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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 30: The Oncoming Storm

Author's Note:

Hello everyone, it's me again.:twilightsmile:

Since I received more free time from work, I decided to squeeze in another chapter early. Showing the aftermath of the Changeling invasion.:pinkiehappy:

Hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment. Leave a like. And I'll see you all later.:heart:

Hidden lair, unknown location

Hours had passed since Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling army were sent away on a mission. While it seemed as though by taking control of Canterlot would mean it would be easier for the dark master’s arrival, it felt like that wasn’t the case.

While the dark Digimon waited patiently in his chamber, King Sombra approached him.

“You’re still here? I thought you would prepare yourself to finally emerge from hiding,” Sombra said.

The evil being let out a chuckle in response.

“As powerful as I am, Sombra, I’m still not at full power. I’m just waiting for Chrysalis to return.”

The king of the shadows gave the Digimon a look of confusion.

“Waiting for her return? Chrysalis won’t fail you, my lord. You gave her a task to capture Canterlot and she will do it.”

“I’ll be surprised if she actually did succeed,” The being said in honesty, further confusing Sombra.

“You mean… you expect her to fail?”

“Yes Sombra. In fact, I’m counting on it.”

“Then… what was the point of it all?”

The evil Digimon gave Sombra a menacing glare. To see if the Unicorn was questioning his motives. The glare spooked Sombra before he recomposed himself.

Then the being explained himself.

“To answer your question, Sombra, the whole invasion was just a ploy to bring out that new Digimon in the open. To test to see if he truly was loyal to the ponies and their princesses. Even with the little power boost I gave to the Changelings, they would still be no match for a Digimon.”

Sombra was speechless. The being used Chrysalis and her Changelings, only to lure out the Digimon. Even though he knew they would fail.

“…Your brilliance knows no bounds,” Sombra said to complement the monster’s idea.

“Be sure not to tell them that when they get back,” The dark Digimon suggested.

Then just in time, Queen Chrysalis and her battered children entered the lair. All extremely worried of what the evil Digimon would do to them for failing.

“You’re back so soon?” The Digimon asked, acting as if his conversation with King Sombra had never happened.

Queen Chrysalis was terrified. Her voice was shaky from fear as she tried to speak.

“M…my…my master. I’m so sorry. We tried to take Canterlot but…”

The being interrupted her mid-sentence.

“Let me guess… you failed?”

After a fearful gulp, the hesitant Chrysalis spoke.


What felt like the tensest moment in the queen’s life, the evil being spoke oddly casual.

“Oh well, you win some you lose some.”

The Changelings and their queen all had looks of sheer disbelief and complete confusion. King Sombra chuckled at their priceless expressions.

Unsure of what was reality, Chrysalis asked the being a question.

“Forgive me master, but… wouldn’t failure mean a painful punishment?”

“Normally, yes. Today, no. You and your subjects are still important to me, so I will let this slip by.”

Chrysalis couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Has the evil Digimon gone soft? Or was there another reason why? But any reason didn’t matter to her and her children. For they would get to keep their exoskeletons.

As the Changelings breathed out sighs of utter relief, the Digimon asked a question to the queen.

“Tell me Chrysalis, how did you fail?”

Chrysalis explained herself.

“It was by that Digimon you and Sombra forespoke of. He came and ruined everything. Me and my solders tried to fend him off, but we were no match for him. His eyes and his voice… they were so cold. He was like a savage as he fought.”

‘Savage? Then perhaps he’s not a true hero after all,’ King Sombra thought to himself.

“Is there anything else about this Digimon you like to share?” The evil beast asked.

“Yes master… I… I think I know his name.”

It was a response the evil Digimon was hoping for. Finally, he would get to know the Digimon’s identity. Both him and Sombra payed close attention to Chrysalis.

“His name?” The beast asked, almost sounding excited.

Then Chrysalis answered the question.

“Yes. I think Princess Luna called him by the name… BlackWarGreymon.”

While King Sombra was baffled at such a long name, the dark being’s eyes widened in astonishment and great fascination. The name was similar but yet different to the one he knew.

“Black…WarGreymon?” He said to himself.

“You know him, my lord?” Sombra asked, noting the being’s behaviour.

“Not exactly. Though I did fought against a Digimon named WarGreymon once. But I never knew there would be another of a different colour.”

“Are you sure he’s not the same one? But with a new name and a new lick of paint?” Sombra asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. This… BlackWarGreymon is new.”

The evil Digimon then had an idea.

“Chrysalis, did you face him in person?” He asked the Changeling queen.

“I certainly did.”

‘Yes. Yes! Perfect!!’ The Digimon thought to himself before turning to the dark stallion.

“Sombra, can you use a memory spell on Chrysalis?”

“Yes, I could. But whatever for?”

The evil Digimon grinned as he spoke.

“So that we can see who we’re up against.”

King Sombra too seemed keen on the idea. He was curious to see what other Digimon looked like. Using his magic, he scanned through the nervous Chrysalis’s mind and formed her memories into a shadowy ball, floating in the middle of the chamber.

Realising how close he was, the evil Digimon looked even closer at the misty orb of magic. At the moment, it all looked fuzzy. But as the image slowly focused itself, the dark being encouraged the Unicorn to complete the task.

“Now Sombra. Reveal to me BlackWarGreymon.”

As Sombra focused more on his spell, the image in the shadow orb became far more clearer. As the memory played to a specific point, it paused itself. Giving everyone a perfect view of Equestria’s newest defender.

“Yes! Yyeeeesss! There he is. BlackWarGreymon.”

The dark Digimon was so taken by the image, his hands even drew themselves closer to it. As if he was about to reach out and grab it.

Sombra however, wasn’t pleased.

“That’s him!? That’s the one who’s giving us trouble!? He’s barely the size of a dragon.”

“Don’t sell him short, Sombra. He’s definatly a Mega, just like me. Plus, he definatly isn’t the one I fought before. He even looks more savage than WarGreymon,” The dark Digimon said as he continued to marvel at the image.

‘Amazing. He greatly resembles WarGreymon perfectly. Seems other things had happened in the Digital World.’

“So we’ve seen him. What are we going to do about it?” Sombra asked.

“There is an old saying back in my world. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. He may resemble my foe, but his energy is much darker. I believe we could make use of him,” The evil Digimon explained.

“You plan to make him join us?” King Sombra asked.

“Yes, I do. Though his power is not on the same level as mine, he could be a great asset to our plans.”

“Easier said than done, my lord. From what I’ve seen, he’s very protective over the ponies. He even looked as though he would risk his own life for them,” Queen Chrysalis mentioned. But the evil Digimon had already thought of something around that.

“Then I believe we should create a ‘driving force’ that would put him off of that. Some kind of disaster that would drive him over the edge. And make him think that defending his pony friends would be a complete waste of his time.”

After a brief silence of thinking, King Sombra let out a chuckle. Gaining attention from the Digimon and Queen Chrysalis.

“I think I know just the disaster that would work.”

Canterlot castle.

The night skies above Canterlot were finally calm as the fight ended quite a while ago. With the Changeling threat over, most of the citizens got to their beds by ten o’clock. Despite the number of enemies that terrorized the skies, amazingly no pony got hurt and the royal guards had just managed to last the fight before collapsing from exhaustion.

Inside the throne room of Canterlot castle, the heroes of the day, BlackWarGreymon, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, were all greeted by the Mane Six. Whom were all expressing how they felt after witnessing the thrilling climax of the fight.

“You…are…so…awesome!!” Rainbow Dash said to the Digimon, her voice almost squeaked in excitement.

She then continued.

“I mean that was the largest Changeling attack in history, and you totally kicked their butts! And when the princesses fought alongside you! That was like… twenty percent cooler than it was!”

“You don’t need to praise me. it wasn’t that big of a deal for me,” BlackWarGreymon said, slightly embarrassed from the blue mare’s words.

“Well maybe not for you, but it was certainly a big deal for us,” Rarity said before Pinkie Pie joined in.

“Yeah. I mean if you weren’t there, Canterlot would be history!”

“Speaking of which, how was Ponyville?” BlackWarGreymon asked Twilight.

“Well the town was hardly damaged at all. Those Changelings were only focused on Canterlot.”

“And when we stopped those Changelings, Twilight teleported us here,” Fluttershy added.

“Well it’s good to see none of you hurt.” BlackWarGreymon said, relieved to see his friends all well.

Then Applejack remembered something.

“Though… was it just me, or those Changelings had gotten stronger than last time?”

“It seemed so, Applejack. Even my royal guards had difficulty stopping them,” Celestia answered.

“But I don’t understand why the queen launched such a big attack,” Luna said with a hint of concern. Then Celestia reassured her.

“We may not know why, but at least we stopped her before she succeeded.”

Luna smiled along with her big sister.

“You’re right. Especially with BlackWarGreymon’s aid, and that new power of his.”

What the blue Alicorn said made the Mane Six freeze in place. Then the startled Twilight turned to BlackWarGreymon.

“What!? You unlocked another ability!?” She asked him.

“Yes. I somehow gained it while protecting Celestia and Luna. It’s called War Blaster,” The Digimon explained. Much to the amazement of his friends.

“Wow! That makes power number five to the big guy,” Rainbow Dash cheered.

Then to the confusion of the mares, the Artificial Digimon started to walk away. Towards the throne room doors.

“Hay. Where you going?” Rainbow Dash asked him.

“I’m going to guard the city. Just in case any of those Changelings decide to come back,” BlackWarGreymon said before leaving the room. The girls amazed at what he said.

“Wow. He’s so protective over us,” Fluttershy said to herself, but loud enough for the others to hear.

Then the curious Twilight spoke to the royal sisters.

"So Celestia and Luna, how did it felt like fighting alongside BlackWarGreymon?”

Both the older Alicorns were confused at first. But since the two were the only ones who had done it, the question was understandable.

“Well… we felt safer around him. I was glad that he was able to join the fight,” Celestia replied.

Luna however felt slightly awkward at what she was about to say, but she was proud of it.

“I won’t lie. When we fought those Changelings by his side, it felt most exhilarating,” She said, letting out a small smile.

“And what about that final blast? How did that happen?” Twilight asked.

Both Celestia and Luna thought for a moment before answering.

“I don’t know, Twilight. But somehow our magic fused into his energy,” Celestia said.

Luna was silent. Remembering when her and her sister’s attack spells combined into BlackWarGreymon’s Terra Destroyer attack.

“Well I know one thing. The colours from the explosion looked simply divine,” Rarity mentioned, probably gaining more inspiration for her fashion line.

Meanwhile, far away on a neighbouring mountain, King Sombra appeared. Standing tall and proud on the tip of the peak.

He smirked as he looked down at Canterlot below, knowing he would bring forth disaster.

“Hmhmhm. So… he can defend the city from Changelings. Let’s see if he could defend it from this!”

Bringing his plan in motion, Sombra fired a burst of dark magic into the night sky. It then collided into a cloud, turning it from grey to black. Finally, in control of the cloud, Sombra’s horn glowed green. Sending commands to the cloud. The magic caused the cloud to expand and swirl above the capital city.

Far below, the Mane Six and the royal sisters had just left the throne room and stood upon one of the balconies. The view stretched for miles on end.

“It’s amazing that nopony was severely hurt during the attack,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Though it did seem that the Changelings were targeting me and my sister. The reason, I don’t know,” Luna added.

While the group tried to think of a possibility, Rainbow Dash spotted something odd.

“Uhh, your highness. Did you schedule a dark stormy night tonight?”

“No, I have not. Why?” Celestia asked the blue Pegasus. Whom showed a worried look on her face.

“Because of that,” Rainbow Dash said as she pointed her hoof at the sky above.

When the rest of the mares looked up, they too were all startled. High above Canterlot, was a giant mass of dark storm-like clouds. The clouds themselves looked strange, as if nothing about them was natural. Whistling noises could be heard, meaning stormy winds were fast approaching.

“Well that’s strange,” Applejack said as she raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

Then all of a sudden, a powerful gust came through form out of nowhere. Forcing the mares to stay low to prevent being flung around. Their manes and tails all swayed wildly as strong winds brushed against their bodies.

“More like totally bizarre!” Rainbow Dash shouted. Then joined by Rarity.

“Ohh, my mane will be ruined!”

Along with the rest of the group, the two looked out over the balcony.

It wasn’t just them. From the way it looked, all of Canterlot was being battered by the sudden storm. Leaves from plant life rustled loudly, street lights could be seen swaying slightly side to side. And any unfortunate pony whom were outside tried their best to keep their balance, but it wasn’t easy. Despite that hardly any storms were scheduled in Canterlot, the ponies did have the knowledge of what to do in such scenarios. Stay indoors, shut the windows and stay low. But because the storm was so sudden and unexpected, many citizens were still outside when it arrived.

Two Unicorn mares in the Canterlot gardens tried their best to stay close to the ground. But the winds were steadily increasing, causing the two to slide.

The two mares panicked as they tried to keep their grip on the path. But then suddenly found themselves come to a halt. Something behind them stopped the sliding. Turning their heads around, they saw BlackWarGreymon holding them in place.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” He said, ensuring the safety of the two mares. Whom were smiling in relief.

Back on the balcony, the princesses and the Mane Six were trying to come up with a plan of action.

“What do you mean I can’t fly out there!?” Rainbow Dash asked with a hint of frustration.

“Those winds are too strong for you, Rainbow. You’ll end up hurting yourself,” Twilight said, concerned for her friend.

“But we have to do somethin’. There could be stragglers out there.” Applejack said.

As they talked, the group became startled when BlackWarGreymon appeared on the ledge of the balcony. With the two Unicorn mares in his arms.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” He asked the group.

Though he knew that Pegasi could control the weather, but he understood that they would never create such a dangerous storm.

“We don’t know. This storm just came out of nowhere,” Twilight answered.

BlackWarGreymon looked over his shoulder, back at the city.

“There are still ponies out there. I’ll bring them here for safety.”

Without saying another word, the Digimon placed the two mares on the balcony and flew back towards the city. The girls became impressed by another fact about him.

‘Wow. Even through a storm like this, he can still fly straight,’ Twilight thought to herself.

“He’s right. You two, take shelter in the main hall until the storm is over,” Celestia said to the two Unicorn mares.

“Thank you, princess,” The two said before bowing and following Luna to the main hall.

The rest of the group stayed ready, waiting for BlackWarGreymon to return. Which he did while bringing more stragglers along with him.

Back at the top of the neighbouring mountain, King Sombra watched on in anger. He could see the little rescue operation happening before him.

“Damn, this is too easy for him. Time to kick things up a notch.”

He then pointed his glowing horn in the sky, causing the clouds to form into something else.

As BlackWarGreymon completed his thirteenth run, Rainbow Dash spotted something happening in the sky.

“Look! Up there!”

The Digimon and the rest of the mares turned to see where the blue Pegasus was pointing. A mass of clouds was swirling high above. Then a funnel began to form beneath them.

“A tornado!” Fluttershy said while BlackWarGreymon spotted two more mares in the open area of the city.

“And those two are right beneath it!”

BlackWarGreymon immediately took off after them. The two mares were paralyzed in fear at the sight of the large tornado coming down on them. But moments before it scooped them up in the wind currents, BlackWarGreymon grabbed them just in time and out of harm’s way.

To prevent the tornado growing bigger, from the balcony Twilight fired a powerful burst of magic at the centre of the swirling vortex. And after a lot of effort, the tornado was dispelled.

“Wow! Well done, Twilight!” Rainbow Dash complemented, while Twilight tried to get her breath back.

To destroy such a large tornado meant that the purple Alicorn had to use a strong magic spell. One of which she wasn’t used to yet. After finally gaining her breath, she and the others were joined by BlackWarGreymon. Who had set the two mares down before they're lead inside the hall.

The black-armoured Digimon then looked back at the storm in thought.

‘They said that this storm isn’t scheduled and that outside the Everfree, only Pegasi can control the weather. But there aren’t any Pegasi around. So how is this happer…! Wait! I… I can sense something! Am energy source from somewhere else! Could that be the cause of this storm?’

His thoughts were interrupted by Rarity’s voice.

“Up there!”

Everyone looked up at the sky and to their horror, more clouds started to swirl in multiple areas. Then more funnels formed beneath them.

“More tornados!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“What can we do to stop them!?” Applejack asked in a panic.

While the mares started to worry about the amount of damage that would be caused, BlackWarGreymon turned to face the threat with a confident glare.

He knew what to do.

So, without saying a word, BlackWarGreymon leapt off the balcony and flew towards Canterlot’s tallest tower.

“BlackWarGreymon!” Twilight shouted, being the only one who had seen him flew away.

After speeding through the sky up to a good altitude, the black Digimon landed on the very top of the tower. Standing tall as his yellow hair waved in the winds. As he looked over the city and the descending tornados, lightning crackled through the sky. Illuminating the air with blue lights.

They were about to be joined by a great red light. Because BlackWarGreymon started to form a large sphere in his hands.

“Terra Destroyer!”

He then threw the energy orb at one of the tornados, the following explosion cutting off the flow of the vortex and dispelling the tornado. He pressed on by throwing two more Terra Destroyer attacks, successfully getting rid of two more tornados.

The princesses and the Mane Six were impressed by the Digimon’s efforts. But then Twilight realised something.

“Wait! If he’s up there dealing with the tornados, then any stragglers that are still in the city are still at risk!”

“Then we must save them. It’s our duty as Alicorn Princesses,” Luna said, joined by Applejack.

“And we’ll help.”

With everypony in agreement, they left the safety of the tower and set out on their rescue mission. The mares without wings concentrated their efforts on the stragglers nearest to the castle, while the mares with wings scouted the rest of the city. But with the strong winds, flying wasn’t easy. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy nearly crashed a couple of times and Twilight mostly relied on teleporting out of harm’s way.

But despite the difficulties, they had found stray groups of ponies.

“Come on everypony! We need to bring you inside!” Twilight said as she lead a small group back to the castle.

Then a faint green glow caught her vision. Looking up at the top of the tower, she could see BlackWarGreymon forming a green energy sphere in his hands.

“War Blaster!”

After the Digimon’s voice echoed through the area, he fired seven energy blasts. Each one striking at a group of tornados. Twilight was amazed at the sight.

‘So that’s War Blaster? Wow.’

As BlackWarGreymon kept on pressing his attacks, it seemed as though the tornados were all gone. However soon after, bolts of lightning began to go haywire. Striking across the sky. But then as one bolt was about to strike at a building, it suddenly changed direction and landed a hit on BlackWarGreymon!

The Digimon felt a brief jolt of pain as he was pushed back by the force of the lightning. But as if wore off, another bolt struck him from behind. He grunted in pain as he kept on being electrocuted. Thankfully he was a Mega level Digimon, otherwise he would really be in trouble.

‘Uhh! This lightning is attracted to my armour! Wait… that’s it!’

After forming an idea, BlackWarGreymon impaled his Dramon Destroyers into the roof of the tower and slid his arms free. He then immediately took his Brave Shield off and placed them on the roof of another tall tower. He then flew down, away from his armoured attire as they were continuously being struck by lightning.

On the top of the mountain nearby, King Sombra couldn’t help but be impressed by BlackWarGreymon’s actions.

“He turned pieces of his armour into lightning conductors. Very cleaver, but it won’t be enough to save you.”

In desperation, the evil Unicorn fired a powerful magic beam into the Canterlot mountain. The explosion sending boulders raining down towards the city.

After rescuing another group of ponies, BlackWarGreymon heard Rainbow Dash shouting.


Quickly turning towards the mountain that Canterlot rested upon, the Digimon too saw the oncoming rocks of various sizes. His eyes widened in horror at what would happen if he didn’t intervene.

“They’ll crush the city and everyone in it!”

BlackWarGreymon knew that he won’t be able to get all the boulders. But if Canterlot must survive with minimal damage, he would have to destroy the large boulders.

Flying at high speeds to become a streaking black blur, he targeted the nearest possible threat.

As one boulder was about to land on a lone pony, BlackWarGreymon collided straight through it. Turning the threat into countless pebbles.

As the pony fled to safety, he looked back in awe as the Digimon made short work of three more boulders. Even without his Dramon Destroyers, BlackWarGreymon could physically overpower the falling rocks. After punching a boulder into pieces, he threw a small Terra Destroyer sphere into another, completely obliterating it. The Digimon quickly followed up by kicking another boulder away.

As expected, some rocks did slip past BlackWarGreymon. But they were either too small to cause great damage, landed in unpopulated areas or simply fell past Canterlot completely.

Elsewhere, Twilight Sparkle managed to destroy a stray boulder with a magical orb. She started to pant for breath from using too much of her powers.

“Huh, huh… I really need to know how BlackWarGreymon could keep this up.”

She was then startled when she heard a loud impact, quickly followed by another. Turning towards the mountain, the Alicorn gasped in horror at what she saw. A giant boulder, sixty feet tall and ninety feet wide, was tumbling down the mountain violently. Falling straight to the city below.

“Oh no! That’s too big to destroy quickly. We need a miracle.” She said, her voice showed that she almost lost hope.

Underneath the giant boulder, a lone mare struggled to get away. But even if she did, she couldn’t escape the gigantic rock. As it came closer, the pony closed her eyes with her hooves on her head. She didn’t want to see her end.

However, her end never came to get her. Had the rock miraculously stopped mid-flight? Opening her eyes, the confused mare looked up and gasped in astonishment.

BlackWarGreymon had saved her life. Before the boulder could crush her, the Digimon stood in-between the two and caught the rock. BlackWarGreymon could feel the tensed muscles in his arms and legs burn from the strain as he held the giant rock overhead. His eyes widened and his pupils became slits as he kept the rock at bay. Though secretly surprised that he could lift such a large rock at all.

“Quickly! Get out of here!!” He demanded, his voice showed the strain he was in from lifting the exceeded weight.

“I…I can’t! I’m stuck!!” The mare said, having one of her rear hooves wedged between two large stones.

Both the mare and the Digimon were in trouble. BlackWarGreymon would have to stay firm with the giant boulder as the pony tried to free herself.

But waiting for her to escape was the least of BlackWarGreymon’s problems. Because more and more large boulders began to pile on the giant one. Thereby increasing the weight limit.

With the weight of the load steadily increasing, the Digimon could feel his muscles tensing and burning up even more as he felt his body being pushed down. BlackWarGreymon closed his eyes as he tried to focus more of his strength, but his arms were lowering and his legs were bending from the ever-growing load.

It came to a point where the rock rested upon BlackWarGreymon’s shoulders, while the concrete ground he stood upon began to crack. The stranded mare became spooked when the Digimon’s feet caved in to the floor. The ground collapsing under the sheer weight.

But despite the predicament he was in, BlackWarGreymon refused to give up.

‘No…NO…NO! T-This can’t be happening! But I won’t let it end like this!! I WON’T!!! Just because things look bleak, it doesn’t mean I should give in! It means I should try harder! Because if I can’t protect the innocent lives, then who would!? My friends need me! This city needs me! No… all of Equestria needs me!! I...I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON MY FRIENDS!!!’

From the distance, Twilight could tell that the giant boulder was being suspended off the ground. And she knew only one of her friends was capable of lifting such a load. But with more and more boulders piling on, she knew that even BlackWarGreymon couldn’t hold on forever. So, she ran towards the scene to help in any way she could.

The young princess gasped when she saw the stranded mare and BlackWarGreymon struggling to hold the load.

“Don’t worry! I’m here to he…!”

She halted her sentence and her movements altogether when to her amazement, a ball of red energy appeared in front of her out of nowhere. Floating in the air in front of her face.

As she stared at the orb, she sensed its energy. Though it was new to her, but it felt very familiar. Almost like… magic!

Then something flashed at the corner of her eye. Turning to her left, she spotted two more red orbs in the distance. Then she spotted the forth floating above her head, then finally two more on her right.

‘What’s going on!? What are these!?’

Then to her surprise, the orb of energy that was in front of her suddenly flew away from her… and towards BlackWarGreymon! What surprised her even more was when the red orb… merged into the Digimon’s body.

As she turned to the remaining five orbs of red light, one by one they flew towards BlackWarGreymon at high speeds. With his eyes tightly shut, BlackWarGreymon himself didn’t see or notice the unknown energy orbs being absorbed into his very being.

As the sixth and final orb fused into the jet-black dragon warrior, Twilight held back. Having no idea what was about to happen.

She then gasped when she saw something else new. It was quite faint, but she could definatly see it.

BlackWarGreymon’s body was emitting a faint red glow. Identical to the red energy orbs.

Despite having his eyes shut, the Mega suddenly felt a change.

“Wha…What’s this?”

Then Twilight too felt something else about BlackWarGreymon.

‘His body has stopped straining. And I… I can feel his power rising drastically! Has he… gotten stronger!?’

Twilight was about to get a major shock. Just as the Digimon’s faint red glow faded, BlackWarGreymon suddenly leapt high in the air with the entire load of boulders in his hands! Yelling as he felt his power flowing through his body.


The sudden draft of wind from the lift blew the stones that held the mare away, freeing her in the process. All the while she and Twilight gawked at BlackWarGreymon’s sudden burst of strength.

As he got to a good height, the Digimon began to spin with dark energy surrounding him.


Using his attack, he drilled straight through the giant boulders he carried. Shattering them while the black winds shredded the remains. After the attack, the motionless Digimon looked just as startled as the two mares below.

‘Ok, what just happened!!? One moment I was in trouble and the next the rocks weighed pretty much nothing!! That was no ordinary adrenaline rush! It felt as though my strength had suddenly increased to a whole new level! I never felt so strong before!’

He then calmed down from the excitement.

“Well whatever that was, or how it happened. I’m just glad it did.”

As he and everypony looked up at the sky, it seemed that the storm was ending. The tornados and the lightning stopped, the clouds all looked calm, the winds had died down and the rockslide had ended.

But just as BlackWarGreymon breathed a sigh of relief, he suddenly heard cries of distress.


BlackWarGreymon sharply turned his head towards the sounds before immediately taking off.

Down by the furthest edge of the city, an Earth Pony mare ran as fast as she could along the Canterlot river.

“Somepony please! Save her!!”

The reason why she was in a panic was because further down the river, her eight-year-old daughter was struggling to stay above the surface of the flowing water.


Apparently, she fell in the river during the storm. The filly tried her hardest to swim against the flow of water. But the current was too strong. The reason, because she was heading towards the waterfall! Over the edge of the city was a massive drop, all the way down to the base of the mountain where the river continued.

If somepony were to go down the waterfall, there was a slim chance of survival.

Other ponies tried their best to follow her down to save her. But none of them were Pegasi and she was too far ahead.

Both the mother and daughter cried as it seemed there was no hope.



Then to the horror of the onlooking ponies, the innocent little filly got swept by the strong current… and fell over the waterfall!

All the ponies stopped running in stunned silence. It was pointless to do so. All of them felt deep sadness and pain in their hearts.

But as they were about to weep in sorrow, they were startled when BlackWarGreymon flew over their heads and dived in after her!

Then the two vanished.

As seconds ticked on, everypony held their breath. Especially the mother. Then the Mane Six and the Alicorn sisters arrived and joined in the silence. Though Fluttershy did whispered a little.

“Did…did he make it?”

After a few more moments of silence, a black blur suddenly burst forth from the lip of the waterfall. Revealing to be BlackWarGreymon himself. After hovering above their heads, the tall Digimon slowly landed in front of the suspenseful crowd.

All the ponies stared at the Mega with anticipation, because it looked like he was holding something in his arms. BlackWarGreymon himself looked down at what he was holding, making the crowd even more concerned.

Then just as the suspense reached its peak, the little filly popped her head into view of the crowd. Slightly startled from her frightening experience. But seeing her well and alive was enough for the crowd to let go of their breath.

As BlackWarGreymon looked at the crowd, he saw one mare with tears in her eyes walking out of the group and slowly towards him.

Identifying her as the mother, BlackWarGreymon carefully knelt down and lowered his arms to the ground. Seeing the mother rushing towards her caused the filly to shed tears of joy as she jumped out of the Digimon’s hold.



As the mother and daughter were reunited, they gave each other hugs of affection as they shed tears of happiness. As if they never wanted to be apart again. While the two continued embracing each other, the crowd of ponies were moved by the loving sight. As BlackWarGreymon stood back up, he too was touched.

He felt proud of himself for rescuing the little girl. If he hadn’t, then he would had never created such a moving loving moment.

As she continued hugging her daughter, the mother looked over the girl’s shoulder and at BlackWarGreymon. She smiled at what the saviour had done for her and her child.

“Thank you. Thank you so much for saving her!” She said as her eyes filled with tears.

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes softened as if he was smiling back. To the ponies, it seemed he was finally being recognized as their saviour and protector.

Back at the top of the neighbouring mountain, King Sombra grunted in hatred at the failure of his plan.

“I don’t believe it! How is that possible!? That storm should have brought him to his knees, to his limits! How did it not work!?”

After more grunting, the evil Unicorn regained composure before departing.

“Very well. If you want to protect them so badly? Then here, a little parting gift,” He said as his horn glowed green.

Back at Canterlot, the whole crowd gathered around BlackWarGreymon, praising their saviour for his heroic actions against the violent storm. At the back of the crowd, the Mane Six and the Royal Sisters couldn’t be prouder of him then they were before. The Digimon practically threw his life on the line, just to protect the city and everyone in it. In fact, if it weren’t for him, most of the city would’ve been destroyed and many lives would’ve been lost. But with his arrival, nopony got hurt and there were no fatalities.

But Twilight was puzzled on one thing. When BlackWarGreymon was on the verge of endangerment, an untold circumstance caused his strength and power to ascend even higher. She could’ve sworn that the red glowing energy orbs were magical, but she couldn’t be so sure yet.

However, the cheerful moment was shattered by someone shouting.

“Look! Over there!”

All eyes looked to where the stallion was pointing, and couldn’t believe what they saw. Falling past Canterlot was a colossal boulder. It not only looked huge, it looked as though the top of the mountain had fallen off! It was far bigger than the previous ones, about one hundred and fifty feet in diameter!

The Mane Six gasped as to know where the giant rock was falling towards to.

“That thing’s gonna crush Ponyville!!” Applejack shrieked.

As the crowd shared the frightening feeling, they were startled when BlackWarGreymon took off after it. Flying as fast as he could as to beat the rock to the bottom.

“Is he seriously going to try and stop THAT!!?” Rainbow Dash asked in disbelief. But the idea was better than no idea at all.

“I hope he knows what he’s doing,” Luna said as she and everyone else watched on.

As the Digimon flew beside the rock, he took a good look at it to see if there were any weaknesses.

“I can’t just simply destroy it with my powers, it will just break up into more large pieces. And it’s too late to slow it down. All I can do is deflect it from the bottom.”

As he flew to the furthest edge of the giant rock, he was shocked to see that he was already very close to Ponyville. Meaning he won’t have time to properly prepare himself.

“This is gonna hurt.”

From the ground, the citizens of Ponyville looked up in horror and panic as the largest boulder they had ever seen was practically on top of them.

But just before the colossal boulder could squash the town, BlackWarGreymon landed in the town centre, in-between the rock and his friends, with his right hand clenched into a tight fist. His body also giving off the same faint red glow as before.

Then with one mighty yell from the Artificial Mega level Digimon, he threw his right fist up and landed a solid punch on the rock’s surface.

As soon he made an impact, time suddenly felt as if it slowed down to an instant. As BlackWarGreymon smashed his fist into the rock, the impact could be heard as a loud boom. The force of the attack sent shockwaves throughout the entire body of the boulder, causing it to crack all-over from the area where it was punched. As time started to play again, the once terrifying lump of mountain fell apart. The aftershocks of the shockwave rattling the huge pieces into small stones that fell harmlessly to the ground.

Everypony who saw the scene were mentally blown away. Just one hard punch from BlackWarGreymon completely obliterated the gigantic rock into nothing!

However, the one who was most surprised of all was BlackWarGreymon himself. Who again didn’t notice the red glow before it faded away. He thought that the most amount of damage he could had done with the punch was break the boulder in half. But he totally destroyed it. As he lowered his clenched fist, he inspected it. Only to see no damage to his hand at all.

‘W…Wow. And it didn’t hurt at all. I really have grown stronger.’

He then started to make his way back to Canterlot. But before he could continue, he sensed it again. An energy source from somewhere else but still in the area.

“Hmm…?” He muttered as he turned his head to the right. Towards the tip of the mountain next to Canterlot.

King Sombra was about to leave, thinking that his giant rock had crushed Ponyville. But a sudden boom caught him by surprise, and caused him to double check his handiwork. Only to see it fall apart by BlackWarGreymon. He was even left gawking at how his boulder was destroyed.

“How? How!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!? Are Digimon always this strong!?”

As he grunted, Sombra used a magnifying spell on his eyes to zoom in on BlackWarGreymon in the distance.

“This confirms it. You are the enemy. Prepare yourself, for you had just sealed your fate.”

But just before he could make his evil laugh, something about the Digimon had put him off. As the evil Unicorn zoomed in his magically enhanced vision onto the Digimon’s head, he received a brief scare.

He could not only see that BlackWarGreymon’s head was tilted more in his direction, but the Digimon’s piercing yellow predator eyes and slit-like pupils… were staring directly at King Sombra! Giving him a look that said, ‘I found you’.

“What! He…can see me!? But I’m so far away!! It’s not possible!! Unless he can sense me, that is. Well then, I better get out of here.”

With nothing left to do against the Digimon, King Sombra teleported away. Though BlackWarGreymon couldn't see who it was, but he saw a brief flash of light from the teleportation spell.

His eyes narrowed into a glare of hatred.

“There you are.”

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