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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 11: Trip Down Memory Lane (part 1) The Birth

Author's Note:

Hay Everyone.

Sorry for taking so long, it took ages to plan a future holiday.:scootangel: But I managed to get this chapter together. Hope you like.

If this chapter is too small to your liking, I'm already working on the next one.:yay: It will be ready in a week or two. So until then, see ya!

The clocks struck midnight in Canterlot Castle, and most of the occupancies were fast asleep within its walls. The only ones who weren’t were the royal night guards, patrolling the halls and guarding important rooms to ensure safety, security and keeping out intruders.

Some of the most important rooms in the castle were the bedrooms, belonged to the rulers of Equestria, residents from Ponyville and a guest from another world.

In one of the bedrooms, Twilight Sparkle was having one of her most beloved dreams.

Twilight’s dream

The dream Twilight was in was one of her most favorite of all. Being with her friends at the Golden Oaks Library. Her old home that was long destroyed by Tirek himself.

“Hey guys, do you want to see my new balloons?” Pinkie Pie asked, almost pleading.

“Ok Pinkie, show us what you got,” Twilight answered.

With that, Pinkie Pie placed down a basket and removed its cover. Causing six balloons to float out of it. Each balloon was the same colour as the Mane Six and they all had their faces on them.

The rest of the group let out gasps and ‘aww’s in astonishment.

“Those are beautiful, Pinkie,” Fluttershy said.

“Yeah, it’s Gummy’s birthday tomorrow and I want to show him who his true friends are. Do you all want to help me put them up in the kitchen?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Why most certainly,” Rarity answered.

Then they all went towards the kitchen. But before Twilight could enter, she heard something behind her.

After walking to the middle of the library to investigate, the room, the walls, the whole library instantly vanished around her and were replaced by a vast expanse that looked like the night sky.

“W-What’s going on? Where am I?” Twilight asked, confusion and panic filled her mind as this wasn’t part of her dream.

Then she heard a voice.

“It’s alright Twilight Sparkle. You have nothing to fear.”

After looking in the direction the voice came from, Twilight saw a shadowy figure walking towards her. After it got close enough, it revealed to be none other than the Princess of the night herself.

“Princess Luna? Wha-What’s happening?” The purple Alicorn asked, still unsure what was going on.

“Forgive me for pulling you out of your dream, Twilight. But I require your assistance.”

Luna’s reply got Twilight puzzled.

“You want my help? With what?” She asked, letting Luna explain herself.

“You see Twilight, since the beginning, I’ve journeyed through the minds of our subjects. Witnessing dreams and fighting off nightmares. But tonight, I’ll be doing something that has never been done before.”

“Really? What are you going to do?” Twilight asked, clearly interested in Luna’s words.

“I’ll be visiting the dreams of the being not from this world. BlackWarGreymon.”

Twilight gasped in excitement at hearing this revelation.

“Really!? You’re…We’re going to see his dreams?”

“Yes Twilight. That is if you accept my offer,” Luna stated.

“Of course I will! It would be a whole new experience,” Twilight said, eager to see the dreams of a Digimon.

“I’m glad to hear that Twilight Sparkle. Now follow me,” Luna ordered, she too had a hint of excitement in her voice.

As Luna and Twilight travelled through the Dream Realm, they approached anther figure in the distance. Which was then revealed to be Princess Celestia.

“Princess Celestia? You’re here too?” Twilight asked the white Alicorn.

“Yes Twilight. I’m glad that you decided to be here too. It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve gone dream hopping with you Luna.”

“Yes sister, it has been a while,” The smiling blue Alicorn said before looking back at Twilight. “Are we all ready?”

Before Luna’s plan was given the green light, Twilight realised something.

“Wait. What about my friends? Aren’t they coming too?” She asked, curious to know why her Ponyville friends were absent.

“I’m afraid I have not fully recovered yet, Twilight. As well as myself, I only have enough power to transport two others through dreams. That being you and my sister,” Luna explained.

“Oh… ok,” Twilight said with a hint of sadness in her voice. She really wanted her other friends to share the same experience.

Celestia walked over to her and placed her royally-dressed hoof on the purple Alicorn’s to comfort her.

“Don’t worry, Twilight. You’ll be back with your friends when this is over.”

Hearing Celestia’s words cheered up Twilight’s mood.

“Thank you, Celestia.”

“We’re ready when you are, Luna,” Celestia said to her little sister, who used her magic to summon what looked like a long hallway full of doors.

In each of the doors, was a link to the mind of anyone and anypony in Equestria. Luna uses these doors to enter the minds of her subjects, witness their dreams or banish any nightmares. On each of the doors, was a name of a pony whose dream belongs to.

As the three princesses walked down the starry hallway, Twilight saw a bright pink door with balloons on it. On the top of the door was the name ‘Pinkie Pie’.

The trio of Alicorns kept walking for a whole minute before Luna immediately came to a stop. Twilight and Celestia then realised why Luna stopped as well as the look of bewilderment on her face.

Normally, the doors to the dreams were made of wood, had names carved into them, decorated in colours to reflect the personality of a pony and were large enough for a pony to fit through.

But the door that stood in front of the princesses was entirely different. Instead of wood it was made of metal, it had no name or any features whatsoever, and the size of it alone dwarfed even the Canterlot main doors. It looked more like a giant metal slab rather than a door.

“Is…this a door?” Celestia asked Luna.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. But it must be. I think this door belongs to BlackWarGreymon.”

The moment the name ‘BlackWarGreymon’ was uttered, the metal door suddenly let out a blinding flash of light. After being temporarily blinded by the sudden flare, the three Alicorns looked back at the door and noticed that only one thing had changed.

On the centre of the door was a symbol. A carving of what looked like a large, tall tower. Almost like a pillar or a spire.

Twilight immediately knew what it was. Recalling back on the day she first met BlackWarGreymon, she remembered him drawing a sketch on the ground with his claw and then explained what it was.

That sketch looked identical to the carving on the door.

‘A Control Spire.’

Celestia and Luna were the only ones out of the three who had no idea what the symbol was or what it meant. But for some reason, just looking at it unnerved them. It looked fairly sinister.

Curious if the strange door indeed belongs to BlackWarGreymon, Luna used her magic in an attempt to open it. The moment she used her magic, the entire metal door was covered in small glowing squares. Then each square started to fade away, taking bits of the door with them.

In an unusual way, the door was opening.

Once the door was opened, the Alicorns started to hear strange, electronic noises within. After a brief moment of thought, the three princesses stepped inside. But they were all not ready for what they were about to see.

Normally, the mind of any resident in Equestria would be the same as the Dream Realm. Misty and an imitation of a calm night sky. But BlackWarGreymon’s mind was completely different altogether. Surrounding the three Alicorns was an expanse of darkness, and in the distance were a mix of black and grey clouds. But the truly bizarre thing was that in the air and on the walls around them, were swarming with green illuminated numbers. In random order, they were only zeros and ones. All of them were shooting across the walls and skies as if in a sequence.

All three mares were even more shocked and confused than they ever were. It was the most unusual site to be hold.

“This is BlackWarGreymon’s mind!?” Princess Celestia asked, but the answer was quite clear.

The three then got a brief scare as the sequence of zeros and ones flowed across the ground they were standing upon. They swarmed beneath their hooves as they passed by.

“And I thought Discord’s mind was more confusing,” Princess Luna added.

While all through the mind-boggling moment, Princess Twilight was fascinated at the surroundings. More so were the swarming numbers, the way they moves was almost like a code.

“Could this be what data looks like?” She asked herself, but the royal sisters overheard her.

“Data?” Celestia asked.

“What’s this word you speak of, Twilight?” Luna added.

Twilight then tried to explain as best she could.

“Well you see… BlackWarGreymon’s body isn’t made of flesh and blood. It’s actually made of data.”

Despite her attempt, the royal sisters were still confused at what data was. So Twilight tried to explain more.

“Ok, umm… oh. Remember when I to the human parallel world?”

“Yes,” Celestia answered.

“You see, humans have devices that contain and receive data. And my sending information, they send data through the atmosphere. Although you can’t see it, but it’s there,” Twilight finished, hoping that her explanation was good enough.

Although Celestia and Luna were starting to get the picture of what Twilight was saying, but they were unsure about one thing.

“Are you saying that BlackWarGreymon, as well as other Digimon, are all made of the same stuff?” Luna asked.

“Well…yeah. But more solid,” Twilight answered, though admittedly she too was confused how powerful bodies could be made out of data.

After their little lesson, the three kept wondering through the bizarre place that was BlackWarGreymon’s mind. It took a solid minute before they finally found something.

Right in their path, was a large glowing ball of light, almost like a gateway or a portal. In a setting like its dark surroundings, it looked as though it was out of place.

Curious of what it was, Luna gently tapped it with her horn. As she did, the white orb flashed and instantly divided into rows of countless smaller orbs. They were all arranged in a way that was identical to the hallway of doors back in the Dream Realm. The three mares noticed that the new balls of light were all roughly the same size as themselves.

“Luna, do you think these things can lead us into his dreams?” Twilight asked.

“Well if they are anything like the doors into the mind, then I think they do,” Luna answered. She then looked at the two Alicorns in confidence.

“So, is everypony ready?”

Twilight and Celestia both nodded their heads in agreement.

“Ok. Here we go.”

With that said, the three Alicorns stepped into the light of the nearest orb. Then they were all consumed in the light. The mares covered their eyes to prevent themselves from becoming blinded.

Soon after the glow faded, the three were no longer in the dark with green numbers surrounding them. As Twilight, Celestia and Luna opened their eyes, they found themselves in the middle of a grassland. Around them were a series of rocks sticking out of the ground and a jungle in the distance. Looking up in the sky, they felt that the air itself was a bit different, almost as if it wasn’t real.

Twilight then gasped out loud in excitement as she came up with an idea what the new place was.

“Celestia, Luna, I think he’s dreaming about the Digital World!” She said with glee.

Despite it being only in BlackWarGreymon’s mind, the world around her could be the closest Twilight would ever be in the world of the Digimon.

“Indeed. I think you’re right, Twilight,” Luna said, she was also amazed at the world around her.

Then both of them heard Celestia’s voice.

“Luna, Twilight, look at this!”

As the two Alicorns turned their heads to Celestia, they saw it too. Right in front of the Sun Princess, was a massive black tower, completely featureless and tall for all to see.

“Sister, it’s the same as that symbol,” Luna said, reminding Celestia of the metal door from before.

Both Celestia and Luna felt it again, just looking at the imposing tower sent shivers down their spines. Twilight however was more interested about its size.

‘It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be.’

“Look, over there!”

Celestia and Twilight heard Luna’s voice and turned to where she was facing. Across the field stood a small mountain, but all around it were more of the dark towers. Lots more.

“There’s more of them,” Twilight said, but the fact that she sounded a little surprised got the royal sisters interested.

“Twilight, do you know what these are?” Celestia asked the purple Alicorn.

“Yes. BlackWarGreymon told me that during his time in the Digital World, it was… infested with these black towers. They were called Control Spires.”

“Twilight, did BlackWarGreymon told you what these… Control Spires serve?” Luna asked.

Before the Moon Princess could receive an answer, all three Alicorns suddenly heard an outburst of laughter. After narrowing down that the sounds were coming from a rock, the three went towards the rock to investigate. During their short walk, Luna was in her thoughts.

‘Twilight used the word ‘infested’, which means that the Control Spires were a work of evil.’ She then looked back at one of the Control Spires. ‘Then why is BlackWarGreymon dreaming about these sinister towers?’

As the three princesses peered their heads around the rock, they saw the source of the laughter.

Four humans, two boys and two girls, were all laughing. Except for one of the boys, the one with spikey hair and wearing goggles. He had a look of confusion.

To the royal sisters, this was the first time they’ve seen a human.

“So these are the humans you speak of?” Luna asked Twilight, who nodded her head.

But it was beside the humans which got the Alicorns interested. Four bizarre looking creatures who were also laughing.

“Wow, other Digimon!” Twilight said to herself.

From what the princesses could tell, the first Digimon looked like a blue bipedal reptile with a tiny horn on his nose, a white underbelly and two horn-like ears. The second Digimon looked like a dark red bird with one long feather sticking out of the top of his head. The third looked like a bipedal white cat with purple stripes and wearing yellow gloves with her claws sticking out. The last Digimon looked like an orange blob with a face, four legs and two bat-like wings on his head.

Then the boy who wasn’t laughing spoke to his friends.

“Alright, what exactly is so funny?”

Hearing this made the princesses think that out of the group, he wasn’t the smart one. However their thoughts were interrupted when the teens and their Digimon stopped laughing and stared in the direction of the small mountain. After following their line of sight, Twilight, Luna and Celestia spotted a large metal contraption with four wheels approaching them.

Because of her trip to the human world, Twilight knew it was a car. Celestia and Luna on the other hand.

‘What kind of contraption is that?’

As the car got closer, it screeched to a halt and what looked like two humans, stepped out. One was a woman with long silver-grey hair, wearing a long red dress-like coat, a striped top hat with a bug gem on it and she wore purple sun glasses. The other looked stranger. He looked like a man with a deformed face, wearing a large blue overcoat and a matching hat. He also had a walking stick.

From the way they both let out sinister chuckles, the three Alicorns knew they were up to no good. Then they heard the woman speaking to the teens and their Digimon.

“Shouldn’t you boys and girls be home with your mummies and daddies?” She asked the teens mockingly.

The two boys answered back.

“None of your business!”

“Alright, what do you want?”

The answer the woman spoke back brought the Alicorns full attention as well as shock.

“I thought you kids might enjoy playing with a little Digimon I put together.”

Out of all the ponies whom were listening, Twilight was the one deepest in her thoughts.

“’Put together’? Does that mean she’s…?”

Twilight was interrupted when the woman uttered two words.


After her loud outburst, strands of her hair flew out of her head and in needle-like fashion, went into every Control Spire on and around the mountain.

“So she IS a Digimon!” Twilight said out loud.

“Luna, you understand dreams better than anypony else. Do you know why BlackWarGreymon would be dreaming about this?” Celestia asked.

“I’m not exactly sure sister, but I bet we would soon find out,” Luna answered.

After the last needle entered the last Control Spire on the top of the mountain, the entire area started to shake. As well as the kids and their Digimon, the three mares found it difficult to stand on the ground through the tremors.

As the tremors escalated, the Alicorns saw a massive group of Control Spires rising out of the ground and levitating in the air around the mountain. While that was going on, another boy joined the group with his own Digimon. The small Digital Monster looked like a large yellow armadillo with long claws and spikey ears.

As the last of the Control Spires left the ground, the woman who was responsible jumped into her car with the man and drove to a safe distance away.

“Have a good time! Play nice!” She called back, obviously taunting the teens.

As some seconds went by, one by one, the tall dark towers levitating in the sky started to burst apart like bubbles. As they did, all their dark energy started to gather around the mountain.

However, something brought the princesses attention away from the mountain. A blue glow at the corner of their eyes. As they turned to see what was happening, they saw the small blue Digimon glowing and, to Twilight’s amazement, he changed form!

“Veemon digivolve to………EXVEEMON!!”

All three mares were stunned to a point they couldn’t move. Of all the things BlackWarGreymon told her about Digimon and the Digital World, Twilight always wanted to witness digivolution with her very eyes.

“He…he digivolved!”

She and the royal sisters were about to get more surprises, because the remaining four Digimon were starting to glow as well.

“Patamon armour digivolve to………PEGASUSMON, flying hope!!”

“Hawkmon digivolve to………AQUILAMON!!”

“Armadillomon digivolve to………ANKYLOMON!!”

“Gatomon armour digivolve to………NEFERTIMON, the angel of light!!”

Twilight was close to actually faint from excitement. Not only she saw them digivolving, but she also witnessed armour digivolving. What surprised Celestia and Luna the most was that one of the transformed Digimon looked like an armoured Pegasus.

The Alicorns were snapped out of their state in awe when they saw both the Digimon and their human partners charging and flying towards the mountain.

While these events transpired, all the Control Spires were reduced to pieces of data and then all the dark energy began to whorl around the mountain like a hurricane.

As Twilight, Celestia and Luna watched on, they noticed that Pegasusmon and Nefertimon were the closest to the whirling vortex and getting ever closer.

Suddenly, what caught the on-looking ponies completely by surprise was that the vortex of energy all combined to form a gigantic demonic silhouette over the mountain. As it raised its three-horned head, it lifted its massive three-clawed arms up and released a powerful blast of wind on the two Armoured Digimon. But these winds were far different from ordinary winds, to the good Digimon it felt like receiving several hard punches to the face. The attack sent them falling out of the sky, crashing into the ground and skidding across the land.

The princesses gasped at the sight of the fallen Digimon and turned their gazes back to the silhouette. While doing so, they couldn’t help but think that they’ve seen it before. That it looked very similar to someone they know.

They didn’t have long to find out. The silhouette was lowering its arms and its entire body was shrinking. When it stopped shrinking it took on a physical form, standing on top of the mountain.

All three Alicorns gasped in shock, horror and confusion. Because standing on top of the mountain was indeed someone they recognised.

The newest defender of Equestria himself.

While Twilight and Luna were stunned silent, Celestia spoke up.

“It’s…it’s BlackWarGreymon!”

Although standing, the black Digimon’s upper-body seemed to be slouched forward, as if he was tired. Then his eyes briefly glowed white and, taking in his first breath of life, yelled out his infamous war cry.


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