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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 65: Friends in Need

After their traumatic ordeal on the outskirts of Canterlot, Princess Luna teleported herself and the exhausted BlackWarGreymon to one of the bedrooms of Canterlot Castle. But to her confusion and to her surprise, the first thing that popped in her head mid-transfer… was her bedroom.

At first, she thought of teleporting into a different bedroom. For she never once allowed a guy in her room. But the sight of BlackWarGreymon’s weakened state reminded her that his wellbeing was top priority. Far more important than any childish embarrassment. Though she did feel a little nervous.

But shaking off her nerves, Luna instructed her friend on what to do.

“Ok. Now please lie down on the bed. You’ll have all the rest you need.”

“O…Ok… Luna,” BlackWarGreymon weakly said as he struggled to move.

Seeing that the Mega was struggling to even stand up, Luna made no hesitation as she rushed up to him to support him with her body. Trying to help him off the floor. Even using her magic to help with lifting him.

“You… can barely stand at all,” She quietly said to herself. A look of worry on her face.

After finally rising onto his feet, the Digimon took slow steady steps towards the bed. Fortunately, the bed was just large enough for him to lie on. BlackWarGreymon would normally take off his Brave Shield and Dramon Destroyers beforehand. But in his current state, it was the last thing on his mind.

But then as his legs started to buckle and give in, BlackWarGreymon collapsed and landed on Luna’s bed. Luckily, the bed was strong enough to hold him as he laid faced up at the ceiling. Taking in deep breaths as he clenched his eyes shut.

As Luna walked up beside him, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from his face as he tried to open his eyes. He almost looked as though he was burning up with a fever. She could see it in his yellow eyes, trying desperately to stay awake. But upon hearing BlackWarGreymon’s heavy breathing, it caused Luna to feel more concerned for him. It was as if his horrific transformation had caused side effects to him. To her surprise, the Digimon confirmed it himself.

“Luna… I... I don’t… feel right.”

“It’s probably because of the battle earlier. Tirek did steal all that energy you had in your Ascended form. But now it’s over, I… I just know you’re going to be ok,” Luna said as she sat on the edge of her bed beside her friend. Hoping for BlackWarGreymon to make a quick recovery.

But while doing so, the Alicorn’s thoughts shifted back to what truly happened at the battle. Thinking back to BlackWarGreymon’s other transformation. His Berserk Mode. Remembering how violent and destructive he was. But worse of all, how he acted towards his pony friends and the subject of friendship. Not only he tried to kill them, but he openly displayed his distaste in friendship. Remembering what he said when ChaosBlackWarGreymon tried to reason with him while talking about friendship.

‘I…don’t… CARE!!!’

Hearing BlackWarGreymon saying those words about friendship made Luna felt hurt. She wasn’t awake when the Mega underwent his transformation. She began to have a dreaded thought. Were those words just from the wrathful beast that BlackWarGreymon was? Or… were those words a reflection of what BlackWarGreymon truly felt?

BlackWarGreymon felt exhausted. His eyelids felt very heavy. But he tried to stay awake. He then took notice of Luna’s expression. She looked frightened. Much to his concerns.

“Luna? W-What’s the matter? You’re… not happy.”

Hearing BlackWarGreymon’s worried tone snapped Luna back to reality. She could see that BlackWarGreymon was concerned about her. She then tried to put on a brave face as she talked to him.

“B-Believe me, I am happy for you. You saved us from Tirek. It’s just that… well…”

Luna was struggling to think of a reply. But she couldn’t just tell him the truth. BlackWarGreymon was a wreck and already worried enough as he was. If she told him what truly happened at the battle, she didn’t know how he would react. He might even end up in the same state of doubt he was in before. Probably even more so than before Hearts and Hooves Day. She didn’t want him to go through that again. So, she tried to give him hope.

“I’m really worried about you. But… but you saved the day again. You’re alive. And Tirek is beaten. You don’t have to worry anymore. Everything is alright now.”

Luna tried to smile for him. But she knew that the smile was just for show. And as BlackWarGreymon looked at her, he saw it too.


Luna was shocked at BlackWarGreymon calling her out. He knew that what she said was untrue. Everything was not alright. As Luna struggled to explain, the Digimon looked back up at the ceiling. As he explained, he began to think back to what happened after he woke up.

“Her face. R-Rainbow Dash. I… I know that look she gave me. She… She’s afraid. Afraid of… me. Why?”

BlackWarGreymon then looked over to Luna. Surprising her with a look of fear in his yellow eyes.

“Why is she… afraid of me? W-What happened?”

To BlackWarGreymon’s surprise, Luna rushed on top of him and wrapped her hooves around his neck. Pulling herself in to give him a hug. BlackWarGreymon was speechless. Despite the armour he was wearing, he could feel the hug. Warm, but firm. Her head resting against the side of his own. Not showing any signs of letting go. But then to his shock, he could hear her softly sobbing. His eyes looked down to her to try and see. But what he couldn’t see, he could hear.

“I’m sorry, Blackie. I’m so… sorry.”

The Mega couldn’t believe it. Luna was expressing genuine sadness. But sadness that she didn’t want to explain. Which was why her voice carried guilt. Which was why she tried to lie to him. Something that she didn’t want him to know. Or something that she didn’t want to tell at the moment. Or what the guilt was about. Was it because of the lie she told? Something that she didn’t want him to find out about?

But regardless of what the guilt was about, BlackWarGreymon knew one thing. Luna was deeply upset. Which in turn made him upset. As he kept his eye on her, his own tears began to form. Wanting to comfort her, he mustered what strength he could to move his right arm and wrapped it over Luna’s body. Holding her as to try and return the hug.

He then spoke the only thing that he could think of. Calling her by her nickname.

“It’s ok, Lulu. I still like you.”

Hidden from BlackWarGreymon’s view, Luna smiled as she continued to embrace him. She had been forgiven. Which caused her to stop crying. Her fears and worries were replaced with happiness and joy. The worries about what happened at the battle would have to wait. For Luna wanted to enjoy the moment right there and now. BlackWarGreymon likewise felt the same way. He too stopped crying as he held onto his favourite princess.

As the two continued to embrace each other, they could feel each other’s heartbeats. The warmth of both their bodies and their feelings. They could feel it grow stronger with each passing second. It showed that no matter what happened to them, the bond between them would only get stronger.

But then, despite his exhaustion, BlackWarGreymon noticed something.



“This room. It… carries a great amount of your scent. Why is that?”

Luna paused. A small blush of embarrassment appeared on her face. She thought that BlackWarGreymon would be too tired to notice. She pulled back from the hug as she confessed.

“Well, it’s… because… this is my… bed chamber.”

For reasons unknown to him, BlackWarGreymon felt that being in Luna’s room was wrong. That he was invading her personal space. That he didn’t have the right to be lying on the same bed where the Alicorn slept.

“No. I-I shouldn’t be here. It’s your room. I should rest somewhere else.”

But before the Digimon could move, Luna pressed her front hooves down against his chest as she gave him a stern but worried glare. Showing that he should do nothing of the sort.

“No, you don’t! You’re staying here. I don’t mind in the slightest. You’re recovery is far more important. Please. Take your time.” She said to him with kind eyes and a loving smile. That being said, she was a little flattered that he showed such respect to her.

BlackWarGreymon was stunned once more from the amount of care Luna had for him. Even going as far as to let him sleep in her room. As he tried to speak, the exhaustion grew too great. The scent within the room wasn’t helping either. Only making him sleepier.


Finally succumbed to his exhaustion, BlackWarGreymon closed his yellow eyes. Falling to sleep.

Luna smiled as she finally breathed a sigh of relief. For the moment, she could let go of her worries. Her loving smile grew slightly bigger as she watched BlackWarGreymon sleep peacefully in her bed. Sitting beside him on the mattress.

“Rest now. Take all the time you need. Blackie,” She whispered as she leant forward. Placing her hoof against his right armoured cheek.

As she began to caress the sleeping BlackWarGreymon’s face, Luna continued to gaze at him. She could feel it. The bond between her and him grew closer and closer. She knew that the bond was strong, but she never imagined that it would be strong enough to snap him out of his berserker transformation. The powers of Tirek and ChaosBlackWarGreymon failed. But it was her who succeeded. She never struck him once. Never raised a hoof to fight him. All she used was her words. Letting her emotions carry through and achieve the impossible. She brought him back from the brink of madness.

Then it dawned on her. It was just like how it was when BlackWarGreymon was going through his crisis the other day. What happened in the battle… showed that the Artificial Mega needed her as much as she needed him. She relied on him to protect her and the world of Equestria, and he relied on her for when his mentality is questioned. The realisation that the two needed and relied on one another made Luna’s heart glow ever brighter. Her smile changed. Becoming a smile that she had never used for anyone before. She felt that what she and BlackWarGreymon had was special. A type of friendship that was stronger than friendship. Even when he was asleep, she knew that he knew that she would always be there for him. Both when he’s awake and asleep. And likewise, she knew that he would always be there when she needed him.

She continued to stroke his face. Her smile and gaze almost dreamy-like. But that was when it hit her. Blinking in surprise as her mind was brought back to reality. Without even realizing it, she had moved closer to his face. She then realized what she was just moments away from doing. She was about to kiss him. Her face began to glow red as a very deep blush formed on her face. What’s more was with the position she was in, almost lying on top of the Digimon, she had never done something so intimate before. With anyone in fact. She was really getting close and personal with BlackWarGreymon.

It was a good thing that she came to her senses when she did. She was so caught up in her feelings for BlackWarGreymon, that her rationality completely ignored the fact that he was asleep. It would be considered wrong for her to continue the way she did.

Not wanting to disturb BlackWarGreymon’s slumber, Luna quietly pushed herself away and off her bed. Making her way towards the door. She paused as she reached to the door. Looking back at the sleeping Digimon and smiled at him once more. Then without making a sound, the Moon Princess made her way out of the room. Leaving the black armoured dragon warrior to sleep in peace.

Elsewhere in Canterlot Castle, walking down one of the corridors, Princess Cadence strolled along to try and think. Her face showed distress and remorse. She just had to be alone for a moment. As her movements slowed to a stop, the pink Alicorn looked down in deep thought. Remembering what had happened just moments ago in one of the spare bedrooms.

Bed chamber, ten minutes ago

As soon as the group all made it to a spare bed chamber thanks to Celestia’s and Cadence’s teleportation spell, they immediately tended to the unconscious Ayumi. As they carefully laid her on the bed, Cadence and her husband Shining Armor just couldn’t get over the fact that the Alicorn looked so much like Twilight. The same voice. The same cutiemark. And in the prince’s case, the same eyes. The eyes of his little sister.

The commotion was so great, that they didn’t notice that Twilight herself was not with them. Not knowing that she purposely stayed behind on the outskirts of Canterlot.

As Celestia and Fluttershy tended to Ayumi, using their magic and skills to help, Cadence and Shining Armor once more demanded an explanation of who the Alicorn was. With the pink mare being a former foul sitter and the Unicorn being the older brother, the rest of the group felt that the couple had the right to know.

With no hesitation and distractions, they explained everything they were told to them. Everything about the disaster that befell on Ayumi and her entire world. Much to the horror of the couple.

“What!? A Twilight… from another timeline!? And one where BlackWarGreymon was never a thing!?” Shining Armor asked. Surprised and baffled at what he heard.

“Ah’ know it sounds crazy. But it’s all true,” Applejack said. Her representing the Element of Honesty as proof.

The Unicorn prince then sat down with a look of disbelief. Taking in such information weighed him down. But there was one thing in the story that made him uncomfortable.

“If everything is true. Than… does that mean…?”

Knowing what he was about to say, Rarity conformed it.

"I’m afraid so, darling. She’s the only one left. The rest of us… were not so lucky.”

Shining Armor paused with a cold thought. With the Alicorn being the only survivor, it more likely meant that both he and his wife also perished. All along with the Crystal Empire. And worse still, at the hands of an evil Digimon that, from what they were told, was even worse than ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“Woah, I can’t even imagine what that’s like,” He said as he looked over to the unconscious Alicorn. Despite being from another Equestria, she was still his little sister. A family member who had lost everything. All her friends. All her family. Her home. And maybe at some point during the tragedy, hope itself. He began to feel deep remorse for her. Unable to comprehend the kind of grief she’d went through.

As Celestia and Fluttershy helped Ayumi, the silent Cadence watched over them. Like Shining Armor, she too was deeply shocked at what the others told her. But the remorse she was feeling was far greater. The pink Alicorn had no words to describe what she was feeling. She couldn’t even figure out what she was feeling to start with. Ever since she became a princess, she always thought that Queen Chrysalis with her manipulative skills, King Sombra with his dark magic and Lord Tirek with his magic stealing ability, were the most terrifying forces she had ever faced. ChaosBlackWarGreymon was powerful, but she felt that even he didn’t have the same evil edge like the other three. But in her mind, all of them paled in comparison to what the monster had done to Ayumi’s home. Destroying towns and livelihoods was one thing, but the evil being committed mass murder. Slaughtering ponies left and right. Some of which before Ayumi’s very eyes. Even just thinking about it gave Cadence a very horrifying chill. But what made it all the more shocking, was that it was caused by a Digimon. No wonder why the former Twilight had to go through years of hardship just to stay alive. Even resorting to change her name.

But the worst of it was, in twisted irony, was that Equestria had been destroyed long before Ayumi had even defeated the evil Digimon. As if despite all her hardships, all the pain and torture she had to face, all the sacrifices, it was all for nothing. The home that she had come to love and cherish was gone. Never to return. Resorting Ayumi to go through a painful farewell and leave the Equestria she knew behind. That even if she had found another Equestria, she was still homeless. And that the friends she would encounter would not be her own.

Cadence didn’t even need a second opinion on how she felt or what to believe. Even just by looking at Ayumi, she could easily tell that the younger Alicorn had been through the worst experience anypony ever had to endure. The kind that would shatter the mentality of most ponies. She was surprised that the former Twilight wasn’t broken yet. But the fact that such a horrific thing had happened to a pony who was her sister-in-law, she felt as if she was experiencing multiple heartaches. Tears slowly beginning to form in her eyes.

The group then heard Celestia breathing a sigh of relief.

“There. Fortunately she isn’t as injured as we feared. But she still needs some rest.”

“I’m glad that she’s going to be alright,” Fluttershy added.

But then the group heard a voice.


Surprised, the ponies all looked to see who spoke up. It turned out to be Cadence, who walked up to Celestia and Fluttershy to get a closer look at the sleeping Ayumi. She then explained herself.

“She has scars,” She said. Her voice a little shaken from concern.

“Yes. The poor thing got them from her fight against the evil Digimon who destroyed her world,” Fluttershy explained. She herself saddened for the hell that the former Twilight had been through.

Despite seeing the scars on Ayumi, it didn’t stop Cadence from asking a question that the others didn’t consider.

“How many?”

Unsure what the pink Alicorn was on about, they simply watched her doing what she had in mind. Using a unique magical spell, Cadence’s horn began to glow. The same said for the sleeping form of Ayumi. The spell turned out was a kind that highlighted any past injuries on a pony. Evidenced by the scars on Ayumi’s body glowing blue. But what the group failed to expect was how many there were. As well as the scars that were visible to the eye, the spell included the scars that couldn’t be seen. The moment those scars were illuminated, the group all gasped and gawked in horror at how many there revealed.

“There’s… so many,” Pinkie Pie uttered. Truly something not to smile or laugh about.

Celestia paused from the discovery. Most of the injuries looked as though it happened all in one day. She never expected the former Twilight to receive such a horrific punishment just for the sake of staying alive.

Looking over to Cadence, Celestia could see that the younger Alicorn too was having such thoughts. Her right hoof covering her mouth. Her body trembling from shock. And her watery eyes widened in horror. The pain that the former Twilight had experienced must have been unbearable. The kind that she had to endure for those injures to heal. But what horrified the pink princess the most was the kind of scars they were. Cuts. Deep scratches. And worse of all, gashes.

Then with a shaky fearful voice she uttered out a question. Something that made her question morality.

“W-What kind of monster… would do this to her?”

As the spell wore off, the highlighted scars faded back to normality. But Cadence would never forget the sight of the scar-riddled mare. No matter how hard she would try. Causing tears to fall from her eyes.

Unable to stand it any longer, Cadence turned and left the bedroom. Leaving the others behind. Surprised, but they understood why.

“Cadence!” Shining Armor called out. He would go after her but felt that she needed to be alone for a moment.

Present day

After remembering what she saw in the bedroom, Cadence again felt remorse for what Ayumi had been through. The horrors she had been through. Mentally and physically. Cadence felt that if she were in her hooves, going through such horrors herself, she wouldn’t last long. But for the former Twilight to do so, it meant that she truly was strong. She never gave up. And her persistence paid off in avenging her friends and family. However, she still lost her home. Forcing her to abandon it. Furthermore, she then spent a long time trying to find a new Equestria to call home.

‘She… she must’ve been so alone.’

To her surprise, her ears picked up the sounds of hoofsteps. Slowly approaching her location. Turning her head in the direction of the sound, she breathed a sigh of relief from seeing who it was.

“Oh, Luna! There you are!”

But just before Luna’s attention was gained, Cadence could’ve sworn she saw the look on the blue mare’s face. The expression she had, for a moment, was a great warm smile. A smile that expressed love.

But the smile turned into surprise when Luna averted her attention to Cadence. To whom was addressing her.

“Cadence. So this is where you’ve been. Where the others?” She asked as she approached the younger Alicorn.

“They’re back in one of the spare bedrooms tending to…”

Cadence paused midsentence. Just talking about the certain Alicorn was causing her the same amount of sadness she felt earlier. She just felt so bad for her. Luna noticed her pause, knowing full well who she was talking about. She then uttered out her name.


Cadence looked at Luna from hearing the name. While she understood why the pony from another world had to change her name, it was something that she wasn’t used to. She was still Twilight in her eyes. After letting out a sigh, she confirmed Luna’s reply.

“Yes. Celestia healed her… and now she’s resting.”

Cadence then looked away in deep thought. A sad expression grew on her face. Something that Luna caught on. To which she took an obvious guess of what had gotten the pink Alicorn so sad.

“The others had told you and Shining then? About…what she’d been through?”

Cadence kept her sights away. But answered back regardless. Her voice carried sadness.

“Yes. They told us everything. The horror that she’d been through. And the loneliness she must’ve felt before arriving here.”

Her expression grew sadder.

“But what sickens me the most… was how she got those… horrible scars. I mean… what kind of monster would do that to her? It’s just… cruel.”

Luna shared Cadence’s sympathy. She too felt that doing such a thing to a pony was way out of line. Then Cadence surprised Luna with a question that she wasn’t expecting.

“Luna. You don’t suppose… that the Digimon who did it… was the same one who killed BlackWarGreymon?”

Luna looked at her in surprise, but quickly gave her answer.

“No. BlackWarGreymon already asked her about that. But whoever it was that destroyed her world, it wasn’t MaloMyotismon.”

Cadence once more paused in thought. The Digimon that destroyed Ayumi’s Equestria was unknown even to them. But wanting to help put her sadness aside, Luna spoke up.

“Would you like to walk with me to clear your head?”

Cadence welcomed the invitation with a smile. She did want to get away from all the dread she felt before.

“Thank you.”

As Luna and Cadence began to walk down the corridor, the latter wanted to talk about the other thing that was important to think about.

“Luna? How’s BlackWarGreymon holding up?”

The Night Princess looked at Cadence in surprise for a moment. But then understood why she was asking. She was just concerned for his wellbeing since he had been severely weakened.

“Thankfully, he’s unharmed. But the ordeal had left him weakened. He’s fast asleep right now.”

But then Cadence asked her about something else about BlackWarGreymon.

“And… what about when he… you know. Went… berserk?”

Luna briefly flinched from hearing the word. Causing her to remember all the violence and savagery BlackWarGreymon displayed when he was in Berserk Mode. Realising that she hadn’t spoken for the past few seconds, she answered the question with the only thing she knew.

“Just like before. He… he had no memory of the experience whatsoever. It’s as if… his mindset was switched with something else. Something…that he couldn’t control.”

Cadence looked over to Luna to see the frown on her face.

“You’re very worried about him. Aren’t you?”

Upon hearing the question, Luna’s pace began to slow down. To a point where she just stopped completely. Cadence paused to see the look on Luna’s face. Surprised to see how distraught Luna was. And when she spoke, her voice showed that she wasn’t just worried. She was upset.

“How can I not be worried? We just saw the side of him that… that he was like once. A side of him… that he hated.”

As Cadence turned to face Luna, she was surprised to see the older Alicorn lowering her head in sadness. Her eyes being covered by her mane. And as she spoke, the sadness was building.

“I don’t know what happened to him. But he had gone through a change. But… it regressed him back to how he was before. A time when he didn’t care about friendship. Or the value of the lives of others. At that fight, he became the very thing that he didn’t want to be. The very thing he despised.”

As Luna continued to talk, it was becoming clear that the subject was becoming too much for her to endure. Cadence could hear the sadness building ever higher. In fact, Luna sounded as though she was on the verge of crying.

“You should’ve seen his face, Cadence. He saw how Rainbow Dash looked at him. He said that she was afraid of him. But he has no clue why.”

She then surprised Cadence by looking up at her. Revealing the sadness she was feeling. Her eyes on the verge of letting loose tears.

“That’s why he must never know what happened. He… he's already went through a crisis of who he was. But I… but I was there to help him pull through. So if… if he… ever found out what happened back there, he would… he would go back in that state of doubt again! I-I… I don’t want him to go through that again! Never! He… he deserves better!”

Cadence continued to stare at the upset Luna in surprise. As the poor princess kept on talking, her emotions became even more evident in her voice. Luna really was on the verge of crying. Tears beginning to drip down her face as she closed her eyes and lowered her head. Quietly sobbing.

“I… I don’t want him… to suffer anymore.”

Cadence could see that Luna was in pain. She truly wanted BlackWarGreymon to live a life full of joy and fulfilment. But the recent development had posed a great risk to that dream. If Rainbow Dash, a pony well known for her loyalty, starts to doubt the Artificial Mega, than what pony would trust him? One of the keys to friendship was trust. And with BlackWarGreymon being a villain once before, trust is what he really needed. Without it, he would be all alone with no one to call friend. It was clear that Luna too understood the fact. But for trust to be accomplished, some risks had to be taken. As Cadence walked up to Luna, lifting her saddened face up with her hoof to look at her, she revealed such a risk.

“But we have to tell him.”

Startled by what she heard, Luna remained silent as she heard Cadence out.

“I know you’re afraid, Luna. Afraid of hurting his feelings. But he needs to know. Whatever happened back there, it’s clearly something unknown to us. Probably even him. If we could talk about it with him, we may find a way to avoid repeating it. I know he would be hurt by the news, but it would hurt him more if we hide something so big from him. He may even doubt our loyalty to him if he were to find out himself. And that is something you would never want to happen.”

Luna stuttered in response to the possibility of the outcome.

“O-Of course not! I will never allow that to happen! I… I…!”

“Care about him too much?”

Luna once again paused from what Cadence said. Finishing her sentence for her. She then fell silent as she glanced away. The pink Alicorn was right. She did care for BlackWarGreymon too much for him to doubt her. She even dreaded such a thought. Though Luna said nothing in response, it was clear to Cadence that she was right.

“I know it’s something you’re not comfortable with. But as his true friend, you understand that this is something he needs to know.”

Luna held her breath. She felt nervous. Frightened at how BlackWarGreymon would react. Then, after letting go of her breath, she spoke up.

“You’re right. It is something that needs addressing. He needs to know. And if he does feel uncomfortable, well… I’ll be there to support him when he needs it.”

Cadence smiled at Luna’s reply. Especially how upbeat the older Alicorn sounded at the latter part of her speech. Then to help improve the mood, as well as knowing how Luna truly feels for BlackWarGreymon, she decided to say something that was both a compliment and a tease.

“You know, Luna. With that kind of commitment, you would make a great wife one day.”

Luna froze the moment Cadence finished her sentence. All the sadness that she felt earlier was gone. Replaced with a mixture of flattery and embarrassment. The Princess of the Night blushing and fidgeting as she tried to respond.

“W…Wha…What!? W…Wife!? Urrgh… ummm… y-you… think so?”

Cadence giggled from seeing Luna’s reaction. But with the focus moved onto the blue princesses’ feelings for the dragon warrior, the Princess of Love had to put a hold on the happy feeling by bringing up something that was without a doubt very important.

“And that’s something else we need to talk about.”

Cadence’s choice of words brought Luna’s attention. Snapping her out of her flustered moment.

“What do you mean, Cadence?” She asked. Curious about what she wanted to say.

Then with a surprisingly stern look, Cadence revealed something that Luna hadn’t noticed.

“Your feelings for BlackWarGreymon. They’re starting to show.”

Luna froze in surprise at what Cadence said. Her eyes widened in shock at the revelation.

“W-What? T…They were?” She asked. Looking down at the ground in confusion. With Cadence providing evidence.

“Yes. You’re not the same as you were the last time I saw you. You’re more open with your feelings. Far more expressive when he’s involved. What’s more, you don’t even hesitate to show your concern in front of the others. Even going so far as to talk him down when he was at his most dangerous.”

Luna looked away in thought. Were her feelings really that open lately? She had no idea. She thought that she was just being a concerned friend. But the more the silent mare thought about it, the more she realised that the others didn’t show as much concern as she does. Even in her talk with Cadence just moments ago, when she expressed her feelings regarding BlackWarGreymon’s mental wellbeing, she was the only one to exhibit great sadness. Her feelings were becoming too strong for her to contain. They were leaking out.

Luna was then surprised further from what Cadence said next.

“If the others could put all the pieces together, they will find out that what you two have for each other is more than just friendship. That what you two share… is something special.”

What the pink princess said next sent a rippling feeling through Luna’s very soul.

“Luna. The time is fast approaching. You need to tell them.”

The Night Princess didn’t know what to feel. Or how to describe what she was going through. The feelings she had for BlackWarGreymon were the most wonderful she ever felt in her long life. But at the same time, she felt scared. Scared about what might happen. Scared… of how the others would react.

“Cadence. I… I can’t.”

Understanding how nervous Luna was, the pink Alicorn continued on.

“Sooner or later, you need to. You’re only afraid of what the others would think. But your love for him is what truly matters. You need to tell them how you feel. If you continue to hide it, keeping it to yourself, it will hurt you more than you know.”

Cadence continued on as she placed her hoof of support on Luna’s shoulder. Comforting her.

“It’s something that needs to be done. Believe me.”

Luna looked at Cadence in her eyes. She could see that the younger pony was as serious as she was determined. She began to wonder. When Cadence declared her love for Shining Armor, did she also feel the same anxiety and insecurities as she was? And that by talking to her, the pink mare wanted to spare her from the fear of not knowing? Maybe something that she herself went through.

The quiet blue princess caressed her own foreleg as she tried to think. Then after letting out a heavy sigh, she came to a conclusion.

“You are the Princess of Love, Cadence. So… if that’s what I have to do, then… then I’ll…try.”

Then Luna interjected before anything else.

“B-But not right now! First we need to figure out what happened to BlackWarGreymon.”

The pink mare smiled in response.

“I know you’ll do what’s right, Luna.”

Luna smiled at the reassurance Cadence gave her. Then her thoughts shifted back to BlackWarGreymon’s exhaustion.

“Thanks, Cadence. Whatever’s happened to him, it left him completely drained of his strength. He practically collapsed on my bed.”

The pink Alicorn’s eyes briefly widened from hearing the last part of Luna’s sentence. She was unsure if she was hearing things.

“Wait? Your bed? What room is he sleeping in?”

Luna froze on the spot when she realised what she had just said. Her face began to glow red from what she was about to come clean with.

“H-He’s in… uhh… m-my room.”

Luna paused once more. She could read the pink mare’s expressions perfectly. Cadence stared at her with wide eyes and a small blush on her face. Even trying to mentally picture how such a situation came about.

Feeling that the younger Alicorn may had gotten the wrong idea, Luna tried to correct herself. She herself blushing from the misunderstanding.

“I…I can explain!”

Unfortunately for her, Cadence expressed her reactions in a form of a loud snicker. As if she had discovered a naughty secret. But as well as amusement, her voice still carried the initial shock.

“My Luna. How bold of you. I know that you grown close to him… but to take advantage of his disposition. Even I had never done something like that to Shining. How… aggressive.”

Luna blushed deeply in response to the choice of words Cadence used. Making it sound as though she was trying to put moves on BlackWarGreymon without him resisting. But what made such an idea more embarrassing for her was the fact that it wasn’t untrue. Remembering the moment before she left him be, she did almost kiss him while he was sleeping. Causing her to blush even more.

“It’s… it’s nothing like that!!”

Cadence could see that Luna was trying to deny it. But the way the blue Alicorn kept glancing away and fidgeting, it was a sign that she was guilty of something.

“Hmm?” Cadence teasingly uttered with a raised eyebrow. Almost as if she was trying to get Luna to confess. But Luna wanted the teasing to end.

“C-Can we talk about something else, please!?”

Silence filled the corridor. With the teasing ended, Luna began to calm down. Glad that the embarrassment she was feeling was drawing to a close. But when Cadence spoke up, her tone became sterner. A clear sign that she wanted to talk about something else.

“Actually. There is something I want to ask of you.”

Surprised at the change of tone, Luna looked at Cadence with curiosity.

“What is it?”

The pink mare looked at Luna as she spoke a question.

“The… other Twilight. Have you had a chance… to explore her mind?”

Luna let out a surprised expression from the question. Especially since it involved Ayumi. But remembering what happened the night before, she gave her answer.

“I tried to last night. But Ayumi was restless at the time. So I wasn’t able to.”

Understanding the answer, Cadence pushed on with another that surprised Luna more.

“And with her asleep now. Do you think you can do it?”

Luna was startled at what Cadence was asking for her. But despite the uneasiness she was feeling, she answered nonetheless.

“Well… yes. I can. But… why are you asking me this?”

When Cadence answered the question, her expression was stern, and her voice was crystal clear.

“Because… I want you to take this chance and visit her mind. What’s more… I want you to take me too.”

Luna was baffled at what Cadence was suggesting. While she did have the power to do so, she was just confused at the last part.

“You wish to come with me? Mind if I ask why?”

Cadence could understand why Luna would be asking. She had never once asked for her to do such a thing. But not wanting to cause an argument, she decided to reveal the reason why.

“The day her Equestria fell. It’s something we need to see for ourselves.”

She then told her the true reason why she herself wanted to witness such a catastrophe. With a tone that carried a hint of anger. Much to Luna’s surprise.

“And I want to see him. The Digimon that made her suffer.”

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