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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 10: The Test

Author's Note:

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At the Canterlot hospital, the doctors and nurses had a very important patient. After hours of intense work, the medics had finally finished giving Princess Luna treatment and left her to rest for the healing to take effect.

Being an Alicorn, Luna and the other princesses could heal much faster than an average pony. But even so, it still took time.

As the medical ponies left to inform Princess Celestia that her little sister was going to make a full recovery, Luna was having one of her dreams.

Now that the nightmare essence of her mind, the Tantabus, was long gone, all her dreams since then had been very pleasant and peaceful. But at the moment, she’s having the same dream she had for the past few weeks.

Because she was constantly been asked by many stallions who all found her attractive, the dream she was having was mainly about her mysterious knight in shining armour.

For some time, her dream was repeating itself over and over again. She gets captured by an evil sorcerer, him threatening all of Equestria unless she submits to him, then her hero appears and fights the sorcerer, and after a quick skirmish, the hero triumphs. Afterwards, the mysterious hero approaches Luna and frees her.

But this time, only one part of her dream was different. Originally, her knight in shining armour had a resemblance of a stallion. But this time around, and to her surprise, he bared the resemblance of what looked like an upright dragon with armour. As he approached her, her dream was suddenly fading. And the last thing she caught a glimpse of were his yellow eyes.

After Luna’s eyes snapped open to reality, she quickly rose her body off the bed while taking in deep breaths.

‘What…what was that all about?’

“Oh Luna. It’s good to see you awake.”

Luna turned her head to where she heard the voice. And standing beside the bed was Celestia, with relief on her face.

“Sister? Where…where am I?” Luna asked while looking around the unfamiliar room.

“Your in the hospital, Luna. You were exhausted from your experience and fell unconscious,” Celestia explained.

Luna was left puzzled.


Celestia had a questionable look on her face.

“You mean you don’t remember?”

While thinking hard, Luna tried to piece her thoughts and memories together.

“Well… I’m not so sure. I do remember that… I was taken by a giant dragon. He… took me to a cave and… tried to eat me! But as he did…”

“Well?” Celestia asked, noticing Luna’s long pause.

“Well, call me crazy… a black blur came out of nowhere and attacked the dragon.”

“A black blur?” Celestia asked, despite knowing full well who the black blur really was.

“Yes, and it looked like a… an armoured dragon. But it was different from any dragon I’ve ever seen before. It was fast, strong, and the power it had. I’ve never seen anything with that kind of power before. It was able to defeat that dragon on its own and… it saved my life.”

Celestia smiled at hearing Luna’s explanation.

“Seems like we could never thank BlackWarGreymon enough,” She said to herself. But Luna overheard her and was puzzled at a bizarre word her sister used.


“Oh. I’m talking about our saviour. You know, the one who defeated Tirek yesterday. He’s also the one who saved you, Luna. BlackWarGreymon is his name,” Celestia explained, making it clear to her little sister as Luna looked at her bed to take in the details.

“BlackWarGreymon. Such a strange name.”

“I guess in a way it is, Luna. But he told me that there are many different beings from his world that have strange names.”

What Celestia said brought Luna’s full attention.

“So he isn’t a dragon?”

“No. He may look like one, but he’s in fact entirely different. He belongs to a species called Digimon and he came from a dimension called the Digital World.”

Luna became more intrigued with the new information.

“So… he’s from another world?”

“Yes, Luna. But what’s more interesting is that despite being from another world, he’s perfectly willing to step into danger to protect the innocent lives that he had never met before,” Celestia stated, but Luna looked confused.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well Luna, when the royal guard informed us that you were captured, BlackWarGreymon immediately stepped in without a second thought of his own freewill. And before I could say anything, he took off to rescue you.”

Luna was awe-stricken when she heard this. He wasn’t ordered to save her, he wanted to save her. Back at the battle, he was unstoppable and perhaps a bit vicious. But he did it all to protect her. He was indeed their saviour.

Without hesitating, Luna climbed out of her hospital bed.

“Luna, you should be resting,” Celestia said with concern in her voice.

“Don’t worry sister, I’ll be fine. I would like to meet BlackWarGreymon, where is he?” Luna asked.

“The last I’ve seen him, he was out in the Canterlot gardens with Twilight and her friends. Why?” Celestia asked.

“Well…I like to thank him personally.”

Celestia smiled at hearing Luna’s answer.

“Of course. But go easy on your sprained hoof. It may not have fully healed yet,” Celestia advised.

With that, Luna walked past her big sister and left the room. With other ponies bowing before her as she walked past them.

Already knowing how tough her little sister was, Celestia, who’s seemly alone, smiled at the thought of Luna returning to full health.

Until she was disturbed by someone who appeared to be humming.

“Hmmm, how touching.”

Celestia turned around to the source of the familiar voice. And found Discord, wrapped up in bandages pretending to be injured, on the bed next to the one Luna was on.

“Discord. How long have you been here?” She asked.

“Oh, long enough,” Discord said before teleporting off the bed and reappearing next to the sun princess, with no bandages on him.

“You know I think it’s great for you to put so much trust in our Digi-pall,” He continued.

“Of course it is, Discord. He’s our new saviour,” The white Alicorn said, agreeing with what the Draconequus said.

“I think that’s a good title for him. Well…despite his negative energy of course,”

Celestia was puzzled at what Discord was implying.

“What are you talking about?”

“You mean you didn’t know that he possesses negative energy?” Discord asked.

“Well… on our way to the gardens, BlackWarGreymon did mentioned it. Do you know something about it, Discord?”

Before answering Celestia’s question, Discord thought for a moment while stroking his beard.

“Well, I don’t know how the powers of Digimon work, but I do know one thing. You see, negative energy is their version of dark magic.”

Discord’s answer left Celestia stunned.

“Dark…magic?” Celestia silently asked, but Discord wasn’t listening.

“In a way it sort of makes sense. After all, he does look the part.”

He then paused before speaking again.

"Anyway, best be off now. I’m planning on playing ping-pong with myself and I’m intending on winning this time. Farwell!” He said before disappearing from the room, leaving Celestia alone with confused thoughts.

Five minutes from the Canterlot gardens

With the hospital behind her, Princess Luna made her way towards the gardens beside the castle. During her walk, she kept remembering the events that transpired with Celestia.

Yes, Luna wanted to meet her rescuer, but she did sound a bit too eager. In fact her walking pace was quicker, as if she wanted to see him before he leaves or something like that.

Confused at her own thoughts, she slightly shook her head to clear her mind. She then looked up at the sky and noticed that the sun was setting.

“It’s evening!? I must’ve been out for a while.”

Her vision then caught a glimpse of something moving at the corner of her eye. Looking to her right, she spotted two royal guard Unicorns moving a catapult towards the gardens. The guards were also bringing large rocks which were used as ammo for the large weapon.

Curious of what’s going on, Luna slipped into the shadows and while under the cover of darkness, silently moved closer to the guards. After getting to a good distance unseen, Luna then raised her ear to hear the guard’s conversation.

“Uuhhh… tell me why we’re moving this towards the gardens?” The first guard asked the other, clearly exhausted from using his magic to move the heavy catapult.

“Princess Twilight ordered this and other catapults to be moved because she wants to use them as some sort of test for the new guy,” The second guard answered.

Hearing this made the hidden Alicorn listen more.

“Oh yeah, the new guy. But I think he doesn’t need to bother with this. Just the look of him could send a pony running,” The first guard said.

"Oh that reminds me. I’ve heard that he took on Tirek and defeated him all on his own,” The second guard said, leaving the first one with the look of awe.

“You’re kidding!”

“Well word is going around that he is our new protector.”

As they continued their conversation, they disappeared into the streets, leaving Luna with her thoughts.

“What kind of test has Twilight got in mind for him?”

Curious of what the test was, Luna proceeded to fly to the rooftops. But since her once clipped wing was only recently healed, she felt stings of pain as she flapped her wings. But soon she reached the rooftop that had a good view of the gardens.

After settling down on the roof to rest her body, she spotted the Mane Six in the distance. As well as a few loaded catapults.

She was confused. Was this some kind of combat test and more importantly, where’s BlackWarGreymon?

After trying and failing to spot the Digimon who’s apparently out of sight, she turned her sights to Twilight who was gathering her friends together.

“Alright, are you ready girls?” Twilight asked in enthusiasm.

“You bet!” The rest of the Mane Six said at the same time.

‘Background music’ ‘All Hail Shadow by Crush 40’

Twilight immediately turned to a group of royal guards with one of their catapults, ready to fire.

“Are you all set!?” She asked.

“We’re ready your highness,” One of the guards called back.

“Good. Start firing… now!”

The moment Twilight gave the order, one of the catapults launched a large boulder high into the air.

The first shot of the test was fired.

Luna noticed that the guards were being careful with their aim, trying not to point the catapults at the castle. But that wasn’t all the night princess saw.

As the rock kept climbing into the air, a streaking black blur suddenly flew out of the nearby trees. All the ponies and the guards on the ground watched on in amazement as the black blur smashed its way straight through the boulder, shattering it to pieces.

“Shouldn’t that hurt him?” Rarity asked while watching what just transpired.

“Doesn’t look like it,” Pinkie Pie answered.

Back up in the sky for all the amazed ponies to see, the falling stones gave way to reveal BlackWarGreymon. Who was preparing himself for his next target.

With the Digimon in open sky and out of the line of sights of the castle, the guards below were able to adjust their catapults to literally aim and fire at him.

From seeing another incoming boulder, BlackWarGreymon flew towards it with his claws ready. As the two came close, the Digital Monster launched his left arm forward. Then a slashing sound was heard. And by the time the rock past him, it fell apart into pieces.

He then did the same to another incoming boulder with his right arm.

While he was doing this, the ponies below who were watching were amazed that the Digimon’s metal claws, as well as himself, were able to slice through solid rock like it was nothing.

“Now that’s what I call a knife through hot butter,” Rainbow Dash cheered.

After spotting another rock coming towards him from behind, BlackWarGreymon raised his left arm straight in front of him, turned around sharply and slashed the boulder sideways. Doing this caused the boulder to be sliced completely in half.

Although she was not entirely into brute strength, Luna couldn’t help but feel amazed and impressed by BlackWarGreymon’s strength and how he uses it.


After slicing two more boulders into pieces, BlackWarGreymon spotted two more incoming. He slammed his foot into the first one, completely shattering the rock. Then destroyed the second by ramming his elbow into it.

“Seriously, how does that not hurt him?” Applejack asked.

“I don’t know, but he is surprisingly durable,” Twilight answered.

Soon after spotting yet another boulder, the jet-black dragon warrior flew towards it, done a forward flip so his feet were facing the ball of rock, and then landed on it with his metal claws dug in to hold on. His actions caused the rock to fall back downwards towards the ground with him still on it. Then both he and the boulder crashed into a hill, the impact throwing a large cloud of dust into the air.

The Mane Six, the guards and Princess Luna were awe-stricken. He had the guts to free-fall with the boulder and risk getting himself hurt.

Then five more boulders were fired in the air, then were falling in the direction of the downed Digimon.

But BlackWarGreymon was waiting for this.

The on-looking ponies then spotted a red glow within the dust cloud. Although still new to the Mane Six, Luna was all too familiar with the Digital Monster’s signature attack.

BlackWarGreymon then burst out of the dust cloud unharmed, with a Terra Destroyer orb that was the same size as he was in-between his hands. He then chucked it at the five incoming boulders. While it collided with one, destroying it, the blast radius obliterated three others. As the fifth one approached the fading red light, BlackWarGreymon appeared through the light and side-kicked the rock as if it were a football.

This sent the rock flying from Canterlot, in-between two nearby mountains and disappearing off in the distance.

“He takes the shot! He shoots! He scores!!” Rainbow Dash cheered, acting as if the two mountains were some sort of goal.

As the Mane Six were all cheering and the royal guards shocked at the Digimon’s combat skills, Luna slowly smiled at how happy Twilight and her friends were about BlackWarGreymon. As well as him using his power and strength for good.

Back in the sky, BlackWarGreymon used Dragon Crusher on three boulders. The wave of energy halting them and then the wave of red-purple fire incinerating them.

Soon after the fire cleared, he then saw five more boulders heading for him.

“Hmm, more fun for me.”

Using his newly enhanced speed, BlackWarGreymon instantly turned into a black blur as he flew towards the boulders. One by one, as he reached a boulder, a slashing sound was heard. By the time he left the group of rocks and slowed down, the five boulders fell apart into pieces of stones.

The Digimon then used Black Tornado to drill through three boulders that were in a row. While passing through them, the force from the black winds shredded what was left of the round rocks. He kept his assault up by an uppercut slash on another boulder, again slicing it in the process.

As more boulders kept flying at him, BlackWarGreymon had done virtually every combat move he could think of. He back-handed them, karate chopped them, head-butted them, slashed, kicked, and slammed his armoured shin guard into them. And every time he landed a hit, the boulders crumbled under his strength.

After spotting another incoming boulder, he reached his arms out to catch it. As he did, his clawed gauntlets dug straight into the rock and held it in its place. He then raised the boulder over his head and threw it into another. The collision shattered the two.

BlackWarGreymon looked to his left and saw yet another incoming boulder, but as he looked to his right, he saw again another flying towards him at the same time. To show off more of his physical strength, he stretched his arms out to his sides and allowed the two boulders to slam into his gauntlets. With the two boulders held in place by his claws, the Digimon reared his arms back and then swung them back together. Shattering the boulders together completely without harm.

The on-looking ponies below were amazed at what they’re witnessing. BlackWarGreymon truly had strength to behold.

“Truly amazing display, But I think it’s time to kick it up a notch,” Twilight said before signalling the nearby guards into switching ammunition.

Instead of the usual boulder, they loaded the catapult with a massive boulder coated in armour. Rainbow Dash took a good look at the metal and recognized its texture.

“Uhh Twilight, is that Cloudsdalion steel?” She asked the purple Alicorn.

“Yes it is,” Twilight answered.

Soon after they loaded it, the guards fired the armoured rock at the airborne Digimon. After spotting it, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the incoming boulder was covered in metal.

“This should be interesting.”

He then proceeded to fly towards the ball of metal. As the two got ever closer, the royal guards, the Mane Six and even Luna were eager to see the outcome. As the boulder got in range, BlackWarGreymon slashed his right arm at it. Showers of sparks flew everywhere as Chrome Digizoid made contact with Cloudsdalion steel.

As the sparks disappeared, BlackWarGreymon paused with his arm still stretched out. At first the armoured boulder seemed intact, but a spit second later, both the metal and the rock inside were sliced in half.

Everypony down below had looks of disbelief on their faces, while Rainbow Dash was in shock.

“That…that’s not possible! Cloudsdalion steel is the strongest metal in Equestria! And he sliced straight through it as if it was no problem!”

“Impressive. Seems his Digizoid armour is far stronger than any metal that we could make,” Twilight said to herself.

As time went on, the catapults were running out of ammo. So the guards decided to launch every boulder they had left, firing a total of twenty five boulders at BlackWarGreymon.

The Digimon knew he didn’t have the time to rely solely on combat, but he had an idea.

“Black Tornado!”

As BlackWarGreymon spun on the spot, swirling black winds that were created completely covered him. And by spinning much faster, the black vortex grew bigger and bigger. Soon a very large black tornado formed high in the sky, and as the boulders got in close, they were all sucked in and spun with the currents.

“He can make his tornado attack bigger!? Who knew?” Pinkie Pie said while everypony else silently stared at the column of black energy.

By adjusting the wind flow in his tornado, BlackWarGreymon sent twenty four of the boulders into the air in a DNA-like fashion out of the top of the tornado. While the last boulder went flying straight out of the tornado, right through the middle of all the other boulders and kept climbing altitude high above them.

With all twenty five boulders above him, BlackWarGreymon stopped spinning and flew towards them. He flew straight past the spiralling boulders and as he approached the stray round rock above his head, his body emitted dark energy.

“Mega Destroyer!”

Like a black comet he streaked high in the sky, and smashed straight through the boulder. The impact caused some of BlackWarGreymon’s dark energy to spray out like a cloud.

After stopping his flight upwards, he looked down to see the remaining rocks spiralling towards him. He then flew straight down towards them with his arms stretched outwards, with the pointed end of his claws facing the boulders. After spinning his body at the same speed as the boulders but in the opposite direction, he proceeded to free-fall with his claws slashing through the boulders, two at a time. As he kept it up, his claws met with more solid rock and sliced through them.

The ponies below were in complete awe at the sight. It was usually the Wonderbolts who had the guts to do that sort of thing. Even so, they dared not tear their gaze away from the spinning Digimon slicing through the armada of boulders.

After destroying every last boulder in the sky, BlackWarGreymon flew straight towards the ground. As he got closer, he did a foreword flip so his feet were facing the approaching ground.

As he landed, the impact sent a cloud of dust in the air as a shockwave travelled through the ground. The ponies felt the shockwave though the ground with their hooves. Even Luna felt it vibrating through the building he was on.

‘Music end’

As the dust cloud faded, BlackWarGreymon walked towards the awe-stricken Mane Six. Completely unaffected by the rough landing and satisfied by completing Twilight’s test.

“Woah, that…was totally awesome!” Rainbow Dash said as she and her friends met up with their digital friend.

“That was mighty impressive big fella,” Applejack complemented, with Rarity agreeing with her.

“Indeed. And that finale you pulled off certainly was graceful.”

“This calls for a celebration!” Pinkie Pie shouted while hugging Fluttershy in a tight squeeze.

Although feeling appreciated from their comments, BlackWarGreymon couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed.

Back on the rooftop, Princess Luna, despite still being stuck in awe at what she’s seen, smiled at how happy the Mane Six were being around BlackWarGreymon. Even though he was from a different world and had power leagues above their own. After deciding that the armoured being was friendly enough to be approachable, Luna teleported off the rooftop and reappeared outside the gardens, making her way towards the Mane Six and their new friend.

“That was incredible, BlackWarGreymon! I’ve never seen anypony fight like that,” Twilight said, clearly pleased how the outcome of the test was.

“Thank you Twilight. But as surprising as it sounds, I wasn’t even using my full potential.”

His response made the Mane Six stare at him in disbelief.

“WHAT!!?” They all shouted at the same time. Briefly surprising the Digimon

“You mean you could do even more than that?” Fluttershy asked.

“I could of. But hurtling boulders are a mere child’s play to me,” BlackWarGreymon answered, but was then joined by a voice unfamiliar to him.

“I most certainly agree.”

Hearing this made BlackWarGreymon shoot his head up in surprise, not expecting it at all. Then he heard Twilight’s voice.

“Princess Luna!”

Looking down to his friends, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the Mane Six were bowing to someone behind him. After slowly turning his head around, he saw Luna walking towards them.

Upon seeing the blue Alicorn again, the black Digimon’s eyes widen slightly for a brief moment as he felt the same warm presence in his chest.

‘This warm feeling again? What is it? What does it mean? And why does it happen when I see her?’

His mind was riddled with questions. But Luna too couldn’t help but feel slightly different when she saw him. From the distance was good enough but up close, he really was quite a sight.

Both their thought patterns were interrupted when Twilight rushed to the night princess.

“Luna, are you alright?” Where does it hurt?” She asked, concerned that the older Alicorn had left the hospital earlier than expected.

“I’m fine. Thank you Twilight,” Luna said before taking a few steps closer to BlackWarGreymon. Her blue eyes looking up at his yellow eyes.

“Boulders were clearly not worthy adversaries to you, B-BlackWarGreymon was it?” She asked to make sure she had got his name right.

“Y-Yes, that’s my name. You were watching me?” He asked back, wondering if she knew about the test.

“From start to finish. I’ve lived with my sister for thousands of years, and I’ve never seen anyone fight in a way you do. You’re very impressive.”

He didn’t know why, but BlackWarGreymon felt a little stunned when he heard her complement.

“Uhh…thank you, Princess Luna.”

Then a brief silence followed, but the Digimon kept hearing the blue Alicorn clearing her throat. He knew she was trying to hint him about something, but was confused as to why she’s not speaking it.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” He asked, but was not expecting the kind of answer that followed.

“Well, it’s customary to bow before royalty.”

For some reason, the Mane Six immediately felt uncomfortable, and they had every reason to feel so.

It was the same reason why BlackWarGreymon chose not to bow to Celestia. Throughout his rebellious life, the Digimon felt that bowing to another meant surrender or submitting. Even through the world he was in was friendly as well as its rulers and that to them bowing shows respect, he still felt that him bowing to another was wrong. Even bowing to a royal.

“I’m sorry, but I bow to no one.”

This caught Luna off-guard, before demanding an explanation.


“To you and your kind, bowing is showing respect and forgiveness. But not to me. To me bowing is a sign of one submitting to another. And I don't submit.”

Despite the Mane Six feeling slight pity for BlackWarGreymon after hearing him say that, Luna felt slightly agitated. It was clear that Luna likes to be treated like a royal more than her sister does.

Before Luna could resort back, she was interrupted by a voice from behind her.

“It’s ok, Luna.”

After turning her head around, She, along with the Mane Six and BlackWarGreymon, saw Princess Celestia walking towards the group.

“There is no need for him to bow. He’s already respected us by saving our world.”

“I…I understand,” Luna replied, slightly unsure about it.

“Luna, you didn’t came here just to tell BlackWarGreymon your opinion on his test, didn’t you?” Twilight asked, knowing there was another reason why the blue Alicorn was with them instead of staying in the hospital.

“Oh…right,” She then turned her full attention to the armoured Digimon with a calm friendly expression.

“BlackWarGreymon, I just wanted to say…thank you, for saving my life.”

Like before, BlackWarGreymon felt very good about himself for doing something and being thanked for it.

“You’re most welcome, Princess Luna,”

Hearing him say that made the whole group smile brightly.

After another moment of silence, they all noticed that the sun was setting, giving way to night.

“Well, I’m sure that everypony is tired today. Would you all like to sleep over at the castle tonight?” Celestia asked.

“Really? Well we would gladly accept,” Rarity said while the other ponies nodded their heads in agreement.

“What about you big guy? From everything you been through, you could sleep for weeks,” Rainbow Dash said to BlackWarGreymon.

Despite everything he did lately, BlackWarGreymon still didn’t felt tired at all. But it would be rude to refuse an offer from the princess.

“Well, I guess I could use a little rest,” He said while flexing his arms. Although the Mane Six understood that he could go on without rest at all, but the royal sisters were slightly stunned by what he said.

“A little rest? You mean you’re not tired, even after fighting that dragon?” Luna asked.

“Not really,” BlackWarGreymon answered.

“Well then, shall we proceed to the castle?” Celestia asked the group.

“You bet,” Pinkie Pie answered while the others nodded their heads.

As the royal guards were putting their catapults away, the Mane Six, the royal sisters and the Digimon made their way towards the castle. During this time, Princess Celestia felt concerned about BlackWarGreymon. Her early discussion with Discord left her mind riddled with confusion and questions. Was negative energy the Digimon equivalent of dark magic? That only evil could possess such a thing? If so, does that mean that BlackWarGreymon was not what he seems?

By he did save Equestria from Tirek’s evil and risked his life rescuing Luna. Does that mean he was raised evil but thought differently? Or that he was evil but now reformed? She really wanted to ask him about it, but she didn’t felt that the time was right. After all he just gained Luna’s trust.

And speaking of Princess Luna, as she walked beside BlackWarGreymon she kept looking at him in the corner of her eye. She wasn’t feeling suspicious or anything, she just felt like looking at him. As she did she took in every detail about him. All from his gleaming armour to his yellow hair. To her even his three-horned helmet was interesting to look at.

In fact Luna was so distracted that she would’ve walked straight into a bush, if Twilight hadn’t stepped in to stop her.

“Luna, you almost walked into that. Are you ok?” She asked in concern.

Despite feeling a little lightheaded, Luna shook it off and reassured Twilight.

“I’m fine Twilight Sparkle. Just had a day dream, that’s all.”

Afterwards they all went to the dining hall. They all enjoyed themselves while having a nice dinner. Except for BlackWarGreymon, who didn’t felt hungry and spent the time listening to his pony friends while looking out the window. He took in the sight of the sun disappearing over the horizon and the moon rising over the trees. As the moon climbed higher in the darkening sky, he looked over his right shoulder to see the royal sisters. He was still amazed that they have the power to move such large objects.

As he looked, his vision focused on Princess Luna. He found her quite demanding and was thankful that Celestia arrived in time back at the gardens. Even so as he eyed the night princess, the warm feeling from before gripped his chest again. He averted his gaze back at the window while in thought.

‘This feeling again. Why does it show up everytime I see her?’

Then he heard Twilight calling for him.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon, are you sure you’re not hungry?”

Turning his gaze to Twilight, he answered.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

He then was curious. A fact that he was curious to find out.

“Princess Luna?”

Him calling her name slightly surprised the blue Alicorn, but quickly recomposed herself.


“When I arrived at the cave, I couldn’t help but notice that the dragons’ eyes were blackened. Were you really trying to fight him yourself?”

“Yes I was. It’s one of the main duties of being a ruler, we defend and protect Equestria.”

Although it made sense, but it was still surprising to BlackWarGreymon that even a princess could fight back.

“Well, it seems that role has gotten a lot easier with me around,” He stated while turning back at the window.

That was a fact that seemed true. If the likes of Tirek fell to him, who else could possibly stand up to the power of BlackWarGreymon.

After dinner, Celestia escorted the group to their separate bedrooms for the night. Due to BlackWarGreymon’s size, finding a bed for him was impossible at first. But Twilight corrected this by using her magic to make his bed larger.

“Thank you, Twilight,” BlackWarGreymon said with gratitude.

“You’re welcome,” Twilight said while smiling at him before continuing. “So you never been on a bed before?”

“No. But I can give it a try,” The Digimon answered.

With BlackWarGreymon and Twilight in the room were Celestia, Luna, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. All the mares were watching the large Digimon as he knelt down and slid his arms out of his clawed gauntlets. This earned looks of surprise and confusion from the royal sisters.

Twilight noticed this and reassured them.

“I know. My friends and I thought they were his hands too,” She said while referring to the gauntlets.

Luna was still slightly taken back at looking at him. Not just because he had five digit hands, but by him taking off his armoury it revealed more of his muscular arms.

Then Rarity pointed out something.

“Darling, how are you ever going to get comfortable during your sleep with that thing on your back?”

“My shield? Simple,” That was all BlackWarGreymon said before reaching over his shoulder, grabbed his Brave Shield, and pulled them off his back.

“You can take them off?” Twilight asked, clearly surprised.

“Of course. What good is a shield if you could only have it on your back?” He asked rhetorically.

After putting them down, Rainbow Dash flew towards them and tried to lift up one of the two sections. She was surprised at the fact that they were extremely heavy despite that the Digimon carried them as though they were very light.

“Wow…this is heavy…but awesome,” She said while beating her wings as hard as she could, but only managed to lift the Chrome Digizoid shell by only an inch.

BlackWarGreymon slightly chuckled at seeing the Pegasus trying but failing to lift his shield off the ground.

Then Twilight mentioned something.

“Sorry, it’s just that during your fight with Tirek, you never seemed to use your shield.”

“Yes. You took a direct hit from his magic and you didn’t even seemed fazed,” Rarity added.

“Yes. True I hardly use my shield. But it’s a part of me, so I always wear it.”

Part of BlackWarGreymon’s sentence earned looks of confusion from both Luna and Celestia.

‘Part of him?’

“Well…guess it’s time to hit the hay,” Rainbow Dash said after letting out a loud yawn, with Twilight and Rarity doing the same.

“Yes Rainbow, we all need our beauty sleep,” The white Unicorn said while walking out of the room. Followed by Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Celestia.

As Princess Luna was about to leave, she glanced back at BlackWarGreymon. Watching him leaning his gauntlets and his shield against the wall opposite to his bed.

“Have pleasant dreams, BlackWarGreymon.”

Her voice briefly startled the Digimon, he thought all the ponies had left the room. He looked back at her and spoke.

“Thank you, princess.”

“Please, call me Luna,” She said with a smile.

“Very well…Luna.”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t know why, but he felt short for words.

After their little conversation, Luna left BlackWarGreymon’s bedroom. With a smile on her face and an idea in her head.

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