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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 52: The Date

As the sun disappeared over the horizon, day gave way to night once more. The air was calm, and while it was mildly cloudy over Ponyville, the clouds were somewhat bigger over Canterlot.

Tonight, was a very special night for BlackWarGreymon. It was the night of his very first date…with Princess Luna.

As the Mega level Digimon flew towards Canterlot, he received a flashback of the events after Rarity fainted.

Flashback, Ponyville, Carousel Boutique

“I’m sorry about my little faint, darling. But…are you really going on a date with Luna tonight?” Rarity asked. Slightly distorted from her fainting.

“Yes, what I said is true. But what’s so surprising about it? Is it because she’s a princess?” BlackWarGreymon asked back.

“That’s only part of it. It’s just the times when others asked her, she…”

Rarity was cut off when BlackWarGreymon blurted out.

“What!? I’m not the only one who asked her!?” He asked, his voice carrying a slight hint of something he previously never felt. Jealousy.

The startled Unicorn tried to explain as best she could.

“Well…yes. Many stallions tried to ask her. Even long before you came here. But surprisingly… she refused all of them. Some of the stallions were even noble, and yet she never said yes to any of them.”

Her reply not only calmed down BlackWarGreymon, but also surprised him.

“She…never went out with any of them? But then…why did she pick me?”

His question also peaked Rarity’s curiosity.

“Yes…why did she?”

She then started to think out loud.

“Now that I think about it, you and Luna do have a lot in common. Given your past, you both share the same pain. Back at the Crystal Empire, she was very supportive to you. You two have spent some time together. And there was that dance at the Gala.”

After rubbing her chin in thought, she could only think of one possible reason. But the reason alone mentally surprised her.

“Darling, do you… have a crush on her?”

Unsure of the true meaning of the word ‘crush’, BlackWarGreymon spoke.

“I’m not sure. But you are the only one I told about this. So, can you keep it a secret?”

Rarity understood the Digimon’s insecurity.

“I shan’t breathe a word of it. You have my word.”

Then Rarity tried to think of some advice she could give.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve never given advice about dating royalty. So, it has to be very important.”

Then as best she could, Rarity gave BlackWarGreymon what he needed.

After his flashback ended, the Digimon’s mind focused back to reality.

“Apart from the fact that most of her advice was similar to that at the Gala, the one thing I should do is keep Luna happy. No doubt this would he hard, but I’ll do my best.”

Within moments, BlackWarGreymon arrived in Canterlot.

“Right. The first thing I got to do is get my suit I wore at the Gala and meet Luna by the gardens at nine o’clock.”

At first, the plan seemed simple. But as he flew by a small clock tower in the city, he was shocked to discover what time it was.

“What!? It’s almost nine already!? I don’t have time to get the suit. Guess I’ll have to go as I am.”

Deciding what to do, BlackWarGreymon changed his flight path and flew towards the gardens by the castle grounds.

But as he neared his destination, he suddenly had an uneasy feeling in his gut. Which caused him to slow down.

“What? Why am I feeling so nervous all of a sudden? I’m just going out with Luna.”

The moment he said her name, he began to feel nervous even more. What if the night wouldn’t turn out like what he had in mind? What if she changed her mind? What if he did something that would make her regret her decision?

BlackWarGreymon shook his head to clear his thoughts. It was no time to get cold feet. He would not back down so easily. He felt a little silly. He was able to fight off a replica of himself to near death, yet he was afraid of a little date.

“No. I mustn’t think of such things. I can do this,” He said to motivate himself. Preparing to land in the garden.

Inside the castle however, it seemed all of the Digimon’s worries were for nothing.

Ever since BlackWarGreymon asked her out, Princess Luna was in an exceptionally good mood. It would be the night to see if their feelings for one another would be true. But despite her excitement, she was also extremely nervous. It had been an incredibly long time since she had been on a date. So long in fact she couldn’t even remember if she had one. Plus, she perfectly knew that the date would also be BlackWarGreymon’s first. She predicted that he would be nervous as well. But after knowing him so well, she knew he wouldn’t turn her down.

Trying to hide her nerves and think positive, she had a smile on her face as she strolled through the corridor. Wearing a gown that was one of her best. If not, the best one.

As she walked on, the blue Alicorn spotted a royal guard standing by one of the passageways.

Though she wanted to avoid any pony on her way out, considering the dress she wore, but she also wanted an opinion from someone else about her appearance.

After putting on a brave face, she walked up to the stallion and spoke up. But with authority.

“Attention guard.”

The stallion was almost startled from Luna’s sudden command. He then replied with a solute.

“Your highness. Is there a request you have for…”

His sentence came to a halt when he turned to look at Princess Luna. His eyes widened as his mind froze when he saw her wearing such a stunning dress.

As the guard gawked silently, Luna started to feel embarrassed. Truth be told, she wanted BlackWarGreymon to be the first one to see her in the dress. But she wanted to be sure for definite.

“In your opinion, how do I look?” She asked, trying to bring more authority to her voice.

But the guard said nothing. He was literally mind blown by her appearance. But the princess didn’t need words for an answer.

“Your expression is all I need,” She said with a smile, leaving the guard behind as she walked on.

While passing through the corridor, Luna smiled bigger in triumphant.

‘Yes! That’s the response I was looking for! He was practically speechless when he saw me. No doubt BlackWarGreymon would like this too.’

However, her thoughts were disturbed by a very familiar voice.


Opening her eyes to reality, Luna looked up to see none other than Princess Celestia.

The blue Alicorn’s mind and body came to a sudden halt as she was mentally shocked and embarrassed. She had hoped that out of all ponies, her older sister would be the one to avoid. Considering that she would like to tease her into telling the truth. Especially from her change in appearance.

Luckily Celestia was too impressed with Luna’s look to even start thinking about teasing.

“Wow Luna. You look so stunning in that dress. I can’t remember the last time you wore it.”

The Night Princess was both pleased and embarrassed by her compliment. And thankful that she wasn’t asked certain questions.

“T-Thank you for your kind words sister,” Luna said as she walked pass Celestia.

The white Alicorn then became curious.

“Then I take it that you’re heading out tonight?”

“That’s right,” Luna answered without looking back.

“With…somepony may I add?”

Luna paused her movements as a deep blush formed on her face. The question was the reason why she wanted to avoid her sister. She then turned to face Celestia, trying her best to deny it.

“Uhh…no. I just wanted to take a night out. That’s all” She said, trying to hide her blush.

Celestia knew she was bluffing. There was no way that Luna would go out for an ordinary night while wearing such a dress. The way she looked, as well as restyling her mane, showed that she was looking to impress someone. Plus, the blush on her face showed that she was too embarrassed to admit the truth.

Instead of teasing further, Celestia instead gave Luna a loving smile.

“Very well, Luna. Have a fun night out.”

While surprised, Luna spoke back.

“Uhh…thank you sister. Good night and have pleasant dreams.”

The two then parted ways. Luna heading towards the exit to the gardens and Celestia walking through the corridors to her bed chambers.

With Luna gone, Celestia couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle. It seemed that the letter that Princess Cadence secretly sent to her was starting to prove to be true.

“Wow, I’ve never seen Luna so happy. And so nervous. Not surprising, since this is her first date. And his first,” She said quietly to herself, knowing exactly who her little sister was going out with.

Outside the castle, BlackWarGreymon landed on the castle grounds. Standing in the middle of the pathway connecting the castle to the Canterlot gardens.

“Ok. It’s nearly nine o’clock. I’m on time. I’m in the right meeting place. Now, just stand here and wait. And she…will arrive any minute.”

BlackWarGreymon tried to fight against his nerves. But he couldn’t help it. The last time he was so nervous and shy was at the Grand Galloping Gala. The very same place where he danced with Luna for the first time.

Then it happened. The moment the image of Luna appeared in his mind, he felt a squeezing feeling in his stomach. If he had one, but retained the feeling. He even gulped that could be heard by others. Good thing he was alone. He cold also feel that his breathing had increased due to his nerves.

As his mind reflected every detail of Luna from the Gala, he remembered the dress that the Alicorn wore.

“Hmm, I wonder if she’s going to wear that same dress.”

His mind was so distracted, he failed to hear the sounds of approaching hoofsteps coming from behind.

Then there was a voice.

“Hi, BlackWarGreymon.”

Hearing such a familiar voice had both brought him to attention and increased his nerves somewhat. Jolting his head back in surprise, the Digimon began to turn and face her.

“Oh, you’re here Lu…!”

Time seemed to have slowed down as he looked at Luna. His eyes widened in awe at the sight of the blue Alicorn.

He was wrong. The dress that Luna wore was completely different from the one she wore at the Gala. And also, the kind he never expected. The dress draped over her back and ended at the back of her rear legs. Making it sorter than the one before. It also had holes for her wings and tail to poke out of. But what was truly eye-catching was the fabric of the dress itself. Not only it had stars of the night sky, the colours used on the dress looked more like a nebula. Almost like outer space. It looked as though someone plucked the night sky itself and used it to make the dress. The dress was attached to a silver collar around her neck and over her front. Which had a crescent moon and one attached beneath it like a bead. Also attached to the collar were four transparent blue fabrics that draped over her body. She also wore silver horseshoes and silver bands on her legs which also had a crescent moon on them. No doubt accessories that matched the dress. And the final touch to her outfit were a pair of crescent moon earrings.

Not just the dress, even Luna’s mane and tail were styled differently. Giving them a shorter and more attractive look. And with the sparkles of her hair and her dress, both give the Night Princess a more dazzling appearance.

BlackWarGreymon was speechless. He had never seen Luna in such beauty. Just as he thought she couldn’t get any prettier, she made herself even prettier than ever before.

The Alicorn stopped a couple of feet in front of the Digimon. Her eyes briefly meeting his own before looking down at her dress.

“Well, what do you think?” She asked him. Confidence started to flow through her body.

BlackWarGreymon finally managed to respond. His reply matched what was said in his mind.

“Wow… you’re beautiful.”

Luna blushed from the complement. Smiling in response.

“Thank you. I’m flattered. It has been so long since I wore this dress.”

“And I hope you don’t mind. I lost my track of time and I was too late to wear my suit.” BlackWarGreymon said, feeling slightly guilty.

But Luna thought otherwise.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all. I always preferred you the way you are.”

BlackWarGreymon was both surprised and relieved to hear Luna’s word. He thought he would have to wear something smart when going out with royalty. But the blue Alicorn liked him just the way he was.

“Uhh…thank you, Luna.”

“Well? Shall we start our date?” Luna asked with a smile as she walked up to BlackWarGreymon. Whom returned with an uplifted expression.

“Of course.”

With no thoughts of doubt or concern, BlackWarGreymon and Luna set out on their night walk through the gardens. Though the clouds blocked out the night sky, there was a gentle warm breeze. Which felt calm and inviting to the two as it blew by. Causing their hairs to sway in the wind.

At first, the two were silent as they walked through the night time scenery. Until BlackWarGreymon spoke up.

“Umm, Luna?”

“Yes?” She asked as she looked at the Artificial Digimon. Wondering what he had on his mind.

But the subject was not the one she expected.

“Well…I recently learnt that…others had asked you out before me.”

Luna’s eyes widened in shock of the truth.


She was too frazzled to think straight as the unwelcome feeling of awkwardness began to kick in. She even felt worried that BlackWarGreymon would begin to see her differently.

But what the Digimon said next dismissed that doubt.

“And yet… you refused all of them. Even the ones long before I arrived in this world. So…why? Why did you agree to go out with me?”

Though Luna was glad that her worry was for nothing, the Digimon’s question however made her just as awkward. She felt that it was too early to confess her true feelings. But she could at least give out some sort of hint. A hint which was true to how she felt.

“Well…it’s just that…you’re different from everypony else.”

As Luna continued, BlackWarGreymon listened on in interest.

“All the stallions and nobles may belong in the same world as I, but they don’t understand me. They only see me as a princess and expect me to treat them with authority. But with you, it’s completely different. Because we know each other very well, I don’t have to keep acting like a princess should. In short, when I’m with you, I…can finally be myself.”

The Digimon was touched by her kind words. But he had no idea that a role of a princess was so difficult.

“Really? So I take it that being a princess is not easy.”

“How Pinkie Pie would say it. It’s no piece of cake.”

The two continued to talk as they strolled through the gardens. Eventually reaching to the sculpture garden. The two then stopped for a moment on a stone bridge over a small river. Looking at the statue of BlackWarGreymon in the distance.

“I take it that you weren’t expecting Celestia to make you such a gift?” Luna asked, enquiring on the Digimon’s reactions.

“Not really. Being a protector of Equestria is one thing, but I had no idea that I would have a statue in my honour,” BlackWarGreymon replied.

Then to Luna’s wonderment, the tall Digimon turned around leaned on the ledge of the bridge. Staring at the reflection of himself in the calm water. His mind began to focus on his very first friend.

“I wonder if Agumon would’ve done the same,” He said, not realising that a seal which had turned into a memorial of him, was already made in the Digital World after his passing.

The name of the small Rookie level Digimon hadn’t been heard by Luna for quite some time. Hearing BlackWarGreymon’s sentence focused the Alicorn’s attention on the expression he had in his eyes. They looked…sad.

Luna then stood next to BlackWarGreymon. She too leaned on the stone ledge, to get a clearer view of the Digimon’s face.

“You miss him. Don’t you?” She asked with caring concern.

BlackWarGreymon kept staring at his reflection in the water. In his imagination, he saw the face of Agumon next to his. Staring back at him. Then it turned into the face of WarGreymon. And then it disappeared.

“I didn’t at first. But after understanding the true values of friendship, and how much it means to me, I do now. Back when I first met Agumon, I was evil. Bent on destruction. But even then, he saw that there was good in me. And because of that, despite my doubts and threats, he wanted to be my friend. He was very brave for a Rookie level Digimon. He wasn’t afraid of me in the slightest.”

Luna was amazed at what she heard, for BlackWarGreymon had learnt another lesson about friendship. Missing others when they’re not there.

BlackWarGreymon then continued as he looked at the cloudy sky.

“Although I decided to stay here and live in Equestria, it would be nice to one day visit the Digital World once more. And maybe, you and the others could also come.”

Then there was a brief moment of silence after the Mega finished talking. Letting the thoughts of what he said sinking in.

But then he heard a noise. Looking to his left, he could see that Luna was trying not to giggle so loud. Her right hoof covering her lips to muffle the sound of laughter.

“What? What is it?” BlackWarGreymon asked. Wondering what the princess found so funny.

Princess Luna answered back, but her voice carried the hint of laughter.

“S…sorry. I was just thinking of what would happen if Princess Twilight and her friends went there.”

Knowing what his pony friends were like, BlackWarGreymon understood what Luna meant by. He too started to chuckle from the thought of it.

“Oh yeah. I can imagine Pinkie Pie trying to throw them one of her wild parties.”

Imagining the pink mare and her hyperactive antics around the Digital Monsters made the blue Alicorn snicker more loudly.

“Do you think that Rarity would try to make them suits and dresses?” The Digimon added.

Though he was chuckling, he did love to see Luna trying to keep her laughter under control. But the image of Digimon wearing Rarity’s clothing made the Alicorn laugh louder.

“S-She most certainly would. Miss Dash would probably challenge one to a race. And Princess Twilight would ask them so many questions. She could write an article. Or even a book about them,” She said in response. The thoughts again spreading humour to the black armoured Digimon.

“Maybe if she took the time to stop asking and start writing.”

BlackWarGreymon’s remark not only made him almost laugh loudly but had done so to Luna. She tried to make her laugh more lady-like, but she was unable to do so. She was having too much fun to act like a princess and instead, was being herself.

Of course, the two meant no ill will to their friends, they just found the possibilities humorous.

The two continued to laugh for a few moments until BlackWarGreymon was first to stop. As his voice calmed, he looked over to Luna to see the fun and laughter on her face. To him, seeing her in such a way was making him happy. As if he would do anything to keep that smile from fading.

As Luna’s laughter faded down to a soft giggle, she glanced over to BlackWarGreymon and looked at his gaze. Luna couldn’t remember the last time she laughed in the way she had done. And from reading the expression in his yellow eyes, she could tell that he was happy to see her smile and laugh. She really was having a good time with BlackWarGreymon and she could see that he felt the same.

But a hint of her princess pride crept back in.

“F-Forgive me. it’s been a long while…since I laughed like that.”

BlackWarGreymon on the other hand didn’t see any problem with it.

“Don’t be. I think it’s rather lovely.”

Normally, Luna would’ve been startled and embarrassed by the complement. But instead, her smile seemed to have gotten brighter as a small blush of flattery appeared on her face. Instead of being shy, she felt embraced by his words. And seeing such a loving smile, BlackWarGreymon found it impossible to look away from it.

‘Background music’ ‘Rule the World by Take That’

For a few moments, the saviour and the princess continued to stare into each other’s eyes. Almost dreamily. The light reflected off the water could be seen gleaming in the Alicorn’s blue eyes. Almost like stars.

The eye contact was broken when Luna turned around and walked off the bridge. BlackWarGreymon then followed suit. But as soon as he left the bridge, he noticed that Luna’s pace seemed to have gotten quicker. Though confused, he started to walk quicker to catch up with her.

Luna looked back and without BlackWarGreymon noticing, her smile grew bigger. She had caught him in her little game.

As the Digimon got closer, Luna increased her pace to a small jog. Again, he was confused why the princess was moving quicker. But he quickened his own pace, his walking gaining longer and quicker strides. He almost felt like jogging.

But again, Luna moved away as she began a proper jog. But then BlackWarGreymon could hear her giggling in delight. He then understood what was going on.

‘Oh, I get it. She wants me to chase her for fun.’

After a brief chuckle, the Mega started to run. Luna looked over her shoulder to see the Digimon gaining on her. After letting out some laughter, Luna began to run. The two running through the gardens in a game of chase.

After seeing BlackWarGreymon running much faster to catch up with her, the blue princess had an idea.

“Thou can’t catch me,” She stated playfully as she began to flap her wings. Propelling herself forward for more momentum. Because her dress was shorter, she was able to move more freely.

Then as she looked back over her right shoulder, to her confusion BlackWarGreymon was gone. What she didn’t know was when she turned her head, the Digimon quickly levitated off the ground and flew to Luna’s left. Flying backwards to look at her.

As Luna turned her head around again, she smiled as she was greeted by the sudden fun-filled gaze of the black armoured Mega.

But by flying backwards, BlackWarGreymon wasn’t looking where he was going. And to his surprise, he slammed into a large tree.

As she came to a sudden halt, Luna turned around to see that her friend had smacked into a large apple tree. All the apples fell to the ground from the impact, at first completely covering BlackWarGreymon in the massive pile. Then after a quiet grunt, the Digimon popped his head out of the top of the pile.

Knowing that her friend wasn’t harmed, Luna couldn’t help but chuckle from the sight of him covered in apples. BlackWarGreymon would’ve been slightly annoyed. But the sounds of the Alicorn’s laughter took that negativity away in an instant. And made a slight chuckle instead.

As BlackWarGreymon rose back up on his feet, Luna walked up to him with something to say.

“Follow me. There’s something I want to show you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Luna took to the sky and flew towards the clouds above. Wondering what the princess had in mind for him, BlackWarGreymon followed her up to the night sky.

As he flew higher in the air, the Digimon noticed how fast Luna was flying. It was as if she was in a hurry to show him something. As he got closer to the clouds, BlackWarGreymon looked back down at Canterlot below.


He was admittingly startled at how high he was in the air. The city looked like a large town from where he was. Then as he looked back up, he saw Luna disappearing into the dense clouds above.

“Wait, Luna,” He said as he flew in after her.

As he passed through the maze of clouds, BlackWarGreymon had lost sight of Luna. All he could see were large masses of clouds floating all around him. But all he knew, was to keep going up. Flying higher and higher as he maneuvered around the clouds.

And then, after reaching to the other side of the layer of clouds, BlackWarGreymon gasped at one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen.

With all the clouds beneath him, the view of the spectacle around him was unobscured. High above him in the clear night sky, was a brilliant array of distant stars. Completely different to all the previous nights he had seen in Equestria. To the Digimon, he felt as though he was floating through the void. Gazing into deep space. As he hovered in place, BlackWarGreymon looked all around him. Nearly every inch of the night sky was decorated with twinkling lights.

The stunned Mega had seen many things. But not once he had seen something so breath-taking.

As BlackWarGreymon looked up at the heavens above, Luna approached him from behind.

“Well…what do you think?” She asked him.

But the armoured being was so taken by the sight, he almost stuttered.

“L…Luna. There… there are no words…to truly describe this. It’s… so beautiful.”

Luna smiled in delight at his response.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon. I rarely make nights like this. I only do so on…special occasions.”

After hearing Luna’s words, the Artificial Mega slowly turned around and looked at the hovering Alicorn in surprise and awe.

“You…made this night…for me?”

Judging by his tone, Luna could tell that BlackWarGreymon was touched. Knowing that he was happy from such a wonderful gift made her slightly shy. But she managed to summon up the courage to speak what her heart was telling her.

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for our world. To thank you…in my own way.”

Luna began to blush from what she was about to say next.

“You’re…very special to me. You’re like… my own personal star.”

Again, BlackWarGreymon was touched by Luna’s kind and loving words. At the moment she said that he was special to her, he could feel the warmth in his chest once more. The feeling in his heart felt strong. An emotion that he rarely felt but was only present when the blue Alicorn was involved.

BlackWarGreymon felt like he wanted to please her. To thank Luna for putting so much effort into making such a beautiful night just for him.

Then he thought of something playful.

To Luna’s confusion, BlackWarGreymon faced away from her. Then with his back to her, he flew backwards just beneath her.

“W-What are you doing?” The surprised Luna asked as her hooved briefly touched the Digimon’s shield as he stopped right beneath her.

BlackWarGreymon then glanced over his right shoulder. Giving Luna a playful glare.

“Sorry. I figured you would want to ride on your… personal star.”

At first, Luna was confused at BlackWarGreymon’s behaviour. Though he seemed to have apologized, his tone was more playful then genuine. Her confusion then gave way to an amused smile. She understood exactly what the Digimon truly meant. And decided to go with it.

The Alicorn rested herself upon BlackWarGreymon’s back and her forehooves gained a lock on the edges of his shield for grip.

“Hold on tight,” The amused Digimon said, with the princess doing so in reply.

Then to Luna’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon flew forwards in a sudden burst of speed.

At first, Luna had to keep low. But after she quickly got used to the speed, she began to smile in awe. Riding on her friend who flew far beyond her top speed and over the thick river of clouds.

BlackWarGreymon took one last look at the night sky before diving through the clouds. Then like a roller-coaster, he flew up and around the clouds. Flying side to side, up and down. And with so many clouds around them, it was hard to tell which was the way up. Which added to the experience. Though Luna couldn’t tell which was up or down, it didn’t stop her from laughing in joy. Embracing such an exhilarating moment.

Then as BlackWarGreymon began to level out, he slowed down as he flew above several patches of clouds. Looking down over his left shoulder, Luna let out a silent gasp at what she saw.

Through the large gap in the clouds, far below, was the city of Canterlot. With its streetlights and the scenery around it, the sight from such a height was stunning.

Throughout her long life, Luna had never seen Canterlot at such an angle before. And she had BlackWarGreymon to thank for that.

Luna then moved her sights over to the Digimon’s head. Only to see him glancing back at her with a happy expression in his eyes.

The princess smiled back as she went back to holding BlackWarGreymon tight. Letting the saviour to continue making her happy.

While high above Canterlot, BlackWarGreymon flew over the city. And then proceeded to dive down towards it. Luna had to stay low while he dived, pressing her face on his shield as she held on tight. But despite the rough ride, the smile never left her face.

As he continued to fall, the Mega flew past Canterlot and fell alongside the waterfall. Just like he done so on his second night in Equestria. Luna smiled in amazement as she looked at the stunning waterfall. Seeing how close she was to it.

Then as they reached the bottom, BlackWarGreymon levelled out and flew over the river. Only a few feet from the waterline. As he flew by, he placed the tips of his claws in the water’s surface. Creating ripples as he passed by.

As Luna looked over the Digimon’s shoulder once more, she saw the reflection of herself, riding on his back.

From seeing it at a different angle, the Alicorn simply couldn’t believe that she was really riding on BlackWarGreymon’s back. she was amazed at the reflection. In fact, because of the ride, she was able to see the usual sights of Canterlot from completely new angles. It felt bizarre, but she loved it.

Then as she went back to resting on his shield, Luna spoke to BlackWarGreymon. Her voice showed loving care and gratitude.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon. I really needed this.”

She was so moved by the new feeling, she rested her head on the Digimon’s back. Lying on top of him as he carried her on his back. BlackWarGreymon felt a great warm feeling in his chest from hearing her kind words. And when he looked back, he liked the sight of his favourite mare resting on him.

‘Song end’

Not too far away, a second powerful being was closing in.


As he flew through the night sky, he began to think back to what happened at the hidden lair. Upon receiving the order from his evil master, he left the lair to spread chaos and destruction once more.

But for the first time in his incredibly short life, ChaosBlackWarGreymon wasn’t in the mood to do so. He didn’t feel like fighting or blowing stuff up. In fact, just the thought of it left his mind completely. He was too distracted from the events of the previous day.

Him and BlackWarGreymon were fighting once more. But something sparked within the saviour that briefly reverted him back to what he once was. A violent killing machine.

BlackWarGreymon had a huge opportunity to put an end to the clone for good. In his violent state or otherwise. But instead, the black armoured Mega showed him mercy. He spared his life.

‘I don’t understand. Why did you spare me, BlackWarGreymon? I’m the dark relic of your past. It shouldn’t matter if you destroyed me. In fact, you would welcome it. Then why?’

His thoughts were halted when he saw something he had never seen before. After he stopped to hover in place, ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked up through a gap in the clouds and was stunned by the stars.

“Woah, what’s up with the sky? I don’t remember there ever been that many stars. That blue princess really had outdone herself.”

A split second later, his crimson eyes widened in shock at his own words.

“Did… did I just made a complement!?”

Not only that, it was a positive complement. Of which no one would ever expect to hear from him. even himself. ChaosBlackWarGreymon then looked at his claws in confusion. If he was the evil clone of BlackWarGreymon, then why for a brief moment he had a positive thought.

“What…what’s gotten over me?”

Then a light in the distance caught his eye. As he looked at its source, his sights fell upon Canterlot. It was there when he felt something.

“BlackWarGreymon is near that city. But…why is it that I can feel something else very close to him?”

He was confused. He could sense a second energy source, but it was indeed very close to BlackWarGreymon’s. Almost as if it was on top of him.

Yet despite his confusion and hate, ChaosBlackWarGreymon felt more like investigating then fighting.

“I must know. But I also have to be careful,” He said as he descended towards the ground.

By flying slow and close to the ground, ChaosBlackWarGreymon could minimize the amount of energy that he was using. And then by using an invisibility spell on himself, no eyes could see him.

The clone Digimon planned to slip by into Canterlot without anyone spotting him. And hoped that BlackWarGreymon would be too busy doing…whatever he was doing to notice.

Back in the skies above Canterlot, BlackWarGreymon continued having a great time with Luna. Flying at a steady speed, the Digimon was cruising through the air as a gentle breeze blew past him.

Meanwhile on his back, Luna was resting on his shield. Despite being outdoors and in the air, the Alicorn felt surprisingly comfy. But she had to be careful not to doze off and loose grip. Admittingly at first, she thought that lying on armour would soon become uncomfortable. But it wasn’t like that. She felt at ease, as if lying on a carpet. Well, a flying carpet.

When Luna looked up, she noticed that she was very close to BlackWarGreymon’s hair. Then it hit her. She did recall hearing rumours about the touch of the black Digimon’s yellow hair. It then got her wondering.

‘Could rumours about his hair be true?’

Curious to find out for herself, Luna pulled herself forward towards the yellow locks of hair. She was then within distance to touch, but she needed to use her hooves to keep a hold on BlackWarGreymon’s shield.

The blue princess felt slightly nervous. With her hooves occupied, she only had one option.

Deciding to go through with it, Luna gently placed her nose in the warrior’s yellow hair. Her eyes widened in shock and disbelief from its touch.

‘Wow! His hair… it’s…’

Unable to control herself, due to the comfort she was feeling, Luna gently pressed her face into the yellow hair. Nuzzling it while taking in its smell.

‘It’s so soft. And his scent, it’s nice too.’

However, her actions hadn’t gone unnoticed. BlackWarGreymon felt Luna’s every move and was a little startled when she nuzzled his hair. He could feel and hear her breath. And yet, he didn’t find it uncomfortable. In fact, he found it rather sweet of her to take such an interest in his hair. And feeling her nuzzling the back of his head actually felt soothing to him.

He decided to let her actions continue for a few moments longer. Until he decided to head back to Canterlot.

“I see you have taken a liking to my hair.”

Hearing his voice addressing her immediately caused Luna to snap out of her trance as she quickly pulled her head away. A bright blush formed on her face.

“OH!... Uhh…S-Sorry! I was…uhh…!”

She paused when she heard her friend chuckling.

“It’s ok, Luna. You have nothing to apologize for.”

As Luna smiled back, she noticed that they were descending towards a road that lead into the city. Though she wanted nothing more then to ride on his back all night long, they had to continue their date.

Luna then flew off BlackWarGreymon and landed on the firm ground. The Mega landed next to her, and after glancing at each other with smiles, the two headed towards the city centre.

Though it was night, the centre of the city was quite lively. As it was the night of Hearts and Hooves day, many ponies were out with their dates. Some who had been together for some time, and others that were recent. There were many attractions that the couple could use to impress one another or simply have a good time. A fair ground. Many restaurants, fancy and modern. Some local theatres. And in the field on the outskirts of the centre, a music festival that recently opened up for one night.

Back at the centre, one such recent pair had arrived. BlackWarGreymon, the saviour of Equestria. And Luna, the Princess of the Night. As the two made their entrance, they had drawn quite the attention from the crowd.

Normally, BlackWarGreymon and Luna would feel awkward at being watched. But for the first time, it didn’t bother them. In fact, they no longer cared. They didn’t care if they were being looked at. About the reactions from the others. From the questions they would ask. They didn’t care anymore. The two were simply having too much of a good time spending time with each other.

The reactions from the crowd were positive for a number of reasons. Some were the fact that they could get to see BlackWarGreymon in the city once more. And others, well mostly, was from the sight of Luna in such a stunning looking dress. Her beauty certainly had turned a few heads as well.

One moment when Luna spotted two stallions approaching her, she felt uneasy. But then the two stallions instantly retreated after they averted their sights above her. Turning her head around to look at BlackWarGreymon, she very briefly saw him giving the two an unfriendly glare.

A warm smile returned to her face when she realised what her friend had done. He scared them away, as if he wanted to keep her to himself. She didn’t hold it against him, for it was he who she wanted to be with tonight.

Despite it being Hearts and Hooves day, many citizens believed that the two were only around for an important visit. That Luna only dressed for the part and that BlackWarGreymon was her personal bodyguard. However, only a few of them had a feeling that something was going on between the two. They could tell by the way the princess smiled at the Digimon.

As the two walked through the city centre, Luna thought the first fun thing they could do was to take a picture in a photo booth. When they found one, the Alicorn encouraged BlackWarGreymon to go in with her. Though shy about it, he eventually agreed. It was a tight squeeze, since the booth was just large enough for him to fit through.

Four flashes later, the two got out of the booth. With Luna picking up the roll of four photos from it. One picture was shown too early. BlackWarGreymon tried to get comfortable in the cramped space. The second showed Luna pointing at the camera, showing that the Digimon should look at it. The third showed that Luna wasn’t ready. She blushed heavily from realising how close she was to BlackWarGreymon. The fourth and final picture was perfect. The two looking at the camera with calm and happy expressions.

“Definitely keeping this,” Luna said to herself before showing the photos to BlackWarGreymon.

Elsewhere in Canterlot, the invisible form of ChaosBlackWarGreymon landed in the city. But gently. The last thing he wanted was to cause a commotion when it was not necessary. Which he found puzzling as to why he should care. As he stood tall, he took note about the Heart and Hooves decorations all around him.

‘Did this place suddenly got a lot girlier?’ He thought to himself.

Due to his lack of understanding traditions, which was removed during his development, the Digimon clone looked confused as to what the ponies were doing.

‘I wonder what all the fuss is all about.’

As the hidden ChaosBlackWarGreymon strolled through the city, he suddenly picked up on BlackWarGreymon’s power. It was quite close to his location.

‘So best buddy is here after all. I wonder what he’s up to.’

After following BlackWarGreymon’s energy signature, the invisible ChaosBlackWarGreymon crept behind a corner of a building. Leaning his back against the wall and lowering his power to almost zero.

‘Ok, he’s just around this corner. Now let’s see.’

As he peered around the corner, at first he saw a huge shadow. Then BlackWarGreymon himself emerged.

‘There he is. Now what is he doing out here?’

Then, before he could think of a surprise attack, he spotted a second shadow following BlackWarGreymon. And then to ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s surprise, Luna showed herself. But what surprised him was the dress she was wearing.

‘Wow, guess that explains the sky.’

But it was there when he noticed something. Something very rare in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes when he looked at Luna. It was not just an expression, it was an expression he had never seen before. An expression he thought hadn’t even existed. Yet despite his collective memories from BlackWarGreymon, King Sombra and his dark master, ChaosBlackWarGreymon had no acknowledgement of what the expression was. But he did know what emotion was attached to it.

‘Wow. BlackWarGreymon he… he looks so… happy.’

Whatever thoughts of anger and vengeance ChaosBlackWarGreymon had on his mind, had vanished completely. Something about BlackWarGreymon’s expression had brought calm to the usually insane clone.

‘What is happening to me? What is this…feeling I have? BlackWarGreymon is right there! Why don’t I feel angry!?’

As thoughts of confusion flowed through his head, the clone saw his rival and Luna walking away. With his interest in fighting temporarily gone, the clone had no other reason for staying in Canterlot. But…

‘I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I should keep an eye on them while I’m here.’

Back with the pair, BlackWarGreymon suddenly felt a cold shiver. Which was noticed by Luna.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. But it feels like we’re being watched.”

“Well we are surrounded by ponies. Perhaps you’re still not used to being stared at yet.”

“Perhaps.” He replied, unsure if it was the reason at all.

BlackWarGreymon and Luna continued on towards the outskirts of the city centre. Oblivious to the invisible ChaosBlackWarGreymon following close behind.

With the clone’s attention fully on BlackWarGreymon, he failed to pay mind of a stallion tripping over his invisible toe. The confused pony looked around to see what he had tripped on.

After her little visit to her Canterlot boutique that recently opened up, Rarity walked through the streets. Taking in the sights of all the decorations.

“Wow, such lovely decorations. Perhaps the inspiration I need for next year’s fashion line.”

As she strolled through the street, the white Unicorn spotted a friend that she could easily recognize a mile away.

“What? BlackWarGreymon? What is he doing here? Isn’t he supposed to be on his…!”

Both her voice and body instantly came to a halt when she saw Princess Luna. Fully dressed and by his side. Not wanting to be spotted, the startled Rarity hid behind a wall as she panted heavily from the shock.

“So… BlackWarGreymon wasn’t joking after all! He really is on a date! And…with Princess Luna.”

She then took a peek at them from around the corner. Eyeing the blue princess.

“I’ve never seen Luna wear that dress before. It’s so stunning. So beautiful. It suits her perfectly in every way.”

Rarity then thought of something.

“Wait. If Luna is wearing that, on Hearts and Hooves day, then she’s clearly in that dress… to impress BlackWarGreymon. I mean… it’s not like she’s…!”

Then realisation hit the Unicorn on the head. Shocked at the possibility.

“Wait! Is she…? Are…are those two…?”

It all began to make sense to her. She did find it odd that BlackWarGreymon wanted to keep his date a secret between him and her. And Twilight did tell her and her friends that she saw Luna bringing the Digimon’s senses back when he was in doubt. And that the blue princess stuck by his side when he was at the hospital in the Crystal Empire. And that she was brave enough to fight along side him against his clone. Plus, her faith in him against King Sombra. And the two together at the Grand Galloping Gala.

With all the evidence piling up to one conclusion, Rarity’s shock transformed into joyful awe.

“That… is adorable!”

Back with the pair, Luna approached a small building before speaking to BlackWarGreymon.

“Umm…could you please wait here for a second. I need to…use the facilities.”

Though BlackWarGreymon didn’t know what the Alicorn was referring to, he agreed to her request.

“Ok, I’ll wait here.”

“Thank you. I’ll be right back.”

After he watched her enter the small building, BlackWarGreymon waited patiently for her return.

Then he heard a voice.

“Oh BlackWarGreymon.”

Following the voice, the Digimon saw the white Unicorn walking up to him. Acting as though she hadn’t seen the whole thing.

“Oh, hi Rarity. What brings you here?”

“Well I was just checking on my shop here in Canterlot.”

Rarity approached closer to him as she spoke to him. Her voice quietened for only him to hear.

“So? How is your date so far?” She asked, a hint of excitement in her voice.

“I’m enjoying it so far. Luna and I had a nice talk back at the gardens. Then she showed me her present. And then we decided to look around town.”

Rarity could tell by his tone that he really was enjoying himself. She then got curious at one of the things he said.

“That’s splendid to hear. But what is the present that you speak of?”

BlackWarGreymon looked up in response.

“Look carefully through the clouds and then you’ll see it.”

At first, all Rarity could see was clouds. But after a moment of intense focus, she saw a gap in the clouds. In awe at the night sky above.

“Oh my. The night sky looks so divine. I mean look at all those stars.”

“Yeah. Luna said that she only makes those skies on special occasions. This occasion is to thank me for all the things that I’ve done for Equestria. And to repay for her kindness, I had her resting on my back as I flew through the night sky.”

Rarity looked at BlackWarGreymon in surprise and awe.

“You…really did that?”

“I did. And Luna enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Rarity was amazed at what she heard. Not only Luna created such a beautiful sky to both thank and impress BlackWarGreymon, but he in return tried to impress her and make the night more enjoyable.

The white Unicorn tried to picture the blue Alicorn riding on the Digimon’s shied as he flew through the sky. She was then amazed at how moving it looked. And how moving it must had felt. Plus, she was surprised that it was BlackWarGreymon’s idea.

“Wow. I never knew you could be romantic at times.”

“Romantic?” The Mega asked in confusion.

As much as she wanted to explain it to him, Rarity knew that she couldn’t stand around for long. Luna would soon be back. And she thought it would be best for BlackWarGreymon to discover it on his own.

“Well…I shan’t keep you waiting. Enjoy yourself, I’ll see you soon.”

BlackWarGreymon stood there confused as Rarity took her leave. He then spotted Luna approaching his side.

“I’m back. Shall we continue?”

“Sure thing?”

Before the two continued on their way, Rarity spared a final glance at the two. Mostly at Luna. The white Unicorn could definitely tell that something was going on between them. She could tell by the way Luna was smiling at him.

“I don’t believe it. She’s…she’s really into him.”

Soon BlackWarGreymon and Luna arrived at a field on the outskirts of the centre. With such a large number of ponies all around them, the two could tell that something was going on. Then to the Digimon’s confusion, he saw a well-built stage in the middle of a field.

“Luna, what’s going on here?” He asked.

Confused at first, Luna then remembered.

“Oh yes. I did recall there was going to be a music festival tonight. This must be the place.”

When she looked to her side, the Alicorn could see that her Digimon friend looked very interested. It was very clear to her that he had never been to a music festival. Plus, it had been a very long time since she attended to one. She was curious to see how much music had changed.

Then she had an idea.

“You want to go and watch?”

“If it’s ok with you,” BlackWarGreymon answered as he looked at Luna to see her approval.

A simple nod was all he needed to know that it was a yes.

The only way to enter the festival was to buy a ticket at the entrance. But since Luna was a princess, the ticket holder decided to let her in for free. And when the Alicorn said that BlackWarGreymon was with her, the ticker holder allowed him in too.

“Guess being royalty does have its perks,” The Digimon said. With Luna smiling with princess pride.

To gain less attention to themselves as much as possible, the pair stood at the back of the audience. Some of which had been waiting for nearly an hour in the crowd. Because the two were taller than average ponies they could see the stage from the back.

“When do you think it will start?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“I’m not sure. Probably any minute now,” Luna answered.

Then as lights started to flash on the stage, the crowd began to cheer. They then quietened down when the announcer approached the centre of the stage.

“Hello everypony! I am pleased to announce that the Canterlot music festival is about to begin!”

The crowd cheered in response. Then quietened as the announcer prepared to speak once more.

“And now to start off the festival with her latest hit. The one, the only… Countess Coloratura!!”

The moment the name of the pony of pop was announced, the crowd began to cheer like crazy. Then as some of the stage lights began to dim, the crowd waited impatiently for their favourite singer to arrive.

“Countess who?” BlackWarGreymon whispered to Luna.

“It’s the first I’ve heard of the name. but I guess she must be really popular to the citizens,” Luna replied. Taking note on the reactions of the ponies.

Then as the stage lights and music began to go in sync with each other, a famous Earth Pony mare arrived from the darkness of the stage with a group of backup dancers. She then performed one of her most famous songs.

Time for the spectacle
Time for the show
The lights are bright and the colours glow
I’m not just anypony
I think you know
The time is now, it’s about to blow!

Razzle dazzle
Glitz and glam
Turn it all up, it’s a spectacle
Razzle dazzle
Glitz and glam
Turn it all up, it’s a spectacle

Give me more
Razzle dazzle
Glitter eyes, big surprise
Lights, cameras

Razzle dazzle
Glitz and glam
Turn it all up, it’s a spectacle
Here the applause
Here to impress
Not just a pony, I am the Countess!

In response to her performance, the crowd once again cheered like crazy. Amazed at the effort the singer put on to entertain them. Luna and BlackWarGreymon meanwhile stood at the back silently. The Alicorn staring in surprise and the Digimon staring in awe.

“Wow. Music certainly has changed from what I remember.”

“That is so cool.”

About an hour and a half later, the music festival had finished performing. And soon enough, most of the audience had left. Some decided to stay to buy gifts from the provided stalls.

After they left the field and returned to the city centre, BlackWarGreymon and Luna were reminiscing their experience.

“The music lately had become very interesting. Did you enjoy it?” Luna asked her tall friend.

“Considering it was my first time in a music festival, I did enjoy it. Some of those singers were very good,” The Digimon replied.

Then without thinking, the excited Luna spoke up.

“I knew you would enjoy it, Blackie.”

After realising what she just said, Luna paused and quickly held her breath as her eyes widened in shock. Did she really call him that? And out loud!? BlackWarGreymon meanwhile looked at her in confusion as he stood beside her.

“Wait? Blackie?”

Realising there was no going back from it, Luna blushed as she spoke.

“S…sorry. It’s just… a little nickname… I wanted to call you by.”

“A nickname?” The Digimon asked.

“Yes. It’s short for your real name. and it’s recognizable,” The Alicorn explained further.

BlackWarGreymon then thought over it.

“Blackie… I think I like it.”

“Really!?” Luna asked, her voice showed a hint of excitement. Then the Mega turned towards her.

“Yeah. And what about you? Do you have a nickname?”

Luna began to think back to her younger years. After a brief moment, she remembered the nicknames she and Celestia had.

“Well…it was back when me and my sister were little. I used to call her, Tia.”

“And yours?” BlackWarGreymon asked, curious of Luna’s nickname.

Luna blushed in embarrassment from remembering her nickname. And she had to say it to BlackWarGreymon.

“Mmm…sister used to call me……Lulu.”

Luna looked away for a moment, hoping that her nickname didn’t sound too childish. Then to her amazement, she heard the Digimon chuckling in delight. Not bothered by the sound of the name.

“That’s a cute nickname you have.”

Luna looked back at him in astonishment and relief. The look in his eyes showed that he was honest. He found her nickname very suitable.

Then she realised something. Aside from her sister, Luna hadn’t told any other pony about her nickname. For fear of embarrassment. She never told a soul about it, but yet she told BlackWarGreymon. It’s as if she didn’t mind telling him her secrets. That was how much she trusted him.

However, their little moment was cut short when they heard a loud stomach growl. Unexpectedly, it came from the princess. Who blushed in embarrassment.

“Ohhh…sorry. All the excitement, made me forget to have dinner.” Luna said.

After remembering that he saw restaurants nearby, BlackWarGreymon had an idea.

“You want to go and have a bite to eat, Lulu?”

Startled at first, Luna slowly smiled at him for using her nickname in a respectful manner. Not as mockery.

“As long as you’re coming, Blackie.”

As the two went off to the find the nearest restaurant, ChaosBlackWarGreymon, who remained invisible, was close behind. But with one particular song stuck in his head.

“Razzle dazzle. Glitz and gla…uhh! Why did that song had to be so catchy?” He said to himself. But had to be quiet.

Back with the pair, BlackWarGreymon and Luna arrived at one of the recently opened restaurants. There they sat at a round table outside. What was unique about it was the type of bench it had. Not only was it strong enough to hold the Digimon’s weight, but it was shaped like a large ring that went around the table. Though he wasn’t as hungry as Luna, BlackWarGreymon was eager to eat with her. The Alicorn wasn’t in the mood for anything cooked or fancy, so she decided to have the restaurant special. A sponge cake with white icing, whipped cream and strawberries. The cake was just big enough for two.

The two talked before the cake arrived.

“The cake sounds nice. I take it that you really like cake?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“Well, it’s my sister who’s more into cake than myself,” Luna explained.

“Maybe we should save a piece for her,” The Digimon replied.

Knowing that he was joking, Luna chuckled lightly from what he said. Her thoughts of happiness were interrupted by another growl from her stomach.

‘Wow. Guess I really am hungry.’

After the waiter arrived, he placed the large plate of cake in front of the pair. While BlackWarGreymon looked at the dessert in fascination, Luna stared at it in hunger.

“Wow, it looks more delicious up close,” She whispered to herself.

The Mega used a claw on his left gauntlet to impale a small section of the cake and brought it closer to his face. He then tasted it after phasing it through his mouthpiece. His unusual way of consuming food.

“Mmm. Now I know why Celestia likes cakes,” He said, finding the flavour of the sponge enjoyable.

But instead of a reply, he heard an audible munching sound. Turning to his right, he briefly saw Luna gorging on the cake. In a very un-lady-like manner. Immediately realising what she had done, Luna instantly stood back up. Leaving a rather large bite in the cake and some whipped cream on her blushing face.

“S…sorry. I was…so hungry and…”

The Alicorn found it hard to speak, but BlackWarGreymon’s expression didn’t show any kind of uncertainty or disgust. Instead, he found it rather endearing.

“It’s ok, Luna. You couldn’t help it. I don’t mind.”

Luna was relieved to hear his words before she started to clean herself. Using a tissue to wipe some of the dessert off her face. But just as she thought she was completely clean, there was a small patch of cream on her face.

Then…without any thought about what he was doing, BlackWarGreymon offered.

“Here, let me.”

Reaching his right arm out, the Digimon used his thumb to wipe away the whipped cream from Luna’s left cheek.

Luna’s mind and body froze in an instant the moment she felt BlackWarGreymon’s touch. Her eyes widened in shock at how unexpected it was, and from how gentle it felt. Even though he was just cleaning up her face, she couldn’t help but blush deeply from the fact that… he was stroking her cheek.

The startled princess averted her gaze slightly towards him in shock and amazement.


It was BlackWarGreymon’s turn to realise what he had just done. His eyes widened in shock. His mind and speech stuttered as he quickly retracted his hand away from Luna’s face. Feeling ashamed for what he had done without permission.

“Uhh! I-I’m sorry, Luna! I didn’t realise what I was doing!”

BlackWarGreymon started to feel awkward. If it were an ordinary pony, it may had been ok. But Luna was of royalty and should be treated with more respect. Even if they were friends.

Then to his surprise, Luna spoke up calmly. And what she said was confusing to him.

“I…I didn’t say you can stop.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at Luna to read her expression. Though she tried to look stern and focused, her blush clearly showed that she wasn’t. But her blush wasn’t of embarrassment. Instead, it was more like…flattery. As if she liked being stroked on the cheek and wanted more.

But the black armoured warrior remained unsure.

“But…you don’t have any whipped cream on your face.”

In response to BlackWarGreymon’s reply, and to his confusion, Luna dipped her left hoof in the cake and purposely stuck it on her left cheek. Her face and expression remained the same as she turned her head slightly away.

‘Does she…want me to touch her cheek?’ He asked himself. Finding Luna’s actions…strange.

Unsure where his actions would lead him, BlackWarGreymon slowly reached out his right arm towards Luna. Without him noticing, Luna secretly curled her lips into a smile. Her friend took the bait that she laid for him.

Luna closed her eyes as BlackWarGreymon wiped the whipped cream off her left cheek. Then to his surprise as he finished, the princess leaned her head into his hand. Softly nuzzling her face against his palm.

The Digimon was speechless. Why was Luna nuzzling his hand? What came over her? And why…did it felt good? Though surprised, the Mega was amazed at how soft her fur was.

Then to add more to his surprise and confusion, Luna nudged on her seat and moved closer to BlackWarGreymon. She then was leaning against his side with her head resting on the side of his chest. Even though most of her friend’s body was armour, she found it comfortable and surprisingly warm.

‘Wow. His body is… so cozy.’

The startled Digimon looked down at Luna in amazement. Seeing her closed eyes and her loving smile showed that she was comfortable leaning on him. even with his armour, he could feel her warmth on his body. And could feel her nuzzling on his chest. He didn’t know why but…seeing her in such a way, and from what she was doing, made him feel in a way he rarely ever felt. But a feeling he only got from Luna.

His own expression softened as he felt a warm feeling in his heart. Luna had shown she really cared about him. So, it’s only fitting for him to return the favour.

Moving slowly and gently due to wearing his gauntlets, BlackWarGreymon moved his right arm and placed it around Luna’s side.

Luna was slightly startled when she felt the Digimon’s arm around her. But by believing that he really cared for her as much as she cared for him, the blue Alicorn surrendered in his embrace. With positive feelings nearly overwhelming him, BlackWarGreymon too closed his eyes as he welcomed the feeling.

Luna continued to nuzzle him as he held her close. Unaware that BlackWarGreymon’s invisible clone was watching.

Normally he would find the sight unsettling. But to his confusion, ChaosBlackWarGreymon found it intriguing. Amazed in fact, almost like he was mesmerized. He then tried to think back through BlackWarGreymon’s past, to see if there was any moment where the black armoured Mega was loved in such a way. But he found none. Seeing such a sight turned out to be a new experience for the grey armoured clone.

“I’ve…I’ve never seen him look so happy before.”

Like before, ChaosBlackWarGreymon didn’t felt like fighting anymore. It was as if the heart-warming sight was making him calm and less violent.

Though BlackWarGreymon once broke his arm and nearly killed him twice, for some reason and to his confusion, the thought of ruining BlackWarGreymon’s moment with Luna felt…wrong.

He then came to a decision.

“Enjoy this moment as much as you can, BlackWarGreymon. Because soon this night will be your last,” He said to himself, as if talking to his rival.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon turned away, he slowly levitated off the ground and ascended higher into the sky. As he got to a point where no one could see or sense him, the Digital clone decloaked himself. His body visible to the outside world.

As he flew away from the city, one thought crossed his mind.

“What is going on with me? I’m his dark incarnation for goodness sake! Why did I hesitate? Why am I…feeling strange?”

Then something triggered in his mind.

“BlackWarGreymon. You are my progenitor. You gave me your memories. You gave me your powers. You gave me your image. And thanks to your data, you gave me life! What…What else have you given me!?”

His flight slowed as more questions were asked.

“Am I… not perfect? Am I contaminated!?” W-Why am I even asking this? I am you evil clone… aren’t I?”

Then just as he was about to leave Canterlot for good, ChaosBlackWarGreymon suddenly sensed something. The power was both new and yet familiar to him. He then turned to face it. But not at Canterlot or Ponyville. It came from the Everfree Forest.

“Wait. What…is this power I feel? Why…do I feel that I need to go to it?”

Then just as he was about to resist it, his curiosity got the better of him.

“Oh, what the hell.”

Turning around, ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew away from Canterlot and over the Everfree Forest. Flying towards the source of the power.

Back in Canterlot, Luna and BlackWarGreymon left the city centre and made their way back to the castle. After all the excitement that happened, the whole experience had left the blue princess tired. As much as she wanted to continue their date, her body wanted sleep. But overall, Luna would say that her very first date was a success.

As the two stopped by one of the doors to the castle, the Alicorn spoke up.

“Tonight was a beautiful night. I take it that you enjoyed yourself too?”

“I really did, Lulu. This date had been fun. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if we do this again some other time,” BlackWarGreymon replied, calling Luna by her nickname.

Hearing the good news made Luna smile. She then thought of something.

“Well…that actually bring me to something I wanted to ask you.”

“What is it?” The Mega asked.

Luna began to feel shy. Awkward to ask him such a question.

“Uhh…but first. Do you know the concept of…boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Confused at first, but BlackWarGreymon recalled hearing of such a subject.

“Well Twilight and Applejack did mention about it once, but they didn’t tell me what it actually was.”

Waning her friend to understand, Luna explained the subject to him.

“You see, it’s sort of similar to being an ordinary friend. But what makes it different is that…when a boy has a special connection to a girl, they develop a special feeling from that connection. They start to care for one another very deeply and in time, become known as boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Though BlackWarGreymon understood every word, he couldn’t help but think that it all sounded very similar.

‘Strange, it all sounds similar to when Cadence talked to me about true love.’

He then suddenly felt as though an electric spark went through his head when he realised something.

‘Wait! Is Luna saying what I think she’s trying to say!?’

As Luna blushed from embarrassment from even thinking about such a question, she took in a deep breath, looked brave, and asked the question.

“What I’m trying to say is… well… would you……l…like to be my… secret boyfriend? My…special somepony?”

She finally asked him. Luna blushed deeply as she looked away. Not wanting to look at the Digimon head on.

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t help but pause in awe. Luna had actually asked him to be her boyfriend. At first, he was confused at the secret part. But after a brief thought, it sort of made sense. It would be strange if others were to hear of such things.

Nevertheless, he surprised her by agreeing to it.

“Well…as long as I keep having this much fun with you, then I’ll be honoured to be your boyfriend.”

Luna looked at him in amazement, shock and disbelief all rolled into one.


“Yes. Because you see, whenever you are around, I do feel… a special connection between you and I,” The Digimon explained.

Luna quietly gasped in shock at what her tall friend said.

“Y-You do?” She asked.

“Yeah, I do,” He answered.

Hearing his words forced a question in Luna’s mind.

‘I don’t believe it! Does this mean…he really has feelings for me!?’

Ever since the events at the Crystal Empire, the bond between BlackWarGreymon and Luna had grown incredibly strong. Luna knew it and, after her talk with Princess Cadence, had come to terms with her feelings for him. But to find out that he could possibly hold the same feelings for her in return… it was almost unbelievable.

After she got over her shock, the Alicorn let out a smile before talking once more.

“Thank you, Blackie. For a wonderful time.”

BlackWarGreymon’s expression softened at seeing Luna’s smile.

“You are very welcome.”

Then as he turned to make his leave, Luna called out.

“Wait! Before you go, just…one more thing.”

The puzzled Mega looked at the princess in response.

“What is it?”

“Please…kneel down for me.”

Though puzzled by her request, BlackWarGreymon did what she said and knelt down on one knee. He then watched in wonder as Luna walked up to him. he could see her blush, probably from something she was about to do.

He then got his answer. To his shock and mental surprise, Luna leaned up to his face with her eyes closed…and gave him a soft kiss on his right cheek.

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes couldn’t be any wider. Though Fluttershy had already kissed him on the cheek, twice, the kiss from Luna felt entirely different. It was not just from kindness, the Digimon could feel all the love Luna had in that one kiss. He then felt the warmth in his heart growing hotter and hotter. As if his heart was on fire.

Then as Luna palled away, she gave him a warm, thoughtful smile before turning towards the castle doors. Leaving the stunned Digimon to stand back up staring at her in disbelief.

Just as Luna opened the door with her magic, she looked over her left shoulder for one last look at BlackWarGreymon.

“Goodnight, Blackie.”

The Digimon was too stunned to respond at first. But then mustered enough willpower to speak.

“Yeah…you too, Lulu.”

Luna grew one last smile at him before walking through the doorway to the castle, closing the door behind her.

Though the date had finished, and Luna was back home safely, BlackWarGreymon never felt so excited.


Out of sheer joy, he leapt off the ground and quickly took to the skies. Flying around the Canterlot towers before starting his flight back to Ponyville.

During his flight, he couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. To him, it was a very big hint that she had feelings for him. Especially since they agreed to be secret boyfriend and girlfriend.

That kiss would be one of a few moments in his life… that he would remember forever.

Author's Note:

And here we are. The long awaited date had arrived. Also one of the longest chapters I've ever written.

The chapter was challenging to write, since I've never been on a date before. But after watching movies, anime and using my own imagination, I think I got the story just right.

To those who were wondering what Luna's dress looked like. It was based on Luna's Gala dress by tamurakitty from DeviantArt. Since I'm unable to upload a picture, look on google if your interested.

The mystery of ChaosBlackWarGreymon will continue in the next chapter. I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Leave a comment. Leave a like. And I'll see you all later.

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