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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 14: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 4) Choosing Fate

In the course of a few hours, the three princesses, Twilight, Celestia and Luna ventured into more of BlackWarGreymon’s memories.

While nearly all of them were of the black Digimon destroying more Destiny Stones, there were specific events that peeked the Alicorns' interest. One such event was when BlackWarGreymon described one Destiny Stone to be ‘beautiful’, showing that even back then he had a concept of beauty. As well as another DNA digivolution, the girls also got the sight of Arukenimon’s and Mummymon’s true forms, which were creepy looking at best. What else was that after more stones were shattered, an image of a bizarre dragon-like Digimon kept briefly appearing, and BlackWarGreymon dubbed it as his ‘worthy opponent’. Since then, he was determined to find the rest of the Destiny Stones. One by one, the heroes of the Digital World tried many ways to hide or protect the stones. Either blockading them, hiding them or even using their power to further digivolve their Digimon. One such event was in a canyon, where a Champion level Digimon, Angemon, digivolved into an Ultimate named MagnaAngemon. The battle was nerve-racking for the Alicorns because BlackWarGreymon looked as though he was about to be sucked into the portal called ‘The Gate of Destiny’.

But despite the DigiDestined’s attempts to protect the Destiny Stones, BlackWarGreymon always managed to outwit them and destroyed the stones.

As the three princesses witnessed more of BlackWarGreymon’s messed up past, the more they had mixed emotions towards him. However, the emotion they experienced the most frequently was pity. Yes, he was destroying the Destiny Stones one by one, but either no one was helping him or he was too confused and conflicted to listen. To add in the fear factor, every time BlackWarGreymon destroys the Destiny Stones, he gets stronger, making him more unstoppable. What else was that everytime a stone was destroyed, it creates rifts throughout the Digital World on a catastrophic scale. One such rift even caused BlackWarGreymon to go to a human world in a shadowy form. What was odd was that while trying to find the Destiny Stones, the black Digimon felt a deep satisfaction from destroying Control Spires. It was strange considering that he was created from them.

The three Alicorns knew that even if BlackWarGreymon destroyed all of the stones, it would not end his suffering.

Inside the next memory, the three princesses found themselves in an industrial area of the Digital World, where BlackWarGreymon was searching for the last Destiny Stone.

“Wow, the factories here are huge. They’re definatly bigger than the ones in Cloudsdale,” Twilight said while she and the Royal Sisters were looking for BlackWarGreymon.

Although they couldn’t see him, but they could hear him.

“My mission is clear. That Destiny Stone is here somewhere and I’m going to find it if I have to destroy everything in my path!”

All of the sudden, BlackWarGreymon burst himself out of a nearby wall with dust surrounding him. The Alicorns were surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Now, where is it?” He asked while flying in the air, looking down at the factories.

“Black Tornado!”

Surrounding himself in spiraling black energy, he dived down like a missile and drilled straight through a group of silos. The damage caused them to explode in a massive ball of fire. Despite the destruction, the Artificial Digimon was left unharmed as he stood in the middle of the rubble.

“Where is it!? I still don’t see it. I should just destroy everything here!” He said before taking off into the air, ripping the end half of a crane clean off and proceeded to use it to swat his creators whom were nearby, narrowly missing them.

The princesses were amazed at BlackWarGreymon’s display of physical strength. It was so great that it was practically an equivalent of a full grown dragon.

“Amazing,” Luna said, almost speechless.

“Well it makes sense, considering he was able to lift Tirek with ease,” Twilight added.

“But still…such strength,” Celestia said, clearly impressed.

Afterwards, BlackWarGreymon resumed destroying the industrial site. Laying waste to the facility and turning massive buildings into twisted metal and scrap. He kept it up for a while, until a bright green glow shined through the entire area. The Alicorns and the Digimon turned to its source and discovered that it was coming from a jungle nearby.

“Wha-What is that amazing light?” Luna asked.

“I think it might be the last Destiny Stone!” Twilight answered.

As the blinding light faded they, as well as BlackWarGreymon, took off into the air and flew towards where the light came from.

Soon all of them landed in a big clearing in the jungle, and in front of them they saw the Destiny Stone. Hovering in the air above a pool of water that looked like soup. To Luna’s annoyance, Arukenimon and Mummymon were already there.

“The final Destiny Stone. I’ll shatter it to pieces!” BlackWarGreymon said while preparing to strike.

As the princesses feared the worst, they heard a voice.


Right on cue, the DigiDestined and their Digimon arrived and stood in-between the Mega and the levitating rock.

“You just never seem to learn your lesson, do you?” BlackWarGreymon said to intimidate the heroes.

“Obnoxious parasites! Show them what you’re made of, BlackWarGreymon!” Arukenimon said to entice her creation into fighting the heroes.

“I don’t need you to tell me!” BlackWarGreymon said while raising the palm of his right gauntlet to summon a small Terra Destroyer orb and then chucked it at his creators. And for a sphere half the size of a pony, it created an explosion that sent both Arukenimon and Mummymon into the deep jungle in the distance. A prime example of how powerful BlackWarGreymon truly was. The princesses were as amazed as they were intimidated.

Soon after, some of the good Digimon began to DNA digivolve.



“DNA digivolve to… PAILDRAMON!!”



“DNA digivolve to… SILPHYMON!!”

During their travels through the memories, the Alicorns were already familiar with the new Hybrid Digimon and its capabilities.

Despite being up against two Hybrid Ultimate Digimon, the Alicorns knew that BlackWarGreymon won’t be holding back.

“Terra Destroyer!” BlackWarGreymon said while hurtling a giant red sphere at his two opponents. But both of them dodged it in time to escape its blast range.

Then it was their turn to attack.

“Desperado Blaster!” Paildramon said while firing a volley of blur lazers at BlackWarGreymon. But the black Digimon merely done a side-step to get out of the way, leaving the attack to fly past him.

“Static Force!” Silphymon said while collecting energy to form a pinkish-red ball in its hands. Then fired it at BlackWarGreymon.

But BlackWarGreymon merely back-handed it to deflect the blast away. The Alicorns again couldn’t help but be impressed by his skills in combat, despite the fact that he was attacking the good Digimon.

Then to the Alicorns surprise, the remaining two Digimon DNA digivolved.



“DNA digivolve to… SHAKKOUMON!!”

The princesses were left in a state of shock at what they saw. The new Digimon was huge, even taller than Paildramon! In fact, compare him to the creatures of Equestria, he was almost the same size as the red dragon that Twilight and her friends met long ago.

After getting over their shock, they noticed that the three Hybrid Digimon were facing towards BlackWarGreymon.

“You’re standing between me and the last Destiny Stone. Now get out of my way!” the black Digimon said, determined to destroy the stone.

“Who’s gonna make us?” Silphymon responded, not heeding to the warning.

“Move or else!” BlackWarGreymon shouted in a threatening manner.

“We chose ‘else’,” Paildramon answered, trying to make a joke of the situation.

“Very well, Terra Destroyer!!” BlackWarGreymon shouted while throwing a large red sphere at the trio.

As the orb got closer, Shakkoumon stood in its way and tried to push it back. The sheer power of the orb sent powerful gusts through the area, but the Hybrid Digimon stood his ground.

Then all of the sudden, after raising his arms, Shakkoumon collapsed the sphere of negative energy and absorbed it into his body.

The action surprised everyone who witnessed it. The DigiDestined, the other Digimon, the Alicorn, even BlackWarGreymon himself.

“Wha-What just happened?” Luna asked.

“He absorbed it!” Twilight answered while in shock.

Celestia hadn’t said a word. But from what she saw in BlackWarGreymon’s expression, she knew he was in trouble.

Then Shakkoumon’s eyes glowed red as he began his attack.


He then fired orange beams of energy from his eyes and towards the armoured Digimon. Surprisingly when the first beam struck BlackWarGreymon’s right shoulder, he felt pain. The same happened when the second struck his left arm.

The Alicorns couldn’t believe it, he actually got hurt from that. But before they could say anything, the Hybrid Digimon, Paildramon and Silphymon charged forth.

“You know the plan, Paildramon!” Silphymon said to its comrade.

“Right! No matter what, protect the Destiny Stone!”

They then attacked BlackWarGreymon.

“Me first, Static Force!”

Silphymon then fired a blast of energy at BlackWarGreymon, but the Mega Digimon countered it by slashing it with his metal clawed gauntlet.

Before they could continue their attacks, BlackWarGreymon got fed up with them.


He then flew up to Paildramon, grabbed his giant wrist and threw him to the ground. And then he swung himself around and slammed the back of his left Dramon Destroyer into Silphymon’s face, sending the Hybrid Digimon to the ground.

The Alicorns remained silent. They still couldn’t comprehend BlackWarGreymon’s physical strength and his style of fighting. It seems there’s no limit.

“Now I’m angry!” Paildramon said while getting back up.

“Why do you persist this way? You can’t win!” BlackWarGreymon said, thinking that he had already won the fight but Shakkoumon thought otherwise.


After speaking, Shakkoumon opened a hatch in his armour and sent a volley of swarming razer-sharp disks straight for BlackWarGreymon. Buzzing like buzz saws.

In response to the attack, the black Digimon brought forth his black Brave Shield for protection. Even though the disks made loud impacts on the Chrome Digizoid shell, they were deflected away.

But then the princesses noticed something rather startling about his shield.

“His… his shields’ been cracked!” Luna noted.

“Those disks must have been very powerful,” Celestia said. She could tell from Luna’s reaction and Twilight’s silent expression that the shield, as well as the armour, were thought to be impenetrable.

“Why do you keep trying to protect the Destiny Stones?” BlackWarGreymon asked, eager to find out why.

“It’s a little something we call ‘saving the world’!” Silphymon said while leaping in the air with Paildramon, going in for another assault.

“Desperado Blaster!”

Paildramon then fired another volley of blue lazers at BlackWarGreymon, who still held his fractured shield in place to protect himself from the blue streams of energy.

Again the Alicorns saw that the attack was taking its toll on the shield, as the lazers left dents and even holes in the Digizoid metal.

“How can you be so certain that what you fight for is right?” BlackWarGreymon asked while trying to hold back the showers of lazers, but instead of answering his question, Silphymon attacked.

“Static Force!”

The princesses gasped in shock as the ball of energy exploded onto BlackWarGreymon. Not only it obliterated his Brave Shield, but it also sent him hurtling into the jungle.

“I grow tired of this fight! I’m going to find my answer! Right here!! RIGHT NOW!!!” He said before impacting the ground hard, throwing dust and dirt in the air while sending shockwaves through the ground.

The Alicorns immediately rushed over to see if BlackWarGreymon was alright. But as the dust settled, they gasped in shock and horror at his condition. His skin was brouzed and his armour were scratched and badly dented. Even though he was evil back then, the three princesses couldn’t help but feel deeply concerned for him. It didn’t help their stress by the fact that fluid was leaking from his armour. It was a sight that would make Spike, Fluttershy and Rarity faint.

“Is…is BlackWarGreymon…BLEEDING!?” The panicked Luna asked. But Twilight noticed something odd about the fluid. It wasn’t red, it was black.

“I don’t think that’s blood. I think it’s……oil?” Twilight said, despite not being sure of it herself.

“Either way, he’s badly injured,” Celestia said, but she had to remember that what they were seeing was just a memory. But in the sanario they’re in, everything felt real.

To their surprise, BlackWarGreymon slowly got back up. Despite the pain he was feeling and the fluid bursting from the holes and cracks in his armour, he still wanted to fight.

“I keep asking questions of my enemies and yet I still get no answers. Why am I so different from them? Why was I created like this? Well if they won’t answer me then why should I be so concerned about them anymore? I’ve given every opponent a chance to convince me otherwise. But now I’m through talking! Why should I care if they’re destroyed? Or for that matter, their whole precious Digital World!”

His entire statement opened the hearts of the three Alicorns. Yes, he was angry. Yes, he was threatening to destroy all. But the mares could easily tell that deep down inside, BlackWarGreymon was in fact sad and alone. He truly felt that all Digimon, the Digital World, even reality itself were all against him. To the princesses, all he needed was comfort. What he needed… was a friend.

“Destroying the Destiny Stones means my own destruction as well. But if that’s what it takes to finally find my answer, then so be it!”

His new statement caused the princesses to freeze in place.

“Was…was he really planning to go THAT far!?” Twilight asked, not believing what she just heard.

To add in the disbelief, BlackWarGreymon was walking towards his opponents, not giving up the fight.

“He seriously still wants to keep fighting? Even in that condition!?” Luna asked.

“Wow, he really does have a fierce will to fight. Especially to the end,” Celestia said to herself, admittedly amazed by the Digimon’s determination to carry on fighting.

As BlackWarGreymon stepped closer, Paildramon and Silphymon charged towards him.

“Don’t take another step or else!” Paildramon said, him and the Alicorns not expecting BlackWarGreymon’s response.

“I choose ‘or else’.”

As Silphymon flew in close, BlackWarGreymon caught him in his grasp and chucked the hybrid aside. Paildramon then attempted to grab him but only to have his wrists grabbed and then flung over BlackWarGreymon’s shoulder.

As Shakkoumon entered the fray, it gave way to a four-way melee. The three Hybrid Ultimate Digimon gave everything they got against the Artificial Mega Digimon. To the three princesses, what followed next was simply unbelievable. BlackWarGreymon was scratched, brouzed, dented, weakened, injured and above all out-numbered. But despite it all, it seemed he was winning!

‘Wow. He’s injured, but he still has the strength to fend for himself. It…It’s amazing… he’s amazing,’ Luna thought to herself while smiling. She then blinked in confusion at the last thing she thought of.

Twilight and Celestia were silent, unable to say anything about the situation. They were stuck in a state of awe.

That was… until they saw what looked like a rainbow glow coming from behind. Turning around, the three Alicorns saw the last Destiny Stone being surrounded by rainbow light. Then a multi-coloured beam of energy shot out of the stone and streaked across the sky.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed, because BlackWarGreymon and the three Ultimate Digimon stopped fighting to look at the new light.

As the rainbow beam disappeared over the horizon, clouds started to gather all around blocking out the blue sky. Then after a moment, rays of light pierced through the gapes in the clouds, surprising anyone who saw them.

“Is… is that the sun light?” Twilight asked Celestia.

“I don’t think so. The rays travelled too quickly,” The white Alicorn answered.

It was at the moment where everyone noticed that it looked like something was moving in the clouds. Then to everyone’s surprise, a massive serpent-like creature emerged from the clouds and then flew back in.

The princesses gasped in shock and surprise from both the creatures’ presents and its appearance. Its body was insanely long and looked like living water. Its short arms and legs were also the same colour and appearance. It also had several angel-like wings all along its back. Strangely it had massive chains coiling along its body. But the fascinating part about it was its head. It was blue with a series of yellow stripes. It had a razor-sharp lightning bolt shaped blade on its snout. Four huge red eyes and a massive beard and moustache, as if to show that it was very old. For a brief moment, the beard reminded the Alicorns of a Unicorn wizard named Star Swirled the Bearded. Except the fact that its flowing, much like the Royal Sisters’ manes.

As it kept disappearing and reappearing through the clouds, the princesses talked amongst themselves.

“What is that thing!? It’s bigger and even longer than the dragon that took me!” Luna said as she took a few steps back.

“Twilight, did BlackWarGreymon mentioned anything about this creature?” Celestia asked her former student. But she was stuck in a trance.

“Could it be him? Could that be… Azulongmon!?”

“And who’s Azulongmon?” Luna asked, she and Celestia apparently overheard Twilight.

“BlackWarGreymon said that he’s one of the four mythical Digimon. But he never told me that he was so huge.”

Twilight’s answer left the Royal Sisters completely in shock. Apparently mythical beings exist in the Digital World.

Since they were silent, the Alicorns were able to hear BlackWarGreymon talking.

“Finally, my ultimate opponent has appeared.”

The mares then realised that Azulongmon resembled the bizarre images that popped up when the Destiny Stones were destroyed.

As Azulongmon stopped moving, he turned his four eyes onto the armoured Digimon below. Then he spoke to him, much to the amazement of the princesses.

“YOU! You are the one with the cursed soul of darkness!”

His statement left BlackWarGreymon shocked.

“Soul of darkness? You can’t mean me!?”

The Alicorns were shocked to hear, but listened to what the giant Digimon had to say.

“Tell me, why do you destroy the Destiny Stones?” He asked, his voice sounded like an echo.

“I did it to make you appear, so we can fight. You are stronger than any Digimon I’ve ever seen before,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” the mythical being asked.

“Only that you are my ultimate opponent.”

It was at the point where the giant Digimon wanted to make it perfectly clear.

“I am Azulongmon!”

“Azulongmon?” The black Digimon asked, letting the giant being explain himself.

“I am the guardian of the eastern hemisphere of the Digital World and the keeper of the spheres of Light and Hope. Because you had destroyed the Destiny Stones, this world has become unbalanced! Do you understand the consequences of what you had done!?”

The mares all stood in silence, they never knew that the guardian had such a big responsibility. BlackWarGreymon however, grew tired of talking.

“I don’t care about any of that nonsense. Fight me Azulongmon! IT IS MY DESTINY!!!”

BlackWarGreymon then launched off the ground and flew to fight the guardian head on. Much to the shock of the Alicorns.

“He’s really going to fight a guardian!?” Luna asked, thinking that BlackWarGreymon had bitten off more than he could chew. But luckily, Azulongmon thought differently from fighting.

“You fool!” He said as his hand started to glow, and then a blinding flash of light emanated from it.

Although it didn’t hurt him, but the light was enough to force BlackWarGreymon to stop and shield his eyes. As the light faded, Azulongmon spoke up.

“You mean that’s the reason you’ve caused all this suffering? When it’s your existence itself that seals my power and causes the unbalance in this world!”

That left BlackWarGreymon and the Alicorns confused.

“My existence? What do you mean!? I WANT THE TRUTH!!!” BlackWarGreymon demanded.

“You can’t handle the truth. The Control Spires here in the eastern region were built to seal my power. And you are made from one hundred of those Spires! You do the math.”

After thinking what the guardian said, BlackWarGreymon slowly pieced it together.


‘He was built to keep him away?’ Twilight thought to herself while she and the Royal Sisters remained silent.

The black Digimon turned around to face the DigiDestined.

“What does this mean?”

“Alright so now you know, big deal”

The princesses turned to the source of the new voice, only to discover that it was Arukenimon.

“Our plan was a simple one. Build as many Control Spires as possible and destroy the balance of the Digital World once and for all. You got a problem, so sue me.”

As she and the DigiDestined continue to talk. The Alicorns couldn’t believe what they just heard.

“So that was her plan the whole time! How could she do that to the Digital World?” Twilight said while growing angry at how evil it all sounds.

“Easy Twilight. I hate it just as much as you do, but you have to remember that this was in the past,” Celestia said to Twilight, reminding her that they were in a memory.

“True, but her plan does seem to be failing. Those kids keep destroying her Control Spires,” Luna added.

As if she just heard them, Arukenimon spoke out to BlackWarGreymon.

“That’s why I created you to stop them, but instead you wonder around the Digital World like a baby looking for its bottle.”

Again like before, Luna grunted in anger from hearing the insult. What she would give to turn Arukenimon into stone. But what the Ultimate Digimon said next actually struck BlackWarGreymon’s nerve.

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that Digimon like yourself have no souls of their own?”

In response to her insult, BlackWarGreymon flew down to Arukenimon in a blink of an eye, grabbed her by the shoulder and lifted her off the ground. She then spoke out in protest as she tried to squirm free from his grasp.

“Hey, put me down! This is a brand new outfit! Do you know how hard it is to get winkles out of polystyrene!? Don’t get mad at me because fate has dealt you a bad hand!”

“FATE!? Then why am I standing here within an inch from destroying you!? Is that fate too!?” BlackWarGreymon said to her.

Without Celestia or Twilight knowing, Luna was mentally marvelling at the sight. Nice to see Arukenimon getting a taste of her own medicine.

However, Azulongmon stopped him.

“BlackWarGreymon! Urrh, you ask more questions than Cody does. No one can answer it but you.”

What the guardian said next not only gained BlackWarGreymon’s attention, but it also made the three princesses smile in agreement.

“You see, every life has a purpose. A reason. The circumstances surrounding its birth don’t matter.”

“You’re saying that my life has a meaning too?” BlackWarGreymon asked, he too was understanding the guardian’s words.

“Precisely. But it is up to you to find out what that meaning is.”

The armoured Digimon’s eyes widened as he took a moment to take it all in. He had the opportunity to find out what his destiny was. And he would have to find it himself. The Alicorns were simply stunned at what they were hearing.

“BlackWarGreymon, I have nothing more to tell you. Unless you want to hear a good joke Gennai told me while I was in limbo,” Azulongmon said, apparently even guardians had a sense of humour.

Then BlackWarGreymon dropped Arukenimon and faced the guardian once more.

“I’m grateful to have met you. I now know that my existence has meaning.”

The princesses start to smile in joy as they heard him accepting what the guardian said. And the fact that he was grateful too. But what he said next took that smile away.

“Even if that meaning is only to be hated and alone.”

He then walked past the DigiDestined and into the depths of the jungle. Although it looked like Azulongmon was going to have an interesting conversation with the DigiDestined, the Alicorns followed BlackWarGreymon into the jungle.

“Hmm, he sounded like he doesn’t want to be hated and alone,” Celestia said, breaking the silence.

“Well, he did say his life was rough. But I had no idea it was anything like that,” Twilight admitted, feeling sorry for BlackWarGreymon to go through all the pain.

Luna meanwhile was silent, trying to keep up her pace with the Digimon.

‘If only this BlackWarGreymon could see where he is now. Equestria has given him kindness and friendship, and in return he isn’t hated and alone.’

Luna’s eyes suddenly widened when a thought occurred to her. BlackWarGreymon wasn’t entirely evil, he was misunderstood…


What happened to BlackWarGreymon was almost a reflection of what happened to her back in Equestria. Something she could relate to.

Then to the Alicorns’ surprise, BlackWarGreymon roared out in anguish and took to the skies. As he gained altitude, a black portal appeared in front of him, leading him elsewhere in the Digital World.

“Wait! He can create portals!? He never told me that!” Twilight complained while in shock. Then a thought crossed her mind.

‘Wait. Could that be how he entered Equestria in the first place? No. That portal was white and it created a storm, this one’s black and there’s no storm around it.'

Before Twilight could get any more confused, the Alicorns heard Azulongmon speaking to the departing Digimon.

“My friend, I feel your agony. I hope that one day, you will find the answers to your questions.”

BlackWarGreymon then disappeared into the portal, followed by the portal closing up. As it did, the memory around the Alicorns faded into whiteness.

They were soon back in BlackWarGreymon’s mind, with the Digimon himself standing by, whom awaited their return. When the princesses turned to face him, he had a blank expression in his eyes while looking down at the ground. He didn’t want them to see him, a powerful being, to be in such pain. But he had no choice, in order for his friends to truly understand him, they had to see everything.

His lack of response began to make the mares concerned.

“BlackWarGreymon… you were in pain……weren’t you,” Twilight said softly.

“Yes… I was. But despite it all, I still kept on fighting. That was how badly I wanted answers,” He said, earning looks of sadness from the three Alicorns.

“I’m sorry to hear that, BlackWarGreymon. But you could just ask them instead of fighting them,” Celestia said, earning a serious look from the Digimon.

“You think I hadn’t tried that already? Those who did approach me kindly didn’t have the answers I needed. And all the rest just viewed me the same as any other Digimon created from Control Spires. A product…a creation… a symbol of evil itself. So to them, all evil must be destroyed.”

The three princesses finally understood the gravity of BlackWarGreymon’s problems.

“In most of the battles you’ve seen, only half of them I intended. But the other half… was simply a battle to survive.”

BlackWarGreymon was silent afterwards, letting his words sink in. The Alicorns never knew that his past was so dark and sad.

Twilight then figured out a way to cheer him up and change the subject.

“Don’t mind me asking, BlackWarGreymon. But in that battle, your shield was destroyed. How was it that you got it back?”

BlackWarGreymon knew that Twilight mentioned it to raise his spirit. He mentally thanked her for it.

“It’s actually similar to how you heal from a cut. My body simply regenerated it back.”

“You…can heal your armour?” Celestia asked.

“Yes. My armour is a part of me, so it repairs itself along with my body. I can also speed up the process by sleeping,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Sleeping?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, I’ve slept after that battle.”

“And Twilight mentioned that you never told her that you can create portals,” Celestia mentioned.

“Oh, I guess that slipped my mind,” BlackWarGreymon admitted before continuing. “But I hardly use that ability, since creating a portal to another part of the Digital World uses up a lot of my energy. I just prefer to fly.”

Twilight then got around to a question she wanted answering.

“BlackWarGreymon, are black portals the only ones you can create?”

The Digimon was slightly confused at the question, but answered it anyway.

“As far as I know, yes.”

‘So… the portal that sent him to our world, wasn’t created by him after all. Could it be someone else who sent him here? Or is it something else?’ Twilight thought to herself, her mind constantly on the subject of the white portal.

Luna meanwhile was silent throughout the entire conversation. She still couldn’t comprehend how similar she was to BlackWarGreymon. They were both once evil, they became threats to their worlds, they were treated as villains even though they had changed. It was truly bizarre, someone from a completely different world went through the same experience she herself went through.

She finally brought her attention to the group when BlackWarGreymon spoke to her.

“Luna? Are you ok? You seem to be spaced out for a moment.”

“Oh…um… I’m fine, thank you,” She replied, feeling slightly awkward.

“I suppose you all want to see more of my past,” BlackWarGreymon said, feeling that their conversation was nearing its end.

“Yes, if it’s still ok with you,” Twilight said.

“Fine. But the next memory is just me recovering from that battle,” BlackWarGreymon mentioned.

“Ok, BlackWarGreymon. And again, thank you for allowing us to see more of your past,” Celestia said with kindness in her voice and a warm smile on her face.

It seemed to cheer the Digimon up a little.

As the three princesses walked past the mentioned orb of light that lead to the memory, Luna couldn’t help herself but have a quick peek into its contents.

The sight that the blue Alicorn saw, had actually made her heart ache. BlackWarGreymon, injured and beaten, was hiding out in a cave in a lonely mountain in the middle of nowhere. Far away from any source of life. He was sleeping on the hard stone ground with his back against the wall.

Although his eyes were shut, Luna could see them squinting every few seconds. A sign that the powerful warrior… was in pain.


Author's Note:

Hello everyone!

It's been a while now but here it is. Part 4 of the 'Memory saga'

Since some parts of BlackWarGreymon's past was quite short in the episodes, I shortened it to combine it into this one. But I think it turned out alright.

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