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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 72: Tragedy in Canterlot

The mysterious event surrounding BlackWarGreymon’s recent actions seemed to be drawing to a conclusion. A terrifying conclusion.

While interrogating one of the maids in Canterlot Castle, Princess Twilight Sparkle had discovered something very unpleasant. So potentially dangerous that she immediately ran to find Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. After she found the two sisters in a hallway, she quickly told them what she had learnt.

The news that she gave them frightened the older Alicorns.

“Twilight? Are you absolutely sure that’s what she told you!?” Celestia asked her former student.

“Yes. Every word,” Twilight answered.

Luna’s expression showed fear as she spoke to her older sister.

“T-Then this is worse than we thought! But how!? It’s… impossible!”

Celestia paused as she connected the dots. From what Twilight was told, the strange features that the Digimon possessed… matched almost identically to what they had seen just hours ago.

“I know, Luna. From the sound of it, it’s as if… he’s slipping into that… dark form.”

Luna froze. To hear such a possibility out in the open made her fearful. Seeing her dear friend surrendering into his Berserk Mode was the stuff of nightmares. Even more so from the thought of the berserker Digimon on a rampage within Canterlot’s walls. But the very fact of the discovery was what left her confused.

“But why!? What does he have to be angry about!? There’s… no reason for him to be.”

Like Luna, Twilight too was puzzled by the fact. There was no immediate threat around. But even if there were, the chances of such a force to make BlackWarGreymon so angry were slim. But then the purple Alicorn began to think back to the Digimon’s memories. Feeling that there was something in his past that could be the answer. Her eyes then widened in surprise from what she uncovered.

“Wait. Maybe that’s it.”

“What is it, Twilight?” Celestia asked. Both she and Luna looked at the smaller Alicorn. Eager to know.

To which, Twilight answered.

“Back in his past, when he was in the Digital World. His creator mentioned that he had… left-over programs within him.”

The royal sisters paused from realisation. Remembering what Arukenimon said to BlackWarGreymon during the Mega’s battle with the Mammothmon. But then Twilight continued.

“And don’t forget that BlackWarGreymon was created as a Mega level Digimon. An artificial one. So maybe… he’s not supposed to possess any sort of transformation from his world. But yet was one of those programs left over.”

Then Celestia chimed in. Understanding what Twilight was conveying.

“I see. If that’s the case, perhaps… his body isn’t used to such a change? And is now going through some sort of… side effect?”

“My thoughts exactly. And since he’s a digital creature, I guess you could say he’s experiencing some sort of glitch. A nasty one.”

“This is something entirely new to us. We don’t know what other kind of effects BlackWarGreymon is going through. We need to find him soon before the situation gets worse.”

Being silent while listening to Celestia and Twilight, Luna felt uncomfortable about the ordeal. She admitted once before that she wanted BlackWarGreymon to live a life with no pain. But remembering how upset he was from discovering his Dark Digivolution made her worry. What if everything that was said was true? What if BlackWarGreymon remembers his outbursts? What if he would accidently hurt somepony? She knew such a thought would be too much for the Artificial Digimon to cope. Would ponies start to view him as a threat instead of a hero? Such a scenario would crush his spirit even more. He would feel isolated. Alone.

With every bad possibility forming in her head, it caused Luna to feel deeply concerned for her favourite Mega level Digimon even more. Possibly more so than ever.

Both Celestia and Twilight paused as they saw the sheer amount of worry from the Night Princess. After reading the expression on her sister’s face, Celestia briefly had a look of surprise. But then replaced with a small smile as she tried to reassure her. Placing her hoof on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Luna. Well find him. And we’ll find a way to help him. Like how you did earlier.”

Luna paused from the last sentence her older sister said. Making her remember how she saved BlackWarGreymon from being completely consumed by his rage. To her, it was one of the greatest achievements of her life. Feeling that her sister was putting her trust in her, Luna couldn’t help but let out a little smile as she replied.

“Right. Thank you, sister.”

“Good. I’ll find the others and let them know,” Twilight suggested.

But before the Princess of Friendship could leave, she, Celestia and Luna heard a pony calling out to them. The voice full of panic.

“Princesses! We have an emergency!!”

Following to where the voice came from, the three Alicorns saw a royal guardsmare rushing towards them. When she reached them, they noticed that it was Double Edge. But the armour the Pegasus wore was damaged and heavily scratched. As if she had just escaped a battle.

“W-What’s going on!?” Celestia asked. Concerned for the mare’s wellbeing.

At first the Pegasus breathed heavily from exhaustion and shock. But after getting her breath back, she gave out alarming news. The kind the three princesses feared.

“Your highness! Something’s wrong with BlackWarGreymon! He suddenly went wild! And attacking the guards!!”

The three Alicorns gasped in shock and horror. It was truly happening. The unstableness that was within BlackWarGreymon was rearing its ugly head. With their talk with him earlier, they thought they would have more time. Time to prepare. Time to think of a right approach. Time to find a way to help BlackWarGreymon. But with the Digimon losing control of himself, the ponies need to take immediate action. Knowing the Digimon’s formidable strength, he could severely hurt the guards. Or to their horror, worse.

“Quick! Take us to him immediately!!” Luna demanded. Her tone sounding more like a plea.

“R-Right!” Double Edge replied before leading the way.

Following the Pegasus back down form where she came, the three Alicorns rushed towards the danger to save their friend. Ahead of the other two, Luna had the look of desperation. Hoping to reach BlackWarGreymon before it was too late.

‘Please Blackie! Please hold on just a little longer!’

Elsewhere in the castle, a fight was breaking out. The panicked royal guards were trying to scramble around the out-of-control BlackWarGreymon. But whenever they tried to get in close, they ended up getting swatted aside. Despite their confusion of what was really going on, the guards knew that the saviour wouldn’t attack them without reason. They could tell that something was wrong with him. They were trying their best to hold him off until a solution could present itself. But until then, they kept trying to reason with him.

As one of the guards dragged an unconscious comrade out of the way, a stallion tried to talk to the Mega.

“Listen. Just calm down. We’re trying to help you.”

The uncontrollable Digimon couldn’t listen. The negative data surging within him was clouding his judgement. As well as heightening his aggression to almost savage levels, a hidden side effect of BlackWarGreymon’s ordeal was hallucinations. The dark energy making him think that he was in someplace else. To him, all he could see was a dark abyss. Nothing but darkness surrounding him. He then began to see shadow-like creatures. With his violent nature taking over, he attacked the creatures. But in reality, he was either attacking at nothing or the guards themselves. But due to the unstable process he was going through, all what he was seeing was scaring the Digimon. Having no idea where he was. Or even where his friends were.

“They’re gone. They’re all gone. Were they taken?” He said quietly to himself. Breathing heavily from the stress as dark energy continued to spark around his body.

The same guard moved closer as he spoke up again.

“Hello. Can you hear me?”

But he walked in too close. BlackWarGreymon looked over his right shoulder to stare at the guard. But in his eyes, the guard was another shadow creature. Feeling that the creature had something to do with the disappearance of his friends, the enraged Mega let out a toothy growl as he swung his arm out. Backhanding the guard away with enough force to knock him out.

He then continued to lash out at thin air. Believing to be more incoming shadow creatures.

“What!? What do you want from me!?” He shouted as he continued to slash all around him. While the attacks were narrowly dodged by the guards, the walls and floors began to receive massive gash marks.

“What’s the matter with him!?” One of the panicking guards shrieked as they could do nothing but watch BlackWarGreymon tear the castle structure apart.

As the chaos continued, Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Double Edge finally arrived on the scene. Their sights then laid upon the flailing Digimon. While Twilight and Celestia looked on in disbelief, Luna felt horrified. It was just like the description said. BlackWarGreymon had a faint eerie glow around his body. His armour was darker. His hair looked spiker. But the worst was that his eyes were glowing a bright featureless white. But to their shock, they saw that he had regained his toothy maw.

Then as BlackWarGreymon turned to face in their direction, the Alicorns felt a wave of fear washing over them. It truly looked as though their friend was halfway transitioning into his Berserk Mode.

“I was right! His fight with Tirek has messed up his body!” Twilight shrieked. Joined by Celestia.

“He can’t control himself!”

Luna stared on in terror. Just the thought of what they were talking about scared her. But to see it actually coming true, it made her feel nothing but dread. With more of his change occurring, the more BlackWarGreymon’s mental state would deteriorate. He was already at the state where he would openly fight against anything that came his way.

“BlackWarGreymon,” She cried out. Already feeling despair.

“We need to find a way to help him! But what!?” Twilight asked.

But before the three princesses could think of an idea, they suddenly felt a great build-up of energy. And to their surprise, it was coming from BlackWarGreymon. As he turned his head around sharply, in his eyes, he could only see himself being surrounded by shadow creatures. All appearing out of the empty void.

The hallucinating Mega was confused and afraid at what he was seeing. But his resolve to find his friends remained strong. Unfortunately, such resolve caused his hatred for the shadow creatures to build. His fury grew as he snarled in rage.

“What are you!? What have you done to my friends!?”

Then to the surprise of the surrounding ponies, BlackWarGreymon’s body began to glow brighter as he reared his head back to roar loudly. As he did, his left arm began to violently twitch. To the ponies, the sight looked as though the limb was disfiguring itself. The image of the black Dramon Destroyer being twisted and distorted while shrouded in dark energy. And when the Digimon’s war-cry ended, and a massive build-up of power, he thrashed his limb wide. To the surprise of the ponies, BlackWarGreymon’s left arm had transformed. But to the horror of the Alicorns, the arm was that of the Digimon’s Berserk Mode. An armoured wrist ending with razor-sharp finger blades.

Slowly but surely, it looked as though BlackWarGreymon was Dark Digivolving.

Being the first to recognize the threat, Luna let out a frightened gasp before alerting the other ponies.

“Everypony! Get back!!”

Listening to the blue Alicorn, the princesses and the guards immediately began to back away from the Digimon as far as they could. With his mind playing tricks on him about his surroundings, the enraged BlackWarGreymon raised his newly transformed arm while letting out a mighty roar. He then smashed his clawed hand into the ground. The raw power behind it reduced the floor and the surrounding walls to rubble. The ground beneath BlackWarGreymon gave way to collapsing. Causing the Digimon to fall through the floor and into the main hall below.

After recovering from the unexpected attack, the guards jumped in after the Digimon. Leaving the three Alicorns to look through the hole in surprise.

“He’s suffering. I know it,” Luna said to herself. Heard by Twilight and Celestia, they too could tell that the situation was not BlackWarGreymon’s fault.

“But what can we do?” Celestia asked. Having little idea on how to handle the out-of-control Mega.

After a quick brainwave, Twilight formed an idea.

“Hay. I think I know something that might work.”

“What is it?” Celestia asked with Luna paying attention.

The purple Alicorn then revealed what she believed would be the solution.

“Back when Discord broke free from his stone prison, he used his magic to turn my friends into their opposite selves. But with my memory spell, I reminded them of the bond we shared. And it returned them back to normal.”

The eyes of the Alicorn Sisters widened in realisation. Remembering such an event from the past.

“That’s right, Twilight. So you think if you can do the same to BlackWarGreymon…”

Celestia’s guess was confirmed by Twilight.

“Yes. It will make him remember us. And maybe even return to normal.”

Wanting to believe that there was hope in Twilight’s idea, Luna gave her full support.

“Then we must act fast. Before it’s too late.”

Realising that time was at the essence, Twilight and Celestia joined Luna as they jumped through the hole. After landing in the main hall, they were briefly surprised when two members of the royal guard were hurtled overhead. Looking to where the guards were flung from, they could see that all but three guards had been knocked out. Double Edge being one of them. And stumbling in front of them was the out-of-control BlackWarGreymon.

“Hay! Go find Princess Cadence and my friends! We may need their help!” Twilight said to Double Edge.

“I’m on it!” The Pegasus said as she flew back up through the hole to find the others.

“Quick, Twilight! Your spell!” Luna said to Twilight. Wanting her digital friend to return to normal as soon as possible.

But the purple Alicorn stood still. Already foreseeing a big problem.

“I can’t right now! For it to work, I need him to keep still so I can get close!”

Celestia and Luna understood the problem. With BlackWarGreymon’s constant thrashing, he was moving around too much. And then there’s the issue of dodging his flailing metal claws.

As the frightened sisters looked over to BlackWarGreymon, to their shock, they could see a red sphere just above his right hand.

“Get out of there!” Celestia cried out. Recognizing the red sphere.

But it was too late. Mistaking the stallion as a shadow creature, the Mega swung his right arm in his direction. Unleashing a small Terra Destroyer sphere. While the guard was fortunate enough to dodge the attack itself, he was caught in the blast wave when it struck the ground behind him. The explosion sent him hurtling across the hall. Knocking him out.

Frightened that more ponies would get hurt, Celestia tried to plea with him. Hoping to get through the part of his mind that had yet to give in to his rage.

“BlackWarGreymon! Stop! Snap out of it! Please!!”

What surprised the three princesses was that the Mega completely stopped his rampage. He then sharply turned his head in a random direction.


The three Alicorns paused in complete surprise. BlackWarGreymon truly hadn’t fully converted to his berserker state.

“Y-You can hear me!?” Celestia cried out again. Hoping the sound of her voice would further entice him to recover.

But to their dismay, BlackWarGreymon still couldn’t see them. Only more shadow creatures appeared in his field of vision. To the group, they were surprised to see the Digimon resuming thrashing around. But then darting his head around to try and find the Sun Princess. Even calling out to her.

“Celestia!? Celestia, where are you!?”

But just as Celestia was about to respond, the Mega suddenly felt great pain in his head. He loudly grunted as he hunched over to grasp firmly at his head. But as the pain suddenly escalated, BlackWarGreymon stood back up to release a pain-filled scream. Then as he hunched over again, the glow around his body grew more intense again. Then his spikey yellow hair began to twitch. Only to steadily grow longer. All the while the unfortunate Mega began to snarl like a beast. Blankly staring at the ground as he barred his sharp teeth.

The three princesses were shocked and horrified at what was unfolding in front of them.

“I-Is he…!?” Celestia fearfully asked Twilight. To which the equally scared princess replied.

“Yes! He’s changing even more!”

Then to their surprise, BlackWarGreymon’s transformed hand flicked open and formed a dark red sphere within the palm. To which the Alicorns recognised as his Terra Oblivion attack. The three shivered with fear from remembering what such an attack could do. Once more mistaking the last guard for another shadow creature, the Digimon yelled loudly as he threw the attack at the pony. The energy ball just missed, but like before, the explosion behind him sent the guard flying. The collision to a far wall knocked him out.

As the three Alicorns watched on, the frightened Celestia reminded the two of the urgent matter.

“If we don’t act now, he will transform fully! And everypony will be in danger!”

Luna was especially frightened by the ordeal. She knew that once BlackWarGreymon’s Mode Change was final, then he would become the monster that he always despised. To be a soulless killing machine. But worse of all, a slave to his rage with no power in Equestria to stop him. No words to sway him. Possibly… even her own.

She knew that the life of destruction and cruelty was the last thing her digital friend truly wanted. She felt it in her heart. She had to help him.

“No. No! I won’t allow it! Luna boldly said as she rushed towards the rampaging Mega.

“No, Luna! It’s too dangerous!” Celestia warned. But her little sister wouldn’t listen.

While keeping her distance from BlackWarGreymon’s flailing arms, the concerned Luna tried to get close to reason with him. Remembering what happened with her sister, she hoped that he would hear her voice. Almost praying for him to respond.

“BlackWarGreymon! Can you hear me!? You have to stop! Please!!”

But her plea fell to deaf ears. The Mega continued to roar in rage and hate as he destroyed the wooden furniture and slashing the walls.

“Please! You need to control yourself! I beg of you! BlackWarGreymon!?” She called out.

With another enraged roar, the Digimon impaled his right Dramon Destroyer gauntlet into the concrete ground. Momentarily stopping him from moving. Feeling that it was the right moment, Luna once more rushed closer. And closer…


What followed next made everypony pause. By pulling his right arm free and twisting his body around, BlackWarGreymon unintentionally backhanded Luna! The blue Alicorn briefly cried in pain as one of the Chrome Digizoid claws caught her side. Leaving a small gash. The surprise attack sent her body skidding across the floor.

“LUNA!!!” Celestia cried out as she rushed over to her fallen sister.

Luna’s scream also reached the unstable BlackWarGreymon’s ears. Pausing in response as he heard her cry.


Finally seeing her chance, Twilight quickly flew in front of BlackWarGreymon’s face and tapped her magically charged horn on his head. Using her memory spell. One moment, BlackWarGreymon felt strange. Then the next moment, the memories of all his cherished moments with his friends of Equestria all began to come back to him. The friends he made in Ponyville. Canterlot. The Crystal Empire. Twilight. Celestia. And most important to him… Luna. His yellow eyes widened in awe as his mind had become unlocked. What’s more, he felt his rage rapidly fading away for good. Along with his increasing power. As BlackWarGreymon grew more calm, his body began to change. Glowing a bright white before fading away just as quickly. When the glow faded, his body had been restored to its true form.

Within moments, the influence of Dark Digivolution completely wore off. Despite feeling a bit of a headache and falling to one knee. BlackWarGreymon was returned to normal.

“Hay? You alright?” Twilight asked. Standing several feet away.

“Urrgh… my head. Wait! I heard Luna’s…!!”

After remembering the blue Alicorn’s scream, BlackWarGreymon immediately rose back on his feet and turned to look for her.

But as he laid his sights upon Celestia tending to the downed Luna, he fell silent. Silently gasped as his yellow eyes grew wide in pure horror at the sight of the injured princess. He could see the bleeding wound on her side. The gash was a clean cut. While not too deep, but clearly caused by an extremely sharp, narrow blade. He knew that it was him who did it. Despite being consumed by his anger, he remembered striking something. And… Luna’s scream immediately followed.

But in his horror, swiftly came immeasurable guilt. Luna was his friend. One of a few ponies he truly respects. The mare who understood him. The princess who he cherished and upon recently… someone who he deeply cared for.

But he hurt her. He caused her pain.

In his horrified state, BlackWarGreymon spoke in a very quiet tone.

“No. What have I done?”

As Twilight ran up to the other two Alicorns, Luna couldn’t stand up. The combination of the pain from her side and the shock was too great for her to properly control herself. She grunted as she tried desperately to fight the pain. Forcefully not letting the build-up of tears leaving her eyes. But the pain was agonizing.

But then, to her mental confusion, the pain was slowly subsiding. Looking up, Luna could see both Celestia and Twilight using their magic to heal her. As the two continued to use their healing spells, the red bloodied gash on Luna’s side slowly began to close up. Within moments, the spell was complete, and the wound was sealed up.

“Luna? How do you feel now?” Celestia asked, concerned if her sister was still in pain.

“I’m…I’m fine now. Thank you,” Luna replied as she slowly got back up on her hooves.

But as soon as Luna looked over Celestia’s shoulder, her reassuring smile vanished instantly. She could see the horrified expression in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes as he stared on. Shaken from the fact that he inflicted pain upon her. Even though it wasn’t intentional.

Knowing full well how vulnerable the Artificial Digimon was mentally, Luna immediately foresaw problems ahead. He was already at his limit before.

“Oh no,” She quietly uttered.

After walking past Celestia and Twilight, Luna stopped to see that her Digimon friend was trebling in shock. His arms shacking just slightly.

“Bl…BlackWarGreymon?” She spoke in a soft worrying tone.

Unfortunately, BlackWarGreymon was too in shock to listen at first. He was in his own little world. Speaking to himself in a way as if… he had discovered the real, yet horrifying truth about himself.

“How… how could I let this happen? I-I’m their saviour. I was supposed to protect them from harm. But… I…”

Realisation struck him once more. While it was true that he could protect his friends from other threats, it didn’t meant that he could protect them from himself. he was a Mega level Digimon. A very powerful being with phenomenal powers that would put every power in Equestria to shame. Plus with his powers boosted by the magic of Equestria, to his knowledge, he was possibly one of the strongest Digimon to exist. In his Ascended form alone, he could surpass the powers of MaloMyotismon. The very Digimon that killed him once in a single blow.

With such power flowing through him, he needed to be very careful around his pony friends. For they could easily be harmed. But by giving into his anger, letting it take control, he became the very thing he dreaded the most. A mindless tool used for harm and destruction.

In his mind, he could hear Arukenimon laughing and mocking him.

But then his mind was brought to full attention when his ear caught the sounds of hoof steps.

“BlackWarGreymon?” The worried Luna repeated as she approached him.

“STAY BACK!!!” The Digimon shouted as he took a step back while raising his right arm at Luna. Urging her to not come closer.

Caught by surprise from his outburst, Luna froze on the spot. Shocked by his…frightened behaviour.

But as BlackWarGreymon looked over to his raised arm, he quietly gasped as his eyes widened even more. His pupils shrinking in disbelief. On the tip of his metal index claw, he could see a red stain. His body started to tremble more from the thought of the possibility. Moving his arm closer to his face, he could clearly see that the red stain… was Luna’s blood. The blood that he himself spilled.

As he stared at the Alicorn’s life fluid on the tip of his metal claw, the horrified, guilt filled Mega spoke out what many other Digimon of his past thought was true.

“I…I really am a monster!”

Twilight and Celestia then understood what BlackWarGreymon’s previous outburst was about. It was a warning to Luna to keep away from him. For fear that he might strike out again. Even though his rage was gone and back to normal, he was still afraid that he would hurt her again.

Despite knowing it too, Luna tried to reach the truth out to him. Desperately wanting him to be reassured.

“No, you’re not! You were under the influence of that dark transformation! You’re body just… wasn’t used to it! It was that what caused all this! It’s not your fault!”

Unfortunately for her, BlackWarGreymon was too in shock to take in what she said. Her words no longer bringing him comfort. The only thing that was going through his mind was Luna’s scream. Her cry of pain continued to ring through his subconscious. Reminding him that he could cause great harm to the ponies. That HE was the one who had caused her harm.

Horror, guilt and doubt continued to swarm through the Digimon’s mind. Even though he could hear Luna again calling out to him.


The Mega again couldn’t respond to her. Continuing to stare at the stain on his claw, he began to feel his hair standing on their ends. The sight of the unresponsive Digimon caused Luna to fear what was going through his head. In her desperate attempt to snap him out of his trance, she approached him once more.


Seeing the blue princess walking towards him sent his fear not only to skyrocket. But to completely snap!


Within his outburst, BlackWarGreymon’s sudden rush of energy had opened a black portal high above his head. But unlike before, the portal opened much faster and bigger due to the sheer amount of negative emotions he was feeling. The sight of its appearance startled the onlooking ponies.

Desperate to keep himself away from potentially harming Luna again, BlackWarGreymon leapt off the ground and flew straight into the portal. But before any pony could attempt to follow him, the portal instantly closed. Vanishing as quickly as it came.

Silence filled the battered hall as the startled three stared at the spot where the black portal was. Wondering and concerned to where BlackWarGreymon disappeared to. And with his given power, he could end up anywhere in Equestria.

Just like Twilight and Celestia, Luna was left shocked to the core. But unlike the two other Alicorns, she also felt great sadness. And with that sadness, also came pain. Not the pain from earlier, but from where she felt her heart ache.

‘Blackie. Where have you gone to? Where are you?’

Far away from Canterlot, over a large mountain range, a black fog appeared in the cloudy sky. But as soon as the fog formed into a portal, BlackWarGreymon came shooting out of it.

As the portal closed behind him, the Artificial Mega flew even further away. But as the sadness within him continued to grow, his pace began to slow. Even upon entering a stormy rain cloud, his cause was unaltered. Flying headfirst into the heavy rain, he could feel the cold water against his body. But despite the coolness of the weather, it did nothing to extinguish the burning guilt he was feeling.

Then something new happened to him. As his grief and sorrow reached higher and higher, BlackWarGreymon could feel something building up in his eyes. His sadness was causing him to cry.

Unfamiliar with the new sensation, as well as his watery eyes blurring his vision, he tried to fight back and force the tears to stay in place. But it was a battle he couldn’t win. Then as his vision cleared a bit, he could see, through the blanket of rain, a shelter. A place of rest of which was a large cave on the side of a tall mountain.

What BlackWarGreymon was too upset to realise, was that the cave was the very same one to where he rescued Princess Luna from the giant yellow dragon. The cave where they first met.

Deciding to take shelter from the rain, BlackWarGreymon flew towards the mountain and into the cave. Upon entering, he landed by the cave entrance. Standing still, shock was causing him to breath rather heavy. All the while the tears continued to build up even more by the second.

As he started to lose his grip, he slowly walked towards the cave wall. Pressing his left arm on the stone wall, he paused as he tried to resist crying. But he was losing his composure. His heavy breathing was turning into quiet sobs. While doing so, he lost his grasp on one of his Dramon Destroyers. His right gauntlet slipping from his arm and falling onto the stone floor.

As his sadness reached to a point where he gave up on holding back, tears freely streaming down his armoured face, BlackWarGreymon slowly looked over his right shoulder to look at the dark rainy sky. He could see the afternoon sun shining through the dense clouds. Hovering above the direction where he knew was Canterlot.

Looking in the direction, remembering Canterlot, reminded the Jet-Black Dragon Warrior of the pony who he harmed.

“L-Luna. I…I’m so sorry.”

He quietly said as he turned away with his eyes closed. Finally surrendering to the sadness he felt, BlackWarGreymon sobbed loudly as tears continued to leak from his closed eyes. His head hung low in shame and despair as he covered his eyes and face with his right hand.

After many battles and hardships, had Equestria… finally lost its saviour?

Author's Note:

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