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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 20: Attack on Ponyville

Author's Note:

Hello everyone, Christmas will soon be upon us! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Since I'm going to be busy on that day, I'll leave you with an early Christmas present. Which of course is the next chapter of this story.

Funny thing is that this chapter was originally going to be called 'Attack in Ponyville', but I changed it to 'Attack on Ponyville' to be a funny reference to a certain popular anime which I think some of you already know about.

So leave a comment. leave a like. And I hope you all have great holidays.


Ponyville. A place where all kinds of ponies co-existed, was under attack from a gang of teenage dragons. With so many drakes in one place, the gang looked more like an army.

For a long while, the adolescent reptiles, led by a red dragon named Garble, were trying to find Ponyville. The unusually large scale attack was made when Garble told all his friends about a town full of defenceless ponies. Of course, the young dragons agreed to the potential meal. But the truth was that Garble himself had a score to settle with Spike and some of his pony friends. So, he figured that a full-on attack was the best way for his payback.

While all the other dragons see it as a town-sized dinner, to Garble it was vengeance. He felt humiliated on the day he met Spike and got out-witted by three mere Ponies. He would make them regret the day they crossed him.

The task was simple. Create as much destruction and confusion as they could, flush a large group of ponies out in the open, corner them, and finally swoop in to devour them.

However, no pony so far was eaten. The dragons were having too much fun scaring and chasing them. To them it was a game.

Just because the ponies were herbivores, it didn’t mean that some couldn’t fight for themselves.

One such pony made a daring move. As she spotted a dragon hovering above a group of young ponies, she dived down and tackled him to the ground. Then flew back in the air to taunt the reptile.

“Hay! Up here, scaly!” Rainbow Dash said as she flew away with the dragon following in pursuit.

At Sweet Apple Acres, an Earth Pony mare was holding her own against a drake. Being faster on land, she dodged a stream of smoke and kicked her hind legs hard into the dragon’s gut. The attack sent him flying.

“Take that ya’ pesky vermin!” Applejack shouted, followed by her brother Big Mac.


Back at the town centre, things weren’t looking very good. A stampede of panicked ponies ran blindly in terror to hide from the winged beasts. But the dragons got the upper claw on them.

While at Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie, despite not being the strongest, was defending the bakery well. By filling her party cannon with cake or cooking dough, firing on the dragons meant that they got splatted or blinded by the desserts.

“Stay away! No party poopers allowed!” She said as she kept up her assault.

Meanwhile at the castle of Ponyville, purple streams of magical energy streaked across the open sky. Landing hits on the airborne lizards.

Princess Twilight Sparkle had also joined in the fray.

“Where did these dragons come from? Why are they here?” She asked herself, unaware that Spike ran out of the castle to join her.

“Twilight! What’s going on!?” He asked, moments ago he was sleeping before being awoken by noises of battle.

Twilight turned to face him in alarm.

“Spike! Get back inside! It’s not safe out here!”

However, she was too late. Spike became paralyzed with fear as he saw four dragons homing in on them. By the time Twilight turned around, the group of teenage drakes landed in front of her.

After a quick yelp of surprise, Twilight and Spike backed up some distance away. Just as one of the four dragons got a glance of the young purple one.

“Hay wait a minute, aren’t you that young dragon who gave Garble such a hard time at the Great Dragon Migration?”

“Yeah, named Spike?” The second followed.

Spike could only mumble in fear while hiding behind Twilight. But the dragons knew it was him.

“So it IS you!” The second dragon said before glancing over to Twilight. “And who is this? Your little pony mama?”

The other dragons laughed at the insult, but it struck one of the Alicorns’ nerves.

“Hay, that’s not funny! And what do you think you’re doing!?”

The first dragon answered her question after letting out a little chuckle.

“Well you, two other ponies and Spike here only gone and done made Garble mad.”

“Yeah. Especially how a baby dragon got someone like Garble on the ropes,” The third dragon said before releasing a chuckle from what he said. Only to get a slap on the back of his head by the forth.

“He means because of you, Garble spent a long time planning this day. He said, leaving the princess shocked at the revelation.

“You mean this is all to get back at us!?” She asked, demanding an answer.

“You bet! And this whole town is going to pay the price!” The second dragon blissfully shouted.

“But these ponies had nothing to do with that!” The purple princess shouted back, wanting the dragons to leave the town out of the destruction.

Meanwhile at the back of the group, the fourth dragon spotted the third one looking out to the Everfree Forest.

“What’s wrong? Food is right here,” The curious dragon asked.

“Well it’s my brother. He should have been here by now. What’s taking him so long?”

“I’m sure he’s fine. Probably chasing a Changeling again.”

After the reassurance, the two payed their attention back to the current matter at hand. What to do with Twilight and Spike.

The first dragon made a suggestion.

“I say we eat the pony. Pummel Spike to the bone. Then take him to Garble and watch him pummel him some more.”

He then looked over his shoulder to the other three.

“All in favor?”

“Eye!” The three dragons answered, agreeing to the idea.

“Then it’s settled,” The first one said while turning back to the fearful Twilight and Spike.

The Princess of Friendship took a brave stand by getting into her battle pose. Her head low with her wings flared, as if accepting a challenge.

Spike too tried to put on a brave performance by hopping on the spot and having his wrists to his sides. Throwing punches in the air in front of him.

“Yeah, put’em up! Put’em up! You don’t scare me!”

The four dragons chuckled to themselves like bullies in a school playground.

“You’re going to regret the day you crossed us,” The second dragon said before him and the other three started to walk towards the pair.

Twilight and Spike suddenly felt nervous. But they had to push their fear aside if they’re going to fight back.

However, just as the dragons were about to make their move, all of them heard sounds of screaming. But they weren’t the screams of ponies, but of dragons. Just as the four drakes, Twilight and Spike looked up to where the screams came from, something large crash-landed in-between the hunters and prey. The impact shook the ground hard as everyone near the castle lost their balance.

When the tremors stopped, the surprised princess and dragons got back up and looked at the newly formed dust cloud in front of them. It was there they saw, just poking out of the bottom of the dust cloud, was another dragon. Unconscious and badly beaten.

The four assaulting dragons were shocked at the sight. One of their brethren was beaten, and by from the look of it, not from a pony.

If it wasn’t a pony who done it, then who?

Soon Twilight and Spike got their answer. Moving out of the cloud of dust, was a black armoured leg. It then pressed its three-toed foot on the fallen dragon’s head, pinning him down.

As Twilight and Spike slowly looked up in awe, more and more of their suspicions became correct. As the dust cloud faded, the outline of the intruder became visible. A shiny black gauntlet and its gleaming claws could be seen, barely covered by the fading cloud. Followed by a black shield and soon enough, BlackWarGreymon was revealed. With his back to his two friends and facing the dragon group.

“BlackWarGreymon! You came!” Twilight said, complete in glee and relief that her powerful friend turned up to save the day.

“And just in time too!” Spike added, admiring the Digimon’s perfect sense of timing.

“Of course. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you and your friends,” BlackWarGreymon said as he glanced over to the pair, relieved that they were unharmed.

While the conversation went on, the four dragons were frozen in their tracks from what they were seeing. Not from the intruder’s appearance or the beaten dragon under his foot, but from what the Digimon was holding in his right hand.

“B…Big brother?” The third dragon uttered.

He was correct. Grasped firmly in the Mega’s grasp, was his own big brother. Beaten and grappled by the back of the neck, with his body dangling loosely. He was lucky to be alive.

Apparently after dealing with the first four dragons back in the Everfree Forest, BlackWarGreymon came across more dragons on his way to Twilight’s castle. Obviously each one he gone up against weren’t a clear match to the strength of a Mega level Digimon.

BlackWarGreymon then glanced his cold yellow eyes at the intimidated dragon crew.

“I assume this belongs to you,” The Digimon said as he tossed the beaten reptile in front of his partners. His tone of voice referenced to a time when he was cruel.

The frightened four continued to stare at BlackWarGreymon’s handiwork as he continued to speak.

“If you all know what’s good for you, I suggest that all of you leave now and not come back!”

By the time the Digimon finished his speech, the four dragons felt rage building up inside them. The newcomer may look like a dragon, but like Spike he too was a friend of ponies. But the fact he took out some of their own kind was the fact that really got them mad. They soon glared at BlackWarGreymon with bitter hatred and increasing thoughts of violence.

“You dare hurt one of our own kind!?” The first said in defiance.

“You’re gonna pay for this!” The third dragon shouted, with the second and forth rallying behind them in support.


Twilight Sparkle and Spike took a few steps back, away from the inevitable fight. Knowing what BlackWarGreymon was capable of, the Alicorn felt sorry for the unsuspecting dragons. But she knew that it was they who started the attack on Ponyville and the Digimon was only going to fight to protect his friends and the town.

Before the battle of Ponyville began, BlackWarGreymon closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened then again. Glaring at the dragons to show that he was both serious and would not hold back.

He then spoke to them in a way that would even make Princess Celestia curl up in fear.

“Hmm… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

‘Background music’ ‘Hero by Skillet’

The four dragons started to charge towards BlackWarGreymon. Two in the lead and two taking up the rear. Then with a sudden burst of speed, the Digimon flew towards them with his arms stretched wide. As he flew in-between the front two teenage dragons, he used his gauntlets to clothesline them. The impact from the slam immediately knocked them out cold. As he approached the remaining two, he grabbed both their muzzles and double-choke slammed them to the ground hard.

Twilight and Spike were amazed at the fighting style they never saw before. The four dragons were out of the fight within a blink of an eye.

Then BlackWarGreymon heard cries of panic in the sky, and spotted Rainbow Dash being pursued by three flying reptiles. After kneeling to grab two of the fallen dragons by their tails, he threw them towards the ones chasing the speedy Pegasus.

They hit their mark. One of the pursuing dragons got tackled by the unconscious one. Followed by the second.

Rainbow Dash, who looked back at the right time, saw the whole thing and along with the third dragon, paused in confusion. Then out of nowhere, the last dragon was tackled by BlackWarGreymon himself. Ramming his armoured shoulder into the reptile.

After another dragon bit the dust, the Digimon flew to another part of town. Rainbow Dash, amazed at what she saw, cheered him on.

“You go, big guy!!”

At Carousel Boutique, just buy the front door, Rarity was trying her best to hold of the draconic pests. Because she made dresses for a living, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t fight when the time mattered.

“Stay away you ruffians!” She shouted while standing in-between the dragons and her little sister, Sweetie Belle.

The oncoming dragons however only laughed at her display as their stomachs growled in hunger.

Unable to contain his lust for food any longer, one dragon leapt forward in an attempt to devour the two Unicorns. But as he made his move, BlackWarGreymon came from the right and slammed his right foot at the dragon. Knocking him out of the way.

The Digimon didn’t had time to say hello to his friends behind him. He had to take out the dragons quick.

“Dragon Crusher!”

With a downward swipe of his right Dramon Destroyer, BlackWarGreymon released a wave of energy that pushed back the dragons. Then with an upward swipe of his left, he threw a wave of unnatural purple fire that consumed the dragons. After screaming in pain, the dragons fell to the ground from the sheer heat and power of the attack.

Not far away, a lone dragon witnessed what happened to his friends, and was having none of it.


He then charged forth and took a swipe of his claws on BlackWarGreymon’s arm. But the attack hadn’t made a mark on the Digimon’s armour. BlackWarGreymon retaliated by back-handing the drake with his left gauntlet. Then out of nowhere, another dragon came around and tried to take a bite on the Digimon’s armoured waist. But again, Chrome Digizoid proved to be too tough. The Mega then slammed his right arm onto the dragon’s head, sending him to the ground. Again, another dragon fried a head-on attack. But before he could get anywhere near the Digimon, the otherworldly visitor kicked the drake back with enough force to make him skid across the ground.

However, the clash was all witnessed by a familiar and enraged red teenage dragon. Knowing that something wasn’t right, he released a loud roar. A roar to gain the attention of every dragon. A roar for reinforcements.

Upon hearing the roar, all the dragons immediately stopped what they were doing and flew towards the dragon call.

As all the dragons gathered above Ponyville town hall, they all glared down at the onlooking but unmoved BlackWarGreymon. Most of the ponies who were under attack slowly crept out of hiding to see why the dragons had stopped attacking. Then they found out why because the Digimon was on the scene. Although the citizens of Ponyville never saw him in a fight, the fact that he gained the attention of so many dragons meant that he means business.

Then the ponies and BlackWarGreymon saw another dragon flying up at the heart of the group. When he stopped ascending to look at the Digimon below, like the rest of his personal army he was confused by his appearance, and enraged that a fierce dragon-like creature was on the side of ponies.

The individual was none other than the red dragon himself. Garble.

Despite being surrounded by roughly fifty of his friends, Garble was almost immediately identified by BlackWarGreymon as both leader and the one behind the raid on Ponyville.

Then the leader of the teenage dragons spoke to the defender of Equestria.

“Hay you! Do you know what happens to those who get in our way!? They get beaten and eaten!” He shouted, with his friends yelling in agreement.

What Garble said may had been the most ridicules threat BlackWarGreymon had ever heard. But he knew the dragons were a threat no matter what and had to be dealt with as soon as possible. So many lives were at stake and he knew it.

“Let’s turn that statement around, shall we?”

Then what many would believe to be a suicide run, BlackWarGreymon leapt to the air to engage the dragons head on. As he flew closer, the faces of the dragons and some of the ponies showed that they thought the Digimon was insane to fight while outnumbered.

BlackWarGreymon threw the first punch at Garble, but the smaller dragon ducked in time to avoid it. However, it left two poor dragons behind him to take the brunt of the attack. Knocking them out very easily. Then the Digimon fried a left swooping kick, but again Garble avoid it by flying above it. But it ended up costing three more dragons who were caught in the kick, sent straight down to the ground.

While the dragons were startled, the ponies below were amazed at the Digimon’s display of strength. He tried to get one dragon, but ended up getting five.

The dragons snapped out of their trance when they realised that the Digimon became surrounded by their numbers, and then prepared to attack. But what they didn’t expect was that BlackWarGreymon wanted to be surrounded. So he could knock them all out at the same time with only one attack.

“Black Tornado!”

One second the dragons were confused when BlackWarGreymon started to spin on the spot with his arms raised. Then the next second they found themselves in pain and trapped in the swirling black vortex.

Outside, the ponies were in awe. It was as if the black winds were summoned from BlackWarGreymon’s very body as it spun above town hall.

Then the dragons, either knocked out or in pain, were flung out of the tornado. Smashing to the ground or launched afar. As the tornado attack faded, Garble flailed in the air waving his arms around to keep himself balanced. Unfortunately, he was right in front of BlackWarGreymon, who sent the dragon crashing through a fruit cart with a single punch.

Almost instantly, BlackWarGreymon heard more screaming to his right. And just as quick as he heard it, he sped towards its source.

In front of a local spa, two Earth Ponies were cornered by a dragon who was two foot taller than the Digimon.

The two spa ponies, Aloe and Lotus Blossom, couldn’t find a way to get around the towering drake. As the reptile raised his head to prepare to eat the two, all the helpless ponies could do was scream and hope.

Fortunately, luck was on their side. Because BlackWarGreymon flew by, scooped the two girls in his arms and got out of harm’s way. It left the unsuspecting dragon to smash his own jaw on the ground. After he quickly got over the pain, he turned to where his prey went.

BlackWarGreymon, while holding the two spa Ponies, kept on flying to gain distance from the danger. After a couple of seconds, he came to a halt and knelt down. Releasing the pair from his grasp.

Although thankful for the rescue, the two ponies stared in horror at something approaching behind their saviour. The same dragon who tried to eat them. BlackWarGreymon was quick to read their expressions and glanced over his shoulder to see the oncoming drake. In response, the Digimon spun around and slammed the back of his left gauntlet into the dragon’s face. The force of the blow knocked both the dragon back and some of his teeth out.

Then BlackWarGreymon tackled the dragon and flew him straight into a stray building. The impact caused the entire building to collapse on the two inside.

As the rumbling stopped and with the dust fading, the gathering Ponyville citizens were in awe at an unbelievable sight.

At the heart of the debris, BlackWarGreymon rose back up to his full height. Not harmed in any way, even from a collapsed building. Down by his feet was the dragon, knocked out from the attack and the rubble.

After realising something was up, the unstoppable Digimon looked above to not only see roughly twenty-five dragons in the sky including Garble, but their mouths were spewing fire. Which meant only one thing when Garble gave the signal.


All at once, the dragons unleased hell upon BlackWarGreymon. Either streams of fire or concentrated fireballs, they all landed hits on the Digimon below. Engulfing him and the demolished building in flames.

As the ponies grew faces of despair, thinking that their saviour couldn’t stand to the onslaught, some of the dragons stopped attacking and smiled in apparent victory. Garble being one of them.

“Ha, he’s toast!” He said before laughing like a playground bully.

However, something that had never been done before happened in front of everyone’s eyes. BlackWarGreymon, while being covered by dragon fire, jumped straight out of the fire pit and flew directly towards the assaulting drakes.

As Garble witnessed the approaching fiery Digimon, which to him was like watching an ancient god of legend rising out of the deepest depths of Tartarus itself, he screamed at the top of his lungs. The scream resembling more like a little school girl then a dragon. Within seconds, BlackWarGreymon slammed his shoulder into Garble. Shutting him up in the process. He then threw both his fiery arms outwards, using the dissipating flames to hit any airborne dragons who were in their path.

The ponies were even more impressed at what followed when BlackWarGreymon flew back to the ground. While he kept a struggling dragon in a headlock, the Digimon used his right arm and his legs to fight off any dragon who dared to go anywhere near him. With mere swipes, punches and kicks, some dragons were sent flying. As BlackWarGreymon continued his assault by throwing the grappled dragon into the others, he then slammed his gauntlets onto their heads. Again, the citizens couldn’t believe it. Although heavily outnumbered, their saviour was winning.

Then to the Digimon’s surprise, another large group of dragon teens flew above him and all dived down.


As BlackWarGreymon raised his arms to shield himself, the dragons kept piling on him. Hoping to use their combined weight to pin him down.

The only dragons who didn’t took part was Garble and his unusually large brother. Though a teenager, the larger one was twenty-five foot tall. About as tall as some buildings and more than twice BlackWarGreymon’s height.

As the struggle went on, Garble spoke to himself.

“Is he planning on taking on every dragon in sight!? I’ve never seen anything like it! He can’t be a dragon… he’s almost like a demon.”

The larger dragon overheard what Garble said and joined in.

“That kind of being… they call the Demon Lord.”

Then to the surprise of the dragons and the onlooking ponies, Twilight and her friends included, a blue glow appeared at the heart of the pile. Then a pulse of negative energy blew the dragons off BlackWarGreymon, who’s whole body was blowing with his own power. As the glow faded, the Digimon raised his arms above his head and created a large red sphere.

“Terra Destroyer!”

He then threw the giant orb at the dragons who took flight. The ball itself struck five dragons, while the explosion that followed consumed fourteen more. The end result was nineteen dragons knocked out and falling from the sky above.

The citizens were left gawking at the Digimon’s display of power for the first time. Defeating such a large number of foes with only one attack was something very few could match. After witnessing the attack several times before, the Mane Six thought they would be used to it. But even they were impressed.

While Garble was in a state of shock from the sight of his friends being beaten badly, his giant but not very bright brother growled in anger before charging forth to avenge the fallen dragons. As Garble attempted to call him back, it was too late.

BlackWarGreymon spotted the approaching dragon raising his huge claws above his head to either slash or crush the Digimon. But as the dragon swung his arms down, BlackWarGreymon ducked down. Allowing the dragons’ arms to pass over. Along with the rest of his body. Then the Mega Digimon raised his upper body into the dragons’ stomach and, with his strength betraying his size, he flipped the dragon over his back and then crashed to the ground.

Before the reptile could get back up, BlackWarGreymon grabbed the beast by the muzzle and tossed him into the remaining group of dragons on land. It was then quickly followed by a Terra Destroyer sphere.

Seeing the strength and power of his enemy, as well as his friends going through pain was too much for Garble to handle. Although terrified, he was getting angry from seeing his dragon-folk being beaten as if they’re nothing.

With a roar of anger, the red dragon charged at the Digimon, hoping that he was too distracted to notice. Unbelievably, without even looking, BlackWarGreymon reached out his right arm to his side and caught Garble by the neck. As the dragon struggled to get free, he suddenly found himself looking into the eyes of the so-called Demon Lord. The Digimon glaring at him with not just anger, but disapproval at the drake’s actions.


Then with a mighty throw, BlackWarGreymon launched Garble high in the sky. The Digimon himself took off in pursuit as he engaged another attack.

“Mega Destroyer!”

Upon saying his words, his entire body became shrouded in a mass of transparent black energy. Like a black comet, he shot straight towards Garble and skimmed past the dragon. Only his shoulder and the black energy caught the dragon, but it caused him to grunt loudly from the sudden pain.

As Garble fell towards the ground, BlackWarGreymon stopped his attack, done a quick U-turn, slammed his right foot into Garble’s back and squashed him to the ground. Plus, the momentum caused the Digimon to grind the dragon in the dirt. Practically using him as a skateboard.

After the momentum stopped, the Mega kicked his right foot out, flinging the beaten Garble into the rest of his crew on the outskirts of Ponyville.

As Garble slowly got back up, he turned around and saw BlackWarGreymon walking towards him. As if he wanted to fight some more. Although he really hates to admit defeat, Garble knew that he and his dragon buddies were no match for the Digimon.

They had no choice but to retreat.

“Everyone! Let’s get out of here!! This guy’s too much!!”

After his command, the once feared dragon Garble, flew away in fear and humiliation. One by one, all the other dragons who were awake too fled for their lives. Following Garble all the way back to wherever they came from.

As the dragons faded away over the horizon, the ponies of Ponyville gathered at the town outskirts to watch them leave for good towards the sunset. They then looked to their side to stare at the one responsible for saving them all. BlackWarGreymon.

With his back to them, the Digimon too watched the fleeing drakes. He then turned around to look at the lives he’d saved. Glad that he arrived in time and the sight that no pony was severely harmed.

Then out of nowhere, a blue twelve-foot dragon emerged and charged at the Digimon from behind.

‘Song end’

Before the ponies could say a word of warning, BlackWarGreymon, without even moving his position, elbowed the dragon in the chest with his right arm. And then tilted his arm upwards to slam his Digizoid gauntlet in the dragons’ muzzle.

If one would blink, they would’ve missed that the Digimon knocked out a dragon without even trying.

After BlackWarGreymon regained his calm composure, he hoped that the fact he could take on an army of teenage dragons and win, wouldn’t make the ponies fear him just as much.

Luckily, he was dead right.

Because the moment there was no sign of bad dragon activity, the ponies all cheered as loud as they could. Praising the Artificial Digimon for his timely rescue and devotion to protect the whole town.

BlackWarGreymon couldn’t think of a word to describe what he was feeling. It was the second time that a mass of ponies cheered in celebration for what he’d done for them, and again he wasn’t used to it. But he did felt happy that he was using his powers to protect, not destroy.

The feeling of happiness only grew stronger when he saw Twilight and her friends. Smiling and cheering just as much as everypony else.

If he had a mouth, BlackWarGreymon would be smiling.

As the cheering died down, a lone Earth Pony walked up to him with a smile on her face. She had tan coloured fur, her mane and tail were grey and her cutiemark was of a scroll with a blue ribbon. She was none other than the Mayor of Ponyville herself.

“What is your name, brave sir?” She asked the Digimon.

“BlackWarGreymon,” He answered.

“Well BlackWarGreymon, on behalf of everypony in Ponyville, we thank you for saving us all in our time of need.”

The Mega knew she was right. Had he not arrived in time, the whole town would’ve been destroyed.

“You’re most welcome,” He said, finally getting a hang of accepting someone’s gratitude.

The mayor turned around to face all the other ponies and then raised her hoof to their saviour.

“Now everypony! Let’s cheer for our new hero, BlackWarGreymon!”

The response was obvious. Everypony young and old, big and small, all cheered for BlackWarGreymon. Twilight and her friends couldn’t be more proud of the Digimon for putting himself on the line for others. Ironically the one thing he wasn’t created to do.

BlackWarGreymon felt happy again as he felt a warm embrace in his heart. Glowing from the amount of love and admiration he received.

Though he couldn’t figure out why the Tree of Harmony brought him to Equestria, or how it even knew of his existence, but he was so glad that it did.

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