s not true. It… had happened,” Celestia said while placing her hoof on Luna’s shoulder to try and comfort her. Although putting on a brave face, she tried her best to hold back her tears.

“She’s right, Luna. The memory you saw was just as real as all the rest,” BlackWarGreymon said.

Trying to get over the shock, Twilight figured out that something wasn’t right. Something that needed answering to.

“BlackWarGreymon. If you died, then how are you still here? How is it that you’re in Equestria? How is it that you’re the only Digimon here? How… how are you still alive!?”

BlackWarGreymon thought hard about the questions and tried to explain as simply as he could.

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure either. I should have just died there and then. But…just moments after my death, I… somehow found myself in a realm that... looked like space. I have no idea how I got there, or where I was, but all I know was that all my wounds were completely healed. Before I could figure out what was going on, I was sucked into a white portal. Then the next thing I remember… was ending up in the middle of the area you call the Everfree Forest.”

Just milliseconds after BlackWarGreymon finished his story, Twilight let out another loud gasp as she placed her hoof over her mouth. The gasp surprised Celestia and Luna.

“Y-you mean… that whole time you beating Tirek, making friends with us for the first time. All that… was just moments after your death?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t even need to answer. Just the look in in his eyes was all that Twilight needed to conform that everything she said was true.

The young Alicorn was suddenly hit with sadness and grief as her purple eyes started to water uncontrollably.

“O-oh my gosh……I’m…I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be. I’m the one who should be sorry. I didn’t tell you sooner, so the pain is not your fault,” The Digimon said in kind words. But it didn’t help Twilight’s grief as she tried her best not to burst into tears. Her voice even stuttered from the overwhelming emotions.

“I…I know, but… but still… I know Fluttershy said that something bad happened to you. But I never thought… it would be anything like that. And… and the times when… when you covered your chest… that was… that was where you… you got your…”

As Twilight was on the verge of crying her eyes out, Celestia pulled her in for a hug to comfort her. The young Alicorn hugged her back as he sobbed.

“It’s not your fault, Twilight. He didn’t tell us because he didn’t want to see you upset.”

While the affections went on, Luna remained silent. Although she was doing better than Twilight to hold back her tears, she wasn’t as good at it as Celestia. Silent tears fell from her eyes as she watched on.

Seeing his new friends in such grief and sadness was also upsetting BlackWarGreymon himself. He had to find a way to lighten up the situation. After some thought, he found an answer that he also agreed upon.

“Though in a way… I’m actually glad that I died.”

Hearing him stunned the Alicorns as they looked at him in confusion and disbelief.

“H-How could you say that?” Twilight asked, her voice quelled by her sadness.

“Because if I hadn’t, then I would have never ended up here in Equestria. I would have never met you and all your friends. We would’ve never been friends. I also would’ve never known how kind and forgiving friends could be. And by chance, I would have never found the true path to my destiny.”

BlackWarGreymon’s words opened the hearts of the three princesses, realising that he was completely right.

“Yeah, I understand now. And if you weren’t there to fight Tirek and that dragon, Equestria would’ve faced its greatest calamity yet,” Twilight mentioned.

“You’re right. You probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for me.”

BlackWarGreymon’s choice of words seemed to had lifted the spirits of the princesses. They all seemed to had finally stopped crying.

“Well… I can say for all of us, that we are glad to have you here in our world. And as our friend,” Luna said in honest words.

With the mood around them lifted thanks to BlackWarGreymon, the Digimon felt that their time in his mind was coming to an end.

“Well I guess that’s it. You all wanted to see my past from start to finish, and now you got it. I have no more memories to show you. So what now?”

There was silence at first, then Luna answered his question.

“Now we bid you farewell, BlackWarGreymon. It was… an experience to see your memories.”

Twilight and Celestia couldn’t have agreed more.

“Hmm, I bet it was,” BlackWarGreymon said as he turned around to walk away. But before he did, he wanted to get something off his chest.

“Oh, by the way. Celestia, Twilight told me that you have a passion for hearing others about their lessons of friendship. Is this so?” He asked while glancing over his shoulder to look at the white Alicorn.

“Yes, that’s true,” Celestia answered, she and the others were unsure why the Digimon was bringing up the subject. But were then startled when he explained to them why as he turned to face them fully.

“Well… I would like to share mine with you.”

All the princesses let out small gasps of surprise. Twilight, being the Princess of Friendship, squealed in excitement as she spoke to him.

“You’re going to tell us your lesson of friendship!?”

BlackWarGreymon chuckled as seeing Twilight’s display of happiness.

“Indeed I am.”

“Well you don’t want to keep Twilight in such suspense, please do tell,” Celestia said, with the younger Alicorn blushing in embarrassment.

BlackWarGreymon took in a few deep breaths, before he opened his heart.

“I sacrificed my life, in an attempt to save the world. And I doing so, I’ve learnt that life is beautiful. Most of my life, I always thought that I was entirely different from everyone else. But it was until I put aside my differences, that I saw the true power that myself, Digimon, humans, even ponies all share deep inside. It matters not where you come from. Be it from another land or another world. Because in the end, we’re all the same. With the same feelings, the same emotions, even the way we think. I’ve seen now that the consequences of one’s birth is completely irrelevant. Because it’s what you do with the gift of life, that determines who you are.”

When he finished, BlackWarGreymon looked at the princesses and saw a sight he wasn’t expecting. Twilight, Celestia and Luna were crying. Not of sadness or pity, but of pure happiness. It was evident by the warm loving smiles on their faces.

“That was beautiful,” Celestia said while wiping away the tears in her eyes.

“Yes, I-it was wonderful to hear,” Luna added, her voice somewhat shaky from the emotions she was feeling.

“Yeah, BlackWarGreymon. Probably one of the best I ever heard,” Twilight replied, smiling brightly.

The three were proud of BlackWarGreymon for learning such an important lesson of friendship such as what he said. Making friends no matter who or what they were.

BlackWarGreymon felt a warmth in his chest. Reacting to the amount of love his friends were showing to him.

And he loved it.

Chapter 17: Midnight Stroll

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It was early in the morning, but the sun wasn’t shinning over the horizon. It was too early for that. It had been a few hours since Twilight, Celestia and Luna left BlackWarGreymon’s mind and back into their own. But despite the calm serenity of Canterlot Castle, the three princesses were restless from their experience.

In the Sun Princess’s royal bedroom, Celestia finally managed to get to sleep after hours of uncomfort. BlackWarGreymon’s kind words and his lesson about friendship should had put her mind at ease. But the memories of his sacrifice kept replaying in her thoughts, like a record player on a constant loop.

She shed a few tears of sadness from viewing the Digimon’s death over and over again against her will. For a long time Celestia thought that beings with power that far surpassed her own could hardly experience death, if not never. But BlackWarGreymon was one of those kind of beings with unbelievable power, and had experienced death.

Plus the kind of death he went through, being hollowed out from the inside, shouldn’t even be allowed upon any living being, never mind a powerful one. The white Alicorn felt like he didn’t deserve it at all. But if his death hadn’t happened, then he would’ve never arrived in Equestria to begin with. But still, she couldn’t help but feel that there may be another way.

Twilight Sparkle however, was far less fortunate. Being the first pony to make contact with BlackWarGreymon, she felt like she was his closest friend. And as the youngest Alicorn, she had little to no experience when it comes to losing a friend… permanently.

So seeing her friend’s demise, repeating in her head constantly, made her fall into tears. Even at the present moment she was sobbing in her pillow. Her tears soaking the fabric while cradling it as if she was holding on to someone. Never letting them go.

It seemed though at the rate she was at, she would cry herself to sleep.

That was, until she heard someone knocking at her door.

She jolted up in surprise, but the realised that her crying may had woken someone up and wanted to see if she was ok.

“C-Come in?” Twilight said, her voice was shaken by her sadness. She was also unsure who it was on the other side of her bedroom door.

When the door opened, Twilight was surprised that it was someone that she wasn’t expecting.


Standing in the doorway was indeed the Digimon himself. While lacking his gauntlets and his shield, he had a look of concern in his eyes.

“Wha… What are you doing here?” Twilight asked while wiping the tears from her face.

“I sensed that you’re in distress…” He said while crouching down to fit through the doorway. “…and I came to see if you’re alright.”

“I- I’m fine. Really,” Twilight said while mentally pushing aside her emotions to reassure the Digimon.

But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t falling for it. He knew exactly what was going on.

“You’re clearly not, Twilight. You were thinking about my death, weren’t you?” He asked, despite already knowing the answer.

The young princess sighed in defeat, tears slowly creeping out of her eyes as she was reminded of the subject.

“Yes. I was. But… the visions of it just… just wouldn’t go away.”

BlackWarGreymon was in a way startled by her reactions.

“Wow. I never thought witnessing my death would affect you like this.”

“Of course it would. My friendship with you is the same as all my friends. I would go through the same thing if anything happened to them,” Twilight said with words of true honesty.

BlackWarGreymon was taken back by Twilight’s words. She cared for him the same way she cared for her friends. He originally thought that she only liked him because he saved her and her friends. But the truth was she liked him because, despite his past, he was good, protective, and even caring. All those who follow the path of good would make friends no matter what.

As Twilight started to sob again, BlackWarGreymon felt that he had to ease her mental suffering. He knelt down on one knee and placed his hand gently on the Alicorn’s shoulder. Surprised by his actions, Twilight stopped crying and looked at the Digimon in the eyes.

Then he spoke to her in kind soft words.

“Now listen Twilight, I know watching a death of a friend can be devastating to the heart and soul. But you need to realise that if my death never happened, fate would’ve never brought me here, and I would have never met a friend so great as you. Now that I’m here, my death and everything before it is now a thing of the past. And I believe that because of my actions of heroism, fate gave me a second chance to live in the right way. To help others instead of helping myself. I believe that is the purpose I was looking for in my life. To defend the good and make great friends along the way. Because of you, your friends, the princesses and everyone else, this world has given me a new life. And in return, I will use all my power to protect it.”

After BlackWarGreymon finished his speech, Twilight was so awe-stricken she couldn’t say a word. He was only in Equestria for two days, and already he completely trusts her and her friends. The Artificial Digimon in front of her was entirely different to the one in the past. He had evolved.

To the Digimon’s surprise, the young Alicorn reached out and wrapped her forelegs around his neck. Pulling him in for an affectionate hug.

After sheading a few tears of joy, relieved to hear him say such things, she spoke to him in a quiet voice that almost sounded like a whisper.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon. Even when you’re not using your powers, you continue to amaze me.”

She continued to embrace the Digimon, enjoying the touching moment. Then to Twilight’s surprise, she felt something wet dripped on her back. After releasing her hold and pulling herself away to look at BlackWarGreymon’s face, she saw something that she truly didn’t expect.

“BlackWarGreymon? Are…are you crying?”

“I am?”

The Mega was surprised by what Twilight said, but he felt that something was in his eyes. After stroking his left eye with his finger, he looked at it. Only to see that Twilight was right. It was his tear.

“Strange. These are my tears but… I’m not even sad.”

Twilight too was taken back by what she was seeing, but then gave a heart-warming smile when she realised what it meant.


Her voice was quiet, but BlackWarGreymon heard her and became curious.

“What? What is it?”

“You know when your creators said that you have no feelings? And that other Digimon said that you don’t have a heart?” Twilight asked, making BlackWarGreymon confused of the reason behind the questions.


“Well… they have no idea how wrong they are.”

BlackWarGreymon understood what the Alicorn meant by. Since the emotion he was feeling was in fact joy.

“Thank you, Twilight.”

After their little heart to heart, BlackWarGreymon left Twilight’s bedroom. Leaving the purple princess to finally sleep in peace.

The story in Luna’s bedchamber was different altogether. While Twilight and Celestia managed to get some sleep, the Night Princess couldn’t get to sleep from the start. Unlike the other two Alicorns, the thoughts that were going through her head were not just about BlackWarGreymon’s death. It was about all of his past. The birth, the constant fighting, all the pain and suffering he went through, all the lessons he learned. All those thoughts forced Luna awake, no matter how hard she tried to sleep. It was evident in her tossing and turning on her bed, plus sweating from the strain.

After letting out a gasp from the exhaustion, she let out deep breaths to calm herself.

‘Why? Why can’t I get these thoughts out of my head?’

Climbing out of her bed, she decided to walk out to her balcony to get some fresh air and to cool off.

After resting her head on the balcony fence, getting a clear view of Equestria’s night, Luna was alone in her thoughts.

Why couldn’t she stop thinking about BlackWarGreymon’s past? Why did he had to suffer so much? Why did he had to die in the way he did? How did fate save him? Those and many other questions were swarming through her mind. But the one question she was fascinated in was, how was it that his past reminded her of her own? Was she really that similar to him?

‘Background music’ ‘Shine bright like a Diamond by Rihanna’

Her thought patterns were soon interrupted by a noise she heard coming from beneath her. Looking over the edge of her balcony, and onto the balcony below her, she saw BlackWarGreymon walking to its edge.

Luna became curious. After looking carefully, she noticed that his shield and gauntlets were back on.

‘What is he doing up so early?’

Luna stood there in silence, watching BlackWarGreymon to see what he would do next. But from the looks of things he was just standing there, looking out to the city of Canterlot.

The Digimon remained still for another moment until he turned his head left, and then to his right, to see if he was being watched. His actions confused Luna, thinking that he may be up to something.

After thinking that the coast was clear, BlackWarGreymon took one step forward, and then leapt into the air. Flying away from the castle and towards the city.

As he gained some distance, Luna became even more curious. She wanted to know where he was going at such an early time. Hesitant at first, the blue Alicorn eventually jumped off her balcony, spread her feathered wings and then flew after him.

At first, Luna lost sight of BlackWarGreymon. Given the fact that he wore black armour made it very difficult to see him in the dark.

‘Wow. Twilight was right. His armour really is as black as my night.’

After several moments of weaving in and out of the empty streets, trying and failing to spot the Digimon, Luna found herself in a large clearing of the Canterlot city square. As soon as she realised she saw something above her, she looked up. But couldn’t believe the sight she was seeing.

The princess not only caught up with the Digimon, she was near enough below him to his left. But the way his body was angled and being in-between her and the shinning full moon in the sky, the light of the moon made his smooth armour gleam in the night. As time seemed to slow down, Luna saw the moon light in his yellow eyes as his hair waved freely in the wind.

To Luna, it was a sight truly to behold. She witnessed his past and watched him take down a dragon, but once she never saw that side of him. Seeing him in such glory was making her heart race. She could practically feel it pumping in her chest. She didn’t know why, but she liked seeing him in such a way.

‘Wow. He’s more handsome then before.’

Her thoughts were cut off when she saw BlackWarGreymon change course, heading to the outskirts of the capital city. Of course, Luna followed. She remained confused as to why he was out and about at such an early hour.

As she trailed behind him, keeping her distance to make sure the Digimon couldn’t either hear her or sense her power, she noticed that he was checking his surroundings from right to left.

‘Is he… looking for something?’

What she didn’t know was that BlackWarGreymon was doing that very thing.

‘Well… nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. No trouble, no problems. Everything seems just fine.’ He thought to himself, unaware that he was being followed. He was too focused on what he was doing. Patrolling the area.

After seeing that everything was in order, he then left Canterlot and flew higher in the early morning sky towards the clouds. He wasn’t feeling sleepy and tried to think of what to do next to pass the time.

That was when it hit him. He could finally choose what HE wants to do purely of his own free will. Back in his past, back in the Digital World, although he had done things on his own, but it was when he was greatly confused about his destiny and had to find answers. He never really wanted to do the terrible things he had done, but he felt as if he had no choice. He thought it would all lead him to his purpose in life, so he had to do it. Plus, what made his decisions in the past more intolerable was that his creators, Arukenimon and Mummymon, were constantly following him and mocking his confused state.

If he had to admit the truth, he hated it. He hated every single bit of it!

But in Equestria, BlackWarGreymon felt as if he had finally found his purpose in life. His destiny. So instead of constantly pursuing it, he could learn from it. Embrace it. And even love it. What made it a bonus was that his creators were no longer around to make fun of him.

BlackWarGreymon felt that he could explore the world he was in, his new home and all its beauty. He felt free. He was finally free!

His eyes widened. No words could describe what he was going through. He had been trapped in a state of confusion and doubt for so long, just the thought of all those problems and all the suffering going away was bristling him with an emotion he rarely felt. Happiness. And with his problems gone for real, he could hardly contain his happiness as he let out a chuckle. Which was slowly turning into laughter.

With joy overtaking his body, he increased his flight speed to a point only a few could match.

Luna, who followed him all the while, was caught by surprise by BlackWarGreymon’s sudden burst of speed. Leaving her confused as the Digimon disappeared into a group of large clouds.

‘Now what’s he doing?’

After a brief thought that he might had noticed her, the Alicorn suddenly saw him emerging from a giant cloud. Flying vertically as he spun his body around, leaving a spiral cloud vapour trailing from his claws.

Luna was surprised. Both by the spectacle and by BlackWarGreymon’s behaviour.

After the Digimon stopped spinning, he dropped back down into the clouds. Disappearing from sight.

Feeling the strain from her wings from flying too long, Luna found a small patch of cloud and landed on it. While resting on her cloud, she looked around. Trying to spot the Digimon.

It didn’t take long, because she spotted him in a distance not too far away. Flying in and out around a large group of clouds as if they were an obstacle course.

While he was weaving in and out, BlackWarGreymon’s mind was bristling with thoughts.

‘Ha! I’m… I’m free! I’m finally free!!’

He then flew above a massive mass of cloud, then he’d done something he thought he would never do. He stuck his left arm into the cloud as he flew by, feeling the packed water vapour in his hands.

‘I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I’m so happy right now!’

BlackWarGreymon then flew away from the cloud with another burst of speed, and sped towards Canterlot. All the while Luna was watching him despite the darkness of early morning.

‘He can’t be heading inside, his speed is too fast.’

It turned out that he wasn’t heading inside after all. BlackWarGreymon was in fact heading to the large waterfall on the outskirts of the city at remarkable speed.

After reaching to the waterfall’s edge, the Digimon flew down with the falling water at matching speed. BlackWarGreymon looked to his side to see a large water droplet falling beside him. He had got his speed just right.

As his fast decent was quickly approaching the river below, he immediately leveled his altitude so he was five feet above the waterline. As he increased his speed the draft that was created left a big grove in the river. Making massive ripples spread all over the water’s surface.

After following along the bendy river at the base of the mountain, BlackWarGreymon increased his speed even further as he tilted his body upwards towards the sky above. What he didn’t realise was that he was already traveling at such speeds he turned into a black blur, but yet his speed was increasing further than before. As the Digimon kept flying faster as he streaked across the sky, he suddenly heard a loud boom which seemed to had come from him. Caught by surprise, he immediately came to a halt at discovering his new revelation. Which was also his recent achievement.

“Was that… a sonic boom?” His eyes went wide when he realised that it was. “Did I just broke the sound barrier!?”

He then decided to test it again.

Back on her cloud she sat upon, Luna lost sight of the Mega the moment he left the river. All the while she was confused as to why BlackWarGreymon was behaving in the way he was. But after comparing to the similar things Rainbow Dash does, then it meant that he was celebrating something.

But her confusion only spiked up when she heard a loud boom in the distance.

‘What was that? It didn’t sound like an explosion.’

Luna’s attention was then brought by a sight of a speeding black blur against a thick gathering of clouds. She knew immediately it was BlackWarGreymon, but she never saw him flying in such speeds as what she was seeing. Then it happened. Just as she got the image of the Digimon in her vision, she saw a shockwave erupted from him. the wave pushed aside any clouds that lie in their path, which was then followed by the same boom noise the Alicorn heard before.

Although Luna was surprised, deep down she was also impressed.

“A sonic boom.”

As the Night Princess continued to watch the armoured being traveling at the speed of sound, she noticed that he was slowing down as he descended towards the ground. Flying after him, she found out that he was landing on a nearby hill with a single tree on its top.

‘Song end.’

The Alicorn then flew down towards the tree and hid behind it, unnoticed by BlackWarGreymon. As she peaked around the tree, she saw him standing tall. Looking out to see the view of Equestria’s land as it was lit up by the bright moon.

As he gazed at the scenery, he was alone in his thoughts.

‘Interesting. I’ve never flew that fast before. Could this world be making me faster as well as making me stronger? Hmm… maybe later I might have a rematch with Rainbow dash.’

BlackWarGreymon then closed his eyes as he felt the cold wind on this face. His yellow hair swaying in the cool breeze.

After a short moment of silence, the warrior from another world opened his eyes as he spoke out.

“I know you’re there.”

Luna was caught completely by surprise, she thought she was well hidden in the shadow of the tree. Apparently during the silence, BlackWarGreymon’s senses picked up the Alicorn’s energy signature. What started her more was that he was looking in her direction.

Realising there was no point of hiding anymore, Luna stepped out of the shadows. Her body revelled by the moon light.

“Seems your senses are as sharp as your claws,” She said with a smile. In a way, she was glad that she was spotted by him. So she could talk to him.

“What are you doing out here?” BlackWarGreymon asked, confused as to why the princess was outside instead of resting. Since she was recovering from her dragon attack.

“I only followed you here. And I was about to ask you that very question,” Luna answered.

Her question left BlackWarGreymon uneasy, but he had to answer quickly.

“I…uhh… I was just patrolling the area. You know, to see if there was any trouble during the night.”

Luna had read the expression in his yellow eyes, the way they looked was as though what he said was only half true. But truth be told, it was.

“At first maybe, but I don’t think flying around at great speeds count as patrolling.”

Luna’s response made BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widen, but then realisation hit him.

“So you’ve seen me the whole time?”

“Like I said, I followed you from Canterlot. But the way you were flying around those clouds, it was as if you were… happy.”

The Digimon took a deep breath before answering.

“That’s because I was happy.”

BlackWarGreymon then turned away from Luna and walked to the edge of the hill. Looking at the moon in the sky.

“The reason I’m happy is because that since I came to this world, I never felt so free. Back in the Digital World, I was alone, feared and hated by many. And every choice I made was only on impulse or my desire to find my destiny. Which meant hurting others. For a long while, I always dreamt of all my suffering to go away. And now that it had, with no other Digimon to mock me and my destiny closer than ever, everyone here actually accepts me as a friend.”

The Digimon’s whole statement made Luna pause in thought. Since her trip in his mind, she couldn’t believe how similar their pasts were. The way he describes his problems was almost identical to her own.

BlackWarGreymon looked at her over his shoulder before speaking to her.

“I don’t expect you to understand.”

His sentence snapped Luna out of her trance as she looked at him in confusion.

“You don’t know what it was like to be feared, rejected and treated like a villain. Even though I desire something otherwise,” The Digimon said as he looked back at the moon.

BlackWarGreymon then heard hoofsteps as Luna walked up to his right while staring at the moon as well. After a brief moment of silence, she spoke up.

“You’re wrong, BlackWarGreymon. Because I know exactly how you feel.”

The warrior was so surprised he didn’t made a sound, but it was evident in his eyes. Although he was expecting her to say such things in an attempt to help him ease his pain, but what surprised him was that the tone of voice she had. It was very honest as if she was telling nothing but the truth. Not one hint of it was a lie. The fact was reinforced when BlackWarGreymon looked at Luna. Her face was of sadness and regret. As if she had done something she shouldn’t had done.

“You… you do?”

After another moment of silence, Luna confessed.

“Yes. As you know, Celestia and I ruled Equestria for centuries. My sister raises the sun to bring day, and I raise the moon to bring night. We were at it for so long in perfect harmony.”

After a brief pause, the blue Alicorn continued.

“But then one day, over a thousand years ago, I grew jealous of my sister.”

“Jealous?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“Yes. You see, while all our subjects enjoyed basking and playing in her sunlight, they all slept during my night. Completely missing out on the beauty that I create.”

Luna paused upon hearing a noise to her side. When she looked over, she saw BlackWarGreymon sitting down next to her. She was surprised that he was interested listening to her problems.

“Then what happened?” The Digimon asked.

Luna too sat down beside him. After realising that she was near enough the same height as him, though about a head or two shorter, she continued.

“Jealousy got the better of me. After I refused to lower the moon… I then transformed into a monster. A nightmare. Nightmare Moon.”

“Nightmare Moon?” BlackWarGreymon asked, confused at the name he had never heard before.

“Well, that’s the name of my darker self. A form that I regret to this day,” Luna explained.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to examine the expression on Luna’s face. It was the same as his own when he told her about his death. Which meant only one thing.

“Something else happened to you, didn’t it?”

After releasing a heavy sigh, Luna spoke up.

“Yes. After I transformed, I threatened to grip all of Equestria in eternal night. And then… I threatened to destroy my own sister.”

Her sentence shocked BlackWarGreymon to a point he didn’t said a word. He just kept on listening to what Luna had to say.

“After she and I had our battle, Celestia did the very thing that tore her apart.”

“Tore her apart? What did she do?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“By using the Elements of Harmony, Celestia defeated me and sent me to the moon. It was there where I was imprisoned for a thousand years.”

BlackWarGreymon then pieced together all what Luna said.

“I understand now. Although she did it to save Equestria, but it ended up with loosing you. Her own sister.”

Luna’s expression saddened even more after hearing those words in the open.

“True. She ended up looking after our land, all on her own.”

Both of them felt sorry for Celestia. For enduring a thousand years of loneliness. After a moment of silence, the Digimon asked Luna another question.

“If you were imprisoned on the moon, how did you return?”

“I escaped by using the stars. But I was still Nightmare Moon at the time and tried again to bring eternal night. But after Twilight Sparkle and her friends rediscovered the Elements of Harmony, they defeated me and transformed me back to my normal self.”

BlackWarGreymon remained silent as he listened on.

“Of course, Celestia forgave me and Twilight and her friends offered their friendship to me. But as I tried to make friends with my subjects, they all ran away in fear. Scared that I was still Nightmare Moon.”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened when he finally realised something. Because the ponies feared her as a villain, they treated her as one. Leaving her feared, hated and rejected. Just like he once was.

Luna continued to explain herself.

“Of course, it’s been a couple of years now since I’ve returned. And it looks like everypony has finally forgiven me, and now loves me as the princess I am.

Silence followed as Luna finished, but was then broken by BlackWarGreymon’s chuckling.

“What?” Luna asked as he looked at him in confusion.

“I just realised something. We have a lot in common, you and I.”

Although Luna already knew it, but she was surprised to hear the Digimon say that himself.

“I mean, we both were once evil. Threatened entire worlds. Later reformed to good and tried many means to be accepted as friends instead of foes.”

As BlackWarGreymon finished, Luna smiled in acceptance.

“You’re right. We both are indeed similar in many ways.”

Then Luna realised that something what the Digimon said was rather unsettling.

“Wait. ‘Threatened entire worlds?’ I know I threatened Equestria, but not the entire world itself?”

“In a way it would. Since eternal night would mean the end of the world.”

The atmosphere around the Alicorn turned stone cold after hearing BlackWarGreymon’s words. There was a dead silence as Luna’s eyes widened before speaking again in disbelief.


The Digimon looked at the blue Alicorn in confusion.

“You mean you don’t know what would happen? But then again, this world is magical. So it might not even happen.”

Luna’s senses spiked up from both curiosity and urgency.

“Please tell me, BlackWarGreymon. What would happen if a world would experience eternal night?”

After picturing of what would happen in his mind, BlackWarGreymon answered Luna’s desperate question. But soon wished she hadn’t asked.

“Well, if the night is constant, then it will never bring forth day. Plants and vegetation all need sunlight to grow. Without it, plant life would wither and die. Of course that would affect the animal kingdom… and then pony kind.”

Luna was left shaken after hearing those words.

“I…I would have starved my subjects!?”

“True. But they would probably freeze to death before it would come to that.”

Luna thought it couldn’t get any worse. Turns out it wasn’t as the Digimon continued.

“Without the warmth of the sun, temperatures of your great land would continue to drop to unbearable levels. But those who would survive it would only experience something far worse. An ice age. And soon enough, all of Equestria would be frozen in ice. Uninhabited for hundreds or even thousands of years.”

Luna was speechless, she couldn’t comprehend the amount of damage she would have brought upon.

But she soon learned that it doesn’t end there.

“And by lowering the sun, then it must mean that it rises on the other side of the world. And I think their fates would be far worse than freezing.”

“Wha…what do you mean!?” Luna demanded, desperate to know the answer. But again, she wished she hadn’t.

“Well with the sun constantly in the sky, it would pour unrelenting heatwaves upon any land it touches. And of course this would create droughts. Vast areas would turn into deserts and wastelands. Lakes and rivers would boil and dry up. But the worst of it would be that wildfires would easily start up. And with dried up vegetation all around, within minutes a small spark of ember would turn into a huge firestorm that couldn’t be controlled. Once great forests would burn to the ground, only leaving ashes of them and any inhabitants unfortunate enough to be in its way.”

BlackWarGreymon then summed it up to a conclusion.

“To put it simply, nothing would survive. Half of the world would freeze while the other half would burn. But like I said, since this world is magical, that might not happen.”

Luna was left shaken after learning a dreadful lesson. Even though their world was magical, but throwing off balance that great might make those events possible. And she would have been responsible for it all.

Therefore, it was a good thing that the Elements of Harmony changed before it was too late.

BlackWarGreymon could practically feel the fear and dread radiating from Luna. He had to find a way to lighten up the mood.

“If it’s any consolation for you Luna, I honestly prefer the night rather than day.”

As those words reached the Alicorn’s ears, she instantly sparked with curiosity as she turned towards him.

“Sure, day is good and that you can see the world around you. But the view of the world can be different at night. Plus the night can hold many mysteries, and that you would be able to see things that you would probably never see during the day. It’s an amazing experience.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked up at the open sky.

“Even up there, you can see the stars that decorate the dark sky. This is why I like the night, because of all its beauty.”

Luna blushed at hearing the Digimon’s words. Although he may be referring to any night, but because he said it to her, the princess of the night, and that he was looking at the night that she made, the complement made her smile both on the inside and the outside.

Luna then tried to test him.

“You know, BlackWarGreymon. I take time and magic to create nights just like this. So, what do you think?”

Not realising he was being tested, the Digimon answered.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s definatly better than the ones in the Digital World. In fact… it’s beautiful.”

The Night Princess could feel her heart warming from hearing his answer. But surprisingly he wasn’t finished.

“Just like you.”

Luna’s eyes widened as her blush deepened. Clearly not expecting that at tall.

‘He…he thinks I’m beautiful?’

However, it seems BlackWarGreymon himself was more surprised than she was. He was only supposed to think of that, not tell it openly. Then he flinched again. Why was he thinking of it? Did he really think she was beautiful?

He then looked at Luna, only to see the big blush on her face. Although he wasn’t entirely sure about positive emotions, he knew that blushing meant that one was either flattered or embarrassed. But he couldn’t tell which was which.

“Th-Thank you,” Luna said with a smile, trying to control her blush.

BlackWarGreymon and Luna were then both silent as the two were gazing at the stars. Mesmerized by the twinkling lights.

“BlackWarGreymon,” Luna said, breaking the long silence.

“Yes?” The Digimon asked.

“The Digital World. Is it up there?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think of an answer as he scanned the sky.

“If it’s a world among the stars, maybe. But if it’s in a different dimension or universe, then it won’t be up there. For all I know, it might even be in a different reality altogether.”

The Princess’s expression saddened after hearing the Digimon’s answer.

“So in a way, you’re a long way from home.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked at Luna and saw the sadness on her face. Then he decided to tell her something that had been on his mind for a while.

“True. But even if you or the others had found a way back to the Digital World, I would not return there.”

The princess was surprised to hear that. Did BlackWarGreymon chose Equestria over the Digital World? Eager to know the truth, she looked at him.

“You… want to stay in Equestria?”

“Yes. Even if I do go back, now being a changed Digimon, I already caused too much damage to be forgiven. Even if some do, there will always be some who would fear or hate me. No matter what I do, they will always see me as a creation of evil. A product built to destroy. But here, here I can start again. Since I have no past here, everyone can see me as an ally and a friend. I can use my powers for good, to defend those in need.”

Luna was awe-stricken at hearing BlackWarGreymon’s words, but he wasn’t finished.

“I…I think that’s why fate brought me here. To start a new life. A new beginning. And because that everything good had happened to me since I got here, I know that this world holds the key to the destiny that I had been searching for. This is why I will not go back to the Digital World. Because Equestria is my new home.”

Luna was so taken by those words, she felt like she could burst in excitement. She didn’t know why, but she felt so happy that BlackWarGreymon decided to choose Equestria as his new home. However, she then noticed that the Digimon’s eyes saddened as a stray thought crossed his mind.

“And to think, that I actually wanted to be a simple Control Spire Digimon.”

The Alicorn was startled by his change of mood and from what he said.

“You…wanted to be like them?” She asked, disbelief hidden in her question.

“Well…some time ago…yes. I know that they all were mindless creatures that throve on chaos and destruction. But their lives and destinies were simple and straight forward. While mine was complex and needed reason. One point in my life, I actually envied them.”

Luna understood what BlackWarGreymon was talking about. His mind was so riddled, so confused, he wanted to be simple like the other Artificial Digimon. But he couldn’t. So he tried to find a Digimon with great power to fight, so he could be destroyed by that Digimon to put an end to his mental suffering.

Desperate to help BlackWarGreymon to get his mind off the past and his faults, she tried to support him.

“You want to know something, BlackWarGreymon? I’m glad you’re not a simple-minded creature. Because being different from others makes you an individual. And that gives you your own identity.”

As Luna went on, BlackWarGreymon looked at her in curiosity, Eager to hear her out.

“From what I’ve seen in your memories, the Artificial Digimon were all identical to the originals. But you’re not, because you’re unique. Even on the day you were created, you were given a name that was never mentioned before. Because the normal Digimon, those humans, even your creators saw that you’re different. It’s that difference what makes you unique. What makes you special. And that’s what I like about you.”

Luna paused a second after she realised what she just said. She just admitted that she likes him. True that the both of them were friends, but the Alicorn couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed from saying that out in the open.

BlackWarGreymon however was new to positive emotions. So he didn’t catch on the hidden meaning in that sentence. But he did took it as a complement.

“That’s…very sweet of you, for liking me for who I am. Thank you, Luna. I needed that.”

The princess blushed from happiness. She couldn’t help but feel amazed that a being so fierce and powerful, could be also kind and gentle at times.

As the Alicorn and the Digimon looked back up at the starry sky, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the moon was lower than it was earlier. Meaning that the sun would rise in a few hours.

“I guess it’s time to head back,” BlackWarGreymon said as he rose to his feet.

“Yes, lets,” Luna replied as she got up on her hooves.

BlackWarGreymon and Luna then took to the air and flew towards Canterlot. As they flew, the princess looked to her side to see the Digimon. Of all the things about him, she remained amazed that he could fly without wings. She was also thrilled that she got to fly next to him.

Half way to one of Canterlot’s towers, BlackWarGreymon noticed that Luna’s pace was dropping and starting to fall behind. After looking at her to see what was up, he saw that she was straining from flying.

“Are you alright?” He asked her.

At first Luna didn’t answer. She was too busy trying to brush aside the strain she felt in one of her wings.

“I’m…fine,” She answered.

However, BlackWarGreymon knew she wasn’t fine. He noticed that one of her wings wasn’t keeping pace with the other.

‘She hasn’t fully recovered.’

The all of the sudden, Luna felt her energy in her wing dropped like a landslide. Unable to keep it up anymore, she dropped from the sky.

But her fall was only brief. For the moment she started to drop, she landed on something. Opening her eyes, she found herself resting on BlackWarGreymon’s back. Lying upon his shield.

“Don’t worry, Luna. I’ll get you back safely.”

Luna was surprised how much of a gentleman he really was, helping her in the way he did. She couldn’t help but smile as she was being carried the rest of the way back to her tower.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon.”

Chapter 18: Defender of Equestria

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It was moments before the rising of the sun. Everypony in Canterlot were gathered outside the castle for something important.

Earlier in the hour, the citizens all received a message that the Royal Sisters would be making an important announcement. While some were hesitant, the ponies were too curious to find out what the princesses had to say on such short notice.

Beside one of the castle towers, the growing crowd of ponies converged around the centre stage. The stage was where the Alicorns stood when they give out important speeches. Within the crowd stood Princess Twilight and all her friends from Ponyville.

“My. It seems everypony in Canterlot is here,” Rarity said while looking around.

While the others agreed with her, Applejack noticed that Twilight was more quiet than usual.

“Hay Twi, are ya alright?”

The lavender Alicorn snapped out of her trance when she felt Applejack’s hoof nudging her shoulder.

“Oh umm… I’m fine. I just had a hard time sleeping, that’s all.”

“Are you sure, Twilight? I mean you still look tired,” Fluttershy said, noticing that parts of Twilight’s eyes were red.

“I’m fine, Fluttershy. Really,” She replied, reassuring the yellow Pegasus.

It was then that Rainbow Dash realised something.

“Uhh guys, where’s BlackWarGreymon? Shouldn’t he be here by now?”

“Yeah, he’s really missing out.” Pinkie Pie added.

Not including Twilight, the rest of the group were wondering where the Digimon was. The last they seen him was last night before they went to bed.

“Well I’m not sure if he heard about the princesses’ announcement. But still it’s kind of rude for him to leave us waiting,” Rarity said while looking around to spot him.

Then Twilight spoke up.

“He’s not rude, Rarity. In fact…”

She then had a flashback of when BlackWarGreymon entered her room when she was upset. Then cheered her up of which she awarded him with a hug. To her, that moment was very touching.

“…he cares deeply for us.”

All her friends looked at her in confusion. Yes, the Digimon agreed to be their friend and saviour, but the way Twilight said was as if she knew him for a long time. Even though it was only three days since his arrival.

While they were having their conversation, at the back of the stage hidden from view, the Alicorn sisters emerged from their castle. Not only that, BlackWarGreymon was with them.

The Canterlot royal guards that stood in position were trying to put on a brave face for Princes Celestia and Princess Luna. But BlackWarGreymon’s appearance alone made their legs tremble in fear. Even though they knew he was an ally and a friend to the princesses, but the way he looked remained intimidating as ever.

As the Royal Sisters and the Artificial Digimon walked by, BlackWarGreymon noticed that one guard wasn’t intimidated. In fact, that guard wasn’t afraid of him at all.

The guard was a Pegasus mare, but roughly an inch or two taller than an average mare. She had light grey fur and her long mane and tail were white. But what was strange was the weapons she possessed. While all the other guards had swords, spears and axes, she held wing blades within her wings. Meaning that she must be an expert in aerial combat.

Just because she wasn’t scared, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t curious. She kept her eye on the tall Digimon with a plain expression on her face. While not facing her BlackWarGreymon’s eye glanced on her also with a plain expression. He too was curious as to why she wasn’t afraid of seeing him for the first time.

He then broke off his glance as he walked on, following the princesses as they approached the stage.

Then Celestia spoke to him.

“BlackWarGreymon, I like you to stand here for a while until we call for you.”

“Very well,” BlackWarGreymon replied, understanding of what was going to happen due to him being briefed earlier.

The Digimon stayed put as the Royal Sisters approached the front of the stage, revealing themselves to the onlooking crowd. It was there they stood, standing in front of statues of their cutiemarks, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were showered with applause from the citizens. Showing both respect and loyalty to the Royal Sisters.

As the applause died down, Celestia spoke out to them.

“Citizens of Equestria. As you may already know, we have a special announcement for you today. But first, let us raise the sun and bring forth a new day.”

The whole crowd began to cheer even louder than before. Which were also joined by the Main Six.

BlackWarGreymon stood in silence while listening to all the admiration. Ever since his talk with Luna, he understood the importance of her and Celestia’s royal duties to Equestria. Of which their citizens thanked them for looking after them and the land.

He was more fascinated in the duties of Princess Luna. Being a Dream Walker, she had the power to enter dreams and vanquish any nightmares. He figured that during the thousand years of her being on the moon, all the ponies dreams would have been wild and full of fright. But since she had returned, all that was gone. Which was why so many were thankful for her return as her normal self, not Nightmare Moon.

He was then snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Celestia and Luna hovering in the air. Because their wings weren’t flapping, he guessed that they were using their own power to levitate. Then he saw that their horns were glowing with magic. At first he didn’t know what they were doing, but he then got his answer when he saw sunlight by his feet.

Turning around, he not only saw the moon descending downwards and out of sight, he also saw the sun creeping above the horizon. Shining ever brighter as it ascended.

The Digimon’s eyes widened when he saw the celestial body shinning above. He couldn’t believe that the princesses possessed the power to move such large objects. In the Digital World, such thing was impossible. So, to see such thing in person was definatly an experience to remember.

He had to admit it. Although his power was far greater than their own, seeing them doing something so big that not even he could do, made him feel small.

As the sun slowly climbed higher in the sky, Celestia and Luna landed back on the stage. After smiling at one another in approval, Luna spoke out to the crowd.

“Attention everypony, we have something to announce to you all.”

As the crowd quietened, Celestia spoke to the patient ponies. But with a stern look on her face.

“As you all have heard, there were rumors that the evil Lord Tirek had escaped Tartarus, and that Canterlot was recently attacked by a large dragon.”

What she said next sent shivers of fear in the crowd.

“They are true.”

Before the citizens could panic, Luna intervened.

“But don’t be alarmed citizens, because both these disasters had been successfully dealt with. Thanks to the efforts of a being from another world.”

While the crowd were either speechless or confused, the Mane Six all gasped in excitement.

“They’re going to show him to the world.” Twilight said while her friends remained silent, eager to hear more.

Then Celestia spoke again.

“Yes. And we made contact with this warrior from beyond and extended our friendship to him. He may look frightening, but he has agreed to use his great powers to avert any danger and protect the lives of our great land. For he was the very one who helped us in our time of need.”

The crowd couldn’t believe what they were hearing. A creature from a different world was going to protect them from harm. Celestia’s speech seemed to have a positive effect on the ponies, her words were responded by an uproar of cheer.

“Here we go.” BlackWarGreymon said to himself as he prepared to go on the stage.

Then it was Luna who gave the introduction.

“Fillies and gentlecolts, may we present you for the very first time. The defender of Equestria. BlackWarGreymon!”

A second after Luna finished, the crowd heard footsteps coming from behind the Royal Sisters. The ponies tried to see who it was but all they saw was a silhouette, due to the sun being behind it. As seconds ticked by, more of BlackWarGreymon’s details were seen. Up to when he stopped at the edge of the stage, standing in-between the Alicorn sisters and in full view of the world.

At first, the crowd were in stunned silence. They expected their saviour to be more pony-like, not dragon-like. Although he was nowhere near as big as an adult dragon, but the fact that he defeated a powerful villain like Tirek all on his own, must meant that he was insanely strong. The other fact that left them stunned was the way he looked. Princess Celestia wasn’t kidding when she said that he looked frightening. The design of his black armour was like nothing they had ever seen before. Almost like it came from Tartarus itself.

After more seconds went by, the black dragon warrior finally got a response. Somewhere in the crowd, he heard what sounded like children cheering. Thinking that he was some kind of super hero. Then the chain reaction happened, soon more and more ponies were applauding and cheering. If the kids found him likeable, why not the adults?

‘Well they’re not running and screaming, that’s a start,’ The Digimon thought to himself before Luna’s voice caught his attention.

“Now. BlackWarGreymon has also agreed to demonstrate one of his powers. Of which he’ll use against any evil that would dare crawl out of the shadows.”

As if on cue, a catapult that was stationed elsewhere fired a large boulder into the sky. The audience all looked up to see the large rock sailing high above them. While they were confused of what was going on, the one thing that they knew was that the boulder was a target.

“Now, if you will,” Luna said to BlackWarGreymon with a smile, obviously knowing what he was about to do.

“With pleasure,” He answered back. Hearing his voice gained the attention of half the crowd as they looked back at him.

BlackWarGreymon then raised his clawed gauntlets high above his head, separated from each other by a small gap in-between his palms. Then, a small filly-sized sphere appeared in the gap. The red glow gaining everyone’s attention as they gazed at it in awe. Then as the dragon warrior separated his arms even more, the tiny orb of super-heated energy grew into a massive size. It kept expanding until it was twice BlackWarGreymon’s size.

If he had been in the air, he would’ve made his Terra Destroyer attack even larger. But being near others meant he had to restrict its size, otherwise he would’ve harmed his friends by the immense heat.

The crowd watched on quietly, mesmerized by the scale of the sphere. But the pony who seemed to be more surprised by it was Celestia herself. She may had seen BlackWarGreymon performed his signature attack many times in his past. But because all the previous times were all in his memories, she never felt its power. But since it was happening right in front of her, she could feel the power of the sphere as if it was touching her.

The white Alicorn couldn’t believe it. If the orb was the size of an ordinary stallion, its level of power would had been equal to her very being. And that was only a fraction compared to what he was really capable of. Not to mention that back in the Digital World, his power already dwarfed her own. But since he lived in Equestria, he became a lot stronger than he ever was.

Celestia then felt a cold shiver up her spine from the thought of what the Digimon’s true power was like. Good thing he decided to become their friend. Then he could use his power to help, not abuse. Who knows, maybe he would even learn lessons from her.

As BlackWarGreymon held the huge red sphere in his grasp, he had to aim carefully. One thing he didn’t like was missing his target or letting his target get away. He had to make his shot count.

Then he took the shot. He threw the orb in the direction to where the hurtling boulder was heading. The crowd followed the path of the Terra Destroyer sphere in anticipation. Thinking that it was impossible to hit a target so far away with an energy ball.

The Digimon’s accuracy was spot on. To everyone’s surprise and disbelief, even Twilight and her friends, the orb of negative energy collided straight into the boulder. Creating a rather large explosion that brightened up the sky despite the sun already being there.

The ponies stared in awe at the bright red light, a sight they had never seen before. Then to their surprise, the Digimon himself spoke out to them.

“I am BlackWarGreymon. I am a being from another world who seeks acceptance and friendship. Your princesses and some of their subjects have already given me that.”

He then looked to his side to see the smiling faces of Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, who had walked over and stood beside her younger sister.

“They had looked past my appearance and treated me as a friend. And for that, I’m eternally grateful,” He said as he tilted his head downwards with his eyes shut.

The ponies who knew him well were surprised at his actions.

‘Did he… just bow to us!?’ The Royal Sisters thought to themselves. Confused by the fact that he bowed to no one. It was either showing respect in front of the crowd or maybe… that friendship was changing him.

BlackWarGreymon then turned back to the awe-stricken crowd.

“I hope that you all will accept me too. And in return for your kindness and friendship, I will protect you all from ant danger that threatens this world. No matter what, I will defend Equestria to the very end!”

His speech got an immediate response from the crowd. Everypony was cheering for him and the promise that followed. Again, BlackWarGreymon felt something inside him welling up. It was happiness. He felt happy that everyone had accepted him for which he rarely got in his past.

The Royal Sisters understood it. They could tell by the expression in the Digimon’s eyes that although it was new to him, he liked being loved and respected for once. They smiled at him, knowing that his future in Equestria seemed bright.

Within the crowd, Twilight and her friends couldn’t had agreed more. With tears of joy in their eyes. Although Rainbow Dash tried to hold back, she and the others couldn’t help but feel very proud of the Digimon.

“Wow. Who knew he was good with speeches,” Applejack said to her friends as they wiped away their tears.

“Yeah! And everypony seems to love him,” Pinkie Pie said as she bounced on the spot.

“Well he definatly deserves it. After all he’s done for us,” Rarity added.

“We’re all so proud of him, aren’t we girls?” Fluttershy asked with the others nodding in agreement. The yellow Pegasus was so happy for the Digimon she felt like giving him a big hug.

Afterwards, Rainbow Dash noticed that Twilight was not only silent throughout the entire time, but also had a rather sad look on her face.

“Hay Twilight, are you alright?” The blue Pegasus asked in uncertainty.

The young Alicorn snapped out of her thoughts before answering.

“Oh, um… yeah Rainbow. I’m alright.”

“I am not too sure about that Twi, Ya’ seem to be down in the dumps,” Applejack said, she and all the others noticing that something was up with their friend.

Knowing that her friends wouldn’t give up on her so easily, Twilight sighed in defeat before speaking.

“Listen girls, there’s something I need to tell you about BlackWarGreymon. But not here. Wait until we get back on the train to Ponyville.”

Hearing the sadness in Twilight’s voice meant that whatever she had to tell them, it was bad. The girls wanted to know what it was, but the last thing their friend needed was pressure.

“Ok Twilight. We’ll wait,” Applejack said with a caring smile.

“Thanks girls,” Twilight said before she and her friends turned back to the Digimon on stage.

Canterlot halls

It had been several hours since the announcement, giving way to midday. While Twilight and her pony friends took the train back to Ponyville, BlackWarGreymon chose to stay in Canterlot for a while. He liked to explore more of Equestria’s capital and all its beauty. Currently he was walking down a long hallway, passing by some maids while they were keeping the place tidy. While some had already gotten used to him, others looked at him in awe. Normally, BlackWarGreymon would ignore them. But instead he looked back at them as he passed by. Making some of them nervous. Despite it, he knew they were grateful for what he had done for their land.

Then he noticed something rather odd about some of them.

‘They have gotten used to me that’s for sure. But when few of them looked at me, why were their faces glowing red?’

BlackWarGreymon took note that he really needed to understand more about positive emotions.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a nervous voice.

“Umm… pardon me sir.”

The Digimon paused upon hearing the voice. As he turned to its source, he saw it was one of the maids. She was so nervous that she kept averting her eyes away from him. But she had something to say to him.

“I…I just want to speak for all of us that… I just want to say…umm…thank you for stopping that monster Tirek. It…it was very brave of you.”

BlackWarGreymon wasn’t entirely surprised, for word about him had spread very quickly. But still, he liked being thanked for what he had done and being respected for it, instead of being feared. To the mare’s surprise, he spoke back.

“You’re most welcome. I just did what I do best.”

He then continued on his way. Walking past the maid who sighed in relief, shaken from the new experience.

‘Wow, I did it! I spoke to him! He’s so cool.’

As BlackWarGreymon walked on, he was lost in his thoughts. He just couldn’t believe how powerful Tirek was to the ponies.

Truth be told, BlackWarGreymon had faced more powerful opponents. Even Paildramon proved to be a better fighter than the evil Centaur, and he was only an Ultimate level Digimon. If Tirek was considered the most powerful villain in the world, would that mean that all other evil beings in Equestria would never be able to stand a chance against the Artificial Digimon?

Could that mean, HE was the strongest force in Equestria?

He briefly got a shiver through his body at the thought. Back in his past life, one of his desires was to be the strongest Digimon and the most powerful being in the world. But as it seemed to had happened for real in Equestria, he felt uneasy. Not to mention that the magic of the land was making him stronger than he ever was.

But it was that fact that puzzled him.

‘I don’t understand it. Even if I possessed the power I had back in the Digital World, I would still have the strength to defeat Tirek. But the magic of this world made me far surpass even that. But why? Why is this world making me stronger? Is there a purpose… a reason for it? Is it coincidental? Or is it something…more?’

He then came to a halt when the next questions entered his mind.

‘Could it be that…this world is…preparing me for something? Something bigger and more powerful than the likes of Tirek? Something that only I have to face!? What could it be?’

Before BlackWarGreymon could continue to puzzle out the truth, he was interrupted by another voice. Unlike the first one, it sounded more confident.

“Hay big guy! Over here!”

As the Digimon looked ahead, he saw a group of royal guards walking towards him. Lead by the familiar Pegasus mare with the wing blades.

“That’s it. Right here,” She said with a confident smile. The same couldn’t be said for her comrades, who were shaking in their armour.

BlackWarGreymon recognised the one who was addressing him.

“It’s you from before.”

“That’s right… BlackWarGreymon was it? The name’s Double Edge,” She responded, revealing her name to him.

BlackWarGreymon remembered there was something about her that didn’t made sense to him.

“We’ve never met before. How is it that you’re not intimidated by me?”

“Because I’ve encountered many strange and bizarre creatures during my time. No offence.”

“None taken.”

“One of my main roles is to face such creatures. In fact, I’m one of the few who were selected to face Lord Tirek. Until you showed up and done it for us.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to ‘steal your thunder’.”

Double Edge let out a small chuckle from the little joke. Even if he wasn’t trying to be funny. She then got a glance at BlackWarGreymon’s Dramon Destroyers, eyeing the perfect fine edge on the clawed blades that looked as though they could carve through anything.

“That’s some hardcore gear you got there. Listen, me and the guys are heading off to the training hall to do some combat. Maybe you can tag along and show us your stuff.”

Her comrades felt dread as some of them looked at her in disbelief, thinking that she was in way over her head. BlackWarGreymon however was surprised by the offer and unsure if he should take it.

“You’re sure that’s wise? If Tirek couldn’t stand against me, what makes you think you could? I don’t wish to severely harm you.”

Double Edge then said something that caught the other guards completely off-guard.

“Aww, are you afraid of hurting little old me?” She said in a playful tone while blinking several times at once.

She then continued.

“Sure, Tirek was a brute. But our combat skills are far better than his. And I can tell that you’re good at it too.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked down at his gauntlets, knowing that it’s true that he was good in combat. He wasn’t even trained. He knew how to fight like a warrior the moment he was created.

Then Double Edge said something that got him thinking.

“And besides. Do you really think that Tirek could give you the challenge you deserve?”

Again the guards were afraid, hoping that she hadn’t gone too far.

While looking at his Digizoid claws, BlackWarGreymon responded.

“You know, the funny thing is I know you’re playing me…”

He then finished his sentence after looking back at the guardsmare with a confident expression in his eyes.

“…But you’re right. I could use a real challenge.”

Double Edge smiled in satisfaction while her comrades shivered at the thought of what the Artificial Digimon was capable of.

Canterlot East Hall, fifteen minutes later

After saying their goodbyes to Twilight Sparkle and her Ponyville friends, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were heading back to the throne room to start their royal duties. The white Alicorn questioned her little sister’s well-being since she was moving a little slow. But Luna reassured her that after a few hours of rest, she’ll be as good as new.

“Well the announcement went well, don’t you think sister?”

Luna hadn’t received a response. Turning her head, she saw that Celestia had a blank expression on her face. Meaning she was deep in thought.

“Sister?” Luna said again, snapping Celestia out of her trance.

“Oh. Sorry Luna. I was just lost in my thoughts.”

“Is it about BlackWarGreymon?” Luna questioned.

“Yes. He’s such an amazing being.”

“How so?” The blue Alicorn asked in curiosity.

“Well…it’s that time when he summoned that giant red sphere. Even not a full size, its power was…overwhelming.”

“I know how you feel. I felt if for the first time when he used that very same attack on the yellow dragon. It’s quite intimidating,” Luna admitted before continuing.

“And when he did it the final time to defeat that dragon, it was the biggest sphere I’ve ever seen him summon. Even the ones he used in his past wasn’t as large as that.”

Then both their minds trailed off on another fact.

“Now that I think about it Celestia, he was already strong enough back in his own world. But yet, he’s getting stronger still.”

“Yes. And I remember that he told me that it’s the magic of our world that’s making him stronger,” Celestia added.

“But why sister? Is there a reason for this?”

"I don’t know, Luna. But I reckon in time, we will find out.”

As the two finished their conversation, a loud metal clashing sound was heard. Catching the two Alicorns by surprise.

“What was that!?”

“Celestia, it came from the training hall.”

With that, Celestia and Luna rushed towards the sounds of battle. As they got closer, the two heard what sounded like cheering. The Alicorns were certain that whatever was going on, it was some kind of training exercise. But they never heard of one up to such a scale.

As the princesses reached the entrance to the training hall, they found out what was going on. It was combat training like no other.

On one side of the hall was a large group of fifteen royal guards, all in armour and weapons of choice. And on the other side was BlackWarGreymon, who looked as confident as ever.

“Alright, ready for another round?” Double Edge called out to the Digimon.

“Ready when you are,” BlackWarGreymon called back, getting ready to charge.

‘Background music’ ‘World on Fire by Slash’

After seconds of silent glances at one another, some of the guards made their first move by charging forth. Even though half of them were scared of BlackWarGreymon.

And speaking of the armoured Digimon, he began to sprint towards them. For the first time, he wasn’t going to fight to survive of out of anger. He was going to fight for fun. Maybe even make the guards more confident in their skills while he’s at it.

As they got closer, a Unicorn guard brought forth his sword. Held by his magic, he swung the blade forward. The Digimon anticipated it and blocked it with his metal claws. The guard then tried to swing hid sword again, but BlackWarGreymon dodged it. Then two more guards joined in. An Earth Pony with a sword in his mouth and a Unicorn with a spear. All three tried to strike blows to BlackWarGreymon, but he evaded every attempt. The guards couldn’t believe how fast he was moving for someone bigger and heavier than they were.

After evading more attacks, BlackWarGreymon leapt back some distance away. Realising what was going on.

“You all are being too soft. I want you to give it everything you got. Don’t hold back.”

The guards then grew confident in themselves, no longer afraid of hurting him if he wanted a real fight. Then BlackWarGreymon said something that got them going.

“Come on!” He then stretched his arms out to his sides, showing off his claws that gleamed in the light.


On cue a volley of spears were thrown directly at him, aiming for the chest. But as the spears struck him, they bounced off his armour. Not even leaving so much of a scratch.

Then three Unicorns and an Earth Pony charged at him, all equipped of swords. As they attacked, BlackWarGreymon countered every move. Either clashing with his claws or blocking with his gauntlets.

“That’s better,” He said as saw a sword swung towards his hip. He raised his leg so the Equestrian blade would strike his shin guard.

Then he came on the attack. Moving quickly, he swung his right leg low. Sweeping all four of the guards clean off their hooves. With the four on the ground, the Digimon then took to the air. It was there where he met three Pegasi, two with axes and one with no weapon at tall.

As axes were swung, BlackWarGreymon kept hovering backwards while constantly changing direction. Evading them in the process. But they caught up and he was on the defensive again. His armoured arms countering blow to blow. Then the unarmed mare came flying in and swung her armoured hooves at the dragon warrior. But everytime she tried to score a hit, her opponent kept tilting his head side-to-side. Dodging her attacks.

Then to their surprise, BlackWarGreymon flew back but then threw his right arm forward. Though he didn’t physically hit them, the air current that followed from the swift movement blew one of the ponies away. Then he swung his left arm as if slashing the air, thereby creating a powerful gust that blew away the remining Pegasi guards.

As the air-born guards fell to the ground, BlackWarGreymon was suddenly under fire from several Unicorn guards. Firing magic beams and attack spells from their horns towards their opponent. The Digimon knew that their magic attacks, no matter how strong, would be completely ineffective against him. If not, harmless. But if he stood still and simply took them, then the battle wouldn’t be interesting. However, he had something in mind.

As streams of magic flew at him, BlackWarGreymon merely flew side to side to dodge them. After evading the thirteenth shot, he quickly landed and used his gauntlets to defend himself. To his surprise however, when the attack spells made contact with his metal arms, they bounced off the smooth surface and flew into either the ceiling, the walls or the floor. Smoke and small explosions erupted everywhere.

Realising that the Digimon had supreme reflexes, the Unicorn guards ceased firing. While surprised at how reflective his armour was, they were unsettled by the fact that BlackWarGreymon had a cunning look in his eyes.

‘Let’s test the power of the royal guards,’ He thought to himself as he placed his claws together. Within moments, a tiny red sphere formed in-between them. About the size of a filly, BlackWarGreymon had to control the size and power of his Terra Destroyer attack to ensure the safety of the guards.

The guards were nervous. Seeing a powerful being showing his powers was obviously going to be intimidating. But to show off their own stuff, that had to keep their nerves together. The onlooking princesses were also nervous. Remembering the power of the red orb and the short work it made to countless boulders. But they trust that BlackWarGreymon knew what he was doing. After all, he understood more about his powers then anyone else.

Then the moment happened, BlackWarGreymon threw the tiny orb at the group of armoured Unicorns. As the glowing red ball of negative energy came hurtling towards them, one guard had the guts to charge up an attack spell. Then the beam of magic that was fired collided and at first, held back the small energy ball. But as seconds ticked by and to the shock of the guards, the tiny Terra Destroyer sphere was pushing through the magic beam. The guard tried to put more energy into his attack, but to no avail. When it came to power, he was outclassed.

Seeing their comrade struggling, the remaining Unicorn guards banded together and fired their own beams of magical energy at the ball of negative energy. Their combined efforts payed off by holding the red sphere back. but despite its small size, BlackWarGreymon’s attack had tremendous power that made all the Unicorns feel the strain from holding it back. With the energy going haywire, the pint-sized Terra Destroyer sphere exploded. Shaking the entire hall in the process.

The Unicorn guards couldn’t believe how exhausted they became. They used up nearly all their energy just to hold back one attack. An attack that BlackWarGreymon himself could deflect with just a wave of his arm. The two princesses and Double Edge, who was also watching from the sidelines, couldn’t believe it. The filly-sized orb of super-heated energy pushed nearly all the Unicorn guards to their limit. An attack that was probably even less of a fraction of BlackWarGreymon’s true potential.

Then the Digimon spotted more royal guards walking past Double Edge. But they had larger weapons while they themselves looked almost as tall as Double Edge herself. As well as their confident expressions, their armour also looked different.

Because of the difference in moods and armory, the black dragon warrior guessed that the new arrivals were the ones, alongside Double Edge, were assembled to take on Tirek.

Then an armoured stallion with a battle axe spoke to him.

“Seems your luck just ran out, because now you’re dealing with the elite guards.”

Then a mare with an axe-like spear joined in.

“Our armour and weapons are forged from Cloudsdalion steel. The hardest metal in Equestria,” She boasted.

BlackWarGreymon however was unmoved. Apparently, the elite didn’t know about the test Twilight gave him the day before. A test that involved a boulder that was covered in the exact same metal. And what he did to it.

But he decided not to tell them, because it would spoil the surprise. But he did say something that unnerved them.

“My luck? I’m just getting started.”

A Unicorn guard made the first attempt to swing his sword at the Digimon, but his tall opponent countered it with his metal claws. Then more member of the elite joined in. the stallion with the battle axe swung his weapon that looked as though he would chop off BlackWarGreymon’s head. But the Mega saw it coming and tilted his head back, narrowly avoiding the axe.

As more of the elite joined in the brawl, they thought their superior numbers would be enough to out-flank BlackWarGreymon. But to their surprise, he was matching them blow to blow. Clashing sounds of metal to metal filled the air as the elite were forced to give everything they’ve got. But despite their efforts that could take down a manticore or even a hydra, they just couldn’t break through the black Digimon’s defense.

In a different attempt to at least faze him, three Pegasi charged with their spears pointed at their seemly invincible opponent. Going on the defensive again, BlackWarGreymon crossed his arms in a X fashion and blocked the spears. Then using his strength, the Digimon threw his arms out. Flinging the Pegasi and their weapons away.

“I’m impressed. You ponies are better fighters then I anticipated,” He said, admiring their tenacity and their skills.

The elite took several steps back in worry, intimidated by the Digimon’s strength. Then the Pegasus mare, with the axe-like spear under her wing, leapt up in the air behind BlackWarGreymon as she spoke to him.

“Thanks for the complement, but kind words won’t stop me!”

As she descended towards the tall dragon warrior, she swung her weapon down. Aiming for his shoulder with full force. But BlackWarGreymon anticipated an attack from behind and turned his body aside with his right gauntlet raised, blocking her assault.

But to the mares’ shock and disbelief, as well as the princesses and the rest of the elite, the moment the Cloudsdalion steel made contact with Chrome Digizoid, the axe-like blade completely shattered into pieces.

Time seemed to have slowed down as the wide-eyed Pegasus stared at her once formidable weapon. Used to fight off attackers, even tough dragon scales couldn’t block the blade. But it had finally met its match.

The mare flew back to gain distance from the Digimon. Then eyed at the gauntlet she’d struck and couldn’t believe what she saw.

“Y-you shattered my blade… and I hadn’t even left a scratch on you! Wha…what kind of metal is your armour made of!?”

It was BlackWarGreymon’s turn to boast.

“Chrome Digizoid armour. The hardest metal in the Digital World. The world I came from.”

Then he heard oncoming hoofsteps from behind and saw an Earth Pony stallion with a sword in his mouth. He then jumped in the air and swung his weapon at him. But to everypony’s amazement, the Digimon countered it with just his nose horn! Then with a mighty thrust, his head dislodged the guards weapon away.

“Nice try, next time do better,” He said to the guard

BlackWarGreymon then heard approaching hoofsteps from his right, and saw Double Edge casually walking towards him.

“I’m impressed big guy, but now you face me,” She said as she spread her wings, revealing more of her wing blades that resembled axe hatchets that were held at the tips of her wings. Meaning that she could use them while flying.

She then started to charge, ready to attack. BlackWarGreymon stood his ground as the mare sprinted towards him. As she got in range, Double Edge leaped off the ground and threw her left wing forwards. With the blade heading towards him, the Digimon raised his right arm and took the strike to his armoured limb.

To his surprise however, as the sharpened blade struck his arm, the weapon gave off a magical burst of blue light. BlackWarGreymon felt the force of it when his arm was pushed back a little.

Double Edge leapt back a couple of feet, leaving BlackWarGreymon stunned and puzzled.

“You’re only a Pegasus. How do you possess magic?”

“I don’t. It’s my blades.”

Double Edge then explained more to her confused opponent.

“My father’s a Unicorn. And as a gift, he magically enhanced my weapons. Enchanting them so they would be stronger then plain Cloudsdalion steel.”

After he understood, BlackWarGreymon got ready to face her.

“That’s quite a gift, but it’s going to take a lot more then enchanted blades to defeat me”

Double Edge charged forth and took another swipe at the Digimon’s arm. As the blade grazed across the metal arm, long with another burst of magic, sparks flew everywhere. As the mare pressed her attacks, swinging her blades across BlackWarGreymon’s armour, the Digimon either dodged out of the way or blocked them. Everytime her weapons struck, they light up the training room with blue flashes of magic as the sparks flew. And despite the battering and the beating, neither the blades of the armour suffered any damage at all.

BlackWarGreymon tried an attempt to go on the attack by throwing his left arm at Double Edge, but the mare flew above the attack and over the Digimon’s head. Behind him, she tried to attack with her blades. But the Mega was quick to block it by twisting around and countered it with his right arm.

Before Double Edge could press on, BlackWarGreymon took to the air and hovered in place, waiting for the armoured pony. The Pegasus took to the air and again swiped at the Digimon with her blades. Being an expert in aerial combat, Double Edge was at her prime in the air. But again, the Digimon wasn’t fazed by her assault. BlackWarGreymon knew he couldn’t attack her directly, his armour allied with his strength could easily knock the mare out. So he kept going on the defensive.

The onlooking guards and princesses were amazed at the display of combat.

“Impressive. Double Edge is giving it her all and he’s still one step ahead of her,” One of the guards said. And to his surprise, Luna spoke up.

“True, but sister and I can tell that BlackWarGreymon’s holding back.”

The guard looked at her in shock, then looked over to Celestia who was nodding in agreement.

“Yes. Had BlackWarGreymon gone all out, he could defeat all of you very easily.”

The guard realised Celestia had a point. The Digimon hardly attacked at all, he was mostly on the defensive.

Back at the battle, Double Edge was pressing her blades against BlackWarGreymon’s claws. But the Digimon merely shoved them back, making the mare back off a couple of feet. As they hovered in place, more Pegasus guards took to the air and hovered beside Double Edge.

“You’re sure giving me a run for my money. You’re tough to crack,” She said before trying to catch her breath. She then continued.

“But I bet you’re not so tough without your armour.”

“You think so?” BlackWarGreymon said before grabbing his left arm with his right hand. And then pulled one of his gauntlets off.

Though he had never done it before, but he’s going to try and fight without his Dramon Destroyers and his Brave Shield.

While holding his clawed weapon as though it was light as a feather, he glanced over to one of the air-born Pegasus guards.

“Here, catch.”

He then tossed his gauntlet to the open hooves of the Pegasus stallion. But the moment he caught it, to his shock the clawed weapon was a lot heavier then it looked just moments ago. He was pulled down back towards the ground, dragged by the weight of Digizoid metal.

BlackWarGreymon then did the same with his right gauntlet. Pulling it off, looked over to three Pegasi and passed it over to them. Despite beating their wings as hard as they could, like the guard before them the three were pulled from the sky by the gauntlets’ weight.

BlackWarGreymon then reached around and took his black Brave Shield off his back, and then simply dropped them. The two free-falling pieces of digital metal crashed to the ground, one nearly impaling through the floor. He then cracked his knuckles together as he tilted his head sideways as if cracking his neck.

“Still think I don’t look tough now?” He asked Double Edge.

At first the mare was to distracted to respond. BlackWarGreymon’s armour must had weighed more like a ton, and he made it as though it was lighter than air. He had no problem moving quick with them on. But with them off, does that mean that he’s a lot lighter and faster than before?

She felt that she might had overdone it. Despite the realisation, she won’t back down after all the tough talk she let on.

“Bring it.”

Then the two flew at each other to continue their fight. Double Edge kept swinging her blades back and forth, but BlackWarGreymon kept dodging them. Though some landed hits on his chest, it only created flashes of magic and showers of sparks.

Then to the mare’s surprise, when she tried to swipe her left wing blade at BlackWarGreymon, the Mega reached out and grabbed the weapon with his bare hands. Then he swung around and threw the Pegasus towards the ground. While surprised, Double Edge shifted her body so her hooves were facing the ground and upon landing, she came skidding to a halt.

She took a moment to catch her breath, for she wasn’t expecting the move at all. Then she heard BlackWarGreymon speaking to her.

“Do you plan to give up now?”

Double Edge responded back to the air-born Digimon.

“Not a chance.”

After giving a smile, she flew up towards her opponent, while BlackWarGreymon flew down to intercept her. To the Pegasus, her usual training exercise was going to be her toughest.

‘Song end’

Train to Ponyville

On board the long steam train to Ponyville, in one of the carriages was the Main Six. It had been some time since they left Canterlot and they respected BlackWarGreymon’s decision to stay in Equestria’s capital for a while. He deserved a little time to himself after everything he had done for them.

Also during their time in Canterlot before leaving, Rainbow Dash kept on bugging Twilight to tell her and her friends what was causing the purple Alicorn to be so quiet. But the princess kept on insisting her Ponyville friends to wait until they were on their way home.

After they got on the train, Twilight told them the whole truth. The truth that she, Celestia and Luna had entered and seen BlackWarGreymon’s entire past. All the memories of his life before arriving in Equestria.

She told them about his creators, and about how he was created in such great detail. As well as the fights he was in, the destruction he caused and the lessons he learned. She also told them about the other Digimon in such detail that they could picture them in their minds. Agumon, Arukenimon, Mummymon, Paildramon, Pegasusmon, Azulongmon and even WarGreymon. All of Twilight’s friends wished they could’ve seen them. There the Alicorn explained that Luna only had enough power for herself and two others.

Then came the moment Twilight was worried about. The moment she told them about it, all her friends let out collective gasps of horror. As well as being frozen in stunned silence, Rarity simply fainted.

“Woah, Woah, Woah! Wait a minute! You’re saying that… BlackWarGreymon died!? Him!? The very same guy who kicked Tirek’s butt!?” Rainbow Dash asked, somewhat in denial. But the look on Twilight’s face confirmed that it was true.

“Yes Rainbow. He… sacrificed himself.”

“Oh my,” Applejack said as she took her hat off and placed it on her chest.

“But…but it can’t be true! BlackWarGreymon’s too powerful!” Rainbow Dash shouted in complete denial.

“I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash. This just proves that there are some other Digimon more powerful then him,” Twilight explained, her voice saddened.

“Yeah, and I don’t think anyone could survive havin’ a hole in their chest,” Applejack joined.

Rainbow Dash just couldn’t believe it. Despite being the only Digimon she’d met, to her BlackWarGreymon was the most awesome.

“Wow, never knew his life was so rough,” She said, finally accepting the truth.

Fluttershy meanwhile was in an absolute state. She was so distraught about the news, her body was trembling as she felt her gentle heart ache. The other ponies could see it, as well as the tears in her sad eyes.

“I-I knew something terrible happened to him. I saw it in his eyes. But I never imagined it would be from something so horrible. The poor thing. It… it must have been so painful.”

Applejack walked up to Fluttershy to comfort her. Then Pinkie Pie spoke up.

“It is painful. He saved an entire world, and no one threw a party to thank him for it!”

Everypony looked at the pink party pony in confusion. Pinkie Pie explained.

“What? I’m just saying that he deserves some recognition for doing such a good deed.”

While the others were thinking that Pinkie Pie was just being Pinkie Pie, Twilight’s expression brightened.

“You know something? That’s a good idea, Pinkie.”

While the others looked at Twilight for an explanation, Pinkie Pie giggled with glee. As soon as she spoke, Rarity woke up.

“He died being a hero and had accepted friendship. He gave up the pursuit of power because he doesn’t want to be alone. So I say it’s about time that he gets a celebration for all the good deeds he’s done.”

The moment Twilight finished, all her friends were cheering in agreement. Then their train slowly came to a halt, for they had arrived in Ponyville. As the group got off the station platform, discussing what to do when BlackWarGreymon returns, Rarity spoke to Twilight.

“You know Twilight, I think it’s a good thing we’re doing this for him.”

“Well that’s what friends are for. To be there for one another and bring happiness. BlackWarGreymon definatly deserves happiness.”

As the six mares left the train station, they were unaware they were being watched by hungry reptilian eyes, hidden in the bushes nearby.

“There they are. Ponies,” A voice growled in the green foliage.

“A whole village of them,” Another said, followed by another with a loud growl from his stomach.

“Uhh… just seeing them is making me starve! Let’s get them!”

“Not yet! First bring in the reinforcements, then we can attack,” The first voice ordered, but the one who was hungry looked at him in confusion.


“You know… the whole gang?”

“Oh I got ya. On it.”

The bushes rustled as one of the creatures moved. As it burst out of the bush, it was revealed to be a young, teenage dragon. Without being noticed, he flew away to get his friends.

Canterlot Tower, on the roof.

In normal combat training sessions, the lessons would only last about an hour. But with a powerful being entering the fray, it was shortened to only sixteen minutes. Nearly all the royal guards were exhausted beyond belief. BlackWarGreymon proved to be too strong for them.

Speaking of the dragon warrior, after the fighting lessons ended prematurely, he flew away and rested on the roof of one of the towers. As he looked at the afternoon sky, he remained amazed at what he did recently. Although he remained a strong fighter without his shield and Dramon Destroyers on, but having them back on made him feel whole again.

Apparently, he’s not alone. Sitting next to him was Double Edge, painting after what was the toughest battle she had yet.

“Sorry if I was a little rough, I trust that you’re not hurt,” BlackWarGreymon said, noticing a small brouze on the mares’ side.

“It’s ok. I had worse,” She said, rubbing her brouze with her hoof.

She then continued.

“You sure can throw a mean punch though,” She complemented, not realising the true extent of the Mega Digimon’s strength.

“Truth be told, I was holding back,” BlackWarGreymon admitted, seeing the look of surprise from Double Edge.

“You were?”

“Yes. In fact, I was only using about five percent of my power.”

The eyes of the mare kept growing wider.


“Yes. If I was fighting at my full potential, well… you wouldn’t be here right now.”

Double Edge couldn’t believe it. She reached the limit of her fighting capabilities and BlackWarGreymon only used a tiny fraction of his. In fact at the end of their fight, while she was exhausted, he didn’t even break a sweat.

“Wow… so you’re a small package with a lot of punch,” She joked.

“Yeah like you wouldn’t believe,” He said back.

The Digimon and the mare were silent for a short moment. Then Double Edge asked him a question.

“Hay, are all Digimon very powerful, or just some of them?”

Before BlackWarGreymon could answer, he suddenly heard a quiet faint voice.


The Digimon froze in place, not expecting it at all. He didn’t know where it came from, but he could tell that the voice was female. While the voice sounded calm like a windchime, it also carried wisdom. As if the voice belonged to an all-knowing being. Flowing with the wind, it was a voice unlike anything he had ever heard before, and yet it knew his name.

Double Edge was confused by BlackWarGreymon’s lack of response.

“Hay, you ok?”

Then to her surprise, the Digimon quickly stood upon his feet. His expression looked puzzled.

“Did you hear that?” He asked the Pegasus mare.

“Hear what?” She asked back.

“A voice.”

Double Edge was confused. The only voices she heard were BlackWarGreymon’s and her own.

“I didn’t hear anything.”

BlackWarGreymon came to realise that only he heard it. Which meant either he was going crazy, or someone else telepathically spoke to him.

To double check that someone wasn’t pulling a prank on him, the Digimon closed his eyes and focused his mind. By using his extraordinary senses, he could feel the energy from everypony around him. By isolating the power he felt from Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, he would have an even better chance at finding something out of the ordinary.

So far he could only sense that of the ponies…until…

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes suddenly snapped open when he felt something else.

“What is it?” Double Edge asked, seeing the change.

“I sense something. Its power is strong but far away from here. It’s coming from somewhere in the Everfree Forest.”

Double Edge followed his gaze until she saw the large forest in the distance.

“The Everfree?”

“You stay here. I’m going to check it out,” BlackWarGreymon said before he took to the skies and on a bee-line to the Everfree.

At first Double Edge wanted to come, but the moment she flexed her wings she felt a massive strain. She had to rest for a while from her battle. Until she could fly again, she could only look on as the Digimon flew away.

As BlackWarGreymon flew closer towards the Everfree Forest, he felt the faint power signature getting stronger.

‘Whatever is out there, could it be the source of the voice? Only one way to find out.’

Chapter 19: Revelations

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Minutes ticked by as BlackWarGreymon flew above the Everfree Forest at a steady speed, mere inches above the tops of the tall trees. He was determined to find out what the power signature he felt was and more importantly, the voice that apparently only he could hear. It was as if the voice was calling out to him, and wanted him to come and find whoever it belonged to.

The Mega level Digimon was intrigued. The power he was feeling was almost identical to the magical energy in Equestria’s atmosphere. But the fact that it was more concentrated and that it remained still on the same place he first felt it, made it all the more interesting.

As the jet-black dragon warrior continued his approach, he started to descend into the dense forest. The reason behind it was if the power source belonged to a living being, he had to proceed with caution.

“Guess I have to go on foot from here,” He said as he landed on the forest floor.

As he turned to where the power source was coming from, he began to walk. After a few minutes of silence, BlackWarGreymon came across another fact about the strange power he was feeling. Its strength. He couldn’t tell if it was weaker or stronger than his own. It was as if it kept switching places. Like a flickering light flashing on and off. He knew that the only way to find out for sure, was to face it himself.

‘Strange. First the voice. Then its power. And now changing its strength. It’s almost if it wants me to find it.’

Further in the forest, there was a small skirmish. A fight between wildlife was going on. A Manticore was challenging a wild brown bear for dominance of territory. As the large lion with bat wings and a scorpion tail roared out, the equally big bear growled back. accepting the challenge.

However, before the two fierce beasts could unleash their primal fury on one another, both of them quickly stared in one direction. The same went for all other wildlife in the area.

They could sense something coming. Something extraordinarily powerful. Something that could easily triumph over the two beasts in a heartbeat.

Before they got the chance to get a look of whoever or whatever it was, both the rival carnivores legged it. The Manticore flew up to the tall branches of a nearby tree and the bear simply ran for terror. The other animals either ran or flew away in fright.

After a short dead silence, footsteps were heard. Then a tall being, who turned out to be BlackWarGreymon, appeared from the thick tree growth. The Digimon was silent as he walked by, the only sounds he was making were simply his footsteps.

Then he heard what sounded like whimpering. He stopped for a moment and turned his head to look back at the canopy. He could just see the Manticore, trembling in fear and staring at him in fright.

‘Hmm… definatly seen something like that before,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, while remembering a Champion level insect Digimon named Kuwagamon.

After his flashback passed, he turned back to where he was going and continued on his way. Leaving the Manticore alone.

Ten minutes later, BlackWarGreymon was starting to get bored out of his helmet. It seemed there was no end to the Everfree Forest at all.

‘No wonder hardly any ponies come through here. Everything looks the same.’

Then to his relief, the trees gave way to an opening. Once out in the open, he was surprised at what he saw.

In front of him not too far away, there stood ancient ruins of an old castle. Abandoned long ago, the grey crumbling walls showed decay as plant life overgrew into some of its chambers. BlackWarGreymon remembered that Twilight Sparkle mentioned that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna once lived in a different castle that wasn’t in Canterlot. It was known as the castle of the two royal sisters.

“Could this be… Celestia’s and Luna’s old castle?”

Distracted from following the power source for a moment, BlackWarGreymon flew off the ground and headed towards the entrance of the once great castle.

The moment he landed, the vibrations of the impact made a few loose walls wobble as bricks fell to the ground.

‘No wonder this place was abandoned. It looks like it was in a warzone.’

He then looked to a far wall and realised that his suspicions were true. On the wall was a blast mark. Stone scorched in black. Meaning that the wall was hit by a powerful attack spell.

‘This must be when Celestia fought Nightmare Moon,’ He thought to himself as he touched the mark with his claws. Even while wearing his gauntlets he could feel the indentations on the wall.

He then noticed at the far end of the abandoned hallway, there was a podium of some sorts. Although it looked like a model of a solar system, he could tell that it served a different purpose. In the middle was a large sphere and below it were five arms, with platforms that looked as though it one held spheres of their own.

As BlackWarGreymon got the idea of exploring more of the castle, he suddenly felt the strange power signature again. Unlike before, it felt very close to where he was. He then heard the voice once more. Sounding clearer than before, almost like a melody, the Digimon could definatly tell that it was a voice he had never heard in his life.


“W-Who’s there? Who are you?” BlackWarGreymon called out as he looked around his surroundings. But he received no response.

Determined to find out the truth, he walked back outside and tried again to feel out the power signature. As he pinpointed its whereabouts, BlackWarGreymon looked down at a small nearby canyon in front of the castle and spotted a cave.

“The power source is coming from there.”

He then jumped down the canyon wall and landed with a thud by the entrance of the cave. He took a moment to inspect the cave, before deciding to venture in. The moment the Artificial Digimon stepped inside, he suddenly felt a wave of invisible energy washing over him. At first BlackWarGreymon thought he was being pushed back, but then the energy acted as though it was cradling his very being. Embracing him inside and out.

Then the energy vanished, leaving BlackWarGreymon confused.

“Ok… that was weird.”

Then his eye caught a glimpse of something deep in the cave. To his surprise, it turned out to be a bright blue glow.

“What’s that?”

He then started to walk towards the bright light, more curious then ever to find out what or who the glow belonged to. As he got closer, the dark cave around him became more illuminated by the light. And the energy he felt kept growing stronger after every step.

Then as he turned around a bend in the cave… no words could describe what his mind went through. His yellow eyes widened in amazement as he gazed at the origins of the light and the power.

In front of BlackWarGreymon, standing tall and bright, was a massive tree made entirely out of magical crystals. The crystals themselves looked as though they were alive like a real tree. Draped from its branches were beautiful crystal vines that gave off a rainbow light. On each of its five biggest branches were five different shaped and coloured gemstones. An orange apple, a red bolt, a purple diamond, a pink butterfly and a blue balloon. In the middle of the tree was a sixth gemstone that resembled a bright purple star, and below it were symbols of a sun and a crescent moon.

BlackWarGreymon would’ve known that the symbols were identical to the cutiemarks of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and the Mane Six. But he was too mesmerized by the light and the beauty of the tree to notice. As he walked closer, he couldn’t help but stare in awe at the great tree. The energy that it gave off felt warm and inviting, as if it would make anyone feel better just by being near it.

He then stopped just a few meters away from the towering tree. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Its beauty dwarfed even that of the Destiny Stones.

“What… is this?” He asked, not expecting an answer to follow.

“It’s the Tree of Harmony.”

BlackWarGreymon flinched at hearing another voice. Unlike the first voice, it was the one he definatly recognized. He then turned around to the source of the voice, and saw Princess Luna standing behind him.

Although relieved to see the Alicorn back to full strength, he was curious as to why she was in the cave too.

“You have a habit of following me around, don’t you?” He asked, half joking and half serious.

“I saw you left Canterlot in a hurry, and I wanted to see what’s caught your attention,” Luna explained.

Deep down, the princess never thought she would get to see the tree and BlackWarGreymon in the same place at the same time. To her it was kind of strange.

BlackWarGreymon then turned his attention back to the great tree. Curious about its name.

“The Tree of Harmony?”

“Yes. This was the place where my sister and I first found the Elements of Harmony.”

The Digimon’s eyes widened at hearing the origins of the famous magical gemstones.

“The elements came from here?”

“Yes. Can’t you see them?”

Hearing Luna’s question sparked BlackWarGreymon’s curiosity even more. The elements were back on the tree. The Mega took a moment to see them for himself and noticed where on the tree they were.

“I can also sense them. Six separate power signatures. Five on the branches and one on the trunk.”

“That’s right. What’s interesting is that Twilight’s element, the Element of Magic, is considered the most elusive element. It took her to understand friendship to discover it,” Luna said as BlackWarGreymon listened.

Then the Digimon asked the Alicorn a tricky question as he turned to face her.

“So, the Elements of Harmony were created from this tree. But where did the tree itself came from?”

Unfortunately for BlackWarGreymon, the answer he received wasn’t the one he expected.

“I’m afraid I don’t know. Nopony knows, even my sister. All we know is that the tree possessed powerful magic and it may have existed before Equestria’s founding,” Luna answered as she walked to BlackWarGreymon’s side, curious to know the truth as well.

The Digimon’s mind began to wonder as he felt the tree’s power.

“Strange. This is my first time seeing the Tree of Harmony. But there’s something really familiar about its energy.”

“You mean… you felt it before?” Luna asked, curious about what was on the Digimon’s mind.

“Yes. But when?” He said before trying to think back through his life. The type of power he had felt before, but he couldn’t quite figure out when he felt it.

Then the hidden truth struck him in his mind.


“What is it?” The blue Alicorn asked, seeing that the Digimon may had found his answer.

“Before I came to this world, after I died in my own, I found myself in a realm that looked like space. During my brief moment there, I’ve felt the energy surrounding me. Call me crazy, but that energy felt very similar to the Tree of Harmony. If not, identical.”

Luna couldn’t believe what she just heard. At first, she was at loss for words.

“BlackWarGreymon… are you saying that… the energy came from the tree? And if so, does that mean that the tree…”

Luna was interrupted by BlackWarGreymon, who finished her sentence.

“Saved my life and somehow brought me to this world. I’m certain, but it’s not possible.”

“Maybe it is. Since the tree does possess powerful magic that we yet still don’t understand,” Luna said. But BlackWarGreymon was unsure.

“Powerful enough to summon beings from a different world? I’m not sure. But maybe it wasn’t the tree itself that did the impossible,” The Digimon said as he flew halfway up the tree and moved slowly closer to its shining trunk.

He then raised his right arm to his side and reached out. As if he was going to touch the Tree of Harmony.

“Maybe… just maybe.”

He then done it. He touched the Tree of Harmony. The moment his Chrome Digizoid claws made contact with the ancient crystal trunk, the entire tree started to flash and glow even brighter than before. Taken by surprise, BlackWarGreymon flew a few meters back.

Luna too was startled by the development. To her, only Alicorns, bearers of the elements or beings with powerful magic could make the tree glow bright. But BlackWarGreymon didn’t possess magic, and yet the tree was glowing brighter than it ever had been.

‘I don’t believe it! The tree… it’s reacting to his very being!’

As Luna and BlackWarGreymon marvelled at the amazing light, the Control Spire Digimon heard the voice once more.

“You found me.”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes couldn’t be anymore wider.

‘That voice… came from the tree?’

Then the shinning glow from the great Tree of Harmony slowly faded back to normal. Leaving the two spectators stuck in a state of awe.

“Well… that was new,” Luna said, breaking the silence.

“Luna, surely you heard that voice too, did you?” BlackWarGreymon asked the princess as he landed beside her.

“A…A voice?” She asked in confusion.

“Yes. It was that same voice that lead me here. I think it came from the Tree of Harmony.”

The moment she heard his words, Luna froze in place. Completely in shock. Never before she heard anything about a voice from the tree. She and Celestia were the ones who first found it, and Twilight was the one who returned the Elements of Harmony back in their rightful place. And yet never once they heard a voice.

“I’m…I’m afraid I didn’t hear a voice. But do tell. What did it sound like?” She asked, eager to at least know one thing about the voice.

“Well it…”

BlackWarGreymon stopped mid-sentence when he suddenly felt something else. Something not inside the cave. Something bad.

He then sharply turned his head back to the cave entrance. Luna noticing the alarm in his eyes as he seemed to be on alert for something.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I got a strange feeling about something. And it’s not good!” BlackWarGreymon answered as he rushed out of the cave, with Luna following him out.

If the two inspected the Tree of Harmony even closer, they would’ve noticed that on the back of the tree, on its trunk, was some writing. Writing that hadn’t been seen for millennia.

Outside the cave, Luna caught up with BlackWarGreymon. He was looking around in haste.

“Something’s wrong! I can sense it.”

He then heard Luna’s voice.

“Look. Up there.”

BlackWarGreymon followed Luna’s line of sight and spotted, high above the forest, a group of creatures flying in the sky in one direction.

“What are they?” The Digimon asked.

After Luna used a magic spell to magnify her sight, she saw clearly what they were.

“They’re dragons. About four of them. They’re small so they must be in their teens.”

As he watched the airborne dragons, BlackWarGreymon realised something.

‘Wait… they’re flying in the direction I came from.’

He then quickly turned to the Alicorn.

“Luna, do dragons normally fly around here?”

“Not really, no. If they do, then they’re either trying to find caves to sleep in or they’re out hunting. Why?”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened in alarm.

“Then it’ just as I feared. They’re heading to Ponyville!”

Luna’s eyes too widened in shock.

“R-Really? How can you be sure?” She asked.

“Only one way to find out.” He answered before leaping into the air and took flight towards the airborne dragons. Leaving Luna back at the cave.

“If it’s as you fear, I’ll let my sister know at once. Go get them BlackWarGreymon.”

Meanwhile up in the air, three muscular dragons and one skinny dragon were on their way to their destination. The smaller teen leading the way.

“Ok guys, Garble said that the pony settlement should be further along. We’ll get there soon,” He said to his friends, all unaware that they were being followed.

As BlackWarGreymon flew in close, he came to an immediate stop right behind the four. The resulting gust of wind brought the attention of one of the buff dragons that took up the rear of the group. He turned around fast, and couldn’t believe what his reptilian eyes were seeing.

“Woah… hey guys, check this bad boy out!” He called out to his dragon buddies. Soon the rest were gathering around their friend and too couldn’t believe what was looking at them.

However to them, they thought he was another dragon. Though two times bigger than they were, his size was like a teenage dragon. But it was his armour that got their full attention.

“Wow, your armour looks beyond awesome!”

“Yeah, where did you get it?”

“Can I get one?”

Then the smaller dragon silenced his excited friends.

“That’s enough you lot!”

After the three dragons calmed down, the forth one took a good look at their guest.

“Never seen you before. You’re new here?” He asked.

“You could say that, yes,” BlackWarGreymon answered, being cleaver by the fact that he was new to Equestria altogether.

Because he was unsure of the dragons’ intentions, the Digimon had to play along as a dragon.

The smaller dragon, being more cleaver then the other three, was surprised by the voice their visitor had. His size was that of a dragon in its teens, but his voice sounded much older. Almost like an adult.

“Ok then, would you like to join me and my friends for dinner?” The dragon asked.


“You know what I mean. Ponies of course.”

BlackWarGreymon’s fears and suspicions had been confirmed. The group of dragons were heading to Ponyville to eat the inhabitants!

Despite urgency and rage building up inside him, the Digimon mustn’t lose control. But what the other dragons said next really tipped the balance.

“Yeah, we’re on our way to meet up with all the other dragons.”

“Even as we speak, they’re probably having fun without us.”

“But hopefully by the time we get there, we would find leftovers.”

The dragons were so overtaken by their lust for food, they failed to notice BlackWarGreymon. His muscles had tensed up and his eyes were full of hatred. Hatred for anything that could cause harm to his new friends. He hated the thought of losing them after so much had happened. He would fight for their lives, even if it meant the cost of his own.

But the first thing he had to do, was to take out the four in front of him.

“So, what do you plan to do after that?” He asked, trying to hide the anger in his voice.

The dragons didn’t expect the kind of question which was spoken.

“Oh… I don’t know… probably go places,” The buffed dragon nearest to BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Places hmm? Like that lake over there?” The Digimon asked while pointing his arm towards the distance.

Obviously, the dragon followed its direction. Completely oblivious that he’s fallen into a trap.

“Actually, that looks more like a riv…”

The dragon was suddenly interrupted as he received a solid punch to the face. The force from the blow sent him shooting straight to the river, screaming all the way until he hit the water and creating an enormous splash in the process.

It happened so fast that the remaining three dragons couldn’t comprehend what just transpired. That was until they looked at BlackWarGreymon. The Digimon had a glare of hatred and his right arm stretched forward.

It meant only one thing.

“You…you punched him!! Why!?” The skinny dragon asked as BlackWarGreymon recomposed himself. Glancing over to them with a gleam in his eyes.

“Wait…? Are you…? You’re a prissy pony lover, aren’t you!?” He asked again.

“You could say that. If you want to get to my friends, you have to go through me first,” BlackWarGreymon boldly said. The dragons infuriated by the second.

“Oh really? You may be bigger than us. But there’s three of us, and only one of you. You’re outmatched!” The smaller dragon said as the larger two got ready to fight.

BlackWarGreymon let out an amused chuckle that made the flying reptiles uneasy.

“Outmatched you say?” He then looked down at the river below. “Well from the looks of your friend, I think otherwise.”

The remaining three followed BlackWarGreymon’s gaze and had their sights fall upon their friend. Who was washed up on the bank of the river. They couldn’t believe it. The dragon was the strongest out of the four, and he was knocked out by a single punch.

While the smaller dragon stared back at BlackWarGreymon in fear, knowing that he was more than a dragon, the two bigger dragons glared at the Digimon in anger.

“Let’s rush him!!”

Then with a mighty flap of their wings, the two stronger dragons flew towards BlackWarGreymon, wanting to rip him open. But in a blink of an eye, the Mega level Digimon flew right up to them with superior speed, punched one dragon out of his way with his left gauntlet, twisted his body around and then slammed his right foot into the second dragon’s face.

Before the remaining dragon could understand what happened within the second that ticked by, he saw his once strong allies falling towards the forest below.

“No way! He knocked them out so easily!”

He then looked at BlackWarGreymon in terror. Frozen from the Digimon’s fierce gaze.

“How about you?”

The frightened dragon then resorted to his secret weapon. After a huge inhale, he released a sea of fire upon the black dragon warrior. After five seconds of engulfing his enemy in flames, the lizard smiled in satisfaction. Only then to gawk at the sight of his attack disappearing and BlackWarGreymon unharmed and unmoved. Even his yellow hair wasn’t singed by the slightest.

“Big mistake,” BlackWarGreymon said coldly.

After a moment of continues gawking, trying to say a word but unable to do so, the forth dragon flew away as fast as he could while shouting a name.


After giving the fleeing dragon a five second head start, BlackWarGreymon flew after him. Making use of his far superior speed, the Digimon closed in on the dragon and flew downwards. Underneath the unsuspecting drake, BlackWarGreymon threw his body around and slammed his right foot full force into the dragon’s underbelly.

Time seemed to slow down for the dragon as he felt air escaping his lungs. And probably a few broken ribs. Then BlackWarGreymon flew in front of him and swung his left leg into the dragon’s side. Sending him straight into the forest floor alongside his unconscious buddies.

Three lessons were learnt on that day.

Lesson one: Don’t mess with a Mega level Digimon.

Lesson two: Don’t mess with an anti-hero.

And lesson three: Never mess with BlackWarGreymon.

With the four dragons easily dealt with, the victorious BlackWarGreymon turned his sights to the direction of Ponyville and flew towards another battle.

As long as he took every breath, as long as his heart kept beating, the good hearted Mega level Digimon won’t let anything bad happen to his new friends.

He would make sure of that.

Chapter 20: Attack on Ponyville

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Ponyville. A place where all kinds of ponies co-existed, was under attack from a gang of teenage dragons. With so many drakes in one place, the gang looked more like an army.

For a long while, the adolescent reptiles, led by a red dragon named Garble, were trying to find Ponyville. The unusually large scale attack was made when Garble told all his friends about a town full of defenceless ponies. Of course, the young dragons agreed to the potential meal. But the truth was that Garble himself had a score to settle with Spike and some of his pony friends. So, he figured that a full-on attack was the best way for his payback.

While all the other dragons see it as a town-sized dinner, to Garble it was vengeance. He felt humiliated on the day he met Spike and got out-witted by three mere Ponies. He would make them regret the day they crossed him.

The task was simple. Create as much destruction and confusion as they could, flush a large group of ponies out in the open, corner them, and finally swoop in to devour them.

However, no pony so far was eaten. The dragons were having too much fun scaring and chasing them. To them it was a game.

Just because the ponies were herbivores, it didn’t mean that some couldn’t fight for themselves.

One such pony made a daring move. As she spotted a dragon hovering above a group of young ponies, she dived down and tackled him to the ground. Then flew back in the air to taunt the reptile.

“Hay! Up here, scaly!” Rainbow Dash said as she flew away with the dragon following in pursuit.

At Sweet Apple Acres, an Earth Pony mare was holding her own against a drake. Being faster on land, she dodged a stream of smoke and kicked her hind legs hard into the dragon’s gut. The attack sent him flying.

“Take that ya’ pesky vermin!” Applejack shouted, followed by her brother Big Mac.


Back at the town centre, things weren’t looking very good. A stampede of panicked ponies ran blindly in terror to hide from the winged beasts. But the dragons got the upper claw on them.

While at Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie, despite not being the strongest, was defending the bakery well. By filling her party cannon with cake or cooking dough, firing on the dragons meant that they got splatted or blinded by the desserts.

“Stay away! No party poopers allowed!” She said as she kept up her assault.

Meanwhile at the castle of Ponyville, purple streams of magical energy streaked across the open sky. Landing hits on the airborne lizards.

Princess Twilight Sparkle had also joined in the fray.

“Where did these dragons come from? Why are they here?” She asked herself, unaware that Spike ran out of the castle to join her.

“Twilight! What’s going on!?” He asked, moments ago he was sleeping before being awoken by noises of battle.

Twilight turned to face him in alarm.

“Spike! Get back inside! It’s not safe out here!”

However, she was too late. Spike became paralyzed with fear as he saw four dragons homing in on them. By the time Twilight turned around, the group of teenage drakes landed in front of her.

After a quick yelp of surprise, Twilight and Spike backed up some distance away. Just as one of the four dragons got a glance of the young purple one.

“Hay wait a minute, aren’t you that young dragon who gave Garble such a hard time at the Great Dragon Migration?”

“Yeah, named Spike?” The second followed.

Spike could only mumble in fear while hiding behind Twilight. But the dragons knew it was him.

“So it IS you!” The second dragon said before glancing over to Twilight. “And who is this? Your little pony mama?”

The other dragons laughed at the insult, but it struck one of the Alicorns’ nerves.

“Hay, that’s not funny! And what do you think you’re doing!?”

The first dragon answered her question after letting out a little chuckle.

“Well you, two other ponies and Spike here only gone and done made Garble mad.”

“Yeah. Especially how a baby dragon got someone like Garble on the ropes,” The third dragon said before releasing a chuckle from what he said. Only to get a slap on the back of his head by the forth.

“He means because of you, Garble spent a long time planning this day. He said, leaving the princess shocked at the revelation.

“You mean this is all to get back at us!?” She asked, demanding an answer.

“You bet! And this whole town is going to pay the price!” The second dragon blissfully shouted.

“But these ponies had nothing to do with that!” The purple princess shouted back, wanting the dragons to leave the town out of the destruction.

Meanwhile at the back of the group, the fourth dragon spotted the third one looking out to the Everfree Forest.

“What’s wrong? Food is right here,” The curious dragon asked.

“Well it’s my brother. He should have been here by now. What’s taking him so long?”

“I’m sure he’s fine. Probably chasing a Changeling again.”

After the reassurance, the two payed their attention back to the current matter at hand. What to do with Twilight and Spike.

The first dragon made a suggestion.

“I say we eat the pony. Pummel Spike to the bone. Then take him to Garble and watch him pummel him some more.”

He then looked over his shoulder to the other three.

“All in favor?”

“Eye!” The three dragons answered, agreeing to the idea.

“Then it’s settled,” The first one said while turning back to the fearful Twilight and Spike.

The Princess of Friendship took a brave stand by getting into her battle pose. Her head low with her wings flared, as if accepting a challenge.

Spike too tried to put on a brave performance by hopping on the spot and having his wrists to his sides. Throwing punches in the air in front of him.

“Yeah, put’em up! Put’em up! You don’t scare me!”

The four dragons chuckled to themselves like bullies in a school playground.

“You’re going to regret the day you crossed us,” The second dragon said before him and the other three started to walk towards the pair.

Twilight and Spike suddenly felt nervous. But they had to push their fear aside if they’re going to fight back.

However, just as the dragons were about to make their move, all of them heard sounds of screaming. But they weren’t the screams of ponies, but of dragons. Just as the four drakes, Twilight and Spike looked up to where the screams came from, something large crash-landed in-between the hunters and prey. The impact shook the ground hard as everyone near the castle lost their balance.

When the tremors stopped, the surprised princess and dragons got back up and looked at the newly formed dust cloud in front of them. It was there they saw, just poking out of the bottom of the dust cloud, was another dragon. Unconscious and badly beaten.

The four assaulting dragons were shocked at the sight. One of their brethren was beaten, and by from the look of it, not from a pony.

If it wasn’t a pony who done it, then who?

Soon Twilight and Spike got their answer. Moving out of the cloud of dust, was a black armoured leg. It then pressed its three-toed foot on the fallen dragon’s head, pinning him down.

As Twilight and Spike slowly looked up in awe, more and more of their suspicions became correct. As the dust cloud faded, the outline of the intruder became visible. A shiny black gauntlet and its gleaming claws could be seen, barely covered by the fading cloud. Followed by a black shield and soon enough, BlackWarGreymon was revealed. With his back to his two friends and facing the dragon group.

“BlackWarGreymon! You came!” Twilight said, complete in glee and relief that her powerful friend turned up to save the day.

“And just in time too!” Spike added, admiring the Digimon’s perfect sense of timing.

“Of course. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you and your friends,” BlackWarGreymon said as he glanced over to the pair, relieved that they were unharmed.

While the conversation went on, the four dragons were frozen in their tracks from what they were seeing. Not from the intruder’s appearance or the beaten dragon under his foot, but from what the Digimon was holding in his right hand.

“B…Big brother?” The third dragon uttered.

He was correct. Grasped firmly in the Mega’s grasp, was his own big brother. Beaten and grappled by the back of the neck, with his body dangling loosely. He was lucky to be alive.

Apparently after dealing with the first four dragons back in the Everfree Forest, BlackWarGreymon came across more dragons on his way to Twilight’s castle. Obviously each one he gone up against weren’t a clear match to the strength of a Mega level Digimon.

BlackWarGreymon then glanced his cold yellow eyes at the intimidated dragon crew.

“I assume this belongs to you,” The Digimon said as he tossed the beaten reptile in front of his partners. His tone of voice referenced to a time when he was cruel.

The frightened four continued to stare at BlackWarGreymon’s handiwork as he continued to speak.

“If you all know what’s good for you, I suggest that all of you leave now and not come back!”

By the time the Digimon finished his speech, the four dragons felt rage building up inside them. The newcomer may look like a dragon, but like Spike he too was a friend of ponies. But the fact he took out some of their own kind was the fact that really got them mad. They soon glared at BlackWarGreymon with bitter hatred and increasing thoughts of violence.

“You dare hurt one of our own kind!?” The first said in defiance.

“You’re gonna pay for this!” The third dragon shouted, with the second and forth rallying behind them in support.


Twilight Sparkle and Spike took a few steps back, away from the inevitable fight. Knowing what BlackWarGreymon was capable of, the Alicorn felt sorry for the unsuspecting dragons. But she knew that it was they who started the attack on Ponyville and the Digimon was only going to fight to protect his friends and the town.

Before the battle of Ponyville began, BlackWarGreymon closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened then again. Glaring at the dragons to show that he was both serious and would not hold back.

He then spoke to them in a way that would even make Princess Celestia curl up in fear.

“Hmm… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

‘Background music’ ‘Hero by Skillet’

The four dragons started to charge towards BlackWarGreymon. Two in the lead and two taking up the rear. Then with a sudden burst of speed, the Digimon flew towards them with his arms stretched wide. As he flew in-between the front two teenage dragons, he used his gauntlets to clothesline them. The impact from the slam immediately knocked them out cold. As he approached the remaining two, he grabbed both their muzzles and double-choke slammed them to the ground hard.

Twilight and Spike were amazed at the fighting style they never saw before. The four dragons were out of the fight within a blink of an eye.

Then BlackWarGreymon heard cries of panic in the sky, and spotted Rainbow Dash being pursued by three flying reptiles. After kneeling to grab two of the fallen dragons by their tails, he threw them towards the ones chasing the speedy Pegasus.

They hit their mark. One of the pursuing dragons got tackled by the unconscious one. Followed by the second.

Rainbow Dash, who looked back at the right time, saw the whole thing and along with the third dragon, paused in confusion. Then out of nowhere, the last dragon was tackled by BlackWarGreymon himself. Ramming his armoured shoulder into the reptile.

After another dragon bit the dust, the Digimon flew to another part of town. Rainbow Dash, amazed at what she saw, cheered him on.

“You go, big guy!!”

At Carousel Boutique, just buy the front door, Rarity was trying her best to hold of the draconic pests. Because she made dresses for a living, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t fight when the time mattered.

“Stay away you ruffians!” She shouted while standing in-between the dragons and her little sister, Sweetie Belle.

The oncoming dragons however only laughed at her display as their stomachs growled in hunger.

Unable to contain his lust for food any longer, one dragon leapt forward in an attempt to devour the two Unicorns. But as he made his move, BlackWarGreymon came from the right and slammed his right foot at the dragon. Knocking him out of the way.

The Digimon didn’t had time to say hello to his friends behind him. He had to take out the dragons quick.

“Dragon Crusher!”

With a downward swipe of his right Dramon Destroyer, BlackWarGreymon released a wave of energy that pushed back the dragons. Then with an upward swipe of his left, he threw a wave of unnatural purple fire that consumed the dragons. After screaming in pain, the dragons fell to the ground from the sheer heat and power of the attack.

Not far away, a lone dragon witnessed what happened to his friends, and was having none of it.


He then charged forth and took a swipe of his claws on BlackWarGreymon’s arm. But the attack hadn’t made a mark on the Digimon’s armour. BlackWarGreymon retaliated by back-handing the drake with his left gauntlet. Then out of nowhere, another dragon came around and tried to take a bite on the Digimon’s armoured waist. But again, Chrome Digizoid proved to be too tough. The Mega then slammed his right arm onto the dragon’s head, sending him to the ground. Again, another dragon fried a head-on attack. But before he could get anywhere near the Digimon, the otherworldly visitor kicked the drake back with enough force to make him skid across the ground.

However, the clash was all witnessed by a familiar and enraged red teenage dragon. Knowing that something wasn’t right, he released a loud roar. A roar to gain the attention of every dragon. A roar for reinforcements.

Upon hearing the roar, all the dragons immediately stopped what they were doing and flew towards the dragon call.

As all the dragons gathered above Ponyville town hall, they all glared down at the onlooking but unmoved BlackWarGreymon. Most of the ponies who were under attack slowly crept out of hiding to see why the dragons had stopped attacking. Then they found out why because the Digimon was on the scene. Although the citizens of Ponyville never saw him in a fight, the fact that he gained the attention of so many dragons meant that he means business.

Then the ponies and BlackWarGreymon saw another dragon flying up at the heart of the group. When he stopped ascending to look at the Digimon below, like the rest of his personal army he was confused by his appearance, and enraged that a fierce dragon-like creature was on the side of ponies.

The individual was none other than the red dragon himself. Garble.

Despite being surrounded by roughly fifty of his friends, Garble was almost immediately identified by BlackWarGreymon as both leader and the one behind the raid on Ponyville.

Then the leader of the teenage dragons spoke to the defender of Equestria.

“Hay you! Do you know what happens to those who get in our way!? They get beaten and eaten!” He shouted, with his friends yelling in agreement.

What Garble said may had been the most ridicules threat BlackWarGreymon had ever heard. But he knew the dragons were a threat no matter what and had to be dealt with as soon as possible. So many lives were at stake and he knew it.

“Let’s turn that statement around, shall we?”

Then what many would believe to be a suicide run, BlackWarGreymon leapt to the air to engage the dragons head on. As he flew closer, the faces of the dragons and some of the ponies showed that they thought the Digimon was insane to fight while outnumbered.

BlackWarGreymon threw the first punch at Garble, but the smaller dragon ducked in time to avoid it. However, it left two poor dragons behind him to take the brunt of the attack. Knocking them out very easily. Then the Digimon fried a left swooping kick, but again Garble avoid it by flying above it. But it ended up costing three more dragons who were caught in the kick, sent straight down to the ground.

While the dragons were startled, the ponies below were amazed at the Digimon’s display of strength. He tried to get one dragon, but ended up getting five.

The dragons snapped out of their trance when they realised that the Digimon became surrounded by their numbers, and then prepared to attack. But what they didn’t expect was that BlackWarGreymon wanted to be surrounded. So he could knock them all out at the same time with only one attack.

“Black Tornado!”

One second the dragons were confused when BlackWarGreymon started to spin on the spot with his arms raised. Then the next second they found themselves in pain and trapped in the swirling black vortex.

Outside, the ponies were in awe. It was as if the black winds were summoned from BlackWarGreymon’s very body as it spun above town hall.

Then the dragons, either knocked out or in pain, were flung out of the tornado. Smashing to the ground or launched afar. As the tornado attack faded, Garble flailed in the air waving his arms around to keep himself balanced. Unfortunately, he was right in front of BlackWarGreymon, who sent the dragon crashing through a fruit cart with a single punch.

Almost instantly, BlackWarGreymon heard more screaming to his right. And just as quick as he heard it, he sped towards its source.

In front of a local spa, two Earth Ponies were cornered by a dragon who was two foot taller than the Digimon.

The two spa ponies, Aloe and Lotus Blossom, couldn’t find a way to get around the towering drake. As the reptile raised his head to prepare to eat the two, all the helpless ponies could do was scream and hope.

Fortunately, luck was on their side. Because BlackWarGreymon flew by, scooped the two girls in his arms and got out of harm’s way. It left the unsuspecting dragon to smash his own jaw on the ground. After he quickly got over the pain, he turned to where his prey went.

BlackWarGreymon, while holding the two spa Ponies, kept on flying to gain distance from the danger. After a couple of seconds, he came to a halt and knelt down. Releasing the pair from his grasp.

Although thankful for the rescue, the two ponies stared in horror at something approaching behind their saviour. The same dragon who tried to eat them. BlackWarGreymon was quick to read their expressions and glanced over his shoulder to see the oncoming drake. In response, the Digimon spun around and slammed the back of his left gauntlet into the dragon’s face. The force of the blow knocked both the dragon back and some of his teeth out.

Then BlackWarGreymon tackled the dragon and flew him straight into a stray building. The impact caused the entire building to collapse on the two inside.

As the rumbling stopped and with the dust fading, the gathering Ponyville citizens were in awe at an unbelievable sight.

At the heart of the debris, BlackWarGreymon rose back up to his full height. Not harmed in any way, even from a collapsed building. Down by his feet was the dragon, knocked out from the attack and the rubble.

After realising something was up, the unstoppable Digimon looked above to not only see roughly twenty-five dragons in the sky including Garble, but their mouths were spewing fire. Which meant only one thing when Garble gave the signal.


All at once, the dragons unleased hell upon BlackWarGreymon. Either streams of fire or concentrated fireballs, they all landed hits on the Digimon below. Engulfing him and the demolished building in flames.

As the ponies grew faces of despair, thinking that their saviour couldn’t stand to the onslaught, some of the dragons stopped attacking and smiled in apparent victory. Garble being one of them.

“Ha, he’s toast!” He said before laughing like a playground bully.

However, something that had never been done before happened in front of everyone’s eyes. BlackWarGreymon, while being covered by dragon fire, jumped straight out of the fire pit and flew directly towards the assaulting drakes.

As Garble witnessed the approaching fiery Digimon, which to him was like watching an ancient god of legend rising out of the deepest depths of Tartarus itself, he screamed at the top of his lungs. The scream resembling more like a little school girl then a dragon. Within seconds, BlackWarGreymon slammed his shoulder into Garble. Shutting him up in the process. He then threw both his fiery arms outwards, using the dissipating flames to hit any airborne dragons who were in their path.

The ponies were even more impressed at what followed when BlackWarGreymon flew back to the ground. While he kept a struggling dragon in a headlock, the Digimon used his right arm and his legs to fight off any dragon who dared to go anywhere near him. With mere swipes, punches and kicks, some dragons were sent flying. As BlackWarGreymon continued his assault by throwing the grappled dragon into the others, he then slammed his gauntlets onto their heads. Again, the citizens couldn’t believe it. Although heavily outnumbered, their saviour was winning.

Then to the Digimon’s surprise, another large group of dragon teens flew above him and all dived down.


As BlackWarGreymon raised his arms to shield himself, the dragons kept piling on him. Hoping to use their combined weight to pin him down.

The only dragons who didn’t took part was Garble and his unusually large brother. Though a teenager, the larger one was twenty-five foot tall. About as tall as some buildings and more than twice BlackWarGreymon’s height.

As the struggle went on, Garble spoke to himself.

“Is he planning on taking on every dragon in sight!? I’ve never seen anything like it! He can’t be a dragon… he’s almost like a demon.”

The larger dragon overheard what Garble said and joined in.

“That kind of being… they call the Demon Lord.”

Then to the surprise of the dragons and the onlooking ponies, Twilight and her friends included, a blue glow appeared at the heart of the pile. Then a pulse of negative energy blew the dragons off BlackWarGreymon, who’s whole body was blowing with his own power. As the glow faded, the Digimon raised his arms above his head and created a large red sphere.

“Terra Destroyer!”

He then threw the giant orb at the dragons who took flight. The ball itself struck five dragons, while the explosion that followed consumed fourteen more. The end result was nineteen dragons knocked out and falling from the sky above.

The citizens were left gawking at the Digimon’s display of power for the first time. Defeating such a large number of foes with only one attack was something very few could match. After witnessing the attack several times before, the Mane Six thought they would be used to it. But even they were impressed.

While Garble was in a state of shock from the sight of his friends being beaten badly, his giant but not very bright brother growled in anger before charging forth to avenge the fallen dragons. As Garble attempted to call him back, it was too late.

BlackWarGreymon spotted the approaching dragon raising his huge claws above his head to either slash or crush the Digimon. But as the dragon swung his arms down, BlackWarGreymon ducked down. Allowing the dragons’ arms to pass over. Along with the rest of his body. Then the Mega Digimon raised his upper body into the dragons’ stomach and, with his strength betraying his size, he flipped the dragon over his back and then crashed to the ground.

Before the reptile could get back up, BlackWarGreymon grabbed the beast by the muzzle and tossed him into the remaining group of dragons on land. It was then quickly followed by a Terra Destroyer sphere.

Seeing the strength and power of his enemy, as well as his friends going through pain was too much for Garble to handle. Although terrified, he was getting angry from seeing his dragon-folk being beaten as if they’re nothing.

With a roar of anger, the red dragon charged at the Digimon, hoping that he was too distracted to notice. Unbelievably, without even looking, BlackWarGreymon reached out his right arm to his side and caught Garble by the neck. As the dragon struggled to get free, he suddenly found himself looking into the eyes of the so-called Demon Lord. The Digimon glaring at him with not just anger, but disapproval at the drake’s actions.


Then with a mighty throw, BlackWarGreymon launched Garble high in the sky. The Digimon himself took off in pursuit as he engaged another attack.

“Mega Destroyer!”

Upon saying his words, his entire body became shrouded in a mass of transparent black energy. Like a black comet, he shot straight towards Garble and skimmed past the dragon. Only his shoulder and the black energy caught the dragon, but it caused him to grunt loudly from the sudden pain.

As Garble fell towards the ground, BlackWarGreymon stopped his attack, done a quick U-turn, slammed his right foot into Garble’s back and squashed him to the ground. Plus, the momentum caused the Digimon to grind the dragon in the dirt. Practically using him as a skateboard.

After the momentum stopped, the Mega kicked his right foot out, flinging the beaten Garble into the rest of his crew on the outskirts of Ponyville.

As Garble slowly got back up, he turned around and saw BlackWarGreymon walking towards him. As if he wanted to fight some more. Although he really hates to admit defeat, Garble knew that he and his dragon buddies were no match for the Digimon.

They had no choice but to retreat.

“Everyone! Let’s get out of here!! This guy’s too much!!”

After his command, the once feared dragon Garble, flew away in fear and humiliation. One by one, all the other dragons who were awake too fled for their lives. Following Garble all the way back to wherever they came from.

As the dragons faded away over the horizon, the ponies of Ponyville gathered at the town outskirts to watch them leave for good towards the sunset. They then looked to their side to stare at the one responsible for saving them all. BlackWarGreymon.

With his back to them, the Digimon too watched the fleeing drakes. He then turned around to look at the lives he’d saved. Glad that he arrived in time and the sight that no pony was severely harmed.

Then out of nowhere, a blue twelve-foot dragon emerged and charged at the Digimon from behind.

‘Song end’

Before the ponies could say a word of warning, BlackWarGreymon, without even moving his position, elbowed the dragon in the chest with his right arm. And then tilted his arm upwards to slam his Digizoid gauntlet in the dragons’ muzzle.

If one would blink, they would’ve missed that the Digimon knocked out a dragon without even trying.

After BlackWarGreymon regained his calm composure, he hoped that the fact he could take on an army of teenage dragons and win, wouldn’t make the ponies fear him just as much.

Luckily, he was dead right.

Because the moment there was no sign of bad dragon activity, the ponies all cheered as loud as they could. Praising the Artificial Digimon for his timely rescue and devotion to protect the whole town.

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t think of a word to describe what he was feeling. It was the second time that a mass of ponies cheered in celebration for what he’d done for them, and again he wasn’t used to it. But he did felt happy that he was using his powers to protect, not destroy.

The feeling of happiness only grew stronger when he saw Twilight and her friends. Smiling and cheering just as much as everypony else.

If he had a mouth, BlackWarGreymon would be smiling.

As the cheering died down, a lone Earth Pony walked up to him with a smile on her face. She had tan coloured fur, her mane and tail were grey and her cutiemark was of a scroll with a blue ribbon. She was none other than the Mayor of Ponyville herself.

“What is your name, brave sir?” She asked the Digimon.

“BlackWarGreymon,” He answered.

“Well BlackWarGreymon, on behalf of everypony in Ponyville, we thank you for saving us all in our time of need.”

The Mega knew she was right. Had he not arrived in time, the whole town would’ve been destroyed.

“You’re most welcome,” He said, finally getting a hang of accepting someone’s gratitude.

The mayor turned around to face all the other ponies and then raised her hoof to their saviour.

“Now everypony! Let’s cheer for our new hero, BlackWarGreymon!”

The response was obvious. Everypony young and old, big and small, all cheered for BlackWarGreymon. Twilight and her friends couldn’t be more proud of the Digimon for putting himself on the line for others. Ironically the one thing he wasn’t created to do.

BlackWarGreymon felt happy again as he felt a warm embrace in his heart. Glowing from the amount of love and admiration he received.

Though he couldn’t figure out why the Tree of Harmony brought him to Equestria, or how it even knew of his existence, but he was so glad that it did.

Chapter 21: Day in Ponyville

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Dark lair, unknown location

Morning. It’s been several hours since the invasion of Ponyville ended in failure. And before the morning started, it wasn’t a good day for Garble.

In fact, perhaps the scariest day of his life.

Yes, it’s true that he attacked Ponyville for his own reasons, but the real truth was that he was ordered to do so. Ordered by a creature who was far from being a dragon. A force that originated from a different world altogether. A being so strong, so evil, so intimidating that not even BlackWarGreymon could measure up to his level. True, the red dragon got beaten by the Artificial Digimon on the day before. But compared to his ‘boss’, he’s only a close second.

The day Garble first met the creature, just the sight of him made the dragon literally freeze in terror. And the sound of his voice almost made him wet himself like a hatchling.

If it weren’t for the fact that Garble despise ponies and their way of life, the horrifying creature would’ve killed him.

Knowing that ponies were weak and that dragons eat flesh as well as gems, the beast gave Garble a deal. Destroy Ponyville and become a member of his ranks. But there was a catch.

Failure was not an option.

Even though he failed, Gable had to face the creature. Because he said that if he didn’t for whatever reason, he would track the teen dragon’s family down and would slaughter them all without mercy, pity or compassion.

Traits of a pure, heartless monster.

There Garble stood, shivering in utter terror just as he told his boss that the raid in Ponyville was unsuccessful. After grunting in anger and tightly clenching his huge hands, the being made his way towards Garble. The terrified dragon tried to step back but found himself with his back against a wall. Garble’s feet were scraping on the ground as if to try to gain more distance. But he cannot escape from the being’s terrifying gaze.

“You had Ponyville within your grasp, and you let it slip!”

His voice ripped through Garble’s ears and sent a dead cold chill through his entire body. The drake tried to explain but his fear only made him stutter and mumble.

The evil being only grew inpatient as he reached out and grabbed Garble by the neck. The dragon tried to squirm and wiggle free as he was hoisted off the ground. But the grip of the huge hand was solid as rock.

Before Garble knew it, he found himself lifted to the beings’ eye level, staring into his hellish yellow eyes. The creepiest part about his eyes was the pupils themselves. The way they looked was like they could penetrate skin and bone, and see into the very soul itself.

“You pathetic oversized gecko. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t skin you alive.”

Garble responded back.

“B-Because I-I don’t have skin. I-I have scales,” He said, trying to humour the monster.

But it only made things worse.

“DON’T BE FUNNY WITH ME!!” The being shouted as he tightened his grip on Garble’s neck. His claw-like fingers digging into dragon scales and slowly into the soft tissue inside.

As Garble tried to fight for air, he pleaded for his life.

“NO WAIT!! PLEASE!! IT’S NOT MY FAULT! I SWARE! I SWARE IT!! We were beaten in a fight! We weren’t prepared!!”

Garble’s choice of words made the creature pause his hand clenching. But what he said in response was evident that he was more infuriated then before.

“Are you telling me… that you were BEATEN… BY WEAK… DEFENCELESS… PONIES!!?”

He then clenched his hand again, strangling Garble in the process. As tears fell from the dragon’s eyes, he pleaded again.

“But they’re weren’t defenceless! A creature came out of nowhere and helped them!!”

Upon hearing the new information immediately made the evil being loosened his grip slightly. Not chocking Garble but holding him by the neck.

“I’m listening,” The being said, making the teen explain what happened.

“We…we were doing just fine, according to plan. But we were attacked by… some kind of black dragon. But he’s no dragon I’ve ever seen. He fought like a demon. Even with my whole crew, we couldn’t beat him. He’s too powerful.”

The creature turned his head aside in thought, taking in the useful information. Then as he faced the dragon again, Garble panicked.

“I-It’s the truth I tell you! I swear it! Please don’t hurt me!”

After pondering of what to do with Garble, the monster made a decision.

“If I wanted to, I would’ve turned you into a leather jacket. But thanks to your information of this… ‘black dragon’, I’m now in a good mood.”

With this statement made, he threw the confused dragon near the exit of his lair.

“Now leave and never return. Oh, and by the way. If you ever tell anyone about me or this place, I will hunt you down and make you watch as I destroy everything you love. EVEN your precious family. Understand!”

Garble responded with several quick nods of understanding and took off towards the exit, crying all the way out.

Then, in the darkness behind the powerful being, a mass of dark magic began to gather silently. In a form of a living shadow, the dark energy began to mould itself into a pony-like figure, and then it took physical form.

There stood a dark stallion. Roughly the same height as Princess Luna. While he had grey fur, his black mane and tail swayed around from the energy within him. Metal plates adorned his body while a red robe covered his back. Being a Unicorn, he had a horn. But unlike a normal Unicorn horn, which was like a spiral cone and the same colour as the pony fur, his was red and curved like a dragon’s. Bizarrely for a pony he had fangs, and his eyes were green and red, with purple misty energy escaping from them.

The evil being didn’t need to see the dark pony to know that he was behind him.

“I figured you would be nearby.”

The pony answered back.

“How could I resist. It’s rather refreshing to see you threatening that dragon the way you did.”

The dark being let out an amused chuckle before he spoke.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, King Sombra.”

The pony, identified as the former ruler of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra, pondered on the description Garble told.

“Seems Tirek was right. There is a new force in Equestria.”

The dark being let out another chuckle.

“You speak as though I didn’t believe that pathetic Centaur. But I did.”

“So you think it’s from the same world where you come from?” Sombra asked, eager to know.

“No doubt about it. Only a Digimon could defeat Tirek so easily.”

As the evil Digimon went on, Sombra patiently listened.

“The description of this Digimon is almost identical to the one I fought in the past. But his colour scheme is completely off. It’s a new one even for me. I remember him being gold, not black.”

“You think this… Digimon could pose a problem for us?” Sombra asked.

But his answer was a confusing one.

“I’m not entirely sure, Sombra. So far, his actions are of a hero. But I can sense his energy. It’s too dark to be from a true hero.”

“So what do you want me to do about him… m…my lord?” Sombra asked, slightly hesitant at calling the one before him his lord.

“Nothing yet. I still need to decide if he’s friend of foe. But there is something I want you to do.”

Sombra payed full attention.

“What may that be?” He asked.

“Go to the furthest edges of the Everfree Forest, and find the Changeling hive.”

The Digimon then looked at his open palms as he was deep in thought.

“It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen their queen.”

Ponyville, Twilight’s castle

BlackWarGreymon, a Digimon who called Equestria his home, was standing on the roof of the highest crystal tower. He first went up to the top to watch the morning sunrise, which turned into enjoying the view of Ponyville below.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for BlackWarGreymon. First being royally introduced to the citizens of Canterlot by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, then doing combat training with the royal guards, flew to the Everfree Forest to encounter the Royal Sisters’ old castle and the Tree of Harmony, the elements included. And to top it all off, saving the town from a large group of teenage dragons.

He then remembered the events after his victory over the reptiles. The Mane Six, along with himself, Spike and the whole town all rallied what was left of the beaten drakes and chased them out of town. And those whom were knocked out, BlackWarGreymon personally and literally threw them out like trash bags.

Day gave way to night after the clean-up and the Digimon decided to try sleep again. Although new to him, he found sleeping very relaxing. It also gave him time to think things over.

Once such subject to think about was the voice he heard that led him to the Tree of Harmony. It was definatly a voice he had never heard before. And despite being around others at the time, only HE heard it. And when he touched the tree, it reacted to his very being. But one question dominated all, how did the voice know his name?

He needed answers, and he knows just the pony to talk to.

After finishing her breakfast, Princess Twilight went back to the task of re-organizing her study room. It being one of her best hobbies, other ponies felt that she was too organized. Even Spike would agree, but being by her side since he hatched, he had come to terms with it. After all, he was her number one assistant.

Speaking of the young purple dragon, Spike arrived at the study room with one of his comics grasped in his claws. He planned to spend half the day helping Twilight, and the other half reading, eating and napping.

Before he got to sit down however, Twilight spotted him.

“Oh Spike, can you come over here for just a minute?”

Spike, being one of Twilight’s closest friends, had to push aside his own needs to help the Alicorn in any way he could. Being loyal and faithful. Even if the ‘minute’ turned out to be hours.

“Yes Twilight?” Spike said as he rushed to her side.

“I’m going to re-organize this shelf, can you help me pick up all these scrolls?” She asked while pointing to a bunch of scrolls scattered around the floor.

“Yes mam,” Spike answered before picking up the scrolls.

As he picked them up, he briefly spotted BlackWarGreymon’s name in one of the scrolls. Curious to find what it was about, Spike unrolled the scroll and noticed that the page was completely blank. All what’s on it was the title.

“BlackWarGreymon’s maximum strength?” He read out in confusion. He then unrolled another scroll and read from it.

“BlackWarGreymon’s top flight speed.”

Then another.

“BlackWarGreymon’s true power output.”

Then the curious dragon got Twilight’s attention.

Umm, Twilight, what’s this about?” He asked her while showing her one of the open scrolls.

Twilight explained.

“Well Spike. Since BlackWarGreymon’s staying in Equestria, I’d like to learn more about him.”

“So you’re going to study him? Now I feel sorry for BlackWarGreymon,” Spike said, the last sentence he said was to himself. But Twilight heard a bit of it.

“What was that, Spike?” She asked with a suspicious raised eyebrow.

“Ohh…nothing,” Spike said in a mild panic. He then continued.

“But what else is there to learn from him? He’s like an awesome super hero who goes around saving the world.”

Upon hearing the comment made Twilight Sparkle nervously chuckle.

“Funny thing is Spike, he wasn’t originally like that.”

Spike looked at the Alicorn in confusion.

“Huh? What do you mean, Twi?”

“Well… you see… he was in fact opposite.”

Spike froze from hearing the answer. An opposite of a hero could only mean one thing.

“WAIT… he was evil?”

Despite the hint of fear in Spike’s voice, Twilight answered as if she wasn’t worried at all. In fact, she was calm about it.


“And now… he’s good?”


Spike blinked in bewilderment.

“Woah… he sounds like Discord. But wait. How is it that you got used to BlackWarGreymon much quicker then Discord?”

Twilight answered what was in fact a very good question.

“Because Spike, Discord was evil because he enjoyed spreading chaos and disharmony. BlackWarGreymon only did it because he thought it was the only path to the meaning of his existence.”

Such an answer only confused Spike even more.


Twilight explained once more.

“You see Spike, BlackWarGreymon… is like a child. An incredibly powerful child. He was created in a world he didn’t understand, and tried to solve his problems on his own. Because he didn’t know what was right and wrong, it lead him being very destructive. Even becoming a great threat to his entire world.”

Spike froze in place. Understanding BlackWarGreymon was one thing, then hearing the fact that he was a threat to his world was even more startling. But Twilight carried on.

“But it was when he stopped and listened to other Digimon, he discovered that there was a whole lot more to life than being the strongest of all. BlackWarGreymon became good and even accepted friendship.”

“Woah, that is deep,” Spike said in awe.

They were then interrupted when they heard someone flying through an open window and landing on the crystal floor behind them. Turning around, Twilight and Spike saw that it was none other than the Digimon himself.

“Oh, hay BlackWarGreymon. We were just talking about you,” Twilight said. She then noticed that he looked a little serious about something.

“Is something the matter?” She asked.

“Twilight, I need to ask you about something?” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Sure. What is it?”

“Well, it’s about the Tree of Harmony.”

Twilight immediately paused her organizing and, with wide eyes in shock, stopped moving altogether. Yes, she and her friends told him about the Elements of Harmony, but they never mentioned about the tree itself. Spike, who was just as surprised, broke the stunned silence.

“Wait, how did you know about the tree?”

“Because I’ve seen it in a cave at the Everfree Forest.”

Twilight, while startled, faced BlackWarGreymon.

“B-But how did you find it? Although I did mean to tell you about it sooner, but I don’t remember telling you where it is.” She said before drinking her glass of water she was saving.

“You didn’t. The voice from the tree spoke to me and I followed it.”

Hearing what he said surprised Twilight so much, she spat out the water she drank. Accidently soaking poor Spike. BlackWarGreymon didn’t know why Twilight was acting up suddenly, but what he said clearly startled her.

After stuttering to herself, failing to make a word, the Alicorn stared at the Digimon in disbelief.

“A…A…A voice? The...the tree…SPOKE…to you!?”

“Well… yes. Yesterday I heard it from Canterlot, followed it to the Everfree and found that it came from the tree.”

Twilight couldn’t move a muscle. The revelation of what she heard was new even for her.

‘This won’t end well.’ Spike thought to himself.

“And since you’ve seen and been around the tree before, I thought that you’d know something about it,” BlackWarGreymon continued.

However, instead of answering, Twilight rushed like a roadrunner to a nearby shelf and franticly looked through her books and scrolls.

While Spike had seen Twilight acting up in a similar fashion, BlackWarGreymon only blinked in surprise and confusion. He was unable to figure out why she was behaving so oddly. Until he heard her talking to herself.

“No, no, no. How can that happen? I don’t understand. It makes no sense.”

“What’s wrong? Are you ok, Twilight?” He asked, but Twilight was too distracted to listen.

“I don’t get it. I’ve read and studied as much as I could about the Tree of Harmony. Even Celestia lent me her information about it. But I’ve never read or heard anything about hearing a voice.”

Becoming more determined to find answers, BlackWarGreymon rushed to her side and knelt beside her.

“Wait! You’re telling me that neither you or your friends heard the voice like I did?”

The frazzled Twilight answered.

“No… never. But I’ve used one of the elements and help re-energize the tree. It even gave me a chest that later turned into this castle. And not once I’ve heard a voice.”

BlackWarGreymon too was confused. He was sure it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but the voice sounded too real.

“Then… why is it that only I heard it?”

Twilight then became more intrigued by the new information.

“I don’t know, but… what did it sound like?”

BlackWarGreymon then remembered hearing the voice, and then described it.

“Well… it was definatly of a female. It was soft and calm. Kind of like a wind chime in a cool breeze. It sounded both young and old at the same time, as if it’s all-knowing. All I could say is that the voice sounded warm and inviting.”

Twilight was amazed at the description. Making her wish that she could hear it.

“Sounds like the voice was beautiful,” Twilight said.

Then BlackWarGreymon felt something tapping his right leg. Looking down he saw Spike, trying to ask him something.

“Umm, BlackWarGreymon. I’m just throwing it out there but, can I try wearing that?” He asked while pointing at one of the Digimon’s Dramon Destroyers.

While the question may had spoiled the feeling of mystery just seconds ago, BlackWarGreymon allowed it anyway.

“Suit yourself.”

He then laid his right arm down and slid it out of the gauntlet. Spike then walked over and slipped his right arm into it. Eager to feel what it was like to wield such a weapon, he tried to lift it. But the gauntlet didn’t even move so much of an inch. He tried to lift it again, even resorting to use both his tiny arms in the Digizoid weapon. But try as he might, he couldn’t even make the thing budge.

“Wow. This…is…very…heavy,” The young dragon said in-between attempts to lift the gauntlet.

“Yeah. My Dramon Destroyers are heavier then they look,” BlackWarGreymon said.

The unusual use of words caught Twilight’s attention. Turning her away from her work.

“Dra-what Destroyers?”

“Oh. Dramon Destroyers is what my gauntlets are called. Although I use them against all my opponents, they’re very effective against dragon-type Digimon. In fact, the name means Dragon Killer”, BlackWarGreymon explained.

Upon hearing every detail, Spike froze. After adjusting his eyes so his sights fell upon the clawed weapon, he immediately backed away from it. Almost in a panic.

Before they could carry on, Rainbow Dash flew in through an open window to great the three.

“Hey guys.”

Although slightly startled from the entry, Twilight, Spike and BlackWarGreymon spotted the hovering Pegasus.

“Hi Rainbow dash. What’s up?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, I just dropped by to see how the big guy’s doing,” Rainbow Dash answered.

“I’m doing just fine,” BlackWarGreymon assured before asking her a question.

“How’s Ponyville?”

“Well the town took some damage, but it’s nothing we can’t fix,” Rainbow Dash answered. Then after a second of silence, she let out a squeal of excitement. Which caught the three off-guard.

“But you were so awesome yesterday! The dragons never saw you coming! You jumped into danger! You can take a hit! You just kept on coming! I mean you took a huge dog pile, being engulfed in flames and had a building collapsed on you! And yet you walk out of it like it was nothing! Sweet Celestia you’re so cool! If somepony wrote a story about you, I would definatly read it!”

Twilight and Spike paused in awe. The last time they’ve seen Rainbow Dash like that was when she read her first Daring Do book. Then meeting the treasure hunter herself. BlackWarGreymon meanwhile paused for a different reason. Being liked and thanked was one thing, but being praised was another.

Seemed as though the Digimon has got himself a little fan.

“Uhh……thank you?”

Just as it seemed Rainbow Dash got her excitement out of her system, she spoke again.

“And it’s not just your strength. But I bet that the thing that makes you even more awesome is your super powers! You can even make fire that not even dragons can withstand!”

“Yeah, and we dragons can swim in lava,” Spike joined, he too was surprised at what the Digimon could do.

It was also the kind of topic that got Twilight interested.

“I’m glad you mentioned it Rainbow, because I’ve been meaning to ask you something BlackWarGreymon?”

All eyes turned to the Alicorn.

“Your powers aren’t magic based. So how is it that you can use them?” She asked the Mega.

Feeling ok to share knowledge about himself to his friends, BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Well, I could tell you how my Terra Destroyer attack works.”

In response to the new lesson, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Spike sat in front of BlackWarGreymon while he explained.

“You see, because I’m made from Control Spires, my entire body contains negative energy. And I use this energy to draw in all the negative emotions around me, and then focus it into a sphere of super-heated energy. Because I have complete mastery of this technique, I can even control the size of it. I could make it as small as a ball or as big as a building.”

“Interesting,” Twilight said, clearly fascinated by the information.

Rainbow Dash and Spike however were confused.

“Sorry. I kinda got lost after the negative energy bit,” The Pegasus said.

“Yeah, I didn’t get it either,” The young dragon joined.

After releasing a sigh, BlackWarGreymon explained it much simpler.

“Basically, I put all the energy from the atmosphere into a big ball of total annihilation.”

“Ooh,” Rainbow Dash and Spike said, finally understanding.

Then BlackWarGreymon knelt to one knee in front of his friends.

“Allow me to demonstrate.”

He then raised his free right hand in front of him and opened his palm. Then after a brief second, red light gathered above his hand and a small orb appeared. Not wasting such an opportunity, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Spike went up to BlackWarGreymon’s hand for a closer look. Even though it was half the size of Spike, the tiny sphere was giving off great amount of heat.

“That’s so awesome,” Rainbow Dash said as she hovered above the sphere.

“Woah,” Spike said, almost mesmerized by the red light.

Although mesmerized herself, Twilight had another question.

“BlackWarGreymon, what do you mean by negative emotions?”

“You know, emotions that bring out your negativity. Like fear, hatred, anger and guilt” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Luckily somepony as cool as me is hardly like that. I’m always positive,” Rainbow Dash said with a smug grin on her face. Only for it to disappear from the truth that the Digimon spoke of.

“Pride counts as a negative, Rainbow.”

“Wha!? It does!?” She moaned, making Twilight and Spike quietly chuckle.

Then BlackWarGreymon thought of another demonstration.

“Ok. I want you three to close your eyes and think of something that makes you angry or scared. Then watch the sphere.”

Wanting to see where the little test was going, the two ponies and the dragon closed their eyes and concentrated. Twilight thought of what would happen if she lost her friends or lost the bond of friendship he had with them. Her fear. Spike focused on the thought of being kicked out of Twilight’s home and her life. His fear. Rainbow dash simply thought of the time when Discord messed up her friendship with her friends. Her anger.

Just as the three opened their eyes at the tiny Terra Destroyer orb, the instantly noticed that it grew bigger by a couple of inches.

“Wow, it worked!” Twilight said with glee, happy that BlackWarGreymon shared the information with her.

“Yes. And with the magic of your world enhancing my abilities, this small ball alone is very destructive. It could even destroy a small building,” The Digimon said before focusing his energy to make the orb disappear from his hand.

As BlackWarGreymon reached around to put his right gauntlet back on, Rainbow Dash said something that caught his attention.

“Seems the Demon Lord’s living up to his name with that kind of power.”

BlackWarGreymon turned to her in confusion.

“Demon Lord?”

Their conversation also brought the attention of Twilight and Spike.

“Oh. During your fight with the dragons, I overheard one calling you the ‘Demon Lord’. Now that’s a cool nickname for you,” Rainbow Dash continued.

“I don’t think that’s a nickname, Rainbow,” Twilight spoke up, bringing everyone’s attention to her.

“You know about the Demon lord?” Spike asked.

“Our knowledge of the dragons is limited. But I think I have something from Celestia’s old castle.”

Knowing that she read about it before, Twilight used her magic to look through a stack of books. After putting the rest back in their place, only one book was left in front of her.

“Here,” She said, with Spike reading the title of the book.

“The book of dragon folk lore.”

“Yes. It holds all the tales and legends that dragons beyond Equestria believed in. Some tales were over a thousand years old,” Twilight said as she set the book down for her friends to see. Then skipping through pages to find the one she was looking for.

After a brief moment, Twilight found the page.

“Here it is.”

She then read out loud what the page said.

“The Demon Lord.

A strong dragon-like entity with power unrivalled by many of his time. Thousands of years old, it is said that he was an offspring of fire and Tartarus itself. Wearing impenetrable armour forged from a world unknown. And powers that destroyed the land around him. Known as the God of War, he was feared by both Alicorns and elder dragons. According to legend, he took on an army of demons forged from dark magic. And prevailed.”

The three who were listening couldn’t believe it. Even BlackWarGreymon was impressed by how strong the Demon Lord was.

“What else is there about him?” Spike asked.

“Well there’s not much. All what’s left is that one day the Demon Lord disappeared without a trace. And as time went on, he just became a legend. An old dragon’s tale,” Twilight answered, almost disappointed that not much was said in the book.

“Well… I may not be that Demon Lord, but I do like the name,” BlackWarGreymon admitted.

“See. Doesn’t hurt to have a cool nickname,” Rainbow Dash said.

Afterword’s, BlackWarGreymon stood back up and made his way towards the exit of the study room. Twilight caught on.

“Wait. Where are you going?”

The Digimon paused and looked back at the Alicorn.

“If you don’t mind Twilight, I’m just heading out to explore Ponyville some more.”

“Ok. Have fun.”

As BlackWarGreymon headed towards the gates that lead outside, Rainbow Dash appeared above his head.

“Mind if I tag along?” She asked while flying upside down. Knowing how long it would take for Twilight to re-organize her study room.

“Don’t see why not,” The Digimon answered. Not minding some company.

With the blue Pegasus by his side, the pair passed through the gates and left Twilight’s castle.

As the two walked down the short path to the town, Rainbow Dash asked BlackWarGreymon something.

“Just out of curiosity, why do you shout out the names of your attacks when you use them?”

It was a question BlackWarGreymon had to think about.

“You know something, I don’t actually know. All Digimon do it. I guess we say it because we want the names to strike fear into our enemies when we defeat them,” He answered. Although he was unsure but it was the best answer he could think of.

But it was enough to amaze the blue pony.

“Wow. Sounds cool.”

After their conversation, the pair entered Ponyville. BlackWarGreymon’s presents alone made everypony around him pause and look at him in awe. Then after their stunned silence, the ponies began to happily gather around the Digimon while all talking at the same time. Although he knew that they’re only being friendly, it remained new to BlackWarGreymon. It was evident by the puzzled expression in his eyes. Rainbow Dash noticed it and elbowed his arm to get his attention.

“Don’t worry big guy, you’ll get used to this,” She said, clearly from experience.

Despite the growing crowd and the increasing voices, most of what the Digimon got out of them were mainly ‘thank you’s’.

“Uhh… all of you are very welcome. I just did what had to be done,” BlackWarGreymon said, feeling awkward from what was happening in front of him.

Rainbow Dash could literally feel the awkwardness coming from BlackWarGreymon, meaning that it was his first time being praised in such a way.

“Ok everypony. The big guy knows you’re all thankful. Please give him some room.”

Knowing that they’re making him uncomfortable, the ponies took a few steps back while looking at him in awe once more.

“So this is the first time this happened to you?” Rainbow Dash asked BlackWarGreymon.


Then the two continued on their way. As they walked through town, ponies kept looking at their saviour. Giving him warm smiles of gratitude. Like before, BlackWarGreymon felt good that everyone around him liked him instead of feared him.

Just as he was getting comfortable, he heard short screams of joy in front of him. looking ahead, he saw a group of fillies running towards him. BlackWarGreymon had to stop. The last thing he would want was to step on one of them. Completely still, the powerful Digimon could only watch as five fillies playfully ran around and in-between his legs.

Rainbow Dash, as well as other ponies around her, couldn’t help but snicker in laughter as they watched the young ponies having fun with BlackWarGreymon.

It was also new to the Mega. Young ones playing near him.

After their little game, the laughing fillies climbed on BlackWarGreymon’s feet and gave him a quick hug before running off.

“Hah, even the kids like you,” Rainbow Dash said while the Digimon kept looking in the direction where the fillies ran off to.


Not far away from them, Pinkie Pie left Sugar Cube Corner with a cupcake on top of her head. Flinging her head back, she tossed the tasty treat in the air and then let it fall into her wide gaping mouth. Then without chewing, she swallowed it whole.

After she had her little snack, Pinkie Pie spotted Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon heading in her direction. Releasing a loud gasp of excitement, she ran as fast as she could towards them.

“Hey guys!” She shouted as she came to a screeching halt in front of her friends.

“Hey Pinkie,” Rainbow Dash greeted back.

“So you’re enjoying your stay, BlackWarGreymon?” The pink pony asked.

“As a matter of fact, I am,” BlackWarGreymon answered, making Pinkie Pie’s smile bigger. Then she let out a gasp.

“Oh, how could I forget. I forgot to welcome you to Ponyville.”

What she said left the tall being confused.

“I thought you already did.”

“No silly. I mean the official welcome!” The pink mare said as she reached behind a stray crate and brought out her pink party wagon. It had an oven in the middle and several tall tubes sticking out which were in fact confetti cannons.

“I use this to welcome newcomers,” Pinkie Pie said.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” BlackWarGreymon said, thinking that he had been welcomed enough.

“Plleeeeeaaasse.” Pinkie Pie pleaded as she tried to use her cute puppy eyes and quivering lips.

Rainbow Dash giggled at seeing the pink mare trying to pull such a trick on BlackWarGreymon.

But the Digimon didn’t want to upset one of his new friends. After releasing a sigh, he gave in.

“Ok then.”

“That’s the spirit!” Pinkie Pie said as she gave BlackWarGreymon’s leg a quick hug.

Then she rushed back to her wagon and pressed a button.

Then to the Digimon’s surprise, the wagon started to bounce on its own and several flags popped out and waved. Not only that, music seemed to play out of it.

Then along with the music, Pinkie Pie sang her welcome song.

“Welcome welcome welcome, a fine welcome to you.
Welcome welcome welcome, I say how do you do.
Welcome welcome welcome, I say hip hip hurray.
Welcome welcome welcome to Ponyville today!”

During the course of her musical singing and dancing, she somehow managed to put a party cone hat on BlackWarGreymon’s head.

Before the Mega could even comprehend what just happened, Pinkie Pie spoke.

“Wait for it.”

‘Wait for what?’ The Digimon thought to himself as he looked at the pink wagon.

Then an on cue, the oven dinged and a cloud of confetti came bursting from it. As the confetti passed BlackWarGreymon, the surprised Digimon noticed that the tubes on the wagon suddenly bulged and then fired what looked like uncooked cake dough in the sky. Unfortunately for him however, the dough passed above his head and came raining down on him. Completely covering him and Pinkie Pie in cake mix.

“Guys?” Rainbow Dash said after a long silent pause.

Then Pinkie Pie shook the cake mix off while laughing at herself.

“Oops, silly me. I must’ve put the confetti in the oven and the cake in the party cannon. Again.”

After the party pony ate what was left of the dough on her, she and Rainbow Dash looked at BlackWarGreymon. The only thing not covered in cake dough was his yellow eyes. The way they looked showed that he was not amused.

Nevertheless, Rainbow Dash tried her best to not laugh out loud by the way the Digimon looked.

“Oops… sorry,” Pinkie Pie said, her voice sounding innocent.

Though he didn’t say a word, BlackWarGreymon forgave her. As he tried to wipe the dough off his body, he heard a voice.

“Don’t worry!”

BlackWarGreymon saw something moving over his head. Looking up, he saw it was a Pegasus pushing a cloud over his head.

The Pegasus mare had blonde mane and tail, light grey fur and series of bubbles for a cutiemark. What was strange about her was that her eyes were looking in separate directions.

Her name was Derpy Hooves.

The cloud she was pushing was suspiciously dark as she placed it over Digimon’s head.

“I’ll wash it off,” She said as she prepared to kick her hind legs into the cloud.

Her plan was to use the rain to wash the cake dough off BlackWarGreymon. But Rainbow Dash realised that the cloud looked suspicious for a reason.

“Wait Derpy! That’s not a rain cloud, that’s a thunder…”

She was cut off when Derpy kicked the cloud. Instead of rain, it released a thunderbolt on BlackWarGreymon. As it made contact with him, it gave off a blinding light. Then as quick as it came, it faded. Revealing to the ponies what happened to the Digimon.

Although BlackWarGreymon was unharmed by the thunderbolt, the high temperature from the voltage literally cooked the cake dough on his body. The result left him resembling a cake version of himself.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t hold it in anymore. It was too much for her to cope. She fell to the ground laughing while holding her stomach.

“Don’t tell me! You…you’re a BlackWarGreymon cake!” She said while continuing to laugh her head off.

While Pinkie Pie giggled at the sight and the joke Rainbow Dash made, Derpy flew to BlackWarGreymon’s shoulder and took a bite on a lump of thunderbolt roasted cake.

“Mmm… it tastes like muffins.”

“Very funny,” The Digimon plainly said as he wiped off the cake from his body. As he tried he still had large clumps of cake stuck to his armour and his hair.

It was at the moment when Rarity arrived. She gasped from the site of BlackWarGreymon in such a state.

“BlackWarGreymon darling, what in Equestria has happened to you?”

Before the armoured being could answer, Rarity herself answered her own question.

“Wait. Don’t tell me. Pinkie Pie happened.”

“Yes,” BlackWarGreymon said.

“Well today you’re in luck. I happen to be on my way to the spa to freshen up, and I insist that you come and join me,” Rarity said while giving the Digimon a look that said that she would not have a ‘no’ for an answer.

The thought of him being cleaned up from the cake bits, as well as never been to a spa before, made BlackWarGreymon consider the offer.

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try,” He said, earning a satisfied smile from Rarity.


“Hay Rarity. Is it ok if I join you?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Of course, I would be delighted. You coming too, Pinkie?” Rarity asked the pink party pony.

“Love to. But I have a few things to pick up. So maybe later,” Pinkie Pie answered, slightly feeling guilty that she couldn’t join. But she had a few things to do.

“Very well. See you later, Pinkie,” Rarity said as she walked on with BlackWarGreymon and Rainbow Dash.

“Ok, see you three later!” Pinkie Pie called out, suddenly back to her usual happy mood.

As the three made their way to the local spa, Rarity spoke up.

“Oh, BlackWarGreymon. I just like to thank you for saving me and Sweetie Belle yesterday. It was very brave of you to fight so many dragons by yourself.”

“You’re welcome. Though it wasn’t really a tough challenge for me. I’ve faced far worse,” He said.

If Twilight hadn’t told Rainbow Dash and Rarity about her trip through BlackWarGreymon’s past, the two would’ve thought the Digimon was being boastful.

Then before they knew it, they arrived at the spa. Walking through the front door was easy for the two ponies, but BlackWarGreymon had to knell down just to fit through.

As the Digimon looked around his surroundings, Rarity and Rainbow Dash went up to meet with Lotus Blossom. One of the spa ponies.

“Good morning. How may we help you?” Lotus asked the two.

“Yes. I would like to have the usual, thank you,” Rarity answered.

“I’ll just have a warm bath,” Rainbow Dash joined.

It was then that Lotus saw BlackWarGreymon approaching from behind. She also took note that he had bits of cake stuck to him.

“And would you like a bath too, brave sir?” She asked him with a smile.

“I would, thank you.”

“Would you also like a free massage?” The second spa pony named Aloe asked as she appeared behind Lotus.

“Really? A free massage?” Rainbow Dash asked. She and Rarity were both surprised by the sudden offer.

“Of course. It’s the least we can do after he saved us from that dragon,” Lotus added.

BlackWarGreymon was also surprised. But he never had a massage before.

“Well… if you two don’t mind, then thank you for the offer.”

Although the spa ponies didn’t expect BlackWarGreymon to arrive, they were more than happy to make him feel relaxed and comfortable.

As the trio made their way to one of the rooms, they found two ready-made pools of warm steamy water. It was decided that Rarity and Rainbow Dash would share one tub, while BlackWarGreymon would have the other.

As the blue Pegasus and the white Unicorn slipped into the bath, they felt the warm water against their bodies. Making them feel relaxed.

As they enjoyed themselves, BlackWarGreymon took off his Dramon Destroyers and his Brave Shield. After leaning them against a wall, the Digimon climbed into his bath. The moment he felt the water’s warmth, his entire body suddenly felt relaxed as he sat in the tub. Resting his arms on the side of the tub, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of a spa bath for the first time.

Rainbow Dash and Rarity noticed it and gained his attention.

“Wow BlackWarGreymon, even when you’re relaxed you still look fierce,” Rainbow Dash said.

“I bet I look fierce even when I’m asleep,” The Digimon replied.

“And I know you took off some of your armour. But what about your helmet? Don’t you want to wash your face?” Rarity asked, unaware of the truth BlackWarGreymon was about to tell.

“This helmet IS my face.”

“Really!?” Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash asked, both were actually startled to hear that sort of thing.

“Yes. Not all Digimon have fleshy faces. Some even have masks which are in fact their faces,” BlackWarGreymon explained.

As the three continued relaxing in their baths, the pink furred blue maned spa pony Aloe approached the Digimon.

“Are you ready for your massage?” She asked him, slightly shy.

“Knock yourself out,” BlackWarGreymon answered. Allowing the massage to start on him.

Because he had never been massaged before, he was going to relax and let the professional do her thing.

Because the armour on the Digimon’s shoulders couldn’t be removed, Aloe started her work on his arms. The second the mare rested her hooves on BlackWarGreymon’s upper right arm, she paused for a moment as a small blush formed on her face.

‘Wow, such muscles.’

Aloe had to admit it. Even though BlackWarGreymon likes like a dragon and was from another world, he did look handsome. A fact that Lotus would agree on. As she kept working on his right arm, feeling his muscles, her blush deepened to a point that it was visible through her pink fur. Despite Aloe feeling shy, BlackWarGreymon seemed to be enjoying the treatment.

“You’re very good at this. I feel so relaxed.”

BlackWarGreymon’s complement caught the spa pony off-guard.

“Oh…um…you’re… very welcome,” She responded with a shaky voice as she worked on the Digimon’s left arm.

After she finished working on his arms, Aloe decided to wash BlackWarGreymon’s hair. As she placed her hoof in the yellow hair, the feel of it was something she truly didn’t expect.

To a point where she rushed over to Lotus as she washed and cleaned BlackWarGreymon’s shield.

“Hay Lotus,” Aloe whispered, trying not to draw attention of herself to others.

“Huh? What is it Aloe?” The blue pony asked.

“You have to feel this,” The pink pony said, but only brought confusion to Lotus.

“Feel what?”

“Just follow me.”

After leading Lotus behind BlackWarGreymon, Aloe motioned her hoof at the Digimon’s head. Urging her to touch his hair.

Wondering what the big deal was, Lotus went ahead and put her hoof in the yellow hair. She too was surprised by the way it felt.

“Wow. It’s so soft,” She said as quietly as possible.

“I know.”

Despite it seemed that he was oblivious to what was going on, BlackWarGreymon was well aware of what was transpiring.

‘Again with the hair.’

Despite it, he chose not to intervene. Just relaxing and letting the two girls touch his hair.

In the bath tub next to his, Rainbow Dash peeked over her shoulder to see how her Digimon friend was doing. Although a little surprised at the sight of Aloe and Lotus enjoying themselves while touching his yellow hair, it got her thinking.

“Hay Rarity, do you remember what Pinkie Pie said about BlackWarGreymon’s hair?” She asked her Unicorn friend.

After thinking back to the day they first met the Digimon, Rarity remembered.

“Why yes. She said it was surprisingly pleasant to the touch.”

“Well it seems it’s true. Even the spa ponies are touching the hair,” Rainbow Dash said as she motioned her hoof over her shoulder.

Looking to where the Pegasus was pointing, Rarity too saw the scene. Though just as surprised, she also became interested.

“Is it really that soft?” She asked herself but Rainbow Dash caught on.

Curious to find out for themselves, Rarity and Rainbow Dash climbed out of their bath and walked over to the spa ponies behind BlackWarGreymon.

With Aloe and Lotus stepping aside to make room, Rarity and Rainbow Dash felt BlackWarGreymon’s hair. To their surprise, Pinkie Pie was right about the hair.

“What’s with you girls and my hair?” The Digimon asked, knowing that his two friends had joined in.

“Well… it’s just bizarre that a hard-core fighter like you has hair so soft. It feels almost like a cloud,” Rainbow Dash admitted while feeling the Digimon’s hair.

“As well as showing off your warrior side, to have hair as soft as yours is to die for,” Rarity joined while stroking the yellow locks.

It left BlackWarGreymon puzzled by one fact.

‘Was my hair always this soft?’

It had been over an hour at the spa. Since Rarity’s ‘usual’ spa treatment took a great amount of time, BlackWarGreymon and Rainbow Dash were first to leave. The blue Pegasus’s fur was clean and soft while the Digimon was free from cake crumbs. That and his armour was sparkling clean.

While BlackWarGreymon inspected his gauntlets, Rainbow Dash spoke.

“So, what you’re going to do now, big guy?”

“I’m not sure. But where’s Applejack and Fluttershy?” He asked her.

“Well if I know Applejack, she’s probably doing chores at Sweet Apple Acres. And Fluttershy’s more likely at her cottage.”

BlackWarGreymon was then in thought. He hadn’t been to either of the places mentioned. He didn’t mind seeing them for himself.

“Which is the nearest one from here?” He asked.

“That would be Fluttershy’s cottage,” Rainbow Dash answered while pointing the way.

Knowing where to go, BlackWarGreymon was on his way.

“Thank you,” He said as looked over his shoulder to see the blue Pegasus.

“I would join you, but I’ve got some things to do. See ya.”

Rainbow Dash then took off to the clouds, leaving BlackWarGreymon walking towards his next destination.

At the cottage on the edge of the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy was trying to settle an argument between a full-grown brown bear and Angel. Fluttershy’s pet white rabbit.

“Now Angel, you know you supposed to share your food with others. Like Pinkie once said, sharing is caring.”

Angel’s reaction was opposite to what the yellow pony had hoped. He blew a raspberry at the bear, meaning he didn’t like the idea. The bear resorted in turning his head away and crossing his arms.

“Angel! That’s not very nice!” Fluttershy sad, offended by the rabbit’s attitude.

Then to Fluttershy’s surprise, both Angel’s ears pointed straight up as his face looked passed the mare and at the front door. The Pegasus could see that his face looked… startled. As if he could hear or sense something that she couldn’t. The confused mare looked to the bear and noticed that his reactions were the same as Angel’s.

Then the small white rabbit let out a loud screech of fright, startling the pony in front of him. Then like a white blur, he ran straight across the living room and under the couch.

The scared bear tried to follow suit. But his much larger body left the couch balancing on his back and blocking the back window.

Fluttershy knew that both the animals were terrified of something. Knowing what scares Angel was easy, but what would scare a full-grown bear? The last time the bear was so scared was when the Plunder Vines invaded Ponyville. But she knew that the vines were long gone.

Something else was scaring them and Fluttershy had to find out what.

“What is it? What’s gotten you two so scared?”

All of a sudden, loud cries of animals inside and outside the cottage were heard. All sorts of Fluttershy’s animal friends; otters, mice, squirrels, ferrets, chipmunks, rabbits, birds, and many more, either were rushing to a corner, hiding in their homes, or went straight out of an open window.

Seeing all her animal friends so scared made Fluttershy herself scared too. Although she wanted nothing more than to stay inside with them, she had to find out what was troubling them.

“Umm…uhh… I guess… you want me… to check it out?”

The animals didn’t answer, they were too busy trying to hide. Then Fluttershy let out a loud gulp before speaking.

“……ok,” She said quietly, taking it as a yes.

After walking quietly to the door, she slowly opened it a crack to peek outside. Many thoughts crossed her mind. What if it’s a creature her animals never seen before? What if it’s a dragon? Or an angry Manticore? Or a Hydra? What if it’s a dangerous animal that likes eating ponies? What if she gets eaten!?

All the negative thoughts terrified Fluttershy, and the thing was just on the other side of the rise where the path was.

However, luckily for her, emerging from the rise was someone she recognised. BlackWarGreymon.

Although she was relieved that it was just her digital friend, she let out a loud gasp when she remembered that the other day, Twilight told her and her other friends about her trip through the Digimon’s mind, and witnessing his life in the Digital World.

Moving in speeds that was rare for her, Fluttershy bolted out of her home and flew straight towards the black armoured warrior.


Ahead of her, BlackWarGreymon saw her speeding towards him.

“Hi, Flutter…!”

He was cut off when the yellow Pegasus wrapped her hooves around his waist, holding him tight in an affectionate hug. Then to his confusion, he could hear her sobbing sadly as she nuzzled his chest.

“Oh BlackWarGreymon! I’m so sorry you had to go through it all!”

As the confused Digimon looked down at Fluttershy, to his surprise the Pegasus had tears in her eyes as she looked back at his own.

The teary Fluttershy continued.

“Twilight told us everything. About how you were created. What your life was like back in your world. The horrible horrible pain you went through. Even your…!”

Her talking was replaced by a loud gasp of shock when she realised what she was about to say. She even backed off with both her hooves covering her mouth as her watery eyes stared at BlackWarGreymon’s chest.

She then immediately flew in close and pressed her hooves on the Chrome Digizoid chest plate and the thick yellow cords attached to it.

“And how’s your chest!? Does it still hurt? Please tell me that you’re not hurting!?”

“Calm down Fluttershy. I’m perfectly fine now.”

BlackWarGreymon’s words calmed Fluttershy down. The Pegasus slowly landed back on the path while not tearing her gaze away from the Digimon.

The dragon warrior knew what Fluttershy was referring about, and immediately knew how she found out about it.

‘Guess Twilight’s told them about my past.’

As he continued to look at the upset pony, the once deceased Digimon spoke up.

“Yes Fluttershy. Everything Twilight said about me was true.”

Fluttershy let out another loud gasp of horror.

“You…you mean that… that you…”

BlackWarGreymon answered for her.

“Yes. Before I came here… I died.”

Fluttershy tried her best to stay calm and fight against the urge to cry. But it wasn’t working. Even as she closed her eyes, tears were flooding out of them as she sobbed. Just the thought of him going through death while in excruciating pain was too much for her to bare.

BlackWarGreymon again felt his heart ache at seeing his kind friend in such state. He then brought her attention by kneeling down on one knee and using his free thumb to wipe away her tears.

“It’s ok Fluttershy, it’s all in the past. What matters is that I’m here and still alive. So you don’t have to worry about my past, ok?”

His words seemed to brought comfort to Fluttershy. She stopped crying and wiped what was left of the tears on her face.


Then BlackWarGreymon was curious about something.

“How did you know I was coming?”

“Oh. My animals must’ve sensed your power that you’re giving off, and it frightened them. So I opened the door to see.”

But what the Digimon said next really got her confused.

“I wasn’t giving off my power.”

“Huh? You weren’t?” She asked.

“No. I was aware that you had animals in your home. So I took precautions of hiding my power so they couldn’t sense me. I even walked all the way here instead of flying.”

BlackWarGreymon’s answer got Fluttershy asking one question.

“Then… then what was spooking the animals?”

Then to their surprise, the two heard a loud bear-like roar coming from the cottage. While BlackWarGreymon looked on in bewilderment, Fluttershy looked on in horror.

‘I know that roar!’

Thinking that it was what she was thinking, Fluttershy rushed back to her cottage. With BlackWarGreymon following behind.

Then the two heard the roar again. The sound came from behind the cottage, near the way to the Everfree Forest.

After making a quick run around the cottage, the pair saw what the commotion was about. But all they saw was a lone bear in the middle of the opening. One of Fluttershy’s friends. It was also the same one that was hiding earlier, but summoned the courage to step outside.

“She has a bear as a friend?” BlackWarGreymon said to himself, thinking that it’s rather odd for a timid pony like Fluttershy to be friends with a carnivore eight feet tall.

While BlackWarGreymon was focused on the bear, Fluttershy spotted something else. All her animal friends were hiding in the trees. Either in the leaves, under the roots or behind the trunks. Even Angel was seen in a berry bush.

“Please tell me it’s not what I think it is?”

Then the pony and the Digimon both heard a loud buzzing sound. The way it sounded was like one very big bug. Following the noise that lead to the sky, both Fluttershy and BlackWarGreymon looked upon a bizarre beast.

It looked like another large bear, larger than the one below. But the similarities ended there. Its entire body was separated to three sections, almost like an insect. Also like an insect, it had six limbs. Two legs and four arms. It had white and dark grey fur with black and amber coloured stripes. As well as possessing wings and antennae of a bumblebee, its dark crimson red eyes also belonged to a bug. Finally at the end of its abdomen section, it had a dangerous looking stinger.

The creature was called the Bugbear.

‘Oh no! Not that thing again!’ Fluttershy thought to herself. All the while BlackWarGreymon stared at the creature in confusion.

“What… is that thing?” He asked the small mare.

“It’s called a Bugbear. A nasty creature that looks like a bear but has traits of a bumblebee,” Fluttershy explained before talking further.

“But what’s it doing here? I thought Twilight sent it to Tartarus.”

Before BlackWarGreymon could question further, both of them heard a roar. But not from the beast from prison, but from the brown bear.

Fluttershy gasped as she knew what it meant.

“They’re going to fight!”

BlackWarGreymon knew that the stakes weren’t in the brown bear’s favour. With the Bugbear’s size, stinger, extra arms and flight capability, it was clear that it would triumph over the natural carnivore.

Before he could interfere however, the Bugbear flew down towards the bear, bringing forth its stinger. Amazingly, the brown bear reared up on his feet and caught the stinger in his claws. Then slammed the stinger point-first into the ground.

With the Bugbear impaled to the ground, the bear took advantage by slamming his paws in the evil creature’s face, then biting on one of its four arms.

‘Cleaver bear,’ The Digimon thought to himself, impressed by the bear’s intelligence.

But the Bugbear retaliated by biting its jaws on the bear’s brown furred shoulder and used its three other arms to push the bear away. It worked. The bear was forced to back off, leaving the Bugbear to pull its stinger free from the ground.

After circling around each other, growling and snarling, the two charged at each other and began to bear-wrestle. All the while biting and hitting each other. But it was clear that the Bugbear was stronger. After wrestling the brown bear to the ground, the six-limbed beast grabbed the bear from behind in a head lock and flew to the sky. Carrying the bear with it.

As the bear struggled to break free while roaring in protest, the Bugbear grew a grin as it got its stinger ready.

Fluttershy gasped in horror at the site, the Bugbear was going to finish her friend off.

BlackWarGreymon decided that the fight between the two bears had gone on long enough. He began to raise his power level, only enough to get the Bugbear’s attention.

Being more sensitive than the other animals, the Bugbear picked up the sudden rise in power and turned to face its source.

“That’s right big guy. Eyes on me,” BlackWarGreymon said.

Sensing a much bigger challenge, the Bugbear slowly lowered itself from the sky and dropped the bear to the ground. All the while keeping its eyes fixed on the black Digimon.

Fluttershy knew that BlackWarGreymon did it to save the bear.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon. But what are we going to do about that thing!?” She asked while pointing at the Bugbear. Who was hovering in the sky while growling at BlackWarGreymon.

“This Bugbear wants a fight. So I’ll give it a fight,” The Digimon said as he took a few steps forward. His presence was seen by all the other animals in the area.

After stopping ten feet away from Fluttershy, BlackWarGreymon had an idea.

“But let’s make this interesting.”

He then impaled his gauntlets to the ground and slipped his arms out of them.

“I’ll fight it without my Dramon Destroyers and my shield. And I won’t even use my powers,” He said as he took off his shield, placing them on the ground.

“Just be careful,” Fluttershy said, feeling concerned for her animals, her home, even the Digimon himself. Then again, he had defeated every opponent he went up against so far. And if he’s willingly going to fight the Bugbear without his powers, then it must mean that he knew he can beat the beast.

BlackWarGreymon glanced up to the airborne Bugbear, a sign that he’s ready to fight. The creature answered the call with a roar, and dived straight at the Digimon.

As the Bugbear tried to tackle the dragon warrior, BlackWarGreymon braced himself and caught the bear-like beast by its middle arms. The Bugbear then tried to use its wings and body to move forward and wrestle the Digimon to the ground. But BlackWarGreymon held firm and threw the beast some distance away.

After getting control of its flying to stop falling over, the Bugbear let out a roar of surprise and rage at the unexpected strength of its opponent. Charging forth again, it intended on ripping its challenger apart. But as it got closer, BlackWarGreymon leapt out of the way and flew higher in the air.

Although surprised that its foe could fly, it did not put off the Bugbear’s anger. Changing course, it flew fast to intercept BlackWarGreymon. But the Digimon was more agile in the air then the Bugbear. He easily flew to the side, leaving the beast to slash its claws in thin air.

Every time the Bugbear tried to land a hit, BlackWarGreymon kept moving out of the way. Then the Digimon grabbed the creature’s arms and wrestled it to the ground. Fluttershy and the other animals watched as BlackWarGreymon pinned the Bugbear down.

Roaring in defiance, the Bugbear tried to use its extra two arms to punch BlackWarGreymon in the face. But to the monster, it was like punching a solid statue. Despite the hard punches, the Digimon wasn’t fazed at all. It was like the punches were doing absolutely nothing.

Then grabbing BlackWarGreymon’s sides and beating its wings as hard as it could, the Bugbear managed to turn over the Digimon. Pinning him down as it tried to lunge its jaws forward. But to its surprise, BlackWarGreymon slammed his head into the creature’s muzzle. Head-butting it with enough force for it to back off.

Then grabbing one of its arms, BlackWarGreymon threw the Bugbear over his shoulder and smashed it to the ground. To the surprise of Fluttershy and her animals, creating a large crater as the ground shook. While holding on to its arm, the Digimon threw the beast high in the air and then chased after it. Grabbing its leg, BlackWarGreymon then threw the Bugbear straight to the ground. Throwing up a dust cloud and sending another wave of tremors through the ground.

Fluttershy was amazed. BlackWarGreymon seemed to be winning with just his strength alone.

‘Wow. He would definatly give Iron Will a run for his money.’

Then the Bugbear crawled out of the same crater it made before. Covered in dirt and bruises, it was breathing heavily. But the battered monster wasn’t planning to give up. After seeing BlackWarGreymon landing in front of it, it let out a loud growl in rage.

“I admire your tenacity, Bugbear. But it’s clear that I’m the strongest out of the two of us. Give up now while you still can.”

But BlackWarGreymon’s warning was ignored by the Bugbear. Knowing that its stinger wouldn’t be able to puncher through the Digimon’s armour, it did saw that there were some parts on its opponent that wasn’t armoured.

It decided to go for it. Buzzing forward as fast as it could, the Bugbear grappled its four arms onto BlackWarGreymon’s arms, pinning them to his sides. Then with a mighty thrust, the beast from Tartarus jabbed its stinger on BlackWarGreymon’s left upper thigh.

“BlackWarGreymon!!” Fluttershy shouted in concern and alarm. Fearing that her friend was harmed by the stinger.

But to her confusion, there wasn’t a sound of pain. No cry of agony. It was absolutely silent. BlackWarGreymon didn’t made a sound. He didn’t move a muscle. Heck, he didn’t even flinch. He just stood firm with a blank expression in his eyes.

The Bugbear was also confused. Why wasn’t its foe in pain? Looking down to where its stinger was, it saw that it was on the exposed part of the Digimon’s leg. But to its shock, it failed to impale through it.

It then tried again, and again. But its weapon couldn’t penetrate through BlackWarGreymon’s skin. As the beast panicked, it left itself wide open for an attack. BlackWarGreymon slammed his right knee into the Bugbear’s chest. The beast felt air escaping its lungs and the pain shocked through its body from some of its broken ribs caused by the armoured shin guard.

The Bugbear was stunned from the sneak attack, grabbing its chest to hold itself together. But BlackWarGreymon then gave the monster an uppercut to the chin, sending it flying through the sky. Then the Digimon followed up by flying to the hurtling beast, and grabbed its hairy abdomen. Then raising the Bugbear over his head, BlackWarGreymon flew straight down with the beast in tow. Then he slammed it to the ground with enough force to create a few large cracks in the earth. Fluttershy tried her best to stay balanced as the ground rumbled beneath her. She just managed to stay standing when it stopped.

She stared at the dust cloud in anticipation and worry, hoping that BlackWarGreymon hadn’t hurt himself. To her relief, the Digimon jumped out of the cloud and landed in-between his impaled gauntlets, with his back to the pony and facing the dust cloud.

At first all was silent. Then with a loud desperate roar, the beaten Bugbear launched itself out of its crater and delivered a hard punch straight at BlackWarGreymon’s face.

Although the sound wave of the impact vibrated the nearby grass and bushes, BlackWarGreymon didn’t even move a millimetre of an inch. The only reaction after five seconds of silence was the Bugbear, wailing in pain as it clenched the hand that it used.

Fluttershy knew that BlackWarGreymon could take a lot of punishment and not be bothered by it, but she never knew that he could take a full-on punch and not reacting to it.

If Rainbow Dash was there to see it, she would be in awe that would last a very long time.

As the Bugbear tried to fight back the pain in its possibly broken fist, BlackWarGreymon formed his right arm into a fist of his own and pulled it back.

“You lose.”

Then with full force, BlackWarGreymon punched the Bugbear square in the face. Sending it flying over the Everfree Forest and through the distant horizon.

With the Bugbear gone and the fight over, BlackWarGreymon slipped his Dramon Destroyers back on and re-equipped his black shield. As he turned back towards Fluttershy, he was suddenly tackled by the yellow Pegasus as she hugged tight around his neck.

“Oh BlackWarGreymon!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved all my animal friends from that terrible Bugbear! It was so nice of you! Thank you so much!”

Then out of pure joy and happiness, Fluttershy did something that had never been done in both Equestria and the Digital World.

She kissed him on the cheek.

BlackWarGreymon’s body stiffened as his eyes widened in shock. Even his senses were put on immediate halt. Being hugged was one thing, being praised was another, but a kiss? It was on a whole new level that even he wouldn’t expect to happen to him. His mind froze as he tried to think, but it looked as though he couldn’t focus on anything.

While hugging him, Fluttershy noticed BlackWarGreymon’s total lack of movement. She released her hold and saw his yellow eyes staring blankly at open space. As if he was in a trance.

“What’s the matter?” She asked him.

BlackWarGreymon then raised his right arm to his face and used his thumb to touch the spot where she kissed.

“You…you kissed me?”

Fluttershy was surprised when she realised what she just did. Though she understood why the Digimon was so startled. From what Twilight told her about BlackWarGreymon’s past, it was very likely that he had never been kissed before.

But still, it couldn’t stop Fluttershy from blushing in embarrassment.

“Ohh…uhh……I’m…I’m sorry. I just got carried away. I was just so happy that you helped, I didn’t think straight.”

As the surprised BlackWarGreymon continued stroking his cheek, Fluttershy then brought her attention to his leg.

“How’s your leg!? You were stung by that thing!”

BlackWarGreymon looked down at his unharmed leg and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. It will take a lot more than that to hurt me.”

‘Wow, he must have really strong leg muscles,’ The mare thought to herself.

Seeing the usually timid pony they knew being friendly to the scary visitor, the animals that were hiding became less afraid. If Fluttershy could trust BlackWarGreymon, then they could too. The woodland critters slowly came out of their hiding places and one by one, they approached the pair.

After hearing noises beneath them, Fluttershy and BlackWarGreymon looked down and saw some tiny mammals. All staring at the tall Digimon.

Then Fluttershy introduced them to the artificial being.

“Oh! How rude of me. Little critters, this is my new friend. BlackWarGreymon.”

At first, the animals looked at the Digimon in awe. Then one brave squirrel jumped on his left foot, climbed up his leg to his chest, then settled upon his shoulder. All the while BlackWarGreymon watched the small mammal. Then the squirrel jumped in his yellow hair, disappearing from sight as it let out several chirps of comfort.

Fluttershy chuckled when she saw the playful critter poking his head out of BlackWarGreymon’s hair.

Then BlackWarGreymon saw a red bird hovering in front of his face. Then his head and eyes followed the bird as she flew around his head while letting out happy chirps. She then perched herself on one of the Digimon’s horns on the side of his helmet.

Fluttershy always wanted to see such a thing. In awe at the sight of an all-powerful being like him to be around her animal friends.

She then gasped in excitement when the rest of her animals approached from hiding. All of them either standing and looking at BlackWarGreymon or nuzzling his feet and legs in gratitude.

It was also new to the Digimon. Having animals liking him instead of running away in fear.

“Aww… they like you,” Fluttershy said.

Sometime had passed since the events of the Bugbear attack. Knowing that the creature wouldn’t dare return for a rematch, BlackWarGreymon was at ease as he sat with Fluttershy in the garden. The animals around them had finally got used to the Digimon’s appearance as they either played beside him or rested upon him.

Fluttershy also introduced some of the critters to BlackWarGreymon. The animal who was next was a certain white rabbit.

“And this is my pet rabbit named Angel.”

All Angel did was just stare at the Digimon as he stared back. More likely intimidated by the being’s draconic look.

“It’s ok, Angel. He’s a friend. Now say hello,” Fluttershy said after noticing the rabbits lack of response.

After summoning enough confidence, Angel smiled as he leapt on BlackWarGreymon’s lap. He then waved his paw to say hello.

“Awe… isn’t he cute, BlackWarGreymon?” The Pegasus asked.

“Well… Spike did tell me about Angel, Fluttershy. But cute wasn’t the word he used. It was more like ‘stubborn’,” The Digimon answered, remembering that Spike once told him about the rabbit’s attitude problem.

Angel flinched from the remark and face-palmed himself, before jumping off and landing next to Fluttershy.

After the yellow Pegasus chuckled at Angel’s behaviour, her mind passed over to another subject. A subject that made her look at BlackWarGreymon in deep concern.

“So, uhh…BlackWarGreymon? When you were… you know. Were… were you in agony?”

BlackWarGreymon took notice of Fluttershy’s sudden change of mood, and understood perfectly what she was referring to. He looked down at his chest where he once received his fatal wound. He then raised his right gauntlet to his face and looked at his metal claws. All the while the expressions in his eyes were of sadness and pain as he remembered back. The look in his eyes made Fluttershy regret the decision of talking about what happened.

But before she could change the subject, BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Hmm… taking a blow from a blast that left a gaping hole in the chest. Yes, it was agonizing. Physically, it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt to this day. But mentally, it was a close second.”

Although feeling pity for him, the last sentence the Digimon said made the mare confused of its meaning.

“Close second? Then what caused you mental pain even greater then that?”

“The thought of my life without a purpose. Without meaning. A life without a destiny.”

Fluttershy was intrigued by BlackWarGreymon’s choice of words.

“Life without a destiny?”


BlackWarGreymon began to think back to his past as he kept on staring at his raised gauntlet.

“Arukenimon may had created me with a purpose to destroy. But that was HER desire, not mine. The destiny that I wanted would be the one I choose. I may had made mistakes in my pursuit, but that was because I didn’t know what was the right path to my destiny.”

He then turned his sights to Fluttershy.

“It’s almost like getting your cutiemark.”

“Wow. If it’s like that, then it must’ve been very important to you,” Fluttershy said, seeing similarities between a pony finding their talent and BlackWarGreymon’s story.

“It was important to me, Fluttershy. Back then, I wanted it more than anything else. But now, it seems I may have finally found it.”

The Digimon looked at the ground with a rather determined glare.

“Evil may have created me… but it will NEVER enslave me.”

Fluttershy was impressed by BlackWarGreymon’s statement. Then another thing got her curious.

“So umm… if you were made to do evil, what was the first act of good you’ve done?”

Before he could answer, something in the meadow caught the Digimon’s attention. It was something he recognized. Looking as though he wasn’t listening to Fluttershy, he got up to his feet and walked to the middle of the meadow. What got Fluttershy more curious was that he then knelt down on one knee as he looked at something on the ground.

After walking to BlackWarGreymon’s side, Fluttershy saw the thing that got the Digimon’s attention. On the ground in front of him, was a tiny pink flower.

As the pony tried to puzzle what it meant, the warrior spoke up.

“To answer your question, my first act of good was protecting a flower that looks just like this one.”

The yellow Pegasus was amazed at what he said.

“You protected a flower? That’s so cute. But why?”

“I wasn’t entirely sure to start with. It wasn’t even accidental. When that Mammothmon was moments away from crushing that flower, I suddenly had the urge to protect it,” BlackWarGreymon said, secretly leaving out the part where he later crushed that very same flower.

Then he heard Fluttershy speaking to him.

“That sounds amazing. And you know what else is amazing?”

“What?” The Digimon asked.

“Well… Equestria and the Digital World are separate from each other. But you say this flower is just like the one you know,” She said as she pressed her nose to the tiny flower, smelling its scent.

Then a large pink butterfly caught her attention as it flew near her. Then it flew above her and in front of BlackWarGreymon. The Mega watched in interest as the butterfly hovered in front of his face and ten landing on his nose horn.

Fluttershy tried her best not to laugh at something as cute as what she was seeing.

As the butterfly perched on him, BlackWarGreymon looked at the sky and took note that the sun was slightly moving towards west.

‘Wow, it’s afternoon already?’

As the Digimon stood back up, he gained attention from Fluttershy.

“What is it?”

“The only place I hadn’t seen yet is Sweet Apple Acres. So I’m going to have a look,” He answered.

“Ok BlackWarGreymon. See you later, and thank you.”

After the butterfly flew off his nose horn, BlackWarGreymon took off the ground and started to fly away. But he then came to a halt when Fluttershy called out to him.

“Wait! Sweet Apple Acres is that way,” She said as she pointed her hoof in the opposite direction to where BlackWarGreymon was heading.

“Oh,” He said as he changed direction, leaving Fluttershy chuckling to herself.

Chapter 22: Apples and Crusaders

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High above the town of Ponyville, BlackWarGreymon was on his way to one of the places he hadn’t seen yet. Sweet Apple Acres. As he flew by, he saw all the ponies below him. They eventually spotted the airborne Digimon and waved hello at him. After taking in the sight, BlackWarGreymon went on his way.

As he approached his destination, he came to a halt as he looked upon Sweet Apple Acres ahead of him. As well as a large red barn and several farm fields, what really caught his was the apple orchard itself. He had never seen so many apple trees in one place before. They literally stretched as far as his eye could see, and he was in the air.

“That’s one big apple farm,” He said before making his descent.

Not far away, at a tree house called the Crusaders Clubhouse, the Cutiemark Crusaders, were inside planning.

“Alright fellow crusaders, any ideas on how to earn our cutiemarks?” Applebloom asked as she looked at Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle from behind her podium.

“Well, the hang gliding idea didn’t work the other day. Now I got nothing. What about you Sweetie Belle?” Scootaloo asked, but she saw the young Unicorn looking worried as she stared at her hooves.

“Hay Sweetie Belle, are you feelin’ ok?” Applebloom asked, gaining her attention.

“Oh, sorry girls. It’s just that…”

Though her friend found it hard to speak, Applebloom knew what she was talking about.

“It’s about that dragon attack yesterday, isn’t it?” She asked in concern.

“Well…yeah. It was so scary. Rarity and I were almost eaten,” Sweetie Belle said, cringing at the thought of her becoming dragon food.

She then felt Scootaloo’s hoof resting on her shoulder. The young Pegasus trying to comfort her.

“Well that was before BlackWarGreymon swooped in and saved the whole town.”

“Yeah! And it was amazing that he took all of them on and kicked their butts,” Applebloom joined.

The positive talk about the Digimon had cheered up the Unicorn filly.

“You’re both right. We were lucky that he showed up.”

“Yeah. He might even be just as amazing as Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo said.

Not far away from the clubhouse, BlackWarGreymon made touchdown. His landing however let out a sound of impact, which was heard by the crusaders.

“Did you hear that?” Sweetie Belle asked the other two fillies.

“I think it came from outside,” Applebloom said while looking at the window.

Scootaloo popped her out the window and saw the Digimon in the distance.

“Hey, it’s BlackWarGreymon! He’s here!”

Her reply caused the other two girls to look out the window over Scootaloo’s head. Then they saw him too.

“Wow, even from here he still looks huge. Wait, where’s he going?” Sweetie Belle asked, watching BlackWarGreymon walking in the opposite direction to their clubhouse.

“I think he’s headin’ to the farm,” Applebloom said, curious as to why he was dropping by to visit.

Then a lightbulb lit up in Scootaloo’s head.

“I got an idea girls!”

She then ran to one of their draws and pulled out binoculars.

“How about a cutiemark of watching someone powerful without being spotted?”

Although Applebloom and Sweetie Belle weren’t keen on the idea, but it was better than no idea at all.

“Ok, let’s do it.”

Decided on what to do, the three grabbed more binoculars, jumped out of the tree house and landed in a nearby bush. After poking their heads out of the plant growth, they saw BlackWarGreymon walking further away. Pretending to be spies and ninjas on a top-secret mission, the three fillies ran, jumped and crawled to one bush after another.

Every so often, they stop to regroup in a large bush or behind a tree, put up their binoculars and watched the distant Mega. At first it felt like an important mission, but the fillies started to enjoy themselves.

It went on until BlackWarGreymon stopped at the entrance of Sweet Apple Acres. The distance between him and the hidden crusaders made him look like the size of a bug. But as they put on their binoculars, they got a full view of the Digimon.

“What’s he up to?” Applebloom asked in a silly suspicious tone.

“Maybe something evil?” Sweetie Belle joked as she laughed to herself. Knowing that it wasn’t true.

“Maybe he’s just stopping by to visit?” Scootaloo joined.

After the three finished guessing and kept looking at BlackWarGreymon, he shifted his head slightly to the left and motioned his left eye in their direction.

Thinking that they’ve been spotted, the three young ponies immediately retreated into the bush. Hiding while breathing heavily as if BlackWarGreymon was a predator.

“You girls think he saw us?” Sweetie Belle said after catching her breath.

“I don’t know,” Scootaloo answered.

“I don’t think so. There’s no way in Equestria he could spot three small fillies from that distance,” Applebloom stated, thinking that it was just a coincidence.

Back where BlackWarGreymon was, he averted his gaze from the far away bush and back to the large red barn.

“Very funny.”

As he approached the barn, he noticed that the barn’s doors were wide open. As he got closer to investigate, he heard the unmistakable sound of Applejack’s voice.

Peering his head through the open door slightly, he spotted the orange Earth Pony herself. He also spotted two other ponies with her.

One was an elderly mare with green fur and a greyish-white mane and tail, that were both done up in a bun. Her winkles confirmed that she was old. Her cutiemark was of an apple pie and her wobbly legs looked as though they were about to give out any second. The second pony was a large red furred, orange maned stallion. His size and looks confirmed that he was Applejack’s older brother. His cutiemark was of a green opened apple.

“Knock Knock,” BlackWarGreymon said as he stepped out in the open. Addressing the three ponies.

“Well howdy, big fella,” Applejack said as she approached him.

The other two ponies however stared in shock.

“Is my eyes playin’ tricks on me again?” The elderly mare asked.

“Nope,” The stallion answered, trying to get over the shock since his sister knew who the visitor was.

“What are ya’ doin’ over here?” Applejack asked BlackWarGreymon.

“I’ve never been in a farm before, so I dropped by to visit.”

“Well, you’re always welcome at Sweet Apple Acres. Let me introduce ya’ to my family,” The orange mare said as she motioned BlackWarGreymon to enter the barn. Luckily the barn doors were big enough for him to walk through.

“Family, this is BlackWarGreymon. He’s a visitor from another world,” Applejack said to the other two ponies, whom were stuck in awe.

After a brief moment of silence, the old mare quickly calmed down and spoke.

“Well, howdy stranger. I’m Granny Smith, Applejack’s dear old granny.”

Applejack then motioned her hoof to the red stallion.

“And over there is ma big brother, Big Macintosh.”

Big Mac merely responded with a simple smile and nod. Recognizing the Digimon as his sister’s friend.

BlackWarGreymon then noticed that the stallion had a white bandage on one of his legs.

“What happened to you?” He asked Big Mac, but Applejack answered for him.

“Well he got hurt from fendin’ off the pesky dragons yesterday. But he’ll be ok.”

The Digimon then looked back at Big Mac.

“The dragons attacked here too?”

“Yep,” The stallion answered.

“And you chased them away?”


After receiving the same answer twice, BlackWarGreymon sensed a pattern.

“Not much of a talker, are you?”

“Nope,” Big Mac admitted.

BlackWarGreymon then turned his attention to Applejack.

“And of course, ya’ already met Applebloom. She and her friends are over by their clubhouse.”

“Well, they were at the clubhouse.”

The Digimon’s sentence made Applejack confused.


“Yes. When I landed here, they tried to be sneaky and followed me here.”

Then the Digimon and the three ponies head three voices shouting at once.


Facing at the barn doors where they heard the voices, the four saw Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo emerging from hiding and walked inside with surprise written on their faces.

“How did ya’ know we were followin’ ya’?” The young Earth Pony asked, demanding an answer.

“I sensed you,” The Digimon simply replied.

Then Applejack joined in.

“And I guess you were tryin’ to get a cutiemark from spyin’?”

“Well…maybe,” Scootaloo said, but the way she spoke confirmed that it was in fact true.

“Well, all of ya’ can take a break from crusadin’ and help me,” Applejack said to the three fillies.

“Help with what?” Sweetie Belle asked, She and her friends were confused by Applejack’s meaning.

“Ya’ see, with Big Mac now out of work until he’s healed, I’m on my own with doing the chores. I don’t think even I could get it all done by nightfall all by myself.”

As well as the crusaders, BlackWarGreymon too was thinking about it. Because that he’s bonded with the ponies of Equestria and feeling that friendship could be the key to his destiny, he had the opportunity to prove himself that he could be a true supportive friend. Though he already made very good examples. Such as tending to Twilight Sparkle as she grieved over seeing his death from his memories. And then comforting Fluttershy as she too learnt of his death.

Also apart from visiting Sweet Apple Acres, he had nothing else to do to pass the time.

“If the chores are very important to you, then I guess I could help out.”

Applejack had to admit it, she was taken back by BlackWarGreymon’s offer. She thought helping around the farm would be the last thing he would do.

“Really? You wanna help out?”

“That’s what friends do, right?”

Applejack couldn’t had said it better herself.

“Well… thanks big fella. Ya would really be helping out a lot here.”

“So what do you want me to do?” The Digimon asked.

“Follow me,” Applejack said as she walked passed the Digimon and out of the barn. Curious of what she had in mind, BlackWarGreymon and the crusaders followed.

Outside, Applejack lead the four to a large empty field with a large garden plough at the front.

“Well one of Big Mac’s chores was to plough the fields so we can plant the seeds. Ya think you can handle that?” She asked BlackWarGreymon.

The Digimon was in thought as he walked up to the plough. Yes, he could do it piece of cake, but the effort of getting rope long enough to tie it around him would take time. But then he had an idea.

“I know how to make this easier, Applejack,” He said to her.

“Huhh, how?” The Earth Pony asked.

Without answering and while being watched by Applejack and the three fillies, BlackWarGreymon stood parallel to the plough and faced the empty field. Then he knelt down and put the tips of his clawed gauntlets in the dirt. Then he remained still.

The confused ponies watched on as BlackWarGreymon focused his inner energy into his arms. Then after a moment of silence, he suddenly threw his arms up, creating two gusts of wind powerful enough to be seen from the naked eye. As the four amazed ponies watched the curved winds, they noticed that the winds carved groves in the dirt below. They went on until the winds gave out, leaving two long groves from one end of the field to another.

“How’s that?” BlackWarGreymon asked as he looked at his handy work.

At first, there was stunned silence from Applejack, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Then the oldest pony spoke up.

“Ah’ don’t believe it! You just did a fifteen-minute job in just five seconds!”

Then Applebloom joined in.

“That was so cool!”

BlackWarGreymon then turned towards Applejack.

“What’s next?”

Later, the Digimon, the Earth Pony and the Cutiemark Crusaders were in the apple orchard. They were ready for the next item on the chore list.

“Right BlackWarGreymon. The next thing we’re gotta do is to collect apples from these apple trees. Like this,” Applejack said before standing in front of an apple tree, turning away from it, and then slammed the tree with her rear hooves.

The force of the impact shook the tree, freeing all the apples that it held and into the awaiting baskets below.

“Impressive,” BlackWarGreymon complemented.

“Thanks. That’s one tree down, and over a hundred to go,” Applejack said as she looked at the end of the field to see the apple trees in the distance.

“You sure have a lot of work cut out for you,” The Mega said as he too saw the distant trees.

“Now ya see why I need some help around here. But thanks to you, we’re ahead of schedule.”

Applejack then made a plan of action.

“Ok, ya three fillies come with me. And BlackWarGreymon, ya can start with these trees here.”

With the plan set, the orange mare and the three crusaders ventured deeper into the orchard. Leaving the Digimon to deal with fairly large trees around him.

Knowing his strength, he would have to rule out his kicking. The trees, as think as they were, would easily be snapped in two if he kicked. He couldn’t just punch them either, his claws may impale the trees.

He decided then to use the smooth flat side of his Dramon Destroyers. In the way, he would lower the risk of damaging the trees.

After walking up to his first apple tree, BlackWarGreymon took a good look of its bark and the red apples above. Feeling that he was ready, he slammed the back of his armoured against the tree. The giant plant vibrated from the aftershocks of the impact and shook all the apples loose. BlackWarGreymon felt satisfied as he watched all the red fruit landing in the already prepared baskets.

“Well, that was easy.”

Then to his bewilderment, the Digimon suddenly heard loud creaking noises. Then to his shock, the tree that he hit started to topple over. Then crashed with a thud on its side with its dirt-covered roots sticking out.

BlackWarGreymon may had put too much strength in that blow.

“Uh oh.”

Then to his alarm, he heard Applejack’s voice in the distance.

“What the hay was that!?”

It was clear to the Digimon that Applejack heard the fallen tree and was sure that she would arrive to investigate what happened.

He also knew it would be stupid to just fly away from the scene. He had to fix his mess, and quick.

Not wasting a moment, BlackWarGreymon swiftly grabbed the giant tree, lifted it off the ground and hastily put it back in its original place. He had just moments to stand next to the tree and pretended to look innocent by looking at the sky before Applejack showed up.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon, did ya hear a fallen tree?”

The Digimon averted his gaze from the sky to the pony as he answered.

“Huh? A fallen tree?” He asked back, acting as if he hadn’t heard a thing.

Applejack grew suspicious from his response. Knowing BlackWarGreymon’s advanced hearing, she was sure that he could hear a falling tree a mile away. She then brought her attention to the ground around the Mega Digimon’s feet. There were leaves everywhere. Not to mention that the ground around the base of the tree looked up-rooted.

Applejack looked at BlackWarGreymon with a suspicious raised eyebrow and a smile. She knew exactly what happened.

“You knocked over that tree, didn’t ya?”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened in alarm. He was busted. But kept trying to act cool.

“No I didn’t. I was just looking at the sky.”

Applejack chuckled at BlackWarGreymon pretending to be denial about it. Since no harm was done, the orange mare turned back to the way she came. But then stopped as she had something to say.

“Well at least ya put the tree back in its place. And by the way big fella, you’re a terrible liar.”

As she disappeared into the tree growth, BlackWarGreymon breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Well… she took that surprisingly well,” He said. He thought that she would totally flip out and get mad.

Hours had past at Sweet Apple Acres and the apple orchard was thinning on apples. After his mishap with the first tree, BlackWarGreymon quickly got the hang of controlling his strength. After finishing his one hundred and forty fifth tree, the Digimon stopped for a moment to look at the sky. The sun was just over the horizon and the orange sky showed that it was evening.

“It’s that time already? How long have I been out here?” He asked himself as he approached what looked like the last tree full of apples.

He suddenly heard three voices calling out his name.


Turning to his side, he saw the Cutiemark Crusaders rushing towards him.

“Oh, it’s you three.”

“Yeah, and watch this,” Scootaloo said as she, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle positioned themselves around the apple tree. Then at the same time, all three kicked the tree.

The combined blow from the fillies shook the tree like it would when kicked by Applejack. Soon the apples fell into the baskets below.

Then BlackWarGreymon heard a small thud as he felt something landed on his nose horn. Looking up, he saw an apple impaled on his horn. The three young ponies let out their laughter at the sight of it.

“Haha, he’s got an apple on his nose,” Sweetie Belle said, trying her best to calm down.

While remaining calm, BlackWarGreymon stuck one of his metal claws into the apple and pulled it off his horn.

“Here,” He said as he lowered the apple to one of the crusaders.

Applebloom was the one who pulled the red fruit off the metal claw and quickly ate it whole.

While the small Earth Pony munched on the apple, Scootaloo became intrigued by the clawed gauntlets.

“Hey BlackWarGreymon? How sharp are your claws anyway?”

After looking at his Dramon Destroyers, the Digimon looked around to see what he could use them on. It ended up being a large stray rock at the end of the field.

“Sharp enough to cleave though almost anything.”

He then faced the distant rock with his claws ready.

“Just watch.”

As he began to sprint, the crusaders noticed that he was heading for the rock. Then as he got within range, BlackWarGreymon slashed his right arm at it and came to a halt as he passed it. Not moving a muscle, he glanced back to see the faces of the fillies.

The crusaders were confused at first, since it seemed nothing had happened to the rock. Then tot their amazement, the top half of the rock started to slide at an angle before detaching itself completely.

“Wow. He sliced that rock like it was butter,” Sweetie Belle said while Scootaloo and Applebloom were simply speechless.

Then the three ponies ran towards the sliced boulder to inspect it. The part where it was sliced felt incredibly smooth to the touch. The fine edge of the angle was perfect.

“Woah… and just how strong are you?” Scootaloo asked.

Again, making another demonstration, BlackWarGreymon walked to the bolder and with the crusaders backing away a few steps, he placed his right foot on the top of the rock.

Then he began to press. The leg muscles tensed up as he pressed his leg harder and harder on the rock. The fillies could hear BlackWarGreymon grunting lightly as he kept pushing his strength. Then the young ponies started to hear cracking sounds. Looking at the rock, they were amazed to see large cracks forming beneath the Digimon’s foot and spreading across the surface.

Then to their surprise because of the loud noise, the solid rock shattered into pieces.

“How’s that?” BlackWarGreymon asked, already knowing the answer.

“That was amazin’!” Applebloom cheered, while Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle stared in awe.

Then appearing from behind, Applejack appeared to fetch the four.

“Alright y’all, it’s time for break!”

Not including BlackWarGreymon, the crusaders were relieved to hear one of their favorite words. Then Applejack spotted pieces of rock down by the Digimon’s feet.

“Huh, what did that boulder ever do to you?” She asked BlackWarGreymon, obviously joking.

“I was just testing my strength,” He answered.

“Well I like to thank ya again for the help today. Now come on y’all, we’re headin’ back home.”

Applejack then turned to walk home. As the fillies and the Digimon followed, Scootaloo caught BlackWarGreymon’s attention.

“Hay, BlackWarGreymon. Did you really race against Rainbow Dash the other day?” She asked with excitement in her voice.

“Yes, I did.”

“…But, she won. Right?” The filly asked again. The second time hoping that her hero hadn’t lost.

“Yes she did. But the race left her exhausted.”

“Wow. Never heard of Rainbow Dash being tired in a race before.”

The two continued their conversation as they headed back to the barn.

Half an hour had passed and the sun was close to touching the horizon. The evening sky slowly began to darken.

Upon hearing BlackWarGreymon’s fight with the Bugbear at Fluttershy’s cottage and the Digimon’s presence at Sweet Apple Acres, Princess Twilight was on her way to check up on the saviour.

After arriving at the barn, she was greeted by a happy looking Applejack.

“Greetings Twilight.”

“Hi Applejack. I heard that BlackWarGreymon dropped by.”

“He sure did. And I tell ya Twi, the big buy’s a life saver.”

“What do you mean?” The Alicorn asked in curiosity.

“Well since Big Mac got himself hurt in that dragon attack, BlackWarGreymon’s been helpin’ me with the chores.”

While Twilight was awe-stricken, Applejack pointed to exhibit A.

“Ya see that field over there? He did those two groves with just his claws in five seconds, where it would’ve taken a plough fifteen minutes to do.”

“Wow. I better add that to my notes,” Twilight said, learning something else to write about the Digimon.

“Ya do know that he’s a real being, not a science project?”

Though it was a joke, Twilight took slight offence from Applejack’s remark.

“I know that. It’s just that I like to learn about him.”

“Well if ya want to see him, he’s inside.”

Soon Applejack lead Twilight inside the barn. Meanwhile, Granny Smith was showing BlackWarGreymon her old photo album. Which included ones from her youth. As surprisingly, the Digimon was interested in learning its history.

“And this one was when the town was first open to the public. And I was right there when they cut the ribbon,” Granny Smith explained while pointing her hoof at the picture of a mare that turned out to be her from the past.

“You were there when Ponyville was founded?” BlackWarGreymon asked, surprised that the old pony lived THAT long.

“I sure was. And it all began from this very farm. Which is why it’s known as Ponyville’s Core.”

While Granny Smith kept looking at the black and white photo, reminiscing of her past, BlackWarGreymon saw Applejack and Twilight entering the barn.

“Hey Twilight.”

“Hey BlackWarGreymon. I just dropped by to check up on you. I hear you’ve been helping with the chores around here.”

“Yeah. I’ve been filling in for Applejack’s brother.”

“Yep,” Big Mac said as he watched Granny Smith turn a page in her book. Then he started to giggle when he saw a certain picture of Applejack.

“And this one here is Applejack when she’s just a little baby.”

Hearing Granny Smith brought BlackWarGreymon’s attention back to the book. Although seeing the orange pony as a baby was cute, but what she was wearing made him chuckle.

“Never thought I would see her wearing a diaper.”

His one sentence almost made Granny Smith and Big Mac burst out in laughter. It was the way the Digimon said it made it funny. While Twilight was giggling too, Applejack had a massive blush of embarrassment all over her face.

“Hey Granny, don’t go show him that!”

“Why not? It’s ok since he’s ya boyfriend,” The cheeky granny said in amusement while giving a playful wink.

Again, Twilight and Big Mac tried to hold their laughter in, while Applejack’s face kept growing in embarrissment.

“W-What!? He AIN’T my boyfriend!”

Despite the funny ordeal, BlackWarGreymon then became confused.


After letting out an aggravated sigh, Applejack had just about enough.

“Come on now, break time’s over. There’s still one more chore to do.”

After her statement, Applejack stormed out. Followed by Twilight and BlackWarGreymon.

“She thinks he’s your boyfriend?” Twilight whispered to Applejack, finding the whole joke funny.

“It aint that funny, Twilight. I’m starting to think that her age is gettin’ to her.”

While the mares were talking, the confused Digimon behind them caught their attention.

“Girls, what is a ‘Boyfriend’?”

Twilight and Applejack looked at BlackWarGreymon in disbelief. How could he not know what a boyfriend was?

But he wasn’t finished.

“I mean… I am classified as a boy. And I am your friend. But the word felt like it had a different meaning.”

“Don’t worry about it, BlackWarGreymon. I’ll explained another time.” Twilight said to him.

When the group arrived back at the fields, Applejack explained the last chore of the day to the two. Whom were joined by the crusaders who were waiting outside.

“Ok BlackWarGreymon. I was originally gonna get Rainbow Dash to do this. But since ya here, I’ll let ya give it a shot.”

She then pointed to another barn on the top of the next hill.

“Ya see that old barn up there, it needs to be taken down.”

“Hay. That should be easy for you,” Twilight said to BlackWarGreymon.

“Is that all I have to do?” The Digimon asked, finding the task incredibly simple and easy.

He was then briefly startled when the crusaders caught his attention.

“Hay! Hay! BlackWarGreymon! Try using your powers on it!” The excited Applebloom suggested. Then joined by Scootaloo.

“Yeah! Use that giant ball attack of yours!”

Then the three fillies tried to guess the name of BlackWarGreymon’s signature attack.

“The Death Ball!” Said Applebloom.

“The Aura Sphere!” Said Scootaloo.

“The Spirit Bomb!” Said Sweetie Belle.

The first two fillies looked at the young Unicorn in confusion.

“The Spirit Bomb? You totally made that up,” Scootaloo objected.

“But that is a cool name if ya think about it,” Applebloom said.

“Girls, girls. It’s not either of those names. BlackWarGreymon call it ‘Terra Destroyer’,” Twilight corrected.

“Woah, now that’s a cool name,” Scootaloo said before she and the other fillies realised that someone was missing.

“Wait, where is BlackWarGreymon?” Sweetie Belle asked while looking around.

“Well while ya three were discussing names, BlackWarGreymon’s gettin’ started,” Applejack said while pointing at the Digimon, who was hovering high above the old barn.

“Get ready girls,” Twilight said as she waited in anticipation. To once again see the power of BlackWarGreymon.

While Applejack was calm, the three crusaders just couldn’t wait to see the Digital Monster in action.

After the Artificial Mega positioned himself high above the worn-out barn, he raised his right arm to the air and quickly gathered energy. Because of his mastery of his technique, he could form the Terra Destroyer sphere at the end of his clawed gauntlets. As well as he would normally do with his palms.

Which he done so. He formed the red orb at the end of the claws on his raised arm.

With the sphere expanding to the size of Big Mac, BlackWarGreymon threw it straight down at the barn below. First the red orb smashed through the roof. Then when the ball struck the ground, it exploded in fiery light with enough force to blow apart the roof tiles and wooden supports. The floor and the walls either crumbled from under the pressure or incinerated by the blast. Even though it took place quite far from the watching ponies, they felt the shockwaves from the ground beneath them.

When the explosion died down, all what’s left of the old barn was debris and a smoking crater.

When BlackWarGreymon landed next to the ponies, he saw the looks of satisfaction from Twilight and Applejack. While Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle had looks of astonishment.

“Wow. That small ball packed quite a punch,” Sweetie Belle said while looking at the destroyed barn.

“Yeah! But I figured that you would make the ball bigger,” Scootaloo said, slightly disappointed that the small orb was all that’s needed to get the job done.

“If I did, I would’ve blown up the entire hill,” BlackWarGreymon mentioned. Only he knew the true extent of the Terra Destroyer’s destructive factor.

The crusaders meanwhile, were startled by the Digimon’s statement.

“Ya can do that?” Applebloom asked.

“Yes. But I don’t think Applejack would allow that,” BlackWarGreymon said as he turned to the orange mare.

“Exactly. And with that old barn gone, that means the chores are pretty much done. Thanks for helpin’ me today,” Applejack said to the Digimon.

“No problem.”

Once they were done with the thank you’s, it was time for Twilight and BlackWarGreymon to head back to the castle. As they left Sweet Apple Acres, the Apple family and the Cutiemark Crusaders were seeing them off.

“See ya latter you two!” Applejack called out while waving goodbye.

Come by and visit soon!” Granny Smith said.

“Yep!” Big Mac added.

“Hope to see you again soon!!” The crusaders cheered.

On the road back to town, Twilight looked over to BlackWarGreymon and gave him a kind smile. There was something about him that she indeed noticed. Something that wasn’t there before.

“What is it?” BlackWarGreymon asked, sensing that the young Alicorn had something to say.

“Hmm, it’s just that you’ve really came out of your shell.”

BlackWarGreymon was confused by the statement and gave Twilight a look that showed it.

“Out of… my shell?”

“It’s just a saying. It means that you have changed a lot,” Twilight said, but it brought more confusion to BlackWarGreymon as he looked at hi gauntlets.

“Are you sure? Because I’m still a Mega.”

After letting out an amused chuckle, Twilight got the Digimon’s attention while explaining herself.

“That’s not what I meant. What I mean is that… when you first came to Equestria, you were solitary, alone and confused. But now you’re not like that anymore. You’re now friendly, well-mannered and from what I’ve been seeing, making new friends.”

BlackWarGreymon finally understood what Twilight meant by him changing. He was not the same Digimon he was before. The things he thought he couldn’t do, he not only done them, but got better at it. He once doubted that he could be a friend. But there he was not only a good friend to others, but making friends.

If defending their world meant gaining more and more friends, then he wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

He then felt deep satisfaction at the positive thoughts. He would never be the cold heartless monstrosity he once was. Never again.

His thoughts were interrupted by Twilight.

“And that’s not all. I’ve even heard that Fluttershy kissed you.”

Her sentence made BlackWarGreymon think back to the events at Fluttershy’s cottage. After saving her and her animals from the Bugbear, the Pegasus herself awarded him with praise and a soft kiss on his right cheek.

BlackWarGreymon then touched the spot on his cheek where he was kissed. The action suddenly earned a gasp from Twilight.

“Wait, she actually kissed you!? I thought Fluttershy was only joking. That’s… that’s so sweet of her.”

Then under the realisation that he needed to know, he turned to Twilight with something on is mind.

“It’s just her showing gratitude. But I need to know something, Twilight.”

“What is it?” She asked, wanting to hear the Digimon’s request.

“I would like to understand more about positive emotions. I keep experiencing them but, I don’t know how to act upon them.”

Although baffled, Twilight perfectly understood what BlackWarGreymon meant by.

“Of course. I’ll be glad to help you with that. And may I ask, how did you create those groves back at that field?” Twilight asked.

Realising that the Alicorn was referring to his first chore, BlackWarGreymon stopped walking and placed his pointed claws of his right arm on the path. Then after a brief moment, he was ready.

“Like this.”

Throwing his right arm up, he once again created a powerful gust of wind. The amazed Twilight could see the curvature of the wind while seeing the wind creating a long grove in the ground as if it were a blade.

But it didn’t stop. After passing over the path, a loud booming sound was heard when the curved wind collided into a tree. At first only its leaves fell, but then the entire top half of the giant plant started to slide off the bottom. It then crashed to the ground with a loud thud.

In one swift move, BlackWarGreymon created a grove in the ground and sliced a huge tree in two.

Twilight and BlackWarGreymon just stared at the fallen tree in shock and worry. Then the Alicorn broke the awkward silence, followed by the Digimon.

“We should go.”


With that, the two immediately took off into the sky and while silent, flew towards the town.

Then BlackWarGreymon spoke up.

“Twilight, if anyone asks, the dragons did that.”


Then Twilight realised something. She was flying alongside BlackWarGreymon. One of the things she wanted to do for the past few days.

She couldn’t help but let out a giggle of excitement that she was flying by his side.

Beyond Equestria, The Changeling Hive

Far beyond the view of Canterlot, deep within the darkest areas of the Everfree Forest, was something that very few ponies had ever seen. Of not, no pony had ever seen.

The Changeling hive.

Home to the shape-shifting creatures called Changelings.

The Changelings were sentient insectoid creatures that resemble ponies, but were in fact entirely different. Instead of fur, they had dark grey and blue exoskeletons, just like an insect. Also like an insect, their eyes were blue and featureless, as well as their thin see-through wings used for flight. The most bizarre trait they had were the holes in their legs, but it didn’t seem to be a problem for them. They also had large canines and fin-like mane and tails. Just like Unicorns, they too had horns on their heads. Which they use for their own kind of magic. Another one of their unique traits was their ability to shape-shift. Disguising themselves to the very image of any pony caught in their sights. It was a very useful tactic when invading territories, such as the Canterlot wedding incident. Changelings were also known to feed off the love from their victims. Other food in their diet was unknown.

Like all insects and their hives, the Changelings had their queen.

Royal Changelings were uniquely different from their ordinary counterparts. They could grow to the size of a full grown Alicorn. While they had the same wings, exoskeleton, fangs and hole-filled legs like the solders, the unique traits on the royals, which were mostly queens, were their longer green manes and tails, longer jagged horns which possess stronger magic, crown-like antenna on their heads and eyes which were very similar to ponies.

The queen of the current hive in particular was called, Queen Chrysalis. The same queen who was responsible for invading Canterlot a few years back. But was thwarted by the shear amount of love between the newlyweds Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armour. Their power of love literally blew all the Changelings back to the Everfree. Since then, they kept a low profile to recover.

As Queen Chrysalis inspected her children, she knew she was facing another problem.

“Queen… we’re so hungry,” One Changeling said, begging for food.

“I know you are. But we will find love somewhere,” Chrysalis said, trying to reassure her hungry child.

But then, she and most of the Changelings around her heard a voice.

“Hmm. Haven’t you tried ‘normal’ food?”

The shadowy voice startled the Changelings. While the soldiers were looking around for the intruder, ready to protect their queen and home, Chrysalis was startled for only one reason. She knew who the voice belonged to. But the last she heard of him… he was dead.

After feeling out the sudden dark energy, Chrysalis turned to the small ridge in her and saw a mass of living shadow. The moment her children saw it too, they were quick to be on the defensive around their queen. They were ready to fight.

Then the living shadow morphed into a shape of a stallion and soon took physical form. Even before he showed his face, Queen Chrysalis already knew who he was.

King Sombra had just arrived.

As the former king of the Crystal Empire let out a chuckle, the Changelings soldiers sensed he was a threat and reacted by flapping their wings. Thereby creating a loud buzzing sound.

But Chrysalis thought otherwise as she raised her hoof.

“Stand down my children, he’s an old friend of mine.”

Although confused at her command, the Changelings dared not to question her authority. She was their queen after all. So they recomposed themselves and quietened down.

Seeing himself as a guest, Sombra leaped off the ridge and landed ten feet in front of Chrysalis. He then let out a smile as he gave his greetings.

“Queen Chrysalis.”

The Changeling queen responded back.

“King Sombra.”

“Hmm, it’s been so long since we last met,” Sombra said as he approached Chrysalis, eyeing her and her subjects.

“Indeed. But the last I’ve heard of you… you were dead,” Chrysalis mentioned.

“Hmm…yes I was. But I was resurrected by, you know who.”

Sombra’s statement startled Chrysalis.

“Who?” She asked, despite already knowing the one who was responsible.

“You know who I mean. You can’t fool me, Chrysalis,” Sombra said before receiving a flashback of what happened to him.

It was on the day the Crystal Empire returned to Equestria. But as it did, so did he. He came back for the Crystal Heart and to enslave the citizens of the empire like he done so before. But thanks to the young dragon Spike, the Crystal Heart was returned to the empire. And the power awakened within it shattered the dark king’s body and blew him to smithereens.

But what the ponies didn’t know was that while Sombra’s body was destroyed, his red horn remained intact. And after months of lying in the snow of the Artic North mountains, a large mysterious figure emerged and retrieved the horn. While the horn itself may not look like much, the creature knew that Sombra’s dark magic remained within it. After taking it to his lair, the being used his phenomenal powers on the horn. Igniting the dark magic and restoring the fallen king’s body and memories.

But even then, that wasn’t the first time Sombra met the evil creature from another world. He was all too familiar with him. And from the look on her face, so did Chrysalis.

The Changeling queen knew what and who the king of the shadows was talking about, but she doesn’t want to think of the matter. When the evil being first came to her, she was only young. No bigger than a filly. It was during the reign of her mother, the queen before her. Since then to the present, Chrysalis was terrified of him. She feared him more than anything in Equestria.

She wasn’t even sure that he was in fact a ‘he’… more like an ‘IT’.

The one true reason she was so scared of him was because of what happened to one of her family. Long ago, when she was a young teen, she had an older brother. She loved him because he was always looking out for her. Even though he was a royal Changeling, a prince, he was the strongest Changeling of his time.

But he didn’t last five seconds when he defied the foreign being. The creature took his life right in front of the young Chrysalis.

The queen shivered in cold fear as she remembered everything that happened involving the evil being. She’d hoped that he would’ve forgotten all about her.

She looked away from Sombra in fear and shame when she spoke up.

“I know who you mean, Sombra. He’s the one who planned the Canterlot wedding invasion. Some plan that turned out”

Sombra intervened.

“May I remind you that the plan was YOUR doing. He only gave you information on the castle and the city. Nothing more.”

Chrysalis knew he was right. The dark being only told her about Canterlot, the plan itself was her idea.

She then decided to change the subject.

“Enough of the past. Just why are you here?” She asked.

However, the answer she received definatly wasn’t the one she wanted.

“The dark one requests your presence.”

It seemed all the hopes of Chrysalis had dashed away. She really didn’t want to have anything to do with the powerful being. Even as far as to be near him.

“He has you and Tirek. Why should he need me?” She asked, hoping to find a way out of it.

“Haven’t you heard? Tirek’s back in Tartarus.”

Chrysalis was stunned. Even at half power, Tirek was stronger than both her and Sombra. But she did recall hearing that before, he was defeated by the Mane Six in their Rainbow forms.

“He was defeated by the ponies again? I thought that fool would’ve learnt his lesson by now,” She said, but the next thing Sombra said unnerved her.

“That’s just it. It wasn’t the work of the ponies. We have a much bigger problem.”

“What is it?” She asked in curiosity.

“Well, do you remember the name of the dark one’s species?”

Although it was a question that was never spoken to her before, she knew the answer as it was imbedded into her fear.

“Yes. He…was…a Digimon. What are you saying?”

King Sombra took in a deep breath and spoke clearly.

“There is another.”

Queen Chrysalis let out a gasp of disbelief, she thought that the dark master was the only one in Equestria. The Changelings around her were concerned. Their queen was frightened. Despite their concern, they were also confused. Since they were relatively new compared to their queen and Sombra, they’ve never heard of a Digimon before. But by the reactions of the queen, the Digimon sounded frightening and very powerful.

Then Sombra made it clear to Chrysalis.

“That’s right. Tirek was defeated by a Digimon. And by the way things are going, we believe that this one is a friend to the ponies. Now you see why the dark one requires you and your soldiers. The more allies we have, the greater our chances of taking over Equestria and getting the paradise we deserve. This new Digimon is a threat, and all threats must be eliminated. And the only way to do that, is to ally with the dark master. Don’t you want to take over this world and everyone bowing before you? Don’t you want to be worshipped?”

As Chrysalis took in the information, Sombra made a conclusion.

“We can rule all, and even more by working together. What do you say?”

The Changelings looked at their queen while she was in thought. Yes, see wanted all that was explained. But the only problem she was facing was to work with the evil being. Just his appearance alone makes her want to hide away in fear. But if she wanted everything that Sombra said, she had to overcome her fear.

She then let out a chuckle and gave Sombra a sinister grin, she had found her answer.

“……I’ll do it.”

Chapter 23: Questionable Destiny

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Morning arrived in Ponyville, and although she was awoken from the sunlight, Princess Twilight Sparkle felt sleepy.

Last night turned out to be a long night indeed. After bringing BlackWarGreymon back to her castle, she tried to teach him more about positive emotions. How they work and how to act upon them. Unfortunately, the lessons were much harder to explain than she anticipated. Firstly, half the time the Digimon didn’t know which emotion was which. Secondly, he found it difficult to act in a fashion that matched the explained emotion. Finally, it seemed his mind was too distracted from thinking about two subjects at once. One on the lessons and another on something else.

In the end before Twilight became too tired teach, BlackWarGreymon only understood half of the positive emotions. Such as happiness, joy and kindness. Kindness though he pretty much nailed down. But just as they got on the important subjects, such as love, Twilight kept falling asleep and had to put the lessons on hold.

As Twilight and Spike went to bed, BlackWarGreymon stayed in the library to think about the other subject he had on his mind. The Tree of Harmony. His pony friends had been near the tree and even used the elements it held. Then why was it that when he came to Equestria, it ‘talked’ to him? Why just him and no one else?

He tried looking through all the books on the subject, but found nothing. So in the middle of the night, he gave up and rested.

After trying to wake herself up by rubbing her eyes, Twilight let out a loud yawn and climbed out of bed. She then quietly left her bedroom without waking up Spike.

“I wonder how BlackWarGreymon’s doing?” The Alicorn asked herself as she walked down the hallway towards the library.

On her way there, she looked out of the window and saw that the sun was high in the sky. She and Spike had overslept.

“Woops, better be more organized with the lessons,” She said as she walked past the window. If she stayed and looked out the window a little longer, she would’ve seen two blurs streaking across the sky. One black and the other rainbow.

“BlackWarGreymon?” Twilight called out as she looked through the library entrance. But he was nowhere to be found.

“Where is he?” She asked as she walked down the hallway, confused of the Digimon’s whereabouts.

She then heard her name being called down the other end of the hallway.


Turning around, the princess saw that it was Spike. Running down the hallway with a surprised look on his face.

“What is it, Spike?” Twilight asked the young dragon as he came to a halt in front of her.

“Something’s happening outside! Come and see!” Spike said as he ran past the startled Twilight and towards the castle entrance.

Twilight then followed him outside. On the path to Ponyville, the Alicorn caught up with Spike as the two came to a stop just outside of town.

“What’s going on?” The princess asked Spike in concern, thinking that they’re under attack again.

Spike then pointed to the sky with a smile on his toothy face.

“Look up there.”

Although confused that Spike was smiling, Twilight looked up to where he was pointing and saw the sight herself.

High above their heads and the town, a black blur and a rainbow blur were speeding across the open sky side-by-side. Like a pair of racers. Just like Twilight and Spike, the whole town looked at the sky to see the two. Some of them cheered, knowing exactly why they were. Spike was one of them.

“It’s BlackWarGreymon and Rainbow Dash!”

“They’re having another race?” Twilight asked, but the answer was clearly obvious.

The two racers flew above the rooftops, high and low and around the clouds, through twists and turns, all the while neck and neck. It was unclear who was in the lead, but one thing was clear. BlackWarGreymon had gotten faster.

Twilight, Spike and the onlooking ponies were amazed. Even as the two racers sped across the sky, they could see that the Digimon’s speed had rivaled Rainbow Dash’s. A feat very few had ever done.

Twilight and Spike were then surprised when the two blurs changed direction and headed right towards them. As the Alicorn and the dragon took many steps back, they avoided the shockwave as the two blurs landed on the ground hard.

As the small dust cloud settled, it revealed the two racers. BlackWarGreymon looked in his prime as he stood firm. Completely unaffected by the amount of racing he went through. Rainbow Dash however was far less fortunate. She was breathing heavily, almost like wheezing for breath. She was sweating all over, her mane and tail were in a complete mess, her wings hung down to her sides and despite standing, her legs were so wobbly they looked as though they would collapse.

In short, the blue rainbow maned Pegasus was exhausted.

Twilight and Spike were in shock. The only times they’ve seen Rainbow Dash in such a state were times she either done stunts or race other speedsters. Such as some members of the Wonderbolts.

But what surprised Twilight even more was BlackWarGreymon’s speed. Rainbow Dash looked as though she was close to creating a Sonic Rainboom and unbelievably, the Digimon matched her speed perfectly.

Could it be possible that one day, if not soon, the Mega could SURPASS Rainbow Dash!?

As the Pegasus continued to drip sweat while catching her breath, she looked at BlackWarGreymon in shear disbelief.

“How!? How did you become so fast!? So quickly!?” She asked him, desperate to know how he done it.

BlackWarGreymon looked at the exhausted mare and replied.

“Push-ups. Sit-ups. And plenty of juice.”

Rainbow Dash knew that his answer wasn’t true. He only said that to lighten her mood.

“Very funny. You’ve made a joke.”

Rainbow Dash tried her best to recompose herself, but her legs were still shaky.

Twilight and Spike then approached the two.

“That was amazing,” Spike said.

“Yeah, and you were nowhere near that fast the last time you raced her, BlackWarGreymon,” Twilight added.

“Yeah,” BlackWarGreymon said before turning his attention to Rainbow Dash.

“At this rate, I might even be faster than you someday.”

Rainbow Dash looked disappointed from the possible fact.

“I…I really hate to admit it. But maybe you’re right. Maybe you will be faster than me and be the fastest flier in Equestria.”

BlackWarGreymon sensed something uncomfortable in Rainbow Dash’s sentence. There was sadness in her voice. The Digimon then thought of something to say to her that was truly honest in hopes to cheer her up.

“Even if that would happen Rainbow Dash, you would still be the fastest pony in Equestria. And that’s something I could never take from you.”

It worked. His words made Rainbow Dash’s face beam in happiness. It was true, she would remain the fastest pony. The one thing the Digimon could never be.

“You’re right. I am the fastest AND the most awesome pony around.”

While Rainbow Dash was busy praising herself, Twilight walked up to BlackWarGreymon in curiosity.

“Seriously though. How did you manage to fly so fast within a few days?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but it started to happen after my first sleep here. Now I can fly so fast, I can do this.”

Then BlackWarGreymon leapt into the sky at bullet speed. The sudden draft created surprised Twilight, Spike and Rainbow Dash.

“Seriously! What did he eat for breakfast, jet fuel!?” The blue Pegasus asked.

“Wow. His new speed is almost instant,” Twilight added as she, her two friends and most of Ponyville looked up to the sky. Keeping their eyes on the high-flying Digimon.

From the ground below, BlackWarGreymon was a faint dot in the sky. But the speed he traveled meant he was visible to the ponies. as they watched him streaking across the sky, flying at speeds that only Rainbow Dash could do, they took note that he was gaining speed. He kept going and going until, to their shock, he broke the sound barrier. Creating a sonic boom of his own.

As Twilight watched the air around BlackWarGreymon exploded in the loud boom, she saw that the blast wave itself, normally clear, had a hint of black in it. Probably due to the Digital Monster’s excess energy.

A black sonic boom perhaps? Maybe.

As the shocked but amazed ponies watched on, it looked as though BlackWarGreymon had disappeared. Then he was spotted hovering above Twilight, Spike and Rainbow Dash.

The blue Pegasus smirked at how cocky the Artificial Digimon was being.

“Oh yeah, show off?”

She then took off the ground and flew in front of the black dragon warrior.

“You know you’re not the only one who could create a tornado,” She said, almost like creating another challenge for BlackWarGreymon.

“Oh really?” BlackWarGreymon asked, as if he didn’t believe the Pegasus.

“Yep, watch this.”

She then flew some distance away from BlackWarGreymon and started to fly in circles. As she gained speed, a tornado quickly formed in front of the Digimon’s eyes.

BlackWarGreymon had to admit it, he didn’t expect Rainbow Dash to be capable of creating a tornado. Another new lesson learnt.

As Rainbow Dash kept flying around her tornado, making it bigger and faster, she was ready.

“Let’s see you stop this!”

Then adjusting her flight pattern, she launched the large tornado, spinning towards BlackWarGreymon. Then Rainbow Dash stopped and looked at her handiwork, hoping to out-wit the Digimon in brains and surprise.

But BlackWarGreymon knew what the daredevil pony was like and expected her to test him in such a way. As the tornado came within reach of him, the Digimon merely back-handed the swirling vortex with his right arm. Thereby cutting off the airflow and dispelling the tornado completely.

Rainbow Dash paused with a wide-eye open-mouth look. She just saw him took out a tornado. After glancing at the sky above and saw some clouds, she immediately shock off her awed expression and thought of another challenge.

“Bet I can get rid of more clouds than you,” She declared before speeding off towards the clouds while BlackWarGreymon watched her.

“She doesn’t give up, does she?” He asked before pursuing the Pegasus.

As Twilight and Spike watched the two clearing out the sky from stray clouds, the Princess of Friendship couldn’t help but smile at BlackWarGreymon’s progress. From what she could tell by the Digimon’s behaviour, it was clear that he had finally gotten used to life in Equestria and among ponies.

Another reason why he was putting himself through Rainbow Dash’s challenges was because he liked challenges. Being an active Digimon, he liked to test the limits of his body and his abilities. And since there were no other Digimon he was aware of, any challenge was acceptable.

Then the two speedsters landed back on the ground in front of the Alicorn and the dragon.

“Ahh, just took out fifty clouds. How about you, big guy?” Rainbow Dash asked the tall Digimon.

“Fifty-three. I won.”

Although a little stunned that she lost the challenge by three clouds, Rainbow Dash decided to let it slide since she had a busy day ahead of her.

“Well, I’ll beat you next time. But now I’m off to AJ’s. Yesterday she wanted me to take down some old barn but I forgot about it. See ya.”

After her farewell, Rainbow Dash flew away in a rainbow blur. Leaving Twilight, Spike and BlackWarGreymon behind her. Then Twilight grew a cheeky grin on her face.

“Guess nopony told her that you already done that,” She said to BlackWarGreymon.

As she looked at the Digimon, Twilight noticed that he was just staring at the sky blankly. As if he wasn’t even looking at the sky itself, but just alone in his thoughts.

“Uhh, BlackWarGreymon… are you ok?”

The Alicorn’s question snapped BlackWarGreymon out of his trance and turned his attention to her.

“Oh sorry, I just have something on my mind.”

“What is it?” Spike asked while Twilight looked on in concern.

BlackWarGreymon was always so vigilant, as if to constantly keep his eye out for potential danger. So to see him being distracted in the way he did, didn’t felt right to the princess. Almost as if something was wrong with him.

But BlackWarGreymon’s answer to Spike’s question wasn’t the one Twilight was expecting.

“Well… it’s about my destiny. Could my existence in this world… really lead me to my destiny?”

“But I thought you said that you found your destiny,” Twilight said with deep concern. Then her face saddened at the thought that… maybe… BlackWarGreymon had changed his mind.

“You… you’re not saying that… you want to leave us? Aren’t you?”

Her voice was shaken with sadness as her eyes looked as though they were watering up with tears. The sight made Spike concerned for her.

The Mega was shocked to see Twilight so upset and immediately corrected himself.

“N-No Twilight, I didn’t mean it like that! Why would I ever leave you? Being with you and your friends has brought me closer to my destiny than ever.”

Hearing his words brought Twilight and Spike out of sadness and doubt and into happiness. Relieved that their friend still wanted to stay with them.

The two remained silent as BlackWarGreymon continued to explain himself.

“Believe me, I still want to stay and protect you and your world. But lately, it feels as though I could do much more than that. You know, a destiny to do more than just defending.”

“You mean, a purpose to be more than just a saviour?” Twilight asked.

“Yes. Just like that.”

BlackWarGreymon then reached a decision.

“I need some time alone to think things through. To see if I could puzzle these things together.”

Just as he turned around to fly away, Twilight said something that forced him to stop in his tracks.

“Ok BlackWarGreymon. But next time, don’t scare me like that! For a moment there, I thought you didn’t like being a defender anymore and that you would leave us forever. I don’t like losing friends,” She said with sadness in her voice.

Even though the misunderstanding had been cleared up, BlackWarGreymon guessed that the thought of what Twilight said stung her heart.

Wanting to help lift her spirit and to prove that he would never do such a thing, BlackWarGreymon walked up to Twilight, knelt on one knee and to the Alicorn’s surprise, placed his right hand on her left shoulder.

Then he spoke the absolute truth.

“You’re not going to lose me, Twilight. I will never abandon you.”

Twilight saw that the Digimon’s yellow eyes reinforced his statement. They were the most caring eyes she had ever seen him done. It was so rare to see an all-powerful being like him to be caring and gentle. The fact about it all brought a heart-warming smile to Twilight’s face. The words that the Digimon used to comfort her made her start to shed tears of joy.

BlackWarGreymon chuckled at seeing Twilight’s change of emotions. Straight from negative to positive. After standing back up, the Digimon slowly levitated off the ground and then flew away above the rooftops.

While Twilight kept on smiling at how much BlackWarGreymon had changed from his old self, Spike just stood there in bewilderment.

“Uhh… what was all that about?”

While she kept her smile, Twilight turned to the young dragon.

“Spike, you remember yesterday when I said that BlackWarGreymon is like a child?”


Twilight then looked back to where BlackWarGreymon flew off. Smiling like a proud mother to her child.

“Well, it looks like he’s all grown up.”

As Twilight continued to smile, Spike then thought about everything that BlackWarGreymon said before he left.

‘I wonder if this has something to do with the Tree of Harmony.’

It had been nearly an hour since he left Twilight and Spike alone, and during that time, BlackWarGreymon tried to find a secluded place to be alone in his thoughts.

But so far, his search hadn’t been a good one.

Not in the town centre, because it was busy and full of ponies. Not at Sweet Apple Acres, because the Apple family were possibly doing chores. Not back at Twilight’s castle, because he overheard that the Canterlot royal guards were doing an inspection of the place.

So far, every option was a dead end.

Though he almost found a perfect spot on one of the hills. But to his surprise, Pinkie Pie turned up from out of nowhere and started having a conversation with him.

Although he appreciated the pink mare’s company, but the constant talking and party planning kept distracting the Digimon’s thoughts. So as the pink pony’s back was turned, he immediately took off like a bullet.

Back above Ponyville, the lack of success was irritating BlackWarGreymon. It appeared that FINDING a spot was a lot harder than finding the answers to his destiny.

“This is ridicules. Surely there must be a spot.”

Then to his curiosity, he heard someone shouting.

“Cut it out!”

Knowing that something was up, the Digimon descended towards the sounds of distress. It lead him to a large building that he guessed was a school. But the voice came from outside the building. Flying above the rooftop and positioning himself behind the bell tower, he stealthily peered over and saw the playground below. From the number of children that were outside, he could guess that it must be recess or lunchtime. As he eyed the group of young colts and fillies, he spotted the Cutiemark Crusaders. But then he spotted another filly who looked as though she was laughing at them. He saw that she was pink with a tiara on her head and a cutiemark of a tiara. Next to her was another filly with light grey fur and silvery-white mane. She also wore glasses and had a spoon for a cutiemark.

Then using his advanced hearing, BlackWarGreymon listened to the conversation.

“Quit teasing us!” Sweetie Belle demanded, her voice was somewhat desperate.

“Yeah, leave us alone,” Scootaloo said, she and Applebloom were getting irritated.

One of the tormenting fillies, named Diamond Tiara, responded back. Followed by the second filly, named Silver Spoon.

“Why? What are you going to do about it?”

“Oh wait, you can’t. Because you don’t have a special talent to stop us. In fact, you don’t have any talents at all.”

“Blank flanks!” The two taunted, then proceeded to laugh at the three.

Back at the bell tower, BlackWarGreymon couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The three crusaders, his friends, done absolutely nothing wrong. And yet they’re being picked on because they don’t have their cutiemarks. Those two other fillies were bullies. He knew what it felt like to be a bully. After all, he did terrorize his entire world and picked fights with nearly every Digimon that crossed his path.

But then again, he only did it because instead of answering his questions, the other Digimon either fled in terror or tried to fight back. Just because he was an Artificial Digimon.

In a way, he was also the victim.

But that was the past and he was a changed Mega. But to see the same thing happening again in front of him made him feel unsettled. He had to put a stop to it.

“How can we not be talented? We’re personal friends with the saviour of Ponyville himself,” Applebloom said.

“Oh, the saviour of Ponyville? Oh please. I was lucky enough that I was in Manehattan when I heard about the dragon attack. If he really is your friend, then where I he?” Diamond Tiara asked, clearly mocking the crusaders.

Then to the surprise of the crusaders and all the other children, a loud thundering impact was heard from behind the two offending fillies. While the other children stared in awe, the three crusaders looked above Diamond Tiara’s head and smiled.

The offending but startled pink pony took the looks on their faces as a sign.

“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

Though they didn’t say anything, but the smiles on the Cutiemark Crusaders made it clear that it was a yes.

As Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon turned around, all they saw was a close up view of the yellow coloured shin guards. Knowing that they were looking at the legs, the two fillies slowly looked up. As they trailed their sights higher and higher, their mouths silently opened as their eyes widened. Looking past his thighs, past his chest, past his shoulders, all the way up to the Digimon’s head. Glaring down at them with unamused eyes.

Finally seeing BlackWarGreymon for real, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon didn’t know what to do or how to feel. Sure, he was the defender of Ponyville, but he was the most frightening thing they had ever seen. Plus his angry glare wasn’t helping at all.

Silence surrounded them all as BlackWarGreymon glared at the two young ponies by his feet.

Then he broke the silence.


The reactions followed as such. Silver Spoon fainted while Diamond Tiara ran inside the school screaming.

While the rest of the children were stunned from seeing him up close, the Cutiemark Crusaders approached the tall Digimon with no fear.

“Wow. Ya sure scared her,” Applebloom said.

“Yeah, thanks for sticking up for us,” Scootaloo joined.

Sweetie Belle nodded in agreement.

“Of course, no one messes with my friends. Next time someone picks on you, come and find me ok?” BlackWarGreymon suggested.

“Yeah, nopony will mess with us with you around,” Sweetie Belle cheered.

With the trouble over, BlackWarGreymon levitated off the ground and flew to the skies. The young ponies all let out ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ as they saw the Digimon flew without wings.

Back at the school, Diamond Tiara dragged her teacher out in a panic.

“Miss Cheerilee, come out and quick! There’s a horrible monster in the playgrou…”

The filly paused herself when she saw that the Digimon was nowhere to be found.

“He… he’s gone!? But he was just here! Where is he!?”

“Oh BlackWarGreymon? He just left,” Scootaloo answered.

“BlackWarGreymon was here!?” Miss Cheerilee asked while buzzing with excitement, eager to see the Digimon up close. Much to the confusion of Diamond Tara.

More time had passed and BlackWarGreymon still had no luck finding a perfect secluded spot to focus his mind. It was already late afternoon.

His eyes then spotted a large field, empty with no ponies in sight.

Much to his relief, the field was the perfect spot.

After flying down towards the field, BlackWarGreymon landed on the soft grass and then sat down with his legs crossed. After he got himself comfortable, he closed his eyes and concentrated on his thoughts.

However, he was only ten seconds into his thoughts when he sensed that someone was nearby.

‘What now?’

After the annoyed Digimon opened his eyes, he looked in front of him to see if someone was near. But he saw nothing but open grassland. He then looked to his left, but found nothing. But his suspicions were confirmed when he looked to his right. Standing twenty feet away staring at him, was a lone small filly.

‘A little girl? What is she doing out here?’

Believing that the girl’s parents were nearby watching her, BlackWarGreymon went back to his thoughts. But he couldn’t focus. Even with his eyes shut, he could tell that the girl was still staring at him.

It was distracting. Very distracting.

He once again opened his eyes. But when he saw the same filly, she moved closer. Standing about ten feet away from him. She just stood there, staring at BlackWarGreymon with great curiosity.

The Artificial Mega Digimon took a good look at his young visitor. And was quite startled for a number of reasons.

She was a Unicorn with no cutiemark and maybe a tad younger than the Cutiemark Crusaders. But her black fur coat was the exact same shade as his skin and armour. Her eyes, mane and tail were just as yellow as his eyes and hair. Plus her mane looked just like his hair, with several yellow strands that made up her fringe.

In a way, she was like a pony version of himself.

BlackWarGreymon thought that she was probably a fan of him and tried to mimic his look. But her colours looked genuine enough to be proven that she was born like that.

“Hmm,” The Digimon uttered before trying to focus his mind again. But the small filly’s presence continued to distract him.

Again he opened his eyes to see the young girl. Though her facial expression was blank, her eyes were full of curiosity.

“Hello,” BlackWarGreymon said, but received no reply.

“Can I help you with anything?” He asked, wondering if she wanted something.

The girl’s only reactions were a little blink and her head tilting to the side slightly.

BlackWarGreymon was starting to get confused.

“Can you speak?”

Again she said nothing, but the small filly let out a small kind smile.

BlackWarGreymon’s expression softened at seeing her genuine smile. The girl wasn’t afraid of him at all, despite that it was the first time she met him.

After the short moment of silent staring, the filly started to walk past BlackWarGreymon. Leaving him while still smiling.

The confused Digimon watched as she walked past him, wondering how and why she appeared out of nowhere. And where she came from. But he would have to think of that another time. Finally alone, he could focus on his destiny and its possibilities.

As he coursed through his mind, he tried to piece things together.

As far as he knew, he was the first Digimon to ever be in Equestria. He was new to the land. And yet, the magic of the land was enhancing his strength and powers. But why? Why was his powers reacting with the magic of Equestria? That goes for the Tree of Harmony as well. Why did it react to his very touch? And why out of everyone, did it spoke to him? His past had been dark and violent, surely one with a humble beginning would be worthy enough to hear from the tree. But why him? And more importantly. Why was he sent to Equestria in the first place? Was it fate’s doing? If not, could there be a reason? A link?

The BlackWarGreymon realised something. After his death and before arriving in Equestria, he was in a realm that looked like space. Despite only being in there for a short moment, he had felt the energy surrounding him. But the most shocking thing, was that the energy felt very similar to the energy from the Tree of Harmony!

He could’ve sworn that the two… were identical!

Could it be possible? Could the tree be responsible for bringing him to Equestria!? But how? And if not the tree itself, could it be that… some ethereal otherworldly deity brought him to Equestria? The same that might’ve created the tree? If so, who was the deity? Could it be the key to his true destiny?

BlackWarGreymon’s head began to ache from processing so much information at once. He tried to slow down and try again.

If it’s all true, who was the deity? What motives did it had? Where was it? When did it know him? And how did it know him?

Equestria and the Digital World were in completely separate dimensions, or even universes. So how was it possible for the Tree of Harmony to be aware of BlackWarGreymon’s very existence!?

Just as his mind peeked from so many questions, unfortunately, his mind lost complete focus.

It meant one thing, he was not alone again.

Opening his yellow eyes, his gaze fell upon the same Unicorn filly. But to his surprise, there were other young ponies with her. Some a little older and some a little younger, but all smiling at him.

The Digimon was really confused. It was obvious that the first filly told the others about him, but where did they all come from?

After remembering the direction where the first filly walked off to, BlackWarGreymon turned his head around and saw a small building in the distance.

How he didn’t noticed it before was beyond him.

“Just perfect.”

At the building fifteen minutes later, a Unicorn mare walked out of the front doors. Curious to see if the children were outside.

“Now where did they run off to?” She asked herself as she looked around, trying to spot the fillies and colts.

Then the collective sounds of playful laughter caught her ear. Realising where they were, she followed the sounds.

Halfway across the field, she spotted something large sitting on the grass. To her surprise and relief, it turned out to be BlackWarGreymon, the saviour she heard so much about. Although she had never seen him in person, she recognized his details that her friends described. What added to her surprise even more was that the children themselves, were very close to him while having fun.

Two colts and five fillies were running in circles around BlackWarGreymon while another group played peekaboo on his lap. Using the yellow cords on the Digimon’s chest like a ladder, some of the children climbed up to his shoulders and used his shield as a slide. A lone colt carefully tapped his hoof on one of the tips of the metal gauntlets, ending up with only a little prick and a tiny jolt of pain. It felt like touching the pointed end of a needle. Another colt used the horns on the side of BlackWarGreymon’s head like monkey bars, swinging back and forth, and a small filly snuggled and nuzzled in the Digimon’s soft yellow hair.

In a manner of speaking, they were using BlackWarGreymon like a climbing frame or a jungle gym.

The expression in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes clearly showed that he was annoyed and didn’t like the idea of becoming a children’s plaything. But what could he do? The colts and fillies were innocent and only playing around, so he shouldn’t be rough or angry around him. He even thought that since the children were so young, they wouldn’t go anywhere near him, let alone play with him. So he was surprised that they got so used to him so quickly. Although annoyed that he couldn’t focus on the meaning of his destiny, but deep down he was happy that the ponies so young weren’t afraid of him at all, and were happy to be near him.

The mare chuckled at seeing both the display and the Digimon’s annoyed expression. An all-powerful, fierce looking, otherworldly being, forced to come to terms of the playful children, was reduced to their little activity. But it was time for their play time to end.

“Ok kids, time to come inside.”

The young ponies all let out sighs of disappointment from the call of their fun time being cut short. But they had to do what they’re told. So after a brief hesitation, they all climbed off the relieved Digimon and made their way towards the building.

The mare also done a head-count as the colts and fillies walked past her.

“…five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, el...”

She paused her counting when she missed one. In alarm, she looked around franticly, trying to find the odd one out.

“Whe… where is she?”

Unexpectedly, she got her answer from BlackWarGreymon.

“She’s right here.”

As she looked at him, the mare noticed that the Digimon was looking down. Following his gaze, she saw one of the fillies sleeping on his lap.

The filly in particular was the same black furred, yellow maned one that first met BlackWarGreymon.

Although surprised, the mare smiled at how peaceful the young girl was as she slept on the leg of the Digimon.

“Awww… it seems Nina has taken a great liking to you.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at the mare, then back down at the sleeping but smiling filly. Knowing her revealed name.

“Nina? That’s a beautiful name,” He admitted, the name suited her well.

“Isn’t it? I chose it myself since she never had one,” The mare said.

Her sentence made BlackWarGreymon look at her in confusion.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well you see… Nina’s an orphan,” The mare answered, but it brought surprise to the Digimon. Since he learnt what the word meant from one of Twilight’s books.

“An orphan?” He asked.

The mare explained herself.

“Yes. The building I came from is an orphanage. All the children here are orphans. I’m only their caretaker.”

BlackWarGreymon was stunned. The kids were left or abandoned by their true parents, so the caretaker was technically the only mother they had. He then looked down at the sleeping Nina. Who in their right minds would give away someone as adorable as her?

He then felt sympathy for the little filly as she snuggled his leg.

But then good news came to light.

“Luckily for Nina. A young couple took great interest in her this morning. And are planning to adopt her,” The mare said.

The news brought relief to the Mega, knowing that the future of the little filly would be safe and secure.

Then the caretaker of the orphanage approached the Digimon.

“If you’re ready, it’s time to take her back inside.”

“Of course.”

Deciding it was time to go, the Unicorn mare used her magic to gently lift Nina off BlackWarGreymon’s lap and rested the filly on her back.

“The children here really like you. You can come by and visit anytime you want. And thank you for saving Ponyville the other day,” The mare said before turning away, walking towards the orphanage.

As BlackWarGreymon watched on, his mind was buzzing with thoughts. Even though he couldn’t figure out the connections between him, his destiny, the Tree of Harmony and his existence in Equestria, but he did somewhat enjoy helping out the Cutiemark Crusaders and spent time with the orphans. Even though it was all unintentional.

So in conclusion, his day so far wasn’t a total loss.

“Hi BlackWarGreymon!”

BlackWarGreymon jolted back in surprise as he unexpectedly heard a loud voice. After quickly got his bearings straight, he saw Pinkie Pie standing in front of him with a big wide smile.

“Wh…where did you come from?” The Digimon asked, it was as if the pink Earth Pony appeared from out of nowhere.

“I followed you, silly. It took me a while to find you, but here I am,” Pinkie Pie answered.

BlackWarGreymon assumed that the reason Pinkie Pie spent a lot of her time to find him, meant that she wants him for something.

“So is there something you want me to do?”

“Funny you should ask that, because there is!” Pinkie Pie answered before walking closer to the Digimon.

“Can I please ride on your back as you fly?” She asked with pleading, puppy dog eyes.

BlackWarGreymon was surprised by the pony’s bizarre request. But with the answers to his questions drawing a blank in his mind, he had nothing better to do.

“Well, I’m heading back to town. So I don’t see why not.”

“Yipee!” Pinkie Pie said as she bounced around in excitement.

After calming down, Pinkie Pie bounced so high she flew over BlackWarGreymon’s head and landed on his left shoulder.

“Ok, I’m ready!”

“Hmm, hang on,” The Digimon said as he started to walk.

Pinkie Pie let out a huge grin as she waited for the flight to begin.

Then with a massive leap, BlackWarGreymon launched himself off the ground and shot straight into the sky. With Pinkie Pie cheering all the way.

Back at the orphanage bedroom window, Nina, who had just woken up, saw the events outside, and silently waved goodbye at the departing Digimon with a genuine smile.

Outside of Ponyville

During BlackWarGreymon’s time at the orphanage, school had finished. And to Scootaloo’s and Sweetie Belle’s surprise, Applebloom immediately rushed outside and ran towards a nearby forest. Luckily that it wasn’t the Everfree, but the two fillies were concerned as to why the young Earth Pony was in a rush and why she didn’t tell them anything. Maybe she found a way of getting her cutiemark. But if so, why didn’t she said a word about it?

Concerned for their friend, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo tried to follow Applebloom. But when they started, they lost sight of her. And the forest they were in was unfamiliar to them.

Instead of getting themselves lost, the two fillies went back to Ponyville to find somepony to be their guide. Luckily for them, they bumped into Applebloom’s older sister, Applejack.

“Woah now, what are ya two doin’ right now?” Applejack asked while shaking her head from her collision with the two fillies.

“Oh Applejack, thank goodness. You need to help us find Applebloom,” Scootaloo said while grabbing the older pony’s shoulders.

“What? Ah thought she would be with you two,” She replied, her voice shown a hint of concern for her little sister.

“She was. But when school finished, she ran into that forest over there,” Sweetie Belle said while she pointed her hoof to the forest she mentioned.

Applejack’s eyes widened in alarm as she recognised the forest.

“WHAT!!? Has she lost her mind!?”

Then like a stampeding bull, Applejack ran straight into the forest as fast as she could. Confused of what was happening, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle ran after her in the tree growth.

As the fillies ran through the forest floor, they caught up with Applejack. Just in time to hear her.

“That filly’s gonna get herself killed!”

“Why? The Everfree Forest is back the other way,” Scootaloo mentioned. Followed by Sweetie Belle.

“And this isn’t White Tail Woods.”

Then the worried orange mare corrected both the fillies.

“It’s not the forest that worries me. It’s what’s beyond the forest that does.”

The fact that the two fillies had never been to the forest, they were curious of what was on the other side.

“What is beyond this forest?” Sweetie Belle asked.

Applejack narrowed her sights as she gave her answer.

“Froggy Bottom Bogg.”

The two fillies were confused at the name.

“Froggy Bottom Bogg? That doesn’t sound dangerous,” Scootaloo said, earning a harsh lesson from Applejack.

“Not dangerous!? It’s near enough just as dangerous as the Everfree Forest! It has wild animals, thick mud, and who knows what!”

Applejack had every right to be frightened. The last time she and some of her friends were at the bog, they had a deadly encounter with a certain giant four-headed reptile.

“If it’s that dangerous, then why did Applebloom come here all alone?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“That’s exactly what I want to know too,” Applejack said.

Soon enough, the three ponies arrived at the edge of the forest and at their destination.

“Woah, so this is Froggy Bottom Bogg,” Scootaloo said while taking in the sights of the huge swamp.

“EWW! This place is gross!” Sweetie Belle complained as she looked at the terrain. She almost sounded like Rarity.

“Now ya know why this place ain’t a place for small fillies,” Applejack said as she looked at the two.

Truth be told that she wanted Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to stay in Ponyville. But to find a small filly in such a large area meant she needed all the help she could get.

With that, the three looked in random places to find their friend. Scootaloo searched high, Sweetie Belle searched low, Applejack peered through the thick long grass. But so far, they hadn’t found a clue. The three even called out Applebloom’s name, in hopes that she would respond.

As the search went on, the mare and the fillies were getting more concerned by the second. Worried if something bad happened to the young Earth Pony.

Then they heard a voice in the distance.

“HELP! Is there anypony out there!? Help me!”

As the three turned their heads in the direction of the voice, Applejack’s eyes grew wider.

“That voice… Applebloom!”

Applejack immediately ran towards the voice she recognised, followed by Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. As the three reached a clearing, they spotted the Earth Pony filly.

“Applebloom!” The three said, they were glad to see the filly unharmed.

But she was in trouble.

“Girls, help. I’m stuck,” Applebloom said as she looked at the ground beneath her. All four of her legs were bogged down in the thick mud up to her knees. Preventing her escape.

“Hang on, I’m coming!” Applejack said as she ran straight towards her trapped sister.

But unlike her older sister, Applebloom could see the danger that laid in front of her.

“No! Wait Applejack!”

But her warning came late. Just six feet away from Applebloom, Applejack felt her hooves sink into the soft sticky mud beneath her. Stopping her advance. The orange mare tried to pull her front legs free, but the action caused her hind legs to sink deeper. From feeling her legs starting to become immobile, Applejack started to panic. No matter how hard she tried to pull free, the suction of the thick mud held her in place and slowly pulling her in.

“No! I…have…to get free,” She said as she started to squirm and flail her body in hopes to get loose, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Stop squirmin’ Applejack! Ya only making it worse!” Applebloom called out, seeing that her older sister was already knee deep.

By calming down and keeping still, Applejack’s sinking slowed. But she was still in danger.

The two fillies on the side-lines could only watch in horror.

“What are we gonna do!?” Scootaloo asked in a panic.

“I know!” Sweetie Belle answered as she got an idea.

Using her magic, Sweetie Belle’s levitation spell surrounded Applejack and tried an attempt to lift her free. As first it was working, the mare was lifted by a couple in inches. But the Unicorn filly was still new to performing magic and she started to strain from the pressure. She tried to focus as hard as she could, but being new to magic, plus the suction of the mud only made her do very little.

Soon enough, Sweetie Belle’s magic gave way. She simply didn’t had the strength to free Applejack.

“It’s no good. I’m still new to magic.”

With every attempt failed, the orange pony came to a bold decision.

“Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, go back to Ponyville and find help.”

“What!? We can’t leave you and Applebloom like this!” The Pegasus filly stared, wanting to help anyway she could without leaving.

“This ain’t a task for fillies! Now go and find help. We’ll be fine as long nothin’ else happens,” Applejack said, though slightly doubting her last sentence.

Although hesitant at first for leaving their friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded in agreement.

“Ok. We’ll be back as soon as we can!” Sweetie Belle promised as she and Scootaloo turned around and ran back to the forest. Heading back to Ponyville and leaving Froggy Bottom Bogg.

Applejack and Applebloom mentally hoped that the two fillies would find help in time. Especially from the fact that the swamp could hide other dangers. Some a lot worse than being stuck in thick mud.

And it might happen at any moment.

Chapter 24: Trouble in Froggy Bottom Bogg

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High in the skies above Ponyville, BlackWarGreymon was speeding through the open air, with Pinkie Pie holding on to his back. She was practically having the time of her life as she cheered, her mane and tail swaying wild in the wind.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This is the best ride I’ve ever been on!!”

BlackWarGreymon merely chuckled at her obvious joke. Thinking that he was some kind of rollercoaster.

As the two arrived at the outskirts of Ponyville, the black Digimon landed on the dirt road. Then Pinkie Pie jumped off his back, her mane and tail were swept back and stretched from the high-speed traveling.

“Hehe, that was fun!” She said before her pink mane and tail puffed back in place, back to its puffy fluffy look.

“Guess it is,” BlackWarGreymon said, seeing how happy the pink party pony was.

Then Pinkie Pie looked at the tall Digimon with a playful smile.

“And I didn’t know you were great with children,” She said, earning a surprised look from BlackWarGreymon.

He then remembered that the pink mare appeared moments after the orphans went back to the orphanage, so it was likely that Pinkie Pie was around long enough to had seen his interactions with them. He then had an embarrassing thought that she had seen him being treated like a climbing frame.

“Yep, you were so cute with those kids playing around with you,” Pinkie Pie added.

From the expression in his eyes, it was clear that it was the first time that BlackWarGreymon was called ‘cute’.

“C…cute? I’m not cute, Pinkie. Far from it.”

Pinkie Pie let out a chuckle of amusement.

“Hehe, of course you are. Even fierce beings can be cute at times, or do cute things.”

“But still, I wouldn’t say I’m cute,” The black armoured Mega said, embarrassed that soon other ponies would call him cute.

However, their conversation was interrupted by the rapidly approaching Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

“Pinkie Pie! BlackWarGreymon!”

After gaining their attention, the two fillies stopped in front of them. Exhausted from their running.

“What is it girls?” Pinkie Pie asked, concerned as to why the two fillies were panicking.

After gasping for breath, Scootaloo answered. Followed by Sweetie Belle.

“It’s Applebloom and Applejack!”

“They’re in trouble!”

Pinkie Pie and BlackWarGreymon were shocked to hear the terrible news.

“TROUBLE!?” The pink mare asked in disbelief, greatly concerned for the two in peril.

“What happened to them? And where are they?” The black Digimon asked. With Scootaloo answering his question.

“They’re stuck at Froggy Bottom Bogg!” She then pointed in the direction of the forest where they came from. “They need help!”

Brimming with determination to save Applejack and Applebloom, BlackWarGreymon was more than ready.

“I’m on it!”

He then sprinted past the two fillies and ran straight into the dense forest. Wanting to help out, Pinkie Pie galloped after him.

“Hay! Wait BlackWarGreymon!”

Not wanting to leave a fellow crusader behind, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle followed the pink mare. But being fillies, they couldn’t keep up. Pinkie Pie saw the two and offered help.

“Quick, hop on!”

Agreeing to her offer, the young Unicorn and Pegasus leaped onto the party pony’s back as she ran into the forest.

Speeding across the forest floor, the three ponies managed to catch up to BlackWarGreymon. The sprinting Digimon glanced to his right to spot them following him.

“I suggest you three go back to Ponyville. Let me deal with this,” He said to them, concerned for their safety.

“No way. Applebloom is a fellow crusader. And crusaders all stick together.” Scootaloo stated with Sweetie Belle nodding in agreement.

“Yeah. And Applejack is my cousin. So she’s family,” Pinkie Pie added, trying to keep up with the black Digimon while carrying two fillies on her back.

‘Applejack is her cousin?’ BlackWarGreymon thought, as if he didn’t believe her. But then his mind focused on an important fact.

Friends stick together, no matter the odds. Even if the odds were stacked against them, they would be there for each other no matter what.

BlackWarGreymon then sighed in acceptance.

“Ok. But you three be careful.”

Sweetie Belle noticed that ‘being careful’ was not what the Digimon was doing.

“Watch out! You’re about to run into those trees!”

However, BlackWarGreymon was aware of the approaching trees, but he ran straight towards them regardless. Then the trees, no matter thick or thin, were all snapped as the Digimon smashed his way through them while running at full speed. From a bird’s eye view of the forest, some sections of trees were either brushed aside of simply knocked down. Anyone who was watching would think that a giant creature was in there.

Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were all amazed at BlackWarGreymon’s display of strength, and his determination to save his friends. He looked as if nothing would stand in his way.

Froggy Bottom Bogg

Applejack and Applebloom remained stuck in the humid swamp. While the younger filly was still up to her knees in the thick mud, the older sister was slightly deeper. She was half way up her upper legs.

After another failed attempt to struggle free from the grip of the mud, she turned her concern to her little sister.

“Ya ok, sugercube?”

Applebloom inspected the ground beneath her before answering.

“Ah think so. The mud over here seems to be much firmer than the one you’re in,” She said, noting that it took longer for her to sink further into the muddy trap.

“Right. So… would ya tell me why ya ran off here all by ya’self!?”

Applejack’s demand caught Applebloom off guard.

“What!? Ah don’t think this is the time for that, AJ!”

“It sure is little missy! Now spill!”

With the situation they were in, Applebloom had no choice but to confess.

“Ok ok. I thought that by coming to the forest alone, it might earn me a cutiemark for bravery or somthin’. But I didn’t know about this swamp, honest!”

Applejack could see in her little sister’s eyes that, although ashamed, she was telling the truth. As the big sister responded, she and the filly were unaware that something was moving in the murky waters as green mist started to appear around them.

“That last part I understand, Applebloom. But what I don’t understand is why ya came here all alone. I mean what if somethin’ happened to ya? And why can’t ya try somthin’ safer to earn ya cutiemark?”

“Well I…”

Applebloom’s answer was cut short as she breathed in the green mist. Its unexpected stench caused the filly to cough in disgust.

“Uhhh! What in Equestria is that smell!?” She asked before shaking her head side to side, trying to get rid of the mist.

Applejack meanwhile froze at her sister’s reactions. It was the exact same reactions as Twilight’s the last time she came to the bog. The green fog stench was a sign that meant only one thing.

Her worst fears of coming back to Froggy Bottom Bogg were coming true as she heard sounds of splashing. She then saw a tall silhouette in the green mist, stretching up from the pond behind Applebloom and into the sky. It was followed by three more identical silhouettes.

As the stinky green mist started to fade away, Applebloom realised that her big sister had suddenly got very quiet.


Looking at her sibling, Applebloom saw that Applejack was paralyzed in fear while staring at something behind the filly. Though already she had a bad feeling of what was going on, the young pony’s eyes widened as she heard sounds of growling. Turning her head around to the source of the sounds, she gasped at the beast behind her.

High in the air looming over the two ponies, were four identical dragon-like heads. Each of the heads had scary green eyes and bright red spikes on the sides of their heads. Supporting the heads were incredibly long snake-like necks, covered in thick orange scales. Slowly rising to the surface was the rest of its body. It had a yellow under-belly, two legs ending in claws, and several yellow spikes on the end of its tail.

As the sixty foot tall reptile fully emerged itself from the swamp, the hydra let out several loud roars.

Seeing the massive monster for the first time, Applebloom let out a scream of panic as she struggled like mad to get out of her muddy trap. But given the type of mud she was in, she was stuck like glue.

The screams only made the hydra draw its attention closer to the two ponies, licking its lips as it approached its prey.
Unable to run or defend themselves, Applebloom and Applejack called out for help.


Just in the nick of time, BlackWarGreymon, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle arrived on the scene. They immediately spotted the huge reptile, much to the surprise of the Digimon and the two fillies.

“What is that thing!?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“That’s a hydra! A big meanie monster with four meanie heads!” Pinkie Pie answered, remembering the last time she encountered a hydra.

“It’s huge!” Scootaloo said while eying the four-headed beast.

BlackWarGreymon meanwhile was quickly analyzing the situation. He first spotted Applejack and Applebloom, struggling to free themselves from the mud they got bogged down in. He then glanced up at the hydra, seeing the carnivore grinning meant that it planned on eating the ponies as they were unable to escape.

The Digimon narrowed his eyes in determination. He knew he could take it on. He then glared back at his three companions as he formulated a plan of action.

“Ok. Pinkie Pie, you get Applejack and Applebloom out of there. And you two, hide and stay out of trouble.”

He then glanced back at the beast.

“I’ll take care of the hydra.”

To the surprise of his three friends, BlackWarGreymon immediately took off the ground and flew straight towards the danger.

Unaware of the advancing Digimon, one of the four hydra heads lowered just above the two Earth Pony heads and opened its gaping mouth wide to engulf them both. Just as the two stranded girls gave up hope, BlackWarGreymon flew in-between them and the hydra and kicked the lizard’s head square in the jaw.

The sheer force of the attack caused the hydra head to swing over its other heads and flop down over its back.

“BlackWarGreymon!” Applejack and Applebloom said, they never thought they would be so glad to see their digital friend in the nick of time.

“Don’t worry girls, we’ll get you out of there,” The Digimon said as he turned his attention back to the hydra.

The Mega level Digital Monster then became aware that each of the four hydra heads had minds of their own. Because as the head he kicked rose back up with a dizzy expression, the other three heads looked as if they were mocking it.

“Back off now, if you know what’s good for you,” BlackWarGreymon demanded. Since the hydra was only acting on instinct instead of desire like the dragons, it wasn’t evil. It’s just a hungry reptile.

But the hydra was indeed hungry and only glared back at the Digimon with amused grins.

“Suit yourself,” BlackWarGreymon said, already knowing that it would end up in a fight.

Flying up to the hydra’s heads, the black Digimon punched one of them back. The head forced back and sustaining a large scratch form the metal gauntlets.

Though surprised at the intruders’ strength, instinct told the hydra to fight back. trying to gobble him up.

While the fight was on, the two fillies on the side lines were either sulking or in awe.

“Why can’t we help? We can do something too, right Scootaloo?” Sweetie Belle asked while looking at Scootaloo. Seeing her amazed expression.

“Wow. He just booted that hydra in the jaw.”

“Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle shouted in her friend’s ear, snapping her out of her trance.

“Uhhh… yes. We must find a way to help,” The Pegasus said, putting on a brave face.

The two fillies were just in time to see Pinkie Pie rearing on her hind legs and had a look of confidence on her face.

“Don’t worry AJ and Applebloom! Pinkie Pie’s here to rescue you!”

Then the pink pony without a plan charged straight towards the stranded two. Completely oblivious to the fact that Applejack saw she was making a big mistake.

“No! Wait Pinkie!”

But the orange pony’s warning came too late. Her supposed-to-be saviour ended up getting herself stuck waist-deep in the same thick mud. Only her upper body and her forelegs were free.

“EEEEEEE! Now I’m stuck too,” Pinkie Pie said, briefly happy about her situation for some reason. But after a short second, she and Applejack panicked.


Back at the fight, BlackWarGreymon was holding back one of the hydra’s heads while doing the same with his legs on the second head. As he wrestled the two heads at once, he heard the sudden cries of distress. He turned his head around to see what was going on, only to see something as ridicules as part of his plan backfired on him.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

After he finished talking, he immediately got head-butted from the side by another hydra head. The blow knocked the Digimon out of the way.

On the sidelines, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo watched on as the older mares sank deeper in the mud. Pinkie Pie was up to her ribs and Applejack was up to her stomach. While knee deep in thick mud, Applebloom pleaded with her fellow crusaders.

“Come on girls, think of somethin’ quick!”

“But I don’t know what we can do,” Scootaloo answered in worry. But Sweetie Belle had an idea. Though it hadn’t worked before, but she could at least try to slow down the sinking.

“I know what to do,” She said before pointing her horn at Pinkie Pie and Applejack, and concentrated as much magic as she could.

Surrounding the two stranded mares in her magical aura, Sweetie Belle held them in place. Stopping their decent into their muddy tombs.

“Great work, Sweetie Belle!” Scootaloo complemented.

“Yeah. But I can’t hold this forever,” Sweetie Belle said, already feeling the strain from holding two ponies at once.

Back in the sky, BlackWarGreymon took a brief moment to see what was going on back on the ground. And spotted what Sweetie Belle was doing.

“She’s slowing them down. But I must end this fight, and quick,” He said as he charged at the hydra, just as it lunged its four heads at him.

As the heads came close to him, BlackWarGreymon elbowed one on top of its head with his right arm, while at the same time, he slammed his left knee into another. After twirling himself over the third head, narrowly escaping its gaping jaws, the Digimon swung his right leg over and slammed his heel on the back of the hydra’s third neck.

The trio of beat-downs caused the three heads to be dizzy. The forth hydra became infuriated that its prey was outsmarting the other three heads. It then let out an angry roar to bring the three to attention, and then to BlackWarGreymon’s surprise, one of them suddenly reached out and grabbed a hold on the Digimon’s left leg.

With its prey firmly in its jaws, the hydra reared its long neck back and then flung BlackWarGreymon straight to the ground. The black Digimon hardly had time to brace himself as he impacted straight through the soft ground. Throwing up heaps of thick mud in the air.

As the mud settled, there was no sign of BlackWarGreymon anywhere. The five onlooking ponies thought for a brief moment, that their digital friend didn’t made it and stayed buried under the swamp.

As the hydra started to laugh un amusement, the pool of mud started to bubble. Gaining the beast’s attention as well as the ponies. Then to their surprise, BlackWarGreymon came bursting out of the muddy pool. Launching himself free like a cannonball. He also grunted while doing so, showing that it took a bit of effort to free himself.

The mud covered BlackWarGreymon then hovered up to the hydra’s eye level some distance away, guarding the ponies below.

The two mares and the three fillies remained still ad quiet, seeing that the Digimon was clearly not happy. As the hydra got a brief shiver from BlackWarGreymon’s gaze, the Digimon spoke to it in a serious tone.

“I’ve been taking it easy on you, hydra. But no more! Now you asked for it!”

He then raised his Dramon Destroyers above his head and a tiny red orb formed in-between them. Though the hydra barely sensed the orb’s power, but it froze in fascination. Wondering how BlackWarGreymon was doing that.

Although Pinkie Pie and Applejack knew what was coming, the three crusaders and the hydra were in shock at what happened next.

Almost instantly, the Terra Destroyer orb grew from the size of a football to the size of BlackWarGreymon himself. Measuring ten feet in diameter.

The Mega level Digimon saw the hydra’s expression and decided to go further.

“Not scared yet!? How about now!?”

Within less of a second, the glowing red sphere of negative energy doubled in size. Up to twenty feet.

The hydra started to feel fear as it took one step back. Although trying to keep his temper down, BlackWarGreymon wanted to scare the giant reptile even more.

“How about now!?”

Like before, the size of the fiery sphere doubled again. Growing to an impressive forty feet.

But then to the surprise of everyone whom were watching, even surprising BlackWarGreymon himself, the giant orb expanded again. Measuring a colossal fifty feet in diameter.

Applejack and Pinkie Pie both had never seen BlackWarGreymon’s Terra Destroyer attack so large. It was even bigger than the one he used to defeat Tirek. Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were stuck in both awe and utter shock. They were glad that the black Digimon used a much smaller sphere to destroy the old barn the other day. If he used one that was fifty foot wide, it would utterly destroy half of Sweet Apple Acres. Or maybe even the whole of it.

‘Wow. Seems my power has advanced even greater than I thought,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself as he stared at his larger-then-average energy sphere.

While with the explosive orb within his claws, the black dragon warrior turned his sights back to the frightened hydra. Its natural hunting instincts instantly vanished as it looked at the unbelievable sight, realising the situation it was in.

It wouldn’t stand a chance. Eating five ponies wasn’t worth it for being beaten in a way it never felt before.

No longer wanting to fight BlackWarGreymon anymore, the massive hydra backed off as it lowered its four heads closer to its body.

The powerful Mega took those actions as signs of defeat.

“Good. NOW GET LOST!!!”

As he shouted, the Terra Destroyer sphere suddenly got brighter. Seeing what looked like a miniature star and the angry Artificial Digimon beneath it, the terrified hydra immediately turned its dragon-like body around and ran as fast as its two short legs could go.

After seeing the hydra fleeing across the horizon, BlackWarGreymon started to condense his giant red orb. Shrinking it as its immense energy faded away. After the mighty Terra Destroyer sphere shrunk into nothing, the Digimon turned around and flew down to the ponies.

There was some work to be done.

Back on the ground, Sweetie Belle finally ran out of magical power and nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

“Sweetie Belle!” Scootaloo said as she rushed over to the young Unicorn.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t do it,” Sweetie Belle said, her voice as well as her face was one of defeat. She thought she had let Applejack and Pinkie Pie down.

But it was not to be.

“Don’t worry. I got this.”

Turning towards the source of the voice, the two fillies, as well as the three stranded ponies, saw the victorious BlackWarGreymon hovering above their heads.

“BlackWarGreymon!” The five ponies cheered, glad to see that the danger was long gone thanks to him.

Seeing that Applejack was deepest in the sinking mud, the Digimon decided to free her first.

“Hay, it’s a good thing ya showed that hydra a thing or two,” The orange Earth Pony said as she watched BlackWarGreymon position himself above her.

“Yeah. Now keep still.”

BlackWarGreymon then lowered his arms and dug his metal claws in the mud either side of Applejack. Then closing them together, he felt his claws joining together and then used his two gauntlets as a scoop to successfully pull Applejack free.

BlackWarGreymon then reached out his leg so Pinkie Pie could use her free forelegs to grab a hold on the Digimon’s foot. Levitating upwards, he pulled Pinkie Pie free and then placed the two mares on safe ground with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

“Wow, that was close,” The pink party pony said as she tried to shake the mud off her fur.

“Don’t forget me,” Applebloom said, getting everyone’s attention.

“Don’t ya worry. We’re gettin’ ya out, lickidy split,” Applejack said as BlackWarGreymon hovered above the Earth Pony filly and freed her the same way he freed Applejack.

After the Digimon placed Applebloom on much firmer ground, Applejack ran up to her and gave her little sister an affectionate hug.

“Ya ok, sugarcube?” Applejack asked.

“Well I’m fine now,” Applebloom answered.

“Maybe you’d want to save that for when we get back to Ponyville,” BlackWarGreymon suggested, seeing that the town was much safer for the ponies than in the swamp.

After the five ponies nodded in agreement, they and their Digimon friend walked back into the forest where they came from. Leaving Froggy Bottom Bogg behind them.

As the six trekked through the forest, Applejack was scolding Applebloom for all that she had done.

“…now Applebloom, surely ya would know better than running into the forest alone!”

"Applejack, how many times did I say I’m sorry?” Applebloom asked, but wasn’t expecting an answer from Pinkie Pie.

“About fifty-seven times.”

After looking at Pinkie Pie in surprise and confusion, Applejack spoke back to her sister.

“Though I’m glad we got outa’ there in one piece, but ya still in big trouble little missy.”

As Applebloom tried to get the thoughts of punishment out of her head, she and the others surprisingly heard BlackWarGreymon’s voice.

“Don’t be too hard on her, Applejack.”

Surprised and confused, the five ponies looked at the Digimon while he explained himself.

“She had no idea about the bog, never mind that hydra. Yes, she shouldn’t have gone in the forest alone, but she had an adventures spirit. The same goes for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They go out and beyond the ways of a normal filly to try to find their destinies. I recon in time, they would eventually find their cutiemarks.”

Applejack and Pinkie Pie were surprised at BlackWarGreymon’s surprisingly wise words. It seemed Twilight was right, he really had changed from what he once was. The Cutiemark Crusaders all smiled in joy, knowing that he was right about them being adventures.

Then the three fillies were startled at the Digimon’s next statement.

“In a way, that’s something I can relate to.”

The confused Scootaloo started to question him.

“What do you mean? I bet you were born to save lives and be a hero.”

“If that were true,” BlackWarGreymon said as his mind trailed off in thought. Not realising that he openly spoke out loud.

While Applejack and Pinkie Pie grew in concern of what they’re aware of, the three fillies were worried at what the Digimon was trying to say.

“Wha-what are you saying, BlackWarGreymon?” Sweetie Belle asked.

BlackWarGreymon took her question as a sign and then looked over to the two older mares.

“I assume you haven’t told them,” He said to the two Earth Ponies.

“Well… not yet. Ah just didn’t want Applebloom and the others to get the wrong idea of ya,” Applejack replied, while feeling a little guilty.

“Same here,” Pinkie Pie added.

The Cutiemark Crusaders became desperate for an explanation.

“What? What haven’t ya told us?” Applebloom asked, with her two filly friends just as eager to know.

The whole group stopped in their tracks as silence followed. Then as if he told the same story a hundred times, BlackWarGreymon told the crusaders the truth as he looked at their faces. He wanted to see how they would react.

“You see, back in the world where I come from, the Digital World, all Digimon were born from Digi eggs.”

His expression darkened, almost scaring the fillies.

“But not me. I wasn’t born from a Digi egg, I was created. Created by evil Digimon.”

The three fillies gasped in shock, frightened to what BlackWarGreymon was implying.

“You mean… like an experiment?” Scootaloo asked.

“Of sorts,” The Digimon answered. The filly’s question wasn’t far off.

“So… if you were created by evil Digimon, does that mean that… you were…”

Sweetie Belle’s question was interrupted by BlackWarGreymon.

“Evil? Yes, I was. I was created to destroy the entire Digital World.”

The young girl’s expressions were a mix of shock and horror, something that BlackWarGreymon expected. The fillies turned to Applejack and Pinkie Pie to see if he was correct. Only to see the two mares nodding their heads, confirming that it was true.

The fillies looked back at BlackWarGreymon with mixed feelings, realising that he had the power to do such things. Then again, it was kind of obvious. His powers and strength were both formidable and very destructive. Even his name and appearance alone were frightening.

“Ya… didn’t destroy ya whole world, didn’t ya?” Applebloom asked in a shaky voice.

To the relief of the fillies, BlackWarGreymon’s answer was the one they were hoping for.

“No. Because of the extent of my power, I disobeyed my creators and left to find my mark. You could say I was just as rebellious as you three.”

The three crusaders, or rather the three little devils, chuckled at the Digimon’s last remark. Of which Applejack reinforced.

“Ya can say that again,” She said as she ruffled Applebloom’s mane.

As the group continued their walk to Ponyville, Scootaloo asked BlackWarGreymon a question.

“So, you were evil. But like Discord, you became good?”


Their conversation was joined by Pinkie Pie, who was bouncing around the whole group.

“That’s right! He came from baddie to goodie. Oh, which rhymes with cookie! Now he saves lives so I can continue celebrating parties, holidays and birthdays!”

As he listened to the joyful pink pony, BlackWarGreymon became curious of the last word she said.

“Birthdays?” He asked with a questionable look, which surprised his pony friends. Mostly Pinkie Pie.

“Wait, ya don’t know what a birthday is?” Applebloom asked the tall Digimon.

Knowing that he would like to know the answer, Sweetie Belle explained what a birthday was.

“A birthday is a yearly event to celebrate the day of a pony’s birth. I just had mine a couple of months ago.”

“Celebrating the day you were born. Interesting,” BlackWarGreymon said.

Then to the Digimon’s surprise, Pinkie Pie let out a loud gasp as she got an idea. She then jumped up right in BlackWarGreymon’s face in excitement.

“Do you have a birthday!? Do you, do you, do you!?”

BlackWarGreymon took a short moment to think. Remembering how long ago it was since he was brought to existence by a hundred Control Spires.

“Well… if you count my creation as my birth, I say it was about four months ago.”

All five ponies paused in shock at the startling revelation of the Digimon’s age. BlackWarGreymon noticed that his friends stopped following him and turned to see what was wrong.

“Hold on now. Months? Not years?” Applejack asked to make sure that the Digimon hadn’t made a mistake.

“Yes, months.”

“You’re four months old!?” Pinkie Pie asked in shock and disbelief.


“Ah don’t believe it! He’s even younger than us!” Applebloom said to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, whom were both just as surprised.

“He’s even younger than the baby Cake twins!” Pinkie Pie added.

Applejack was almost speechless. She knew that BlackWarGreymon’s life was short, but she didn’t know it was THAT short!

“Wow. Sorry about that, big fella. We thought you were older.”

“Well I do sound older and look older. But I am indeed four months old,” BlackWarGreymon said before he and his five pony friends started to walk on.

The mares and fillies simply couldn’t believe how young the Digimon was compared to them. His life so far was even shorter than a speck compared to the likes of the Alicorn Sisters.

Chapter 25: BlackWarGreymon’s Invite

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On the outskirts of Ponyville, Princess Twilight Sparkle was having an emergency meeting with Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. All unaware of the events at Froggy Bottom Bogg and the battle with a sixty-foot tall hydra.

“Are you sure she just disappeared?” Twilight asked Rarity, whom looked distressed.

“Definatly darling. I can’t find Sweetie Belle anywhere since school finished,” The white Unicorn answered.

“Yeah, I had no luck with Scootaloo either,” Rainbow Dash added.

“Aren’t they at their clubhouse?” Twilight asked the group. The question answered by Fluttershy.

“I just checked. But they weren’t there.”

“Speaking of which, where’s Applejack and Pinkie Pie?” Twilight asked, noting the absence of her other pony friends.

After the group shrugged in uncertainty, Rainbow Dash came to a decision.

“I say we spread out and look for them.”

“Yeah!” The other three girls said.

But before they could begin their search, they heard a voice.

“Hay Rarity! We’re back!”

The white Unicorn gasped in joy at hearing the voice she was all too familiar with.

“Sweetie Belle! Oh, thank goodness you’re baaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHH!!”

Her tone of voice shifted greatly into shock as she turned to not only see her little sister, but Applebloom and Scootaloo all with messy furs and covered in mud.

“What in Equestria happened to you three!!?”

“It’s a long story,” Sweetie Belle answered with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Well you tell me all about it,” Rarity said as she rushed to her sister to comfort her, but kept her distance by a couple of inches so she wouldn’t get dirty.

“Maybe after we clean you up,” She added.

As the remaining older mares walked up to Scootaloo and Applebloom, Twilight was startled when she recognized the type of mud that was on the fillies fur.

“Did you three went to Froggy Bottom Bogg?” The Alicorn asked in both alarm and disbelief.

Before either of them spoke up, Applejack’s voice intervened.

“We sure did.”

The ponies gasped when they saw Applejack and Pinkie Pie. The state the two were in was much worse than the fillies.

“You too?” Rainbow Dash asked as Rarity fainted from the sight of the amount of half dry mud on a pony.

“And that mud on your legs, did you run into trouble?” Twilight asked in concern.

“You bet,” Applejack answered while smiling. She was then joined by Pinkie Pie.

“And we would still be in trouble if it weren’t for BlackWarGreymon.”

“Wait, BlackWarGreymon?” Twilight asked as Pinkie Pie pointed in the direction of the forest where they came from.

The gang gasped again at the sight of the mud-covered BlackWarGreymon. Rarity then fainted the second time just moments after regaining consciousness.

“Even you!?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“My goodness BlackWarGreymon, you’re practically covered head-to-toe in mud,” Fluttershy mentioned.

The dragon warrior checked himself over before responding back.

“Yeah. You can thank the hydra for that,” He said, which startled Twilight.

“You encountered a hydra!?”

“Yeah. And he beat em!” Applebloom said, she and her friends remained amazed that the Mega could scare away a towering hydra.

After waking up from her fainting, Rarity spoke to the mud-covered group.

“Well… can we talk about this, after we go to the spa to freshen up?”

“Yeah, we could do with a wash,” Scootaloo said, with the others thinking of the same thing.

As the group headed off to the spa, Twilight walked beside BlackWarGreymon to talk to him.

“So BlackWarGreymon, did you found out what your purpose in life might be?” She asked the mud-covered Digimon.

The Mega took a moment to collect his thoughts on what he had learnt.

“I only managed to puzzle a few things together. We already know that the magic of this world is making me stronger. And I think that the reason why I was brought here… is because of the Tree of Harmony.”

“The tree?” Twilight asked, clearly interested as the Digimon continued.

“Yes. Though I’m not entirely certain, but I feel that this is all the tree’s doing. If not the tee itself, probably some sort of otherworldly being. I don’t know. I’m just so confused about it all.”

Twilight heard the hint of disappointment in BlackWarGreymon’s voice.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we could figure this out together,” She said in reassurance, cheering up her digital friend.

When the Mane Six, the Cutiemark Crusaders and the Mega level Digimon arrived at the local spa, they were given immediate treatments. More so were the ones who went to Froggy Bottom Bogg. Though happy that they got more customers, Lotus Blossom and Aloe were exceptionally glad that BlackWarGreymon came back. They were more than happy to wash him again.

Afterwards, the whole group were relaxing in their bath tubs. While his Dramon Destroyers and his Brave Shield were being held aside to be washed, BlackWarGreymon rested in a large tub of warm water, with the Mane Six in one of their own.

Curious at the Digimon’s words, Twilight spoke up.

“BlackWarGreymon. Earlier you said that, our world is making you stronger. Do you know any reason why?”

“I don’t know, Twilight. But it’s definatly not a coincidence. It almost feels as if the magic of Equestria, WANTS me to be stronger,” BlackWarGreymon said as he looked at the steamy water he was in. The more he thought of it, the more it felt true.

While Twilight and her friends thought about what BlackWarGreymon said, the Cutiemark Crusaders emerged from the spare room to take a bath. Seeing that the black Digimon was alone, they happily decided to join him.

BlackWarGreymon’s thoughts were interrupted when Scootaloo shouted.


Then like a cannonball, Scootaloo made a loud splash in the bath tub. Followed by Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. The combined splashing soaked the Digimon. But he wasn’t bothered in the slightest, he knew the fillies were only having fun.

After popping their heads back at the water’s surface, the trio looked at BlackWarGreymon before speaking.

“We hope you don’t mind but…” Sweetie Belle said.

“We would like to keep ya company,” Applebloom finished.

“I don’t mind at all,” BlackWarGreymon said as leaned back and closed his eyes. Going back to being relaxed.

As Sweetie Belle tried to do the same, mimicking her Digimon friend, she received a big splash of water to the face.

“Splash fight!” Scootaloo declared before swinging her hooves in the water, sending some playful waves to the two fillies.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom retaliated by sending waves of water, either back at the young Pegasus or at each other. Their playful laughter caught the attention of BlackWarGreymon, who watched as the three fillies threw water attacks at each other.

The expression in his eyes softened as he watched their little game. If he had lips, he would be smiling.

And then in an unexpected but predictable turn of events, the Cutiemark Crusaders combined their efforts to send a wave of warm water straight to BlackWarGreymon’s face. The Digimon blinked in bewilderment at the sudden surprise.

“Gotcha, big guy,” Scootaloo said while Sweetie Belle and Applebloom watched on. Waiting patiently to see how BlackWarGreymon would react.

After a brief moment of silence, the Digimon’s expression changed to an amused glare. He then stuck his hand in the water and threw a wave back at them.

The wave engulfed the three, but the fillies re-emerged laughing. They then attacked each other and the Digimon with relentless water attacks, with BlackWarGreymon retaliating with some of his own. He even started to chuckle as he joined in the game of water fight.

As the four continued, Applejack watched them with a smile on her face.

“Huh, now he’s acting like a four month old,” She sarcastically said as she turned back to the rest of the Mane Six.

“I still can’t believe how young BlackWarGreymon is. I mean really? Only four months old?” Rainbow Dash said, surprised at the Mega level Digimon’s age.

“I thought he would be a little older,” Fluttershy said. Then joined by Rarity.

“Well he does look and sound older.”

After a short moment of thinking, Twilight spoke up.

“I know from what I’ve seen in his memories, his life was short. But I didn’t really took note on how long his time in the Digital World lasted.”

She then looked at the playful four as they continued their water war.

“But it is nice to see him doing something else, other than fighting.”

Rainbow Dash then moved closer to Twilight, with a joke that she just had to share.

“I can see the headlines now, Twilight. BlackWarGreymon. The world’s strongest baby.”

Twilight couldn’t help but let out a little snicker, seeing that in the way, the most powerful being in Equestria was an infant.

After their relaxing treatments, the group left the spa sparking clean. Ahead of the group were the Cutiemark Crusaders.

“Wow Sweetie Belle, ya weren’t exaggeratin’ about BlackWarGreymon’s hair,” Applebloom said.

“It’s as soft as a cloud,” Scootaloo added.

It became apparent that during their war-games with BlackWarGreymon, they touched his yellow hair. But the three were then put on halt from Rarity calling out to them.

“Now you three don’t go wandering off just yet. We have to get you ready.”

The three fillies looked back at the white Unicorn in confusion.

“Get us ready for what?” Sweetie Belle asked her older sister.

“For the Grand Galloping Gala, of course.”

The fillies gasped in both shock and excitement at the delightful news. Applejack gasped for a different reason.

“Ahh shot! Ah forgot that it was on tonight!”

“Well luckily, I have all your dresses back home,” Rarity said to the other mares, who all responded with smiles.

“The Grand Galloping Gala?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

Twilight sensed the confusion in the Digimon’s voice. Of course, he wouldn’t know what it was.

“Oh. The Grand Galloping Gala is an annual royal ball held to celebrate the completion of Canterlot after Equestria was founded. It’s basically a social party that’s held in Canterlot every year.”

“That sounds like fun for you,” BlackWarGreymon said, but the Main Six didn’t felt the same.

“Well, when we first went there, it kinda wasn’t what we expected,” Pinkie Pie said, then joined by Applejack.

“Most of the ponies there were all posh and uptight. But we go there and have fun nonetheless.”

Then Twilight remembered something.

“Oh, nearly forgot. Here are the tickets Celestia gave me,” She said as her horn lit up in magic. Then several golden tickets appeared out of thin air.

She then gave each of her Ponyville friends and the Cutiemark Crusaders the shiny invite.

After receiving her golden ticket, Rarity noticed that Twilight had one extra ticket within her magical grasp. Knowing that Twilight possibly had her own back at the castle, the white Unicorn made her inquiry.

“Twilight darling, who’s that extra ticket for? Is it for Spike?”

Twilight let out a cheeky grin before answering.

“Well no. Spike already has his own back home. But take a good guess who this one is for.”

Rarity, and the rest of the ponies who were caught on, saw that the purple Alicorn was pointing her hoof to the side. Her action made the group turn their gazes to the only one in the group who didn’t have a ticket.

BlackWarGreymon took note that from the collective gasps of his friends while staring at him, and the extra ticket, meant only one thing.

“Who, me?”

Twilight then let out a cheerful chuckle before speaking.

“Yes! Princess Celestia herself had invited you too!”

Twilight then levitated the ticket to BlackWarGreymon, who grabbed it and looked at the golden invite in both disbelief and shock. Celestia had actually invited HIM!

However, if he was a pony, he would be excited to go. But he wasn’t one. He’s a big tall Digimon who could frighten the living daylights out of strangers just by being near them.

Twilight could see the doubt in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes before he spoke.

“Thanks for the offer, but I don’t do well in social gatherings and…”

He was interrupted by Pinkie Pie, who came up with a rather good point.

“How would you know? You’ve never been to one.”

Then Twilight joined in for support, followed by Rainbow Dash.

“Please BlackWarGreymon. Not everypony could get a ticket from Princess Celestia herself, and it would really mean a lot to her if you go. Not only that, going to the Gala could really help you improve your social skills.”

“Yeah. Not to mention that you would be the first Digimon ever to go to the Grand Galloping Gala. It’s an opportunity you can’t simply pass up.”

From hearing his friends, BlackWarGreymon felt honoured by the invitation. But still wasn’t one hundred percent on the idea.

“I’m not sure.”

Then a fact what Rainbow Dash said reminded Twilight of another good news.

“I almost forgot. Celestia told me that for the first time in over a thousand years, Princess Luna herself will be joining too.”

While the rest of the Mane Six and the Cutiemark Crusaders all gasped in excitement, BlackWarGreymon paused in silence.

‘Luna’s going to be there too?’

He was then lost in his thoughts. Truth be told that he hadn’t seen Luna since before his battle with the dragons. He didn’t know why but, he didn’t mind seeing her again. In fact, he wanted to see her again.

While he was thinking, the pony gang talked amongst themselves.

“Wow. Princess Luna at the Grand Galloping Gala,” Scootaloo said.

“I can’t remember even hearing of Luna attending the Gala,” Fluttershy stated, remembering that it was only Celestia who went to the party. Luna was always absent.

“Yeah. I bet even Celestia was surprised,” Twilight said.

“Ooohh, I wonder what dress she would be wearing,” Rarity said with a few possibilities in her head.

“Ah bet she would look stunnin’,” Applejack said with Sweetie Belle and Applebloom nodding in agreement.

“Yeah. And with BlackWarGreymon there, the Gala’s gonna be so awesome!” Rainbow Dash said as she hovered in the air in excitement.

“You could even say it would be… the best night ever!” Pinkie Pie shouted as she leaped into the air.

“Hold on now, girls. We’re not sure if he even wants to go,” Twilight stated.

Just as the group grew disappointed at the fact, they heard BlackWarGreymon’s voice.

“I’m going.”

Surprised, Twilight and her friends turned to face the black Digimon.

“What was that?” The Alicorn asked, making sure she and her friends heard him correctly.

“The Grand Galloping Gala. I decided to go. You’re right, my social skills could use a little work,” BlackWarGreymon explained, though what he said was only half the reason why he wanted to go.

“Perfect!” Twilight cheered as the others grew big smiles. The first Digimon in Equestria’s history, was going to the Gala.

After the cheering, Rarity let out the loudest excited gasp she could muster, she then ran to BlackWarGreymon’s feet.

“And I can make you a perfect suit! You need to dress proper for the Gala tonight,” She said before turning towards the rest of the group.

“Come on everypony, your dresses awaits!”

Then they made their way to Carousel Boutique, the home of Rarity and Sweetie Belle. BlackWarGreymon found it impossible to fit through the front doors, so Twilight kindly used her magic to teleport the Digimon inside. As it was the first time he was teleported via magic, BlackWarGreymon felt a bit queasy, but quickly shook it off.

With everyone inside, Rarity lead the rest of the ponies into the changing rooms to try out their new dresses. Rarity then went to her workshop where BlackWarGreymon was waiting. With the Digimon’s posture very similar to Spike’s, the fashionista decided to make him a large tuxedo. But a type that would match his personality perfectly.

But first, she had to take measurements.

“Darling, is that all the armour you can take off?” Rarity asked BlackWarGreymon, seeing that he only took off his Brace Shield and his Dramon Destroyers.

“Yes, the rest is pretty much my whole body,” The Mega said. His helmet, his shin guards and his body armour could not be removed even if he tried.

Rarity took a good look of the details that would imperfect his would-be suit.

“No worries. Creating a new kind of fashion is my passion. There is always a way.”

She then thought of a few ideas.

“Hmm…perhaps a tie could cover up your chest cords.”

Then to BlackWarGreymon’s surprise, Rarity suddenly appeared on his right shoulder as if she teleported. She looked and felt the pauldron spike on his armoured shoulder.

“And I suppose I could work my magic around these things.”

She then jumped down to get a second look at the Digimon. Picturing the look of his future suit in her head.

“Hmmmm… oh and definatly a cape.”

After more untold ideas were approved in her head, Rarity was ready.

“Ok. Now the measurements. Once I’m through with you my friend, you will be the most handsome Digimon anypony had ever seen!”

BlackWarGreymon was worried from two things. One was if it was possible for her to make a suit for his size on time, the second was that he hoped Rarity wouldn’t go overboard with her ideas.

Almost an hour had passed at Carousel Boutique. The dresses that belonged to the Mane Six and the crusaders were long being put on and the group spent the time talking amongst themselves.

“Wait, aren’t these dresses the same ones we wore the first time?” Rainbow Dash asked as she looked over her dress.

“Rarity said that these dresses are the improved versions of the previous ones,” Fluttershy said, remembering what Rarity told her.

“It doesn’t matter to me. Mine is pink like me!” Pinkie Pie said as she tried not to bounce in excitement. Otherwise she might ruin the dress.

“Calm down now Pinkie. Remember how dull it was last time. Ah don’t see how this would be different,” Applejack said. But then heard Applebloom’s voice.

“Well Applejack, what do ya think?”

As the orange mare turned around, she was stunned at her little sister’s appearance. Her dress not only matched her perfectly, it also made her look more mature. Applejack even shed a tear at how wonderful Applebloom looked.

“Oh… my little Applebloom, has all grown up,” She said, completely forgotten her previous statement.

Back near the centre of the group, Scootaloo was talking to Rainbow Dash.

“Oh oh, Rainbow. Did I tell you how BlackWarGreymon totally kicked that hydra’s butt!?”

“Relax Scootaloo. You already told me that twice. But like there was no doubt. If he could defeat a giant dragon, he could easily beat a hydra.”

Then Rainbow Dash thought about her public image.

“But if I was there, I could totally take that hydra on.”

Scootaloo giggled at the thought of her idol fighting a hydra. She found it awesome enough that it should be a movie.

“Speaking of BlackWarGreymon, I wonder what kind of suit Rarity has in mind for him,” Twilight said as she put on a little make-up powder on her cheeks.

“Hopefully not over the top,” Applejack said, knowing how much the white Unicorn could get carried away.

Speaking of Rarity, the Element of Generosity entered the dressing room. At first, she looked exhausted from her work, but was then perked up when she saw her friends all in the dresses she had made for them.

“Wow girls, those dresses look gorgeous on all of you!” She complemented.

“Thanks Rarity,” Sweetie Belle said, slightly blushing.

As the group agreed about their new outfits, Twilight walked up to Rarity with a questionable look. She was then followed by Fluttershy.

“So, how is BlackWarGreymon?”

“Is he ok?”

Rarity reassured the two with a smile of pride.

“Why he looks better than new. Come and see for yourselves.”

She then motioned the girls to follow her back to the workshop, eager to show them her newest masterpiece. Following Rarity back outside the changing room and into her workshop, the rest of the Mane Six and the Cutiemark Crusaders all let out gasps of awe and amazement.

Even though he was the same BlackWarGreymon they knew and love, his new outfit made him look entirely different. Rarity changed him from a warrior to a gentleman. The Digimon wore a white long sleeved undershirt and a black tuxedo perfectly for his size. Rarity even made the shade of black match the colour of his Digizoid armour. At the end of the Digimon’s white sleeves were golden cufflinks tipped with diamonds. On the front of his chest and tucked into his tux was a yellow tie. Rarity originally wanted to go for red, but the colour would clash with the Digimon’s loser armour. She even shaped the material of the black suit so it would fit over BlackWarGreymon’s shoulders and shape around his pauldron spikes. The back of his new tux had two strands that draped over the back of his upper legs. Attached to the suit, Rarity fitted a long cape that nearly touched the floor. The outer side was the same shade of black while the inner side was yellow. As well as his hair freshly combed, he also wore a black top hat with a yellow band above the base.

BlackWarGreymon felt embarrassed and weird from wearing something completely different for the first time. But from the positive reactions of his pony friends, he seemed to be absolutely perfect.

“Doesn’t he look fabulous!?” Rarity asked, her comment only had risen BlackWarGreymon’s embarrassment level.

At first, the girls were speechless. They had never seen their digital friend look so formal.

Rainbow Dash then broke the stunned silence.


“Wow Rarity! You did a great job!” Sweetie Belle complemented. Followed by Applebloom and Scootaloo.

“Yeah, a great job!!”

It was Applejack’s turn to speak to the awkward Mega.

“Wow BlackWarGreymon, ya look very stinnin’ in that getup.”

“And…handsome,” Fluttershy said while hiding a little blush.

Best suit for a Digimon, EVER!!” Pinkie Pie cheered.

Twilight meanwhile couldn’t be any prouder of BlackWarGreymon. He was like a completely changed Digimon from what he once was. If he was, he would never in a million years attend to any party, let alone wearing a suit.

“You’ve certainly out-done yourself, Rarity. BlackWarGreymon, you look fantastic,” The Alicorn said to both of them.

Then walking through the door and setting off the entrance bell, Spike the dragon arrived in the room. Like BlackWarGreymon, he too wore a black tuxedo, a white shirt and a top hat. But he lacks the cape and had a red band on his hat and wore a red bowtie.

“Sorry I’m late, took me a while to find this suit and…”

Spike paused his words when he saw BlackWarGreymon and his change in attire. He couldn’t help but feel blown away.

“Wow big guy, you look amazing. So, this means you’re going to the gala too?”

“Thanks, and yes I am?” BlackWarGreymon said, despite feeling embarrassed.

“I just realised something. It’s like you and Spike are dragons of the Gala,” Pinkie Pie remarked, since that Spike was the only dragon to ever attend the Gala and that BlackWarGreymon’s appearance resembles a dragon.

“Wow, the dragons of the Gala. Hay, that pretty much makes us… well, like brothers,” Spike said, eager on the idea.

Though obviously a different species altogether, the Digimon decided to play along.

“Whatever you say, …big brother,” He said, hinting his age.

Spike became startled as he took the hint in, and then became confused.

“Big brother?” Spike asked. Then Twilight explained.

“Well Spike. Although you’re a baby dragon, BlackWarGreymon is actually four months old.”

Spike’s green eyes widened as his mouth hung wide open in disbelief. At first, he was too startled to make any sort of sound. But then managed to speak.

“I’m older than him!? Wow.”

Spike’s predicament caused the mares and fillies to laugh in amusement. Afterwards, Rarity asked BlackWarGreymon something.

“Well BlackWarGreymon, what do you think?”

Before answering, the tall Digital Monster took another good look at the suit he was wearing through a mirror. Though he was uncomfortable about trying something new like clothing, he did like the way Rarity designed it and the colours she chose. Although he looked more formal, he still looked badass. Seemed Rarity was true about her eye in fashion and attention to detail.

“You did a fine job, Rarity. I like it. Though I’m not so sure about the hat.”

Though Rarity stuck with her design, she did see that BlackWarGreymon had a point. It looked rather unusual for a Digimon like him to be wearing a top hat. Also since his head was practically a helmet.

“Oh but you must wear it when you arrive. Once inside, then you can take it off if you chose to.”

Rarity then went over the rules on how to make the black Digimon well mannered.

“Now remember darling. Act formal, speak gently and be on your best behaviour. Oh, and don’t talk about fighting. If somepony does ask, just say it was for self-defense.”

“What are you Rarity? His mother?” Rainbow Dash joked, which caused her friends to laugh while Rarity blushed in embarrassment. She indeed spoke in a motherly tone for a brief moment.

Then the white Unicorn remembered something.

“Oh, another thing BlackWarGreymon. If somepony asks you to dance, it would be wise to oblige.”

BlackWarGreymon had a questionable look in his eyes.

“Dance? But I’ve never danced in my life. And what kind of dance is there?”

The pony gang were a little startled by the Digimon’s interest. They thought that BlackWarGreymon would’ve said something like ‘no way’ or ‘I do not dance’. Despite the fact, Rarity was more than happy with the solution she thought up within her mind.

“Well BlackWarGreymon, there are many kinds of dancing. But the most popular kind for the Gala is ballroom dancing. Here, let me demonstrate.”

She then turned around and used her magic to levitate Spike to her side.

“You don’t mind in helping me Spike?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“Oh… of course. Sure, I can help,” Spike said, his heart melted from seeing Rarity’s loving smile.

Seeing Spike stuttered response, as well as knowing his crush on Rarity, made the crusaders and their older friends quietly giggle in amusement. BlackWarGreymon meanwhile found Spike’s goofy behaviour rather strange. It was like an immediate change from the moment Rarity spoke to him.

‘Interesting. What’s got into him?’

After facing the lovey-dovey dragon, Rarity went ahead with the dancing lesson.

“Now pay attention, BlackWarGreymon. First step is to face your dance partner and stand on the hind legs. Since you already stand on two legs, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

She then did what she said. Standing in front of Spike, Rarity reared up onto her hind legs. Spike couldn’t believe what was happening. Even though it was just a demonstration, he would get to dance with the pony of his dreams.

Rarity then explained further to BlackWarGreymon.

“Then using your left hoof, or in your case your left hand, you gently hold onto the lady’s right hoof, and hold your arm out to the side. Then with your right hoof, or hand, you place it on the lady’s waist as she rests her left hoof on your shoulder.”

Showing how it was done, Rarity allowed Spike to hold her right hoof while placing his right clawed hand above her hip, and then placed her left hoof on his shoulder.

Spike could feel his face literally burning into an inferno as he felt the Unicorn’s soft silky fur. The joints in his arms almost stiffened as he tried to control his breathing. Of all the times he spent with Rarity, being her dance partner was definatly a first for him.

“Ready Spike?” Rarity asked.

“Huh, huh,” Spike said in a goofy tone as he nodded his head.

How Rarity doesn’t see the obvious signs was startling.

“Good Spike. Now lead the dance.”

BlackWarGreymon took note that in a ballroom dance, it was the boy who leads the dance. So as before, he payed close attention. Watching on as the two danced.

Although startled, Spike managed to muster enough self-control to move his feet. Followed by the rest of his body, he leads Rarity into the routine dance.

BlackWarGreymon watched every detail of the dance in great fascination. Unaware that a hidden program in his mind was doing its work. By taking in every step, every movement of the dance, all the information he was seeing was being collected and stored as data.

It was entirely possible that BlackWarGreymon himself doesn’t know about the ability to process information in the ‘Digimon’ way.

While the demonstrations went on, BlackWarGreymon, as well as the Mane Six, Spike and the Cutiemark Crusaders, were all unaware that some decisions were being made at Canterlot.

Canterlot Castle

It was hours before the opening of the Grand Galloping Gala, and both the gardens and the main hall were finished being prepared. It was enough to make Pinkie Pie proud.

As she walked through the hall and towards the throne room, Princess Luna took a good look at all the decorations. It was true that she had never attended to the Gala, and it was the first time she even what the party had to offer.

As she entered the throne room, Luna spotted Princess Celestia using magic to send off a pile of envelops. No doubt that in the envelops were more golden tickets to the Gala.

After sending the last invite, Celestia spotted her sister approaching her.

“So Luna, how did you like the decorations?” She asked.

“They’re…fine, sister. But um…”

Celestia took note of Luna’s response and her questionable tone.

“What’s the matter?” The white Alicorn asked in concern.

Luna found it hard to answer. After taking in a deep breath, she spoke up.

“Sister, I’m not sure about… attending to the Gala.”

It had been a few years since Luna returned from her thousand-year banishment. Even though everypony had forgiven her for what she had done as Nightmare Moon, Luna still felt uncomfortable at a gathering like the Gala.

Celestia however thought differently and figured that going to the Gala would be good for her unusually shy sister.

“Please Luna? It would mean a lot if you come.”

Hearing Celestia’s plea made Luna’s mind even more conflicted. She wasn’t one hundred percent on the idea, but she didn’t want to disappoint her older sister.

“Um…I’m…not sure.”

Though Celestia felt a little disappointed, she perfectly understood Luna’s insecurity.

“It’s ok, Luna. Shame you would miss out though. Because I hoped that this would be the biggest Gala in years. Especially now that BlackWarGreymon’s attending.”

Luna listened on. But was suddenly paused at the last thing Celestia said. Was she hearing things? Or did she heard what she just heard?

“What was that, sister?” Luna asked.

“Oh, didn’t I mention it to you before?” Celestia asked before explaining herself.

“I decided to invite BlackWarGreymon to the Grand Galloping Gala. He had done so much for us in the past few days, I thought that it was the least I can do to repay him. it would also help improve his social skills around ponies.”

Luna was lost in her thoughts. The Artificial Digimon that she had come to respect, was going to arrive at the Gala. Something that never happened in Equestria’s history.

‘BlackWarGreymon’s… coming to the Gala?’

Luna then took a quick moment to think. It had been a few days since she had seen the saviour of Equestria. She had hoped that one day she would meet up with him again. Since the two had a lot in common, she liked the times when they talked. Perhaps the Gala was her chance to see him again.

As Celestia sorted out the left over envelops, Luna spoke in a firm tone.

“Sister, I had changed my mind. I would like to go to the Grand Galloping Gala.”

“Really Luna? Well you changed your mind fast,” Celestia pointed out. But as she thought of it, a little too fast in fact.

“It’s as you said. It would mean a lot to you and everypony if I attended to the Gala. And I could get used to it once I start trying,” The blue Alicorn explained, though what she said was only half the reason why she wanted to go.

Then a stray thought entered her mind. Luna silently giggled at the image of BlackWarGreymon wearing something like a formal tuxedo-like suit.

Chapter 26: The Grand Galloping Gala

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The time had finally arrived. The event that so many had waited for, possibly even months on end. A gathering to celebrate the founding of Canterlot and considered by many, the best night ever.

The Grand Galloping Gala.

Far and wide across Equestria, mares and stallions whom were given a golden ticket, had full access to what the Gala had to offer. Even a garden so some could either go for some fresh air or see the animals within its boundaries. Some of the invitations even went to the furthest edges of Equestria to be claimed.

Most of the invited guests took the Gala seriously, considering that they were posh ponies. Therefore, anything from loud noises to sugary foods were not accepted by them.

Because of it being a formal party, not a ‘fun’ one, Princess Celestia herself found the Grand Galloping Gala rather dull. In fact, she even once admitted that it was awful. That was why one year, she invited Twilight and her friends. The white Alicorn had hoped that the behaviour of the residents from Ponyville would ‘lighten up’ the Gala.

To Celestia’s delight, they succeeded. Though it did cost a big mess in the main hall, property damage and wild animals running loose. While the Canterlot ponies found that particular night to be a disaster, Celestia found it as an improvement.

Goes to show that even the Princess of the Sun had a wild side.

The princess hoped that the current Gala would also be a blast. If not, more so. Especially since she invited a powerful being from another world.

At the main gates to Canterlot castle, already there was a commotion. The Mane Six, the Cutiemark Crusaders and Spike the dragon were all standing mere meters from the entrance. All dressed up and ready to go. They were also receiving stunned glares from the Canterlot ponies. Perhaps they remembered the six mares from one particular year.

No. They were not staring at the Ponyville ponies directly. In fact, they were actually looking at their Digimon friend behind the group.


Arriving at Canterlot was less stressful for him. As he couldn’t fit in the carriage with his pony friends, he took to the air and used the cover of the night sky to fly undetected. But at the gates, he had to make a landfall.

BlackWarGreymon was nervous. He hoped that his fearsome appearance wouldn’t frighten the ponies. But word of his presence and his trust with the royal sisters should had made it clear that he wasn’t a threat. Besides, he was wearing a tuxedo. So it should be obviously clear that he was a guest.

BlackWarGreymon was also shy as well as nervous. It was the first time he wore a suit in his life, let alone in public. He wondered if he looked suitable enough to look proper for the Gala, instead of a fool of himself. Plus with the special lessons and lectures from Rarity, he would try to be on his best behaviour.

It however would be difficult. Since he was a warrior from another world who caused great destruction on a worldwide scale with his unbelievable powers and only just recently accepted friendship.

Before entering the main gates, Twilight and her friends all turned to face BlackWarGreymon. They could easily tell that he was nervous.

“You ok?” Twilight asked him.

It was at that moment when BlackWarGreymon finally understood the term ‘having butterflies in your stomach’.

“I’m not sure I can do this.”

As the ponies and dragon who knew him well grew concerned for the black Digimon, Rainbow Dash tried an attempt to boost his confidence.

“Come on, big guy. You defeated the most powerful villain in Equestria’s history on day one, and now you’re afraid of a little party? This isn’t the time to get cold feet. You must be bold, daring,” She said, trying to make him be like her.

“Bold, daring,” BlackWarGreymon repeated, growing more confident by thinking positive.

He had faced every obstacle thus far and passed. He would not back down from a challenge. Even if it was a party.

Rainbow Dash smiled as her plan worked. BlackWarGreymon recomposed himself and, with his smiling friends, took brave steps as they entered the entrance, to the Grand Galloping Gala.

Upon entering the hall towards the main stairway, the group were in awe at the decorations. It was a massive improvement from last time. The Cutiemark Crusaders were all letting out squeaks of joy and excitement.

“Ah can’t believe we’re at the Gala!” Applebloom cheered.

“I know, this is a dream come true!” Scootaloo added.

“I’m so excited!” Sweetie Belle joined.

BlackWarGreymon remained silent as he looked at his surroundings, taking in the sight. As he walked by, ponies who only heard of him all watched him in fascination. He looked like a fighter but was wearing a suit. A strange combination, but stunning at the least.

At the front of the group, Twilight Sparkle smiled in delight at the sight of Celestia at the base of the stairs. The white Alicorn wore an orange and white gown that matched her talent of raising the sun to bring day to all.

“Princess Celestia,” Twilight said, gaining her attention while marveling her dress.

“Twilight! It’s so good to see you and your friends here,” Celestia said with a welcoming smile.

“Wow. I really like your dress,” Twilight complimented. Then joined by Rarity.

“Same here. It looks marvelous on you, princess.”

“Thank you very much. You all look wonderful too,” Celestia replied before turning back to Twilight.

“Is BlackWarGreymon here?” She asked with a hint of excitement.

“He’s right there,” Twilight said as she pointed her hoof behind her.

Celestia looked behind the group and spotted the much formal looking Digimon. His black and yellow cape swayed back and forth as he walked towards her.

She had to admit it. When she sent him the invite, she thought he would turn the offer down. But she was glad that he decided to join. Plus, she was surprised that he was wearing a suit. She thought that his armour was appropriate enough. But she couldn’t help but let out a little blush from seeing the Digimon’s change of attire.

“Hello, your majesty,” BlackWarGreymon said, trying to get a hang of a formal tone.

“BlackWarGreymon. I’m so glad that you could come to the Gala. And I see that Rarity designed your new suit very well.”

“Thank you, Princess,” Rarity said while blushing in embarrassment and happiness.

“Yeah, she made this to match the way I look. Good to see that it worked,” BlackWarGreymon said as he inspected his sleeves.

His movements caused his top hat to slide forward and rest on his nose horn.

“But I’m not still not so sure about the hat,” He added as he pushed it back into place.

“Don’t worry, you can take it off once you and your friends go to the main hall. I’ll be announcing the upcoming events in there once I’m ready,” Celestia mentioned.

“Thank you Princess!” The Cutiemark Crusaders said as they rushed to the main hall.

Giggling at their excitement, the Mane Six, Spike and BlackWarGreymon followed them into the hall. As the dressed Mega walked passed her, Celestia gave him one more glance. She couldn’t help but smile at how much he had changed, and to try out new things just to be with his new friends. The white Alicorn could tell that the black Digimon was going to enjoy his very first formal gathering.

Upon entering the main hall, the group saw that everything had been redone to accommodate the vast number of guests. Buffet tables supplied high class food and snacks, as well as the bowl of punch. Dining tables were available for full-course meals. The big dance floor so clean one could see their reflection. And an open door to the Canterlot gardens, were guests could relax and enjoy the sight of the night sky.

“Don’t wonder off yet everyone. We still need to hear Princess Celestia’s announcement,” Twilight suggested, the others nodded in agreement.

BlackWarGreymon looked to a far wall and spotted a hat stand. Since he had arrived, he was free to put his top hat away. As he reached the stand, the Artificial Digimon placed his hat on the very top.

“That’s better,” He said, finding out that the hat was rather annoying.

Wanting to see what the punch was like after spotting it, BlackWarGreymon walked over to the buffet table. As he walked, the ponies who had never seen him before were talking amongst themselves.

“Hay, is he the one I’ve been hearing so much about?”

“Wow, it’s him. It’s the saviour. BlackWarGreymon I think he’s called.”

“He looks fierce. Almost like a dragon.”

“I hear he’s a close friend of the princesses.”

“Well I hear he’s from another world.”

“I bet he’s really strong.”

“I certainly agree. I mean… look at those muscles.”

Even though he was fully dressed, the outline of BlackWarGreymon’s muscular arms could still be seen.

After reaching the buffet table, the Digimon gently picked up a glass filled with punch. If he had no control of his strength, his hands could very easily crush the glass. Holding it near the area where his mouth should be, he took a sip. As the punch went through BlackWarGreymon’s mouth area, the liquid broke down into molecules and then transformed into data. Replicating the nutrients for his body and the taste of the punch.

‘Hmm… not bad.’ He thought to himself as he finished off his glass.

He was then brought to attention by someone’s voice.

“Hello again, my digi-pall.”

Turning to his side, BlackWarGreymon spotted the familiar being that was Discord. Dressed in an orange suit with a white undercoat, an orange top hat and a black cane in his lion paw.

“Oh, hi Discord,” BlackWarGreymon said, slightly uncomfortable about the Draconequus after learning about what he was like before becoming a friend to the ponies.

“Never thought I would see you al suited up, never mind going to the Gala,” Discord pointed out, admittingly surprised that the Digimon showed up.

“Celestia invited me. And I thought that coming here would help my social skills,” BlackWarGreymon explained.

Discord then let out a cheeky smile.

“Oh, that’s such a coincidence. Because Celestia had invited me too.”

BlackWarGreymon was a little stunned to hear that Celestia invited him too. Discord showed proof by holding up his own golden ticket in his eagle claw.

“Wow. So she did.”

Discord then let out a chuckle before making a hint on something that he really wanted to talk about with the black Digimon.

“Well between you and me, big guy. I think she has a soft spot for renegades like us two.”

BlackWarGreymon’s mind briefly froze as his eyes widened slightly. Does Discord know about the truth about him?

With his mind uncertain, the Digimon tried to act as if it was nothing.


Discord retaliated by waving his clawed finger side-to-side in disapproval.

“Now don’t play dumb with me, BlackWarGreymon. I know full well that you were once a villain yourself.”

Discord’s statement left BlackWarGreymon in a state of shock and disbelief.

“H…h-how did you know about that?!” The Digimon demanded. His voice almost like a harsh whisper.

“Oh please. You’re not the only one who can sense energy from others. The moment we first met, I definatly felt a great chaotic aura from you,” Discord explained.

Realising that there was no point in hiding the truth anymore, BlackWarGreymon confessed after letting out a sigh of defeat.

“Yes, I admit it. I was indeed evil once.”

Discord performed a fist bump in victory.

“Yes. Now I finally have someone to relate to.”

“I doubt that, Discord.”

The Draconequus gave BlackWarGreymon a questionable look.

“Whatever do you mean?”

The Mega explained his meaning.

“You were evil just for the fun of it. I did it because I had no choice. I thought it was my way of life, but I was wrong.”

Despite the differences, Discord continued pestering the Digimon.

“Even so, I bet you had spread chaos in your world. Do tell, what was the most chaotic thing you’ve ever done?” He asked as he sipped his own glass of punch.

Although he was reformed, chaos remained to be Discord’s main interest.

“I would rather not say,” BlackWarGreymon said, much to the disappointment of Discord.

“Oh, pretty please?”


“Pretty pretty please?”

“Uhh… If I tell you now, will you stop asking?”

As the two former villains talked amongst themselves, they hadn’t realised that Celestia’s announcement had already begun.

“Greetings mares and gentlecolts. I welcome you all to this year’s Grand Galloping Gala.”

The crowd briefly applauded to the dressed Sun Princess before she continued.

“Thank you everypony. Now I like to say that with the upcoming events for the Gala, I hope that this night would be the best night ever. And now to tell you the details of what we have planned for you tonight, attending to the Gala for the first time in over a thousand years, Princess Luna!”

The ponies in the crowd mumbled in surprise. To those whom attended the Grand Galloping Gala before, Luna herself never appeared in one. So no wonder the momentous news confused them.

Though hesitant at first, the princess of the night walked on stage beside her sister.

All the mares gaped in astonishment at how stunning the blue Alicorn looked. The gentlecolts were all gaping… for the same reason… kind of.

At the back of the crowd, BlackWarGreymon told Discord one of his acts of villainy in the Digital World. Leaving the spirit of chaos stunned.

“So, let me get this straight. By nearly destroying all the stone thingies, you not only threatened the existence of your world, but you nearly threw off the balance of another world? In short, you threatened two whole worlds? By doing one small thing?”

“Yes I did. I thought destroying the Destiny Stones would lead me to my answers. Good thing I was talked out of destroying the last one.”

Discord paused. The most chaotic thing the Draconequus had ever done was turning all of Equestria into his personal paradise. Discord may be the spirit of chaos, but even he would never do something like destroying the world.

The spirit couldn’t help but feel that the Mega level Digimon in front of him was more hardcore than himself.

“Wow……I mean look at me. I’m over a millennia old, even older than the princesses, and not once I thought of destroying a world instead of taking over it. I bet you must have at least a few years of experience to think of something like that.”

“As a matter of fact, Discord. I’m four months old.”

Discord suddenly felt awkward of the situation. BlackWarGreymon was technically a new blood and yet he’d done a more higher degree of evil than the Spirit of chaos himself. Discord then cleared his throat before speaking.

“Ok big guy, the most chaotic event I’ve ever done…was…”

Discord’s speech was put on hold as his was distracted from the familiar yet new sight on the main hall stage. His mouth was slightly agape.

“Hmm? What were you saying, Discord?” BlackWarGreymon asked as ne noticed Discord’s lingering sentence.

He then noticed that the ponies around him were all staring in the same direction as he heard one of them muttering.

“Wow, look at her.”

Confused at what was going on, BlackWarGreymon followed their gazes.

“And what are they all staring aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…?

BlackWarGreymon’s voice also lingered as he looked at the stage. Just like the Draconequus and the ponies, he too was amazed beyond belief.

On stage next to Princess Celestia, there stood the familiar sight of Princess Luna. But the dress she was wearing was all too new. Like her older sister, her gown reflected her talent of bringing night to Equestria. Her dark blue dress was attached just behind her wings and reached down to the floor, covering her hind legs while her tail was out through the back. The dress was adorned with white wind-like swirl patterns, white fury bands, a crescent moon on the back and the whole thing was glittering in the lights. Much like her mane. The two belts that attach the dress to her newer looking regalia were crescent moons joint to several stars. A length of sparkling light blue transparent fabric draped over her shoulders that reached down in front of her forelegs. It too was attached to her stunning gown. Her mane behind her ears were styled to fall to the sides of her neck. And as a finishing touch, a white rose was placed on her left ear.

Overall, it was a style so new that it wowed both the gentlecolts and the fanboys alike.

As he looked in awe at the newly dressed Luna, BlackWarGreymon again felt the warm feeling in his chest. But unlike the times before when it happened, the warm presence felt much stronger. But then, two new reactions followed. The Digimon felt that his heart was beating much faster, almost like a million miles an hour. He then found it hard to breathe, it was like the sight was taking his breath away.

“Heavens above. She’s… she’s so beautiful. Almost like an angel,” BlackWarGreymon quietly said, his mind trailed off with his voice.

Up on stage, Luna explained the details of the Gala to the crowd.

“Good evening everypony. As what my sister, Princess Celestia said, we have exciting events planned for you. Firstly, we have an open dance floor for a series of slow dancing of your desires. Then we got a thrilling performance by none other than the Wonderbolts. And finally, to finish off the spectacle, we have an impressive firework display.”

The crowd applauded afterwards.

“I hope all of you will have a wonderful night, and enjoy the Gala,” Luna added, receiving more applause from the party guests.

As the crowd dispersed, Discord and BlackWarGreymon remained at the buffet table.

“Wow, wouldn’t have thought that Princess Luna would be here too. Wouldn’t you agree?” Discord asked BlackWarGreymon, but the Digimon was too distracted to listen. He was deep in his thoughts as he blankly stared at the floor.

‘Again with this feeling? Why is Luna causing this reaction? And what’s with those other reactions? I could hardly breathe at that moment.’

Despite his confusion, BlackWarGreymon felt that he would soon find out the answers.

“Hello. Is anyone in there?” Discord asked as he knocked on the Digimon’s head like a door. Causing BlackWarGreymon to bring his attention back to reality.

“Oh, Discord… can you excuse me for a moment.”

Without even receiving a reply, BlackWarGreymon walked past Discord. Leaving the spirit both confused and planning something for his amusement.

At the back of the stage, Luna let out a sigh to relax herself. She was indeed nervous about making an appearance in the Gala.

Celestia then wrapped her wing around her little sister for a quick hug.

“Well done, Luna. That was an impressive speech,” Celestia said before letting go of Luna and making her way towards one of the corridors.

Left alone, Luna took in another deep breath to relax herself.

“My… that was intense.”

Then to her surprise, she heard a voice calling out to her.

“Hay, Luna!”

Surprise turned into delight since Luna recognised the voice. She definatly felt her mood improving by the second.


Her voice suddenly froze as she turned around, only to see the Digimon in formal attire of his own. Luna was impressed at the kind of style of the suit BlackWarGreymon wore, and seeing the fabric drapes and the yellow and black cape swaying in the air behind him made his overall look all the more stunning.

The blue Alicorn was speechless. She just couldn’t believe that her favourite Mega was really at the Gala with her. Her face started to show signs of blushing, and her heart felt like it just skipped a beat.

The same could be said about BlackWarGreymon. As he walked closer to the night princess, more and more of her beautiful appearance became apparent. Beyond the Digimon’s control, his heartbeat raced as his walking pace slowed, almost to a complete stop. Not knowing why, and for the very first time, he suddenly felt shy and nervous as he looked at the blue Alicorn. His movements and his speech became too hesitant to respond to the Digimon’s command. If he was a computer, he would be on the verge of crashing.

‘Wha…What’s going on? What’s wrong with me? Why am I so nervous all of a sudden? W…why am I acting like this!?’

Though his mind panicked, his body was showing no signs of any struggle. It was a kind of battle that BlackWarGreymon may not win.

“Sorry BlackWarGreymon. But are you feeling ok?” Luna asked after finally snapping out of her own state of awe.

‘She’s talking to you! Quick, say something!’ The stunned Digimon thought, as if he was trying to shout at himself.

After getting a grip on himself, BlackWarGreymon spoke up without thinking first.

“Oh… forgive me Luna. Sorry it’s just that…well…you look beautiful.”

BlackWarGreymon’s reply wasn’t the kind that Luna expected. It was so sudden. The moment he mentioned her beauty, the princess’s face literally turned red. She then tried to hide it by averting her gaze to the side.

BlackWarGreymon too was shocked at what he said.

‘Wait! I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud!’

After calming down, Luna seemed to have appreciated the surprise comment.

“W…well…thank you…BlackWarGreymon. D-Do you really think… I’m beautiful?” She asked as she stroked her mane. Her voice showed a hint of shyness.

Seeing the Alicorn doing something cute made BlackWarGreymon’s nerves go into over drive. Then his reply again made Luna blush in flattery and embarrassment. But mostly flattery.

“Definatly. I mean your dress makes you look so stunning.”

‘Seriously, shut up!’ He thought to himself. Trying to stop himself from talking from his mind.

Luna smiled warmly after hearing the black Digimon’s words.

“I’m… I’m so flattered by your words. And I think that… you look very handsome tonight.”

Finally engaging in proper conversation, BlackWarGreymon could think straight and talk not from his conflicted mind.

“T-Thank you, Luna, Rarity kindly made it for me,” He said as he looked down at his tuxedo.

“It really does suit your style. And…well…I’m happy that you could come to the Grand Galloping Gala,” Luna said, finally regaining composure of herself.

BlackWarGreymon felt incredibly relieved that Luna welcomed his company at the Gala. Then as he replied to her, he decided to tell her the truth.

“Yeah. Twilight said that this would help improve my social skills. But… to be honest, the real reason I came here… is to see you again.”

What BlackWarGreymon said not only caught Luna by surprise, but it made her happy on the inside.


“Yes, Luna. To tell you the truth, I enjoy the times when we talked together. No matter how short. And since you and I are a lot alike, it felt nice talking to you about things that would make others uneasy. If you know what I mean.”

Luna was so moved by BlackWarGreymon’s kind words, she was practically speechless. Indeed, she knew exactly what he meant and understood why it would scare any other pony. Truth be told that she only attended the Gala because the Digimon himself was going. And the things he said, she felt the same way. She felt that he was the ideal one to talk to if she had any problems.

BlackWarGreymon felt strange upon realising the words he just said.

‘Wait. What I just said. Was I… speaking from the heart? How did that happen?’

Luna’s expression softened even more as a blushed smile took form. She was happy and amazed that BlackWarGreymon would risk embarrassing himself at the Gala so he could get to talk to her.

“That… that was so nice of you to say. Thank you.”

The Mega Digimon didn’t know what just occurred or why he talked so openly, but he felt good that it happened.

The two continued to silently stare at each other for a few more moments, until they were interrupted by a mare who was addressing the Alicorn.

“Ah, princess. I know this is the Gala but I have some important discussions I must have with you. Please follow me.”

Because that the sudden voice started Luna, she didn’t think properly before agreeing.

“Oh, very well.”

As she turned to follow the mare towards one of the corridors, Luna realised what she just said. She looked behind her at BlackWarGreymon with a somewhat saddened expression.

Knowing that royal duties come first, and that there was plenty of time left, the almost stunned BlackWarGreymon spoke up.

“So I’ll see you later tonight, Luna?”

“Yes. I’ll be back soon,” Luna replied before turning to follow the mare.

Even though she wanted to spend more moments with him, Luna couldn’t help but smile.

‘Wow. BlackWarGreymon’s so nice. And…why is my face burning up?’ She thought to herself, finally realising how red and warm her face was.

As he walked back to the buffet table, BlackWarGreymon felt a little annoyed that his moment with Luna was cut short. But he was lost in his thoughts about the events and the feelings he felt.

‘What…what just happened?’

The Digimon never felt so conflicted. All the times he spoke to Luna, he was always confident. Then why was it that he was shy all of a sudden? He knew it was something to do with positive emotions, but he wanted to know which one of them was the one he felt the strongest.

He was so distracted, that he hadn’t realised that he ate one of the foods on the table. His mind was brought back to an erupt attention when he found that the taste was not to his liking.

He shivered in disgust as the taste left him.

“Uhhh…what was that?”

He looked down at the plates to see that all of them were filled with posh food. He then heard what sounded like Applejack.

“Huh. Guess ya’ tried one of them, ha?”

BlackWarGreymon looked to his right to see Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Both the mares seemed disappointed.

“I ain’t a big fan of fancy food like this. Where’s an apple fritter when ya’ need one, ya’ know what I’m sayin’?” Applejack asked.

“Tell me about it. I mean, I haven’t seen one sugary food anywhere! I mean, sugar is like a fun party in the mouth, and these ponies are missing out on it!” Pinkie Pie complained.

“I think you’ve spoken too soon, Pinkie. Because Celestia is bringing out a big cake right now.”

What may had been something random for BlackWarGreymon to say, it caught the two mares’ attention. Following the Digimon’s gaze back to the stage, they saw the sun princess bringing out a large cake covered in frosting.

While the high society ponies were surprised by the sudden treat, the two Earth Ponies from Ponyville couldn’t tear their gazes away. They then rushed past the Digimon towards the tasty dessert.

“Yippee! Cake!” Pinkie Pie cheered as Applejack followed.

BlackWarGreymon chuckled at their sudden change of mood. Satisfied by how happy they were.

But then to pile on his nerves, he spotted a group of dressed mares approaching him. From the way they were looking at him, they wanted to talk, not eat.

‘Ok, remember what Rarity taught you,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself, remembering to act formal in a conversation.

“Excuse me, sir. But are you the saviour we’ve heard rumors about?” One of the mares asked formally.

“The one with the long name? What was it again, BlackWarGreymon?” Another asked.

The Digimon in question mentally tried to keep his cool as he answered.

“Y-Yes, I am…ladies.”

The group of mares let out small blushes as the Digimon addressed them as ‘ladies’. Though they were usually called so in their spare time, they found it surprising when it came from a being like him. They then let out smiles as another spoke up.

“Well, it’s a privilege to meet you in person, BlackWarGreymon. We’ve heard so much about you.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” BlackWarGreymon said, trying to keep his formal tone.

“Do tell, do you usually speak so formal? Because I figured you didn’t,” One mare mentioned, briefly startled the Digimon.

“Well… isn’t it how one speaks at the Gala?” BlackWarGreymon asked rhetorically.

As they engaged in proper conversation, one by one the mares felt a little crafty as they continued.

“Well sir, I heard that you rescued one of the princesses from a giant beast of a dragon. You have to be strong to fight off a dragon. Very… strong,” One said while looking at BlackWarGreymon’s arms. She could just see the outline of his muscles.

“Tell us, how often do you work out?” Another asked.

BlackWarGreymon had to think of a practical answer. If he told them that he was created like that, they would think that he’s strange.

“Well I work out about… two to three times a day, every week. I don’t usually keep track of time,” He said, reinforcing his statement just in case if three times a day work out was too much.

“So is fighting something you do or is it a hobby?” Another mare asked.

“I…only fight to either protect or self-defence,” The Digimon answered, remembering his lessons from Rarity.

Then the next mare, who was a Pegasus, asked him a question.

“Is it also true that your hair is as soft as a cloud?”

The question surprised BlackWarGreymon. He recalled that it was only Scootaloo whom compared his hair to a cloud. True, Pinkie Pie said that it was soft, but she hadn’t made any comparisons.

“Well…from the reactions I’m getting, that maybe true,” He replied, feeling awkward of the moment.

Then the same Pegasus hovered slightly above the floor as her curiosity peaked higher.

“May I feel it?”

BlackWarGreymon was confused. He thought that ponies act posh and formal at the Gala. He could only guess that either the mares in front of him weren’t from Canterlot, or they were just getting comfortable around him.

Probably a bit too comfortable.

Not wanting to be rude, he decided to agree. What could possibly go wrong?

“By all means.”

With her invitation accepted, the mare flew behind BlackWarGreymon’s head and gently patted his yellow hair. She was surprised at how soft it felt.

“Wow, it’s true. This is just as soft as a cloud.”

Unfortunately for the tall Mega, the other mares who could fly became eager to find out for themselves.

“I would like to feel his hair.”

“Me too.”

“May I as well?”

Then without permission, they all gathered up behind BlackWarGreymon’s head and felt his soft hair. Either taking turns or trying all at the same time, they were amazed at its texture.

BlackWarGreymon started to feel uncomfortable. The ponies were literally invading his personal space. Of course, they would be curious about him since he was from another world, but perhaps they were going a bit too far.

He wanted them to stop, but he had to not make it show as if he wanted them to stop.

So, he thought of an excuse.

“Uhh… I think I could see Princess Twilight calling to me. Please excuse me.”

As he walked away, it seemed his bluff worked. Though the mares seemed disappointed that he left so soon.

‘Wow, that’s intense,’ He thought to himself as he breathed a sigh of relief.

He then spotted Rarity talking to a well-suited Unicorn stallion with a blue mane, white fur and a… blue moustache?

After spotting him, Rarity called him over.

“Oh! Over here, darling!”

Wanting to see what she wanted, BlackWarGreymon walked over to her. With the Unicorn mare introducing him to her stallion friend.

“Sir, this is BlackWarGreymon. The saviour I was talking about.”

The stallion turned towards the Digimon, amazed by his appearance.

“Well I say. You’re certainly a big chap, aren’t you? And that’s one dashing outfit you got on.”

“Thank you. Rarity made it for me,” BlackWarGreymon said as he looked at the suit the stallion was wearing. He also had a small monocle lens in his pocket that he uses to cover one of his eyes.

Rarity became flattered that he mentioned her.

“Well the pleasure is all mine. Oh, and this is Fancy Pants. One of my friends from Canterlot.”

BlackWarGreymon just paused.

‘Is that seriously his name!?’

“Nice to be your acquaintance,” Fancy Pants said in respect, bringing the Digimon’s attention back.

“Uhh…like wise.”

“Well you’re certainly acting formal,” The white stallion mentioned.

“Oh, I’ve been teaching him how to act proper for the Gala,” Rarity said, Fancy Pants smiling at her response.

“Oh. Well you certainly taught him well.”

Then to the surprise of the two Unicorns and the dressed Digimon, Rainbow Dash suddenly appeared next to BlackWarGreymon’s head.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon! Come with me! I have someone I want you to meet!”

She then pulled on the Digimon’s head, urging him to follow her. Before he started walking, he spoke to the white Unicorns.

“Uhh, see you later.”

Though Rarity and Fancy Pants were puzzled, they were happy that BlackWarGreymon was getting along just fine.

“So what is it?” The black Digimon asked the excited blue Pegasus.

“I want you to meet the Wonderbolts! The most elite fliers in all of Equestria!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

“Well you seem keen,” The Mega pointed out, never he had seen Rainbow Dash so excited.

“Well of course. They’re my childhood heroes. My lifelong dream is to be one of them.”

“Well you are a fast flier. So why aren’t you?”

“Well I am in the Wonderbolt reserves. So I still got one more step to fulfil my dream.”

As they walked across the main hall, Rainbow Dash and BlackWarGreymon spotted two Pegasi ponies wearing goggles and streamlined suits. One was a white stallion with blue spikey mane, and the other was a mare with orange fur and a swept-back flame like mane.

“I take it that’s them?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“They sure are!” Rainbow Dash said, her voice nearly squeaked in excitement at the thought of introducing her heroes to the saviour.

“Hey Spitfire!” She called as she landed next to the orange Pegasus. Gaining her attention.

“Hey Rainbow. Long time no see.”

Rainbow Dash giggled in excitement as the moment she had been waiting fir had just arrived.

“Spitfire. Captain of the Wonderbolts. I like you to meet the big dude himself. BlackWarGreymon.”

Following to where the blue Pegasus was pointing, Spitfire let out a stunned gasp as she saw the digital warrior in person.

“Wow! So you’re the saviour I’ve heard so much about.”

“Sure am,” BlackWarGreymon responded.

The white stallion who was with Spitfire joined in on the conversation. After he got over his state in awe.

“And I’m Soarin. Spitfire’s wing pony. It’s so awesome meeting you.”


Then Soarin had a puzzled look on his face.

“Wait. You don’t have wings. But we heard that you can fly.”

“Yeah, how can you fly?” Spitfire asked.

Unusually for him, BlackWarGreymon thought of a crafty way to answer their curiosity. Showing off to the Wonderbolts right in front of Rainbow Dash.

It was entirely possible that friendship had increased his mental abilities in more ways than one. Such as a clever way of demonstrating his power and possibly his sense of humour.

“You know…”

As he paused, he levitated a few meters off the floor while crossing his arms in pretend thought.

“…I can’t remember.”

As the Digimon landed softly back on the ground, the two Wonderbolts gawked in amazement. Rainbow Dash smiled as she knew her tall friend had made a joke.

“Wow! You can fly without wings!?” Soarin asked in amazement.

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

“So how fast can you fly?” Spitfire asked.

“Almost as fast as Rainbow Dash,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Really?” Spitfire asked as she looked at the smiling blur mare.

“Yep. But he still needs a lot of training to be as fast as me,” Rainbow Dash said as she rubbed the back of her head with her hoof. Trying to hide the truth.

“Well next time we see you, I wanna see that for myself,” Spitfire said before she and Soarin turned towards the crowd awaiting them.

“Catch you two later,” Rainbow Dash said while waving goodbye.

With the conversation with the Wonderbolts ended, Rainbow Dash could finally calm down her hype. Then BlackWarGreymon spoke to her in a suspicious tone.

“Needs more training to be as fast as you, you say?” He asked, hinting about what really happened earlier that same day.

Rainbow Dash let out a nervous laughter and a cheeky grin, trying to act innocent.


She was cut off by BlackWarGreymon.

“It’s ok, I understand. You just want to impress your Wonderbolt friends.”

Rainbow Dash breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, big guy. You’re alright.”

Rainbow Dash then looked around, searching for one of her friends.

“Now I’m gonna find Applejack. Talk to you later.”

With her farewell, the blue Pegasus walked into the next chamber. Looking for her Earth Pony friend.

Currently alone, BlackWarGreymon felt like he needed some fresh air. Being inside with so many ponies was too crowded for him. He then proceeded to the back gates and into the gardens. Even though it was night, he could tell that it wasn’t the same garden to the one he had been before. Despite the new surroundings, BlackWarGreymon looked up to the dark sky and watched the glittering stars. Seeing the twinkling lights up above reminded him of that one particular night at Canterlot. Where he and Princess Luna were on top of a hill, having their heart-to-heart as they shared their similarities. They were truly alike.

Even though it all happened after he became an involuntary volunteer to have his memories witnessed, the once chaotic Digimon couldn’t help but feel glad that it happened, and that his friends could understand the problems he had and probably will soon face. So it was definatly a night to remember.

“Hmm…fun memories.”

Despite the fact that he was being watched by eyes of the stunned ponies who had never seen him before, he didn’t mind. He was mentally enjoying the moment, until the small sense of fear in the air put him off.


Inside the gardens, a chase was on. Because that the animals live in a different place, Fluttershy couldn’t contain herself and tries to express her friendship.

Unfortunately, she was so eager to make new friends, the animals found her terrifying. So, they try to flee as best they could, but the usually shy Pegasus was relentless. Almost like a terminator.

The chase was halted as the exhausted pony cornered a rabbit and two chipmunks. After getting her breath back, Fluttershy spoke.

“Now my little friends, just come to me, and we can get along just fine.”

The fact she was tired from all the running, her normally sweet voice was distorted. Making her sound creepy and scary.

Fearing the worse, the three small mammals let out terrified shrieks as they made a run for it. In-between the pony’s legs and back to the gardens. With frustration looming over her, Fluttershy chased after them.

Deep in the gardens, BlackWarGreymon was following the scent of fear. Then to his uncertainty, it was heading towards him.

“What is this?”

What startled him next was the three tiny furry mammals running out of a bush and all hid behind his legs. BlackWarGreymon could see the terror on the animals faces.

‘Wait a second. I haven’t even lowered my power level, and yet these animals fear something else. What could possibly be scarier than me?’

To his disbelief however, the worn out Fluttershy emerged from the bushes. What confirmed that it was her the animals feared was when BlackWarGreymon sensed their fear increasing unbelievably.


After seeing her Digimon friend, Fluttershy tried to recompose herself as she responded.

“B-BlackWarGreymon. Wha-what are you doing here?”

“I came here to get some air. Tell me, why are you scaring the animals?”

“W-well. I was just trying to make new friends.”

BlackWarGreymon became confused.

“By scaring them? What happened to the nice calm Fluttershy from Ponyville?” He asked.

“Well…I tried to say hello. But they keep running away from me.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked at the three scared animals behind his leg in thought. Then he came up with an idea.

“Have you tried letting them come to you?”

Fluttershy paused, realising that it wasn’t one of the things she had done.

“N-no, I hadn’t.”

“Here, let me show you,” The Digimon said. Truth be told that he had never done anything like it, but he must at least try.

As the Mega took a few steps away, the three animals felt a wave of fear as they saw his head. But his yellow eyes were calm and without malice. After facing the animals, BlackWarGreymon knelt down on one knee and extended his right hand out open palmed. Slowly as to not frighten the animals. Fluttershy carefully watched on in fascination.

The three animals became less afraid at the open invitation and slowly crept towards his hand. Then after sniffing his hand and a brief hesitation, one of the two chipmunks leapt onto his palm.

BlackWarGreymon was amazed at how quickly it took. It was his first attempt at extending his new-found friendship, and it was a success!

From watching the whole thing, Fluttershy was in complete shock as well as amazed. She had never seen a powerful warrior like him being so gentle towards something so small. She was so touched at how much the Artificial Digimon had changed from his old violent self, she let out the most loving smile anypony or anyone had ever seen.

Realising that there was something she could do, she walked up to the chipmunk on BlackWarGreymon’s hand.

“Listen, I’m very sorry for scaring you and your little friends. I was just so excited at meeting you, I couldn’t control myself.”

Seeing how sorry the yellow pony was, the chipmunk jumped off the Digimon’s hand and into Fluttershy’s pink mane. It also talked to her by letting out several squeaks.

“Oh, you’re very welcome,” Fluttershy said as the other tiny animals walked up to her to nuzzle on her fur.

BlackWarGreymon’s expression softened to a point one would think he’s smiling as he listened to the giggles of his pony friend.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon,” Fluttershy said as she looked back at him with a loving smile.

“Hmm, if you’re wondering how I’m good with animals, I don’t know either,” BlackWarGreymon said as he stood back up.

As the Digimon looked back at the window to the inside, something strange caught his attention. To a point where he narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“Hey, Fluttershy. You know Discord more than any other. How is he at parties such as the Gala?” He asked without tearing his gaze at the window.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think he’s ever been to a party like this. Why?”

“Because he’s on stage right now.”

Knowing how mischievous the Draconequus could be, Fluttershy felt that he might ruin the Gala with whatever he was doing.

“Oh, I like to see you and your friends more, but I have to go,” Fluttershy said to the little animals around her before leaving the gardens with BlackWarGreymon.

As the Pegasus and the Digimon entered the main hall, as well as a crowd of ponies around the stage, they saw that the whole room was darkened with a single spotlight pointing to the laughing Discord on stage. Fluttershy and BlackWarGreymon joined the crowd, curious to see what was going on.

“Ok everypony! How about we kick things off with a couple of hilarious jokes!?” Discord announced as a microphone appeared in his lion paw.

The crowds’ expression however showed that they had no idea what was going on and how it even happened. Hearing no objections, Discord started his line of jokes.

“Ok, let’s start with something for the kids in the audience. What is the fastest cake in the world? …. Scones.

His joke was followed by a drum solo that came from out of nowhere.

‘Budum tiss’

To Discord, the joke in some accents, the word ‘scone’ sounds like the word ‘gone’.

Unfortunately, the joke was so outdated that no one was laughing. Even Pinkie Pie found it too obvious. BlackWarGreymon didn’t laugh because he lacked the full understanding of a sense of humour. However, he had found the joke annoying.

Seeing his joke had no effect, Discord tried a different approach.

“I only have these tiny miss-matched wings. But even I can fly better than Twilight Sparkle. Am I right!?” He said as his joke again was followed with a drum solo.

“Hey!” Twilight complained, offended by the remark. To her surprise however, she heard Celestia chuckling quietly to herself.

In the back, BlackWarGreymon grunted in irritation.

Again seeing no good effect on his jokes, Discord tried again.

“Oh, tough crowd. Probably even tougher than the royal guards. Am I right!?”

Instead of laughter, the only noises were heard was a distant cricket.

BlackWarGreymon knew Discord was trying to be funny. But while to the others the jokes were lame, to him they were just painful to listen.

‘Uhh, I can’t stand it any longer.’

Discord then went back to kiddy jokes without much thought to it.

“Ok this one you will definatly get. What’s a crocodile’s favourite game? …Snap!”

After a moment of silence, there was finally a reaction. But it wasn’t laughter, it was from the annoyed BlackWarGreymon.

“Hey Discord! We’ve heard your stand up, now let’s hear you shut up!”

While BlackWarGreymon only meant for his remark to make Discord stop, he unintentionally caused several ponies to quietly giggle to themselves. The Digimon didn’t know it, but he just made a rhyming joke.

Discord was the only one who heard the silent giggles and grew annoyed.

“Oh, now everypony is a comedian,” He said as he crossed his arms.

“Everypony except you!” BlackWarGreymon said back, again unintentionally making some ponies snickering. But only louder.

It was the that the Mega noticed that the crowd were laughing at what he said. He was confused. He didn’t mean it as a role-playing joke, but the others found it funny nonetheless.

‘Did…Did I just made them laugh?’

“Ok. If you think you can do it better…” Discord said as he snapped his fingers, teleporting the unsuspecting BlackWarGreymon next to him.

“…then you try it.”

Discord snapped his fingers again, teleporting off the stage and into the crowd. Leaving the startled BlackWarGreymon alone in the spotlight, one stage with a microphone in his hand!

All the ponies in the crowd looked on, eager to see how it will play out. Discord meanwhile had a mischievous grin on his face as he chuckled with sinister intent.

“Oh, this is definatly going to be humiliating for him. I’m going to enjoy this.”

The Mane Six, Spike, the Cutiemark Crusaders and the princesses all felt a little unsure as they gulped nervously. Knowing BlackWarGreymon’s character, he was like the last anyone would expect to crack a joke.

“Pretend to laugh, no matter how bad it is,” Pinkie Pie whispered to the others, just in case. But they hoped that he might pull it off somehow.

Up on stage, BlackWarGreymon looked as though he was staring at open space. He couldn’t believe that the situation had turned against him. Instead of ending it, he became part of the act! As he looked at the microphone in his left hand, his mind tried its best to quickly calculate the best solution of making others laugh despite never having to do so before. Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of any. After taking a deep breath, he tried to come up with his first ever legit joke.

“Uhh… ok. Uhh, lets’ see. Oh. The other day, I saw a pony eating potato chips. And strangely… he had a side order of… chocolate brownies.”

Then came the punch line.

“Now I see why they’re called……chocolate chips.”

After only two seconds of stunned silence, in the distance, Pinkie Pie burst out laughing.

“HAH! HAAAAAAHH!! Hahh! Haah! Cho…chocolate chip! Ha, ha, now that’s funny!”

Pinkie Pie continued to laugh hysterically. Her friends looked at her in confusion. Knowing her so well, they could tell her pretend laugh to her real laugh. But the way she was rolling on the floor, she wasn’t pretending. She was laughing for real!

Then one by one, the other ponies start to understand the joke and start to join in the laughter. Discord had a look of disbelief, the Digimon’s first joke actually worked.

“Wow. They liked it?”

Seeing his very first public joke being a successful one, BlackWarGreymon tried to pull of his very second.

“Ok umm… A customer walked into a carpenter’s shop. The carpenter asks, ‘How may I help you?’ The customer said, ‘Well I found this saw, but it has a pair of eyes on it.’ Then the carpenter said, ‘Oh, that’s my see saw’.”

The reaction of the crowd was again a positive one. The mares and gentlecolts were laughing louder as the new joke.

“Oh, I get it! See-saw!” Spike said before resuming his laughter.

Discord however was confused. So confused, that he created a saw with a pair of false eyes on it.

“Hmm, eyes on a saw…? OHHH! That is kinda funny.”

Back on stage, BlackWarGreymon started to feel good about himself and no longer felt nervous.

“I can’t believe how easy this is. Hmm… Discord done a joke that offended Twilight. Time to give him a taste of his own medicine,” He said quietly to himself before coming up with another joke. A mischievous one.

“Ok, I heard that Discord here was turned to stone. Twice in fact.”

Discord became anxious of where the joke was leading to as BlackWarGreymon continued.

“So, he had plenty of time to practice standing still. Yet he still loses to a game of musical statues.”

Hearing the unusual joke made some of the ponies hysterical. The royal sisters, Spike and the Mane Six were the only ones who truly knew what he meant by. But they couldn’t help but crack up in laughter at how obvious the remark was.

As BlackWarGreymon was showered with laughter from the audience, he was surprised when Discord appeared next to him. Despite that the joke was aimed at him, he was smiling for some reason.

“Oh ho ho, BlackWarGreymon. If that joke was about my misfortunes… it’s very cleaver, I admit it.”

He then had a sinister grin on his face.

“But how about we set the stage for something else?”

Then with a snap of his fingers, the entire stage floor lit up. Consuming both the Draconequus and the Digimon while temporarily blinding the audience.

When the light faded, the crowd gasped at what they saw.

Greeted with battle music which came from out of nowhere, the stage floor was magically transformed into a large boxing arena. At first no one was in the ring, but then Discord appeared. Wearing a black suit and with a microphone on his lion paw, he gave an announcement.

“Greetings mares and gentlecolts, boys and girls! Welcome to the annual international Canterlot boxing championship!”

Then a loud applause was heard despite that the actual crowd were silent. Twilight meanwhile gulped in nervous anticipation.

“Oh no. This isn’t good.”

Wanting to see where Discord was going with his act, Celestia said nothing to stop it.

Discord continued as the audio cheering died down.

“Oh yes, everypony! This is going to be an exciting match, because it will certainly be the one to remember!! Tonight, we have a surprise guest. And he dared challenge the reigning champ!”

Discord then turned his attention to his right. Which was left to the audiences’ eyes.

“In the left corner, is the reigning champion himself. Weighing in at…absolutely nothing because he can levitate. The prankster of the pranks. The Spirit of Chaos himself! DISCORD!!!”

A stage light beamed over to the left corner revealing another Discord. Dressed in a brown top and white baggy trousers. He also had a white belt around his waist and a white cape on his back. Unusually he had a black afro for hair, a black moustache and a deep booming voice as he spoke.

“Oh yeah!! The champ is here!!” He said as he had his arms in the air, doing a victory pose with his fingers. He clearly took on the form for showboating.

As he did, another audio sound of cheering was heard from nowhere. Blocking out Rainbow Dash’s attempts to say ‘boo’ to him.

The Discord in the centre of the ring then pointed over to the opposite corner.

“And in the right corner, is the ultimate challenger of the ultimate match. Weighing at a colossal nintyninethousandninehundredandeightytwo pounds!”

Discord momentarily snickered after saying the excessive weight number very quickly. Earning a protest from Twilight.

“Hey, he doesn’t weigh that much!”

Ignoring the young Alicorn, the Draconequus continued.

“All the way from the Digital World! The saviour of Equestria! BllaackWaaarrGreymooooon!!” He declared, extending the Digimon’s name in a way some announcers would.

Then in a flash, BlackWarGreymon appeared in the right corner of the ring. Stripped of his tuxedo and back in his usual armour, though he still lacked his Brave Shield which remained in Ponyville. Plus instead of his Dramon Destroyers, which were also in Ponyville, the Digimon saw that he was wearing red boxing gloves.

‘What. What’s going on!’ He asked himself, though he was a little startled that Discord could duplicate himself.

“Ok, both the challengers are here. Now both fighters, meet in the middle,” The Discord in the middle said.

After changing his attire into green baggy shorts and green boxing gloves, the Discord in the left corner made his way to the middle of the battle ring, smiling confidently. Though BlackWarGreymon had no idea what was going on, he decided to follow suit.

As the two stood two feet from each other in the centre ring, the announcer Discord vanished and reappeared in-between the two dressed as a referee.

The referee Discord then spoke to the second Discord and BlackWarGreymon.

“Ok you two. You know the rules, there are no rules, this is a fight to the finish. Whoever is dead, losses. Now both combatants touch gloves and start fighting!”

BlackWarGreymon figured out what was going on. Boxing was some kind of fighting sport. And since only his fists were covered in protective gloves, he only had to use his fists to fight.

Looking in front of him, he could see the smiling Discord glaring at him with both his wrists raised forward. BlackWarGreymon then glared back to the invitation to the challenge.

“Ok then, let’s play your little game,” He said as he bumped his fists with Discords’.

“And their off!” The referee Discord shouted before disappearing. Followed by a double from a non-existent bell.

“Celestia. Should we even allow this?” Twilight asked the older Alicorn.

“I don’t see why not,” Celestia said to the smaller pony. Hiding the fact that she craved for excitement at the Gala.

The rest of the party guests meanwhile had no idea what to make of the sudden events. Was it planned or was it just like the previous year?

Back at the ring, BlackWarGreymon stood his ground. He only watched as his childish opponent threw midair punches as he wiggled his feet in a dance like fashion. He was circling the motionless Digimon as he was throwing punches rather too close.

“You’re making a big mistake, Discord. You’re only going to get yourself hurt,” BlackWarGreymon said.

“Oh spare me the chit-chat, big guy. You’re the one who’s goin’ to be hurtin’!” Discord said as he moved closer to the Digimon’s front.

“This is going to be good,” Rainbow Dash said to herself, wanting to see Discord going down.

After several sidesteps, weaving left and right, Discord threw his first punch straight to BlackWarGreymon’s chest. Followed by another, and another. He then quickened his assault and even resorted to using the end of his tail as a third fist.

“Yeah! How do you like me now!?” Discord asked as he was enjoying himself.

In fact, he’s too focused on enjoying himself so much, he failed to notice that his punches were doing absolutely nothing to BlackWarGreymon. The Mega didn’t fought back, he didn’t dodge, he didn’t block, he didn’t even budge! Even his wrists were lowered as he took hits from Discord, wondering why the spirit was even trying.

The crowd were amazed at the sight of the Digimon taking hits without any damage or reactions. It was as if he was a solid statue.

“Yeah. You’re going down!” Discord said as he continued to punch the Digimon’s chest.

As Discord kept on going, BlackWarGreymon saw an opening. Without the Draconequus even noticing, the Digimon raised his right arm above the spirit and then slammed his fist right on top of his head.

The sudden blow caused Discord’s body to go stiff as his body vibrated up and down like a jackhammer. After his body stopped jolting, Discord then felt dazzled as he tried to stand up straight. Trying to sooth the throbbing in his head.

“Oh… that’s gonna hurt in the morning,” He said as he finally got his bearings and glared at his opponent with cheeky confidence.

He then hung his left lizard foot out, much to BlackWarGreymon’s confusion.

“Wha-what’s this? A little thunder?” Discord said as he twitched his foot. He then hung out his right donkey leg, twitching it too.

“Oh, and a little lightning.”

He then made his ridicules move.

“Thunder. Lightning. Thunder. Lightning…” Discord continued as he advanced towards the Digimon.

The spirit thought that by distracting BlackWarGreymon with his fancy footwork, he could get close enough to strike back.

But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t stupid and made his move before Discord did. Allowing the Draconequus to get within reach, the Digimon silenced Discord with a lightning-fast right handed punch straight to the face.

Because of his bizarre powers, the punch caused Discord’s head to fly off his body and roll on the floor. The sight caused some of the onlooking ponies to faint in shock.

“Well…this is unexpected,” Discord said as his body found his own head and placed it back into place. Then he spun his head around like a screw to secure it.

Since he got used to the fact that Discord could separate himself and make clones, BlackWarGreymon payed no mind to it. He then turned his back to the Draconequus.

“This match was over before it even began, Discord. I suggest we end this now.”

Seeing the Digimon with his defences down, Discord ignored BlackWarGreymon and prepared a sneak attack. Tip-toeing closer to his challenger while talking out loud where he should’ve been whispering.

“With his opponent’s back turned, the champion sneaks up from behind and with a mighty pu…!”

As he snuck up behind him, Discord was silenced when BlackWarGreymon slammed the back of his right fist into the spirit’s face. The force of the blow literally caved in the Draconequus’s facial features. The only thing that was seen on his face was his white beard.

After taking a few steps back, Discord pulled his face back to normal before having another idea.

“Ok, ok. We get it, you’re stronger then you look. But how about we try something else? Something that will ‘blow’ the audience away.”

BlackWarGreymon faces Discord in curiosity.

“What may that be?” He asked, but wasn’t expecting the kind of answer that Discord spoke of.

“Let’s say… demonstrate your true power?”

The Digimon was baffled at Discord’s request. Even the crowd were muttering amongst themselves in confusion. The Mane Six simply couldn’t believe it.

“My…my true power!?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

Discord explained himself.

“Yes. You see, I’ve heard a lot about your powers. Especially your ‘signature attack’. The very same as the one you used to defeat Lord Tirek with just one move. I want to see and feel if for myself.”

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t believe Discord would even suggest such an idea. Especially since they were inside.

“You’re insane, you know that? You could get hurt or worse.”

Discord chose to ignore BlackWarGreymon’s warnings.

“Oh that won’t happen. After all, I am the spirit of chaos,” Discord said as he held up a sign which said, ‘spirit of chaos’ while pointing at himself.

BlackWarGreymon came to a conclusion that it was not possible to reason with Discord when he was in his cocky mood. Wanting to put an end to the pointless match and to show discord that he was the type not to be trifled with, he let out a heavy sigh as he came to a hesitant agreement.

“If you insist, Discord. But to be on the safe side, I will only use half of my power.”

“Oh well, whatever floats your boat,” Discord said, not too bothered by the Digimon’s suggestion.

“Have they forgotten that this is supposed to be the Gala!?” Twilight asked with worry.

The other ponies seemed to be stunned by the scene. One would notice that Celestia was showing a tiny smile as she and the crowd saw BlackWarGreymon levitating off the ground and into the air.

As BlackWarGreymon got to a good height of fifty meters, he brought his hands close together. As he gathered negative energy, the energy shredded the boxing gloves he wore. Then a tiny red orb formed in-between his hands.

As he looked down to Discord, BlackWarGreymon saw that he was smiling while holding up his right arm which was covered by a baseball glove. As if he was about to catch a ball.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” The Digimon asked as he raised his hands above his head. Bringing the sixty-centimeter-wide orb with him.

“Of course, I’m sure. Now come on, we don’t have all night,” Discord replied, tempting the Digimon to throw his attack.

“Ok,” BlackWarGreymon said before, without warning, the tiny sphere instantly expanded from sixty centimeters to thirty meters wide! Much to the surprise of both the crowd and Discord.

Speaking of the crowd, the ponies felt intimidated by the giant red sphere. Despite its size, it looked as though the explosion it would create would be even bigger.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” BlackWarGreymon continued before, with hesitation, threw the massive orb down towards the awaiting Draconequus.

“Oh, this is going to be a piece of ca-OH BLIMY!!!” Discord shouted as the sphere touched his hand. Incinerating his baseball glove.

The force of the Terra Destroyer sphere was so sudden, Discord resorted to use both his hands to hold it back. But the sheer power of the red orb was slowly pushing the spirit across the surface of the boxing ring. He even tried to dig his lizard clawed toes into the ground, but he continued being pushed back. Plus, the energy from the sphere created gusts of winds that blew through the main hall.

The crowd were frozen in awe, and the Main Six were cringing at the thoughts of what could go wrong. It didn’t help by the fact that Discord was gritting his teeth as he tried to push the energy ball back.

Discord could feel the muscles in his arms and legs burning from the enormous strain. His face was sweating and veins could be seen in his eyes. But despite his efforts, he was being forced back. As his hands started to feel the burn from the super-heated sphere, he started to worry as he regretted his decision.

“I…can’t…hold it!”

As a last resort, instinct took over Discord’s powers. By using the white hairs on the end of his tail as extra fingers, he snapped them. Then suddenly, the mighty Terra Destroyer orb was transformed into a ball of water. It then all splashed onto the shaken Discord, drenching him head to toe. He just coughed as BlackWarGreymon landed back on the ground.

“Are you ok, Discord?” He asked, snapping Discord out of his state of shock.

“Oh…uh, yeah I’m fine.”

Then with a snap of his fingers, he dried himself, returned the stage floor to normal, and redressed himself and BlackWarGreymon in their own suits. Feeling that he had done something wrong, the Digimon got off the stage and approached Princess Celestia.

“I’m deeply sorry, Celestia. I shouldn’t had allow myself to go too far like that,” He apologized.

But her response wasn’t the one both BlackWarGreymon or Twilight had expected.

“There’s no need for apologies. That was the most exciting I’ve seen in the Gala in years!”

“It was!?” BlackWarGreymon and Twilight asked.

“But…but…” Twilight added, but was too baffled to speak properly.

Celestia chuckled at Twilight’s disarray.

“Oh Twilight. Could you imagine how dull it would have been if I hadn’t invited Discord? And with BlackWarGreymon here, the night just got even better!”

“Is that the REAL reason you invited me?” The Digimon asked. His expression was half suspicious and half playful.

Celestia let out another chuckle in amusement.

“But it still helped you getting along with everypony. Did it not?”

“Hmm, I guess it actually did.”

While BlackWarGreymon and Celestia chatted, Discord was breathing sighs of relief.

“Whoo, that was close. He’s definatly stronger than I thought,”

Discord then looked at his hands before he spoke on.

“And that was just half his true power!”

Discord then received a disturbing thought. The one involving another horned being with phenomenal destructive power.

“I wonder if BlackWarGreymon is as strong as…him.

Half an hour had passed since the excitement and Celestia decided that in hopes to settle down the guests, she would bring forth the planed events.

It worked. With slow music paying in the background, the centre of the main hall was filled with couples. Dancing together along with the flow of the soft music.

At the other side of the hall however, the atmosphere was drastically different as Fluttershy scorned Discord.

“Now seriously, Discord! What were you thinking!? I was worried that you could have gotten yourself or somepony hurt!”

“Now now, Fluttershy. Take it easy. It all turned out fine in the end.”

The Twilight joined in.

“But still. It was amazing how you managed to hold back BlackWarGreymon’s strongest attack. Even if it was half as strong,” She said to Discord.

“Well I was…a little startled at first. Though I must say that his power level must be over nine thousand,” Discord said as a scouter appeared over his left eye, making beeping noises as it scanned BlackWarGreymon in the distance.

As Discord’s scouter vanished, Rainbow Dash joined in as well.

“A little startled? You looked as though you were about to wet yourself. I mean, if you were barely able to hold back that attack when it was just half as powerful, think of what would happen if BlackWarGreymon went all-out.”

“I don’t want to think about that thank you. And I didn’t look like I was about to… ‘wet myself’,” Discord said, annoyed at the remark aimed at him.

“Oh yeah? Then what’s that?” Rainbow Dash asked while pointing at Discord’s left leg.

The pony’s question caused the spirit to quickly look at his trouser leg. Only to see that it was dry. He then heard an uproar of laughter from the blue Pegasus.


The joke made the other girls roll their eyes while Discord huffed in frustrated anger.

Back near the stage, Celestia left the room to have a business discussion with Fancy Pants. Leaving Luna to watch over the party. As she walked through the crowd, they were delighted to see the princess of the night at the Gala for the first time.

‘Hmm. Seems sister was right about me attending after all,’ She thought to herself as she smiled back.

She then spotted a lone, well-dressed stallion approaching her. And then he spoke to her after bowing in respect.

“Your highness, if you like, would you like to dance with me?” He asked as he gestured his hoof to the main hall centre.

Though briefly startled, Luna thought otherwise.

“I thank you for the offer, but I’m afraid I must decline,” She said before making her way out of the crowd, leaving the stallion disappointed.

The blue Alicorn walked to the buffet table and took a sip of the punch.

‘Uhh… that’s the seventh time tonight,’ She thought to herself, before looking at the couples slow dancing in the centre of the hall.

‘But it would be nice to dance with somepony I like. Or… someone.’

As her thoughts trailed off, her vision caught a glimpse of BlackWarGreymon talking to a couple near the back gates.

A small smile appeared across her face, followed by a small blush.

“Should I…?”

At the opposite end of the hall, the disappointed stallion approached several others. All noticing his glum look.

“She turned you down, didn’t she?” One asked.


“I know it hurts. We all have a crush on Princess Luna. So we know how you feel,”

“Don’t worry, there’s always next time. We’ll have our chance,” Another joined.

“Strange don’t you think? I mean we’re noble gentlecolts, and yet she hadn’t chosen any of us,”

“Well it’s not like she would be interested in some ruffian.”

Then one stallion spotted Luna walking past the crowd. Following her line of path, the group saw BlackWarGreymon on the other side.

The group became anxious of what it could mean.

“Wait. You don’t think…”

“Of course not! Don’t be ridicules! It’s probably some kind of business they’re about to discuss.”

“Outside his role as protector, I bet the princess has no interest in that… thing.”

Near the back gates, the tall Digimon was in a middle of a conversation with a unicorn couple.

“I must say, your strength is impressive. You made that Discord look like a common amateur,” The mare said.

“Uhh…thank you. I’m surprised that you aren’t afraid of me after that,” BlackWarGreymon pointed out.

“Well with the battles Equestria had in the past few years, it’s nothing uncommon. Besides, you were just demonstrating the power you have to protect us from harm,” the stallion said.

“Please excuse us, our friends are planning to meet us in the gardens. It is nice to meet you,” The mare said before she and her husband left for the gardens.

BlackWarGreymon was amazed. The ponies had witnessed the kind of power he possessed, and yet they already had gotten used to him. If he kept on his good behaviour, then none of the innocent lives of Equestria would ever fear him.

He was then briefly startled when he heard Luna’s voice from behind.

“Umm, BlackWarGreymon?”

After the quick surprise, the black Digimon turned around and saw the awkward looking Alicorn.

“Oh, hey Luna. Are…are you alright? Your face is a bit red.” BlackWarGreymon said, pointing out that Luna was showing a little blush.

Luna moved her head slightly away and averted her gaze to the side. Trying to hide her embarrassment. She then stroked the floor with her hooves, fidgeting as she tried to summon enough courage to speak.

“Uhh… I’m fine, BlackWarGreymon. It’s just that… well…”

The Mega felt that Luna was trying to say something to him.

“What is it, Luna?”

As her blush deepened, Luna felt embarrassed about even thinking of the question she had in mind for him. But she really wanted to ask him. She didn’t know why, but it felt like her heart was demanding it.

“W-well…umm…if…if you like…uhh. If you want to that is…well…...w…would you…”

Back at the opposite side of the hall, the stallion group stared at the Alicorn and the Digimon in anticipation. Their gazes were serious, sharp and determined. Not moving or speaking so they could see every reaction from the two.

To their surprise, Luna looked as though she just asked something, and BlackWarGreymon’s bodily reactions were widened eyes and a quick jolt of his head. A sign that he was surprised.

The noble stallions gasped at the possible conclusion.

“Did…did she just asked him!?”

“Tha…that’s just not possible!”

“Yeah! She’s a princess, and he’s just a…uhh…a thing!”

“Not to mention that the highness is a pony. And he’s……not.”

“Yeah, there’s just no way for her to…”

‘Background music’ ‘What About Love by Heart’

Their sudden silence was brought upon by the sight of their beloved Luna, turning around and walking beside BlackWarGreymon. Making their way to the dance floor.

The stallions stared on in utter disbelief. Wide eyed and open mouthed, it was a sight they couldn’t believe.

‘Th-they’re actually doing it!’

‘Why your highness, why!’

As Luna and BlackWarGreymon walked towards the centre of the hall, the other dancers either slowed or stopped to see such a rare sight. Even other ponies on the side-lines watched on.

As the two walked, Luna looked to her right to see BlackWarGreymon’s face. She then smiled softly at him. Then as the Digimon looked to his left to see Luna, she quickly averted her gaze away while trying to hide a blush on her face. BlackWarGreymon looked puzzled as to why his Alicorn friend was acting in the way she did. But as she moved her eyes to look back at him, he suddenly felt nervous and too quickly shifted his head away.

‘What’s going on with me?’ He thought to himself as he looked back at Luna. Their eyes briefly meeting.

As most of the dancing couples came to a full stop, the Mane Six on the outskirts too stared on in curiosity.

When BlackWarGreymon and Princess Luna arrived in the very middle of the dance floor, the two turned to face each other. Both nervous and confident to go through with it.

As Luna started it off by standing up on her hind legs, her new height measured up to just below BlackWarGreymon’s chest. She then reached out her right hoof. After a split second of hesitation, the nervous digital warrior reached out his left hand and gently grabbed hold on Luna’s hoof. He felt a slight tingle as his fingers felt her silky-smooth fur. Softer than he imagined. Knowing the next thing to do, BlackWarGreymon placed his right hand on Luna’s waist. The feeling of a hand on her body was so new to her, Luna quietly let out a surprised yelp as her wings popped open and her eyes widened. After taking in a deep breath as she closed her eyes, her wings folded back into place as she controlled herself. As Luna placed her left hoof on BlackWarGreymon’s right arm, she looked up at him as he looked at her.

The two were incredibly nervous. Either of them had never done a dance before. But still, they wanted to go through with it.

After quiet seconds of staring, BlackWarGreymon checked if his left hand was firmly but gently on Luna’s hoof. And then started to lead her in a ballroom dance.

To his mental surprise, all the important information from his lessons with Rarity were sent from his mind and into his body. Replicating the exact movements of the dance perfectly.

But still, he checked if his feet weren’t getting in the way.

Despite his doubts, his lessons payed off. The crowd were amazed how someone of his size could move so smoothly and precise. Even Luna herself was moved. Silently staring at BlackWarGreymon in disbelief and awe at how good he suddenly became.

As he felt comfortable about his movements, the Digimon looked at Luna to see if she was alright. But his startled yellow eyes became fixed to Luna’s soft blue eyes.

With confidence swelling up within her, Luna started to smile. Slowly her white teeth could be seen in her smile as she enjoyed the moment. Seeing her positive mood softened BlackWarGreymon’s own expression. Through he had no lips, his eyes shown that he too was enjoying the moment.

The two continued to dance in circles with the music, much to the amazement and slight jealousy from the crowd. Even the Mane Six watched on at the never-before-seen sight.

“Aww, they look so sweet together,” Pinkie Pie said, her voice squeaky in excitement and joy.

“Wow Rarity. Seems he learnt ya lessons well after all,” Applejack said to the white Unicorn.

“Wow, you’re right,” Rarity said.

“Huh. Never thought of you as a teacher, Rarity,” Rainbow Dash added.

“Amazing,” Fluttershy joined.

Twilight smiled on as she watched BlackWarGreymon, and saw the expressions in his eyes.

“I bet he’s having the time of his life right now.”

The black and yellow cape and the long dark blue dress swayed in the movements as BlackWarGreymon and Luna continued to dance. Feeling the warm feeling glowing inside of her, Luna couldn’t help but smile even brighter as her wings slowly started to fan out on their own.

Then without her knowing and to the amazement of the onlooking crowd, Luna’s mane and tail momentarily sparkled even brighter. Then, her usually night-styled hair slowly transformed into strands of blue. Still filled with celestial energy, her mane and tail flowed as if they were underwater, but taking on the appearance of actual blue hair. BlackWarGreymon became too captivated by the sight to say a word. In fact, it only made his own heart warm with a loving feeling.


Outside of the crowd, Princess Celestia and Fancy Pants emerged from the hallway. Talking to each other.

“Don’t mind me saying so, your highness. But this years’ Gala sure is interesting,” The white stallion said.

“Most certainly. It’s definatly the one to remember,” Celestia replied. But then noticed that Fancy Pants had stopped walking as he looked at the crowd with startled eyes.

“I say, princess. Is that your sister dancing with that BlackWarGreymon fellow?”

The white Alicorn was startled by the sudden question. She then followed the Unicorn’s gaze, only to see that to her surprise, he was right. She could clearly see that her sister Luna was in a middle of a dance with BlackWarGreymon. It was something she never expected to happen. She knew that the black Digimon would be nervous about being in a formal gathering for the very first time, and that the blue Alicorn would feel uneasy from appearing at the Gala. But there the two were, dancing as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Not even the staring of the amazed crowd put them off.

But what amazed Celestia the most, was the way Luna looked. Her blue hair was glowing and sparkling in a way she had rarely ever seen. Her wings were spread wide open, and the expression on her face was so warm and genuine. She looked…happy. Very happy. In a way, she hadn’t been in a very long time.

‘Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Luna smile like that.’

Then from out of nowhere, a thought occurred to Celestia. Which made her raise an eyebrow.

‘…I wonder…’

Back at the centre of attention, the princess and the Digimon continued their dance. Completely unaffected by all the staring. But Luna felt that the music was reaching its end. And once it does, so does their moment. She briefly frowned at the thought.

BlackWarGreymon sensed the music’s end too, and was the only one who saw Luna’s expression. But then for reasons unknown to him, he suddenly felt the urge to make her smile. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to keep her happy.

As Luna felt that they should stop dancing soon, BlackWarGreymon thought of an idea to make the ending more exciting and memorable. With his left hand firmly but gently gripped on Luna’s side, he surprised the blue princess by levitating off the ground. Floating higher as he took his dance partner with him.

Luna’s brief yelp of surprise, was quickly replaced by chuckles of laughter and happiness as she let BlackWarGreymon take her in the air, while moving in the rhythm of the music. The two were literally dancing in the air above the heads of the crowd below.

“Well…can’t beat that,” One of the stallions from earlier said. Admitting defeat.

As the music started to die down, BlackWarGreymon and Luna began to descend back to the ground with it. Circling in the rhythm of the last parts of the moving tune.

‘Song end’

As BlackWarGreymon and Luna landed on the floor, both their motions slowed. Until they were left just holding each other, and staring into each other’s eyes.

Then beyond Luna’s knowledge, she suddenly felt an urge. An urge to lean her head closer. BlackWarGreymon felt the same way as he stared into Luna’s blue eyes. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to lean his head down to the Alicorns’.

However, just before they could move, the crowd around them started to cheer. Celebrating perhaps the most amazing dance they had ever seen. As the two became startled, Luna’s mane and tail returned to normal. Then the two released their hold on each other before talking.

“Umm…thank you, BlackWarGreymon… for the dance.”

“Uhh… you’re most welcome, Luna. I enjoyed it.”

Then the two parted. Walking in opposite directions.

BlackWarGreymon then met up with the Mane Six.

“Wow. You were unbelievable, BlackWarGreymon!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Yeah! You only had one lesson from Rarity. And you nailed it!” Rainbow Dash joined.

“Not to mention that it was ya first dance,” Applejack added.

“Yep. You were like a pro!” Pinkie Pie said while bouncing in excitement.

“The whole dance was just so lovely,” Fluttershy complemented.

“Well I’m impressed that you learned so quickly, darling. Even I was captivated by the spectacle,” Rarity said.

The positive comments caused BlackWarGreymon to feel embarrassed. But he was happy that he got to dance with Luna.

At the other side of the large hall, Luna was approached by her older sister.

“Luna? Are you ok?” She asked, seeing that there something… odd about her little sister.

“Never better, sister,” Luna replied as she walked past Celestia. Leaving the confused white Alicorn behind.

“Wow. She looks so happy.”

Then a thought occurred to her.

‘Now that I think about it, Luna and BlackWarGreymon actually have a lot in common. Could HE be the reason why Luna wanted to come to the Gala?’

A quarter of an hour had passed since the never-before-seen dance. And the events had moved onto the Wonderbolt show. With everyone looking up at the night sky from the Canterlot gardens, all could see the Wonderbolt cadets performing stunts and aerobatics. Although they weren’t as magical as Unicorns, but the skilled Pegasi were leaving a trail of dark smoke as they flew by. Smoke that contained electricity. It shows that some Pegasi possess their own magical properties. Even BlackWarGreymon was amazed at their manoeuvres. Some of which could be used in combat. Though Rainbow Dash was amazed, she was showing it a lot better than the others did.

Then the Wonderbolts finished up their show by flying vertically in a tight formation. As they almost reached body contact, the group immediately separated. Somehow creating a large firework-like explosion. All eyes below were dazzled by the sight.

Then came the final event of the Grand Galloping Gala, the firework display. Rockets filled with special powder (probably gun powder) were fired into the night sky. Then the rockets exploded, filling the sky with unique shapes, patterns and colours. They were also joined by shapes of cutiemarks.

“Wow. Imagine having something like that for a cutiemark,” Scootaloo said to the other two crusaders.

“Or ah firework cutiemark?” Applebloom suggested.

As the display continued, BlackWarGreymon became curious. He had never seen fireworks before and wanted to know more about them.

With all eyes focused on the fireworks, BlackWarGreymon slipped by unnoticed and made his way to where the rockets were launched.

Once he arrived, he spotted a Unicorn stallion with a sparkler in his magical grip. Using it to light the firework fuses.

The stallion then felt that someone was behind him.

“I told you kids before, you shouldn’t be back he…”

He paused as he turned around. Instead of crafty children that he was guessing, it was to his surprise the tall black Digimon.

“Oh, it’s you. Well… be careful anyway. These fireworks are dangerous.”

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t help but chuckle in response. He was far more dangerous than the fireworks.

“Trust me. Your rockets wouldn’t even singe my hair,” The Mega said, making the Unicorn nervously gulp.

The pony then went back to setting off the fireworks in a sequence of patterns. Timing each one perfectly. BlackWarGreymon watched on as the fireworks streamed to the sky, exploding in a massive array of colours.

As the display nearly reached its finally, BlackWarGreymon had an idea for a ‘big finish’.

“Mind if I join in?” He asked, not really wanting an answer.

The stallion was confused at what the Digimon was implying.

“What do you mean ‘join in’?” He asked as he turned around. Only to see that BlackWarGreymon had a red energy sphere within his palm.

Then as the last of the fireworks flew high into the air, the Digimon flung the two-foot-wide orb into the air. Launching it with the fireworks. From the distance, the crowd couldn’t tell that the glowing orb was with the fireworks. To them, it looked like another firework.

Then as they got to a good height, the fireworks exploded. And the shockwaves from the loud booms caused the tiny Terra Destroyer sphere to detonate. Creating a fairly large explosion even for its size.

While the crowd were stunned at the last explosion, the Mane Six recognised the final blast.

“Wait. Isn’t that?” Twilight asked before smiling. She knew it was BlackWarGreymon’s doing.

As the excitement of the firework display died down, the final event had wrapped up the Grand Galloping Gala for another year.

Chapter 27: Night of Fright

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With the Grand Galloping Gala drawing to a close, it was time for the invited guests to return home. Though the current Gala wasn’t nearly as chaotic as the previous years’, but undoubtly it was the most exciting.

Thanks to her idea of inviting both Discord and BlackWarGreymon, Princess Celestia concluded that the Gala was a far greater improvement than the ones that she was so used to.

The excitement of the party was in fact caused by the two former villains. Though it was mostly Discord. Seeing the Spirit of Chaos against the ultimate anti-hero was indeed thrilling to the audience. Even Discord couldn’t handle BlackWarGreymon’s power.

But the real highlight of the evening, was when the Digimon had his first slow dance with Princess Luna. It was truly a moment to remember. It was because of the dance, that Celestia suspected that the real reason Luna decided to attend the Gala, was because BlackWarGreymon was attending too. Could there be a reason behind it? Celestia wasn’t entirely sure, but she would need more evidence before coming to a conclusion. But one thing was for certain, Luna had enjoyed her moment with BlackWarGreymon. The way her mane and tail glowed wouldn’t had happened otherwise.

Not many ponies know, but an Alicorn’s body and a celestial object they control reacts to the emotions they would be experiencing.

As the last of the guests left Canterlot, the Main Six, the Cutiemark Crusaders, Spike and BlackWarGreymon volunteered to clean up the place.

“Well, this was actually a fun night,” Rainbow Dash said as she pulled down the decorations from the ceiling.

“Oh most definatly, probably the most interesting Gala yet,” Rarity joined before turning towards BlackWarGreymon.

“And you mister. You were simply dazzling on the dance floor! Just how in the world did you learn to master dancing in just a few hours?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think before answering.

“I’m not exactly sure. Its’ almost as if my mind… recorded your dance with Spike, and it all just stored in my mind. And when the dance happened, it all played out through my body.”

“So ya brain is like… some sorta’ video recorder?” Applejack asked.

“I guess you could say that. I am digital after all,” The Digimon said.

“I thought it’s because you have a mind of an elephant.”

Everyone in the room looked at Spike with puzzled expressions. The dragon became startled that all eyes were on him.

“What? Elephants never forget.”

“Well it’s better than having a mind of a goldfish. I mean they forget things in the next five seconds,” Scootaloo mentioned, earning chuckles from Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

Then arriving from the Canterlot gardens were Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

“Goodbye little friends!” Fluttershy called out to the animals in the garden.

“Wow Fluttershy, those animals have gotten so used to you,” Twilight said, noting the difference in behaviour from the previous year.

“Well, it was in fact BlackWarGreymon who helped out. You should’ve seen him, Twilight. He was so gentle with the little critters.”

“He did? That’s great. It means he’s learning friendship very well.”

Then Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie met up with the rest of their friends in the main hall.

“Are all the decorations taken down outside?” Rainbow Dash asked the three whom just arrived.

“Done and dusted,” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

Then suddenly, the group were startled by a sudden sound of lightning. When the loud echoing rumble ended, Fluttershy, who was hiding under a carpet, spoke up.

“Wha…wha…what was that?”

Princess Twilight walked towards the window to see what was going on. She then saw that the night sky was completely clouded over, with the sounds of heavy rain on the way.

“Oh, it looks like a thunderstorm is scheduled tonight.”

“Oh… I forgot about that,” Rainbow Dash said with a cheeky smile.

“Ya part of the weather team, Rainbow. Couldn’t ya changed the day of this darn weather?” Applejack asked, rather annoyed.

“The Gala was coming up. I’ve forgotten.”

Then the rain arrived, heavy droplets of water could be heard as they impact on the roof and outside the main hall. Though BlackWarGreymon didn’t mind the rain as much as his pony friends, but he didn’t felt like ruining his new suit.

Then Celestia arrived.

“Well tonight certainly is a downpour.”

“Yeah, and we have to go through it,” Sweetie Belle said, moping by the fact that the rain would soak her new dress.

The white Alicorn read the filly’s expression, then she showed that she was just as generous as Rarity.

“I know, how about all of you stay for the night here?”

Rarity was literally filled with glee from the invitation.

“Really!? Oh thank you so much, your highness,” She said, bowing repeatedly every one second.

Celestia chuckled at the over-enthusiastic Unicorn.

“It’s my pleasure. I don’t want you all getting wet. So you all know where the bedroom chambers are?”

Though Celestia asked, she already knew the answer.

“Don’t worry, we remember. And thank you so much,” Twilight said as she walked past Celestia out of the hall.

The others followed suit. But when BlackWarGreymon walked by her, Celestia stopped him.

“Oh and, BlackWarGreymon.”

Hearing the princess calling his name caused him to stop. He then turned to face her.

“Yes, Celestia?”

The Alicorn smiled when she spoke.

“Thank you for giving Luna such a great time.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at her in confusion. Then Celestia explained.

“You see, my sister hardly attends to these kinds of parties because she feared that everypony might fear her for what she had done in the past. All I ever wanted was for her to at least try to experience one and have a nice time. And thanks to you, that actually happened.”

BlackWarGreymon was moved by Celestia’s words, and finally understood why Luna was absent from parties like the Gala. But the thought of missing out in all the fun made the Digimon felt sorry for Luna.

It was tough being an ex-villain, and he knew that very well.

“You’re most welcome, Celestia. And I can say that I did enjoy myself here because of Luna.”

Celestia smiled as BlackWarGreymon walled off to join with the others.

Then a thought occurred to the Digimon.

‘Speaking of which. Where is Luna anyway? Probably off to bed I guess.’

Soon, BlackWarGreymon caught up with the girls as they approached the bed chambers.

“Well am’ definatly gonna sleep after all that, that’s for sure,” Applejack said after letting out a tired sigh.

She was then suddenly brought to attention when Pinkie Pie let out a loud gasp.

“Oh oh, Everypony! I have an idea! Let’s all have a sleepover!”

“A sleepover!?” The crusaders asked before cheering, keen on the idea.

“That’s a good idea, Pinkie. We hadn’t had any of those in a while,” Twilight said.

Spike and the rest of the Main Six were also excited about a group sleepover at Canterlot. Then Pinkie Pie rushed over to give BlackWarGreymon’s left leg a hug.

“And BlackWarGreymon will have his very first sleepover!”

While the group were even happier on the idea, the Digimon looked puzzled.

“Umm, what exactly is a sleepover?” He asked.

“Well darling, a sleepover is when a friend or a group of friends stays the night at another friend’s, house. But before they go to sleep, they play games and have fun,” Rarity explained.

While BlackWarGreymon started to get the idea, he was curious about one thing.

“What kind of games?”

“You know, like pin a tail on a pony,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Oh, a don’t forget truth of dare,” Scootaloo joined.

Then Rainbow Dash spoke while flying above the group.

“Yeah. But before we go to bed, we tell each other scary stories,” She said, trying to sound spooky.

BlackWarGreymon became more intrigued in what Rainbow Dash said.

“Scary stories?”

“Yeah. I know plenty of good ones,” Rainbow Dash said, her face smug with pride.

“Interesting,” The Mega said, just as a thought entered his head. A rather cunning thought.

While thinking, he spoke to the crusaders.

“Uhh, you three. Can you come with me for just a little bit?”

“Uhh…sure. But whatever for?” Applebloom asked.

“I need you to help me with… a thing that I just forgot about.”

“Well, ok,” Scootaloo said before she and her crusader friends followed BlackWarGreymon back to where they came.

The Main Six and Spike, though confused, grew suspicious of the Digimon. His reply sounded more like an excuse. A cover-up for something else.

‘Now just what is he up to?’ Twilight thought to herself.

Unknown location, hidden lair.

After persuading the queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis, to join him on his quest for conquest, King Sombra led her and her Changeling army through a series of dark passageways. Bringing them ever closer to the meeting place.

Though the Changeling solders didn’t trust the dark Unicorn, but he was an acquaintance to their queen. So, they had to ether trust him of put up with him. But after reaching inside the caves, their dislike of Sombra was the last thing on their minds.

“These passageways are a lot longer than I remembered. How much further, Sombra?” Queen Chrysalis asked.

“Almost there,” King Sombra replied.

“Q…q…queen,” A voice behind Chrysalis uttered.

When the queen looked back, she noticed that her children were shaking with fear after every step they took.

“What is it?” Chrysalis asked.

“Queen… I’m scared.”

Then another joined.

“There’s this… strange feeling in the air, mother. I don’t like it!”

“It’s making me uneasy,” Another mentioned.

It wasn’t just the three, Chrysalis could see the expressions on the faces of the rest of her offspring. They were terrified.

“It’s ok. Everything will be fine,” Chrysalis said, trying to reassure her children.

But she wasn’t sure herself. But knowing where the odd feeling was coming from, and who it belonged to, she was probably more frightened then her solders.

“So, you can all feel it?” Sombra asked as he looked over to the Changelings. He then smiled in satisfaction.

“Well you all have to get used to it. We are going to be working for him for a while,” He continued, hiding the fact that the energy was disturbing even for him.

“Wait. The feeling is coming from… a creature? One Changeling asked. Then joined by another.

“What kind of creature could give off such awful energy?”

King Sombra answered for them.

“He is a being… not from around here.”

“You mean, he’s from the badlands?” Another Changeling asked.

“No, much further.”

“How much further?” The same Changeling asked.

But Sombra’s reply sent a cold chill straight through the insect-like ponies.

“Further than you could possibly imagine.”

“Mother? What does that mean?” Another Changeling asked. But Sombra answered instead of Chrysalis.

“You’re about to find out… because we’re here.”

Sombra, Chrysalis and the Changelings emerged from the darkened passage, and into a massive chamber. Even though they were far from sunlight, the cave was somehow dimly lit. Bright enough for the guests to see all around them. The Changelings began to shiver in fear, the odd feeling they felt was definatly among them in the chamber.

Then to their confusion, King Sombra called out into the darkness.

“My lord, they’re here like you asked!”

Then to the Changelings surprise, a demonic voice called back.

“Excellent, Sombra. You have done well.”

Queen Chrysalis felt her heart froze the moment she heard the voice. It was the last voice she’d ever wanted to hear. She knew it was him. No other being in Equestria could have such a voice. Some of her solders even tried to hide behind her.

Then they got scared when they heard a loud scraping noise. As if the hidden creature was deliberately dragging his claws on the ground as he walked.

Then Sombra spoke to the Changelings.

“Children of Chrysalis, meet your new master.”

Then out of the shadows, the creature’s three-toed foot emerged. Followed by a loud footstep. As he walked, he let out deep growl-like breaths. As the evil Digimon stepped into the light, the Changelings quaked in terror as their eyes trailed up to the rest of his body. His long arms were indeed dragging his clawed hands across the stone ground. But to the solders, the most horrifying thing about the bizarre being was his face. With his demonic horns and his piercing yellow eyes, it was like the stuff of nightmares.

Even Chrysalis tried to avert her gaze as the Digimon looked her way.

“Ahh, my dear Chrysalis. It’s been a while since I last saw you.”

“Shame that it’s sooner than later,” Chrysalis said, finally gaining enough courage to look at the creature.

The Digimon would had taken her tone as defiance. But he decided to toy with her instead.

“Still afraid of me?”

The queen of the Changelings gulped as she turned her head away. She didn’t want to admit that she was scared, but she showed it clear as day.

“Good. You have every right to be afraid of me. Soon all of Equestria will fear my name,” The Digimon said in satisfactory.

The Changelings had learnt a lesson about their queen. Even she could be afraid.

“A…As you requested. I’ve brought my solders too,” Chrysalis said.

The evil Digimon tilted his head to the side to get a better look of the solders. He then revealed his white razor-sharp teeth, making the Changelings back off in fear.

“You’ve outdone yourself, Chrysalis.”

Then to everyone’s surprise, the Digimon immediately stretched his right arm out and crashed his hand beside Chrysalis. The Changelings yelped in surprise, thinking that he was attacking.

Then all was silent as Chrysalis stared at the dust cloud, thinking that the beast had crushed one of her children. Then to her confusion, a series of loud squeaking could be heard. Then as the Digimon lifted his hand out of the dust cloud, a small white rat was revealed. Having its tail grasped in-between the clawed finger and thumb, the rat shrieked and squirmed around, trying to get free as it was brought closer to the monster.

Using his other hand, the Digimon scratched the rat’s stomach with his index finger.

“You’ve even brought ratatouille too.”

As the Digimon tilted his head back, he raised the suspended rat above his face. He then opened his mouth wide. Seeing the teeth of the beast caused the rat to squeak in panic as it tried to wiggle free.

Although all eyes were away from the sight, they could all hear everything. First the squeaks of the terrified rat, then it was silenced by a squelching munching sound. Even Sombra found it disturbing.

The Digimon just ate a live rat.

Then, one Changeling was brave enough to speak.

“Have…have we done good?”

The freakish Digimon was silent at first. Fiddling th