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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 7: A Royal Meeting

The sun was rising over the horizon. It was morning, a sign that it was time for the inhabitants of Equestria to wake up and enjoy the day. But some ponies really to sleep in and wanted to stay in bed more.

Twilight Sparkle was one of them.

The sunlight penetrating her eyelids was making the young Alicorn uncomfortable as she tossed and turned in her bed, trying to get more sleep. Unable to take it anymore, she opened her eyes with an annoyed look.

“Great, morning,” She said in a sarcastic tone.

As she tried to get back to sleep by burying her face in her pillow, she heard and felt her stomach growling, demanding for food.

“Guess I go and make breakfast then,”

As she got out of her bed, she noticed that Spike’s bed was empty. She figured be probably went ahead to get breakfast first. She then left her room and went off to the kitchen. But on her way there, she saw Spike peeking his head around the entrance to the library. Curious of what’s going on, she walked up to her number one assistant.

“What are you doing, Spike?” She asked, making the young dragon yelp in surprise. When he turned to face Twilight, he was rubbing the back of his head as he had something to ask her.

“Umm, Twilight… did you give sleeping arrangements for BlackWarGreymon?”

Twilight’s eyes widen in shock, she couldn’t believe she forgot all about that.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t, I completely forgot. What kind of friend invites a guest around and forgets the sleeping arrangements!? I’m a terrible host,” She said in alarm and panic.

“Twilight, calm down. I don’t think that matters right now,” Spike said, trying to calm Twilight.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked with confusion on her face.

Spike just motioned his claw over to the library entrance so Twilight could see what he’s on about. Peeking through the entrance, the Alicorn saw BlackWarGreymon, still sitting on the sofa reading books.

“He’s still reading,” The small dragon said in disbelief as he poked his head through the entrance.

To their surprise, they haven’t gone unnoticed. BlackWarGreymon could hear them talking.

“Don’t you two know it’s rude to lurk in doorways?”

Hearing that made Twilight and Spike froze in place, apparently he had a good sense of hearing. After shaking it off, the pair entered the library and walked over to the Digimon.

“Did you spend all night reading?” Twilight asked him.

“Yes,” BlackWarGreymon plainly said as if it wasn’t a big deal. Then Spike joined in.

“But, don’t you need your sleep?”

“I’m a Mega level Digimon, I hardly sleep at all.”

This Twilight didn’t expect from him. Normally, powerful beings would need a lot of sleep to regain their full strength. Apparently not him.

“Are you saying that you never slept in your life!?”

“Not exactly, I did sleep once before.”

The small princess was impressed that a powerful being like him needs hardly any sleep. He must have a lot of energy to keep going.


Soon she was snapped out of her state of awe by her stomach growling.

“Umm, I’m going to have some breakfast. Are you hungry?”

After a quick thought, BlackWarGreymon placed a closed book on the table as he stood up on his feet.

“I could do with something to eat.”

It was at that moment Twilight saw something on the table. It was a book that looked very familiar but something she hadn’t read in a long time. She then went to the table and picked up the book with her magic.

She was startled, although the book had no title, but she immediately knew what it was.

“My first…Where did you find this?” Twilight asked BlackWarGreymon.

“That? I found it on the fiction shelf. It was also covered with thick dust.”

After hearing his response, Twilight just stared at the book that’s now being held in her hooves.

“That’s why I couldn’t find it,” She said to herself, her voice just above a whisper.

“Twilight, I thought you didn’t like fiction,” Spike said, confused by the fact that the purple Alicorn normally wasn’t into fictional books. Except Daring Do of course.

“Spike, this book is the first story book I’ve ever had. My mother used to read this to me when I was just a little filly,” She said with a smile while getting flashbacks of her childhood.

Then she realised something.

“You read this?” She asked BlackWarGreymon.


“Well, did you like it? I hope it wasn’t too childish.”

“Not at all, it was actually an interesting read. And it does make you think though.”

The Digimon began to remember back last night when he first read it.

“What do you mean by that?” Twilight asked, finding that the last thing BlackWarGreymon said was rather odd.

“Uhh… never mind,” He said, he himself found it strange that his mind experienced thoughts like the ones from last night.

“Well anyway, thank you for finding this book,” Twilight said as she walked up to BlackWarGreymon, and wrapped her forelegs around his right leg.

The Artificial Digimon froze in place, never in his life had anyone gave him a hug before.

“I really appreciate it,” She said as she tightened her hold. Although this was new to BlackWarGreymon, but he could feel it that deep down, he was starting to like this kind of affection.

“You’re… you’re welcome.”

Afterwards, Twilight, Spike and BlackWarGreymon left the library. But after the Digimon got his gauntlets back. He had to admit, he felt more comfortable wearing his Dramon Destroyers. During their trip from the library to the kitchen, Spike kept asking BlackWarGreymon about the Digimon and the world he’s from.

“So, are there dragon type Digimon?”

“Yes. There are all kinds of creatures in the Digital World. Some either looked like animals or flowers and rocks. I think I even saw one that looked like an egg with legs.”

Hearing that made Twilight giggle in amusement, while Spike just went out with it and burst out laughing his head off. After catching his breath from rolling around on the floor, he spoke.

“S-se-seriously? A walking talking egg? That’s hilarious!”

Soon enough, they arrived in the kitchen and were having breakfast. Spike had a bowl of gemstones, Twilight had a hay sandwich and BlackWarGreymon decided to have a bowl of soup. He also decided to try and eat with his gauntlets on, since only his thumbs were free to grab. At first it was difficult to grab the spoon but he quickly got the hang of it.

“You can actually eat gemstones?” The Digimon asked Spike.

“Yep, all dragons in Equestria eat gems and gold,” Spike said before realizing something.

“And how can you eat without a…” He was cut off when he saw BlackWarGreymon put the spoon of soup through the area where his mouth would be, and then pulled put the spoon which was now empty.


That was all Spike said.

“Twilight, this soup is very tasty,” The Digimon said, who was still new to food.

“Well, glad you like it,” Twilight said feeling good that her guest appreciates her food. But ever since last night, she kept wondering why BlackWarGreymon didn’t want to talk about the events that brought him to her world. But again she had to get her mind off the subject, she didn’t want to upset him as he was enjoying himself.

After breakfast, the three were heading back to the library. But on their way there, they heard the front castle doors opening and a stampede of hoofsteps heading towards them.

Thinking it might be a threat, BlackWarGreymon stood in front of Twilight and Spike and raised his metallic claws to his sides, ready for battle. The purple princess was surprised by his actions, she only knew him for a day and already he would stand in the face of danger to protect her.

But a fight wasn’t to come. To the Digimon’s surprise, the hoofsteps turned out to be Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity. Although Twilight was happy to see her friends, she was a little confused as to why they were all running.

“Twilight!” They all called out as they stopped to a halt in front of her. Not noticing that BlackWarGreymon was still in battle position.

“Whoh girls, what’s going on?” Twilight asked, unsure why her friends looked startled.

Pinkie Pie was the one who answered her question.

“What? Haven’t you heard? Princess Celestia is coming to visit!”

Twilights’ expression went from normal to mild shock.


While Spike seemed happy about the news, eager to see the sun princess, BlackWarGreymon unfortunately had complete shock written all over his face.

‘She knows I’m here!?’

He then turned to Twilight.

“Twilight, this is about me isn’t it? How did she know about me?”

Despite the alarm in BlackWarGreymon’s voice, Twilight answered calmly.

“Oh, I told her about you in a letter.”


BlackWarGreymon responded in a calm, understanding manner. But it was quickly replaced with alarm.


“Well, Celestia is the ruler of Equestria. She does have the right to know darling,” Rarity said, trying to bring sense to the Digimon.

“I know. But it’s a bit sudden, isn’t it?” He asked while calming down.

“I actually kind of agree. I thought she would write a letter back to me, not actually coming here herself,” Twilight admitted.

“Yeah, and in most fanfictions, we normally bring the special guest to the princess. But this is different. Now she’s coming to us,” Pinkie Pie said in a happy tone, while the others just stared at her with confused looks.

“What ‘fanfictions?’” BlackWarGreymon asked the pink pony, but Fluttershy answered first.

“Never mind, it’s just Pinkie Pie.”

“Ok, but anyway I still haven’t settled in yet. I’m not ready.”

“Wow, you’re more socially awkward then Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Hey,” Twilight said in protest, despite knowing that the Pegasus was only joking around.

“Don’t worry big fella, I’m sure you’re gonna do just fine,” Applejack said, reassuring the Digimon.

“Yeah. And we’ll be right by your side,” Rainbow Dash added while everypony else nodded in agreement.

Again, BlackWarGreymon was touched by the ponies’ kindness, but he was still unsure what Princess Celestia was going to think of him.

Unfortunately for him, that time was fast approaching. Because all of them could hear a chariot approaching from outside. The first royal meeting was imminent.

Twilight could see the uncertainty in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes and had an idea of how to make him feel better.

“Girls, Spike, stay here with BlackWarGreymon for now. I’ll go out there and… smooth things over first.”

Spike and the girls knew what Twilight meant, and nodded in response.

After taking a quick glance at the Digimon, the purple Alicorn went past the front doors while being confident and nervous at the same time.

Once she was outside, Twilight saw the chariot, pulled by four royal guard Pegasi, descending from the sky. Sitting on the chariot was Princess Celestia herself, all in her royal glory.

After the chariot landed, the white Alicorn climbed out and walked to Twilight. With the smaller Alicorn walking towards her.

“Princess Celestia, it’s good to see you…” Twilight was cut off when Celestia wrapped her right foreleg around her and pulled her in for a hug. Twilight was surprised by this, when she looked up she saw the smile on the sun princess’ face.

“It’s so good to see you unharmed, Twilight Sparkle. I hope you and your friends weren’t hurt in anyway,” Celestia said with concern and worry.

“No, we’re fine, really,” Twilight said, trying to reassure the white Alicorn.

Hidden in the darkness of the open entrance, the five mares, the dragon and the Digimon were watching this touching moment.

“Aww, isn’t that sweet,” Pinkie Pie said while admiring the sight.

“Yes it is, Pinkie,” Fluttershy said in response.

While all of them were quiet, BlackWarGreymon just stared at the two, mainly Celestia.

“They both seem deeply connected,” He said to the mares in curiosity.

“Well you see, when Twilight was a Unicorn, Celestia was her teacher and mentor,” Rarity informed him.

“Twilight was her student?” He asked, with Spike getting his attention.

“Yes she was, and I was by her side the whole time.”

After they finished talking, BlackWarGreymon looked back at the two Alicorns. Even at this distance, he could defiantly sense the power within Celestia. Although it was not as strong as Tirek’s, but it was stronger than any pony he met so far.

However, he was not the only one who can sense power from others.

Princess Celestia too could feel the power of the strange being inside Twilight’s castle. She never felt anything like it before, it felt so… unnatural. It’s almost like the Alicorn Amulet, except that this was far stronger. Admittedly, at first she didn’t believe what she read in Twilight’s letter. But now the evidence was right there, in front of her.

Raising her head and letting go of Twilight, she looked at the smaller Alicorn with a stern look.

“Is he here?” She asked, already knowing what the answer was.

“Yes, he’s in the castle with my friends,” Twilight answered, but slightly worried about what Celestia would say next.

“Very well, may he show himself so I can meet him?”

Hearing that made Twilight excited and nervous at the same time again. Excited that she gets to introduce BlackWarGreymon to Princess Celestia, but nervous at how she would react.

“Uhh, yes of course.”

She then looked at the castle entrance and motioned her hoof, telling her friends to come out. When Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash flew out, Twilight spoke again.

“Princess Celestia, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to, BlackWarGreymon.”

As on cue, Celestia heard loud footsteps coming from the entrance. As Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Spike walked out, BlackWarGreymon himself stepped into the light, walking in the same pace as his new friends.

As the gang made their way to the two Alicorns, Celestia froze in place with a wide eye look. As she watched BlackWarGreymon getting closer, the more his intimidating appearance matches his description in Twilight’s letter. As clear as day, she could see his three-horned helmet, his strong black armour, his yellow hair, his dragon-like look and his fierce yellow eyes. It was the eyes that sent a shiver down her spine, they looked as if they’re artificial and that they don’t belong to a living being. In a way, they looked as though they shouldn’t even exist.

Celestia then felt an emotion deep down inside of her starting to spark into life.


But not from this strangers’ appearance, but from what he did upon his arrival.

At the time, Tirek was only half as strong as he was when he attacked Canterlot a few months back. And even at the stage when his power was only half, not even the combined strength of herself and Princess Luna would be enough to defeat him. It would either take a miracle, powerful magic, a massive army or a giant monster to stand a chance against Tirek. But this, this she definatly never thought possible. A creature smaller than the evil lord, defeating him all by himself and according to Twilight’s letter in record breaking time!

To even possess such power was thought to be insane. But right in front of her, was living proof that it wasn’t.

As all these thoughts entered Celestia’s mind, the spark of fear inside of her burned. Although she’s trying to put on a brave face, but deep inside, she was terrified. If he wanted to, the armoured Digimon literally has the power to conquer Equestria with virtually no opposition in his way. She hoped he really was what Twilight said about him. A protector. A friend.

As he approached her, BlackWarGreymon was slightly startled by Celestia’s appearance. She was taller than any pony he’s seen. From the base of her hoof to the tip of her horn, she was roughly five foot six inches tall, about half the size of himself. Like Twilight she too was an Alicorn, with fairly large wings and a horn that looked as though it could poke someone’s eye out. Unlike Twilight, she was wearing royal jewellery. She wore golden horse shoes, a golden crown with a purple gem in the centre and a golden regalia around her neck, which also has a purple gem. Her fur was as white as snow and her cutiemark was that of the sun. To BlackWarGreymon, the strange thing about her was her mane and tail. Like Rainbow Dash, they were striped but them having a lighter shade of blue, green, indigo and pink. But what was strange about them was the fact they were sparkling and waving, as if they were in the wind even though there was none.

Afterwards, BlackWarGreymon stopped about seven feet away from Celestia. His intimidating but yet curious eyes meeting her fearful ones as he looked down at her. But she wasn’t the only one, all four of her royal guards were trembling in fear at the sight of their visitor.

As silence continued between the white Alicorn and the black Control Spire Digimon, Twilight spoke.

“Umm… BlackWarGreymon, meet Princess Celestia,” She said proudly, despite the awkwardness of the situation.

Knowing the silence wasn’t going anywhere, BlackWarGreymon tried to make a good first impression.

“So, you’re the ruler of this world Twilight told me about.”

Celestia felt a tidal wave of fear when she heard his voice. The way it sounds was like the type that whatever he does, he wouldn’t care about any consequence. To her, it was a voice of a being who doesn’t care, who only brings violence, destruction and malice.

BlackWarGreymon immediately sensed the increase of fear and tried a different approach.

“You’re the one who raises the sun and brings day to your land, is that true?”

Celestia had to answer his question, having no idea what he might do if she doesn’t tell him.

“Uhh… y-yes,” Her voice was shaky, as fear was gripping her throat.

But what the Digimon said next was something she didn’t expect at all.

“Wow. Even by my standards, that kind of power is greatly admired. I see why your subjects love you such.”

The moment BlackWarGreymon said that, all the fear in Celestia was gone. And instead, was replaced by awe and surprise, which was then joined by happiness. The fact that a powerful being like him actually admires what she does on a daily basis. And, despite his voice, what he said was perhaps one of the nicest things someone had ever said about her.

‘Oh there he goes again with his sweet talk,’ Twilight thought to herself, still amazed how calm BlackWarGreymon was despite what he said back in the castle.

“And there’s no need to fear me. I do not wish to harm you or your subjects. They’re my friends,” He continued, and that’s when he realised that the rest of the Main Six and Spike were bowing.

Twilight motioned her hoof at him, telling him that he needs to bow as well. At first glance, it seemed that the Digimon couldn’t understand what the purple Alicorn was trying to imply.

But deep down, he understood perfectly, but refuses to do so. To him, bowing means one subjecting to another, and he didn’t like the idea of doing such things to an inferior being.

Celestia can also see what Twilight was doing and spoke up.

“It’s ok Twilight, there’s no need for him to bow.”

Twilight looked at Celestia in confusion. To them, bowing shows respect to royalty, and what BlackWarGreymon was doing was disrespectful. But she then remembered that when she first met him, he didn’t bow back then. What Celestia was doing was either respecting that he’s the type who doesn’t bow before others due to his past, or because she’s still afraid and didn’t want to offend him.

BlackWarGreymon felt slightly relieved, because of his past he bows to no one. Then it was Celestia’s turn to ask a question. Her voice getting more confident.

“Tell me, is it true that you’re responsible for Tirek’s defeat?”

BlackWarGreymon figured that Twilight would have mentioned that in her letter. He then answered the question.


Celestia didn’t know what to feel, her emotions were now mixed. But with the fact that she was convinced he’s good, she knew exactly what to say.

“Well. For that, I personally thank you BlackWarGreymon…” To everyone’s surprise, even to the royal guards, Celestia spread her wings and bowed to the Digimon. “…for saving my subjects from Tirek’s wrath.”

She then raised her head to look at BlackWarGreymon, but this time with a heart-warming smile.

“If it wasn’t for you, Twilight and her friends wouldn’t even be here.”

For the first time in his life, BlackWarGreymon felt a little embarrassed. He would be blushing if he was capable of it, but despite this, he felt really appreciated to being thanked for once.

He was starting to really like being the good guy.

“Uhh, thank you, princess. But it’s nothing special, I fight practically all the time.”

His response made everypony look at him in disbelief.

“What?” He asked.

Twilight spoke first.

“’Nothing special’? D-Don’t you even realise the threat Tirek posed?”

BlackWarGreymon looked at Twilight with a confused look. Then Celestia spoke.

“She’s right. Tirek would have taken over Equestria if it weren’t for you.”

It was the Digimon’s turn to have a look of disbelief.

“Seriously? Is Tirek really that much of a threat?” He asked while looking at his friends, only to see them nodding their heads saying yes.

“Yes. Tirek’s considered to be the most powerful villain known so far. It would take a great deal from us to even stand and fight him,” Twilight said while remembering the time when she fought Tirek. At the time, she had the combined magic of herself, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence.

BlackWarGreymon still couldn’t believe how powerful Tirek sounded, but the Centaur was a mere pushover compared to him. In the fight, he never stood a chance.

“I trust your battle wasn’t too much for you, considering that you defeated him all on your own?” Celestia asked BlackWarGreymon, but his answer was opposite of what she was expecting.

“’Too much?’ The fight ended too quickly, I didn’t have a chance to make fun of him.”

His response made Spike and the Mane Six giggle in amusement, even Celestia cracked a chuckle.

“So you are as powerful as Twilight said you were,” The sun princess said, still surprised that he was able to defeat Tirek all on his own.

“Guess I am,” The armoured Digimon replied.

After some silence, Celestia had an idea.

“Again, thank you for saving us. And as a reward for your bravery, I would like to personally give you a tour around Canterlot Castle.

The group were awe-stricken. The sun princess was giving her thanks and awarding him on the same day. The Main Six were proud of BlackWarGreymon for his accomplishments he achieved since he arrived. Although the royal guards were mentally praying that he would say no, BlackWarGreymon figured it would be a great idea, so he would get to see more of Equestria.

“Princess Celestia, I will gladly accept your offer,” He said as politely as possible. While the guards were cursing themselves, everyone else grew smiles on their faces.

“Wonderful,” Celestia said as she made her way back to her chariot. As she climbed on, she looked back at Twilight.

“You and your friends are welcome to come along, Twilight,” She said.

The Mane Six were excited that they could tag along with their new friend. But Rainbow Dash pointed out something.

“Wait. Are those four guards able to pull all of us?” She asked, but Celestia was one step ahead of her.

“It’s ok,” She then sent out a signal with her magic, summoning another chariot with four more guards from the sky.

“I always have a backup.”

‘Well, she came prepared.’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself.

As the group made their way to the chariots, Twilight noticed Spike wasn’t following them.

“Aren’t you coming with us?” She asked the young dragon.

“Nah, you go on ahead. I still got some things to do here,” He replied, while knowing about a secret pile of gemstones back in his room just begging to be eaten.

“Ok, take care of the place while we’re gone Spike,” She said before getting on the second chariot with the rest of the Mane Six.

As BlackWarGreymon walked over to them, Celestia called him over.

“If you like, BlackWarGreymon. You can ride with me.”

Normally, BlackWarGreymon would refuse and chose to fly instead. But he didn’t want to offend the sun princess.

With that in mind, he stepped onto the chariot and stood next to Celestia. The royal guards were shaking in their armour with the thing they fear standing behind them.

“If you don’t mind, I prefer to stand,” He said to Celestia.

“As you wish.”

Soon the two chariots set off and took to the sky. The Mane Six were waving goodbye to Spike as he waved back.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” Pinkie Pie shouted, earning some laughs from her fellow pony friends.

Celestia was silent, but then looked over to BlackWarGreymon, who was looking down at Ponyville from above. He saw all the ponies getting on with their lives, happy as can be.

“You saved all those lives down there, and many more,” She reminded him.

The Digimon then turned his head so he was facing the white Alicorn.

“And in time, I’ll do it again,” He said, earning another smile from Celestia.
Canterlot Castle, Luna’s tower

While she was escorted by her bodyguard, Princess Luna was troubled.

Many thoughts crossed her mind. How did Tirek escaped again? Who was this mysterious being from another world? How in the world was he able to defeat Tirek on his own? And why did Celestia insisted that she would confront him alone?

These and many more questions filled her mind, causing her distress. Her guard took note of this.

“Princess Luna, are you feeling alright?” The concerned Unicorn stallion asked.

“I’m fine, thank you. I’m just… troubled that’s all,” Luna replied, this got the guard more curious.

“Ohh? What about?”

“Recent events. First the magic disturbance, then Tirek’s escape and now this… strange being.”

That last bit left the guard confused.

“Strange being?”

“Yes. Apparently he was responsible for Tirek’s defeat,” She informed him.

“Really?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes. Before she left to meet him, my sister dubbed him as our ‘saviour’.”

The guard had a look of astonishment.

“Wow, never thought anypony can stop Tirek alone.”

What Luna said next sent a chill in the guards’ spine.

“I assure you, our saviour is no pony.”

After that there was a long silence as they made their way to Luna’s chambers. Before the night princess could enter, the guard got her attention.

“Umm… your highness?”


As Luna looked at him, the guard was finding it difficult to put his words together. But finally he managed to spit it out.

“Um…I-I was just wondering…um…if you and I would like t-to...go out sometime?”

Luna sighed in annoyance. This wasn’t the first time a stallion asked her out for a date. Ever since she returned from her one thousand year imprisonment in the moon, many noble stallions and gentlecolts asked her for a date or more painfully, just outright get married!

But Luna rejected all of them. At the time it was only frequent, but ever since she accidently caught a bouquet of flowers at one of the weddings she attended, literally every stallion who were single asked her, but she still refused.

There was a reason Luna constantly rejected their offers. It’s because she believes that whoever she wants to spend her life with, she must fall in love with him first. If not right away, then at least find someone interesting enough for her to try and see any connections between the two. Someone who understands her. Until then, Luna felt she wasn’t ready.

“I… appreciate the offer. But I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

Despite being rejected, the guard tried to regain his pride.

“Oh… it’s ok. Never mind. My mistake.”

‘And there goes my pride.’

With that, Luna entered her chamber, leaving the guard alone mentally cursing himself.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a loud crash, coming from Luna’s chamber.

“Princess Luna!” He shouted as he burst his way through the door, only to discover that the whole room was full of rubble.

As he looked around he saw a giant hole in the wall with something moving in the dust cloud. Then he saw huge crimson red eyes glowing through the cloud, and staring at him. As the creature turned its massive head towards the guard, it revealed to be an enormous yellow dragon.

As its hungry eyes stared down at the guards fearful ones, it smelled him. And then it spoke with the voice of a male demonic beast.

“A Unicorn. Tasty and ripe with magical flavour.”

Before he could take a bite, something in the corner of his eye got his attention. It then set his sights on the far wall to see Princess Luna, who was knocked out cold from the falling debris.

“An Alicorn!? Never tried those before.” He said before retreating his head from the hole. And to the guards’ horror, a four clawed hand reached out and grabbed the unconscious princess.

After claiming his prize, the dragon flew away, causing the tower itself to shake a little. The guard then ran towards the gaping hole in the wall, and along with the other guards and panicking citizens, watched the dragon fly off with his captive.

The guard took note of the dragon’s appearance, Apart from him having red eyes and yellow scales, his whole body was very long, almost like a serpent. From nose to tail, he was about one hundred and thirty meters long, probably making him the longest dragon to have come to Equestria. His wings were small for his size but were still capable of flight. A row of white spikes from the back of his head to the end of his tail. A cluster of long spikes at the tip of his tail. A small horn on its long snout and on each side of his head were three horns.

The guard then ran back towards the corridor as fast as he could.

“I must inform Princess Celestia at once!”
Canterlot Castle gardens, five minutes after the attack

The two chariots, one holding the Main Six and the other holding Princess Celestia and BlackWarGreymon, were heading towards the landing spot. During their trip, the armoured Digimon took the time to look at the city of Canterlot. Unlike Ponyville, literally everypony were wearing suits and dresses, and the shops all looked fancy. Also the buildings and homes looked were more modern then the ones in Ponyville.

But what caught his vision the most was the castle itself. It was massive, with towers that looked as though they could reach the clouds.

As he marvelled at the sight in front of him, Celestia asked him something she had on her mind for a while.

“During your fight, how was it that Tirek wasn’t able to steal your powers?”

“Probably because my powers aren’t magic based,” He answered.

“Then where do your powers come from?” The princess asked again.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that every Digimon is born with their own abilities,” He said before asking Celestia a question.

“Is it true that magic is all around us?”

“Why yes. The land is full of magic and we Alicorns and Unicorns are able to harness it in the use of spells,” She answered before realizing that there was more to that question.

“Why do you ask?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think before answering.

“Well you see… the moment I arrived here, I’ve felt a strange force all around me, and at the same time, I felt stronger than I ever was. From what Twilight told me, the strange force I was feeling was the magic of this world.”

Celestia found this information fascinating.

“It seems the magic of Equestria is having a positive effect on your powers,” She said, knowing that it makes perfect sense.

“Kind of ironic, since my powers are composed of negative energy.”

Celestia had a brief look if confusion at what BlackWarGreymon said.

‘Negative energy?’

She didn’t have time to properly think it over. Because the moment the two chariots landed, she saw a royal guard rushing towards her in alarm.

“Princess Celestia, we have a crisis!” He said as he bowed before her.

“What is the crisis?” Celestia asked as she, BlackWarGreymon and the Mane Six got out of the chariots.

“It’s Princess Luna! She’s been captured!”

What he said made the mares gasp in shock, while BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened.

“What!?” Celestia said in alarm.

“Captured!?” Twilight joined in.

“It was a massive dragon. It just broke into Luna’s tower and it took off with her. We tried to stop it but it happened so fast.” The guard explained.

“This is a disaster!” Fluttershy said to her friends while Rarity fainted.

Celestia was speechless, if nothing was to be done, it could have disastrous consequences.

While all this was happening, BlackWarGreymon suddenly felt something deep down inside him quickly building up. The urge he was feeling was responsibility. He first felt it when he protected the tiny pink flower back in the Digital World, and he felt it again when he did the same to Fluttershy. Ever since Celestia herself thanked him for defeating Tirek, he felt deeply responsible for the innocent lives of Equestria.

And because of that, it made him very protective over them.

With responsibility kicking in, BlackWarGreymon stepped forward.

“Where did it take her?”

The guard was startled at first from seeing the Digimon but quickly shook if off.

“W-We don’t know. But we saw it flew north-east.” The guard said as he pointed to the mountain peaks.

Now that he knows where to go, BlackWarGreymon’s mind was set and ran full speed past the guard and towards the mountains.

Unsure and confused by his rapid change in behaviour, Celestia and the Main Six ran after him, trying to keep up with his pace. But it wasn't easy, since the Digimon was much larger than they were. But because she was taller than a normal pony, the sun princess was faster than the Main Six on land and found herself just behind BlackWarGreymon.

“Where are you going!?” Celestia called out, but she soon was stopped in her tracks when she heard his response.

“To save your sister!” He said before leaping into the air and took flight. Within moments the tall Digimon was a mere black dot as he flew further away.

All the ponies then came to a halt. Rainbow Dash had a surprised look on her face as she just witnessed BlackWarGreymon’s speed when he flew away. Celestia too had a surprised expression, but not from BlackWarGreymon’s speed. She turned to Twilight with a look of confusion, the purple Alicorn already knew why she had that look.

“Oh, did I mention that he can fly?”

Author's Note:

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The birth of BlackWarGreymon.

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